Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Women, Morals, And Rough Sex

One of the most important things to understand
about attracting women is that so much of it
SEEMS on the surface to go completely AGAINST
all logic. It in fact seems PARADOXICAL.

For example, the fact that women so often
fantasize about rough sex, and about being
dominated and taken. And yet, at the same
time, women want a guy who will respect
them and treat them special.

Here's a great informative and entertaining
look at this reality:

The truth though is that NONE of this is
crazy, wierd, or paradoxical, once you
see the BIG picture.

In the big picture, this is actually TOTALLY
logical. Women love sex as much as men.
Women are hardwired to want MEN, not sissies.

At the same time, women want to know that
they are ULTIMATELY deep down SAFE with
a man they have chosen to be with.

And women don't want to have to EXPLAIN all
this to a man, or it RUINS the fantasy for
them, the sexual fantasy.

Plus, when you factor in the reality that
"good girls" are somehow expected to NOT
be so sexual, this only makes good girls
want to be sexual even MORE!

And to be honest, aren't sexual women
what men WANT??? Don't we WANT a
great girl who is also really sexual?

Of course we do.
There's nothing moral about NOT loving sex.

So, you see, when you understand the
BIG picture, it all makes TOTAL SENSE.

Now OBVIOUSLY, you should NEVER attempt
to have sex with a woman who is NOT
100% completely consensual.

The key though is to understand that
your VIBE and behavior should be MANLY
and DOMINANT. You should not be
submissive and you should not be
constantly seeking approval from
her as if you needed her permission
for every last detail.

This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes
to the sexual, when it's clear she
wants you in a sexual way.

And yet, at the same time, this is not
a license to do anything less than

Understanding the FULL PICTURE to all this
is CRUCIAL if you want to ATTRACT a woman,
especially a woman who is "in demand".

And if you really want the FULL PICTURE on
how to be successful with women, I seriously
suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN program
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

The ONE Thing She's Looking For In You

The most important thing in attracting
a woman who is truly the “total package”
of being not only beautiful, but also a
great person inside as well, is conveying
to her the following VIBE:

That with you, no matter how crazy life
gets, she can depend on you to be her
ROCK. That you will be calm, strong,
and steadfast in the storms of life.

The goal is SIMPLE.

ACHIEVING this goal, and being able
to convey this in SECONDS to a woman
you just met, takes some insight into 
psychology, culture, and evolution.

And not the “dime store psychology” or
“pseudo-science” or other gimmicks that
unfortunately are so prevalent in our society.

Please allow me to make one thing clear:
I never started out with the goal of TEACHING
any of the things I learned about getting a
quality woman who would be a fantastic

I honestly did it all because I needed to
learn all this for MYSELF.

One of the most DISASTROUS steps I took
on my path to learning how to attract a truly
quality woman was that I tried to learn from
the “pick up artist” community.

I had to spend YEARS actually UNLEARNING
all the things they taught me, because those
things actually REPELLED the very BEST
kinds of women.

In case you don’t know about the pick up
artist community, there is a book called
“The Game” that really sums up the entire
“seduction community”, in fact, its author
was practically worshipped by the majority
of pick up artists and their followers.

In the book, it’s clear that the main strategies
for getting a woman involved just about
anything BESIDES being honest and up-front.

For example, “negging” a woman is a
strategy where the main goal is to LOWER
a woman’s self-esteem so that she feels
LESS about herself and now supposedly
she will feel the guy has more value than
her. These ‘experts’ vow that the solution
to attracting a ‘hard to get’ woman is to
‘slam’ her self-esteem.

So this involves the use of thinly veiled
insults, the “nice” name for this is
“backhanded compliments” but really
it’s just an insult. i.e. Telling a woman
she looks just like some celebrity named
x.y, or z, but the thing is that the named
celebrity is clearly NOT the most attractive.

Now, as you may know from my programs,
since day ONE I have been against these
kinds of things for about a MILLION
reasons, including the fact that this kind
of strategy not only is not NECESSARY
but in fact will BACKFIRE because it
makes a man think lower of himself,
because it reinforces in a man the feeling
that he does NOT have the value to get the
woman so he must resort to these kinds of
sleazy tactics.

And when your “INNER GAME” i.e.
the way you feel about yourself, is this
weak, it always ends up showing in tiny
little subtleties through your tonality,
expression, body language, etc. So a
woman ends up detecting a weak inner
game, and the more a guy uses these
“negging” strategies, the more a guy
will weaken his inner game.

It ALSO backfires because a woman who
is truly the total package is both emotionally
strong enough, plus intelligent enough to
not only sense that this guy has a weak
inner game but she will ALSO detect that
this guy is DOING THIS nasty stuff to
her INTENTIONALLY, that he is knowingly
trying to lower her self-esteem!!!!

So she will reject the guy faster than he
can say “negging”.

Now, I believe in EVIDENCE before
coming to conclusions.

So let’s look at the EVIDENCE for
what I’m saying.

Since I’ve been teaching my programs,
the entire FIELD of “dating strategies”
and “pick up artists” has been MASSIVELY
IMPACTED by what I teach.

These days, the “neg” is hardly ever HEARD
of anymore even amongst the “die hard” pick
up artists.

These days, there is suddenly a lot more talk
about getting a “quality girlfriend”.

There’s a lot more talk about “Becoming
Mr. Right for Getting A Great Girl.”

In fact, the vast majority of the things that
supposedly were "GOD'S TRUTH" about
attracting a woman as written by the
“popular” dating coaches and pick up
artists is actually now considered

And not just by some people, but by
the actual pick up artists themselves!!!

After it became painfully obvious, they
mostly AGREE now that those things
don't work!!! (What they do now is
try to create NEW gimmicks, that will
take a little while till everyone finds out
that TOO is just a gimmick.)

Now, I am going to venture forth here
and say it, because obviously none of
these guys will, that it was ME who
brought dating strategies for getting
a great girl into the MODERN AGE
and out of the STONE AGE of pick
up artist advice that they themselves
agree was just about ALL WRONG

So what I’m saying is, I have ALWAYS
been about getting a QUALITY woman.

I have NEVER been about gimmicks.

In fact, when you finish my programs,
you actually can be very UPFRONT
AND HONEST with women, because
you have become such a strong person
that you convey to her all the right things
from your tonality, expression, warmth,
and inner strength so that EVERYTHING
you do with her becomes attractive.

There are no gimmicks to use, because it's
YOU who has now become attractive,
not some "gimmick" to use on her.
I have ALWAYS been against GIMMICKS
and immature trends that come and go.

I could have easily jumped on the bandwagon
of trends if all I cared about was money.

I could have easily been a part of the
book “The Game” as I was actually
contacted about it, but I wanted nothing
to do with it then, even when the pick
up artist industry was at it’s ZENITH of

That should give you an idea of just how
important the TRUTH is to me, and how
important it is to me to give you TRUTH
on how to get a quality woman.

My concepts have literally changed the
entire FIELD of dating.

To me, getting a great girl who is the total
package isn’t just a “nice thing” to do. It’s
the ONLY thing I do, it’s what I have
DEVOTED myself to teaching since day
ONE. And I do this because I know just
how IMPORTANT it is to have a quality
woman at your side, and how this improves
your entire LIFE.

A great woman isn’t looking to see if
you are a look-a-like of George Clooney,
Brad Pitt, or any of the guys from
“Twilight”. And she isn’t looking for
GOLD or money from you either.

She’s looking to see if you have the
INNER strength.

The bottom line is this:

If you're interested in getting dates with
typical women, that's fine. It's not my
preference, but I don't judge others.

But if you're looking for the kind of
woman that ADDS to your life, doesn't
give you "drama", and makes life a
DREAM, then you need an EDGE over
other guys, you need the kind of
training from someone who SPECIALIZES
in getting the kinds of women who would
truly make for GREAT girlfriends.

One of the crazy things about attracting a woman
is that you probably already KNOW in your gut
what IS attractive- for examples, things like
CONFIDENCE, things like being more SEXUAL,
and things like being INTERESTING in general.

