Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Almost EVERY Guy Gets Wrong With Women, And What YOU Should Do

I want to give you a MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE BOOST with women. So fasten your seat-belts.

Ever see the film The Matrix? The story is about a world where almost everyone on EARTH is PERMANENTLY asleep, but their minds are controlled by a computer to make them think they are awake and living a perfectly normal reality.

Only a precious few are actually AWAKE to this reality, and only they can change that reality- by confronting the computer program. 

The challenge is that the threats created by the program are only as powerful as the recipient BELIEVES them to be, but the "Matrix" is damn good at making those threats feel REAL.

To overcome the program, one must constantly have a stronger frame of INTERNAL reality versus the fake reality projected by the Matrix.

A lot of dating coaches like to give the analogy of The Matrix to let guys know that their possibilities with women are greater than they realize- in fact, I was probably the FIRST guy to use this analogy.

But the IRONY is that most of the pick up artists and dating coaches have actually CONTRIBUTED to the "MATRIX", so to speak, by making guys truly BELIEVE in things that aren't REAL, things that actually hinder their success when it comes to getting a great girlfriend.

What I am talking about is the obsession with the SPEED of getting physical with women. 

The fact of the matter is that women who are going to be faithful girlfriends who don't treat sleeping with a guy as a joke, are simply going to be a lot SLOWER on jumping into the physical aspect of a relationship.

Now, there are MANY, MANY, MANY other things of course as well that make a great girlfriend a great girlfriend- honesty, kindness, positivity, understanding, etc.

But the reason I bring up the physical aspect is because it is the current MATRIX STRATEGY to throw men off the real picture of reality.

A lot of pick up artist types like to take advantage of the ignorance of men on this issue, and since most men think all women are the same, most men think they are witnessing a miracle when they see a guy for example make out with a random woman very quickly, or get physical with her in even more ways.

Most men don't realize that this is truly no big deal, because of the great many women out there for whom making out with a stranger means nothing at all, and for some women out there, sleeping with a total stranger also means nothing at all.

There is no more strategy to this than it is a strategy to learn how to ride the bus. You go to the bus stop, wait for the bus, the doors open, and you get on.

So, men are asleep to the REALITY that to find the kind of woman who would make for a great girlfriend, you actually have to combine a particular set of social skills with also being the kind of man that shows he can handle life and handle a real relationship.

But, that is too complicated for a MARKETING VIDEO. And the vast majority of everything you see around you is SATURATED in marketing as opposed to TRUTH.

The real "Matrix" we live in today is MARKETING. Almost everything you see around you has had its truth TAINTED by MARKETING.

A TON of the marketing out there wants to EXPLOIT your emotions, your desire for SIMPLICITY, and it wants to exploit your EMOTIONAL WEAKNESSES.

It doesn't give a rat's ass about what is good for you- it's like a drug dealer that just wants to get you HOOKED, and of course once you are hooked, you are a slave to the dealer.

And the irony is that people go on and on about drug dealers, but the truth is the DESTRUCTION to society from all the other people who EXPLOIT people's weaknesses is actually just as harmful and possibly even more destructive to society.

If you want a great girlfriend, who will treat you right, who won't run off into another guy's bed when the smallest thing goes wrong, you need to get a woman who is STRONGER than the type of person who is so easily EXPLOITED emotionally.

And to get THAT kind of woman, you better be THAT kind of man as well.

And by the way, there is a very good REASON why a lot of men and women choose not to be promiscuous- and it has nothing to do with religion.

The real truth is, that, like anything else, over-exposure to something actually DESENSITIZES you to that thing.

When the physical becomes a complete joke, it loses the same IMPACT it once had.

But when it is used WISELY, the slightest TOUCH can deliver A UNIVERSE of EROTICISM, and it can do this FOREVER with the same partner.

Not a bad thing to have between two people who love each other, huh?

So, you won't find the "how to make out in 30 seconds" in my programs, because I figure you already know how to get the bus.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Regarding Women, What Do You Want SOLVED?

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Video PROOF Of Third-Wave Feminism's DESTRUCTION On Goodness

A conversation I was having on Facebook got me inspired to actually put something up here on the blog- and it is a comparison of two videos that REALLY illustrate how third-wave feminism has REALLY screwed things up.

By the way, before I go any further, let me say that there ARE great women still.  

Usually these are women are from places where things are not even REMOTELY CLOSE to third-wave feminism. These women will make your mind EXPLODE because you won't BELIEVE how it is POSSIBLE to actually sit down and have a conversation with a woman or go for a walk with a woman and actually be treated with RESPECT and not have to deal with endless, endless, ENDLESS b.s. 

One can see the deterioration from when things were far better to how they are now, in just a few short decades. A great friend of mine pointed the following example out to me: Compare the ORIGINAL "She Was An American Girl" by Tom Petty to the bastardized version by Bonnie McKee recently, called "American Girl" where the girl in the video acts completely gross. I'll include the links below for comparison.

So here we go:



Again, going back to the video by Bonnie McKee, so MANY, MANY, MANY things are summed up just in this ONE video alone. 

Notice how she acts totally promiscuous, notice how she says "I never say that I'm sorry" so she never takes responsibility for anything she does wrong, notice how she acts masculine and says she is going to DOMINATE the bed.

