Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Create A Connection With A Woman

Creating a connection with a woman is
the secret to attracting her, because the
emotional impact of this is MASSIVE,
and when emotions are burning strong,

Emotions work in tandem with other emotions,
that's why a great movie gets you feeling
MANY things, not just action but also
drama, romance, mystery, suspense,
and several other compelling emotions.

Also, ever notice how stores play music?

They do this because it works, it gets
people EMOTIONAL even if they
aren't thinking about it.

So let's get to the power of CONNECTING
to a woman, which is the greatest emotional
impact you can create.

Have you ever realized something
after YEARS of not actually

It might have been something MAJOR,
like realizing that actually someone
had done something MASSIVELY good for you
but that you never realized HOW massive
until a certain moment years later?

Or even something SMALL like realizing
a certain line of a song you really liked
that you had the words wrong initially.

There's a feeling of OH MAN, THAT WAS IT!

Now, when it comes to human relationships,
and explaining something that goes against
another person's viewpoints, guess what?


I'm talking about when it comes to
explaning something the other
person doesn't agree with- studies show
that communication is just plain
terrible, even when people are
trying to understand each other!

And this is because people don't
see how their own biases are
BLOCKING their own understanding
and actually preventing them from
actually allowing the other person's
words to truly enter their own

That's right- people will instinctively
actually BLOCK OUT what they disagree
with and often even NOT REMEMBER
the parts of what the other person SAID
if they disagreed with it!

They will actually reinterpret what was
originally said by the other, and they will
do this reinterpretation in a way that
only fits THEIR OWN BIAS, to the
point that the distortion could be 100%
the OPPOSITE of what the original
message was.

And yet, if they really DID take the
effort to understand each other, they
almost ALWAYS end up finding out
that they actually AGREE on about
99% of what they thought they were
totally at ODDS about!!!

You might already be way ahead of me
and be seeing the next point:

Imagine how much WORSE this problem
becomes when it comes to men and women
who are total STRANGERS interacting with
each other!!! 

And yet, the feeling of being understood
by someone, and of them understanding you,
is MASSIVELY REWARDING, it's really the
key to a quality of life- the quality of
your life is the quality of your relationships.

I'm not talking about understanding the
trivial things, but understanding the
BURNING THOUGHTS that are in her mind.

And I promise you, she HAS them, every
human has SOMETHING or even A FEW
their emotions and thoughts, and
it also drives us NUTS that
no one REALLY understands what
we're experiencing or thinking
or feeling.

Well, imagine if YOU could show a woman
that YOU understood HER, completely.

You would be standing out from EVERY GUY
SHE HAS EVER KNOWN, on a very powerful
level that connects to the core of her EMOTIONS.

This has nothing to do with PRETENDING
to understand her, it's with actually

If you see a woman somewhere who you
think is "just too beautiful" for you
to approach, I want you to consider
the following FACT:

Most people fail to truly CONNECT
to other people, and I'm not even
talking about with strangers!

Most people fail to even truly connect
with a lot of the people they already

And what I mean by 'connect' is simply
the ability to truly make another person
feel you understand them, and also to
allow them to understand you.

However, it's even more important in your
initial conversation with a woman to make
HER feel that YOU understand HER.

Now, you might think that it's impossible
to get this level of understanding in a
casual chat, but the reality is that it's
not so much a matter of you having to
"go deep and profound and serious" as it
is a matter of learning to remove your
own BIAS.

As humans, we naturally form biases and
perceptions of things that come from our
OWN perspective but are not neccessarily
the only way of looking at things or
even true sometimes at all!

So let's say for example that a woman
you're chatting to tells you something
about her hobbies, or a trip she went
on, or an experience she had- if it's
something that you would NOT NORMALLY
BE INTERESTED IN, or something that
you don't enjoy, or even something
that you don't agree with, don't
pretend that you DO like it or that
you DO understand it, but GENUINELY
ASK HER ABOUT IT so that you CAN
understand it.

And here's what is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT:

Make sure your question in ITSELF
doesn't show massive bias- so for
example lets say she plays an instrument
that you've never heard of, and she
has been playing it for sixteen years,
and it's not something that is particularly
TRENDY like playing the guitar, the
piano, or anything like that.

You might think to yourself "Why would
someone want to devote so many years to
THAT instrument?????"

Now, rather than asking her that question,
you might want to INSTEAD realize that
OBVIOUSLY there is something she CHERISHES
about it, so make sure your vocal TONALITY

A lot of guys might think they are
doing a great thing by asking right
away "What made you choose THAT?"

But that kind of question in that
tonality already implies a lack
of understanding.

It's just one example, but it could
be her views on relationships, on
sexuality, on ANYTHING- it could
be her views on what is THE MOST
WORST thing in life-watch your
own internal bias and notice how
your emotions might be affecting
your own responses.

The reality is that when most guys
try chatting up a woman who is a complete
stranger they end up creating the feeling
in her mind that this guy doesn't "get"
her, and yet he COULD have if he had
learned the art of effective conversation.

It's tough enough to even communicate
properly with another DUDE, never
mind to do it properly with a woman
who will not only have her own individual
perspectives that are different from
anyone elses, but also different from
a man's based on her female experience.

In my book, Get A Great Girl, I go into
full detail on how to SKYROCKET your
communication with a woman so that
you achieve a real connection.

And what's really an EYE OPENER is that
the reason most women put guys into the
"friend" zone is because she fails to
really CONNECT to the guy. Guys who
get put into the "friend" zone sometimes
think this is because she feels something
for him but not enough ATTRACTION.

Well, when it comes to women,
attraction is far more complex
than with men, and CONNECTION
is the missing link that takes
guys from the friendship zone
to the INTIMATE zone.