The REAL question is, how do you SHOW these
things to a woman? Sometimes a guy CAN be
confident in many OTHER areas of his life, but
not feel confident in approaching a woman who
is a total stranger. Sometimes a guy can be an
interesting person, but when he’s talking to
a woman, he doesn’t know how to show it.

And, how do you show more SEXUALITY to a
woman who is a total stranger???

So let me get into answering ALL this right
here, right now. Please keep in mind that I
swear to it that everything I write here is

In other words, this is not just made up or
something I came up with off the top of
my head, it’s all based in REALITY, and
you can apply it all IMMEDIATELY and
see for yourself how quickly it works.

First off, I totally understand that most
guys are NOT Bill Gates, not models, and
not necessarily living an “Indiana Jones”

And guess what? THAT’S NOT A PROBLEM.
Because the TRUTH is that, WHEREVER you
are in life, whatever your situation is, you can
STILL apply everything I’m talking about to
demonstrate all the cool things about yourself.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you
have a really CRAPPY job, okay?

And you’re at that part of the conversation
where she’s talking about her stressful job or
whatever, and you know that if you don’t mention
what you do, it’s going to sound like you’re hiding

The reality is, you’re FAR BETTER OFF
literally telling a woman “my job is crap”
than trying to DISGUISE it in any way.

I mean LITERALLY telling her those words.

The key though, is to say those words without
trying to be CUTE when you say it.

If you say it trying to be “cute” or smiling,
it almost seems as if you’re smiling out of
HOPE that she will “forgive” it.

But if you are totally OWNING it, and not
seeking to try to get her FORGIVENESS
for it, it makes a FREAKING HUMONGOUS

You can even be a bit PISSED OFF in your
tonality about the crappy job.

The reasons for all this are subconscious:

By NOT hiding it, you show the following
things, and I’ll explain why:


Most guys will sacrifice truth and anything else
if they think it will get them ahead, but here you
are clearly showing you are not affected by what
other people think, including HER.

You show that you stick to your principles.


You are also demonstrating confidence because
you clearly think that you STILL have a chance
with this girl ANYWAY otherwise why would
you be talking to her, especially in this non-apologetic
and non-deceptive way?????

The other thing is that by OWNING up to your
reality, and not DENYING it, you are far more
likely to be the kind of guy who is going to

So in a way you’re also showing AMBITION.
If you’re not SATISFIED with where you
are, and you want to move UP in the world.

And when a man of confidence puts his mind
to work and his body into action, he can achieve
a HECK of a lot, and he won’t be down in the
gutter for long.

Now, if you have INTEGRITY and you also
have CONFIDENCE, she realizes that you
probably ALSO have integrity in your other
connections with people, including relationships.

This translates into SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE

She also subconsciously realizes that if you
can handle THIS kind of awkward uncomfortable
situation, you can probably also handle the part
about you LEADING the interaction smoothly
to the SEXUAL with her.

After all, you don’t seem to be bogged down
by the OTHER things that most guys would be
bogged down by psychologically.

So that’s just ONE example of how you can
convey confidence as well as many other
attractive traits, even if your situation isn’t
that GREAT, and you might have previously
THOUGHT you don’t have anything to be
confident ABOUT.

And you can use this same principle to show
confidence in ANY situation where you think
you are LACKING or not doing so great compared
to other people.

In fact, that “lack” is your opportunity to show
that you WILL NOT BE CRUSHED by it,
that you will not lose integrity by it, and that
you will not lose confidence by it.

Remember, MOST of the guys she is going
to meet are going to do the OPPOSITE of
this, including even guys who you might think
on the surface HAVE SO MUCH GOING

Yup, the vast majority of guys ALL end up
QUALIFYING themselves to a woman they
are attracted to. The guys, out of a desire to
impress the woman, quickly end up telling
her about their fancy job, their car, their
fancy trip, etc, etc, etc.

And the irony of all this is that this “impressive”
stuff, by being used as a crutch, shows INSECURITY
to a woman and is REPULSIVE.

So, now it’s almost as if the guy would be
better off NOT having the fancy stuff, since
he ends up just using it to convey insecurity.

A woman figures that such a guy actually
thinks that he should be with her because
of his CAR or JOB, and that’s not only
uncool, it’s the trademark of a real a-hole,
and trust me, THAT’S NOT the cool kind
of “jerk” at all.

So you can ALWAYS be showing confidence,


How about something like sexuality?

Well, here too, you can ALWAYS be more
sexual with a woman, it doesn’t have to JUST
be at a nightclub, where it’s easy to do this
because the women are there to meet guys.

I prefer to meet women in places OTHER than
nightclubs, simply because the most attractive
women at nightclubs definitely DON’T need
to go there to meet guys, so if they are there,
chances are they are just party girls.

Of course, there ARE great girl at nightclubs,
but FINDING them is like finding a needle
in a haystack, and the noise makes it hard
to truly dig deeper into conversation to
determine character.

However, all women need to do the everyday
things like shopping, grocery shopping, going
to the bank, etc, and so these “regular” places
are far better for actually meeting women with
more “long term girlfriend” potential.

How can you show more sexuality with a
woman you happen to see at the coffee
shop or supermarket?

Simple: Through using TOUCH AND TONALITY.

Words have been around for only a smidgeon
of human evolution, while TOUCH has been
around since the very first days that
man and woman have walked the Earth.

Human communication has been using
TOUCH since day one.

And it’s STILL AROUND, we just tend to
REPRESS this primal force. (Another primal
chord is triggered through MUSIC, which
is another element you can incorporate later,
when lovemaking is in the air :) )........

So, stop worrying about being called a pervert and
look for PLAYFUL ways to make HUMAN CONTACT.

And I’m talking FAST.

The reality is that women are FAR more
comfortable with this than you think.

When I was in university the first time, I
got BRAINWASHED by all these political
science courses including on feminism, where
I was taught how just about EVERYTHING
was a form of male harassment against women.

So I did everything I could when interacting
with women to NOT touch them, and to
NOT show dominance, and to just wait
for THEM to take all the action and to
get sexual.

Of course, that all led to ZERO results with women.

Then, I finally found out the TRUTH of
what was going on, on campus, and how
RAMPANT the sexuality was, and how
there were TWO realities, the one that
existed in the lecture hall, to which of
course NO ONE WOULD ARGUE lest
they be labeled EVIL CAVE-MEN, and
then there was the reality of what ACTUALLY
HAPPENED on a regular basis within just
METERS of these lectures halls, things that
would make Sodom and Gomorah BLUSH.

not only getting more “physical” with women,
but also being more PLAYFUL in general
with women, because I realized that women
were MOSTLY NOT like the stereotype
portrayed in my political science course
descriptions, in reality women LOVED TO
PHYSICAL, probably even MORE SO than men.

Have FUN with women, from the moment
you first see a woman you’d like to talk to.

Forget being serious, instead LIVE IT UP
and take “chances” with your sense of humor,
it’s BETTER than being too serious, FOR SURE.

It’s GOOD for a woman to think you
really want to get PHYSICAL with her
and that you have NO SHAME about it,
and that you LOVE the idea of physical
and you love having fun with women-
it’s just that socially, you can’t literally
SAY THIS as you’re first words to her,
it through your MANNERISMS!

If you’re not having a good time doing this
with women, you’re doing it wrong.

I used to do it all WRONG, I was so pissed
off inside, that it was all coming from a
place of ANGER.  An anger that stemmed
from feeling that somehow, things should
not be this way.

I was pissed off that my preconceived notions
of how things ARE was totally OFF! I was
upset that things were NOT the way I had
previously thought they were my whole
life, as this meant I had to change my
very PICTURE of reality!

My old beliefs were that women wanted and
appreciated a really SERIOUS approach to
dating, sexuality, and relationships.

