Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Word-For-Word Demonstration Of EXACTLY What To Say To A Woman You Want To Meet

Last time, I forgot to mention a FANTASTIC page where I give you a WORD-FOR-WORD demonstration and example  of EXACTLY what to say to a woman you want to meet.

PLUS, on this page, I also explain the deeper elements behind what is being said so that YOU can apply these strategies yourself on any woman.

It's all at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, September 28, 2012

A MAXIMUM Secret To Attracting Women: MINIMUM Conversation

Are you ready for something BIG?

Hold on tight, because here it comes:

The REAL TRUTH that no one talks about…
because it doesn’t sound “commercial”, is that
approaching a woman who is a knockout, and
who is a total stranger, involves a MAJOR

This is not an exaggeration, it’s probably
the single greatest secret to successfully
approaching a woman who is a knockout
and who is a total stranger, and NO GURU
has ever talked about this.

So this is definitely a MASSIVE secret.

And I’m about to GIVE this secret to you.
No games, no gimmicks.

In fact, I’m going to GIVE IT TO YOU RIGHT HERE.

The secret to getting a woman fascinated with
you and wanting to give you her number and go
out with you, has to do with doing the
ABSOLUTE MINIMUM amount of talking

So when we get BOMBARDED by supposed
“gurus” and experts telling us about their ENDLESS 
tactics and what usually amounts to over-simplifications
(i.e. “knock her off her pedestal with this special
back-handed compliment/insult” or the other extreme
of “buy her roses and show her how nice you are”,
or “try my new special latest tactic” gimmick),
we can be sure that the woman KNOWS what we
are doing, and therefore that this is going to make
us look “try-hard”.

“Try-Hard” simply means that to the woman we’re
talking to and doing all these “song and dance” moves
for, she sees it as us trying desperately hard to be
someone we’re NOT, and it actually PUSHES HER

You might be wondering, then, if doing a LOT is bad,
and doing the LEAST required is good, then HOW
exactly do we do this “least”, or what I like to call
“EFFICIENCY” style approach?

THIS is the whole skill and art of approaching women
and attracting them.

Don’t mistake 'minimum' and 'efficiency'
for being LESS of a skill, or LESS powerful.

Think about it, the GREATEST masters of most skills
and arts, actually make it look simple.

A great martial artist doesn’t do a flashy show, he
gets the job done efficiently and in a way that
almost looks like NOTHING happened.  That’s
because there is absolute efficiency of movement
and effective strategy, so that nothing is wasted
or extra.  So it all gets done swiftly and effectively.

It’s the same with masters of almost any skill-
they do only what works, nothing that doesn’t.

Well, when it comes to attracting a woman, it’s
the same thing- and let me give you just a FEW
of the benefits of mastering the “MINIMUM”
style approach:

*By doing the LEAST amount required to attract
her and get the job done, you’ve left a ton of room
for her to feel INTRIGUED about you, to make you

*By doing the MINIMIUM, you also don’t seem
like a guy who needs to talk a lot and therefore
you don’t seem arrogant.

*You ALSO seem more “cool” because you’re
not trying hard, so not only are you seeming humble
and not arrogant, but you also strike the perfect
balance of showing self-confidence. 

Imagine coming across as a man who is a true hero-
cool, yet not arrogant.  This is like her having a
Harlequin romance novel come to life- with YOU
as her hero!

*This approach also forces HER to do more of the
work in CHASING you, since you are doing only
the minimum required for getting her “activated”
and turned on toward you- and I promise you, the
more attractive a woman is, the MORE she wants
to be the one who is chasing you and not the other
way around.

These are just a FEW of the massive benefits of this
“minimum game” style approach.

Now, if ONLY there was a way to LEARN this style
of approaching and attracting a woman who is a total

Well, now there IS.

I’ve completed an INSANELY COOL program, where
I have found not only a woman who is a GENUINE 10
in both her looks (she's drop dead gorgeous) and her
CHARACTER, but in this program, I have DEMONSTRATED
on her, EXACTLY how to approach a woman who is
a total stranger using this style approach that
I have described above.

To make this even MORE effective, together we
demonstrated the conversation WORD FOR WORD,
from beginning at ZERO all the way to ATTRACTION
where you could do whatever you want- including taking
her number, going out with her for a coffee, tea, or drink,
or hanging out with her wherever you both just met. 

I’m talking from TOTAL SCRATCH all the way

And, for even MORE benefit to you, we showed what
the conversation would be in DIFFERENT TYPES OF
ENVIRONMENTS- because for example the way you
approach a woman at a bookstore, is very different from
the energy and style you would use at an upscale classy
club where there is music and an atmosphere of good times
and partying.

We even demonstrated MORE situations, including some
REALLY CHALLENGING ones like approaching and
attracting a woman who works inside a LINGERIE shop,
where most guys would not enter to do an approach
because it seems “too obvious” as to the reason
he is there, and because it would seem too out
of place for a man to be.

I’m telling you, this program is INSANELY PACKED

I actually had to risk quite a lot to make this program,
because in order to keep it REALISTIC and not scripted
or rehearsed, I had NOTHING in front of me, and you will
be able to tell this is not rehearsed because all the
little tiny things you’ll hear, that happen in real
conversations that you just can’t plan in advance. 

The only thing I had to go on was my teachings and I had
to practice what I preach, being spontaneous, and using
every principle that you will hear me explain before the
chats begin on the program.

The OTHER thing I did to make this have MAXIMUM EFFECT
for you is that I made sure to find a woman I did NOT KNOW

In fact when you hear her on the recorders it’s just a
few moments after I first ever MET her.  This way,
everything was unknown, fresh, and spontaneous,
it was me discovering her as well, including a couple
of tough situations where she came back at me with
some challenging comments that only a woman who
is not only attractive but also intelligent could make:

And these comments actually show that a woman is
serious about you - rather than just politely “going
through the motions”.

The reality is that women WANT men to approach them,
but only in the right way- and the crazy thing is,
that women only know that this “right” way involves
not talking too much, and being a bit intriguing
and fun, but they are not CONSCIOUS of how the heck
you are supposed to DO this!!

That’s because women, especially attractive ones,
are not used to having to be the ones to START the
conversation, or to “make it work” because it’s men
who always do the approaching.

So if a man actually approaches a woman, but doesn’t
know how to make the conversation work, then even
if she LIKES the man, she will feel awkward and not
know how to MAKE THE conversation keep going smoothly-
so she will feel pressure to say, “Have a nice day,
thanks, bye-bye” rather than continue the chat. 

So it’s hard to learn this skill JUST from a woman
or from asking a woman, but by actually HEARING
the conversation from SCRATCH, from A to Z,
with a total knockout, now THAT is where you
will learn EVERYTHING about the chat:

This is the kind of thing that makes the difference
between being alone and going home with the girl
of your DREAMS.

The truth is that most men will never learn how to
do this properly- at most they will maybe summon
up the will-power to approach a woman, but then
they won’t know how to actually do the chat
properly, from scratch.  They will either run out
of things to say, or they will KEEP ON TALKING
TOO MUCH, which is actually even WORSE!!!

A lot of guys think that because they know
compliments don’t work, the answer is to
just act more 'hard to get' and to even
give her mild insults or teases to get her
“off her pedestal” but all this is a gross
oversimplification and misses the POINT in fact.

On this program, this knockout explains how yes, absolutely,
just coming up to her with compliments does NOT work,
and in fact can irritate her because everyone does it, but
you’ll ALSO learn how the answer is not to act like some
player or to act hard to get- the REAL answer is far more
SUBTLE and yet also far more REAL to who you actually
ARE, AND it’s far EASIER to do than any of the gimmicks
or tactics you may have read from the supposed “gurus”
out there.

And you’ll get to hear it all DEMONSTRATED for you,
from scratch, from starting at zero.

Success with this kind of  “10” is all about the
fine distinctions and striking the right balance
of things, just the right amount, the bare
MINIMUM for effectiveness is the key.

In this program, you’ll also get not only her IMMEDIATE
reactions to my approaches, so you can see for yourself
just what you can expect will happen when you apply
what you learn in this program, but after each conversation,
you’ll also get BOTH our feedback on the actual approach
and how it went down, and what are the key things to
remember for you to apply from the approach and
the conversation.

Did I forget to also mention that this program is only $19.97? 
I've made it so that cost is a NON-ISSUE for anyone who is
serious about skyrocketing their success with women.

see how it’s all done…

I've also ensured that  this program has been edited
to perfection, so you are getting massive learning
for every moment of listening, you’ll want to listen
to this again and again. 

And you’ll also find that what you learn on this
program is EXACTLY what you need to get a woman to the
point where SHE will then do most of the talking
and you can lean back and chill out and do whatever
you want: You can go for her number at this point,
or you can take her for an “instant date” and go for
coffee or tea right there, or you can continue to hang
out with her.  It’s all up to YOU at this point,
because she is now ATTRACTED.

It’s all about GETTING to this attraction point, where
she goes from not knowing who you are, to wanting you

You can download and use this program to attract
the women you want in just MINUTES from now
by going HERE:

Click Here For The "Chats From Scratch" Instant Download!

