Saturday, January 25, 2014

Getting The RIGHT Woman In A Crazy World

If you are looking for a great long-term
girlfriend or possibly wife, you NEED
to read this newsletter.

Ever since feminism started, there has
been a gradual EROSION of morality
amongst the masses of women. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I DO believe
ABSOLUTELY that women should be
treated with FULL RESPECT, and be
given things like the vote, and all that.

To think otherwise, is immoral, or plain
ludicrous to think that women are not 
deserving of all the respect that men

HOWEVER, the problem is that feminism did not really preach EQUALITY only, what ENDED UP HAPPENING is that in addition to honest good things like equality, it ALSO ended up becoming ABUSED- it ended up misguided and it celebrated the idea of women emulating the very WORST characteristics of men, as opposed to the very BEST.

So, for example, promiscuity amongst women
is often CELEBRATED by women as a form
of “empowerment” and “equality”, as if all
MEN were like this and somehow women
were “evening the score”.

Otherwise, how do you explain the CELEBRATION
of people like Kim Kardashian who grew to fame
as the result of a SEX-TAPE?

Of course, many men are to blame for all this
as well, but it takes two to tango.

What REALLY PROVES HOW EVIL AND INSANE all this is, is that even when there are GLOBAL repurcussions, that have nothing to do with the MORAL, but simply to do with LIFE and SAVING life, STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the feminists refuse to budge.  So even with AIDS, and even with things like HPV that is NOT EVEN DETECTABLE, STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you won't find the feminists telling women to possibly be less promiscuous.  The feminists would much rather see men and women DIE than POSSIBLY admit that just MAYBE the feminists f-ed up.     

Here’s where things get REALLY screwed-up:
In nature, without the tempering forces of
culture and morals, man is designed to want
to mate with as many females as possible.

The MALE strategy is actually QUANTITY
over QUALITY, to be honest.

Of course, quality matters too, and men have
evolved to a DEGREE to be turned OFF by
women who exhibit either behavioral traits
that show they would be bad mothers, or
physical traits that imply they would bear
unhealthy children.

But still, the desire for QUANTITY of women is
a HUGE part of the PRIMAL male desire.

Now, science, history, and the study of evolution
has proven that women are not as sugar and spice as
Disney films would have us believe, and the truth
is that women are far from naturally monogamous,
but they are still NOT as primal driven for
QUANTITY as men are. 

For women, the emphasis is STILL greater on

All this makes sense, again, from an evolutionary
point of view.  For millions of years, there was
no way for a man to know if the children born
to the woman he mated with were actually HIS
children or someone ELSE’S, so he was best
off by mating with TONS of women.

All this by the way is all subconscious, men
of course did not actively THINK about any
of these reasons. Evolution does not work
that way, it just eliminates that which does
not work from the gene pool.

But for women, although it's important that a man is faithful, the BIGGER thing to them is that the man does not ABANDON the woman and the child, because for nine months she will CARRY a child, and she will need HELP raising the child that came literally from her body.

These evolutionary differences between men and women have created differences in what is MOST important to each gender regarding their SEXUAL MATE.  So although men and women may be very similar in things that have NOTHING to do with sexual mating  (i.e. for example, enjoying things that taste SWEET), WE ARE DIFFERENT in what is OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE in a partner.

And before feminism, men and women UNDERSTOOD these differences because it was OBVIOUS and there was no politically correct bullshit telling women lies.

So why do I bring all this up?
It is because TODAY, men are being TOLD
that they must be FAITHFUL to a woman,
and stick to the QUALITY strategy rather
than the QUANTITY strategy they are
BORN to want to follow, and meanwhile
there is LESS INCENTIVE than ever to do so!

At least, before feminism, men were getting
a greater REWARD for being loyal and
faithful to one woman, they were getting
a woman who was not sleeping with
the entire planet of men, and they were
getting great RESPECT and FIDELITY
AND LOYALTY from women.

So, a man’s PRIMAL need to ensure his
child was indeed his own was being

Today, however, a woman who is TRULY
not hanging out with men all the time,
a woman who is truly prepared to GIVE

Instead, what we get are INFINITE women
who want to have “back ups” of many men
while they are in relationships.  So a typical
young woman (in other words, a woman who
is fertile and can produce children) will
NEVER give herself over FULLY to one man,
instead she keeps a few ‘MALE FRIENDS’
around, which she always claims are just
friends, but usually she knows full well
that if she attractive, these men want much
more than friendship.

And we get women who are hitting the club
circuit well into their 30’s, sometimes 40’s,
even as they are on the last vestiges of fertility,
and they are drinking and getting drunk and
being promiscuous, and they WONDER
why the GOOD MEN don’t want to
get SERIOUS with them.

And the most evil part of it all, is that the
FEW GOOD WOMEN who do exist
have to constantly DEFEND themselves
against the majority of women they know,
who all seem to think that the good woman
is “crazy” or nuts for wanting to truly
give herself over to a real man who won’t
take any b.s.

So I would not tell you all this if I didn’t think
there was any GOOD NEWS that I could offer

The GOOD NEWS is that indeed there ARE
some good women still left on this planet.

But I can tell you one thing: They are the
EXCEPTIONS rather than the RULE.

They often come from backgrounds where
feminism did NOT take off very well.

And it’s just so tragic that good men who
FOUGHT for women to have equal rights,
were ultimately rewarded with a society
where women make MOCKERIES of
good men who are truly loyal.

As the world GLOBALIZES and becomes
a smaller planet, cultures are colliding and
crashing, but what is also happening is that
men are LEARNING from other men, and
the men who grew up with feminism are
seeing that indeed there IS another way
to live, a way where things are compatible
with the way men and women are REALLY
hardwired to think and feel.

One of the insane things about feminism is that
it has told women LIES about what most men
REALLY want besides feeling attracted.

Aside from feeling attracted to a woman,
most men want NOTHING other than
in a woman.  We don’t care about all
the rest. We aren’t impressed because
a woman has a trillion degrees. There’s a big
difference between wisdom and having
degrees. We aren’t impressed that a woman
travelled all over the world.  And we
don’t think that pseudo-science is the
same thing as science.  

What you MUST do, if you truly want a
GREAT woman for a great relationship,
is search for the women who have not
been brainwashed by extreme feminism.

AND you must be STRONG, and not
APOLOGETIC for your beliefs.

The RIGHT woman will WANT YOU even
MORE for these strong beliefs.

And you must be prepared to LOSE a lot
of the WRONG women who like to preach
that screwing every guy in town, and never
giving loyalty to a good man, and having
tons of “platonic male friends”  is the way to
live and to be “equal” to men.

Most women really don’t even REALIZE
how PRIMAL of a desire/need it is in men
to make sure their woman is not getting
“too close” figuratively speaking, with other
men. So women think that men are like
women, and WOMEN tend to feel a greater
need to know NOT that a man is not screwing
other women, but that he is not feeling
EMOTIONS for other women. 

Women are bigger on wanting the
EMOTIONAL closeness, but MEN
are bigger on wanting to ensure there
is PHYSICAL exclusivity.

And men also KNOW that women are
very emotional,  and that having guys
around them who pretend to just be
friends, is something that can be
exploited by those men to indeed
push the right emotional buttons
and indeed have physical relations
with those women. 

All this was SUPER OBVIOUS to women
before feminism came along. No man in his
right mind would marry any woman who
gave off any indications of being CONFUSED
about these things.

Don’t even argue with the wrong women. Don’t
waste your time on them.

There ARE a few good women left.
THOSE are the ones men must search for,
if they are looking for happiness and
a successful relationship long-term.

If you are serious about getting the RIGHT
woman, go HERE now: 

 Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Untold Truth: How To Approach Women

Today, I’m going to share with you the UNTOLD
TRUTH on how to approach women.

It’s all based on real-world research and testing, and I’ve been using this for YEARS, including in my live workshops with guys as we approach women just about everywhere.

In order to fully understand how to use the
strategy I am about to show you, it is crucial
to understand one thing:

Being a powerful, dominant man is the strongest
force when it comes to attracting women, and in
fact to women, the form of power known as
DOMINANCE is particularly important when
they instinctively and subconsciously size
up a man.
Let me go even further to make this even more clear:
Superficial types of attraction, such as a guy having
“good looks” simply doesn’t mean the same thing
to women as a woman being “good looking” means
to men.   Sure, great looks do indeed appeal to
women, but the good looks really means FAR LESS
to women than it means to men.

The proof of this is all around us.  How many male
models can women name?  How many female
models can men name?  How many strip clubs
are there for women where men take their clothes
off?  How many strip clubs are there for men
where women take their clothes off? 

The massive imbalance here tells you something
right away: Women simply aren’t as COMPELLED
to chase a man because he is “good looking” as
MEN are compelled to chase a woman because
she is good looking.

Ahh, but now, let’s flip this around to POWER.
See, good ol Brad Pitt, before he became a
movie star and a famous celebrity and thus
“a power broker”, actually had a HARD TIME
with women, according to his own words in
countless interviews.

In other words, he actually didn’t have it much
different than other guys when he was doing
regular guy things like being a waiter, etc.

And let’s take this even further:
How many men chase women who are powerful?
How man WOMEN chase MEN who are powerful?

This is why women care more about the fact that a
than the fact he is super good looking, etc.

And here’s the thing: Just like men can’t help it
but go crazy for women who give off the signs
of beauty, women can’t help it but go crazy for
men who give off the signs of DOMINANCE.

In fact, it’s a bit more complicated than that,
because it’s not exactly like women get immediately
attracted by power and status OR by great looks,
it’s more like women immediately feel the primal
need to GET CLOSER with this man and learn
more about him. 

Female sexuality takes a little more “warming up”
than male sexuality. Male sexuality is “ready to go”
at any moment.  Women become OPEN to the
idea of escalating physically with such a man.

This actually all makes a lot of sense on an
evolutionary level. Women are the ones that
have to carry a baby for nine months, women
are the ones that can only have a limited
amount of children, women have a LOT
invested in making the RIGHT CHOICE
for their reproductive partner.

So that man has to display the traits of power,
status, and dominance in society to show that
his DNA will produce another child that will
ALSO be a survivor and who will thrive in
the crazy jungle of life. Also, this man’s
power and status and dominance probably
also mean he has access to the resources
like food and shelter for survival of the
family unit.

Meanwhile, male sexuality is a little different.
Men, in evolutionary perspectives, didn’t have
as much invested in any ONE woman, and
also could never know for sure if their woman
was faithful, so to ensure that they DID have
their own offspring, they evolved to impregnate
many women, thus increasing the chances for
actually having a child of their own.

By the way, none of this should be taken as
a MORAL imperative for today.  I’m simply
speaking about the way attraction works.

So, now that it’s totally clear how important
DOMINANCE and POWER and STATUS is, let me show
you how to convey all these things in the very
FIRST MOMENTS you approach and meet a woman.


Think about how your voice sounds when you
are feeling an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to

HOPEFUL, or any OTHER emotion!

What happens is your TONALITY changes!

For example, when you are feeling FEARFUL,
your pitch tends to RISE, right? When feeling
depressed, it tends to lower and get faded. 
When feeling happy, it gets more energy.

Now, imagine a monitor was TRACKING the
way one’s voice changed if that voice kept on
showing a TON of emotional reactions.

Imagine it looked like a line on a graph, and
the line kept jumping up and down, like an
erratic heartbeat on a monitor.

Well, what you want to do with your tonality
is actually stay on a STRAIGHT LINE.

Unlike the heartbeat monitor, where a straight
line means the worst thing, a straight FLAT
LINE when it comes to your VOCAL TONALITY
when approaching a woman is actually the
BEST thing.

This is because the LACK of fluctuation, the lack
of CHANGING tonalities, the lack of movement
from the STRAIGHT baseline, shows that you
are NOT having ANY emotional reactions to
the conversation.

On a subconscious level, this shows that you
believe that YOU have massive value and
WOMAN is not a big deal to you.

You can ONLY have an emotional reaction
to something if you believe that thing is

Happy, sad, ecstatic, angry, or depressed, you
simply can’t have these emotions and NOT             
feel that indeed things are important enough
to either get depressed about, happy about,
angry about, etc.

Now, most guys, when they approach a
woman they like, they tend to have their
voices going all over the place – the voices

So, for example, they may be really HAPPY
the woman is talking to them. Then, they
may be FEARFUL that the woman doesn’t
like them.  Or, they may be DISAPPOINTED
if the woman isn’t immediately showing
signs of massive interest. 

All these emotions show in the VOICE.

The flip side of all of this is that if you DON’T
HAVE EMOTIONS in your voice, then clearly
NOTHING too important is going on OUTSIDE
of you.

In other words, you don’t feel OUTBALANCED
by the IMPORTANCE of this woman.

Now, from a woman’s standpoint, this makes
you a GIVER, and the holder of HIGHER

Most guys she meets, she can’t help but feel
SHE is the superior value, and that the guy
is an INFERIOR value.  After all, this is
the message the guys are giving off in

They are REACTING to something very
IMPORTANT, to something that’s a

A woman would rather meet a guy who
is a “big deal” to HER!  She’s sick and
tired of meeting guys who she ISN’T
interested in but who are all so interested
in HER.

So make no mistake about it, this is not about
making the woman UNIMPORTANT, it’s
about making sure that YOU don’t come
across as YOU being unimportant.

And the way most men behave when they
approach and interact with a woman who is
attractive simply makes the men come
across as UNIMPORTANT because they
that are so evident in their TONALITY.

So, the way to ensure this is not happening
is to make sure that your voice tone does
not fluctuate.  Each fluctuation is a sign
of an emotional reaction, and each emotional
reaction is a sign that you feel she is so
important compared to you.

This does not mean that you should come across
as a lifeless, boring robot, as your voice tone can
still show resonance, sensuality, and confidence,
all without fluctuating much from the baseline.

And if you want to master the skills of attracting
women, and of detecting a woman's CHARACTER
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Michael Marks

Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Know If A Woman WANTS You

One of the biggest questions guys have
regarding women is, "how to know if a
woman wants you".

Well, today's newsletter is going to answer
that in a VERY POWERFUL way, plus it will
do a lot more as well regarding showing you how
to be successful with women.

It's pretty rare that I print emails from readers,
because it takes a lot of time, and in order to
print the email, it has to be in everyone's interest,
it has to benefit the readers.  

Well, this one is destined to be a CLASSIC.

Let's get to it: 

Guess what, I just came back from date #2
(Still improving) with a super attractive girl
this time no joke, and chemistry seems be
working very well. Now everything worked
the way it supposed to be from the vibes,
but I think I was radiating  a little bit of
nervousness when it comes to escalating
the physical.

She asked why are you nervous, and
I don't remember what I said exactly, but
she was ssuuuuuuuuperr confident.

Now the whole scenario happened in a
party atmosphere (Work party where
everybody knew each other), and I sensed
that she was receptive to everything except
for escalating the physical or maybe I went
a little too fast or too vulgar or nervous.

So after I took her to my car to get a little
privacy in which she persisted to go to hers.

I showed her a little of the hard rock I
listen to playing on the radio.  Now this
is the pivotal point, every time she said
“I'm the princess and you should treat me
special”, I replied saying “I am the prince”.

She went through all of them from king to
"I am the queen and I get what I want", and
I replied: "I am the king. (with a laugh) and
I get what I want".

She said: "Me and you are going to bump
heads all the times!" (The thing that I really
like in a relationship, because it involves so
much emotions just like that) And I said I
know that.

There was a song that she played and
said she liked it, which I didn't like that
much, so I suggested to look up a song
on her phone which she didn't allow me
to take it, and she said: "My phone, my
rules" (And I thought this the ultimate sh*t test of all)

And I said very calmly: "My world, my rules",
and she said “What?” and I replied again,
"My world, my rules."

And asked her to give to me, which
she declined. So she was gazing at
me to see if I can submit to her control,
so she was counting 3, 2, 1 as a
countdown, I kept looking at her until
she unplugged the phone from the
speaker, so after she did, I turned
on the radio and started jamming
on it, and she said I think I should go,
and I kept looking at her and didn't
say a word, and asked if I drive her
to her car, and kept looking at her.

So I said I think we should walk to
your car. So I turned off the car,
both of us got out of it, and walking
towards hers.

She opened it up, set in, and got out,
and she gave me this very tight hug
(Still don't know what it meant), and
while me hugging her not that hard
she said why don't you hug me like
I hug you, and I replied I have my
own way of hugging, and gently rubbing
her back and right at the end I delivered
a kiss to her neck (Don't know if it's a
good thing or a bad thing).

And right after that she was like "Your
nipples are hard!" and said something else,
and I was like “feel them”. So she FELT them,
and I don't quite remember what she said
afterwards, and she said have a good night,
and I said "Have a good night" and shut her
door, and walked away in the party atmosphere.

Couple more things I heard from her while
we had fun. She mentioned: "I'm your girlfriend

Also I didn't pick up the right place to escalate
the situation, but while I was caressing her
hair, she mentioned: "You're very skilled at it."

Again this is waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better
than I ever imagined to accomplish, and
I want to challenge myself and achieve
my goal to be the man and always be
the man, and make them very attracted
to me not just on the talk but also on the
physical level. (What went wrong?)

I know this is going to take probably 10
hours to reply and explain everything
which is time consuming, This is just a
feedback, and your "minimum replies"
do wonders. but if you want to take this
letter and make it as a newsletter feel
free to do so.

But really man, the thing that keeps
clicking on my head now is "F***!!!
I really got a date with a F***ing drop
dead gorgeous girl that I wanted, and
she was very into me. Now I know I can
get the most gorgeous woman in this planet.

I am definitely going for the most bodacious

The funny part of all this is that, while she
was away (bathroom, make up, miscellaneous
stuff), all the people who passed by me,
they were giving me compliments about
how beautiful "my girlfriend is."

I am just on awe at the moment because
this is exactly the kind of girl I want, not her
specifically but the type in general.

It's like I am in a new stage right now that
I was only dreaming of before, all due to your
contributions to this field. And this is only the
beginning. Thank you again.

Z.  -CT, USA


First of all, thanks for the kind words. Indeed,
I am extremely busy and it’s hard for me to
get into all the details here (which is why I
offer my private consultation service for people
with any dating questions that want private
direct feedback from me), however since your
email is so helpful in ILLUSTRATING so many
important things that I teach, I think you have
done a great service for many men with your
email, and I am going to comment on it here:

You did something FANTASTIC here, which was
that you did exactly what I discussed in the last
and did NOT offer “logical reasons for why she
should be with you”. 

For example, when she said, “I'm the princess
and you should treat me special”, you replied
saying, “I am the prince”.

This actually does MANY things I teach in my
materials, which is that you didn’t act MEAN,
but you ALSO didn’t kiss up, and you instead
gave YOURSELF a compliment, and you didn’t
give IN to insecurity and say “Yes, you are
the princess”, and you raised the element of
challenge by saying that you are the prince.

Of course, it’s so important to do all this
SMOOTHLY, so that you are having FUN
and in a positive good mood while saying it,
as a secure guy that KNOWS his value, instead
of coming across as insecure and/or angry or
anything like that.  

By taking AWAY the “logical reasons” for her
to be with you, (i.e. that you would make her
the princess, or agree that she is the princess)
you help her mind FOCUS on OTHER reasons
to be with you, i.e. the ONLY reason to be with
and NOT because of anything ELSE you
offer her, i.e. to kiss up to her, make her
the princess, etc.


Same thing with your response of you being
the king and getting what YOU want to her
comments of "I am the queen and I get what
I want".

Awesome stuff.

Then, she actually VERBALIZED all this
HERSELF when she said: "Me and you are
going to bump heads all the times!"

This is EXACTLY the kind of playful yet
still having some truth to it comment that
SHOWS you have done a GOOD JOB
of helping her mind focus on the fact that
it won’t be CONVENIENT to be with you,
but that she is ATTRACTED to you so much
that even WITH the inconvenience she STILL
must have you.

The ‘INCONVENIENCE’ is actually PART of
what helps her feel ATTRACTED to you!

Again, awesome, you make me proud!

Same thing with the phone, where she
said, "My phone, my rules" and you
replied with: "My world, my rules", which
is even BIGGER than any phone, it is
your WORLD.


Then, when she declined, you DIDN’T
MELT. As she was counting 3, 2, 1 as a
countdown, you kept looking at her until
she unplugged the phone from the speaker.

Again, AWESOME, and you can see how
women WANT a man that is going to
show DOMINANCE, another thing I
emphasize in my programs.

She even told you: ‘I'm your girlfriend now’
and she told you that you were “very skilled”
when you were touching her hair.

ALL signs of a woman that WANTS YOU

So, I can understand why you asked what
went wrong. And I will tell you, from my gut
instinct and from experience, although of course
there is nothing like actually BEING there for
me to see EXACTLY what happened.

But here is what I have a VERY STRONG
feeling happened:

Long before she gave you the very tight
hug, she had already given you TONS OF
SIGNALS of her attraction to you, as
illustrated above.

After all, you did a great job attracting her,
as you can see from all her comments and
her actions with you, including submitting to
your dominance as well.

So, in a woman’s mind, she figures she gave
she expects YOU to take action and lead
the show to greater physical intimacy.

There were probably many opportunities for you
to “go for it” but you didn’t REALIZE how open she
REALLY was.  You probably figured she kind of
likes you, but isn’t REALLY TRULY OPEN FOR

But the PROOF she was, was when she said to
you, after giving you the “very tight hug”, where
you mentioned that you don't know what it meant,
and she said “Why don't you hug me like I hug you?”

Once a woman is PHYSICALLY going for you, at
THAT point you usually don’t want to push her
away, because she is already at that point so
ATTRACTED that there is no point in NOT
escalating. She ALREADY KNOWS SHE IS
DID the awesome job of attracting her!

Now, it’s time to “cash in your chips”
so to speak.  

Of course, I hope you realize that I think you
actually did a GREAT JOB overall, and that
it was just this LAST STEP, which is the EASY
step, it’s just now REAPING THE REWARDS
of what you EARNED!

meant for you to go FULL STRENGTH
back, and in fact she probably wanted you
to go full strength a lot EARLIER.

And again, all this means GOOD STUFF.
It means you did everything RIGHT, except
‘claim your prize’!

The whole nipples thing, with her comments
on your nipples being hard, was probably her
trying to see if you were attracted to her, and
also her trying to point out to you that YOU
saying “Why don’t you act on your attraction,
since after all I am attracted to YOU!”.

She was probably wondering WHY you were
not ESCALATING physically on her since she
felt attracted to YOU and because you were
giving off all the primal sexual communication
signals that you were there to be her man in
a primal way.

In other words, NOTHING went wrong, you
just didn’t realize she was ALREADY READY
for you to go for it!

At this point, I need to mention something
that I have said before:

Most men have NO CLUE how MASSIVELY
SEXUAL women are.  I used to think for YEARS
that it just can’t be true, but the truth is, women
today are the REAL sexually aggressive ones,
FAR more than men, they just don’t SHOW it
as obviously.  

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to meet women
that haven’t had TONS of partners, experimented
with other women, etc, etc.

For some reason, women are very honest with
me, and I just CAN’T MEET old fashioned women
no matter how many years I am in this field.

I get a lot of emails from guys who say all
the women they meet are so old fashioned
and not sexually adventurous, and meanwhile
I kind of wish I could meet more women who
WERE old fashioned, but for whatever reason,
women are super honest around me, and I
can tell you that MOST WOMEN, especially
the attractive ones, but even the non attractive
ones, are living in a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE
than most men, where sex is so abundant
and so easy that the idea of NOT having it
for a while is just COMPLETELY OUT OF

So, the reason I am telling you this, is that
when you follow my stuff like you did, and
women are showing you MASSIVE interest,
like THIS WOMAN SHOWED YOU, it’s not
because they want to play CHESS or CHECKERS
with you.

She wanted to go FURTHER WITH YOU.

And if you are reading this, and want
to live in the SAME UNIVERSE OF CHOICE as
most of the attractive WOMEN live in, where
then you should START with my very first
book, called THE DATING WIZARD.

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If you have already read this book, the

It is NOT CHEAP, but it is worth TEN
TIMES THE COST in terms of what you
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I also want to mention that my programs
are so powerful, that I STRONGLY urge
you to learn all you can about having
safer sex, because you WILL be getting
INSANELY high amounts of it from women
if you follow my programs.

