Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secrets To Sparking Attraction

A lot of people wonder if there are
secrets to sparking attraction in women.

The answer is YES, there are actually
MANY secrets. The reason they are secrets
is because most men will never learn the
SUBTLETIES about attracting a woman.

The subtleties, the DETAILS, do in fact matter.
But most men can't be bothered with them,
so they remain a secret.

Men hear things like "don't be needy".

True enough, and this kind of thing is PART of the BIG PICTURE.

But no one statement is enough to explain
all about attraction that a man needs to know.

It's kind of like telling a guy who
wants to learn how to lift weights,
"You have to lift heavy".

But this is just a broad stroke,
it doesn't include the important
DETAILS, the subtleties of success.

HOW heavy?
How many times?
How often?
Which way?
How slow or fast?

While it's true that lifting something
heavy as opposed to lifting a feather
is important, it's really not enough info.

When it comes to attracting a woman,
especially women who are the cream
of the crop, success is the result
of a man who understands the FULL
PICTURE, especially the SUBTLETIES
involved with the actions he must take.

Most guys will NOT ever make it to this
newsletter, instead they will be seduced
by the easy oversimplifications promised
by many wannabe "experts" out there.

Obviously though, those oversimplifications
don’t work, otherwise EVERY GUY would be
getting results!

So you’re in for a treat, as I share with you now
some of the most ESSENTIAL QUALITIES of these
actions, including the important SUBTLETIES.


The idea of listening to a woman is NOT
some kind of passive listening, but  rather
PAYING ATTENTION to her so that
you can learn more about WHAT ACTUALLY
EXCITES HER and what actually helps
her feel comfort, trust, etc.

You learn these things not by ASKING her
as a total stranger, because doing that would
just freak her out and make a guy look weird.

Instead, you must hone your skills of listening
without bias (you may have noticed I really
emphasize listening skills) so that you can
LEARN these things by OBSERVING AND
LISTENING and making intelligent inferences,
a bit like Sherlock Holmes.

This is why it’s CRUCIAL to PAY ATTENTION
to what is going on when she’s talking,
including what is happening with her
body language as well as the actual
words she is saying to you.

This way, you can discover not only what
values are REALLY important to her and
which ones she is just paying LIP SERVICE to,
but also so that you can learn what things
she requires to experience different states
of mind, from comfort and arousal to love
and trust.

This is ALSO why if you know how to WORK
with this super powerful instrument called
“her mind”, she will give you complete
instructions on how to attract her.


The more you hone your listening skills,
the LESS you will need to talk, because
every single WORD you say will be
with a specific INTENT and not

So every word you say is actually getting
her MORE and MORE interested in you.

And yet, because you are saying very LITTLE,
you come across as a guy who is clearly NOT
trying hard.

This in itself is attractive, but what makes
it DOUBLY attractive is that she now wants
to UNDERSTAND YOU MORE, because you haven’t
provided her all that much info, so there
is SO MUCH she wants to ASK YOU ABOUT,
as opposed to the guy who talks so much
that she knows EVERYTHING about him and
can also infer even MORE things about him,
leaving nothing mysterious or intriguing
LEFT about himself for her to dream about.

That’s ROBBING a woman of the JOY of falling
in deep love and passion as she stays up at night
dreaming about who you may be, and as she
works hard enjoying the process of getting to

Do you want to know part of the reason that
being mysterious is so powerful?

It’s because what a woman does NOT know,
she will IMAGINE. And if the little she DOES
know about you so far is attractive, she will
of you in her mind that will stay with her FOREVER
unless you work HARD to really SCREW IT UP.

She WANTS this fantasy, and you can so easily

In other words, you DO need to have a strong
inner and outer game, but the idea is that a
perfect approach, a perfect attraction, is actually
accomplished with very few, yet very perfect,
“moves”, which then allow HER to fill in
all the rest as she FANTASIZES.

The EXPERT does very little because he
knows so MUCH, he chooses ONLY what’s
PERFECT for the situation.

No different than how a great chess player requires
less moves than an amateur.

You need LESS because it’s being done RIGHT.

When you do the wrong things, you need a lot
of it, and then it’s still often useless.

It’s not uncommon, certainly in a club, when
running high level expertise, to be talking to a
girl and her friends for only two minutes, and
then already be going off alone with the girl
you want. The girl is attracted fast, so what
happens is she now WANTS a normal conversation
to get to know you, so she starts to do all the work
at that point.

The problem with clubs though is that it is usually
hard to find the kind of woman that would make
for a great girlfriend there.

The other problem with clubs is that so many women
are often drunk or tipsy there, that the whole idea
of interacting with them becomes ridiculous, because
they are not in their right minds, which is yet another
reason why I don't suggest focusing on clubs.

And when approaching women in places like
coffee shops, you certainly can ignite attraction
instantly, but you must slow the intimacy down
to an extent, because the environment is not intended
nor designed to speed up the "man meets woman"
process the same way a club is designed for that.

Women care a lot more about these kinds of
social conventions than most men do.  Most
men just care about getting the woman and
that's it. 

And so, if you try to speed things up in a non-club
environment, you are actually being unaware of the
social context of the situation and showing a lack
of social intelligence, which is not cool at all to
most women.

Nonetheless, wherever you meet a woman, when
you are doing it RIGHT, a LOT gets done quickly,
and in fact the LONGER an approach takes you
to strike attraction, usually the worse it is.

In general, less is always more, but this does
not mean you should KNOW less, it means
you should know it ALL so that you can
take the BEST course of action and ONLY
that action.

By doing only what is EXACTLY needed, and
leaving the rest a mystery, you are giving
a woman a chance to create her own fantasy
about you that ultimately will become her
reality, her picture of you, and it
will stay that way no matter what unless
you screw it all up by going against
everything I’ve ever taught you.

It's actually HARD for a guy to screw
things up once she has created this
fantasy of the guy for herself.

are EXTREMELY POWERFUL, especially
an impression that SHE CREATED about you!

REFRAME anything "negative" about
you as a POSITIVE, since her feelings
about you will be so strong from her
INITIAL IMPRESSION that she created
in that fantasy.

All done with zero lies, zero games,
zero manipulation. All you are doing
here is giving yourself the BEST

This doesn’t mean NOT TO TALK, it just means
to only apply what is BEST, and once you see you
have accomplished your goal at each stage, i.e.
opening her up as you approach, attracting her,
building up the connection, you SHUT UP once
it’s done and then wisely move at the right moment
to the next stage.

Any more talk and now you are usually coming
across as trying too hard and also you are
saying things that are chipping away at the
image she has painted of you, you are ruining
her own joy of imagining the rest of your reality.

Let me give you a great example of how just
speaking a LITTLE about something ended up
creating something an entire GENERATION
dreamed about. You know how in Star Wars,
the original movie, ("Episode IV") we learn
about something called the "Clone Wars",
but we barely get ANY info about it?

All we know is that Luke's heritage is
wrapped up in it somehow very strongly,
and that the whole event was a massive
epic struggle that somehow affected
everything, including even what is going
on in the current moment.

The how, the why, is NOT given to us.
In fact, we NEVER SEE ANY OF IT!

But it's the PERFECT way to make us want
to know MORE, so much so that even DECADES
LATER, people came out in DROVES to find
OUT the answer in the sequels.

We barely know anything about the actual
"Clone Wars" from all this, but yet, the
effect is SOOOO powerful.

Our IMAGINATIONS conjure up some pretty
powerful dramatic visuals in our minds,
and we create story lines in our own
heads, since everything ELSE in the story
is so awesome.

We figure it MUST have been something

And so the net effect is psychologically far greater
than if they had gone on to actually show us billions
of dollars worth of scenery and special effects.

In fact, when George Lucas many years later decided
to make the movies that actually SHOW us the
“Clone Wars”, it was a huge disappointment, even
though he was applying the most advanced special
effects ever created at that point in time. (There are
actually a LOT of things there that were messed
up, but the fact is, even if he had tried to visually
show us the Clone Wars in as emotionally compelling
a way as possible, NOTHING could match what we
felt in our IMAGINATIONS from just hearing a BIT
about it and NEVER actually SEEING it.)

So often, when it comes to the power of emotions,
using less is more.

A woman can form a powerful impression of
you when you are a stranger, since she
has no HISTORY of you, so anything
you do gets AMPLIFIED subconsciously
in her mind to fill the void and make
up for that lack of information.

Do the BEST things and none of the
WRONG actions, and the fact you are
a stranger now works in your FAVOR.
(More on this in Number 6.)

It's best to allow her to "simmer and cook"
those thoughts and feelings she has about you,
and not interfere with them.

Think of these tools of attraction as possessing

You need to use these tools intelligently and ACCURATELY.

THIS is how you operate in the big leagues, with the
women who make most guys have their jaws drop from
these hotties’ sheer gorgeousness.


It’s amazing when studies tend to prove
what years of experience approaching women
EVERYWHERE, including going right up to
women walking along the sidewalk, or
in cafes, clubs, lounges, buses, trains,
bookstores, parks, and just about
everywhere else, has already shown me:

“Women find smiling men less attractive
than those with brooding expressions.”

This comes not from some caveman or
Neanderthal report, but is fresh from
Vancouver’s University of British Columbia.

Guess what else it confirmed?
That MEN find women who DO smile to
be MORE attractive.

Which makes sense, as men want FEMININE
women, and women want MASCULINE MEN.

Guess what else?
This study was not even done by MEN!
It was done by female researchers.

So you know this is not exactly the kind
of thing that fits feminist political correctness
and is certainly nothing that women would
publish for self-serving purposes, as it actually
goes AGAINST the stereotypical feminist agenda.

Guess what else?

A large percentage of the men and women
in these studies were undergraduates who
are clearly in the dating scene and who
experience raging young hormones –
these were NOT a bunch of people in
their 90s saying, “Ohh chemistry does
not matter at all, it’s all about being nice
and compatible and being FRIENDS and just
watching the stars at night”.

These results reflect the PRIMAL preferences
of men and women, which are far more powerful
than just the logical preferences.

We could argue forever about WHY men and
women prefer the opposite gender this way, but
the fact is, these ARE the preferences.

The subtleties, though, are crucial as well.
This does not mean not to laugh, or to never smile.

What it means is that, given ONE expression
amongst all, smiling is NOT the one you
should be focused on, because 99% of the
time, this smile tends to come from a lack

Think about classic icons in film who women
LOVE: Whether it was Han Solo, or James Bond,
these guys aren’t known for their SMILES.

The reality is that these characters
occasionally DO smile.

The DIFFERENCE is that when they smile,
it’s a result of coming from their OWN
terms, because they are in the superior
position, they are NOT smiling in order
to seek approval or to get on someone’s

Most guys instantly see their confidence
MELT in front of a woman who is a knockout
and THIS is the cause of the smile.

To be perfectly honest, if you could pull off a smile as
a result of feeling EMPOWERED and comfortable,
it would be fine, especially when approaching
women as opposed to just showing a picture, because
of all the messages you convey through your tonality and
body language when you are LIVE IN PERSON in front
of her.

There really IS an important difference between an
approval seeking smile, and a smile of being in
a great state of empowerment and inner peace.

But that’s not 99% of the smiling done by
guys around women- most of it comes from
feeling zero confidence and from guys putting
women in the superior position of value in their
own minds.

This is all the tip of the iceberg about
how to use facial expression, voice tonality,
and how to best apply it to also affect your
EMOTIONAL STATE, that I delve into full detail
for you in my Warrior Within DVD program.

The great news for you, is that although
this might SEEM to confirm that women
fall for "bad boy" types, as you can see
you don’t have to be a BAD BOY to do this,
you just have to be ASSERTIVE.

There is a shortage of GOOD GUYS who understand
how to do things RIGHT, so if you learn these
skills, you will RULE!

Women would rather meet a guy who is
BOTH a good guy AND who understands
attraction, but usually they can't
find such a man.

This leads me to:


You must LEAD the conversation towards the
"MALE-FEMALE"  natural vibe without mentioning
it directly.

What I mean here is the flirtatious vibe, i.e, teasing her,
as well as building a connection, getting the coffee with
her, etc.

Yes, you DO have to do this smoothly, but
you can’t AVOID it either.

The MAIN thing to realize about “smooth” in this
respect is not to make her feel cheap. So you have
to be TACTFUL of how you lead this interaction.

She KNOWS what’s going on, but she needs to
ALSO know you are classy.

Otherwise you are making her feel as if you think
she is ‘easy’, which is a DEATHLY BLOW to her
self-esteem, and thus one of the worst things you can
do to a woman.

Along with coming across as INFERIOR, making
a woman feel cheap for being with you is the
biggest mistake you can make. Of course,
coming across as inferior makes her feel low
self esteem as well, for only an inferior woman
would be with an inferior man, right?

So how do you avoid tripping her “defenses”?
Well, you make sure to NOT bring up the physical
stuff DIRECTLY at all in the early stages.

It’s not cute, and it’s not funny.
Sure, sometimes a guy gets away with it, but that’s
IN SPITE of doing it, NOT BECAUSE of it.

And, all along the way, as you LEAD the interaction,
you are making her feel the awesome presence of
being with a confident, masculine guy who is unlike
any other, who is an ORIGINAL.

You show that you KNOW where to take the
interaction, you don’t ask HER.

You bridge the gap from the conversation to the
‘instant date’ by saying something like “this
is an intriguing conversation, let’s continue this over
a tea at the Starbucks across the street, etc”. Your
tonality, your body language, the expression on your
face makes it clear that you MEAN IT, but at the same
time that this is not a big deal for you, that you in fact
EXPECT her to say yes.


Listen, if you have something to say to her, you
may as well say it LOUD AND CLEAR.

Doesn’t matter if it’s going up to a group of women
in the mall who are walking together, or whether
it’s in a club or book store or coffee shop.

I see guys kind of mumbling or talking low so that
they won’t be taken for arrogant. This is where nice
guys get SHAFTED. Because, you see, this mumbling
and quiet talk is hitting the emotional part of her
brain that says “LOSER who knows he is WASTING
my time and who KNOWS he is not worth my time.”

People who DO BELIEVE that what they say is WORTHY,
make sure to make themselves HEARD.
Because it’s important.

An EXCELLENT film that shows this is “The King’s Speech”,
particularly the scene where the King is intentionally made so
upset by his coach, till the point he becomes ANGRY that he
finally speaks with the RIGHT power, and utters the words

Magnificent film.

Can you imagine a President or Prime Minister mumbling
his or her address to a nation?

Getting into the subtleties, this does not mean
that the whole conversation should sound like
an announcement.

Rather, it should be driven by INSPIRATION or PASSION-
if you feel nothing inside of you, I can assure you that
she will feel nothing from your delivery of what you
say as well. On the other hand, if you FEEL the
inspiration or passion inside, you will be compelling to
her as well.


In those first few seconds of the chat, especially
if you are approaching her as a “cold approach”
a complete stranger, and especially if this is
NOT a dance club or lounge and is not a place
designed for approaching women, you don’t
want to give ANY signs of being “weird”.

There is very little room for error here, because
in these situations, women who are very attractive
have had to develop quick ways to get rid of the
wrong guys—even if this means in the process
they end up accidentally also shutting down
some of the RIGHT guys.

This is not some kind of evil conspiracy against
men, it’s simply the ONLY way for her to deal
with supply and demand- too many of the WRONG
guys interested in her.

Most guys are concerned with not coming across
as a psycho or dangerous person, but the reality
is that this is more of a fiction created in guys
minds than what women are actually worried
about. Usually, most guys could BENEFIT
from being far more forward, assertive, and
decisive in their approaches with women.

The REAL ‘danger’ to a guy’s approach is if he
comes across as NEEDY or SOCIALLY

You have many options for starting the conversation
and you don‘t have to rely on some funny teasing
comment that might take you forever to come up
with. Instead, you can often start your interaction
in a very “innocent” way that allows the woman to see
you aren’t insane, but you must then IMMEDIATELY
you must get her senses and imagination going BIG TIME.

Whether it’s being playful, intriguing, inspiring, or a
combination of these things above, you have to get
to the interesting stuff FAST.

Remember, she has no idea who you are, so every
SECOND you spend with her is ALL the information
she has to UNDERSTAND YOU, which means that
every SECOND is as if it’s a WEEK of real life
time being spent with you.

So if you have gone 90 seconds and it’s been
boring all along, that to her feels like if she
were to spend two YEARS WITH YOU,
it would probably all be exactly like those
90 seconds.

Remember, you’ve given her nothing ELSE
to base her decision or feelings on.

This is why, even if you feel the situation requires you
to start the conversation in a very “innocent” way,
at least make sure your body language and the
non-verbals from tonality to expression are all
delivering the right message of power, intrigue,
and fun, so that she can tell you are about
more than your actual words.

For example, is your voice showing playfulness,
intrigue, mystery, or is just robotic/mumbling/monotone.

You don’t need to spend an hour talking to her about
directions or asking for directions, even if that is what
you used to START the conversation.


You DON'T want the vibe to feel anti-septic and
boring and formal.

During the interaction, in a playful, non-invasive way,
whether it’s an instinctive touch as a reaction to
something powerful she said or to your emphasis
of something you said, or whether it’s a playful
“high 5”, you can find the right moment to make
contact SPARINGLY.

Of course, don’t be a fool, if a woman
is resisting your advance, you take a step
back metaphorically and wait to see if
this is just a matter of her requiring more
connection with you, i.e. getting to know
you, etc.

Then, it is up to YOU to get you both some
privacy. DON’T expect her to get things
rolling in this direction, although sometimes
women DO give massive hints and so often
guys don't SEE that the women are trying to
give them massive signals.

And when in private, again, it will usually
be up to YOU to get things rolling again,
although, to be honest, there are some
women who will "make the moves" on you

When you are progressing the interaction,
find a way to do this TASTEFULLY. For
example, you should have a REASON for why you
should both be there, i.e. your incredible photo collection
that you were chatting about over coffee.

And if you would like IGNITE your internal
engines of attraction and UNLEASH your
TRANSFORMATION with women, women,
then I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
program immediately.

In this program, you’ll discover how to do
EVERYTHING RIGHT with women, from
first approaching her, to developing deep
rapport and connection, to KEEPING her
attracted, to OBLITERATING all the internal
blocks, anxieties, and doubts and transforming
them into EMPOWERMENT, and the best
part of all of this, is that you will learn this
in a way that has nothing to do with playing
GAMES on women.

That might sound impossible, but I promise you
that in this program you will see EXACTLY
why and how this is true, and in fact why this
is the MOST POWERFUL way to go with
attracting a woman.

It’s at:

You can even check out samples of the program
as well as testimonials on this page as well.

You will find that this program contains no
manipulative tactics at all.

Trust really IS the central premise of
human society and all relationships.

I promise you, you can take my word
for it, that when you approach a woman,
who is thinking of considering you for
REAL, the LAST thing on earth you want
to do is make her think you are playing
some kind of GAME on her.

This is a HUGE reason why I believe
Warrior Within is such an important
program, it has NOTHING to do with
games, and everything to do with
BEING the kind of man who understands
and who is the very ESSENCE of attraction.

Again, it's at:

Right now, at this very moment, are fantastic
women that are within 5 MINUTES of where
you live, who are single, gorgeous, and WISHING
they could find the right man.

Now, you can BE that man. The most powerful
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How To Stand Out From Every Other Guy

One of the things women are attracted to in a
man is not how ACADEMICALLY smart he is,
but rather how STREET-SMART he is.

If a man is STREET SMART, he can protect
himself and her, he can make the right decisions
in life and in the moment as well.

She knows when she is with a STREET-SMART
man, she’s with no fool.

And here’s the craziest, wackiest thing:
As individuals in our societies, we ain’t getting
any better when it comes to STREET-SMARTS.

In fact, I’d wager that the typical man from
several generations BACK had FAR, far
more street-smarts.

Why is this?
It’s because there was LESS MEDIA!

In fact, the farther back you go,
the more men could rely on their
instincts when it came to what to
do to attract a woman.

Kind of ironic, huh?

I can hear the voices of protest now:

Don’t we LEARN from MEDIA?
Aren’t newspapers, computers, tv’s, the internet
a source of INFORMATION??????"

Yes, they are!
They are sources of TRUE INFORMATION but

In fact, the MISINFORMATION is far, FAR
greater in output than the INFORMATION.

To be blunt, the LIES are far, FAR more numerous
than the TRUTHS.

Hey, I love the fact that I live in a free society, and
I would not change it for the world.

It comes with a price, though- this “freedom”
also allows any idiot or nutcase or ignorant
person to say all kinds of HOGWASH.

And what’s even worse, is it also allows
the opportunity to say things they KNOW people
will pay attention to, even if those things are NOT true.

And these people are much more dangerous than
the idiots.

And the media, they’re too BUSY churning out
more and more PRODUCT and more and more
MEDIA, so they really don’t care TOO MUCH
about ACCURACY, if they even care at all.

Some are better than others, and there are even
a few who take accuracy seriously, but these

The bottom line for any media organization is the
same as any other business: SALES.

Though people DO want the truth, they don’t
understand how easy it is to MASK something
as truth, especially when the lies cater to the

It’s kind of like telling someone to eat a salad
because it’s good for them. There’s no FUN
in that.

But some greasy FRIES, hey you hardly have
to convince anyone and they’ll STILL buy ‘em!

Sure, you can talk all you want about long term
effects, no one cares all that much except the
people who already cared BEFORE you told
them anyway.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with some
fries now and then, but there’s something
VERY WRONG when your entire LIFE
is the product of LIES that you BELIEVE
to be true, and these LIES are controlling
just about EVERY decision you make,
from your health, to the kind of woman
you meet, to the financial decisions you
make, all the way to even your political
beliefs and beliefs about spirituality and
even the environment.

For most people, they will go their ENTIRE
LIVES making decision that OTHER people
are basically making for them since they
controlled the MESSAGES that went INTO
people’s minds.

But this is still just the BEGINNING.

Because it goes BEYOND the media.
The media is just another business, no
different than a big pizza chain or bookstore.

Not only are we getting bombarded with
stories and information that is not true but
that is designed to grab us by the emotions
and control our decisions, but entire corporations
and political movements that are only interested
in THEMSELVES are ALSO bombarding
us with all kinds of messages that really
only serve them.

However, we’re so bombarded that we end up
actually fighting for our chance to be “so lucky”
to be a VICTIM of these forces, we actually
think we are LUCKY to be part of it, even if
it costs us our entire lives and we get nothing
from it!

And no, this is NOT a conspiracy theory.
I hate conspiracy theories, and they’re
pretty much all wrong.

This is NOT a conspiracy theory, it’s actually
it’s not a secret at ALL.

However, it’s a bit like “The Matrix”, in the
sense that you have to SEE IT FOR YOURSELF
and then you realize it’s all around you and always
has been and really was never hiding! It was just
US that was hiding from IT!

So there’s no CONSPIRACY here.
This is why SOME people who SEE it are able
to RISE ABOVE it and make IT work FOR THEM
and not the other way around.

This affects EVERYTHING- your job, your
popularity, your choices of women, your
relationships, it even affects your ability to

So what does all this have to do with girls?

Let’s see now:

1. Girls like men who are STREET-SMART.
(It’s one of the reasons they like bad-boys.
Bad-Boys aren’t part of “the system”, and
women know it. But you don’t have to be
a BAD boy to do this, it’s a shame that
usually it’s only the BAD BOYS who are
smart enough to SEE all this!)

2. Girls also like men who can talk about
more than just the WEATHER or where
to take them and spend MONEY on them
as if that were going to ATTRACT her,
when in reality spending money on a woman
before she’s spending her energy on you is
a waste of time and a form of qualifying

In fact, one of the most awesome things
you can do when chatting with a woman is
teach her things about her world, her self,
her entire reality that she would never
EVER be able to see on her own.

You always hear about leading the way
as a man, and with this knowledge,
you are not only leading the way,
but you are also taking her into
a world she has never EXPERIENCED
before- and you will be the only man
to ever do so.

And when you finally understand and see
the WHOLE PICTURE of the WHAT, the
WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT YOU
SHOULD DO ABOUT IT part of reality,
that’s going to make EVERY SECOND
of your interaction and conversation with

3. The side-effect of all this is that you are
ALSO going to be able to design the life
you want and structure your life so that
you have the HIGHEST CHANCE of
actually getting what you want rather than
just falling into someone else’s plan.
Now, here’s the thing:
Every program I create ends up revolutionizing
the field.

It’s the reason you don’t hear about pick-up lines
from pick up artists anymore.

And what happens then, is that every competing
company tries to imitate me in various forms.

Flattering, yes, it’s the reason that Get A Great Girl
has earned the reputation of having the most integrity
and the most focus in this field. Get A Great Girl
is all about one thing: The full truth on getting a
quality woman.

You don’t need to “see the matrix” in order
to just get a date with a woman.

You don’t need to ‘see the matrix’ to get in bed
with a woman.

But if you want to SEPARATE YOURSELF
FROM THE PACK, when a million guys
are already HITTING on a woman, there’s
no better way than to actually BE the kind

“Street-smart” is just the beginning, because
it is insufficient of a term to describe knowing
the full reality of how things work and what’s
actually going on.

It’s GLOBAL now.
It’s about being GLOBAL SMART.

I really mean this, and it’s not just because
people regularly travel across the planet
these days, it’s because BILLIONS OF
spread throughout the planet in a

I cannot possibly emphasize how important
knowing all this is. It even affects things like
the FIDELITY of the typical woman these days.

And here’s the final straw, that for me
personally, was the most important of all:


I’m going to show you IN PERSON how to
NOT BE A VICTIM to these lies, and how to
make it all work FOR YOU.

I’m holding a ONE DAY-ONLY EVENT,
JUNE 19TH, 2011, in TORONTO.


This seminar will NOT be listed on any
page on my website. It will also soon
be removed from this blog. There will
be NO further details given out.

This is the ONLY way to protect the integrity
of the content and to prevent theft of
the intellectual property.

I know you’re going to love this seminar, and
I’m so confident of its value, that as always,
you have my word that if you aren’t certain
that you got ten times MORE value than you
expected, you’ll get every penny back.

This seminar will most likely not be repeated
again, and will not be taped or recorded in
any way.

And there’s only one way to register.
Follow this link:
All details of location and exact times will
be sent within 24 hours by email.


Michael Marks

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Enemy Of Attraction Is FEAR

Fear truly is the most powerful weapon on Earth.

In small dosages, it can be very helpful and constructive.
If you felt no fear at all, you wouldn’t be nearly as
motivated to protect yourself from harm.

However, fear blown out of proportion is the most
destructive force among human beings.

And this is totally true in the area of attraction
and women as well.

Let’s start with the most obvious one:
Fear of approaching women.

This fear prevents ALL good results, since the
chance for even creating attraction is “aborted”
before it can even be born.

But that is only the beginning of how fear
can destroy attraction.

