Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Using Tonality to Attract Women, And An Important New Film About Dating And Finding A Quality Woman In Today's Society

Today is an extremely important newsletter.
The first part deals with one of the most
POWERFUL things you can do to INSTANTLY
skyrocket your attractive presence to women,
and the second part of this newsletter deals
with an important project I’ve been working
on regarding meeting, attracting, and keeping
the kind of woman who would make for a loyal,
loving, and supportive girlfriend or wife.


Several years ago, I was invited to speak to
a group of hundreds of men who had come
from all over the world and who had taken
an entire week out of their lives to spend
from morning to late at night IMMERSED
in learning how to truly improve themselves
when it comes to meeting, attracting, and
keeping the kind of woman that is beautiful
inside and out.

I could have started with any one of hundreds
of different strategies, but I decided to give
the men the biggest bang for their buck, so
to speak, by focusing on one thing that will
give MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE results
without having to spend a TON of time learning
how to do it properly.

It was about using your VOICE effectively.
I gave a simple exercise for the group:

Say the following sentence, each time
DIFFERENTLY, to emphasize different
emotions in your voice.

That simple sentence was:


A had volunteers come up and demonstrate this
in front of the entire group.

One time, the goal was to say the sentence in
a way that conveyed SENSUALITY.

So, when uttered to convey SENSUALITY,
the sentence was delivered SLOWLY, almost
OOOZING out of the lips, and it was BREATHY,
you could HEAR THE BREATH, the breathing,

“The-hhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhplehhhhhh isssssssssssss

Another time, the sentence had to be delivered
conveying an UPBEAT tonality.


Another time, the sentence had to be delivered
conveying pure CONFIDENCE.


This exercise continued in this fashion, with the
volunteers and the GROUP practicing in real time,
the whole exercise being done in just a few MINUTES.

Then, for the next step, the goal was to COMBINE
emotions that had to be conveyed in the tonality.

The goal was to say the sentence in a way that was

Suddenly, the sentence didn’t FEEL like
“The apple is red”. It may have been those WORDS,
but it FELT like it was the kind of thing that belonged
in the BEDROOM.

The truth is, if you approach a woman and use this
strategy, you could ask for something as banal as
THE TIME and it will have a MASSIVE POSITIVE
EFFECT, but if you also COMBINE this with actually
ALSO understanding the OTHER things I also teach
you, you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

One of the coolest things about being in this field,
is that I have gotten to know some amazing people,
and thanks to one of those people, I can now also
BACK THIS UP with some SERIOUS research-
in other words, I had observed this from my OWN
years of actually doing this in person, but there
now exists TONS of evidence for what I have
been teaching as well. Thanks to a very cool guy
I know, you can now see the EVIDENCE for
yourselves, you can check out the articles
if you like. 

One is titled Charismatic Speakers Manipulate
Their Vocal Frequency, by Melissa Hogenboom,
Science reporter, BBC News, which in itself
references earlier research,  and that article
was called Voice Pitch Influences Voting Behavior,
by Cara C. Tigue, Diana J. Borak, Jillian J.M. O'Connor,
Charles Schandl, David R. Feinberg, Department of Psychology,
Neuroscience, and Behaviour, McMaster University.

Why do I mention these details?
Because I think it’s important to have
rather than "fluff" and other b.s. that does 
not employ the scientific method.

The take-away for you, when it comes to
approaching women, is to learn to USE your
voice in different ways, and this does not mean
to try to act like you sound like Darth Vader
in order to sound masculine, it means that you
are able to CONVEY the different emotions
in your voice.

There is a TIME to sound GENTLE.
There is a TIME to sound DOMINANT.
There is a TIME to sound UPBEAT.
There is a TIME to sound SENSUAL.

And very often, there is a time to COMBINE
these emotions in your voice.

In general, if you are a beginner and learning these skills,
and you want to drive with “automatic transmission”
rather than on “standard”, I suggest you usually keep the
SENSUALITY and the DOMINANCE higher in your
initial approaches, since most men tend to open their
conversations with women with too LITTLE of those.

And you can practice with a simple sentence:

Do not take the simplicity of this exercise to mean

My goal is to help you and to try to make the process
something you can PUT INTO ACTION rather than
it just being some insanely difficult theory to comprehend.

The EVIDENCE backs up everything I am telling you.
Your TONALITY should be thought of as more important
than your CLOTHING.

You probably think that walking around in your
pajamas when you want to meet a woman might
not be the best idea at the bookstore or club or
wherever. And that’s because you don’t want
to give the wrong impression, right?

Well, your TONALITY actually DRESSES YOU
UP in a woman’s mind. The question is, what
“outfit”, so to speak, are you WEARING?

What is your tonality saying about you?
What do you want to be saying?

Remember, your tonality reveals your STATE
OF MIND. It tells a woman how you FEEL
in that moment. It tells a woman what you think
about yourself in that moment. And all she knows
about you at that moment is what you are presenting

Use this strategy NOW, use it the very next time you
see a woman you’d like to meet.

By the way, if you STILL don’t believe how powerful
this strategy is, just notice how the one thing that just
about ALL leading men have is the ability to stand out


As you may know, Get A Great Girl is truly about
getting a quality woman, the kind of woman that
can be a truly awesome life-long partner.

