Friday, May 28, 2010

Obliterating Approach Anxiety

You know how every dating guru on
EARTH tells you to think POSITIVE
when it comes to approaching women?

Like “You can get her!!!! Go up to
her and approach her!!! She’s yours!”

Or: “Don’t worry about rejection!
Think positive! She WON’T reject you!”

Or: “You look like a stud!! Don’t
worry about your insecurity about
your height, your money, your
prestige, your age, your build,
your reputation, your experience,
your voice,” ad INFINITUM.

Well, the truth is, a LOT of this “THINK
POSITIVE” advice is GREAT if you are
ALREADY pretty confident!!!!

If you are ALREADY "pimpin" as they say.

But if you are trying to get your
foot in the door so to speak with
women, and especially for the very
FIRST step of getting over the fear
of APPROACHING women,("Approach Anxiety")
then just "thinking positive" is the
absolute WORST thing you can do
for yourself!!!!

Trying to think "positive" can actually
make you far MORE ANXIOUS about yourself
and about your chances of success.

There are some situations that are
RIGHT for “thinking positive”, but
APPROACH ANXIETY ain't one of them!

I should know, I used to spend
years trying to get PUMPED UP
to get over approach anxiety.

And yet, approach anxiety is something
that MUST be solved in order to get
ANYWHERE with women.

The number one BLOCK between guys
getting the girls of their dreams and not
getting the girl, starts EARLY- it starts
with FAILING to approach women CONSISTENTLY!

Right now, at the very moment you
are reading this, there are TONS of
women around you who are single,
in fact there have never been more
single women in history than there
are today.

Before you can apply the more advanced
concepts I teach for creating ATTRACTION
and for getting a woman to treat you with

And although you can meet women
online, the REALITY is that the
CONFIDENCE that comes from
being able to approach women
ANYWHERE in the REAL world
SPILLS OVER into ALL of your
interactions with women, and
it spills over no matter where
you meet them.

Women can tell right away that
they are dealing with a man who

You will be radiating this confidence
without even thinking about it, it will come
through in your thoughts, body language,
tonality, everything.

When a woman senses you have OPTIONS with
other women, you ALWAYS become more attractive
to her, it’s far more VALIDATING to her
self-esteem because she knows you could
have chosen a billion other women INSTEAD OF HER,
but you decided to approach and chat with HER.

She can detect this confidence in a MICROSECOND,
I promise you that.

She can also detect a LACK of this confidence
just as instantaneously.

should be your very FIRST PRIORITY when it
comes to which skills to MASTER with women.

If you are only relying on the women that
fall into your lap through introductions
or through “luck” you are going to be
waiting FOREVER to meet the right
woman, and you’re also going to be
so starved for female attention, that
chances are you will KISS UP to
the women that DO come your
way since you don’t have as many
OPTIONS at your disposal.

You can CHANGE all this with
getting over approach anxiety
once and for ALL.

Thanks to some very cool people that
have taught me how to do this, I can now
share with you the strategy as well so that

Now, let me ASSURE you, this is not
“think positive!” advice- I PROMISE YOU

Learning these secrets is something that
I personally value MORE than anything
else I’ve ever learned, and the truth is,
I owe it all to a man who I can’t even
do justice to by calling him “a friend”
or “best friend”. He’s been MUCH
MORE than that, and one day you’ll
get to meet him at a future seminar when
we finally team up to ROCK this planet.

Go HERE immediately to learn how you
can overcome approach anxiety NOW:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Women Are Spoiled - How To Solve This

If you want to succeed with ATTRACTIVE
women in ANY way, there is something
MASSIVE you need to understand before
anything else.

It’s crucial to understand the REASON there
is such a problem out there with women to
BEGIN with.

The reason is both SIMPLE yet it also
is something that virtually NO ONE
sees, and NO ONE discusses.

Everyone thinks it’s just “natural” that
women and men will just have the
war of the sexes, etc.

That is HOGWASH!

The REAL reason there is a problem
is simple, yet elusive to everyone:


That’s it, that’s the bottom line.

Now you know why I created "Get A GREAT Girl".

If you value a woman who APPRECIATES things,
and if you value traits such as honesty, integrity, loyalty,
and genuine love, then it's only a GREAT woman
who shares these values that is worth  your time
and worth attracting in the first place.

Men who are stereotypically "good looking" are
not spoiled the same way, because men tend to
achieve value through a NUMBER of things, so
a guy who is "good-looking" knows he has to be
more than that to be "desirable", so guys are in
general less spoiled this way.

