Monday, September 30, 2013

What Most Men Don't Know About Attracting Women

There are a TON of super-important ALERTS
that I need to let you know about when it comes
to attracting women and also when it comes to
making the most of your life as a man.

It’s been a while, because I’ve been really busy,
and rather than giving advice, I’ve been busy
following my own advice and practicing what
I preach. 

So here we go.  The following points are ALL
equally vital, and are in no particular order:


One of the greatest misunderstandings that men
have when it comes to attracting women is regarding
their ideas of confidence, and why confident men
attract women.

So let me focus on one of the big reasons that tends to
NEVER get publicity, but is in reality probably the
BIGGEST reason why confidence is important.

Insecurity is destructive because it actually makes a
guy come across as THREATENING.

In the same way a dog sniffs fear and starts BARKING,
so too human beings can sense (not with their noses,
but with all the other human senses, including the
ability to observe body language including tonality)
fear in others.

When someone around us is feeling NEGATIVE, it
makes the people around that person feel UNEASY,
and feel THREATENED.

Now, considering that a woman ALREADY is somewhat
cautious before allowing a man who is a TOTAL STRANGER
into her life, it sure doesn’t help when this total stranger is
DOING THINGS that make the woman actually FEEL MORE

So many guys think that they come across as a “nice guy”
and come across as “weak” if they don’t show confidence,
but the irony is that they may not EVEN being coming
across as “weak” or “nice” but rather as DOWNRIGHT

And what hurts me most is that I know how some of the
NICEST and BEST guys end up doing this, giving off
the very OPPOSITE message of who they are, and thereby
letting the JERKS win with women, the jerks who don’t
SEEM like jerks initially to the untrained eye!!!!!!!!

Remember, my specialty is meeting women in completely
NORMAL places that are not associated with “pick-up”.
I like these kinds of places because the attractive women in
night clubs and other pick-up joints tend to not make for
good long-term girlfriends, as they are usually just seeking
adventure and partying and novelty, and not the long term
building of a relationship.

So, in these NORMAL places, such as bookstores, coffee shops,
supermarkets, and just about anywhere else that is not specially
designed for “picking up”, it REALLY COMES ACROSS AS
DESTRUCTIVE if you are not exuding confidence.

You don’t have to be a millionaire. You don’t have to be
male model. But when you approach a woman who is
in a regular place that is not a nightclub or some other
pick-up joint, it becomes VERY IMPORTANT that you
give off the right VIBE that says you are VERY CALM

It is of PARAMOUNT importance to understand a woman’s
perspective about all this “pick up” stuff.

There was a study done on a university campus where one
average looking young  woman (not super attractive, not ugly,
not dressed with revealing clothing, just dressed normal)
approached about 100 men, propositioning them for instant
sex right then and there in a room not far away on campus.

In fact, the one man who said no, APOLOGIZED, saying
he was married, and one other man wanted to do it, but
he wanted to request it for later.

That’s the basic sum total of the study.

They then reversed the study, where a man on campus
went up to about 100 women, propositioning them for
sex on campus right then, right on campus in a room
not far away. 

And guess what?

From alllllllll those women, he got ONE phone number.
That’s it.

This should go to PROVE to you that women and men
do NOT react the same to a proposition that CLEARLY
entails an immediate physical intimate element as part
of it.

In fact, to go even FURTHER, they REPEATED the study
with the man propositioning the women.  They thought
that maybe the man was “not good looking enough”, so
they went and got some “good looking guy” to do the
SAME experiment, and even THEN, STILL, the vast
majority of the women STILL rejected the guy!!!!!!

So, I am NOT saying that having GOOD LOOKS DOESN'T HELP.
GOOD LOOKS DO HELP, but they are FAR from the whole
picture when it comes to attracting women.

And, as indicated above, even a guy with MODEL
level looks STILL can't get a woman to sleep
with him if he point blank proposes such a
thing to a woman!


