Sunday, June 24, 2012


Since day one, the biggest thing to me has
been to stay AWAY from all gimmicks.

In fact, if you read my very first book,
The Dating Wizard, which was published
in 2003, you can see that I was against the
use of all sorts of gimmicks back then, and
that this book teaches how you can truly
BECOME the man that women want instead
of how to put on an "act".

One of the biggest things I have been teaching
throughout the years are things that fly in the
face of "accepted practice", and that’s because
"accepted practices" such as smiling at women
and showing them how NICE I could be got me
NOWHERE with women.

On the other hand, as I started to become far
noticed way, way, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY 

better results.

This used to drive me nuts, and I couldn’t figure
it out, as I used to think women loved MEAN men.

Then, I finally realized that it was all about a
tiny SUBTLETY – it was about the SUBTLE
messages being given off by all that smiling
and niceness.

The message was:

And women, across ALL cultures and geographic
regions of the PLANET, are not attracted to men
who behave with LOW confidence, men who
behave as if they have no POWER.

In other words, men with no PRIDE.
So, you COULD smile at a woman, but the fact
is, the way MOST men smile at women who
are hot is a SUBMISSIVE smile.

It is not the kind of smile that says YOU want ME.
It’s a smile that says the following:

"I want YOU but I don't have the value to be
WORTHY of you. Therefore, I am going to SHOW
you through this smile how much I will SERVE
you, be
submissive to you, and do whatever
you want, because I feel that is a
fair deal

since YOU have the value and I don't'."

And, ultimately, a woman feels far more DESIRABLE
when the desire is coming from a man who KNOWS
he is wanted and who ALSO wants HER.

After all, if a man feels he has no value, then his
desire for her is NOT as flattering as it would be
if he KNEW and FELT and BEHAVED like he
was the ULTIMATE man.

Yes, women DO want to be lusted after, but it has
to be by a man who isn't behaving as if HE has
no worth.

So, for example, you could even TELL a woman
a compliment IF that compliment is delivered
in a way that shows you BELIEVE she will be
FLATTERED by it, rather than if you believe
you NEED to do those kinds of things to
get her to "agree" to be with you. 

And just today, I received an email from a cool guy
with yet even MORE RESEARCH that PROVES
every thing I have been saying.

In fact, not only is PRIDE and CONFIDENCE something
that is viewed as making men MORE attractive, but
it makes women seem LESS attractive, and in fact
when women behave in a somewhat FRIENDLIER
and even slightly SUBMISSIVE way, women are
viewed as MORE attractive.

This is UNIVERSAL across cultures.
So much for what SOME feminists say, i.e. that
"it’s just a matter of "culture" and environment that
makes men prefer women who DO smile, who DO 
behave friendly." 

Men do NOT get turned on by the same behaviors
in women as women get turned on by in MEN.

Men should exhibit PROUD expressions and
women should exhibit FRIENDLY expressions
IF they want to be at their "sexiest".

Here are some quotes from a recent study by
Jessica L. Tracy and Alec T. Beall from the
University of British Columbia concerning
"The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual


"Across two studies using different images
and samples ranging broadly in age (total N _ 1041),
a large gender difference emerged in the sexual
attractiveness of happy displays: happiness was
the most attractive female emotion expression,
and one of the least attractive in males.

In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern;
it was the most attractive male expression, and
one of the least attractive in women."

The study also goes on to say that while smiling
may be SOCIALLY the right thing to do for
both men and women, it HARMS men’s initial
attractiveness to women, but it INCREASES
women’s attractiveness.

This is why for MEN, not exactly trying to "fit in"
is often PART of what makes a man attractive, even
though it costs him some social points with the
rest of society.

So now you can understand why so many women
LOVE "bad boys" but why most men don't find
"bad girls" to be sexy.

But you don’t HAVE to be a "bad boy", you just
have to behave with DOMINANCE.

Going too far with being a "bad boy" will
DESTROY your relationships. Ultimately,
if your behavior makes her feel WORSE
rather than better, then you're going
too far.

And if you are reading this right now, I would
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incorporate this vital concept for attraction,
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Michael Marks

Friday, June 22, 2012

Attraction And Conquering JEALOUSY

Don’t let the brevity of today’s “one concept”
fool you, as this concept goes right to the
CORE of one of the MOST powerful forces in
ALL of human nature and in ALL of sexual

I’m talking about JEALOUSY:

Everyone knows that one of the quickest ways
to make someone interested who wasn’t showing
interest before is to make them JEALOUS.

How many times have you noticed that a woman
who was ignoring you before suddenly took a great
interest in you when she saw that ANOTHER woman
was interested in you?

Or how many times have you not been interested
in a woman, but suddenly felt a pang of loss of
potential when some OTHER guy showed interest
in her?

The thing is, I’m NOT a fan at ALL of using
jealousy as a method of attracting a woman
once you are ALREADY in a relationship with
her, because I feel it is a very NEGATIVE
way to go about things, and it also can very
easily become a destructive tool that backfires.

What I REALLY want to focus on here is
how to prevent one’s SELF from being
overwhelmed by jealousy and how to
CONQUER jealousy before it gets out
of control.

I learned all this because I myself used to be the
absolute WORST SLAVE to this destructive emotion
when it came to women.  I would get jealous
EXTREMELY easily and I would also do all the
WRONG things as a result of feeling jealous.

I would feel extremely needy and then do all the
NEEDY type behaviors in order to desperately
try to win back a woman or to try to win her
attraction in the first place.

If screwing up with women was a sport, I
would have been the ALL-TIME CHAMPION.

I drove myself to the edge of insanity
with frustration.

The BIGGEST lesson I learned is that jealousy
is actually NOT what most of us think it is.

We think that if we are so super-jealous when it
comes to some woman, that it must mean  that
we are super crazy in love or in lust  with  her.

As if we have such intense desire for a woman, that
we get “jealous” by something like some dude talking
to her, etc.
Jealousy is also NOT even so much the fear that she
likes someone else MORE than ourselves.

What REALLY makes jealousy BURN is NOT
our desire for some woman, but RATHER is
how we FOOLISHLY give a woman the power
to ‘SOCIALLY PROOF’ some other dude!

In other words, our DESIRE for a woman, if
we are not CAREFUL, quickly starts to
GEL with our own SELF-CONCEPT.

We start to see OUR OWN VALUE through HER
behavior toward us versus other guys.

So, the fact she is sleeping with us, for example,
makes us FEEL higher self-esteem.

It’s not JUST the physical act of having hot
times with a woman.  It’s the fact that this
HOTTIE is with US and how it makes us

As I have said MANY times: 
VALIDATION is greater than sex.

Due to instinct, and to world-wide mass ignorance
on this topic, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to separate
sexual attraction from self-validation.

The two entities are INEXTRICABLY bound
for all of eternity

And lo and behold, this is not just true for
women, but also for men.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be this way, it just
IS because we ALLOW it.

It’s EASY to allow it.

That’s the almost “auto-pilot” thing to do.

So, what is happening is that because we VALUE
a certain woman SO MUCH, we are subconsciously
giving her the POWER to "SOCIALLY PROOF"
some OTHER dude.

"Social proof" is a term I picked up from studying
attraction, it is a term used in psychology normally
referring to how the human mind is influenced
by the behavior of others.

So for example, if a lot of people are doing something,
or if someone we really LIKE or RESPECT is
doing something, then the assumption is that
it must be the right thing to do.

The thing is, that even though our emotions, or
FIRST INSTINCTS are hardwired to feel it is
is the RIGHT thing, it might in reality be the
WRONG thing.

So, to be SPECIFIC, when it comes to jealousy,
 by "social proof", I mean the fact that her possible
INTEREST in some guy is able to “prove”  to us
the DESIRABILITY of some other dude.

Since SHE has super high value in our mind, she
ALSO has the potential power, if we let her, to
"prove" that some OTHER dude is super valuable.

And here’s the PROOF that this is the case:

If you REALLY felt that some other dude was
NOT even REMOTELY as cool as you, as
desirable as you, then even if she had wild
MONKEY sex with him, you would not
really feel JEALOUSY.

You might feel shocked, you might feel she is
crazy, you might feel you can’t ever trust her
again, you might feel the relationship is OVER,
but you wouldn’t feel JEALOUSY.

It’s ALLLLL about the VALUE you think that
other guy HAS.

And that GUY is getting a VALUE boost in your
mind, because of the very fact YOU have put
so much WEIGHT on valuing what SHE feels
when it comes to these things.

Because of your desire for her, she suddenly has
the power in your mind to "socially proof" other guys.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.
You can be crazy about a woman, and yet STILL
not be prone to unwarranted jealousy.

I say unwarranted, because it’s not realistic to say
that there is NO SITUATION on earth where you
can’t be made to feel jealous.  But what I’m talking
about is when jealousy becomes a big PROBLEM,
when the emotion is something you feel a lot and
not for very solid reasons.

Jealousy is such a destructive emotion, it can make
the smartest guy become a total idiot when it comes
to attracting the woman he wants or wants to keep.

It doesn’t even matter if a guy is Hollywood celebrity
with TONS of women falling all over him, even these
celebrities ALSO have to deal with this problem, you
see it on the news all the time.

Always remember, that jealousy is ultimately not
about how you feel regarding a woman,  but
rather about how you feel about YOURSELF,
and that you must NEVER allow ANY woman,
no matter HOW crazy you are for her, to EVER
get the power to control how YOU feel about

You have to KICK YOURSELF sometimes, but
it's WORTH it in order to REMIND yourself that
jealousy is not the proof of how much you love
some woman, but rather is the proof of how
much  you doubt your OWN worth.

This is a lesson that took me MANY years to
learn, jealousy used to only make me WANT
a woman MORE.  I interpreted my feelings
of jealousy as a sign of how AWESOME
some woman must be, so I would do the
CRAZIEST, most insane, needy, obsessive,
endless and supplicating behaviors in my
efforts to WIN her over.

Of course, all this would just DRIVE women
away, and that would just make me even
more sure that these women must have
been ‘special’ since I mistook scarcity for
a sign of VALUE.

So I did ALL the wrong things, ALL out of
simply feeling the wrong EMOTION, an
emotion called jealousy.

Meanwhile, if you go in the OPPOSITE
direction, if you take on the behaviors and
actions of a man who feels INFINITE value,
then you will do all the RIGHT things that
attract a woman...

AND...ironically enough, will also often 
make HER jealous even though that is not 
your goal, and hopefully she will soon learn
to not feel that destructive emotion and you
two can just live in mutual attraction rather
than soap-opera style drama.

So, for example, rather than trying to keep
a woman on a tight leash out of the fear of
losing her to someone else, you encourage
her to live her own life.  Rather than try to
keep her away from every guy, you give
her every chance to EARN your trust.

And of course, if she does NOT show the
maturity to be worthy of your trust, you
dump her, you DON’T become jealous,
you don’t try to “win her” with more
effort!  The irony again, is that as you
show ZERO jealousy, what happens SO
OFTEN is these women come RUNNING
back to you before you can even blink.

However, I suggest not giving women a
second chance when it comes to TRUST
issues,  and just move on to a GREAT
girl who is insanely in love with you,
and who WILL be as a result of all
the things you are, including being
a man who does NOT get jealous.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Approaching Women: A Supremely Powerful Tip

Today I want to share with you a super EASY and
yet super EFFECTIVE strategy for improving your
success when it comes to approaching women

The key is to do what I am about to say LONG BEFORE
the moment of opportunity arises, so that you don’t have
to start THINKING and the strategy can then go into
effect almost instinctively since you put the work in
long before.  In other words, you will be prepared for
when that gorgeous beauty appears.

You can do this at night so that you are ready for
approaching women the next day.

What you should do is VISUALIZE in your mind a
situation where you may realistically find a woman
you’d like to chat to.  Choose one specific location
that has a high chance of you finding a woman there,
and that has some opportunity for conversation.

So it could be some kind of local market, it could be
a bookstore, it could be a coffee shop, it could be
some fun event, etc, etc. Choose one and make it
as specific as possible. 

Making it as specific as possible helps take 
out the UNKNOWN factors, so that you are 
as truly prepared psychologically as possible
for when the real event occurs, since none of 
it will be shocking because you already  
pictured it all.

Then, think about EVERYTHING you might say
to her as an opening to the conversation, whether
it’s a comment on something she is doing or on
the situation she is in, or even a comment that
is intriguing or playful about something UPBEAT
or fun that is in the news.

DECIDE on what it will be, make it SPECIFIC.

Now, visualize her REACTION, think about all
the different things she MIGHT say.  Remember
that most women are in fact VERY social and
are NOT mean-spirited, even if she does feel
the need to test whether you are serious or not.

And think about all the DETAILS now, including
how you are FEELING. Often, just PICTURING
all this is enough to get your heart racing, and
that’s OKAY.  The idea is to experience it all
BEFORE it happens, so that you will NOT be
overwhelmed when indeed the REAL approach happens.

Picture how you might react to what SHE says
back to you, and what you might say in return.

It doesn’t MATTER if what you PICTURE ends
up being DIFFERENT from what actually happens,
whether what you pictured is different from what
she says or from what you say. 

The more work you do beforehand, the less
work it will be later.  Again, this is
not just about "what to say" but rather
it also about going through all the
EMOTIONS you may experience.

The more vivid the picture you create in
your mind beforehand, the more you will
GENUINELY experience the emotions.

So remember to also picture what she might
LOOK like, what she might be WEARING,
and remember what the details of the
environment around you might be, and
what it might sound like.  For example,
there might be the sound of a crowded
bus or train or cafe humming with activity
and people chatting in the background.

Be READY for all this. 

The real key here is to both prepare yourself
psychologically  as well as technically in
terms of having SOMETHING in mind that you
can work with as the theme for your conversation
with her.

Also, THINK about how you might incorporate
some of the powerful things you learn from my
material.  For example, SLOWING down your
pace of delivering the words. Focusing on
LISTENING to the real meaning behind her
words, so you can give a powerful response.
Starting casually, and building to a deeper

Remembering also that humor requires a bit
of risk-taking, but it should be INTELLIGENT
risk-taking.  LEADING the interaction and not
expecting the woman to be the one to ask for
your number, and not expecting the woman to
be the one to suggest you continue the conversation
over a coffee, remember it has to be YOU leading
the INITIAL "courtship" between you and a woman.

These are just SOME of the important things
that you might keep in MIND as you mentally
PREPARE long before the actual moment
of opportunity arises.

It’s also important, that if you are anxious that
things might somehow go "WRONG" (I put
wrong in quotes, because there is no wrong,
in the same way a sports athlete is not "wrong"
if he doesn’t score a goal, he is only "wrong" if
he doesn’t play his best) you should actually

Picture it ALL. If you fear that you might panic,
get that panicky feeling NOW rather than later.
Soak in that feeling again and again and again,
picturing it all, till you burn up all the panic
energy you got inside of you and you start
to feel calm again.

The key to success with women is not to leave
it all up to LUCK.  Instead, you must be prepared
from long BEFOREHAND. 

What you have just read is POWERFUL advice,
and yet it barely scratches the SURFACE of
all the incredible strategies you will find in my

As you can see from this newsletter, the MIND
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SABOTAGES their results with women.

Become the master of your MIND in all the
ways that apply to attracting women, or your
mind will control YOU.

Unless a man understands that, he is destined
to suffer infinitely. If he does NOT understand
this, it doesn't even matter if he HAS a harem
of women, eventually he will LOSE them all, and
not only this, he will drop to the depths of the
abyss when it comes to loneliness, neediness, and

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Michael Marks

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Use DOMINANCE To Attract Women

Dominance is one of those things that women won't usually come out and TELL you how important it is in turning them on. Part of this is because they don't want you to MISUNDERSTAND what they mean, they don't want you to warp this into somehow meaning they don't want to be fully respected.

So today I'm going to share with you some pure GOLD. It's a sample from my Attraction Mastery Program, on the topic of DOMINANCE and how it is VITAL for attracting women.

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Here is the sample:

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Michael Marks

Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect Solution For How To Approach Women

As a guy, I just want to say that I UNDERSTAND
the desire to want to just get to the FUN stuff with
women, and the good news is that the truth is that
most women LOVE everything to do with getting
physical. HOWEVER, before you can get to that
part, you need to WARM WOMEN UP first with
the RIGHT kind of conversation that gets things
going in the proper direction.

In other words, before you can get physical with a woman,
you need to develop a powerful CONNECTION with her

Unless a woman is at a club and clearly LOOKING
to just get physical,  it’s ESSENTIAL that you don’t
"put the cart before the horse" so to speak. 

SKIPPING the first stage and trying to get physical
IMMEDIATELY (even just verbalizing your desire
to take things to a physical level) almost always fails,
especially when approaching women in everyday
places like coffee shops, bookstores, public transit,
or just about anywhere else.

So here’s what I mean by the RIGHT type of conversation:
The right kind of conversation taps on topics that are directly
MEANINGFUL to a woman, and are also INTRIGUING to
her, and are often ALSO FUNNY at the same time.  Overall,
the TONE should be UPBEAT, it should take her to a place
that is emotionally BETTER than where she was BEFORE
she met you.

And one of the BIG topics that you can incorporate into
almost ANY "approach women" situation is the topic of

Think about it: When you approach a woman who is a
total stranger, the ONLY way to bridge that gap is by
helping her "feel out your personality".  Otherwise,
you are letting her view you as a blank VOID, since
you are a stranger to her.

The way to help her ‘feel out your personality’ is to
CONNECT to her using the sharpest human communication
skills you have, and I have found that actually using the
TOPIC of human communication as a theme in your chat
to use HER communication skills with YOU, so that
she can get to know YOU better! 

As human beings, we are ALL social creatures.  We may
not all be "party animals" but we all need some connection
to others.  No man, and no woman, is an island.  So chances
are STRONG that this topic will RESONATE with most
women you meet.

Keep in mind  that most women are even more social than men, and you then realize that this topic becomes even MORE effective with women.

Now, before I go further, let me give you two powerful
points regarding human communication that you might
use in a chat with a woman:

1. For all the technological communication tools we
have today, overall as a society we actually have
FEWER truly MEANINGFUL connections than
our parents’ generation, partially as a RESULT
of all these technological devices.  

2. Study after study keeps on showing us that
meaningful connections with others, i.e. our
relationships with others, are the single greatest
factor in determining our overall sense of happiness.

This is all VERY RELEVANT to "picking up women" and
I’ll get more into all of this in a second.   

I want to make it really clear that what I am about to describe
does NOT have to be a DIFFICULT task to accomplish, in
fact I will show you right now a PERFECT way to do this
EVERY time. 

The magic words to remember are these:

EVERY situation where you see a woman somewhere,
no matter WHERE, and no matter WHEN, always has
the PERFECT solution already BUILT IN to that situation,
so that you NEVER have to resort to cheesy pick-up lines
that sound to her like you use them on every woman, and
which would not make her feel special at all.

Pick-up lines actually cause women to put up their
GUARDS because women then feel you are not being real
with them, they feel you are just putting on an ACT.

They then wonder what you are HIDING if you have to
use some ACT.  This is what causes the negative reaction
of most women to pick up lines- it’s because they make
women SUSPICIOUS of what the guy REALLY is about,
since he is clearly putting on some act that hides his identity.   

So here’s an EXAMPLE of the "HOW-TO" on applying
this concept of "every situation has the solution built 
into it" while incorporating the TOPIC of "HUMAN CONNECTION".

Let’s say you are at a STARBUCKS and you see a woman
there you’d love to chat up.  You might notice a million
different things, from the book she is holding in her
hand, to the particular drink she orders, that you might
have an intriguing comment on, but let’s say you CAN’T
think of anything to say to her- here’s an example of

You might speak about the very FACT that Starbucks
itself was really based on the PREMISE that going for
a coffee should NOT just be something you RUSH
but rather should something you savor and enjoy as
a great experience WITH OTHER PEOPLE around. 

It’s the HUMAN element, NOT the coffee, as
coffee has been around for a lot longer than
Starbucks has.  Even coffee shops used to
be something that didn’t really CELEBRATE
the coffee experience, it wasn’t supposed to
be some CLASSY social experience till
STARBUCKS came along.

And you can actually APPROACH a woman
in a Starbucks, or even ANYWHERE, any
woman having a coffee, but especially this
would work well in a Starbucks, by mentioning
something like this:

"Hi there, I just had this thought, and I’m curious
what you think.  Did you know that the whole idea
of Starbucks is that it was instead of people rushing
in and out of donut and coffee shops, the idea was
that people would really RELISH the coffee experience,
and that it would be a COMMUNITY type of place
where you actually take your time with it.

In fact, that’s why every Starbucks has the community
wall inside of it, with postings about events in the
community. The idea is to have people socializing
and being a GROUP, it’s the SOCIAL element.

But here’s the part that really makes me WONDER:
Have you EVER seen anyone at a Starbucks actually
CHAT to anyone they didn’t already KNOW?"

NOW THIS is a COOL conversation starter, and you’ve
actually shown how YOU are aware of the human
dynamics of communication, and how YOU are
actually DIFFERENT from others, and also if she
herself to be DIFFERENT from most people as well,
in a POSITIVE way, which now gives you something
that you can REWARD her for with a GENUINE

No matter WHAT SHE SAYS back to you, chances are
she’s going to provide you with a lot MORE to speak about
than if you just say "hi" to her, or just told her she was
beautiful, although that is also a lot better than doing

She might respond with something like this:

"That’s fascinating, I never thought about that before!
But it makes sense. Usually I’m just thinking I need
my caffeine fix!"

And now, with that kind of playful humor that SHE
is giving you, you are off to the right kind of BANTER.

You can playfully tease her for being addicted to a drug
called caffeine, and then you can actually give her a
COMPLIMENT that she is one of the few human
beings that has social skills enough to actually use
Starbucks for what is was originally designed for!

Once you are on this topic, you can take it much FURTHER,
even if you, for example, CONSCIOUSLY bring up MORE
of the topic of human communication in a way that involves

You could tell her that one of the most important elements
to human communication is confirming feedback, meaning
validation,  this can be SIMPLE in the sense of someone
saying HELLO to you after you have said HELLO to them.

 And then you can PLAYFULLY say to her, "Hello!" and
she will GET THE JOKE, that it’s HER role to now
say HELLO back to you, and she will say, "Hello", and
now you can PLAYFULLY tell her that she is GOOD at
this communication stuff.

By being PLAYFUL about this, you are actually getting
and CONFIRMING FEEDBACK, and setting up a
great foundation for her to get to KNOW you, all
the while she is ENJOYING this because it’s a bit
playful and not totally serious.

You can even take it a step FURTHER by letting her
know that receiving VALIDATION from others
through confirming feedback is really an essential
part of having a healthy psyche, and you can then
smile at her and give her a MEANINGFUL
compliment and even TELL her that you just
gave her a GENUINE confirming feedback,
and you can even playfully suggest that she
should give the same to you, and tell her that
means she should say something nice about you!

that what makes all this work is
the playful element MIXED with the fact that
being done in the RIGHT WAY.

Now, human communication and validation
is a DEEP topic, that affects EVERYTHING
about our emotions, including the emotion
of SEX, but for now, I just want to mention
ONE more thing, which is that you can
even talk about how TRUST is the bedrock
of any real meaningful social connection,
to which she will surely AGREE.

At this point, going for her NUMBER is going
to be the EASIEST thing on Earth, because you
have conveyed TONS of cool things about yourself,
and you have gotten her smiling, you have intrigued
her, you have made her feel better about herself,
you have shown yourself to be different from
every other guy she’s met, it’s just CRAZY
how much good stuff you have going for yourself
at this point.

And by the way, this TOPIC is NOT limited

The concept of COMMUNICATION flows like

So, for example, you can use a similar approach
for anytime you see a woman on a LAPTOP anywhere,
or using an iPhone or iPad anywhere, or using the
INTERNET anywhere.

Here’s the basics of this idea in a nutshell:

Today, there is MORE technology than ever, all
designed to make it EASIER for an individual to
COMMUNICATE with others.  Everyone has
some kind of cell-phone or I-Phone or I-Pad,
there is SKYPE, there is TWITTER, there was
MY SPACE, there is FACEBOOK, they are ALL
about socializing, they are even called "SOCIAL MEDIA"!

And yet, because of these things, people are LOCKED

The very idea of having a special and INTIMATE
and private identity that connects on a deep level
to someone else is WEAKENED by these things.

There is less privacy.
There is also so much time spent on tech forms
of communication, that many people don’t meet
in PERSON as much, they just communicate by
technology instead of face-to-face.

PLUS, a lot of people use Facebook in a way that does
NOT represent their REAL selves, because they are
afraid that their real selves are not cool, so they 
instead do all sorts of things to try to seem more
cool by creating an identity that is not really true
to themselves.

THIS is a topic that is NOT supposed to be said as
a rant, and I fully see the value in these technologies for OTHER purposes, I'm just try to make it clear here so you can get the "talking points" that you would bring up in the conversation opener. 

These topics are INTERESTING and RELEVANT
and they ESPECIALLY relate to HUMAN
COMMUNICATION- which is what you are
using when chatting to a woman who is a
total stranger.

So you can use these topics as a conversation
opener, asking her for HER thoughts on these      
ideas, and then later in the chat you can playfully
CONGRATULATE her for being so good at
REAL communication face-to-face with you!

You would open the conversation with the most
relevant item, i.e. if she was using an I-Phone,
Facebook, a laptop, etc, etc.

We are LIVING in a very UNIQUE time when it
comes to the very way most people even PERCEIVE
HUMAN COMMUNICATION, and it makes sense
to TAP this topic when talking to a woman who you
want to actually have INTIMATE communication with.

It’s something that is meaningful to her, and probably
she does NOT get enough of a MEANINGFUL connection
in her own life, even though she may very well spend
TONS of time on social media.  YOU will be the man
who stands out as the man who IS able to connect
with her on the most powerful level.

And THEN you can proceed to stage two, of getting
in getting physical with YOU.

I’m sure that you can tell from reading this newsletter
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Michael Marks

Friday, June 15, 2012

Understanding Women's Sex-Psychology

Official research is now proving things
I said years ago, including these words
that I have stuck to over the years:

"If you can give a woman the gift of self-esteem,
she will be yours FOREVER."

And now, the psychological research as well as
the actual stats and polls from women basically
are saying that for women, as I quoted in the
last newsletter, "Being desired IS the

In other words, although obviously women
can appreciate the superficial things in
a man, it's not the same sexuality that
MEN have.

It's MEN who universally get TOTALLY
turned on, in an INSTANT, just from
a woman who is hot.

This is why strip clubs can pull men in
with a sign that simply reads "Girls! Girls!

Most women simply don't react that INSTANTLY
to just ONE thing, i.e. a man's LOOKS.

SOME women do, but most women are not
placing a man's looks as the DEFINING factor
in what turns them on.

Rather, it's how that man makes the WOMAN
feel as a result of his BEHAVIORS.

One of the things about the 'rape fantasy'
that some women have, is NOT the cruelty
element, it's the UNCONTROLLABLE passion.

Women want to feel INSANELY DESIRED and WANTED
more than they want to check out 'hot' men,
ESPECIALLY in the sense of what women want
that actually turns them ON.

Think of it as the difference between enjoying
looking at ART, and actually experiencing

Straight MEN love to look at things like PLAYBOY.

But who buys PLAYGIRL?

There are WAY MORE gay MEN who buy PLAYGIRL
than gay WOMEN who buy PLAYBOY.

Straight women are not just like men when it
comes to how they get turned on.  To women,
it's NOT all about the opposite gender's body,
face, looks, etc.

So, in closing, I realize these are generalizations,
but the fact is heterosexual female psychology
when it comes to what TURNS WOMEN ON is not fully
triggered by a man's "looks", it is VERY influenced
by a man's BEHAVIORS, and how he makes her FEEL
as a result of those behaviors.

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Be The "Warrior Lover" That Women CRAVE

One of the biggest turn-ons to women is to
be with a man who is "the warrior lover".

In fact, this fact SHOULD be so obvious
based on where women spend BILLIONS of
dollars world-wide every year to fulfill
this fantasy at least in their minds.

From romance novels to films, women want
the man who is driven and in CONTROL of
not only himself, but his entire reality,
including control of those around him,
(this doesn't mean to be a JERK, it means
to not let others push you around, and to
learn to do this SMOOTHLY) a man who is
aggressive, insanely confident almost to the
brink of arrogance, unpredictable, and
emotionally STABLE, almost COLD.

Having strong emotional reactions to everything
is not cool.

Once again, I'm not saying this is the ONLY
thing they want in a man, as there is the
entire FLIP side as well, in terms of being
extremely passionate about HER and her ONLY-
this side of things belongs to the OTHER half
of the equation that turns her on.

She wants you to be so passionate about her that
about your focus on her, your passion for her, to the
point that you are almost  FORCEFULLY passionate.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turn Women ON With Dominance, Sensuality, And Making Women Feel DESIRED

Three HUGE elements to ATTRACTING women,
and in particular in turning women ON, include
conveying DOMINANCE sexually, as well as also
understanding the importance of SENSUALITY,
and finally mastering the art of making a woman
feel massively DESIRED in an erotic sense. 

1. The Importance Of DOMINANCE.

One of the CRAZIEST things about the past
few decades is that although it is GREAT
that women have made progress in our society,
one thing that has happened is that a lot of
men have been BRAINWASHED to think
that being DOMINANT in the bedroom is
somehow immoral, or a form of harassment,
or something else that is to be ashamed of,
when in REALITY there are MANY, MANY
women who LOVE it when a man is dominant
in the bedroom.

I don’t have EXACT numbers, but I can tell you
that in my own experience, I haven’t met any
women who didn’t at least enjoy SOME degree
of male dominance in the bedroom.

Here’s the OTHER irony: 

The very fact that women HAVE made progress 
in our society, the very fact that women, for example,
comprise about 60% of the student population of
universities compared to only 40% men, and the
very fact that women today have more equality
than ever, means that MANY women actually
have just about NO OTHER PLACE EXCEPT 
THE BEDROOM to enjoy having a man DOMINATE!

By the way, I'm not saying that women don't enjoy
sometimes being the dominant one in bed, and
that's cool and can be fun too, however I think
that most men DON'T REALIZE how many
women ENJOY it when YOU are the one
who is dominant, and many men in fact
are afraid they might be considered as doing
something that is "sexual harassment" or even
worse, rape.

So it's important that you take BABY steps
when going into the land of dominance, and
that you gauge her reaction to all this. 

There’s more to this picture as well: 

If you want to enjoy being dominant in the bedroom,
you should actually show TOTAL RESPECT for
a woman in every way OUTSIDE the bedroom.

It’s OKAY to be a gentleman, it’s GOOD TO BE
a gentleman. But you can still LEAD the show,
so to speak, even long before you get her to
the bedroom.  It’s in the way you confidently
start a chat with her, in the way you aren’t afraid
to playfully tease her a bit, YET AT THE SAME
on a DEEP level regarding
her values, her passions, her aspirations, etc.

In fact, the more a woman feels that you RESPECT
her, the MORE she will NOT feel as if she is giving
up her DIGNITY by allowing herself to GIVE HERSELF

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who
is constantly behaving in ways that are CONTROLLING
outside of the bedroom, if you are behaving in ways
that are needy and insecure, then she is only going to
feel that any “dominance” from you in the bedroom
is a result of your insecurity, as opposed to the kind
of dominance she REALLY wants, the kind that
flows from your genuine CONFIDENCE and
having ZERO neediness or insecurity.

It’s very important to understand that for many,
many women (I can’t say all since I haven’t
dated every woman on Earth), the fantasy of
the man being dominant in the bedroom
very much an EROTIC thing but it has
nothing to do with her feeling one drop of
lack of self-esteem. 

If she senses that you seek ‘dominance’ out of
INSECURITY, it’s a total turn off.  On the other
hand, if it comes from CONFIDENCE, then
it’s usually a MASSIVE turn on.

It’s also important to understand that for all
of this women’s equality stuff, the fact is, that
women STILL want to be SEDUCED by men.

The VAST majority of women do NOT want to
be the ones who have to initiate the approach,
the chase, etc. 

So, in a very fundamental way, a woman actually
has to "SUBMIT" to your  approach, your seduction,
your masculinity.  And it sure as heck is a lot more
FUN for her and SEXUALLY GRATIFYING for her,
to do this when you are behaving in a way that is
assertive and dominant, without being a controlling,
insecure jerk.

It’s important to note that what I am saying is not
just interesting reading material, but rather is being
PROVEN by the facts in our society.  For example,
one of the latest, best selling books amongst women
today is 50 Shades of Grey, a romance novel that
features a leading man who is absolutely dominant.

And by the way, this book itself is based on ANOTHER
story of
dominance known as the Twilight movie series.

50 Shades of Grey
was conceived originally as the love affair
from Twilight, but set in modern times.

In the author’s own words, Grey is a man who is
"independent", "brilliant", yet also "intimidating".
And although he tells the woman he wants her, it’s
clear it must be on "his OWN terms".

Independent. Intimidating. He wants her on his OWN terms.
Hmmm, this should be sending every man a clear message
about what MOST women want.

Here’s a paragraph from the book:

“His arms are wrapped around me, and he’s pulling
me to him, hard, fast, gripping my ponytail to tilt
my head up, kissing me like his life depends on it …
He drags the hair tie painfully out of my hair, but
I don’t care. He needs me, for whatever reason,
at this point in time, and I have never felt so
desired and coveted.”
(Page 478.)

And one more, just in case you think I’m exaggerating:

“Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in his
vise like grip above my head, and he’s pinning me
to the wall using his lips … His other hand grabs
my hair and yanks down, bringing my face up,
and his lips are on mine … My tongue tentatively
strokes his and joins his in a slow, erotic dance …
His erection is against my belly.”
(Page 78.)

The female character in the story finds Grey to be a man
whose erotic tastes are shocking yet thrilling, a man
who absolutely takes control in the bedroom, allowing
her to explore her own deepest desires.  

THIS is the book that is all the popular rage amongst
so many ADULT women (not the Twilight crowd)
at this very moment, and yet,  it’s the timeless tale of the
“savage beast” that is untamed but has a heart, that
women have swooned for since time immemorial.   

Most women won’t get turned on or feel chemistry without
a man showing dominance, yet she has to ALSO feel SAFE
enough to allow a man to BE the dominant one.  This means
you must establish a great degree of TRUST without becoming
a kiss-ass pansy, but rather through showing respect for her
boundaries and for learning to listen to her without bias as
you get to know her so that you can truly understand her.

Displays of dominance begins the first moment you see her,
and continue throughout the interaction.

Never ASK for a kiss or if it’s okay to kiss her.
At the same time, you don’t want to just do it
when it makes no sense either, so you wait
till you see some signs of her being INTERESTED.

This is why the saying, “kisses were meant to be
STOLEN” came about.  You don’t ASK for them.

Similarly, with putting your arm around her and
going for it, not ASKING for it.

It’s also so very, VERY important to understand the
REAL meaning of something such as the rape fantasy
that many women have.

This DOES NOT, and I repeat, absolutely does NOT mean, that women want to be raped. 

What it DOES mean, is that the FANTASY of it,
of living it out in a SAFE way, is something that
is highly appealing to a lot of women.

And you just can't expect women to go around
TELLING you this, for OBVIOUS reasons of
not wanting to be MISUNDERSTOOD.

The UNDERLYING theme that is crucial to understand
is that there is HUGE amount of erotic PLEASURE
for a woman to GIVE UP CONTROL and just give
in to feeling FULL sexual intensity without having
to feel guilt for it. 

And it’s possible that in a world where women are
BOMBARDED with double standards of “not
being allowed to be sluts”
while men are PRAISED
for having tons of women partners, that it might just
be that the only way for some women to feel PURE
is if it
is “not up to them”, i.e. it is forced, it is RAPE. 

Remember, women didn’t ASK for the double standard
of behavior, where men are praised for having tons
of female partners, and women are punished and labeled
as sluts for having many male partners.

I’m not saying this is for sure the reason for the rape
fantasy, but it’s possible. Especially when you add
in the fact that it’s one way for a woman to feel
that you can be the totally ASSERTIVE one at the
same time.

It's just playing a ROLE the same way kids
play roles such as cops and robbers and
have great fun with that role-playing. 

Now, obviously, you would have to take BABY
steps toward catering to such a fantasy with
a woman, and find out if she is into that or
if she really wants that, but even with THAT,
it’s important to be the kind of man that helps
HER feel RELAXED to reveal all this to you
in direct or even indirect ways.  And most likely,
it would start with smaller revelations of what
types of DOMINANCE she enjoyed.

But the goal with dominance is to keep it
SAFE and CONSENSUAL without turning
it into ZERO DOMINANCE by asking her
a billion questions like, “Is this okay? Do you
like this?”
which turns you back into the

One way to go about this also is to speak
and discuss with her about what you might do
with her the NEXT time you two are in bed
together, so that the next time you and her are
together, you don’t have to ask questions, you
can just take control.

And when you are approaching a woman out
of the blue for the very first time, add more
DOMINANCE to your TONALITY, to your
mannerisms.  If you’re playfully teasing her,
don’t have this big toothy grin across your
face.  Instead, deliver it with a straight face.

If the chat is going well, don’t ASK for her
number, just TAKE it, tell her to write it
down for you.  She will PREFER this to
the apologetic/desperate/ass-kissing style
that most men give as a result of brainwashing
by a culture that says the only way to get toward
sex with a woman is by kissing up and buying
her gifts, which is actually the way to LOSE
a woman’s interest.

You buy a woman a gift on her birthday
or something, NOT as a way to IMPRESS
her or attract her.

Okay, so let’s move on a bit from dominance.

It's About Making Her FEEL Sensuality And
Making Her Feel INFINITELY Sexy

Even though I have spent YEARS discussing
this, I know that a lot of guys STILL think that
it’s all about LOOKS, that women are just like
men, and that the only way to get a woman who
is hot is to be a man that looks like a model.

And, the truth is, that there are SOME women
who are REALLY into a guy’s LOOKS, but
there are MANY, MANY women, often the
HOTTEST ones, in fact, who don’t put a man’s
LOOKS as the MOST important thing when

So I’m not JUST talking about the fact that
many women, just like many men, realize
that looks aren’t everything, but rather I
am actually saying that there are many women,
who, UNLIKE men, get turned on by a man’s

This includes MORE than just dominance.

Here’s a quote from a real woman who went by the name "croemita" online on a dating site forum: (

"… women are aural, sensual creatures. Where
 men are turned on by visual stimulus, women
tend to require more than just a pretty face and
a hot bod. Which is why the clever Casanova's of
the world have learned to progressively touch a
 woman and speak to her in a tone of voice that
 is simultaneously sexy but not necessarily saying
"sexy" things."

In other words, it’s not that you have to be speaking
about erotic things, but that tone of voice that includes
being SENSUAL, for example.  And by sensual,
think of the way you might SLOWLY say the word
CHOCOLATE if you were really CRAVING chocolate.

You add a lot more SENSUALITY to your voice by
SLOWING your pace down, and by giving a more
'breathy' sound to the parts of the words that have
the 'breath' sound in them.  For example, if you
were to say the word 'sensuality' right now, you
might add the breathy part "ahh" right in the "a"
of sensuality, saying the entire word slowly.

Give it a try right now, listen to how it sounds.

You can use this tonality even when you first
approach a woman, speaking about ANYTHING
interesting, and keeping it safe you can start with
something totally NOT to do with sex, yet you
will STILL be turning her on.

So the way you speak is ANOTHER way to turn
on a woman,  just as powerful as the way YOU
get turned on by the SIGHT of a hot woman.


Similarly, gradually TOUCHING her more,
using TACTFULNESS, is a turn on to her.

So, if you are going for a walk with her on
a first date, and you guide her in away from
the sidewalk to protect her from traffic, but
you do this in a classy way by placing your
hand on her waist and guiding her toward
you, this would be quite erotic and yet
tasteful at the same time.

Also, by NOT constantly touching her, you
actually make her ANTICIPATE WHEN
you might touch her again, and also by
not constantly touching her, when you
DO touch her again, it AMPLIFIES the
emotional impact of that touch, and turns
her on even MORE.   

Once you sense she is giving you receptive
signals, you can keep ESCALATING to
touching to less ‘safe’ zones and more
erogenous zones, from the inside of her
elbow, to her ear, to her inner thigh, etc.

in her ear is also another
turn on for her.  You can whisper in her
ear that you know she is a bad girl that’s
good, and you can let her ponder that.    

What’s even better, is to choose words that
create IMAGES in her mind.
  So, depending
on what stage you are at in the interaction
with her, you still want to use the most
powerful visual imagery you can create:

“My lips and tongue are going to make love
to every inch, every curve, every pore on your
body” or “You pack more sexiness in your
fingertips than most men could handle in a
lifetime” or “I’m imagining us as naked lovers
in the glow of a blazing wood fire, wine glasses

Here’s what another real woman who goes by the
name "Lil Brooker" has mentioned on the same
“… you'd be surprised by the magnetism of mental
stimulation for women. This is where men, not so
 blessed with physical attributes, can shine. What
comes out of his mouth, his attitude, his self-confidence,
 his grounded assertiveness, the language of his eyes,
kindness, generosity, knowing how and when to treat
a woman like a lady and how and when to treat her
 like she's the sexiest thing that has ever crossed
his imagination.

It's all about words for me; really good conversation will
cause me to toss my panties lickity split!

I can watch porn and feel very little and I'm just not all that visual until I care a hell of a lot. But I can read porn/erotica and lose my mind.

I can actually be having really good sex and still not feel 'over the top' aroused, but if he starts talking to me while  he's doing me...I'm toast; he'll own me."

And regarding DOMINANCE, here’s what a woman who goes
by the name "amandaok" stated:

"I am a girl and am attracted to guys that have a
dominant personality. I was hanging out with this guy
the other day, and went to the beach with him and he
could not make a move on me and i was waiting a
longgg time for him to do something so i just lost
attraction. Then later, he actually ASKED if i would
let him touch my breasts…which was a big turn off..
I think it turns me on more if a guy just does it without
asking, it feels like he's in control over you and
dominating you.

Compared to another guy who i went on a movie date
with, he made the move to put his hand on my leg and
didn't even ask me, so i let him do whatever he wanted
with me because it turns me on when i guy is dominating  you. But, with the first guy, I didn't let him do anything  with me because I just wasn't turned on at all."

Again, in case anyone thinks I am making this up, this particular comment comes from:

And, because evidence is CRUCIAL to me, I even have
important research that shows MANY women are simply
NOT like men when it comes to how important LOOKS
are in making women feel attracted to a man:

When asked, "What best describes how you feel when you see a guy (hot guy-who you consider attractive) naked?", 32% of women  said they "like" it, but that they were NOT turned ON by it.

In fact, seeing a naked WOMAN resulted in a SIMILAR
reaction, i.e. 25% of the women said they liked it, but
weren’t actually turned ON. 

(And 35% of them said they WERE turned on, so you
have about as much to ‘worry’ about 'competition’
from a male model as you do from a WOMAN who she
thinks is attractive! i.e. It’s NOT a concern.)

And a full 42% of women don’t even get turned on
by the mere SIGHT of a ‘hot guy’.  So while 57%
may indeed get  turned on just by the sight of some
male model, that still leaves almost HALF of all
women who DON’T find a man’s LOOKS to be
enough to turn her on, no matter WHAT he looks like.

And here’s the two biggest ones of all, in my opinion:

When women were asked what they THINK about
when they masturbate, a full 67% checked
the FOLLOWING as their answer:

“Me feeling sexy, and myself being the object of erotic
admiration and sexual need....”.

They were also asked if they AGREE with the
following statement:

"A woman’s sexual desire is narcissistic - it is
dominated by the yearnings of self-love, by the wish
to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need,
more than finding the male body arousing in itself."

Guess what?

A full 62% of women AGREED.

That means that it’s more important to a woman to
FEEL SEXY than it is to find the MAN sexy!

Most women (68%) will be MORE turned on by an
average looking guy who is being TURNED ON by
THEM, than by some ‘hot guy’ who she doesn’t really
feel is getting as turned on.

More than HALF of the women polled, they believed
the following statement:

“For women, being desired IS the orgasm.”

And a WHOPPING 82% of women polled agreed that
“the female orgasm is not a literal flip of what
makes the man reach orgasm. It has to do with
the women feeling sexy.....”

Remember that blurb from 50 Shades of Grey:
"...I have never felt so desired and coveted."
(Page 478.)

So, what have we learned in this newsletter?

We’ve learned EXACTLY how POWERFUL
DOMINANCE is to women, and at the SAME
time, we’ve learned how important it is for
a woman to feel SEXY.

This is why I have always said since day ONE
that attraction is NOT about trying to make a woman
feel LESS confident or LESS self-esteem in some
manipulative ploy, but rather to truly BE THE MAN,
and especially to be the MAN that makes her feel like

By the way, this is also why a lot of women, a lot
more than you think, even the "nice girls", and
"good girls" are TURNED ON by a certain amount
of sexual behavior even in PUBLIC.

It makes them feel MORE DESIRED and VINDICATED
from a sexual worth viewpoint, when the whole WORLD
bears WITNESS to the fact they are DESIRED.

Remember this, for making a woman feel DESIRED

One last time, I want to HAMMER home that blurb
in from 50 Shades of Grey:

“...I have never felt so desired and coveted.”
(Page 478.)

It’s not JUST the dominance, it’s the MIXTURE
of also being DESIRED.

This doesn’t mean to do the DEED outright in
public, but a hint of it is always hot.

I remember, long ago, a girl who was a straight
"A" student, great at science and all that logical
stuff, and who acted VERY conservative, one time
at the gym I saw her from behind and took one
look at her butt and loved it, I felt that animal 
instinct, and rather than repress it, I followed it.

I was dating her, but things were a bit stop and go
in the romance department. Until then, I was
repressing my expressions of sexuality even
though she was my girlfriend, mostly because
she seemed so conservative.

I decided to surprise her from behind while she
was sitting on an exercise bench machine. 

I "straddled" the bench and slid down the bench,
and began grinding against her butt from behind,
in a position that looked very sexual.

She immediately looked surprised and turned
her neck to see who it was.

I gave her a look that was ALL SERIOUS BUSINESS,
not joking around at all, totally dominant.

I didn't SAY anything sexy, but in a sensual
dominant yet whispery TONALITY, I said:

"Heyyy. How are you doin".

At that second, she could have slapped me
across the face, she could have said,
"What are you doing??? Everyone can see this!"
Instead, a WARM smile went across her face
and she actually moved tighter INTO me, allowing 
me to grind even MORE.

Not only didn’t she get upset, she became WARMER
She was ENJOYING this and ENJOYING the fact
that people could see this.

In fact, I was the one to stop doing it, not her.
I just decided that this was enough of a hint
for her of what was to come later.

This also opened up the pathways to a much
hotter time behind closed doors as well.

And this was a "GOOD GIRL" that wasn't out at
the clubs partying and getting drunk and
smoking cigarettes or taking drugs.

She was too busy studying and getting 99%
on all her science, math, and biology exams.

Never mistake good girls for not being
ULTRA sexual, by the way.

And the PUBLIC display of desire all makes
sense, because it feels like GREATER proof
of how sexy they are, they feel the whole WORLD
should know how desirable they are.

This is also why it’s GOOD to be A SUPER
, even as you do it in a dominant
sense, and if you are a good guy, you don’t have
to fear that somehow this makes you “weak” or
the bad version of “nice guy”, NOPE, it actually
is the BEST thing to do, and in fact going nuts with
passion in the bedroom is the BEST way to deliver the
message that you really DO love her.

So, the ball’s now in your court, you KNOW
that getting the women you want is ABSOLUTELY
and COMPLETELY within your grasp.  The question
is, what are you going to DO about it?

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