Thursday, November 20, 2008

Attracting A Quality Woman By Using Less Energy

Whoahhh! Things have been insanely busy lately, but
awesome at the same time. The special seminar on
Sunday following an intense 3-Day "Absolute Attraction"
Real World Bootcamp, plus the release of a great interview
and now I finally have a chance to catch up on things here
at the blog!

The latest "Absolute Attraction" Real World Bootcamp
this past weekend was an extremely cool experience
as I got the chance to see the massive transformation
of a student from last year. His name is Charles and
his results were so awesome, that he was inspired and
confident enough to come back for another bootcamp
to take things to an even HIGHER level.

This is what happens when you experience results,
you then get the positive reinforcement to get
even BETTER.

The coolest thing about Charles is the way he has
mastered how to get more results using less energy.

He understands that at mastery level, there is no
"getting into the zone", because he IS the "zone",
there is no need to suddenly have to change or
become something else.

Would you like to learn to attract a quality woman
using LESS energy, LESS effort, and less headaches?

Then get ready to hear how this man has applied the
Get A Great Girl materials and bootcamp trainings
as well!


"Hello Michael!

Just wanted to thank you again for the great
experience during the boot camp. I tell you,
lowering the energy level is doing wonders.

And you know what? It feels a hell of a lot
more natural to be that way - I think I was just
used to getting results with high energy, but
like you very correctly said it feels more real
to the girls when I am with 'minimum energy'.

More importantly it feels better for me too.

Also this way, I notice that this way, I tend to
make them giggle and laugh lightly throughout
the conversation instead of making them go
super intense laughter all out at the beginning,
and this definitely sends out a stronger signal
of my personality - especially when I do it with
'minimal effort'.

It is definitely also good to know that I can always
tap into the high energy part should I need it.

That said I have a lot to improve on. Especially
making the process more efficient and truly finding
out more about the girls' personalities.

I will let you know of my progress and stories later on
( I've had 4 genuine interactions with girls who are very
attractive over the past 24 hours - not all of them matched
what I was looking for in a woman- but two of them I'd
definitely like to get to know more).

Thanks again Michael. It was an excellent bootcamp
experience and it was great to spend time with someone
who has similar perspectives to what I have about
life in general. I will get back to you with any
questions that may crop up later on.


Charles K.
Los Angeles, California

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thank you first of all for the warm message.

Isn't it AWESOME how actually LOWERING the
energy is, in your own words, doing WONDERS?

High energy brings a lot of short term
reactions, that often fizzle out by the
time you ask for the number or by the
time you call her.

But don't all the "experts" tell us
to be "he arrogant, cocky, hilarious guy"?

When a guy learns a tactic that gets a woman
doing anything too MAJOR or too strong too
fast, even something like laughing REALLY HARD
right at the outset, it's usually NOT a good

The reason for this is because even though
the woman might be laughing realllly hard at
first, or feeling realllly mesmerized, she will
then quickly feel that something is not

By the word "congruent" I mean "consistent".
Something is not matching up, something is
not "right" about the situation.

And a woman would be right to be feeling this,
since after all, it was NOT a natural interaction,
the guy WAS trying too hard to get a reaction,
the guy WAS using a "line", the guy was NOT
being himself.

And there's no way out of the dangers of using
the pick up artist and wannabe dating guru
tactics. A woman has learned to be cautious,
for good reason. The more serious she is
about looking for a real man to be her
lover, her boyfriend, for something long
term and meaningful, the MORE alert
she will be to any signs of something
being shady or sketchy.

The key is to always use the MINIMUM ENERGY
you need in an interaction in order to make
sufficient impact to keep the conversation

You applied this extremely well, including that time
you ended up having a twenty minute conversation
with that girl in the bookstore during bootcamp!
You were doing so well with her, even after
getting her number she still wanted to keep
on chatting with you!

For the guys reading this, I should explain
that Charles was having a one-to-one
conversation with a very pretty creature,
and it was NOT "over the top", he was NOT
acting like a clown, he was NOT getting her
laughing like crazy, he was NOT doing anything
weird, he had truly ADVANCED "game" that
is NOT a game- in fact, within a few minutes
of his interaction, it looked as if he and this
girl had known each other intimately for

The smile on her face, the relaxed look she had
in her body language toward him, leaning into

So what did Charles do to get all this happening?
Well for one thing, he had practiced learning
how to tap into his natural sense of calm and
his positive nature. He learned to avoid the
dangers of "black and white" thinking- black
and white thinking is what creates massive
pressure on us when we try to approach a
woman, and we think that success equals
paradise and failure equals disaster or
the destruction of our identity.

He learned exactly HOW to embrace his worst
fears over and over again till he got
desensitized to them and built up a
resistance to this kind of pressure.

He didn't try to get into "the zone" and
instead he removed all emotional labels
from things, realizing that things are
simply what they are, which allows you
to take away the negative power of just
about any situation that can arise in
interacting with a woman.

This way, you are on a level plane that
is the real you, no need for you to
have to get all pumped and get into some
"zone" that really would exhaust you
very quickly if that was the only
way you used to get into state to
attract a woman.

He didn't try to be mr.pick up artist,
rather the woman could tell that he was
relaxed and upbeat and not trying to prove
ANYTHING to her, all from the way he used
his VOICE as I train men to do.

And this training is partially about learning
but also partially about UNLEARNING all the
things that hold you BACK from using
your voice to reflect all these cool
emotions inside you.

And he also had CONVICTION in the things
he was saying, he was revealing himself
so he was not acting and this belief and
total conviction came across as very
masculine, confident, and even calming.

I hate to quote the "dog whisperer" in how
dogs can sense your energy and if you are
feeling fear or not, but the truth is that
all human beings, and especially women,
can detect what emotional frequency you
are on, subconsciously this always happens.

And the women could tell that Charles was
only saying the things that he truly did
believe in, and that he was calm about it
in the way of true confidence that could
not be broken down even if she did happen
to disagree with him on some of his

And another thing, he paid SERIOUS ATTENTION
to what the woman was saying. He listened
to her responses, which gave him the perfect
things to say back- they were all genuine
comments based on what SHE had said.

Every single "pick up artist" and dating guru
out there tells you "say this and she will say
YES" which is a total crock of horsey-poo
because there is no such thing as the
perfect thing to say---rather you need to
LISTEN to what a woman is saying to you,
so you can respond WELL.

And you need to REALLY care. If you don't,
it won't work. She'll sense that.

Most human beings think they are listening,
but the truth is that they are actually NOT
listening well at all, in fact most people
filter out just about everything they hear
if it doesn't agree with their own perspective,
they filter it out so powerfully that they
don't even HEAR the words that don't agree!

Maybe you've heard of the experiment where
guys were told to watch a group of guys
in black t-shirts passing a ball to each
other, and while this happened, a gorrilla
was actually walking in the background,
but NO ONE noticed this because they
were too busy watching the ball being

Not only do we not see what we don't
expect to see, we also create "blind spots"
in our LISTENING skills as well- we don't
HEAR what we don't agree with and we don't
hear what we don't recognize-- so imagine
how easy it is to not truly hear a woman's
words to you when those words are coming
from a female perspective that is different!

Now, imagine how terrible the communication
probably is between a man and a woman who don't
know each other at all and are meeting for the
FIRST TIME!!!! And the guy is under stress too,
from trying to be cool!!!

And then on top of that, the guy is being told
by supposed "EXPERTS" not to listen to a woman
but to be all "alpha" and not listen to her
and be the boss and to instead just uselessly
try to make some cheesy pick up lines work!!!!!
All this instead of learning the skills of
TRULY LISTENENING, and this is a skill, it
is something that requires learning, it's
NOT as simple as people think at all.

And we are told by these "experts" that
listening is for "WUSSES"!!!!