Finally, I also think I should mention that this
man's email mentioned something very important
early on:  He said, " I think I was radiating a little
bit of nervousness when it comes to escalating
the physical."

I think this is a SUPER IMPORTANT point,
which is all about one's INNER GAME, the
feelings of power and confidence INSIDE
one's self when it comes to women, including
getting physical with women.

To get this issue SOLVED for yourself 
get my program called WARRIOR WITHIN,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Attract A Woman FIRST, "Logic" Her SECOND

One of the most important things I can
tell you about attracting a woman is   
something that flies completely in
the face of commonly accepted advice
on how to attract women.

The common advice is to focus on
giving a woman all the LOGICAL
reasons for why she should be with you.

For example, pointing out to a woman
that you both have common interests
and passions.

Now, I’m not saying that there is NO
POINT in doing that at all, and in fact
doing a LITTLE bit of that may very
well be NECESSARY to sometimes
get the ball rolling.

But there is a TERRIBLE DANGER
present when you start to tell a woman
or convey to a woman why you two
SHOULD be together.  For example,
telling a woman that you both have
a similar interest in a certain hobby
or activity or topic.

The PROBLEM with doing too much of that
is that it not only has NOTHING to do with
PRIMAL ATTRACTION, it actually sends
a message to a woman’s subconscious that
actually the LOGICAL REASONS are the
ONLY reasons to be with you, and that there
on, and that these so called logical reasons
are a COMPENSATION PRIZE for being
willing to go out with a guy that she does
NOT feel intense attraction for.

In FACT, what you REALLY want to be doing is
actually looking to convey to her a powerful reason
for why she should "LOGICALLY" NOT BE WITH YOU,
(because there are so many obstacles/sacrifices/
inconveniences/efforts that have to be made to be
with you) but for ILLOGICAL reasons that are solely
to do with HER PASSION for you, she SHOULD be
with you.

This way, in her mind, it becomes VERY CLEAR THAT
OF "ANIMAL ATTRACTION", which is, of course, the
most powerful of all forms of attraction, and ultimately
is the ONLY "logical" strategy to pursue if you want to
attract a woman in the most powerful way.

Will this work on every woman? No, but this is the
ONLY method to go on, because any woman who will
ONLY be with you because of logical reasons is going
to be giving you a very WEAK love, a very WEAK
attraction, a very WEAK connection, a very WEAK

You WANT a woman who is CRAZY for you, who
doesn't CARE what it TAKES to be with you, who
will go through HELL and HIGH WATER to be
with you.

THAT, my friends, is the WAY IT SHOULD BE
Any other kind of "love" is B.S. once you have
experienced a woman who is WILD for you. 

LESSON for any man, especially a good man who
only has the best interests of a woman in mind.

What so often happens is that good men want to
make it clear to women that there is so much more
than just animal attraction going on; they want to
make it clear to these women that things will work
long term for all the logical reasons, but the PROBLEM
with this is that ANIMAL ATTRACTION will just
about ALWAYS trump BORING LOGIC when it
comes to a woman’s decision to be with a man.

Again, by "logical reasons", I mean reasons that
sound like good rational reasons for being with
someone but don't really have to do with INTENSE

This is the reason, of course, that the most successful
romantic stories of all time (think of Romeo and Juliet,
and the movies Titanic and The Notebook) always had
massive "logical" reasons for why the woman and man
in the story should NOT be with each other, and only
ONE reason for why they should: RAW, OVERWHELMING,

Starting off with having too many "robot logic"
reasons on one’s mind (i.e. "we get along so well" or
"we both love literature" or "we both work out a lot"
or any other "logical" reason that is not about RAW
ATTRACTION) for why one should be with someone,
one feels for that person.

Instead, you want to establish yourself in HER mind as
the man she feels RAW, ANIMAL, INTENSE,and

However, you will PREVENT this if you try to make things

I know it sounds crazy, but it is true.  Think about
it for your OWN attraction to various women over
the years.  Have you ever noticed women that you
felt MASSIVE attraction for, at least initially, and
also noticed that there were many PROBLEMS
or CHALLENGES that would be involved in actually
BEING with her?

In other words, plenty of logical reasons to NOT
be with her?

Whether it was family or friends who would not
approve, whether it was barriers put up by physical
long distances, or whether it was any of a trillion
other reasons, these things only ENHANCED your
attraction to these women.

The reason for this is because all this only made it
CLEARER to you that in fact your ANIMAL
ATTRACTION was so strong that all these things
that were barriers were STILL not enough to stop
your attraction for these women.

(There are also other reasons for this that go beyond
the scope of this newsletter, that have to do with
how to allow her to fully and deeply experience you
as the perfect fantasy man in her mind, so that even
when she meets the reality, the fantasy concept will
 work to your advantage to cast everything about you
in the best possible light.)   
In fact, sometimes, this phenomenon is SO powerful,
OBSTACLES and all the other logical reasons for
NOT being with someone END UP BEING THE

Now, I’m not saying that you should MAKE UP
false problems or false reasons for why she
should not be with you, but you SHOULD
playfully push women AWAY so that they can
experience the JOY of REALIZING THAT
ATTRACTION and is not just some kind of
boring logical reason to be with you.   

Playfully push women AWAY by telling them
things like  you are a very hard to get guy,
that it takes a lot to impress you, that you
hate breaking women’s hearts, but that you
might end up breaking hers, etc, etc, etc.


Give a woman a chance to have to FIGHT for you,
so she can FULLY EXPERIENCE her OWN desire
for her to get you, as opposed to her seeing this
as just being about YOUR desire to get HER.

The more confident a woman is about herself,
the MORE you can push this in a way where
she will ENJOY IT in terms of feeling MORE

By pushing a woman "away" in this sense, by making
her NOT have the easiest time in getting to be with you,
her mind is FORCED to focus on the following thoughts:




involved in her being with you, rather than getting
DISCOURAGED from attracting her, this should
actually encourage you.

Now, by the way, this does not mean that similarities
don't attract.  Often, similarities DO attract, but
you should let those similarities NATURALLY
show themselves and work their magic, as opposed
to you trying to ACTIVELY USE THEM AS

Trying to "sell yourself" always does the OPPOSITE
when it comes to attracting women, because it conveys
that there is not already the most important ingredient
present: RAW ATTRACTION.    

It's so crazy, that you can take a woman who WAS
attracted naturally, and actually DIMINISH that
attraction by trying to "sell yourself" and by trying
to convince her of all the "logical reasons" she
should be with you!

And it's not like women are CONSCIOUSLY making
the decision to be attracted or to not feel attraction
when you do these things.  Rather, it's all happening
on a subconscious level.    
Now, ONCE a woman is showing you MASSIVE
ATTRACTION, guess what?  THEN you can
let her know some "LOGICAL" reasons for her to
be with you, (do not overdo it), because THEN
she will ONLY interpret these logical reasons
in a POSITIVE way, i.e. that it is FATE or
DESTINY, or she will interpret those positive
logical reasons for being with you as FURTHER
in terms of making her feel good that she is not
ONLY with you because of ANIMAL attraction,
she can feel PERFECT about being with you
since she feels you are the one she has ANIMAL
attraction for, AND the one she can also see
a long-term future with.

abuse what I am teaching you, and also remember
that this "gift" works for yourself as well, because
if you get a woman that you feel is super easy to get,
you will probably NOT feel the same chemistry
for her as you would for a woman that you felt you
had to overcome obstacles for in order to get.

The only thing is that we are living in a world where
for the most part, it already IS hard for most men,
because men are not taught these important things
on how to attract women, but women are taught
EVERYTHING on how to attract men. (It's part of
the subculture of men and women, that men don't
talk much with each other about how to attract
women, but women talk with each other like
crazy on how to attract men).

Also, a long time ago, men had so much power in any
relationship with women, compared to the power
that women had in relationships with men, that men
were ALREADY considered "hard to get" in general
by women, and therefore women APPRECIATED
men more and felt more attraction as well.

But nowadays, it's almost reversed, when it comes to most
of the attractive women anyway, so that women really don't
need to focus on showing that they are hard to get.

There is also absolutely no need to OVERDO things.

