Saturday, October 12, 2013

Detecting And Attracting A Quality Woman

Today I want to share with you a TON of absolutely
VITAL insights on attracting a quality woman that
has it going on both on the OUTSIDE and on the INSIDE.

Most men fall for the "HALO effect" from beautiful
women and this makes it impossible for most men
to see if a woman REALLY is a great person or not.

The first half of this newsletter is about how to
DETECT a woman's character so you can know
if she is worth pursuing, and the second half focuses
on how to ATTRACT women in the most powerful way.


1. See if she speaks negatively about many other
people, including all her ex boyfriends.

If she only has bad things to say about everyone
else, chances are she won't think fondly of you
after a while either.

On the other hand, if she tends to focus on the
positive about people, she will probably be a
much better girlfriend for you as well.

2.Be on the lookout to see how she treats others.

For example, if you two are out at a cafe, restaurant,
or coffee shop, how does she treat the employees,
waiters and waitresses? Is she abusive or is she
sensitive? Kindness is free, so there is no excuse
to be a miser with it.

3. Ask her what are her top values in life,
and ask her to be specific.

If she focuses on things that are purely
superficial, like fame and wealth, chances
are she won't stick it out through the
rough patches in life with anyone when
she is in a relationship with them.

On the flip side, if she values loyalty,
honesty, trust, and health, chances are
she will appreciate a good man who treats
her well.

4. Behave in a casual relaxed manner.

This is important, because in order to
get a woman to reveal her character, it's
essential that you don't make her feel judged
for being herself.

So try to be as relaxed as possible when
interacting with a woman. Asking her about
her values must be done in a way where she
does not feel like there is a right or
wrong answer. 

Don't come across as being too serious, or
she will only present to you her "formal"
self which is more of an act, rather than
who she really is naturally.

5. Make note if she is the kind of person who is
able to apologize and own up to making a mistake.

If she is not able to do this, she will be a
horrible person to have a relationship with, for
her ego is so big that she can't admit her
mistakes or learn from them.

6. Pay particular attention to how she behaves
when she is under stress.

If she is still behaving in a way that is
kind and honest and sensitive, she is proving
to be an amazing woman.

However, if she becomes spiteful, hateful,
or abusive, this is an indicator of how she
will be in the future when under any type
of stress. And life definitely will have its
stressful moments, so you can be sure such
a woman will behave badly again in the future.

7.  Listen very carefully when she speaks,
because most people give away their personalities
very quickly without realizing it.

This is because most people don't consciously
try to behave badly, so they all think they are
great even if in fact they are abusive or cruel.

8. Take note of how hard she is trying to

One of the greatest signs of a woman's personality is
if she makes great efforts to accomplish this goal.

If she makes a consistent effort to try to understand
you and to make you feel respected, this is definitely
a reason to continue dating her.

WARNING: It's ESSENTIAL to pick up **ON** what a woman is saying rather than just being focused on "picking up" women, if you want to actually get a woman that is the right match for you as a great long-term girlfriend.

Okay, so now you know some vital tips on how to
DETECT a quality woman.  It's ALSO important to know
how to ATTRACT her!

Most guys try too hard to "prove" themselves to a woman,
and all this ends up doing is make a woman feel PRESSURE
to have to like the guy.

When a woman feels PRESSURE, she puts up her natural wall
of resistance.

This is human nature.

But you can't block or resist what ISN'T there.

By eradicating the neediness from yourself,
you remove the PRESSURE on a woman.

When a woman senses this lack of pressure,
it's like a HUGE weight is lifted off her
shoulders,since she can immediately RELAX
with you. You are not trying to GET anything
from her, you are not trying to GET her to
DO anything, or BECOME anything.

So, now that she is free from worrying
about a needy guy, now she is worried
that YOU might not be interested in
HER. She worries about this, because
she is now interested in YOU.

This is the REAL definition of cool.
MINIMUM "GAME", because it's

When it comes to getting more "touchy feely",

At clubs, you can REALLY escalate the
physical contact. And if you are new at
this, it can seem strange. But you can
grow in this area as well, as a recent
reader wrote in. It was a long letter,
so let me get straight to the part on


..."After a couple of months, I was starting
to really get this stuff. The matrix was opening,
and I really began to understand what is going on.