So let me save you from having to spend ten years
reading all the studies.  When a man sees a woman who
is HOT, that is ALL HE NEEDS TO KNOW to already
go into SUPER-PURSUIT mode on a genetic level.

I’m not saying he wants to MARRY her, but he is already
going FULL BLAST in terms of desire.

On the other hand, when it comes to what a WOMAN
thinks when a man approaches her, it actually is FAR
more complicated.  What a man who wants to succeed
with her should convey are the following things:

ONE. Convey SAFETY. 

This is one of the reasons I suggest that you do NOT
start the conversation with too much flirtation at all.

I prefer giving a voice that is DEAD SERIOUS.

Remember, a woman has been told since the day she
was born that men are not to be trusted, that men
only want to get physical, that men are the evil
of this earth.

Soooo, rather than playing it up all happy and fun,
in a place that is NOT A PARTY ZONE, (e.g.
that is NOT  a club or disco or popular social
hangout) you actually show that you are NOT
pushing for something that is not being offered.

You therefore ALLOW for her to NOT be perceived
as “cheap” or “low morals” or “low class” if she
talks to you, since OBVIOUSLY from your tonality
you are NOT flirting.

Getting too fast into the flirting actually triggers
her alarms.

This DEAD SERIOUS tonality for the first opening
part of the conversation also does something ELSE
very positive:


Now, it IS true that SOME women are far, FARRR
LESS into status than other women are.

Often,  the women who are LESS into a man's "status" are
MORE into having raw carnal pleasure with him, but
this is not always the case.  So, yes, it is true, there
are some women who don't care that much about
a man's STATUS.

But all women care about it to at least a SMALL degree.
And when you are starting with a woman who is a total
stranger, you want every honest advantage you can get.

Whether it’s being captain of the football team or
head of the music club, or even just manager
of the store, women LIKE men with status.

Women don’t want to be with a guy who seems to
be on the BOTTOM of the totem pole.  It reeks
of laziness, lack of work ethic, lack of ambition,
lack of zest for life, etc.

In HER mind, if a guy is getting flirty too fast, it
SEEMS to be the actions of a guy who CAN’T GET
WOMEN EASILY so he must RESORT to desperately
hitting on women he finds ANYWHERE.

And THAT reeks of LOW STATUS.

So you DON’T want to go flirty too fast.
And this means not showing such happy vibes in your
voice at the beginning of the conversation, because
chances are, you wouldn’t be that happy talking
about whatever it is, from the produce in the supermarket,
to the magazines at the rack at the bookstore, etc, etc,
if she was NOT a really major knockout to you.

It is HER who is giving you that energy and making
you flirty, and yet you should NOT show it, as it
will come across as desperate and of low status and of
creepiness and possibly danger.


The truth is, we all feel better when there is
something FAMILIAR to the NEW.

Yes, we all like something new if it is good,
but we don’t want it to be so new that it is
something we can’t CONNECT to or relate
to at all.

We like new flavors of ice cream, but
TOO unfamiliar.

This is where your conversation must create
CONNECTION so you and her can RELATE
to each other on at least some things with which
she is FAMILIAR to.

To achieve this, I prefer to do a bit of   Sherlock
Holmes style detective work on a woman.  I
will notice something she is reading, doing,
or wearing, that may reflect deeply on her
personality, and then I will ask her about that

If she is reading a book on military history,
I know she is going to be unlike most women,
and I can ask her about that and definitely have
a great conversation. 

If she is in line buying a protein powder, I know
I can talk about working out and how important
nutrition is, and the emotional high you experience 
from a great workout.

There are always TONS of things to speak about
if you train your mind to see them.

THEN, when she speaks and talks about something
that I’ve prompted her to speak about, she then
reveals MORE about herself, allowing me to have
MORE to connect with to her.

And I do not lie, I use things from my own experiences
that in fact DO connect to what she is saying, and so
should you.  If you can’t find ANY connection, then
let her go and try again on another woman.

You MUST connect.  This way, she can establish
you in her mind with something POSITIVE and

I’ve even had fun with women in the cereal section of
the supermarket and pretended what it would be like
to be a kid again and yet have the power to get ANY
CEREAL YOU LIKED.  So this connects familiar
pleasant childhood fantasies with you in real life.

OR, you can take it up a notch to a more adult level
by making an adult innuendo, but do this only after
the conversation has been going smoothly for at
least a few minutes, so that you aren’t starting
out with flirtation.  So for example, if she says
she really craves a certain cereal, you can wink
and say once you get to know me, you may crave
other things…  Use your judgment, it all depends
how well things are going at that point if you are
going to go the adult route.

But once again, if you think for one second that
CONNECTION is not important, you are wrong.

CONNECTION is so important on ALL human
levels. In fact, there was a recent big budget movie
featuring ROBOTS called PACIFIC RIM.

Great effects. But it didn’t do big box office.
Then, for all the haters out there who say they
dislike TRANSFORMERS, which is also about
robots, the fact is TRANSFORMERS has made
BILLIONS of dollars.

The difference between the two stories, is that
Transformers. Whether it’s kids or adults or
whether it’s men trying to get women, if you

There has to be an emotional CONNECTION.

It is almost EVERYTHING, especially for getting
the wheels ROLLING in the right direction at the
outset of a conversation with a woman who is a
total stranger.  


This is a strange one, because it doesn’t follow
male logic at all.

For a man, if a woman is attractive, he isn’t worried
about if she is not going to be good in bed.

At least not in the beginning. He is focused on
GETTING to that point, and he’ll worry later
if she was no good in bed.

But women are not the same.  Women are actually
subconsciously THINKING about whether you will
be GOOD in BED completely separate from all the
other things she is subconsciously thinking about
regarding whether or not she is attracted.

What’s also interesting here is that for women,
what makes a man good in bed can depend on many
things, and what may have turned on one woman like
wild may not work at all to turn on another woman,
and in fact if a woman knows you used a certain
move on another woman, that in itself might turn
her off.

So the best things you can do to convey that you
are good in bed is at some point in the conversation
having a PLAYFUL attitude about sex, and also
making it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that you don’t
judge a woman on her freaky side. 

Don’t be afraid to work in some humor that incorporates
sex into the conversation, just don’t START the conversation
with it.

So, if at one point in the chat, the woman says to you,
“It’s late, I can’t believe I’ve spent so long talking
to you”, you might reply with, “Just imagine how long
things will go for when we aren’t talking”, said with
a mischievous grin.

Or you might say something like, “Yeah, foreplay can
sometimes go on and on, but sometimes you really have
to just get down to business”, again with a mischievous
smile, or you can even say “Yeah, well I was going to
just get your number, but I like to get to know a woman
first, know what I mean?”, which of course she will

Okay, so those are HUGE things on the actual pick-up.

There are a few more things I want to share with you,
about making the most of your life in general, which
of course also makes you a more attractive man to
as well.


You can achieve some MASSIVE things if you like. 
And all it requires is STRATEGIC PLANNING.

You don’t have to spend 12 hours a day on it to begin with.
NO ONE is able to start out spending 12 hours a day on the
thing they love.

But you CAN start spending a few MINUTES each day.
And these MINUTES are the DIFFERENCE between
those who stay MEDIOCRE and those who attain
AWESOME goals.

This is because the minutes gain MOMENTUM, in terms
of the quality of the improvements you make, which then
motivates you with the confidence, accomplishments, and
the fuel to spend MORE time each day on those goals.

NEVER underestimate the power of a few MINUTES a day.

This is true, by the way, when it comes to APPROACHING
women as well.

When I started off, it was just a few MINUTES in the morning
and at lunch.  I did this and had A BLAST of FUN approaching
women anywhere I saw them.  My heart felt like it was going
to EXPLODE from the pressure, but I LOOOOOVED doing it.



Then, you can increase the amount of time as you start to
fall in love with your progress, you will suddenly find the
time and energy to spend MORE time on your goals without
sacrificing your job or anything like that.  You may even
IMPROVE at your job because of your sense of self-esteem
and because of what you are learning about your own
potential to perform.


I have to put this in here, because it’s so under-rated.
SLEEP is a big thing.

There’s very little money in sleep aside from selling beds
and sleeping pills, (which could be addictive and dangerous),
so you don’t hear about it a lot.

But the truth is, sleep is crucial for your mind and your body.
You are not getting further ahead by getting less sleep.

Go to bed early, and get up early.

There’s a great movie out there called Rush, a true story
about two race-car drivers, and the guy who keeps on winning
is the guy who is less showy, less flashy.  He talks about
winning the race, going home early to get to sleep and training
to win for the next race. He goes through enormous hell
and punishment in the movie, and his determination keeps
him sharp.

So forget about the late-night partying or late-night anything.


There is so much INSANITY spread on the internet
about this.

Keep it SIMPLE.

Now before starting any new exercise or diet
program, consult with your doctor. So do that

Okay, here we go:

Do 5 sets of 10 reps of the following exercises.
Start with a light weight for your first set, then
work your way up with more weight each set,
until you reach your fifth and heaviest set where
you could barely complete the final rep.

If any of these exercises bother your
back or joints, then you may use another
similar exercise as a replacement.

Flat Bench Barbell Presses
Incline Dumbbell Presses
Dips (body weight)
Pec-Deck Machine

Full Squats
Leg Curls

Military Presses (Dumbbells)
Wide-Grip Chin-Ups
Bent-Over Rows
Lateral raises

Barbell Curls
Standing French Presses (Triceps)    
Leg raises and incline sit-ups
(Use body weight for leg raises
and incline sit-ups, 3 sets each
for as many reps as possible)

Every day, do cardiovascular activity as well.
That means, use one of the cardiovascular machines
like treadmills or cycles for at least 20 minutes.

After working out with weights for four days, take
one to two days off, and begin the cycle again.


You will need to eat at least 5 small meals a day.
Stick to lean protein for your proteins at every meal.
Lean chicken, turkey, egg whites, skim milk, lean cheeses.
Carbs such as whole grains, whole pastas, sweet potatoes,
plenty of salads, moderate on the fruits.

Get plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.
If you can afford organic, get organic, but also learn
about the politics of organics, as not all organics are

And one last MASSIVE thing:  You hear plenty about how
too much sugar and fat is not a good thing, right?

But you barely EVER hear about how DESTRUCTIVE
too much SALT or sodium is. 

Most packaged foods are INSANELY high in salt.
A lot of places and products that like to
portray themselves as HEALTHY alternatives
because they have choices that are low in
fat are actually ENORMOUSLY HIGH in sodium.

In fact, just ONE SERVING of many processed foods
contains MORE SODIUM than any human being on earth
should consume in an entire DAY.


Ask questions, read labels, and be selective.

Okay, so I’ve given you some MASSIVE pointers
in the right direction to get you STARTED on the
path to GREAT SUCCESS with women. 

If you would like to get all the details figured out
regarding ANYTHING mentioned in this newsletter, in
a way that is perfectly CUSTOMIZED for your
situation, then it makes sense that you should get
a PRIVATE CONSULTATION with me, either in person
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Private coaching allows me to apply all my years
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EFFICIENT WAY.  I will find out what your
exact challenge is, and I will give you the
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I need to mention something else at this point.
The RIGHT WOMAN changes EVERYTHING in your life.

Stephen Hawking has written that he was at a
very low point in his life, when he started
to realize the extent of his physical condition
as a young man.  But meeting the right woman
actually CHANGED his entire outlook, and according
to his own words, GAVE HIM A REASON TO LIVE.

You don't have to even LIKE Stephen Hawking
to realize the effect that one good woman
can have on one man, and by extent, on
all of HUMANITY itself.

Man was MEANT to be with woman, but not with the
WRONG woman.

The wrong woman will DESTROY a man, but the RIGHT
WOMAN will set a man to LIFE, he will be EXPLODING
with energy and creativity and a sense of calm as well.

I have focused my mission to helping men get GREAT

I do this, in a world where there are so many LIES out
there.  In fact, the BIGGER the lie, sometimes the MORE
likely that lie is going to be BELIEVED.

Whether it’s how to get in shape, or how to get women,
there are going to be some OUTLANDISH theories
out there that sound absolutely ridiculous, but because
of the very RIDICULOUS nature of them, SOME
folks are going to assume that it MUST be true,
because, they think, “How can someone make up
a lie that is THAT outrageous???”

And the answer is because it WORKS to SUCK SOME

I also am not criticizing the victims of these schemes,
as I myself may have been a target of these schemers
at one time myself.

The world has a lot of sleazebags in it, and that includes
salespeople, it includes people in all professions and jobs,
and include a lot of men and a lot of women.

Most people are okay, but there are still a  LOT of
sleazebags with ZERO remorse for the lies and
pain they cause in giving advice that does not

Some of these people who spread lies can't even be called
"sleazebags" because they do not even KNOW they are
spreading lies.

Some of these people actually BELIEVE in the lies they
are spreading, because they refuse to use a scientific
approach requiring EVIDENCE to assess the value or
lack of value of their advice.  

And while all this is going on, there are also SOME 

people out there who are AMAZINGLY helpful and
ethical as well.

I saw a study where people were told they were involved
in an experiment where everyone volunteered, and where
the people were supposed to hit a button that administered
an electric shock to a person in another room, a person
who was also a volunteer and who supposedly signed up
for this experiment.

The experiment was designed to see if people will stand
up to authority.  In reality, no electric shocks were
administered, but the participants did not know this.

When told by a person in charge, they were to turn a
knob that would give an electric shock to a person
in the other room.  

Most of the participants had no problem giving
ELECTRIC SHOCKS to others, EVEN when the people
in the other room could be heard SCREAMING from
the pain (the ones receiving the “shocks” were
actors pretending, but the people in the experiment
who were administering the “shocks” did NOT
know that in fact there was no electricity. The
people turning the knobs indeed believed that
they WERE giving a faceless stranger in another
room a series of electric shocks).

But there were SOME people who DID resist
AUTHORITY and REFUSED to administer
more “shocks” until they could see that the
person was okay in the other room.

So my point is this:

Just like there are differences amongst men, there
are also differences amongst women; SOME
women are made of better moral fiber than others.

You CAN detect a woman’s personality with the
skills I teach as well, which is something I get into
in my program called “Warrior Within”, which you
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This special program also goes into a TON of other
absolutely VITAL insights for getting and
keeping a woman of incredible quality.
Finally, I want to make it clear that there are
SOME things that women find UNIVERSALLY
attractive among men: These things include being
the kind of man who is a GO GETTER, who gets
things done, who is not afraid to calmly put a woman
in her place if she gets out of hand no matter how
beautiful she is, and it includes a man who knows
how to make things FUN and sensual when it comes
down to that side of things in the bedroom.

Also, women universally are attracted to men who know
how to handle themselves in any social environment,
and with my programs, your social skills will skyrocket
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You will notice one thing about my programs,
though.  And that is there is NO "get rich
quick" scheme or "how to get women without
actually putting in any effort."

In REAL LIFE, there are no short cuts.
There is no "great body" in 3 minutes of
workout a day with eating pizza and fries
and drinking lots of beer, NO MATTER WHAT
However, staying in IGNORANCE can lead

What I will show you is the KNOW-HOW.

When you come to my trainings, you are
NOT coming to some playground to just
pretend you are doing something.
You are coming to face reality and put
in the work that needs to be done to
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Get the life you want, with the woman you want, NOW.

Till next time,

Michael Marks