This does NOT mean that women think relationships
are a JOKE, it just means that you can't START out
with a woman if you are operating on a very serious
level, as that overly serious vibe DESTROYS the
sexual, flirty VIBES that are so important for

In fact, being playful actually delivers the message
that you are MORE of A MAN who is "the rock",
than a man who seems all serious right away when
talking to her, because that "SERIOUSNESS" is
interpreted by her as NEEDINESS or some other
negative issue, which is understandable once you
adopt the frame of ABUNDANCE and the perspective
of having many CHOICES of who to date---just like
these attractive women do! :)

Playfulness shows STRENGTH, that you find all
this stuff so easy, that it's FUN.

So, once I finally ACCEPTED the way things
really ARE, I came to peace with it, and
THAT'S when I could stop PRETENDING
to be playful and actually BE playful.

And the reality is, that this is healthier way
to go about the whole dating process anyway!!!

It allows you to enjoy the process, and to NOT
fall into the needy and insecure zone, which
is where all the problems start, both in terms
of destroying attraction and also in terms of
destroying your own confidence. 

You are as you think and do, so if you switch
the way you think, and if you take the ACTIONS
of a secure, playful, flirty person, you BECOME
that incredible man who really IS her "rock".

And when I say a “good time” I don’t mean
to act “cutesy” with women – a lot of times
“cutesy” is this kind of toothy smile that
is really a form of seeking rapport.

Instead, your “having a good time” while
interacting and approaching women should
be coming from a place of STRENGTH
internally, the best example I can think of
that resembles the REAL LIFE way of
doing it, is “Captain Kirk”, it’s a pretty
accurate of what I mean by playful
but strong and not needing a woman’s
approval, while still liking her nonetheless.

So let me tell you, you should go for playful
hugs, high-fives, taps on the shoulder, etc,
and if a woman has a problem with this, you
are NOT harming your chances, you are only
finding out that she is a waste of your time.

Now, you should ALSO be conveying
sexuality, by speaking to a woman in
the same kind of tonality that you would
have right after making passionate love
to a woman. Your voice would be calm,
comfortable, no more pretenses of
sounding like CLARK KENT instead
of the real SUPERMAN inside of you.

There’s also nothing wrong with a dirty
joke or two if they are actually FUNNY
and not GROSS. This helps establish
the right mentality that this is a male
female interaction and not just some
cerebral conversation between two men.

Here’s ANOTHER important strategy:


Most guys are so caught up in trying to
impress a woman, that this very act of
trying to impress ends up causing the
OPPOSITE and repels her.

Instead, what I do and have clients do is
to focus on learning more about HER.

After a playful comment or two to get the
conversation started, I get into wanting to
know what HER STORY IS.

In fact, I might even say these actual words:

“What’s YOUR Story?”

This has TONS of benefits for you:

It shows her that you aren’t all arrogant
and don’t need to talk all about YOURSELF.

It allows her a chance to actually BOND with
you by talking to you about herself.

It teaches you more about her, so that you can
have the right things to say to her that are
actually RELEVANT.

It’s easier anyway, because instead of having
to be this big talker, you can chill out and

The less you talk, the more cool you seem,
as you might remember from my discussions on
“Minimum Game” and how less is more, the sign
of a true master. A true master uses only what
is required for each situation, and never more.

PLUS, after she has spoken to you about herself,
SHE HERSELF will ask you about yourself, so
NOW when you talk to her, even about yourself,
you will NOT seem like you are qualifying
yourself!!!! You really WILL impress her.

As you can see, without me being arrogant,
the reality is I know what the heck I’m
talking about.

And what you’ve just read is the TIP of the
strategies for ATTRACTING A WOMAN
the moment you see her, all without being
hurtful or manipulative.

In my 'WARRIOR WITHIN' program, I show you
EXACT word-for-word examples of how to go
from the MOMENT you SEE a woman anywhere,
including “normal” places like a supermarket or mall,
all the way to getting her back to your place, with her
eagerly anticipating getting physical with you.

And this is not just about how to get
some kind of promiscuous woman- NOPE,
I’m talking about the kind of woman
that is the full package, which means
that I also show you how to make a
powerful CONNECTION with her
as WELL as igniting sexual attraction
in her.

Here are just SOME of what you’ll learn
in this incredible program:

*The BEST ways of approaching women in
“regular” places like supermarkets.

*The FULL PICTURE on how to “OWN” any
“undesirable” part of your reality and transform
it into an ATTRACTIVE part of your identity.

*TEN powerful ways to SIMULTANEOUSLY
create both ATTRACTION and RAPPORT!

This will ACCELERATE your results, which
is crucial especially in those situations where
you don’t have much TIME to speak to a woman!

*Powerful ways to increase the EROTIC nature
of your interaction with a woman so that you
can SMOOTHLY escalate to getting PHYSICAL later.

There’s nothing worse than having a series
of dates with a woman where NOTHING
physical happened, as this makes it even
MORE awkward and less likely for anything
physical to occur. You’ll never have this
problem, by using THESE strategies revealed
in this program.

*I’ll show you the best ways to get a woman
talking about herself so that you can learn the
best way to connect with her!

*How to come across as far more INTERESTING,
without the use of ANY lies- in fact, you
will hardly have to even SPEAK at all!

*You’ll even discover a great way to use
any environment you meet a woman in,
to make her feel as if you two have known
each other a long time.

*And of course, as the name of the program
implies, you will also get all my most powerful
strategies and tools for SKYROCKETING your
"Inner Game", so that your NATURAL confidence
with women rises to INFINITELY high levels.

Women, especially the quality women who are
careful about who they date, can ALWAYS tell
if a guy is just FAKING confidence, or if he is
THE REAL DEAL- and this program will show
you how to BECOME the kind of man who can
be her "rock" for REAL.
*And much, MUCH more!

I can promise you one thing: These strategies
WORK to attract the women you WANT.

I wish I knew the things that I now teach,
long ago. I could have been enjoying life
rather than being in misery and being
jealous of the guys that HAD the girl.

You can get that EDGE RIGHT NOW with my
"Warrior Within" DVD Set Training Program.

This program is so powerful it will also help you
CHANGE YOURSELF to become the kind of
man who achieves ALL his goals in life.

I know that this program is going to change
your LIFE, and you can check it out HERE:

This program is GUARANTEED to get you
a fantastic quality woman.

The only problem you'll ever have
with this program is that this
woman will be so crazy about you
that a lot of her friends are
going to want you as well!!!

Again, the way to ensure you GET and KEEP
this fantastic woman is with THIS program:

I look forward to hearing your success story.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. Warrior Within is designed especially for
men who are serious about meeting "the one"
for a serious relationship.

If you’ve just recently got back into the
“dating game”, then you need to make sure
that you get the RIGHT kind of dating
EXPERIENCE with women before you get into
a serious relationship with one woman-
and to master these skills of attraction
for dating, I suggest you get my

This program is LOADED with TONS of precious
information on how to meet and date women!

It covers all those dating situations that
come up but no one else seems to have the
answers for, like:

*How to deal with other guys that may try
to interrupt your interaction with a woman.

Ever have this happen to you? Often, in
real life, the same guys that had no guts
to approach a woman will now try to
talk to a woman when they see that you
have already “opened her up”, and they
will try to swoop in.

I’ll show you how to STOP THESE TURKEYS,
and make these guys LOSE all status INSTANTLY.

*I’ll even show you the best way to follow
up that first conversation with a woman and
how to transition it into a date where things
ESCALATE very quickly. I’ll show you the best
ways to email, text, and speak to her after
that first chat so that she can’t WAIT to
meet you in person!

*How to quickly find out if a woman is single
or if she’s with somebody, if she’s interesting
in meeting other guys, and even how to quickly
detect if a woman will separate from the rest of
her group to be with you.

And much, MUCH more that you can check out at:

I know that these programs are the very best
programs ANYWHERE, for meeting, dating, and
KEEPING great women attracted to you.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

The 7 Secrets To Approaching Women

Approaching women seems tough, but
it doesn't have to be. What I'm going to
do here is share the most important
7 SECRETS with you for approaching
women. Screwing these up are the 7
most common causes for not attracting
a woman upon approaching her.