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Get A Woman To Chase You

If you get a woman to chase you, you know
she's attracted to you.

On the other hand, if you start to chase HER,
you usually tend to LOSE the woman, as she
loses the attraction she felt for you.

The question though, a question I spent YEARS
figuring out the hard way, is:

How do you START a conversation with a woman
WITHOUT making it obvious that you are “chasing her”?

After all, the fact you started talking to her
makes it clear you have at least some interest
in her. 

Well, some people like to think the answer is
to give women a series of backhanded
compliments, which is really a series of subtle
insults.  For example, the guy will say something
nice to the woman, like, “nice smile” and then say
something like. “but you have weird hair” or
whatever other insult they could come up with.

The idea behind all this, is that this way supposedly
you don’t validate her, so now she will pursue you in
her quest to get validated.     

Unfortunately, this is NOT ENOUGH, for the simple
reason that a woman has to feel some ATTRACTION
to begin with, before she will care about whether you
are validating her or not.

So the REAL ANSWER to, “How do I approach
a woman without making it seem that I am chasing her?”
is to get her MESMERIZED with you as fast
as possible so that she stops THINKING about
the fact you approached her,
and is instead more
more concerned with her OWN interest in YOU
and how to ensure that she gets YOU!

In her mind, the fact you approached her
only means that you are CONSIDERING her,
not necessarily CHASING her.

Now, at that point, of course you can lean back and
chill out and let her chase you. 

If she's attractive, you can be sure she will
enjoy chasing you, (don't go overboard, and
don't get abusive, ever, of course) since she
usually gets things too easily and that bores her. 

So, instead of looking at value from a negative standpoint,
and giving women insults and then hoping they
will want to get validated by you,  the best way to
go is to actually CONVEY REAL VALUE –
so that she WANTS to chase you.

By “real value” I mean getting her FEELING

That’s the highest form of value you can give
a woman.

So now, I’m going to give you some of the WAYS
to convey value and attract her, all of which have
nothing to do with slamming her self-esteem or
any other negative stuff.


This was one of the first “holy *&^%” moments
when I discovered this.  Basically, what this is,
is that you adopt the mentality that there IS
a party going on, a GREAT PARTY in fact, and
that you are the CENTER of this party!

And you do this no matter what the heck is
“really” going on- you behave like everyone
around you is VISITING this party or has
just arrived, and as if they are all
super-friendly and admirers of you- wishing
that you would chat them up too, in addition
to all the other cool people who you were
chatting to before them.

This means ANYWHERE you are, you now
have the LICENSE to do all kinds of fun
playful and even risqué stuff, because it’s
all perfectly fine in the name of the PARTY.

You could get away with more sexual comments,
you could make fun of anything, you could make
any joke, you could SAY anything, if you are really

The key to making this work, is to not even
leave your ROOM or the house or building
until you have gotten yourself into this PARTY
state of mind.

You need to do whatever it takes to get the
PARTY inspiration, but don’t use alcohol
or drugs obviously as that is not only not
healthy but will screw up your performance –
so I suggest you listen to PARTY MUSIC
that you love instead.

The other thing to making this work is that
you have to anticipate BEFOREHAND that
you might meet a woman ANYWHERE
and so this way you are READY for the
moment when the moment comes- whether
it be in the coffee shop, bookstore, elevator,
bus, or school, ANYWHERE.

You have to be ready BEFORE it happens,
not just when it happens, or it’s too late.

Say you’re getting off the elevator and a
gorgeous creature happens to be right in
front of you- you can do something like this:

Give her this look, up and down, and
like a MAN, and then give her a bit of
a nod, as if you’ve just given her your
stamp that she qualifies, and you could
even say, “The party is this way”, and
gesture toward where you’re going,
or you could even say, "The party is
HERE", and point to yourself.

Again, this stuff requires you to be
in FULL party state, the reason it works
is because since YOU are in that state
and showing it, it makes it EASY for her
to join this state as well, because the reality
is that EVERYONE wants to be having
MORE FUN, no one wants to get more
depressed and formal and official, and
here you are having a great time ALREADY
and just inviting her to playfully join.

Again, the key is that you are ALREADY
in this state of mind BEFORE you meet her,
so this way she gets to actually feel MORE
comfortable to join your “party” since she
doesn’t have to feel it’s all about HER,
rather it’s about the chance to FEEL GOOD.

And guess what?
If a woman is feeling good and sexual around
you, and feeling bored and depressed around   
everyone ELSE, guess who she’s going to
BE with? YOU.

This feeling GOOD stuff is so powerful, and
yet 99% of people prevent themselves from
feeling this by getting caught up in all kinds
of horse-crap, because as long as you are alive,
there’s really nothing you can control, so you
might as well have FUN!!!!

Make yourself the one guy on earth who IS
her drug, the source of feeling intoxicatingly

And the irony is that you will do this best by
NOT doing it for HER, but by already being
In this state yourself. 

You don’t have to be in this state 24/7, but you
definitely want to be in this state if you are out
trying to meet and attract the women of your choice.


Clothing is something we all have to wear most
of the time – and it covers us from almost head
but the “ad” that most guys are wearing is saying
“I’m boring and not social and not looking to
have any fun, ever.”

So you should definitely be pushing the envelope
to find clothing that has STYLE, and that reflects
some of your OWN personality as well- whether
it’s leather with some shiny metallic on it,
whether it’s an unusual but cool denim,
you want to be STANDING OUT and not
wearing the thing that makes you blend in
as one of a billion other guys.

This is a huge topic in itself, but the key
Is to remember that no matter what your
environment, whether it’s work or a club
or a party, you can always find the thing
that you can get away with that pushes
the envelope without being ridiculous
in each environment.

Another thing to remember is that most guys
tend to avoid upbeat colors, and it’s a good idea
to incorporate some more color, even if it’s just
a BIT of bright color to offset what is mostly
dark colors.  This was the hardest thing for me
to do at first, because I actually felt so gloomy
and angry, I liked dressing like Batman, so it
took a while for me to have some more range
with some color as well. No one is saying you
have to wear pink and yellow, or look “gay”,
there are a lot of other options besides that.

You may want to ask the most attractive female
clerk at the clothing store for her help, and while
you’re at it, go for her number as well.


Start things off RIGHT.

When you initially say the first WORD (and after
as well, but especially when you start, to get her
attention the first time) to a woman who is a total
stranger, it’s important that you don’t come across
as weak or without conviction in your decision to
talk to her.

Say it with FULL AUTHORITY in your voice,
whether it’s “Hi” or “Hey” or “I’m on my
way to the King Tut exhibit at the museum”-

This way she won’t question WHY you are
talking to her and it will also get her
attention in a receptive way, so that
now you can actually get into the more
juicy fun or interesting stuff you were
going to talk about to her.


Now, it’s important to realize regarding the above
things, that whatever you do in the beginning will
set up the DYNAMIC of how things will go till the

If you set up the dynamic as highly sexual but without
any deeper connection going on, then your relationship
will likely become sexual but then explode and self-destruct

If you tease a woman too much, she will end up
teasing you back hardcore as well, and this might
get out of hand and become annoying after a while.

If you keep the dynamic too “anti-septic” and safe
and free of sexual vibe, you will end up as friends only,
and you don’t want that.

If you play games too much in the beginning, the relationship
will end as a result of these games as well.

So you must strike the right BALANCE in your
interactions with women, and you must do this
right especially at the BEGINNING, so that
things are established immediately and flow
in the direction you want.

What you have read is just the tip of the
iceberg of ALL the things you can do to increase

If you would like to take your success
with women to an even HIGHER level, then
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I assure you that each and every single one of
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insights and strategies for attracting women
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If you have any questions about any of my
programs, including the live bootcamp,
just email me.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Advanced-Level Insights On Attracting Quality Women

Sometimes, you can learn more from the
guys who are USING my programs than from
me myself, so today I am going to share
some important emails that have come in
from men around the world who are using
the "Get A Great Girl materials to attract
quality women.

And by the way, when I talk about attracting
quality women, one of the BIG things I am
referring to is a woman who will be FAITHFUL,
in addition to being gorgeous on the outside
as well.

Here we go:    


Hey Michael,

They say that when the student is ready, the
teacher will come. And man, this has been so
true in my case. I'm writing this to you right
after actually using your materials!

Let me start by saying I was sick to death of
playing games with women, of trying to get them
at any cost, including my own dignity. I even tried
learning pick up lines by supposed masters of
attraction, and I spent thousands of dollars in
other trainings from them.

I just felt out of place in drunken clubs, and
It must have been obvious, because I didn't do
well at all with women there. And my luck didn't
improve in coffee shops, because the pick-up
lines I was trained to use just felt ridiculous
to me. And I guess it showed to women.

They could see right through it and I guess
it wasn't cool to them. They may have worked
for others, but they certainly didn't work for me.
I just couldn't, or wouldn't change my value
system, for any one.