However, I was becoming discouraged because
I wasn't getting desired results. One night, I was
flirting with a girl, lol, she came up to me and
licked my ear. Shortly after, it hit me. I wasn't
comfortable with being a sexual person. So the
next week, I flirted and made physical contact
with girls everyday. And to my surprise, they
loved it, and so did I (mind you it's not like I
grabbed their ***** or ***).

I actually really believed girls don't like when
guys flirt with them and gently touch them on
the arm, back, waist, or hands. Boy was I
wrong. They are really, really, really receptive
to it. Man that stuff is so addicting.

Zack O.


Really, that says it all.
You grow internally, from doing it, taking
little steps everyday till it's not only easy,
it's ADDICTIVE in a good way!

And it's not about being some kind of
alpha "mean guy", it's about being
COMFORTABLE with this stuff,
and that makes the girl comfortable
too, so she can enjoy it and you
can too.

And now, on to our final letter:


First of all, let me say that everything that
you've written about women and dating has
been thought provoking, encouraging and
very motivating. I've been to a lot of similar
websites but few offers anything as good as
yours. Needless to say, you articles are a
gem in the art of dating and seduction. I'm
from ******* and would like to purchase
your e-book. How can I do that?

I came across a profile of a woman on a
dating website and here's how she describes
her ideal match:-

"i had a dream. i met a guy -avg height, avg
build. his face was disfigured and disturbing.
the part of the nose that connects the two
nostrils was burned and misshapen. about .5 cm
of the outside corners of both eyes were puffy,
slanted and looked as though they were welded
together. not only was he "not attractive," he was
viscerally frightening.

we exchanged words - and though i don't
remember the content of our conversation,
i remember he exuded this confidence. a
kind of confidence that is memorable and

he was assertive, unassuming, witty, sardonic,
genuine, and he held this conversation and my
interest as if unaware of his deformity. he held
no feelings of inadequacy, and i knew we'd never
waste our energy fighting over petty squabbles.

he'd never misinterpret my words or actions as
a slight against him - and never harbor resentment.
he was too classy. he was chill, calm-and incredibly
keen. he got all my jokes. AND bantered back. "

What are your thoughts on this?


Yes, it's quite cool when we get to the
SUBCONSCIOUS, that part that doesn't
lie or get bogged down with logic.

Now, in any dream there will sometimes be
one of the elements that might not be applicable
to real life, the fact is, dreams tell us a LOT
about what is going on in someone's mind.

And the cool thing here, is this woman is
verifying every single component of
what she is attracted to, and every component
gets back to this idea of MINIMUM
GAME, of NATURAL attraction.

So let's get to it:

This guy has the inner behaviors and beliefs of
security, confidence, and warmth, and embodies
the personality of attraction.

I also think that the "viscerally frightening"
might very well be a turn on in the sense of it
highlights his CHARACTER since the focus
is OFF his looks.

Also, a little of  "Beauty and the Beast" type thing
going on here.

Also, you can see that the words of the conversation
aren't the main thing, as she can't remember the
words but rather remembers the VIBE, i.e. that
"he exuded this confidence. a kind of confidence
that is memorable and COMFORTING."

Your MOOD Is KEY To Setting The Right VIBE.

Also, in her description of this man, it is clear
that he will be masculine and LEAD the way
because "he was assertive" and he was NOT a jerk,
as he was "unassuming", and "genuine".

Be Assertive, Masculine, And Lead The Way

He's also got "wit", and since sexual attraction
is the subtext of her message, it's not a leap
of faith to say that what she probably also
means is that he "gets it" when it comes to
sexual flirtation, teasing, etc. And of course,
that he's a witty guy in general doesn't hurt.

Flirt Using WIT With Women.

He has witty remarks, often with sexual undertones.
Also HE himself is so in his own reality and
confident, it is as if he is not even aware of his
deformity. This is particularly attractive, by
the way, because it shows a purity of
emotion/thought, i.e. that somehow the world
has NOT polluted his mind with insecurities and
by association has therefore not polluted his
mind with other absurd negativities that most
people are burdened with.

