Friday, November 26, 2010

Flood Her Emotional Receptors

A ton of great stuff to get into today on attracting the women
most guys would sell their own mom to get!!!!

Let's dive right in:


Hope all is well good sir! I was wondering
in your email you gave an example of how
to approach a female. Now let’s just say if
she is really rude or nasty or just ignores
you and you feel like you made a public fool
of yourself.

What mental tactics can you play in your mind
to get you over that hurt feeling? And how did
you handle a rude female who exploded on you
even if you were being a gentlemen/ the MAN?

Jimmy B.

Austin, TX


Thanks for your email! The BIGGEST thing here
is put the RIGHT FRAME onto this, and the
RIGHT FRAME is a combo of:

1. It’s ALL FUN.


3. Use EVERYTHING in your environment
to your advantage.

And the point of 1-3?


When you are having fun, you show
that you are living in YOUR reality,
not hers, and that shows power and
dominance, and to be perfectly honest,
it also makes her feel MORE AT EASE

By doing it for your own sense of fun,
you actually take off the pressure
from her, which removes her resistance!

She can't resist what is an ABSENCE
of force!

More on this later when we get to
the little chat about "jerks".

Also, not ejecting shows a lot of
balls and self-belief.

Using everything in your environment
provides you with infinite ways of
showing just how much of the man
you really ARE.

Now, I remember the FEAR of approaching
women when I first started out, and the
truth is that the FEAR is much worse than
the actual REALITY even if she DOES get
pissed off!

I would feel MUCH WORSE if I did NOT
approach a woman than if I DID approach.

Even the WORST INSULT from actually
APPROACHING was way better than the
feeling of giving into fear and NOT approaching.

When I didn’t approach, I would feel HORRIBLE
with regret for HOURS, sometimes for DAYS.

And it almost never happens by the way, that a
woman really is ever really nasty or rude, but
yeah, in very RARE occasions it happens.

And when YOU know that you got over your
own fear by actually GOING THROUGH with
the entire approach and pushing yourself
through it, you often feel a natural HIGH
from overcoming your own internal obstacles,
that you really GENUINELY don’t care that
she got upset!

And THIS attitude is what actually ATTRACTS
and often changes the situation around!

All this kind of behavior FLOODS
a woman's emotional receptors,
making her feel ALIVE and making
her want to be PART of you.

Let me illustrate this with something
that happened during one bootcamp:

A client I was with asked me, while we
were on a subway train platform, if I could
approach this striking woman who was
about halfway down the platform.

So I rolled up to her, I don’t even remember
exactly what I said, it was something playful,
but she just didn’t reply---so in my mind, I
didn’t think this had anything to do with ME.

That’s the first step:



So I spoke LOUDER!

This time, I got a lukewarm response, she
just wasn’t being very talkative at all or
giving me much energy to work with.

Now, at this point, the train doors opened.
So I figured “I’ll let this one go, no problem,
there are other girls on this train.”

I immediately plopped down into a seat
across from another girl, even more
striking than the first one, and started
a playful conversation. The theme
was about how I was all for independent
women, in fact I wanted a woman who
not only worked and made a lot of money
but also took care of the home stuff too!

The playful angle was that I felt women
should do it ALL while I enjoy watching

Now THIS woman started eating it up,
getting right into it, saying that she liked
the fact I was cool with women being
empowered, but she said (playfully)
that it’s not fair that I get to stay on
the couch watching TV all day-
to which I told her “Hey, don’t ruin
this it was going so well! I’m gonna
have to divorce you and take half
your money! And how about the

Now, this girl is laughing and having a blast,
and guess what?

Girl number 1 from the platform is suddenly
taking a keen interest, and even though
girl number 1 is sitting FAR AWAY, she
her point of view!!!

(the thought of losing a guy, the thought that
this OTHER girl is gonna get the guy, the
fact there is a whole SCENE on the train,
etc, etc!)


She starts actually GETTING INTO THIS WHOLE
DISCUSSION, and if anything SHE looks “weird”
now to the rest of the people on the train!!

When a woman is feeling EMOTION,
nothing else MATTERS.

Nothing else matters because emotions
make her feel more ALIVE than anything
ELSE. In fact, they are the ONLY thing
that makes her FEEL ALIVE.

Everything else, she might as well be asleep.

When she’s feeling emotions, she’ll even
do things EMBARRASING to herself, she’ll
even PUSH to do embarrassing things to
herself if she thinks it will lead to MORE
of these emotions that are so much powerful
than her feelings of what most OTHER people
think of her – she just cares what YOU think
of her!

Add to this, the fact that since she’s gorgeous,
she’s got the kind of confidence that often comes
with it and doesn’t care what most people think,
especially when it comes to her getting the man
that she WANTS!

So what happened here???

What happened was that:

1. I never allowed ANY of the initial interaction
to get SERIOUS. This was MY WORLD that
I was allowing girls into, and in MY WORLD,
the number ONE priority is HAVING AN

So, when the first girl didn’t seem to understand
or “get it” or “like it” or whatever, I didn’t feel that
this had much to do with ME.

I also didn’t feel like my happiness depended on it.

2. I PUSHED AHEAD even though I got no
reply the first time.

This indicated that I was NOT the kind of guy
who MELTED at the first sign of not getting
APPROVAL from her.

I didn’t NEED her approval, and in fact I
actually wanted to GIVE and not TAKE
here, I didn’t feel like I wanted to “get”
or “take” her approval of me.

was feeling within.

3. I also ended up using the tactic of
“SOCIAL PROOF” in a very genuine way.

When girl number ONE saw girl number TWO
having a great time chatting with me, suddenly
a SWITCH got pulled in girl number ONE’S mind:

Girl number one on a primal level now felt
that it’s OKAY to talk to this total stranger,
WOMAN felt it was fine to do.

Girl number one no longer had to worry
about feeling like she was “weird” if she
talked to a total stranger, and also girl
number one probably also felt more
attraction now as well, because girl number
two was “proof” that I had attraction value.

Was I looking to use girl number two
to get girl number one? NOPE.

In fact, I couldn’t care all that much about
getting EITHER girl to be honest!!!!!!!!!!!

It was FUN, but not SERIOUS to my sense
of “I’m cool” or “If I don’t get her then I’m not

And THAT inner strength actually SHOWS
on your EXTERIOR as well- it shows in
your tonality, your body language, your
expression on your face.

Girl number TWO was probably more confident
than girl number ONE, and girl number TWO
got “confidence” THROUGH girl number one
and also got more attracted through the
‘social proof’ that girl number two was
giving me.

So this is where PERSISTENCE MIXED

At this point, I got my client into the conversation,
and what’s interesting is that now I was providing
social proof for my client, making the conversation
go even smoother.

All this was cool to witness up close in person
and provided a very valuable learning lesson.

One of the most IMPORTANT lessons here

He who DARES with approaching women WINS.

It is ATTRACTIVE to see a man who believes
in himself so much that he is not in the slightest
shaken up by what a woman says or does.

I’m reminded of a great scene in 'Goodfellas’
where Ray Liotta’s character comes back home
late. As he’s rolling up the driveway in his car
with the top down, his wife as well as his wife’s
mother are YELLING LIKE NUTS at him.

For a moment, he just lets them do their thing.
Then, without leaving the car, he just starts
LAUGHING and pulls right out of the driveway,
and drives off happy as can be.

So, this way, he’s in a great state.

They get time to cool off.

He appears even cooler by not having
to yell and scream back at them.

It’s also ATTRACTIVE when a man PERSISTS,
not in a NEEDY way, but in a confident way.

So, trying forever to get the same girl, that’s
NEEDY. But being able to MOVE ON and
get ANOTHER girl, THAT’S confidence.

A woman SENSES on a deep subconscious
level that this kind of man is GOING PLACES
IN THIS WORLD. He’s moving UP.


But she’s not consciously THINKING this.
She just feels, “This guy is a MAN”.
“A man that I WANT.”


So for example, you can chat to OTHER
women, you can also DISARM women
with humor. This is one of my favorite
things to do with my “Disarm and Charm”

If a woman is being resistant, sometimes
it has nothing to do with her not being
attracted- sometimes it’s just a matter
of TRUST, after all you are a total
stranger and she’s not sure who the
heck you are.