Anyway, very late on Wednesday night,
a friend of mine told me about your site-
Now, I never even heard of you before, but
my friend is a pretty smart dude, so I checked
your site on the net. It seemed to good to be
true. But I saw the guarantee. And it was
only 39 bucks and change. So I figured
I have zero risk here, and went ahead with
the order and download.

Then I started reading....and it was like
the dam of pain and confusion was finally
busted, all those years of wondering what
the hell was going on....

And it was like for every time I felt like
things were hopeless, for every painful
rejection I ever faced, for every ridiculous
line I ever learned, for every time my gut
instinct told me that there was a better
way but I just didn't know it- you were
talking to me!!

You gave me a way to go about approaching
and interacting with women in a way that no
other guru (and believe me, I've tried them all)
person on earth has ever explained.

I now had learned what my real issue
was, and it wasn't about being a nice guy,
and it wasn't that I needed to be more
arrogant as all the other gurus tried
to convince me.

You taught me how to be myself in a way
that was truly attractive.

Tonight, (Thursday) I went out myself
to a Starbucks, and while waiting
to get my latte, there was an attractive
woman in front of me getting some frothy
looking drink. She was not that overly-made
up type, instead just the type I like-
natural- wearing regular jeans and
comfortable shoes, but her natural
beauty was shining right through.

In the past, I would have tried all kinds of
fancy lines, or routines, and this time,
armed with the knowledge from your
book, I said F-it to myself, and learned
to let go of all my thoughts, taking
control through the power of proper

Internally, following your advice, I was
actually visualizing the picture of getting
massively rejected!!

That was my biggest fear, and like you
taught, rather than trying to tell myself
I am so great, and that I am the ultimate
Ladies man (like the gurus keep on saying,
to have this arrogant attitude) I did the
opposite, just as you described:

I tried relaxing with the image of her
rejecting me, till it started to actually
not seem like a big deal.

Now, I didn't have too long to do this,
or she would be gone, so after about
20 seconds of this, I finally blurted
out, using your method of harnessing
my natural dominance and playfulness
through the voice technique you explain,
I just said "That latte looks realllllllllly

She immediately turned around, and
her expression seemed very receptive,
as if she was responding to some type
of secret code.

To any guys reading this, the key is to
deliver the right mix of those 3 emotions
in your voice, dominance, upbeatness,
and sensuality. You have to be feeling
it for real. I had practiced this voice
exercise at home and I was ready.

I said it exactly as you described it- mixing
dominance, upbeatness, and sensuality in
my voice.

This stuff is so powerful, and so easy,
It's a crime that it was held back from
us for so long!!

The great part about this is that by controlling
my voice this way, I actually changed the way
I really was feeling! I wasn't acting!

Then, I had no idea what to say next, but
keeping your lesson in mind of "it doesn't
matter as long as you retain the three states
of mind" I actually gave her a genuine
compliment that I truly meant- I told her
that I thought it was cool that she was
dressed in comfortable shoes and jeans
in middle of a trendy part of town
(I work in a trendy area of the city and
on Thursday night there are also a lot
of club-goers in the area) and that she
seemed down to earth and not pretentious.

She started to laugh, but warm, not like
a b**(%ch! I then followed it up with
an equally genuine comment- that of
course, "I might be wrong!", I said it
with a confident playful smile- and she
started to tell me, with a smile, (I can
tell she understood the compliment
properly) that she is not into the whole
"bling-bling" look, and that she likes
walking around comfortable.

I'm thinking to myself at this point-
"I'm having a genuine conversation with
this attractive woman, who is totally not
being bitchy with me and who is so
comfortable and down to earth."

So then, she starts to ask me what I'm
doing in the area besides surveying
what women are wearing, and I can
tell she has a sense of humor, so
I tell her that I finishing work and
looking forward to the weekend,
so she tells me that this weekend
she has to go to a wedding and
that she enjoys it but she would
rather chill out since she has had
2 weddings in the past month.

She asks me what I like to do on weekends-
now, in the past, I would have totally
followed the dating guru and pick up
artist advice and make sure to mention
the names of several clubs and lounges
to sound "cool", but using your advice,
I told her the damn truth (meanwhile,
I was preparing for the worst!):
I told her that I like to build model
rockets and launch them, which is
the truth.

She laughed at first, and said
"Are you serious?"

So I totally felt even more nervous
now, thinking that I must sound like
a nerd, but again, I stuck to my decision
to give your method a try.

So I said, "yup" and I said it with
a dead serious look, not being
apologetic at all for who I am.

And the crazy thing, Michael, I swear to you,
is that her eyes were searching mine in that
one moment, that seemed like forever to me.

And her expression changed, to that look
that told me, in my gut, that it was all
going to be really really smooth from here.

It was like suddenly she saw that she was
talking not to a boy, but to a man not
afraid to be who he really is, not afraid
to talk to her, not afraid to compliment
her, not afraid of anything.

I then remembered one more thing you said,
which was to show a woman what you do value,
to help guide her to do the right thing.

I said to her:
"Yeah, I enjoy doing a hobbies that are a
little different, it helps me realize how many
cool things are out there and helps me
understand other people's perspectives
As well- nothing teaches you as much about
a person as understanding their passions and
their hobbies"

Man!! Michael, after this point, she was
carrying the conversation, and she starts
telling me that "it's refreshing to meet
someone who is not jaded about
other people!!!!

When I think about how I would have
totally sabotaged this conversation
trying to be an arrogant guy, or trying to
Be "nice" and trying to fit in whatever she
Liked and trying to sound like a supposedly
"cool" guy who's at the clubs, all that would
have achieved is giving her the wrong idea
about me, and I would have had to keep
up the fake image, and also, she would
never have seen that I am actually strong
enough to not apologize for the things
and hobbies of who I am.

She even starts telling me how so few
people have weekend hobbies other than

Anyway, Michael let me end this letter
Because I can see it's already massive,
Getting her number was the easiest thing
In the world, it was natural, because
There was a real connection.

In reality it takes more guts to create
genuine rapport!!! The whole thing
would have failed miserably without it.
This is part of attraction, just like you
say so incredibly clearly!

I'm looking forward to meeting her man,
and I'm totally not needy about getting
her into bed, as I want to know more about
a woman before I sleep with her, and that
makes me feel even more empowered.

I also have a funny feeling that this is
going to make her even more "into"
me, because she will see that I am
not needy for it, because to me sleeping
with a woman is not a joke. So she
knows that if she is that woman, she
will be respected and that it will be


Chuck W.,


Reading this, I'm smiling to myself,
thinking that now a million guys are
going to take up MODEL ROCKETRY
as a way to attract women.

Seriously, though, this is what it's all
about to me- getting good guys the kind
of women they deserve, in a way that
WORKS FAST, and in a way that allows
at your CORE.

No absurd schemes or foolish "pick up lines"
that insult the intelligence of any man or woman.

It's obvious you are putting the principles
into play- I love the way you put MANY
things into action all in one interaction-
the power of breath, the declaration of
your real identity without apology,
the desensitization to fear with embracing
the WORST image over and over again
till it bores you (by the way, that last
idea is courtesy of a FANTASTIC
friend of mine who introduced the
concept to me) and the GIVING
HER A GENUINE good vibe
as well, AND the idea of you
LEADING the way in terms of

We are living in very morally uncertain
times, so that a lot of good women don't
want to appear to be UNCOOL, so they
often ACT in certain ways that are not
the real them, but if YOU show the way,
and that YOU are not afraid of integrity
and not being ashamed of your hobbies,

It makes THE WOMAN not only FEEL
guy, but it also makes her feel
that now SHE too can be HERself and
that she doesn't have to abandon her
dreams of being with a great guy as well-
she can let DOWN her armor, because
you have SHOWED your cards first,
and you have done it with CONVICTION,
without FEAR.

The reality is that the "nice guy" is insecure,
So he kisses up and doesn't reveal his true
Identity for fear of being rejected, but the
jerk is even MORE insecure because he
feels the need to be mean to prevent
being hurt himself.

And women, especially the better a woman
is, will ALWAYS detect this insecurity.
And she is repelled by it because she
knows insecurity breeds hurt, pain, and
ultimately disrespect and disgrace.


Hey Michael! How have you been? I am just
wondering... how should I deal with a hard
to get girl. I know there's interest.

BUT I'm going to play hard to get myself
to turn the tables so I can get her to invest.
What are your thoughts on hard to get girls?
I think this would be a good newsletter topic
because every guy will meet at least one girl
like this.

J.B., Toronto, Canada


Only play the hard to get game with a woman
if you want a hard to get woman in your life.

If you want to get headaches, endless drama,
lose lifespan, get insomnia, and you believe
there are no other women who are greater out
there, who will not waste your time and energy,
then DEFINITELY go after a "hard to get"

Now, if you STILL want a hard to get woman,
realize that ANY action you do will be
anyway, regardless of the "clever pick up artist"

The NUMBER ONE way for her to see that
you value a TRUE CHANGE TO HER
PERSONALITY is for her to see that you
are HAPPY with some OTHER GIRL.