And in fact, I too by the way love it when
a girl is comfortable with her "flaws" and in
fact I find it a turn-on if she finds herself
sexy, including her "flaws".

High self-esteem is HOT.

He has "no feelings of inadequacy", which
means he is secure and will not take things
that she says the wrong way, "i knew we'd
never waste our energy fighting over petty
squabbles. he'd never misinterpret my words
or actions as a slight against him - and
never harbor resentment."

All because she senses he is SECURE, and
so too in reality most women will often test
a guy to see if he is the kind of guy that can
handle life with her, to see if he is the insecure
type, to see if he is the kind of guy that will
explode over trivial things, etc.

And his sense of confident witty humor is
sooo important, as she says, "and he got all
my jokes. AND bantered back.", meaning
he could ping that energy back to her when
she ponged it, like ping pong, the energy
and fun going back and forth.

What she meant by "assertive", is the
confidence in every aspect, ESPECIALLY
considering that he was "viscerally frightening",
but still had SO MUCH confidence, this is
especially admirable and inspiring and attractive.

And also, I'm sure that the assertiveness
in her mind, at least subconsciously, also
included being assertive in bed, for SURE.

Be Assertive In Bed .

This then gives women the permission to
ALLOW THEMSELVES to be ultra sexual,
since they can feel okay about it since
the guy is so assertive. Otherwise, if the
woman has to be the assertive one, she
feels "guilty" about it because of culture
and the anti-slut defense shield etc, etc.

If you are reading this right now, you can
probably see just how deep attraction
goes when it is done RIGHT.

And you can now get the most powerful
program ever created on this topic to effect
REAL CHANGE within you so that attraction
becomes a byproduct of who you ARE and
how you FEEL and how you THINK, and it's at:

Since day one, I have constantly sought to
make attraction as natural a process as possible,
without manipulation, and without turning you
into a 'court jester' or 'entertainer'. It has
always been about authentic development. I've always
known that nothing can compete with that.

As a result of this development, and as a result
of the tremendous insights on women's psychology
and culture that you will receive from this program,
your pick ups and long term interactions with the women
of your choice will not only be successful, but also
come about without you feeling awkward and without
you having to do "tricks" or "clown acts" of any sort.

Quite simply, it's the most advanced resource
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The programs I offer are made for giving you
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Also, these programs GROW in power over time, because
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These programs don't become outdated, they just
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The men who take my program are pretty damn mature
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So you have a choice. You can save yourself years,
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OR, you can decide to learn it all the slow and hard way,
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And how much is it worth it to you to possibly save
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, October 4, 2013

The JERK Factor (An Absolute MUST)

A long time ago, I used to think the reason
JERKS did well with women was because
women were crazy.

Then, I thought women were hardwired
to be attracted to jerks.

Then, I thought it was just that some of
these guys had everything ELSE going
for them, so that they could get AWAY
with being jerks and still have women

Fast forward ten years of REAL WORLD
testing, and I can tell you the TRUTH:

The part of being a JERK that is attractive
actually has nothing to do with being a jerk.
It’s just that good guys tend to THINK that
a lot of behaviors that are attractive must
be “jerky” when they aren’t.

Let me give you some specific examples:


Most guys, when creating a profile, will try
to “convince” a woman reading the profile
that they are good guys, who will be fun,
interesting, and who will treat a woman well.

The PROBLEM with all this, is that ninety-nine
percent of the time, women get the SAME kind
of message from ALL guys.

PLUS, when women read the messages and the
profile descriptions, women feel that the vast majority
of all these guys are so focused on trying to impress
the women, that it’s obvious to the women that the
guys probably will accept ANY behavior from
any attractive woman and be grateful for any attention.

All this is NOT flattering.
It just makes a woman feel SORRY/SYMPATHY,
not feel ATTRACTION, because the message
being sent on a primal unconscious level is
“I am not on the same level of value as you.”

