Monday, January 30, 2012

How To Use Your Identity To Attract Women

Behold, there is a way to trigger attraction
without sacrificing who YOU are.

It's called, get ready for it:


Don't kiss up.
But don't try to be so "cool" either.

Almost every “system” out there attempts to
remold you into a supposedly “alpha male”
stereotype that is often too simplistic to
PRACTICALLY apply in real life.

For example, you are told to “be alpha”.
Then you see this girl on the street you’d like to
chat up. So you think, “be alpha”.
Okay, now what?
What are you supposed to do?
Drag her by the hair to your cave?
Frown at her?
Just tell her you want her number?
And what if you have nothing at the moment
to tease her playfully on?
Are you suddenly up a creek without a paddle?

What if you didn’t have to worry about
what you said to open up the conversation
because YOU UNDERSTOOD things about
women and human beings, including yourself,
on such a high level, that you could EASILY
come up with a thousand things that felt
perfectly NATURAL to say that would work
just fine? And how would you feel if a huge
part of the reason this all worked was because
of the way YOU naturally are, the person behind
the words, instead of the learned technique?
And how would you feel if you knew you
had it all under control, in terms of how to
lead the situation from one stage to the next?

One of the critical components to making all
this work without having to be somebody else,
rests in learning to revel in and unleash your
IDENTITY, including the times that you
feel the desire to MASK it with everything
you’ve got.

I’m not a particularly huge fan of Woody Allen
movies, but there is one very interesting dynamic
to all his movies that has a lot of relevance to
attraction. His character doesn’t change, regardless
of the film, regardless of whether he’s with some
friend or talking to some gorgeous woman, he
doesn’t change. He may be neurotic as hell about
a lot of other things, (and he may do things otherwise
that are counter to attraction) but he doesn’t
mask his personality to any of the other characters.

That says in a very EFFECTIVE, EMOTIONALLY
That he is desirable enough that he DOESN’T

(Which isn’t to say that a guy shouldn’t work
on improving himself, and in fact this is
part of the whole point of being your best

There is coolness in this trait.
Ironically, a guy who keeps trying to “act cool”
comes across as far more of a dweeb than a guy
who at first glance may dress as a dweeb but
when he opens his mouth and he talks and interacts,
is clearly allowing his personality to shine through
without fear.

Now, of course, there is a difference between
being yourself based on IGNORANCE and
being yourself based on KNOWLEDGE.

In my programs, I work on providing you the
you can apply it in a way that you can still be

I believe that every person has tons of cool things
about them. You can’t help it, being a human being
is a pretty cool thing because we are constantly learning
things even if we aren’t trying. Now, some things
are more practical than others, but if you’ve been
on the planet for a bit, even for only 18 years, that’s
18 years of soaking in experiences, like school,
bullies, friends, disappointment, people who are
creepy, heartbreak, joy, helping others, etc, etc.
All stuff which makes you grow character.

And of course if you’ve been around longer,
that’s more experience to enhance your personality.

One of the elements I work on with clients is bringing
out the infinite power of their buried identities.

the identity that is HIDING behind the MASK.

Ever notice one of the elements that is common to
just about every truly great movie character?

The character’s FLAWS are not hidden.
They make his or her strengths seem more special.
More real. More admirable.

In the original movie, Rocky isn’t a rocket scientist,
and he made quite a few mistakes in his life.
But when he got the chance to make something
out of his life, and to fill up the gaps in his life,
damn he put his heart and soul into it, and was
determined to “go the distance".

His “going the distance” is more attractive
because of his other flaws.

No one is perfect, no one.
And deep down, we all know this.
So guys who try too hard to be perfect are
CLEARLY covering something up.

And THAT is uncool.

But guys get so caught up on wanting to make
a great impression, that their impression is
so sterilized, so anti-septic, so devoid of
“potentially damaging” content, that there is
NOTHING left. No “juice” left to the vibe.

It’s important to give people the chance
to see your flaws. Give them a chance
to REJECT you. Don’t go out of you way
to screw yourself up, but a flaw can often
be your best friend if it came out naturally.

More importantly, if you’re “in” and accepted
with your flaw, you will feel so much more
connected to the woman you are with. As
opposed to hiding it and living that kind
of attitude of fear.

This is not just about HOW to get women.
It’s about HOW to get the RIGHT women.

For this is the only way to truly give a chance
for REAL acceptance.

Of course, you need to be your BEST,
but that does not mean trying to come
across as perfect or fake or hiding
things about yourself.

And think about it:
If you give a woman a chance to reject you,
let’s say, by allowing your crazy sense of
humor to come through, or your personal
ideas about something else intriguing,
you are actually saying that you have enough
self worth to be prepared to accept someone’s
else’s rejection of you. And THAT actually
says that you DO have value.

This is very powerful stuff, and has implications
on many levels of communication.

Almost every song or movie in many ways one
can say has been done before, but what HASN’T
been done before, the part that actually IMPACTS
people, is the part where the artist REVEALS
TO REVEAL THEM, (thus a “proof” of their
OVERALL value that they can absorb the
impact of this flaw) and the WAY those
vulnerabilities are presented.

Again, this actually attests to being SECURE AND
HAVING VALUE. But it has to be done in a
non-apologetic way.

This is a very deep topic, but I hope I have
given some insight into it here.

Only if you have enough self-security in your
identity can you even go to the point of allowing
yourself to be embarrassed.

The other day I was having a conversation with
someone who told me about a quote from
Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino said something like,
“If you haven’t written something that embarrasses
you in your writing, then you haven’t done your job”.


So, to a woman, if you are willing to put yourself
out there, it says EMOTIONALLY, INDIRECTLY, in
a powerful way, that you believe you have worth.

And the thing is, it’s because you are NOT saying
anything about your worth, in fact you are
“screw up” or possibly reveal that you are
“not so perfect” and THAT actually makes you
come across as the REAL DEAL.

The truly superior deal.
Unlike every guy who tries to sell themselves as “special”.

And you can’t fake “being real”.
You can’t fake it any more than you can fake a great
movie, a great song, a great work of art.

When it’s really great, everyone feels it,
and when it’s imitation stuff, everyone
feels it as well.

Often, in bootcamps, I will do some pretty spontaneous
things, that I’m NOT SURE WILL “WORK”.  I will do
these things because I’m really not trying to be somebody
else. I'm being honest to my  thoughts and feelings, and
sometimes that might involve doing things like singing
not-so-professionally, etc.

One of the keys to this is to make sure that you
are not in the wrong state of mind, otherwise
all the honest stuff in the world will just reveal
that you honestly are not any fun to be around. 

This is one of the powerful benefits to your
training that you get from taking BOOTCAMP
with me, because you get to EXPERIENCE
it all LIVE.  I ensure that you actually LIVE
these words and don't just read them.

Once you EXPERIENCE results, it's easy
to DUPLICATE your results again, because
your mind now has a powerful MEMORY
of success rooted deeply inside of it,
making it easy to empower yourself
again and again in the future.