And guess what happens when you meet a
BETTER woman who doesn't play those
games? You DON'T WANT to waste
your precious life on women who play

This, by the way, will also prove to be the
kind of CHARACTER that A GREAT
woman is attracted to. A great woman
who does not play games will BE
ATTRACTED to the fact that you
were and are not the kind of guy who
is AFFECTED by women's games,
such as playing hard to get.

It lets her know that YOU will not play
this immature game on her, so she will
now have the required degree of trust in
you to not play these games with you,
and you can then BOTH enjoy LIFE.

The very ACT of pursuing a woman who
on your own emotional confidence and
resourceful powerful state, and it performs
a trick known as cognitive dissonance
that makes you think it is worth it
when it's so clearly NOT.


Hey, what's up? I'm a big fan of your e-mails
and they have really boosted my self-confidence
and self-esteem, but can you answer this one
question for me?

What is a good and effective strategy for
approaching two women that are walking down
the street in the middle of deep conversation?


Terence R.
Washington, D.C.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

This is both a simple and complex question
all at once.

The best way to approach two women walking
down the street is to NOT play immature games,
but rather to open them up with ANY neutral
conversation topic- if they are single and open
to talking to guys that approach them on the
street, then they WILL chat to you IF you
are giving off the right SIGNALS.

For the right SIGNALS, see the first letter
and of course get the FULL SCOOP from my
materials so that you can not only approach
them, but KEEP the interaction going beyond
getting the number, so that you can turn that
interaction into an actual girlfriend.


Hey Michael. I like the approach you're
taking. ...somewhere you alluded to the fact
that your goal is more than picking up women,
and actually is to TEACH us. US being the
diverse population of male personalities....

ie, the challenge isn't getting the client who
feels naturally charismatic or confident or
self-esteem, (maybe b/c he has had relatively
minimal brainwashing in the past, or has naturally
attractive "qualities") to overcome a few
shortcomings in his dealings with women to
become great at picking up women.

I know a few guys who have just read a FEW
of your articles and their games have skyrocketed....
and I think that's b/c their internal mechanisms
were already in place before picking up your

Your real challenge is this: the guys out there
like me, who (regardless of what they are
physically and intellectually endowed with)

have such extensive negative brainwashing
and conditioning to overcome, that we are
only making small steps so slowly despite
reading your materials.

I'm telling you, if you can get US to be
successful, you will have accomplished
quite a lot. The thing is you are doing a great
job. Especially writing an article that deals
so specifically with thought patterns and their
emotional consequences.

Please keep attacking this from all possible
angles in your materials, and yes you will
have this goal of yours achieved beyond
your wildest dreams.

I've written you a few times, and at first I
wrote you under an anonymous name years
ago describing how I was so bad in this
whole arena (anonymous b/c I was so
ashamed of my situation).

My self esteem for some reason was rock
bottom, like core of the earth rock bottom....
mostly to do with women, but in most other
things as well. of course, I never approached
or even thought of approaching women for
my whole life.

There were women that did come on to me
over my life HEAVILY to the point of taking
responsibility for the whole interaction (some
of whom were quite hot and sought after by
most guys).

When THEY had actually taken things to
the point of where we were actually dating, I
couldn't actually emotionally believe that
someone could have been at all interested in
me and I would live in complete denial and
pretend as if we weren't dating at all.

I would actually think something was terribly
wrong with her for being interested in me as
well. just to give you an idea what the
inside of my head was all about. THAT is
what my perceived reality was. Even when I
explain this to friends at this point in my life,
they just can't comprehend such a psychological
standpoint. anyway, lots and lots of problems.

so, I basically lived like this until age 28
(I'm 30 now), at which time I stumbled upon
your articles. they hit home, but only intellectually
at first. same with your ebook. and same with your
CDs. ie, at first, they only started to MAKE SENSE
on an intellectual level, b/c I'm not dumb.

The EMOTIONAL points have only truly
been driven home after applying concept after
concept in the real world. and really, that's
where I felt the emotional growth kick in,
almost involuntarily.

For example, reading about shit tests in
one thing. watching yourself FAIL a test
MISERABLY drives the point home for life.

actually, I just recently had a hot hot girl
into me... was kind of into me for a few weeks...
I asked her out, kept up the playfulness really
well on the first date, but failed the shit test,
and BOOM, it was over.

THE EMOTIONAL POINT IS THIS (which proves your
theories are bang on): I'm stating these facts
only to relay this point. I'm an MD, I play in
a really good rock band, I'm considered to be
a hot and sexy LOOKING guy by women in general,
money is not an issue, I ALREADY HAD THIS GIRL
CHASING ME FOR WEEKS, but I fail ONE little
shit test and it all goes down the tubes.....

Most guys would say "whatever". all those
qualities I have and the circumstances would lead
any girl to be instantly in love with me for life.
how could it have gone wrong? in the old days I
would not understand b/c of all the stupid ass

teachings dictate otherwise: the nuances are
the only REAL windows a girl cares about (consciously
or subconsciously) that looks into your manliness.

In other words, no external attributes can make up
for lack of what you call "Superior Intrinsic Value".
Lack of SIV pops it's head up like a gopher when
it's put to the "TEST". Even if I passed the first
test because I saw it coming, the next one would
have leveled me b/c the 'Superior Intrinsic
Value", as you describe, wasn't there.

It made sense when I read it but I never GOT it.
Only truly made sense in an emotional way when
it happened to me.

I bring all this up b/c I want to encourage you
that your stuff has enormous potential, especially
for guys who have a long way to go. For me even
to have made it to the point where I am able to
interact with women and attract hot women
(despite still screwing things up) is ludicrous
given my psychological starting point.

I would have laughed if you could have promised
the old me that I would one day achieve the
current me. The credit goes only to you and
me: you for teaching me out of my hell, and
to me for putting in the emotional work to
get out of it.

But of more importance to you, is that there
are many more guys out there like me. it takes
one to know one. and I'm able to recognize them
better and better. here's hoping that they can
benefit as well. Even with me, I'm not even
close to half way there despite having come so far.

Ya, I can attract hot women and my emotional
health has been cleaned up a lot but I definitely
need work beyond that. I want to achieve that
state of self-validation that even the best pick up
artists don't have. not to BE a pick up artist actually,
but just because I've become obsessed with
achieving self-validation.

So keep these articles and materials coming
and keep getting creative with them because they
ARE working and at the very least they all seem
to motivate.


Jim T.
New Jersey
>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thank you man for that genuine letter and for
the kind words. I hope that every guy reading this
realizes that he is not alone, and that success is
not limited to any category of guy- even a guy
who has every category- the prestige and income
of being an MD, and being good-looking doesn't
mean that a guy has it made when it comes to
this area of our lives. So thank you so much
for sharing that with other men- it lets them
know that they CAN improve too.

And the next thing I need to say is that this
the new book REALLY focuses on this stuff,
it focuses on ACTUAL things you can do to
that makes us THINK and FEEL in totally
SELF-SABOTAGING ways with women,
and makes us believe the WORST things
that are NOT true but which make us
do the things that push great women away.

This is the reason I've made WARRIOR WITHIN,
it truly is the NEXT LEVEL, the most advanced
program when it comes to attracting the very
best quality women.

I look forward to hearing from you again,
please keep in touch!


Just wanted to let you know that you've
got a damn good book there.

For the longest time, I simply could not
get past the internal barrier of feeling
like a potential fool by going up to
a woman that I wanted to chat to.

There are ton of strategies that I am using from
your book to help me, but the one I want to
comment on for your readers is the part
about translating emotions into their
bare physical sensations.


I have done this for 3 days so far, and today
it finally got to the point that I made my first
"cold approach" ever.

Here's what I did:
I was walking to work, after grabbing a
sandwich for breakfast, I saw a truly stunning
woman approaching me walking toward me
on the sidewalk, and my heart sank.

But this time, instead of going through
my conditioned responses that have come
from a life of bad thought patterns, I
isolated the emotions!

The first thing I did was take notice of
my heart pumping fast, I felt the rush
of blood in my chest. I felt the heat in my
arms and shoulders and the lump in my
stomache. And then I became conscious
of the fact that the "voice" was playing
in my mind, telling me "no way, never".

And I followed your instruction, realizing
that all these thing are sensations. I focused
on the physical things, realizing that none
of these things actually meant anything, they
simply were physical sensations. I didn't
have to give in to them- they were just
bodily things happening, there weren't
actual forces that were making me do
anything other than what I really wanted.

And this helped me regain control
over myself. I went ahead and walked
right up to her, thinking to myself over
and over again that I was willing to
embrace whatever happened, over
and over again, till it became less
of a big deal.

The first words out of my mouth
were, "You have no right to be walking
out in public- you are a hazard!"

In my head, the whole thing seemed
surreal. And then, she smiled and said
"that's mean!"

I had no idea what to say next- so I
just followed your advice and didn't try
to act like a player, but I kept control
over my state by controlling the voice,
and I said to her "you're right I'm mean,
I mean it, you can cause accidents here,
and it's plain wrong! There's way
too much traffic and the drivers are going
to crash seeing you!"

She starts telling me that she's on her
way to a class at university and she has
to get a coffee. So I tell her that because
she is so dangerous, she should have
someone watching over her to prevent
any problems.

Now I know Michael that you say to
focus more on the internal traits, but for
me this was my first time, and I couldn't
believe I was finally taking control of
my life again, and I think it worked
because she could see I was not doing
it in a submissive way, and she could
see that I was being warm in a confident

Over that quick coffee, we had a great
chat about politics (she's a poli-sci
major) and about some recent movies
(I'm a film buff!) and she not only
gave me her number, she told me to
call her!!

This would never have happened
before, and I can only imagine how
good things are going to get as I take
this all the way and apply everything
in your book to my future meetings
with her and any other women I meet!

Jack K., L.A.


Thank you for the awesome letter,
and for showing how far you can
get with the right approach to
controlling not WOMEN but controlling
your own MIND and learning how to
harness the power of the right
emotions as well.

And if YOU are reading this right now,
and you want to get MASSIVE RESULTS
with QUALITY WOMEN, all without
turning yourself into some FAKE version
of yourself, then I suggest you get my
WARRIOR WITHIN program which includes
some of my most advanced insights on
how to attract women and approach women
in all sorts of situations, and how
to skyrocket your 'inner game', as
well as how to create compelling emotions
in her so she is ADDICTED to you, and
much MUCH more.

It's at:

It's going to change your life, guaranteed.
If you are looking for a QUALITY woman,
this program is an absolute MUST.

Here's what other men are saying about
this important program:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my
E-Book, do that now at:

This book serves as an important foundation
before graduating to my advanced programs.

And I can't wait to hear YOUR success story


Michael Marks

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Human Factor In Your Success With Women

The most powerful lessons in my own life
all came NOT from the times I realized I
was RIGHT, but actually from the times
I realized I was WRONG.

Hey, realizing you are RIGHT about something
is great, I’m not knocking it.

However, it’s very RARE that people ever
DEEPLY realize they are doing something
WRONG until it’s TOO LATE.

We all know the story of the TITANIC.
By the time the captain knew he made a
grave ERROR, it was TOO LATE.

Similarly, when it comes to women, whether
it is DESTROYING a relationship with a
perfectly  good woman, or DESTROYING
your own power of attraction when you
approach women, most people NEVER
realize the mistake till it’s WAY too late.

So this got me thinking, WHY is it that as
humans, we DON’T want to see our own
MISTAKES until it is usually TOO LATE?

I spent a long time thinking about this, and
the REASON I came up with is actually SIMPLE:
Being WRONG often means TOUGH WORK

And admitting we are WRONG about something
that we are EMOTIONALLY attached to thinking
we are “right” about means accepting that there

It’s as simple as THAT.

Who the heck wants to admit he is doing something

And yet, BECAUSE of this human weakness, it is
PRECISELY those men who are NOT emotionally
lazy, who are NOT attached to ego,
  that end up
because they end up learning what is the RIGHT
path toward GETTING what they want.

So, in my own life, it was only AFTER I had
finally ADMITTED that no woman was going
to just LAND in my lap because I was a good
boy or just because I believed in God, or just
because I thought “it should happen eventually
through sheer statistics” that I finally DID
break through to get MASSIVE results.

in my own bullshit beliefs.  To somehow be OPEN
to the idea that the very things I clung to with all
my heart were WRONG was not only SCARY,

Those of you who have read my first book
“The Dating Wizard” can tell exactly what
my mindset was, because that book was
written not that long after I had made all
those discoveries and I was still in shock
of the results of what happens when you
do things RIGHT.  So you will notice that
I am quite emotional in my language and
expression in that book.

I've learned to chill out since then.       

But let me tell you, when I first started to
REALIZE how WRONG I was about women and
about attraction, I was PISSED at MYSELF
for not SEEING what finally seemed now
to be so OBVIOUS.

You see, what happens is when you are IMMERSED
in the wrong beliefs, someone could SHOW YOU
the RIGHT beliefs and you will STILL DENY
THEM and actually NOT believe them.

So powerful is the power of EGO that it will
be BLIND to all the facts in the world and it
will STICK to the total bullshit that it has been
immersed in and brainwashed in since birth.

Now, this goes a lot FURTHER as well.

It goes right into the very INTERACTIONS you
have with women in terms of the conversations.

Before a woman can get PHYSICALLY naked
with you, she usually needs to feel at least a
certain amount of EMOTIONAL intimacy.

Not the drunk party girls, but most girls.
And even the drunk party girls, if you
removed the alcohol from the equation,
they too would need the emotional
intimacy. That’s why ALCOHOL is
such a MAJOR part of the equation

for certain types of environments.

Now, in a conversation, the biggest thing
on a deep psychological level is the feeling
This means not only ACKNOWLEDGING
another human being, but also UNDERSTANDING

This is NOT the same thing as kissing up and
just AGREEING with everything they say.

It’s about making an EFFORT to remove your
own biases from an interaction so that you
UNDERSTAND her when she is speaking to

It sounds simple, but I PROMISE you, that I
have seen literally THOUSANDS of pick ups
over the years, and without exception, the
guys that get the most LASTING results,

so that they don’t just get a woman’s number
but the woman wants to actually KEEP ON
seeing the guy, is when the guy actually
CONNECTS to her on a deep level.

It all sounds so simple right?
"Just listen to her."

But the problem is that most guys THINK
they are listening, when in reality they are
only HEARING the parts that they themselves
CARE about.  They never stop to think about
the parts of the chat that maybe SHE cares
about but that they weren’t noticing.

Listen, I’m sure the problem is vice-versa
too, that plenty of women don’t have listening
skills. In fact, this is why a lot of guys
will have a chat with a woman they initially
were attracted to, but then say something
like, "There was something I didn't like
about her".

On a subconscious level, you KNOW when someone
is genuine or not, even if you can't articulate
the details right away.

So let’s say you see a woman somewhere.
How quickly are you JUDGING her on things?
For example, let’s say she has a tattoo on her arm.
And let’s say you even ASK her about it.

Are you already JUDGING HER in your own mind
so that no matter WHAT SHE SAYS, it’s not really
being ACCEPTED by your emotional side?

If that is the case, then what is happening, on a
subconscious level, is that you are not really
LISTENING to the details about her explanation
of that tattoo and what it means and why she got it.

So THAT means that you now can’t really provide
USEFUL feedback to make this conversation

If she went on a TRIP somewhere, and to you the
interesting about trips is meeting the people, but
to her it’s the chance to get away and have fun,
then it’s important that you are able to put yourself
INTO that perspective that she has so you can
see what this all means from her point of view.

And NONE of this means you have to AGREE
with ANYTHING she says or does.  In fact, a woman
will find a man who truly UNDERSTANDS her and
appreciates what she is saying, even if he doesn’t
AGREE, a trillion times more compelling than a man
who just agrees with everything she says but never
really UNDERSTOOD her in the first place.

This is not some “feel good” talk here.
It doesn’t mean you are going to change a woman.
It doesn’t mean there is going to be world peace

What it MEANS is that the most POWERFUL
way to go from STRANGER to being the man
she WANTS to see again is to CONNECT with
her on a deep level.

This has NOTHING to do with being a nice guy.
You might EVEN find that once you really DO
understand her, SHE IS INTERESTED IN YOU
but you are now LESS interested in HER.

But at least then you have the CHOICE.

This stuff goes DEEEEEEEEEEP.

Most women WISH that they can meet a man
who REALLY understands all that I am talking
about here.

And the most powerful program on the PLANET
for developing this DEEPEST connection with
women, and for developing the DEEPEST mastery
over TONS of OTHER VITAL skills for success
with women, can now be at your FINGERTIPS.

This program is called WARRIOR WITHIN.

Don’t let yourself make the same mistake that most
men make, which is to realize all the things that are
in this program, but only learn them AFTER you
lose a great woman, or AFTER you let a great
woman pass you by.

I WISH a future version of myself could have
“visited” me in the past and told me all the
things I needed to learn but had REFUSED
to see since it meant that I was WRONG.

I wish I could have SHOUTED at MYSELF

I realize that BELIEVING me might be hard.
That’s why I’ve made sure to give you TONS
of powerful content in these newsletters over
the years. 

At the same time, what you will find in this
program will give you the FULL PICTURE
and take you beyond what you learn in these
newsletters, as these newsletters are still just
the tip of a MASSIVE iceberg.  Get that
‘ENTIRE ICEBERG’ in my actual program.

It’s at:

By the way, if you still doubt me, consider this:
What is the ONE thing that humans STILL keep
screwing up, even after ALL their history
and ALL their technology and ALL their


We can send a man to the moon, we can
develop artificial intelligence, we can cure
many diseases, but we can’t seem to find
a way to get rid of HUMAN CONFLICT.

Now if human harmony is important for
even day-to-day boring MUNDANE matters,
imagine how IMPORTANT it is for  two
HUMANS if they are going to become
POWERFUL way!!!!!!

