Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Immediate Action To Approach Women, Moving On From A Woman, & Real-Life Success Stories!

Buckle yourself in for some MAJOR points
on attracting and approaching women-what
you are about to read will save you YEARS
of learning the hard way!! 


The first is on taking IMMEDIATE action
when you see a woman.

This topic came up recently on the Get A
Great Girl Forum, so I’ll paraphrase my
message here.

A lot of times, when you see a woman you
want to approach, if she is really attractive,
the first thing that happens is that you want
to make sure you don’t screw up, so what


Guess what?

And it's a mistake that almost ALL men make.

Regarding taking that instant action the very
moment you see the woman you like, there
many powerful reasons for this.

First of all, as a man on the forum has explained,
it is liberating, you are no longer chained to the
fear, and this itself is empowering for your emotional
state, which is attractive to women.

There is something else as well, and this is
documented scientifically:

By taking action right away, you are subconsciously
drawing upon the literally HUNDREDS OF
THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of times your
mind has consciously and subconsciously thought
about what to do when you see a woman you want
to chat with, and you are able to subconsciously use
the BEST information in these "data banks" of
your mind by INSTINCT.

This is far superior to ANYTHING you can
come up with in the five, ten, or 20 minutes of
THINKING about "what to do".

Those minutes can't compete with the literally
hundreds of thousands of hours have already
come up with!

The key is to develop your knowledge and skills
beforehand, but in the MOMENT of that woman
appearing, you must then act IMMEDIATELY.

Immediate action allows you to make a far
SUPERIOR choice of action, when it comes
to THIS kind of thing, because you have already
thought about it.

When learning from my programs, the time to
THINK is when you are listening or reading or
watching the program.

THAT is the time to let your mind go analytical
and to really think hard. That is the time to take
your time, to let your mind really get a chance to
soak it all in and to see the points from all angles.

THEN, when you see a woman, take IMMEDIATE
action.  Do NOT think at that point, because whatever
few minutes you use to think at that point will not be
able to compete with the HOURS you already spent
beforehand both consciously and subconsciously
thinking about what to do when you see a woman
you want to approach.

The IMMEDIATE action you take will allow you
instinctively take the BEST course of action.

Then, after the interaction is over, THEN you can
again think about it, and think how to be even
BETTER in the future.

There is a lot of evidence for this strategy for
how the mind works, as evidenced in the book
called "Blink".

So, to sum up, take your TIME when learning
from my programs, and take IMMEDIATE action
when you see the woman, then AFTER the interaction,
take your time again to think about how to improve
for the future.


There is something else I want to share with
you today, and it’s about moving ON from
any woman where things didn’t work out.

I know this is not always easy to do, but there
are DEFINITELY things that you must know
to make the process EASIER and to make
sure you don’t dig yourself deeper into the
hole of despair, as that can become an endless
abyss of misery and self-destruction.

Let’s start this with a recent genuine email:


Hi Michael,

The Attraction Mastery Program is fantastic
thank you.  I’m using it to slowly to get me
back in the game.

I just cannot seem to get over my ex. I have to
see her every weekend when picking up/dropping
off my daughter. Every time I see her, I picture
how our life could have been together. I know
she’s moved on. I just cannot do the same.

Any other advice / tips you can give me on
getting over my ex. As many as possible please.

Mr Desperate”

>>>MY REPLY<<<

First of all, I am sorry to hear about the pain
you are going through.  I really do mean that. 
And of course, thank you for the kind words. 

I want to tell you a few things that I think will
HELP you, and that are all REAL things, not
just "pump up positive thinking":

What's happening right now is a VERY
POWERFUL "trick" being played on you by
your mind, I’ll call this ‘PART A’:

The Power Of Contrast MIXED With The

So the CONTRAST is:

Now that you DON'T have this woman in your
life, what you DID have with her seems so much
BETTER than it actually was.

PLUS there is a SECOND contrast trick, that
I will call “Part B”:

You Are Comparing What Could Be
In The Future, To What You Have Now.


And nothing on earth could match that perfect
future that you think you "could" have "if only" you
could be back together again!!!!!!!

PLUS, there is a third element to all this!!!!
I’ll call this “Part C”.

Perfection Fantasy Thinking Screws
Your Future With Any Other Woman!

So not only is the CONTRAST principle in effect,
but also you are SUBCONSCIOUSLY comparing
any other woman who is actually REAL around you,
to the PERFECT FUTURE that you 'could have had'!!!!

You see, by not having to deal with the REAL women
around you, and instead focusing on the "what if" of
"what if you could get back with your wife", your
mind will not create the REALISTIC scenario of
what things would be like between you and your wife!

Instead, your mind is enjoying the FANTASY of
with your ex-wife!! 

And NO WOMAN can compete with a FANTASY!!!

I explain this in greater detail in my ‘Get A Great Girl
book, I don't know if you already have it, but I think
you will love it!!!! In fact, you were so cool to share
your letter with others, that I have decided to send
it to you- check your email for details!

So you need to REMIND YOURSELF every time
you START to go into ‘fantasy mode’ thinking and into
‘contrasting mode’ thinking, you need to REALIZE
right away before you get sucked in deep into the
vortex of brainwashing that things are so horrible,
because if you catch yourself right away, it's EASIER
to pull out of!


By the way, I do realize that being married is MORE
than having a girlfriend, so I realize that it takes a lot
of STRENGTH to do this, but I believe you can do it.

The fact you contacted me and are seriously studying
the Attraction Mastery program tells me that you
already sense there is a far better reality awaiting you,
all you have to do is get the right know-how and then
put in the guts it takes to follow through on the
instructions, which you now have at your fingertips.

What I am telling you are things that I find to be
useful personally as well, not just "nice things that
sound cool on paper" but real psychological principles.”


I thought I would also share two recent successes
from men who are using the Get A Great Girl


It's been a little more than a week that I'm out
of Brazil. As soon as I get back I'll start the
(Warrior Within) DVD number 3. Yes I'm a little
late hehehe.

Well I just wanted you to know that the things I
have learned, especially the humor stuff, is very

I tried it in Dubai and everything works, the girls get
together to talk and even more girls come as soon as
they see that someone is having fun, and I'm talking
about daily situations.

And now I'm in Shanghai, here is much easier, the
Chinese girls love to have fun, I even got a date with
one that I met inside the metro.

Just wanted to tell you how much fun I'm having.
And I forgot to tell you that one day before I got
off Brazil, I kissed a woman who has a perfect body,
man you should see..

This never happened to me.

I have to thank you for the changes I'm having in my life.
It affects everything- the professional and the personal life.

Jake T., Brazil”


Thank you so much for that awesome email.
What is so cool about your email is that it shows
how these principles work no matter WHERE
you live, they are UNIVERSAL when it comes
to attracting the most incredible women!

Please keep up the great work you are doing, you

And here is ANOTHER important email that
just came in:


Hey Michael, wanted to say hello and thank you.

Your work has helped me tremendously and now
things are great. I remembered what you said about
not expecting anything from a woman. It's easier
said than done. I was having problems for a while,
up until May. 

So I had a profile on a website where I had often
gotten messages from different women who loved
my profile. Even the ones who weren't interested
per say took the time to message me and say that
I was really funny and refreshing. I had some help
writing the profile as to tweak a few things here
and there.

So, this girl hits me up from Chicago. Now, I am in
NYC and don't take women from out of town seriously,
but I still communicated with her because she seemed
nice and I would have loved to meet her if she or I
ever crossed paths.