So if a woman for example says something
like “Do you do this to all the women in
the store???” then if I sense from her tone
of voice that she is just being difficult for
fun, then I might say “Only women who
look like they could use a great conversation”
to which they often reply “Do I look like
I could use a great conversation?”

And to that I’ll say “I bet it’s REALLY RARE
for you to meet a guy that can actually be
fun, challenging, and still have a meaningful
connection, right?”

And the crazy thing is that I’m always
RIGHT about this, and their answer is

Now, if I sense a woman is being genuinely
cautious, then I won’t use humor, I’ll just
be straightforward and say “I just wanted
to say hi and see if you might be an
interesting person inside as well.”

Another time, these two girls were
chatting with each other at a food
court, and I think one of them had
broken up with some guy or something
and she was pouring out her guts to
her friend.

At the time, years ago, I didn’t understand
the power of CALIBRATING (finely tuning
and adjusting your approach for the specifics
of the situation), and I was influenced by the
arrogant pick up artist tactics, and when she
said “She’s been through a lot, and she just
wants privacy.”

I said something insensitive, which REALLY
pissed her off, and then she stands up
and tells me she’s gonna call security.

And what did I say in response to THAT?

Well, at least I was in the playful state of
mind when I said:

“Tell me how you REALLY feel!!”

Honestly, I was LAUGHING to myself,
and this was definitely by FAR one of
the WORST situations EVER.


And in middle of an ENTIRE FOOD COURT??

And even THEN, back then many years
ago, I STILL marched on, to ANOTHER
table, and started a chat with two OTHER
girls, one of them was just INSANELY
GORGEOUS and the other was still
a decent contender, and within MINUTES
my client and I were in a great conversation,
and soon we started getting into deeper
connection with the girls:

For example, chatting about their hobbies
and future goals, we got well beyond just
the laughing stuff, and walked away with
BOTH their numbers.

All on the very same food court as the woman
who was going to call security!!!!

THAT’S the kind of attitude you want to
not only HAVE but also SHOW.

In some ways, over the years, I’m more
proud of these rare CRAZY situations
because you learn a LOT from them
including just how much BIGGER you
can be than these situations, which
if you look at it honestly, really ARE

Another time, with a client on bootcamp,
we were at a club, which I don’t think is
as good as a food court or bookstore
for meeting quality women, but it’s still
a place to practice.

We were on a patio on the roof of the club,
and these two knockouts there, and I
started chatting with one of the girls
and the other girl starts saying “It’s
my friend’s birthday and we’re supposed
to just spend time together”, etc, etc.

And I just playfully kept it going, because
I knew that in a club, playful is easy and
key, even though her friend INSISTED
that this girl would NOT talk to me.

Finally, after about FOUR MINUTES of
me not giving in, the ‘birthday girl’ who
was not supposed to talk to me, ended
up actually breaking free from her friend
and her first words were:

“Oh my god! You’re so RUDE!!!

And she comes OVER and embraces me!!

Needless to say, there was no competition
after that, how many guys would gladly
EMBRACE so much resistance????

The trick is to EMBRACE it all and have
MORE fun with that than if it was going

By the way, this has nothing to do with

Here’s a few more things to keep in mind:

Realize that it's not always so easy being
an attractive woman in public, because a
lot of guys unfortunately have no class
and just ogle and don't do the whole approach
in a classy way, so these women have to
develop a bit of a "cold front" sometimes to
ward off most men.

Again, more evidence that it’s not PERSONAL.

She has no idea who I am, who you are, and
she is just generalizing about guys.

The other thing is that I became desensitized to
this kind of thing from doing it so much, so the
honest truth is that I would find it FUNNY if a
woman ignored me, because it's actually kind
of funny knowing that a woman DID hear me
but is just pretending she didn't, when I know
in fact I'm a good guy!!!! :)

So it's important to LOOK for the FUNNY
stuff that is ALWAYS there in these situations
if you just look hard enough. You’ll find that
this perspective EMPOWERS you.

I also always ask myself, in a very constructive
way, "Hmmm….how can I have improved that
approach???" because I am an obsessive
type of guy, and I always am interested in
learning how I could have made it HARDER
for her to ignore me or be nasty, etc.

I really DO enjoy the very science of this whole
topic, so it is interesting for me to actually
use these kinds of situations to learn the most
from, as when things do not go perfectly I can
often learn more from those situations than when
they go perfectly.

Finally, it's also very possible that a woman
already has a boyfriend, and this is her way
of showing respect to her boyfriend by being
a bit of a beeeeyottch to all other guys, which
is kind of cool too :) It means she is very

Hope that helps!


Have you read or heard of the book
'I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell' and
'***holes Finish First'? I just came
across them in the bookstore the other

Basically, the guy is a complete ***hole
and has no apologies about it and with
his New York Times BestSeller list status,
dozens of women email him every day
wanting to hook up with him.

One might argue it is the fame, not the
***holeness that is attracting these women
in droves, but he got to be famous by first
being an ***hole.

If you would be so kind, would you mind
breaking down this phenomenon for us in
a future newsletter?

Carl R.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Ahh, the ever popular “DO JERKS REALLY

I’ll answer this one easily:

The only reason why JERKS often get
results with women has nothing to do
with being a JERK, it has to do with
SELF-LOVE, and this is something
that good guys MUST learn.

I wish I had learned this back in high school:


There are two kinds of jerks:

The SICK ones who really hate themselves and
go out of their way to make life difficult for others.

That is NOT attractive at ALL.

It’s REPULSIVE as hell.

Then there are the other kind of jerks:

The guys who don’t give a RAT’S ASS
about political correctness, about following
every single boring social norm just to fit in, etc.

They care far more about what THEY think,
and they care far more about having FUN.

They don’t care for society’s rules that say
you should not be so sexual.

They don’t care for being enslaved to boring
clothing, boring jobs, boring food, or boring

They don’t feel the need to CENSOR their
PASSION for all things they ENJOY.

They are "SELFISH" and go for what they
want in an OBVIOUS way, they don’t hide
it like most people do.

Everyone is selfish, they just don't HIDE it.
And often these "jerks" end up actually being
STUFF, in the sense that they DO give
to others, but they make sure to love
THEMSELVES, and the truth is
everyone should do this.

When you love yourself, you can love
others better too.  When you feel you
are of value, you feel you can GIVE
value to others as well.  You also don't
feel NEEDY since you already feel
you have value, so you don't need
to force a woman to do anything,
since you already feel great!
So, when a woman sees a guy like that,
it’s a TURN ON for so MANY reasons:

For one thing, deep down she
WANTS to be that way too!!!

She wants to release her sexuality.
She wants to laugh.
She wants to be excited.
She wants to FEEL ALIVE.

And since women are MORE pressured to
fit in and be “nice” compared to men, women
end up often being more REPRESSED.

And with more repression, comes MORE

So, along comes Mr. Jerk who says

So now, this guy is giving her TONS of emotions
from his OWN lifestyle, PLUS he is giving her
the RARE emotion of being CHALLENGED
since most guys are so WEAK in terms of
how they feel in front of women, that THIS
challenging guy is the guy who gives her
ALL the emotions she craves!!!

So, ANY guy can be like this, it’s NOT
about being a jerk.

The problem is that POWER corrupts,
and when jerks see that they can get
so much leverage over women with this,
they often start to take women for granted,
and start to be inconsiderate, and then
of course they LOSE these girls over
the long term.

So the jerkiness is not attractive long term.
And the attractive things that jerks do are
not the JERKY things! They are the things
that involve THE COURAGE to REBEL

And this is why, if you are a GOOD GUY
then you will truly RULE when it comes
to women, because it is SO RARE for
a woman to find a guy with this kind
of courage AND integrity.


Hey Michael,

I love the idea you mentioned of how
the brain is a sexual tool because its
creativity is attractive to women.

Can you give us any tips on being more
creative in our interactions with women?

Danny M.

Leeds, UK

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thanks for your question- absolutely,
as Denis Dutton has pointed out in his
Darwinian theory of beauty, the whole
point of being able to create emotional
impact through anything like comedy,
drama, music, or any other form of
skill or art, is actually to attract the
opposite sex.

It’s not necessary for most of survival
from the elements or for getting food-
rather, the brain is an ENORMOUSLY
that definitely IS appealing to women

Obviously, I can’t explain the entire
range of emotional impacts that you
can create and how to create them
in one email, but here’s one quick
tip you can apply RIGHT AWAY:

Any time you see a MEDIA sign or
commercial, etc, with a catchphrase
like “Just do it” or “Harvey’s makes
your hamburger a beautiful thing”
try to come up with SEVEN DIFFERENT

Trust me, there is genius to this, it’s
just one of the many great ideas that
came up in the Warrior Within program.

(This actually came from a guest who
attended Warrior Within, he is a true
success story who used the Get A Great Girl
materials to go from not being able to even
approach women at all, to being able to
spontaneously attract women ANYWHERE.)

Companies spend BILLIONS of dollars
a year devising these slogans and
campaigns, because they are

Practicing coming up with seven different
ways of saying these things will sharpen
your creative skills, especially your

Try to make the seven different ways
of saying these things as full of visual
imagery, and dramatic or comedic effect
as possible.

And if you want to get the FULL PICTURE
on attracting the very BEST women, then
I suggest you take advantage of my

This program will show you how to develop
the charisma and confidence on a DEEP
level to not only approach women anywhere,
but to also do it with FLAIR and STYLE
so that a woman is COMPELLED by
her own attraction to you to be putty
in your hands.

When I tell you that this program goes DEEP,
I'm not giving you hyperbole.  This program
goes DEEP.

You will learn the very BEST strategies
on Earth for becoming the kind of man
that attracts the women most men
can only DREAM about.

You will change on a very CORE level.
It’s at:

And if you’ve missed my monthly
Actions For Attraction series where
I give you my latest insights for having
the EDGE in attracting women, then
you’ve got to get your hands on my
Actions For Attraction CD Set.

In this CD Set, you’ll find a WEALTH
of golden strategies on obliterating
‘approach anxiety’ (the anxiety that
comes when you want to approach
a woman) skyrocketing your
sense of humor with women (I
actually interviewed the only man
alive that is known for his COMBINATION
of killer comedy skills AND skills with
women), real examples of chats
with women that start from the
very moment you see her, as well
as a TON of other crucial insights
that will make an IMMEDIATE
AND MAJOR difference in your
interactions with women.

It’s at:

Of course, if you haven’t yet read my Ebooks,
do that NOW.

‘The Dating Wizard’ is at:

'Get A Great Girl’ is at:

As powerful as the newsletters are, I assure
you they are only the tip of the iceberg to the
MASSIVE insights you will get in my programs.

For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To Overcome The Fear Of Approaching Women

Do you want to know how to overcome
the fear of approaching women? Then
sit back and get ready for the MOTHERLOAD!


In fact, the way man has dealt with fear since
day one on this planet, has massively affected
his own evolution.  Overcoming fear was
crucial for SURVIVAL.

In order to excel at attracting women,
it’s also crucial to understand that on the
DEEPEST level, ALL attraction boils
down to ONE thing: SURVIVAL!

All the attractive things, from STATUS,
to flawless social skills, even to a brilliant
sense of HUMOR, as well as many OTHER
skills and traits, all enhance your ability to
attract a woman because on a subconscious,
evolutionary level, these things represent
a survival advantage.

A woman isn’t THINKING “survival advantage”,
she just FEELS attraction, but the reason she feels
attraction is because it’s HARDWIRED in her
brain to feel attraction. It’s not just a cultural
thing, it’s DEEPLY imprinted into the most
primal part of her emotions and DNA.

This is the reason that for men, LOOKS alone
is not the limiting factor that most guys THINK
it is when it comes to attracting a woman.

The thing is, OF COURSE looks HELPS if a
guy already HAS it. But it ABSOLUTELY
GUYS THINK IT IS if it's not there.

The crazy thing, is that you can SEE this
for yourself just by taking a look at who the
most beautiful women in the world are with:

They are NEVER with the male equivalent
of themselves!!!!

Here’s proof number 2:

There are INFINITE strip clubs where women
take off their clothes for men.

There are EXTREMELY few strip clubs where
men take off their clothes for women.

This is even in an era where women are liberated,
there is Sex And The City, etc, etc, etc.

In fact, it’s mostly gay men that are into things
like Playgirl, etc, etc.

Here’s the other thing too:
I’ve conducted bootcamps for about ten YEARS.

Over the years, I’ve had several clients who were
EXTREMELY good looking, in fact when I first
started out, and got some of these guys who looked
like male models for bootcamps, I thought these
guys were not legitimate, i.e. that they were
working for some media organization with
secret cameras, etc.

Then I realized, that the reality is even if you
ARE a male model, it’s not ENOUGH to
attract a woman if you don’t ALSO have the

Waltz into any club, and you will see guys
who look like football players, and who in
fact might very well be university football
players, and jocks, TRYING to chat up
women but then running out of what to
say and then LEAVING out of the fear
and discomfort of not knowing what to
say or do and not wanting to get rejected
or look weird.

Men and women ARE different when it comes
to attraction.

And here’s the IRONY:


So, what happens is that women end up feeling
like THEY are the MAN, and the man seems
like HE is the woman!

You can imagine what this does to attraction:

When you meet a woman, especially in
those first few moments, she knows
NOTHING about you.

So, her ENTIRE feeling of you will be based
on what you do THEN.

It’s absolutely crucial that you give off the
VIBES of POWER emanating from deep
within you.

Now, you might be saying, “But I don’t
have a cool job, or a cool car, or a nice
apartment or house, or lots of money.”

You might even be saying things like.
“I’m too old/young/short/tall/thin/fat”.

Guess what?
For everything you DON’T have, it takes
MORE balls and MORE confidence and
which means this very “problem” is actually
the COOLEST way to show you have
a woman is REALLY attracted to anyway!

So, please, go right ahead and give the
why you should NOT approach a woman,
and in fact you should make sure NOT
to hide your flaws, because it’s BETTER

The more reasons you think you DON’T
have what it takes, is the very REASON
for why you become MORE ATTRACTIVE

In fact, I like to call this the “SEPARATOR EFFECT”.

THIS is what separates the men from the boys.

And trust me, I have the RIGHT to speak on
this topic. I suffered from so much anxiety, and
this anxiety was not just some superficial thing,
it was a pretty deep rooted issue, that the LAST

When I would go to approach women, even back
in university where there were knockouts exploding
from all angles all over the place, and there should
have been NO SCARCITY FEELINGS about
women, my heart felt like it was going to burst
right out my chest from pumping so hard every
time I actually approached a woman there.

The more you FEAR something, the GREATER
the courage is by actually EMBRACING that
fear and the worst case scenario.

Subconsciously, I was saying to myself, YES


Now, here’s the thing to realize:
What starts out as courage, ends up becoming

At first, YES, you are scared as hell, but the
thing is the greater the fear, the GREATER
the confidence you will get from doing this
again and again.

And it's crucial to realize that at first the
anxiety will be MASSIVE indeed!


Approach a couple of women a day, for example,
for three weeks, and watch what happens to your
"fear of the approach."

And the bigger your fear, the more awesome
you will feel when you overcome it.

After all, it’s no big gain to do something
you DON’T fear. What can you gain from
that, confidence wise?????

Getting back to SURVIVAL and ATTRACTION,
you want to make sure that a woman does not
see you as a guy who does not face his fears,
including the fear of the approach.

If a woman sees that you are the kind of guy
who doesn’t let fear STOP him, she knows
that you are the kind of guy that probably
already has a lot of confidence in OTHER
areas of his life that are important to him,
because you are clearly the kind of man
who does NOT let fear stop him.

Remember, every time you feel anxiety
about approaching a woman, that THIS
is the SEPARATOR between the men
and the boys, and that you are now
closer to getting OVER this anxiety.

It just takes REPEATED approaches,
over and over again, till you get desensitized.

Give into the fear, and you become part
of the PACK of most guys who DON’T
get the woman.

DEFY the fear, and you SEPARATE yourself
from the pack.

And remember, the greater the fear, the
MORE you will separate yourself from
the pack. And if you think you have
PARTICULAR issues that should stop
you, the truth is that those issues are
MORE of a reason to GO talk to her,
because it means you have even greater
balls if you DO it.

So you can’t lose by going for it, EVER.

Now, there are THINGS you can do to
HELP ensure you take action, and also
things you can do to make the approach
as powerful as possible. 

For example, you can create a COUNTER
CAMPAIGN to the current voices inside
of you that tell you to NOT approach.
This idea is based on the work of
Dr. Jonathan Grayson.

For YEARS now, you’ve probably been
telling yourself all the reasons why you
should NOT approach a woman, and
why it’s SAFER to avoid the whole thing.

Well, what you need to do is take EVERY

So even if that fear IS true, even if that worst
case scenario WERE to happen, you must
write down why it’s STILL more important

And in fact, it IS cooler to the woman,
the more guts it took for you to take
action based on your situation.

By the way, you can already SEE the
evolutionary reasons for this, right?

It’s because the man who didn’t give into
his FEARS was the man who got the FARTHEST,
and this is true even today.

For example, imagine Bill Gates.
It must have taken some pretty big balls
to say “I’m going to change the entire
WORLD and make them all not only
USE these devices that they haven’t even
SEEN before except in science fiction movies,
but I’m going to make them RELY on these
devices, and I’m going to make sure that
every single household has at LEAST one!!!”

The end result of this: He is one of the most
powerful men on the PLANET.

The world tries to DESTROY you with FEAR.
Give into it, and say goodbye to yourself.


So, you MUST create a counter campaign
to fight against the messages telling you to
NOT take action, telling you to not approach.

This is not some idea that I just came up
with off the top of my head.  It's based
on years of research into the best minds
in psychology on the planet.

In fact, record all this onto a CD, MP3, etc,
and PLAY it 24/7 if you can!!!!!!!
Even when sleeping!!!

Make SIGNS, put them all over the place
so you can’t miss them!

This is the only way to COUNTER the other
campaign that has been going on inside your
brain for YEARS!

Imagine how big the campaign would have to be
to get kids to want to eat HEALTHY considering
BILLIONS OF DOLLARS are spent on getting kids
to want to eat fast food and junk food- by
commercials, cartoon characters on junk food
labels, etc, etc, etc.

The COUNTER-CAMPAIGN to junk food would have
to be in the BILLIONS of dollars as well,
getting Mickey Mouse and Miley Cyrus and
Superman etc, etc, to promote grapes and
fruits and carrots, etc.

you must do the same for YOUR OWN MIND.

By the way, this is just the TIP of the iceberg
of what you will learn in my programs regarding
beating 'approach anxiety'.

If you are interested in a program that focuses
EXCLUSIVELY on how to overcome the
fear of approaching women, then you should
IMMEDIATELY get my program called
"Obliterating Approach Anxiety".

This program is PURE GOLD on this topic,
and you can download it right now and
be using it to approach women TODAY.

 It's at:

This program will SOLVE this problem for you
for GOOD.

Getting back to to our discussion here, remember
that ENHANCED SURVIVAL is the root of all

So not only is it important to defy your fears,
because of the message that courage and
confidence sends to a woman’s “attraction
cortex” in the primal regions of her brain,
but there are OTHER things as well that
you must do for FULL effect.

For example, start to dress in a way
that incorporates COOL accessories.

I thought at one time this was silly, till I

So, I went to a few stores, and I found this cool
dark red STONE pendant.

Without thinking much of it, except that
it somehow LOOKED AND FELT primal
and ancient, like a tribal thing, I got it.

That night, I went to a lounge, and I swear
within MINUTES, the girl who was the
bartender (and as you might know, the
bartenders are usually knockouts, and she
was no exception) comes over to me,
AWAY from the bar, and starts playing
with the pendant around my neck and
starting a conversation.

At the time, years ago, I was so new to all this,
that I didn’t even BELIEVE it was really happening,
I thought "it can't be this easy - probably she
does this all the time", till I realized how
RARE IT IS for this kind of thing to happen.

Allow me to PROVE to you how powerful
this stuff is: It’s so powerful, that it goes
beyond all cultural forces, and into the
arena of PRIMAL HARDWIRING again.

Professor Denis Dutton has explained that
ART has been used as a way to create
and ATTRACT WOMEN, since ancient times.

Yes, archeologists have found proof of this.

They found these thin stone blades, (hand-axes)
that had been shaped into these captivating,
symmetrical, pointed, tear-drop forms.

They were discovered in the THOUSANDS
across Asia, Europe, and Africa, almost
EVERYWHERE people roamed at the time.

The massive NUMBER of these “hand-axes”
prove that they CAN’T have been made for
slaughtering animals.

The fact that the majority of these blades,
unlike OTHER tools being used at the time,
show absolutely NO WEAR on their delicate blade
edges, prove that they were NOT designed for
ANY practical use.

Their symmetry, their attractive materials,
and their detailed workmanship are

So what were these ancient artifacts for?
Dutton explains the BEST available answer is
that they were the EARLIEST FORMS OF ART!

“Practical tools transformed into captivating,
aesthetic shapes, admired for their elegant
shape and their virtuoso craftsmanship.

Hand axes mark an evolutionary advance
in human history, tools fashioned to function
as “fitness signals” – displays like the peacock’s
tail, except unlike hair and feathers, the hand
axes are CONSCIOUSLY, cleverly crafted.

These hand axes indicated desirable personal
qualities- fine motor skills, intelligence, planning
ability, conscientiousness, and sometimes access
to rare materials.

Over tens of thousands of generations, these
skills increased the status of those who
DISPLAYED them, and gained a reproductive
advantage over the less capable.’”

What’s even MORE mind-boggling is that these
particular hand axes were made between 50
and 100 THOUSAND years before humans
even had LANGUAGE!!!!!!!

By the end of the "hand axe" era, humans had
found NEW ways to amaze each other: Things
like being FUNNY, coming up with STYLES
of clothing, and body paint, coming up with
MUSIC, and STORYTELLING in ways such
as theatre.

When these things are done WELL, the
human brain RESPONDS.

And guess what is one of the most POWERFUL
forms of CAPTURING people’s attention,
a form that comes into relevance EVERY
DAY, especially when you meet WOMEN????


DEMONSTRATING your social skills to a
woman is ATTRACTIVE when done WELL.

It is a SKILL and an ART, no different than
playing the piano or painting a picture.

This skill and art of MASTERING social skills
with women BLENDS TOGETHER elements
of MANY other fields and arts, such as humor,
rapport, storytelling, style, psychology.

Mastering the power of these human
communications and social dynamics
indicates both POWER and STATUS.

Human survival and achievement is based
not just on what you can do alone, but also
on how well you can LEAD people, work
with people, understand people, and inspire

By demonstrating superior mastery of these
social skills, which includes even what you
WEAR, you attract a woman whether she
wants to feel attraction or not, it’s THAT
powerful. (And on top of that, showing
that you have overcome the fear of the
approach is an awesomely cool thing
as well!)

Allow me to give another example of
attraction in real life:

Let’s say you see a woman at a food court.
You are standing far away from her.

In your mind, you’re thinking, “Hmmm, if
I walk over to her from far away, she’ll
see I’m trying too hard to get her, and
that is needy, so it won’t work”.

Or maybe you’re thinking “Hmm,
does this stuff really work??? Won’t
she wonder why a TOTAL STRANGER
is coming up to her?????”

So the answer to this question is that
you take on the right PERSPECTIVE for how
you are seeing the situation:

If YOU see it as a BIG investment with
BIG risks, you’ll feel weird about it.

Of course, you should STILL take action.

However, to make it EASIER, you should
CHANGE the way you look at it, because
this will actually AFFECT the way you
think and feel and the way you talk to her.

And THAT will AMPLIFY the attraction
she feels for you.

Think of it this way:

YOU are a man.

That means that in general, YOU are the
one who has the role of MAKING THE
FIRST MOVE, risks and all.

SHE is the woman, at best she can ACCEPT
the guy she wants if HE makes the move, but
she can’t PURSUE it as directly as a man.

So, now, you look at this woman far away
because women will NEVER be the ones
who do much of the PURSUING in terms
of first moves.

So, TAKE that “label” of being the “psycho”

If you think this makes you a PSYCHO,
then LOVE that label! Don’t fight it!

Of course, this DOESN’T make you a psycho,
just remember that all those women out there
have gone out with what you think are “psychos”
because I guarantee you that if she is attractive,
there have been SOME guys that tried this
and she actually LIKED it, but probably the
guy was so confident that he couldn’t SETTLE
to just be with her without first dating more
women, so he probably left her, or if he
was not as confident, cheated on her!

Now, you feel less of a psycho, because you
know she has said yes to other “psychos”
and in fact she WISHES she could just meet
a "good psycho!!!!"

That’s number one.

Number two, is to realize that you are
probably turning what should be FUN
into something SERIOUS.

Instead of THINKING for an hour of what
to say to her, just HAVE FUN with the

It’s also FAR more cool this way.
By having FUN with it, you make it clear
that you are NOT focused on the OUTCOME.

As soon as SHE senses that you are NOT obsessed
with the outcome of this chat, SHE lightens up as
well and starts to have fun chatting with you,
she might even be the one to joke right back
with you.

So, for example, you might say, if it’s lunch
hour, “Hey there, I was thinking, what if
NOBODY went back to work after lunch???
could we ALL get fired if we ALL did it???”

She might say back to you “You mean everyone
HERE??? Or everywhere in the world?”

And you might respond with: “I like the way
you’re thinking!! GLOBALLY!!! We start
with this place, and then work our way to
every major CITY!”

And then, just as she’s getting into it,
you say something like “Just one second
as we put the global plans on hold- is that
my favorite kind of PIZZA you’re having
there- VEGETARIAN???”

Or you could do the opposite “WHOA.
Hold on- I think you’re having a
VEGETARIAN slice of pizza there,
I can’t even talk to you anymore!!!”

Do you feel the VIBE going on here?

It’s having FUN.
You’re ADDING to the VIBE of the situation.

There is nothing for her to resist, because
you’re not TAKING.

You’ve also been funny in two different
ways, it’s not like you’re hanging for
dear life to the “Global plan to not
go back to work” idea, either.

You’ve also demonstrated an understanding
of human psychology and about “vibe” as well,
by going about the approach this way, plus
you’ve shown confidence by approaching a
total stranger.

At THIS point, you can sit down, have
your lunch as well, and enjoy a “normal”
chat with her, because you have passed
that point of being a ‘stranger’.

I suggest you transition into some light
stuff like what you both really enjoy doing,
etc, and THEN move into the next higher
gear where you build a powerful connection.

It’s important to CHANGE GEARS and
not STAY in the “funny” zone for too
long, or she thinks you’re JUST there to
play around.

If you come across like you’re just there
to play around, it seems weird, or that you’re
too afraid to escalate to the next level, which
is obviously not attractive either.

You need to PROGRESS the interaction
FORWARD and be “THE MAN” here as well.

NEVER wait for her to have to

So for example, if you have a great chat,
don’t wait for her to give you her number,
just ASK for it at the end of the chat, or
even better, LOOK her in the eyes with

“You should leave me your number”.

THAT'S the kind of statement that
makes her want to GIVE it to you
and get closer to you.

If you want to get the FULL PICTURE on how
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I've poured all my energy and heart
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For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Monday, November 15, 2010

Death Of The Ego, Birth Of The Man

You were born a very fascinating
creature. Not knowing anything
about this world, you still had
a natural UNSTOPPABLE attitude
that kept on seeking new
horizons, learning new things,
exploring your environment...
all with having very little
reason to even HAVE all this

It's amazing how even as babies,
we want to explore and crawl
to see what else is going on,
we don't worry about danger,
we rather want to see what
we can DO...we do NOT want
to AVOID things...

Then, slowly, as an adult, you
UNLEARNED all this, you instead
LEARNED tons of the WRONG
ideas, and you got the worst
thing of all---that all humans

Ego is really the basis for
99% of the things that hold
a man back from success with
a quality woman.

The ego tries to prevent
you from being the man
you were born to be.

There's a reason that the term "being a man"
has had so much meaning over the years.

It means getting over fears.

It's universally respected.

Women know this very well, in fact
they subconsciously REALIZE the
REASONS it's so important, and
these reasons go WAY BEYOND
"hunting the tiger" stuff.

In fact, women can tell when a guy
is doing all sorts of things out of fear.

Things like showing off to try to win her
approval, things like being a jerk and overly
"macho" to try to seem tough, things like
kissing UP to a woman to try to win her
approval at any cost even your own dignity,
things like being a "player" who needs to
get notches on his bedpost to try to prove
to himself he is something because he is
not sure if he IS worthy of something
more with women, and the list goes on
and on...

And a great woman can detect all this
almost INSTANTLY about a guy, from
his mannerisms, and from subtleties about
what he talks about and how he says it.

A woman can tell that all this stuff
comes from not being comfortable with
who you are. I know what this feels
like, I used to try EVERYTHING to
impress women.

But I learned that not only does
it not work, but that more importantly,
it's GOOD that it doesn't work, because
it means that women truly DO want you
to be yourself- but they want you to
be COMFORTABLE with yourself.

If a guy is not comfortable with
himself, a woman knows that this
will very likely trigger all sorts
of issues later on- because he will
be seeing all kinds of problems
happening with her when she is
really innocent- he will think
she must be doing this bad thing
or that bad thing, or even that
she can't possibly like him, etc.

A lot of this is subconscious,
a woman doesn't always think this
all out in her head in this obvious a
way, but she nonetheless realizes it
on a deeper level.

And it causes her to pull AWAY.

So it's not about being a jerk or
being a nice guy. It's about being
a man, in the classic sense.

A recent letter shows this clearly:


Hello Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for your
brilliant insights on how to be a man.

I am 57 and just separated from a 4 year
marriage which on hindsight I blew. I say
hindsight because your last newsletter on
'a bulletproof identity' pointed out exactly
where I went wrong.

I lost that identity which I developed when
I was single and it was through it that I
attracted my wife. I got complacent and
let it slowly slide away until in the last
few months I let financial problems and
fears reduce me to a blubbering mess.

Guys, Michael has been on the money
on just about every topic in the newsletters
I have read. I file every one of them and
read them often (funny, just realised that
I stopped reading them about a year ago
and that's when I started losing my
"bulletproof identity') I am going
through your ebook again and working
towards getting enough bucks behind
me to go to see him personally and
learn some more.

Again great work.

Paul B.

>>>My Comments<<<

First of all, thank you for the incredibly
positive comments.

It's particularly meaningful to get
replies from guys who have lived
enough life to see the truth about
the full value of this information.

You'll notice that most of the guys
who worship the pick up artists are
guys in their teens and twenties.

Suddenly, you hardly see these
guys around in their thirties.

That's because by that time, they
already know the pick up artist
advice and the drunken nightclubs
is not the way to get a great
girlfriend. Similarly, pick
up lines won't cut it either.

That doesn't mean all guys in their
teens and twenties get fooled by
pick up artists, it just means
that it's easier to fool guys
without life experience.

I'm not interested in fooling anyone.

The pick up artists promise that their
info will get you physical FAST with
ANY woman, and that it will get you
a great girlfriend, and that it will do
EVERYTHING for ANY guy and
do it FAST, too.

Real life doesn't work that way.

If you want a great girl, it takes
a different path.

I'd rather promise less, but actually

Also, it's amazing that you have the
strength to see where you went off
the path, rather than blaming the
world, blaming all women, etc.

This is truly something to be PRAISED.

The reason I say this is that our egos are
so damn strong, that we want to think that
the battle is always OUTSIDE of ourselves,
that it's never anything about US, anything
that WE can do about it.

And the irony is that when we let our ego
take over, we become incredibly WEAK.

We lose the power to CHANGE our actions
and to actually get what we WANT, because
we believe there's nothing we can do, because
we are just so powerless against the big evil

It actually takes HIGH SELF ESTEEM to
REALIZE when we are going wrong---
because our high self-esteem wants to
IMPROVE our own life, it is WILLING
to do what is required for change.

So the big question is, why is so hard to
change our identity?

Why is it, for example, that if a woman is
NOT treating us well, and our self esteem
is down, and we know we should not call her,
that we feel the urge keep on calling her
anyway, and drag our dignity through the

Why is it, for example, that if our self-concept
is weak, that even if we KNOW from expert
advice, how to approach a woman, and we
know that we SHOULD, that we don't????

The reason is because that old self-concept
has been ingrained in us by habit for so long,
that it is STRONG. That old concept we
have of ourselves of being UNWORTHY
is so strong in ourselves, that our old
self-concept doesn't want to LET GO.

It wants to hang on for dear life badly.

Think of your old self-concept as a LIVING
thing that does NOT want to DIE.

And yet, you have to let it GO if you want
the NEW you to come. In fact, it's not even
new, it's actually the ORIGINAL version of
YOU that you were BEFORE you got all
messed up by bad conditioning and bad

The ego must DIE for the MAN to be BORN.

So in the beginning, becoming a far stronger,
far more secure person, no matter what the
situation is what whatever woman is in
front of you, you have to actually FORCE
yourself to IGNORE your gut instincts,
because your current gut instincts are all
BRAINWASHED instincts that follow the
WRONG and WEAK self-concept you have
developed over many years.

So if you are getting out of a relationship
with a woman who mistreated you, and
you feel the urge to call her or write to her,
you have to FORCE yourself not to give

If you see a woman you think is beautiful
and you want to WUSS OUT, and your
internal voice is giving you a billion
reasons NOT to do it, you have to DEFY
those voices in every way and you have
to REALIZE that it's NORMAL to be

It's normal because this IS the way to
make the TRANSITION to your NEW

Most guys give up when it comes to
this stuff because they don't realize
certain important truths:

One HUGE truth is that the pain actually
gets WORSE before it gets better!

Yup. So if you are going up to a woman
and you feel WORSE than ever, that's
not a reason to NOT do it again, that's
a GREAT reason to do it again, because
it WILL get better! It's supposed to
get WORSE first, and that's totally
normal, so if it feels HORRIBLE
at first, that's OKAY and NORMAL.

It WILL get better.

And once you get over that hump, things
REALLY start to improve, as once you
see progress, in terms of having less
fear, this motivates you to keep on
doing more and more approaches,
or to not give into any weak behaviors,

This development is so important because
it affects your entire perspective on life
and on women and it raises your standards.

It enables you to have the kind of conversation
with a great woman that she can truly identify
with--and this has nothing to do with trying
to win her approval, it has to do with being
a STRONGER person.

In fact, this is not about just getting chicks,
it's about getting QUALITY, as opposed to
picking up trash.

So if you want to allow the NEW identity
to come in, at first, you're going to have to
no matter how badly it screams in pain, no
matter how badly it PLEADS with you to
GIVE IN to its weaknesses.

And you're going to have to CONTINUE
doing this for a few weeks, so that you
give the new identity a chance to get
FED- it gets nurtured and fed by ACTION,
and every time you take on the ACTIONS
of a high self-esteem person, who is not
a slave to his ego, that new strong identity
gets even STRONGER.

Until the old weak identity begins to show
itself for what it really is--- your ENEMY
in the disguise of being a FRIEND.

It tried to make you think it was serving
you, it tried to make you think you NEEDED
it, that you needed to be so CAUTIOUS
around women and that all women didn't
have good intentions for you, and that
all women needed to be controlled, etc etc.

But I am telling you that you are so much
STRONGER than the current identity you
think is the real you. You CANNOT be
destroyed by anything that your ego conjures
up, but it will try to make you think that you
CAN be destroyed unless you listen to it.

So next time you feel that confusion over
what is the correct thing to do with a woman,
whether that is approaching a stranger,
or calling back a woman who didn't respect
you, or whether it's making a big deal
or fight about something trivial (which
is really just your ego over-reacting
and seeing threats everywhere), make
sure you CONSCIOUSLY over-ride

You must do this so that you can develop
the right NEW instincts, the instincts of a
man who has said GOODBYE and GOOD
RIDDANCE to his ego FOREVER so that
he can be REBORN as the MAN he was
meant to be, the man he was ORIGINALLY
before being brainwashed by the wrong
programming and messages.

The ego does nothing for you, it just
creates endless fears and breeds off
those fears and justifies itself this way.

I assure you that the best kind of woman
has done this work on herself as well,
and she will be able to detect INSTANTLY
whether you have as well. And THIS
is a big part of how she screens the
men in her life that she is going to
give a chance to.

She knows that unless you have done this
work, there is simply no way the two of
you will have a solid foundation for
anything together.

What you have just read is the tip of the
iceberg - if you want to get the FULL picture
on attracting the best quality women, then
I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
Program On DVD.

This program is TIMELESS.
It will show you the way that has worked to
attract women since ancient times - it's the
classic way of the MAN.

No cheesy artificial tactics.

You will be attracting her through the power of
who you become internally as a result of this
mind-blowing program.

It's at:

And of course, if you haven't yet downloaded my eBooks,
"The Dating Wizard" and "Get A Great Girl", do that NOW.

"The Dating Wizard" is at:

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These books are a GREAT place to
get started meeting and attracting
the BEST women, inside and out, on
the planet.

For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Boomerang Effect

If you want to attract a woman who is
a lot more than your average woman,
then you have to approach her in a way
that is far superior to the way “average”
guys do it.

The “average” approach guys tend to
use, if they even do anything at all,
(99% of the time, guys do not do anything)
is to find some reason to have something
to say to her.

And this isn’t a terrible thing, IF they
can raise the level of the conversation
to something more powerful relatively
quickly, and IF their state of mind is
feeling that combination of sexuality,
dominance, being upbeat, and warm.

Of course, it then is no longer an average

What usually happens is the conversation
dies out, because there was no real
SUBSTANCE there to fuel it in a way
that gave off the right VIBES of

And it’s important to realize that even
if you are not some comedian, that’s
FINE, as humor is just ONE great way
to go about the approach.

You can ALSO use INTRIGUE with women
instead of comedy.

Here's one example:

If she works in the cologne or perfume department,
or if she’s a woman shopping there, you can speak
to her about how interesting it must be to capture
the essence of things through only an aroma or scent.

And you can talk to her and ask her, if there was
a perfume or cologne called MONEY, would it

And you could take it in a MILLION directions that
are awesome from there…for example, you could
ask her…what does she feel are the scents that
should represent WHO she is in terms of her

You could speak about which scents best represent
you, and you could actually combine humor with
intrigue here as well.

One of the KEYS to realize is that whatever
VIBES you send out to a woman, THAT
is what you will BRING OUT IN HER
and that is what she will GIVE BACK

In the example above, by appealing
to the use of SCENT, you are actually
engaging her SENSUAL mode, and
you are SIMULTANEOUSLY also engaging
her CREATIVITY by getting her to also
imagine not some BORING thing but
rather the ESSENCE of POWER and

On a subconscious level, colognes are
already DESIGNED to appeal to deep
rooted FEELINGS about attractive
things, and you are TAPPING into
this with this example and going
STRAIGHT for these emotions
rather than some boring conversation
about the weather.

You are appealing to her SENSORY MODE,
and you are ALSO building CONNECTION
by getting her to define herself to you
in a way that touches the EMOTIONS,
as opposed to her just running off a list
of nice traits about herself that might
in reality have no meaning to her or
might not even be true.

By engaging her emotionally, she is
not only more INTERESTED, but she
is also revealing more TRUTH to you
about herself, and she will also see
you as far more SOPHISTICATED AND
guy who at most can just ask her to
go out with him sometime.

A woman can be MANY different things,
and it’s important not to jump to conclusions
too fast about a woman- because if you are
feeling nervous or edgy or uncomfortable,
THAT will often bring out the exact same
emotions in HER.