Again, this program is at:

Finally, let me end with one last point:

Because MOST PEOPLE suck so freakin BADLY
at these skills, THE BAR IS NOT HIGH AT ALL!

That means if you just do a DECENT JOB with
these skills, you are TOWERING over most of
the so called “competition” from other men.

So stop letting precious TIME go by.
Take ACTION NOW to get the woman you WANT
by immediately going HERE:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Should You Smile When You Approach Women?

One of the biggest things when it comes
to approaching women and SUCCEEDING at it,
is something that is incredibly simple:

It has a lot to do with your smile, or rather,
the LACK of it.

This is something that can destroy your chances
before you even get out of the gate, because it
shows before you even say a word, so it’s important
to get this right.

This topic is one of those subtle yet vital
areas that can only come from REAL experience
approaching women in public.  Before you can
even GET into attraction, you have to make
sure the woman is not FREAKED OUT with fear
or somehow thinking that there is something
"sketchy" going on.

Imagine approaching a woman at night on the
sidewalk when no one is around, and how
going in with an immediate "PICK UP" vibe
will just trigger all her "BEWARE OF DANGER"
Now, what I’m about to explain is referring to
situations that are NOT a “party” or a dance club 
situation, or anything like that, where the mood
is ALREADY all “party and happy times” etc.

In other words, I’m speaking about 99% of
real life situations where you see a woman 
who is a total stranger.

The truth is, that most guys will be better off
NOT smiling when they start the conversation.

Keep this in mind, next time you’re about to
chat to a woman you want to meet who is
a total stranger.

The problem with smiling is NOT that you are
in a good mood, the problem is that:

1. Usually the smile is actually showing that you
feel she has higher worth than you do.  So it’s
a form of submission.

2. Also, the reality is that most women are conditioned
to NOT talk to strangers in non “socially-endorsed”

In other words, if it’s not a club, or a party,
or some other situations where you are
both somehow all part of some “group”, it’s
quite typical for a lot of women to feel that
it’s not “normal”.

And the more the environment is NOT considered
"normal" for approaching women, the MORE
important it is to do the approach RIGHT,
with PROPER technique.

So when you are SMILING on top of all this, it
REALLY seems like it’s “not normal.”

After all, WHY are you smiling at her?

It must be because you LIKE her, right?

And so now you are trying to basically get
into FLIRT mode in a NON-SOCIAL environment.

So the gate comes SLAMMING DOWN on
the potential pickup.


You can’t get into FLIRT mode before FIRST
establishing that in fact you ARE an “exception”
to the societal rule of, “Don’t get social in 

non-social environments!”

Now, we can argue till the cows come home
that these societal “rules” are stupid, but in
the meantime, if you IGNORE these rules,
you end up having to only go for the extremely
wild  women who, on one hand may be cool in
the sense they don’t follow a lot of social rules,
but they usually ALSO tend to be DRAMA cases
without end. It’s all part of the chaos
that they love.

So, if you are trying to actually increase your
chances when it comes to meeting women,
start your interaction without smiling, and
in fact whatever you do talk about, start by
speaking about whatever it is that you decided
to speak about, with total CONVICTION, don’t
turn it into a big joke- not in the first SECOND.

Treat it all very MATTER OF FACT, make
the conversation very very NOT “PICK UPPY”.

This is the best way to actually get INTO a
conversation where she is genuinely LISTENING. 

Otherwise, you will often get shut down in
her mind (i.e. even if she is letting you talk to her,
she’s may just be being polite and waiting for the
moment to say: “Thanks and goodbye.”)

Now, ONCE she is ENGAGED in the conversation,
THEN, it’s a GREAT idea if you can UNLEASH

THEN, it’s NO PROBLEM if you smile some,
IF that smile is coming from a place of
confidence and not from feeling “MAN,

If it’s such a big deal to you, then that would
be a sign of LACK of confidence, right?

At this point, I’d like to take this entire newsletter
here to a HIGHER level.

The MORE important thing than asking whether
to smile or not, to compliment or not, to do anything
or not with a woman, is the EMOTIONS behind your

The question to ask yourself is:
“Which EMOTION triggered my action?”

If it was a WEAK emotion, then it’s the
WRONG action.

But since most people find it EXTREMELY
HARD to change their emotions, and to
be coming from the right emotional place,
so it seems “easier” to just adopt the superficial
things, i.e. the most RECOGNIZABLE

By doing this, you are more likely to be giving
off the right messages from your body language,
facial expression, etc.

But it’s really a band-aid solution.
You want the DEEPER stuff, because it will
give you even better results, and it’s also the
only way to actually KEEP a woman attracted.

If you’re just an act, it will be a short-lived attraction.

So let’s take a LOOK at the EMOTIONS
behind the right expressions on your face, the
emotions that are really behind the right body
language, etc.

Here are some of the emotions that should be present:
*Absolute CONFIDENCE that you have tons of value.
*The feeling of truly not NEEDING her.
*Feeling very COMFORTABLE chatting to her.
*Feeling DOMINANT.

Now, if you are really FEELING those things,
why on earth WOULD you be smiling?

After all, you don’t even KNOW her.
Why are you so KEEN on flirting with this

It’s not even a party going on.

Now, unless YOU just won the lottery or
something, and you’re doing this with
everyone, it just doesn’t really make sense.
Once she is truly engaged in the conversation with
you, well now you are SOCIALIZING, and so it
makes SENSE to enjoy the social interaction if
at all possible.  So NOW it makes sense to unleash
the humor skills, to smile if something funny is
said, or if she does something good to you, or
something to earn your interest or attention.

And, on an even DEEPER level, as you get
to know her even BETTER, and as you go
onto the first date, and the second, and ultimately
into a relationship, there will be ALL KINDS
that you will have to make
decisions on- when to kiss her, when to escalate
physically, when to be more giving, when to
stand up and if required put her in her place,
when to truly lower your guard, when to
go ALL OUT and truly give her your precious
time and energy. 

And that’s just a partial list of actions and
decisions you’ll have to make.

In the meantime, if you do absolutely
NOTHING ELSE, then at least remember
to NOT smile in the BEGINNING of the
interaction, as long as you're not
in a club type "party" situation
or a situation where you're all
part of some group already.
(i.e. For example, even if you
are all students at the same
university, this in itself is
enough to make you part of
a group).  

And if you're reading this right now,
and would like to become a MASTER when
it comes to the dating and relationships
part of your life, I suggest you get my
program called WARRIOR WITHIN.

This program goes DEEP, and is ROCKET FUEL
for your success with women.

It's at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

How To Reclaim Your Attractive Power With Women

One of the greatest TORTURES to me is seeing
a guy who is a good guy RUINING it for himself
with a woman.  It's torture because I remember
how it felt, and I also know how absolutely
DOES NOT have to be this way!!!

There is a BETTER way, a way that actually
ATTRACTS a woman, and all without ever
having to lie or play games. 

So let's get straight down to some hard-core
ACTION STEPS that you can use right now:


When you meet a woman who does not know
you, all she has to go on is the information
and the vibes that YOU are giving her.

And yet, when guys meet women, men often

They cut themselves down in a number of
ways- from the way they describe their
life, their lifestyle, their choices in life,
their hobbies, and most importantly,
their own opinions of themselves.

Sometimes also, men cut themselves
down by making self-deprecating
jokes in the hopes that by
making fun of their selves
first, the woman won't do it

This does not mean to SHOW OFF, or
to qualify yourself.

It also does not mean to act arrogant,
as arrogance grows out of insecurity,
but so too does constant self-deprecation
grow out of insecurity.

It's one thing to make jokes
when you are clearly SECURE,
it's something else when these
jokes are coming out of insecurity.

Here's the difference- when the
Karate champ of the world says
he's scared of the dark, that's
ok, since it's clearly a joke. 

When the smartest man on
the planet says he's bad at
math, that's ok too, since
it's obvious he is smart.

When a guy feels he really IS
unworthy, however, and the woman
has a strong reason to believe his
statements of unworthiness, then
it's not cool at all.    

Listen, you only live once, so
you might as well give yourself
the BEST chance each time you
meet a woman. 

And this should be coming from
withIN, the way you feel about
your SELF.

Stop living as if you are going
to live forever.

You have every RIGHT to be your own best
friend and be as supportive and positive
about yourself as possible.

Be your own best friend, and I mean
that in the deepest sense of the word-
you should support yourself emotionally
as much as possible, give yourself credit,
and you will ultimately end up giving
more to others as well as a result.

In our culture, it's perfectly fine for
women's products to say messages like
"because I'm worth it", and yet for men,
so many good guys end up saying through
their body language and through their
tonality and through the way they dress
and groom, so many men end up saying the
message "I am NOT worth a woman's time."

All this comes from your own self-perception
about your social status- in fact this is proven
by psychologists.  In the live taping of the
Warrior Within program, one of the cool guys
at the event brought the entire dissertation
on this fact that backs it all up with evidence.

So, if you don't BELIEVE that you HAVE
the social status, you will simply NOT
wear COOL clothing.  You will simply
NOT behave in the way of a man who
feels he IS worth it.  You will think
that this stuff is simply NOT for
you.  You will think that you will
be "found out" to be a "fake", as if
you have no right to be a  man who
gets the woman he wants and other
things in life as well.

This stuff is crazy powerful, and I promise
you it all starts with belief.

As sexy and beautiful that so many women
are, the GREATER rewards of developing
yourself in this area called "attracting the
women of your choice" is that you will
learn the TRUTH of who YOU can be
and who you really are- you are so much
different and so much more than you
think "you" are.  In fact, right now,
you have no idea of who you really
are, I can make a billion dollar bet on

So the next time a woman asks you
ANYTHING about yourself, I want
you to answer that question as if you
were the most fantastic attorney on
earth for yourself, an attorney who
was getting paid millions of dollars
to ensure that his client was going
to get the very BEST outcome.

The key is to do this without telling a lie.
You do not have to lie, you simply have
to give the damn BEST portrayal of
yourself as possible, ALL the time.

No more "well, I kinda suck at this and
that, and I'm so-so at that, and I'm not
really that great at anything" and no
more "well, my plan for life is kinda
this and that, and maybe so er well"


This brings me to point number two:


So you think you're just Joe Average?
Then you will always BE Joe Average.

In fact, one of the invisible forces that keeps
men imprisoned in the  social status of
"not cool to a woman" is the BELIEF
that you don't belong higher up.

And the people who are already there
will NOT have the time or the energy
to stop their lives and try to FIND you
and help you get up there.  They don't
even know you exist.  And let's face it,
they also know that if someone doesn't
want to change, they never will anyway,
so they don't see why they should be
trying to change people when it's a free

So you have to push your envelope to
reach out of your "comfort zone" - you
have gotten comfortable with seeing
yourself as lower than others only because
you have done it for so long- but FROM
NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious about this, go out today and
FORCE yourself to put on cooler clothing
than you think "fits" right for you. I'm not
saying that if you are 75 that you should
go and get a skateboard and dye your
hair purple, what I am saying is that you
know very well that you can be dressing
and grooming far cooler than you are
right now, and the only reason you are
not doing it is because you think that
you are not "supposed" to- and the
only reason you think THAT is because
you've had a lifetime of PRACTICE
thinking the wrong thoughts.

So let's start CHANGING those thoughts
by also changing your ACTIONS.


Notice how when you are talking to a woman
you are attracted to, your voice will often
rise up- this happens because you feel too
much energy and that too much is at stake.

It's as if a billion volts of electricity is surging
through your system. 

So for now, you have to CONSCIOUSLY
bring your vocal pitch back to normal.

This will not only get you better results, but
it will change your state of mind as well and
get you into the proper perspective that is
far more empowering as well.


Very often, when a woman is talking to you,
you will be smiling in a way that is OVERDOING

Yes, a natural smile is great, but when you are
smiling as if the GREATEST THING ON EARTH
has happened to you, when all that has happened
is a stranger has agreed to chat with you, then
it's actually too much. 

Yes, a woman liking you is a great thing, but
it's even more important for YOU to feel pretty
awesome already, and if you felt that way, a
woman who was a stranger would not be able
to pump your smile up THAT much.

See, it's not that women are attracted to jerks, it's
that jerks happen to be doing one thing right-
even if they are only acting, and that is that they
are not behaving as if a woman is the source
of their own self-esteem.

Nothing jerky about having your own self-esteem.
That's just good stuff for all guys to have.

So if you are smiling like the smile is plastered on
your face like the Joker, then stop it.

Of course, I know all this stuff from personal
experience, so it's not like I'm on some high
horse here, I just want to make sure you benefit
from what I learned the hard way.


Man, if more men only realized how much women
APPRECIATE the fact that YOU are a man and
that YOU have a plan on where to go for the date,
on what to do with your life, and if you had a
strong perspective on how to make your life
meaningful, and on how to handle issues and
stress and challenges, rather than just hope
for things to go right, - or even worse, to hope
that SHE will have the answers to all this

In life, whoever has the stronger frame will
win, and that's not a bad or good thing, it's
just the truth.  It simply means whoever has
the greater discipline to persevere and to live
with passion and not give in to laziness or
negativity, will WIN.

This is why some bizarre CULT leaders can
get women even though the cult leader is
preaching absolute lies and absolute hogwash
and total crap.  Yet, he has managed to get
HIMSELF to believe in his own lies, and
he has generated enough passion in himself
from within and he is his own best friend
and never cuts himself down. 

can attract women, then I can assure you
that ANY MAN can do this, without telling
a single lie, if he is SERIOUS about learning
how attraction really works.   

So, now that you know this is the truth,
can you imagine how badly a guy will
do on a date if he seems like he is LOST
in life, and lost regarding what to do with
her, what to say, etc?

Women do not want a man that is lost in
any way, whether it is lost on how to
deal with her, or lost on how to deal with
his own life.

And if you are reading this right now
and would like to have the kind of
woman you dream about in  your
arms, and even more importantly,
know that you have triumphed and
defeated all the internal blocks that
have been holding you back with
women and with so much else in life,
then I suggest you get my program
WARRIOR WITHIN immediately.

In this program, I will take you on the
most important journey of your life
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you ALSO learn the most powerful
"EXTERNAL" strategies for approaching
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into practice on women.  You will be guided
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attracting Women Of Quality: Hard-Core Tips From The Real World

You're about to learn how to attract
the highest-quality women. I'm talking
about women who are not only beautiful,
but who also are actually serious about
meeting the right guy.  This is about
actually getting a GREAT girl:

So let's get straight into the nitty-gritty,
the real "HOW-TO" of how to meet, approach,
and attract a woman of true quality,
inside and out.

Now, the very FIRST rule is SO important,
I'm going to make it VERY SIMPLE so you
NEVER forget it:


You ever notice how when you meet a woman
who is beautiful, the first thing you want
to do is PROVE yourself to her?

You want to say something that SHOWS you
are cool, that you are worthy, that you
have value.

This is something just about ALL MEN do
when they want to impress a woman for
whom they feel massive attraction.

And it's something you want to make sure
you NEVER do.

So whether it's trying to "casually" drop
into the conversation that you have a cool
job, a cool car, a cool connection, cool
friends, or anything ELSE that you think
is something that will "prove" your worth,
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The REASON is that this IMPULSE is driven
by INSECURITY, and a woman SENSES this.

It ends up creating the OPPOSITE effect
of attraction.  It actually ends up
making a guy seem LESS worthy, since
it's clear he HIMSELF feels the NEED
to have to PROVE something.

If you think about it, whenever somebody
is SECURE about something, they DON'T
feel the need to bring that thing up
immediately in a conversation.

On a subconscious level, women KNOW that
if a man is secure, he will NOT feel the
need to have to "qualify" himself to her.

So not only does is it FEEL better for you
to NOT have to feel the need to prove
yourself, but it actually is MORE ATTRACTIVE
to women when you don't qualify yourself.

PLUS, when you don't qualify yourself, you
are actually showing that you are more
interested in finding out if SHE meets
YOUR standards.

This helps you come across as something
MASSIVELY ATTRACTIVE- it makes you come
across as THE SELECTOR and not the "selectee".

And by the way, for the FULL PICTURE
on BEING THE SELECTOR, then definitely
go HERE immediately:     
Plus, by not qualifying yourself, you ALSO
increase the sense of INTRIGUE and wonder
about yourself as she IMAGINES all that
you are and she enjoys trying to figure
out the MYSTERY of who you are.

By allowing her to IMAGINE and think and
enjoy the mystery, she CREATES the perfect
fantasy of who you are,
and once she spends
some time immersed in these thoughts about
you as she creates the ultimate fantasy of
who you are, it then CRYSTALLIZES in her

Once it CRYSTALLIZES in her mind, her
primal image of you is SO POWERFUL
it reaches a point where no matter WHAT
the reality is about you, she will INTERPRET
it in a way that MATCHES her fantasy
you that she has created.

She will INSTINCTIVELY do the work subconsciously
to INTERPRET everything about you so that it
FITS her fantasy perfect IMAGE of you- all because
the FANTASY is so powerful that she WANTS it so
badly she will MAKE it happen in her own mind-
and ALL THIS because you didn't rob her of the
opportunity to CREATE the initial fantasy since
you didn't try to PROVE  yourself and take away
her chance to create the perfect picture of you
all by herself.

PLUS, by not qualifying yourself, not only do
you seem COOLER, but you also seem like a
MORE MORAL person at the SAME TIME!!!!

This is because it's clear you are not trying to
SHOW OFF, so you don't come across as arrogant,
and you don't come across as trying to pressure

This is especially attractive to the quality women
who have fantastic character traits in addition to their
gorgeous looks.

PLUS, not qualifying yourself ALSO allows you to
focus more on LISTENING to her, which allows you
to UNDERSTAND her better on a deeper level
this means you can then CONNECT to her on a
more powerful level.

AND, you can even be a lot more WITTY as well,
since you are not worried about trying to prove
yourself but rather your mind is free to genuinely
enjoy the conversation, and ONLY when this happens
are you truly "in the moment" and "fully present". 

This means you will be ALERT to the opportunities
in the conversation for having the best responses
to things she is saying, whether you decide to be
intriguing, inspiring, humorous, witty, or a
combination of the above.

When you are worried about trying to prove yourself,
you are so busy trying to come up with the next thing
to say, that you MISS all the important things SHE
is saying!

The things she is saying will allow you to learn so
much more about her so you can not only connect
to her, but also you can then easily NOTICE all the
perfect moments for when you can say the right
response to a particular thing she SAYS,  since
your mind was focused on listening rather than on
worrying about what to say. 

Being able to LISTEN is what allows you to have
tons of the right things to SAY.  Trying to prove
yourself through qualifying yourself ends up
destroying your ability to listen.
Plus, one more point about being the SELECTOR
and not qualifying yourself:

On a very subtle level, by NOT qualifying
yourself, you are implying that you feel
VERY confident, and that this is because
TONS OF OTHER WOMEN are already attracted
to you.

So, to her, when she sees you are not qualifying
yourself, she starts to think that OTHER WOMEN
are into you as well, and this on a very primal
level that is HARD-WIRED, ends up making her
even MORE attracted to you.

I seriously suggest you go HERE:     

Alright, I promised you even MORE, and here
we go with the NEXT powerful tip for success
in approaching and attracting women anywhere:


There's nothing more frustrating than seeing
a woman you'd like to approach and not
knowing what to say, right? Even if you've
done it successfully before, but then you've
been out of it for a few days, it can seem
tough if you aren't experienced.

The key to solving this is to either practice
approaching women every day, OR to build
up a repertoire of things to say to a woman
through the following exercise:

For one entire week, don't even worry about
actually APPROACHING a woman, instead,
every time you see a woman you would like
to approach, WRITE DOWN on paper something
you could say to her.

Even if takes you ten minutes to figure out
what to say, or what you could have said,

And then take it a step UP by writing down
to her.

This might happen while going grocery shopping,
it may happen while you're at school, it may
happen while in line at the bank, while at the
post-office, it can happen ANYWHERE.

And EACH TIME you see a woman in a different
situation, you should write down what you
could have said to her.

So, for example, if she is filling up her car
with gas, and you're just walking by, you
can tease her for polluting the environment
instead of being a good citizen like you who
walks to save the earth.

WRITE IT DOWN, so next time you know
what to say in that kind of situation.

the different things you could have
said to her.

Keep the things interesting, playful, and upbeat.

If you're at the post office, waiting in line
and you want to chat to the woman in front
of you or behind you, etc, then you can
say something like:

"With the line up this long, by the time we get to the clerk, the cost of postage is going to go up".

Or you can say something like this:

"Not sure if the person I'm sending this letter to will have moved by the time I get to the clerk handling my letter here."

Then you can ask her if she can hold your
place in line for a sec as you get a
drink from the store.

The key is to write all this stuff down, and
to make it CONSISTENT with your personality.

In a week, you will have DOZENS of perfect
things to get a conversation started, all that
make sense for the situation and that are
consistent with your personality.


Here's the cool side-effect of doing this-
by writing down all these conversation
starters as back up in case you don't know
what to say, you will actually be training your
mind to come UP with MORE stuff on the
SPOT, because you are stimulating the
creative flow of your mind in this way.

Also, because you will have things to say,
you will be able to RELAX even more so
you can focus more on what REALLY
COUNTS to successfully attracting a
woman: Focusing on the way you
DELIVER the words you say more
than the words themselves, and
focusing on LISTENING to HER
more than on what you SAY to
get the ball rolling.

Yes, LISTENING to the woman's
responses to what you are saying is
far more important than most guys
will EVER realize- this is a huge key
in having a great conversation that
actually ATTRACTS a woman rather
than just getting a polite response.

Instead of having to worry about 'picking-up'
a woman, by listening well you can pick up
ON what she's saying, so you can truly have
a more effective and meaningful conversation
where you actually understand her better
and can give better feedback to what
she says to you.


When a woman tells you something, she wants
to feel understood. However, too often, as guys
we think that all we have to do is say, "Yeah,
me too, I did that too" to show we understand

Let me illustrate with an example:
When a woman tells you that she was
born in a really tough country where
poverty was everywhere, the best thing
you can do is probably be quiet and just
let her keep explaining things.

If you just interrupt her before she's finished
and you interject that you had the same experience,
you're almost taking away from the pain of her
experience by making her feel like it's not special.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should not explain
what you went through, if you went through something
similar, it just means that you shouldn't JUMP to
saying something like that right away, because too
often that type of thinking comes from ego and
from self-validation rather than trying to make
the other person feel special.

So let her truly express herself, and ask
questions to try to understand.

And those questions should get to the emotional
core. Let's take a more happy example, let's
say she says she used to be a singer- don't say:

"Oh, I used to be a singer too"


 "Oh, I used to play the drums in a band"

Instead you should truly seek info to understand, so for example a good question to ask might be the following:

"What did it FEEL like to do sing?"


 "What made you want to sing?"


 "What were some of the most powerful emotional songs that you ever sang- the ones you really felt ALIVE on???"

All this is way better than superficial questions
such as, "Where did you perform?" or "What
kind of money did you get paid", "Did you
tour on a bus?" or "Did you get a lot of fan
mail?" etc etc. You want to get to the
emotional CRUX of the situation.


Too often, we are our own worst enemies.
Our own insecurities make us see insults and
pain and mean behavior where it doesn't even

So for example, you might start a conversation
with a woman, the woman might say, "I can't
believe they let you in this store with that
shirt you're wearing", and you might feel
the woman is making fun of you, when in
reality she might be saying that your
shirt takes so much guts to wear because
the message or logo or picture or
WHATEVER was too much for most people.

So you AGREE with whatever she said
and INTERPRET this as a compliment-
by saying, for example:

"Yeah, with this shirt on, no girls will
read any books, they'll just be eyeing
me instead!"

And then give her a mischievous wink and smile.

The wonderful thing about this 'interpret
everything as a compliment' is that you
can NEVER go wrong with it- if the woman
was truly being innocent and good to you,
then you come across as a guy who with
a great sense of humor, and if the woman
was being a little nasty with attitude it
will make her get that "deer in headlights"
look that comes from being shocked that
you are so UNTOUCHED and completely
unaffected by her- and THIS IN ITSELF
will often attract her, and that's always
nice to have the choice on what you
would like to do there as well.


The reason most guys fail in their initial
conversations with women is NOT because
they aren't so funny or exciting, as a first
conversation doesn't always have to be
a big spectacle - a woman will sometimes
forgive all that, knowing that it's just
a first conversation, and that maybe she
needs to get to know you better.

HOWEVER, what you MUST do right away,
and do well, is be absolutely CONGRUENT.

This means don't pretend to be something
that you're NOT. If you don't have a healthy
lifestyle, don't pretend that you work out
everyday- she'll notice the cigarette box
in your pocket. If you are a health nut,
don't try to act "cool" like you drink at
parties a lot and that you are at all the
latest smoky clubs, just to show you
are cool.

If you are going to say something, then
make sure you MEAN it, because if
you say stuff you don't really feel
in your heart, it will often SHOW up
as false from your body language
and from inconsistencies in your
stories, etc.

Be consistent with who you are, and if
you don't like who you are in terms of
the things you are doing, then CHANGE
those things.

You have no idea of the power of delivering

This is one reason why you should also
speak SLOWER and utter every syllable
of your words, don't swallow them or
rush them.


When we are nervous, our body movements
are jittery. So take a deep breath and
consciously control your arms from
dangling around, stop tapping your
fingers nervously, stop your foot from
tapping nervously.

We are all created by the same God, so
realize that you have every right and
every bit of worth to stand your ground,
you don't have to be 'ready' to run away
off for dear life.


Too often, when trying to have a conversation,
guys ask leaching questions- questions that
just TAKE info, questions that almost feel like
an interrogation:

"What is your name?"
"Do you live around here?"
"What are you doing here?"
"How often do you come here?"

Why should a woman want to give this info
away when she has received nothing on
an emotional level?

Instead, start a conversation with GIVING
statements or comments that are EMOTIONALLY
RICH - statements that are funny, that are intriguing,
that are exciting, mysterious, etc.

You can comment playfully on what she is
reading. You can tell her a really interesting
thing that just happened to you a few moments
ago and THEN ask her for her opinion on why
these things keep happening to you.

The time to ask questions is once a woman
is already interested in you, because then
your questions are welcomed, and even then
your questions should be as described above,
they should help you understand her emotional
core much better.

And if you're reading this right now, you can
already see that this is REAL LIFE relevant
advice for attracting women ANYWHERE you see
them. This isn't just telling you to have a
positive attitude, as important as that is.

The reason I can give you real life advice
on this topic is because I have been doing
it for real for longer than just about anyone,
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