Plus, you remember the exact DETAILS
subconsciously, the exact subtle things
that helped you succeed, and you
instinctively APPLY them without
even thinking the next time you need
to when you see a woman you'd like
to approach.

On the topic of pushing your own comfort zone
and being comfortable conveying your identity,
there was once a movie with Cameron Diaz,
where her character is being set up to look like
a fool through singing karaoke.

The movie is called “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a 'chick flick'.
I enjoyed it.
(Hint, hint, do I try to pretend I only watch
RAMBO, even with women? Am I trying to be

Anyway, the thing is, Julia Robert’s character
wants to make Diaz’s character look bad.
But when Cameron’s character gets up there
on stage, even though she is not a great singer,
she TOTALLY GOES FOR IT, she gives it
her best and ENJOYS IT, she isn’t afraid of
screwing it all up. She is a real sport about her
own flaws and doesn’t hide from them.

Very cool, whether you are a guy or gal.

In fact, I’ve learned a TON about how girls act
comfortable, and realized how much GUYS can learn
from this. I’ve seen girls do all kinds of silly
things, from singing badly to dancing badly
and it was clear that they couldn’t sing better
and that they couldn’t dance better, and yet
they did it all anyway on purpose to just
be comfortable and relaxed and be themselves
and also they were “putting themselves out
there” being a bit vulnerable. It says a lot
of subtle things, good things.

And it’s actually quite an attractive trait
when done right.

This goes hand in hand with not being focused
on rejection, because you are actually GIVING

If you give a woman a “chance to reject you”,
you are REALLY actually stating that rejection
isn’t a big deal.

And THAT says value, and it also is pretty
cool in the sense that you’re not making such a
big deal about HER.

Because if you WERE making her the entire
focus of your life, you wouldn’t allow the
chance for rejection, would you?

Cool guys allow themselves to get rejected.
The irony is, they rarely see things as them
being rejected, which in itself causes women
to do a double take, and actually DESIRE the guy.

Are you comfortable with your own identity?
If YOU are comfortable with it, it stirs a reframe
even on things that supposedly AREN’T cool.

Think that Star Wars is a turn off to women?
(Never mind the "prequels", although the
last prequel had some cool moments).

It's only a turn-off if you go around trying
to IMPRESS women with it, or EXPECTING
women to be into it as if YOU would be
interested in soap operas. (And I have known
several women who just happen to be
STRIKINGLY gorgeous and who happen
to dig Star Wars quite a bit.)

In fact, if you are a cool guy (which means secure in
your identity) and a woman knows you are into
something like Star Wars, you’d be surprised at how
much she might even get into it all on her own.

A powerful identity strikes a REFRAME on any
supposed negative aspect of one’s self.
It is part of the larger picture of charisma.

If you want to learn how to PUSH your own
COMFORT ZONE so that you can truly be your
most comfortable self even in the presence
of the most beautiful feminine creatures
on the planet, I have a program that will
help you do exactly that.

In this program, I interview a man who used
to be so anxious around women that he literally
was a virgin until 26 and thought he would never
become good with women EVER. He then learned
to open up his personality to women, which
included his off-the-wall sense of humor,
to the point he became so good with women he
was featured in a New York Times best-selling
book on the subject of being good with women.

Sometimes, it's important to reach for the
stars in order to reach for the moon. This
man REALLY pushes the comfort zone, far BEYOND
what you will EVER have to do, and this is
why listening to my interview with him will
ENSURE that you at LEAST learn to push your
own comfort zone to the level that you NEED
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This is a very powerful program on becoming
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increasing your confidence, especially on
improving your confident sense of HUMOR with
women, which is IMMENSELY helpful at ALL stages
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making her enjoy being with you in a relationship.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What SCIENCE Says About Attracting Women

Some SUPER IMPORTANT news for you
today, which includes TWO new videos
as well.

The first is regarding a message I have
been teaching for many years, which is
now gathering even MORE MASSIVE evidence
for being absolutely true.

In a new article by Andrea Bartz, there
is a review of recent research in the
Journal of Social Psychology which examined
how women’s evolutionary drives might affect
how they respond to stereotypical pick-up
artist style approaches.

Here are some of the highlights of this article:

1. Women who were looking for love (or at least
a long-term relationship) favored MEANINGFUL
positive comments, or even something innocuous,
however, pushing the flirty too far “conveyed
lower trustworthiness and intelligence”.

This falls totally in line with what I have
been saying for years, because a woman who is
interested in something long-term needs to
feel TRUST.

But the reports gets even better:

2. Researchers from the University of Kansas
recently examined who follows pick up artist
methods, and which women actually like it.

“Turns out the offenders are men with a preference
for one-night stands and negative sexist attitudes
towards women. (Lovely.) In response, women
with a preference for no-strings-attached sex who
also have negative attitudes toward other women
tend to respond to dudes’ aggressive tendencies.
(Even lovelier.)

So now you know: So-called pick-up
artistry serves an important function. It helps
sexist men and women find each other in
dim and crowded bars.”

As I have been saying for years,
LIKE attracts LIKE.

If you want abusive, sexist women, just follow
the tactics of abusive, sexist men.

By the way, I truly DO believe that sexism
and abuse is a form of SICKNESS, that
stems from insecurities and anxieties, and
it’s not a SHAMEFUL thing to get HELP
to work on these areas of ourselves, but
rather getting help to work on ourselves
is a COURAGEOUS step that is actually
in ITSELF attractive, because it shows
the ability to overcome FEAR AND TO

I have had to do this work on myself, I
am not ashamed to say that I myself used
to be very misguided, in part, due to the
messed up teachings of pick up artists,
but also due to my own self.

The study also shows that women who DO
only want one night stands are NOT attracted
to personality, which means that all the tactics
in the world taught by pick up artists “to be
able to get all those infinite women” don’t
even help, because the only thing that matters
to THOSE women is the PHYSICAL in terms
of what the guy LOOKS LIKE!

Sure, a woman who is only interested in the
physical might SETTLE for a guy she is
not that attracted to, for one night, but she
ain’t really FANTASIZING about being
with that guy at ALL.

Now, do I think that the article is PERFECT?
No, as I believe that a CERTAIN amount of
dominance IS important and is very attractive.

I also believe that what STARTS out as just
some mild interest in a man from a woman
can then be AMPLIFIED, even if a woman
is not that attracted from the start.

However, ALL this must be TEMPERED with
a massive emphasis on CONNECTION and
on being a genuinely confident man, and not
an insecure man who blames women for all
his suffering (which is what I USED to do
and caused me to FAIL with women in terms
of relationships) but rather a man who works
on overcoming his own insecurities and
anxieties and is TRULY comfortable with
women and with people in general.

THIS is the work that must be done on ourselves.
The battle is not with women, it’s with ourselves,
to make ourselves stronger, more secure, more
able to connect.