Think about it- a lot of unlikely
couples on the surface actually
made a lot of SENSE when you
get down to it:

Remember when Angelina Jolie was
with Billy Bob Thornton?

They may have seemed like an unlikely
couple on the surface, but in reality
they were connected on MANY levels
including their eccentric and
almost gothic ways.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher?

Seems unlikely on the surface,
but in reality Ashton was
BOMBARDED for years by immature
teenage girls from his fandom from
"That 70's Show" so the last thing
he needed was an immature girl-
so he is attracted to Demi Moore
who probably was a breath of fresh
air with no drama and someone who
also was a bit more an intellectual
challenge, and of course she was
attractive as well.

And for her, she had been with Bruce
Willis and Bruce was going with
younger women, and I'm sure Ashton
validated her sense of self.

Now, what's AMAZING is that if you
can UNDERSTAND and get to the CORE
of what's going on with a woman
internally, you then know WHAT

And she will LOVE you for this, like
a woman on a MISSION, and of course
she too will be fueled to understand
YOU and give you what you want,
- and yet all you have to learn to do this
is the skill and art of effective communication
with women.

This will allow you to learn everything
you need to know about her to acheive
understanding and attraction.

So rather than trying to act like
some 'player', you instead
and by also not allowing your own
biases to distort your perceptions
and your communication, you keep
getting closer and closer-
this is the true definition
of 'intimacy' that 99% of
men never understand.

Every bit of convo you have with
her will get you further into her
explaining herself to you, and of
course everyone would rather talk
about themselves than anything else,
so you also come across as NOT arrogant
from all this, and yet she is giving
you the RECIPE for attracting
her the more she talks!

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Michael Marks

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The HALO Effect And How This Relates To Why "Nice Guys Finish Last With Women"

You ever wonder if it's REALLY true that
nice guys finish last with women?

One of the most popular emails I get in terms
of questions from men, is:

"There's this ONE woman I know that
I really like and she doesn't seem
to be responding and-" etc., etc.

And the REAL truth is that there's
nothing in particular about this woman
that's so great, there's no real
reason to be focusing on her as
opposed to finding other women.

But that's not what it FEELS like, right?

It always seems that THIS one is
really different from all the other
situations where guys are saying
"there's this one woman" even though
there's ZERO evidence for why she
is so special.

Sometimes, even if you are amongst
MILLIONS of women, you get caught up
on ONE woman, and you pursue her no
matter what, even if she gives you
no reciprocation, etc, etc-

Hopefully this one newsletter will
take care of ALL of these types of

So here we go:

About a year ago I happened to see
this movie that REMINDED me just how
INSANELY tough it must be to be a
guy who is living without knowing
the full deal about attraction,
about women, and about the way
human emotions work.

Sitting in the theatre, this movie
pissed me off!

You see, the movie is called
"Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

And in this movie, is a dude who I
thought EVERYONE in the theatre
would NOT be able to relate to,
because to me, his behavior seemed
so EXTREMELY pathetic.

It was almost OFFENSIVE to me that
guys could be portrayed that way.
Even though this movie is a comedy,
the reality is that it would not
work if the audience felt this guy

The movie works because the reality
is that THIS BASIC FEELING is very
when it comes to women.

I'll give you the basic story in a nutshell
in a sec, if you don't already know.

And then it hit me. You see, I USED
to think very SIMILARLY to this
character in the movie!

It's only because for years now,

I have been so immersed in a different
way of going about things that the
old behaviors NOW seems so absolutely
crazy to me.

And the fact that this character's type
of thinking in the movie does not seem
absolutely absurd and crazy- the fact
it seems identifiable as something
that could happen - is HORRIFYING to me!

It shows what massive confusion us guys
have been forced to suffer for so long...

I want to clear this whole topic up!

I want to make that type of behavior, that
type of thinking, EXTINCT!

So what was this behavior?

In the movie, this woman who is supposed
to be super hot, (reality check is that
even THIS is the result of scarcity style
thinking) and she suddenly dumps him after
four years.

He goes CRAZY desperate, he becomes a total
needy wreck, he tries to win her BACK, he
ABANDONS his whole life, loses passion
for his goals, self-esteem plummets, etc.

Now, the first thing that was glaringly
obvious to me, is that no woman on Earth
"suddenly" dumps a guy.

This is all part of the myth, the nightmare
myth used to scare guys, that a woman who
is this great person, suddenly DROPS a guy
out of the blue, she becomes this uncaring
unfeeling person, etc.

What ACTUALLY happens is that a guy ends up
falling victim to what is known as the

The halo effect is when humans see people
who are attractive or celebrities or both,
they tend to think these people are BETTER
than other people - more NOBLE, more honest,
more intelligent, etc.

It's total emotional HOGWASH, but it happens
so often and even today with all this knowledge
even educated people often FALL for it.

So much so that you may notice whenever you
see criminals in court, they dress as well
as they can to try to influence the judge
or jury to come to a verdict that says he
or she is innocent.

Well, at least this disturbing movie SHOWS
this, it shows it in a pretty intelligent way,
although I wonder if every man truly got
the lesson from this flick, as opposed to
just walking out thinking "yup, the good
guy got the good girl in the end and it
was all happy endings' because that's
definitely NOT the point of the film.

The point is that WEAKNESS will
REPEL all women, and that weakness
is not "nice" at all.

What the movie shows at first, are his
MEMORIES of this woman. He keeps on
TORTURING HIMSELF by remembering the
"fun times" they had together.

He keeps seeing her smile in his mind,
he keeps remembering when they got
physical, etc.

And of course, this makes him more and
more sad, depressed, and frustrated!

Then, his best friend tries to help him out,
tries to set him straight, and then TELLS
him something STRAIGHT UP:

"Hey man, whenever she was around us,
and I saw her with you, she was pretty
much a bitch."

