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How To Attract Women - Dating Bootcamp In Toronto

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take Over The Frame To Attract Women

Here's a CRUCIAL point to keep in mind if you want to know how to attract a woman and especially if you want to know how to get a girlfriend:

To attract a woman, ANYWHERE, you must "TAKE OVER THE MENTAL FRAME".

Allow me explain exactly what I mean by this. The perspective that most men have about approaching and attracting women, is that the women are supposed to give men some clear SIGNALS that it’s okay to approach them, and that the approach will be wanted, etc.

But these "signs of her interest in you" often only happen AFTER you take action, not BEFORE.

So men are looking for women's "signals" and women's signs of APPROVAL before the men even get STARTED into a real interaction with the women.

This ‘frame’ of reality is WRONG, and what's WRONG with it, is that it's allowing a man to get SWALLOWED UP by the WOMAN'S "FRAME", also known as "the woman's perspective"!

Men THINK that this is appreciated by women, but actually in truth, this is NOT the way attraction works. In fact, if a woman KNOWS that you need her APPROVAL to come over and talk to her or to know if what you say to her is "what she wants to hear", well THAT is what turns her OFF!

Your "frame" of the situation needs to weigh more of YOUR value in it, and YOUR needs, and less of you being swallowed up into HER FRAME and being so concerned about her reality and concerned about getting her approval before you have even spoken a single word to her.   

And it goes further, in the sense that if, during the conversation, you are overly concerned with making sure you ‘fit’ into what she thinks is "cool" or what she wants, THAT will destroy attraction as well!

This doesn’t mean to TRY to argue with her, or anything like that, it means to truly let your OWN identity be FREE, and in fact to let that identity be so strong that OTHERS get sucked into YOUR "frame".

Women want men who are able to CONTROL their own "frame" over their own reality.  They want man men who don't worry so much about getting the approval of others and making sure that they fit into everyone ELSE'S frame.    

For example, most men, let's say they are at a party, and they see a woman they would like to talk to.

The FIRST thing that goes through their mind is, "Hmmm, I bet she is here with someone..." Or, if the woman is talking to someone, most men are looking for the perfect entrance to get into that conversation.

Or, if they DO start a conversation, and the woman isn't doing cartwheels of enthusiasm RIGHT AWAY, or if the other people in the conversation (let's say she's in a group) don't seem to be too excited by the new guy's entrance into the conversation, well most of the time this is enough to MELT "the new guy" and make most guys EJECT and leave the situation.

I say,  f*** that!!!

ALL this kind of attitude comes from thinking that you need to have PERMISSION and APPROVAL not only to TALK to these women, but even in order to FEEL OKAY about talking to these women!!!


There's a great little movie, called 'Take Me Home Tonight', and in it, there's this scene where this guy feels all uncomfortable approaching women who are strangers, even at a situation like a PARTY, which is actually even EASIER because a party is a social license to chat with people.

He ALMOST starts to chat with this one girl at this party, he goes close to her, looks at her, and she looks back at him.

And it’s amazing, because his look, even in that split second, is clearly ‘innocent’ but also it is clearly NOT DECISIVE about taking action.

And the girl he was looking at? Well, just like in the real world, she doesn't have a MEAN look on her face, but she doesn’t give him a “please talk to me” look either.

In the real world, women do NOT have sirens blaring off, flashing red, saying "PLEASE TALK TO ME".

If they DID behave that way, it would be NUTS with the amount of attention they would get from every single guy.

So anyway, in that split second, he then CONTINUES walking by her, and he loses the moment.

This is so typical of what happens for MOST men, and I know for sure this is what used to happen with me.  I would be LOOKING for the ‘invitation to talk’ from a woman’s face.

But this is NOT the way it really works most of the time, for MANY reasons, including the fact that women are conditioned to not be ‘easy’ since men punish women by labeling them as ‘sluts’.

Now, here’s the part of the movie that really was important.

Because he feels so PISSED OFF at his own lack of ability to CONTROL THE FRAME that he ends up taking COCAINE and then coming BACK to the party minutes later.

Now, it’s just a movie, and OBVIOUSLY I think cocaine is destructive, but just stick with me here for a second:

When he comes BACK to the party, he is now CONTROLLING THE FRAME, not only in his OWN mind about who is "THE MAN" (he now feels HE is great, powerful, and cool, and that the party is definitely where HE is, that HE is the life of the party), but he completely OVER-RIDES and TAKES OVER the perspective, i.e. the ‘frame’, of everyone ELSE at the party as well.

He sees the same girl from before, and not only dances right up in her face, but he is so absolutely full of total conviction in his actions, that he is basically TELLING her to party with him, and there is zero doubt, not one milligram of doubt, in his tonality and his body language.

He is COMPLETELY RULING the place, in the sense of having fun, of dancing, of being confident, etc.

In the first second he goes up to her, for that BRIEF MOMENT, that INSTANT, once again, just like before, she had the SAME look, she wasn’t sure how she felt or not, but THIS TIME HE WASN’T LOOKING FOR HER DAMN APPROVAL!!!!!!!!!

And so, just like in REAL LIFE, she FLIPS over from mental state of “not sure about this guy”, to very quickly, “Let’s PARTY with this guy!”.

It all happens so FAST, yet it is a MASSIVE transition! In that INSTANT, that micro-second, there is that moment of NOT GETTING APPROVAL, and if you WAIT for the approval, it NEVER COMES.


It’s as simple as that.

Now, the thing is, the ‘cocaine’ route is the WEAK path, and the path that doesn’t LAST. And he pays for it as we see in the film. But in REALITY, you don’t NEED cocaine. The reality, in fact, was that the woman didn’t CHANGE because of his cocaine, and HE didn’t change because of the cocaine.