So, here are the 7 most common devastating
mistakes, as well as the RIGHT things to
do instead.


So, let's say you are already approaching
women and starting conversations, you
might notice that women will just be

You aren't seeing their eyes light up.

Keep in mind that this woman has no idea
who you are, she has no idea that you have
gone through a lot in this life, that you are
not only a good person, but a pretty cool
person as well. She knows NOTHING
about you.

And you can't start listing your resume there.
So the ONLY thing SHE can judge you on here
is the conversation she's having with you and
how it FEELS to her.

So, you have to get her into "FEELING" state
pretty darn fast.

Now, you do NOT want to overcompensate
with becoming a CLOWN or PERFORMER.

You should start the conversation with something
low-key, like if you were at a card store and you
were commenting on the choice of card she is
holding, i.e. a father's day card, and telling her
she must have a close relationship with her dad
to buy such a card, etc.

THEN however you want to UP the ante pretty
fast, to BUILD from there. You want to get
her FEELING damn good. So you might go
from there into something that is either very
INTERESTING, or something that is very funny,
or something that truly raises her self-esteem
and makes her feel better about herself, you
can CHOOSE whatever fits best for your personality.

So, giving the example of the woman at
the card store, you can go HUMOROUS
by telling her that she's just trying
to butter up her dad so he can buy her
a Jaguar...

..Or you can go into the INTRIGUING and
genuinely meaningful compliment that raises her
self-esteem by speaking about how girls who get
along well with their dads tend to be the girls
who have less drama issues- and this would
PROMPT a response from her that was a lot
more involved on her part- it wouldn't just be
her trying to get rid of you, since now she is
actually engaged in something meaningful to her.

Also, you could COMBINE the above, and go
from humorous/funny, to the more serious and
intriguing and raising self-esteem style

COMBINING emotions is a VERY powerful thing. 
Imagine if you get a woman laughing, then get
her feeling intrigued, and then feeling better
about herself, all within a span of just a few

You are going to be MEMORABLE.

You are going to be the guy she wants to CALL,
and all the other guys that just ogled her or said
trivial stuff to her will not even be REMEMBERED.

If you aren't getting the conversation into
the right EMOTIONAL ZONE very
QUICKLY, it's no surprise that your
interactions aren't amounting to any


This is a huge one. Most guys are trying
so hard to show they are not interested,
because they are told by the "dating gurus"
and pick up artists that this will make the
woman more interested- so the guys end
up standing way too far from the women,
and talking from too much of a distance,
and the guys try to also avoid ANY type
of comment that might sound like they
are interested.

The truth is that although you shouldn't give
compliments for the sake of compliments,
you SHOULD reward a woman for the
things that she really EARNED.

The KEYWORD here though is EARNED.
If you give compliments or if you seek
rapport for things she didn't EARN,
you are behaving as an underling,
a needy desperate guy.

HOWEVER, once she has EARNED it,
it's an entirely different matter.

So if she is telling you things that you really
find worthy of respect or interest, well then
you actually MUST show and tell her this,
because it is actually a way of letting her know
that she stands OUT from the rest, that she is
NOT just another woman, that you are NOT
just looking at her from a superficial point
of view.


This is something that is a MAJOR factor
in screwing up attraction.

This often stems from not being present
in the moment, and being too caught up
in trying to achieve a certain outcome.

This pressure to achieve a certain outcome
is like a constant ALARM blaring in your
ear that prevents you from actually listening
properly and from FEELING what a woman
is actually feeling and trying to convey to you.

A lot of communication, in fact most of it,
is not in the words themselves, so if you are
ONLY listening to a woman's WORDS and not the
full depth of the tonality, expression, and
context behind those words, then you are often
missing what her real message is.

Here's a helpful hint- most of the time,
a woman is just trying to feel good, like
all humans do. So rather than focusing
on how you can show off how smart
you are, instead think about how you

If she is talking about something a bit sad,
i.e. some tragedy or war, then don't show
off how much you know about that issue,
rather you should create RAPPORT to make
her feel understood, and then gently LEAD
the conversation to somewhere more

Look for the bright side of things, and
the reality is that if not for negative things,
there would BE no positive side, so if the
conversation is not going down the right
track, it's just another OPPORTUNITY
for you to create AWESOME emotions
where they didn't exist before, and that
makes you even cooler than every
other guy who couldn't do that.

A woman will not remember the details of
the conversation, she will only remember
how she FELT during it. So make it feel

Listen when she is speaking, listen for what
is the EMOTIONAL crux of what she is
saying, don't just be thinking of how you
can be the most cool guy to show how
you can give the most clever response.
The most clever response is the response
that simply FEELS good. You'll get
farther by NOT showing off then you
would by showing how clever and
"cool" you are. Don't put yourself
down of course, just don't make it
all about YOU. And that's how
she will remember YOU.


An interaction has natural stages,
you start off low key, you build
up steam and connect to each other,
and then you have to get her contact

Out of fear, most guys will just stay
in whatever stage they are in, because
it feels good to not be rejected. However,
if you don't PROGRESS the interaction
to getting her number, and from getting
her number, to getting the date, to
getting physical, to relationship, etc,
etc, then what is the point?

So often, guys will open up a conversation
with something low key, and the women
will be receptive, but then the guys
STAY in that zone the entire time
because it feels good to get that
validation and they don't want to risk
LOSING that sense of validation.



If you are trying to meet a woman, then it's
CRUCIAL that she understands that there is
a sexual tension to the interaction.

So, the key to being more flirty and sexual
is being more PLAYFUL in your interaction,
combined with having a bit of a mischievous
glint in your eye.


This is a HUGE one. We all fear not being
accepted, because of whatever it is we are
insecure about. So what do we do? We
OVERCOMPENSATE for that insecurity,
and we don't even realize it. It usually
comes across as either being insecure
or what is worse, as being a JERK.

If you start a conversation by trying to
protect yourself against your fear, usually
it will work AGAINST you.

So, for example, let's say you are insecure
about how much money you earn. Well,
if you very early in a conversation said
something like "superficial things are so
over-rated, I would never be caught working
for a big corporation". If you're bald, if
you're short, if you're ANYTHING you
are insecure about- the reality is that it's
NOT an issue but if you START with
"Hi, my name is Mac, would you date
a short guy?" then you clearly are showing
that this is a major obsession or fear.

Same with "Hi, I work for minimum wage,
but I LOVE my job" that also shows that
you are obsessed with the money issue since
it's the first thing you brought up.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, and
don't bring up the issue at all. There's
a lot more to you than you think, a lot
more to you than the things you are
insecure about.

This rule also applies for not trying to
explain anything about yourself or situation
that you think is not cool- so if your are renting
a car because your regular better car is at the
shop, don't say "this is just a rental- I have
a better car" just DON'T BRING IT UP,
otherwise it comes across as you feeling
inferior worth compared to what you
feel her worth is.

And when YOU feel your worth is low,
that is the ultimate litmus test to a woman
of your worth. YOU are the one who
has to know what you're worth. If you
don't feel it, how can she?


Now, the problem with this is that it is
the behavior of someone who feels that
he is going to get rejected.

So, if you just approached a woman, don't
start telling her within 30 seconds "man,
I'm so tired, I just got in from LA" or
"I'm so tired, I was up all night with
my agent on the phone closing a deal"
etc, etc.

It's OBVIOUS to her that you are throwing
around the words "LA" "AGENT" "closing
the deal", etc.

Well, those are 7 SUPER IMPORTANT
tips that you can now go out and apply
IMMEDIATELY, and you will notice
a MASSIVE difference, TODAY.

And yet, that is just the TIP of the ICEBERG.
If you want the FULL PICTURE on attracting the
most fantastic quality women, inside and out,
then I suggest you get my Warrior Within DVD Set-
this program is all about how to get a truly great
girlfriend and how to keep her.

This program will show you in EXPLICIT and
CLEAR DETAIL everything you need to know about
getting a woman who is the 'real thing'.