I'm paraphrasing, but that's what he said,
in a heartfelt way. His friend is trying
to HELP him, but his friend is also truly
being HONEST.

So what does the guy respond with? He gets
angry at his friend for him saying this.

"How dare his friend say this about his
"great" woman!"

So he tells off his FRIEND, he tells his friend
that this girl was better than his friend's girlfriend!

Does this make any sense? The girl that
dumped him, was better?!

Well, the truth is that unless you are
trained and developed in the ways of
the "force" when it comes to attraction
and inner game, this kind of thing is
very realistic, because what happens
is that our minds play TRICKS on us.

It's the halo effect, in full effect!

Also, good guys are NOTORIOUS for falling
for the "halo effect" because since THEY are
so nice and good themselves, they think that
everyone ELSE is, as well, including these
women, so when you COMBINE that with
the fact these women are GORGEOUS, the

In the film, we see how it's not just that this guy
felt his girlfriend was beautiful, he also felt
she was somehow great, a great person,
a wonderful person, someone he was going
to miss!

He didn't say that his girlfriend was
hotter, he actually said she was "better"!

And yet, this is exactly how many guys
might feel in real life in similar

All because of the HALO EFFECT.

If the guy truly honestly felt that it
was just a woman's looks that were superior
to those of other women, he would not stand
for the abuse.

The problem is that the halo effect makes
a person feel that the beautiful person
is somehow not only superior in looks,
but also in personality and intelligence,
etc., etc.

And this is what millions of guys
experience all the time.

In fact, the memories we trigger when
we are under the halo effect are often

Emotions are insanely powerful things.

We tend to feel first, and then we
rationalize those feelings as being
appropriate feelings. We give reasons
for those feelings, reasons that feel

In reality though, the feelings usually
have nothing to do with the reasons we
give for them! In fact, very often, the
reasons we give for the feelings are not
only wrong, they are horrifyingly wrong,
they are the farthest thing from the truth!

So, for example, because the guy feels
attraction and feels she is good (all
due to the halo effect), he then has
selective memory, to only remember the
good things, no matter how tiny they

Is a smile such a big deal?
Who does not smile ever?
And what the heck is valuable
in a smile, it could be she
is smiling for totally selfish

Not only that, if a guy feels strong
enough about a woman, he may even
create memories that never existed,
he will WARP the past into it being
something more special than it was!

Our brains do this because we think
there is no way that we can feel so
good about something or someone that
was actually NOT good!

Eventually in the movie, he slowly
starts to regain some accuracy in
his memories, and it's no coincidence
that these memories are triggered
only once he regains his self-esteem!

Suddenly then, he starts to remember
all the sick and twisted things she
did to him!

And this brings me to a massive point:

The whole problem in the first place
started because he himself was not
feeling the kind of self-esteem that
every man deserves to experience.

He was doing work that he hated, he
had vague dreams of creating a rock opera
with puppets that he was not putting
into action, and his whole attitude
toward his own life sucked.

The ONLY thing he had going on that
seemed cool was this chick who was an
actress, decently attractive, etc.

And so she became his only source of self-esteem.

Again, not just because of her attractiveness,
but because the HALO effect ALSO made him
view her as smart, noble, good, virtuous,
special, etc. And so having her in his
life made him feel that he was special
by association.

He needed a self-esteem prop so badly
(because he was ignoring his true inner
self which is where self esteem should
really come from) that he was oblivious
to the reality that indeed she was a shallow,
selfish, emotionally and intellectually void

He needed her so badly, only because
his own reservoir of self-esteem was
running on EMPTY.

He had nothing INTERNAL to base his
own self-esteem ON.

And even when his friend was telling
him to get to work on that rock opera,
all he did was say he couldn't because
he was heartbroken.

Yet, by ignoring his self, his own
identity, his own self-esteem plummeted
FURTHER, leaving him even MORE vulnerable
to the halo effect and selective memory
and being desperate for her.

And even when he slept with many women,
it didn't help, because he still felt
empty about himself inside. He still
felt she was the special one, because
for years and years, he had unwittingly
brainwashed himself into believing this!

This is true to life as well, as the
"pick up artist" advice of "just go
sleep with tons of women to forget
the previous woman" doesn't work
any better than a woman who tries
to use the same strategy to forget
a guy.

It's only when he meets another woman
who is emotionally more intelligent
than he is, and understands what is
going on internally with him, that
things begin to slowly change.

This new woman, well her self-esteem
is INTERNALLY driven.

She is not all about having "celebrity
pet care centers" or about being famous
and glitzy, she does not need to have
validation from everyone around her to
be happy, and she doesn't need to be
rewarded for being a good and happy person,
she does it because she FEELS GOOD doing it.

Her own self esteem is SKYROCKETING.

This is an example of what I mean by
a "Great Girl" as opposed to just getting

And she encourages HIM to grow this way
as well. She even devises a sly but loving
method of getting him to FORCE HIMSELF
to take action on his dreams and goals.

All this stuff helps him REALIZE that
what he was REALLY SEARCHING for all
this time was not his ex-girlfriend,

He had LOST HIMSELF before he even MET
the abusive woman, so he was a perfect
target for total destruction for the

And yet all those years he was HAPPY to
be with her, he felt she was the GREATEST
thing that happened to him.

And yet, the new woman, who he is attracted
to massively as well, cannot do MAGIC.

She can only lead the way...

So a certain amount of emotional growing has
to come from HIM and him only. This is his
real mission.

Yet, he at first fails this mission,
because when the ex who dumped
him comes running back to him after her
new boyfriend cheats on her (and after
her new boyfriend can't take her selfish
behavior because it gets in the way of
his own selfish behavior) and after her
TV show gets cancelled, he actually
becomes weak and fools around with her
a bit even though he stops half way
and regrets it horribly.