The cocaine just made it EASY for him to temporarily LET GO OF ALL THE B.S. and all the artificial behaviors he was showing.

Yes, artificial, because he was NOT showing himself before, he was trying to make sure he fit into HER world. The irony is that he was taking the cocaine to actually let loose who HE really was all the time, and not just let loose, but to truly REVEL in his identity and to allow OTHERS to experience his presence at full force.

You have to have CONVICTION in yourself with complete force. You must not allow something like a woman not doing cartwheels for you at first glance to be a reason to EJECT from a conversation.

If you've approached a woman, and you're at the point about talking about meeting up or getting her number or whatever,and she says she can't because she's busy for the next few days or whatever, do NOT eject or think it's over.

Just tell her, "You're busy? Me too, so you understand I can't spend all my time with you. Now, give me your number."

THIS is the kind of attitude that sparks ATTRACTION and that makes a woman feels she now WANTS to know you.  It's also crucial to understand that this comment of being busy, etc, is to be coming from a place of EMPOWERMENT, SELF-BELIEF, AND PLAYFULNESS, and not from some kind of needy desperate frame.

In other words, the desire to meet up with her is coming from a belief that you BOTH will enjoy it.

Now, if you don't believe me, that this is how attraction works, start asking around and you'll see that the MAJORITY of the time, the women who are with guys, especially if the women are attractive, were not so sure at first glance if they really wanted to be with this guy or not. 

If you eject too fast, if you allow the frame of OTHERS to dictate your reality, you won't get ANYWHERE with women, especially the really gorgeous ones.

And if you're reading this right now, I SERIOUSLY suggest you download my "ATTRACTION ACCELERATORS" program IMMEDIATELY.

This program is PACKED with pure GOLD on what to do to attract women ANYWHERE you see them.

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Michael Marks

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Boomerang Effect: Sexually Attract Women From Strangers Into Girlfriends

If you want to attract a woman who is a lot more
than your average woman, then you have to
approach her in a way that is far superior to
the way “average” guys do it.

The “average” approach guys tend to use, if they
even do anything at all, (99% of the time, guys
do not do anything) is to find some reason to
have something to say to her.

And this isn’t a terrible thing, IF they can raise
the level of the conversation to something more
powerful relatively quickly, and IF their state of
mind is feeling that combination of sexuality,
dominance, being upbeat, and warm.

Of course, it then is no longer an average

For Superior Results, Take Superior Action

What usually happens in the AVERAGE conversation
that a guy attempts to make with woman is that the
conversation dies out, because there was no real
substance there to fuel it in a way that gave off the \
right VIBES of flirtatiousness, sexuality, masculinity,
and genuine connection.

And it’s important to realize that even if you are
not some comedian, that’s fine, as humor is
just ONE great way to go about the approach.

You can also use INTRIGUE with women instead
of humor.

Here's one example:

If she works in the cologne or perfume department,
or if she’s a woman shopping there, you can speak
to her about how interesting it must be to capture
the essence of things through only an aroma or scent.

And you can talk to her and ask her, if there was
a perfume or cologne called MONEY, would it

And you could take it in a MILLION directions that
are awesome from there…for example, you could
ask her…what does she feel are the scents that
should represent who she is in terms of her IDENTITY.

You could speak about which scents best represent
YOU, and you could actually combine humor with
intrigue here as well.

The "Boomerang Effect"

One of the keys to realize is that whatever VIBES
you send out to a woman, that is what you will bring
out in her and that is what she will give back to you.

In the example above, by appealing to the use of scent,
you are actually engaging her sensual mode, and
you are simultaneously also engaging her creativity
by getting her to also imagine not some boring thing
but rather the essence of power and the essence of

On a subconscious level, colognes are already
designed to appeal to deep rooted feelings about
attractive things, and you are tapping into this with
this example and going straight for these emotions
rather than some boring conversation about the weather.

You are appealing to her SENSORY MODE, and you
are also building a connection by getting her to define
herself to you in a way that touches the emotions, as
opposed to her just running off a list of nice traits about
herself that might in reality have no meaning to her or
might not even be true.

This is how you can approach a woman who is a total stranger, sexually attract her, and make her want to
be your girlfriend immediately.

By engaging her emotionally, she is not only more
interested, she is also revealing more truth to you
about herself, and she will also see you as far more
sophisticated and cool and powerful, far more like a
real life "James Bond" than some guy who at most
can just ask her to go out with him sometime.

A woman can be MANY different things, and it’s
important not to jump to conclusions too fast about a
woman- because if you are feeling nervous or edgy
or uncomfortable, THAT will often bring out the exact
same negative emotions in HER.

You can make a woman sexual with you, you can make
a woman flirty with you, you can make her lighthearted
and playful, you can make her yours if you send out
the right degree of vibes.

The better a woman is, the more dimensions she has
to herself, the more interesting she is, and so she will
welcome the kind of man that has a LOT of cool emotions
he can make her experience.

The specific vibes YOU give off will be the same vibes
that you then turn on in HER.

In the same way an expert with a boomerang will have
it return to him because of the specific way he threw it,
you will have a woman giving back to you the exact
vibes you threw to her.

This Works On The Most Powerful, Primal Level

She can't HELP it, because vibes work on a very primal
level, and once activated, these primal switches in her
make her feel a very powerful need to respond back to
you in the exact same way.

And now, in a very special program, I'll show you how to
do ALL of this, and I will explain how to give off different
kinds of awesome vibes, including the sexual without being
vulgar, as well as bringing out the best kinds of behaviors
in her.

This program is called The Boomerang Effect.