(That's why female supermodels are celebrities and
mult-millionaires, but nobody even knows the NAME
of any male models, not even women know them!)

That's why, again, MOST women who are even
REMOTELY attractive, are brainwashed to be
spoiled because the only thing they HEAR all
day and all night is how WONDERFUL they
are, and how FANTASTIC of a PRIZE THEY
ARE, no matter what is REALLY the truth!

Also, all this is really true for OUR generation.
It's not really true for your MOM's generation.

This is the first generation where many
young women have NEVER KNOWN a
world where attractive women were

It’s not politically correct to STAND UP
to these lies either, so the lies go
unchallenged and thus they get
more and more reinforced in women’s
and even some men’s minds as well!

Here’s how women are spoiled:

1. The PHYSICAL deterrent of man
is diminished.

Now, obviously, I am against any kind of
abuse. The fact is, men and women
have checks and balances in power,
when in nature.

Men are stronger physically, but they
also will SACRIFICE themselves for
the woman they love, the family,
etc, etc.

In return, a woman gave her loyalty,
etc, etc.

Today, however, a man must act
otherwise his VOICE tonality alone
will be used against him, in false
accusations of assault, threat, abuse,
harassment, etc.

So a man can’t even BE a man, he has
to IGNORE his own testosterone.

He has to symbolically cut his balls off
when he is communicating with women.

Meanwhile, women can hurt men emotionally,
they can get the police after him even when
he is innocent, they can do all sorts of
HORRORS that our culture tends to
STILL believe women rather than men
even with zero evidence!

This SPOILS a woman, into thinking
it’s NORMAL for a man to have to
kiss up and almost FEAR women
but for women to NOT FEAR men
at all, knowing the legal system
will always fall on her side.


Now here's the thing, it's hard to BLAME
the media, since the media is simply a
REFLECTION of the culture, and is
made up of our own society.

I'm just saying that our society's screwed up
values when it comes to kissing up to women
get REINFORCED through society's mass-media.

Because it’s not politically correct to stick to
the TRUTH, what we sometimes get instead
of truth are certain programs, magazines,
sitcoms, commercials, etc, all aimed at
WOMEN that tell women certain things,
such as:


That COUGARS are actually more desirable
than young women.

So you get women who were not only
spoiled their entire YOUTHS, but are
now told they are even MORE desirable
now that they are OLDER.

This makes some of these women NEVER
learn and never mature emotionally! 

Imagine a girl who has been flattered and
kissed up to her whole life for her looks,
and is now being told she is even BETTER
than before.

The reality is that of course, cougars are
not physically more attractive than younger
women. They are less, but this truth is
COVERED up and instead replaced with
a massive lie, which just makes women
more spoiled with men.

Here’s another example:


That men are dumb and desperate for sex.

Certain sitcoms on TV where the man
has NO BRAINS, and is desperately
craving sex with his wife, while the wife
is far SMARTER and not too keen on
sex with her husband.

Here’s another:


That women are special just for being women,
and it's okay to be rude in rejecting men.

The ENDLESS commercials for products
for women, telling them how GREAT
they are, and that “they’re worth it.”

This is what these women want to hear.

Now, just to be perfectly honest, this MIGHT
be catering to the fact that so many women
actually feel LOW self-esteem, so maybe this
caters to their desire to feel self-worth?

Meanwhile, commercials for men tend
to show the guy being ELATED when
any girl wants to talk to him, and in
fact it’s quite normal for commercials
to show women rejecting guys.

There’s one commercial with a guy
filling up his car at the gas station,
he strikes up a chat with the woman
nearby, who is also filling up her
car at the same time as him.

He asks her, “You come here often?”
and she says “Actually, no!,” and she
just TAKES OFF in her fuel efficient car,
rather than talk with the guy.

I realize the point in that commercial
is to show how fuel efficient the car is,
and that she doesn't need to fill it
up often, but the WAY the point is
delivered is something that would
NEVER be done vice-versa to
women, because in our culture
today men are almost "supposed to"
think it's totally FINE for women to get
away with being RUDE to any guy
that shows interest. 

"OKAY AND NORMAL" for a commercial.
It's not exactly considered "normal" in
REALITY, but the fact it's "okay"
in a commercial is still not good,
because it reflects a lack of respect,
which is why you DON'T see commercials
so often playing the disrespect angle when
it comes to MEN and how they treat WOMEN. 

In the commercial I explained above for
the car, the guy is supposed to EXPECT this
MASSIVE rudeness even though HE put
himself in the way of emotional risk by talking
to her first.