However, it's still enough damage to cause
the new awesome woman he's met to lose
respect for him.

Which makes sense, because really what
he has done has shown her that his
self-esteem is SO WEAK, that HE IS WEAK.

This is why I HATE it when "nice guys"
get associated with characters like
the guy in the movie.

This guy doesn't lose the initial girl
because he's NICE.

He loses her because he's WEAK internally.

He's too weak to see that he shouldn't
have been with the abusive woman in the
first place and he's too weak to see
that he needs to develop himself INSIDE

This isn't nice.

This isn't good.

It's pathetic.

When a woman says "Are you strong enough
to be my man?", she doesn't mean,
"Are you a bad boy???"

She means, "Are you a good guy and
STRONG about it, are you a good man
who is STRONG about his goodness, or
will he need validation and will he
need to pretend to be a pimp or playa
or over-compensating 'alpha' idiot
who is so scared inside that he can't
even tell the difference between an
amazing woman who treats him well and
a woman that treats him like garbage.

It's only when he FULLY REALIZES and
FULLY GROWS inside, when he become
strong enough to have NO DOUBTS about
what really is important, is he able
to truly win the girl who is beautiful
and a fantastic person as well.

So, this movie was actually a WAKE-UP
call that reminded me that I was lucky
enough to LEARN all this stuff so that
this movie's main character NOW seemed
ABSURD to me.

Don't let yourself be like the guy in
the movie who is so IMMERSED in the
ILLUSIONS that are destroying him, that
FIVE YEARS go by and even his BEST FRIEND
cannot help him when he is pleading and
trying so hard to wake him UP from the insanity.

If YOU want to get the FASTEST PATH
to REDEEMING your PRESENT and to
redeeming your FUTURE with women,so
that you waste NO TIME at all, then
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With this program, you'll CHANGE YOURSELF
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Girls Vs. Getting A Great Woman

There’s a MASSIVE difference between just
"getting girls"and getting a great girlfriend,
a woman who will also be faithful and a true
asset to your life.

In order to get the first one, just getting women
who are attractive to have sex with you, all you
have to do is simply FIND the TYPE of women
who are “looking to have a good time” and then
you just CATER to that.

And the reality is, that today, there are TONS
of women like that.

So, for example, there are nightclubs and
hangouts where the reality is that a certain
percentage of the women who go there are
LOOKING to go home with a guy THAT NIGHT.

On top of this fact, is the ADDITIONAL fact that
these women are getting DRUNK to get RID of
their inhibitions as well, and to get RID of any
logic they may have, all of which makes it even
EASIER for ANY guy to get these women for
the night, the week, etc.

Now, IF a guy goes to such a venue, but he’s
clearly NOT having a good time, then he is
his own worst enemy in such an environment
because the women who are there, especially
the ones looking to go home with some guy
from the place, these women want to PARTY
IT UP and to have sex, the LAST thing they
want is to meet some guy who is going to
be a DOWNER or even worse, who is going
to engage their LOGIC.

And ESPECIALLY in these environments, it’s
important to make it CLEAR very fast that things
are going to go SEXUAL – so the whole body
language, the whole physical contact, all this
stuff has to happen very early on, like almost

If you don’t do this right away, you get
rejected for wasting their time and for
being clueless to what’s going on.

And your whole vibe has to be even MORE
dominant- almost like FAKE SUPERFICIAL
than if you were not in the club type venue-
this is crucial so she can shirk off any feelings
of guilt or inhibitions since YOU by being
dominant are clearly the one who is responsible
here for making it all happen, which helps her
feel good that it’s not HER making it happen-

i.e. also known as you getting rid of her
“anti-slut defence” since you were the one
who made it happen not her, etc, etc, etc.

You made it happen since you were the
one who pulled her into you, you were the
one who kept on smoothly turning her fake
attempts at resistance into nothingness, etc,
etc, etc.

In fact, sometimes, if you wait long enough
near closing time, you don’t even have to
do that, as it’s almost like going to a store
where they say “This store is going out of
business TONIGHT, so everything here
MUST be sold!”

Ok, so that’s ALL there is to know about
getting those types of girls.

I know a lot of guys think that it would be
AWESOME to get these girls, and if you
think that, that’s fine, the good news is
that it’s very easy.

But now for the MAIN point of this newsletter
and for the main point behind GET A GREAT
GIRL in the first place.

The fact is, if you’re looking for a woman
who will be a great girlfriend or future wife,
etc, etc, you need a very DIFFERENT kind
of woman, and you need to be a very
different kind of man- and you need to
find and attract a very different kind
of woman.

Now, there IS a certain level of CONFIDENCE
that is in fact COMMON to attracting ALL types
of women, but that’s about where the similarities

The reality is that, CONTRARY TO WHAT
that will get you the girl home for the night
from the club, etc, will PUSH AWAY the
kind of woman that is seeking something
more meaningful.

The other reality is that quality women who
Would make for a fantastic girlfriend are
RARE than the kinds of women who are
drunk out of their mind looking for a one
night stand, etc, etc.

So rare in fact, that you can start to think
they don’t exist, especially if you hang
out at the pick up artist type hangouts.

Now, a woman who is looking for the
long term, and a woman who is also
going to be faithful, she knows there’s
a LOT on the line here, a lifetime
is on the line in fact, and her most
cherished and safeguarded and
vulnerable emotions---so she’s going
to be inspecting the deal a lot more than
the way a woman who is looking just
for the night will be.

She’s thinking about A LIFE with you-
and that means that your LIFESTYLE,
your PERSONALITY and what it feels
like to be around you on a regular basis
feels like, all THESE things become

And yes, your career affects her perception
of you too, but it’s not like she’s looking
at this from a gold-digger perspective,
absolutely NOT---so don't start thinking
that if you're not daddy warbucks that
somehow the game is over---IT'S NOT.

She just wants to know if there will be
some level of SECURITY at some point
and also if you yourself ENJOY what you do
all day so that you will be the kind of guy that
is in a better mood as well, and also when
you are passionate about something, it makes

If she’s going to be with someone for life,
she wants it to be meaningful and not boring.

This is why having a strong character that
pursues his goals without giving up, that
will not be deterred by ANYTHING, not
even by HER, is ATTRACTIVE.

A MAN who stays on TRACK and doesn’t
let ANYTHING get him off track and doesn’t
let himself get emotionally TAKEN DOWN
by anything, THIS IS VERY COOL AND

It’s even attractive to the one night stand
women, but hardly necessary for that kind
of thing, it’s like having the SATURN V
rocket power to launch a paper airplane.

It’s massive overkill.

Now, once you GET a great woman, it’s
like having the SECRET CODES to the
unlocking anything in the universe, however
if you’re not wise, you won’t realize the
power of what you have.

If you ARE wise, with a great woman at your
side, you are now free to truly become the
greatest man you can be.

You’ll notice that by and large, the most
successful men in the world are NOT
“playboys” for real- especially if they

Why is this?

It’s because in order to become this successful,
you have to be strong enough to see REALITY,
and when you see REALITY, you also see
the reality of people’s CHARACTER pretty

When you know the real character of a woman,
it’s hard to be blinded by the “halo effect” of
beauty. So if the only thing a woman has
going for her is the physical beauty, it won’t
do much for you if you are this kind of man.

Now, SOMETIMES you get men who HAVE
a great woman, and are extremely successful,
and they don’t want to LOSE the great woman,
but they ALSO want to enjoy the other women
out there for what they are- superficial encounters.

So they try to keep this extra-curricular stuff a

The thing is, women are not stupid, especially
not a great woman.

So she ends up finding out the truth, and that’s
the beginning of the end of that guy.

Because now, he will LOSE this great woman,
and without her, all the other women are pretty
much worth NOTHING, because his REAL
NEEDS, the combination of sexual and
emotional, could only be met by HER.

And now, without this great woman, he starts
to show POOR performance in the rest of his
life, because he can’t FOCUS.

I really don’t need to mention names here, and
I don’t want to, because I know it’s not always
easy to do the right thing, and I mean the right
thing not just in a moral sense, but in the sense
of being WISE even for yourself.

Countless celebrities, actors, athletes, have
originally met a great woman, and they stayed
on track and focused, and were able to channel
their energy and abilities to take them to great
heights of achievement.

Then, they started screwing around with other
women, which then destroyed the relationship
with the great woman, and that then destroyed
their internal balance and emotional strength,
and they then went downhill in terms of
their ability to be great in LIFE.

The opposite is true as well, in the cases of
men who met a great woman and stayed
loyal, their success in LIFE usually
skyrocketed as well.

Rather than point to the negative, here are some
examples of men who didn’t screw around, but
could have easily- and notice that they had or
still have CONSISTENT level of success:

Jon Bon Jovi

Dr. Phil

Will Smith

Ronald Reagan

I don’t even watch Dr. Phil, but it’s clear the
man is an INDUSTRY. He also has stated that
his wife when she first met him, he was not a
big shot at all, but she BELIEVED in him.

Jon Bon Jovi is known for his good values, and his
band has sold over 120 MILLION albums,
and the guy has stayed away from the whole
drug scene even though he’s a rock star.

Reagan was known for wanting to spend his
off time in his garden and with Nancy, rather
than wanting to have affairs with other women.

Regardless of your politics, the fact remains
that Reagan was one of the most loved presidents
in U.S. history, who made people feel proud
and dignified even during economic hardships,
and the Cold War was also ended in his era.

Will Smith has definitely stated how important
it is to him be a good role model for his kids,
and he has not disappointed in that arena. Is
it a coincidence that he is has been consistently
one of the top box-office performers in the

Somehow, I don’t think any of these guys would
have been signing up to get drunk women at clubs.

So if you’re looking to get a great girl that’s
part of the formula for great success in life,

I suggest you immediately download my book,

‘Get A Great Girl’ at:

To find out about ALL my programs on
meeting, attracting, and KEEPING a great
woman, go to:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kick-Ass Advice For Attracting A "10"

Get ready for some KICK-ASS advice
for attracting a true '10'-
no long intros, let’s just dig in!

First, is the exact mental FRAME you
must adopt when it comes to approaching

I’m going to get into details below,
but first the actual PRINCIPLES are:





The best frame to adopt when it comes to
approaching women who are total strangers,
is that it’s never the MAIN focus of the

It could be PART of your activity, i.e. going
to a party, going shopping, getting groceries,
going to the post office, bank, on your way
to work, etc.

But it shouldn’t be the MAIN focus.

When it's the MAIN focus, you start to
you get too analytical, and this shuts down
your EXPRESSIVE fun mode.

In fact, in my bootcamps, I make sure
to consistently keep guys in EXPRESSIVE
mode, like TALKING, rather than just
"taking IN and being INTERNAL mode."

There is a time in the conversation for
becoming more into listening mode,
absolutely, but for STARTING THINGS
OFF you have to be GIVING OFF
MODE, also known as EXTROVERT

If you're more of an introvert like myself,
this was pretty tough at first, until I realized
that actually being in extrovert mode is
FUN, and it's only tough because we
aren't FAMILIAR with it.

