Friday, June 15, 2012

Understanding Women's Sex-Psychology

Official research is now proving things
I said years ago, including these words
that I have stuck to over the years:

"If you can give a woman the gift of self-esteem,
she will be yours FOREVER."

And now, the psychological research as well as
the actual stats and polls from women basically
are saying that for women, as I quoted in the
last newsletter, "Being desired IS the

In other words, although obviously women
can appreciate the superficial things in
a man, it's not the same sexuality that
MEN have.

It's MEN who universally get TOTALLY
turned on, in an INSTANT, just from
a woman who is hot.

This is why strip clubs can pull men in
with a sign that simply reads "Girls! Girls!

Most women simply don't react that INSTANTLY
to just ONE thing, i.e. a man's LOOKS.

SOME women do, but most women are not
placing a man's looks as the DEFINING factor
in what turns them on.

Rather, it's how that man makes the WOMAN
feel as a result of his BEHAVIORS.

One of the things about the 'rape fantasy'
that some women have, is NOT the cruelty
element, it's the UNCONTROLLABLE passion.

Women want to feel INSANELY DESIRED and WANTED
more than they want to check out 'hot' men,
ESPECIALLY in the sense of what women want
that actually turns them ON.

Think of it as the difference between enjoying
looking at ART, and actually experiencing

Straight MEN love to look at things like PLAYBOY.

But who buys PLAYGIRL?

There are WAY MORE gay MEN who buy PLAYGIRL
than gay WOMEN who buy PLAYBOY.

Straight women are not just like men when it
comes to how they get turned on.  To women,
it's NOT all about the opposite gender's body,
face, looks, etc.

So, in closing, I realize these are generalizations,
but the fact is heterosexual female psychology
when it comes to what TURNS WOMEN ON is not fully
triggered by a man's "looks", it is VERY influenced
by a man's BEHAVIORS, and how he makes her FEEL
as a result of those behaviors.

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Michael Marks

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