In this program, not only do I show you how to do this
with women in person, I also show you a detailed
example of how to do this for online dating as well!

And I also show you DOZENS of other "Boomerang Effect"
strategies for creating the kind of vibes that make a woman
MELT for you.

For example, have you ever wondered why so many
women who are stunning and absolute “knockouts” are
with guys that don’t seem “nice” to women?

It’s not because these women sit up at night praying to
meet jerks.

And it’s not because these women enjoy being mistreated.

It’s because, ironically enough, so called “jerks” are actually
GIVING WOMEN a lot more than most guys. And it’s just
instinct for women to enjoy “boomeranging” i.e. giving
back, this feeling.

The Secret "Jerks" Use To Attract Women

In fact, what these so called “jerk” guys are giving is so
powerful, and so rare, that NOTHING else most other guys
give can EVER compare.

So what is this powerful thing these “jerks” are giving
these women?

It is a feeling of ABUNDANCE.

And the crazy thing is, there is no way to give this feeling
to a woman unless it’s OOZING out of your own pores to
the point that you can’t HELP but give it away!

You have INFINITE AMOUNTS of it and so you don’t even
think of it as “giving” and you don’t care about “getting back”
this feeling from her because you are already BURSTING
with it!

What do I mean by “abundance?”

What I mean is this:


This means you don’t need her or any woman to
VALIDATE you in order for you to feel COMPLETE

And yet, what do most guys feel, especially
when they approach a woman that they really like?

All of a sudden, the guys are depending for dear
life that the woman should LIKE them.

It’s not because of these guys “care” so much about
her, it’s because THEY "WANT TO BE WANTED"

And on top of this, suddenly there is this feeling of
being DRAINED of their sense of empowerment
and of desirability.

Most guys suddenly then feel even LESS confident,
less empowered, and they want and need her validation
in order to feel good and satisfied, or even to just feel
the way they felt before they came in contact with her!

It’s the complete OPPOSITE of abundance.
It’s a feeling of LACKING.

To a woman, she ends up feeling drained by these
“vibes of weakness”, as if SHE must GIVE herself in
order for these guys to feel worth.

So all the free dinners offered to her, and all the favors,
and all the compliments, all this does not come CLOSE
to giving when the REAL vibes being given off are:


This then makes all the “nice” behavior just seem like
a TRICK to disguise what is a BAD offer:

“Take me, because even though I’m not of value, I give
you nice behavior to make you forget that I’m not of value”.

The reality is that it’s not that you can’t be nice to a woman.
That’s not the problem.

It’s that this so-called "NICE BEHAVIOR" usually comes
from the WRONG PLACE internally.

Meanwhile, the “jerk” has done his homework in life, or
he’s just learned the lesson in life, to work on HIMSELF
internally to create the most POWERFUL sense of SELF,

There is no “leak” in his steel safe of self-esteem, there is
no way any woman can drain his reservoir of empowerment
and emotional independence.

Also, she is not required in order for him to keep the reservoir
of his power at ‘full tank’.

And that’s why he has no need to ‘kiss up’. In fact, he actually
has no DESIRE to kiss up.

He just has a desire to PLAY.

When you’re feeling playful, you don’t feel like being aloof or
cold, or trying to play manipulative tactics on a woman.

Guys who REALLY understand this are extremely rare.

And of course, you can imagine just how POWERFUL it is for
a woman when a guy like this decides to actually be WARM
with her:

It's clear to a woman that it's coming from a place of infinite
abundance, and not from a place of needing to control her or
take from her.

THAT'S why she melts for such a man.

Meanwhile, the “pick up artist” types AND the other extreme
of “kiss up types” are all over the place these days.

And they are boring the heck out of women.

Remember, a woman “in demand” has zero need for free
dinners or favors, and even if she DID, these wouldn’t
result in ATTRACTION.

And she's not "scared into submission" by the "hard to get"
games of some guys.

She's WAY too confident for that.

The Power Of Exuding Vibes Of "Abundance"

What DOES ignite attraction is this deep-rooted sense of

The feeling of inner abundance has a very PRIMAL effect
on women.

On the deepest level, it says “I am THE MAN who will SURVIVE

In the same way that we as men are affected by her first on a
primal ATTRACTION level, so too she is affected by what
appeals to HER primal emotions.

This sense of abundance is the KEY to appealing to all her
primal emotions.

Let me give you an example:

If you are ALREADY feeling COMPLETE and empowered and
feeling UPBEAT and feeling that in fact you have TOO MUCH of
these great emotions in you, well then you feel that you need to

That means when you see a woman that strikes your fancy, the
first impulse is not “How do I WIN her?” but rather it is this:


By adult fun, I mean the entire joy of flirting, building a connection,
and getting physical and intimate with a woman. ALL OF THIS IS

This is because you actually ENJOY the process of the interaction
itself, and you are not approaching her to get VALIDATED.

Rather, you are approaching her to SHARE the vibes you already
have within you that are SCREAMING to get out anyway.

These vibes are a combination of feeling playful, feeling aroused,
feeling empowered, masculine, and dominant.

Now, a lot of guys try to FAKE these vibes by acting “hard to get”
and playing immature games on women.

However, this ends up coming across as insecure, bitter, and jaded.

It chases the best kind of women away, the kind that are not only
attractive but also have heart and soul as well.

This is one of the main keys to unlocking all the OTHER
awesome behaviors that attract the most incredible women.

It's because when you know that you can do NO WRONG, it’s
EASY to be funny, to be playful, to be DARING, to be sexual,
to be dominant.

There is NO DOWN SIDE, so there is NO EMOTIONAL RISK,
since you are ALREADY having TOO MUCH good stuff going
on internally – you are doing this interaction for the JOY of it.

It's NOT for NEEDING her “reciprocation”.

Women Are FAR More Confident Than Most Men Realize

Let me make it even CLEARER how important it is to be
this way:

Recent studies have actually PROVEN that women, and not
JUST the attractive ones, are VERY confident.

Imagine how much MORE confident the really ATTRACTIVE
ones are!

It is true that women have “issues” in some areas of their lives,
such as their perception of their own bodies.

And even though in the corporate world, men outnumber women
when it comes to top positions, it is a TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO

Men tend to think that because of those issues, that women
have LESS confidence than men, and this results in men being

Meanwhile, today’s generation of women are VERY confident,
including SEXUALLY very confident.

They just sometimes put on a SHOW that they aren’t, in public,
to prevent being labeled as being “cheap”.

Now, imagine the DISASTER of coming across as UNSURE,
as WEAK, or as NEEDY, with a woman who is even MORE
confident than your average woman because she already
GETS so much attention!

You must change your view of women, and you must change
your internal sense of what you NEED in order to feel

You must DESTROY the parts of you that think you need a
woman’s APPROVAL in order to be EMPOWERED, UPBEAT,

Once you do this, you suddenly have all the CHOICE in the
world with women.

Only then do you become a true giver in the most powerful

When you interact with a woman from THIS place internally,
she knows you don’t NEED her, and that you are only
interacting with her because you ENJOY it.

She knows you won’t be CONTROLLING or JEALOUS because
you can only feel those negative emotions when you NEED her
too much.

The irony is, that she will usually then suddenly become jealous
around YOU, and start to feel insecure if other women are giving
YOU attention.

I think you can clearly see how sharpening your skills with women
in this area is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for getting the kind of
women that most men will NEVER have.

And now you can can get these skills to skyrocket your
success with women by downloading this crucial program
that you can be using in just moments from now!

In this program, I go into FULL DEPTH on the most powerful ways
to UNLEASH this “abundance” IMMEDIATELY within you.

Here’s just SOME of what you will learn in this absolutely crucial,
one-hour audio program that is CRAMMED with valuable
strategies for skyrocketing your success with women:

1. The Boomerang Effect

The vibes you send out to women are the EXACT same vibes
you will get BACK from women.

Send out a POWERFUL vibe, and NO woman can ignore you:
In fact, she’ll give you back a POWERFUL response that
is in PERFECT ‘sync’ with the vibe you sent her way.

Give out a sexual vibe, you’ll get BACK a sexual vibe.

Give out a creepy vibe, and you’ll get back a creepy vibe- which
is why it’s so important to not only know how to DEVELOP the
right vibes within, but also to know when is the right time to give
out a certain type of vibe!

I’ll show you how to send out the RIGHT vibes in this program!

You'll also learn the most effective ways to exude abundance
so that a woman senses IMMEDIATELY that you are one
of the extremely RARE men that ‘gets’ this on a deep level.

You'll learn how to actually EXPERIENCE "abundance" so
that you are not acting but rather you are FEELING it, which
will allow you to do the right things with women by INSTINCT
and not have to play a game or an act, ever.

Just this alone will enable you to take the simplest situations
and environments where you find women, such as at a cafe,
bus stop, library, bookstore, or anywhere ELSE, and make
women feel as if they are in another UNIVERSE with you,
where everything feels sexual and feels PERFECT.

2. How To Set Up The "Interdependence" Dynamic
So A Woman Keeps Coming Back For More Of You

The most powerful kind of attraction dynamic you can have
with a woman is not where you are dependent on her for
feeling great, or vice versa.

Rather, it's where you are both 'INTERDEPENDENT'.

Dependence is weak.
Being “indifferent” is also weak.

Conveying INTERdependence, however, is the SECRET for not
only GETTING a woman attracted, but also for KEEPING
her coming back to you for more!

I’ll show you everything you need to know about creating an
INTERDEPENDENT dynamic between you and a woman.

3. Skyrocket Your Confidence And Reclaim Your Identity

The reason for failing to approach a woman, or for failing to
take action to escalate an interaction is because men are
wrongly taught to link their IDENTITY with these outcomes.

We were RAISED wrong by media to think that our IDENTITY
is all about “living the perfect fairy tale” with a woman.

This creates an INSANE amount of tension that robs you of
your confidence and charisma any time you interact with women!

I’ll show you how to RECLAIM your identity for YOURSELF,
which ironically is actually what women really PREFER that
men do!

Women are NOT attracted to men who view their identity as
being all about “their relationship with a woman”.

4. Steal The Best Things That "Jerks" Do With Women!

I’ll show you all the things that “jerks” are doing RIGHT with women,and how to STEAL these things for yourself- all without ever havingto actually be a jerk at all!

With the combined power of what jerks do RIGHT as well as the power of being a CLASSY guy, you will be UNSTOPPABLE with the most incredible women.

5. How To Warm Up A Woman Even In “Cold Approach” Situations

Successfully approaching a woman who is a total stranger
requires the ability to form some type of connection FAST.

You must establish some form of mini-“relationship” within the
span of a few MINUTES, or she will leave thinking you are just
“another guy”!

If you can bridge the GAP between being a “stranger” and being the man who has a “connection/relationship” with her, you will find that your interactions actually end up turning into women who want to seriously pursue you.

You CAN create these “mini-relationships” very quickly, and on
this program, I’ll show you the WAY to do it!

6. How To Effectively Be Sexual For Online Dating

You’ll also get a word-for-word detailed example of an
ONLINE DATING profile that exudes the PERFECT blend of
sexuality, abundance, dominance, and warmth.

You’ll learn exactly how to convey the right vibes in a way
that gets a woman thinking the most vivid, intense sexual
thoughts about you and makes her want to have you in
person to satisfy her!