It's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vibes Of Abundance & Attracting A Knockout

Have you ever wondered why so many
women who are stunning and absolute
“knockouts” are with guys that don’t
seem “nice” to women?

It’s not because these women sit up at
night praying to meet a jerk.

And it’s not because these women enjoy
being mistreated.

It’s because, ironically enough, so called
“jerks” are actually GIVING HER a lot more
than most guys.

In fact, what these so called “jerk” guys
are giving is so powerful, and so rare, that
NOTHING else most other guys give can
EVER compare.

So what is this powerful thing these “jerks”
are giving these women?

It is a feeling of ABUNDANCE.

And the crazy thing is, there is NO WAY
to GIVE this feeling to a woman unless
it’s OOZING out of your OWN pores to the
point that you can’t HELP but give it away!

You have INFINITE AMOUNTS of it and so
you don’t even THINK of it as “giving” and
you don’t CARE about “getting back” this
feeling from her because you are already
BURSTING with it!

What do I mean by “abundance?”

What I mean is this:


This means you don’t NEED her or any
woman to VALIDATE you in order for
you to feel COMPLETE and POWERFUL.

And yet, what do MOST guys feel,
ESPECIALLY when they approach a
woman that the really like?

All of a sudden, the guys are depending
for dear life that the woman should LIKE

It’s not because of these guys “care” so
much about her, it’s because THEY WANT

And on TOP of this, suddenly there is
this feeling of being DRAINED of their

Most guys suddenly then feel even LESS
confident, LESS empowered, and they
WANT AND NEED her validation in order
to feel good and satisfied, or even to
just feel the way they felt BEFORE
they came in contact with her!

It’s the complete OPPOSITE of abundance.
It’s a feeling of LACKING.

To a woman, she ends up feeling DRAINED
by these “vibes of weakness”, as if SHE
must GIVE herself in order for these guys
to feel worth.

So all the free dinners offered to her, and
all the favors, and all the compliments,
all this does not come CLOSE to GIVING
when the OVERALL vibes being given
off are:


This then makes all the “nice” behavior
just seem like a TRICK to disguise what
is a BAD offer:

“Take me, because even though I’m not
of value, I give you nice behavior to
make you forget that I’m not of value”.

The reality is that it’s not that you can’t
be nice to a woman, that’s not the problem,
it’s that this NICE BEHAVIOR usually comes
from the WRONG PLACE internally.

Meanwhile, the “jerk” has done his homework
in life, or he’s just learned the lesson in life,
to work on HIMSELF internally to create the
most POWERFUL sense of SELF,

There is no “leak” in his steel safe
of self-esteem, there is no way
any woman can DRAIN this reservoir
of empowerment and emotional

Also, she is not required in order
for him to keep the reservoir
of his power at ‘full tank’.

And that’s why he has no need to
‘kiss up’. In fact, he actually has
no DESIRE to kiss up.

He just has a desire to PLAY.

When you’re feeling playful, you
don’t feel like being aloof or cold,
or trying to trick a woman.

Guys who REALLY understand this
are extremely rare.

And of course, you can imagine
just how POWERFUL it is for
a woman when a guy like THIS
decides to actually be WARM
with her:

It's CLEAR to a woman that it's
coming from a place of infinite
abundance, and not from a place
of needing to control her or
take from her.

THAT'S why she melts for such
a man.

Remember, a woman “in demand” has
zero need for free dinners or favors,
and even if she DID, these wouldn’t
result in ATTRACTION.

And she's not "scared into submission"
by the malicious teasing or "hard to get"
obnoxious games/behavior of many men.

She's WAY too confident to be fooled
by that kind of behavior, and she
doesn't see the obnoxious behavior
as a sign of value or of guts, but
rather as a sign of over-compensation
and insecurity.

What DOES ignite attraction is this
deep-rooted sense of ABUNDANCE.

The feeling of inner abundance has a very
PRIMAL effect on women.

On the deepest level, it says “I am
THRIVE and will help you REPRODUCE

In the same way that we as men are
affected by her first on a primal
ATTRACTION level, so too she is
affected by what appeals to HER
primal emotions.

This sense of abundance is the
KEY to appealing to all her primal

Let me give you an example:

If you are ALREADY feeling COMPLETE
and empowered and feeling UPBEAT
and feeling that in fact you have TOO
MUCH of these great emotions in you,
well then you feel that you need to

That means when you see a woman that
strikes your fancy, the first impulse
is not “How do I make sure that I WIN?”
but rather “LET’S HAVE ADULT FUN!”

By adult fun, I mean the entire joy
of flirting, building a connection, and
getting physical and intimate with

This is because you actually ENJOY
the process of the INTERACTION
itself, and you are not so focused
on how to make sure you don't 'lose'.

Rather, you are approaching her to
SHARE the vibes you already have
within you that are SCREAMING
to get out anyway.

These vibes are a combination of
feeling playful, feeling aroused,
feeling empowered, masculine,
and dominant.

Now, a lot of guys try to FAKE these
vibes by acting “hard to get” and
playing games on women.

However, this ends up coming across
as insecure, bitter, and jaded.

It chases the best kind of women away,
the kind that are not only attractive
but also have heart and soul as well.

I remember when I originally used to
see certain guys being so CAVALIER
and CASUAL with women, joking around
with women, even in high school:

I remember how this one guy who looked
like Pee-Wee Herman and spoke in the
same voice as well.

His pitch was Pee Wee Herman, but not
his TONALITY- his pitch was high but
his tone revealed empowerment.

He was smiling as he told this girl who
was one of the most attractive of
all the girls in the school, “Hey, how come
you don’t have the grouchy face today
like usual?”

I remember thinking that she was going
to chew him up and spit him out, but
instead, she MELTED and became warm
and was all over him.

Then I found out later that he ALREADY
had a pretty damn attractive girlfriend!

This was one of my first lessons that
only became clear to me years LATER.

His comments weren’t coming from being
BITTER, they were coming from ABUNDANCE.

He was GENUINELY being playful and didn’t
NEED her to be “into him”, he just was
being a MAN.

He felt the natural attraction for her
beauty, he wasn’t trying to get her
to be his girlfriend, he was NATURALLY
exuding his masculinity more than a lot
of the JOCKS in school ever could!

On the surface, he may have looked like
the LAST thing who’d have more choice
with girls than the school jocks.

However, once any woman INTERACTED with
him, they got sucked into the vortex of
his infinite and deeply ingrained sense
of ABUNDANCE and the fact that he was
ASLO a genuinely GOOD GUY, who actually
CARED about people.

THIS combo of 'abundance', mixed with being
genuinely caring, is a CRUCIAL KEY to unlocking
all the OTHER awesome behaviors that attract
the most incredible women.

It's because when you know that you can
do NO WRONG, it’s EASY to be funny, to
be playful, to be DARING, to be sexual,
to be dominant, AND to be GENIUNELY
giving from an emotional place.

There is NO DOWN SIDE, so there
is NO EMOTONAL RISK, since you are
ALREADY having TOO MUCH good stuff
going on internally – you are doing
this interaction for the JOY of it.

It's NOT for NEEDING her “reciprocation”.

In bootcamps, one of the amazing things
is that guys come in expecting it to be all
PAIN, but end up having a GREAT TIME.

Of course this leads to even BETTER
results with the girls they meet in

Allow me to go one step FURTHER and
make it even CLEARER how important
it is to be this way:

Recent studies have actually PROVEN that
women, and not JUST the attractive ones,
are VERY confident.

Imagine how much MORE confident the
really ATTRACTIVE ones are!

It is true that women have “issues”
in some areas of their lives, such
as their perception of their own bodies.

And even though in the corporate world,
men outnumber women when it comes to top
positions, it is a TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO

Men tend to think that because of those
issues, that women have LESS confidence
than men, and this results in men being

Meanwhile, today’s generation of women
are VERY confident, including SEXUALLY
very confident.

They just sometimes put on a SHOW that
they aren’t, in public, to prevent being
labeled as being “cheap”.

Now, imagine the DISASTER of coming
across as UNSURE, as WEAK, or as NEEDY,
with a woman who is even MORE confident
than your average woman because she
already GETS so much attention!

You MUST change your view of women,
AND you must CHANGE your internal
sense of what you NEED in order to

You must DESTROY the parts of you
that think you need a woman’s APPROVAL
in order to be EMPOWERED, UPBEAT,

I know, it’s ironic, because when you
become THAT, you suddenly have all
the CHOICE in the world with women.

But it makes sense, because only THEN
do you become a true GIVER in the most
powerful sense of the word- GIVING THE

When you interact with a woman from
THIS place internally, she knows you
don’t NEED her, and that you are only
interacting with her because you ENJOY

She knows you won’t be CONTROLLING
or JEALOUS because you can only feel
those negative emotions when you
NEED her too much.

The irony is, that she will usually then
suddenly become jealous around YOU,
and start to feel insecure if other women
are giving YOU attention.

I think you can probably see how getting
these areas of your “game” developed to
the MAX is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for getting
the kind of women that most men will NEVER

And if you want to meet and attract a
FANTASTIC woman, and have more choice than
most men will EVER have in getting the
kind of woman YOU want, then I suggest you
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This program is ESPECIALLY for men who are looking
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girlfriend for a long-term relationship.

Now, if you're just getting 'back into the scene'
of dating, or if you are just STARTING out when it
comes to dating, then you should get experience
dating several DIFFERENT women BEFORE getting
into a long term relationship- and for the best program
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It's at:

This program is all about mastering ATTRACTION
so that you have CHOICE with women.

Till next time, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Monday, October 17, 2011

Joining The Inner Circle

The thing that counts most to me in
all the dating success programs and
all the dating resources that I offer,
is QUALITY: Ensuring that men get
the absolute BEST resources for
attracting the women they want.

In order to keep the QUALITY at the
highest level, that means anything
less than the ABSOLUTE BEST never makes
it into the programs and the materials.

In that light, this is the reason that
I don't do a lot of PUBLICIZING of the
Get A Great Girl FORUM.

The FORUM is an online community connecting
those men around the world that are currently
using the Get A Great Girl materials and
programs to get the quality women they seek.

It's important to me that the quality of
the discussions that take place in the
Forum are TOP-NOTCH.

The Forum is not a popularity contest.
The Forum is not an ego-fest.

The Forum is not about who is the
"master pick up artist".

The Forum is not a place to 'hang out'
or a place to discuss politics, religion,
astrology, or 'new agey' pseudo-science.

The Forum is for MATURE men only.
It's the same rules for women,
women are allowed of course, but
the Forum is mostly men anyway.

Finally, although you do not have to
have purchased ANY of my programs
to join the Forum, and the Forum
is NOT a marketing enterprise at all,
it defeats the point of the Forum
to have ignorant discussions in it.

So, if you haven't gone through any
of my materials, then before posting
on the Forum, I suggest reading through
my articles so that you are familiar
with the crucial principles.

Now, what this all means, is that a
LOT of people will NEVER make it in
the Forum.

The Forum is NEVER going to be a
'million person crowd'.

Instead, it is for the 'inner circle'
that take this seriously.

I suggest that before posting on the Forum,
you take some time to read others' posts
as well as the rules of the Forum, to get
an idea of the behavior and the decorum
that is expected.

Again, quality is more important than
quantity, which is why I will not be
mentioning the Forum a whole lot.

We're not running a "membership"
club, we're NOT trying to get a bunch
of people there just for the sake of
having people there.

We just want to unite a DEDICATED, fantastic
group of men worldwide who are passionate about
meeting and attracting quality women, and with
learning how to KEEP the attraction going strong.

If this is something that is IMPORTANT
to you, come check it out.

It's at:

P.S. The Forum moderater is quite ruthless,
and a lot less forgiving than I am. If he
senses anyone with an alternative agenda,
anyone with a big ego, or any immaturity,
or a general affliction of ignorance, he will
probably remove that person permanently.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

How The Assertive Man Attracts Women

One of the key traits that defines a MAN
as opposed to a player or to a “nice guy”
is that a MAN is assertive, a player is
manipulative, and a nice guy is submissive.

The nice guy tends to only get the
few women who happen to feel sorry
for him in a poor puppy kind of way.

The manipulative player type ends up
showing some form of confidence compared
to the nice guy but ultimately his true
colors show and he loses a quality woman.

The MAN however, he’s an expert at driving
through life in the ASSERTIVE lane.

Here’s where people get confused though:
They think that the only way to be assertive
is to be “in your face” or “nasty”, and this
makes it really hard to consistently be
assertive for them.

And yet, being assertive is a MASSIVE factor
in what turns on women, and it’s not only
your being assertive with women, but when
women seeing you being ASSERTIVE with
everyone in your life- including at the workplace,
with your friends, family, associates, etc.

What tends to happen with a lot of good guys
is that at some point in our lives a long time
ago, we learned that it’s better to NOT be
assertive, this way we wouldn’t be considered
a “threat” to the bullies, we wouldn’t get
any undue attention, and we would be more
“submissive” just to get along.

Unfortunately, we often eventually EXPLODE
after years and years of bottling up our own
self-esteem and repressing our own dignity
and even repressing our own desires.

Which ends up causing us to go to the OPPOSITE
extreme and blowing up on the people we feel
are being unfair to us. And when we explode,
our behavior is not seen as assertive, it’s seen
as imbalanced and irrational and nasty.

The real answer is to more ASSERTIVE in general,
which solves so many problems and prevents the
build up that can explode later otherwise.

Let me give you an example of a technique
of being more assertive:


In “the broken record” technique, you simply
make sure you know what you want, and you
keep on repeating that every time you hear
the other person saying they want you to do
something else.

This also involves another strategy called
using the “I” statement, because you are
saying it’s YOU who wants or feels something,
thereby taking on full responsibility for how
you feel, and this actually is empowering
because it means you have the right to
express yourself and not have to blame
anyone else for it, and that others should
respect the way you feel.

So here’s how the broken record and the
I statement could work together in a situation:

Let’s say you approach a woman and you chat
and you want to see her again.

Now, you know what you want- you want to
see her again.

Watch how being assertive is actually attractive

You say:
“I enjoyed meeting you. We should meet up.
How’s Tuesday night for some Starbucks and
wonderful conversation with yours truly?”

She says: “Oh, Tuesday night I tutor piano lessons.”

The non assertive guy already feels REJECTED
and then, maybe but not likely, says something,
but it’s very UNSPECIFIC at best, like, “Maybe we can
meet up sometime”.

Being more assertive, he would say:
“I want to see you again. How about before your lesson”

Or even:

“I want to meet up. How about after?
Tuesday is a great day for me, but if it doesn’t
work by you, then let me know what day does.”

If she says a day that does NOT work for you,
like for example Monday, a non assertive man
might AGREE to it just because he doesn’t want
to displease the woman or lose her, and of course
the fear shows up in subtle ways, so even when
he says “yes” he has actually LOST the woman
because she can tell in his body language that
something has just been given up in terms of
his own dignity.

This PERSISTENCE with a relaxed demeanor
shows CONFIDENCE, it shows that you believe
you have value, it shows also on a subtle level
that you get what you want in life, which is
another sign of a winner. And none of this
is being a jerk.

Similarly, when a woman sees how you deal
with pressure from OTHER people in your
life, it can be a turn on for her to see that you
are assertive with them as well.

So let’s say at work everyone is used to taking
advantage of you helping them with their work,
and asking you to do an unfair amount of work.

One of the things you can do here is again
the broken record

“Ted, I need you to help me this weekend again
with completing the project”

You: “I can’t do that, as I have a major family
engagement this weekend”.

“But this is really important, I don’t know what’s
going on”

“I understand, and I really have a major engagement
this weekend that is going to take all my time.”

You’ll notice that after you keep on STICKING
to your “broken record that keeps repeating”
they will eventually BREAK and give in.

They may say something like:
“Okay, but can you at least sign these forms
That allow me to use the resource centre this

You: “Yes, I can do that.”

Then they will say thank you, and you’ll say
“you’re welcome.”.

Notice how in the above statements, you
Were using *I* statements and repeating
like a broken record, sticking to your point.

Here’s another thing:
Once you’ve stated your assertive position,
don’t EXPLAIN it for a half hour.

Instead, seal your lips.

By going on and on explaining yourself, you
are actually WEAKENING the entire assertive
core to your message.

This INCLUDES of course in your interactions
with women when you are in a RELATIONSHIP
as well!

Being assertive never ends, from the moment
you meet her, to long after you are having
wild nights together and beyond.

But the thing is, it’s important to realize
that this is a TRANSFORMATION that must come
from having an intelligent ROAD-MAP for how
to go about all this, so that you truly
become The Assertive Man.

Now unlike all the hype out there for everything
from bodybuilding magazines that feature steroid
injected men who claim they got their results
from some workout routine, or the hype out
there from folks who sell pick up artist tactics
and claim they got supermodels from using
pick up artist tactics instead of the real truth
which is that they got nothing of the sort,
what I am teaching you here, as you can see,
actually makes SENSE.

It’s not HYPE.
It’s based on REAL RESEARCH in the real world.

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Michael Marks

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To KISS A Woman

Two MAJOR things I want to get to today:

The first is really FOUNDATION level
stuff, that should be taught to boys
before they even THINK of dating,
and that is:


Don't ever ask a woman if you can KISS her.

This is all about the sexual dynamics of the
male-female chemistry, and DOMINANCE,

And yes, of course, outside the bedroom,
women can be CEOs, Presidents, and name
it anything else, but when it comes to

The kind of man they want is a man who
is not AFRAID to go for it, but who
ALSO has the skill to know WHEN is
a good moment.

So, for example, if you are looking
in her eyes, and she is so clearly
gazing back into yours, and as you
do this, you stroke your finger
along her arm, or you caress her
face and you can tell she is COOL
with all this, THEN you go for the

Don't ASK "Can I kiss you now?".

Think of the PRIMAL man, in ancient times.
Think of the HUNTER man, who THRIVED

THAT'S the kind of man, deep down,
that every woman WANTS, regardless
of what modern politically-correct
hogwash proponents say.

There’s a reason he’s not saying
“I’ll kiss you when it’s all safe and
there is perfectly no risk”.

In our primal DNA, humans are still
women are programmed to respond
with attraction to men who DARE.

Now, before you can get to all the
fun kissing her, you've got to MEET
her and ATTRACT her in the first place,

And if you want to attract a woman who
is a lot more than your average woman,
then you have to approach her in a way
that is far superior to the way “average”
guys do it.

The “average” approach guys tend to
use, if they even do anything at all,
(99% of the time, guys do not do anything)
is to find some reason to have something
to say to her.

And this isn’t a terrible thing, IF they
can raise the level of the conversation
to something more powerful relatively
quickly, and IF their state of mind is
feeling that combination of sexuality,
dominance, being upbeat, and warm.

Of course, it then is no longer an average

What usually happens is the conversation
dies out, because there was no real
SUBSTANCE there to fuel it in a way
that gave off the right VIBES of

And it’s important to realize that even
if you are not some comedian, that’s
FINE, as humor is just ONE great way
to go about the approach.

You can ALSO use INTRIGUE with women
instead of comedy.

Here's one example:

If she works in the cologne or perfume department,
or if she’s a woman shopping there, you can speak
to her about how interesting it must be to capture
the essence of things through only an aroma or scent.

And you can talk to her and ask her, if there was
a perfume or cologne called MONEY, would it

And you could take it in a MILLION directions that
are awesome from there…for example, you could
ask her…what does she feel are the scents that
should represent WHO she is in terms of her

You could speak about which scents best represent
you, and you could actually combine humor with
intrigue here as well.

One of the KEYS to realize is that whatever
VIBES you send out to a woman, THAT
is what you will BRING OUT IN HER
and that is what she will GIVE BACK

In the example above, by appealing
to the use of SCENT, you are actually
engaging her SENSUAL mode, and
you are SIMULTANEOUSLY also engaging
her CREATIVITY by getting her to also
imagine not some BORING thing but
rather the ESSENCE of POWER and

On a subconscious level, colognes are
already DESIGNED to appeal to deep
rooted FEELINGS about attractive
things, and you are TAPPING into
this with this example and going
STRAIGHT for these emotions
rather than some boring conversation
about the weather.

You are appealing to her SENSORY MODE,
and you are ALSO building CONNECTION
by getting her to define herself to you
in a way that touches the EMOTIONS,
as opposed to her just running off a list
of nice traits about herself that might
in reality have no meaning to her or
might not even be true.

By engaging her emotionally, she is
not only more INTERESTED, but she
is also revealing more TRUTH to you
about herself, and she will also see
you as far more SOPHISTICATED AND
guy who at most can just ask her to
go out with him sometime.

A woman can be MANY different things,
and it’s important not to jump to conclusions
too fast about a woman- because if you are
feeling nervous or edgy or uncomfortable,
THAT will often bring out the exact same
emotions in HER.

You can make a woman sexual with
you, you can make a woman flirty
with you, you can make her lighthearted
and playful, you can make her YOURS
if YOU send out the right degree of vibes.

The BETTER a woman is, the MORE
dimensions she has to herself, the
more interesting she is, and so she
will WELCOME the kind of man that
has a LOT of cool emotions he can
make her experience.

The specific vibes YOU give off will
be the same vibes that you then turn
on in HER.

In the same way an expert with a boomerang
will have it return to him because of the
specific way he threw it, you will have
a woman giving back to you the exact
vibes you threw to her.

She can't HELP it, because vibes work
on a very primal level, and once
activated, these primal switches in her
make her feel a very powerful need to
respond back to you in the exact same way.

What you've read here is just the tip
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for to have a fantastic relationship
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Most men have no idea just how RARE
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Michael Marks

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Crucial Insights On Sexual Attraction That Women NEVER Reveal

There are two major areas about success
with women I want to reveal to you today:
One has to do with your "inner game", and
the other has to do with a key secret to
know about women in terms of getting
'physically intimate' with them.

When it comes to mastering "inner game"
in the area of attraction and women,
there is no greater ENEMY than FEAR.

Let’s start with the most obvious fear:
Fear of approaching women.

This fear prevents ALL good results, since the
chance for even creating attraction is “aborted”
before it can even be born.

But that is only the beginning of how fear
can destroy attraction.

For example, let’s say a guy HAS got a woman
interested in him, let’s say he DID make the

And now he is fearing NOT SEEMING COOL

So what does he do?

to be cool – doing things like ‘name-dropping’ –
mentioning names of people he thinks the girl
thinks are cool, and trying to show he is somehow
connected to them.

Or he does things like naming a bunch
of popular or trendy nightclubs that
he heard were "hard to get into", and
that he thinks the girl considers a
"hot spot" to go.

Or he does things like trying EXTRA HARD to
show he is NOT interested.

Or he figures that he is so for sure not cool that
his only choice is to compensate by being way
nicer than he really thinks anyone ought to be,
but is doing it anyway because he figures it’s
his only chance.

All this F-ING crap is a result of FEAR.
Women can TELL exactly what is going on,

And still, this is just the BEGINNING.

Let’s say a guy has managed to AVOID
those fears, let’s say he has managed to
actually GET a woman really ATTRACTED,
and now he even has her as his GIRLFRIEND.

But now, he is AFRAID OF LOSING HER.

Or, he is afraid that some other guys out there
who might be richer, better looking, funnier,
wittier, or “more cool” in some way.

What will be his response to this FEAR that
he feels inside?

Very often, it will be the feeling of a NEED
to try to CONTROL her, to SUFFOCATE

After all, if he can just somehow manage to
STOP her from being exposed to anyone
who might be “COOLER” he can then be
MORE ASSURED that she will STILL

And yet, the OPPOSITE happens, because when
people feel CONTROLLED they suddenly DESIRE
all those things that are being “forbidden” way,
WAY more.

Trying to CONTROL a woman in any way, will
just make her MUCH WORSE, but she will probably
just make sure to be very careful to do it OUT OF SIGHT.

Now, the OPPOSITE of all this is ALSO true.

TO IT, and for example, you DO approach the women,
and you DON’T overcompensate with acting “extra-cool”,
and you even go so far as to ENCOURAGE A WOMAN
to be “independent”, you tend to create the OPPOSITE
EFFECT- you tend to actually make the woman

Not only that, but you prevent DECEPTION, so that
she can be HONEST with you.

because the natural forces of temptation FEED OFF
free, there is none of that “CHEATING FUEL” CALLED

And guess what else?

By NOT giving into your fears, by NOT trying
to sound so cool, by NOT trying to control a
woman, by in fact ENCOURAGING her to
be independent, you end up SUBSCONSCIOUSLY

You show SUPERIOR VALUE by behaving
this way – and it’s all being registered in her
mind subconsciously, the only thing she IS
conscious of, is that she is ATTRACTED
to you.

In fact, one of the craziest things ever is that
if a woman you are in a relationship with ever
says something about leaving, you should
not try to hold her back (unless it’s obvious
you were being a JERK and this is her way
of asking you to change).

When you REMOVE CONTROL, there is
NOTHING left her to RESIST, so you take
a lot of the ENERGY AND DESIRE out of it.

Now, you know how to prevent a major
MISTAKE that most men make with women,
by trying to CONTROL women rather than
encouraging them to do whatever they want.

Now, let me reveal to you another MAJOR
secret, one that is DIRECTLY related to
getting 'physical' with women, that less
than 1% of men know about:

One of the greatest MISTAKES that
guys make when it comes to chatting
to a new woman is how to interpret
and respond to her comments about
female and male sexuality.

So, for example, a woman might say something
like "all men are dogs".

Or, even more powerful, a woman might say to
you, "men are more sexual than women", and
she may say this with a totally honest and
serious face.

You'd think for SURE she must MEAN it.

And yet, I can tell you, with 100% ACCURACY,
that she does NOT mean this at ALL.

So, it's no wonder that so many guys are facing
such huge obstacles in getting success with

I'm going to "decode" to you what a woman
REALLY means in a statement such as
"men are more sexual than women".

What she REALLY means by this statement is
she is actually TESTING to see what your
response will be. She is TESTING to see
if you know what she REALLY means.

If you know what she REALLY means, and
you indicate that by your response, you are
now one MASSIVE step closer to being
with her.

If you DON'T know what she really means,
and you indicate you don't know by your
response, you are now one massive step
FURTHER AWAY from her.

When a woman says a statement such as
"men are more sexual than women" what
she is REALLY doing is repeating the
BULLSHIT of society's teachings to you,
to see if you KNOW that this is bullshit.

If you AGREE with her statement that "men
are more sexual than women", then you
have shown her that you are part of the
MEN on this subject.

I know this is strong language, but it's the
truth, about how she will feel about you.

And, on the other hand, if you DISAGREE
with her statement, and you actually let
her know that women are just as sexual if
not more, then you have actually now
PROGRESSED to a higher level with
her and are actually way closer to getting
physical as well of course.

The reason for all this is that women have actually
for a long, LONG time.

Now, don't get me wrong, I also believe that
THESE DAYS especially, it's GOOD MEN
who are often being MISTREATED. And
it's GOOD MEN that are suffering from
not being "in the know" as to what's going
on as well. This is a big part of why I
do what I do, to help the good guys of
this world.

But all that does not take away from the
FACT that women have been MASSIVELY
misunderstood for a LOOOOOONG TIME,
and massively MISTREATED for a long

One of the MAJOR ways, among MANY,
that women were mistreated and misunderstood
has to do with the way men perceived female
sexuality. For a long time, it was believed
that women only had sex with men for
MEN'S pleasure!!!!

That's CRAZY, but it's the TRUTH.
They didn't even know that women had orgasms!

Women who WERE "overly" sexual were seen
as evil, as "sluts", as somehow being "SICK"
or deviant or threatening in some way.

And the worst rung on the totem pole of society,
the lowest of status, was to be perceived as a "slut",
whereas in some cultures men were often hailed as
"studs" for being the exact same way.

Our knowledge of female sexuality was pathetic
until just very recently.

On top of that, you have the fact that women
weren't allowed to vote until recently, were
considered unable to do a lot of specific
mental tasks, and all of that has been shown
to be hogwash.

So, now, put yourself in the position of a woman
who KNOWS the TRUTH about all women, and
yet is living in a society where there are still a
lot of men who are not only ignorant about
women, but who also view her sexuality as
threatening or evil or who view women as
being somehow less than men in terms of
rights, etc.

So, if you were a woman, you would WANT
the guy you were chatting to. You would want
to know if he IS or IS NOT the kind of guy that is
female sexuality, that would make her feel
good and accepted, a guy that already is
comfortable with her as she really is or not,etc.

So the way to do that is not to ASK HIM
directly, because first of all that might
frighten him and scare him off, or
second of all it might CLUE HIM IN
and allow him to FAKE the correct answer.

The best way for a woman to know what the
guy REALLY believes, what the guy REALLY
feels, is for her to PRETEND to be the version
of women that most MEN believe women are,
the version of women that men have been
brainwashed to believe by an ignorant
history and culture.

That way, if the guy DOES believe in all that
ignorance, and she is pretending to be all that
stuff, then he will not be threatened, and he
will accept her. But most of all, this tells
the woman that this guy is NOT cool.

Now, if the guy DISAGREES with her, then
she knows that FOR SURE this guy REALLY
BELIEVES it, he is clearly not arguing with
her to GAIN points, right????????? He
can only be arguing with her because he
REALLY BELIEVES in what he is saying.

So she NOW will know that this guy does
NOT believe in the hogwash lies about women
that have pervaded male society throughout
the years.

Pretty smart of women, huh?

But I'm not finished there, either.

It's not enough that he disagrees with her.
He can STILL be agreeing, and be better
than MOST guys, but he's still not in the
that special 1% zone, that is part of the
"INNER CIRCLE" that I will describe
more below.

He should actually be LAUGHING and be
TOTALLY relaxed even as he disagrees.

You want to know why?
It's because, if you are REALLY the guy
who knows all this stuff, this is GRADE
ONE LEVEL STUFF, super easy stuff
that you should know if you have had
any real experience with women.

Making a big deal about it means you
aren't yet really COMFORTABLE
with it all, it means you still feel
threatened by it. It means you don't
realize she is just giving you a quick
"routine" security check to make
sure you're not one of the many
ignorant men out there.

It should be something you understand,
and EXPECT and sympathize with.

She EXPECTS that you SHOULD know
this stuff if you have been successful
with women, since it's the only way
TO actually be successful with women.

All she is doing is screening you very quickly
by this, it's a COMMON thing for her to do to
screen guys, she HAS to do this, and the more
RELAXED you are when disagreeing with her
on this, the more she can tell that YOU are
ALREADY on the "INSIDE", part of the

So for example, you chuckle lightly, and say
"riiight, that's funny" and then you give her the
"wink" and you playfully say, "Sounds like
you've met the wrong guys then- such a shame!".

Get the picture here?

So, you want to know who's on the "inside"?
Who does this "inner circle" include?
It includes ALL WOMEN, and 1% of MEN.

If you make a big deal about the whole thing,
then even if you argue with her, it shows you
are still very NEW to the "inner circle".

It's much cooler if you've been here for a while.

So, the coolest thing to do is to view such a
"test" by a woman as actually her simply
sending you one half the code, and seeing
if you have the matching numbers on your
side. If you do, then you are in. If you
don't, then you're out.

It's as simple and easy as that, if you are
on the INSIDE.

If you're on the OUTSIDE, you'll never
know and can beat your head against the
wall forever trying to figure it out and
it still won't help.

And I promise you, as powerful as this
newsletter is, it's the TIP OF THE ICEBERG
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