At first she sent me a request, but  I could not approve
of it for weeks because I was training with my army
unit at the time from late May to mid June. When I was
able to get back, I approved it and e-mailed her, but
she didn't respond. I had some administrative issues
with the site, but I finally got to reply to her and get
her e-mail and phone number.

Now, by this time she was a bit annoyed at me
thinking that I was just gaming her. First, the delayed
acceptance and then the issues with my profile being
deleted for a while. So when I called her, she wouldn't
pick up. She would text back though. I immediately
thought snobby party girl. I didn't expect anything
from her, so I just took it as a chance for me to
improve my flirting skills.

This flirting with the texts went back and forth
for a while, but she still wouldn't return calls. I then
sent her one text that reminded me of something
Barney Stinson did on "How I Met Your Mother."
One of the gang on the show had this emotional
problem and vented to the group. Barney then chimed
in about a story of something that happened to him.

The funny thing was that the story was just something
self-centered about something he did great and not
relevant to the discussion...hence the joke. I took
that spirit and sent my girl a text message something
along the lines of:

"There are times that you're going to feel like you
can't go on anymore. On those days you're feeling
alone and helpless, remember one least
my life is awesome."

She died with laughter after that and then asked me
to call her. I was supposed to call her a certain night
around 9pm, but I accidentally got locked out of my
apt while my phone was in it. It took me an hour to
get back in. She had started watching tv as a result.
I called her and told her how dumb I was for locking
myself out and made fun of myself because of it.
Then I asked her what she was doing and she told
me she was watching a documentary on human
sexuality. I immediately called her out on watching
a porno.

We talked almost every night. She was really friendly,
really into sports and loved talking about sex. She said
she wanted to come see me and set a date to stay with
a friend. The thing is this friend of hers is VERY
superficial and flaky, and didn't return her calls/texts/
emails/etc. She wound up having a ticket to NYC with
no place to stay, so she had to stay with me. When I
went to receive her at the airport, I walked to her,
spun her around and kissed her. I then said "it's a
pleasure to meet you."

On the bus and train ride home, I actually rubbed
up my crotch on her. She was embarassed, but turned on.
I knew I could do this just based on how easily she
talked about sex.

By the time she got back to my place, I immediately
started taking her clothes off. We had sex for an hour
and half...until SHE said she couldn't take any more.
When my friend found out about it, he joked that her
flight took longer than the time it took from me meeting
her to get her clothes off haha.

Since then we have shared some deep thoughts and
experiences. She told me she loved me before the
trip was over (she had already been getting to know
me prior with our phone conversations). I told it back
to her a couple of months later...first time ever I told
a woman that. Things are wonderful now. I'm getting
ready to head to deploy for a year, but she wants to
wait for me and is currently looking for work in NYC.

All of the work I've done has helped me get to this point.
She is wonderful and I find that out more and more
each day. Keep preaching the good word. Things may
not work out at first, but we can't get discouraged
and we can't have anger. The next woman doesn't
deserve the scorn the last one may. Each experience
is a potentially new and wonderful one.

Embracing the woman for who she is and being
genuine about our interest towards them will make
them feel good. Making them feel better than before
they met us is what all of our goals should be.

If a woman is receptive to that, she'll feel amazing
and reciprocate genuine feelings of caring for us too.
If she is not receptive, then it's OK because we don't
 have to have someone like that in our lives in that
role at that time anyway.

We should not ever try to manipulate the situation...
just accept it. A smart, loving woman is going to
see through any manipulation on our part. If
things work, awesome. If not, best of luck to them.

Thanks for your emphasis on all of this. It was
a process and it sometimes felt long, but it is
definitely worth it if guys just work on themselves.

We can't control how she'll receive us, but
we can control how we portray ourselves
and that starts with developing ourselves to
be the best man we can be. 

Dan S.”


Thank you for that fantastic email, I appreciate it!
Congratulations on both finding a great woman,
and on persevering throughout the process! 
And of course, you deserve kudos for being a
great guy! 

Also, I particularly appreciate the details on
how we can't carry the anger with us from previous
relationships into new ones. 

You wrote:

"The next woman doesn't deserve the scorn the last
one may. Each experience is a potentially new and
wonderful one."

Taking the scorn to an innocent woman will only
SABOTAGE any potential relationship with her and it
will be mutually destructive.

You did so many of the right things, like being
straight up honest when you couldn't get to your
phone, rather than playing games or trying to act
like it was all part of some "hard to get" act, etc.

And the strategy from that show was the perfect
use of  confident humor, as well as the perfect time
for using it to turn the negative tension into a
positive release! 

And if you are reading this right now, and are
serious about getting the kind of woman you
really want, I suggest you get my Attraction
Mastery Program that is now available through

This program is the MOTHERSHIP of all
dating programs, it contains TEN HOURS of
crucial strategies for approaching women,
attracting women, getting physical, and
keeping the attraction burning strong, that
you will not find in any of my other programs. 

Get this program, use it, and you will have the
power to CHOOSE when it comes to women.

It’s at:

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my book
The Dating Wizard’, then do that now at:

A new year is about to start- make this year
the year that you GET this part of your life

Getting the right woman in your life is the ‘JUICE
that adds zest to EVERYTHING else you do.

I’ve never met any man, at any age, who ever
regretted getting this part of his life handled.

The only regret is NOT learning these skills
and letting the women of your dreams pass
you by!

Make THIS moment the moment you change
your life with women forever!

I assure you, you will look back at this moment
as the moment your life began to change forever.

See you again here soon…

Michael Marks

P.S. Do you hesitate to approach women because
you think they might act ‘COLD’ to you? 

Well it’s damn IMPOSSIBLE for any woman
to be COLD if she is feeling ‘giggly’, which
is exactly what she will be if you know how
to use CONFIDENT HUMOR to properly
FLIRT with her right away.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, I suggest
you go here immediately:


You can learn DIRECTLY from me in my
live IMMERSION training on approaching
and attracting women in real life!

I'll take you under my wing in a private,
exclusive, 1-to-1 bootcamp, that allows
ACCELERATED development and learning to
ensure you get ALL the skills for attracting
women ANYWHERE, in just TWO days.

It’s at:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Develop The Confident Sense Of Humor That Women Love

You've already seen how the guys who are
great with women always seem to be able
to quickly get women "giggly" in that way
where you can tell things have instantly
transitioned into a more sexual vibe.

This "giggly" and "feminine" reaction from
women is what happens when you know
how to properly FLIRT with women.

The primal mating dance begins with flirting,
and without a confident sense of humor, it is
impossible to successfully flirt with women.

Not only is it ATTRACTIVE to a woman when
you flirt with her in a confident, playful way, but
being able to get a woman "giggly" allows you
to "break the ice" to start a conversation easily,
even with a woman who is a total stranger.

When you display this confident humor, you can
approach an attractive woman who is a total
stranger, and within moments have her HAPPILY
giving her number to you.

In a world of endless guys who leer and
ogle at women, an attractive woman MUST
have her "guard up" against most guys.

This is why getting her LAUGHING gets
her RECEPTIVE to your approach.

Also, a quality woman, the kind that
you really want, is intelligent enough
to know that a life without humor is
not going to be any fun at all, which
is why she values this quality so much
in a man.

So, being able to get a woman laughing
benefits to you in getting her to
be your woman.

The good news is that this is a SKILL
that can be LEARNED.