The reality is that even if you are a massive
introvert, you can get into extrovert mode-
some of the GREATEST performers of
all time that seem like total extroverts
are in fact massive introverts- because
they take all that internal energy that
is bottled up and have learned to
channel it outward into something

When you're reading a book, you're in
INTERNAL mode, you're sitting there
TAKING THINGS IN, but not really
giving things OUT.

When you approach a woman, you have
to NOT be in INTERNAL MODE, but
rather you have to be in EXPRESSIVE
mode, giving outward.

So make approaching women something
that is incorporated into your regular
life, as part of your daily routine
while shopping, doing chores, etc,
so that when you see a woman,
you were not THINKING about
it too much beforehand, because
you were focused on the other
actions you were doing at the
moment until you SAW her--
and then when you see her
you should act IMMEDIATELY
so you have no time to
THINK about it -- no time
to get into your own head
and become internal.

In fact, EXPRESS whatever is
it what she's wearing that you
noticed that's funny or interesting,
or something she's doing, or something
about the SITUATION or environment.

And EXPRESS it immediately, don't
THINK and analyze -- or it will ruin
the expressive STATE of mind that
automatically makes you do so
many things RIGHT in an interaction
with a woman.

The expressive state improves your
delivery of what you say, it even
helps you come up of better things
to say in the MOMENT without
thinking- it's like an INSTINCT
that guides you in the blink of
an eye, before you even have
time to THINK about it.

In my bootcamps, I KEEP things in
which makes it easy to transition into
successfully opening up emotionally
compelling and fun conversations with
women who are total strangers.

The other cool thing about being in
this state is that not only do you
get her attention in a much better
way, but state is both self-reinforcing
and CATCHY as well!

So, once you yourself enter "fun expressive state",
you actually FEED that state even more to yourself,
because emotions are addictive- feel the right
ones and get a positive addiction for life!

AND, emotional states are catchy, so you
now make her MORE fun as well, and
more likely to get into a more talkative
state with you!

Attracting women is really about you connecting
to her who you actually ARE-- but most guys
make the mistake of thinking the way to
connect this to her is through a list of traits
that you SAY to her.

The real way is to connect who you ARE is to
connect your EMOTIONAL STATES that
your AWESOME emotional states, that is.

Emotional states that are a combination of upbeat,
dominant, sexual, and fun.

When you think of a person, the reality is that
you think of the way that person makes you FEEL.

This all happens on a subconscious level.

Telling a woman a list of good traits about
yourself isn’t the first thing to do when
meeting a woman- unless of course, it
comes WITH the delivery of you being
in a state that is a combination of sexual,
upbeat, dominant, and fun.

So when you don’t make the main focus
of your activity the actual approaching of
women, but rather make it a PART of the
activity, you’re far more likely to be
OUTSIDE your head than IN it,
ESPECIALLY if you are doing something
you already enjoy or if you are just in a
great state already.

For PROOF of this, just look at the way
some women who are REALLY attractive

It’s absolutely clear that no woman who is
ATTRACTIVE needs to go to a club to
meet guys. A woman who is attractive
gets TONS of attention and if she wanted
to turn that attention into something, she
could do that easily anywhere, she doesn’t
have to go to a club to get it.

However, that doesn’t mean a woman WON’T
meet a guy at a club- but notice the mental
FOCUS- it’s a focus that actually GUYS should
adopt as well, and this doesn’t just mean at a club.

So for example, just like a woman really
IS enjoying the music at a club, she really
DOES go with her friends, she really DOES
enjoy dressing up, and she really DOES
enjoy socializing, and yes, it’s also fun
for her to meet guys, but it’s TOTALLY
not the ONLY focus.

And this makes the women even MORE
desirable, since they seem so NOT needy.

Well, even though as men, we have to do the
approaching, that doesn’t mean in any way,
shape or form that somehow just because you
approach her it has to mean that this is the focus
of your day, hour, or evening.

Here’s the first key for how to do it RIGHT:


Be in the REAL MOMENT- so for example,
if you are at the bank and there is a woman in
front of you, or beside you, or at the store, or
at the club, or lounge, well in that MOMENT
that you see the opportunity, SAY something

This way you aren’t THINKING too much ahead.
And you aren’t “in your head.”

By NOT allowing yourself to think about it
too much, you are AUTOMATICALLY
going to say it RIGHT,in the right delivery,
your tonality will REFLECT that you are
not obsessed with this activity of meeting
women, which will in turn make you
come across as cooler.

Even a comment that you think is not that
brilliant will be FAR better if you say it
IMMEDIATELY than if you think about
something brilliant for ten minutes and
THEN approach her.

Not only will the DELIVERY be natural
and spontaneous, but also there is actually
huge evidence that the first thing that
comes to mind is often GREAT and
better than what you would come up
with in trying to develop the perfect
pick up line for ten hours. (For more
evidence on this, just read BLINK
by Malcolm Gladwell).


Use empowering music.
Workouts release endorphins.

And of course, adjust your OWN tonality
vocally, and notice how THIS changes your
state as well, I get into more details on this
in my materials.

Do all this BEFORE you go out.

You will convey your emotional state to a woman,
that’s a fact- she will sense it through your body
language and vocal tonality and tons of subtle things
in your demeanor and expression.

So make sure you are conveying the RIGHT
combination of states.

So this whole point here had a few points:




So no more trying to “be a pick up artist”,
INSTEAD, make meeting women a PART
of your activity.

When you are too focused on the
ACTIVITY of approaching a woman, you
become SELF-CONSCIOUS of how you
are “performing.”

You start to THINK too much.

You start to get critical on yourself.

You lose the ability to be spontaneous, because
you have been THINKING about approaching
women for a while, i.e. a half hour before you
even FIND a woman you want to approach.