You can make a woman sexual with
you, you can make a woman flirty
with you, you can make her lighthearted
and playful, you can make her YOURS
if YOU send out the right degree of vibes.

The BETTER a woman is, the MORE
dimensions she has to herself, the
more interesting she is, and so she
will WELCOME the kind of man that
has a LOT of cool emotions he can
make her experience.

The specific vibes YOU give off will
be the same vibes that you then turn
on in HER.

In the same way an expert with a boomerang
will have it return to him because of the
specific way he threw it, you will have
a woman giving back to you the exact
vibes you threw to her.

She can't HELP it, because vibes work
on a very primal level, and once
activated, these primal switches in her
make her feel a very powerful need to
respond back to you in the exact same way.

I will show you how to do ALL of this, and I get
into how to give off different kinds of awesome
vibes, including the sexual without being
vulgar, as well as bringing out the best
kinds of behaviors in her.

I even include a DETAILED example of
how to do this ONLINE, as well as in
person of course. And I also get into
DOZENS of other golden insights for
creating the kind of vibes that
make a woman MELT for you.

And that is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG
of what you will learn from this fantastic

It’s all at:

For mastering your INNER GAME, I suggest
you also get my WARRIOR WITHIN program,
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The kind of incredible, rare woman who is
truly beautiful inside and out is also searching
out your inner game, to see if you have what it
takes inside of you to be the man she is looking
for to have a fantastic relationship with long-term.

Most men have no idea just how RARE
a great woman is until they LOSE her.

Don’t be one of those men who finally GETS
the chance with such a woman and then
blows his chances, watching her slip away
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didn’t KNOW the things that are IN this program.

This program will not only get you a great
woman, and give you the power to CHOOSE
from among all the women out there, but it
will also SAVE you the endless heartache of
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For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Jerks Do RIGHT With Women

Have you ever wondered why so many
women who are stunning and absolute
“knockouts” are with guys that don’t
seem “nice” to women?

It’s not because these women sit up at
night praying to meet a jerk.

And it’s not because these women enjoy
being mistreated.

It’s because, ironically enough, so called
“jerks” are actually GIVING HER a lot more
than most guys.

In fact, what these so called “jerk” guys
are giving is so powerful, and so rare, that
NOTHING else most other guys give can
EVER compare.

So what is this powerful thing these “jerks”
are giving these women?

It is a feeling of ABUNDANCE.

And the crazy thing is, there is NO WAY
to GIVE this feeling to a woman unless
it’s OOZING out of your OWN pores to the
point that you can’t HELP but give it away!

You have INFINITE AMOUNTS of it and so
you don’t even THINK of it as “giving” and
you don’t CARE about “getting back” this
feeling from her because you are already
BURSTING with it!

What do I mean by “abundance?”

What I mean is this:


This means you don’t NEED her or any
woman to VALIDATE you in order for
you to feel COMPLETE and POWERFUL.

And yet, what do MOST guys feel,
ESPECIALLY when they approach a
woman that the really like?

All of a sudden, the guys are depending
for dear life that the woman should LIKE

It’s not because of these guys “care” so
much about her, it’s because THEY WANT

And on TOP of this, suddenly there is
this feeling of being DRAINED of their

Most guys suddenly then feel even LESS
confident, LESS empowered, and they
WANT AND NEED her validation in order
to feel good and satisfied, or even to
just feel the way they felt BEFORE
they came in contact with her!

It’s the complete OPPOSITE of abundance.
It’s a feeling of LACKING.

To a woman, she ends up feeling DRAINED
by these “vibes of weakness”, as if SHE
must GIVE herself in order for these guys
to feel worth.

So all the free dinners offered to her, and
all the favors, and all the compliments,
all this does not come CLOSE to GIVING
when the OVERALL vibes being given
off are:


This then makes all the “nice” behavior
just seem like a TRICK to disguise what
is a BAD offer:

“Take me, because even though I’m not
of value, I give you nice behavior to
make you forget that I’m not of value”.

The reality is that it’s not that you can’t
be nice to a woman, that’s not the problem,
it’s that this NICE BEHAVIOR usually comes
from the WRONG PLACE internally.

Meanwhile, the “jerk” has done his homework
in life, or he’s just learned the lesson in life,
to work on HIMSELF internally to create the
most POWERFUL sense of SELF,

There is no “leak” in his steel safe
of self-esteem, there is no way
any woman can DRAIN this reservoir
of empowerment and emotional

Also, she is not required in order
for him to keep the reservoir
of his power at ‘full tank’.

And that’s why he has no need to
‘kiss up’. In fact, he actually has
no DESIRE to kiss up.

He just has a desire to PLAY.

This is why the REAL 'Playboys' are
not “pick up artists”, because real
Playboys ENJOY the PROCESS,
it’s FUN and playful for them.

They wouldn’t WANT to have to
pretend to be “hard to get” or
pretend to be “aloof” or cold,
or negate a woman’s self-esteem,
any more than they would want
to have to kiss up to women.

ALL that stuff is not natural and
not fun.

When you’re feeling playful, you
don’t feel like being aloof or cold,
or trying to trick a woman.

Guys who REALLY understand this
are extremely rare.

And of course, you can imagine
just how POWERFUL it is for
a woman when a guy like THIS
decides to actually be WARM
with her:

Only THEN is it CLEAR to a woman
that it's coming from a place of infinite
abundance, and not from a place of
needing to control her or take from her.

THAT'S why she melts for such a man.

Meanwhile, pick up artist types
AND the kiss up types are all
over the place these days.

And they are boring the heck
out of women.

Remember, a woman “in demand” has
zero need for free dinners or favors,
and even if she DID, these wouldn’t
result in ATTRACTION.

And she's not "scared into submission"
by the "hard to get" games of pick up
artists. She's WAY too confident for

What DOES ignite attraction is this
deep-rooted sense of ABUNDANCE.

The feeling of inner abundance has a very
PRIMAL effect on women.

On the deepest level, it says “I am
THRIVE and will help you REPRODUCE

In the same way that we as men are
affected by her first on a primal
ATTRACTION level, so too she is
affected by what appeals to HER
primal emotions.

This sense of abundance is the
KEY to appealing to all her primal

Let me give you an example:

If you are ALREADY feeling COMPLETE
and empowered and feeling UPBEAT
and feeling that in fact you have TOO
MUCH of these great emotions in you,
well then you feel that you need to

That means when you see a woman
that strikes your fancy, the first impulse
is not “How do I WIN her?” but rather

By adult fun, I mean the entire joy
of flirting, building a connection, and
getting physical and intimate with

This is because you actually ENJOY
the process of the INTERACTION
itself, and you are not approaching
her to get VALIDATED.

Rather, you are approaching her to
SHARE the vibes you already have
within you that are SCREAMING
to get out anyway.

These vibes are a combination of
feeling playful, feeling aroused,
feeling empowered, masculine,
and dominant.

Now, a lot of guys try to FAKE these
vibes by acting “hard to get” and playing
pick up artist games on women.

However, this ends up coming across
as insecure, bitter, and jaded.

It chases the best kind of women away,
the kind that are not only attractive
but also have heart and soul as well.

I remember when I originally used to
see certain guys being so CAVALIER
and CASUAL with women, joking around
with women, even in high school:

I remember how this one guy who looked
like Pee-Wee Herman and spoke in the
same voice as well.

His pitch was Pee Wee Herman, but not
his TONALITY- his pitch was high but
his tone revealed empowerment.

He was smiling as he told this girl who
was one of the most attractive of
all the girls in the school, “Hey, how come
you don’t have the grouchy face today
like usual?”

I remember thinking that she was going
to chew him up and spit him out, but
instead, she MELTED and became warm
and was all over him.

Then I found out later that he ALREADY
had a pretty damn attractive girlfriend!

This was one of my first lessons that
only became clear to me years LATER.

His comments weren’t coming from being
BITTER, they were coming from ABUNDANCE.

He was GENUINELY being playful and didn’t
NEED her to be “into him”, he just was
being a MAN.

He felt the natural attraction for her
beauty, he wasn’t trying to get her
to be his girlfriend, he was NATURALLY
exuding his masculinity more than a lot
of the JOCKS in school ever could!