Notice how she says she doesn't need any man (with the b.s. excuse that it's "if he gets in her way"- which I'm willing to bet in real life is pretty much ANYTHING any guy does that doesn't kiss up to her will be considered to her to be "in her way")- and notice how she keeps getting back to "keep moving her body" and how she "is always ready to party" (I'm paraphrasing) and zero respect for her own mother, and most likely, for any parental figure or anyone who actually cares about her and is in a position of authority and who may have some experience about life.

Notice how she says she is taking over the world (arrogant and materialistic), and how she was raised by the television ( apparently by the worst TV like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", and not something like "Leave It To Beaver" or "Highway to Heaven" or "Little House on the Prairie" --all those latter GOOD shows came out before insane third-wave feminism took over).

Also, of course, the song starts with her explaining how she is having her Slurpee drink, but that she mixed it with ALCOHOL. 

And that alcohol thing is a big thing, in my opinion. Alcohol, even though I don't drink, can be consumed RESPONSIBLY. 

But RESPONSIBILITY is the FARTHEST thing from third-wave feminists and clearly is the farthest thing from the mind of this singer in this video. She has to take the innocent SLURPEE drink and CORRUPT it as well.

This is all part of the general PROBLEM. This need to block out REALITY and block out RESPONSIBILITY by indulging in alcohol or some other escape at every possible moment.

And to her, everyday is a competition. WHY does everything have to be a freaking competition and status competition rather than just authentically loving someone? And notice how she says "she's ready to go"--ready to go for what? Sex? That's what she seems to indicate by her lewd gestures and body language throughout the entire song.

She also says "this is a free country we can do anything" but she forgets that FREEDOM goes hand in hand with RESPONSIBILITY. If you can't handle RESPONSIBILITY then you actually FORFEIT your right to FREEDOM. 

For many generations, men and women KNEW this. But now, it seems, women who are in the feminist-brainwashing zone seem to think that FREEDOM is this thing that you can just abuse. 

Also, notice little hints of the women acting bisexual, stroking each other, because that too is encouraged by many feminists-and sometimes I wonder if this is because the MEN don't even act like MEN anymore, so it's possible that the WOMEN are more MASCULINE than most MEN are today, especially the men who KISS UP TO THE THIRD WAVE FEMINISTS.

In any case, it all spells disaster to any traditional, stable, long-term relationship with a man.

ALSO, notice how the DUDE in the video at the store FALLS for her and her friends, he is SMITTEN by them, and gestures a kiss to them goodbye-- and this TOO to me symbolizes the problem, as MOST MEN are just as BRAINWASHED by all this feminism as the women are--the men actually think these women are a CATCH and that they are DESIRABLE!!!

So OF COURSE women will continue to be this way, as long as men KEEP REWARDING them!!!  This behavior of women could not exist without enough men FEEDING it.

So in other words, things don't HAVE to be screwed up, and they were NOT screwed up, not long ago. If enough men wake up, and enough women wake up, there CAN be a change. 

Also, I want to make it clear that NONE of this is me being anti-American at ALL. In fact, I believe that the products of third-wave feminism are DESTROYING all the BEST things about America and about any free society where third-wave feminism exists. America is supposed to be about freedom but also about RESPONSIBILITY and APPRECIATING that freedom, it's not about PISSING on the very sacrifices that so many made in order to GET that freedom. 

Also, unless it is stopped, third-wave feminism will continue to destroy the family unit, and will DESTROY the fabric of the country. It will destroy morale and create broken families with maladjusted children who grow up into problematic adults, and so on and so forth.


Get A GREAT WOMAN, a quality woman who will be your REAL partner.  And if you have any questions on how to do that, just contact me at

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Michael Marks

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today I want to share with you a very special and very powerful message on the EASIEST way to attract MILLIONS of women- yes, you read that right, this is so powerful that you can attract virtually INFINITE women with it.

The reason for this is because once you EXPERIENCE how EASY it is, you will likely start to UNHOOK yourself from the INSANITY of our culture that tries to sell you on the lie that you need a billion things in order to get women, and you will finally be free to focus on the things that TRULY mean something to you as an individual.

You will be free to pursue the things that really make you an individual- your passions, hobbies, your interests, instead of being a slave to the matrix.  

AND you will also raise your standards on what kinds of behaviors and morals and traits you insist on regarding the women you let into your life- and this will not only help you, but all of human civilization, as the more men insist on better behaved women, the more women will start to respect men instead of abusing them.

So, without any further ado, here is the message:

Some highlights of this video and message are: 

1. How men have become too easy for women, and how the solution is to simply make it harder.

2. How there has never been a time in history like now, where men and women as genders are mixed together in every aspect of our culture- e.g. work, school, play, community service, and how in today’s western society where men have been brainwashed to kiss up to women, this has resulted in women being spoiled EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME by most men- since men and women are in virtually all the same places at the same time.

3. How the specifics of making it harder for a woman to “get” you involve an initial combination of both sincere validation of the woman while also specifically WITHHOLDING validation as well, to keep the woman fighting to win you over, which is, ironically, what women want.

4. How women in our society tend to feel REVULSION for men who make it too easy.

5. How once you experience massive abundance of women in general, you will usually naturally start to elevate your standards for the kind of woman you want in your life, especially regarding her values and behavioral traits. 

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Michael Marks