For example, let’s say a guy HAS got a woman
interested in him, let’s say he DID make the

And now he is fearing NOT SEEMING COOL

So what does he do?

to be cool – doing things like ‘name-dropping’ –
mentioning names of people he thinks the girl
thinks are cool, and trying to show he is somehow
connected to them.

Or he does things like naming a bunch
of popular or trendy nightclubs that
he heard were "hard to get into", and
that he thinks the girl considers a
"hot spot" to go.

Or he does things like trying EXTRA HARD to
show he is NOT interested.

Or he figures that he is so for sure not cool that
his only choice is to compensate by being way
nicer than he really thinks anyone ought to be,
but is doing it anyway because he figures it’s
his only chance.

All this F-ING crap is a result of FEAR.
Women can TELL exactly what is going on,

And still, this is just the BEGINNING.

Let’s say a guy has managed to AVOID
those fears, let’s say he has managed to
actually GET a woman really ATTRACTED,
and now he even has her as his GIRLFRIEND.

But now, he is AFRAID OF LOSING HER.

Or, he is afraid that some other guys out there
who might be richer, better looking, funnier,
wittier, or “more cool” in some way. What
will be his response to this FEAR that he
feels inside?

Very often, it will be the feeling of a NEED
to try to CONTROL her, to SUFFOCATE

After all, if he can just somehow manage to
STOP her from being exposed to anyone
who might be “COOLER” he can then be
MORE ASSURED that she will STILL

And yet, the OPPOSITE happens, because when
people feel CONTROLLED they suddenly DESIRE
all those things that are being “forbidden” way,
WAY more.

I can testify to this.
When I was in a private school that was boys only,
I was going NUTS for girls. I mean EVERYTHING
FEMALE was just PURE HEAVEN to me.

And, I even remember, how I was being told by
the authorities in this school, that in the “co-ed”
schools the boys and girls were doing NOTHING
except “getting it on” with each other, as if it
was the age of “free love” or something!

And all this was told to me, as if it were a
BAD thing!

So of course, what I wanted, more than anything,
was to LEAVE this school and GO to these co-ed
schools where the boys and girls were having

In my mind, for real, no exaggeration, I pictured
that as soon as I walked into the school, I would
be seeing porno-style scenes going on in the hallways!

Meanwhile, to be perfectly honest with you, the guys
AND girls at co-ed school were WAYYYYYYY
more chilled out than the guys at my private school!

I couldn’t understand how the guys could be
RELAXED when there were ALL THESE
GIRLS around them that they were ALLOWED

To me, every single new girl I met, I felt to
myself “THAT is DEFINITELY the ONE”,
till I eventually got OBSESSED with one.

And I partially got so obsessed because I was
BELIEVING the EMOTIONS I was feeling –
I took those emotions as PROOF that this girl

Meanwhile, those emotions were the product of
SCARCITY THINKING, because I failed to
realize that in fact there were THOUSANDS
of other schools and BILLIONS of other
women on the planet-so again, I was in
FEAR BASED THINKING, causing me to
get all screwed up in my thinking and insecure
when interacting with that woman, where I
made all the classical fear mistakes.

Back in my boys-only private school, we were so
repressed in so many ways, that we were often
beating the crap out of each other without even
knowing why! It wasn’t even about being
“enemies”, it was just within seconds the smallest
thing and we were smashing through the walls.

But of course, THIS we made sure to do OUTSIDE
of the view of the authorities.

Supposedly, according to the school authorities,
(who themselves were acting out of FEAR that if
people were not CONTROLLED they would end up
becoming animals) we were the “upstanding members
of society” because of all these strict rules!

Well, in a very SIMILAR way, trying to CONTROL
a woman in any way, will just make her MUCH
WORSE, but she will probably just make sure
to be very careful to do it OUT OF SIGHT.

Now, the OPPOSITE of all this is ALSO true.

TO IT, and for example, you DO approach the women,
you DON’T try to act extra-cool, and you even go
so far as to ENCOURAGE A WOMAN to be
“independent”, you tend to create the OPPOSITE
EFFECT- you tend to actually make the woman

Not only that, but you prevent DECEPTION, so that
she can be HONEST with you.

because the natural forces of temptation FEED OFF
free, there is none of that “CHEATING FUEL” CALLED

Again, all this is so proven, over and over again,
and it is even true in GLOBAL terms- wherever
you have societies that do not allow FREEDOM
when it comes to women and when it comes to
sex, there is the creation of far MORE desire for
ALL THINGS SEXUAL, and of course, it is
all done HIDDEN.

So great is this desire for things sexual, combined
with so great is the importance of keeping it
HIDDEN, that the combination of these two
things is EXTREMELY destructive, feeding
feelings of GUILT, feeding feelings of INSECURITY,
creating the insecure feeling and the feeling of a
need for MORE CONTROL and MORE repression,
MEANWHILE this results in even MORE desire
for those very things considered “sinful”, which
creates even MORE need to REPRESS and HIDE

And so, it’s the EXACT SAME THING when it
comes to how to interact with women, even when
you are dealing with it on a ONE TO ONE basis,
just you and the woman.

And guess what else?
By NOT giving into your fears, by NOT trying
to sound so cool, by NOT trying to control a
woman, by in fact ENCOURAGING her to
be independent, you end up SUBSCONSCIOUSLY

You show SUPERIOR VALUE by behaving
this way – and it’s all being registered in her
mind subconsciously, the only thing she IS
conscious of, is that she is ATTRACTED
to you.

Does this mean you will get EVERY girl?
No, but I swear to it that this is the BEST
and to use as your DECISION MAKING
GUIDE when it comes to women.

In fact, one of the craziest things ever is that
if a woman you are in a relationship with ever
says something about leaving, you should
not try to hold her back (unless it’s obvious
you were being a JERK and this is her way
of asking you to change).

When you REMOVE CONTROL, there is
NOTHING left her to RESIST, so you take
a lot of the ENERGY AND DESIRE out of it.

In my latest program, called WARRIOR WITHIN,
you will learn ALL THE WAYS to obliterate

You will learn the most effect ways of
the highest level EVER.

This program is ALL NEW material that has
NEVER been revealed before - it's also
the most effective, cutting edge technology
that has been tested and PROVEN IN REAL LIFE.

I honestly think that NOT getting this course
is ROBBING YOURSELF of your potential with women.

Get this course, get the woman or women you want,
and enjoy life the way it was MEANT TO BE.

It’s at:

If you have a dating issue you want to
discuss personally with me, you can
now take advantage of my my personal
consultation service at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, May 13, 2011

How To Approach Women In A Sexual Way That WORKS

Approaching women in a sexual way is actually
the most important FIRST thing you should be
doing with women, but the problem is that
most guys end up doing this WRONG in a way
that gets them the proverbial "slap in the face".

Getting things rolling in a sexual direction
from the very OUTSET is crucial because it
keeps you in the SEXUAL zone in her mind,
and keeps you out of the "let's just be
FRIENDS" zone.

The first thing to get to IMMEDIATELY because
it's so important for success in this area
of getting sexual with women right away is
to master the CORRECT use of HUMOR, and to
understand the whole POINT of humor- especially
when it comes to approaching women.


What I mean by this, is that humor allows
us to actually EXPRESS OURSELVES with women
without being REPRESSED by the brutal stupidity
and evil of 'political correctness'.

I'm very careful about making GUESSES when
it comes to extrapolating from evolution
or evolutionary psychology, so I stick to
what is FACT- and it's a FACT that human
beings evolved to be able to mate in a way where
a man and woman are FACING each other -
something we don't see happening in the
ANIMAL world.

The REASON for this is that COMMUNICATION
is a BIG DEAL in human relations, human
development, human EVERYTHING- and yup,
in human SEXUALITY.

The fact of the matter is that the
humans who have the greatest power
of EXPRESSION over the greatest number
of people tend to have the MOST choice
in reproductive MATES.

Modes of human expression like MUSIC,
have dated back throughout the centuries
as tools men have used to woo women-
it's not just today's modern rock stars!

These are all just METHODS OF HUMAN

On the most PRIMAL and powerful level,
a woman is affected by the way you communicate
with her.

NOW, here’s the thing: In our politically-correct
society, the one thing that counts MOST for being
successful with women- the one thing that should
be like BASIC OXYGEN- is actually FORBIDDEN
or “taboo”.

What is this “verboten” (forbidden) thing?
It is bringing sexuality into REGULAR LIFE.

Sure, no one tells you what to do in PRIVATE,
but society sure tells you what to do in PUBLIC
and in your “public discourse” with women who
are strangers.

And when you meet women out in the world
as total strangers, which is what really gives
you the most choice and is the most fun and
exhilarating way to do it anyway if you ask me,

By the way, this is why so many guys try
to meet women in clubs, because a club
gives you SOME permission---but just
wait till you read on, and find out how
you can approach women ANYWHERE

Also by the way - when I say political correctness
is evil, I mean EVIL. My best friend and I were
discussing this, and he made a fantastic point
about how political correctness actually is the
motivated by APPEARANCES to “look nice”
while actually accomplishing the OPPOSITE GOAL
of BEING “correct/nice/good/noble”.

Ever notice how the people who are telling
everyone else to NOT be sexual, to NOT
look at girls, to NOT QUESTION things,
and basically to REPRESS all the
almost ALWAYS later found out to be
NOT TO DO???????????????????????

The crazy thing is also, the REVERSE is
often true! The people who are the most
RELAXED about being sexual, about
making jokes, about allowing freedom
of expression, about ALLOWING you
to question things, are almost ALWAYS
almost NEVER abuse ANY of these

Guess what else?

Particularly the ones who are KNOCKOUTS.

They know this because they HAVE the
sexual goods, so to speak, and they want
to ENJOY life with them, not be REPRESSED
as a result of them! So these women have
learned early on WHICH MEN ‘get it’ and
which men are still CLUELESS as how to
DEFEAT the repressive society.

The CHALLENGE is getting SEXUAL in your
communication with a woman who is a TOTAL
STRANGER- because of all the above that I
described, and the SOLUTION to the challenge is:


Again, it’s not that you should be a CLOWN
to attract a woman, it’s that to approach a woman
who is a total stranger, in our society, you need to
BARRIERS, and HUMOR is a brilliant tool for
THIS goal!

You see, once you’re in the world of HUMOR,
UNIVERSE, and now you have a ‘LICENCE’
to do all kinds of things – because, after all,

P.S. On the topic of humor, and how powerful
it is in BATTLING just about any force of society,
notice how if you ever look at the Bible, the one
attribute that is never given to God, is a sense

For some reason, it’s okay to describe this
that GLOWS”, or having “JEALOUSY”, etc, etc:
Anger is a human emotion.
Jealousy is a human emotion.

We of course also hear how the Biblical God
LOVES people.
Love is also a human emotion.

In fact, just about EVERY human emotion is
used to describe the Biblical God.

Why is a sense of HUMOR NEVER MENTIONED???

Everyone’s free to take a guess, but something
tells me that if You or I were making RULES
you wouldn’t want people JOKING AROUND
about them. You’d want to punish them for
disobedience or reward them for obeying.

By the way, don’t get me wrong, there is
a ton of GOOD about religion, like promoting
ideas of charity and equality, I’m just
saying the power of HUMOR is so great
that it’s OUTLAWED regarding many things
in MANY societies till this DAY.

But, in our politically correct culture, they
still have NOT OUTLAWED or made criminal
the POSESSION or the USE of a sense of humor!


So USE it!
Use it so that you can get away with APPROACHING

And not just APPROACHING THEM, but also
to get sexual in your communication and in your
vibes, and women will LOVE you for it –
because you allow women to then feel GOOD
about feeling sexual, and about being approached
by you, since you have done it all in a way that is
still “okay” since it’s all “playful” – which allows
them to NOT have to worry about being labeled
a “slut” or anything like that.

Not only can you APPROACH women who are
total strangers by using humor, you can even get
into sexual communication!

This way, you also avoid getting trapped into
the “let’s just be FRIENDS zone”.

Instead of going on and on about this point
right here, you’ll see exact examples of this
in some of the letters below!


Now, here’s where it gets even BETTER:

Not only does humor allow you “license” to be
sexual with women in our politically correct
society, and not only do women appreciate it
because it gives them permission to enjoy
being sexual as well, but HUMOR is one
of the most POWERFUL WAYS OF


Think I’m kidding? The reality is that this
intelligence, which is linked with emotional
intelligence, is actually the NUMBER ONE

Do you think that women have NOT evolved
to be attracted to men who DISPLAY this trait????


It’s wacky in fact, the kind of ABUSE that
men can do to themselves in terms of
destroying all the OTHER attractive elements
of themselves, and STILL get MASSIVE
success with women if they convey this
kind of humor that shows this particular
type of intelligence.

It makes sense, as applying this intelligence
allows you to build massive friendships and
teams and loyalty- these come through mastery
of this particular intelligence.

And, back on a very FUNDAMENTAL level,
the fact that men and women evolved to be
able to have intercourse facing each OTHER,
face-to-face, is absolutely not a coincidence,
the HUMAN element is the EXPRESSION and
COMMUNICATION that is increased by this
compared to the animals- which ends up increasing
the BOND, the ATTRACTION, the TRUST, everything
is boosted by this extra ability that humans have
that animals don’t.

Humor allows you to convey this special

Mastering this intelligence means you
understand the full depth of how people
are emotionally affected by all the
dynamics in any interaction.

So, now, so far, we see how it FREES you in
our politically correct society, and how it
allows you to be SEXUAL with women and make
women feel sexual as well, and how it also
conveys a special form of intelligence
that is highly attractive to women.

Let’s get to some letters that show guys
USING all this stuff the RIGHT way!


Dear Michael,

I've undergone such a massive transformation
in the past few months, I'm not sure where
to start. First, I was in a hellish relationship
that fits your description to a "T" in your
program of what happens to a guy once he falls
into the "abyss" as you say. This woman had
absolute power over me, and I now realize after
your program that it was me who basically handed
every last bit of my value over to her and it
was me who basically chopped my own perceived
value down to zero.

At the time, I felt that I had no choice, that
giving it all over was the only chance I had.
I worked harder and harder to try to prove
to her how "good" I was, and she became
more and more distant, less passionate, less
appreciative of anything. Which just made
me work harder and as you describe in your
program, the cognitive dissonance worked
against me, making me feel that she must be
worth it if after all I was busting my ass so
hard for her.

It's crazy, but true, because the harder I
worked for her, the more I let myself get
abused, the more it made me feel that
she must be worth it, since after all
why else would I be trying so hard,
so I tried even harder, and of course this
cognitive dissonance, as you explain, had
the opposite effect on her, for the very
same reason! i.e. "If he is trying so hard
for me, then he can't be worth that

And I realize that all this is so subconscious.
And I realize as you say that in a healthy
relationship, people appreciate and give a
lot, but this relationship was clearly not
healthy and I had fallen in deep.

Your material saved me. It made me realize
what was actually going on in my head
and that in fact I was not in love with
this woman, but that I myself had allowed
my brain to be tricked into it, and that
I could just as easily wash the illusion
away. I cannot believe that your program
is not on doctor's shelves.

Your program showed me how to get back
my self-esteem. And to any guys
reading this, that is no easy feat for a
guy being smashed to pieces by a woman
he loves. And more than that, your program
showed me how to leave that reality
and change my life around and meet
and attract more women than I could
ever have time for.

I totally changed my approach to women,
taking on a far more challenging and
playful (the playful is very important
otherwise you just seem like an insecure
dolt) attitude and also not jumping
into a "how can I please you" mentality
just because a woman is showing interest
in me. I now ***expect*** women
to show interest, and this makes
the moment when I do show some
affection that she has actually
earned from me, well it makes
it that much more sweet for her.

Right now, I'm dating a striking
woman I met while parking my
car! It would never have happened
if not for you. As I was pulling in
to my spot, I noticed this tall
redhead in a business suit
(damn I love it when leggy
women wear those "business"
style skirts that really are too
short for anything but sexy
business) slamming her trunk
door down again and again,
only to have it pop back up.

My heart was racing, but I knew
this was a golden opportunity.
I gave her a look and gesture
with my head - a playful "no no no,
not like that", my hands on my hips.

She looks at me, (giving me an
even better view of her beautiful
angles on her face) her expression
first a bit pissed, then she smiles
with a "I can't believe you just did
that" look and says "thanks a lot"
sarcastically, but I could feel that
vibe that you talk about--
she was liking it, which I would
never have guessed could
EVER happen before.

So after she said "thanks" sarcastically,
I replied "anytime", and told her
that I was enjoying the show! Again,
this was done playfully, not in
a mean way. I came over and
figured out what the problem was,
even though I wasn't sure I could
solve it, but I figured at worst
I could always tease her some
more that her car was cursed.

I figured it out and got the trunk
shut, to which I then blew on
my fingers as if they were magic
and said "that'll be 100 bucks".
She told me she wished she had
the money, and I told her that
I bet she did wish that! After
a brief chat about where we
both worked, I teased her that
she didn't really have a real
job or she would have the
100 bucks!

Once I knew she was loving it,
I told her that I had to go and
took her number and email.
I kept up the energy on the
first couple of dates but
didn't let it get out of hand
to "dorky" level, and let's
just say she's now passionately
making it up to me in more
ways than one.

Far be it from me to not help a
damsel in distress...

And before I forget, let me just
say this woman is just as attractive
if not more than the woman who totally
took advantage of me, and she's
treating me about a million times
better, including taking ME out
to dinner next week!

To any guy reading this right now who is
in a slump:
There are millions of women right outside
your door, and you can meet them right
now, but you need to learn to incorporate
far more dominance, leadership, fun,
and sexuality, and you need to learn to
obliterate the neediness in you to pull
this all off.

Blair T.


It's always cool to hear from the
"good guys" who have been given
BACK the power to live their lives with
DIGNITY. Every guy deserves to have
this area of his life under CONTROL.

Thanks for the props, and yes, one of
the biggest things for guys in bad relationships
is to realize the massive impact of
cognitive dissonance playing on their
emotions, and how this can be STOPPED
and in fact REVERSED to work in their
favor. And it all starts with first being
AWARE of what's going on in the first
place, which is something I go into
detail in my Warrior Within DVD program.

And I'm glad you also raised the point
of how this is not about manipulating
women but rather incorporating important
characteristics into our personalities that
every man already has but has repressed
because of our crazy culture that labels
all good men as evil for living and breathing
and wanting a decent life with a woman
where he has DIGNITY. Even though
the reality is that women actually WANT
you to be a real man! No wonder so many
guys get so messed up.


Michael!!!!! It almost hurts to write this
letter, as I'm giving away so much, but
I remember you saying how abundance
thinking is critical and also how teaching
this stuff is a great way of proving your
own mastery, so after getting your DVD
Set last October, and putting it to use
and getting insanely powerful results,
I'm now to going to share what I think are
crucial factors that I've learned from your
DVD program:

Your E-Books took me out of the gutter and
into a different reality, but your DVD program
has actually changed the way I feel, I am simply
no longer that sad quiet guy I once knew.

You've got me addicted to this whole approaching
women thing, it's too much fun!

One of the important distinctions I got from
your DVD Set is that the entire process from
A to Z with a woman can either be drudgery
for both you and the woman or it can be a
fantastic emotional experience at every
moment, with emotions ranging from
massive adrenaline to laughter to peaceful
calm to raw sexuality to a million other
emotions in infinite blending combinations.

For example, when you teach about role-playing
with a woman and allowing a woman to play
the role of you being the ultra cool guy, and
yet the way you taught me to also keep her
self-esteem high, it's genius. What you are
doing is allowing her to live her fantasy,
through role-play, because when you are
playing, you are still experiencing the same
emotion as if it's real.

So for example, I have role played with
women that I meet, and I am talking about
within seconds of first meeting them, that
I am Bond and that she is a Bond girl, usually
the evil Bond girl!!!!

They looooooooooooove it!
The girl I am now dating is a wonderful
person who I really dig in every way and
I met her using your principles.

I met her at the library, she was working there,
helping me find a book, and she just seemed
like a really well behaved girl, and so after
she helped me find some stuff, I playfully
teased her on being the opposite, specifically,
"an evil Bond girl with a library fetish" lol.
And I told her that she only helped me
so she can "have new prey".

With a smile, she asks what I mean, so I tell
her I know she really just lives for torturing
guys with overdue books, and that I know
where she takes them.

She totally eats it up, a glint in her eye as
she goes along with it and points to a little
room in the back to me, telling me that is
where she takes them to for the torturing.

Because of your DVDs, I now realize why
it makes total sense for a nice girl to eat
this stuff up, because she is such a "nice"
girl for real, that she doesn't get to be "naughty",
and I'm allowing her to be bad now in a way
where it's totally fun. As you explain,
this is all about emotions, giving women
awesome emotions, and as you explain
you have to give a woman what she
does not have, and this nice girl needed
some more playful naughty in her life lol.

I tell her that the room doesn't scare me
like it does other guys.

She goes back to me with a mischievous smile:
"And you'd like to see this room, wouldn't

To which I responded, in total Bond calm
and Bond tonality:
"That depends on the view."

At about the same time, she was being called
to take care of something by some woman
who worked there, so I told her in a playfully
suspicious tone that I had to get going as well
but that I would be "investigating this further"
and that she must leave her contact info, which
she immediately did with a smile and she
even told me when she's in so that I would
for sure reach her! Following the other
concepts you explain, the rest went equally
smoothly. She didn't even give me any
"cruel" tests, just the stuff that I now realize
from your materials that any girl does to
show she is not easy - I respected that actually,
makes me like her more.

As you say, this truly is not about being
some creepy guy, it's about allowing her
to live out the most amazing experience
possible, that's full of sexuality and anticipation-
it’s not about “not handing over all the power"
to her, it’s about being so much more of an
exciting man. And you are allowing her to be
who she really wants to be.

And of course, if she was more of "naughty girl"
to begin with, I would calibrate for this and allow
her to be more of a good girl!

Thanks to you, I give them not only what they
don't have, I give them what no man has ever
given them- an entire range of emotional
“climaxes” that she really can’t help but
be happily addicted to! I really am a giver,
it's awesome, and I feel great about it.

For any guys reading this, this is not only
about me being "Bond", but also about her
being the evil Bond girl, which is just as
important to the experience, so that she
can totally release herself sexually and
go wild with me.

And I could easily play with this in
a million other ways, for example me
being any type of cool role, for example,
I could be Clyde and she could be Bonnie
from the infamous "Bonnie and Clyde"
bank robbers! (Which I've done too,
and it's fantastic stuff!)

This vibe enables you to both have so
much more fun and to bypass boring
and restricting social conventions so
that you can both be far more sexual
and adventurous and still have total
respect for each other.

And that's just one part of one thing that
I got the far bigger picture on from your
DVDs. Here's another big thing I got from
your DVDs:

Everything I do is up to me and only me.
It's my decision. I think most guys don't
take an active part in their own decision
making process. For example, if I want
to allow a woman to be a certain way
in terms of more sexual and more fun,
then my clothing should be more fun
and more sexual and alive. I am
kind of saying "this is my perspective
on life and therefore I accept others
with it" so a woman doesn't have to
worry about being judged negatively
by being more forward with me.

She immediately knows she is with
the kind of man she will probably
never meet again anywhere, she knows
it from the way she feels when she is
around me- a way I make sure she
indeed does feel!

The way I move, the way I dress,
the tonalities I apply, the type of
conversation and interaction I
am having with her. She knows.

Your DVDs really go into detail on
how to take advantage of everything
in your power to give off the right
messages and vibes about yourself,
and even how to find the unique
parts of your personality and
highlight those as well.

Before this letter turns into a scroll,
lol, I'll say one last thing:
Your DVDs really hit home on
how to create just the right amount
of sexual tension so that she is
enjoying the maximum anticipation
without pushing it over the edge and
making her feel bad either.

This is something that has made a total
night-and-day difference in my interactions
with women - I really look at the entire
process, from the first second I see a woman
all the way to the hot and heavy stuff and
of course the deeper bonding (which is the
entire reason I came to your material in the
first place), I see it all as a rollercoaster now:

This is a roller coaster that I can enjoy because
it’s mine, I even steer it, and I bring her on board
my coaster! It has some intense moments of pure
adrenaline and drops, (this is where I am being
playful or doing some intense role-playing or
being really intriguing as you explain) but also
has some "valleys" that are calmer, (this is
where I will be giving her a sincere compliment
or just holding her hands in a warm but not intense
way, or where I will seriously be learning about
her and her background or her day, etc).

Achieving the right amount of sexual
tension is so important, I think most
guys tend to go to one extreme or
the other. Your DVDs helped clarify
this a lot.

Hope this helps your readers,

Craig S.


Thanks for that awesome letter, it really
helps others when guys explain what's
working for them rather than just saying
"it's great".

It's obvious you are really getting this
now, you are employing so many of
the principles at once it's fantastic.
One of the great things about these
concepts are that they work well
independently and also work even
BETTER together. And using one
of the concepts will often help
you better understand another
concept, so the learning goes
in a never ending cycle of

The role-playing situation you gave
is an excellent example of proper
role-playing, where not only are
YOU being Bond like, which of course
is always cool and gives her the DESIRE
to be naughty with you, but you are
ALSO, through this role-play, giving
her the LICENSE to be naughty,
since in HER new role it would
be totally EXPECTED. So this is
a great way of her getting over any
internal "obstacles" she may have
had with it. After all, it's just a
role, right? ;) A role that ends
up in your bed.

In this vein, I love how you hit home
how the point of all this is ultimately about
giving women an awesome emotional
experience from the FIRST moment
you meet her till the rest of your life
with her. And this is actually FUN
for YOU too.

Thanks again for your letter, great stuff.


Hey Mike,

Just wanted to give you a shout on my
progress since I completed your Real
World Bootcamp a couple of months

Ever since your Bootcamp, I've been
focusing on your “efficiency principle”
which reminds me of the “economy of
movement” principle- where you get
maximum results from doing the most
efficient actions, so no energy or time
is wasted.

And I've been pulling off some crazy
**** lately with it. I'm now able to
be "direct" with girls and yet it's as if
they often open up immediately
upon me starting to interact.

I think the analogy that's best for this
is that when you are a race car driving
at 200 miles per hour, you don't make
huge turns with the steering wheel,
rather you make fine adjustments-
and the better you get at this game,
the more "speed" and power you have
from the get-go, from anything you
do, including your body language,
your sense of humor, your dominance,
etc, all this stuff become super-charged.

And so therefore the focus is
more on fine calibration rather
than anything extreme. But this
doesn't mean it takes less skill,
rather it takes more.

Every word you said about the way
human beings behave in these dynamics,
the power of the tiniest of subtleties
in timing, in body language and tonality
and thoughts, it's true.

Seeing is also believing, as you showed
me when you went direct for that girl
in middle of her friends at that trendy
lounge. You really converted the friends
from being women defending their friend
from some 'stranger' to insisting that
you call her and not to disappoint her
by losing her number!