The woman can ALREADY predict the future of
what will happen if she gives the SLIGHTEST
indication of interest to the guy:

The guy will write back a huge long email,
and offer to take her somewhere really nice,
and probably give her all kinds of compliments
even though he has no clue who she really is,
but the guy will READ INTO any little thing
about her description and see it through
ROSE-colored glasses, he will fall BIG TIME
for the HALO effect.

The halo effect, in this example, is the tendency
of a man to think that an attractive woman is
more intelligent, more noble, more admirable,
than another woman who is not as attractive.

Yes, the MIND is hardwired this way, and
most guys are SLAVES to their MIND, they
don’t learn to control their MIND, so their
MIND controls THEM. And when it comes
to the area of attraction and women, this
is TOTALLY true.

On the OTHER hand, let’s take the OPPOSITE
example, okay?

Imagine a guy creates a profile, where his first
line is “I’m a total JERK. I always treat myself
first and love myself more than anyone else.
Pretty much, I’m the guy you’re mother warned
you about. The problem is, even though you’ve
been warned, you’ll end up falling in love with
me, then hating me because all I’m good at is
sex. Then, you’ll keep coming back to me
because all I’m good at is sex and I’m horrible
at listening to your problems.

Which leads to more fights and even more intense
mind-blowing make up sex. Oh man, leave me alone
already, I can already feel you harassing me with
love-hate mail. The story of my life…”

Now, I know that a million guys are about to
cut and paste this since that’s the easiest thing
to do, and yup, they will get better results
than they have been getting all their life.

But as everyone copies this, it will wear a
little thin, so the key is to understand the
PRINCIPLE at work here AND create your own.


What is ACTUALLY happening in the above example
can only be seen through READING BETWEEN THE LINES.

To a guy who is UNAWARE of the reality
a guy who is unaware of the REALITY of
an attractive woman, the above profile
sounds like that of a JERK.

But in REALITY, here's what it’s actually saying:

Hey there, I’m not like those other needy
desperate guys who are going to ask you
to marry them the first second you reply
to them. I’m quite a catch myself, and
not in a hurry to get chained down to
the WRONG WOMAN, so you can feel
free to NOT be under any PRESSURE
to be with me.

If you decide to be with ME, it will be by 
your CHOICE, not by FORCE, pressure,
guilt, or any other pathetic attempt to 
get you.

I’m also a really FUN and PLAYFUL guy 
as you can tell from my sense of humor.

In addition, I’m not uncomfortable about
sex and about enjoying it in tons of creative
and passionate ways.

Plus, I already have experience with women,
and the truth is, they are so addicted to me,
the only reason they hate me is because they
can’t get ENOUGH of me, and enough
control of me, they wish they could totally
control me because they want me so badly.

PLUS, the fact is, that EVERY GUY you've
ever really loved was the SAME like me,
so you can already FEEL that I am going
to give you the SAME awesome emotions
except even BETTER since I'm even MORE
of all the things that made you WILD about
any man in the past!"

That is what the message is REALLY saying
"between the lines"!

And communication is always more powerful
when done INDIRECTLY rather than SAYING
it directly.

That's why you must learn to communicate
in a way where your message is in between
the lines.

"In between the lines" is INDIRECT.
When you just try to say important things
directly, it doesn't work because EVERYONE
TRIES the same direct thing, so the mind
gets DESENSITIZED to it.

It's too easy, everyone does the direct thing
about saying they are all great catches.

It doesn't make a woman FEEL anything,
other than that the guy might be just
telling a lie to impress her.

Anyone can SAY they are great, right?
It's much better to INFER it indirectly.

So, for example, you don’t SAY to a woman
that you are funny, if you are funny.

Instead, you GET her laughing.

You don’t SAY you are confident, you instead
SHOW it through your ACTIONS and through

NOTHING jerky going on actually, see?

Tons of OTHER cool and attractive things going
on here, but no “jerkiness”.

Now, guess what? Online dating can be great,
but it is just one route to success, because
as you will see:


ONLINE DATING is just barely scratching the
SURFACE of what you can do when you are
approaching women in REAL LIFE.