And it's not like the guy in the commercial
looks like he is uncool or anything, which
PROVES how it's totally NOT ABOUT
YOUR LOOKS, you can be a MALE
WOMEN, if they are even REMOTELY

No protests from any man’s group in
the streets for this kind of thing.

Men aren’t allowed to complain, they
have to be happy with this.

Sex and the City and Cougartown are
women's shows that allow women to
indulge in their own hallucinations
and fantasies and pretend they are
reality, the problem is that these shows
are not CLEARLY and obviously
FANTASIES in the way that for
example men understand that
PORNOGRAPHY is not reality.

So in many ways, shows like Cougartown,
Desperate Housewives, and Sex and the City
are more damaging, since they aren't OBVIOUS
as being TOTALLY UNREALISTIC to women.

The only part that is REAL about these shows
is the fact that on all these shows, the women
are UNHAPPY by their lifestyles, which of
course is an important part of the show, for
if the women WERE happy, there would be
no dramatic premise, it would just be boring. 

But somehow most women who watch these
shows seem to forget this bottom line which
is that most of the female characters on these
shows are UNHAPPY from their lifestyles.

These shows pretend that these women who are
all aging and looking horrible for real, are somehow
supposed to ACTUALLY be such hot things, and
who are supposedly living the "independent" and
free-for-all sex life.

Every cool girl I've ever met so far
absolutely HATES these shows.

It's almost become a test you can give
women, if they hate something like
Sex and the City or if they don't even
know much about what the show is
(which is even better as it means they
never even gravitated toward it in the
first place), they are probably a better
type of girl.

I'm not saying a woman has to have loved
YOUR favorite shows, whether it's the A-Team,
Knight Rider, or Breaking Bad, but it's a good
sign if she doesn't love any particular women's
shows that spoil women with untrue beliefs that
promote the idea that women are somehow more
empowered than men.    

But of course, in our current society, it’s MEN who
so often are portrayed as the dirty, superficial, evil,
physically and emotionally abusive ones, as well as
the just plain stupid ones.

In REALITY, it’s the men who actually die in the
wars, make up the majority of fire-fighters, and
who sacrifice themselves for women, but THIS isn’t
mentioned a lot in our society these days.

Nope, instead, we get MOVIES like Charlies' Angels,
where some WOMAN kicks every guy’s ass.

And of course, it’s STILL men who tend
to pay for dates, and who must risk
rejection by approaching women,
never the other way around.

So OF COURSE all this results in
some women who are really wacky
in their behavior. I'm not saying
ALL women, okay? But it's more
women than makes any reasonable
sense to expect.

And I DON'T say this to stir up anger
against women, because the GOOD NEWS
is that there STILL ARE some GREAT
women out there, and believe me, they
are searching for a GREAT GUY as well.

It's hard even for a great woman to find
a guy who is emotionally mature and who
has his act together, so in a different way,
it's just as hard for a great woman to find
what SHE is looking for in a man.   

Also, a GREAT woman WANTS to know that
you appreciate HER fantastic character and
that indeed you WON'T desperately accept
BAD behavior from the wrong woman just
because you want sex!

But getting back to how some spoiled
women behave, they will say hurtful things
and push their luck as far as you will
allow them.

It’s not even their FAULT anymore,
I totally MEAN this, not just being
"nice" here when I say that, it's

When it comes to how most women today
who are even remotely attractive view men,
these women are like children who
had TERRIBLE parents who just let
them get away with EVERYTHING.

Most of these women feel it’s all NORMAL,
they don’t feel any reason to stop what they
are doing.

HENCE, the reason why it’s SO IMPORTANT

Be VERY CAREFUL when meeting women,
not every woman is a "GREAT girl".

I personally would not even be interested in
a disrespectful woman even if she "reformed"
herself after she "learned" her lesson from me.

I'm also not interested in using my technology
and teachings to sexually attract what I feel
is a woman with a WARPED personality.

Just because you CAN attract a certain woman,
doesn't mean you SHOULD!

To paraphrase a line from JURASSIC PARK,
"Your scientists were so busy trying to figure
out if they COULD, they never stopped to
ask if they SHOULD!"

There ARE some great women out there who
have ALREADY learned long ago that it is
the RIGHT thing for people to show RESPECT
to each other.

This is also why I teach how to DETECT a
woman's personality QUICKLY, so that you
don't waste time on the WRONG women,
and to prevent yourself from getting into
a relationship with the WRONG woman.

What happens with many men if they
meet women who are insensitive or
demanding or whatever, is that the men
just GIVE INTO IT, in order to KEEP
the women, when in reality this just DRIVES
the women AWAY ANYWAY!.

It drives them away because the human
mind doesn’t appreciate that which it
didn’t have to earn.

Most good women are the women who have
been brought up to APPRECIATE things,
and who didn't have everything handed
to them.

Plus, so many men don't make women have
to EARN their attention, because the men
are GIVING all their attention to the
women simply because the women are hot.

Don't be one of those guys who just gives
all his attention to a woman just because
she's hot, instead reward her for what
she actually does to EARN your attention
or to earn virtue and respect in general.

TIP 1:


Don’t give away your power, and by
power I mean your emotions, your time,
your money, your energy, until a woman
has EARNED them from you.

TIP 2:


Slow down the interaction, most guys
want to get naked so fast, and this only
reads as desperation.

Instead, slow down and TALK to her,
get to know who she is, let her know
you have standards, and more importantly

If she doesn’t meet your standards, reject her.
99% of the time, this only makes you more
attractive and makes her pursue you more.

But you have to be willing to really walk away.

TIP 3:


Don’t go to extremes and don’t become
abusive yourself, just because she says
something irritating isn’t a reason
for you to become abusive.

Now, you must be able to make distinctions.
If a woman said something NASTY, then
dump her.  You can't change a personality.

But if she just said something that bothered
you, but it wasn't intentional or really nasty,
then INSTEAD of becoming abusive, just
freeze frame and stop the conversation
and let her know why you are getting
up to leave (or whatever is appropriate
for the environment and situation).

This way, you lead by example.
As Mao Tse Tung said “Respond
intelligently even to unintelligent

TIP 4:


Most women have the perspective
of being the one who is more
desired, and most men FEED
this by calling incessantly and
asking dorky insecure questions
and trying to qualify themselves.

If a woman doesn’t like something
about you, or teases you about something,
IT’S CRUCIAL you take her frame,
so you should just say back to her:

“If that’s how you feel” and let her
walk away—99% of the time she
won’t, or she would not have been
talking to you in the first place,
she is just spoiled and needs
a real man to put her in her place
but not with threats, rather with
your ULTRA SECURE response’
of “if that’s how you feel” and
don’t say a WORD after that
and WATCH how she will fill
in the void to keep the conversation

Now, the next thing I am about to say
only applies if you are naturally too
NICE of a person, the kind of person
who is always finding out that he gave
MORE of a rat's ass about being a
good person than anyone ELSE
gave a rat's ass about.

In other words, if you are a really GOOD
GUY, and sensitive, and you don't want to
get abused, then do this:

Always be just A BIT more busy
than she is, a bit less time for
a relationship than she has,
a bit less everything, and the
REASON for this is that
every good deed you do for her
in terms of having so much time
and energy for her is subconsciously
partially read by her as desperation,
so your good actions will count
MORE when done sparingly.

This can CHANGE once she shows
she respects you.

And if this woman is truly a GREAT
GIRL, who doesn’t abuse you, who
doesn't PUNISH your goodness with
LACK OF INTEREST on her part,
then go HERE right away:

If you’re starting out, you need to first meet a
LOT of women, and my MASTERY PROGRAM
will show you the advanced levels of attracting
women EVERYWHERE- whether you see
her on the bus, mall, party, bookstore, café,


It’s at:

Make the decision now to take care of
this part of your life once and for all.

Be cool,

Michael Marks

P.S. To check out all the programs I've
made to ensure you succeed with women,
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting A Woman Who Is 'Da Bomb' Vs. The TIME BOMB

When it comes to dating advice, there sure
is a lot out there, especially the dating guru
pick up artist advisers. And of course,
everyone says they are different and

So what really makes me different from
all that stuff?

Well, the bottom line is whether you
want a woman who is faithful or not,
a woman who will treat you right or
not, a woman who will give you
headaches or not.

That’s really the bottom line.

Most of the advice out there thinks
that confidence must contain arrogance.

So for example, the ever-popular
backhanded compliment, which is
basically a subtle insult, such as
“You have a nice smile, it reminds
me of my aunt” where the whole
thing is made to make her feel as
if she doesn't have sexual appeal.

This is aimed at depriving a woman
of her self-esteem in the hopes this
will make the man seem of higher
status in relation to her.

Similarly, statements that are made
to indicate that it’s your way or the
highway, etc, to show that you are
“high status”.