On the surface, he may have looked like
the LAST thing who’d have more choice
with girls than the school jocks.

However, once any woman INTERACTED with
him, they got sucked into the vortex of
his infinite and deeply ingrained sense

THIS is one of the MAIN KEYS to unlocking
all the OTHER awesome behaviors that attract
the most incredible women.

It's because when you know that you can
do NO WRONG, it’s EASY to be funny, to
be playful, to be DARING, to be sexual,
to be dominant.

There is NO DOWN SIDE, so there
is NO EMOTONAL RISK, since you are
ALREADY having TOO MUCH good stuff
going on internally – you are doing
this interaction for the JOY of it.

It's NOT for NEEDING her “reciprocation”.

In bootcamps, one of the amazing things
is that guys come in expecting it to be all
PAIN, but end up having a GREAT TIME.

Of course this leads to even BETTER
results with the girls they meet in

Allow me to go one step FURTHER and
make it even CLEARER how important
it is to be this way:

Recent studies have actually PROVEN that
women, and not JUST the attractive ones,
are VERY confident.

Imagine how much MORE confident the
really ATTRACTIVE ones are!

It is true that women have “issues”
in some areas of their lives, such
as their perception of their own bodies.

And even though in the corporate world,
men outnumber women when it comes to top
positions, it is a TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO

Men tend to think that because of those
issues, that women have LESS confidence
than men, and this further contributes to
making men behave all "NAMBY PAMBY"

Meanwhile, today’s generation of women
are VERY confident, including SEXUALLY
very confident.

They just sometimes put on a SHOW that
they aren’t, in public, to prevent being
labeled as being “cheap”.

Now, imagine the DISASTER of coming
across as UNSURE, as WEAK, or as NEEDY,
with a woman who is even MORE confident
than your average woman because she
already GETS so much attention!

You MUST change your view of women,
AND you must CHANGE your internal
sense of what you NEED in order to

You must DESTROY the parts of you
that think you need a woman’s APPROVAL
in order to be EMPOWERED, UPBEAT,

I know, it’s ironic, because when you
become THAT, you suddenly have all
the CHOICE in the world with women.

But it makes sense, because only THEN
do you become a true GIVER in the most
powerful sense of the word- GIVING THE

When you interact with a woman from
THIS place internally, she knows you don’t
NEED her, and that you are only interacting
with her because you ENJOY it.

She knows you won’t be CONTROLLING
or JEALOUS because you can only feel
those negative emotions when you NEED
her too much.

The irony is, that she will usually then
suddenly become jealous around YOU,
and start to feel insecure if other women
are giving YOU attention.

I think you can probably see how getting
these areas of your “game” developed to
for getting the kind of women that most
men will NEVER have.

And now, you have the chance to
be BURSTING forth with this power,
in my "Actions For Attraction" CD Set.

In this program, I go into FULL DEPTH on the
most powerful ways to UNLEASH this
“abundance” IMMEDIATELY within you.

Here’s just SOME of what you will learn
in this important program:

1. How To Unleash “ABUNDANCE” –

I'll show you the most effective ways
to SHOW women that you indeed
have this inner state of abundance, so
that women sense IMMEDIATELY
that you are one of the RARE men
that ‘gets’ this on a deep level.

2. “The Boomerang Effect”

The vibes you send out to women
are the EXACT same vibes you will
get BACK from women.

Send out a POWERFUL vibe, and
NO woman can ignore you: In fact,
she’ll give you back a POWERFUL
response that is in PERFECT ‘sync’
with the vibe you sent her way.

Give out a sexual vibe, you’ll get
BACK a sexual vibe.

On the other hand, if you give out a
creepy vibe, and you’ll get back a
creepy vibe from her.

It's crucial to not only know how to
DEVELOP the right vibes within,
but also to know when is the right
time to give out a certain type of

There are vibes of comfort, of humor,
of sexuality, of power, and of connection.

I’ll show you how to do ALL of this!


The most powerful kind of attraction
dynamic you can have with a woman is
not where you are dependent on her for
feeling great, or vice versa.

Rather, it's where you are both

Dependence is weak.
Being “indifferent” is also weak.

Conveying INTERdependence, however,
is the SECRET for not only GETTING a
woman attracted, but also for KEEPING
her coming back to you for more!

I’ll show you everything you need to know
about creating an INTERDEPENDENT
dynamic between you and a woman.


The reason for failing to approach
a woman, or for failing to take action
to escalate an interaction is because
men are wrongly taught to link their
IDENTITY with these outcomes.

We were RAISED wrong by media to think
that our IDENTITY is all about “living the
perfect fairy tale” with a woman.

This creates an INSANE amount of tension
that robs you of your charisma any time
you interact with women!

I’ll show you how to RECLAIM your identity
for YOURSELF, which ironically is actually
what women really PREFER that men do!

Women are NOT attracted to men who
view their identity as being all about
“their relationship with a woman”.

5. What’s NOT “Jerky” About “Jerks”

I’ll show you the things that “jerks”
are doing RIGHT with women, and how
to STEAL these things for yourself-
all without ever having to actually be
a jerk at all!

With the combined power of what jerks
do RIGHT as well as the power of being
a CLASSY guy, you will be UNSTOPPABLE
with the most incredible women.

6. How To Warm Up A Woman Even
    In “Cold Approach” Situations

Successfully approaching a woman who
is a total stranger requires the ability to
form some type of connection FAST,
even though you don’t know a thing
about her.

You must establish some form of mini
“relationship” within the span of a few
MINUTES, or she will leave thinking
you are just “another guy”!

If you can bridge the GAP between
“stranger” and “connection/relationship”
you will find that suddenly your interactions
actually end up turning into women who
want to seriously pursue you.

You CAN create these “mini-relationships”
very quickly, and on this CD program, I’ll show you
the WAY to do it!

7. You’ll also get a word-for-word detailed
example of an ONLINE DATING profile that
exudes the PERFECT blend of sexuality,
abundance, dominance, and warmth.

Just this alone is worth the cost of the
entire program! You’ll learn EXACTLY how
to convey the right vibes not only in
PERSON, but even on the internet!

8. Imagine the chance to hear the
TRUTH about what a woman REALLY
WANTS sexually.

Learn what she really wants from a man
in order to make her not only turned on,
but to make her feel completely FEMININE
in your masculine presence:

In this program, you’ll get a rare chance to
find out EXACTLY that, in a woman’s
own words, unedited and uncensored.

9. How To Destroy The “Weak Voices Within”

We all have them, those voices inside, that
tell us things like:

“You’re not good enough to get her."
"Save yourself from the pain of rejection.”
“You don’t have the money she expects a man to have.”
“You’re too old” or “You’re too young” or
“Too skinny/short/tall/chubby/uncool”


The question is not do we have them,
the question is, “Are you taking the RIGHT
ACTIONS to actually CONQUER them?”

In this program, I’m going to show you an
A POWERFUL METHOD for actually
getting RID of these voices and REPLACING

This is a method that actually WORKS.

It will make a MASSIVE difference
in your attractive vibe with women as well
as enable you to take IMMEDIATE action
any time you see a woman you’d like to
approach and attract.

10. How To Use Sexuality With Women

Most men think that sexuality begins
in the bedroom, but the truth is that
if you want to attract a woman, sexuality
actually begins the moment you first
see her.

I’ll show you the RIGHT way to infuse
your interactions with women with the
right degree of sexuality, without ever
seeming in bad taste.

Just this ALONE will separate you from
the other men who try to “pick her up”
and will help you IMMENSELY later when
it’s time to transition things to getting

By starting things off with sexuality to
BEGIN with, and keeping it there, you’ll
find it very easy to escalate things to the

11. Getting More Women In Your Life

You’re going to meet more women in
one WEEK than you’ve probably met
all YEAR, if you follow the instructions
I give you on this section of the program.

When you have this many women at
your fingertips, it makes it even easier
to feel those vibes of abundance!

And get this: ALL this is just what you will
find on ONE of the CDs in this INCREDIBLE

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Till next time, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks