Friday, October 30, 2009

The Power That Attracts A Woman

I want to bring something to your attention:

Maybe, you’ve heard that women are attracted

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of guys who don’t look
like models with women who are stunning.

Well, let me tell you the truth:

However, most men don’t understand where
power BEGINS, the very FIRST place where
power must be wielded RUTHLESSLY, and
if it doesn’t show there, then you can forget
it with ANY woman.

It begins with power over YOURSELF, over your

Most men are slaves to many emotions.
Fear is just ONE.

Another emotion that many men are slaves to is
the desire to FOOL themselves that they can be
in two OPPOSITE places at once.

For example, they want to “fool around” and ALSO
have a great woman who is loyal to them.

It’s called wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

Here’s another fear- when a man is being “nice” to
a woman only out of fear of LOSING her.

He doesn’t TRULY believe in these good values.

OR, he is just being good to her because
he feels she is “out of his league”, so
he feels he has to overcompensate to be
“worthy” of her. So in reality, he fears
he is not worthy.

Now, a great woman who has got it all,
inside and out, if she is going to be
LOYAL to a man, she is investing a LOT
of herself into one man, she has to
make sure this man HAS the power inside
of himself, he has the power OVER himself,
to be a MASTER over his own emotions.

She know that if he DOES NOT have this,
then no matter what, it’s just a matter
of time before he fails EVERYWHERE, he
will fail to achieve in life, he will
fail to be loyal, he will be a FAILURE,

All because he does not have the power
over his OWN emotions.

A lot of the time, guys want to know how I manage
to achieve such stellar results with men in my
bootcamps, in such little time, and all without
any of the artificial “tactics” from books like
“The Game”.

The answer is that these men in my bootcamps
succeed not in SPITE of avoiding these tactics,
but BECAUSE they avoid these artificial means.

Instead, my students succeed because I instill in
them the FIRE that CLEANSES through all the
crap weaknesses and all the toxic illusions that
are holding them back.

AND TRUTH AND REALITY behind every nuance
in your voice in every word you say, no matter what
you are saying.  

It has to all come from a place in your mind that is
absolutely clear and has no doubt about how much
you truly MEAN it.

So when a man tells a woman he LIKES her and that
he wants her number, and when he values loyalty and
will GIVE loyalty, every bit of what he says must come
from a place that is willing to PAY THE PRICE for
what he wants.

He has to be CONSISTENT and CONGRUENT to it.
He can’t want to be “pulling chicks” from “the hottest clubs”
while ALSO wanting to get a woman who is truly LOYAL.

And he can’t want loyalty because he is AFRAID
of a woman cheating on him.

He must want loyalty because he understands the VALUE
of mutual loyalty, trust, friendship, and how that
is the SECRET behind any great success in anything.

This is why when I see supposed “gurus” talking out of
both sides of their mouth, one day talking about being
“MACK DADDIES” and then one day talking about
wanting a great girlfriend, and pretending they are
experts at both, it’s obvious to me that are actually
experts at NIETHER, because you can’t be in two
opposite places at once.

Let me illustrate this in a way that makes it easy to understand:

Let’s say you saw a woman, who was saying
“Oh I wish I could meet a great guy who was loyal to me”
and then  five minutes later she was saying “Oh I can’t
wait to go to that club and see which hot guys are there
that I can go home with”.

Would you believe for one SECOND that this woman would
be the type that could stand the TEST of loyalty over
time, that could stand up to the FIRE of the test?

And the reality is that for a woman, who is of PRIME
“value”, who is willing to truly give of herself to
a man, she knows her value won’t be “prime” forever,
so she must be even MORE ruthless in making sure
she is with the RIGHT man, even more ruthless than
a man must be in making sure he is with the right
woman, because her SHELF LIFE is not as long,
as women age a bit faster than men.

Do you see why following “PICK UP ARTIST” advice
is a SURE FIRE WAY to REPEL any woman who
is attractive and who will also actually be LOYAL
to you?

It’s so ironic how there are actually supposed “experts”
out there who promise to tell you how to be an authentic
man, but who are actually promoting totally opposite
things that will make you incongruent, inconsistent,
and to put it bluntly, to make you appear UGLY
in all the most destructive ways, in the way you
come across to a great woman.  
A woman who is a genuine gem is checking you out to
to all the valuable character traits she must have in a man,
including the power over himself, the power to be a
good man for all the right reasons and not just out of
fear or out of desperation.  She can DETECT the


When you are talking to a woman and you speak
about great values, you must feel that you can
that you say.  How can you truly mean that you want
loyalty and expect it, when you are also wanting to
be a guy who does the very things to women that
you would not want a woman to do to you? If you
want her to be faithful, would you like it if she was
obsessed with how to get ALL the guys rather than
with how to get the RIGHT guy?

Similarly, if she is looking for the RIGHT MAN,
she does NOT want a man who is trying to get
ALL the women rather than THE RIGHT woman.

And again, she subconsciously detect all this,
(she not even conscious of it) from billions of
subtleties in your behaviors, behaviors which
flow from the way you THINK, and those
thoughts flow from the values you have
taken on for yourself. 

And if you are reading this right now, and are
SERIOUS about getting a GREAT woman, then
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The Real Thing

"The Real Thing" is always going to have copy-cats
trying to imitate it.  For example, James Cameron, the 
man who made Terminator, True Lies, Aliens, The Abyss, 
and Titanic, pours his heart and soul into everything
he does.

That means it takes time to do it right.
Years. So of course, trying to cash in off of him, are 
pathetic "imitators" who make crap that no one 
remembers or gets inspired by or that cause
any true positive change in the world. So, for 
example, there have been tons of films that were 
trying to rip off Terminator, but that no one remembers.

When Cameron was making The Abyss, of course there
was the copy cats making other ocean movies. After Titanic, 
there were all kinds of movies that suddenly had sinking ships
as part of the main plot. No one remembers these imitations
In fact, sometimes, because they know that Cameron's movies
take time to make, the imitators find out what he is making
then try to quickly make a crap movie that will be on the
same general topic, hoping to cash in on the general
anticipation, and release it into theaters before Cameron's
great films.

The same thing happened with Cameron's upcoming AVATAR.
No one even talks about the imitators. Avatar, on the other hand, 
will likely revolutionize the entire film industry.

So why do I bring this all up?
I bring it up to make it clear that if you want
a woman who is the real thing, and you want
to become the kind of man that is the real thing,
it's not about the overnight success, it's about

I'm working on something called WARRIOR WITHIN,
it's taken years and it's almost ready....

There will be all types of imitators though...
They'll come and go, and quickly be forgotten.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I'm blushing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Attract A Woman Without Playing The Game

Several months ago, something
extremely special happened.

Coming from far and wide, in
fact stretching from across
thousands of miles and kilometers,
a group of brave men decided to
undergo a WARRIORSHIP.

To become true Warriors Within.
To confront their demons, their
internal obstacles, and VANQUISH
them forever.

Ultimately, all mastery with women
is a product of your deepest SELF,
your "inner game", as they say.

Except that it's NOT a game, it's
who you BECOME, it's who you ARE.

It's the way to get results with
women, the very BEST women in fact,
and all withOUT playing games.

Yes, it's all about how to attract a woman
without playing the game.

It's taken a long time to comb
through all the material that
was recorded at this event, and
to edit it all to perfection,
and it's almost ready.

I was going to keep this a secret
till the last second, but then
somehow it's already been on
several NEWS and TV stations,
so I wanted to make sure that
my subscribers got a chance
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It's all at:


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Till next time...

Michael Marks

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fear:F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal

A deeper look today, into the concept of conquering
the illusions of fear. A quote I heard long ago, that
I once mentioned before, (I honestly don't remember
the source, or if there is one specific one) was:

There is an important distinction, though, to
make this realization PRACTICAL in your
everyday life.

You see, the whole problem is that it DOES
appear real, so how can you TELL if it's
real or not?  This is the key question.

And the answer is to realize the RELATIVE

See, there will ALWAYS be SOME "evidence"

This is how some people abuse statistics to
prove whatever they want.

The solution is to see HOW SOLID THAT
THERE IS, for something.

So, for example, just like some versions of
feminism went way too far with portraying
men as evil, when really there was no major
evidence for that, (there were SOME male
jerks, but that in no way is evidence for
ALL men being jerks), so too many of the
"get guys laid" gurus went way too far
with making it seem like all women
are actually nuts and are actually attracted
to jerks, etc, etc.

Again, no major EVIDENCE for this.
Sure SOME WOMEN may have gone out
with jerks, but was it because the guy was
a jerk, or was it because he was confident?
Was it because he was a jerk, or he had
some OTHER thing going for him, i.e.
looks, status, etc, etc.

So, too, when you see a woman you want
to approach, and you start saying to yourself
"oh, she would probably not want to talk

Is it that ONE woman once said something
rather unfriendly?

Is that that you heard that some OTHER guy
got "rejected" and you don't want that to happen
to you?

Is that you are projecting onto all women your past
experience with some other woman?      

See, that's not enough evidence for making
a decision to never approach women again.

So from now on, don't just say "Is there any
real evidence for why I should be afraid?",
because if you ask that, you might very well
find A SHRED of what you might call
"evidence" for being "afraid", but when
balanced against the OCEANS of evidence
to the CONTRARY, you THEN realize that
there it's actually not evidence at all, no
more than seeing a few RAINDROPS is
"evidence" that you need to build an Ark.

And if you'd like to get the BEST training
to develop your "inner game", to go

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Want A Great Woman? Be A Great Man

Thanks to a great guy I know, I heard about
this fantastic story on the news about the
best of human nature.

We often hear about how terrible people
are, and how terrible human nature is,
but the truth is, it's all up to us, we can
decide to be what type of person we
want to be.

And if you want a great woman, it only
makes sense to be a great man, on the
deepest levels.

Rather than focus on all the negative
people, both men and women out there,
let's just realize that most of the nasty
people have been horribly misguided,
whether by their parents, or by their
peers, or by something or someone

But make no mistake about it, like
attracts like, and if you want  a
great woman, then we must become
great men.

And the reality is, that the greatest gift
a woman can give you, is to make you
want to be an even BETTER man.

So it's a never-ending fantastic cycle...

P.S. The point in the clip below is not
necessarily to take pills, but to be honest
with ourselves and do the work required
to become better men: Whether that's
becoming calmer, stronger, visiting an
excellent therapist, or any other work
on ourselves that needs to be done.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Being "The Man"

When it comes to creating the strongest
level of attraction in women, there is
no room for “game playing”.  The best
women can see “the act” from a mile
away, which is why it’s so important
to be displaying all the right characteristics
for REAL, rather than “pretending” to
be a certain way.

Four of these characteristics are:





So let me explain how to actually show
and develop these required traits for REAL,
and in a way that is not malicious but actually


The reality is that 99% of what you read
on the internet regarding this is all about
GAMES and PRETENDING all kinds of
things and deliberately doing “things” such
as suddenly “not being available” or
other stupid things like that which will
destroy the trust long-term.

The REAL way to be unpredictable is to
GENUINELY take on a lifestyle of embracing
HUGE CHALLENGES for yourself, and
also by not making your entire life revolve
around HER.

So, for example, if you really have taken on
great goals for yourself that you must accomplish,
things WILL be unpredictable naturally, and this
will pour over into your life.  So you won’t
be able to plan every last second of every
day with her, you won't be available every
second, but this has nothing to do with
not loving her, nothing to do with abuse,
nothing to do with “games”.

The problem is that most guys, especially when
they meet a woman they are attracted to, suddenly
DROP everything else in their life (and unfortunately,
there often isn’t even much else going on BESIDES      
chasing girls and their regular job, in their life,
which is in itself not cool) and they become
completely ready for the woman at any and all

So what happens then is that a man then becomes
about as precious as a song that’s overplayed on
the radio 24 hours a day.  At first, it’s nice, but
then after a while, it’s like “oh, not that song again”.

Here’s another way to avoid predictability:


There is no reason for you to be following
every single social convention – in fact, these
formalities are often BORING because they
are so predictable.  And, they’re not even
natural.  So, for example, that’s why when
you see a woman you want to meet, you
should try AVOIDING the “typical” response
which is not even YOUR natural response:

i.e. if she bumps into you on the bus,
instead of saying “that’s okay” when she
says “sorry”, you can playfully pretend she
injured you and that you’re going to sue
her, or you can accuse her of trying to
pick you up this way, etc.  You could
even playfully talk about how women
are so aggressive these days, etc.

