Saturday, February 27, 2010

Attracting The Right Woman

Attracting the right woman is about channeling
the power of TRUTH when it comes to values
and morals and relationships.

Today, more than ever, the truth is obscured
in lies and distortions, our culture has become
almost SCARED to give good advice, because
it might offend the "cool" (i.e. IGNORANT)

There's no question that things weren't perfect
in the past, but there's also no question that
what's "cool" today in terms of women has
become a little more warped than ever before.

Can you even IMAGINE a female singer
like this TODAY?

And yet, you also know that there is something
inherently GOOD about this song, this performance,
and I daresay that it has something to do with
morals.  Not only the lyrics, but the whole
with humility and not arrogance.

This isn't what you get when you turn on

This is the unspoken TRUTH that no one wants
to talk about today.

So I say, YELL IT OUT, proclaim it, as it's
something that actually is DESIRED and
wanted, but no one has the guts to do it
since it's not already a "trend" and most
people want to be followers and not take
any chances.

When chatting up a woman who is a total
stranger, the problem most guys run into
is that they come across as cheesy and
not being authentic. It seems like
"here we go again, guy tries to pick
up woman with his one liner".

There is nothing more powerful than
coming across as being for REAL.

In fact, the strongest impact you
can have is when she feels she is
getting TRUTH and that this truth
is coming from a MAN not from a
boy who is still immature.

As a GOOD GUY, this is something that
is very POWERFUL for you.

The crazy thing though, is that there is so much
falsehood that MASQUERADES as the truth, and so
few good guys are even out there CHALLENGING
the lies, so the jerks win by default.

It's like good guys aren't even showing
up to the event, so the jerks win.

So, for example, the book “The Game”
SEEMED like the truth to millions of men.

It exploits the pain that millions of men
feel from how tough it is to meet and
attract a woman who is a total stranger,
and basically says “See? The reason you
couldn’t get a girl was because you weren’t
using these GAMES!”

And the book also seems to promise such
massive and easy results from using these
games and abusive tactics such as making
a woman feel less confident about herself,

I don't even blame the author!
I honestly think he is a good guy
who himself got brainwashed!

Even in the book itself, Neil Strauss
mentions at the very end that "relationships
are not a game"- and so if you REALLY
believe that, then you know that starting
a relationship with games, or approaching
a woman with using games, is not a
strong FOUNDATION for starting
a relationship on.

Also, even in the book itself, Neil mentions
how the one woman he actually really wanted
more than all the others, NONE of the games
stuff worked on HER.  And in fact, the games
pushed her away and it was only when he
STOPPED the games with her that he actually
got her.

Somehow, this part of the book seems to
have gotten totally lost on guys, because
99% of the book is all about how the
games WORK on women- it just doesn't
make it clear WHICH type of women
it works on, and how quickly the
connection and spark will be ruined
with a woman because the guy was
using those games.

Now, the truth is, of course, that not all
women are angels, that’s for sure.

The women who are not up to par character
wise, well the best thing is to AVOID
them, not to "game" them.

The problem with "The Game" is that it
makes you think that you weren't being
enough of a jerk, or that you were not
undermining a woman's self-esteem enough,
when in reality the solution is to start
having more conviction in yourself
rather than on trying to lower hers.

Also, of course, the other part of the
solution is to find better women.

If you need to play manipulative
mind-games to get a woman, I assure
you that the whole thing is going to
fall apart very quickly. You probably
already know that if you tried those

But this is why I created Get A GREAT Girl,
because it’s not about “getting all the women”
it’s about getting the RIGHT one, and becoming
the best MAN you can be.

And what does TRUTH have to do with
getting the RIGHT woman?

The answer is: EVERYTHING.

Allow me to give an example:
If you see a woman, anywhere, there are about
a million things you could open up the conversation
with, that are all COMPELLING, if you just stick
to what is TRUE and what you CARE about.

For me, for example, I want to know what
a woman's values are like, and how mature
she is emotionally, so I might actually ask her
what she thinks of the fact that men and women
are so often not being honest with each other.

I know it will be a great conversation- where
the things she says will show me a lot about
her character, and where I have a lot of
passionate things to say as well.

Truth to me is always extremely important.

I’ve mentioned before for example, how the
show and movie “Sex and the City” was
supposed to all be about some form of
“empowerment” for women because now
these women sleep around all of New York
City and gab about it to their fellow female

Now, in fact, none of the women are fulfilled
from this- even on the show- and the writers
had to do this because if they showed these
women actually feeling so great from all this
of all the women who in reality are NOT

So the female audience actually RELATES
to the screwed-upness of the situation of
the characters on the show, and yet the
show never makes the OBVIOUS TRUTH
CLEAR- which is that the solution is for
these women to start focusing on finding
the RIGHT man rather than on emulating
the very worst men that are out there.

Recently, I read a book by Michael Coren,
“As I See It”, where he actually points out
that New York City has one of the highest
percentage of people with genital herpes,
ANYWHERE on the planet.

It’s actually one in four people, and women
are even more likely than men to have it
in New York City.

Why does THIS not get shown on the women
Of SEX AND THE CITY????????????????

Why does THIS not get shown in most movies?

That’s because the truth is something that although
is staring us in the face all the time, is also something
that most people will NOT see.