You may wonder why I haven’t gone the path
of the mainstream, which sells the fantasy of
endless women.

It’s because I already know that is not the path

The key to everything is BALANCE, and in
fact, if anything, we need to err on the side of
being a little STRONGER and tougher on ourselves
than babying ourselves, because we are living in
a society that encourages the EASY WAY OUT.

What do I mean by this?
What I mean is that we are bombarded by messages
that sell things, that all say HAVE MORE FUN,

The human being did not evolve to actually
THRIVE in an environment of TOO MUCH
of the “good stuff”.

Sugar, salt, fat. These are good things, in small
quantities. There was a time when these things
were HARD to get, and when calories were
hard to get, so it was GOOD that we really
LIKED these kinds of things, since it MOTIVATED
us to do what we had to do, to GET these things,
and we tended to only get these things in small
quantities, even with great effort.

There was BALANCE.

Similarly, when it comes to our desire for women,
it was never exactly easy for a multitude of reasons.

And yet, we are now bombarded with so much
stimulation, that the average adult male is probably
exposed to THOUSANDS of images of women
who are attractive every day.

That is far more than most men saw in an entire
LIFETIME just a few decades ago.

For a moment, think of ANCIENT SPARTA.

Life was tough, on PURPOSE.

And the result was the creation of WARRIORS.

They purposely designed their life to avoid becoming
"SOFT" and WEAK.

You can bet they avoided excess indulgences in

The result was greater STRENGTH- of mind, of
body, of EVERYTHING.

And you can bet that THAT kind of man was far more
VISCERALLY appealing to a woman than a man who
was all needy and weak for ANYTHING- including
needy and over-indulgent when it came to women.

Now, I’m not saying at all that we need to go to
SPARTAN lengths, but we do need to exert a HERCULEAN
effort to PUT balance into our lives in many areas,
INCLUDING the area of having a girlfriend and
meeting women, etc.

There have been so many things that have thrown
the balance off. From the invention of the pill
that suddenly made it possible for women to not
have to deal with the natural consequences of sex,
which therefore meant not having to be as careful
about choosing the right partner, to technological
innovations that have made the actually PHYSICAL
need for men’s strength not as necessary as before-
still necessary for many things, but not as many things
as before.

Plus, there are tons of other things that have changed
as well, the natural division of labor between men
and women, the raising of children, and of course
the fact that men are bombarded by "false triggers"
of stimulation in a society that uses the sexual to
sell just about EVERYTHING. 

The rise of feminism without an equal rise in women
understanding men, and without men even understanding
what all this means for them and for women.

And I’m not here to say all of of these things, like
technology, are BAD.

But, make no mistake about it, there is DEFINITELY
AN IMBALANCE going on.

And very few men or women truly understand it
or know what to do about it. All they do is just
stand back and watch how relationships and families
struggle with it all, and nobody has the answers.

Now, I’m not going to be so arrogant to pretend
I have all the answers, but I can tell you that there
IS a better way than the way most men and women
go about the process of finding each other, dating,
and relationships.

For over a decade, I’ve devoted myself to helping
men meet women, especially to meet women who
are loyal, faithful, loving, supportive, and who could
be great girlfriends or wives.

In the past year, I’ve been working on another angle.
Sometimes FACTS are not enough.

Sometimes, to get people moving, they need to get

Does this sound familiar?
If it does, it’s because you’ve learned from me
that it’s not enough to explain to a woman why
you are the right one for her, you must instead
get her FEELING that emotionally, not academically.

Before I entered this field, I had spent many years
writing, including writing stories where the good
guy gets the girl in the end, and then when I realized
how reality ACTUALLY works, I couldn’t write
that stuff anymore.

Being a good guy in itself is not enough, not even
for the "nicest" woman, and yet nobody taught
me this, and no one else I knew had been taught
this either.

Well, after ten years of helping men, I’ve written and
filmed a movie that is all about the situation for men when
it comes to their struggle to get a great woman.

It’s almost ready, and this is where you come in.

Let me know if you are interested in the promotion
of this film. At the heart of this film, is the importance
of a GENUINE COMMITMENT between a man
and a woman, something that is becoming ever more
scarce in today's "Tinder-Dating" society.

This film is all about the struggle that wise men
have had to face; this is a story that no one
wants to tell because it isn't politically correct
to portray men as anything other than buffoons
or sex-crazed violent demons. Men are so often
portrayed as either rapists, bad guys, or nerds,
when in reality there are a lot of men of solid character
and inner strength who simply won't lower their
moral standards just to get physical with women.

This film is not something I am doing for money.
It is part of the MISSION that I have been on
for over TEN YEARS.

The MISSION to bring back some sanity into
the world of dating and relationships between
men and women.

I want to get people talking- men, women,
EVERYONE. This needs to become an issue
we actually discuss, instead of just distracting
ourselves with other things.

If you are reading this right now, this may be the
moment in several years from now where you
reflect back and remember that this is where you
became part of something that helped change
the world in a positive way.

So it’s really simple- let me know if you’d
like to join this mission, a mission to bring
back MEANING into the connection between
men and women.

You can contact me at my email listed in the
‘from’ section of this email, and if you have
any questions about how I can help you meet
the woman of your dreams, you can email
me as well, or you can visit my website at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks