Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How To Approach Women SUCCESSFULLY

Today, I'm going to share with you
some of the most powerful steps you
can take to attract a woman the moment
you see her, how to successfully get
into the conversation, and how to
detect the right women as well as
how to avoid the wrong women!

And, of course, how to avoid the
biggest mistakes that men tend
to make.


Rather, it’s about YOU enjoying a good
laugh, and bringing HER into this world
of fun. A world of fun that is YOUR

When you go in trying to MAKE her laugh,
it always ends up with you showing inferior
status, as if you’re the court jester trying
to entertain the king.

And that is a total attraction-destroyer.

On the other hand, when YOU are having a blast,
then you not only are actually funnier anyway,
but the vibes being given off by you all say
that you are the kind of guy that has everything
in life under control, and that life will be FUN
with you.

You also convey that you are clearly so comfortable
in your own skin that you can be in this mode even
with a woman who is a knockout.

So if I’m in line at the store, and a hottie is in
front of me with a bottle of water and celery,
and I pick up a candy bar and wave it in her
face and PRETEND as if the chocolate bar
is hypnotically saying “You want MEEEE,
I know you dooo- give into meeeeeeeeee”
the key is that it’s coming from a place where
I think it’s funny, not because I need to get her
to laugh.

And that makes it FUNNIER, because it
makes the DELIVERY of the words far

And that makes the delivery far more

If you are going to say something, you
have to go TOTALLY INTO IT, you
have to be consistent, congruent to
whatever it is you’re saying.

If you sound like you don’t really MEAN
what you are saying, it never works well.

This is why you can give the greatest
joke to someone to say and it will be
useless because he doesn't seem to
believe in the words he's saying.


All humor requires RISK.
Without SOME risk, humor is IMPOSSIBLE.

So by risk, I mean the risk that SOMEONE
will get offended.

The KEY however, is to have the emotional
and other forms of intelligence to see if the
risk is worth the PAYOFF.

So the key is to keep the risk SMALL, and
the payoff HIGH.

If you are going to tease a woman, only tease
her on things you know she has a high chance
of being CONFIDENT about.

So if she’s tall, you can tease her about being short.
If she’s a knockout, you can tease her about being
undesirable, etc.

If she’s witty, you can tease her about being dumb.


What this means, is that if you’re looking for a
QUALITY type of woman, a girlfriend that is
not all focused on only HERSELF, a woman
who is NOT a narcissist, then you want to
ABSOLUTELY AVOID the women who

The reason for this, is that in general, there is
an inverse relationship between the amount
of friends a woman has on Facebook and the
degree of her genuine friendliness.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? After all, the whole point
of Facebook is to get official “friends”, right?

And that’s EXACTLY the reason narcissists
gravitate toward it, because if they can get
lots of FRIENDS on FACEBOOK, they
can then APPEAR as POPULAR.

These types of women will go through
MASSIVE WORK just to engineer their
entire Facebook image, from the amount
of "friends" they have (whom will be
promptly dropped as soon as they have
been used by the narcissist woman),
to the particular quotes they use,
to the photos put on display, etc,
etc.) ALL so that they SEEM highly

Facebook allows people to create an artificial
FRONT, a MASK if you will. It’s kind of
similar having memorized pick up lines or
memorized routines that aren’t a real reflection
of one’s identity, but that are SUPPOSED to
show how “cool” or “funny” one is, etc, etc.

And we all know how pick up lines don’t
work on the best women.


As illustrated above, narcissists FEED
off of infinite attention and worship,
while QUALITY women tend to be less
obsessed about make-up, dressing to
the nines, and wearing clothing that
might be EXTREMELY uncomfortable but
they feel is worth it to get the

The irony is that real beauty is hard
to hide anyway, to the trained eye.

So if you're looking for the right
kind of woman, start screening OUT
the attention grabbers, and start
focusing more on the women who are
just as gorgeous but don't need to
ADVERTISE it as if it's going out
of style.

This behavior that is the OPPOSITE
OF SEEKING ATTENTION, is why, by the way,
a woman who is the kind of woman that
is looking for a GOOD MAN, for something
REAL, gets turned off IMMEDIATELY when she
senses the FAKE vibe, the cheesy lines,

Which leads me to the next point:


Yes, the VIBE when you START the conversation
or chat should be EXTREMELY LOW KEY.

It’s different in 30 seconds from that point, where
you can raise the energy level, you can do all
sorts of fun stuff.

But in general, in that FIRST MOMENT, if
you are about to talk to a woman in any
place besides a high energy location like
a music dance club, etc, you should keep

So you are putting ZERO pressure on her.

She should feel that she has the TOTAL

The TONE of your voice should be LOW KEY.

I didn’t say QUIET, but LOW KEY, NOT INTENSE.

Most guys when they approach a woman,
they go in feeling that there is this HUGE
thing at stake, and it SHOWS in their
facial expression and tonality.

But if you REALLY go in there to begin
showing that you are RELAXED and
showing WARMTH in your voice,
THAT is the way to show that you
are comfortable in your own skin,
and it also TAKES AWAY THE
PRESSURE on her.

And the BEST way to PREVENT

So the HIGHEST chances of her NOT
resisting your approach come from
REMOVING all pressure to begin with!

Once she is not RESISTANT to your
approach, now SHE can go into the mode
of focusing on how to get CLOSER to you
instead of how to get away.

Remember, all this happens within a few
seconds, and AFTER these few seconds,
you can THEN turn up the energy and
the vibe and the fun, because she now
is RECEPTIVE to it.

TIMING is critical here, just like it is in
so many other aspects of life.

Attraction is a bit of a paradox.
On one hand, when you do it right,
it sounds so simple.

But that's because so many things
have been internalized, that it's
kind of like learning to walk.

It really takes a lot of little
steps put together, but when done
right, it looks very easy.

Recently, I received a letter from a
man who has put a lot of the steps for
one particular "attraction situation"
together, and I've commented on his
letter to make the steps even clearer.


Dear Michael,

The past six months has been the most torturous
experience of my life. Last November, my
girlfriend broke up with me, and although we
were not getting along, I always expected that
we would work things out and never give up-
that’s the attitude that I thought we both had.

Michael, I felt like my world was ending-
there were moments that I could not physically
breathe, moments where I felt I was going to die
from sheer weakness. It’s like I was drained
of all zest, energy and desire for life.

Throughout this time, I had a sense of disbelief,
that “How on earth could she do this to me, how
could she give up on us”?

Then, about six weeks ago, late on another sleepless
night, I found your site on the internet, and read
every single article you have. It was painful
to read a lot of it, to be honest, as it was so
clear that I was doing everything wrong,
and if you were right, it meant I had to
start over again- the very way I understood
my reality and how to go about getting
and attracting the kind of woman I wanted.

I suppose that’s the only good thing about
hitting rock bottom, you’re more willing
to try anything.

So I went all out and decided to get your
Warrior Within DVDs. I went through half
the entire series in one night. For the
first time, so many painful memories
started to become beautiful to me, because
your breakdown of how attraction is created
and destroyed showed me what was really
happening all along, and the reasons why
as well.

More on that later, but I want to get to
the most important part of this letter,
which is how I applied your strategies for
breaking through my inner barriers on taking
action with women, and taking the kind of
action you suggest as well.

I currently work as a dishwasher in a restaurant,
that’s right a dishwasher, as I lost my previous
job that required my engineering degree as
well as years of experience, from not showing
up to work. Like I said before, the breakup
really destroyed me. So until I find another
job that uses my skills, I need to pay my
bills with whatever helps.

Anyway, there is a smoking hot waitress
who works at the restaurant, and until
I got your Warrior program, all I could
do was wish about her. Her name is
****, and she’s a mixed breed of
Mediterranean, French, and some other
stuff I can’t remember, except that she
is certainly one of the most exquisite
exotic creatures I have ever seen.

Guys are ogling her all the time, and
I see customers trying to flirt with her,
but now that I have your program, I
can see all the mistakes they’re making,
from trying to take advantage of the
fact they are “customers” and knowing
she won’t tell them off, to copying the
silly teases you hear about all the time
designed to lower her confidence.

Well, after another lonely night of having
nobody knocking at the door, nobody
calling on the phone, and getting pissed
off at looking at the same four walls,
I went through the section on your
DVDs called “Naming The Voices”.

That did it for me, it got me so angry
at those parts of my self, that I made
that brutal disconnection between my
better self and those internal voices,
and I just knew that no matter what,
the next day I would follow your advice.

Before I left the house in the morning,
I practiced the voice tonality as you
show until I got into 'state' as you
would call it.

I walked in for work as usual, and as I
entered, I saw **** serving a table, and
I sauntered over to her, and in my head
pops your voice reminding me not to be
nasty but to be childlike fun, and to
fully go along with whatever I decide to
do, to have full conviction in it and
not take off if she doesn't 'bite' right
away like you say most guys do.