But it’s not enough to just be "funny".
When it comes to attracting a woman,
it's important that your humor does not
come across as you being a "clown" to
entertain her as if you were a jester,
and it's ALSO crucial that you are not
being MEAN-SPIRITED in your humor,

Many men, in an effort to be funny,
but not be viewed as a "clown",
end up using MEAN SPIRITED humor,
to show they are "tough". However,
this type of cruel humor turns OFF
the best kinds of women- the women
that believe in integrity, fidelity, and

So the key is to have a sense of humor
that is confident, charismatic, and yet
genuinely positive.

And that's where a very special event
that happened very recently comes in:

I was able to land a MIND-BLOWING interview
that I conducted with a comedy GENIUS, and I
got every precious bit of it recorded for this course.

The real life-story of this man is something
that you would normally only see in the movies.

In fact, his experiences are featured in a
New York Times bestselling book.

This man also truly knows the pain of at
one time not being successful with women
at ALL.

In fact, he was a virgin until 26 years old,
never kissed a girl before that, and also
had to deal with some other remarkable
challenges as well- and yet he eventually
became known as one of the most skilled
men on the PLANET with women.

I can attest to this as I have not only seen
him “work his magic” on women while I
was just casually hanging out with him as
a friend, but he also served as a guest
instructor at one of my live workshops
where men learn in person how to approach
and attract women in real time.

This interview is GOLD.

Not only did he share his brilliant insights
into these particular comedy skills, but
because the interview ITSELF is often
side-splittingly funny, your LEARNING
experience will be even MORE powerful,
since you will actually feel and EXPERIENCE
these comedy skills as you learn them.

A mastery of humor is ESSENTIAL for getting
a great woman into your life and into your bed-
and this course is an EXTREMELY powerful
way to get these skills FAST.

This program, called "The Skill of Confident Humor",
is CRAMMED with crucial content. In fact, we had to
go well OVER 1-hour in order to include everything!

The greatest part of all this is that you can be
using it in MINUTES from now since I have made

This program will help you be able to make that
JUMP from "zero" and having NOTHING to SAY
that is witty or funny at the RIGHT moment when
you see a woman, to being able to say THE RIGHT
THINGS that will blow open wide all the doors to
a GREAT conversation that has all the right fun
vibes instead of the boring vibes that most men
give off when they try to approach a woman to
talk to her.

Getting this kind of "inside information" is PRICELESS.
It's the kind of information that will accelerate her
attraction to you, to help you go from "stranger" to being
the man she wants in her BED in the fastest time possible.

Access to this expertise usually costs HUNDREDS of
dollars, but I am making this incredible program available
to you for only $19.97!

Use it NOW to attract the women you want by going here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, December 25, 2011

7 Tips That WORK For Approaching Women

There are TONS of crucial insights that I want to
share with you today on successfully approaching
and attracting women who are total strangers.

Please keep in mind that what you are about to
read all comes from REAL LIFE evidence based
on THOUSANDS of examples from my Real World
Bootcamps where the goal is simple:

Teach men how to approach and attract women,
anywhere, instantly- and get live results
on women that they can see immediately.

So every word you are about to see has been
examined and cross-examined in REAL LIFE
from every angle for ACCURACY and TRUTH.

Here we go:


When you are approaching a woman at a place
that is NOT an official ‘meat-market’, she is
far more likely to wonder what’s going on than
if you approached her at a dance club or some
other venue that is all about mingling with new

So, therefore, it’s important that you BYPASS
this potential problem IMMEDIATELY by
pouring on the AUTHORITY in your tonality
and in your mannerisms.

Remember, this is NOT a club where it’s all
about socializing. And you do NOT want to
come across as a weirdo OR as desperate.

You avoid all these problems by pouring on the

In bootcamp, a lot of guys ask me, “But is it
NORMAL for this to happen? Won’t she
still wonder what the heck is going on?”

The answer is that when you come in with
AUTHORITY, she’s not wondering ANYTHING!

INSTEAD, she is FEELING one thing that can be
summed up as the following statement in her mind:

“It’s important that I LISTEN to what this guy
has to say.”

I didn’t say she wants to make LOVE right away.

But she DOES feel it’s important to GENUINELY
listen to what you have to SAY.

And that’s all you NEED, because this buys you
an IN to the conversation, and sets the foundation
right for all the right vibes of you being ‘the man’.

This is another reason why coming to Bootcamp
is so powerful, because experiencing and seeing
and hearing everything live helps you immediately
“get” exactly what I am saying here.


This is simple and related to number one, but it’s
very important.

If you are in a party atmosphere, then you can
smile, but if you are in a non-social atmosphere,
then starting with a smile just says all the wrong
things and can, ironically, creep her out.

This is why I say OBLITERATE the smile for
the first few moments, until SHE starts to really
dig into the conversation herself.


When you approach a woman who is a total
stranger, you need to convey in indirect ways
who YOU are before you can expect her to
do anything for YOU.

That just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
So instead, start with a COMMENT about something
RELEVANT, and make that comment interesting.

For example, at this time of year, if you were
in a busy store in a mall, it could be a comment
about ‘how important it is to not forget that behind
all the things people are buying, should be the
THOUGHT and the GENUINE caring for another
human being, as opposed to emphasizing the
material elements’.


Then, when she comments back to you, you LISTEN
to whatever she is saying, and you ‘pick up’ on what
she is saying.

Remember, if you want to ‘pick up’ a girl, then forget
the pick up lines and instead focus to ‘pick-up’ ON
what she is saying!

Her feedback to you is CRUCIAL for how you respond.
This is where the "pick up line" mentality ruins guys, because
men get caught up on their memorized pick up lines and in
performing an "act", that they forget to LISTEN and to be
in the MOMENT!

So let’s say she says back to you something like:

“Yes, it is so important, I just came back from
visiting so-and-so country/city/family/friend
and they/it/he/she said xyz that made me realize

Now, with this, you have a ton to reply back to her with
that actually connects specifically with HER as opposed
to any other woman in the world.

So now YOU stand out as being a lot more than just
another guy who spits out pick up lines to women.


It’s important to understand here that you are dealing
with a woman who is a TOTAL stranger, so social skills
must be super POLISHED in order to quickly bridge the
distance from stranger to man-she-wants-to-know.

Human communication, at its emotional primal roots, is
really about confirmation.

It’s the reason behind the social greeting and response
of “hello”.

The real point behind “hello” and “how are you” and
“very well, thanks” between total strangers is not
necessarily to ask all the details, but to CONFIRM
each other’s WORTH.

This is known as confirming feedback, confirming each
other socially, and this is the REAL point of mutual “hellos”.

Well, to AMPLIFY the effect of this confirmation, you
want to find a MEANINGFUL way of expressing it.

You do this by listening to what she is saying so you can
find something you GENUINELY respect about her,
and you then express that.

So, for example, let’s say it’s Friday night at the mall,
bookstore, and there are tons of people around because
the movie theater is nearby and most people are seeing

And this woman is checking out books by herself.

You approach her, with the right authority, you make
a comment that is relevant, she gives you feedback,
and then discover that she is genuinely looking for
a book for herself for enjoyment, and that this is the
reason she came out tonight.

You might GENUINELY VALIDATE her with
something like this:

“Oh, you’re actually here for yourself on a Friday night?
You’re definitely not the kind of person that conforms
and just follows the crowd. You’re independent minded
and think for yourself.”

Here’s the other thing too:
Once you detect that a woman has something positive
you respect about her, well THEN it’s okay to ask
a question, such as “How did you get to know so
much about xyz topic?”