You are not limited to just using a KEYBOARD,
but rather you can access the power of your
FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL since all of your physical
self is actually there.

Your verbal skills, your body language, tonality,
sense of style and fashion, humor, wit, confidence,
all this comes together with GREATER impact
when approaching a woman in PERSON.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE teaching guys
in REAL LIFE how to attract women through
“cold approaches” LIVE, in real time on actual
women whether the women are in coffee shops,
bookstores, lounges, anywhere!


So let’s say you are chatting to a woman somewhere,
and some loser/jerk who has nothing better to do
tries to interfere in your chat, because he wants
to try to get this woman now that he sees YOU
doing it, because he didn’t have the guts to do it
before he saw YOU do it.

Most of these types of guys are guys who have
no girlfriends and couldn’t get one if they tried
because they are so negative minded, but they
just can’t stand to see someone ELSE get any
results with women, so THEN they suddenly
get motivated.

Well, a lot of guys would actually GIVE the
JERK way too much credit by even
ACKNOWLEDGING his presence.

So let’s say the jerk comes into your conversation
with the woman and makes a remark to her like:
“Hey, wanna have some REAL fun?”

A lot of guys would be thrown for a loop here.
They would say something to the guy like,
“What?”, or they might say, ‘Who are you?”,
or even, “Who the heck are you?”

The very ACT of RESPONDING at all is
a kind of CONDITIONED response, but
it doesn’t mean the jerk DESERVES that


If you TOTALLY cut him out of your reality,
the woman you are with will VERY OFTEN
totally cut him out too, since it’s obvious
he had LESS guts than you, and is an energy
vampire that sucks off of other people.

him, but a lot of guys WOULD give him
SOME attention, because they feel that
they are SUPPOSED to say SOMETHING.

The “nice guy” federation?

And if the jerk KEEPS on trying to chat
to her, or to try to talk to you to distract
you from her or to ruin your vibe with her,
just PULL THE GIRL AWAY with you,
take her by the hand and MOVE.

If the guy REALLY keeps up at it, then
HE is lowering his own value as he is
showing that he CLEARLY sees YOU
as having the ability to get what HE wants.

Meanwhile, he HASN’T got what he wants.
The woman SEES all this, and registers it
DEEP in her unconscious, as this jerk behaving
in a way that is clearly conveying he is of low
intrinsic value and thus UNATTRACTIVE.

And so often, these jerks will have ONE
thing going for them, be it bodybuilding,
or wealth, or high marks in academics, or
some fancy car or prestigious job, or some
kind of connection to someone, WHATEVER.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is always
OBVIOUS that they are relying on that ONE
thing for their sense of ego and confidence.

And then, it ALWAYS COMES UP when
they chat to a woman.

So you will notice the guy trying to wear
an extra tight shirt to show his muscles,
or he will drop into the chat that he is
from some high university, or he will
mention some prestigious club he is
part of, etc.

This sets him up for total destruction.

All you need to do is prick that BALLOON
of FALSE CONFIDENCE and he will quickly
leave with his tail between his legs.

How do you do this?
By EXAGGERATING whatever the heck
he is using to try to “qualify” himself.

If he’s trying to use his muscular SIZE, then
GUSH at this. Tell him to flex for you. Tell
him you think it’s so unfair that most bodybuilders
work so hard and don’t get paid enough.

By GIVING HIM SO MUCH of what he
WISHES he could get, i.e. VALIDATION,
it FLOODS his circuits and he isn’t sure
what the heck is going on.

It also makes him realize that maybe EVERYONE
is on to him, that he is actually MASSIVELY LACKING
CONFIDENCE if he doesn't have his one magic thing,
in this case, his muscles.

If a guy is using his academic intelligence to
try to show off to the girl, VALIDATE his
sense of academic intelligence, tell him you
SUCKED at school and wished you could be
like him.

Remember, the reason these guys ARE jerks
in the first place, is they still haven’t learned
that it’s their INSECURITY that is screwing
them up!