So, I pointed alarmingly, to a button on the
top of her blouse, and made this gross face,
saying “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
What Isssssss That???”

She laughs and says to me “This is a joke, right?”

I remember your words again: To treat the
joke with full conviction.

So I don’t stop.

I go: “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!
What Issss That?”

So this time, she looks down to her button,
and I do the silliest thing since I was 6
years old, just as you say about being
a kid with women, to allow them to
regress to that childhood playfulness-
and what I do is, I take my finger that
was right beside her top button and
flick her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to understand Michael, that
this girl is so intensely gorgeous, that
I see men come in everyday and easily
tip her way more than they would anyone
else, just in the hopes that this might
seriously get them some attention.

I see other guys just ogling her for
an entire hour as they eat, and not
say a word to her.

I hear other customers try to get all serious
with her about their serious accomplishments
and careers, from politicians to doctors.

And here I go, flicking this seriously hot babe’s
cute perfect nose in my Grade 2 style juvenile

My heartbeat was racing, as I figured I was
either about to get the biggest slap in the
face, berated, or fired (again!).

Her eyes widened and she looked like she
was going to kill me, and then said to me:

“Thank you for brightening up my day”-
and I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic
or not.

She then grabbed my shirt by the collar
and said to me, “You think you can mess
with me?”

I’m telling you Michael, I still wasn’t
sure if the police were gonna be beating
my ass shortly. But I decided to follow
your words to the letter, and stayed in
full conviction of this joke.

So I continued with: “No way, I want to
keep it clean! I hardly even know you!
You’d have to wine and dine me before
even thinking of getting there with me!”

And that’s when she cracked, man, that’s
when she totally cracked.

She starts laughing in disbelief, shaking
her head in disapproval, but it’s the kind
where you know she is enjoying every
bit of it.

So I told her that I had to get to work in
the back, and I also warned her to keep
a clean mind and clean thoughts and
not to think about getting dirty with me!
(This was brilliant of you by the way,
your work on obsessive thoughts and
how the worst way to get a thought
out of your mind is to tell the mind
to not think about it- and how this
creates the opposite effect! So by
telling her to make sure not to think
about it, she probably thought about
it the whole shift!)

Well what do you know, she ends up
in the back fifteen minutes later, telling
me that she’s never had a guy tell her
to be clean with him before, so I just
told her “There’s a first time for everything,
it looks like I’m going to be your first,
I hope it won’t hurt!”

She then starts asking me when my shift
is over, and at that point, thanks to your
materials, I realized the time for joking
was over, because she was clearly into
me, and you warned how guys lose women
by taking the jokes into the “clown zone”
where the guy seems to be a clown and
not serious about taking the interaction
to a real man-woman connection level.

So before I could even finish saying “at close –
“11 o-clock” she tells me that she is here till
then also and that she’d appreciate a nice
clean guy to walk her home.

Man, Michael, this girl knew when I finished,
she was just asking to as you say, set it up
as if she didn’t to make it look more like
“well since we both finish the same time
anyway he might as well walk me home”

What really makes me love this girl is that
she has no idea that in fact I have two degrees-
she sees me as the dishwasher dude who has
no qualms about it!

All I can tell you man, as a gentleman, is
that we had the greatest connection that
night and I’m still seeing her today.
I have no idea if this woman is “the one”
but she certainly is making my life better
and not giving me any headaches.

Maybe it’s because of her experiences
with men that she already knows that
not all that glitters is gold, or maybe
she just digs a guy who makes life
fun, even the small things.

And I owe it all to you, right down even
to the choice of humor, and of not being
nasty in my humor but instead just childlike
and playful, with a touch of naughty, allowing
her to regress to being a fun girl, which ironically
allows her to be a woman instead of a robot.

There’s one more thing I need to tell you
before ending this letter, which I wasn’t
planning on being so long!

I finally remembered something about
my ex, and it clicked in my head after
I was watching your Warrior Within
program yet again:

To make a long story short, this woman
unintentionally gave me plenty of clues
about her nature, as far back as the very first
date I ever had with her. But I decided
to disregard them, because verbally, she
assured me that she was “good old
fashioned faithful”.

I made the terrible error of believing words
as opposed to actions and subtle but ever
so meaningful body language cues, and on
top of that I believed “all women are messed
up so I might as well accept this one who
seems better than the others.”

If I had your Warrior Within program back
then, I would have never, ever gone on a
second date with that woman, and would
have spared myself the monstrous pain that
I created for myself by growing attached to

Your Warrior Within program did more than
just help me get this new woman, who knows
exactly who I really am and loves me for it,
and who, by the way, gives me no drama or
headaches, and treats me like I’m a king.

Your Warrior Within program has made
me grow as a man, because I am not
angry anymore toward my ex, as I can
now see the whole picture, including
the fact that in the future, I can take
responsibility for things because I
now know what to look for in a woman’s
behavior and how to see the signals
up front and fast.

I can’t blame my situation on women anymore.
It’s up to me to keep a woman, break up with
a woman, or go meet and attract a woman-
Warrior Within put the power back in my
hands, I am no longer a victim and never
will be again.

So all I can say is thanks, man, and I hope
other men in my situation realize that no
matter how much pain they may be in
over a woman, there is light at the end
of the tunnel if they are willing to learn
and take the responsibility of that learning
on themselves.

Jack H.
San Diego, CA

P.S. I just got a phone call for an interview
for something that uses my background a little
more! Maybe this woman sensed all this lol!


Thank you first of all for the kind words
and for sharing some of the ways you
are applying the material in Warrior Within.
Normally I don’t print such long letters,
but in your case I made an exception because
you gave us meaningful specific details of
your situation and what you did to attract
the new woman, all the way from changing
your ‘inner game’ and learning how all this
works and why it works, to the actual
‘external game’ of the words you said!

A few comments I’d like to make:


1. You probably aren’t even aware of this,
but the dishwasher job was not only NOT
holding you back, but because of the
attitude you displayed while SIMULTANEOUSLY
being the “dishwasher dude”, you came
across as, to be a bit blunt, a guy with

It’s no big deal to have some confidence
when you already ARE a supermodel and
a guy with lot of money who is famous and
socially proofed by a big crowd of girls
around him, and who is not feeling the
pain of a breakup.

And I have a feeling the 'emotional state'
exercises you did with tonality helped you
here as well, so that you came across with
full congruency on all levels, from body
language  to voice to all other mannerisms.

In particular, the section of the DVDs on
“NAME THE VOICE” that you mentioned
is especially important in OBLITERATING
the internal obstacles holding you back from
taking the right ACTIONS.  By actually
giving the EXCUSES in your head a NAME
and externalizing them from yourself, you
can become objective and realize how these
things are NOT you, these excuses are NOT
your friends, and these excuses are NOT
helping you.

Until we do this exercise, we can often believe
that our excuses for not taking action are good
excuses, since, after all, WE are the ones creating
the excuses and WE are the ones feeling the
emotional pull of those excuses—which is why
it’s so utterly important to realize that just because
our BRAIN is creating the excuse, doesn’t mean
it’s really in our best interest to give IN to those
excuses. So we have to externalize those excuses,
those voices, and realize that our excuses are NOT
who we REALLY are, even if it’s us who came up
with those excuses.  Those excuses are the WEAKEST
element of ourselves, not the BEST elements, and
we want to get RID of those excuses.

Learning how to get rid of those excuses as demonstrated
in the DVDs is CRUCIAL.


The STYLE of humor you used- it was NOT
arrogant, it was NOT a “clever put-down”
to "lower her confidence", it was innocent,

And regressing to CHILDHOOD is a
GREAT thing to do in a world that is
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too serious and
especially regarding the whole sexual
connection between men and women,
where you have to consult a lawyer
before you are assured of sounding
politically correct to a woman!

The childhood regression allows her to
have FUN with you.

Another little subtlety by the way,
to the childlike behavior was the
that this achieved for you, and
thus "broke the ice" for both of
you this way, allowing her to
feel free to now playfully
get "angry" and get a little
physical with you as well.


You did this to just the RIGHT degree,
with the whole “messy but you want to
keep it CLEAN” comment which raised
the whole dynamic to a fun spicy
interaction between a man and a woman.

Notice how FIRST comes the playful,
the child-like behavior, and THEN
comes the splash of adult NAUGHTY.


Yes, man, this is SO important.
Especially for a woman who gets hit on
a lot, it just makes sense that she is
experienced enough and confident
enough to not just ‘bite the bait’
at first glance.

in any way, will MELT.

You FELT the temptation, the desire, to MELT.

Because of that state of mind, you start
to get distorted thoughts, like of the
POLICE coming to whup your butt
just because you liked a girl enough
to take some action!

But I know what you mean, I’ve been there!

Here’s something else about going ‘full conviction’
on your joke or playful approach:

It gives the woman, retroactively, something
cool to reflect on about you: So when you
left to get back to work, and she was there
by herself or with the customers, she was
probably reflecting in her mind “That
smart-alec knew ALL ALONG there
was nothing on my shirt, but he KEPT
ON GOING!! What a- what a-what a
damn bastardly and SEXY GUY!”

This is the kind of playful sexy 'bastard'
that is totally what women eat up and what
actually feels most LIBERATING for us
as men anyway!!!!


Yes, once she started to ask when you
finished work, and you knew she already
knew the answer anyway, it was super
clear what was going down, and you
not only RECOGNIZED THAT but
you appreciated how it was important
STUFF at that point, at least not for
that moment.

She was basically putting HERSELF out
there, and speaking in “woman code”
to you that she is up for taking this to
a higher level.

A lot of guys think that because they
are getting somewhere with the childlike
stuff and the naughty stuff, that they should
keep on doing it!

But that’s wrong, as it makes the woman
think that this guy doesn’t REALLY
“get it”, and that he is socially clueless
AND worst of all, that he might be a
some strange dude who actually JUST

Keeping up the childlike stuff or the playful
naughty stuff past the point of her showing
interest ends up making a guy look like
the Pee Wee Herman character, who is
funny but not a man.

This is also why I offer many avenues to spark
the dynamic besides using humor, such as using
the emotion of INTRIGUE, just to give a guy
more options to make things even easier.


I also loved the way you used the strategy of
keeping her thinking about you by telling her
to NOT think dirty thoughts of you!

It’s an awesome tool, because you’re in effect
acting “according to politically correct culture”
but actually achieving a very “politically incorrect”
goal, the kind that is reserved for an adult man
and woman who want to jump each other’s bones!

The more you say NOT to do it, the more
you are getting what you want, and also
allowing her to enjoy it without having to
appear as “politically incorrect.”

So by doing this you take the pressure off of her
and just allow her to enjoy thoughts of you.


By taking responsibility for your future
relationships and even partially for your
past, you actually EMPOWER yourself
because you are not a prisoner to someone
ELSE, to no woman, to no ex, to no one.

This is yet another trait that you probably
are CONVEYING in subtle ways to the
new woman you met from your attitudes
toward your future, your job, and your
relationships. It shows maturity and
these days, maturity is harder than ever
to find because of the fact that a lot of
people don’t end up taking on responsibilities
till later in life.

So by showing RESPONSIBILITY, you
are showing maturity.

My last comment to you, is that as awesome
as things are, I want them to STAY AWESOME
for you.

And to KEEP IT THAT WAY, you must REMAIN
the way you are, because the BIGGEST MISTAKE
that the guys who get results make, is they end up
thinking that they got the results because this
woman really just loves them.

And that’s ego screwing us up.
We forget that it’s our BEHAVIORS that got us there.

And what makes it REALLY easy to fall into the trap,
is that time makes us GROW ATTACHED to a woman,
and that BONDING can sometimes become so powerful,
that you get scared of losing it.

For example, she might say she is going out with
her friends, and you might get a slight tinge of
insecurity, i.e.“ Who are these friends?”

You must never give into that FEAR
as that fear will not get weaker with
each time you give into your fear,
it will only get stronger.

So for example, if you feel jealousy
and you try to control her, she will
not only become less loving and
less interested in you, but your
jealousy will only grow stronger
to the point it distorts everything.

I remember a great comic book story
with the character Daredevil, a super
hero who is blind but whose other
senses are all super-heightened.
One day, this being from another
world gives him back his site, as
a gift.

Daredevil grows SO ATTACHED to his
new found sight, to the point he knows
he may fall more in love with it than
with his dedicated mission to protect people.

So he makes the being from another
world take the “gift” back.

I know this sounds a bit extreme, but
you must CHERISH these BEHAVIORS
that keep you STRONG more than you
even cherish the affection and physical
rewards that any woman can give you.

The irony is that THIS is what women
fantasize about you, it’s what makes them
say “I miss hearing your voice, I can’t
stop thinking of you”.

And if you’re reading this right now, and
would like to get the kind of success with
women where women don’t just “agree”
to go out with you, but actually give
everything they’ve got and will FIGHT
against plenty of OTHER female competition
in order to be with you, then I suggest you
get my WARRIOR WITHIN program on DVD.

Warrior Within represents a quantum leap
forward in the field of attracting women.

You will learn more powerful and effective
strategies than you have ever experienced before
for sparking the deepest level of attraction in women.

You’ll discover how to ignite an entire ARRAY of
intoxicating emotions in women that will addict them
to you. Plus, inside this program I’ll show you how
to build the most powerful connection with women
so that women never “flake out” after first dates and
instead are contacting YOU wanting to meet up
again fast!

And you’ll also find the best ways to DETECT
quality women who won’t give you ‘drama’
or ‘headaches’. In addition, you will learn
fantastic new strategies that actually WORK
for obliterating all internal obstacles that are
preventing you from taking action with women,
and much, MUCH MORE.

It’s at:


To get a great introduction to my materials,
download my book, “The Dating Wizard”


Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Women Who Have "Guy Friends"

If you are looking for a real, long-term,
exclusive, serious relationship, you
need to find out if the woman you
are dating thinks it is okay for her to
have "guy friends" even when she is in
a relationship.

And to make a long story short, if she
DOES think it is okay for her to have
"guy friends" even when she in a relationship,
then she will be a DISASTER if you choose
her to be your girlfriend.

Does this mean that a woman in a relationship
with you cannot have any association with
any man besides you?

She may have male colleagues at work.
She may have male relatives.
She may have some rare emergency situation
that requires her to have some guy call
her or to meet some guy.

But in GENERAL, if a woman is having men
calling who are her "friends" who call her
up, who email her, who text her, it is
ultimately going to be DISASTROUS for the

Now, here is the BIG thing to understand.
A lot of women will defend this "friendship"
B.S. by saying that if someone, be it a guy
or a girl, will not accept their partner
having an opposite-sex friend, then it must
be a sign of JEALOUSY.

This statement is not only wrong, it is actually,
in some (not all) cases, quite devious and disrespectful.   

The bottom line is that human beings have
REASONS for doing things.  They don't do
things for NO REASON.  They might not always
be CONSCIOUS of the reasons, but they damn
well do have reasons.

There's a saying that "nobody does anything for free."
Well, I agree, but I also think nobody SHOULD.
It's irrational. Even if the thing that motivates
someone is simply a FEELING, that too is a thing.

So, when a guy calls a woman, he WANTS something
from her.

majority of guys are NOT looking for FRIENDSHIPS
from women, ESPECIALLY not super attractive women,
and especially not as their ORIGINAL reason for
wanting to get to know the woman.

So it MIGHT be that a guy tried to get a woman
interested in him, and it did not work out,
so he sort of remained FRIENDS with her, but
this is ONLY as a result of REALLY being interested
in her for a very PHYSICAL reason, which still has
some vestiges of that desire whether or not he
admits it in his "friendship" stage with that woman.

It's important to remember a study made on a university
campus, where basically a guy went up to a TON of women,
and propositioned them for sex, and the vast VAST
majority of the women said a clear NO.

The study also reversed the roles, and had a woman
go up to a bunch of men, and TONS of men said YES.

Now, of course, both men and women have very
strong physical desires, but men are ready
to get physical IMMEDIATELY with almost
ANY attractive woman, and sometimes she
does not even have to be attractive.

So, just on that level alone, any woman who
thinks that some guy is JUST calling her for
friendship, is actually DENYING THE PHYSICAL
REALITY that the guy would JUMP into bed
with her given the chance.

So, again, just on that level alone, the very fact
a woman will think it is OKAY to have guys who
are "friends" in her life while she is in a
relationship with another guy, is being
DISRESPECTFUL to that guy who is her boyfriend,
even if she NEVER plans to sleep with that guy

She is basically encouraging the "guy friend"
to keep on trying.

The whole "friend" thing when it comes to
women having "guy friends" is a crock of

It assumes that, unlike a situation at work,
where a woman may have a male boss or employee
or co-worker, where there is a REASON for
having an association with that person within
the limits of the workplace, there is almost
NO legitimate reason for having a "friendship"

It is one thing when a woman is single, and
just trying to meet guys. In that situation,
she may very well have guy friends because
even though she knows the guy friends may
very well be interested in her, at least
she is not disrespecting her boyfriend
since she does not HAVE a boyfriend.

But in a relationship, it is different.
Noboby does anything for no reason.
There HAS to be something they are
getting out of it, and the VAST majority
of guys are NOT trying to get FRIENDSHIP
from some attractive woman. 

It is FAR, FAR easier to get a genuine friendship
with a member of the SAME sex, because you share
so many more commonalities by the very fact you
are NOT interested physically in another guy.

The ONLY things left to be interested in, are the
COMMONALITIES, including of course, the common
interest in WOMEN.

And even in the ODD chance that a woman has
some MALE FRIEND who really has so much in
common with her, it STILL is not a good enough
IN THE FRIENDSHIP once that woman is in a
serious relationship with a guy.

And the REASON for this is because if you
TRULY AND MASSIVELY VALUE a relationship, you
do not do things to COMPROMISE that relationship.

And one of the BIGGEST compromising things
a man or woman can do to a relationship is
to FOSTER intimate friendships with members
of the opposite sex that have the SERIOUS
potential of turning into something romantic.

So, this is why the LESS ACTUAL reasons
that are NOT friendship are part of the
equation, i.e. relatives, work, emergency,
the GREATER the potential for damage.

So, for example, someone who is a WORK
colleague may very well be limited to
only interacting in a way that is directly
tied to WORK.  So the interactions are all
of course the person decides to intentionally
betray that understanding and actually turn
it into a cheating situation.

But that would at least mean it was CLEAR

What makes the "friendship" stuff much
more dangerous is that it is NOT regulated
by any other force, it has nothing to do
with work, nothing to do with being a
relative, etc.  It is this airy undefined
b.s. called "we're just friends" which
really means it could be ANYTHING.

And, because MEN understand other MEN,
any man who RESPECTS another man will
NOT call that man's girlfriend up to
be "good friends" with her without
FULLY REALIZING how disrespectful that
is to the GUY.

And, any woman who RESPECTS her boyfriend
will not allow that to happen, so she will
mostly SHUT DOWN the "friendship" with that
guy who is "just a friend".

Sure, she might SEE the friend by sheer
ACCIDENT somewhere, and say hello to him,
but she will not FOSTER some kind of regular
ongoing "friendship" with that guy.

But allow me to get to the MOST IMPORTANT
part of all of this.

The real truth is, that I do believe
that most women who have this "guy friend"
thing going on while still being in a relationship
with another guy, are not TRYING to cheat.

However, every relationship will have its
ups and downs over the course of its duration,
which, hopefully, lasts a lifetime and is a
happy one.

But during those DOWNS, the relationship is
more VULNERABLE.  Just like NOTHING in life
is always PERFECT and at its BEST, so too
relationships are not always PERFECT and
at their BEST.

But just because something is not always
PERFECT does not mean that we don't value it.

We don't all just go and KILL OURSELVES
because life is not perfect, right?

No, instead, we TRY to fix situations,
we try to PREVENT problems.

We don't THROW out our TV sets because
we don't always get PERFECT reception, right?

And we don't PLAN on disaster, but we
DO buy INSURANCE, right?

And we tend to put ON seat-belts even though
we are not EXPECTING disaster, right?

In fact, ALL of the things that we DO
value, we put in an EFFORT to protect
those things against situations where
things might not go perfectly.

them, so SMART people try to PROTECT
them, long term, by NOT putting themselves
in situations that may COMPROMISE the

So even if 99 times the "platonic" interaction
is safe, is it worth it if the 100th time
she meets that "platonic" friend, something
fishy happens that DOES screw up the relationship?

Of course it is then not worth it.

And over the span of a LONG TERM relationship,
if a woman thinks it's fine for her to have
these "platonic friendships with guys" there
will then be HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of
such interactions with those guys, which
actually makes the chance of something bad
eventually happening a mathematical and
If a woman VALUES her relationship,
her marriage, her children, and having
her children raised in a cohesive family,
she will GLADLY turn down the DIAL on
the B.S. "platonic friendships" from
other guys.

And if she CAN'T do this, it is a message
she is saying LOUD AND CLEAR, and the
message is THIS:


And that is all you need to know about her
in order to DUMP her IMMEDIATELY.

Also, I must remind you, that the STRONGER
you become in your convictions about this,
the MORE a woman will pursue you, and you
will start to DOUBT yourself when a beautiful
woman tries to convince you why you should
be okay with all her platonic guy friends.

It won't be easy as you see her gorgeous
body, and you drink in the scent of her
perfume, and you gaze at her beautiful

Do NOT give in to the LOW-HANGING fruit
just because it is there.

CONTINUE THE SEARCH and get yourself
a GREAT woman who already UNDERSTANDS
every last word of this message. 

And if you're serious about finding and
keeping the RIGHT woman, I suggest you get
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Approach Women: A Powerful Solution

As a guy, I just want to say that I UNDERSTAND
the desire to want to just get to the FUN stuff with
women, although personally to me, the "fun" stuff
becomes a trillion times more powerful when there
is a real CONNECTION with a woman.

The good news for any guys who may not realize it
yet, is that most women LOVE everything to do
with getting physical. HOWEVER, before you can
get to that part, you need to WARM WOMEN UP
first with the RIGHT kind of conversation that gets
things going in the proper direction.

In other words, before you can get physical with a woman,
you need to develop a powerful CONNECTION with her

Unless a woman is at a club and clearly LOOKING
to just get physical,  it’s ESSENTIAL that you don’t
"put the cart before the horse" so to speak. 

SKIPPING the first stage and trying to get physical
IMMEDIATELY (even just verbalizing your desire
to take things to a physical level) almost always fails,
especially when approaching women in everyday
places like coffee shops, bookstores, public transit,
or just about anywhere else.

So here’s what I mean by the RIGHT type of conversation:
The right kind of conversation taps on topics that are directly
MEANINGFUL to a woman, and are also INTRIGUING to
her, and are often ALSO FUNNY at the same time.  Overall,
the TONE should be UPBEAT, it should take her to a place
that is emotionally BETTER than where she was BEFORE
she met you.

And one of the BIG topics that you can incorporate into
almost ANY "approach women" situation is the topic of

Think about it: When you approach a woman who is a
total stranger, the ONLY way to bridge that gap is by
helping her "feel out your personality".  Otherwise,
you are letting her view you as a blank VOID, since
you are a stranger to her.

The way to help her ‘feel out your personality’ is to
CONNECT to her using the sharpest human communication
skills you have, and I have found that actually using the
TOPIC of human communication as a theme in your chat
to use HER communication skills with YOU, so that
she can get to know YOU better! 

As human beings, we are ALL social creatures.  We may
not all be "party animals" but we all need some connection
to others.  No man, and no woman, is an island.  So chances
are STRONG that this topic will RESONATE with most
women you meet.

Keep in mind  that most women are even more social than men, and you then realize that this topic becomes even MORE effective with women.

Now, before I go further, let me give you two powerful
points regarding human communication that you might
use in a chat with a woman:

1. For all the technological communication tools we
have today, overall as a society we actually have
FEWER truly MEANINGFUL connections than
our parents’ generation, partially as a RESULT
of all these technological devices.  

2. Study after study keeps on showing us that
meaningful connections with others, i.e. our
relationships with others, are the single greatest
factor in determining our overall sense of happiness.

This is all VERY RELEVANT to "picking up women" and
I’ll get more into all of this in a second.   

I want to make it really clear that what I am about to describe
does NOT have to be a DIFFICULT task to accomplish, in
fact I will show you right now a PERFECT way to do this
EVERY time. 

The magic words to remember are these:

EVERY situation where you see a woman somewhere,
no matter WHERE, and no matter WHEN, always has
the PERFECT solution already BUILT IN to that situation,
so that you NEVER have to resort to cheesy pick-up lines
that sound to her like you use them on every woman, and
which would not make her feel special at all.

Pick-up lines actually cause women to put up their
GUARDS because women then feel you are not being real
with them, they feel you are just putting on an ACT.

They then wonder what you are HIDING if you have to
use some ACT.  This is what causes the negative reaction
of most women to pick up lines- it’s because they make
women SUSPICIOUS of what the guy REALLY is about,
since he is clearly putting on some act that hides his identity.   

So here’s an EXAMPLE of the "HOW-TO" on applying
this concept of "every situation has the solution built 
into it" while incorporating the TOPIC of "HUMAN CONNECTION".

Let’s say you are at a STARBUCKS and you see a woman
there you’d love to chat up.  You might notice a million
different things, from the book she is holding in her
hand, to the particular drink she orders, that you might
have an intriguing comment on, but let’s say you CAN’T
think of anything to say to her- here’s an example of

You might speak about the very FACT that Starbucks
itself was really based on the PREMISE that going for
a coffee should NOT just be something you RUSH
but rather should something you savor and enjoy as
a great experience WITH OTHER PEOPLE around. 

It’s the HUMAN element, NOT the coffee, as
coffee has been around for a lot longer than
Starbucks has.  Even coffee shops used to
be something that didn’t really CELEBRATE
the coffee experience, it wasn’t supposed to
be some CLASSY social experience till
STARBUCKS came along.

And you can actually APPROACH a woman
in a Starbucks, or even ANYWHERE, any
woman having a coffee, but especially this
would work well in a Starbucks, by mentioning
something like this:

"Hi there, I just had this thought, and I’m curious
what you think.  Did you know that the whole idea
of Starbucks is that it was instead of people rushing
in and out of donut and coffee shops, the idea was
that people would really RELISH the coffee experience,
and that it would be a COMMUNITY type of place
where you actually take your time with it.

In fact, that’s why every Starbucks has the community
wall inside of it, with postings about events in the
community. The idea is to have people socializing
and being a GROUP, it’s the SOCIAL element.

But here’s the part that really makes me WONDER:
Have you EVER seen anyone at a Starbucks actually
CHAT to anyone they didn’t already KNOW?"

NOW THIS is a COOL conversation starter, and you’ve
actually shown how YOU are aware of the human
dynamics of communication, and how YOU are
actually DIFFERENT from others, and also if she
herself to be DIFFERENT from most people as well,
in a POSITIVE way, which now gives you something
that you can REWARD her for with a GENUINE

No matter WHAT SHE SAYS back to you, chances are
she’s going to provide you with a lot MORE to speak about
than if you just say "hi" to her, or just told her she was
beautiful, although that is also a lot better than doing

She might respond with something like this:

"That’s fascinating, I never thought about that before!
But it makes sense. Usually I’m just thinking I need
my caffeine fix!"

And now, with that kind of playful humor that SHE
is giving you, you are off to the right kind of BANTER.

You can playfully tease her for being addicted to a drug
called caffeine, and then you can actually give her a
COMPLIMENT that she is one of the few human
beings that has social skills enough to actually use
Starbucks for what is was originally designed for!

Once you are on this topic, you can take it much FURTHER,
even if you, for example, CONSCIOUSLY bring up MORE
of the topic of human communication in a way that involves

You could tell her that one of the most important elements
to human communication is confirming feedback, meaning
validation,  this can be SIMPLE in the sense of someone
saying HELLO to you after you have said HELLO to them.

 And then you can PLAYFULLY say to her, "Hello!" and
she will GET THE JOKE, that it’s HER role to now
say HELLO back to you, and she will say, "Hello", and
now you can PLAYFULLY tell her that she is GOOD at
this communication stuff.

By being PLAYFUL about this, you are actually getting
and CONFIRMING FEEDBACK, and setting up a
great foundation for her to get to KNOW you, all
the while she is ENJOYING this because it’s a bit
playful and not totally serious.

You can even take it a step FURTHER by letting her
know that receiving VALIDATION from others
through confirming feedback is really an essential
part of having a healthy psyche, and you can then
smile at her and give her a MEANINGFUL
compliment and even TELL her that you just
gave her a GENUINE confirming feedback,
and you can even playfully suggest that she
should give the same to you, and tell her that
means she should say something nice about you!

that what makes all this work is
the playful element MIXED with the fact that
being done in the RIGHT WAY.

Now, human communication and validation
is a DEEP topic, that affects EVERYTHING
about our emotions, including the emotion
of SEX, but for now, I just want to mention
ONE more thing, which is that you can
even talk about how TRUST is the bedrock
of any real meaningful social connection,
to which she will surely AGREE.

At this point, going for her NUMBER is going
to be the EASIEST thing on Earth, because you
have conveyed TONS of cool things about yourself,
and you have gotten her smiling, you have intrigued
her, you have made her feel better about herself,
you have shown yourself to be different from
every other guy she’s met, it’s just CRAZY
how much good stuff you have going for yourself
at this point.

And by the way, this TOPIC is NOT limited

The concept of COMMUNICATION flows like

So, for example, you can use a similar approach
for anytime you see a woman on a LAPTOP anywhere,
or using an iPhone or iPad anywhere, or using the
INTERNET anywhere.

Here’s the basics of this idea in a nutshell:

Today, there is MORE technology than ever, all
designed to make it EASIER for an individual to
COMMUNICATE with others.  Everyone has
some kind of cell-phone or I-Phone or I-Pad,
there is SKYPE, there is TWITTER, there was
MY SPACE, there is FACEBOOK, they are ALL
about socializing, they are even called "SOCIAL MEDIA"!

And yet, because of these things, people are LOCKED

The very idea of having a special and INTIMATE
and private identity that connects on a deep level
to someone else is WEAKENED by these things.

There is less privacy.
There is also so much time spent on tech forms
of communication, that many people don’t meet
in PERSON as much, they just communicate by
technology instead of face-to-face.

PLUS, a lot of people use Facebook in a way that does
NOT represent their REAL selves, because they are
afraid that their real selves are not cool, so they 
instead do all sorts of things to try to seem more
cool by creating an identity that is not really true
to themselves.

THIS is a topic that is NOT supposed to be said as
a rant, and I fully see the value in these technologies for OTHER purposes, I'm just try to make it clear here so you can get the "talking points" that you would bring up in the conversation opener. 

These topics are INTERESTING and RELEVANT
and they ESPECIALLY relate to HUMAN
COMMUNICATION- which is what you are
using when chatting to a woman who is a
total stranger.

So you can use these topics as a conversation
opener, asking her for HER thoughts on these      
ideas, and then later in the chat you can playfully
CONGRATULATE her for being so good at
REAL communication face-to-face with you!

You would open the conversation with the most
relevant item, i.e. if she was using an I-Phone,
Facebook, a laptop, etc, etc.

We are LIVING in a very UNIQUE time when it
comes to the very way most people even PERCEIVE
HUMAN COMMUNICATION, and it makes sense
to TAP this topic when talking to a woman who you
want to actually have INTIMATE communication with.

It’s something that is meaningful to her, and probably
she does NOT get enough of a MEANINGFUL connection
in her own life, even though she may very well spend
TONS of time on social media.  YOU will be the man
who stands out as the man who IS able to connect
with her on the most powerful level.

And THEN you can proceed to stage two, of getting
in getting physical with YOU.

I’m sure that you can tell from reading this newsletter
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for approaching and attracting women ANYWHERE
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The greatest thing about what you will learn in my programs
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Become FEARLESS With Women

Today is just a really simple, brief, yet
SUPER IMPORTANT point that you need to know
if you are going to be successful when you
approach women, especially women who are
total strangers.

I'm talking about going up to a woman and getting
a "BAD" result.

Now, the truth is, even though a so-called "bad"
result where a woman does not reply, or somehow
replies with a rude response, is really NOTHING
to worry about, the fact is that EMOTIONALLY
it can seem like a LOT.

I USED to get all hung up on these kinds of things,
so I would be insanely careful about ONLY approaching
when I felt things were perfect and all the stars
had lined up, etc., so that I could be pretty sure
I would get a good response.

I was SO WORRIED about "failing" that it was
to be avoided at all costs.

And then, one day, after having some successes
spaced out over a great deal of time from being
SUPER CAREFUL, I went up to a woman on the
subway, and started to chat with her, but she was
acting as if I had just propositioned her for
something out of a porno, and as if I had expected
that we should do it right then and there.

I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember
it was pretty innocent, and I do remember in particular
that her response was something like, "Sir, this is very

And the STRANGEST thing happened inside of me.

At first, I was about to get a panic attack.

But then, the next moment, I became overwhelmed
with this sense of being LIBERATED from fear.

THIS was the thing that everyone had said
was to be DREADED!

So there I was, going through this supposedly
terrible thing, and yet I was still existing!

The universe did NOT cease to exist!

So, instead of getting all nervous, or apologetic,
I just felt so FREE, because it was the WORRY
that had been bogging me down.

You don't need to even start with having CONFIDENCE with women.  Instead, it's enough to simply NOT BE WORRIED about gaining HER approval.

Now, without the worry, realizing that this
supposedly terrible situation is really NOTHING,
I actually became really UPBEAT, realizing in
my mind how much I could REALLY do with women
now that this "worry" thing about women's reactions
was no longer an issue.

Even in THAT particular moment, I went playful
and actually gave her a sly smile, and to the
couple of people watching (I realized that in
fact only one or two people were actually
watching since in real life no one CARES
one way or the other about this stuff) I
just playfully said "She doesn't really have
social skills!".

I walked off that subway and realized there
were MILLIONS more women that I could try
this stuff on, and that it didn't even have
to feel like anything except LOADS OF FUN!

And very quickly after, my results actually
IMPROVED, and it took LESS EFFORT since I
no longer WORRIED about the response, I was
just focusing on doing the best I could in
a way that was ENJOYABLE for me as well.

So I stopped SELF-CENSORING every thought I had,
and I actually was able to unleash ten times the
HUMOR I did previously.  I never was mean-spirited,
but prior to that time I was super-worried that
maybe a woman might not GET my humor. 

All that worry and trying to please women too much
just STIFLED my humor, it STIFLED my personality,
it SHUT DOWN the mojo!!!!

all the humor, the mojo, the personality!

I wasn't afraid to push the envelope farther,
and I was able to see PRIME opportunities for
escalating things physically and to capitalize
on them BEFORE the moment of opportunity was

Do you know what I mean? When you think
so much about doing the perfect thing to
not screw up, that the MOMENT OF OPPORTUNITY
is actually GONE by the time you figure it
all out?

When you're not worried about rejection, because it does not make you anxious, you actually end up not only taking MORE actions with women, but you ALSO end up taking much BETTER actions with women.

So it is not just that you take ACTION, which is important as well or you are not even "in the game" so to speak. And it's not just that you take FASTER action so you act before  the moment is gone.

It's that you ALSO end up taking the BEST actions when you are not bogged down with fear.  FEAR is to your MIND like a VIRUS is on a computer; it ends up using up your mental and emotional resources and it results in POOR performance. 

So my message to you is this: Sometimes the most
LIBERATING thing that can happen to you is going
through an INTENSE and WILD so-called "rejection".

Once you've been through an INTENSE "rejection", you
realize that NO future interaction could be as "bad", and
you thus become FEARLESS in your interactions with
women, allowing the cool elements of your personality
to truly SHINE without fear of judgement.

What you've just read, as important as it is, is just the
TIP of the ICEBERG, and if you want to learn MORE
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Till next time,

Michael Marks 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bathe Her In A Sea Of Intoxicating Emotions

The WINNER in this game called ATTRACTION is the
guy who can QUENCH a woman’s thirsty emotional
receptors with a SEA of INTOXICATING EMOTIONS.

And though these emotions come in an endless variety
of shades and mixtures and tones, the ONE THING THAT’S
CRITICAL to understand is that all these emotions resonate
back to POWER and a sense of WONDER, where she can
get LOST in the rush of sensory overload.

In order to pull this off, which is a huge skill in itself, the
PREREQUISITE skill is the ability to get into the right
state of mind. Think of being in the right state as
KINDERGARTEN. It’s required before you can get
into grade ONE.

It makes a huge difference if you are in the right state.
This is why it makes no sense to go after women you
are not even interested in. I mean, if you are doing
something you don’t care about, what kind of state
can you possibly be in? At best, you are indifferent.
Which might seem like a kind of poor man’s confidence,
but it really is pathetic and sucky once you know what
it feels like to be on the other side of the universe.

I have almost NEVER gone after women that I was not
seriously excited by, whether it was their looks or their
personality, and usually it was the combo, which I could
size up pretty damn fast.

Let me talk a bit about getting INTO state.

This has a lot to do with how you are living your entire
LIFE, because, as I’ve said before:


So if you are constantly behaving in ways that are namby
pamby, boring, or pathetic, or if you are whiny and not
challenging yourself, and not focused on the right thoughts,
you will feel pretty crummy most of the time.

But let’s say you are just starting out and the IDEA OF
totally changing your WHOLE EMOTIONAL LIFE at
once seems too much to begin with.

It really is not such a big deal, but let’s say for
whatever reason it seems like too big of a deal.

So guess what? Here’s a great solution: Start with
EMOTIONS and exercise those emotions in that one hour.

For that one hour, turn off the crappy whiny songs
on the radio or cd or mp3, turn off the bullshit
negative or angry music, turn on the stuff that
is empowering and is sung by someone in an excellent state.

The world might seem screwed up, but the truth is there are
good people and good women out there, and you will be
SHIELDED out by them if they sense you are in the wrong
state. And thank goodness for that, or they would be ruined
by all the screwed up people out there.

One hour, that’s it. Start that this second.

I just gave you one powerful example in the form of
the music you listen to. You could apply this principle
in a million other ways, from the way you conduct yourself
and your thoughts at work, at the gym, in your free time,
the books you read, the people you hang out with, the
activities you do, the goals you have, the way you
stand up for what you believe in, the way you make
sure not to judge people too quickly and make sure
to really get the full truth, comparing both sides
of the story to discover who’s telling the truth, etc.

To learn even more ways, go to:


Okay, before I move on to talk a bit about the “big boy’s”
game, which goes way beyond being in the right emotional
state, let me say that being in state is not a separate part
of “the game”, but rather it directly flows into ALL other
parts of the game.

So many guys make the mistake of thinking of parts of
the game in isolation. It doesn’t work that way, it all

It’s like a guy trying to pack on mass naturally without
steroids who says, “I ate peanut butter and had a glass
of milk today”, thinking that is a lot of protein, not
realizing that it takes about 7 times that
quantity of protein to build muscle, spaced out evenly
over 16 hours. And it takes proper rest, and it takes the
right amount of carbs and fats. And of course the right
kind of training.

So when a guy thinks he’s the master and has nothing
to learn because he “teased that girl”, while in fact
his state is messed up, his clothing is horrifyingly
boring, and his beliefs are all wrong, and he
doesn’t even try to progress the interaction anywhere or
build a meaningful connection or escalate any physical
contact, and he doesn’t make an effort to strike her
emotional chords in any unique and powerful way, he
obviously doesn’t understand that this skill is about a
whole bunch of things happening at once.

It’s important not to feel overwhelmed by the fact there
is more than one thing to learn. The trick is not to
feel like you have to be PERFECT at this moment,
and instead to see PROGRESS and see yourself as
an ever developing human being.

And by the way, even a little progress is enough to make some serious
impact, because it’s all relative since it’s rare for
any guy to actually seriously work on this area of
himself at all. But hey, I like to think that you want
to be more than just good, and would rather be great.

Personally, I consider myself only at about 70% of my
full capacity to understand and exercise my skill in this
area, there are so many more things I want to try and
experiment with and learn. This makes things EXCITING.
Truly, getting there is half the fun, and your own
development will be exciting for you as well.

The way to learn is to throw out your ego. I don’t believe
in “moves” or “methods” or “gurus”. To me, there is only
EMOTION, and applying that IN REAL LIFE to see what
works and what doesn’t. I do take pride, though, in being
THE one who has taken this APPROACH to the entire field.

EMOTIONS are so powerful because women (and
all humans) are ADDICTED to the feelings they get
from emotions, even bad ones unfortunately, which
is why it’s so important to FORCE yourself out of
negative emotions again and again and avoid the
triggers of those emotions.

You must force yourself into a different state, for example by doing exercise
and letting the endorphins flow naturally. Once you get
into a new pattern, you then become addicted to feeling
the awesome emotions and you won’t want to go back.

When you make a woman feel emotions, she will
wake up, no matter what the hell she is doing at
the moment. It doesn’t MATTER how bored or serious
or angry she seems, it’s YOUR JOB to change that
emotion if you want to get her to go from stranger to
attracted to you.

And of course, if you want to keep up any relationship,
you have to keep on doing this, and if she’s smart
she’ll do the same for you. that’s what appreciation
is, and also if you are both high self esteem, you
both won’t be in bad moods too often in the first place).

Let’s take the example of the emotion of feeling INTRIGUE,
from something like the SUPERNATURAL.


If you meet a woman in any situation, and you could
throw a really cool supernatural angle on it, you’ve got
yourself a distinction from almost all other guys.

So for example, let’s say you are both at a light,
crossing the street, and let’s say the light is taking
a long time, you could make a cocky comment with
a splice of intrigue by having this James Bond look
on your face and saying, “you know, I think this light
is an omen”, and she’ll say “why”, and then you can
tease her that it’s forcing you to stand near HER of all
people for so long.

She’ll most likely chuckle, and see your confidence,
but the thing is that this opens up a gateway to talking
about supernatural things, and you can go into a story
about how your aunt or uncle or yourself were in
whatever freaky story:

i.e. how you missed a plane, and thanks to missing
that plane, you or someone you know had to stay home
and that was the last weekend he or she or you had
to see your great grandma, or thanks to staying behind,
he or she or someone ended up meeting the love of
their life, etc.

Whatever it is, I’m sure something true and intriguing
has really happened to you or someone you know.

Now, compare that with some dude who thinks he’s
so cool because he said “this damn light takes so long”.
And you know what? Even THAT might work, but
it obviously reveals way less cool things about you
and obviously touches way less emotional receptors
on her brain.

She has to be FEELING it.
Do NOT underestimate the power of this stuff
when done WELL. And the critical thing to realize
is that this stuff should NOT BE DONE to impress
a woman, but it must become integrated into your
life as person who is bathing in cool sensory impact

We all have this stuff inside of us, it’s just a
matter of exercising it and using it just like when
a muscle is used on a regular basis and grows stronger.

Why does something like the supernatural have such
emotional power? Because our emotional mind registers
it as POWER, a way to go BEYOND any limitations.

We feel as if we are connected to something OMNIPOTENT.
What can feel greater than that?

emotions to a state where they no longer feel
limited but feel INFINITELY POWERFUL.

Ever feel empowered by a SONG?
Well, it’s the same thing happening.

This is probably also why so many great musicians and
artists can get so lost themselves in their own creations
that they lose touch with logic and do a lot of harm
to their own bodies because logic is powerless in the
face of the massive overwhelming emotions they
have created.

Which is why these emotions can achieve both so
much good and also so much bad, depending on
what direction they take.

makes you COMPELLING to women.

Attraction is about FEELING superiority, power, excellence.
So this intrigue, supernatural stuff feels intoxicating,
and if you can make it feel REAL to her, especially if
you can make it a part of you, you will have a hold on
a woman and probably any person in fact.

This is why performers UNIVERSALLY use this to
enhance their appeal. They are LARGER than life.

A magician seems to defy the laws of physical
science. An actor seems larger than life because
of his or her roles in INCREDIBLE STORIES of
persons overcoming great obstacles, stories
that have been rendered with such brilliant
creativity that they FEEEEEL REAL. 

And a singer, well clearly a great singer musician
takes people on an emotional journey to places
people have never been, or places emotionally
that they have long sought to return to. 

It’s a shame there are so few good new musicians
now that can really take people on these journeys.

And even romantic songs can be insanely powerful, if they
are done from a point of view of KNOWING THAT THEY
in their own value that implicitly says they are GIVING
VALUE to the other person by being with them.

So even in THESE cases, it STILL boils down to POWER
and excellence and superiority. Brilliantly conveyed by
the use of the insanely powerful human MIND.

It’s a shame that there are so few of those songs done
right today with artistic finesse and original melodies.
But let’s say for example Def Leppard’s “Put Some Sugar
On Me” or even Anne Murray’s “Now and Forever”.

Remember, emotions are TRUER in our minds than the
most clearly proven logical facts.

How about the emotion of LAUGHTER?

In its own way, it also feels insanely good and powerful.
Because when you are REALLY LAUGHING, you are feeling

Survival is intact.

In fact, even if you are laughing only out NERVOUS laughter,
you are doing this to make someone ELSE feel that all is okay.
And you are doing this because it’s important to YOU to
make sure the other person is feeling good. So that’s why
folks laugh at the boss’s bad jokes. ‘Cuz even though the
jokes are bad, the people are so happy that the boss is in
a good mood, so everyone is happy and thus laughter is not
far away.

The boss, because of his good mood, is making everyone else
happy, and thus suddenly his jokes at the moment seem funny.
It’s the state of mind of SECURITY TO SURVIVAL that makes
everyone feel good and THAT makes them laugh.

Of course, that is a very weak form of laughter, but still, it’s
DNA is still about a person feeling survival is being bolstered.

Now, on that note, a guy that does NOT laugh at the boss’
bad joke may be signaling that he is SUPERIOR to the boss
and doesn’t NEED the boss, so now suddenly the boss is no
longer a source of survival, so the employee’s brain doesn’t
feel good about the bad joke since there is no gain for him
in terms of survival anyway since he doesn’t need the boss.
This sometimes leads to getting respect and sometimes to
getting fired because now the boss feels that HIS survival
is threatened.

The MAIN POINT is that laughter also occurs from a feeling
of enhanced survival. So for example, when a great comedian
makes light of things that everyone is scared shitless of, he
helps people DEAL with these issues. Or when YOU are
able to EFFECTIVELY poke fun at reality when with a woman,
she feels SECURE with you. After all, the way you have
reframed reality is that it’s all a joke and it’s all in your hand,
it’s nothing, no big deal, so she LAUGHS.

And also when you are able to make her laugh by teasing
HER properly, you are showing that SHE is not a source of
fear for you, like she is for most men. A lot of guys screw
this up by going too far and just being mean, or just being
dorky. Being mean doesn’t make her feel you are not afraid
of her, or that you are superior, it makes her feel you are a
creep with issues. Being just dorky doesn’t make her feel
you are superior, it makes her feel you are a dork.

On this note, by the way, I should mention that this
FINE LINE between being in a playful good mood while
STILL BEING A MAN, and being interesting while still
NOT being the guy trying to entertain her is probably
one of the tougher challenges for most guys. Smoothing
this stuff out comes from practice.

What happens to a lot of guys is that as they start to
get results, they get so encouraged that they want to
MORE COOL STORIES, etc., etc., because as guys who
have been through hell with women, (I haven’t forgotten
what that’s like) all we can think is SHE LIKES IT!!!! So
the first instinct when you’re still starting out is to
POUR IT ON THICK, trying as hard as possible to

The problem with this is that you LOSE the edge that
made you cool in the first place! You end up
GIVING THE FRAME over to HER, it becomes
all about getting her to react in the way you want,
you care TOO MUCH about her staying happy,
and you start to lose your OWN identity and you
stop being natural without even realizing it. It’s
the first step toward becoming submissive and
the end of the line. You have to STOP yourself
if you catch this happening.

You have to know when to slow down, which is, in a
very tight nutshell, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Tight game is LEAN game, because the less you do
and the more SHE does, the cooler you will seem.

Of course though, in the first part of the interaction
especially, you must BLAST OPEN the gates and not
hold back.

And of course I would be missing a huge emotion
if I skipped out the emotion of INSANE SEXUAL DESIRE.

The thing to remember is that what unlocks the greatest
sexual pleasure is when both people enjoy GIVING each
other pleasure as well as getting it. This creates an awesome
endless cycle of super hot times for both of you.

And it sure helps to feel connected to the other person if you
are going to enjoy and want to give as much as you get.

So even this “raw sex” thing is actually not as “raw” as one
might think.

For a woman to truly let go with you, she needs to feel
absolute trust in you, and she has to be attracted of
course as well. But the connecting thing and having
some “real convo” where you truly discover things you are
interested in about each other is overlooked by so
many guys who are only focused on the “bottom line”
so to speak, and they cut themselves short by doing this.

This connecting is soooooooo important. It’s the
OTHER side to attraction. It’s about making her
feel that YOU seriously are into HER, about making
HER feel special. This is where truly good guys have
an edge, since they naturally see the good in others
and see what others may not notice or appreciate.
The thing though is that in order to be able to do this
properly, you have to not be fazed by her beauty,
otherwise you will think everything she does is awesome,
which is kind of pathetic.

However, once you have THIS established, THEN
when you get really hot and sweaty with a woman
you are crazy about, THEN it’s time to really let
loose and be the wild beast you know you can be,
because THEN she will want it exactly that way,
and she will want it BAD.

Those are truly the sweetest times of all.

A woman should be so lucky to meet such an awesome
guy who knows all this stuff and understands it deeply.

It’s important to be able to SENSE your own sexual
state of mind, to an extent, throughout the entire
interaction because it keeps you on track that this
IS after all a sexual interaction, even if it first takes
place in the form of words and gestures and teasing
and various other forms of physical contact aside from
sex. So you don’t end up doing stupid things that look
dorky, feminine, submissive, or “friend” like. And by
you behaving this way, she will feel the sexual dimension
to the interaction.

And since human beings are very “state catchy” she will
start to enter this mood and be receptive to your pick up
if you do the rest of the pick up right.

You have to NOT LET UP your state of mind
(both sexual and also your beliefs about yourself
and your worth) at any time, even if she tests you
on it, in fact ESPECIALLY if she tests you on it,
because human beings are all about ACCEPTING
whichever state of mind is EASIEST to accept.

And if you HOLD your own frame of the interaction
as being the ONLY one, the correct one, the
DOMINANT one, she will feel that it makes SENSE.
If you SLIDE and let your frame crumble, HER FRAME
will take over and suddenly you will be the creepy guy
trying to pick her up. But if you KEEP the frame, you
are suddenly the sexy guy she’s been dreaming about.

That means you LEAD the way, at all times, and not
WAIT for her to show you the way, or for her to
give you approval. At the same time, you have to
have a proper sense of timing and take action at
the right moment when it’s best, or you CREATE
the right moment to make it the best.

Finally, I want to say that all this stuff you learn here
is for your PERSONAL goals. Don’t feel that you
have to impress anybody but yourself.

I used to be all pissed at the world and wanted to
stack up numbers, because I figured there were no
good women left on earth so quantity was the only
possible alternative.

Well, turns out I was wrong, there are good women,
not many mind you, but a few, who have incredible
values, including the value of appreciating what
they have.

I share this info with you only because I want
to make it clear that not every woman is some
materialistic, juvenile, status-seeking basket
case. If you want to meet a quality woman, it’s
important that you don’t let negative beliefs
shield her out.

In this newsletter, I’ve touched on some incredibly
crucial points to both your IMMEDIATE and also
your LONG TERM success with women. And as powerful
as this stuff is, it really is just the start of
an awesome journey, just a glimpse if you will, into
a whole other universe. I would like to be the one
who takes you there, personally.

If you would like to TRULY take your success to a
level that most people don’t even know EXISTS,
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Michael Marks

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Actions For Getting The RIGHT Woman

This is going to be one of the most important
articles I have ever written on getting the
RIGHT woman. The article is comprised of 
two very DIFFERENT yet VITAL aspects to 
getting a quality woman. 

The first part deals with how to properly
SCREEN a woman for the right values for
a great long-term relationship.  The second
part deals with how to actually best approach
a woman who is a total stranger no matter
WHERE you see her or find her.

So, let’s get to the SCREENING part first,
because it is the only way to prevent wasting
years of your life on the wrong women who
will bring you misery, heartache, and who
may even drain you financially.

Now, remember, this is all about getting a
GREAT woman, a woman who is the kind
of woman who you can TRUST, who will
be there through hell and high water, who
will truly last the test of time, a woman who
is strong in her noble convictions and who
is a positive person and who is also wise and
not naïve.

And to find THIS kind of woman, you need to realize one thing: THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN ARE NOT GOING TO BE THE RIGHT ONES!

If you don’t believe me, just check out the
dating profiles of ANY random sampling
of 10, 20, 100, or even a THOUSAND
profiles of women on any internet dating

I don’t even emphasize internet dating, I prefer
to approach women in real life, but still to just
get an idea of what is going on in the minds
of most women (and trust me, many men are
misguided as well) all you have to do is
see what women say about THEMSELVES
in their dating profiles.

They say things like “I like travelling and going out to
great restaurants. I LOVE funny movies and I have a
great sense of humor.  I am a wonderful/nice/great

And of course, if you look at what women are LOOKING
for in a guy, you will see SIMILAR things, such as
“I’m looking for a guy who likes to travel, who enjoys
going out to restaurants, and who has a great sense of

These things are so ARBITRARY and not truly VITAL
to relationships, these women may as well say that what
they are really looking for a guy in a relationship is for him
to be able to stand on one foot while reciting the national
anthem backwards and wearing a polka-dot tutu. 

WHAT THE *----* ??????????????????????

Remember, this is what women think is IMPORTANT
to tell men.  Women think THIS is what makes a woman
a great woman to date, to get into a relationship with,
to possibly consider as great girlfriend material, and
possibly WIFE material.

The freaking truth, though, is that if you are in a
RELATIONSHIP with someone, then aside from
physical chemistry,  the BIGGEST thing that matters
is how this person TREATS YOU EVERY SINGLE

After all, a relationship is not a one-night stand. It is
a RELATIONSHIP.  That means you RELATE to
each other, you CONNECT on a regular basis.

If you get into a SERIOUS relationship, you might
even be moving in together. And of course, if you
get married you will interact a LOT with each other.

That is, if BOTH PEOPLE in the relationship KNOW
how to do relationships RIGHT.  The truth is, most
relationships are headed toward DISINTEGRATION
because one or both parties are IGNORANT of how
to do relationships right, and most relationships will
end and ironically they will not be relating to each
other for very long.

So, back to the main point, which I need to repeat:
The BIGGEST thing that matters in relationships is how this person TREATS YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU INTERACT WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of women looking for arbitrary qualities in men, 
and instead of women trying to impress men by listing
the arbitrary qualities the women have, qualities that 
have nothing to do with relationships, women SHOULD 
be describing what DOES matter. (Men, of course, should
also be focusing on what DOES matter.)

A woman should go on to GREAT lengths to describe
the level of DEDICATION that she will give to the right 
MAN in her life.

Women should describe in PAINSTAKING DETAIL
just how LOYAL they will be.

They should pour their heart out and write for DAYS
about their ability to LISTEN and to make you feel

They should write POETRY on how intense their
love for you and your future family will be, and on
how that will be their greatest priority.


Doesn’t EVERYBODY like these things?

It all boils down to one thing: Selfishness, which ironically, ROBS them of the joy of having ANY long-lasting love in their lives, thereby keeping their lives empty, thereby reinforcing MORE of the need for temporary distractions.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think a sense of humor is great. Restaurants, and travelling, all cool stuff. You just don’t need a RELATIONSHIP for that stuff.   

What these women are saying, in effect, is that they 
think THEY are the only things that are really important, 
and also they are even saying that the MAIN thing in a guy
is his ability to participate in these NON-PARTICULARLY
RELATIONSHIP TYPE activities, such as traveling,
going out to dinner, and joking around. 

But alas, the story does not end there. All you need to do is check out the dating profiles of women who have BABIES or small KIDS at home and who were also previously married and are now divorced.

What do you know? For some odd reason,
the profiles of THESE women tend to
(not always, but MOST of the time) be


You will notice that these women seem to understand the importance of things like COMMITMENT, LOYALTY, and suddenly they are not so concerned about whether you are into travelling and restaurants and could really care less if you happen to be particularly funny or not.

You will suddenly see terms like KINDNESS
appearing with greater frequency.


So, basically, once women have been through the ringer, they find out that choosing a man based on STUPID REASONS  does not work well, and they suddenly start to choose men based on criteria relevant to EVERY SINGLE DAY OF EVERY SINGLE RELATIONSHIP!!!!

So, what I am SAYING here is that you need to STOP following the MASSES.  You need to REALIZE what to look for in a woman.

And once you really KNOW what you are looking
for, it becomes EASIER to know if a woman is
right or not.  She will tell you ALL YOU NEED
because most women think they are actually on the
RIGHT path, so they feel they have nothing to hide!

So just let a woman wax on to you how she is really
into concerts, into restaurants, into traveling, and
if she never gets into how she is going to treat the
MAN in her life, then FORGET HER.

People tend to SPEAK about what is on their MINDS.
So if a woman isn’t REALLY looking for a man for
all the RIGHT reasons, you will KNOW from the
way she is talking and what she is talking about.

If a woman IS in the right head-space for a relationship,
if she DOES know what is important, if she really
CARES about the right things in a relationship,
if she really WANTS  to give and to get the right
dedication, kindness, loyalty, and wisdom, then
she will MAKE IT CLEAR through her words
AND her actions.


Your life is precious, you don’t get ONE second
back of it, EVER.  Don’t WASTE it on the
wrong women. 

And if you happen to be WEALTHY, this is
even MORE important for you, as some women
will try harder to figure out what it is YOU care
about in order to try to make it seem like they
would be a good match for you when they really
are NOT. 

You have to be careful not to FOOL yourself into
thinking this woman is SINCERELY dedicated
if she is NOT.  ACTIONS speak louder than words,
and CONSISTENCY is key. See if she is REALLY
consistent in her words and actions over the span
of TIME.  And try to HIDE THE FACT that you
have wealth.  Don’t act like a beggar, but don’t
try to get women through flaunting your wealth,
or you are REALLY going to make your life
difficult because you are going to invite the
greatest actresses of all time into your life and
I don’t mean that in a good way.

Don’t let wishful thinking fool you.

Remember, this company is called Get A GREAT Girl.
It isn’t called GET ALL THE GIRLS.
You are going to have to SCREEN like crazy.

Now, I want to make it CLEAR that I
am not telling guys to be so negative that
they don’t take POSITIVE action, as you
MUST get out there and in fact you may
have to meet even MORE women than
guys who are just looking for one-night
stands because you are looking for the
RIGHT traits that are harder to find. 

And I’d like to give you a GREAT method for how to approach women without relying on pick-up lines or anything else artificial.

Here’s what you do:

You FOCUS your attention on the woman you
are about to chat up. You OBSERVE her with
SHERLOCK HOLMES level observation skills.

I mean this figuratively, to say that you really
focus on observing her to your best ability,
and then you SAY something about what
you have observed.

The key is to try to find something that is not too easy for EVERYONE to see right away.  So if she is wearing a bright red hat, that’s a little too obvious to comment on, but even THAT is okay for STARTING the conversation.

Then, you wait to see if she RESPONDS with anything as a reply to you.      

The greater your INITIAL observation, the
greater the chance she WILL respond, and
not only will she respond, but she will respond
with a great deal of CONTENT as her reply.

You then OBSERVE AND LISTEN TO HER REPLY super-keenly, and you focus on what you can DEDUCE from what she is saying, ESPECIALLY if you can deduce something about HER, thereby setting things up for her NEXT RICH REPLY to you, setting up a fantastic cycle for you.

Now, if you do this RIGHT, she will actually START TO OBSERVE THINGS ABOUT YOU.

Women are BETTER at this stuff than most
men, so they will APPRECIATE what you
are doing and do the same back for you,
giving HER a chance to also learn about you.

So for example, even if you remarked on her choice of magazine she is reading, and you said, “I can see you enjoy photography”, (or architecture, or poetry, or WHATEVER the magazine is about, i.e. fashion) she might say back to you something like, “Yeah, I’m thinking of getting a new camera”, to which you might reply, “So you already have a camera, but your skill has taken you to a higher level of camera”, etc, etc.

It’s about LISTENING, and it’s about FOCUS.

Women are GREAT at sizing up your 
communication skills, and this will
make a GREAT impression, plus of course
it actually DOES allow you to create a
smooth flowing conversation.

After a few minutes of this, you are already
way past the stranger barrier, and just go
into “normal” conversation, so long as you
keep it chilled out, interesting and positive.

So, as you can see, I care about BOTH ends of the SPECTRUM: I care about making sure you know how to SCREEN for the RIGHT woman, and I also care about making sure you get the SKILL to actually MEET these women and make the best impression in the first place.    

I suggest you take a BOOTCAMP with me where
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I personally wish I had learned all these things that
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Michael Marks