When going out shopping for clothing,
get the things YOU find cool, don’t try
to get what everyone else is wearing.


This is another huge one.  Most men, especially
when they meet a woman they want to attract,
put HER in control, to the point that most men
actually give UP their own personality and
their own values and their own hobbies and

They will do anything to GET the girl, which
is ironically, the best way to LOSE the girl.

You see, the reason you see some JERKS
get women is not because the guy is a JERK.
It’s because at least he is uncontrollable.

But this is again, something most guys totally
get wrong, they think that somehow women
are actually attracted to abuse, which is
totally NOT true and in fact this is something
women find REPULSIVE as hell, and is the

reason most jerks also LOSE the woman they
are with as well. 

Still, though, some  guys think that most 
women actually are ATTRACTED to abuse.
But it's completely wrong.

Here’s the other thing that’s massive about all
this as well: 

Most women don’t even WANT 
to take control over men, but 
the problem is that most men 
GIVE it over anyway!  

They make it painfully obvious that they are
it’s the fact they will be do whatever she
wants, whenever she wants, and they
will give up their own wants just to please

The key distinction between being a jerk and
being a MAN who is uncontrollable is to be
flexible on matters of taste, and be as firm
as STEEL on matters of principle. 

You should be open to all kinds of new ideas
and doing new things, but you should be
CLOSED completely to the idea of going
against your cherished values. 

The irony, again, is that when a woman sees
you are uncontrollable, it will only
ESCALATE her attraction to you,
she will want you MORE.

There is no need for you to argue by
the way when it comes to this, in fact
if you are arguing about it for an hour,
you are clearly NOT uncontrollable.

Actions speak louder than words.   


Again, most of what you read out there
tells you all kinds of games on how to be
a challenge, which is so pathetic and weak,
when you can TRULY be a challenge for

The way to do this for real is to GENUINELY

Most men would sell their own mother just
for the chance to get naked with a “hottie”.
I wonder if these guys ever think to themselves
just how WEAK they appear to these women,
and how absolutely NOT attractive it is, and
how if such a woman agrees to sleep with
such a guy, it’s always some alterior motive,
because it’s absolutely NOT because she
is attracted to him.

Raise your standards for yourself, in what you
accept from yourself and from anyone else,
including women, in terms of behavior and

So, for example, you become more of a
challenge by her seeing that it's not
that easy to get a lot of your time
before it's earned.  But this is not
a game, this should be your GENUINE
attitude to ANYONE you don't know.  

Similarly, instead of worrying about
women's tests, you should have your
OWN tests to see if a woman has
the right character.

You'd be surprised to see how often
a woman who is attractive will actually
be MORE attracted to you when she sees
you genuinely WOULD dump her if she
didn't have the right traits.  

It's also a good idea to ask a
woman to tell you about her
values, and for you to truly
be listening and clarifying
things with her, it shows
you are screening and that
you have high standards.

Again, though, if this is just
a game, she will see through

If the truth is, that right now, you really
WOULD accept a woman into your life
whose behavior you know deep down is
not right, then you are your own worst
enemy and it is you who is holding yourself

The moment you are willing to SPLIT from
the WRONG women, you actually INCREASE
their attraction to you, and more importantly,
you increase ALL women’s attraction to you,
including the ones who are far better all around.

This is because the internal change is fundamental,
it changes the way you feel, the way you behave,
your tonality, the way you respond to things she
says or that anyone else says.  You become
more of the MAN she really wants.

So, raise your standards- this is why I always
say that the attitude of supposed “pick up artists”
is actually self-defeating, because by putting
all these women on a pedestal, it strips you
of your own value and your own inner
confidence and charisma.  It’s as if there
is a “game” that you have to get all the
women, and that “game” will just ensure
you get NONE of the good ones, because
it creates an attitude of SCARCITY in
your mind. Notice how scarcity is
similar to living in “scared city”.


Man, this is probably the BIGGEST one
that gets misinterpreted out there.

Dominance has nothing to do with controlling
women or disrespecting them, or with thinking
that women can’t do almost anything that men
can do.

The primary physical difference between
men and women is muscular strength,
that’s it.  Even the whole PMS thing, the
reality is that it’s exaggerated in terms of
its effects on women’s actual minds
and emotions.  Otherwise there would
not be fighter pilots who are women,
prime ministers who are women, etc.

And, in a world of machines and technology,
being more muscular is not really a big deal.

So, if you want to LOSE a woman quickly,
just make sure that you MISINTERPRET
what dominance really is. 

So, what dominance really is, is that you
are dominant over your OWN emotions
and also that you are DOMINANT in
the bedroom.

This doesn’t mean she can't be aggressive
if she feels like it, but in general the fact
is that most women get turned on big-time
when you are more dominant.  

There are all kinds of theories on the reason 
why this is, from evolutionary arguments to 
social ones, but the main thing is to realize 
that you must be assertive in the bedroom.
Yes, of course you should be loving, too,
and there are definitely times for intimacy
and sweetness, of course.

How the heck is a guy going to be 
assertive when he has placed his balls
in her hands from day one, and he has 

been elevating her on a pedestal simply 
because of what she looks like, and he 
has given complete control and 
predictability over to HER?

This is why most guys are already finished
at “hello”, because the very way they
started the interaction already gave away
the fact that in bed, things would be totally
in HER control completely and that he would
not be assertive and that in general he would
place her on a pedestal for no good reason.

Allow me now to get to the other part of
dominance, which is DOMINANCE

Most human beings, are totally slaves to
their own “triggers”, and they don’t even
know it. 

We think only drug addicts are under the
control of a “pusher”, but the truth is that
MOST HUMAN BEINGS are under the
control of some version of a “pusher”
whether its human or not.  For example,
how many hours a day do we waste on
negative emotions? How often do we
eat the wrong foods? How often do we
fail to exercise? How often do we kiss
up because we’re afraid of what might
happen if we stand up for what we believe

This is one area where there is true equality,
it doesn’t matter whether you’re a billionaire
or whether you’re massively successful in
some other area of life, the fact is that most
people are slaves to some “pusher” force
in their lives, and if you can just get OVER
that slavery to that force that is taking
emotional control over you, it would
massively increase not only your success
in life, but also it is attractive as hell.

For example, how much of a man can you
really be, if you are still addicted to that
“pusher” force in your life? 

If it’s junk food, then we must wean ourselves
off of it.

If it’s “approaching women anxiety”, then we must
make that first approach, no matter how small, no
matter how brief that interaction lasts- it’s the only
way to make that fear go away.

If it's some addiction, we must get the proper
support and take action to conquer it. 

Whatever it is, there is no power on earth
like conquering your own “ex-pusher”, and
the resulting deep-rooted confidence that
flows from this will spill over into your
every BREATH and every MOVE you
make, and will be as tangible as concrete
to the women you meet. They will FEEL
that you are the kind of man that is in
the greatest adversary there is – ourselves.

Women know if you can do that, you can
probably do ANYTHING.  And when
you can do anything, and have anyone,
and you have CHOSEN her from all
other women that way, is this not far
MORE loving that being with a woman
because you are a SLAVE to her or
because you felt you could get no
one ELSE?

And if you are reading this right now,
and would like to become the kind of
MAN that attracts the very best women
through who he IS rather than through
PRETENDING with games, then I
suggest you download my book
immediately, at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Magic Of Making Women Laugh

There is a very good reason why so many attractive
women want a man who has a great sense of humor-
it's because humor is probably the closest thing to
healthy "drugs".

The reality is that laughter IS a drug, in many ways.
It releases DOPAMINE, and this chemical simply
feels GREAT. It gives you a natural high.

So it's a great power to be able to make a woman feel this.

The first thing you want to be doing to skyrocket
your power in this area is to stop CENSORING
your thoughts.  Most of the time, we CENSOR
our own thoughts because we think they might
NOT be funny, and we don't want to get rejected.

It's counter-intuitive, but this actually ends up
getting us LESS results, and taking the RISK
gets you MORE results.  Trying to play it
totally safe in your interactions suggests that
you are lacking confidence, self-worth, and
in fact kissing up. Screwing up in the name
of comedy actually is much cooler than
playing it boring, as it at least breaks the

If you're in line and when it finally gets your
turn, and the female clerk says "Hello, how
are you today?" , for example, you can playfully
say "Awwwwww that sounds so rehearsed,
let's do that again, with feeling!"  This is
even funnier if she DID say it properly the
first time!

In my latest CD, I interviewed a fantastic comedian,
Arie Kizel, known as "the thinking man's comic", and
we have an HOUR'S worth of great advice for
gaining the power of triggering laughter in women.

A cool analogy of looking at life in an alternative
way, instead of looking at yourself or at things in
a regular mirror, think of how those crazy mirrors
at theme parks are still reflecting an image back,
but it's totally different, it's giving you a different
perspective on the same things.

Here's one important tip for creating laughter:
Realize that it's almost always about a massive
indication of superiority ------ HOWEVER,
it doesn't have to be mean-spirited to anyone
either, when done brilliantly.

For example, in the fantastic "Threw It To The Ground"
clip above, the guy is trying to show how TOUGH and
how COOL he is, but the problem is that he thinks
EVERYONE is out to get him, in fact he seems to think
ONLY the most INNOCENT things and people are
out to get him, THIS is what makes the whole thing funny.

The fact he seems really CONGRUENT is
what makes it work as well. He looks ANGRY.
He uses the same LANGUAGE as "tough guys",
but yet he is TOTALLY OFF BASE with the
things that TRIGGER his "tough guy" reaction.

And it's THIS, that makes the viewer/listener feel
SUPERIOR to such a degree, that we NATURALLY
express this great emotion through LAUGHTER.

The best kind of laughter is not nervous laughter,
it's the "FEELING GOOD" kind of laughter.

So, in the clip above, we are actually feeling a bit
SORRY for this guy, and we also are realizing
that acting so tough is not cool, is not smart, and
that in fact we may be far cooler than we realize,
it makes us feel GOOD.

And remember, it's about the CHARACTER,
i.e. the perspective within the given comedy.

If you were to actually meet Andy Samberg,
the guy playing the character, you wouldn't
think he is REALLY like this in real life,
you would just think this guy has a great
sense of humor.

A second quick tip for comedy is that you must
deliver your message CONGRUENTLY, you
must be CONSISTENT with what you are saying.

It wouldn't work, for example, if in the clip above,
if the "tough guy" started to laugh at himself, he has
to actually PLAY the character convincingly within
the reality of the comedy.

He gets upset and he "stands up for himself" in his
own mind, even when he thinks his "so called girlfriend"
is trying to fool himself that the cell phone is his dad,
or even when the little KID offers him birthday cake,
he thinks everyone is out to get him, and he ALSO
thinks he has "outsmarted" them all, that he is ON
to their "tricks"!   

Too many guys try to pretend they are so perfect,
that they are afraid to take a risk being funny, they
are afraid of what will happen if the woman doesn't
find what they said to be funny.

And of course, this attitude of trying to be perfect
shuts down your creativity.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, get it said
rather than get it said perfectly.

Fear of not saying something perfectly is giving
in to INSECURITY.  And that will only feed
MORE insecurity, and that will prevent you
from saying ANYTHING funny.

Take a "comedy risk", go for it. You have
to look at things from new angles, exaggerate
things, question things - and you MUST
make sure it's something you YOURSELF
find funny, or it won't work.  You have to be
CONGRUENT to what you are saying.

Notice, how in the following clip, Robin Williams
looks at "Viagra" from a creative and exaggerated
perspective, yet it's all CONGRUENT, it doesn't
seem like a "joke" to his character.

Within the reality of his character's comedy perspective,
he's totally consistent with it.  This is an important
element of comedy, not to laugh at your own humor,
but to take it very seriously.  That's part of what
MAKES it funny:

So, life is serious enough, let's add to both our own lives
and to women's lives, by seeing the "funny mirror" perspective
rather than always looking at things from the exact same
perspective that everyone else always does.  Start to
QUESTION things in a way that actually makes
people laugh, rather than questioning everything in
a negative way.

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