Just this alone is worth the cost of the entire program!

7. Learn The TRUTH About What Women Want Sexually

Learn what she really wants from a man in order to make her not
only turned on, but to make her feel completely FEMININE in
your masculine presence:

In this program, you’ll get a rare chance to find out EXACTLY that,
in a woman’s own words, unedited and uncensored.

8. How To Destroy The “Weak Voices Within”

We all have them, those voices inside, that tell us things like:

“You’re not good enough to get her."
"Save yourself from the pain of rejection.”
“You don’t have the money she expects a man to have.”
“You’re too old” or “You’re too young” or
“Too skinny/short/tall/chubby/uncool”


The question is not do we have them, the question is, “Are you
taking the RIGHT ACTIONS to actually CONQUER them?”

In this program, I’m going to show you a POWERFUL METHOD
for actually getting RID of these voices and REPLACING

This is a method that actually WORKS.

It will make a MASSIVE difference in your attractive vibe with
women as well as enable you to take IMMEDIATE action
any time you see a woman you’d like to approach and attract.

9. How To Use Sexuality With Women

Most men think that sexuality begins in the bedroom,
but the truth is that if you want to attract a woman,
sexuality actually begins the moment you first see her.

I’ll show you the RIGHT way to infuse your
interactions with women with the right degree
of sexuality, without ever seeming in bad taste.

Just this ALONE will separate you from the other men who try to
“pick her up” and will help you IMMENSELY later when it’s time to
transition things to getting “physical”.

By starting things off with sexuality to BEGIN with, and keeping it
there, you’ll find it very easy to escalate things to the bedroom.

10. Getting More Women In Your Life

You’re going to meet more women in one WEEK than most
men meet all YEAR, if you follow the instructions I give you
on this section of the program.

When you have this many women at your fingertips, it makes
it even easier to feel those vibes of abundance and to attract
the specific woman you want!

You’ll get all this, and much more, in this program that is
pure GOLD.

And, once AGAIN, I have gone completely nuts and am
making this course available for only $19.97!

So what are you waiting for???

Download this program and start using it immediately
by going here NOW:

Your friend,

Michael Marks

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ultra-Powerful "Inner Game" Tips For Attracting Women

Today I’d like to make a celebration by giving you
some ULTRA-POWERFUL tips for attracting the women
of your choice. These are tips that go beyond
making an impact on women, these tips will ignite
her desire on a very PRIMAL, CARNAL level.

The great thing about these tips is that you can
also put them to use on women IMMEDIATELY!


I always say “You are what you THINK
and what you DO.”

If you THINK and BEHAVE as if you're just
‘Joe Average’, then you will always BE
‘Joe Average’.

In fact, one of the invisible forces that
keeps men imprisoned in the social status
of "not cool to a woman" is the SELF-BELIEF
that you don't belong higher up.

And the people who are already there
will NOT have the time or the energy
to stop their lives and try to FIND you
and help you get up there. They don't
even know you exist. And let's face it,
they also know that if someone doesn't
want to change, they never will anyway,
so they don't see why they should be
trying to change people when it's a free

So you have to push your envelope to
reach out of your "comfort zone" - you
have gotten comfortable with seeing
yourself as ‘not in the same league’
as she is, only because you have done it
for so long- but FROM THIS MOMENT ON,
THIS ENDS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious about this, go out today and
FORCE yourself to put on COOLER clothing
than you think is ‘right’ for you.

I'm not saying that if you are 85 that
you must go and get a skateboard and dye
your hair purple, what I am saying is that
you know very well that you can be dressing
and grooming far cooler than you are right
now, and the only reason you are not doing
it is because you think that you are not
"supposed" to- and the only reason you think
THAT is because you've had a lifetime of PRACTICE
doing the same old thing so much that you think
all your old ways of behaving and dressing are RIGHT.

So let's start CHANGING those thoughts by also
changing your ACTIONS.

Go to a huge mall with tons of selections, go to
every single men’s store and ask yourself what
you would wear if you knew you could get away
with it, if you KNEW you were the coolest, most
desired guy on earth. If you KNEW you were
a ‘rockstar’.

Check out not only clothing, but also accessories
like pendants, an interesting looking watch,
unique and outrageous belt buckles, etc.

Once you’ve BROKEN this barrier and EXPERIENCED
how it CHANGES you over several weeks, well THEN
if you really want,then you can go back to just
the jeans and t-shirt or whatever you wore before,
because you will have now INTERNALIZED the new
attractive behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

There is a reason that schools, clubs, super-heroes,
military organizations, sports teams, etc, all have
DISTINCT uniforms, it is because it delivers a
psychological impact not only to OTHERS but also
to the actual people WEARING them!


Notice how when you are talking to a woman
you are attracted to, your voice will often
rise up- this happens because you feel too
much energy and that too much is at stake.

It's as if a billion volts of electricity is
surging through your system.

This gets you feeling even MORE anxious and
also makes a guy seem a little too desperate.

So for now, you have to CONSCIOUSLY bring your
vocal pitch back to normal.

This will not only get you better results, but
it will change your state of mind as well and
get you into the proper perspective that is
far more empowering as well.


Very often, when a woman is talking to you,
you will be smiling in a way that is OVERDOING

Yes, a natural smile is great, but when you are
smiling as if the GREATEST THING ON EARTH has
happened to you, when all that has happened is
a stranger has agreed to chat with you, then
it's actually too much.

Yes, a woman liking you is a great thing, but
it's even more important for YOU to feel pretty
awesome already, and if you felt that way, a
woman who was a stranger would not be able
to pump your smile up THAT much.