For an important video on the difference
between just getting “l-a-i-d”, and on actually
getting a great girlfriend for a fantastic long
term relationship, go here:

Now, I also want to give you ANOTHER important
video, that helps explain the real important part of
the approach when you see a woman you’d like to
meet and attract.

There has been this long debate out there on whether
the best way to go is “direct” or “indirect”.

Direct means you tell the woman right away that
you like her. Indirect means that you basically
try to chat to her without revealing your interest
in her DIRECTLY.

Well, the truth, it’s not so simple of it being one
or the other, and in fact the TRUTH is the most
important thing is conveying your personality
to her QUICKLY, and you convey this not
through a biography about yourself, but
rather through the VIBES you give off.

By VIBES, I mean the STATES OF MIND that
you are feeling are actually projected outward
and she FEELS what states of mind YOU feel.

If you feel secure, fun, upbeat, and kind of
sensual, it’s WAY EASIER for her to feel
that way around you too.

If you feel all nervous and uncomfortable, it
makes HER feel nervous and uncomfortable,
making it even HARDER for you.

At the same time, there is more about the
“direct” and “indirect” methods that is
important to understand, because there
are some women and situations that call
for a bit more of one method versus the
other method.

To learn more, check out this video:

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how to get a girlfriend and how to 
KEEP a girlfriend, go here:

For my powerful program on overcoming
approach anxiety” go HERE:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The KEYS To Attracting Women

Today, there’s an extremely important
video PACKED with golden tips for
attracting women. It covers details for
the actual approach, for igniting attraction,
for overcoming insecurity and jealousy,
and for learning how to never run out of
things to say when you start a conversation
with a woman!

This video ALSO covers fantastic strategies
for improving your sense of confident
humor as well as for learning how to
give off the right “vibe” to a woman.

PLUS, it even includes great new tips on
developing a powerful CONNECTION with a
woman, in a totally authentic way.

This video is pure GOLD, and you can check
it out right now!

To learn MORE about the attraction strategies
from this video, check out these links below,
which provide the FULL picture behind the
specifics discussed in the above video:

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Michael Marks

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The RIGHT Way To Persist With Women

There's a lot of misunderstanding about
the role of PERSISTENCE when it comes
to attracting a woman.

We have all heard about how persistence
is such an important thing in life for
success, and this is true, but when it
comes to attracting a woman, most guys
get this all wrong.


Persistence does NOT mean to keep on
chasing some woman who shows no signs
of interest.

In fact, so often, when guys get caught up on
ONE woman, this is very often the OPPOSITE
of persistence, because they completely avoid

They just pour all their energy into this ONE 
woman who often is simply a woman that they
met through some convenient situation, like
somebody at work, or some woman who is 
a clerk or waitress at their local store or 
restaurant, etc.

Not only is this not the right kind of
persistence, but it actually ends up
making a guy think that this one woman
is much more valuable and much more
of a necessity for his life than he thinks,
because the mind plays tricks on us like this.

Part of it is the reverse rationalization,
that says, "Well, if I put so much energy
into this one woman, it must be a sign
that she is "the one"" etc, etc.

Plus, the other "Jedi mind-trick" going on
is that anything we do a lot of, we tend
to think is the right thing, and we even
go so far as to COMPLETELY warp all
evidence to the contrary as somehow
still being evidence that, 'YES SHE IS

Part of it is also the 'EASY' element,
because it's easier to just NOT go out
and approach other women, and instead
just fantasize about how cool it would
be to get this woman that works at the
local store/restaurant/school etc, etc,

The irony about all this, is that when
a guy DOES persist in the RIGHT way,
with other women, he often suddenly
hears from the "special" one, and
of course at that point he now
realizes he actually has no idea
if she's 'special' or not because
it was all his own neediness that
was distorting her into something
that doesn't even exist.

And, since he now has far more self-esteem,
he isn't particularly attracted to a woman
that didn't appreciate him then.

So, NOW, at that point, he is ready to truly
appreciate what a REAL 'great girl' is.

So let's get to it- what effective persistence really is.


So let me get to what is the GOOD kind of persistence:

This is when you approach a woman, and she
is NOT suddenly showing you smiles and she
is not seeming so warm to you.

I'm not talking about her being RUDE.
There's no excuse for being NASTY.

I'm just saying if she is not really "into" your
approach in the first few moments.

THIS is where you must be PERSISTENT.

I have seen MANY of these kinds of situations
turn into wonderful relationships in real life, not
just in bootcamps, but also in my actual experiences
dating and approaching women.

A woman is not always going to JUMP UP
IN HAPPINESS at the first moment of your
approach, especially if this is not in a club
or some other party atmosphere.

So what will happen is a guy will say something
to her, she will say something back, but not much,
and the guy will instinctively have this, "GET OUT
PISSED OFF!" feeling internally.

Or, a guy might feel that awkward feeling of:


Well, HERE is where I say, "PERSIST!"

DO NOT EJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many, many reasons why a woman
might not be showing unbridled enthusiasm.

She might simply be showing caution, she
has no clue who you are yet. So she needs
more time to "feel you out" and see what
kind of vibes you are giving off.

She might simply be feeling a need to
show she is not easy, because after all,
would YOU want a woman who IS easy?

Would YOU want a woman who gives her number
out to EVERY guy that approaches her?

Plus, it's also possible that your conversation
opener wasn't so great, and didn't get her
particularly intrigued or laughing or relaxed
in some other way, but that does NOT mean
this interaction is OVER, it does NOT MEAN
that you can't turn this into something
GREAT still.


Now, here's the next part about the KIND
of persistence you need in these situations.

You need to persist being in the right state
of MIND.

And I don't mean some kind of BATTLE state
of mind, where you are saying to yourself,

You want to persist in having that combo
of states of being upbeat, dominant, and
still chilled out, EVEN IF SHE IS NOT
DOING "happy cartwheels" in response
to your initial approach.

If you start to give up your good state,
if you start to allow yourself to fall
into a freaked out state, or a angry
state, or a lethargic state, guess what?


So she will ALSO start to become nervous
if you are nervous. If you seem pissed
off, she may become pissed off.

And the clincher to all this, is that
most guys typically go into the WORST
states of mind when they go to approach
a woman, AND the fact that the woman
is not giving them the full approval
right away is only feeding MORE
fuel for the guy's negative emotions,
and causes him to GIVE UP and give
IN to those negative emotions, which
just fuels HER negative emotions!

This is why you must really have a 
you go UP to a woman to approach her.

That TANK has to last LONG ENOUGH to

And YES, so often, if you just PERSIST
for those few MINUTES, she will indeed
MELT and fall for you.

So THAT'S a great way to persist, because
those FIVE MINUTES of persistence can lead
to weeks, months, and YEARS of great times
as she becomes your girlfriend.

Compare the power of THAT persistence
to the ridiculous WEEKS, MONTHS, AND
SOMETIMES YEARS that a guy spends
"persisting" for ONE woman.

A woman does NOT think you are desperate
for persisting in that INITIAL approach,
if you do it RIGHT.

But a woman DOES think a guy is desperate
if he keeps on PERSISTING for the same
woman for years. And of course usually
when a guy is doing this "years of
persistence" strategy, he is also doing
all the WRONG things as well, like trying
to show her what a great guy he is by
doing favors for her, etc, etc.


Here's ANOTHER point about persistence
in that initial interaction:

A woman often gets more turned ON when
she is hard to get, and the guy KNOWS how
to get around her hard to get tactics.

It’s like the mating dance has begun, and
she requires a certain sequence of events
to happen.

Which is not to say that you are supposed
to be all predictable in everything you do,
but there is a DEFINITE pattern to the
mating ritual, for sure.

And for related reasons, it’s important that
YOU make the pattern happen, because
if SHE feels that SHE has to make it happen, 
then you are ALREADY OUT OF THE
is part of what she has been conditioned to 
believe is YOUR sexual role.

So although women very often ARE receptive
at the first moment of the approach, even
if they aren’t, it’s not time to pack
your bags and go.

You have to have persistence while at the
same time not conveying the slightest ounce
of neediness or 'cluelessness'.

You have to still maintain the playful vibe, because


The other kind of persistence that is powerful
is the persistence in LEARNING these skills.

There's absolutely no question about it, persistence 
in learning and practicing these skills WORKS.

This is one area where taking a live BOOTCAMP
with me is so powerful, because you will get
1-To-1 PERSONAL instruction in the absolute
most "hands-on" environment on real women,
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like MAD over the course of the bootcamp
until you GET these skills INGRAINED.

You're getting this instruction directly
from me, so you get the benefit of all
those years of experience which will
save YOU precious TIME.

And your 'persistence' will be used in
the most EFFICIENT manner, so that you
are not just spinning your wheels, but
actually IMPROVING all the time and
actually GETTING the women attracted.

Live training allows me to speed UP
your results, because I am right there
at all times making sure you to KEEP
you on track, and every time you start
to veer off course, I will make sure
you STOP doing that, until you develop
the INSTINCTS to do it RIGHT without
even THINKING about it.

Your "instincts" for approaching women
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The answer is that it's not REQUIRED, I
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strategies for approaching and attracting women

And if RIGHT NOW you can't come to bootcamp,
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Think of it as a "virtual" Bootcamp, and in fact,
this program is based on many areas focused
on in Bootcamp, and was even originally called
"The Bootcamp Edition"and "Putting It All Together"
because it is about many DIFFERENT elements
of the approach.

It's at:

You'll be very glad you got this program.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Crucial Tips For Approaching Women

When approaching women, most men make the
SAME mistakes, over and over again, ESPECIALLY
if they really LIKE the woman!

Attraction Mistake #1:


In the effort to IMPRESS a woman, most
men try to basically show off, and it's
not cool. And yet, it's almost instinct,
as the insecurity welling up inside
seems to be saying "I MUST IMPRESS HER!"

Notice how in the clip below, the
"Braveheart" character is trying to
impress by speaking to her in these
other languages:

She even says, "Is that supposed to impress me"?

So point 1 is to HOLD BACK from the insecurity that DRIVES us to try to impress so hard! Don't give into that feeling that makes you want to show off in any way.

Attraction Mistake #2:

When you are dealing with a quality woman, you have to understand that she is not trying to be MEAN to you when she teases you, and rather you must see that this is a form of her FLIRTING and actually "playing" in a good way.

So when in the clip above, he says "Are you impressed yet?" etc, and she later says "Do that and stand on your head and I'll be impressed" this is clearly her way of FLIRTING back and in fact she couldn't possibly be any more INTERESTED.

The proper REACTION of course, to such a comment, is to GO WITH IT.

And Wallace's Braveheart character does exactly that, he GOES with the tease, he doesn't try to FIGHT against her comment.

He says, "My kilt will fly up but I'll try anyway", and he motions as if he is about to go do it!

So often, insecurity DISTORTS a man's perception of things, and he will see malicious intent where there is nothing nasty going on.

The worst thing is when a man meets a woman who LIKES him, but he has no sense of humor and gets offended by something innocent she said, and then he starts to become defensive or cold, totally RUINING the good vibes. 

On the other hand, when you are feeling SECURE, you see the playful joke for what it is, and you GO with the joke, because you GET IT and appreciate the humor.

You also end up SHOWING how secure you are by going with the joke and NOT getting defensive. 

For more on the APPROACH, go here:

For more on getting a GREAT woman, go here:

And to learn "hands on", go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

How To Make "Today's Woman" WILD About You

There are a lot of things going on these days that on
the SURFACE seem like women have it made, as if
men are getting the biggest 'raw deal' of all time...

A lot of men think 'today's woman' has all the
power when it comes to dating, and that today's
man is just a 'sitting duck'.

This is what I actually thought for a long time.

Things like men being expected to do all the work of
approaching women, things like men being expected to
pay for women on dates, and yet at the same time women
demanding "equality" when it comes to everything else.

Basically, women getting SUPERIOR treatment is still
in vogue just like the OLD days, but yet women want to
ALSO have things like “equality” when it suits them.

The ol’ “have your cake and eat it too” thing.
All that stuff sounds pretty “unjust”.

But guess what?
You can turn all this AROUND to work in your FAVOR!

Now, for a moment, before I get into HOW to do this,
I want to make it clear that I am not into the idea of
taking ADVANTAGE of women, ESPECIALLY not
the women who are quality women and who have
absolutely no desire to hurt you.

So, with that being said, let me explain exactly how
you can make this modern culture work in your favor
so MASSIVELY, that it puts YOU in an incredibly
powerful position when it comes to attracting women.

I'm going to give you several specific EXAMPLES of
how all this "modern culture" has actually made things
EASY for men.

Keep in mind how ALL this works not on logic, but
on FUELING a woman’s EMOTIONS. Logic is no
longer a force to rely on, you must turn the power
sources over to the realm of emotion.

Here we go, with some prime examples:


This is actually an AWESOME thing, because it means that
that you, as a man, can CHOOSE whichever woman you wish
to approach!!!!

I mean, think about it, the world is your oyster!
If you know how to do this stuff, your choices are INFINITE.

Even the HOTTEST woman does NOT have this power.
She can only do her best PASSIVELY to try to get the
attention of a guy she likes.

Very, very few women ACTIVELY pursue a guy they
don’t even know at all, and for good reason- they know
that most men will be weirded out by it and plus most
women would feel weird themselves about doing this.

It’s just not the way women have been cultured.
You see, women EXPECT you, as a man, to do the

In fact, women tend to ENJOY it when a guy
does the approaching, when he does it RIGHT.

It's the stuff she's been weaned on since childhood
in the sense of all the romance novels and movies
she's ever read or been exposed to.

And the reward you get for this is that you have tremendous
ACTIVE power, instead of just being like a woman and
sitting there looking as good as you can and HOPING
that a cool guy will do the approach.

NINE times out of TEN, when a guy finally does approach her,
it’s usually a total jerk or someone drunk who she just finds
ANNOYING, or it’s some weirdo who is equally undesirable.

If good guys just realized their power as men, they
would be doing a HUGE FAVOR for women by
helping them out so that women had some other
choices besides the drunk dude and the jerk dude.


Some guys feel they have lost some power because
of this “equality” business. I made a big realization
that this was actually nonsense because with women
having jobs and being everywhere at all times, it means
that not only can women pay for stuff for me lol,
but more importantly, it means that women are
absolutely EVERYWHERE.

It’s not like the old days where women were only
at home. Women are now everywhere all the time.

The restaurant, mall, club, hair salon, it’s crazy.
And because of all this equality stuff, I love to
PLAYFULLY tease women into paying for things
for me, although I never act like a cheapo.

It’s hilarious to play on this one, as women love
the idea of having independence and power, so I
get to not only set up "instant dates" with women
within just MOMENTS of meeting them, but I also
have them buy me my coffee or whatever other
beverage and they LOVE it!!!!

It’s great also for using this idea to help prevent
yourself from getting taken for a ride – you
don’t have to PURSUE women by buying them
things like in the old days.


This is really fantastic. Because the more that
guys kiss up and act submissive toward women,
the more it makes a guy STAND OUT by NOT
being that way.

The fact that most men feel a "pressure" to kiss up to
compete with all the other guys kissing up just makes
the guy who does NOT do this even MORE awesome.

I remember having women protest with me that their
LAST boyfriend bought this and this for them, and
blah blah blah.

To me, I just laugh at this stuff, because I know
that what REALLY counts is simply making sure
that women have an awesome time when you’re
with them, and that doesn’t come from buying
them things.

I might say something like this, with a smile:

“So, he bought you all these things, and
where is he now? Poor dude, he’s probably
working a third job saving up to get you
something right now!!”

And of course she’ll laugh at this.
End of argument.

And of course, as you all know, I learned all
this the HARD WAY, because I used to be
the most incredibly appreciative guy on the
planet, but women simply CANNOT appreciate
an appreciative guy before they even know they

Once you have a woman attracted, it’s okay
to do some “nice” stuff for her once in while,

This is a whole other topic in itself, but let
me just quickly add that if you are dealing
with a low self esteem woman, any good
stuff you do for her will quickly be forgotten
and interpreted as a sign of YOU being
low value, because in her mind she feels
she IS OF NO VALUE, so any guy that
LIKES her, in her mind, is unworthy himself.


For example, these days women are not so concerned
as they used to be with CONCRETE matters of
survival, they are far more into exploring their
“options”. And now that women have been brainwashed
to believe in entertaining FANTASIES more than
ever, guess what one of the BIGGEST FANTASIES
they have is?????

Yup, it’s getting SWEPT OFF THEIR FEET by a

Goodbye logic, hello fantasy.

And that means by FEEDING into that fantasy,
by approaching a woman and giving her the
fantasy, she will be SO MASSIVELY IN LOVE
IF YOU JUST DO IT RIGHT, simply because of
her massive wishful thinking that it’s happening
to her just like in the novels she read or the dream
she had.

Yup, I’m serious about this.

And if you want to learn MORE about how to get
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attraction Accelerators: Get Her Before She's Gone

When you see a woman you'd like to attract,
there is a small window of time where she
is RECEPTIVE to being approached by you.

If you don't attract her QUICKLY, the moment
is gone and that "window" SHUTS forever.

When it comes to attracting women, most men
take FOREVER trying to get a woman to notice
them, go out with them, and to "get physical."

The reason for this is because most men are
playing by VERY out-dated methods meant
for a very different time.

Most men take so long to take effective action,
that by the time they DO take action, the window
of opportunity has CLOSED.

Today, things are very DIFFERENT than they were
for previous generations when it comes to approaching
women, attraction, and dating.

The good news is that there are more opportunities
to meet women today than ever before. You don't
need a "formal" introduction from someone else.

What you DO need to do is take the RIGHT actions,
immediately, while the "iron is hot".

That First Impression You Make Is EVERYTHING

Making the WRONG impression on a woman is
worse than making NO impression, because first
impressions STICK, and once a bad impression
is made, it's usually a MASSIVE job trying to FIX
the damage.

Get it done RIGHT the first time, and EVERYTHING
goes smoothly after.

I've spent many years perfecting the most powerful,
efficient methods for approaching a woman and
attracting her INSTANTLY, and in this important
program of mine, I will show you the most PRACTICAL
real-world strategies that I use ALL THE TIME
for "ACCELERATING" a woman's attraction.

The fact of the matter is that MANY times, a woman
IS feeling some attraction for a man, but because
he is so INEFFICIENT at the WAY he is trying to
attract her, the attraction she felt then "stales out"
and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to re-ignite that
attraction once her mind is focused elsewhere.

This is why I created this program.

These are super POWERFUL, yet EASY TO APPLY
strategies that you won't find anywhere else, and that
you will be able to apply IMMEDIATELY when you see

This program is pure REAL WORLD APPLICATION.

It's about exactly what to DO when you see women
that you want to get attracted to you.

Here Are Just SOME Of The Immediately-Applicable
Strategies For Accelerating Women's Attraction That
You Will Learn From This Important Audio Program:


You’ll learn the mistakes men make when
scoping” out a room to see if there are women
there, and you’ll learn the RIGHT way to do this.

Doing this WRONG ends up causing you to lose
the woman BEFORE you even say a word to her.


How to avoid the number 1 mistake that makes
you PROCRASTINATE from taking action- if you
don’t stop this mistake, chances are you will
keep procrastinating when it comes to approaching
women forever, because of the addictive nature
of this type of procrastination.


The RIGHT way to go about walking toward a woman
you see in a club or food court, and the WRONG WAY
THAT YOU MUST AVOID. (Most guys take the wrong
“route” and it comes across as very insecure and


The proper DISTANCE you should actually be when
chatting to a woman you find attractive. It’s a lot
closer than most guys think!


I’m going to answer the question of, “Should I
be talking about her or myself? If I just listen to
her, that’s nice but then how does she know
about me? If I just talk about myself, then how do
I know anything about her? Is there a proper balance
to this?”

I’ll answer ALL those questions so that you are
at your OPTIMUM POWER in any given interaction
you have with a woman to whom you’re attracted.

You’ll also learn the way to BE YOURSELF so that
she RESPONDS strongly and in fact makes you far
more attractive than any ‘act’ you could have made up.


You’ll learn how to also “lead the show” and “be the man”
which is what women expect from a man, especially in the
early part of the interaction- I’ll show you exactly HOW to
do this in a way that doesn’t seem like a jerk or crude,
it will simply be ATTRACTIVE to her in the very best way


You’ll ALSO learn the most effective things to be doing
in any social or party situation you find yourself in where
you can meet women.

In a party/lounge/club atmosphere, there is a certain
sequence of actions” that will really help you get much
farther than doing the typical, “Hi, let’s stand and talk for
as long as possible and hopefully this will lead to getting
your phone number or something more”.

I’ll show you a way of handling these kinds of environments
at creating attraction and also at making her see you as
someone she wants to know beyond just this party or club.

You’ll also learn how to make the environment of
a party, lounge, or social situation work in your favor.

So the fact there are lots of people there walking around,
the fact that she may be going for a drink and walking
away, the fact she may be looking for her friends,
ALL THESE THINGS can actually be turned around
and work in your FAVOR- I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!!!


You will learn when it’s CRITICAL that you tell a woman
that you LIKE her, really FAST! This has absolutely nothing
to do with “kissing up”, and in fact not telling her you like
her will be seen by her as you being massively insecure
or even worse, clueless about sexuality. 


How to say what’s on your mind (rather than just
talking about “safe” topics that are boring) in a way
that gets women filling in the rest of the conversation
for you!

This way, you not only lead the conversation,
which gets the woman to become more feminine
in your presence and follow you, but it also
sets up the best sexual dynamic between
the two of you.

It ALSO allows you to do less work, because
since you started the conversation, that in
itself shows you have plenty to say, but it
also allows you to chill out and lean back
and now just listen to what she has to say.

This of course gives you tons more things
to talk about and gives you the ability to
also give her a genuine compliment which
she will value!

I’ll show you exactly how this all works!


You’ll learn the RIGHT amount of body contact
to have with a woman you just met, and how to do it.


Ever wonder if a woman is "into you" or not?
Do you let this stop you from taking action?
Here’s what to do in all those situations!


How to build ACTION MOMENTUM in your
overall PLAN for getting the woman of your
dreams, so that you are taking ACTION
every day on this and not getting swept
up in all the obstacles to you achieving this


How to use a proven principle from psychology
no matter what you do otherwise!

This principle is PROVEN, again and again, to WORK.
A top university in the United States has proven
this principle to be very effective, and I’m going
to show you how to apply it on yourself with women.


You’ll also learn to bring yourself to a higher level
of “skill” when it comes to everything you do with
women, from first seeing her, to chatting, to getting
her laughing, to getting under the sheets, to even
getting into a relationship and keeping things going-
by adopting a subtle yet crucial distinction for

Most people say they will “try” to succeed.
That’s not good enough.

However, we also know that lying to ourselves
isn’t good either.

There is something else, a different mindset, that
is based on TRUTH, that is more empowering,
and I’ll share that with you as well.


*If a woman contacts you with voice mail, email,
or text, I’ll show the best way to RESPOND to
these particular modes of communication in a way
that puts you "in the driver’s seat".


I’ll show you one of the most powerful things you
can do to a woman to get her to say to herself,

I’ll show you the GENUINE way to truly “qualify”
a woman in a way that separates you from the
pack and from every other man.

Qualifying a woman in a MEANINGFUL way is the
final stage before getting physical with her, and
99% of men out there are STILL doing this wrong.

Without properly qualifying a woman, the chances
are she will "flake out", i.e. not show up for the
date, not return a phone call, etc.

If you want to make sure a woman doesn't "flake out"
on you, it is CRUCIAL to learn how to "qualify" her.


*You’ll also learn how to get the women that
seem “difficult” at first, and you’ll realize how
most guys are LOSING out on these supposedly
difficult women by "giving up".

There's a fine line between rude and "difficult",
but it is CRUCIAL to NOT let a woman get away
just because she seems to be a challenge.

These women who seem “difficult” initially are often
the BEST KINDS OF WOMEN because they know
they have high worth and self esteem, and they
don’t sleep around much.

So they have to "keep their guard up" and NOT invite
extra attention.

They HAVE to be a bit difficult, otherwise these
women will be bothered ALL THE TIME by the
wrong men.

I’ll show you how to break through this "difficult"
mask that these women need to put on, and how
to get them to reveal their genuine and warm sides
to you.


I’ll also show you how to PROPERLY give women
the "dominance polarity" they crave so badly.

Attractive women especially crave this, as every
man they meet kisses up to them so badly, these
women have never felt what it’s like to be with
a man who can truly be DOMINANT at the right


You’ll also learn the art of “VIBING” with a woman,
which is probably the single most important overall
skill with women, and can be the easiest, yet our
brainwashing makes us FORGET this again and
again. I’ll show you the things that help for
making “vibing” with women come easily to you.

Plus much, MUCH more that you will be able
to use IMMEDIATELY in your interactions with
women to approach and successfully attract
them right away.

You Can Be Using This Program In Minutes From Now!

This program is pure GOLD for taking IMMEDIATE
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It's over an HOUR long, and is PACKED with effective
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Charging by the strategy, this program really should
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However, I've decided to price this fantastic program
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, January 13, 2012

Becoming A Better Man To Get Better Women

When I used to play pick up artist games,
I wondered why I got so many women who
played GAMES on me.

It took me a while to realize the problem
was starting with ME.

And when I was a super needy guy, I used
to wonder why women took advantage of me.

It took me a while to realize I was attracting the kind
of women that LIKE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of

So, if you want to attract a quality woman,
you have to learn how to become the kind
of man that is NOT needy, and also is NOT
a player who needs to overcompensate his
insecurities by playing games that NEVER
work long term, because a woman will
ALWAYS eventually find out the truth.

It's also crucial to learn how to, instead of
playing games that come from insecurity, it's
crucial to learn how to quickly CONVEY
the essence of who you REALLY ARE.

There are TOOLS that you can use to help

From the way you use your voice, to the choices
of what clothing and accessories you wear, to
the kinds of responses you give, and much more.

The crucial thing to realize here is that you are
ALWAYS sending off messages about yourself,
whether you realize it or not, intentionally or

The question is, are you sending off the RIGHT
messages about yourself, or are you sending out
the WRONG messages about yourself?

I'm not talking about LIES.
I'm talking about doing yourself JUSTICE in
the messages you are giving off about yourself. 
Let's start with a clip from a rare film that actually
gets it RIGHT with how things are in reality:

To make a long story short, this guy TRANSFORMED
himself over the course of the story. He started
out truly needy as heck for an ex-girlfriend.

An ex-girlfriend that never even TREATED him
well to begin with!!!!

He eventually worked on himself and improved  himself
to the point of meeting a BETTER woman.

When his ex-girlfriend finally comes around and
wants another try with him, (although being who
she is she would probably abuse him again),
HE has already grown and realized he is now
with a much better woman, so it's pretty much
a "no, thank you" to the abusive ex!

But BEFORE this development, he was WEAK.
He would call his ex infinitely, trying to get her back.

He was a VERY insecure guy.
Have you ever had a situation like this, where
you are leaving a voice mail for a woman you
really are CRAZY about and feel insecure about?

By the end of the film, however, he has GROWN.
He is NOT needy.

And yet, he does NOT play the games of the "swingers".

We can tell from the first clip that he was KIND to this
new woman, he helped her CALM DOWN when she
was nervous about her career not taking off.

He didn't try to be a jackass and show how tough
he was by TEASING her on this issue she was
sensitive and nervous about. 

At the same time, he was chilled out, he was not
showering her with desperate compliments.

But notice some OTHER things here as well:

His overall demeanor, it's RELAXED and upbeat.
He is not perfect yet, he is not super smooth,
but that's OKAY because he is at least being
REAL and not "playing the pick up artist".

ALSO, he is SECURE enough to "OWN his reality"
and not try to make lies. He does NOT try to
"overcompensate" or show off to try to impress
her with something that isn't true.

He even refers to his apartment as a piece of *&^%,
and she JOKINGLY says, "It suits you", but she says
this because HE has made the joke first, and ALSO
because it's CLEAR that she DOES like him.

ALSO, notice how he GOES WITH IT, which
is another principle of humor when anyone says
a playful teasing remark, he doesn't FIGHT it
when she says her playful comment that the
apartment suits him, he plays along with the
teasing and just tells her to get out of here.

All  this is subtle PLAYFULNESS done in a MATURE way.

He is showing CONFIDENCE by this, and
he is also showing social intelligence, because
he understands that her playful response back
means that to her it's still ALL GOOD, the
apartment is not some kind of deal-breaker.

It's a much better response from her than some
hogwash sentimental speech about how it's okay.
She SHOWS it's okay by the fact she can JOKE
about it!

Actions speak louder than words, and her ACTION
of being PLAYFUL about it shows him it's all ok. 

If he was INSECURE, he would have for sure
interpreted her words of "it suits him" as an INSULT!

He would have gotten upset and RUINED the
entire vibe.

Have you ever allowed insecurity to make you see
something as an INSULT, which caused you start
an ARGUMENT? Or caused you to sabotage a
situation with a woman in some other way? 

Notice also, how when she says she'll "be around", he
TAKES CONTROL.  He says, "That's not good enough."

He doesn't WAIT for HER to give him her number.
He is still being a MAN.

In general, women do NOT push their numbers on guys,
even if they LIKE the guy.

That's just not the way it goes.
They figure, if you are serious, then YOU will be a
man and ASK for it, and that YOU will step up
to the plate and MAKE plans to see her again.

If a guy isn't willing to do THAT, then women figure
he's NOT the man for them.

If you are looking to get a GREAT GIRL, a truly
QUALITY woman for a relationship, I suggest you

This program not only teaches you all the ABOVE,
but it ALSO shows you the SMOOTHEST way
to go about APPROACHING women ANYWHERE
and getting all the way to intense intimacy and
getting totally sexual with women as well.

This program goes IN-DEPTH on what to do right now,
this second, when you leave your house or apartment to
go approach women and attract them, ANYWHERE.

Inside this program, you fill find TONS of crucial insights
for attracting women that you will not find anywhere else.

It's at:

And if you can make it, I seriously suggest you
sign up for BOOTCAMP as well. Make this one
area of your life that you DON'T IGNORE.

Getting the "women" part of your life handled
makes EVERYTHING else in life that much more
fun and that much more meaningful.


Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. To find out about ALL my programs for
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Build A Connection With A Woman

One of the important things to me is to constantly
be in touch with “the real thing” of going out
to approach and attract women who are total
strangers, so that I am never just speaking from
the comfort of a computer, but from actually
experiencing it in the real world.

Even more importantly, seeing in real life in
my bootcamps how these tips work not just
for me, but for all kinds of men from all
over the world, week after week.

What I want to focus on today is the power of
CONNECTING to a woman.

There are many important areas when it comes
to approaching and attracting women, such as
humor, wit, and style, but CONNECTION is
one of those areas that is CRUCIAL and yet

A lot of men think that developing a connection
with a woman is the same thing as being a “nice
guy”. As if connection is all about trying to
MAKE yourself GET ALONG with a woman,
so that she will feel that you both connect.

But that is NOT what connection is.

In fact, when a typical guy goes up to a woman
and just tries to get her with compliments and
when he tries to do favors for her, he is actually
HARMING the connection.

This is because women can tell RIGHT AWAY
that the guy is not trying to connect, he is just
trying to get into her pants in this indirect way!

So when a guy acts like that, she will just put
UP an invisible barrier to him, because she will
not WANT to connect with him.

In fact, this is even why some guys think that
“jerks” do better with women.

The “jerk” does not try to HIDE the FLIRTATIOUS
nature of his approach to her.

For example, the “jerk” might jokingly tell a woman
to stop staring at him like he is a piece of meat, and
he might jokingly say that he expects to be taken
to dinner and to be respected for his mind and
not just his body.

Now, although that is not a deep connection, as a
FIRST statement, it is not HIDING the flirtatious
GENUINE sexual tone of his interaction, even if
that sexuality is being expressed PLAYFULLY.

So far, the “jerk” hasn’t done anything that is
“jerky” at all.

In fact, because SHE is a woman with a sexual
side to her personality, the fact that he has shown
he is COMFORTABLE with his sexuality, allows
HER to feel comfortable to ALSO get a little flirty
without fear of being labeled as “cheap”.

So, in a way, he HAS connected already to her in
a much more GENUINE and effective way than
the supposedly “nice” guy has!

In fact, now that the “jerk” has clearly made this
interaction a SEXUAL one in it’s tone, he can,
if he is SMART, then continue to BUILD the
connection with her in OTHER ways as well,
including the MENTAL, the EMOTIONAL,
the SPIRITUAL, etc.

I’m going to stop using the word “jerk” here,
since as you can see, none of this so far is


After flirting with her a bit, the key is to REALLY
LISTEN WELL to anything she says to you,
so that you are detecting and LEARNING things
about her personality that can FURTHER help
you CONNECT to her in a genuine way.

Yes, a genuine way.
If you DON’T find anything about her that you
feel you can genuinely connect with, i.e. that you
can genuinely appreciate, respect, or admire, then
why the heck would you want to BE with such
a woman unless you were NEEDY?

And if you are feeling needy, you need to slap
yourself silly to snap out of that!

The art and skill of connecting to a woman is
something that will help you not only attract
a woman in the first place, but also as you
build deeper and deeper connections, it will
KEEP her attracted to you long term and
it will INCREASE the intimacy between
you and any woman.

Never underestimate the power of LISTENING.
Even if she says something as simple to you
like the fact she is cooking CHICKEN for
dinner, can be a great window into a deeper

For example, you can find out if she enjoys
cooking, and if she does, you can find out if
it is because she is creative, or if it’s because
she is health-conscious, or if it’s just a form
of relaxation for her because it is one of the
few things that humans can still do slowly
that resembles our ancient past the way things
were meant to be, instead of ordering it all
instantly via fast food.

Whatever her answer IS, it tells you MORE about
her actual PERSONALITY, and this gives you
more opportunities to discover if there are things
about her that you genuinely CONNECT with.

For example, maybe you've never cooked at all,
but you also have your own hobby that is
all about you escaping from the modern
world of rush and hustle-bustle and allows
you to slow it down and enjoy life in
a more 'present' state of mind instead
of always worrying about the future.