Provide them a HIT of validation on the
ONE THING they use to prop themselves
up, and they simultaneously get their circuits
FRIED with overload, but they ALSO then
wonder if maybe you’re screwing with them,
and it makes them REALIZE for a sec that
maybe EVERYONE is onto their insecurity.

Of course, the best thing is to just IGNORE
AND LEAVE with the girl, but if you have
to, you do the above.

Is that kind of response to a jerk somehow
jerky itself? Not really. It’s just you

What you have read here is a glimpse into
the REAL WORLD of attracting women.

It’s NOT about being a jerk.
It’s about expanding your power in every way,
yet WITHOUT you being unfair to ANYONE.
It’s about learning the truth of how things work.

It’s about gaining insights into women.

And it’s about making your MIND SERVE
YOU, rather than YOU serving your MIND.

Becoming this kind of man is overwhelmingly
seductive to a woman, she can't HELP but
be attracted. It digs too deep into her
carnal sense of you being all MAN, all
"CAVE-MAN survival of the fittest",

Her response to this kind of man is not
LOGICAL. She doesn't THINK about it.
She just FEELS it, and she feels it
DESPERATELY with ferocious intensity.

It's VISCERAL, she will feel a NEED,
not just a "want" to be with you,
but a deeply obsessive NEED.

And if you're reading this right now,
you can clearly see that attracting
women has so MUCH to do with where
you are coming from on a deep INTERNAL
level, from the way you are THINKING
to the way you are FEELING when it
comes to all these situations, from
approaching women to escalating things
to a physical level.

All this goes very, very, VERY deep.

regarding all these essential areas for
attracting women.

Mastering this deep level of attraction
allows you to experience a whole other
UNIVERSE of unlimited CHOICE when it
comes to women.

The program is called "Warrior Within",
and I seriously suggest you get your
hands on it immediately.

It's at:

Women can tell the difference between
a guy who is just doing an "act" and
a man who is the "real thing".

This program is all about deep, real
transformation, and it will SKYROCKET
your results with women.

Again, it's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perfect Solution For How To Approach Women

I'm about to give you the PERFECT SOLUTION for
how to approach women in a way that attracts them. 

When you approach women, you need to first
WARM WOMEN UP with the RIGHT kind
of conversation that gets things going in the
proper direction.

When it comes to attracting a woman who is a
total stranger, especially when you are approaching
her in a place that is not a dance club where alcohol
and other factors are at play, you MUST FIRST
develop a powerful CONNECTION with her.

It’s ESSENTIAL that you don’t "put the cart before
the horse" so to speak. 

SKIPPING the first stage and trying to get physical
IMMEDIATELY (even just verbalizing your desire
to take things to a physical level) almost always fails,
especially when approaching women in everyday
places like coffee shops, bookstores, public transit,
or just about anywhere else.

So here’s what I mean by the RIGHT type of conversation:
The right kind of conversation taps on topics that are directly
MEANINGFUL to a woman, and are also INTRIGUING to
her, and are often ALSO FUNNY at the same time.  Overall,
the TONE should be UPBEAT, it should take her to a place
that is emotionally BETTER than where she was BEFORE
she met you.

And one of the BIG topics that you can incorporate into
almost ANY "approach women" situation is the topic of

Think about it: When you approach a woman who is a
total stranger, the ONLY way to bridge that gap is by
helping her "feel out your personality".  Otherwise,
you are letting her view you as a blank VOID, since
you are a stranger to her.

The way to help her ‘feel out your personality’ is to
CONNECT to her using the sharpest human communication
skills you have, and I have found that actually using the
TOPIC of human communication as a theme in your chat
to use HER communication skills with YOU, so that
she can get to know YOU better! 

As human beings, we are ALL social creatures.  We may
not all be "party animals" but we all need some connection
to others.  No man, and no woman, is an island.  So chances
are STRONG that this topic will RESONATE with most
women you meet.

Keep in mind  that most women are even more social than men, and you then realize that this topic becomes even MORE effective with women.

Now, before I go further, let me give you two powerful
points regarding human communication that you might
use in a chat with a woman:

1. For all the technological communication tools we
have today, overall as a society we actually have
FEWER truly MEANINGFUL connections than
our parents’ generation, partially as a RESULT
of all these technological devices.  

