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The title above on fast sex is not some cheap attempt
to get your attention. It's about the fact that today
there are now tons of "get laid" gurus that go around
trying to make it seem that if you DON'T get a woman
into all-out sex within 5 minutes of meeting her,  that
somehow you are not at the "advanced" level of success.

This is an easy thing to clear up:

There are all KINDS of women out there.

And just because a woman is PROMISCUOUS does
not mean she is a BAD person.

However, the fact is, that if you are looking for a
girlfriend who is stable and has the right stuff for
being in a long term relationship and being faithful,
it probably isn't the smartest idea to choose a
woman who jumps from partner to partner
faster than Spiderman jumps from building
to building.

And here at Get A Great Girl, getting a great
girlfriend really IS something we value.

So let me make it clear that absolutely, there
ARE women, just like there are men, who
really just want to party and go wild and
get drunk and have sex as fast as possible
with many different partners.

There is no SKILL involved, not beginner, and
not advanced, to getting sex quickly.

There is simply FINDING the women who are
INTO this, and also feeling NO GUILT about
doing this yourself.  No promiscuous woman
wants to be with a guy who is going to make
her feel WEIRD about it.

The easiest places to find women who are into
drinking, partying, and casual sex tend to be
certain clubs and bars.     

Proceed to enter location, approach women
directly with IMMEDIATE physical contact
that quickly ESCALATES.

Skip over any woman who doesn't want
to get touchy-feely-tasty quickly, and then
when you find a woman who is RECEPTIVE
to the touchy-feely-tasty, you then escalate
the physical contact AGGRESSIVELY at
every opportunity.

That's it, end of story.
That's the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

Now, there's nothing WRONG with any of this.

What is wrong is when the people who "teach"
this then go ON to ALSO say that ALLLLLL
women respond to this.

The net effect of saying such a statement is that
it makes men think that there is no point pursuing
a woman who does NOT respond to this method.

It makes men think that the women who do NOT
respond to this method are either "unfriendly women
who are frigid and not sexual", OR it makes men
think that somehow these men are just not
"skilled" enough with the touchy-feely-tasty
method, or otherwise these "frigid" women
WOULD have been attracted to them.

This is a very destructive thing to believe, because
it starts to make you think that ALL women are
laughing behind your back if you don't act like
a "player in the club" and if you don't behave
and live promiscuously.

It makes you think that all women probably also
CHEAT, since after all, you now believe that
ALL women are promiscuous, it's just a matter
of "skill" to get them that way.

So now you start to suspect any woman,
including any new woman you should happen
to meet that DOES become your girlfriend.

You start to suspect that maybe she is really
only looking for a guy who is more of a player,
who is into promiscuity, etc.

You start to wonder how faithful she is, etc, etc.

So, THIS kind of thinking IS wrong, and it very MUCH
is a product of some of the teachings that are STILL
going on in the seduction community.

So you have to make a clear DECISION on what you want:

Do you want to sleep around?
Ok, you can do that.

Do you want to get a girlfriend for a relationship?
You can do that too.

However, just because you can SLEEP with a woman
quickly, does NOT make that woman a good candidate
for being the woman you really want to DATE and
the woman you really want as your GIRLFRIEND.

And for all the talk of the seduction community that
sleeping around doesn't imply anything about anyone,
the statistics imply OTHERWISE.

Remember, it's quite HUMAN and NATURAL to
want to form a BOND when a man and woman
meet and they really like each other.  If someone
KEEPS on meeting the opposite sex in the most
intimate physical way, and can't form BONDS,
this implies a lack of ability to form the kind of
LONG TERM bond required for a thriving
and fulfilling RELATIONSHIP.

So, while I absolutely believe in freedom and the
choice is up to every individual, I do NOT support
telling men LIES such as "if you can sleep with
a woman then you can for sure get a great
GIRLFRIEND" simply because it is not TRUE.

Then again, the seduction community also likes to
hide the truth about other important matters, such
as the MASSIVE rates of STDs and STIs that
are going around, and that even condoms are
not 100% effective.

I was the first one in the seduction community to
try to bring BALANCE to it, but it looks like
BALANCE isn't what grabs people's attention.

FAST SEX is what grabs attention, with truth
coming in a distant second.

So MOST men will never get the truth.

However I want to congratulate YOU on being
different from most men, because you made it

And if you would like to know the FULL picture
on getting a GREAT girlfriend for a fantastic
long term relationship, I suggest you go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks


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