Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Ensure A Woman Is LOYAL To You

One of the biggest things, obviously, about
having a great girlfriend, is that you can
truly TRUST her to be FAITHFUL to you no
matter WHAT. 

That she can  handle any temptation from any
man, anywhere, at any time.

You don't have to worry about her getting drunk
and losing control at some party, you don't
have to worry that she is going to lose
attraction for you, you don't have to worry
about her falling for some manipulative
tactics by someone else who is trying to
make you look bad, etc, etc.

Now the thing is, if you want a woman like this,
it's a very CAREFUL balance you have to find,
between being very SELECTIVE about what kind
of women you date, and it's ALSO important
that you show the RIGHT kind of behavior
that makes her WANT to STAY faithful to you.

And here is one of the BIGGEST IRONIES:

If you meet a really GREAT girl, a woman who
has all the qualities on the outside AND on
the inside, including her appreciation for
mutual LOYALTY,  one of the WORST things you
could do is to PUT PRESSURE ON HER from the
BEGINNING of your interaction and relationship
with her to be "faithful".

on a woman to be faithful.

Don't even bring up the subject unless YOU
are already feeling very confident and relaxed
and even playful, otherwise it's OBVIOUS to her
that you FEAR being cheated on, and the signal
being sent to a woman then is that you are
going to have this chip on your shoulder about
cheating, and that you are going to be suspicious
of her, and that she is going to feel pressure

Plus, obsession with loyalty unfortunately IMPLIES
(whether it's true or not) that one doesn't feel
he has the VALUE to keep a woman attracted.

And if a woman thinks that a guy thinks this low
about HIMSELF, then why should she feel he is worth
MORE than he himself thinks?


By the way, I learned this stuff from WOMEN
who were smoking hot who would playfully
encourage me to chat up other women and
who NEVER showed signs of jealousy. 

When a woman feels TOTALLY FREE to do whatever
she wants, that in ITSELF takes care of 99 per
cent of any other DESIRE, and then when she
compares that one percent to the MASSIVE
desire she feels for you, you will TOTALLY
be the only man she obsesses about.

However, when you make a woman feel RESTRICTED,
then she suddenly wants to do one hundred percent of
what she is NOT 'supposed' to do!


The desire for freedom is the strongest human
desire in the world.  People will go through
just about ANYTHING to feel FREE.

So it's absolutely ESSENTIAL that all the
desire for being FAITHFUL to you that a
woman feels, she feels she is coming up

She CAN'T feel that any of this loyalty is
the result of some kind of FEAR or pressure.

So, ironically, by being too obsessed with
loyalty, you can actually drive a great
woman AWAY.

And here's the ULTIMATE KICKER:
By NOT pressuring a woman to be FAITHFUL at ALL,
what ends up happening is that she ends up KNOWING
on the deepest level that the ONLY reason she is with
you is because SHE wants to be with you.

This then SKYROCKETS her attraction even 
FURTHER, as she justifies the reason she has 
been loyal to you must be because she is 

So this makes her only want to be even MORE loyal to you.

And this of course starts a never-ending POSITIVE 
loop, where she keeps on being more loyal, keeps on
rationalizing that the reason is because SHE is nuts 
about you, which of course makes her even MORE 
loyal, etc, etc. 

HOWEVER....and this is a BIG however, you
must ALSO make sure to SCREEN for a woman
who is the RIGHT kind of woman in the FIRST
place, because some women WILL cheat no
matter WHAT.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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