The truth is, it takes a REAL MAN to be secure
enough to be able to TRULY give another person
a chance at being heard, to truly let another
person's perspective to have a chance at being
respected and honored before jumping to the
conclusion that if it disagrees with our own,
it must be a crappy perspective.

Is it any wonder that things are so tough
for men when it comes to getting a great

A great woman has her internal act together as
well, she's not just attractive on the outside-
and I assure you that if she has her act together
and her listening skills together, and she is
secure enough to listen well to you, she will
not stick with a man if he is too weak to
listen properly because he is afraid that even
HEARING another perspective will somehow
threaten him.

I used to be the WORST at this.
I HATED the idea of "communication" with women.
I believed all the crazy stuff I was told by dating gurus.
But the reality is, if we as men follow their
"no communiation" advice, we WILL STILL be
communicating to women, but doing it BADLY-
we will be communicating that we are insecure.

This is just the tip of the ICEBERG of the
skills that I teach. And of course, this has
nothing to do with being a "nice guy"- in
fact, it's IMPORTANT that you DO have
conviction in what you say to a woman,
and that you don't just let your opinions
get disrespected,but the key to showing
this conviction is to state your opinion
CALMLY and FOLLOW your convictions calmly,
with quiet strength, not by acting all
emotional about it.

If we really believe in something, the way
to show a woman we are serious is to be CALM
and consistent and CLEAR about it.

The more emotional we get, the more
we are showing fear, and the truth is,
if we REALLY believed something
was the right thing and we were so
clear on what to do, we WOULD be
calm about it and not feel pressured
or threatened by anyone else.

When communicating to a woman, you want
to be totally under control. It's not
about controlling women, it truly is
about controlling the self and learning
to improve the self.

And that's why it's fantastic to hear you say
that this "minimum energy" feels a "hell of a lot
more natural to be that way". It IS.

Once you develop these skills for real,
then meeting and attracting the women of
your choice feels like there is NO effort.

There is no more need to have to "get into
the zone" because you ARE "the zone" always,
it IS you. YOU become attractive, on the
deepest level of who you ARE.

This way, because the conversation becomes
very easy for you and easy to make it flow,
you also end up making the women laugh
throughout the conversation, since
your brain is now freed up from having
to spend tons of energy on all kinds of
useless things like memorizing pick up
lines or trying to be the boss or
trying to apply some tactic that feels
totally un-natural on every level.

So all that extra brainpower can now
be applied to humor- think of it like
a computer who has now had its processor
freed up to do important work.

Of course, when you also learn the
keys behind ALL humor, as I teach you,
you are able to find the funny
moments in things even easier!

And at the same time, you can be
having a serious discussion and then
something humorous comes up, and you
both laugh naturally at it, breaking
the tension in a great way,and also
allowing you to now get back with
her to building a powerful and serious
connection, now that you had a short
break from the serious convo so you
both have energy to get "serious"

And because you are LISTENING and CARING at
the highest level, you can contribute effective and
meaningful feedback, which makes her interested
in the conversation, and interested in YOU.

And the fact you had the guts to do this while
every OTHER guy who talks to her uses cheesy
tactics based on oversimplification, YOU are
the one she wants, you are the guy who feels
REAL, while the other guys are the ones that
seem shady, and sketchy, and fake, and she wants
to AVOID those guys like the plague.

And of course, there is a TIME for the higher-
energy stuff. For example, in a crazy loud
club or pub on a Saturday night or something
like that when everyone is going crazy and
most people are drunk ---but even THERE,
if you wanted to get the kind of women that
are there, and you probably don't want those
kinds of women for the most part, even THERE
the reality is that you only want to put in the
MINIMUM "higher energy" that you need.

So you basically are matching the woman's
energy level always, and actually giving just
a bit MORE energy at first, so this way you
are the giver and not the person bringing
the energy down.

But from there, you slowly bring the energy
to a more calm zone.

Of course, there's no way to do full justice to
this topic in a newsletter, and there is so much
more detail I would like to mention to give the
FULL picture, but this should at least give some
serious insight onto what actually WORKS.

You can start a conversation with many different
types of comments, but you never want to start
with something that shows lack of respect, vulgarity,
or weakness. You can comment on anything in the
situation, but what I like to do is find something
that actually says something GOOD about her,
that is GENUINE.

So if a woman is reading a book in the award
winning literary section of the bookstore, you
might start with "Nice to see that there are still
people who read literature instead of watching
MTV" and say this calmly, not in a big clown

Regarding creating a powerful connection, the
key is to LISTEN TO HER RESPONSE so that
you can MAKE HER FEEL GOOD in a genuine
way. Congruency is key, as a woman will usually
KNOW when you are faking. I get into all this
in SUPER DETAIL in my materials and in my
live training programs of course.

So, you want to be listening to something in her
reply that either provides evidence of her good
character, her intelligence, or something else
positive about her, or at least something she
says that you can comment on that will lead
the conversation somewhere INTRIGUING
AND MEANINGFUL. And this is a whole
topic into itself for another time!



Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Truth About How To Get A Quality Woman

If you wanted to meet a fantastic woman, would you
want to learn from someone who only knew how to
get the half-drunk women at the night clubs?

If you wanted to meet the kind of woman that you could
TRUST WITH YOUR LIFE, if you wanted to meet a woman
with total integrity, a woman who would never think of being
with you as something TRIVIAL, would you want to learn
from a guy who focused on how to "SCORE" to get
QUANTITY of just ANY girls???????

Would you trust your FUTURE with someonewho one day
is all about selling "getting ALL the girls"and the next day
pretends to be about "getting QUALITY"?

Maybe the next day it will be about selling kitchen sinks
and frisbees and toilet cleaners. This road I have taken
started when I was17 years old, and all I wanted then
was agreat woman for something real.

It took almost TWO DECADES to sift throughall the
guys who call themselves dating gurus and pick up artists.

This meeting a great woman thing is not a joke to me.
I know that there are some people who really don't
want to meet a great woman, they'd rather just
have emotionally low level relationships, i.e.
"friends with benefits" or even less than that,
and that's fine, in fact there are hundreds of
guys out there who seem to be focused on
teaching guys how to get that.

Whether their stuff works or not to get the one night
stand with the promiscuous girl is really not my concern,
because it's not my goal.

My mission is to help that guy who wants to get a
GREAT girl for a fantastic relationship. That's what
I know, that's what I care about.

That's what I do.

And one of the most MASSIVE lessons I learned was that
I was being told ABSOLUTE LIES by the supposed
dating gurus and pick up artists.

Yes, LIES. Not just "half-truths" but absolute lies that will
DESTROY your success with a woman if you are looking
for something REAL.

It will destroy your future even if you only use that advice
in the BEGINNING, as an ICE-BREAKER, because it sets
things upon the WRONG TRACK, the wrong angle, and as
every day goes by with that woman, the trust she has in
you erodes further and further, and you keep getting
FARTHER and FARTHER from her, till it's HOPELESS
and lost FOREVER.

The truth is the most powerful thing on earth.
And the distortion of truth is what blocks you from progress.

So let me share with you SEVEN LIES the pick-up artists
and wannabe "dating gurus" tell you, and what the TRUTH
is on that topic.


Much better to be seen as the male who would NEVER
settle down, who is "hard to get",who is a slick and a
COCKY "player" type-THAT is what triggers

And this my friends is a TOTAL LIE. A lie that has
DESTROYED the future that millions of men could
have had with thewomen they have met so far.

The truth is that you will only be considereda "BETA"

And the irony is that by following the pick up artist
advice that teaches you to learn to MASK your real
identity with a series of wierd tactics, pick-up lines,
cocky and arrogant personas, and all kinds of other
masks, it actually makes you feel that YOU yourself
are not good enough to meet and attract a woman.

It ERODES self-confidence because it forces you
to rely on something EXTERNAL. And then,
any positive reaction that a guy gets from a woman,
he then will think it was because of the TACTIC,
and not because of HIMSELF.

This sets him up for feeling massive pressure, including
when he and if he gets into a relationship with her-
he is always going to have to worry if she will catch
him being "weak" in his real identity.

And THIS type of fear is what makes a guy actually
show his fear unconsciously through his body language,
through his overall vibe. This is because it's very hard
to fake your body language, the subtle expressions on
your face, etc.

You'd have to be CIA trained to have even a REMOTE
chance of learning how to fake out your body language,
and it's not even neccessary to torture yourself like that-
when you can instead learn to unleash your NATURAL
charisma, by UNLEARNING all the crap not only from
those supposed "masters" but also all the other
messages you were bombarded with since childhood
that filled you with fear rather than empower you.

Unleashing the most pure and charismatic and
cool essence that is already in you, THIS is what
it's all about. Learning how to do THAT and how
to teach this to other guys is what I have spent
almost two decades on.

And like attracts like, once you learn how to do this,
you find yourself attracting the SAME kind of woman.

If a man has a self-concept of himself where he feels
he is BETA, then a guy will be viewed by woman as
a "BETA", even if he has a huge SIGN on his forehead
that says "WILL NEVER MARRY" or says

If YOU think that you are SETTLING for someone, if
YOU think that you are only in a relationship because
you can't get better, if YOU think that you are marrying
someone because YOU have to, etc., THEN you are a
beta male.

But when you LOVE someone and they LOVE you back
and you both WANT to take something to a HIGHER level,
then if you DON'T do it because some "dating guru" or
"pick up artist" told you not to, and you listen to THAT
advice, then and only THEN would you be a "beta" male.

Giving in to PRESSURE FROM AN EXTERNAL source is
what makes one WEAK and BETA. And THAT is what
makes a woman feel REPULSED from a man and feel ZERO
attraction for him and not want to spend the NIGHT or even
one MINUTE with him, never mind her LIFE.

The irony again is that it's the pick up artist advice that
makes you weak and THAT is the kind of thing that attracts
the very WORST kind of women, who will like to TAKE
ADVANTAGE of that weakness and see what they can
take out of you.

And then we wonder why the pick up artists tell men to
for women - they are UNFAITHFUL!"

Their advice creates weakness, which attracts the vulture type
women rather than the VIRTUOUS ones. A great woman will
simply leave you alone and not be interested, but a horrific
woman will GRAVITATE toward the weak men- and pick up
artist advice actually makes men WEAK.

What I mean is that having to learn pick-up lines, it makes
you think that the "magic" is in the pick-up line, and not in

So it prevents you from learning that YOU can have the
power, not the LINE. If you just learn how to develop
your internal SELF for REAL.

THIS is what I am about, this is what I teach.

Your state of mind is what gives your voice and mannerisms
all the attributes that show you are a cool, fun, charismatic

Sure, if you ALSO have the literary skills of Shakespeare,
that will make you even more powerful, in COMBO with
all the right states of mind, but even the GREATEST LINE
ever is CRAPOLA if delivered with weak delivery.

And the very fact the guy is being trained to rely on lines
prevents him from reaching his potential and believing in

The other way it makes men weak is the general attitude
prevalent among the pick up artist community which is
that ALLLLLLLLLLLLL women are the same if they are
attractive, and that ALLLLLLLLLLL men unless they are
models have no hope of getting chicks unless they learn the
"pick up artist tactics" etc etc.

And whenever a guy who is a "natural" gets results, the
pick up artist guys have to keep on telling their clients
that the natural guy doesn't get CLOSE to the same results
as mr. pick up artist.

As if the real life James Bond types don't come close to
the guy who memorized a cheesy pick up line.

And of course, the only kind of women they DO get
with this stuff is the party girls, and the "dating guru"
and pick up experts know this, so they tell the guys
that party girls are the REAL prize girls, because they
have no "issues" they just like to have sex, they are
sooo much better than those "normal" girls with
"issues" that make them not want to sleep with
every guy on earth, those "normal" girls are
sooooooo "repressed" etc etc.