Well, here’s the deal with all that stuff,
it often DOES get some initial attention,
because it’s a bit unusual (although
so many guys are copying that arrogance
that it's not really standing out much
anymore) but here’s what guys don’t know:

The kind of stuff that works on, are
women who THEMSELVES deep
down relate to that kind of language.

The better the woman is, the more RESOLUTE
she is in NOT treating people that way
HERSELF, the more she will ABHOR that
kind of communication, that kind of treatment.

The more such arrogant behavior will repel
her from you.

On the other hand, the more spoiled,
the more messed up, the more selfish,
a woman is, well then, now THIS
is the kind of language she HERSELF
can identify with, it’s speaking her

So I ask you, which kind of woman do
you want?

Not only that, but the fact is, even the
selfish women or the low self esteem
women who respond to the abusive
approach, the reality is that it’s just
a matter of time before SOMEONE
gets really pissed off, you or her,
from this method of communication
and behavior, and that means it’s
going to be a time-bomb waiting
to happen.

That means it’s going to cost you a lot
of emotional drama in your life.

Here’s the even more important point:

There IS a way to get the attention of
a GREAT GIRL, a girl who is truly ‘DA BOMB’,
fantastic inside and out, but it’s not about
subtle insults, and it’s not about showing
what a “big shot” you are. (In fact, a great
girl actually sees arrogance as insecure

It’s about making EMOTIONAL IMPACT
and NOT being a douchebag.

It’s not about being a submissive weak guy.
It’s not about being a douchebag.

It’s about making emotional impact in

This takes a bit more ARTISTRY, which
is ironic considering that pick up artists
should know this, considering they call
themselves artists, but then again,
they aren’t concerned with quality of
women, so I guess this doesn’t matter
to them.

The communication you have with a great
woman should have subtle signs of charm,
of being abundant with love for LIFE, with
passion, AND with confidence.

So for example, in my “Disarm and Charm”
method, you’ll notice there are ZERO
insults, zero “backhanded compliments”,
and instead a lot of FUN, and when fun
is delivered in a confident vocal TONALITY,
you are also conveying CONFIDENCE.

For EXAMPLE, in a supermarket:

Accusing a woman you met in the supermarket
of wanting to steal the cereal box prizes is
funny, but it’s not mean-spirited. Playfully
and mischievously getting her to ROLE-PLAY
with you the idea of plotting together to raid the
supply in the back of the store is not only
FUN, it’s also a form of BONDING that
brings you both together QUICKLY.

Doing this role-play in a way where YOU
are behaving like CLYDE and she gets
to be BONNIE (of Bonnie and Clyde,
the male and female robber team of fame)
makes you seem like THE MAN, and
ALSO allows her to experience ADVENTURE.

All this in a span of 60 seconds!!!!

And you can even give her a COMPLIMENT
if she played along really well, telling her that
she is the kind of person that knows life
is not to be taken too seriously, and that’s
the only kind of person you roll with!

From that point, it’s EASY to get into
“normal” conversation, except it’s not
“normal” anymore, because now she
is EXCITED to get to KNOW you more,
to talk to you, and to then find out your name
and give you her NUMBER, and to build
more connection.

All this built on a foundation where there
was NO abuse, no arrogance, and thus
showing that YOUR way involves treating
people with RESPECT, so she now knows
the RULES for behavior in your life.

As opposed to starting the interaction,
the very first impression of your world,
as being one of abuse and arrogance-
to which of course the only kind of
person who will respond is either going
to be a woman of super low self-esteem
or more likely, a woman who is abusive
herself- either way, a problem waiting
to happen.

So if you want to get a GREAT girl,
what you have read is just the tip
of the ICEBERG. The qualities
that make you stand out in the
RIGHT way go beyond just
the initial ice-breakers and
first conversation. 

It also includes how you handle
things all the way to the bedroom
and into your relationship. 

To get the FULL picture, I suggest you
download my book ‘Get A Great Girl’
immediately at:

This book is CRUCIAL if you want
a quality woman in your life NOW.

And to find out about ALL my programs
for meeting, attracting, and keeping
the women of your dreams, go here:

Have a great weekend,

Michael Marks

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How To Attract Women With "Disarm & Charm"

If you ever thought that attracting women
is hard, I have good news for, it's actually

The MEETING part, and initial attraction,
even if she is a TOTAL STRANGER, in
a non social environment, i.e. the bus stop
as opposed to some party, is actually far
easier than most men realize, if you
know how to do it RIGHT.

Most men end up doing it wrong and tripping
her “ALARMS” that cause her to SHUT DOWN.

This is especially true if she is a woman with
high standards, the kind of woman who is very
selective of the men she sees.

The way to stand OUT and be EFFECTIVE
is to DISARM and CHARM her.

The reason for this is that although women
want to meet you, the only thing holding them
back is this tiny thing that women are feeling,
called FEAR.

Fear of maybe you’re one of the creeps their
dads told them about as kids, to beware of.

Fear of approaching you, as women still
expect men to do the approaching as
otherwise most women feel if they do the
approach then they are coming on too
strong, plus they themselves are often
afraid of rejection.

Unless you're talking in a nightclub, where
the atmosphere is already very social, when
you're in normal places like the bus or coffee
shop, women have been conditioned to be a
little cautious for good reasons, after all there
are a lot of less than virtuous men out there
just as there are a lot of less than virtuous
women out there.

If a woman is afraid, it will be used against
you, so you first DISARM her of this fear,
you take away her feelings of fear.

And now that she is DISARMED and open to
you, THEN you CHARM her to attract her.

So how can you immediately DISARM and
CHARM her?

My favorite method to do that is by you drawing upon
relate to.

In the same way you wouldn't be able to relate
to a woman talking to you about the finer
applications of lipstick, you shouldn't expect
most women to be identify with demolition
derby, or some obscure Bruce Lee movie.

Also, there is no point in starting a conversation
with a woman about anything BORING, even if
she can relate to it.

You can disarm her and charm her by playfully
bringing up topics that are both INNOCENT and
FUNNY, and you can give these topics a flirtatious
sexual TWIST.

One POWERFUL way to do this is to bring up
famous TV SHOWS from childhood, and then
offer a playful sexual perspective on the show,
or even a playful perspective on the show from
the standpoint of male and female gender roles.

I call it "Innocent Adult Views On Childhood TV!"

It's important to remember that it must still be

This is a fine line that most people overlook.

I mean, who CAN'T like The Flintstones?
Who CAN'T like Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch,
and Ernie and Bert???

So here's just one example of “Disarm & Charm”
using "Innocent Adult Views On Childhood TV":

Walk up to a woman and casually say:

"Excuse me, I have a very serious question
I need the answer to. Could you help me out?"

(This SERIOUS tonality at the start is done
on purpose because it makes it all the more
funny when she finds out in about three
seconds from the topic that actually this is
NOT serious at all!)

So she nods to you, or says, "Ok sure", etc.

You then go on with:

"See, I was wondering, if you were to choose
one of the two, would you marry Fred Flintstone
or Barney Rubble? This is very serious."

As she starts to crack a smile, you keep a
straight face and give her a sec to answer.

If she laughs, you continue to let her know
this is very important and serious and that
you need the answer.

If she then says that she would choose
Fred, you tell her "Oh man, this would
never work out with you and me-
Fred is far too normal, goes to work
every day, very reliable good guy,
far too much pressure for me.

I'm more of a Barney Rubble type guy,
I mean you know that NO ONE knows
where the heck Barney goes every
morning, right? Fred goes to the
quarry, but Barney??? Where
does he go???? The guy is an

So I need a woman like Betty who is more
cool with an enigmatic guy like myself!"

Chances are, she WILL be laughing by now,
and that is not only because this stuff is funny,
but because the MEMORIES of childhood
and of that show are triggering POSITIVE
EMOTIONS in her, and it's hard to view you
as a THREAT if you are being associated in
her mind with Barney or Fred or the Flintstones.

By the way, if she says she would choose
Barney, you could high-five her and tell her
she is SUCH a cool girl.

(Totally over-exaggerate, which HEIGHTENS
the humor because even though she knows
you are kidding, it still feels GOOD for her,
since she feels, even if just playfully, that
she EARNED this respect because of her
choice, she didn't just get this high-five for
nothing, but rather because of her great taste
in choosing a man- BARNEY RUBBLE! People
appreciate what they EARN!)

And you could then go on to tell her why she
is so cool, because she is like Betty, who
was cool with Barney not having a real job
all day and that you plan to do the same thing
and just watch TV all day!

Then you can add the final kicker and say that

She will NOT think you are needy, she will
KNOW you are being playful.

So you have already DISARMED her by showing
an innocent side of yourself immediately, but you
have also CHARMED her by conveying all that
humor, confidence, and charisma that followed
your initial comment to her.

Using the Disarm And Charm principles,
you could create a BILLION more examples,
and you could make them even MORE powerful
by incorporating into them all the OTHER skills
I teach in my programs and materials.

The first key to remember is to use something
from CHILDHOOD TV, something that is
FAMOUS so that she ALREADY is very familiar
with it so that you don't have to waste time
explaining all the details.

You want her to GET IT immediately, so it's
key you use something that she will KNOW.

The second key to remember about this idea
is to give the whole discussion an ADULT twist.

The third key is to NOT GO OVERBOARD
with the adult twist. In other words, KEEP IT

You do NOT want to go into the land of the
VULGAR- that totally RUINS the whole effect,
the whole point of the idea in the first place.

If you never watched the Flintstones, then
don't use that example. There are so many
shows that you could choose from, it's ridiculous.

It doesn't even have to be TV. It could be some
kind of popular SNACK that was famous for kids
back when you were a child.

Maybe the snack came with some really
LAME gift, or some offer for a free gift if you
sent in about a "thousand" proofs of purchase,
(exaggerate for effect) that at the time
seemed REALLY cool, that you could discuss
and twist in playful way.

For example, you could tell her that you
only like adventurous girls, and that you
are looking for a partner in crime, to steal
the toys from the cereal boxes in the

And you can playfully tell her that she is
too much of a wuss to be up for it, etc.

Or you can playfully tell her that you know
she would do it for some prize from the
Strawberry Shortcake cereal!

From there, now that you have her Disarmed
and Charmed her, it's going to be MUCH easier
to get into rapport with her and to get into a
real conversation of getting to know each other,
now that you both have your "guard" down.

You've displayed guts, humor, charm, and
you've taken her into a receptive state of mind.

Get the idea?

It's gold, and I guarantee you IT WORKS.

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Michael Marks

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Secret To Confidence With Women

Confidence with women- we hear it all the time.

It's no secret that the number one thing that
makes an "average guy" an EXTRAORDINARY
guy, an extraordinarily attractive to women,
is confidence.

All the typical things women say they want
in a man, from money to looks to prestige
to WHATEVER, it all gets blown out of the
water as soon as massive confidence enters
the picture.

Suddenly then, in the presence of massive
confidence, she finds herself attracted
to him no matter what.

So how do you GET this confidence?

There are TWO steps involved:


You must accept that if you currently don't
feel confident for whatever reason, those
reasons are YOUR distortions of your potential,
and that in fact you CAN change the way
you feel.

Yes, you must realize that right now,
if you DON'T feel massive confidence,
you are either consciously or unconsciously
coming up with EXCUSES for why you CAN'T
attract this woman or that woman, etc.

You must realize that you can CHANGE this,
even if you don't know how yet, the first
step is to realize that this feeling of
confidence CAN be experienced.

Most men are NOT tapping their full potential
at ALL. Psychologists estimate that people
only tap into about 5% of their brain's
potential, and of course the brain controls
everything else.

So whatever results YOU are getting
right now, most likely you can get about
95% BETTER results.

So again, to cut back to the chase,
you must ACCEPT that if you are currently
NOT feeling confident, that you CAN
feel confidence.

The first step is BELIEVING.

So I ask you, what KICK in the pants
do you need to start BELIEVING?????

What does it take for you to get

Here are a few things to help motivate you:

1. It's a fact that most humans do NOT
tap into more than just a tiny percent
of their brains' potential.

So you already HAVE the resources in your
mind, you just have to start PUSHING and

2. One way to get rid of your NEEDINESS
is to realize that MOST of the physically
attractive women, if you really knew them,
you would not want to be with them, for
the simple reason they are spoiled.

That's the whole reason I created
Get A Great Girl- it's because
most of the "dating guru" advice
out there is about how to get
some woman who is attractive
into BED, but they completely
and absolutely ignore the fact
that if you want an actual
of their stuff works.

That's because no tactic in the
world can make a woman with poor
character A GREAT WOMAN.

This I promise one TRILLION
percent, no matter what they

This is EVEN more true if you are the kind
of man that doesn't smoke, doesn't take
illegal narcotics, the kind of man who
believes in integrity, who is honest, who
believes in being faithful, who is ambitious,

The reality is that most women who are
attractive are usually spoiled and
not exactly the best when it comes to
loyalty. They play "games" so to speak
when it comes to really being faithful,
for the simple reason that our culture
has spoiled women.

Women have been spoiled because when
men gave women feminism, (yes, it
was men who did this originally or
it never would have happened) men
did not change with the times- they
kept on acting as if women were
these dainty, impoverished, innocent,
helpless, poor creatures, and men acted
as if women were doing men a big favor
as if women didn't enjoy getting physical,

Meanwhile, the reality is that women
are more in university than men, the
reality is that most men are not abusive
at all and in fact it may very well be
that more women are abusive to men
than vice versa but that men simply
don't report these things because it's
not culturally "cool" for a man to
do this, and also meanwhile even
with all this feminism stuff it's
men who pay for most dates, etc.

Also, most women don't even WANT
a man who acts so "equal" and acts like
he is just another woman, they are
attracted to dominance and confidence,
they are not attracted to estrogen in men.

That's why one of the most famous feminists
ended up marrying Ted Turner, who was
one of the most powerful people around.

When a woman REALIZES that you know FULL
well the REAL SCORE, and that you know full
well that if she is like the typical attractive woman
these days then she isn't such a great catch, well
THEN she tries much harder than she would for
an ignorant guy who is acting all needy,
as if he has got some perfect woman.

Moreover, you will know that you can
SCREEN PAST the wrong women and know
that really it's YOU who is doing
the screening, not them.

Also, the rare kind of great girl who
knows that mistreating a man will eventually
backfire in her face, will be ECSTATIC to know
she has met a great guy like you who is
well aware of the messed up situation
when it comes to most dating, and that
you have not fallen for it yourself,
and that you rather have made
a decision to skip past the wrong
women and go for the RIGHT one.

3. Right now, some jerk who is also
an ignoramus, but THINKS he is the
greatest thing on earth, is doing
pretty damn well with women, all
things considered.

So, are you going to let these JERKS
get these women instead of YOU?????

You have everything they do, and MORE,
except the one thing you're missing is
the BELIEF that you have everything they

These jerks get women not because they
are jerks, but because jerks tend to
not question their value, while good
guys are too modest and not sure if
they have the value to attract a woman,
and so good guys often don't even

PLAY THE GAME so to speak to begin
with, letting the jerks win by DEFAULT!

4. Here's one more motivator-
your genes have made it to THIS point,
a MILLION years at LEAST in terms of
evolution, so obviously you DO have
it in your genes to ATTRACT, otherwise
there is no way your genes could have

That's a million years of
successful attractions, evolution
itself has declared you a winner!

****NOW, STEP TWO:****

Step two of getting confidence is

Don't wait until you have confidence!

Don't wait till you are SURE THAT YOU

Don't wait for feeling everything is now
GUARANTEED to work, so that you can
absolutely avoid all potential pain no matter
what- instead EMBRACE the idea of
it doesn't matter whether you succeed
or not!! 

It's about you taking the ACTION.

Even if it all goes to HELL, it will just be
a memory, and in fact, the TOUGHER it
is, the STRONGER it will make you after,
so you can almost look forward to the
GREATER challenge that is presented
to you by your fears- the greater the fear,
the greater the chance for GROWING.

If you get the girl, great, and if you didn't,
also great because you faced your fear,
which in itself will make you stronger
and more courageous and more attractive!

Time is so precious, don't waste it on
giving into your fears!

So you can't LOSE unless you DON'T take action!

So for example, if you are not confident
in approaching a woman, then approach

If in your mind you think you are going
to look like an idiot, then you must
accept that you MIGHT LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.

Yes, this is PART of getting the CONFIDENCE
to NOT CARE if you look like an idiot.

You'd be surprised to learn that NOT
actually ATTRACTIVE to a woman, and
the way to get to that point of not
caring what others or what SHE thinks
of you, is to at first KEEP ON DOING

By doing the action again and again, you
get desensitized to it.

In fact, if you are obsessed with the
constant thought that she will think you
are an idiot, and positive thinking doesn't
help you, then rather than pumping yourself UP
and telling yourself "yes I will get her
number and she will think I am a STUD",
instead do this:


You can even tell yourself that she
DOES think you are gross!!!!

This way, you will stop trying to
think positive when thinking positive
is not only not working but just making
you feel worse- because every time
you tell yourself that "she's gonna love me"
you then instantly ask yourself, 'What if she
does NOT think i'm cool????"

So remember that step two is to DO THE
you STOP caring about whether you suck
or not, and of course by doing this
CONFIDENT because the FEAR is what
robs your brain of all it's resourceful
power, but by doing it again and again
you will not care what others think,
and you will be able to enter the
resourceful state of mind that will
make you CONFIDENT.

As powerful as this is, and it's MASSIVELY
poweful, this is just the TIP of the iceberg
compared to getting the FULL SCOOP from
my programs and materials. 

I suggest you start with my books to build
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MASTERY program, and you can check
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Till next time,

Michael Marks