She will very likely ENJOY telling you the answer.


This is one of those things that’s all INTERNAL.
You don’t SAY sexual things to her in a place that
is not a nightclub designed for making out and
dancing, but you SHOULD be in a sexual state.

This means that in your mind, you are not
ASHAMED of the fact you are approaching
her because you find her ATTRACTIVE.

It ALSO means, that in a subtle way, through
your demeanor and expression and tonality,
that you are suggesting that all this small talk
is your way of showing RESPECT.

This is a very important distinction.

You see, it should be that you COULD go right
up to her and be DIRECT and say, “Hi, I wanted
to get to learn more about you since I found you
attractive and would like to know if we could
get along and if we share core values” but the
reason you don’t do this is not because YOU
don’t have the guts to be direct, it’s because
you know that this is simply too direct for our

But, at YOUR emotional CORE, YOU should
be feeling this matter-of-fact-direct about the
whole interaction.

YOU realize that this more elaborate way of
approaching a woman that I am describing is
the way to SUCCESFFULY do it, however
you also know that I am telling you that
DEEP DOWN, a woman DOES know what
is going on, she just APPRECIATES the
fact that you are RESPECTING THE DAMN



Okay, that is the culture we live in, alright?

So let’s show some respect for the PROCESS.

Because ultimately, if you do want her to enjoy
screaming your name in delight in bed, then you
will respect the process that WORKS to get that

At the same time, your EMOTIONAL state is
still sexual, you are NOT just trying to have
a conversation, in your mind indeed IS the
fact that she IS a woman and you are a man.

This conversation stuff is just you showing
respect for the PROCESS. But underneath
it all is the sexual animal.

This mindset DOES affect your expressions,
your tonality, and your behavior in all the
right ways, and a woman WILL register them
ALL as well subconsciously, and these are all
GOOD things for increasing her attraction.


At any point in this interaction, feel free to
sprinkle in some PLAYFULNESS.


So, for example, even at a meaningful moment such
as you and her speaking about caring about a fellow
human being, you could still playfully say..

“Of course, charity begins at home, so I always make
sure to get myself something fun too..”

And this could even lead to a bit more playfulness:

“If you’re a good girl, you might even get my number.”

SPRINKLE with confident playfulness, and she feels you
are a fun, confident guy.

DROWN with confident playfulness, and she figures you
are immature or arrogant.

A man with real confidence does not need to constantly
suggest he is desirable.

And if you are reading this right now, and would like
to SKYROCKET your success with women in the
absolute fastest time possible, I suggest you contact
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In bootcamp, it’s just you, me, and about a million women
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That means for two entire days, every second is spent
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It really is that simple.

I will show you EVERYTHING, in PERSON.

You are getting the benefit of my knowledge, and
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This allows you to get accelerated results that
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Most men spend their entire LIVES trying to learn
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During this process, men usually get drained of
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It does not have to be this way.
In two days of IMMERSION with me, in my
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I’ve been doing this for about ten YEARS, so
I know my stuff. That means I don’t just know
how to do it MYSELF, I also know how to
TEACH IT in a way that you can quickly
UNDERSTAND and USE it on women.

All the knowledge I have would still be USELESS
if I didn’t also have the EXPERIENCE in actually

Get this training and get this part of your life
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And if you reserve before December 31st, you can
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To sign up or to learn more, go here:

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This program is the ‘MOTHERLOAD’ and contains
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Every man who is serious about getting the part
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It’s all at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Powerful New Secret On Attracting Women

Today, I want to share with you two extremely
powerful and positive strategies for attracting
women, and the great thing is that BOTH of
these techniques are EASY to apply on just
about ANY woman you find ANYWHERE.

These are strategies that have come in really useful
for my clients lately in the Real World Attraction
Bootcamps, which is also the reason I’ve been away
from the computer.

The great thing about doing this for real all the
time is that it allows me to share with you pure
gold on attracting women, even if it also means
I don’t get a chance to write articles as much
because I’m so busy doing it for real.


What this means is that no matter where you
first happen to see a woman, you should try
to get her ACTIVELY involved in the act
of winning you over.

This is NOT hard to do.

For example, let’s say you see her sitting at
a table next to you at a coffee shop.

Instead of being the typical boring guy who
is struggling to find a way to say something
or to just give her another compliment on
her beauty that she’s heard a thousand times,
get her to HAVE to say something positive
about you.

So, you might say to her:

“Hey there, I’m curious about something.
If I were playing a bad guy in a movie, that
has ONE redeeming positive quality, what
is ONE THING that my face or mannerisms
seem to imply that is positive about me?

I realize this is just totally superficial, but
based just on what you see about me, just
like a casting director in a movie, what
might that ONE positive thing be?”

So now, by doing this, you’ve ALREADY
done set a TON of cool things in motion.

For one thing, you mentioned that you
were playing the BAD GUY.

This is a fantastic move, because it shows that
you aren’t all arrogant that you have to be the

It also gets rid of the “nice guy” weak vibes
and has the sexy bad boy vibes going for you.

It also does NOT engage her negative reverse
psychology, i.e. if you said you were the big
shot hero, then the first thing she would think
is “riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, you WISH you were the
big shot”.

So her mind is not going to RESIST this, since
you are saying you are the BAD GUY.

The other cool thing here is that you are only
asking for her to think of ONE positive thing,
so it’s not a big jump in her brain.

PLUS, you are allowing her to now use her
you in greater depth, instead of just hearing
a meaningless compliment from you on her
looks, which would go in one of her ears
and go out the other in a split second.

The more she WORKS at thinking about you,
the more she will feel that indeed there IS
something worthy to be thinking about you!

This combines a whole RANGE of very complex
forces, in making her perceive you in a sexy, cool
and meaningful way.

Plus, the more she WORKS for getting your
attention, the more she WANTS to claim her
REWARD for what she worked for!

And that reward is GETTING YOU!

Now, this is just a newsletter, and I promise
you this is just the tip of the iceberg on
what you can do with this concept, and
again, this so far has all happened in just
15 seconds of talking to her!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine what you can do using ALL the
strategies and principles I teach!!!

What I love about this also is that it has NOTHING
to do with trying to put a woman down, nothing to
do with harming her self-esteem. Instead, it’s
about how to simply make her see YOU in the
absolute most powerful sexy way, and what’s
AWESOME about it all, is that it’s HER who
is coming up with the sexy picture of you,
it’s all happening in HER mind, and NOTHING
can compete with the fantasy she creates of
you for herself.

And I promise you this as well: When a woman
starts to even IMAGINE a fantasy that is so
perfect, she will then RECREATE and re-interpret
EVERYTHING else in her reality so she can

She will re-frame any “flaws” you have as positive
things, simply because she WANTS it to be true,
she WANTS you to be that what she has in her
mind so badly, that she will do the same work
in her own mind to MAKE you that fantasy.


This is another super-easy and powerful strategy.
Anytime you are at a party and there’s a lot of
women you want to meet who you don’t know,
simply go up to any group and have a super
BRIEF chat, then tell them:

“Hey it was great meeting you all, I’m just
going to say hi to some friends!”

Then proceed to do this EXACT SAME THING
on the ENTIRE place.

In a very quick time, you will have actually
‘SOCIALLY PROOFED’ yourself by mingling
with the entire crowd, which now automatically
makes every woman feel even stronger about

And indeed, these people ARE your friends, at
least now they are since you have met them all!