See, it's not that women are attracted to jerks,
it's that jerks happen to be doing one thing right-
even if they are only acting, and that is that they
are not behaving as if a woman is the source of their
own self-esteem.

Nothing jerky about having your own self-esteem.
That's just good stuff for all guys to have.

So if you are smiling like the smile is plastered on
your face like the Joker, then stop it.

Of course, I know all this stuff from personal
experience, so it's not like I'm on some high
horse here, I just want to make sure you benefit
from what I learned the hard way.


Man, if more men only realized how much women
APPRECIATE the fact that YOU are a man and
that YOU have a plan on where to go for the date,
on what to do with your life, and if you had a
strong perspective on how to make your life
meaningful, and on how to handle issues and
stress and challenges, rather than just hope
for things to go right, - or even worse, to hope
that SHE will have the answers to all this

In life, whoever has the stronger frame will
win, and that's not a bad or good thing, it's
just the truth. It simply means whoever has
the greater discipline to persevere and to live
with passion and not give in to laziness or
negativity, will WIN.

This is why some bizarre CULT leaders can
get women even though the cult leader is
preaching absolute lies and absolute hogwash
and total crap. Yet, he has managed to get
HIMSELF to believe in his own lies, and
he has generated enough passion in himself
from within and he is his own best friend
and never cuts himself down.

women, then I can assure you that ANY MAN can
do this, without telling a single lie, if he
is SERIOUS about learning how attraction really

So, now that you know this is the truth,
can you imagine how badly a guy will
do on a date if he seems like he is LOST
in life, and lost regarding what to do with
her, what to say, etc?

Women do not want a man that is lost in any way,
whether it is lost on how to deal with her, or
lost on how to deal with his own life.


This is a HUGE one. In fact, if the billions of men that
have walked this earth before us could speak of their
greatest lessons they learned in their lives when it
came to getting and keeping a quality woman, it
would surely be this:

Sorting out which "gut instincts" are USEFUL
and which ones are HARMFUL.

So for example, have you ever felt a GUT
INSTINCT to NOT approach a woman?

As if at the moment of taking action, it just
seemed like "no way, it couldn't work" or
"mannn, this does NOT feel good so I
WON'T do it".

Or how about being on date with a woman,
and things are going well, and then you
feel this sudden urge to say something,
and after you say it, you just KNOW it
was the wrong thing to say? Or you
escalated too hard, too fast, to get
physical, and it just backfired and she
felt you were needy or just not cool?

Why is it that so often, what seemed like
a gut instinct and what seemed like it was
so strong of a feeling, afterwards feels like
it was clearly a mistake?

The reason for this is because until you get
really GOOD at this stuff, you simply
SHOULD NOT trust your "gut instincts".
This is because often, those are NOT gut
instincts, rather they are often just
emotional responses that are the result of
years and years of bad "brainwashing"
by all kinds of forces in your environment
from your friends and family to your
books and movies and radio.

(they are not doing this on purpose, they
are simply feeding you what they think

So the key is to learn WHICH emotions you
should TRUST and WHEN.

The reality is that most of us have a "chatterbox"
inside our minds going on a lot of the time.

It says all kinds of things, like "she's hot, you're
not good enough for her" or it says "man, what
were you THINKING? This is CRAZY?" or it
says "just wait till tomorrow, tomorrow is a
better day for meeting a woman, but not today"
etc etc etc.

The mistake we make is that we think this
chatterbox IS actually US, but it's NOT.

We make the mistake of taking whatever the
CURRENT message is, and thinking that IT
is the REAL truth, and that the message is
coming from US, since after all, WE are
the ones feeling it.

But it's NOT true.

When you get that negative voice, or that
negative feeling, it's just THAT- a voice-
one of MANY voices that you can feel,
and that YOU can determine to HAVE or
NOT to have.

I want to give you a strategy for CONQUERING
this stuff and becoming far more empowered
with women.

From now on, any time you want to take action,
and then suddenly the CHATTERBOX kicks
in, giving you ANY message that is trying to
STOP you from taking action, what I want
you to do is this:

Say to that voice "thank you for sharing that
opinion with me."

In fact, you should even give that particular
voice a NAME.

So let's say you are about to approach a
woman you are interested in finding out
more about, and suddenly an internal voice
kicks in, saying "no no no, what if this
FAILS????" "What if you look like an
IDIOT???" or "She's FOR SURE going
to be a B***CH" etc etc.

What you should do is give this voice a
NAME. Call it "Voice that thinks it's
saving me." And then say "THANKS

And if you like, you can even go so far as
to tell yourself again exactly what opinion
that voice has. But the key here is to make
sure that you DO acknowledge the voice,
and that you do NOT repress that voice,
and that you ALSO after allowing that
voice to be totally heard, then say "And
now I'm STILL going to go right up and
talk to that woman!"

The key is that you are REALIZING that
it's JUST a VOICE, it's just an OPINION,
it's NOT the ONLY choice you have- you
DO have a choice to APPROACH that
woman anyway.

Similarly, if you are with a woman and you
can see the date is going well, and you want
to kiss her, and then that VOICE kicks in,
telling you NOT to do it, well the fact is
if that date is going well you SHOULD do
it, and you should name that voice, i.e.
"Voice That Thinks Kissing Her
Is Going To Ruin The Whole Thing"
that opinion, and thanks for trying to
help me, and NOW I'M GOING TO

Do not repress these voices, LET them
be heard, say thanks even to them for trying
to share with you their advice, and then
i.e. approach her, kiss her, etc.

What you have to also realize is that emotions
are NOT reality, even though FEEL like they
are TRUER than facts. The reality is that
emotions are simply INTERPRETATIONS
of facts, and the problem is that they give
you interpretations that are so often

And we tend to NEVER questions our emotions.
If we feel desire for a woman, we often think
she is WORTHY of love. And she might NOT
be worthy. If we feel FEAR, of escalating,
of ridicule, we often think that the thing is
WORTH fearing, when often it is NOT.

Remember, emotions are NOT accurate indications
of reality at ALL. And in fact, they can TOTALLY
change overnight.

Have you ever experienced an emotion about
something, and then a while later, you felt
totally different about it? Maybe it was a
food, a person, or a song. It doesn't matter
what it is, the bottom line is that emotions
change, and yet people tend to take any
and all emotions and treat them as sacred

And I can tell you this, if you are feeling
emotions that are NOT empowering, that
are TAKING energy and confidence and
charisma and life and fun AWAY from
you, then THOSE emotions are ABSOLUTELY
INCORRECT interpretations of reality--
unless you believe that you were put on
earth to suffer.

But if you believe that life should NOT
be about suffering, then I'm telling that
there is no logical reason on Earth to
trust those negative emotions as being
accurate indicators at all.

People tend to think that negative emotions
are a sign of a negative reality, but it's
actually the other way around:

Negative emotions WARP your thinking and
make you see the very WORST possibility, so
of course this triggers you to go full
throttle on AVOIDANCE type behaviors-
you will AVOID any situation where you
can potentially pick up a woman, you will
AVOID escalating the interaction to anything

Negative emotions create tons and tons of
INCORRECT messages in your mind about
women, and about your own ability to get a
woman that you want.

These emotions create BAD DATA.
Think of it like a corrupted file on your
computer that can screw up the functioning
of so many of the programs on your computer.

Negative emotions corrupt the GOOD files
in your brain, and feed BAD instructions
to you when the moment of action comes.

So, to CONQUER this problem, to
OVERCOME those emotions, don't try to
repress them. And don't feed into ego of
saying that you are so great either--that
creates a very thin foundation for respect
and trust, and you will need respect and
trust to build anything.

Instead, just ALLOW the negative voice to
express it's OPINION, and you should name
that voice, and then just say "thanks for sharing",
and then go ahead and DO THE ACTION
you need to do. By allowing the voice to
be heard, it actually WEAKENS because
it's no longer something you are SCARED

By letting it say it's opinion, you are sending the
message to your mind that you are NOT so
afraid of that voice. When you keep on trying
to block it out, it's similar to not looking
at the screen at a monster movie when
you are a kid, and then the MONSTER
comes out, and then your imagination
keeps on WONDERING what the monster
looks like, but if you just let it be seen,
it's NEVER as scary as blocking it out
and you keep on FEARING it.

By the way, that's why the scariest movies
do NOT show you the thing to be feared,
for example in the original Jaws, you
barely EVER see the actual shark, you
just see the fins on the surface of the
water now and then. Actually
confronting it again and again
DESTROYS it from having power.

Emotions are just a SENSATION, and they
are often an ARBITRARY interpretation of
data, and actually negative emotions are
often the WORST and most INCORRECT
interpretation of facts.

the kind of guy who understands this,
because women themselves often realize
that they themselves get lost in the wrong
emotions. And they want a man who will
prevent her emotions from leading to chaos-
and that's whey HE must be THE MAN,
in the sense of being STABLE and
if any type of emotion, then he should
be of the EMPOWERING emotions.

Again, this is why it's not about kissing
up to women, and it's not about being a
jerk, as both of those things are a guy
following the NEGATIVE VOICES--
i.e. kissing up comes from hearing a voice
that says "she'll dump you if you don't do this"
and "you're not good enough for her" and
being a jerk comes from the negative voice
"if you don't boss her around she'll take
you for granted and lose attraction and
respect for you".

Rather, it's all about being a man in the
GREATEST sense: the sense of emotional

One more tip about this- it's even fine for you
to get ANGRY at the VOICES, the chatter
that keeps on telling you the negative crap-
this helps you realize it's NOT YOU, and
that these voices are not HELPING you.
So often, we think we ARE our emotions,
but we are NOT.

Only once this is truly something you
feel on an instinctive level, only then can
you follow your "gut-instincts" because
then you will know the difference between
gut instincts and DESTRUCTIVE information.


One of the coolest things that you will
find extremely empowering is that you
DON'T have to pretend to be someone
else in order to attract a woman.

It doesn't matter if you are a party
animal, or a shy guy, you do NOT
have to try to adopt a character
or identity that is not you.

The key is to learn how to be truly
comfortable in your own skin.

99% of people are not this way,
they are the victims of endless
bad programming and bad conditioning
since childhood. So this 'being
comfortable in your own skin'
thing takes some know-how
if you are going to get it

At the very moment of approaching
a woman who is a stranger, most men
tend to do the very things that show
the OPPOSITE of who they really
are. This even happens with
women we might already know,
if we are attracted to them.

So, for example, a guy who is really
NOT into the pop culture will pretend
that he is a real know it all about
Britney Spears, Madonna.

Or a guy who is actually not into
money, but feels INSECURE about it,
will try to show a woman he knows
a lot about money.

Similarly, a guy who may not really
be into academic stuff will pretend
that he reads a lot when in reality
he doesn't.

Or a guy who is not into dance clubs
and lounges will pretend he is by
name-dropping all the "hot spots"
in the city, the local clubs, etc.

The reality is that it's far more
important to be congruent with
who you really are, as long as
that person is coming from a
place of warmth and confidence.

So, if you want to start a
conversation with a woman
at the local bookstore, then
try starting the conversation
with your genuine thoughts
about something relevant-
such as the book she is

Then, when she gives you her
response, you should respond
genuinely with your feelings
and thoughts about what she
said, as long as your thoughts
are coming from a place of
warmth and confidence.