You really broke apart the "maze" for
me and showed me exactly how to see
the entire interaction for what was
really going on, and how each woman
there simply had a goal and a need,
and a fear, and you simply went about
handling these specific things efficiently-
till they had only one choice- to help
you get their friend!

What's really a learning experience for
me is also seeing how the girl herself
increased her attraction upon seeing
the way you handled her own friends!
She went from being all formal to
getting giggly and girly, just like
you predicted always happens when
things go right!

The funniest thing though is that your
efficiency principle is more than efficient,
the way I see it, because doing any more
than that seems like the guy is trying too
hard, it would be the equivalent of a girl who
is a knock out stripping for you all day, you'd
start to think something is wrong with this person,
she's so sexy but never stops, never chills out.

The less you need to do, the more cool you
must be, even on a subconscious level in
her mind, she will think this since she is
feeling attraction to you based on the least
you did, - so she just becomes hungrier and
hungrier for more of you, since she is
getting a lot of ‘bang for her buck’ – and
I promise that pun was not intentional!

This is definitely where your bootcamp has helped
me, because it's allowed me to experience and witness
the frame of "not trying to be the entertainer" while
still being the most dynamic guy she has ever met.

It's a very subtle difference that makes all the
difference between being the clown and being
successful with women- but it's the most important
difference in the world.

Also, simply by becoming so damn
comfortable with physically escalating,
women are disarmed as well, it's as if
because it's so natural to me now, it's
natural to them too, it's similar to how
a dog can sense comfort or fear in the
owner, and like another reader wrote
to you, I mean this not in a disrespectful
sense, but a basic sense of human
nature. The comfort level you
feel yourself is a massive turn on
for women in this area. All I can say
is, for any guy who doubts how
physical and sexual women are,
they are more sexual than I could
have ever imagined, and this in
itself makes me more calm about
escalating without making a
"big deal" about it.

I think guys really need to realize
that the way to get sexual is to
start off sexual from the get-go,
the sexuality should be there in
your voice, your humor, your
proximity to her, without
being needy- and by playfully
pushing her away now and then,
you show that you are not needy.
Whenever I do this, I find that
women flip around from being in
"hard to get" mode to being in
"chase this guy" mode.

They begin to get touchy feely with
me, they start asking me what my
name is, they start smiling and just
getting all girly. It becomes clear
that I'm making her day and that
she wants more. It's awesome and
of course it puts your confidence
into high gear.

Also, regarding the efficiency principle,
I can definitely see how being the
opposite at first, for beginners, - being
in fact even a little over the top - as you
first had me going at the beginning of
bootcamp was important for my development,
because at first I was too concerned with what
other people thought, I was too introspective,
too quiet, too afraid to even begin to "unleash"
my dominant and my fun side!!!

After getting me over this hump, it was only
then that I could appreciate the refinements
to "efficiency principle".


David S.
Calgary, Canada


Thanks for the props, man. The bootcamp
is a very personal experience, as each guy
is different and the program is tailored
specifically for his needs and goals.

That's one of the reasons the bootcamp
is One-On-One, this way my entire time
is spent with you and only you, so that
you can get the benefit of complete
personal attention for every second
of the bootcamp.

And I love your comments and analogies
on using the "efficiency principle" - they're

And if you are reading this right now
and would like to bring YOUR ‘game’
up to par so that women are CHASING
you rather than playing hard to get,
then it's time you TOOK ACTION by
getting my Warrior Within DVD Set.

What you read in these newsletters, as
powerful as they are, really IS just the
tip of the iceberg.

You will find that this program gets you RESULTS.
Listen to it ALL, and APPLY it. You’ll find that this
program is light years ahead of traditional dating advice.

I spent 2 YEARS developing this program, to really
figure out on the deepest levels what women actually
respond to, and to then distill this information in a way
that ANY guy can both UNDERSTAND and also USE
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It’s at:

To find out about all my programs for skyrocketing
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Approaching Women Done RIGHT

Approaching women and attracting them
smoothly is a bit of a paradox. On one
hand, when you do it right, it sounds
so simple.

But that's because so many things have
been internalized, that it's kind of
like learning to walk.

It really takes a lot of little steps
put together, but when done right, it
looks very easy.

Recently, I received a letter from a
man who has put a lot of the steps for
one particular "attraction situation"
together, and I've commented on his
letter to make the steps even clearer.


Dear Michael,

The past six months has been the most torturous
experience of my life. Last November, my
girlfriend broke up with me, and although we
were not getting along, I always expected that
we would work things out and never give up-
that’s the attitude that I thought we both had.

Michael, I felt like my world was ending-
there were moments that I could not physically
breathe, moments where I felt I was going to die
from sheer weakness. It’s like I was drained
of all zest, energy and desire for life.

Throughout this time, I had a sense of disbelief,
that “How on earth could she do this to me, how
could she give up on us”?

Then, about six weeks ago, late on another sleepless
night, I found your site on the internet, and read
every single article you have. It was painful
to read a lot of it, to be honest, as it was so
clear that I was doing everything wrong,
and if you were right, it meant I had to
start over again- the very way I understood
my reality and how to go about getting
and attracting the kind of woman I wanted.

I suppose that’s the only good thing about
hitting rock bottom, you’re more willing
to try anything.

So I went all out and decided to get your
Warrior Within DVDs. I went through half
the entire series in one night. For the
first time, so many painful memories
started to become beautiful to me, because
your breakdown of how attraction is created
and destroyed showed me what was really
happening all along, and the reasons why
as well.

More on that later, but I want to get to
the most important part of this letter,
which is how I applied your strategies for
breaking through my inner barriers on taking
action with women, and taking the kind of
action you suggest as well.

I currently work as a dishwasher in a restaurant,
that’s right a dishwasher, as I lost my previous
job that required my engineering degree as
well as years of experience, from not showing
up to work. Like I said before, the breakup
really destroyed me. So until I find another
job that uses my skills, I need to pay my
bills with whatever helps.

Anyway, there is a smoking hot waitress
who works at the restaurant, and until
I got your Warrior program, all I could
do was wish about her. Her name is
Cora, and she’s a mixed breed of
Mediterranean, French, and some other
stuff I can’t remember, except that she
is certainly one of the most exquisite
exotic creatures I have ever seen.

Guys are ogling her all the time, and
I see customers trying to flirt with her,
but now that I have your program, I
can see all the mistakes they’re making,
from trying to take advantage of the
fact they are “customers” and knowing
she won’t tell them off, to copying the
silly teases you hear about all the time
designed to lower her confidence.

Well, after another lonely night of having
nobody knocking at the door, nobody
calling on the phone, and getting pissed
off at looking at the same four walls,
I went through the section on your
DVDs called “Naming The Voices”.

That did it for me, it got me so angry
at those parts of my self, that I made
that brutal disconnection between my
better self and those internal voices,
and I just knew that no matter what,
the next day I would follow your advice.

Before I left the house in the morning,
I practiced the voice tonality as you
show until I got into 'state' as you
would call it.

I walked in for work as usual, and as I
entered, I saw Cora serving a table, and
I sauntered over to her, and in my head
pops your voice reminding me not to be
nasty but to be childlike fun, and to
fully go along with whatever I decide to
do, to have full conviction in it and
not take off if she doesn't 'bite' right
away like you say most guys do.

So, I pointed alarmingly, to a button on the
top of her blouse, and made this gross face,
saying “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
What Isssssss That???”

She laughs and says to me “This is a joke, right?”

I remember your words again: To treat the
joke with full conviction.

So I don’t stop.

I go: “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!
What Issss That?”

So this time, she looks down to her button,
and I do the silliest thing since I was 6
years old, just as you say about being
a kid with women, to allow them to
regress to that childhood playfulness-
and what I do is, I take my finger that
was right beside her top button and
flick her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to understand Michael, that
this girl is so intensely gorgeous, that
I see men come in everyday and easily
tip her way more than they would anyone
else, just in the hopes that this might
seriously get them some attention.

I see other guys just ogling her for
an entire hour as they eat, and not
say a word to her.

I hear other customers try to get all serious
with her about their serious accomplishments
and careers, from politicians to doctors.

And here I go, flicking this seriously hot babe’s
cute perfect nose in my Grade 2 style juvenile

My heartbeat was racing, as I figured I was
either about to get the biggest slap in the
face, berated, or fired (again!).

Her eyes widened and she looked like she
was going to kill me, and then said to me:

“Thank you for brightening up my day”-
and I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic
or not.

She then grabbed my shirt by the collar
and said to me, “You think you can mess
with me?”

I’m telling you Michael, I still wasn’t
sure if the police were gonna be beating
my ass shortly. But I decided to follow
your words to the letter, and stayed in
full conviction of this joke.

So I continued with: “No way, I want to
keep it clean! I hardly even know you!
You’d have to wine and dine me before
even thinking of getting there with me!”

And that’s when she cracked, man, that’s
when she totally cracked.

She starts laughing in disbelief, shaking
her head in disapproval, but it’s the kind
where you know she is enjoying every
bit of it.

So I told her that I had to get to work in
the back, and I also warned her to keep
a clean mind and clean thoughts and
not to think about getting dirty with me!
(This was brilliant of you by the way,
your work on obsessive thoughts and
how the worst way to get a thought
out of your mind is to tell the mind
to not think about it- and how this
creates the opposite effect! So by
telling her to make sure not to think
about it, she probably thought about
it the whole shift!)

Well what do you know, she ends up
in the back fifteen minutes later, telling
me that she’s never had a guy tell her
to be clean with him before, so I just
told her “There’s a first time for everything,
it looks like I’m going to be your first,
I hope it won’t hurt!”

She then starts asking me when my shift
is over, and at that point, thanks to your
materials, I realized the time for joking
was over, because she was clearly into
me, and you warned how guys lose women
by taking the jokes into the “clown zone”
where the guy seems to be a clown and
not serious about taking the interaction
to a real man-woman connection level.

So before I could even finish saying “at close –
“11 o-clock” she tells me that she is here till
then also and that she’d appreciate a nice
clean guy to walk her home.

Man, Michael, this girl knew when I finished,
she was just asking to as you say, set it up
as if she didn’t to make it look more like
“well since we both finish the same time
anyway he might as well walk me home”

What really makes me love this girl is that
she has no idea that in fact I have two degrees-
she sees me as the dishwasher dude who has
no qualms about it!

All I can tell you man, as a gentleman, is
that we had the greatest connection that
night and I’m still seeing her today.
I have no idea if this woman is “the one”
but she certainly is making my life better
and not giving me any headaches.

Maybe it’s because of her experiences
with men that she already knows that
not all that glitters is gold, or maybe
she just digs a guy who makes life
fun, even the small things.

And I owe it all to you, right down even
to the choice of humor, and of not being
nasty in my humor but instead just childlike
and playful, with a touch of naughty, allowing
her to regress to being a fun girl, which ironically
allows her to be a woman instead of a robot.

There’s one more thing I need to tell you
before ending this letter, which I wasn’t
planning on being so long!

I finally remembered something about
my ex, and it clicked in my head after
I was watching your Warrior Within
program yet again:

To make a long story short, this woman
unintentionally gave me plenty of clues
about her nature, as far back as the very first
date I ever had with her. But I decided
to disregard them, because verbally, she
assured me that she was “good old
fashioned faithful”.

I made the terrible error of believing words
as opposed to actions and subtle but ever
so meaningful body language cues, and on
top of that I believed “all women are messed
up so I might as well accept this one who
seems better than the others.”

If I had your Warrior Within program back
then, I would have never, ever gone on a
second date with that woman, and would
have spared myself the monstrous pain that
I created for myself by growing attached to

Your Warrior Within program did more than
just help me get this new woman, who knows
exactly who I really am and loves me for it,
and who, by the way, gives me no drama or
headaches, and treats me like I’m a king.

Your Warrior Within program has made
me grow as a man, because I am not
angry anymore toward my ex, as I can
now see the whole picture, including
the fact that in the future, I can take
responsibility for things because I
now know what to look for in a woman’s
behavior and how to see the signals
up front and fast.

I can’t blame my situation on women anymore.
It’s up to me to keep a woman, break up with
a woman, or go meet and attract a woman-
Warrior Within put the power back in my
hands, I am no longer a victim and never
will be again.

So all I can say is thanks, man, and I hope
other men in my situation realize that no
matter how much pain they may be in
over a woman, there is light at the end
of the tunnel if they are willing to learn
and take the responsibility of that learning
on themselves.

Jack H.
San Diego, CA

P.S. I just got a phone call for an interview
for something that uses my background a little
more! Maybe this woman sensed all this lol!


Thank you first of all for the kind words
and for sharing some of the ways you
are applying the material in Warrior Within.
Normally I don’t print such long letters,
but in your case I made an exception because
you gave us meaningful specific details of
your situation and what you did to attract
the new woman, all the way from changing
your ‘inner game’ and learning how all this
works and why it works, to the actual
‘external game’ of the words you said!

A few comments I’d like to make:

1. You probably aren’t even aware of this,
but the dishwasher job was not only NOT
holding you back, but because of the
attitude you displayed while SIMULTANEOUSLY
being the “dishwasher dude”, you came
across as, to be a bit blunt, a guy with

It’s no big deal to have some confidence
when you already ARE a supermodel
with a lot of money who is famous and
socially proofed by a big crowd of girls
around him, and who is not feeling the
pain of a breakup.

And I have a feeling the 'state' exercises
you did with tonality helped you here
as well, so that you came across with
full congruency on all levels, from
body language to voice to all other

2. The STYLE of humor you used- it was
NOT arrogant, it was NOT a “clever put-down”
to "lower her confidence", it was innocent,

And regressing to CHILDHOOD is a
GREAT thing to do in a world that is
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too serious and
especially regarding the whole sexual
connection between men and women,
where you have to consult a lawyer
before you are assured of sounding
politically correct to a woman!

The childhood regression allows her to
have FUN with you.

Another little subtlety by the way,
to the childlike behavior was the
that this acheived for you, and
thus "broke the ice" for both of
you this way, allowing her to
feel free to now playfully
get "angry" and get a little
physical with you as well.

You did this to just the RIGHT degree,
with the whole “messy but you want to
keep it CLEAN” comment which raised
the whole dynamic to a fun spicy
interaction between a man and a woman.

Notice how FIRST comes the playful,
the child-like behavior, and THEN
comes the splash of adult NAUGHTY.


Yes, man, this is SO important.
Especially for a woman who gets hit on
a lot, it just makes sense that she is
experienced enough and confident
enough to not just ‘bite the bait’
at first glance.

in any way, will MELT.

You FELT the temptation, the desire, to MELT.

Because of that state of mind, you start
to get distorted thoughts, like of the
POLICE coming to whup your butt
just because you liked a girl enough
to take some action!

But I know what you mean, I’ve been there!

Here’s something else about going ‘full conviction’
on your joke or playful approach:

It gives the woman, retroactively, something
cool to reflect on about you: So when you
left to get back to work, and she was there
by herself or with the customers, she was
probably reflecting in her mind “That
smart-alec knew ALL ALONG there
was nothing on my shirt, but he KEPT
ON GOING!! What a- what a-what a
damn bastardly and SEXY GUY!”

This is the kind of playful sexy 'bastard'
that is totally what women eat up and what
actually feels most LIBERATING for us
as men anyway!!!!


Yes, once she started to ask when you
finished work, and you knew she already
knew the answer anyway, it was super
clear what was going down, and you
not only RECOGNIZED THAT but
you appreciated how it was important
STUFF at that point, at least not for
that moment.

She was basically putting HERSELF out
there, and speaking in “woman code”
to you that she is up for taking this to
a higher level.

A lot of guys think that because they
are getting somewhere with the childlike
stuff and the naughty stuff, that they should
keep on doing it!

But that’s wrong, as it makes the woman
think that this guy doesn’t REALLY
“get it”, and that he is socially clueless
AND worst of all, that he might be a
some strange dude who actually JUST

Keeping up the childlike stuff or the playful
naughty stuff past the point of her showing
interest ends up making a guy look like
the Pee Wee Herman character, who is
funny but not a man.

This is also why I offer many avenues to spark
the dynamic besides using humor, such as using
the emotion of INTRIGUE, just to give a guy
more options to make things even easier.


I also loved the way you used the strategy of
keeping her thinking about you by telling her
to NOT think dirty thoughts of you!

It’s an awesome tool, because you’re in effect
acting “according to politically correct culture”
but actually achieving a very “politically incorrect”
goal, the kind that is reserved for an adult man
and woman who want to jump each other’s bones!

The more you say NOT to do it, the more
you are getting what you want, and also
allowing her to enjoy it without having to
appear as “politically incorrect.”

So by doing this you take the pressure off of her
and just allow her to enjoy thoughts of you.


By taking responsibility for your future
relationships and even partially for your
past, you actually EMPOWER yourself
because you are not a prisoner to someone
ELSE, to no woman, to no ex, to no one.

This is yet another trait that you probably
are CONVEYING in subtle ways to the
new woman you met from your attitudes
toward your future, your job, and your
relationships. It shows maturity and
these days, maturity is harder than ever
to find because of the fact that a lot of
people don’t end up taking on responsibilities
till later in life.

So by showing RESPONSIBILITY, you
are showing maturity.

My last comment to you, is that as awesome
as things are, I want them to STAY AWESOME
for you.

And to KEEP IT THAT WAY, you must REMAIN
the way you are.

THIS is what makes women fantasize about you.
It's what makes them say “I miss hearing your
voice, I can’t stop thinking of you”.

And if you’re reading this right now, and
would like to get the kind of success with
women where women don’t just “agree”
to go out with you, but actually give
everything they’ve got and will FIGHT
against plenty of OTHER female competition
in order to be with you, then I suggest you
get my WARRIOR WITHIN program on DVD.

Warrior Within represents a quantum leap
forward in the field of attracting women,
it’s ALL NEW CONTENT that you will not
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