2. Study after study keeps on showing us that
meaningful connections with others, i.e. our
relationships with others, are the single greatest
factor in determining our overall sense of happiness.

This is all VERY RELEVANT to "picking up women" and
I’ll get more into all of this in a second.   

I want to make it really clear that what I am about to describe
does NOT have to be a DIFFICULT task to accomplish, in
fact I will show you right now a PERFECT way to do this
EVERY time. 

The magic words to remember are these:

EVERY situation where you see a woman somewhere,
no matter WHERE, and no matter WHEN, always has
the PERFECT solution already BUILT IN to that situation,
so that you NEVER have to resort to cheesy pick-up lines
that sound to her like you use them on every woman, and
which would not make her feel special at all.

Pick-up lines actually cause women to put up their
GUARDS because women then feel you are not being real
with them, they feel you are just putting on an ACT.

They then wonder what you are HIDING if you have to
use some ACT.  This is what causes the negative reaction
of most women to pick up lines- it’s because they make
women SUSPICIOUS of what the guy REALLY is about,
since he is clearly putting on some act that hides his identity.   

So here’s an EXAMPLE of the "HOW-TO" on applying
this concept of "every situation has the solution built 
into it" while incorporating the TOPIC of "HUMAN CONNECTION".

Let’s say you are at a STARBUCKS and you see a woman
there you’d love to chat up.  You might notice a million
different things, from the book she is holding in her
hand, to the particular drink she orders, that you might
have an intriguing comment on, but let’s say you CAN’T
think of anything to say to her- here’s an example of

You might speak about the very FACT that Starbucks
itself was really based on the PREMISE that going for
a coffee should NOT just be something you RUSH
but rather should something you savor and enjoy as
a great experience WITH OTHER PEOPLE around. 

It’s the HUMAN element, NOT the coffee, as
coffee has been around for a lot longer than
Starbucks has.  Even coffee shops used to
be something that didn’t really CELEBRATE
the coffee experience, it wasn’t supposed to
be some CLASSY social experience till
STARBUCKS came along.

And you can actually APPROACH a woman
in a Starbucks, or even ANYWHERE, any
woman having a coffee, but especially this
would work well in a Starbucks, by mentioning
something like this:

"Hi there, I just had this thought, and I’m curious
what you think.  Did you know that the whole idea
of Starbucks is that it was instead of people rushing
in and out of donut and coffee shops, the idea was
that people would really RELISH the coffee experience,
and that it would be a COMMUNITY type of place
where you actually take your time with it.

In fact, that’s why every Starbucks has the community
wall inside of it, with postings about events in the
community. The idea is to have people socializing
and being a GROUP, it’s the SOCIAL element.

But here’s the part that really makes me WONDER:
Have you EVER seen anyone at a Starbucks actually
CHAT to anyone they didn’t already KNOW?"

NOW THIS is a COOL conversation starter, and you’ve
actually shown how YOU are aware of the human
dynamics of communication, and how YOU are
actually DIFFERENT from others, and also if she
herself to be DIFFERENT from most people as well,
in a POSITIVE way, which now gives you something
that you can REWARD her for with a GENUINE

No matter WHAT SHE SAYS back to you, chances are
she’s going to provide you with a lot MORE to speak about
than if you just say "hi" to her, or just told her she was
beautiful, although that is also a lot better than doing

She might respond with something like this:

"That’s fascinating, I never thought about that before!
But it makes sense. Usually I’m just thinking I need
my caffeine fix!"

And now, with that kind of playful humor that SHE
is giving you, you are off to the right kind of BANTER.

You can playfully tease her for being addicted to a drug
called caffeine, and then you can actually give her a
COMPLIMENT that she is one of the few human
beings that has social skills enough to actually use
Starbucks for what is was originally designed for!

Once you are on this topic, you can take it much FURTHER,
even if you, for example, CONSCIOUSLY bring up MORE
of the topic of human communication in a way that involves

You could tell her that one of the most important elements
to human communication is confirming feedback, meaning
validation,  this can be SIMPLE in the sense of someone
saying HELLO to you after you have said HELLO to them.