Finally, their advice makes guys weak because their
advice is never congruent. One day they are talking
about Eckhart Tolle and other fantastic people
who teach about inner development and inner
beauty (these pick up artists do this to mask the
fact that really they are NOT about this type of
thing at all) and the NEXT day they post how really
it's all about having the Hugh Hefner Playboy lifestyle.
(since this is what will really grab instant attention)

Confusion is weakness, as are inconsistency and

And when a woman senses incongruency in a man,
it's the number one way for her to know that something
is sketchy and shady and not right.

Hence, the destruction of trust, which destroys the
potential for any significant future connection or

You have to know what you want and then make sure
that all your channels of personal power, from your
thoughts to your actions to your goals all MATCH UP.

That's the way to get a great woman as fast as possible
and keep things working well for as long as you want.


This is another MASSIVE lie.
To get RESPECT from a woman, you must first respect

Don't EVER do anything that you feel is beneath your dignity,
and you will get RESPECT froma woman.

The IRONY, again, is that the things the pick up artists tell
you to do actually strip you of your dignity because THEY
worship women simply for a woman's looks- the OBSESSION
with havingto get QUANTITY rather than quality.

And it truly is an obsession, almost a cult.
They make you feel that if you want a relationship, then
you are somehow not being a "real" man. You are
a "provider" type, a "sissy" compared to being a
ROCKSTAR. Which is ironic again, because most
rock stars get married! Tommy Lee, Kid Rock,
Gene Simmons, and the list goes on and on.

As if having any type of emotional bond with a woman
was NOT natural. In fact, they create a truly "un-natural"
environment by FORCING men to ANNIHILATE their
emotions. Look, if a woman is not reciprocating at all,
then she is NOT the right woman, end of story.

Not all women are the same.
And if a guy only wants to be with a supermodel,
and he is not willing to work on his own looks at
all, and will only eat big macs and learn pick up
lines and expect a supermodel to slobber all over
him because he learned to negate her self-esteem,
he is going to find out that it doesn't WORK.

Anyway, the obsession with having to FAKE YOUR
IDENTITYwith all kinds of absurd tactics actually
makes you ASHAMED of who you are.

IN WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Women want a man who has DIGNITY and will not SELL
his dignity for ANYTHING.


The reality is that this is NONSENSE. A great woman is not
NEEDY to get into bed with anyone, no matter WHO you are.

And if she DETECTS that you are trying to get her into bed
QUICK, she will only feel LESS trust for you, and she will
BACK OFF faster than you can blink.

Now, of course, if you are with a woman who sleeps around with
tons of guys, it might beanother issue.

I'm talking about a great girl, not the trash.
I don't even like the term "pick up" anymore, as
you pick up the trash.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, the pickup artists
NEVER give you a serious talk about things like STD's.

NO, of course not. It's just like the movies, and it's

But in REAL life, you need to KNOW about this stuff.
The REAL WORLD is not the DISNEY world of NO STDs
that the pick up artists and "get all the girls" like you to
BELIEVE it is.

They are BANKING on your IGNORANCE. Why would
you want to RUSH sleeping with a woman? There are
BILLIONS of women on this earth.

More than you could ever sleep with.
Chill out and get to KNOW IF SHE IS WORTH spending time

The IRONY again is that you can't lose this way, as even if
you WERE the type of guy that didn't care about quality,
you could always get to know a lot of women this way and
not rush, and THEN have a HUNDRED women at your
fingertips if you so wanted.

AND those women would be FAR MORE interested in you
BECAUSE you truly were relaxed and not feeling needy to
get them into bed-it makes THEM feel more relaxed and
thus sexual with you as well!!!!


This lie really gets me, it's so MASSIVELY UNTRUE,
and yet it's everywhere in the subtleties of the entire
dating guru and pick up CULTURE that I would need
to devote an entire BOOKto explain how HORRIFIC
THIS ADVICE IS, and how totally false it is.

It's not being GOOD to a woman that is not attractive, it's
when you are being EXTRA NICE to a woman who has done
NOTHING to earn that treatment from you.

Do you do good things for your friends?
Do your friends to good things for you?

Of course you do, and they do for you.
And that's a COOL thing.

Same thing with a woman- if she's good to you, then if you
are NOT good to her, THEN you will be considered an

And guess what?
This is how quality women REALLY feel about players that
are so scared to really be good to a woman and so scared to
DROP the "masks"they wear in the form of fake memorized
lines, and manipulative techniques to ATTEMPT to NEGATE
her self-esteem. (notice the word ATTEMPT in capitals,
because it's doesn't work. A great woman will just ignore it or
CHEW the guy up and spit him out for even trying)


The TRUTH is that if you NEVER talk to her about
her things, stuff that she is going through,you will
DUMPED fast and rightly so for not giving a rat's ass
about her.

The TRUTH is that this is only a problem if a woman is
always talking about her problems to you and is not
BALANCING that with also having FUN with you and is
not willing and happy to listen to YOUR stuff too.

The key is BALANCE, and as a MAN, you should not be a
cry-baby but you DEFINITELYare not considered weak
for having emotions and for expressing them- this kind of
bullshit lie that is expressed by "pick up" and dating gurus
probably gives more men heart attacks from stress than
anything else.

If you can't confide at all in the woman you are with, what
the HELL is the point of being with her?

And if a woman feels she can't ever confide in you about
emotional stuff, she will simply GET THAT CONNECTION
from someone ELSE.

And again, THIS is why these "experts" often talk unfaithful
women--they surround themselves with drunken party girls
and THEN they wonder why theyare getting less than CREAM
OF THE CROP inner qualities in the women they meet!

The truth is that the stuff that these guys"teach" you will
PUSH AWAY the RARE and BEST kind of women and will
attract the very WORST type of woman.


Another massive lie. The reality is that meeting a woman
in a club is EASIER. Women in clubs tend to be slightly
tipsy, and are READY to be approached.

The REAL test of "skill" is approaching a great woman
with high standards who is not drunk and who is not
looking to just play around, who is looking for something
meaningful, and CONNECT with such a woman on a DEEP
level, and then to easily and naturally KEEP THIS UP so
that three weeks later she is just as into you and three
months later as well, etc.

So take it from me, you can enjoy clubs if you want to,
and if you want practice TALKING to women, you'll find
a LOT of women in clubs,but if you are looking to meet a
GREAT woman where you will have to also form a great
connection, clubs are NOT THE PLACE to do it.


This is good advice for meeting a bimbo, and that's cool
it's just NOT the advice for meeting a QUALITY woman.

If you are looking to attract a SUPERFICIAL woman who
is only interested in her nails and her own EGO, then YUP,
make sure to NOT get into anything deep.

But if you want a GREAT woman, then it's CRUCIAL to
connect on a greater level!

She is in fact going to be LOOKING to see if you can do this.

The key is to LAYER IN the playful vibes AS WELL, so that
a woman can see that you have a RANGE of emotions that you
can engage in with her, and not just be about one channel!

To achieve the MASTERY LEVEL with being able to meet,
attract, and keep a great woman, I am reminded of something
YODA told Luke Skywalker in "The Empire Strikes Back":
"Unlearn, young one, unlearn".

You see, getting a great woman is not about learning HYPNOSIS
or pick up LINES, or learning TACTICS, but rather to UNLEARN.

To get "DE-hypnotized" as opposed to hypnotized.

Underneath all the layers and layers of BADPROGRAMMING you
have received from all kinds of external sources, including the
horrific advice from the supposed "experts", you actually are
more CHARISMATIC than you can possibly imagine right now.

Everything about you from your body language to the intonations
in your vocal tone to your sense of humor will ATTRACT, and there
will be NO EFFORT required to do it at all, it will all flow naturally.

The road to mastery is the road of UNLEARNING.

And if you want to get there as fast as possible, go to:

Till next time...

Michael Marks