Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mastering "Zero Game" In Attracting Women

The most effective "pickups", or
what I prefer to call situations of
"approaching and attracting women"
are done when you convey all the
right things about yourself in the
LEAST amount of time, using the
LEAST amount of energy, and using
zero cheesy or corny tactics.

Now, I fully understand that sometimes
as a beginner, it can feel good to
have some pick up lines memorized,
to feel confident through knowing
you have some story memorized to
tell her that is supposed to convey
that you are cool, or is supposed
to be funny, etc., etc.

But you really want to wean yourself
off of those things as soon as possible,
or if at all possible to avoid using
them altogether.

(Again, though, I do understand how
it can sometimes be useful for a guy
who simply feels too overwhelmed
without them at first. I just suggest
a guy gets OFF them as soon as he can.)

The problem with all these things
is that they prevent you from being
your best, because they end up becoming
crutches that you can become addicted
to using.

And the use of those crutches actually
WEAKENS your inner game, because you
are sending the message DIRECTLY to
your mind through ACTION that you
do NOT believe you can pull off
attracting the woman you want
UNLESS you use those superficial

Now, on the other hand, when you
force yourself to use ZERO GAMES,
you then have to MASSIVELY rely
on your OWN ABILITY to attract

And when I say your own ability, this
is referring to the MULTITUDE of skills
that are already in your DNA, but are
currently ASLEEP, lying dormant, waiting
to be AWOKEN.

What I am all about is helping men to
bring these elements of themselves that
are ALREADY THERE, but are sleeping,
to LIFE.

And trust me, what you have got already
in your system, from a billion years of
than any pick up line or memorized material.

The human mind is powerful not only this
way, but also in the sense that women can

That does not mean they always MIND, but
it definitely means that you will come
across as FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE if the
woman senses that you generated every
single element of the pickup on your
own, based on the actual real life
spontaneous moment that you saw her.

In a recent bootcamp, a client had mentioned
to me that he was interested in learning
how to master the pick up without using
anything external to himself. 

That meant no pick up lines at all.
No subtle but funny insults to 
make her feel insecure.
No fake compliments to kiss up.

So the entire bootcamp ran without so
much as even one tiny single SUPERFICIAL

Instead, his inner game was taken to
new heights, his spontaneous conversation
skills soared, and he learned to convey
sexuality without saying a single dirty
joke or making any innuendos.

And he turned his entire "game" around
in just a few approaches, and the most
amazing thing about it is that he was
suddenly getting women laughing and
melting and opening up for him
without saying MUCH.

In fact, once he got them going, he
leaned back and they pretty much did
the rest of the work!

By the way, one of the coolest things
to me is when the woman is giving off
MASSIVE signals of interest, but a guy
is learning so fast that he doesn't
think it is for real.

So for example, this cool guy, he got
this woman melting for him, and I am
watching this from a bit away so she
cannot see, and he then walks away
from her, he tells me that he did
not take her number because he
was not sure if she was really into
him or not.

I knew with a trillion percent certainty
that she was into him MASSIVELY or she
would not have been asking him questions
such as, "So what are your plans for
Saturday night?", which he told me that
she asked him.

So I told him to go BACK and find her
and take her number, which is kind of
interesting since the pick up was in a
way over, but I knew she was INTO him.

Not only that, but since I knew she
was into him, I knew that she would
be even MORE attracted this time,
since the human mind tends to get
DEEPER INTO an emotional experience
when you stimulate the emotion,
then pause the stimulation, and
then later continue the stimulation.

This is known as FRACTIONATION, and
is also a great idea to use when
making out with a woman when in
foreplay as well. 

(Kissing her, then stopping,
then kissing again later. Petting,
then stopping, then some more,
stopping, then some more, till
she is heating up and starting to
rub on you like crazy.)  

But, I do NOT recommend that guys
break up the initial approach this
way, because you can end up really
losing her if she happens to leave
the area.

So he finds her in another aisle of the store,
and calls her name out with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

I am changing her name for the sake of
privacy, but he does not say to her
"Uhm, Jeniffer?"

Instead, he sees her from a bit away,
and says:

He TOTALLY commits to the delivery,
with a trillion percent conviction.

No namby-pamby weak style.
Instead, he puts it ALL out there.

This is cool, because a woman senses this

Her body language opened up to him
so wide, and she smiled so warmly,
it was as if in a movie a woman had
thought she had lost the love of her
life and then FOUND him again.

So of course, he got the number, and
they chatted more, and if it weren't for
the bootcamp itself, he could have left
with her right then and there, but he
had further training since the bootcamp
was still on.

And I honestly do not like to obsess
about women who are hot and young,
but it just so happens she was an
attractive younger woman.

I don't even like the term "pick-up"
but I use it since it seems to be
the most common way to refer to it.

One of the reasons I don't love the
term "pick-up" is because it sends
a message to your own mind that this
is some kind of ACT, some kind of
fake thing where you have to pull
the wool over women's eyes, when
in reality it is ACTUALLY about
unleashing the MAN in you in all
the right ways and at the moment
when it COUNTS when you see the
woman you want to meet.

And it is about doing all this while
STILL having tons of warmth in your soul
and STILL being a sensitive person who
cares about others.

It's not about being a jerk or being fake
or being manipulative.

And when it is done right, it all happens
VERY QUICKLY, and with very LITTLE
talking, and with very little effort.

If a stranger were to walk by within
a MINUTE of the conversation starting,
he would think FOR SURE this guy and
girl MUST already be boyfriend and
girlfriend or have already known
each other a LONG TIME.

It is when a guy is NOT doing it
properly, that it takes forever,
and that you will notice the guy
is making all kinds of exaggerated
actions, over the top jokes,
and other forms of overcompensation.

When you have the conversation skills,
and when you understand the right things
about women, and when you also are in the
RIGHT STATE OF MIND, you actually end up
doing MILLIONS of subtle things with your
expression, your tonality, your timing,
your body language, that ALL COMMUNICATE
THE RIGHT THINGS about yourself to a woman.

And THAT is what I teach you to DO.
I do not waste your time trying to teach
you a TRILLION pick up tactics so that you
can IMITATE what the right thing is supposed
to look like.

Instead, I focus on BRINGING TO LIFE that
part of you that is deep within that will
when you interact with women!

It is not about my special pick up tactics,
I do not HAVE any special cheesy tactics,
instead what I have is TEN YEARS EXPERIENCE
in teaching you how to REVIVE that billion-years-in
the-making part of your mind that ALREADY
knows how to attract women INSTINCTIVELY.
(It just has been BURIED DEEP under endless
misguided social conditioning.)

The honest truth is that I was teaching this
advanced method even way back when pick up
lines were all the rage. And the other truth
is that since then, I've taken the training
to an even DEEPER level where you will not
only be able to initially attract women but
you will understand what to do at every stage
including the long-term attraction as well.

The most powerful way to learn is THE REAL WORLD BOOTCAMP, and it's at:

Now here's the thing: I know some of you
might think that since Michael just said
that the best way to attract women is
to just not use any tactics at all, then
what the heck does he teach?

What I teach is all about the SUBTLETIES.

It is like saying, everyone knows that
to get big muscles, you need to lift
weights and eat right.

But at one point, it is ESSENTIAL to
learn HOW to do this, and even though
working out is a real thing, the body
was meant to exercise, that does not
mean we all know how to do it PROPERLY,
especially since we tend to live in
societies where we do not get a lot
of exercise.