And yet, when the real truth DOES finally
sink in, you want to kick yourself for not
seeing it so much earlier.

So what I’m saying here is that if you want
to be BETTER than average, if you want
to get a GREAT girl, then you have to
become something that is more than just
the mass-production McDonald’s style
of how to approach women with gimmicks,
lines, routines, and games.

Start tapping into TRUTH, it’s soooooooo
much more powerful because so few people
ever use it and so few people are strong
enough to tap into it.

Most people would rather live in the “Matrix”
and fool themselves, and in fact there is a
whole society that has men and women interacting
in the game mode, and it’s all really pathetic
because the whole thing is doomed to failure
since it’s built on a weak foundation devoid
of love, wisdom, and other great elements
of character.

And I’m not saying that LOOKS aren’t important,
I think it’s VERY important to feel physical
chemistry for the woman you are with, I just
think that it’s not enough and that there needs
to be the big picture built on truth.

By the way, all these things in this column
would actually make for a great conversation
with women because it’s about relationships,
it’s about men and women interacting, it’s

Another quick point I want to make here
is that in addition to the CONTENT of
what you are talking about, the other
major thing, maybe in fact even MORE
important, is the combination of emotional
states that make up for one fantastic state
of mind- the combination of feeling upbeat,
sexual, dominant, is so crucial for
effectively conveying who you are
to a woman you just met- she will
feel these emotions pulsing through
you by listening to the intonations of
your TONALITY in your voice.

It’s not whether you have a deep pitch or
high pitch or in between, what is important
are the emotions she DETECTS in your
voice, and she does all this subconsciously-
she is not thinking about it.

Again, being in an UPBEAT state while
also feeling dominant and sexual is very
important. You should NOT feel like
you are going into some kind of military
situation when you are approaching a woman.

Being manly does not mean being brooding
like Batman.

In fact, even if you were to ask BOXERS
you would find out that the boxer who is
HAPPY in general, does much better than
the boxer who is all brooding and such.

In fact, Mike Tyson himself said this,
and by the way, the documentary about
him called “Tyson” is a pretty good film,
because it PROVES so many things-
it shows how working TOGETHER and
having true friends is the way to really
accomplish things, as Tyson was going
down a terrible path in life until he met
this man named Cus D’Amato who
became like a father to him-

It shows how losing his discipline when it
came to many things, but especially when it
came to women, actually was a huge part
of his own downfall – the womanizing
clearly brought him down, and he is the
first to acknowledge this.

Instead of emulating the NEGATIVE aspects
of celebrity behavior, we should learn to
AVOID THOSE THINGS and to see how
those negative things are not a sign of
a successful man, but rather the UNDOING
of a successful man.

It also shows how EMOTIONAL STATE
is often the difference between a champ and the
guy who gets DEFEATED.

All this stuff is the TRUTH, and if you want
the FULL truth on how to get a great woman, I
suggest you get my book at:

This book will show you how to SKYROCKET
your results with the best kind of woman, and it
has nothing to do with pick-up lines or sleazy

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Truth About Being Her Man

There's a ton of GOLD I’m about to share with you
regarding what women want you to BE in order for
them to feel WOMANLY.

Ready, set, GO:


This is such a huge thing that I started
speaking about even in even in my
very first book years ago, which is
that in order for her to feel like a
WOMAN, you must behave like a MAN.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do
with acting arrogant, or with thinking
that women are less intelligent, less
capable, or with thinking that women
should all be barefoot and pregnant
in the kitchen all the time.

In fact, that kind of thinking comes from
ignorance or insecurity, the opposite things
from being the essence of a man.

What I mean by masculinity is a certain
type of ruggedness in essence. It means not
acting like a PRETTY BOY or being obsessed
with looking in the mirror or being too caught
up in plucking your eyebrows or shaving
your body all over the place, etc, etc.

Grooming and hygiene is EXTREMELY
important, obviously, but being a “pretty boy”
is the antithesis of masculinity.

Seriously, this metrosexual stuff makes
some men seem more FEMININE THAN
THE WOMAN, and this robs a woman of
her feelings of femininity.

That means in bed she will not feel PASSIONATE
as a woman.

Being a MAN is a good thing, regardless of
what some feminists say.

This brings us to the next point, on dominance:



Dominance is definitely one of the most important
concepts for attraction, but it is misunderstood, and
then gets perverted and distorted, and turned into a
mockery by most people.

The reality is that most women although they
expect to be treated with equality in general,
they want to feel WOMANLY around you,
and especially so in bed, and they want you to
be the MAN.

However, in order for a woman to SUBMIT to
a man’s dominance, she must be able to TRUST him
and ALSO feel he is genuinely worthy and masculine.

This means that you must not only exude
CONFIDENCE in general so that she feels
you are THE MAN, but you must also earn
her COMPLETE TRUST, so that she feels
SAFE in and womanly in submitting to you.

And what I mean by trust is not just the trust that
you will not cause her any actual HARM, what
I mean is that she trusts you on a deep level that
you will still totally respect her and in fact
CHERISH her for all this.

She must know that you do NOT think that women
are ANY less than men, that you do not think she is
less than you in any way, not less intelligent, or less capable,
or less worthy.

This is NOT about being a Neanderthal.

It’s about knowing that a woman is a human
being with all the same rights as a man, but
ALSO knowing that she is WOMAN sexually
and that she naturally wants to FEEL that role,
and she cannot feel that role if you do NOT
act dominant and assertive in bed.

Old fashioned society knew the importance of
masculinity and femininity and preserved those
roles, but it also unfortunately had some screwed
up concepts of women. Modern society has
progressed in some ways, which is good, but
it has also LOST the concept of how important
it is to protect femininity and masculinity and
to cherish and preserve those identities, and losing
that is a great loss as well.

You want to be the BEST of both worlds-
respecting a good woman who has earned
your respect, and ALSO making her feel
like a WOMAN by you being THE MAN.

It’s when you COMBINE this best of both
worlds that you spark the MAGIC in her

Show your masculinity through your demeanor,
your tonality, your decisiveness, your conviction
in yourself, and show your respect through being
sensitive to her as a fellow human being as well,
and when it comes to being under the sheets,
be way more assertive than you have been, and
you’ll be surprised to find out that 99% of women
LOVE it when you take control.

This doesn’t mean that she can never take control or
be assertive, of course it doesn’t mean that. And it
doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be that softer
kind of lovemaking as well. Of course it doesn’t
mean that. It means that as a general principle,
being more DOMINANT is key, key, KEY.

I really do believe that this has its roots in our
biological makeup and chemistry, and is not just
a cultural thing, because in fact our culture seems
to imply we should all be identical, and yet that
doesn’t create attraction at all. So that’s why
I think it’s really in men’s and women’s genes
to be this way, to only feel chemistry this way.



If you’re not MEETING a lot of women, then
unless you have special connections it’s going to
be impossible to ever meet the RIGHT woman.

So whether you are meeting these women in
person by approaching them as strangers, or
you are meeting on the internet, or through
speed-dating, or whatever other method,
the key is to be meeting MANY women
and checking out their personalities.

Now this has nothing to do with being a
womanizer or with dating several women
at once. I’m not into either of those things,
as you know I’m all about how to find the
RIGHT woman and I actually believe
that if you are dating several women at
once, you will not be able to focus on
the woman properly, which will not only
suck for her, but will prevent you from
properly being able to sense who she
REALLY is and whether she is really
right for you or not.

However, if you want to meet the RIGHT
woman, that means a woman who is not
only attractive but who also shares and
cherishes the same VALUES as you do.

In order to meet a woman who shares the
same “blueprint” regarding your values
and perception of things, you will HAVE
to meet many women, it’s the only way,
anything else is playing the lottery game
which is just plain ridiculous.

Laziness is the ENEMY here.
You will have to WORK it, my man.

If you are deciding to meet women through
cold approaches to strangers, you will have
to do it again and again.

If you're meeting women through social events,
you may have to go to a LOT of them.

If you decide to work the online personals,
then you will have to WORK it there as well.

Don’t expect that the first woman you message
or meet to be the one. Don’t expect to get too far
with a half-assed profile, make your profile as damn
good as possible, and as ACCURATE and consistent
to who you are as possible.  (more on this below)
But if you WORK it, over and over again,
for WEEKS at a time, you WILL get the
kind of results you are looking for.

Now, whether you are meeting in person,
online, or any other way, here’s another key:



It’s really a turn off to a quality woman who
is looking for the real thing when she sees
things you are saying, doing, or writing.

Inconsistencies come from trying to be
someone you are not.

And that comes from FEAR that you will
be rejected for who you ARE.

So I have news for you:

YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Embrace that because trust me, you WANT
to get RID of the women who do NOT want
who you really ARE!

Being with the wrong women wastes precious
TIME that you could be using on finding the
RIGHT woman.

Seriously, the best thing I ever did was when
I stopped trying to be “Mr. Cool” and Mr. Pick Up Artist
and instead realized that I believed in my OWN values
enough to the point that if a woman or even if ALL
women didn’t share those values then I really had
no DESIRE to be with them in the first place,
I would rather be SINGLE.

It’s amazing the crazy things we will do out
of the fear of being alone, as if being alone
was the worst thing that could happen to
a person.

Being alone is like being in HEAVEN compared
to pretending to be someone you are NOT.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because
guess what?

The kind of woman who really IS the right match
for you, the kind of woman who really DOES share
your values, will ONLY be attracted to you if she
can DETECT that you have those values, and she
will NEVER detect them if you are trying to be
someone ELSE.

As long as you are not being true to your values,
you are not A FREE MAN, and that is the most
unattractive thing of all.  You become a slave
to SOCIAL PRESSURE, you don't act like
a man, you are not "your own man".

Start embracing and cherishing and defending your
values and LIVE them, breathe them, let them
exude from your every action and word, and, if
you are doing the online dating thing, then from
your every WRITTEN word.

If you are looking for a real long term relationship,
then make sure to NOT message the girls who
are looking for one night stands.

Inconsistencies end up confusing you on
a subconscious level and make you behave
in ways that are incongruent and that end up
telling the RIGHT WOMAN that you are
WRONG for her!

What kind of man will you be if you aren’t
confident enough in your own values to
BELIEVE they are worth it, that they are
worth the sacrifice of losing some of the
women out there- if you are not ready to
say NO to some women out there, then
you will never really be qualified to say
YES to ANY of them.



If you are serious about meeting the right woman,
then when you do meet a woman anywhere, I
urge you to get her TALKING about herself
and what’s important to her, and I urge you
to start listening better than ever before.

This is not to “show” you are a nice guy-
it’s to ACTUALLY FIND OUT if she
is right for you!

Now, the thing is, if you DO detect from the
things that she is saying that she DOES have
the right things you are looking for, well then
now you have something extremely POWERFUL
for attracting her, which is that you can

It’s interesting, because in sales, the best salesmen
on the planet are not the sleazy stereotypes of
a salesman. Nope, rather they are consultative
sales people. They are trying to find out if
what they have is what you are looking for,
and if not they will help lead you in the
right direction so you can find it somewhere
else, because at least then they have STILL
provided VALUE and will be remembered
which helps increase the possibility the
customer will come BACK.

Well, it’s not THAT different when it comes
to being great with women. You should
genuinely be listening to see what it is
she is really about, what she is really looking
for even if she is not conscious of it- and
then if you know you are the MATCH
for her, you now have all the reasons
that she has given you - either she has directly
given them to you through what she has said
or she has indirectly told you, and now you
can qualify her for being the right MATCH
for all the reasons she has actually given to you.

A woman wants to be chosen, not settled for.
and she wants to be with the RIGHT guy,
and she wants to know she is the woman
for that guy.



If you are looking to attract a great woman who is
the total deal – inside and out, well chances
are she knows she’s got VALUE, and yet she’s
also not ARROGANT.

Like attracts like, and similar mindsets attract as well.
It’s incredibly, massively RARE to meet people who
have VALUE and who aren’t spoiled.

Those people who have value and who still keep
themselves GROUNDED and not arrogant are

So, for example, if you exude confidence and
masculinity and yet you don’t reek of player
infidelity and lack of integrity, a great woman
will pick up on this FAST.

So, in order to accelerate the process of becoming
this kind of man, start asking yourself:

“Is this thing that I am doing or saying or writing
flow from CONFIDENCE, or from ARROGANCE?”

“Does this action I am about to do come from

Become STRICT with yourself to annihilate
soul, and replace them with the kind of quiet
confidence that is like a Wolverine- quiet, not
seeking attention, yet devastatingly powerful
and resolved to win in all situations.

And if you are reading this right now and
are resolved to getting a GREAT woman,
then I suggest you download my book,
Get A Great Girl, IMMEDIATELY, at:

This book is the ONLY one of its kind that
focuses on how to get and also KEEP a truly
fantastic woman. It will show you exactly
what to do not only for approaching a woman
or meeting women anywhere, but it will also
show you how to deepen the connection
so that you both form an impenetrable BOND
with each other that no other man can match.

And at every step of the way, you will be doing
this in a way that is all about being a MAN,
and not some type of "entertainer" or court

Being a man is a great thing, it's the very best
gift you can give a woman: 

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unleash Your Charisma With Women

What makes women tick is a man who makes
them feel ALIVE in the fullest sense- and the
only way for her to feel that is to have as many
awesome emotions being pumped through
her system as possible: Adrenaline rushes,
laughter, love, romance, adventure, to name
a few.

Once you have done THAT, you have become
DESIRABLE, at which point it THEN makes
sense to truly VALIDATE her and give her
the kind of genuine compliments to take her
self-esteem to an even higher level, because
ultimately the greatest high is feeling infinite

Most guys though, rather than turning women’s
emotions ON, are actually shutting them DOWN.

The reason for this is because they themselves
submit to various FEARS.

The key to DESTROYING fears is to
DO the thing you fear, not just once but
again and again, that's what makes
it eventually go away.

Initially, when doing what you fear,
your anxiety will actually INCREASE.
But then it will go DOWN, massively.

We don't live forever, which is a damn good
reason to stop wasting TIME on fears and
instead to ENJOY LIFE, which includes
being with a great woman.

The fear of approaching women you'd like
to talk to will only get MORE INTENSE if
you give into that fear.

Fear is the most paralyzing emotion of all-
it shuts down every other cool emotion in yourself-
it shuts down your sense of humor, it shuts down
your sense of adventure, it shuts down even your
sex drive, it shuts down your self-esteem.

You can never get rid of ALL fear, and
you shouldn't, or you'd do stupid things,
but the problem is that fear usually gets
OUT OF HAND and begins to CONTROL

All the empowering, fun, cool emotions, are
all intricately RELATED to each other, even
if you aren’t conscious of it, they are TOTALLY
related and being able to tap into any ONE of
these cool emotions helps you ALSO tap into
the other empowering emotions as well.

See, the REAL secret to, for example, a great
comedian’s talent is not “his sense of comedy”,
but rather his ability to NOT SUBMIT TO

So the FIRST key to charisma is:


Imagine now, a scenario where you see a
woman you’d like to approach, maybe she’s
on the train, or in the bookstore, but there are

I used to let this kind of thing BOTHER me,
as if these OTHER people were going to
suddenly open an official BOOK of
“How to behave” where it says “Though
shall not approach women you are
attracted to” and “Though shalt remain
BORED rather than EXCITED.”

But then the coolest thing was that I
started to get ADDICTED to the
DRAMA of this “danger” and I
enjoyed the PROCESS of approaching
women almost as much as the end
result of getting a date, a number, or
whatever else – in fact, sometimes
I enjoyed the process even MORE
than the end result- and you can too!

And you can push the envelope so much
FURTHER than just making the approach,
by doing it in a way that is FUN

Confidence is a sign of LIFE AND
THRIVING, and flips on her emotional
switches to ATTRACTION.

If she's working in a store and you
chat her up, rather than being all
apologetic, it's cooler and more fun
to turn things around, as if she
was trying to pick YOU up.

So you can tell her to stop staring at
you like you are piece of meat, that you
feel uncomfortable only being desired
physically and not also for your MIND.

This is fun, playful, confident, and
allows her to flirt back with you because
you have set it up as PLAYFUL which means
she can enjoy the process without worrying
too much if it has to MEAN SOMETHING SERIOUS
or not- and the irony is that by not having
the pressure on, she is free to actually
ENJOY your interaction, and she feels
much more free to show her sexuality,
since after all, it's just "playful".

This playfulness is a license to do
almost ANYTHING, allowing you to break
through the barriers of what is considered
"proper" behavior- and "proper" behavior
is boring, brainwashed behavior, it is
the ANTI-ATTRACTION! Do not follow
"proper" behavior unless you want
to chase women away.

By enjoying the process, by the way,
you also tend to not give up, which
makes you practice a LOT and that
makes you even better.

All because rather than giving IN
to the fear, you can learn to ENJOY
the fun and adrenaline of it!

This means rather than looking for
reasons why everything has to be
safe from risk of rejection, you
actually DON'T look for this and
instead you ENJOY the rush of the
"risk". (Of course, there IS no
physical risk - it's all a mindgame,
and the way to win is to stop
trying to find ways OUT and
rather EMBRACE the process.)

Think about it, the best comedians tell us things
that most other people are AFRAID to talk
about, because it’s somehow ‘inappropriate’
to speak about certain topics or issues or
realities, and the more we REPRESS these
things as a society, the more we APPRECIATE
from these things.

So, tip number TWO:


If you go back and think even to kindergarten,
someone had to make fun of someone else or
be cruel for no reason at all – it was just
insecurity, and this continues through
grade school, into adulthood and all
their lives for some people.

Observing the TRUTH and not being
afraid to say it, especially if the truth
is something IMPORTANT that helps
us become BETTER people by becoming
more AWARE of ourselves, is COOL
because it liberates us from that fear.

Here’s the THIRD key to charisma:


So for example going back to the idea
of turning things around, and implying
that a woman is chasing you and how
you want to be appreciated for your mind,
it's funny and it's confident and takes

It’s not about being mean-spirited, it’s
about not being held back by FEAR.

Another key to making women feel
ALIVE is to realize that all fears are
really pathetic, since life is far too
short to waste time on getting DOWN
when you can be spending that same

So this brings me to key number FOUR:


If you are chatting with a woman and
she brings up something negative, turn
it around – i.e. if she mentions some
female co-worker of hers that’s a
pain in the ass, rather than get all
serious you might try putting a
REFRAME on the entire perspective
by making a PLAYFUL remark,
such as “Well, I am a hitman and
I could take care of her for you, but
it will cost about 500 bucks, plus

All emotions are about perspectives,
so if you change the perspective, you
change the emotion.

This is true even for small things, like for
example let’s say you are out with a woman
at a restaurant and you get a steak that is
done too rare, and before you send it back,
you tell her, "This thing needs BANDAGES!"
(courtesy of comedian Arie Kizel)

The great news when it comes to being skilled
at attracting a woman, is that the bar is not
very HIGH since so FEW guys practice at ALL!

Also, this is a skill that you can learn the
core skills relatively FAST, kind of like
learning to ride a bicycle.

At first you might very well feel
LACK OF CONFIDENCE, and that’s fine.

This is not a reason NOT to go up to a woman,
in fact, it’s the best reason to actually DO IT,
because doing that which you fear is what
makes you GROW and become more charismatic.

Courage is a cool thing, women are attracted
to it, so the next time you see a woman in
a situation like she’s working in a lingerie
store and you think it’s too weird to enter
to talk to her, just realize that the very
fact it takes more guts is what will give
you more points in her eyes.

The coolest thing of all is that after a while,
approaching women will become so easy
for you that you will WANT the adrenaline
rush and you will start to push the
envelope further and further in terms of
your humor, wit, and the kinds of situations
you enter regarding your approaches, all
of which will make you more and more
attractive to women.

You will stop worrying about failure or
rejection and instead be thinking of how
you can RAISE the bar for YOURSELF.

This is similar to how people who are great
at any skill, be it acting, music, writing, a sport,
or anything else, will strive to reach higher
and higher, because they enjoy the RUSH
of out-doing THEMSELVES and breaking
through to the next level of what was
previously unknown territory to them.

And if you’re reading this right now,
and you are serious about attracting
the woman you want, then I suggest
you get my book, ‘Get A Great Girl’

It will show you what to do to make
her a REALITY in your life rather than
just a fantasy. It will show you what
to do from the very first moment you
SEE her.

It’s at:

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Michael Marks

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's About CHARISMA, Not "Bad Boys"

One of the things that really burns me
up is when I see good guys being told
perversions of truth that actually hold
guys BACK from getting progress with

One of the biggest problems is the way
guys who really need to learn CONFIDENCE
and to gain CHARISMA are told to emulate
"bad boys".

The only attractive part of "bad boys"
is that they have a certain amount of
pretend to not be sexual.

However, bad boys also end up getting
themselves in trouble, often end up
with no money, end up often in rehab
for years, and often lack the required
social skills for moving up in the world.

ALL of which are NOT attractive to the
BEST quality women.

I've known quite a few bad
boys over the years, and I PROMISE
you that the COOLEST ones are the
ones who came out the other end
and turned their lives AROUND
from all that- these guys truly
ARE COOL because they KNOW
what it means to be a bad boy
and they have VOLUNTARILY
GIVEN IT ALL UP because they
see the other side- these guys
have NO NEED to put on an ACT
of being tough, because they
are the toughest of all and
they know the truth about
the whole thing.

The coolest bad boys are the
bad boys who have MATURED
beyond those days.

But to try to take a guy who is "too nice"
and make him PRETEND to be a "bad boy"
is ridiculous and pointless and self-destructive.

Now, a woman who has serious ISSUES
AND WOULD BE A DISASTER in a relationship
might find that a bad boy is perfect
for her, since she herself knows that
any SANE guy would run like hell from her,
and also because she feeds off the DRAMA
that a bad boy provides for her, since
she has no life of her OWN that she
is passionate about.

Again, this acting "young and stupid"
mentality is in full force here as well,
and you do NOT want a woman who WORSHIPS
the mentality of being young, inexperienced,
and stupid.

Yes, there ARE some psychologically
damaged women who DO want a "bad boy",
but I guarantee you that if you are
not TRULY a bad boy, then you will
find these kind of women the most
destructive force in your life-
the reason bad boys can handle
them is becuase they themselves
truly don't CARE. So if you
are looking for a woman to have
a HEALTHY and passionate connection
with, you should avoid these women.

Again, this isn't about getting all the
wacky insane girls, it's about getting

Let me also prove it to you in the real

Almost every success story when it
comes to men, if the man is not at
PEACE in his relationship, it almost
always brings him DOWN.

I'm not saying that every single man needs
to be in a relationship to be successful, but
I am saying that the stereotype of being a
"bad boy" is a MYTH in terms of it being

When Mike Tyson was having problems with
Robin Givens, he was beaten by a boxer far
less talented.

When Sly Stallone was philandering after his
original success with Rocky and Rambo, and
screwed up his relationship with his wife, he
started to make some unwise decisions with
the films he decided to make, and his career
REALLY suffered for a long time.  Once
he got this part of his life back on track,
he eventually regained his success.

The list of talented men who started to lose
their edge when they allowed their relationship
to get screwed up is ENDLESS.

Ever notice that over the past few decades,
you didn't hear about Spielberg hanging out
at strip clubs and womanizing?

Gene Simmons, of KISS, has been faithful to
the same woman, the woman who is the mother
of his children, forever, and KISS is still
a kick-ass successful band, and he himself
is more successful than ever.  And before
he dedicated himself to her, he clearly
had his choice of INFINITE women and
was definitely with tons of women and
they all loved him. 

He's a decent guy who also ROCKED.

Tom Cruise, whatever you want to say about him,
has never been one to screw around in his relationships.
He's still at the top of his game.

Will Smith, same story, totally faithful to his wife.
Super successful.

Bill Gates, also not known for being some kind of
bad boy, is actually one of the most powerful people
in the world.  Also, faithful to his wife.

Similarly, even Tiger Woods, although he
was not faithful, this did not INCREASE
his wife's attraction to him, and it did not
INCREASE his success.

In fact it almost COST him his entire marriage
to her and has thrown him for a loop professionally.

Tiger's roots are LEGENDARY in
terms of old-school good old fashioned

His father was an ex green-beret, and
his father was, in his own words, his
best friend.  He says all this.  He also
gives tons of credit to his mom for
putting the competitive spirit in him.

Sounds like a pretty DECENT guy,
to put it mildly, no?

It's only when he got OFF that track
that he started to have problems it seems.

Tiger LOVES being competitive, he
gets a RUSH from the sport, but he
is NOT a "bad boy" in any sense
of the word.  There is no evidence
for him being mean, abusive, uncaring,
etc, in general, aside of course from
his infidelity- and this infidelity will
cause problems on and off the course
because you need to have peace on
the homefront if you are to do well
in the arena of your career as well.

A lot of this "bad boy" stuff advice is
from being too WEAK and SUBMISSIVE

The solution to too little of an ingredient
in a recipe is not to OVERLOAD the recipe
with that ingredient, and so the solution
to being a nice guy is not to become a
bad boy!

It may, however, be something to experiment
with just to SEE the perspective change.

James Bond isn't a "bad boy" really, he's
willing to give up his LIFE for others, for
his job, he just OOOZES something known
as CHARISMA throughout the entire PROCESS.

And it's this CHARISMA, this sense of
THRIVING off the danger, this sense of
LOVING the ADVENTURE, this sense of
enjoying the banter with the most
intelligent and most beautiful of women,
this sense of knowing he is making
a DIFFERENCE in the world, the sense
of INDEPENDENCE and that he will
get the job DONE no matter what,
all this comes across as CHARISMA,
and THAT'S what is attractive.

There's nothing "bad" in any of that.

So for any guys who are thinking of
being more "bad" to women, I suggest
you become more CHARISMATIC instead.

Your results will mean the difference
between wasting time doing mental
masterbation, ("I'm a BAD BOY now! So
I know I must be getting closer to
getting all the girls, right?") versus
ACTUALLY being in bed with the woman
of your dreams.

To get the FULL SCOOP on turning
yourself into pure charisma, get
my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program-
it's over ten hours of cream-of-the-crop
info on everything from how to approach
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how to get her home with you and how
to be GLOWING with so much charisma
that she senses it the moment she
meets you.

It's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, February 5, 2010

Strong Enough To Be Her Man

The whole point of ‘Get A Great Girl’ is
to find and attract a truly fantastic quality
woman who is something special inside
and out. That means she is not only
beautiful, but she’s kind, she’s wise,
and dare I say it, she even has logic.

Now, along the road to finding this kind of
woman, you’re going to bump into a lot of
the WRONG women.

In fact, you may end up meeting so many
of the wrong women, that you start to think
ALL women are the same. This is similar
to how so many women feel that ALL men
are jerks.

And this is where being STRONG comes in.
If you allow yourself to become too jaded,
you will carry around too much negativity,
too much defensiveness, which may be
great for preventing getting abused by
the WRONG women, but will also
REPEL the RIGHT woman.

Ever since I was a teenager, I always knew
one billion percent what kind of relationship
I wanted in terms of the AUTHENTICITY
of it, in terms of the HEART in it, and the
PASSION as well.

Cultural brainwashing since childhood,
that taught me hogwash such as “men are jerks”
and also lack of experience meant that I had no
idea just how horrifyingly abusive women could be,
just as abusive as any evil man portrayed on
Oprah Winfrey, etc.

(By the way, Oprah’s got another one lined
up on evil men by the way, all about the
child molesters that men are, on Monday.
It's no wonder growing up I felt I had to
prove I was a good guy a hundred times
harder than any woman had to prove
she was a good girl.)

Growing up in this environment where men were
portrayed as all evil, I truly BELIEVED it when
a woman told me that all she wanted was a good
guy for a relationship, a guy that wouldn’t cheat,
etc. And then I couldn’t understand how when
I was this good honest way, with women that
I was attracted to, I got back NOTHING.

So I started to slowly believe that I was the
victim of some evil conspiracy, and I started
to fall big time for the “player” mentality
and I started to believe that playing ‘THE GAME’
on women was the only way to get anywhere.

This was YEARS before there was any book
published called “The Game” and years before
I entered this field.

The TRUTH is, and it took many years to see
this, is that there ARE women of virtue, of
honor, of great courage and fantastic morals,
out there.

They just aren’t growing on trees, they aren’t

They ABSOLUTELY can be found, they’re
probably within a few miles or kilometers of
where you are right now. You just don’t know
who’s who right now.

Similarly, great MEN are not easy for women to
find, either.

If you want to meet a great woman, and you
want to make sure you attract her rather than
push her away, AND you want to avoid being
WOMAN, here are some MAJOR tips:


I hate to say it, but if you are a good guy, you
need to realize that due to our culture, MOST
women will be brainwashed and they will
lack the courage to stand up for the right
values in their lives.

If you act too good too fast, you are simply
making yourself a target for the WRONG WOMAN.

What I mean by “too good” is giving away too
much power, in any form. Whether it’s you
getting too emotional for a woman too fast,
whether it’s you giving out too much of your
feelings too fast, it’s just not wise, because
the wrong woman will take advantage of
you this way just so that she can have
someone to fall back upon, and not
necessarily love you for real- and cause
you all kinds of psychological anguish.

She will PRETEND she is into you, and try
to cover up all the inconsistencies such as
not calling you back or writing back in
a reasonable amount of time, etc.

This leads to:


Including the action of TAKING THE EFFORT
to make sure to WRITE THE WORDS TO YOU!

So words DO count, but not words when they
come in the form of constant excuses or
rationalizations. We all make mistakes, but
when someone is constantly having excuses
for mistreating you, there is a problem.

Now, notice that none of what I have suggested
anywhere here says that you should ever lie,
manipulate, or be mean spirited.

The reason for this, is in case you meet a
woman who happens to be a GREAT GIRL
but you just don’t know her at all yet.

As a GREAT GIRL, she knows just how tough
it is to meet a truly great guy, and so she has
to protect herself as well, yet she also knows
how important it is to not PUSH HIM AWAY
in case he IS the right guy.


Hey, although the internet is awesome with music
on youtube, it’s great for communication instantly,
it’s got lots of great things about it no question.

What I’m talking about is the GIANT CESS POOL

It has become so damn easy for people to be
emotionally unfaithful to each other because
unlike in the old days, where someone KNEW
and everyone KNEW what cheating was and is,
these days, it’s actually today become something
you DON’T TALK ABOUT, even though it
happens a LOT and it DESTROYS relationships.

The line has become so blurred that millions
of people just have thrown the whole line
out altogether.  These are not the types you
are looking for, however.

Everybody knows about it, I’ve spoken with
hundreds of women and hundreds of guys
and they all know EXACTLY what I’m talking
about, and many of these men AND women have
been the victims of this stuff.

The reason why you don’t talk about this is
because it’s not COOL in our “celebrate how
stupid we can be culture” to discuss this.
(Remember, in our culture, it's only cool to
act young and stupid as Craig Ferguson put
so well.)

Of course, the fact that there is over 50%
divorce rates, the fact that just about everyone
knows about this problem, all this does not
make it to the front pages of our culture.

That’s because it’s not COOL to care
about relationships lasting, - even the
commercials for wedding rings really
say nothing about love.

If somebody knew that there was a 50%
chance they’d get sick from eating a certain
FOOD, they’d avoid it for sure.

If everyone was speaking about how dangerous
it was to eat at a certain restaurants, no one
would go there.

Athletes who want PEAK PERFORMANCE
will avoid not only the wrong foods, but
they will avoid the wrong THOUGHT
so that they can WIN.

They will not even hang out with people who
have the wrong MENTALITY because they
don't want their MENTAL FRAME to be
screwed with.

So all this is perfectly understood by society.
It's just when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS,
everyone gets stupid, because relationships
are not all about "me".

But, if you want to WIN at relationships, and
TRUST is the key to relationships, then
you need to find a woman who puts just
as much INTO building this trust as you do.

Somehow, when it comes to cherishing
their own relationship, most people throw
wisdom out the window and engage in all kinds
of threatening behavior that jeopardizes the
life-force of a relationship, known as trust.

So my point is, you want to meet a woman
who isn’t big on things like how many guys
she can get on TWITTER, FACEBOOK,
etc, and you should avoid a woman who
seems to be glued to constantly IM’ing
and closing her browser when you walk
by, you know what I mean?

Don’t waste time on the wrong women, when
the RIGHT woman is out there, and waiting
to meet YOU.


You can never change someone, they need
to be the right person all on their own.

Unless your job is a therapist, don’t try to
be a woman’s therapist, since the reality is
you are really only doing it for yourself,
and you are hoping she will change for you.

In fact, the mere ACTION of trying to change
her only makes you more needy and is kind
of a WUSS move if you think about it, because
it says that you NEED this woman so much
that you can’t walk away from her even
though she is WRONG for you.

And there’s the opposite effect too, by walking
AWAY from the wrong woman, you regain
your self-esteem and confidence because
actions speak louder than words to your
brain as well. Your brain starts to get
the message that you ARE THE MAN
that you are NOT NEEDY, since you are
truly taking the ACTIONS of a confident

And women can smell that confidence from
a million miles away.


This gets us back to square one- being
STRONG ENOUGH to be her man.

The truth is that if she is a GREAT GIRL,
there will STILL likely be emotional baggage
that you both have from past relationships
or interactions with the opposite gender.

Nobody’s perfect, so you have to make
sure that you don’t JUMP off the ship
before you really should either.

All too often, what we do is in order
to avoid PAIN, we will come up with
ANYTHING to point out that is negative
about a woman so that we can have
an excuse for ourselves for why we
AVOIDED getting to know a certain
woman, when the truth is we just
were too AFRAID of getting hurt.

And it's always easier to avoid
something altogether, the only
problem is you end up with
no woman, so that's not cool.

So you have to be strong enough to
not let yourself get sucked into
the WUSS zone that avoids ALL
emotional risk completely -
because that attitude GUARANTEES
failure with ANY and EVERY woman
you will ever meet.

This takes a bit of experience to know the
difference between something that is trivial
and something that is really a problem, so
my rule of thumb for you is that until you
have at least dated her ONCE, don’t jump
to conclusions.

So for example, in the email exchanges or
phone calls leading up to the date, don’t
jump to conclusions.

The other thing is, you don’t have to keep it all
bottled up either, you can mention whatever
it was that concerned you, as long as you
do it in a way that doesn’t paint her in
a bad light.

It’s quite normal for communication between
two strangers, particularly a man and woman,
to be far from accurate or perfect in the beginning.

Add in the fact that so much of modern
communication isn’t even face-to-face, it’s
on the phone, email, texting, etc, and all this
leaves gross room for misunderstandings.

Then, on top of this, ADD the fact that some
of her strange behavior might have been
triggered by strange behavior of your OWN
that you weren't aware of, but she didn’t feel
comfortable or polite saying anything so early
on, and she figured she’d get to know you
better in person as she spoke to you more
in real life.

So you have to be strong enough to not let
your own past distort what is happening
in the PRESENT.
Otherwise, you’ll never really get to
really LIVE in the NOW and enjoy a
fantastic, passionate relationship with
a truly great girl.

And if you’re reading this right now,
and you are serious about meeting
a woman who is truly a "Genuine Gem",
then I suggest you get my book,
‘Get A Great Girl’ RIGHT NOW.

As powerful as this newsletter is,
there’s so much MORE, including
how to make your PERSONALITY
light up like a SUPERNOVA so that
a woman sees you for the incredible
being that you truly are.

This book will show you TONS of
important insights you need to have if
you don’t want to screw it up with a
great girl – from the moment you
see her and want to approach her,
all the way to getting physical and
into a relationship.

This book will show you what REALLY
COUNTS in the real world, this is not
some gimmick or fad, it’s the in-depth
truth on how to go about meeting and
attracting a truly GREAT woman.

It’s at:

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Michael Marks