All that time, there has been that internal
CHATTERBOX in your head talking, telling
you all kind of self-doubts, and getting out
of the entire “rhythm” of your natural state
when you aren’t thinking.

You get too inside your own head, and now
you feel like a robot having to go through
some act and force yourself to say something, etc.

So no more of that, instead you’re going to
make it a PART of things, you’re going to
take action IMMEDIATELY upon seeing
her, and you’re not going to step outside
until you are in STATE.


By the way, these things have applications
to attracting a woman far beyond just the
initial approach, for example when you
are in STATE you see things PROPERLY.

So for example, a guy who is feeling NEEDY
will feel all obsessed with some ex-girlfriend
who didn't even treat him right, especially if
he hears she is going out with some guy.

However, a guy who is NOT feeling needy
might actually feel FLATTERED because
he thinks to himself “She is trying so hard
to get over me, poor thing I hope she finds

Similarly, jealousy is nothing but social
proof- and what I mean by that is that
if we feel jealousy that some woman
is interested in some other guy, what
we’re really saying to ourselves is that
we think that guy has more value than
US- all because we place so much
value on the WOMAN, that whoever
she LIKES, we then think must have
SO MUCH VALUE, that's why we
wanted her to like US- so WE would
feel validated!!!

It’s not even about the GIRL anymore,
it’s about what we think of OURSELVES.

So for example, if a woman we like is going
out with GROVER from Sesame Street,
we won’t feel jealous, right? Or if she is
going out with Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

It’s all about our OWN self-concept that
affects the way we feel.

And the way we feel MASSIVELY affects the
way we BEHAVE with women, and these
behaviors can either be ATTRACTIVE

The behaviors that are consistent with a man
who feels he has MASSIVE worth, are the
behaviors that are actually ATTRACTIVE
as well.

So let’s review:





Finally, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of
confusion out there about whether women
are actually attracted to guys who are funny,
or are they just laughing at them like they
are clowns.

So, that brings us to the point of:


The reality is that if you think about
rock stars, and famous celebrities, a
lot of them aren’t particularly known
for being FUNNY. And yet it seems
they get tons of women.

Some people think this is proof that
being funny is NOT important, and
in fact, that it can make you seem like
a clown.

Some people also think that being
funny makes you reveal too much
about yourself, leaving no mystery
behind for her to wonder about and
be intrigued by.

Well, anyone who says that being funny
is harmful or who says it’s not helpful,

The truth is that being FUNNY in and of
ITSELF is often not a SEXUAL thing,
although it CAN be, (more on that later),
but what it IS, that can be VERY important
is this:

who is a total stranger, and it’s on the street,
or a coffee shop, or a bus or train, there is a
bit TOO MUCH mystery going on!

She has NO CLUE of whether you are a psycho,
whether you are some winner or loser, or
anything about you.

This is especially relevant when you
meet a woman in a place that is not
a normal place for socializing.

So at this STARTING point, you need
to take her EMOTIONS off of FEAR
and off of CAUTION and into the
receptive zone where she is disarmed
and in a good state of mind for listening
to you.

Guess what is a GREAT tool for doing that?


See, one of the great elements of meeting
a woman who is a knockout and who is
a total stranger is getting over the obstacle
in her mind that says “I don’t talk to strangers”.

You can’t always go straight into ATTRACTION,
because she has her guard up against strangers,
especially if she is attractive.

Before you can get a woman ATTRACTED,
you need to be able to get her to lower her
GUARD so she will even be RECEPTIVE
to you at all in the first place, otherwise
you will be blocked out from her mind
before you can even start.

Now, if you are a famous rock star, or a
famous celebrity, actor, etc, you ALREADY
have taken care of the “I’m not a psycho”
factor, since in many ways you are already
ESTABLISHED in her mind with a positive
association already, so if you are a rock
star or celebrity, etc, there is no need to
have to BREAK THE ICE with her.

The ice is already broken, so to speak.

But if you are a regular guy like me, well
you have to have SKILLS developed.

So, getting her LAUGHING early on is
a GREAT way to DIMINISH the “fear

Now, at the same time, there is an

You don’t want to be too much of a stranger,
but you ALSO don’t want to go into the
land of being a CLOWN who is just
trying to entertain her like some inferior.

This in fact, was something I sensed instinctively,
even when I was first starting out, I always hated
the idea of learning magic tricks or jokes or routines
to try to get a woman’s attention.

I just knew it was all screwed up, it even
FELT wrong, like I was being this subservient
court jester to women.

I knew this even though all around me at the
time the supposed experts on meeting
women insisted it’s all about learning “routines”
to get women laughing and in fact they said
that veering off the routines was an absolute
no-no. I was against all this stuff since day
one, and it’s clear from my very first book,
“The Dating Wizard.”

The REAL solution is to HAVE the skill of
HUMOR and give her just a TASTE of it,
enough to lower her “anti-guy” defenses.

Just enough so she can sample your awesome
personality and you can break the ice.

to get the job done.

Then go right into being THE MAN, dominant,
confident, laid back, intriguing, and MYSTERIOUS.

This gets back to what I was saying before
about MINIMUM GAME is the MOST

Quick Review:






Always use the LEAST amount required,
as it makes you seem mysterious and she
gets to have to now IMAGINE all that
you have NOT told her, she now has to
IMAGINE herself about you- and her
IMAGINATION is much better than
anything that ANYONE could come
up with in reality- so this way SHE
is making herself FALL IN LOVE

The other awesome thing about this is
that with this minimum game, you also
seem like a great guy as well, since
you’re not talking so much about yourself
and not seeming arrogant.

In fact, even when you do talk to women,
I suggest that you keep the conversation
about INTRIGUING THINGS and about
HER, yes- her talking about herself, but
not about YOURSELF.