A woman can detect the inconsistencies
and incongruencies in your demeanor,
which means she will know something
is "sketchy" or untrue about you
if you lie or pretend to be someone

On the other hand, if you are truly
congruent and consistent with your
real identity, and you are SECURE
with that identity, you will attract
her by showing her that you are
a man who doesn't need to play
games with her. This also gives
her the permission for HER to
be herself as well, and there
is nothing on earth like the
feeling of being yourself
and feeling GOOD about that.

I have always said that the
greatest gift you can give
a woman is greater self-esteem,
and by showing it in yourself
and by showing comfort in
your own identity, you help
inspire her to do the same.

I've had clients who have ranged
from extreme extroverts to extreme
introverts, and they have all done
well with women, by learning how
to unleash their true personalities
and getting rid of all the things
that we all do to BLOCK our identity
out of the fear that maybe that
identity isn't "cool" enough.

The irony is that BLOCKING our
identity is the very thing that
causes a woman's attraction to
shut DOWN.

So, from now on, I suggest you
take a conscious note of all
the things you tend to do in
conversations with a woman
that BLOCK what you really
feel and who you really are-
from showing off, from acting
too cool, from acting like
anybody that you're not.

And STOP doing those things.

So, stop talking too fast.
Stop trying to qualify yourself.

Start actually listening to her
rather than worrying if you
are coming across as cool or not.

Learn to be present in the moment.
All you have is the moment, nothing
else exists, so enjoy that moment,
and the next, and the next, etc.


The next key I want to discuss is DOMINANCE.

A lot of times you hear that women are attracted
to guys who are dominant. Most guys however,
misunderstand this and think it means being
a hard-ass.

The reality regarding this is that it has nothing
to do with that at all. It has to do with several
other things, though, and today I'll get into
ONE of those things, and that is the erotic
applications of this.

As you will see right now, being dominant in the
right way is actually being KIND to a woman.

For better or for worse, the fact of the matter
is that women even today are still under the
influence of social programming, and even
though there is so much liberation, a lot of
women still feel guilty about sex, believe it
or not. Also, even if a woman has zero
guilt, what I am about to say enhances
attraction as well.

So, for example, let's say you meet a woman
in a dance club or a lounge or wherever,
even a coffee shop while in line. And you
begin a conversation with anything such

"Coffee is only the beginning of my
vices, how about you?"

Or you could playfully tease her on the fancy
bright pink martini she has ordered, by saying:

"You know that drink would go better if you
were wearing pink shoes."

The fact of the matter is, at some time in the
interaction, you have to ESCALATE things.

So for example, you might have to get her
to sit down with you because it's kind of silly
to be standing there blocking the line once
you both have your coffee or whatever drink
you both ordered.

Well, for many women, if you just ASK
her, "Would you like to sit with me over
there?" even a woman who may very well
have been feeling attraction for you, she
might now say, "Ummm sorry, I have
to get going, but thanks."

Meanwhile, it would have been much more
useful had you just said with DOMINANCE
the following statement rather than question:

"You need to take a break with the best,
come here and sit down for a sec."

She would have far more likely have not only
AGREED to do it, but also been TURNED ON
by the way you said it with such dominance.

There are tons of reasons for this:.

For one thing, it shows you are a man who
knows what he wants and has clarity. You
are showing that you aren't even considering
that she might say no, that you are so confident
that she will say yes. There are tons of
positive associations to this, it says you
are a winner, that you know what you
are doing, from survival in the wilderness
to having a fun romp in bed. It's all good

And, there is another level to all this as
well- and that is the fact that if a woman
has to lead the show in the beginning, she
feels guilty sometimes. Whereas if YOU
lead the show, she can feel that you were
just "being a man" being a "guy", etc,
as if it was a man's role only to do this
stuff. And perception is reality, so the
fact is, if you DON'T lead the show,
if you are NOT dominant in leading
things and escalating the interaction,
she will feel you are not a man, she
will feel guilty for leading the show
herself, etc.

The more you lead, the more she can
ENJOY the interaction and not worry
or feel guilty about it. Now, of course,
if a woman clearly says no to anything, then
you OF COURSE leave her alone. The idea
though is that you must take responsibility
for escalating the interaction, and for doing
it with dominance.

It's a far bigger turn on, and it allows her to
also feel GOOD about the whole thing rather
than worry about being perceived as a "slut",

As you have seen above, dominance is a
crucial element to being successful with
women, but it must be done RIGHT.

Notice also, how ALL the above tips and strategies
are all a part of having an excellent ‘INNER GAME’
when it comes to interacting with women. The
term ‘Inner Game’ refers to what a man is thinking
and feeling INSIDE, including his inner beliefs,
core values, and perspectives about himself
and about women.

So for example, even the very FIRST tip on style,
clothing, and accessories, is more about what it does
for your OWN ‘inner game’ in terms of your self-beliefs
and perspectives than it is about being some kind
of “tactic” to ‘fool’ a woman into anything.

When you develop your INNER GAME to the maximum,
a woman can ALWAYS tell that you are indeed the
‘MAN’ and she will be attracted INSTANTLY.

When a guy does NOT develop his inner game and
instead just tries to use pick up artist lines or cheesy
tactics to get a woman to do something, she can
ALWAYS detect the LACK of inner game and it just
pushes a woman AWAY.

To be blunt, Inner Game is what RULES.

For the most powerful INNER GAME program on Earth
that will SKYROCKET your success with women, I
suggest you get my ‘Inner Game’ DVD Set, called
‘Warrior Within’. This program is an absolute MUST
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Michael Marks