It is the same thing with my programs.
I teach you the best way to use your
REAL SELF to get you RESULTS with

For my most powerful home-study program on
learning how to unleash your inner game,
and on how to attract and keep a quality
woman, I seriously suggest you get my
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Real World" Truth On Getting Quality Women

Before I start today, I just want to make
one thing really clear, and that is the
difference between FANTASY and REALITY
when it comes to getting women.

The more you get the REAL THING, the
less you care about the FAKE thing.

Most men figure they will NEVER get the
kind of women they want.

So it is the most natural thing in the
world to then really, REALLY enjoy
things like Playboy or Penthouse.

The women there are touched up with makeup,
they are presented in certain angles and
lighting, and they have certain expressions
on their faces, etc.  All designed to enhance
the fantasy.

Similar thing with strippers at strip clubs.

Now, like I said, fantasy is NORMAL when
the REALITY is not there.

For example, I LOVE the Star Wars original
movies with Luke Skywalker, etc.

Part of the fantasy is the POWER of the "Force",
(which is not clearly defined, which makes it
even easier to believe in, for one can define it
in a way that is real to themselves).
And of course, there is the fact that I LOVE the idea of flying an "X-Wing" spacecraft but  I probably will NEVER actually fly an X-Wing fighter spacecraft, probably never get to battle Darth Vader with a lightsaber, and probably not get to go on the same adventures with R2D2 and C3PO.

So I LOVE the FANTASY of it!
When I fantasize about it when watching the
movie, I FORGET it is a fantasy and I get
to actually FEEL the fantasy for a while.

But when it comes to WOMEN, when you actually
GET the kind of attractive woman or women you
like for REAL, you simply don't feel the same
DESIRE for the FANTASIZING elements.

It is like being Superman for real and then
fantasizing about flying.  You are doing it
for REAL so you do not fantasize about it.

But there is one MORE element to this that
most men never realize:

REALITY is far MORE powerful than FANTASY.

And what I mean by this, is that, let us say
you meet a woman who is a genuine NINE in
terms of her looks, and a genuine TEN in
terms of her personality.

And you have her, bent over the couch,
she is panting your name in obsessive
lust for you, she is begging for your
body, she is totally yours, crazy for
you in every way.

You see the beads of sweat on her QUIVERING body, you behold the contours of her every curve, and again it strikes you- she is totally YOURS.

I can ASSURE YOU that this is going to
than fantasizing about a woman who is
in a magazine or video, even if the
magazine and video has all the lighting,
makeup, and specially chosen angles
for photo or video recording.

The REAL THING CRUSHES the fantasy thing
by a ratio of about a TRILLION to one.

That is one of the reasons my "Real World
Bootcamp" is called "The Real World Bootcamp".

Until one experiences the real thing, it
is very hard to even FATHOM how powerful
it is, because until that point, FANTASY
is the only thing that exists.   

And most men will never even TRY to learn
the REAL THING.  This is why porn is a

Most men DO NOT KNOW HOW to get the real thing.

And now, I would like to give you EIGHT super powerful tips on how to GET the REAL THING, how to not only get an attractive woman, but a woman who is also a fantastic quality woman who would be a great

These tips will work for you even if
you don't know ANY women or have ANY
"connections" to a social network at ALL.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 1:

So, let's say you are already approaching
women and starting conversations, you
might notice that women will just be polite.

You aren't seeing their eyes light up.

Keep in mind that this woman has no idea
who you are, she has no idea that you have
gone through a lot in this life, that you are
not only a good person, but a pretty cool
person as well. She knows NOTHING
about you.

And you can't start listing your resume there.
So the ONLY thing SHE can judge you on here
is the conversation she's having with you and
how it FEELS to her.

So, you have to get her into "FEELING" state
pretty darn fast.

Now, you do NOT want to overcompensate
with becoming a CLOWN or PERFORMER.

You should start the conversation with something
low-key, like if you were at a card store and you
were commenting on the choice of card she is
holding, i.e. a father's day card, and telling her
she must have a close relationship with her dad
to buy such a card, etc.

THEN however you want to UP the ante pretty
fast, to BUILD from there. You want to get
her FEELING damn good. So you might go
from there into something that is either very
INTERESTING, or something that is very funny,
or something that truly raises her self-esteem
and makes her feel better about herself, you
can CHOOSE whatever fits best for your personality.

So, giving the example of the woman at
the card store, you can go HUMOROUS
by telling her that she's just trying to butter
up her dad so he can buy her a Jaguar...

..Or you can go into the INTRIGUING and
genuinely meaningful compliment that raises her
self-esteem by speaking about how girls who get
along well with their dads tend to be the girls
who have less drama issues- and this would
PROMPT a response from her that was a lot
more involved on her part- it wouldn't just be
her trying to get rid of you, since now she is
actually engaged in something meaningful to her.

Also, you could COMBINE the above, and go
from humorous/funny, to the more serious and
intriguing and raising self-esteem style

COMBINING emotions is a VERY powerful thing.
Imagine if you get a woman laughing, then get
her feeling intrigued, and then feeling better
about herself, all within a span of just a few

You are going to be MEMORABLE.

You are going to be the guy she wants to CALL,
and all the other guys that just ogled her or said
trivial stuff to her will not even be REMEMBERED.

If you aren't getting the conversation into
the right EMOTIONAL ZONE very
QUICKLY, it's no surprise that your
interactions aren't amounting to any

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 2:

Be down to earth and real.

This is a huge factor in being successful
when it comes to how to get a girlfriend.

Most guys are trying so hard to show they
are not interested, because they are told
by the "dating gurus" and pick up artists
that this will make the woman more interested-
so the guys end up standing way too far from
the women, and talking from too much of a
distance, and the guys try to also avoid ANY
type of comment that might sound like they
are interested.

The truth is that although you shouldn't give
compliments for the sake of compliments,
you SHOULD reward a woman for the
things that she really EARNED.

The KEYWORD here though is EARNED.
If you give compliments or if you seek
rapport for things she didn't EARN,
you are behaving as an underling,
a needy desperate guy.

HOWEVER, once she has EARNED it,
it's an entirely different matter.

So if she is telling you things that you really
find worthy of respect or interest, well then
you actually MUST show and tell her this,
because it is actually a way of letting her know
that she stands OUT from the rest, that she is
NOT just another woman, that you are NOT
just looking at her from a superficial point
of view.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 3:

Ignoring this is a MAJOR factor in screwing up attraction.

This often stems from not being present
in the moment, and being too caught up
in trying to achieve a certain outcome.

This pressure to achieve a certain outcome
is like a constant ALARM blaring in your
ear that prevents you from actually listening
properly and from FEELING what a woman
is actually feeling and trying to convey to you.

A lot of communication, in fact most of it,
is not in the words themselves, so if you are
ONLY listening to a woman's WORDS and not the
full depth of the tonality, expression, and
context behind those words, then you are often
missing what her real message is.

Here's a helpful hint- most of the time,
a woman is just trying to feel good, like
all humans do. So rather than focusing
on how you can show off how smart
you are, instead think about how you

If she is talking about something a bit sad,
i.e. some tragedy or war, then don't show
off how much you know about that issue,
rather you should create RAPPORT to make
her feel understood, and then gently LEAD
the conversation to somewhere more

Look for the bright side of things, and
the reality is that if not for negative things,
there would BE no positive side, so if the
conversation is not going down the right
track, it's just another OPPORTUNITY
for you to create AWESOME emotions
where they didn't exist before, and that
makes you even cooler than every
other guy who couldn't do that.

A woman will not remember the details of
the conversation, she will only remember
how she FELT during it. So make it feel

Listen when she is speaking, listen for what
is the EMOTIONAL crux of what she is
saying, don't just be thinking of how you
can be the most cool guy to show how
you can give the most clever response.

The most clever response is the response
that simply FEELS good. You'll get
farther by NOT showing off then you
would by showing how clever and
"cool" you are. Don't put yourself
down of course, just don't make it
all about YOU. And that's how
she will remember YOU.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 4:

An interaction has natural stages,
you start off low key, you build
up steam and connect to each other,
and then you have to get her contact

Out of fear, most guys will just stay
in whatever stage they are in, because
it feels good to not be rejected. However,
if you don't PROGRESS the interaction
to getting her number, and from getting
her number, to getting the date, to
getting physical, to relationship, etc,
etc, then what is the point?

So often, guys will open up a conversation
with something low key, and the women
will be receptive, but then the guys
STAY in that zone the entire time
because it feels good to get that
validation and they don't want to risk
LOSING that sense of validation.


How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 5:

If you are trying to meet a woman, then it's
CRUCIAL that she understands that there is
a sexual tension to the interaction.

So, the key to being more flirty and sexual
is being more PLAYFUL in your interaction,
combined with having a bit of a mischievous
glint in your eye.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 6:

This is a HUGE one. We all fear not being
accepted, because of whatever it is we are
insecure about. So what do we do? We
OVERCOMPENSATE for that insecurity,
and we don't even realize it. It usually
comes across as either being insecure
or what is worse, as being a JERK.

If you start a conversation by trying to
protect yourself against your fear, usually
it will work AGAINST you.

For example, if you very early in a
chat said something like "superficial
things are so over-rated, I would never
be caught working for a big corporation",
that would be an example of this.

If you're bald, if you're short, if you're
ANYTHING you are insecure about- the reality
is that it's NOT an issue but if you START
with "Hi, my name is Mac, would you date
a short guy?" then you clearly are showing
that this is a major obsession or fear.

Same with, "Hi, I make peanuts, but
I LOVE what I do" that also shows that
you are obsessed with the issue since
it's the first thing you brought up.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, and
don't bring up the issue at all. There's
a lot more to you than you think, a lot
more to you than the things you are
insecure about.

This rule also applies for not trying to
explain anything about yourself or situation
that you think is not cool- so if your are
renting a car because your regular better
car is at the shop, don't say, "This is
just a rental- I have a better car". 

Just DON'T BRING IT UP, otherwise it comes
across as you feeling inferior to her.

And when YOU feel inferior, that is the
ultimate litmus test to a woman of
how desirable you are. YOU are the one
who has to know how desirable you are.

If you don't feel it, how can she?

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 7:

Now, the problem with this is that it is
the behavior of someone who feels that
he is going to get rejected.

So, if you just approached a woman, don't
start telling her within 30 seconds "man,
I'm so tired, I just got in from LA" or
"I'm so tired, I was up all night with
my agent on the phone" etc, etc.

It's OBVIOUS to her that you are throwing
around the words "LA" and "AGENT".

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 8:

What this means is that a quality woman
who is looking for a real relationship
is seeking someone who has an appreciation
for more than JUST sex.

This does NOT mean to BORE her with some
lecture crammed with statistical data.

Instead, what this means, is to incorporate
an element of INTRIGUE into your conversation
that has powerful emotional RELEVANCE to
her life.

For example, asking her the following question,
even as a conversation starter, would be great:

"What do you think of the phrase,
'Don't die with the song still in  you?' "

This is the kind of question (by the way, I got this from a great woman, so it comes right from the source) that gets the EMOTIONAL GEARS WORKING, and has MEAT to it that can provide the fuel for a great conversation, and then you can THEN sprinkle in some playfulness LATER.

For example, let's say you are both
chatting about this topic for a few minutes,
you can then say, "Wow this is pretty deep,
look what you caused here! Instead of having
a meaningless conversation, you got me going
deep! That's it, from now on, we are talking
about Justin Bieber and Beyonce!"

This way, you get her laughing and feeling
that you have a full personality, the kind
of man that she can see herself with in
all the various contexts of a long term

Those are 8 SUPER IMPORTANT tips on how to
get a girlfriend that you can now go out
and apply IMMEDIATELY, and you will notice
a MASSIVE difference, TODAY.

And if you are reading this right now and
would like to get the FULL PICTURE on
how to get a girlfriend and on the topic of
how to talk to women, I suggest that you
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In this program, I demonstrate for you on a
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special strategies that you will only find in
this course.

To make the program even MORE effective, we
demonstrated the conversation WORD FOR WORD,
from beginning at ZERO all the way to ATTRACTION
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taking her number, going out with her for a coffee,
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both just met.

I’m talking from TOTAL SCRATCH all the way to

And, for even MORE benefit to you, we showed what
the conversation would be in DIFFERENT TYPES OF
ENVIRONMENTS- because for example the way you
approach a woman at a bookstore, is very different
from the energy and style you would use at an upscale
classy club where there is music and an atmosphere
of good times and partying.

This program contains TONS of crucial insights,
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The benefit of this program is that it saves
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, January 28, 2013

What SCIENCE Says On Getting The RIGHT Woman Vs. Just Getting The "One Night Stand"

Some SUPER IMPORTANT news for you today
if you care about meeting and attracting
the RIGHT woman for a great relationship.

The first is regarding a message I have
been teaching for many years, which is
now gathering even MORE MASSIVE evidence
for being absolutely true.

In an article by Andrea Bartz, there
is a review of recent research in the
Journal of Social Psychology which examined
how the evolutionary drives of women might
affect how they respond to stereotypical
pick-up artist style approaches.

Here are some of the highlights of this article:

1. Women who were looking for love (or at least
a long-term relationship) favored MEANINGFUL
positive comments, or even something innocuous,
however, pushing the flirty too far conveyed
lower trustworthiness and intelligence.

This falls totally in line with what I have
been saying for years, because a woman who is
interested in something long-term needs to
feel TRUST.

But the reports gets even better:

2. Researchers from the University of Kansas
recently examined who follows pick up artist
methods, and which women actually like it.

Here is more of the report:

"Turns out the offenders are men with a preference
for one-night stands and negative sexist attitudes
towards women. (Lovely.) In response, women
with a preference for no-strings-attached sex who
also have negative attitudes toward other women
tend to respond to dudes' aggressive tendencies.

(Even lovelier.)

So now you know: So-called pick-up
artistry serves an important function. It helps
sexist men and women find each other in
dim and crowded bars."

As I have been saying for years:
LIKE attracts LIKE.

If you want women who are looking for
one night stands, then do NOT emphasize
the MEANINGFUL, do NOT emphasize the
TRUST, do NOT focus on the deep connection.

Getting too meaningful, too deep, will
SCARE OFF the women who are looking for
one night stands.

On the other hand, if you are looking for
a great GIRLFRIEND, for a true long term
RELATIONSHIP, then you MUST be able to
COMBINE a fun approach without going into
the land of the vulgar, and without getting
too aggressive. 

The REASON for this is SIMPLE:
A woman looking for a genuine, long term,
and thriving great relationship is putting
a LOT on the line:

She is investing her EMOTIONS, her TIME, her ENERGY, her FUTURE.

So she ain't about to RUSH into something just
in order to get the physical gratification
of sex.

So OF COURSE the element known as TRUST
becomes HUUUUUUUUUUGELY important.

And the element known as INTELLIGENCE becomes
VERY important as well.

And I teach the WHOLE thing, the whole big
picture on attraction, which is what you
NEED to know if you want a great girlfriend
for the long term. 

To make a LONG TERM relationship work, you need to have two things in addition to ATTRACTION, you need to have created a strong foundation of mutual TRUST, and you need to have someone who is intelligent.

This is where showing some WIT becomes
very helpful as well.  And you can convey
wit and playfulness together with a
confident sense of humor.

This is also why IN GENERAL night clubs, full
of alcohol and party vibes, are NOT the best
places to meet a great girlfriend, although
it CAN happen, because sometimes a woman
is out at a birthday party at a club, etc.,
and it is not because she is really into
the nightclub lifestyle.

Some, but not all, "pick up artists" like
to pretend that all women are exactly the
same, but the fact is they ARE NOT.

And it is not just about LOCATION in terms
of finding the right woman.  Just because
NIGHTCLUBS usually are not the best place
does not suddenly mean that you are going
to meet your future girlfriend or wife
at a nice grocery store like WHOLE FOODS,
although there is probably a much HIGHER
CHANCE of it happening there.

It is for THESE reasons that I also teach
how to DETECT a woman's character and
her values as well, so that you can
find out quickly what kind of a woman
she is no matter WHERE you meet her.

For one powerful insight into DETECTING
a woman's character, keep THIS in mind:

Encourage her to speak her mind.

Do not make serious opinion statements too fast, or you risk her FEELING that in case her thoughts or values do not match yours, you will judge her negatively.  It is because of this fear that she will then feel the need to HIDE her honest thoughts and feelings.

You don't want that, you want her to SPILL THE BEANS as much as possible about her real self, and the cool thing is that most people love talking about themselves anyway as long as you don't make them feel uncomfortable.

The study also shows that women who DO
only want one night stands are NOT attracted
to personality. They ONLY care about the SEX.

In other words, there really are NO strategies to LEARN when it comes to these types of women who are looking for one night stands, aside from looking your best, being in PARTY MODE, and being persistent.

She's just looking for a little "fun" for the night and she has NO long term thoughts about it at all. She's the female version of a promiscuous guy, that is all there is to it.

And there is nothing wrong with people getting what they want if they are not hurting anyone else, but it is ridiculous to pretend that ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME, as if the women who are drunk every weekend at the club are in the SAME MINDSET as the women looking for a great relationship.  

THIS IS WHY it is so RANDOM, so ARBITRARY when it comes to bars and clubs, and why one woman will ignore a guy and another will think he is great, even if he says NOTHING!

It is because in these environments of clubs and alcohol, there IS no strategy except to be in party mode, aggressive, and persistent by approaching different women, because the women are already liquored up and some of them just need to meet a guy who clearly wants the same thing as badly as they do.

The drunk party girl is not thinking long term, DEDICATION to a guy.

She  is not thinking of the kind of dedication, day-in and day-out, that is required between a man and a woman to make a LIFE for two people, a FUTURE for two people, a FAMILY, etc.

Now, do I think that her article is PERFECT?
No, as I believe that a CERTAIN amount of
dominance IS important and is very attractive
EVEN if you are looking for a great woman
for a long term relationship.

ESPECIALLY in the initial moments when you
are having to approach a woman who is a
TOTAL STRANGER and it is NOT happening in
a place that is particularly socially ENDORSED
for meeting strangers for the purpose of DATING.

In other words, just about EVERY PLACE, whether
it is the bus, the bookstore, the cafe- none of
these places are OFFICIALLY where you are
"supposed" to approach women, but where you
indeed CAN and SHOULD.

I ABSOLUTELY suggest men approach women in these
everyday places, because even the greatest
quality women simply have to get out and about,
they have to go grocery shopping, go to the
post office, take transit, etc. 

So it takes a certain amount of "OOMPH!"
the momentary "strangeness" of it all,
and to come in with an air of AUTHORITY
to OVER-RIDE the initial DOUBTS she may
have about meeting men who are strangers
even though deep down she probably
WISHES she could find the right guy
and it does not matter to her WHERE
that happens. 

And in the name of total honesty, I also
believe that what STARTS out as just
some mild interest in a man from a woman,
even if they just met in a club, can then
be AMPLIFIED, even if a woman is not that
attracted from the start, and even if she
was not thinking long-term from the start.

However, if you are looking for a SERIOUS
girlfriend for a great relationship, you
really want to have EVERYTHING working in
your favor, so you may as well start RIGHT
by having the RIGHT approach and detecting
the right kind of women, and going to the
places that have the higher percentage
chance of meeting the RIGHT woman.

One of the things that I really learned
is to NOT look at things as totally black
or white, so I learned from EVERYTHING
and incorporated it ALL into the most
powerful way of meeting, approaching,
attracting, and keeping a GREAT quality
woman, the kind of woman who is loyal
and would make for a great long term

And the fact of the matter is, that if
you want to meet that GREAT woman, the
fact is that if she is a total stranger
somewhere, you do not KNOW her, so you
have to APPROACH her from scratch, without
knowing a thing about her.

At this point, this INITIAL starting
point, you need to SMOOTHLY get past
the potential awkwardness and social
conditioning that she has to AVOID
talking to strangers, even though
deep down she WANTS to find out
about you. 

So this is where it becomes important
to get her mind OFF of the awkwardness,
and instead get her to FEELING GOOD, 

which allows you the opportunity to actually
then convey some personality and for her 

to see that indeed she SHOULD be chatting
with you.

This is where you THEN begin the massive
emphasis on creating a CONNECTION with her,
and on being a genuinely confident man
deep within yourself and not just on the

Getting the right woman is about REFINING
certain ELEMENTS of pick up artist skills
ALONG with developing a very DIFFERENT set
of skills as well, and I have made it my
mission in life to teach men this COMBINATION
of skills for the purpose of meeting and
keeping the kind of women who are truly
GREAT- who make relationships something

And for my most powerful program on how to
get a GREAT girlfriend and how to KEEP her,
go here:

For my BOOTCAMP program on mastering the skill
of approaching and attracting women who are total strangers,
no matter where you see them, go HERE:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A MAJOR Secret On How To Approach Women: Making It Clear It's Both Sex AND Respect

I have something VERY important to tell you
about approaching women. It is something
most men get WRONG, and understanding this
will make a MASSIVE difference in your
approaches on women!

If you see a woman you would like to approach,
for example, at a food court somewhere, do any
of the options below provide the best solution?

Answer A:

You take a few minutes to decide the best thing
to say, and then you walk over to her and say it.

Answer B:
You take a few minutes to decide what to say,
and then you carefully walk over but you make
sure she does NOT see you coming, so it can
look like you just happened to be walking
in that direction toward her for something else
and not as if SHE was the main reason you
were walking that way.

Answer C:
You go over right away, directly toward her,
even though this means she can see you coming.
However, you then try to make sure it does NOT
seem as if you are actually interested in her in a
way that has to do with sex.  You chat to her
for an hour about something intelligent so that
it seems this is not about sex.

Answer D:
You go over right away, and you decide to
make it CLEAR you are interested in her
in a way that does have to do with attraction
and with her as a woman,  and you decide
to do this  by TELLING her that you think she
is very sexy and that you would like to go
out with her.  

And the BEST ANSWER is:
NONE of the above.

The REAL answer is to approach her DIRECTLY
even if she sees you walking toward her, and
then when you approach her to chat, you
should NOT verbally start with telling her
that you are attracted to her, and you ALSO
should not try to make it seem as if you
are NOT interested in her either.

Just keep it upbeat.
So, for example, you could go right into
something like this:

"That looks REALLLLLLLLY GOOD! That is what
I like in a woman, someone who enjoys life
and does not deprive herself!"

In this example, you are delivering the
message with flair, with fun, and you
are giving her a playful compliment
without kissing up AT ALL.

Also, the comment is totally spontaneous,
it is not a memorized pick-up line, it
is something born of, and in, the MOMENT,
which makes it feel more REAL instead of

It is also the kind of topic that can easily
lead into a fun chat about guilty pleasures
like chocolate or television watching, plus
it can give you a lead-in to enjoying food
more with some company and you sitting there
with her for your lunch. 

She might comment that actually the food
she is eating is healthy, it is not a
guilty thing, and you can playfully
respond with something like, "Let me guess,
you're a lawyer, right?"
with a smirk
as you say it. 

Then she might tell you whatever it is
she really is, or she might ask you
about yourself, all this is good

Then, after just a few moments of this,
you can chill out more and slowly get
to a DEEPER CONNECTION based on shared
VALUES, which also only takes a few

And THEN, if you connect, you let her
know that you want to see her again. 
So, to recap what happened here is:
First, you DIRECTLY approach her.
You walk right up to her, even if she
sees you from far away.

It is a good thing anyway if she sees this, because women are extremely sexual and if they are looking for men, they are not looking for men who think that women need to be tricked into sex, or men who think that women are not interested in sex, etc, etc. I will get MUCH more into this below, in just a moment.

Then, when you reach her, you chat about anything
that is fun, upbeat, intriguing, or playful,
as long as you ARE ACTUALLY being either fun,
upbeat, intriguing, or playful.  (This gets
back to being congruent, which is an important
topic in itself.)

Allow me to explain WHY this is the best way to
approach a woman, especially if this is NOT a
nightclub or a party environment.

It all stems from the fact that women FEEL a
tremendous pressure to not even ACCIDENTALLY
appear promiscuous.

This newsletter could go on for several YEARS
giving you the entire history of the perceptions
of men about female sexuality, so I will just
give a few serious examples:

For MANY years, even into some of the modern era or psychology and psychiatry, most men thought that women did not even HAVE orgasms!  In other words, most men thought that women were not even really sexual  beings!

Then, on TOP of that, any woman who WAS perceived
as promiscuous was viewed as the absolute LOWEST,
the very BOTTOM of the totem pole of status in society.

Of course, the men who get lots of women are often
viewed as COOL, i.e. Hugh Hefner, or at least viewed
as POWERFUL, i.e. many kings who had tons of women.

And even today, the fact is, most men would like
to have sex with lots of women, but they do not
want a girlfriend who is promiscuous or who even
WAS promiscuous.

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is, that women indeed DO have urges and desires just as INTENSE as men, if not even MORE intense than men.

(Women typically do not seem to be as interested in having the same QUANTITIES of sexual partners with men as men want with women, but women definitely have intense sexual fantasies and desires, and if they were allowed to express themselves without being judged, it would not be such a secret.)  

So women are not looking to screw up their lives
and their reputations.   If a guy approaches a woman
and seems OVERLY into the superficial, especially
if he does this RIGHT OFF THE BAT with the following
kind of comment:

"You're so beautiful."

because it is a form of kissing up!

Kissing up is TERRIBLE, but there is ANOTHER reason this comment of "You're so beautiful" is so bad in most contexts: The WRECKAGE left by such a comment is also because it makes a woman feel that if she REWARDS this kind of approach by even TALKING to him, she feels she will be viewed by him as a SLUT.

I also want to make it clear that it IS possible to get away with starting a conversation with "You're so beautiful" if it is said in a way that is NOT heavy with emotion at all, almost like saying the time.  But MOST guys when they would approach with a,"You're so beautiful" do it with the implication that this "beauty stuff" is a big deal.

She also figures that anyone who FINDS OUT she
talked to him will ALSO feel she is a slut.

This is why women will IMMEDIATELY shut down
ANY guy who shows he is IGNORANT of this issue.

Women are RUTHLESS in this regard, and if you
understand the massive repercussions women pay
if they are not careful about this, it makes

Ahhhh, but some guys have GROWN WISE to this,
or so they think.  

And PRESTO, such is born the "OVERLY NICE GUY" APPROACH.

So you have these guys that do EVERYTHING in
their power to NOT come across as interested in

I used to make this mistake a lot, and when I finally realized how FAR OFF BASE I WAS, I made a MASSIVE 180, and pushed the envelope quite a bit on seeing just how far I could get away with in terms of being sexual right away.

And the answer is that you can get away with a lot as long as in those VERY FIRST FEW MOMENTS you do NOT  trigger her fears of being labelled a slut.

So no matter what, unless you are in clubs or dealing with a special circumstance like a woman on vacation by herself, you STILL need to start without triggering this fear in her.

I'm talking about meeting women in everyday place like coffee shops or stores, not in clubs. In clubs, though, everything happens even FASTER, because the party is already on. 

Back to the "Overly Nice Guy" approach, this is how it goes:

The guy approaches the woman indirectly,
he pretends to be walking the same way as her,
he pretends to be interested in her choice of
stationary, books, purse, movies, etc, etc.

Now, a TINY bit of the NICE GUY stuff is not
the end of the world.

But the TRUTH  is, if you ever used the "Overly
Nice Guy" approach and ended up attracting a
woman who was  a stranger, and you ended up
sleeping with her, and she became your girlfriend
or whatever, it was not because you approached
her with the NICE GUY stuff.

It was because you managed to chat with her WITHOUT
triggering her WORRY of being labelled a SLUT.

Then you got her number or something like that,
and then you met up, and ALL ALONG she WANTED
to have sex with you, and you managed to NOT
trigger fears in this regard.

She was THINKING about how WILD it would be
to go NUTS with you in bed from pretty much the
FIRST MOMENT you approached her.

And the problem is that a lot of guys FORGET THIS,
they pour on so much NICE GUY APPROACH that the
woman figures maybe this guy is NOT into women,
maybe this guy is going to take FOREVER to get
physical with, maybe this guy does not REALIZE
how women have mind-blowing fantasies that
would make most men BLUSH.

So just because women do not want to be labelled sluts,
does NOT mean to in ANY way pretend you are NOT
a sexual person.

And the WAY to demonstrate that you are a MAN,
while SIMULTANEOUSLY showing you understand
women have these sensitivities and concerns,
is to simply APPROACH WOMEN DIRECTLY, yet at
the same time keep the INITIAL CONVERSATION
simply a POSITIVE experience that is NOT
too overtly sexual.

(In a club, though, the sexual can happen
a lot faster since the whole POINT of
a club is really about PARTY TIME.)

She KNOWS the reason you approached her!
She is GLAD you approached her.

She is MORE happy that you approached her
DIRECTLY rather than conveying that you
think you need to be SNEAKY about it by
going in some kind of strange circle or
zig-zag pattern or somehow coming up
behind her.

The most BRILLIANT path toward her is
DIRECTLY toward her in terms of your
actual physical WALK UP to her.

But in terms of the conversation, you convey
masculinity, you convey interest, you convey
your insight into women, by actually NOT
talking about the physical stuff too much
if at ALL, not until you FIRST establish
more of a FLOW
of a conversation and
more of a CONNECTION.

So you APPROACH directly.

However, your CHAT should convey your
interest INDIRECTLY, because your APPROACH
already makes it pretty darn clear why
you are chatting to her, and any more
runs the risk of overdoing it and
triggering her fears of being labelled
a slut and SHUTTING you down..

The calmness of your demeanor, the
COMFORT you feel and display while
chatting with her, all THAT is what shows
the right stuff about you and your
intentions in the beginning.

It is even okay to say something this:

***I just wanted to chat with you and
see what you are about.**

Then, you actually see if for REAL
you two can have FUN chatting together,
being playful together.

This is why you should NOT go on for
an hour about something too deep or
intelligent, because the first part
of the chat is about PLAYFULNESS
or at least about some kind of

Before you can play in the bedroom,
you have to be able to play outside
the bedroom.

If you go on for an hour about something
serious, you VAPORIZE the sexual and fun
vibes and you instead create the boring
vibe of an old, empty, dusty, lecture hall.

And THEN, you ALSO test to see if you
both have something ELSE important in
common BESIDES just wanting to go wild
on each other.

And THAT provides the ULTIMATE solution
on how to ensure you do not trigger her
fears of being labelled a slut, because
if there is a REAL connection between
you two, then she cannot BE a slut.

And THEN, you can ALSO tell her once that
she is cute, attractive, or whatever.

Remember, though, that she KNEW that is what
you thought all along when you approached her,
but you can tell her once, (after you two have
connected) just to make it absolutely clear
to her that you intend to pursue this all
the way to the end, for REAL, as a man.

What you have just read is so important, that
it will play a MAJOR role in EVERY SINGLE
interaction you ever have with any woman you
approach that you want to attract.

And yet, as POWERFUL as it is, it is also the
TIP of the iceberg of TONS of other VITAL
insights and strategies on attracting the women
of your choice that you will find in my special
program, "Attraction Accelerators".

I did not sit at HOME coming up with this program.
Instead, I learned it all on the FIELD, through
years of experience, and then only AFTER that,
and after SEEING it WORK for OTHER guys
as well, did I finally record this program.

Plus, I went into the BONKERS zone by pricing
this program at only $19.97.

You can download this program in MINUTES from
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Beat The Odds And GET The Woman You Want, or: Hot Women Wear Headphones For A REASON!

I would be incorrect if I said that
online dating is always a mistake. If
you MUST be 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, in locations where there are
no women, then online dating makes

If you are very shy and would like to
start with talking to women online
instead of in person, this might be
a good idea for some guys as well.

HOWEVER, otherwise, the EFFORT and TIME
that must be spent to find the right woman
ONLINE over weeks and possibly MONTHS if
not YEARS is actually FAR, FAR GREATER
than what it takes to just go for a stroll
and meet a TON of incredible women in
just one AFTERNOON.

This is another reason why taking BOOTCAMP
with me is so powerful: It is because you
learn how to waltz right up to women
and attract them on the SPOT.  And it is not
some kind of THEORY; you actually get to
PROVE IT in front of your own EYES.

Any by "PROVE IT" I mean the following
kinds of things happen:

1. The woman gives you her email.
2. She gives you her number.
3. She buys you a drink.
4. She gets girly and giggly with you
even though you are not super funny.
5. She kisses you.
6. She makes out with you.

Number 6 tends to happen more in clubs,
but in general, the bottom line is that
you can TELL the women are actually
INTERESTED instead of just saying
things such as, "I have to go".   

Focusing your energy on meeting women online
tends to also make you needy as when you finally
meet a woman you are interested in online, you
start to get insecure if she does not respond
right away, and it does not help to know that
if she is attractive or even not so attractive
she probably has a thousand messages in her
inbox from other guys because it is SO EASY
for any guy to just click SEND and send a
message to her INBOX.

Meeting women and approaching women in person
takes a lot more SKILL and hence you get rid
of most of the so called "competition".

PLUS, by getting lots of women from meeting
them in person from cold approaches, you
AND SECURE and if you DO decide to go back
to online dating, you actually COMMUNICATE
in a way that SHOWS you are not needy
and in a way that shows you are fun.

It will then show even in your messages
back and forth with women on the online
dating site.

It will also show in your profiles online,
because it is EASIER to put up a playful,
confident, or intriguing profile when you
are feeling EMPOWERED with women as
opposed to feeling NEEDY.

However, what you are at your best online
is NOTHING compared to what you are at your
to attract in PERSON.

And when you see how many women you have
choices from when you master the skill of
approaching in cold approaches, you will
not feel the desire to go back to online

Online, a woman does not get to feel your
personality since she does not get to see
your body language, your expressions, your
tonality, etc.

You lose some of the HUMAN TOUCH online.

But in REAL LIFE, you get to reveal WAY MORE


If you look around at hot women, you will notice
a LOT of them have headphones on, and you will
notice they do not often stay STATIONARY in
one place for long in places like malls or
stores, etc.

Some guys complain about this, saying it
makes it harder to approach women.

I used to be one of those guys.

But guess what?
Women being hot and being harder to STOP
and to get them into chat mode compared
to getting other women to stop and chat
is NOT a coincidence.

Hotties NEED to make themselves harder to stop
or they will never get to move through the world
without spending ALL DAY talking to EVERY GUY
that sees them.

The HEADPHONES is PART of that.
The headphones are SAYING, "I'm in my own world,
please leave me alone".

So if you DECIDE TO GIVE INTO THAT, you have
just made yourself part of the MAJORITY of
men who DO NOT GET ANYWHERE with her.

Similarly, these hotties MOVE around more, they
KNOW if they stop for long enough, FOR SURE
they will get a LOT of men who have no clue
about how to behave, and ALSO that these men
will get upset if she has to leave without
giving them the number, etc.

So hotties PREVENT a lot of problems this way. 

do it RIGHT.

Women know you are approaching them, just make
sure you approach them in a way that makes them
GLAD you did.


There's one more thing I want to mention today:
It is all about something known as CONGRUENCY.

When opening up a conversation with a woman
who is a total stranger, you can SCREW IT ALL
UP even if you do EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT but
you fail to show CONGRUENCY.

Congruency simply means that your WORDS are
CONSISTENT with your BODY LANGUAGE and tonality.

So, let's say a guy is at a bookstore and starts
chatting to a woman about a book she is reading
and he PRETENDS to be interested in the book
but he is not really interested in it.

Most likely, his FACIAL expressions will reveal
some discomfort or disdain or boredom with it,
from the way his eyebrows furl or the crinkles
in his forehead or the way his glance moves
around unsteadily, or the way his voice shows
a lack of genuine interest, etc.

On the other hand, if a guy actually SAYS
that he knows NOTHING about that topic but
is curious what she finds interesting about
it, he will sound CONGRUENT if this is the
truth about the situation.

A woman sensing CONGRUENCY in a man is a BIG thing.

One of the BIGGEST problems in "pick ups" or
'cold approaches' on women who are total strangers
is coming across as "sketchy" - as UNTRUSTWORTHY.

Women WANT to meet men, but they also want
to be SAFE.

So a guy who is the most innocent guy in the
world, and who just wants a woman and just
wants to impress her, but who is not being
CONGRUENT with her, will trigger her ALARMS.

She does not KNOW the reason he is not being
congruent is rather innocent, i.e. that he
likes her. All she knows is something is NOT
true about the situation. 

This is a bit similar to how dogs sense a
person's fear, and it often agitates the
dog, even if the REASON the person feels
fear is BECAUSE of the dog, and not because
the person wants to attack the dog!

All the dog knows is that something is WRONG.

The flip side is also true.
If you are being CONGRUENT, you can use almost
ANYTHING to get a woman into you.

Here's an example from bootcamp:
At a store, the song "Fields of Gold" by Sting
was playing softly over the loudspeakers.

In the moment, I just felt MAN, THIS SONG IS

So I just turned to the woman, who was in middle
of her own thing, reading a book, and I said,
"Isn't this song beautiful?"

And I MEANT it. 
I said it SLOW, and said the word "beautiful"
as if the word beautiful was ITSELF sacred.

I was truly totally congruent with it.
I've loved that song since it first came out.

And now she FEELS it.
She is soaking it in.

And she goes "Yes, it really is".

This woman was YOUNG, so I said the next totally
TRUE and congruent thought I had, which was:

"That's pretty cool you know this song,
because you seem pretty young".

So then she tells me that she has her parents
to thank for that, they brought her up with
great music. We chat a bit about how Lady Gaga
was actually influenced by her parents who
played their music around the house, including
music by Bruce Springsteen, etc.

At that point, I introduce myself and
extend my hand. She smiles and introduces
herself as well as we shake hands. We
continue chatting about things that
RESONATE such as having classic values,
timeless music, and inspiration.

I use this example because it was NOT
genius, it WAS however very CONGRUENT.

Being totally congruent also means you
do not use pick-up lines, because pick-up
lines run the risk of a guy feeling he
is "doing an act", which means not being
congruent to his real identity.

After a while, I had to end it, because
the point was illustrated and my client was
ready to do some more approaches of his own.

(He got the number of a sexy, slim but shapely
woman who wanted him so badly that she was
not afraid to reveal she had NO PLAN for
SATURDAY NIGHT and wanted to know what HE
was doing! And to prove it was a real  number,
he actually called her right away, and her
phone rang on her right then and there!)

And if you are reading this right now, I
promise you that what you have just read,
as powerful as it is, is just the TIP
of the ICEBERG.

My "Real World BOOTCAMP" is going to equip you with the skills to attract more women in one WEEK than most men attract in a LIFETIME.

Bootcamp is a bit like THE MATRIX.
You will see that YOU create the
results that YOU want with women, and
that there are NO limits.

You get to benefit from over TEN YEARS
of my dedication to these skills and to
teaching these skills.

Email me with possible weekends that work for
you and I will let you know if any of them are
still available.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks    

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Urgent Tips On Attracting Women, Approaching Women, and "Pick-Up"

If you are SERIOUS about attracting women,
then this email is URGENT. 

I have so much freaking AWESOME stuff
to share with you about attracting women
that I myself am going nuts because I cannot
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What you are about to read is all ABSOLUTELY
AND COMPLETELY taken ALL from real
  A LOT of it comes from seeing it
happen in the "pick-ups" that happen during
the BOOTCAMPS which pretty much run
all year long.

You will find that I absolutely STRIP everything
down to the FACTS.  Zero superstition, zero
fluff feel good talk.  JUST THE FACTS.

So here we go:


Does this mean there is no such thing as LOVE?
Does this mean that women are not interested
in your sense of humor?
Does this mean that women do not care about
things like spirituality?

NO, it does not mean that, what it DOES mean is
that THE MAIN FORCE that WORKS for getting
a woman interested in you, is SEX.

This does not mean that you should EXPLICITLY
talk about sex when you approach a woman.

Talking explicitly about sex at the wrong
time, especially in a non night-club approach,
comes across as implying she is 'cheap' or 'easy.'

What "IT IS ALL ABOUT SEX" really means is
that you should STOP trying to look for some
super-complex EXCUSE to approach a woman,
in some massive effort to hide the fact
that you are interested in her BODY, FACE,
and her FEMININITY. 

So much energy gets WASTED into this effort to
MASK what you are really doing, that what ends
up happening is that you will come across as
awkward, insincere, insecure, and uncool.

Women are not stupid. They have a pretty good
idea that if a guy is talking to them,
that it MIGHT all be about sex intentions.

So if you really ARE interested in a woman in a
physical way,  do NOT waste precious time and
energy on coming up with some super clever
DISGUISE or excuse for approaching her.

Women LOVE sex just as much as MEN.
A lot of women cannot get ENOUGH of it.

The human race would not EXIST without
this mutual DRIVE to replicate.

It is really the most PRIMAL drive of all.
Although food and shelter are required for
SURVIVAL, most people would make
GREAT sacrifices in these areas if it meant
BEING  with the one they were truly ATTRACTED
to more than any other.

This is GOOD news, not bad news.

And in case you are thinking that all the
women who are attractive already HAVE
someone, guess what?


Relationships take a lot of WISDOM and intelligence,
which is why so few men and women are actually
IN long-term relationships.

I do not promote cheating. I am talking about the
women who are single.       

2. Make it FLIRTY.

Flirting usually boils down to playfully expressing
your OWN desirability.  Think of how in the
animal kingdom, a peacock struts its feathers.

In the human world, a lot of guys try to TALK
about how much money they have or how much
value they have, but the problem with that is that
this money stuff is really a recent invention as far
as EVOLUTION is concerned. 

This route does not ATTRACT WOMEN in a
SEXUAL way, it just attracts them in a logical
way.  A man would be better off paying a
seasoned expert prostitute.

showing signs of how DESIRED you are,
using words and body language and tonality.

So, for example, if a woman bumps into you,
and you accuse her of trying to feel you up,
THAT is playfully showing that you are


Flirting is part of your ARSENAL for turning
a woman ON to YOU.


Related to the above, but not necessarily ONLY
in a sexual way, is the idea of making sure to
keep the interaction something POSITIVE
and FUN. 

By fun, I do not mean she has to be laughing out
loud, although that is a good thing if you do it,
but what I mean is that you are not talking about

Instead, focus on things that are either fun,
Inspiring, or intriguing, or a COMBO of
ALL of them!


What I mean by this is that you should take
the opportunity to display confidence.

If you are approaching her and she is at a
table in a food court, and you stop by her
table and open her up with a comment on
the massive amount of ketchup she has put
on her fries, and she LAUGHS and then you SIT
DOWN before she even ASKS you to,
is showing confidence.

Since she was laughing, you had a pretty good
indication she would not get PISSED if you sat

A lot of guys would feel the need to ASK
if it would okay to sit down beside her.

You took a TINY risk, but BELIEVED it would
be successful. 

You are thus showing a degree of CONFIDENCE.

