Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Three Pillars Of Attraction: Charisma, Inner Strength, And Heart

Ever since I started in this, my driving passion
has been, "What is the TRUTH about women?"

This is the question that I asked all the 'experts'
who professed to know it all.

This is the question that I stayed up at night
for years struggling to know the answer.

This is the question that I needed to have
answered every time I went out trying
every tactic imaginable when approaching
women, whether it was at a store, the library, 
a club, school, or anywhere else.

Well, the answer that none of these wannabe
"experts" knew, but is the REAL truth, is that 
not all women are the same.  And also, they
forgot to mention, that just because you can
attract a woman, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

In fact, the wrong woman will ruin you
with greater destruction than any other
force on the planet.

You wouldn't want to get "ALL" the women
even if you could.  

You want to get the RIGHT woman.
(There is an irony to this as well,
in that when you decide what it is
that you DON'T want, suddenly it 
becomes available EVERYWHERE,
because you are not needy for it.) 

Most of the dating experts would say things like: 
"All women are untrustworthy, so you
better make sure to "game" them".

Then, there was the opposite extreme,
the guys who lived in LA-LA-LAND
with hogwash advice like "All women are
all dainty creatures who all are just special
souls of virtue" and other nonsense. 

The reality is that there are certain universal 
attractive qualities, yes, I agree, but how these
attractive factors interplay with an individual's
VALUES is a CRUCIAL key to understand
as well- and the way this plays out from woman 
to woman differs GREATLY.    

You will attract that which you truly ARE,
which is different from attracting that which
you WANT.

So it becomes really important to decide 
who you truly want to BECOME, because
it is THAT which you will attract as well.

Most people, men and women included, 
create fantasies and illusions for themselves,
and the one thing these illusions all have
in common is the desire to AVOID 
having to change or to do any work.

So the human instinct is to create all
sorts of FALSE beliefs, such as 
"I will meet a woman because it's all
destiny anyway", and this kind of 
thinking can make you depend on
miracles and take no action, and
just WAIT a lifetime, with no results.

Also, rather than see our own faults,
we tend to make the other person a 
villain, so we resort to black and white
thinking where we are perfect and
the woman must have been some
terrible person, etc, etc. 

And of course, many women do this to
men as well.

I've actually found that when it comes down
to it, most men and women are not trying
to hurt each other, but once they are in
pain, they often then oversimplify things
to make the other the villain, and this
doesn't help men or women, it just
fuels MISTRUST, which is probably
the greatest single destroyer of chemistry
and of relationships between men and

So, this is why it's so important to get
rid of jaded thoughts when interacting
with women. Don't let yourself be a
punching bag or make yourself open
to abuse, but don't be so closed off
and self-protective that you are seeing
threats where they don't even exist.

And when people stay with in abusive
relationships, they often rationalize 
that things can't get any better anyway.

The bottom line is that whatever behavior
is what people gravitate toward, whether
it seems easier to LEAVE someone or
whether it seems easier to STAY with
someone, it's whatever is EASIER 
that allures people to making the
wrong decision.

They forget that the pain of taking this
short-term route will be much GREATER
than the pain of just doing the "harder"
thing right NOW.

This basic TRUTH is what you should
embrace, and you should be looking for
a woman who embraces this truth as
well- the truth that if you want to 
improve at anything, relationships,
business, anything, you have to
embrace that taking SHORT CUTS
is NOT the answer. 

If you truly care about meeting a woman of
FANTASTIC integrity, of high self-esteem, 
a woman who will champion TRUTH rather
than ego, a woman who will not give in
to temptation, then it's crucial to become
such a fantastic person yourself.

This way, you will be so in touch and intimately
familiar with what these fantastic traits look like,
that you will notice them from a million miles
away in the RIGHT woman, and you will ALSO
notice the LACK of these traits right away
in the WRONG woman.

Most of the dating guru advice is SOAKED in
the superficial, because they know that most
men will in fact prefer to believe in that illusion,
but I know that there are some more intelligent
men out there that of course want an attractive
woman, but ALSO will not settle on a woman
JUST because she's attractive.

If you want the kind of woman you can not
only LUST, but also LOVE and RESPECT, 
then you have to be the kind of man that 
SHE will feel these emotions for as well.

And to do that, you must have an IRON-STRONG
grip on what are the important things and what are
the trivial, and you must exude that in your every
action, decision, and the way you spend your
"free" time. (The truth is, your time is anything
BUT free, it is the most precious thing you have.)

You must be able to CAPTURE her emotions
and imagination by making  your life about 
something that INSPIRES you to make every 

How do you do this? 
By combining the following traits:


The dating gurus and their "pick up women" tactics
lack GENUINE heart, they lack GENUINE 
sensitivity, it's all ENGINEERED and artificial.

The "nice guys" lack CHARISMA.
The jerks are just overcompensating from insecurity.

They lack the magic combo of: 

Now actually HAVING any ONE of these things is 
cool, but it's the COMBINATION that works magic.

If you want a great woman, forget the lies, illusions,
and marketing schemes. 

Instead, get back to: 

In my materials, it is THIS combination 
that I focus on.

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Till next time...

Michael Marks

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How To NOT Creep Out Women

Basically, in the first 30 seconds of approaching
a woman, many times the "battle" is already lost,
unless you make sure not to do ANYTHING
that creeps a woman out.

And the biggest creep out of all?
Well, that's when she senses you feel you
need to GET something out of her before
she's even got a chance to know who you

And most of the time, this message of
"wanting to get something from her"
is all delivered SUBCONSCIOUSLY
and it's all conveyed through your
body language and tonality without
realizing it.

Because you are actually FEELING
that you want to get something from
her, it always ends up SHOWING,
(i.e. It looks like you're plugged into
10,0000 watts of electricity, you're
feeling too much of her energy,
you're too excited, etc.) and she
senses this, whether she senses it
consciously, or, more likely, she senses
it subconsciusly, and it registers as a
FEELING of being "creeped out".

So, the question is, how do you get RID of the
feeling of wanting to GET something from
a woman who you clearly ARE interested in?

The answer is to do something where you
KNOW what you are doing is actually
NOT so "clever" and cool!

This is part of the reason I was always against
trying to act like a "super smooth clever"
pick up artist.

So, by doing something that you feel is NOT
a "great line", and in fact is downright random,
you totally DON'T EXPECT anything from her,
you are not expecting her to react positively or
negatively, you don't expect anything much at all.

For example, you can start with:
"Sunshine makes my day."


This actually FREES you up to stop WANTING
something from her, because you already figured
there's no chance that THIS is going to get a result,
so when you say this "unclever" thing, you actually
for a big result from her.

Now, when you do this, no matter WHAT you
actually say, the TONALITY of your voice
and the expressions on your face will all
be delivering the message of  "I'm not
expecting anything from you, so you can
just chill out, alright? I'm just being me
because I know there is nothing for me
to lose here, I actually feel very safe
and secure since I am not even EXPECTING
or HOPING, and I'm not taking anything
from you".

Yup, your tonality and expressions DO say
about 97% of the message, the words are
only about 3%!!  

So, this way, because you in reality ARE feeling
indifferent, you are NOT EXCITED, because you
aren't even hoping to get anything from her.

The other benefit of this, as I've always said,
is that it ALSO makes you realize how powerful
YOUR NATURAL IDENTITY is as an attractant,
this helps nurture your self-concept in the right
way, so that you realize it's truly not about
the pick-up lines.

Now, with time and practice, you get so damn
comfortable, that you are in such a great internal
place emotionally and in terms of state, that you
TO GET RESULTS, but now the difference is
that you KNOW you will get them, as opposed
to HOPING for them.

So THEN, you can actually use some really
powerful openers, that are more advanced,
because you can also BACK IT UP with
the right body language and tonality.

See, it's okay to KNOW you are going to get
results and expect them.  It's just not good to
be going in "hoping".

Every fiber of your being must be saying
"I know you want me" and not, "I hope you do
so I'll just try."

As  Yoda said to Luke:
"Do or do not. There is no try."

But for now, if you are a beginner, just go
up to the woman you want to approach
and LITERALLY say the first thing on
your mind, the FIRST thing that pops
into your head.  Not the second thing,

If it's dumb, it might even work better ;)

Plus, it will do wonders for your  inner game.

Remember, it has to be INSTANTANEOUS,
don't go in with a plan.  

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Unleash Your FULL Identity With Women

One of the biggest things when it comes
to creating attraction is to learn the
full meaning of coming from an internal
place of AUTHORITY.

If you behave as if you need a woman's
approval in order to BE worthy, then
you're finished.

On the other hand, if you clearly
demonstrate that indeed YOU truly
believe in your own worth, then
suddenly almost NOTHING ELSE matters,
including things you might think
are reasons for why you couldn't
succeed with women.

Here's an important two-part email
that demonstrates this well:


Hi Michael,

I don't know how much of this you have
covered in the past, but I have come across
a new situation, where I have met this
great woman, and we have a great thing

She appreciates finally having landed a
real MAN, and I'm enjoying all her wit and
all she has to offer me. The thing is that I
just found out she is in fact 4 inches taller
than me.

We are yet to meet in person, as we met on
the net, and talk on the phone. The whole
dynamics of this relationship is totally coherent,
and in the way of as you would say

The first thought that come to my head is
unfounded insecurity. Dammit, you would think
that after several years of being "THE MAN"
they would be gone for good hey?

However I just never have been in this situation.
In reality, this physical body I dwell in I have
had no say in, I can keep it tuned and performing
to the max, but height is not in my control,

My persona is over 10 foot tall, towering over her,
even as great a woman as she is. I don't even know
if she has given my height a thought, her being
5 foot 10. After all I'm already in places in
her mind NO ONE has ever been.

It would be such a shame for something as mundane
as physical stature to stand in the way of all these
dynamics of attraction. I come to see it as a further
challenge, and another opportunity to climb a step
higher as THE MAN, and arrive at another level again.

How she will read this wouldn't really matter as far
as my self esteem, as I have no problems movin to
the next woman. I would actually LOVE to take her
out, and have the chance to insist she wears

My question to you my friend is what experience
do you have in this situation. I have not been
here before, and it's new. The tallest girl I dated
was one inch taller than me. This one is 4
inches taller, and I have no idea if she knows
it, nor if she cares.

Thanx Michael, and I'm sure this will help your
other readers.

Victor T.


Hi Victor,

The 3 most important things to understand here are:

1. There ARE beautiful women out there who really
don't care about your height and they know that already.

2. There ARE also some other beautiful women out
there who don't care about your height but they might
not REALIZE it till they get to know you.

3. In every case, the way that YOU handle yourself makes
a massive difference. Realize also that many guys allow
this fear to ruin their charisma and it makes them act in a
way that is not cool or fun.

Keep in touch...
Now, at that point a couple of months ago, I knew that
Victor had my original "The Dating Wizard" book
and he then lately started to also follow up
with the Get A Great Girl materials,
which makes sense since he was now lucky enough to
have found a woman that could truly be "the one"...

Well, I heard back from him just a few days ago...


Hello Michael,

I did not allow this to effect my charisma in the end.
We are together, and it makes absolutely NO difference.

I could post you emails from her to confirm every bit
of information you portray in your newsletters.

It's what separates you from the other fools.

For some men, the "pick up" artists are good.
They just do NOT go deep enough to reach
this level. It allows them to at least get a "shag".

For other men, that is so superficial and
unfulfilling, that it leaves lacking. This is
where you come in.

To reach a point where you become THE MAN,
and incredibly sexy, from a point so deep in
your persona, that it becomes so natural takes
not "pick up" tricks, but a soul searching and
achievements within one's self.

This is hard work. It means dumping any ego,
and applying one self to overcoming all the
real fears. This height issue being just one.

In the end, as a man I am a giant amongst dwarfs,
and there's no way I was letting my physical
height get in the way of a great woman. They just
don't come around too often.

It's incredible, how our minds work.

Best regards,

Victor T.


Amen to that! I like nothing better than hearing
about guys putting the materials to good use,
as they get over the limitations within and
become the MAN they were born to be,
with WHICHEVER woman they choose.


Hey Michael, I just finished reading the
Get A Great Girl book, and I was amazed to see
so many areas where my way of thinking about,
and approaching, dating was skewed.

I would say the biggest light bulb that went
off for me was the idea of the halo effect. I so
do that. Now that I understand that this, my
mind and emotions truly don't put those beautiful
girls on a pedestal. It sure does take the pressure

I also love the Superman/Clark Kent analogy. There
is a particular scene that comes to mind that illustrates
this point so clearly. It's where Clark is waiting for
Lois in another room, and they are having a conversation
around the corner from each other.

He wants so badly to tell her that he is Superman,
and for a brief moment removes his glasses and speaks
as Superman. However, he quickly and clumsily returns
back to Clark Kent mode when she comes into the room.

To me, the scene is a great illustration of the distinction
of being the good guy from a place of weakness vs. a
place of strength. He is a good guy no mater which person
he is, but Superman is good from a place of strength.

It shows in his posture, voice, and general demeanor.
 This is the mental picture that comes to mind when thinking
of this concept. Off the subject, what a great acting
performance by the late Christopher Reeve!

 I was floored at the idea in your book to get rid of
"approach anxiety" for approaching women by actually
imagining myself failing as a means to confront fear!

I was an athlete in college, and we were always told
to imagine ourselves as being successful. I guess the
difference between women and athletics is that there
is nothing at stake if I fail with the woman, whereas
the team is depending on me to perform.