You can then return to ANY group of women
that you want and focus on attracting the woman
you were particularly interested in, and SHE will
be far more attracted to you before you even say
another word to her, simply because she sees
you now as being “socially proofed”.

‘Social Proof’ is a very, VERY powerful force,
it means that when OTHER people give you
“proof” that you are “worthy” then everyone
ELSE also starts to see you as ‘worthy’.

Now, you don’t HAVE to use this all the time,
but it works PERFECTLY when you are in big
social situations where the truth is you would
WANT to meet a lot of the women first before
focusing on just one.

These are just TWO super-easy and IMMENSELY
powerful strategies that you can use to attract
the women of your choice. The first strategy
is actually many strategies combined into one,
and there is much, MUCH more.

It is for this reason that I want to bring your attention
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The Attraction Mastery Program gives you TONS
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I put in YEARS into the making of this program, so
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It’s a HUGE program, with approximately TEN HOURS
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And you can now get this program IMMEDIATELY
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I want to state here also that this program is very

WARRIOR WITHIN focuses more on something
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personal development, internal beliefs, core values,
ability to conquer fears and anxieties, and your
direction for life as well as your goals.

Inner Game is CRUCIAL.
Women can detect IMMEDIATELY if your inner
game is weak.

Now, the thing is, once you have your INNER GAME
developed, at THAT point, you can TRULY MAKE
when you use the “techniques and strategies”.

Inner game is like having a great ENGINE.

Outer game is like having the best FUEL for that engine,
to make the most of all that POWER that the raw engine
can give you.

Put them TOGETHER and now you can really go anywhere.

Outer Game allows you to take the very BEST actions
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At the same time, if you don’t take the right
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It’s up to you though to take action. No one
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because they don’t know what to do. Instead
of taking the right action, they hope in vain
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compliments, all of which have NOTHING
to do with ATTRACTION.

They spend their entire LIVES, emotions, and
often fortunes on these useless efforts to impress
women, when if they just learned how to actually
reach a woman’s EMOTIONS and make her
actually feel ATTRACTION they could save
themselves all the hassle and actually get women
to chase THEM, the men, instead of the other
way around!

When it comes to anything else in life, you go
to an expert, right? Whether it’s a doctor,
dentist, mechanic, etc.

So when it comes to your interactions with women,
leave it to ME. I do this for real, on a regular basis,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Assertive Man - Instant Download!

One of the key traits that defines a
MAN as opposed to a player or a
“nice guy” is that a MAN is assertive,
a "player" is manipulative, and a nice
guy is submissive.

The nice guy tends to only get the
few women who happen to feel sorry
for him in a poor puppy kind of way.

The manipulative player type ends up
showing some form of confidence compared
to the nice guy but ultimately his true
colors show and he loses a quality woman.

The MAN however, he’s an expert at driving
through life in the ASSERTIVE lane.

Here’s where people get confused though:
They think that the only way to be assertive
is to be “in your face” or “nasty”, and this
makes it really hard to consistently be
assertive for them.

And yet, being assertive is a MASSIVE factor
in what turns on women, and it’s not only
your being assertive with women, but when
women seeing you being ASSERTIVE with
everyone in your life- including at the
workplace, with your friends, family,
associates, etc.

What tends to happen with a lot of good guys
is that at some point in our lives a long time
ago, we learned that it’s better to NOT be
assertive, this way we wouldn’t be considered
a “threat” to the bullies, we wouldn’t get
any undue attention, and we would be more
“submissive” just to get along.

Unfortunately, we often eventually EXPLODE
after years and years of bottling up our own
self-esteem and repressing our own dignity
and even repressing our own desires.

Which ends up causing us to go to the OPPOSITE
extreme and blowing up on the people we feel
are being unfair to us. And when we explode,
our behavior is not seen as assertive, it’s seen
as imbalanced, irrational, and nasty.

The real answer is to be more ASSERTIVE in general,
which solves so many problems and prevents the
build-up that can explode later otherwise.

Let me give you an example of a technique
of being more assertive:


In “the broken record” technique, you simply
make sure you know what you want, and you
keep on repeating that every time you hear
the other person saying they want you to do
something else.

This also involves another strategy called
using the “I” statement, because you are
saying it’s YOU who wants or feels something,
thereby taking on full responsibility for how
you feel, and this actually is empowering
because it means you have the right to
express yourself and not have to blame
anyone else for it, and that others should
respect the way you feel.

So here’s how the broken record and the
I statement could work together in a situation:

Let’s say you approach a woman and you chat
and you want to see her again.

Now, you know what you want- you want to
see her again.

Watch how being assertive is actually attractive

You say:
“I enjoyed meeting you. We should meet up.
How’s Tuesday night for some Starbucks and
wonderful conversation with yours truly?

She says:
“Oh, Tuesday night I tutor piano lessons.”

The non-assertive guy already feels REJECTED
and then, maybe but not likely, says something,
but it’s very UNSPECIFIC at best, like:

“Maybe we can meet up sometime”.

Being more assertive, he would say:
“I want to see you again. How about before your lesson.”

(Notice the absence of a question mark, it's almost
a STATEMENT rather than a question.)

Or even:

“I want to meet up. How about after?
Tuesday is a great day for me, but if it doesn’t
work by you, then let me know what day does.”

If she says a day that does NOT work for you,
like for example Monday, a non assertive man
might AGREE to it just because he doesn’t want
to displease the woman or lose her, and of course
the fear shows up in subtle ways, so even when
he says “yes” he has actually LOST the woman
because she can tell in his body language that
something has just been given up in terms of
his own dignity.

This PERSISTENCE with a relaxed demeanor
shows CONFIDENCE, it shows that you believe
you have value, it shows also on a subtle level
that you get what you want in life, which is another
sign of a winner. And none of this is being a jerk.

Similarly, when a woman sees how you deal
with pressure from OTHER people in your
life, it can be a turn on for her to see that you
are assertive with them as well.

So let’s say at work everyone is used to taking
advantage of you helping them with their work,
and asking you to do an unfair amount of work.

One of the things you can do here is again
the broken record:


“Ted, I need you to help me this weekend again
with completing the project.”

“I can’t do that, as I have a major family
engagement this weekend”.

Him or Her To You:
“But this is really important, I don’t know what’s
going on.”

"I understand, and I really have a major engagement
this weekend that is going to take all my time.”

You’ll notice that after you keep on STICKING
to your “broken record that keeps repeating.”
they will eventually BREAK and give in.

They may say something like:
“Okay, but can you at least sign these forms
that allow me to use the resource centre this

“Yes, I can do that.”

Then they will say:
"Thank you."

And you’ll say:
“You’re welcome.”

Notice how in the above statements, you
were using "I" statements and repeating
like a broken record, sticking to your point.

Here’s another thing:

Once you’ve stated your assertive position,
don’t EXPLAIN it for a half hour. 

Instead, seal your lips.

By going on and on explaining yourself, you
are actually WEAKENING the entire assertive
core to your message.

This INCLUDES of course in your interactions
with women when you are in a RELATIONSHIP
as well!

Being assertive never ends, from the moment
you meet her, to long after you are having
wild nights together and beyond.

But the thing is, it’s important to realize that this is
and consistently, with an intelligent ROAD-MAP for
how to go about all this so that you STICK to the
path of becoming "The Assertive Man".

Now unlike all the hype out there for everything
from bodybuilding magazines that feature steroid
injected men who claim they got their results from
some workout routine, or the hype and outlandish
claims from some folks who sell "pick up artist
tactics", what I am teaching you here, as you can
see, actually makes SENSE.

It’s not HYPE.

It’s based on REAL RESEARCH in the real world.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I have MOUNTAINS-FULL of effective strategies
and insights on this topic, including explicit
clear examples of how to apply ALL the
different strategies for skyrocketing your
assertiveness with women all without
coming across as a jerk or arrogant,
and all in a way that feels it’s consistent
with your personality.

It's all inside my special audio program called
"The Assertive Man". This is a jam-packed
program that had to go well OVER 1-hour in
length in order to include all the crucial content.

The greatest part of all this is that you can be
using it in MINUTES from now since I have made

I could easily be charging over $100 for this program,
especially since the strategies and concepts you will
learn are not just something you are going to use once,
but will prove to be ESSENTIAL over and over again
for the rest of your life, anytime you interact with women.

By deciding to make this program available to you
for only $19.97, I have made it a true "steal".

So take control of your life in this area, and download
this program now by clicking here.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Detecting A Quality Woman

Detecting a quality woman is sometimes
about SMALL things.  Not trivial, but

The reason why, is that EVERY WOMAN
knows that to say something VERY
rude or mean is obviously going
to make her look like a bee-yotch.

So one of the keys is to be on the
lookout for the SMALLER kinds of things
that would go under the radar of a
non-caring woman.

This is why the example of the "door-test"
from the movie "A Bronx Tale" is powerful.

It's because it's the kind of thing that
if you aren't genuinely a thoughtful
person, is easy to overlook because
lasts for a brief moment.

The man will get to open his own door
in just a second when he walks around
to his side.

The problem is, that these days, since
so many people know the movie, a lot
of girls can remember to do it now,
so it's not as powerful a signal.

Plus, they have automatic remote control
locks now that take care of the the whole
issue before it can even be an issue.

But the PRINCIPLE remains- that it's
important to be on the lookout for
the things that can easily be
overlooked by a woman who is not
a caring person.

Thoughtful actions which have small
windows of time and opportunity to
get them done are great examples.

The best women will seek out opportunities
to do small acts of kindness that come out
of nowhere, which will make massive impact
because you will not be expecting them.

Maybe she understands that you like
a certain food, and she picked some
up or cooked some up.

Maybe it was something as simple as
she knew you were hungry even though
you didn't say a word about it, and
she could have easily ignored your
needs because there was no proof
she even knew about it- and you
were both supposed to meet at a
movie theater, and then when you
arrive, she has a hot dog and
popcorn waiting for you.     

A woman who uses opportunities to be
kind or thoughtful, and incorporates
this into her everyday lifestyle, and
who makes it all feel easy for her,
is definitely getting off to the right
Similarly, of course, this works vice-versa
as a man doing this for a woman.

Women will not remember much about the
formal details of your interaction with
her, but she will remember how she FELT.

And the key of course is that this must
be done from a very comfortable position
in your mind, it must not be some kind
of desperate need to impress her, but
rather an act that flows from a feeling
of abundance.

Getting back to detecting HER character,
it's important that indeed you DO take
the attitude that you have high STANDARDS.

These are high standards of behavior
you have for yourself and high standards
you have for any woman in your life.

You can test women, in a good way and
for good reasons, just as much as any
woman tests any man, if not much MORE.

And if you'd like to learn the FULL picture
on detecting and attracting a quality woman
who would make for a great girlfriend and
an amazing long-term relationship, then
definitely go here now:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How To Get A Girlfriend - 7 Secret Tips

When you're single and wanting to know
how to get a girlfriend, it can seem tough,
but it doesn't have to be. What I'm going
to do here is share the most important
7 SECRETS with you for how to get
a girlfriend even if you don't know ANY
girls or have ANY "connections" to
a social network at ALL.

So, here are the 7 most important tips on
how to get a girlfriend.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 1:


So, let's say you are already approaching
women and starting conversations, you
might notice that women will just be polite.

You aren't seeing their eyes light up.

Keep in mind that this woman has no idea
who you are, she has no idea that you have
gone through a lot in this life, that you are
not only a good person, but a pretty cool
person as well. She knows NOTHING
about you.

And you can't start listing your resume there.
So the ONLY thing SHE can judge you on here
is the conversation she's having with you and
how it FEELS to her.

So, you have to get her into "FEELING" state
pretty darn fast.

Now, you do NOT want to overcompensate
with becoming a CLOWN or PERFORMER.

You should start the conversation with something
low-key, like if you were at a card store and you
were commenting on the choice of card she is
holding, i.e. a father's day card, and telling her
she must have a close relationship with her dad
to buy such a card, etc.

THEN however you want to UP the ante pretty
fast, to BUILD from there. You want to get
her FEELING damn good. So you might go
from there into something that is either very
INTERESTING, or something that is very funny,
or something that truly raises her self-esteem
and makes her feel better about herself, you
can CHOOSE whatever fits best for your personality. 

So, giving the example of the woman at
the card store, you can go HUMOROUS
by telling her that she's just trying to butter
up her dad so he can buy her a Jaguar...

..Or you can go into the INTRIGUING and
genuinely meaningful compliment that raises her
self-esteem by speaking about how girls who get
along well with their dads tend to be the girls
who have less drama issues- and this would
PROMPT a response from her that was a lot
more involved on her part- it wouldn't just be
her trying to get rid of you, since now she is
actually engaged in something meaningful to her.

Also, you could COMBINE the above, and go
from humorous/funny, to the more serious and
intriguing and raising self-esteem style

COMBINING emotions is a VERY powerful thing.
Imagine if you get a woman laughing, then get
her feeling intrigued, and then feeling better
about herself, all within a span of just a few

You are going to be MEMORABLE.

You are going to be the guy she wants to CALL,
and all the other guys that just ogled her or said
trivial stuff to her will not even be REMEMBERED.

If you aren't getting the conversation into
the right EMOTIONAL ZONE very
QUICKLY, it's no surprise that your
interactions aren't amounting to any

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 2:


Be down to earth and real.

This is a huge factor in being successful
when it comes to how to get a girlfriend.

Most guys are trying so hard to show they
are not interested, because they are told
by the "dating gurus" and pick up artists
that this will make the woman more interested-
so the guys end up standing way too far from
the women, and talking from too much of a
distance, and the guys try to also avoid ANY
type of comment that might sound like they
are interested.

The truth is that although you shouldn't give
compliments for the sake of compliments,
you SHOULD reward a woman for the
things that she really EARNED.

The KEYWORD here though is EARNED.
If you give compliments or if you seek
rapport for things she didn't EARN,
you are behaving as an underling,
a needy desperate guy.

HOWEVER, once she has EARNED it,
it's an entirely different matter.

So if she is telling you things that you really
find worthy of respect or interest, well then
you actually MUST show and tell her this,
because it is actually a way of letting her know
that she stands OUT from the rest, that she is
NOT just another woman, that you are NOT
just looking at her from a superficial point
of view.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 3:


Ignoring this is a MAJOR factor in screwing up attraction.

This often stems from not being present
in the moment, and being too caught up
in trying to achieve a certain outcome.

This pressure to achieve a certain outcome
is like a constant ALARM blaring in your
ear that prevents you from actually listening
properly and from FEELING what a woman
is actually feeling and trying to convey to you.

A lot of communication, in fact most of it,
is not in the words themselves, so if you are
ONLY listening to a woman's WORDS and not the
full depth of the tonality, expression, and
context behind those words, then you are often
missing what her real message is.

Here's a helpful hint- most of the time,
a woman is just trying to feel good, like
all humans do. So rather than focusing
on how you can show off how smart
you are, instead think about how you

If she is talking about something a bit sad,
i.e. some tragedy or war, then don't show
off how much you know about that issue,
rather you should create RAPPORT to make
her feel understood, and then gently LEAD
the conversation to somewhere more

Look for the bright side of things, and
the reality is that if not for negative things,
there would BE no positive side, so if the
conversation is not going down the right
track, it's just another OPPORTUNITY
for you to create AWESOME emotions
where they didn't exist before, and that
makes you even cooler than every
other guy who couldn't do that.

A woman will not remember the details of
the conversation, she will only remember
how she FELT during it. So make it feel

Listen when she is speaking, listen for what
is the EMOTIONAL crux of what she is
saying, don't just be thinking of how you
can be the most cool guy to show how
you can give the most clever response.
The most clever response is the response
that simply FEELS good. You'll get
farther by NOT showing off then you
would by showing how clever and
"cool" you are. Don't put yourself
down of course, just don't make it
all about YOU. And that's how
she will remember YOU.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 4:


An interaction has natural stages,
you start off low key, you build
up steam and connect to each other,
and then you have to get her contact

Out of fear, most guys will just stay
in whatever stage they are in, because
it feels good to not be rejected. However,
if you don't PROGRESS the interaction
to getting her number, and from getting
her number, to getting the date, to
getting physical, to relationship, etc,
etc, then what is the point?

So often, guys will open up a conversation
with something low key, and the women
will be receptive, but then the guys
STAY in that zone the entire time
because it feels good to get that
validation and they don't want to risk
LOSING that sense of validation.


How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 5:


If you are trying to meet a woman, then it's
CRUCIAL that she understands that there is
a sexual tension to the interaction.

So, the key to being more flirty and sexual
is being more PLAYFUL in your interaction,
combined with having a bit of a mischievous
glint in your eye.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 6:


This is a HUGE one. We all fear not being
accepted, because of whatever it is we are
insecure about. So what do we do? We
OVERCOMPENSATE for that insecurity,
and we don't even realize it. It usually
comes across as either being insecure
or what is worse, as being a JERK.

If you start a conversation by trying to
protect yourself against your fear, usually
it will work AGAINST you.

So, for example, let's say you are insecure
about how much money you earn. Well,
if you very early in a conversation said
something like "superficial things are so
over-rated, I would never be caught working
for a big corporation". If you're bald, if
you're short, if you're ANYTHING you
are insecure about- the reality is that it's
NOT an issue but if you START with
"Hi, my name is Mac, would you date
a short guy?" then you clearly are showing
that this is a major obsession or fear.

Same with "Hi, I work for minimum wage,
but I LOVE my job" that also shows that
you are obsessed with the money issue since
it's the first thing you brought up.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, and
don't bring up the issue at all. There's
a lot more to you than you think, a lot
more to you than the things you are
insecure about.

This rule also applies for not trying to
explain anything about yourself or situation
that you think is not cool- so if your are renting
a car because your regular better car is at the
shop, don't say "this is just a rental- I have
a better car" just DON'T BRING IT UP,
otherwise it comes across as you feeling
inferior worth compared to what you
feel her worth is.

And when YOU feel your worth is low,
that is the ultimate litmus test to a woman
of your worth. YOU are the one who
has to know what you're worth. If you
don't feel it, how can she?

How To Get A Girlfriend Tip 7:


Now, the problem with this is that it is
the behavior of someone who feels that
he is going to get rejected.

So, if you just approached a woman, don't
start telling her within 30 seconds "man,
I'm so tired, I just got in from LA" or
"I'm so tired, I was up all night with
my agent on the phone closing a deal"
etc, etc.

It's OBVIOUS to her that you are throwing
around the words "LA" "AGENT" "closing
the deal", etc.

Those are 7 SUPER IMPORTANT tips on
how to get a girlfriend that you can now go
out and apply IMMEDIATELY, and you will
notice a MASSIVE difference, TODAY.

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And, for even MORE benefit to you, we showed what
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This program contains TONS of crucial insights,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Talk To Women - Anytime, Anywhere!

Have you ever approached a woman,
managed to work up the guts to SAY
something, and then the conversation
didn't LAST?

Maybe you said some comment about
the book she was holding, or the drink
she was having, or maybe it was a

She smiles, and then you have nothing
really POWERFUL to get her hooked
into wanting to talk to you more.

If this has happened to you, you are not
alone, it's one of the most common issues
when trying to approach a woman and get
her number, email, etc.

So let me show you how to solve this

Step One.
1. The first thing you want to do is to realize
that about 99% of the conversation material
can often come not from YOU but from HER!

Step Two.
2. Yes, and the way this works is by truly
LISTENING to what she says in REPLY to you.

Listening not only with open ears, but
also with an open heart, meaning that
you GENUINELY are listening to hear her.

Step Three.
3.Now, the thing is, in order to prompt
a meaningful reply from her to your
original statement, you want to make an
opening statement that actually has some
MEAT in it, something that is worthy of
actually getting a reply.

The key for this to work BEST is to NOT
be FAKE about the topic you choose to open.

Choose something that YOU are genuinely
interested in, that is also upbeat, inspiring,
or meaningful.

You can go in with MANY different angles,
and there is absolutely an angle that is
consistent with your personality so that
you are not acting like someone else.

So, for example, if you were the kind of guy
who is very interested in living an inspired
life, in feeling that your life has meaning,
in making the MOST of everyday, etc,
then you might say something like this
to a woman in a bookstore:

Hi there, can you answer this question:
What do you think of the phrase,
'Don't die with the song still in you'???

By the way, I don't tend to believe in pick-up
lines, I am giving you an EXAMPLE here,
from the real world, an example that has
been tested and that works particularly
well on the most fantastic women.

NOW, if she asks you what you mean,
this is FANTASTIC, because it gives
you another chance to talk MORE but
more importantly it is you giving value
to HER, which is the name of the game.

So, you can continue with something like
this: "What if we all spent our lives doing
things that we didn't really love but we
thought we had to do, and then right
at the end we found out that all those
things were just LIE and we never let
our "song" out, the thing we were meant
to do?"

Now, THIS is meaty stuff, it's got tons
of potential. She can not only reply to
this in detail, but you can LISTEN to
what she is saying and really pay
attention and then be able to give
BACK meaningful conversation as well.

The genius behind this is that now
you are LISTENING to HER, which
makes HER feel awesome, and yet
she is talking to you about something
that you care about, so none of this is
fake. You can can go on an on about
this for hours.

And this leads to DEEP connection, which
means mo more FLAKY number or emails- girls
only flake because they don't feel a sense
of connection.

That's why they don't answer emails
or phone calls or don't give out


Now, let's say you are more of just
a happy go lucky guy that isn't really
that "deep" at least not in that way.

That's fine, it's all good. You can
THEN go in with a more humorous angle,
i.e. if you are in the supermarket
and you notice the same woman twice,
i.e. let's say you saw her in the fish
dept., then you see her in the cereal
aisle, you can give her this mischievous
look and say:

"Hey, are you following me? I'm getting

And if she says something like:

"Noooo, what makes you say that??"

You can reply with:

"Well, for all I know you want to raid
my grocery cart here, I got all the
low-fat yogurt on special today and you
just want to take one out of my cart!"

Even here, in this situation though, the
key is to open with something that is
MEATY in the sense that you must light
the switches in her mind called

You can tell her that you bet she is one
of those healthy type women who is
all about good fitness and nutrition,
etc, which will either prompt her to
say that she IS or she ISN'T.

If she says she IS, then you can
now give her a sincere compliment for
that and tell her that with work or
school taking up so much time, it
takes a lot of discipline to do that.

And if she says she DOESN'T work
out or eat healthy, you can tease
her for not being honest, or you can
say she is being modest, and that she
can just open up with you, you are
just the official supermarket public
relations guy

And if she takes you SERIOUSLY on that,
that's even MORE reason for you to have
fun and then you can pretend you are
asking her a serious survey question,
and then let her know you are totally

And THEN you can both get into
a "normal" conversation about things
like "what's your name" what do
you do, etc, because NOW she is
interested and you are interested
in knowing more about her.

What you have read is just the TIP
of the ICEBERG. This stuff works,
and I want you to see the FULL power
of ALL the tools that can be at your
fingertips, from learning how to
fully tap into the power of your
INNER GAME so you can rise to the
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woman, to learning how to KEEP a
woman attracted to you long term,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Urgent Point On Getting The Right Woman And On Taking The Right Actions

Today is a bit unusual, as it's
bootcamp day, and normally
bootcamps begin on Friday,
so that means there's very little
time to write today- but there
was something on my mind that
I really wantedto share with you
that is crucial for getting the right
woman in your life.

And I really do mean getting the
RIGHT woman, not just how to
get a girlfriend, but how to get
a GREAT girlfriend.

There is something about the human
brain, and the way it works, that
is kind of FREAKY:

The more you do something, the more you
BELIEVE in what it is you are doing.

It does not MATTER what the heck it is
that you are doing.

Whether it is buying lottery tickets,
writing letters to Santa (which is why
it not only hurts the first time a kid
realizes the truth, but at first there
is going to be denial of reality),
eating potato chips, or spending energy
on the wrong woman.

The more you do something, the more
you will feel you MUST continue doing
that thing, and you will rationalize
it any way you must, in order to
feel that indeed you are doing the
right thing.

This is a HUGE thing to realize.

Even giant companies like COKE make
the mistake of underestimating how
powerful this is.

After giving people the message that
Coke is the original cola, and that
it is "it", and having people enjoy
the feeling of being part of a
tradition that they have been doing
non-stop for GENERATIONS, suddenly
they told people NOPE, no more
of that, now you must drink NEW COKE.

You see, in the taste tests, people
LIKED New Coke more than old Coke.

But those taste tests were blind taste tests
where the people had no clue that this was
actually going to be the beginning of the
END of the good old Coke they always knew.

In the 'clinical' world of the physical
scientists, it all made sense.

It TASTED better, that's what the taste buds
said when they didn't know about anything else.

But in the world of PSYCHOLOGY, we know
that it is the BRAIN that ultimately
affects ALL the physical senses.

And in people's MINDS, in the real world,
people couldn't give a rat's ass about

They wanted to do what they had been
doing since they were BORN, and since
their parents were born, and their


And of course, COKE itself fell for the
"momentum" disaster of KEEP ON DOING THE
SAME THING even when it doesn't make sense.

So, when Coke brought back CLASSIC Coke,
and everyone cheered "HURRAY!", the people
to the old Coke.


So, only when it became AS BRIGHT AND CLEAR
AS A SUPERNOVA, did Coke decide to get RID
of "New Coke".

By the way, I love the taste of Coke,
and I love the "vibe" of Coke, even
though I rarely drink soft drinks.

Hmmm, maybe I'm just a sucker for the
same thing!

Do you see my point?


It OVER-RIDES all logic!
It over-rides even OTHER emotions and
physical sensations!!!

It DISTORTS perception!

It causes PAIN!

And people KEEP ON DOING IT!!!

The worst tragedy against yourself is to
not even REALIZE what you are doing or
what is happening to you.

So I am here to SCREAM IT OUT LOUD
to wake you UP:

If you don't CHANGE the path you are on,

There are many reasons for this, and
unfortunately there is no time right
now for me to explain it all in a
newsletter, but the point is this:

If you are currently taking the WRONG
actions to get the right woman in your
life, chances are you are going to
not only CONTINUE taking the wrong
actions, but to think that what you
are doing is in fact the RIGHT way
to go about it.

One of the most common, classic tragedies
of this situation is when a guy is pursuing
ONE woman who is not responding to his
interest in her, and he continues to pour
MORE into trying to get her.

The more energy and time he spends on
trying to get her, the more he feels
that this effort is WORTH it, that
ultimately there will be a big payoff
for all his efforts.

It has to do with many things, including
our own egos and the fact we want to
feel that we are not wasting our time.

But it also has to do with other complex
mechanisms of the human brain. Notice
people have joined crazy cults that thought
aliens were coming to take them to
another planet, etc, etc, etc.

These people were NOT crazy, and in
many ways ALL people do 'crazy' things
all the time, they just aren't aware
of how crazy it is.

And this irrational effect is even
STRONGER when it comes to getting
a woman, because on top of all the
REGULAR irrational forces that plague
the human mind, there is now also the
force of the HALO EFFECT as well,
which in brief means that the beauty
of a woman ends up making a guy
feel that she is somehow more noble
or virtuous or worthy than she
actually IS.

I'm not saying that there aren't worthy
beautiful women out there, there absolutely
ARE- that's part of the whole reason for
Get A Great Girl in the first place.

What I'm saying is that the beauty ends
up making a lot of the WRONG women seem
like the RIGHT ones.

If you don't STOP yourself, you just
dig yourself deeper and deeper into
a toxic emotional situation that ends
up taking over your entire life.

This is why almost every single man I have
ever spoken to, before he learns what is
happening to him and becomes aware, ALWAYS
has 'this one girl who is really special'
who he is really focused on getting, but
yet he can't give me ONE good reason why
SHE is more special than any of about a
MILLION other women.

He will say she is very intelligent, very nice,
very good, etc, etc, but when I ask for the
EVIDENCE for these things compared to how
plenty of other women are in respect to her,
she is actually NOT so special at all.

Worst of all, this focus on ONE woman
also starts to make him needy, which
ruins his charisma and ruins all the
attractive behavior he could show her.

This makes her even LESS interested, which
of course now makes her seem even MORE
OF A CHALLENGE, and more scarce, and
more precious, and more desirable,
so he gets even MORE obsessed with her,
and this negative cycle just keeps
digging a deeper and deeper hole
into an endless abyss of desperation,
misery and loneliness.

And it does NOT have to be this way at ALL.

There IS a choice!!!!

I'm telling you right here, right now, that
indeed your MIND is unintentionally playing
a 'dirty trick' on you if you are going
through ANYTHING like this.

You can CHANGE IT ALL by taking a NEW
behavior, a step in the RIGHT direction,
which will then make you want to take
another step in the right direction,
and start a whole PRODUCTIVE CHAIN OF

I suggest you get my 'Warrior Within' program
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If you don't take action to change your life,
no one else will do it for you. Chances are,
they themselves are wrapped up in irrational
forces that they don't even realize, and
the truth is that very few people will EVER
'wake up' to what is REALLY happening so that
they can get the results they really WANT.

You, however, are now AWAKE.
You have a choice.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon,
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Cheers for now...


Michael Marks