The idea here is to SPICE UP THE CHEMISTRY
so that a woman is having a FANTASTIC TIME   
being with you, and of course so that you are having
the time of your life being with a woman who is
all over you and totally into you and totally treating

And believe me, there is NOTHING ON EARTH
like the feeling of a woman really being NUTS
about you and treating you AMAZINGLY.

The WHOLE REASON I created Get A Great Girl
is because I could not STAND the way MOST WOMEN
treat good guys.  I was (and I think I still am) a VERY
decent person, I am the kind of person who will never
hurt someone, who will not abuse people, etc.  And
meanwhile, all this got for me and for the good men
I knew, when it came to women, was MASSIVE
ABUSE by any woman who seemed attractive.

I thought, for a long while, that women were

Now, I don’t think that women are crazy anymore,
but I do think that there is something VERY WRONG
with the way most women are being taught on how
to TREAT a good man.

change anything.    

There is only ONE solution, which is a combination
of being VERY SELECTIVE with women so that
you immediately SCREEN OUT the wrong women
and don’t waste time on the wrong women, which
allows you to spend your time only on the RIGHT
women, and the OTHER thing you must learn is
how to ATTRACT women.

In my DVD program Warrior Within, I go into
FULL DETAIL on BOTH, I teach you how to
DETECT the right women (and how to know
if a woman is the WRONG woman, IMMEDIATELY)
and of course I also teach you how to ATTRACT
that right woman as well.

It’s not just about DETECTING the right woman,
as important as that is.  It’s also about ATTRACTING
that woman.  I teach you BOTH.

To get this important program, go here IMMEDIATELY.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, January 11, 2014

How To Attract Women Without Playing Games

Weekends are pretty hectic so this is
going to be a very brief newsletter,
but very important as well.

The most effective "pickups", or
what I prefer to call situations of
"approaching and attracting women"
are done when you convey all the
right things about yourself in the
LEAST amount of time, using the
LEAST amount of energy, and using
zero cheesy or corny tactics.

Now, I fully understand that sometimes
as a beginner, it can feel good to
have some pick up lines memorized,
to feel confident through knowing
you have some story memorized to
tell her that is supposed to convey
that you are cool, or is supposed
to be funny, etc., etc.

But you really want to wean yourself
off of those things as soon as possible,
or if at all possible to avoid using
them altogether.

(Again, though, I do understand how
it can sometimes be useful for a guy
who simply feels too overwhelmed
without them at first. I just suggest
a guy gets OFF them as soon as he can.)

The problem with all these things
is that they prevent you from being
your best, because they end up becoming
crutches that you can become addicted
to using.

The problem with all these things
is that they prevent you from being
your best, because they end up becoming
crutches that you can become addicted
to using.

And the use of those crutches actually
WEAKENS your inner game, (your inner
game, of course, is NOT a game at all, it is
your REAL inner strength) because you
are sending the message DIRECTLY to
your mind through ACTION that you
do NOT believe you can pull off
attracting the woman you want
UNLESS you use those superficial

Now, on the other hand, when you
force yourself to use ZERO GAMES,
you then have to MASSIVELY rely
on your OWN ABILITY to attract

And when I say your own ability, this
is referring to the MULTITUDE of skills
that are already in your DNA, but are
currently ASLEEP, lying dormant, waiting
to be AWOKEN.

What I am all about is helping men to
bring these elements of themselves that
are ALREADY THERE, but are sleeping,
to LIFE.

And trust me, what you have got already
in your system, from a billion years of
than any pick up line or memorized material.

The human mind is powerful not only this
way, but also in the sense that women can

That does not mean they always MIND, but
it definitely means that you will come
across as FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE if the
woman senses that you generated every
single element of the pickup on your
own, based on the actual real life
spontaneous moment that you saw her.

In one of my bootcamps, a client had mentioned
to me that he was interested in learning
how to master the pick up without using
anything external to himself. 

That meant no pick up lines at all.
No subtle but funny insults to 
make her feel insecure.
No fake compliments to kiss up.

So the entire bootcamp ran without so
much as even one tiny single SUPERFICIAL

Instead, his inner game was taken to
new heights, his spontaneous conversation
skills soared, and he learned to convey
sexuality without saying a single dirty
joke or making any innuendos.

And he turned his entire "game" around
in just a few approaches, and the most
amazing thing about it is that he was
suddenly getting women laughing and
melting and opening up for him
without saying MUCH.

In fact, once he got them going, he
leaned back and they pretty much did
the rest of the work!

By the way, one of the coolest things
to me is when the woman is giving off
MASSIVE signals of interest, but a guy
is learning so fast that he doesn't
think it is for real.

So for example, this cool guy, he got
this woman melting for him, and I am
watching this from a bit away so she
cannot see, and he then walks away
from her, he tells me that he did
not take her number because he
was not sure if she was really into
him or not.

I knew with a trillion percent certainty
that she was into him MASSIVELY or she
would not have been asking him questions
such as "So what are your plans for
Saturday night?", which he told me that
she asked him.

So I told him to go BACK and find her
and take her number, which is kind of
interesting since the pick up was in a
way over, but I knew she was INTO him.

Not only that, but since I knew she
was into him, I knew that she would
be even MORE attracted this time,
since the human mind tends to get
DEEPER INTO an emotional experience
when you stimulate the emotion,
then pause the stimulation, and
then later continue the stimulation.

This is known as FRACTIONATION, and
is also a great idea to use when
making out with a woman when in
foreplay as well. 

(Kissing her, then stopping,
then kissing again later. Petting,
then stopping, then some more,
stopping, then some more, till
she is heating up and starting to
rub on you like crazy.)  

But, I do NOT recommend that guys
break up the initial approach this
way, because you can end up really
losing her if she happens to leave
the area.

So he finds her in another aisle of the store,
and calls her name out with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

I am changing her name for the sake of
privacy, but he does not say to her
"Uhm, Jennifer?"

Instead, he sees her from a bit away,
and says:

He TOTALLY commits to the delivery,
with a trillion percent conviction.

No namby-pamby weak style.
Instead, he puts it ALL out there.

This is cool, because a woman senses this

Her body language opened up to him
so wide, and she smiled so warmly,
it was as if in a movie a woman had
thought she had lost the love of her
life and then FOUND him again.

So of course, he got the number, and
they chatted more, and if it weren't for
the bootcamp itself, he could have left
with her right then and there, but he
had further training since the bootcamp
was still on.

And I honestly do not like to obsess
about women who are hot and young,
but it just so happens she was an
attractive younger woman.

I don't even like the term "pick-up"
but I use it since it seems to be
the most common way to refer to it.

One of the reasons I don't love the
term "pick-up" is because it sends
a message to your own mind that this
is some kind of ACT, some kind of
fake thing where you have to pull
the wool over women's eyes, when
in reality it is ACTUALLY about
unleashing the MAN in you in all
the right ways and at the moment
when it COUNTS when you see the
woman you want to meet.

And it is about doing all this while
STILL having tons of warmth in your soul
and STILL being a sensitive person who
cares about others.

It's not about being a jerk or being fake
or being manipulative.

And when it is done right, it all happens
VERY QUICKLY, and with very LITTLE
talking, and with very little effort.

If a stranger were to walk by within
a MINUTE of the conversation starting,
he would think FOR SURE this guy and
girl MUST already be boyfriend and
girlfriend or have already known
each other a LONG TIME.

It is when a guy is NOT doing it
properly, that it takes forever,
and that you will notice the guy
is making all kinds of exaggerated
actions, over the top jokes,
and other forms of overcompensation.

When you have the conversation skills,
and when you understand the right things
about women, and when you also are in the
RIGHT STATE OF MIND, you actually end up
doing MILLIONS of subtle things with your
expression, your tonality, your timing,
your body language, that ALL COMMUNICATE
THE RIGHT THINGS about yourself to a woman.

And THAT is what I teach you to DO.
I do not waste your time trying to teach
you a TRILLION pick up tactics so that you
can IMITATE what the right thing is supposed
to look like.

Instead, I focus on BRINGING TO LIFE that
part of you that is deep within that will
when you interact with women!

It is not about my special pick up tactics,
I do not HAVE any special cheesy tactics,
instead what I have is TEN YEARS EXPERIENCE
in teaching you how to REVIVE that billion-years-in
the-making part of your mind that ALREADY
know how to attract women INSTINCTIVELY.
(It just has been BURIED DEEP under endless
misguided social conditioning.)

The honest truth is that I was teaching this
advanced method even way back when pick up
lines were all the rage. And the other truth
is that since then, I've taken the training
to an even DEEPER level where you will not
only be able to initially attract women but
you will understand what to do at every stage
including the long-term attraction as well.

Now here's the thing: I know some of you
might think that since Michael just said
that the best way to attract women is
to just not use any tactics at all, then
what the heck does he teach?

What I teach is all about the SUBTLETIES.

It is like saying, everyone knows that
to get big muscles, you need to lift
weights and eat right.

But at one point, it is ESSENTIAL to
learn HOW to do this, and even though
working out is a real thing, the body
was meant to exercise, that does not
mean we all know how to do it PROPERLY,
especially since we tend to live in
societies where we do not get a lot
of exercise.

It is the same thing with my programs.
I teach you the best way to use your
REAL SELF to get you RESULTS with

For my most powerful home-study program on
learning how to unleash your inner game,
and on how to attract and keep a quality
woman, I seriously suggest you get my
program called "Warrior Within".

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, January 3, 2014

Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last With Women?

Do nice guys REALLY finish last with women?
You are about to get the SOLID EVIDENCE to
answer this question once and for all!

Since day one, the biggest thing to me has
been to stay AWAY from all gimmicks.

In fact, if you read my very first book,
The Dating Wizard, which was published
in 2003, you can see that I was against the
use of all sorts of gimmicks back then, and
that this book teaches how you can truly
BECOME the man that women want instead
of how to put on an "act".

One of the biggest things I have been teaching
throughout the years are things that fly in the
face of "accepted practice", and that is because
"accepted practices" such as smiling at women
and showing them how NICE I could be got me
NOWHERE with women.

On the other hand, as I started to become far
noticed way, way, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
better results.

This used to drive me nuts, and I could not figure
it out, as I used to think women loved MEAN men.

Then, I finally realized that it was all about a
tiny SUBTLETY; it was about the SUBTLE
messages being given off by all that smiling
and niceness.

The message was:

And women, across ALL cultures and geographic
regions of the PLANET, are not attracted to men
who behave with LOW confidence, men who
behave as if they have no POWER.

In other words, men with no PRIDE.
So, you COULD smile at a woman, but the fact
is, the way MOST men smile at women who
are hot is a SUBMISSIVE smile.

It is not the kind of smile that says YOU want ME.
It is a smile that says the following:

"I want YOU but I don't have the value to be
WORTHY of you. Therefore, I am going to SHOW
you through this smile how much I will SERVE
you, be submissive to you, and do whatever
you want, because I feel that is a fair deal
since YOU have the value and I don't'."

And, ultimately, a woman feels far more DESIRABLE
when the desire is coming from a man who KNOWS
he is wanted and who ALSO wants HER.

After all, if a man feels he has no value, then his
desire for her is NOT as flattering as it would be
if he KNEW and FELT and BEHAVED like he
was the ULTIMATE man.

Yes, women DO want to be lusted after, but it has
to be by a man who isn't behaving as if HE has
no worth.

So, for example, you could even TELL a woman
a compliment IF that compliment is delivered
in a way that shows you BELIEVE she will be
FLATTERED by it, rather than if you believe
you NEED to do those kinds of things to
get her to "agree" to be with you.

And I received an email from a cool guy
with yet even MORE RESEARCH that PROVES
every thing I have been saying.

In fact, not only is PRIDE and CONFIDENCE something
that is viewed as making men MORE attractive, but
it makes women seem LESS attractive, and in fact
when women behave in a somewhat FRIENDLIER
and even slightly SUBMISSIVE way, women are
viewed as MORE attractive.

This is UNIVERSAL across cultures.
So much for what SOME feminists say, i.e. that
"it is just a matter of "culture" and environment that
makes men prefer women who DO smile, who DO
behave friendly."

Men do NOT get turned on by the same behaviors
in women as women get turned on by in MEN.

Men should exhibit PROUD expressions and
women should exhibit FRIENDLY expressions
IF they want to be at their "sexiest".

Here are some quotes from a recent study by
Jessica L. Tracy and Alec T. Beall from the
University of British Columbia concerning
"The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual

"Across two studies using different images
and samples ranging broadly in age (total N _ 1041),
a large gender difference emerged in the sexual
attractiveness of happy displays: happiness was
the most attractive female emotion expression,
and one of the least attractive in males.

In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern;
it was the most attractive male expression, and
one of the least attractive in women."

The study also goes on to say that while smiling
may be SOCIALLY the right thing to do for
both men and women, it HARMS the initial
attractiveness of men to women, but it INCREASES
the attractiveness of women.

This is why for MEN, not exactly trying to "fit in"
is often PART of what makes a man attractive, even
though it costs him some social points with the
rest of society.

So now you can understand why so many women
LOVE "bad boys" but why most men don't find
"bad girls" to be sexy.

But you do not HAVE to be a "bad boy", you just
have to behave with DOMINANCE.

Going too far with being a "bad boy" will
DESTROY your relationships. Ultimately,
if your behavior makes her feel WORSE
rather than better, then you're going
too far.

And if you haven't yet downloaded my program
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that NOW.

This program shows you strategies you can
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Till next time,

Michael Marks                

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What You MUST Know If You Want To Attract Women IMMEDIATELY

I have so much freaking AWESOME stuff
to share with you about attracting women
that I myself am going nuts because I cannot
believe how guys are living their lives and
NOT using this stuff simply because they
do not KNOW about it!!!!!!!!!!

What you are about to read is all ABSOLUTELY
AND COMPLETELY taken ALL from real LIFE. 

What you are about to read is all ABSOLUTELY
AND COMPLETELY taken ALL from real LIFE.

Not just my life, but the lives of THOUSANDS
of men that I have coached and that have
studied and used my programs.

You will find that I absolutely STRIP everything
down to the FACTS.  Zero superstition, zero
fluff feel good talk.  JUST THE FACTS.

So here we go:


Does this mean there is no such thing as LOVE?
Does this mean that women are not interested
in your sense of humor?
Does this mean that women do not care about
things like spirituality?

NO, it does not mean that, what it DOES mean is
that THE MAIN FORCE that WORKS for getting
a woman interested in you, is SEX.

This does not mean that you should EXPLICITLY
talk about sex when you approach a woman.

Talking explicitly about sex at the wrong
time, especially in a non night-club approach,
comes across as implying she is 'cheap' or 'easy.'

What 'IT IS ALL ABOUT SEX' really means is
that you should STOP trying to look for some
super-complex EXCUSE to approach a woman,
in some massive effort to hide the fact
that you are interested in her BODY, FACE,

So much energy gets WASTED into this effort to
MASK what you are really doing, that what ends
up happening is that you will come across as
awkward, insincere, insecure, and uncool.

Women are not stupid. They have a pretty good
idea that if a guy is talking to them,
that it MIGHT all be about sex intentions.

So if you really ARE interested in a woman in a
physical way,  do NOT waste precious time and
energy on coming up with some super clever
DISGUISE or excuse for approaching her.

Women LOVE sex just as much as MEN.
A lot of women cannot get ENOUGH of it.

The human race would not EXIST without
this mutual DRIVE to replicate.

It is really the most PRIMAL drive of all.
Although food and shelter are required for
SURVIVAL, most people would make
GREAT sacrifices in these areas if it meant
BEING  with the one they were truly ATTRACTED
to more than any other.

This is GOOD news, not bad news.

And in case you are thinking that all the
women who are attractive already HAVE
someone, guess what?


Relationships take a lot of WISDOM and intelligence,
which is why so few men and women are actually
IN long-term relationships.

I do not promote cheating. I am talking about the
women who are single.      

2. Make it FLIRTY.

Flirting usually boils down to playfully expressing
your OWN desirability.  Think of how in the
animal kingdom, a peacock struts its feathers.

In the human world, a lot of guys try to TALK
about how much money they have or how much
value they have, but the problem with that is that
this money stuff is really a recent invention as far
as EVOLUTION is concerned.

This route does not ATTRACT WOMEN in a
SEXUAL way, it just attracts them in a logical
way.  A man would be better off paying a
seasoned expert prostitute.

showing signs of how DESIRED you are,
using words and body language and tonality.

So, for example, if a woman bumps into you,
and you accuse her of trying to feel you up,
THAT is playfully showing that you are


Flirting is part of your ARSENAL for turning
a woman ON to YOU.


Related to the above, but not necessarily ONLY
in a sexual way, is the idea of making sure to
keep the interaction something POSITIVE
and FUN.

By fun, I do not mean she has to be laughing out
loud, although that is a good thing if you do it,
but what I mean is that you are not talking about

Instead, focus on things that are either fun,
Inspiring, or intriguing, or a COMBO of
ALL of them!


What I mean by this is that you should take
the opportunity to display confidence.

If you are approaching her and she is at a
table in a food court, and you stop by her
table and open her up with a comment on
the massive amount of ketchup she has put
on her fries, and she LAUGHS and then you SIT
DOWN before she even ASKS you to,  THAT
is showing confidence.

Since she was laughing, you had a pretty good
indication she would not get PISSED if you sat

A lot of guys would feel the need to ASK
if it would okay to sit down beside her.

You took a TINY risk, but BELIEVED it would
be successful.

You are thus showing a degree of CONFIDENCE.

I could give you a TRILLION examples, but that
is ONE.   

So you take the above steps, and you INCORPORATE
all of them, you make your interaction FLIRTY, FUN,

Rather than worrying about how to pretend
you are NOT interested in her physically, just
make your conversation with her FLIRTY, FUN,

Notice also by the way, how EVERYTHING I have
told you so far all FITS PERFECTLY into each other.

Sex drive, flirtatiousness, fun, confidence, all go
HAND IN HAND, even though they are not the
exact same things. They work TOGETHER.

also known as: DO NOT EJECT, NO MATTER WHAT.

A lot of times, when guys START conversations with
women, the guys run out of things to say, and what is
the NORMAL reaction?


I used to do the same thing.  I ran out of things to say,
and felt  so WEIRD just standing there, that I felt
every SECOND I continue standing there would

That I was NOT COOL!!
That I had nothing else to say!

Then I finally realized something which I have been
teaching men for YEARS:

Usually, women are NOT thinking you are
a loser or not cool for not being able to
CONTINUE the conversation!

In fact, very often the WOMEN THEMSELVES wish
that THEY knew how to continue the conversation!

It is important to remember that women have not
STUDIED the skills of how to approach like we have!

They do not particularly KNOW how to go about
the process since they are not the ones to
do the approaching. This is not something
to blame women for; it is not their fault.

This is part of our culture that says women
are allowed to give SIGNALS off to men, but
that women are not supposed to be nearly as
aggressive and proactive about the actual

For a woman this means she has to be in the
right places where she can be giving off
signals to the right guys, but as a guy
you can go anywhere and just go right
up to women.

So because of all this, women typically are
on the RECEIVING end of the approaches, and
they have not perfected their own skills
at how to keep the conversation going.

So most guys LEAVE BEFORE the women can even
get a CHANCE to figure out what to say, even
when the women really DO want to continue
to chat!

So it is not just MEN who are having a problem,
it is the women too, but most guys do not realize this,
and they end up EJECTING themselves out of the
interaction in order to save face, when in reality so
often the women were the ones who were EQUALLY
frustrated in not knowing what to say!

They are so often NOT JUDGING you at all, they are
just TRYING to figure out what to do, just like the guys

So the POINT of all this is that you must give
YOURSELF the following COMMAND:


I just cannot emphasize ENOUGH how
PASSIONATELY I feel about this one.


There is ANOTHER reason for not ejecting.

Not only does STAYING in the interaction allow
you more TIME to figure out what to say, and not
only does it also allow HER more time to figure
out what to say, and not only are women so often
NOT judging the guys in a negative way just
because it is taking a while to figure out what
to say, but ALSO there is another reason, a
HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGELY important reason, which is:


This means that the NEXT time you approach a
woman, you will be MORE confident, MORE
relaxed, MORE cool.

And when you are in these positive states, guess

You are better able to ACCESS all the creative
parts of your MIND so you can indeed say
things that are interesting, confident, flirty,

PLUS, by staying in the interaction, you start to
become FASTER at seeing how you can CONNECT
something that is said in the conversation to something
ELSE that is also fun, interesting, flirty, confident,
or intriguing.

Your RESPONSE time gets better and better, as
your mind comes up with more things to say that
actually help the conversation FLOW SMOOTHLY.

And remember, by having this conversation, the point
is not to demonstrate that you are a GENIUS who
knows everything, but rather to simply create a
GOOD ATMOSPHERE for her to feel good about
getting to know you and to get over the "hump"
of you being a stranger.  

So you can go from being a stranger to someone
she feels she wants to get to know more, and
especially someone she wants to get "physical with"
in an intimate way.

PLUS, when you are in a more CONFIDENT
state of mind, it is easier to get into a more
HORNY state of mind, which will allow you
to exude the right degree of masculinity without
doing anything TOO OVERT, or too explicit.

It will show in subtleties in your VOICE tonality,
in your facial expressions, in your pace of movement,
etc, etc.

But you will not get ANY of these benefits if you

So, the next time you chat up a woman:


This is SUPER important.  Internal Game
refers to the way you feel and think, and even
to the inner dialogue you may have with yourself.

One of those elements of internal game revolves
around your thoughts about sex.

Women can detect your internal game very quickly
from all kinds of subtleties in your communication.

So, if you want to have a strong internal game, one
of the BIG THINGS to do is to have    NO SHAME
about being a sexual creature.

We are taught so many screwed up values that try
to equate sex with immorality, or with something
evil, that it is a miracle we are not even MORE
messed up as a society.

I grew up being taught that even the THOUGHTS
of having sex with women were taught as something
EVIL to be avoided with all the effort and energy
one can possibly give. 

Then, on top of that, I was bombarded with Oprah
Winfrey and Phil Donahue types of shows (by the
way, I do not think these people are evil, I think
they are victims of brainwashing themselves and
they are otherwise good people who have done many
positive things for society) where again and again
and again I was shown THE EVIL MAN WHO ABUSES

I was bombarded with endless warnings against sexual
harassment of women.  I was told by all kinds of groups
for women that women did NOT want to be treated like sexual
objects. I was told how women APPRECIATED it when
a man treated her as if she was NOT a woman.

I was told by so many women how women just wanted a

I was told statistics of how the majority of women were
sexually harassed at least a few times in their lives.


I tried MY BRAINS OUT with trying to treat women
in the most NON-SEXUAL way. I tried to show
how NICE I could be.  I tried to show that I would
NEVER rape, that I would NEVER do anything
unless a woman made it TOTALLY CLEAR TO ME

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is that women tend to give
HINTS, they almost NEVER, EVER, EVER tell
a guy the following:

***Hey, you know, I like you, would you please
&*^% me tonight?***

The VERY thought of it is ABSURD and COMICAL!

So trust me, I really KNOW how challenging it can
be to feel GOOD and NON-GUILTY about sex, and
how challenging it can feel to COMMUNICATE the
right vibes to women when it SEEMS that we are taught
to actually communicate the very OPPOSITE to women
of what actually WORKS to even get a CONVERSATION,
never mind to also get to SEX!

I got OVER all this stuff, and I know you can too.

By the way, none of this means that I do not understand
how EVIL and how HORRIFYING the crime of RAPE
actually IS.

It IS evil, it IS horrifying, it is totally WRONG.

It is ALSO wrong and evil and HORRIFYING to teach men
the WRONG way to go about attracting women.

So just because rape is wrong, does not mean that
it is right to EFFECTIVELY CASTRATE men

I don't think this was done intentionally to men,
I think that these women's groups probably figured
there was no way that men would somehow lose the
knowledge that from a sexual attraction standpoint,

This does not mean that women want to ONLY be
treated as sexual beings, but they sure DO WANT
to be viewed as sexual beings in ADDITION to
other things.  Denying the reality that most
women DO love being viewed as sexual beings
is INSANITY.    

So I am here to tell you something:

The NEXT TIME you see a woman you want to
approach, and you start to fear that maybe your
desires are somehow WRONG, I want you to
realize that women LOVE the fact that men
desire them.

The fantasies and lustful desires of women,
in their own ways, are every bit as nuanced
and intense and wild as are those of men.

The fantasies of men and women are not ALWAYS
on the same page, but the basic NAUGHTY
and TABOO factor is EQUALLY as intense
for women as it is for men.

This is SO important to not only read,


When it comes to meeting women, there is this
HUGE cloud that BLOCKS people from seeing
things clearly.

The name for this cloud is the word "DESTINY".

Many people think that the love of their lives
there is no point trying to RUSH it or CHANGE it.

A recent letter came in that hits on this topic directly:


"I have purchased your ebooks and still refer to
them in my quest for self improvement with
women etc. But I have a burning question,
don't know if you will reply but thought I would
send it out.

You have captivating theories and interesting
knowledge for attracting women. All your ideas
are based upon evolution, and even if we were
created by God and are above the animal kingdom,
still we are similar to animals in many respects
so your ideas are accepted by many guys.

Have you ever wondered about where do you
draw the line between ' being the man ' and/or
letting "The Man Upstairs" choose your ideal mate.

After all is said and done, in Genesis it says that
God brought Eve to Adam...

Thanks for your ebooks,



Thanks for the kind words and for your question.

I also want to take this opportunity to
clear something up: My first book,
The Dating Wizard, draws quite a bit from
evolutionary psychology.

It ALSO draws from my experiences over
the years in approaching women who were
total strangers, my experiences in several
relationships, and my experiences in
thousands of interactions with women while
teaching men in bootcamps where real live
cold approaches (also known as pick ups)
on women who are total strangers is the
entire focus.

So, ultimately, the evolutionary psychology
stuff is cool, but the GREATER proof to me is
seeing what happens in real life, over and over
and over again, year in and year out, and from
seeing how it works to attract women, no matter
WHO the guy is, and no matter WHERE the guy
is from.

To answer your question about, "Have you ever
wondered about where do you draw the line between
"being the man" and/or letting "The Man Upstairs"
choose your ideal mate." the answer is a resounding

I have spent tons and tons of time, far too much time
I now realize, thinking about this.  I stopped thinking
about this approximately 11 years ago, when I realized

I was getting horribly abused by a woman who I actually
thought I was LUCKY to be with.  My perception of how
to get women was so screwed up, that I thought getting
women was almost impossibly hard, and that therefore
the woman I finally DID manage to get MUST have
been the woman that FATE wanted me to be with,
since finding someone else SEEMED to be almost

My belief in FATE when it came to WOMEN is part of
what KEPT me on the wrong track all those years.

I figured that if a situation SEEMED tough to change,
that this was a SIGN that it was part of FATE.

The other part of what kept me with her is that I honestly
believed that OTHER women were either just like her, or
that they were even WORSE than her in behavior.

I believed this since I did not know any guys at the time
who were NOT getting abused by women.  This does not
mean I thought that there were no abusive men to women,
it just means that I looked around me, and all I saw were
unhappy couples and unhappy marriage, so I figured
MISERY was part of having a partner.
Allow me to CRYSTALLIZE my thoughts on this
whole idea of the role of "The Man Upstairs" in
a man's strategy for choosing his ideal mate:

When it comes to FOOD, no one ever says the following:

***You know what? I believe in GOD, so therefore, I will
do some work on trying to find food, but if I don't find it
after putting SOME effort in, I will not put in a MASSIVE
EFFORT into FINDING IT, I will instead prove my belief in
GOD by not trying so hard to make it happen, and I will instead
have FAITH that FOOD will fall into my LAP.

I will not go out and get WORK, I will not go out and plant
a garden, I will not ask everyone I can find where food can
be found or purchased or grown.***

Food is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for life.

But for some reason, when it comes to finding a
a woman, people seem to take on a LESS active role.
We are conditioned to take on a less active role
because authority figures keep mentioning the
concepts of soulmates and how The Man Upstairs
will bring the right women to us.

So, to answer your question in absolute CLARITY:

I think that a man should do EVERYTHING
in his power, without hurting anyone else,
to get the woman or women that he wants.

Just like it is not immoral to take ACTION
on doing what is required to get food and shelter,
it is not immoral to take the right ACTIONS
to get the kind of woman or women you want.

In fact, not doing enough to take action to
get the woman you want is a CRIME against
yourself, because you are hurting yourself,
you are depriving yourself, and if you believe
humans have any dignity or any rights at all,
then certainly you yourself have these rights.

I also know that things only changed for me
once I learned that in fact not only COULD I
take more effective actions for meeting and
attracting women, but that unless I did so,
I would most likely NEVER meet and
attract the women I wanted.  I would just
go for the rest of my life in misery.

And if you are reading this right now, I
can tell you that unless you take the
right ACTIONS to get the life you WANT
with women, there is NO solid reason to
believe you ever will get the woman
or women you want.

Also, if you do not take action right NOW,
you probably never will, because humans
tend to NOT like change. So the longer you
do NOT take action, the more you feel like
CONTINUING to not take action.

People do not LIKE to change.
They are AFRAID of change.
It is HUMAN to be afraid of change.

They would sometimes even rather SUFFER the
current situation than have to actually
CHANGE to make it BETTER.

You start to think it is NORMAL to NOT have
the kind of woman you want.

Aside from a few men who happen to luck out
on getting the women they want, it is ONLY
the men who get the KNOW-HOW and the ATTRACTION
SKILLS who get the women they want.

And those men who do get women strictly by
relying on providence, end up usually LOSING
the woman or women, and they do not know how
to attract new women.

What is INCREDIBLE to me is how even many
CELEBRITIES resort to using MONEY to try to
get women, when ANY GUY could just GAIN
the skills in attracting women and have more
women of higher quality than just about ANY
celebrity OR rock star.

This is NOT hyperbole.  This is the friggen TRUTH.
I see it ALL THE TIME, almost every week, LIVE.

Getting the woman you want in your life makes
you feel SO ALIVE that you will feel that you
were in HIBERNATION before.

Men were MEANT to be with women.
Women were MEANT to be with men.

It the basis of our entire EXISTENCE as a species.
Being with the woman you want MOTIVATES you to
pursue the REST of your life with so much more

It affects how we feel about EVERYTHING else.

I suggest you finally DESTROY ALL EXCUSES
for not getting the kind of women you WANT.

Most excuses are B.S.
Age/money/looks- WHATEVER it is, it is
most likely a B.S. excuse.

This does not mean I do not sympathize with those
who truly BELIEVE they have a limitation.

But SO often, these limitations are in
mens' MINDS only. 

Men and women were designed to replicate.
So powerful is this urge, that all obstacles are
pushed ASIDE when this urge is triggered.

And to LEARN how to trigger this urge in
women, to learn how to make women WILD
for YOU, I seriously suggest you get my
program called WARRIOR WITHIN, that
will transform you on a DEEP level so
that you do not have to do any ACTING
to attract women, but rather you will
attract women with incredible ease.

This program is at:

My success in helping men has also been documented
in the press, including a major report in the Toronto Star,
where I helped not just one or two guys, but an entire
GROUP of men to attract the women they wanted.

This was not just some interview with me, this
was an IN-DEPTH event that spanned over several
weeks, where the progress the men made was
independently reported by them not to me,
but to the newspaper itself.

This is a HUGE difference than just about EVERY
other video or testimonial out there.  Just about
EVERY video or testimonial out there is ultimately
up to the creative control of the company providing
the coaching.

The Toronto Star report on my coaching is VERY
different from just about every other testimonial,
because it is not a testimonial, it is based on
an in-depth STUDY that took place over several

I also had no control over the final report.

All I did was provide the actual LIVE COACHING
including the actual live "PICK UPS" on women.

I had no control over what the guys SAID
about the experience and training they got.   

Check out some excerpts of the media reports here:

If you would prefer LIVE PERSONAL COACHING with me,
either in person, or by telephone or email, then
go to this page that will outline all the details
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Personal coaching provides you with DIRECT feedback
from me to answer ANY questions you have,
you get the exact success you want with women FAST.

I truly do believe with every fiber of my soul
that my coaching and my coaching programs are
a LIFE-CHANGING experience and are worth
at least ten times their cost.

My newsletters throughout the years PROVE
you learn a LOT from my NEWSLETTERS.

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even MORE from my books and programs.

And I promise you, my PERSONAL LIVE COACHING
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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