 And then you can PLAYFULLY say to her, "Hello!" and
she will GET THE JOKE, that it’s HER role to now
say HELLO back to you, and she will say, "Hello", and
now you can PLAYFULLY tell her that she is GOOD at
this communication stuff.

By being PLAYFUL about this, you are actually getting
and CONFIRMING FEEDBACK, and setting up a
great foundation for her to get to KNOW you, all
the while she is ENJOYING this because it’s a bit
playful and not totally serious.

You can even take it a step FURTHER by letting her
know that receiving VALIDATION from others
through confirming feedback is really an essential
part of having a healthy psyche, and you can then
smile at her and give her a MEANINGFUL
compliment and even TELL her that you just
gave her a GENUINE confirming feedback,
and you can even playfully suggest that she
should give the same to you, and tell her that
means she should say something nice about you!

that what makes all this work is
the playful element MIXED with the fact that
being done in the RIGHT WAY.

Now, human communication and validation
is a DEEP topic, that affects EVERYTHING
about our emotions, including the emotion
of SEX, but for now, I just want to mention
ONE more thing, which is that you can
even talk about how TRUST is the bedrock
of any real meaningful social connection,
to which she will surely AGREE.

At this point, going for her NUMBER is going
to be the EASIEST thing on Earth, because you
have conveyed TONS of cool things about yourself,
and you have gotten her smiling, you have intrigued
her, you have made her feel better about herself,
you have shown yourself to be different from
every other guy she’s met, it’s just CRAZY
how much good stuff you have going for yourself
at this point.

And by the way, this TOPIC is NOT limited

The concept of COMMUNICATION flows like

So, for example, you can use a similar approach
for anytime you see a woman on a LAPTOP anywhere,
or using an iPhone or iPad anywhere, or using the
INTERNET anywhere.

Here’s the basics of this idea in a nutshell:

Today, there is MORE technology than ever, all
designed to make it EASIER for an individual to
COMMUNICATE with others.  Everyone has
some kind of cell-phone or I-Phone or I-Pad,
there is SKYPE, there is TWITTER, there was
MY SPACE, there is FACEBOOK, they are ALL
about socializing, they are even called "SOCIAL MEDIA"!

And yet, because of these things, people are LOCKED

The very idea of having a special and INTIMATE
and private identity that connects on a deep level
to someone else is WEAKENED by these things.

There is less privacy.
There is also so much time spent on tech forms
of communication, that many people don’t meet
in PERSON as much, they just communicate by
technology instead of face-to-face.

PLUS, a lot of people use Facebook in a way that does
NOT represent their REAL selves, because they are
afraid that their real selves are not cool, so they 
instead do all sorts of things to try to seem more
cool by creating an identity that is not really true
to themselves.

THIS is a topic that is NOT supposed to be said as
a rant, and I fully see the value in these technologies for OTHER purposes, I'm just try to make it clear here so you can get the "talking points" that you would bring up in the conversation opener. 

These topics are INTERESTING and RELEVANT
and they ESPECIALLY relate to HUMAN
COMMUNICATION- which is what you are
using when chatting to a woman who is a
total stranger.

So you can use these topics as a conversation
opener, asking her for HER thoughts on these      
ideas, and then later in the chat you can playfully
CONGRATULATE her for being so good at
REAL communication face-to-face with you!

You would open the conversation with the most
relevant item, i.e. if she was using an I-Phone,
Facebook, a laptop, etc, etc.

We are LIVING in a very UNIQUE time when it
comes to the very way most people even PERCEIVE
HUMAN COMMUNICATION, and it makes sense
to TAP this topic when talking to a woman who you
want to actually have INTIMATE communication with.

It’s something that is meaningful to her, and probably
she does NOT get enough of a MEANINGFUL connection
in her own life, even though she may very well spend
TONS of time on social media.  YOU will be the man
who stands out as the man who IS able to connect
with her on the most powerful level.

And THEN you can proceed to stage two, of getting
in getting physical with YOU.

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