I could give you a TRILLION examples, but that
is ONE.    
So you take the above steps, and you INCORPORATE
all of them, you make your interaction FLIRTY, FUN,

Rather than worrying about how to pretend
you are NOT interested in her physically, just
make your conversation with her FLIRTY, FUN,

Notice also by the way, how EVERYTHING I have
told you so far all FITS PERFECTLY into each other.

Sex drive, flirtatiousness, fun, confidence, all go
HAND IN HAND, even though they are not the
exact same things. They work TOGETHER.

also known as: DO NOT EJECT, NO MATTER WHAT.

A lot of times, when guys START conversations with
women, the guys run out of things to say, and what is
the NORMAL reaction?


I used to do the same thing.  I ran out of things to say,
and felt  so WEIRD just standing there, that I felt
every SECOND I continue standing there would

That I was NOT COOL!! 
That I had nothing else to say!

Then I finally realized something which I have been
teaching to my clients for YEARS:

Usually, women are NOT thinking you are
a loser or not cool for not being able to
CONTINUE the conversation!

In fact, very often the WOMEN THEMSELVES wish
that THEY knew how to continue the conversation!

It is important to remember that women have not
STUDIED the skills of how to approach like we have!

They do not particularly KNOW how to go about
the process since they are not the ones to
do the approaching. This is not something
to blame women for; it is not their fault. 

This is part of our culture that says women
are allowed to give SIGNALS off to men, but
that women are not supposed to be nearly as
aggressive and proactive about the actual

For a woman this means she has to be in the
right places where she can be giving off
signals to the right guys, but as a guy
you can go anywhere and just go right
up to women.

So because of all this, women typically are
on the RECEIVING end of the approaches, and
they have not perfected their own skills
at how to keep the conversation going.

So most guys LEAVE BEFORE the women can even
get a CHANCE to figure out what to say, even
when the women really DO want to continue
to chat!

So it is not just MEN who are having a problem,
it is the women too, but most guys do not realize this,
and they end up EJECTING themselves out of the
interaction in order to save face, when in reality so
often the women were the ones who were EQUALLY
frustrated in not knowing what to say! 

They are so often NOT JUDGING you at all, they are
just TRYING to figure out what to do, just like the guys

So the POINT of all this is that you must give
YOURSELF the following COMMAND:


I just cannot emphasize ENOUGH how
PASSIONATELY I feel about this one.


There is ANOTHER reason for not ejecting:

Not only does STAYING in the interaction allow
you more TIME to figure out what to say, and not
only does it also allow HER more time to figure
out what to say, and not only are women so often
NOT judging the guys in a negative way just
because it is taking a while to figure out what
to say, but ALSO there is another reason,
reason, which is:


This means that the NEXT time you approach a
woman, you will be MORE confident, MORE
relaxed, MORE cool.

And when you are in these positive states, guess

You are better able to ACCESS all the creative
parts of your MIND so you can indeed say
things that are interesting, confident, flirty,

PLUS, by staying in the interaction, you start to
become FASTER at seeing how you can CONNECT
something that is said in the conversation to something
ELSE that is also fun, interesting, flirty, confident,
or intriguing.

Your RESPONSE time gets better and better, as
your mind comes up with more things to say that
actually help the conversation FLOW SMOOTHLY. 

And remember, by having this conversation, the point
is not to demonstrate that you are a GENIUS who
knows everything,
but rather to simply create a
GOOD ATMOSPHERE for her to feel good about
getting to know you and to get over the "hump"
of you being a stranger.

So you can go from being a stranger to someone
she feels she wants to get to know more, and
especially someone she wants to get "physical with"
in an intimate way.

PLUS, when you are in a more CONFIDENT
state of mind, it is easier to get into a more
HORNY state of mind, which will allow you
to exude the right degree of masculinity without
doing anything TOO OVERT, or too explicit.

It will show in subtleties in your VOICE tonality,
in your facial expressions, in your pace of movement,
etc, etc.

But you will not get ANY of these benefits if you

So, the next time you chat up a woman:


This is SUPER important.  Internal Game
refers to the way you feel and think, and even
to the inner dialogue you may have with yourself.

One of those elements of internal game revolves
around your thoughts about sex.

Women can detect your internal game very quickly
from all kinds of subtleties in your communication.

So, if you want to have a strong internal game, one
of the BIG THINGS to do is to have NO SHAME
about being a sexual person.

I used to try like CRAZY to treat women in the
most NON-SEXUAL way. I tried to show how
NICE I could be.  I was super-passive and tried
to show that I would NEVER do anything unless
a woman made it TOTALLY CLEAR TO ME THAT
SHE WANTED SEX.  It was all up to them, I would
make sure to not "make them feel uncomfortable"
by even going anywhere NEAR the possibility
of sex. 

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is that women tend to give
HINTS, they almost NEVER, EVER, EVER tell
a guy the following:

***Hey, you know, I like you, would you please
&*^% me tonight?*** 

The VERY thought of it is ABSURD and COMICAL!

This does not mean that women want to ONLY be
treated as sexual beings, but they sure DO WANT
to be viewed as sexual beings in ADDITION to
other things.  If women did not get turned on by
being viewed as sexual beings, there would be
no procreation, humans would never have made
it till today, and humans would not EXIST.    

So I am here to tell you something:

The NEXT TIME you see a woman you want to
approach, and you start to fear that maybe your
desires are somehow WRONG, I want you to
realize that women LOVE all kinds of sex.

I am not saying that EVERY woman LOVES
every kind of sex, but that in general
the fantasies and lustful desires of women
are every bit as nuanced and intense and
wild as are those of men. 

The fantasies of men and women are not ALWAYS
on the same page, but the basic NAUGHTY
and TABOO factor is EQUALLY as intense
for women as it is for men.

That nice girl who likes to read poetry may very
well have the most steaming sexual fantasies.

This is SOOOOOOOO important to not only read,


I used to think that if a situation SEEMED tough to change, 
that this was a SIGN that it was part of FATE.

So I used to think that attracting women is so hard, that
it must be something that we as men should just become
passive about, especially since I had been taught by
so many people that "your soul-mate is destined to
meet you" etc., etc.

For this reason, I believe, a LOT of men end up becoming
very PASSIVE regarding meeting and attracting women,
and the result is they NEVER meet the woman or women
they wanted to meet and attract.

When it comes to FOOD, no one ever says the following:

***You know what? I believe in FATE, so therefore, I will
prove my belief in FATE by sitting here knowing that

FOOD will fall into my LAP.***

For some reason, when it is something people NEED,
we all stop talking about FATE.

So there may very well be such a thing as fate, but even
if there is, CERTAINLY as humans we are supposed to
do OUR PART to do our best to make the things happen
that we want to happen.

In the same way that earning a living is something
people must ACTIVELY do rather than just sitting
around passively hoping for it to happen, I believe 
that a man should do EVERYTHING in his power, 
without hurting anyone else,  to get the woman or 
women that he wants.

In fact, not doing enough to take action to
get the woman you want is a CRIME against
yourself, because you are hurting yourself,
you are depriving yourself, and if you believe
humans have any dignity or any rights at all,
then certainly you yourself have these rights.

I also know that things only changed for me
once I learned that in fact not only COULD I
take more effective actions for meeting and
attracting women, but that unless I did so,
I would most likely NEVER meet and
attract the women I wanted.  I would just
go for the rest of my life in misery.

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