This might lead to a common appreciation for
enjoying the moment and making the most out
of life's little pleasures, and you might
even give her a relaxation exercise right
then and there in the store, perhaps
describing a winding staircase that goes
down, down, down, and you tell her to
visualize the staircase, and how as
she visualizes each descending, winding
layer of stairs, she is getting more
and more relaxed.

Or perhaps have her visualize a candle,
that is slowly burning, and as the wax
slowly melts, so too are her thoughts,
and concerns, just melting away....

By doing this together with her, you
have just BONDED as well, since you
both SHARED an activity together,
PLUS you connected on this shared
VALUE of escape from the mundane
worries or the hustle-bustle of life.


One of the great tragedies of our time is that many
men and women have made ARTIFICIAL BARRIERS
between the genders in a way that causes men and
women to see each other as the enemy, or even as
just “too different”.

Yes, men and women are DIFFERENT.
That is part of the whole attraction!

The being different is part of why men and women 
were also meant to be TOGETHER.

The difference is what provides the BALANCE.

So whether it is extreme feminists who go around
trying to make men feel guilty for even LOOKING
or ADMIRING the beauty of a woman, (even though
women look at men as well), or whether it’s some
pick up artists who go around trying to tell men
they must NOT connect their REAL SELVES
to women but rather must use pick up lines
or memorized routines or manipulative tactics,
all this serves to SEPARATE men and women
in a very UNHEALTHY WAY.

It’s enough to make any GOOD man so self-conscious
that when he sees a woman he’d LIKE to approach,
he ends up doing NOTHING, for fear of doing the
WRONG thing.

The extreme feminists make him worry he might
be committing some form of sexual harassment.

The sleazy cheesy pick up artists make a man feel
that he didn’t learn enough “control” tactics to
make sure a woman gives him the desired response.

And all a man wants is to just be a man!
No desire to harass her, no desire to control her
with sleazy tactics, etc.

The GOOD NEWS is that just because millions
of people are ‘brainwashed’ and victims of
‘GROUP THINK’, (which is the effect of being
particularly INFLUENCED by an idea if one
sees that many OTHER people believe) you
don’t have to be a victim of this brainwashing!

If you are reading this right now, then WAKE UP
from the spell!!!!

The TRUTH does not change just because millions
of people subscribe to a LIE.

No matter how many people subscribe to the
extreme feminists OR the sleaze promoted by
some men, the TRUTH is that men and women
were made to be to TOGETHER!!!

So the great news is that a lot of the work has
already been DONE for you by NATURE!

This is why even some of the biggest feminists
of all time ended up getting married to some
of the most traditional and masculine MEN.

And it’s why even the biggest players of all
time like Hugh Hefner have gotten married,
often again and again and again!

Obviously, men and women WERE made to
CONNECT, and not just in superficial one
night stands, but in deeper connections,
mentally, spiritually, physically, and yes
sexually as well, because there are different
levels of sexual intimacy that stem from
different levels of connection.

This is one of the reasons I try to wean guys
OFF of pick-up lines, because I want men
to learn the best ways to connect with women,
and it’s impossible to connect your real self
to her if you are pretending to be someone else
or saying words that are not consistent with
your core personality.


I want to make it clear that all these matters
of CONNECTION don’t make you a “nice
guy” in that “nice guys finish last” sense
or “weak” sense, but rather it makes you

You’ll notice over the years, I have almost
NEVER used the term “Alpha Male”.

It’s because the term has been so MISUNDERSTOOD.

Some people think the man who gets the
woman or his choice of women is the man
who goes around bossing everyone else
around and basically being in charge of

Well guess what?
This is B.S.!!

The real truth is that in order to GET to be
in such a position of power, one must actually
BE SERVING the rest of the community.

Just being SELFISH doesn’t work long-term,
unless you want to become EXTINCT.

Deer, for example, when they must go for
water, are making a complex set of decisions.
Go to early, or go to fast, and some deer
get left behind or don’t need water yet and
won’t drink much and will then die later
when they DO need water but there is
none around. Go to late, and similar
disasters happen.

And do you want to know who decides
when the herd of deer should go to the
watering area?

It’s NOT the big bad “Alpha Deer”.

Rather, it’s a GROUP decision, a
democratic process!

Similar democratic GROUP decision making
processes happen among fish and birds.

Even in human society, it’s a known fact that
corporations that focus on making their employees
happy and giving them what they need are the
ones who tend to flourish.

In other words, if you want to SUCCEED, you must CONNECT.

If you want to FAIL and become EXTINCT, then become an Alpha Jackass.


The importance of CONNECTION goes even FURTHER,
and here’s where it gets a bit FREAKY.

It seems that not only does it “feel good” and SERVE
our own interests when we CONNECT, but even down
to our most SUBATOMIC PARTICLES, science is
showing us that the entire UNIVERSE is connected
in the most POWERFUL and MIND-BOGGLING ways:

Subatomic particles possess a trait called 'spin'. 

When two particles are separated, even by TRILLIONS of kilometers, determining the spin of one SIMULTANEOUSLY and INSTANTLY sets the exact SAME spin of the other! 

This is true, INSTANTLY, even if the distance is way too far for the SPEED OF LIGHT to reach instantly!

And CERTAINLY, men and women were DESIGNED
TO CONNECT, and I don’t just mean physically,
but we ENJOY each other’s company as well.


So the next time you see a woman you want to approach,
don’t think, “She’s DIFFERENT. She lives in ANOTHER
reality. She is so attractive she doesn’t even realize
what it’s like to have challenges.”

The BELIEFS you have will affect the ACTIONS you take.

So it's CRUCIAL that you have the RIGHT beliefs, the RIGHT perspectives about approaching and attracting women.

The truth is that no matter how beautiful she is,
she HAS her own challenges. She still needs
that connection- remember this is NOT THE
SAME THING as compliments, kissing up,
or just ‘getting along’ and agreeing with
everything she says.

In fact, to think that any person has no problems,
is to DEHUMANIZE that person and SEPARATE
that person, and it’s not even TRUE. Every human
being has some challenges, it’s part of BEING
human. New challenges step in with every good
thing in life as well.

Beautiful women sometimes wonder if anyone
really digs the REAL version of themselves,
and beautiful women are BOMBARDED
by the WRONG guys, and beautiful women
often wish they could meet a guy who was
CHALLENGING in all the RIGHT ways
and none of the wrong ones. In other words,
a man who can stimulate her and challenge
her to be her best, a man who also has high
standards and is a challenge himself, a
man who is not needy and yet is a man who
can also be intimate, honest, and open with her.

So the next time you see a woman, see her
as another part of you that you don't know
yet, but that you would like to FIND OUT
about, because you know that there IS a
connection, it's just up to you to find it.

Feel free to use the tips, insights, and examples
in this newsletter for MAKING that connection!

And remember, just because you make that
connection and a woman likes you, doesn't mean
that you have to turn her into your girlfriend.

You might decide that you want a woman with an
even stronger connection to you.     

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