Let HER wonder who you are and what
mysteries there are about you.

Let HER ask YOU about yourself, because

So there IS a place for being funny, when
done RIGHT, and in the right AMOUNT.

Also, and this is slightly more advanced,
there is a way that HUMOR can very
much be used in a way that IS attractive
even in and of itself- but most people
don’t understand how to use it this way.

The key is to use humor to convey POWER.

If you just go around trying to show off, or
you try to just say cool things about yourself,
you seem the OPPOSITE of powerful, you
seem insecure. That’s because we’ve all
seen people do this a million times before,
and it’s too easy, and we get bored and
desensitized by it.

However, it’s impossible to get “desensitized”
if the statement comes with an EMOTIONAL
IMPACT- and laughter is definitely an emotion
that adds IMPACT. Advertisers know this,
and use it to the tune of billions of dollars
a year.

So, for example, the funny yet COOL line in
the movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”:

When Princess Leia tells Han Solo before
he is about to be frozen in carbonite, she
tells him, “I love you”-

And his response to her, even in the middle
of this STRESS and tension, is…“I know”.

That’s being THE MAN!

He doesn’t get all mushy and say “I love you”
back, he says, “I know”.

This is not only FUNNY, it also shows MASSIVE
confidence, and also shows that he can handle
this crazy stressful moment of not even
knowing if he will survive the freezing.

Here's another example of this confidence, all
without being a jerk, just being charismatic.

Notice his sarcastic use of  "your worship" and notice
how he doesn't get OFFENDED by her "insult" but

That's because as I said at the top of this article,
when you're not feeling needy, you actually
see the TRUTH about things, and he actually
sees that all she is saying is just a mask
for how she actually is very much

kind of charisma with ATTRACTION.

And what you’ve just read, even though it’s been
jam-packed with powerful advice, is just the TIP
of the ICEBERG.

To get the FULL picture on this and OTHER
crucial topics for ensuring SUCCESS when
you approach the knockout of your dreams,
I suggest you get my ADVANCED program

This program is the CREAM OF THE CROP
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Secret To Approaching Women Successfully

If you want to approach a woman who is a knockout,
and who is a complete stranger, and you want to
do this successfully, then you need to FORGET
just about everything you ever learned about
meeting and attracting women.

So let me ask you:
Are you ready for something BIG?

Hold on tight, because here it comes:

The REAL TRUTH that no one talks about…
because it doesn’t sound “commercial”, is that
approaching a woman who is a knockout, and
who is a total stranger, involves a MAJOR

This is not an exaggeration, it’s probably
the single greatest secret to successfully
approaching a woman who is a knockout
and who is a total stranger, and NO GURU
has ever talked about this.

So this is definitely a MASSIVE secret.

And I’m about to GIVE this secret to you.
No games, no gimmicks.

In fact, I’m going to GIVE IT TO YOU RIGHT HERE.

The secret to getting a woman fascinated with
you and wanting to give you her number and go
out with you, has to do with doing the
ABSOLUTE MINIMUM amount of talking

So when we get BOMBARDED by supposed
“gurus” and experts telling us about their ENDLESS
tactics and what usually amounts to over-simplifications
(i.e. “knock her off her pedestal with this special
back-handed compliment/insult” or the other extreme
of “buy her roses and show her how nice you are”,
or “try my new special latest tactic” gimmick),
we can be sure that the woman KNOWS what we
are doing, and therefore that this is going to make
us look “try-hard”.

“Try-Hard” simply means that to the woman we’re
talking to and doing all these “song and dance” moves
for, she sees it as us trying desperately hard to be
someone we’re NOT, and it actually PUSHES HER

You might be wondering, then, if doing a LOT is bad,
and doing the LEAST required is good, then HOW
exactly do we do this “least”, or what I like to call
“EFFICIENCY” style approach?

THIS is the whole skill and art of approaching women
and attracting them.

Don’t mistake “minimum” and “efficiency” for being
LESS of a skill, or LESS powerful.

Think about it, the GREATEST masters of most skills
and arts, actually make it look simple.

A great martial artist doesn’t do a flashy show, he
gets the job done efficiently and in a way that
almost looks like NOTHING happened. That’s
because there is absolute efficiency of movement
and effective strategy, so that nothing is wasted
or extra. So it all gets done swiftly and effectively.

It’s the same with masters of almost any skill-
they do only what works, nothing that doesn’t.

Well, when it comes to attracting a woman, it’s
the same thing- and let me give you just a FEW
of the benefits of mastering the “MINIMUM GAME”
style approach:

*By doing the LEAST amount required to attract
her and get the job done, you’ve left a ton of room
for her to feel INTRIGUED about you, to make you

*By doing the MINIMIUM, you also don’t seem
like a guy who needs to talk a lot and therefore
you don’t seem arrogant.  This makes you
stand out MASSIVELY to a woman because
99% of other guys are all showing off
and it looks insecure on their part.

*You ALSO seem more “cool” because you’re
not trying hard, so not only are you seeming humble,
and not arrogant, but you also strike the perfect
balance of showing charisma and self-confidence.

Imagine coming across as a man who is a true hero-
cool, yet not arrogant. This is like her having a
Harlequin romance novel come to life- with YOU
as her hero!

*This approach also forces HER to do more of the
work in CHASING you!

This is because you are doing only the minimum
required for getting her “activated” and turned on
toward you- and I promise you, the more attractive
a woman is, the MORE she wants to be the one
who is chasing you and not the other way around.

And those are just a FEW of the massive benefits of this
“efficiency” style approach.

If you'd like to learn the FULL picture on these
strategies, as well as how to obliterate approach
anxiety and how to attract a fantastic woman so that
she is CRAZY about you, I suggest you go HERE

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Michael Marks