If I fail with the woman, so what. If I fail as an athlete,
then we may lose the game. I've tried visualizing failure,
and I must say that it is chipping away at the fear.

Like you said, it won't go away overnight, but this is
all just a development process anyway, right? Anyway,
thanks for your work, and I anticipate the CDs will be
here any day now.

 Take care,

 Sam C.


Thanks for your email- it's a great letter and the
specific analogy you mentioned totally brought
back my memory of that scene- GREAT illustration
of that point! And absolutely, Christopher Reeve
did a fantastic job.

 So many men, they CREATE this FAKE identity
called "seeking approval" because they think that
otherwise they are SHOWING OFF, being arrogant.

As if they are trying to make sure no one discovers
they are really SUPERMAN. So they go around
actually acting INFERIOR.

But unlike Superman, you have no reason to have to
HIDE your identity! It's OKAY to let your FULL "POWER"
 shine. It is who you ARE, for REAL.

Regarding inner and outer beauty, it is very
possible for a woman to have both. It's just that
most guys tend to make the mistake and they feel
(subconsciously) if a woman is beautiful on the
outside that she FOR SURE IS the same on the
inside, which is simply not necessarily true.

This happens because it works on an emotional
level, and once the emotions kick in, we really
FEEL that the person is virtuous, noble, smart,
etc. This principle is used in courts and in
advertising all the time. Only a few trained
men belong to the crowd that truly FEEL
instinctively beyond this primitive way.

And regarding the method for confronting fear,
this actually works even for ATHLETICS as well!

The specific way is this:

An athlete can still picture himself being
successful, but if he has a particular FEAR or BLOCK that is
constantly obsessively interfering with his success,
(for example, let's say for some reason his
performance is starting to slag, and it's
because of some negative event that is now
causing him to keep worrying about failure)
then he must do this as well- expose himself
to the image of the worse scenario so that
he becomes RELAXED with it, and NOW he can

Now, once the fear is gone, THEN he should
focus on the success again.

And I'd love to hear about your results
from the Mastery CD Program in the future
as well!

And if you are reading this right now, and you
would like to get the results that you deserve,
then I suggest you download my book

This book will DELIVER.
It's not some rehashed "PICK UP" advice.

It's how to get a great woman by being the
man you were BORN to be before you got
brainwashed by all kinds of horrendous

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Making The Right Decisions

Just a quick short message- that doing the
right thing is not always easy, but it's
actually a lot easier than the alternative.

We are bombarded by a world telling us that
it's okay to cheat your way around, whether
it's in business, or in relationships, or
anything else. We are told that there is no
room anymore for being a great person,
that you will just get punished for it.

Well the truth is, life always boils down
to your relationships, whether it's with
your friends, associates, or the woman in
your life- or the relationship you have
with yourSELF, in the sense of the
self-concept you have, and the values
you cherish and champion.

As soon as you treat these people with less
than 100% respect, you are chipping away
at the foundation of trust that makes
all these relationships possible.

Caring about each other is the only way
to go. And for those people who try to
abuse your great character, you just
have to stand up for yourself, but this
is no reason to abandon your values
and to put everyone in the same basket.

There are good people out there and they
are just as appreciative of your goodness
as you are of theirs.

If you want to be the real Superman in
the world today, then just keep on doing
the right thing.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I Mean By "Being The Man"

Today, it's almost as if a lot of men
and women are afraid to even STAND UP
for integrity, honor and loyalty.

It's almost not "cool" to be this way.

They mistake these immortal attributes
for stupidity.

They don't understand at all.

The truth, though, is that a wise woman
will appreciate the strength of a MAN'S
loyalty. And of course, a wise man will
do the same for a woman.

This same focus on INTEGRITY rather than
on trivialities, helps you detect whether
a woman is quality or not, on the inside.

In the movie "Unforgiven", Eastwood's
character is an example of a guy who
is THE MAN. He understand there
are things more important than
getting "free ones" with women.

His love for his wife, even though
she has passed away, is something
that sustains him, long after she
has passed away.

It's as if he knows the real deal, and
no one could fool him on anything.

Somehow, you just know that his character
wouldn't be the type learning pick up
lines and trying to get women to like
him by being someone other than himself.

Our society today can learn a lot
from this, and no, I don't mean
to go around with guns a blazing,
I mean to have this level of

Notice in the clip below, how
his character actually VALIDATES
this woman and how powerful an
effect it has on her, because
his words are not coming from
a place of weakness or neediness
but from inner strength.

This is what I mean by how you
CAN be good to a woman, when
it comes from a place of internal

The relevant content is the first
two minutes and 13 seconds, then
after that, go straight to 10:16: