Thursday, April 17, 2014

If You Think Approaching Women Isn't "Normal", Then You Should Probably Read This NOW.

Just a quick yet VITAL message today
regarding ensuring your dating success.

One of the biggest reasons why single men
do NOT approach women is because they
think that it is not “normal”. 

Well guess, what?
Whether it is “normal” or not really doesn’t
matter, does it?   What matters is whether a
guy can GET the kind of woman he wants
by approaching women.

See, the word “normal” bothers me.
For some people, the word NORMAL is equivalent
to the word “average”.

So, if you want to be NORMAL in the sense of
being like MOST PEOPLE, then sure, DON’T
approach women.

I remember George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars,
once being asked what method he recommends for
film-makers who want to break into Hollywood,
and his answer was “somehow”.

My point is that as long as it is all legal and no one
is getting hurt, the METHOD does not matter.

In fact, the very DESIRE to want the road to success
with women to be so “normal” is IN ITSELF indicative
of not really understanding the whole dynamic of

It has to do with having too much desire for CONFORMITY
for no good reason; it actually stems from the desire
to not be ostracized, and from the desire to be APPROVED
so badly by everyone.

And yet, when it comes to attracting a woman,
way to get things started.

I didn’t say to be mean or nasty or unkind.
But KISSING UP from the GET GO is

It doesn’t show dominance, confidence, or
PRIDE in one’s self.

And women want a man with dominance,
confidence, and PRIDE.      

So, if anything, the very fact that approaching
women is NOT something that MOST men
would find comfortable, is what actually will
make a woman find the fact that YOU are
doing it to be an ATTRACTIVE quality
about yourself.

The FEAR of not fitting in is what keeps so many
people, sometimes even guys with BILLIONS of
dollars and guys with huge muscles and other intimidating
factors STILL imprisoned and at a serious WEAKNESS
when it comes to attracting women.

And again, I’m not saying to just go out and
be a rebel without a cause, as there is a very
GOOD reason to approach women even if
it might not be “normal”.

By the way, from a WOMAN’S point of view, it
actually IS a very normal thing for a CONFIDENT
MAN to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kind of man SHE wants WOULD feel it is
NORMAL of him to DO THAT.

The great thing about this is that you can CHANGE
how you feel about approaching women by simply  
getting enough experience doing it!

You see, what’s so crazy is that men do all these
things to impress women, they amass great fortunes,
they build big muscles and houses and drive in fancy
cars, and although having all that stuff is AWESOME

And that identity must be one that EMBRACES
and RELISHES the path to getting the woman
you want, not an identity that asks “but will
every pathetic guy on the planet also give me
a PAT ON THE BACK and approval if it do it?”


Also, you may occasionally hear some women say
things like “I hate it when guys try to hit on me”
but the truth is, it all depends on the WHO and
the HOW.

When you are a cool guy that does it RIGHT,
it is WELCOMED.  

And why wouldn’t it be? Imagine a woman who
is attractive and single.  Most guys just LEER
at her, they don’t ACTUALLY have a real
CONVERSATION., and they don’t CONVEY
much personality if they do chat to her.

On a related note, it’s also important to remember
that subconsciously, it is easy to fall into the trap
of LOOKING FOR EXCUSES for why we shouldn’t
bother with approaching women.

By the way, I DO NOT BLAME YOU for making
excuses, as the mind has a crazy powerful way of
and I used to do the SAME THING.

It took me YEARS to realize how much
TOTAL B.S. my MIND was feeding me!!!!!!!!

Then, when I realized it, I gave myself a good  ol’

So I am trying to save you YEARS by
making my message as CLEAR as possible.

I know all about how the MIND can DESTROY
your happiness and your success with women.

I think it would be CRUEL of me to

If your mind is giving you B.S. excuses, then it’s
time for you to BEYOTCH-SLAP those excuses
out of existence!

So, if you find yourself having all kinds of excuses
for not approaching and chatting with women, STOP it.

REALIZE that your mind is trying to find a way
to EXCUSE you from having to FACE any fears,
or it is finding a way for you to find an excuse to
NOT have to put some ENERGY into taking ACTION.

If there are no women in one place you are at,
TIME, or go to a place where you KNOW there
will be women. 

It’s as simple as making the decision:

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned
INTERNET dating.  That is because it usually
is much more rare for a quality woman to be
online than it is to find her in “real life”.  The
internet may be a great place to practice, but
it’s also too tempting a place to be LAZY AND
WORLD to get women.

I’m not saying the internet never works, just saying
that you can’t rely on it.

And if you are reading this right now, and want
a FANTASTIC start on how to approach women
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Having PRIDE In Your Good Values Is ATTRACTIVE To Women

One of the great TRAGEDIES of modern
times is that actually BEING A GOOD MAN
is not as celebrated as it used to be,
and this in itself has caused a lot of
good guys to actually be good QUIETLY
AND SECRETLY so as not to get labelled
UNCOOL, or simply because they think
it is wrong to have this pride.

Well, if you are one of those good
guys with good values, and you seek
a woman with good values as well,
you REALLY need to be PROUD AS

I sure hope you are feeling the
PRIDE that you should be experiencing,
because not only of course is it just a
cool thing on its own, but science has
shown that women find PRIDE in men
to be attractive.

What is insane is that the SLEAZY
guys seem to have no problem high-fiving
each other for being sleaze bags and
screwing around and promoting things
like infidelity and cheating, while
the GOOD GUYS are so good, they think
they need to be good quietly.

Not only does having more pride in being
who you are end up inspiring OTHER people,
but it actually helps you with WOMEN

A while ago, I sent out an important
newsletter regarding how women find
men with
PRIDE to be more attractive,

as well as how, in a study on these
matters, men smiling seemed to
be less attractive to women than
men who were not smiling.

Also, in that newsletter, I mentioned
how for women, it was actually reversed,
that in fact smiling INCREASED a woman's
attractiveness, and PRIDE actually
DIMINISHED her attractiveness.

I thought it was important to not only
resend out that newsletter, but to make
it clear that none of this means that
the solution is to go around with a
FROWN on your face or being all upset
or negative.

If you remember, in another recent newsletter,
I mentioned how HAPPINESS is actually
an attractive quality and makes you
more likely to succeed with women.

Yet the key to remember, is that happiness
can take many forms.  It does not have
to only take the form of a big smile
on one's face. 

So, for example, a runner who has just
completed a marathon, or a leader who
works exhausting hours but is impacting
many people in a positive way, may not
have smiles on their faces, but they may
very well be experiencing a deep sense of
inner joy/peace/meaning/contentment/inspiration.

In the book, The How Of Happiness, this
definition of happiness is explained, and if
you study my actual programs and materials,
you will see how these ideas are integrated,
for example in my book "Get A Great Girl" I
discuss how having CONVICTION in your
values, your beliefs, is attractive, as opposed
to just doing them to make SOMEONE
ELSE happy.

Being a quality man is not about just
having good values because it attracts
women, it is because they are what
give you a sense of meaning no matter

And of course, the irony, is that THIS
is super attractive, when a woman knows
this is your CORE.

And by the way, these are all GENUINE
studies conducted by a respected university.

So here we go:

Since day one, the biggest thing to me has
been to stay AWAY from all gimmicks.


And MAN, do I have a BIG one for you today.

In fact, if you read my very first book,
The Dating Wizard, which was published
in 2003, you can see that I was against the
use of all sorts of gimmicks back then, and
that this book teaches how you can truly
BECOME the man that women want instead
of how to put on an "act".

One of the biggest things I have been teaching
throughout the years are things that fly in the
face of "accepted practice", and that’s because
"accepted practices" such as smiling at women
and showing them how NICE I could be got me
NOWHERE with women.

On the other hand, as I started to become far
noticed way, way, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
better results.

This used to drive me nuts, and I couldn’t figure
it out, as I used to think women loved MEAN men.

Then, I finally realized that it was all about a
tiny SUBTLETY – it was about the SUBTLE
messages being given off by all that smiling
and niceness.

The message was:

And women, across ALL cultures and geographic
regions of the PLANET, are not attracted to men
who behave with LOW confidence, men who
behave as if they have no POWER.

In other words, men with no PRIDE.
So, you COULD smile at a woman, but the fact
is, the way MOST men smile at women who
are hot is a SUBMISSIVE smile.

It is not the kind of smile that says YOU want ME.
It’s a smile that says the following:

"I want YOU but I don't have the value to be
WORTHY of you. Therefore, I am going to SHOW
you through this smile
how much I will SERVE
you, be submissive to you, and do whatever
you want, because I feel that is a fair deal
since YOU have the value and I don't'."

And there's MORE.
The "MORE" is the fact that CHANGING YOUR

And when you FEEL something, you end up
showing it even MORE CONVINCINGLY

And, ultimately, a woman feels far more DESIRABLE
when the desire is coming from a man who KNOWS
he is wanted and who ALSO wants HER.

After all, if a man feels he has no value, then his
desire for her is NOT as flattering as it would be
if he KNEW and FELT and BEHAVED like he
was the ULTIMATE man.

Yes, women DO want to be lusted after, but it has
to be by a man who isn't behaving as if HE has
no worth.

So, for example, you could even TELL a woman
a compliment IF that compliment is delivered
in a way that shows you BELIEVE she will be
FLATTERED by it, rather than if you believe
you NEED to do those kinds of things to
get her to "agree" to be with you.

And I have received an important email from a cool guy
with yet even MORE RESEARCH that PROVES
every thing I have been saying.

In fact, not only is MALE PRIDE something that is
viewed by women as making men MORE attractive,
but FEMALE PRIDE is viewed by men as making
women seem LESS attractive, and also men SMILING
seems to HURT men's "attractiveness" while WOMEN
SMILING seems to IMPROVE women's attractiveness.

So much for the B.S. advice that boys have been brainwashed
to believe by politically correct forces of how women just
want a "SMILING NICE guy".    

This doesn't mean that you should never smile.
That would be insane advice for me to give.
What it means is that men should stop TRYING SO HARD

There is a REASON that in all of CLINT EASTWOOD'S
MOVIES, he almost NEVER smiles, and it is not a
COINCIDENCE that he was (and probably still is by
many women) considered so absolutely DESIRABLE.

His characters were NOT the SMILEY types
His characters DID have TONS of pride.

He DID have a sense of conviction, meaning,
contentment, and of course pride, to his

Same thing with the BOND character.
He doesn't smile much, but he sure has LOADS of PRIDE.

Not smiling does not mean not happy
or not feeling good about one's self.

If you think of the character of ROCKY,
in all those matches, his face is bloodied,
but UNBOWED, and his expression oozes pride. 

And also, when you think of the WOMEN that men have
stereotype is a woman who SMILES GENUINELY
and who does NOT come across as having too much
pride or arrogance.

Think of, for example, MARILYN MONROE.

This is UNIVERSAL across cultures.

It is HOGWASH when SOME feminists say that
"it’s just a matter of "culture" and environment that
makes men prefer women who DO smile, who DO
behave friendly."

Men do NOT get turned on by the same behaviors
in women as women get turned on by in MEN.

It makes SENSE, that men, who have more TESTOSTERONE,
won't be SMILING as much as women.  It makes sense, that
a man with PRIDE in fact WOULD be more attractive to
a woman, because it would mean he is a man who is an

It makes SENSE that a man would find a woman who seemed
she would be WARM to him, she would be TRUSTWORTHY
to be the MOTHER of his children and to be a CARING
MOTHER and more than just a sexual companion but
rather a sexual companion that would be loyal.  

Men should exhibit PROUD expressions and
women should exhibit FRIENDLY expressions
IF they want to be at their "sexiest".

Here are some quotes from the study by
Jessica L. Tracy and Alec T. Beall from the
University of British Columbia concerning
"The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual

"Across two studies using different images
and samples ranging broadly in age (total N _ 1041),
a large gender difference emerged in the sexual
attractiveness of happy displays: happiness was
the most attractive female emotion expression,
and one of the least attractive in males.

In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern;
it was the most attractive male expression, and
one of the least attractive in women."

The study also goes on to say that while smiling
may be SOCIALLY the right thing to do for
both men and women, it HARMS men’s initial
attractiveness to women, but it INCREASES
women’s attractiveness.

This is why for MEN, not exactly trying to "fit in"
is often PART of what makes a man attractive, even
though it costs him some social points with the
rest of society.

So now you can understand why so many women
LOVE "bad boys" but why most men don't find
"bad girls" to be sexy.

But you don’t HAVE to be a "bad boy", you just
have to behave with DOMINANCE.

Going too far with being a "bad boy" will
DESTROY your relationships. Ultimately,
if your behavior makes her feel WORSE
rather than better, then you're going
too far.

And if you haven't yet got my E-Book called
"Get A Great Girl" then do that NOW.
A lot of guys out there take the "don't
be a nice guy" advice OUT OF CONTEXT
and end up destroying their chances with

If you plan on actually getting a quality
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why It Is Tough To Meet Good Women, And What To Do About It

Yesterday, there was an article in the Wall
Street Journal by Matthew Kaminski,
it said the following:

“Vladimir Putin sees a West made soft
by money, led by weak men and women,
unwilling to make sacrifices to defend
their so-called ideals.”

You might be wondering what the heck
this has to do with dating, relationships,
and quality women.

And the answer is, A LOT.

Let's compare our current generation to
a few generations back.

How much SACRIFICE was a couple prepared
to endure to make a relationship or marriage
work, compared to today?

To what degree was something like LOYALTY
and COMMITMENT celebrated compared to today?

These things are not existing in a vacuum
in a society that also celebrates selfishness
in ALL areas to no limit.      

It’s not a coincidence that these things are happening in the last several decades, when things like family, relationships, marriage, and love of country have become attacked by the forces of UNFETTERED greed, lust, and selfish individual desire.

I say “unfettered” because, the truth is,
SELFISHNESS to a degree, IS important,
it IS natural, we MUST take care of ourselves,
but not to the point of INSANITY.

Just to prove how far things have gone,
can you IMAGINE there existing
websites that actually PROMOTE
affairs, 50 years ago?

50 years ago, if a politician was caught in
a SCANDAL, or lying, it was a big deal.
NOW, we practically EXPECT IT and
what is even more, we tend to EXCUSE
it, as long as it doesn’t affect our

Who cares if a president  or prime minster
cheats on his wife?
Who cares if a president lies, or if he has
never served his country in battle?
Who cares if a president’s wife has said
things like she has barely felt any love or
pride for her country, as long as it doesn’t
affect my WALLET, right?????????????

As a society, we make the mistake of thinking
that if something isn't TANGIBLE, that it
is not important.

So something like a president's or prime minister's
CHARACTER doesn't seem important to a lot of people,
all people want to know is will it give them more
money or less money.

we are simultaneously living in the most
politically correct time in history.

As my best friend has stated, the truth is that
become a way to get away with GREAT EVIL.

So, on the SURFACE, we are as a society

God forbid you should make a joke that might
possibly not kiss someone’s butt, even if it is
meant in a good way.  Don’t even admit you
enjoy a woman’s beauty, that is a big sin.

And the kind of politically incorrect
entertainment that is on, like Family Guy,
is not designed to ELEVATE us, it is
designed to just shock us, meanwhile,
a few decades ago, a politically incorrect
show like ALL IN THE FAMILY was designed
to make us think and to elevate us morally.

Overall though, today, we are very
politically correct on the SURFACE.

Meanwhile, please go on and secretly
have affairs, cheat people in business,
BE LENIENT ON corporate fraud, and lie
through your teeth, all in the name of making
more money or having more sex.

Yes, in a few ways we have made progress, and
it is true that things like women getting the vote
and fighting against various forms of discrimination
have been MASSIVELY IMPORTANT things.  We've
also improved in terms of MEDICINE. 

I like to keep things honest.

Aside from those admittedly HUGE things, however,
we have LOST a ton of SOUL-SUSTAINING things
as well, and it mostly stems from celebrating GREED
and LUST and not having enough of a celebration of
things like DISCIPLINE and LOYALTY.

So it’s no surprise that relationships are suffering
as well, as hundreds of millions of people have
become brainwashed by the new ideals.

It used to be, that the Western world celebrated
FREEDOM, but also celebrated the RESPONSIBLE

It is for these reasons why it has become ever
more important to be SELECTIVE when   
it comes to the women you allow into your life.

One of the most bizarre things is that the
pick up artists PRETEND to show they are
screening women, because they know it
makes it SEEM like they are having high
standards, which is attractive, but I actually
MEAN IT, it’s not a game, you must really
HAVE these high standards if you actually
want to meet a woman of quality.

A woman that is not brainwashed by the b.s.

It is also an interesting irony that some of the
greatest women I have met come from countries
where they had so little freedom, that when they
DID come to the west, they APPRECIATED
the freedom so much that they CHERISHED
IT and used it WISELY. 

It wasn’t an opportunity to go out and have affairs
or screw people over in business, it was an opportunity
to reach one’s full potential, get educated, be creative,
have a family, and enjoy life.

Getting a great woman today is truly a challenge.
It’s also real hard for those women to meet
a great guy.

when it comes to dating women.

First of all, BEING THIS WAY is in ITSELF
attractive to a quality woman. She is
ATTRACTED to the fact you are STRONG
enough to RESIST women who do NOT
meet your standards.

In fact, SOME women actually ACT BADLY
I personally don't suggest you date those
women, but those women do exist.

Second of all, you must be this way in order
to be in the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND to preserve
your character.

It is a slippery slope, once you start to
ACCEPT the wrong ideals, the wrong values,
the wrong behavior from a woman, you start
to DOUBT YOUR OWN MORAL CODE, you start to
go against your own cherished values, you
start to experience INNER CONFLICT, you
become SOFT AND WEAK, and guess what?

This repulses ALL WOMEN!

Be tough, be strong, be RUTHLESS about your
values, defend them to the last breath.

And you will see just how far women will go
to get you, and of course, you will also now
have to be doubly strong, as this very action will
often make so many women attracted to you,
that you will have to SHUN the attention
of the wrong women and ONLY allow in the
right ones.
If you are serious about getting a quality woman,
you should probably sign up for my new monthly
audio program, called The Quality Man. It is
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quality women that still exist.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, April 14, 2014

Being The Quality Man To Attract A Quality Woman

If you’ve been reading this newsletter or
have taken or studied any of my programs,
you already know that QUALITY is
far more important to me than QUANTITY.

This is true in many ways.
First of all, regarding women themselves.
So “Get A Great Girl” is not about how to
get tons of women, it’s about how to get
a truly fantastic woman inside and out.

Secondly, regarding my programs and videos,
I’ve preferred to keep the CONTENT QUALITY    
at the maximum rather than just churn out
a trillion products, videos, and articles.
Since day one, I've stayed away from gimmicks,
novelties, and other fads.

I could easily have pursued the quantity
approach instead of the quality approach,
but not only did I refuse to lower the quality
of the content, I also RESPECT YOUR TIME.

So I think it is abusive when dealing with
such a serious subject as how to get the woman
of your dreams that you will share the greatest
intimacy with, by telling men that they should
be spending all their precious time on yet
MORE programs or articles or videos, unless
it is just something a guy wants to do for
personal entertainment.

To me, though, personally, I think time is
there is no such thing as FREE time.

So what I’ve done over the years is released
only the absolute best programs, without
REHASHING the same exact things over
and over again.

I understand how for many people in this field,
this is just a business. For me, though, this is
a PASSION, it call came from my own struggle
with these issues. And to me, it was never about
just “getting physical” with women, it was about
actually getting the kind of woman I was genuinely
interested in for the long-term on ALL levels,
including, absolutely, the physical as well, but
not limited ONLY to that.

So what I have done over the years is created
the most powerful programs that are also the
most EFFICIENT for you as well, so that you

At the same time, however, one can ALWAYS
further improve themselves in ANY area with
further learning.

So for a long time, I racked my brain on how to
CONTINUE to help you improve, and continue
to give you NEW content of the HIGHEST QUALITY,
in a way that is also SUPER EFFICIENT for you
in terms of TIME, and also even in terms
of MONEY.  I actually think that TIME is
far more precious than money.

Then I figured it out:  If you can spare one hour
a month, I can give you the most CUTTING
EDGE, new strategies and insights for SKYROCKETING
your results with women in every way.

From learning the best methods to approach women,
to start conversations, to capture her interest, to
building intimacy, to screening women for the
right characteristics, to giving you unstoppable
confidence, to building a deep sense of connection,
to developing a powerful and quick sense of humor,
and much, much more.

How Will You Get These Important Strategies
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Through a special brand-spanking new audio program
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In that one hour, you are going to get a MASSIVE

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A Little Edge with Women Makes All the Difference

In life, the winner is often the person who just had
everyone else, because all things being equal,
that advantage is what made all the difference.

In a sprint, the winner usually only wins by a
SPLIT second, but HE is the WINNER.  That
TINY BIT makes a HUGE difference.

And again, I can’t emphasize enough how important
QUALITY is.  Quality is everything.  QUANTITY does
not work for those who want supreme results.

Only QUALITY works for those who are serious
about WINNING.

The name of this monthly program is The Quality Man.
I’ve given it this name because in life, like attracts like.
Getting a great woman is all about being the greatest
man you can be.

This monthly program is all about becoming even
BETTER than you already are. It’s about never-ending

The first issue will be released on May 1.
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Michael Marks  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Happy Attractor

today regarding the truth about attracting women.

Have you ever wondered why a guy will
suddenly do better with ALL women
once he GETS a woman interested in him?

Maybe you thought that this is because
he suddenly now has CONFIDENCE.

This is true, but it actually goes DEEPER
than this.

What has happened is that he is also
HAPPIER (and confidence is PART of
being happy), and it is THAT EMOTION
that is a BIG part of what I am talking
about when I talk about the COMBINATION
of emotions that form the “magic mix”
to attract women.

One of the craziest ironies is that we are
living in a time that emphasizes the
INDIVIDUAL’S happiness.  So each
person is really busy focusing on themselves,
their career, their personal lives, etc.

As opposed to a long time ago when it
was all about getting married young,      
and focusing on love of family, country,
religion, etc.

And yet, people are no happier now that
they get to focus on themselves so much.

The reason is because HAPPINESS is
all about the EFFORT one puts into
doing the DEEP INNER WORK on
himself or herself.  And unfortunately,
people THINK that a good life is a life
where they don’t have to expend EFFORT,
and unfortunately people simply DON’T
BELIEVE the truth which is that a huge
portion of happiness comes from working
on one’s attitude.

There is a great book, called “The How
of Happiness”, that I suggest everyone
read. It is one of the ONLY books on this
topic that is not full of gimmicks but rather
has taken the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to
its approach.  I was delighted to find out
how INSANELY MUCH it has in common
with my WARRIOR WITHIN program,
because for example, in my program,
I explain how you don’t have to be a
JERK to show you are tough, or to attract
women,  and you don’t have to manipulate
women to get them interested in you, and
that in fact the better you are able to
the easier it will be to attract women.

The reason why this is, is because people
want to feel RELAXED around others,
they want to feel GOOD.

A lot of guys mistake this with KISSING
UP to a woman, but KISSING UP TO
A WOMAN is actually doing the opposite
because it reeks of DESPERATION.

The fact is, when a guy is really worshipping
a woman out of a scarcity mentality, out of
desperation, out of fear of not being able
to find another woman, out of fear of thinking
that SHE is the sole provider of his self-esteem
and happiness, he is ACTUALLY giving off
a horrifyingly REPULSIVE “vibe” where
a woman can FEEL all those negative emotions
in him- those emotions can be DETECTED,
and they don’t feel good to be around.

On the OTHER HAND, when a man can
STILL be good to a woman, but it’s all
coming from a sense of HIS OWN HAPPINESS,
his own calm, and NOT his DESPERATION
for her, or his need for her, THEN a woman
LIGHTS UP around him.

Now, the thing is, when FIRST approaching
a woman, in a non party environment, you CAN’T
just go up to her in TOTAL EXTREME HAPPY
mode on the surface, or she will think you are nuts.

And this is where a lot of guys get mixed up
and confused.

You can’t just go up to a woman in the
bookstore and be BEAMING with a smile

Or rather, you can, but you have to actually

The reason is that people like that are SO RARE,
that a woman will just think something is wrong
with you.

So, in that FIRST MOMENT, just be DEAD
SERIOUS in your expression on your face.

Say whatever it is that you are going to say,
as your conversation opener, in that super
serious tonality.

BUT THEN, once she is starting to TALK
to you, you should THEN reveal and unleash

Take the conversation to the most inspiring
place, the funniest place, the most meaningful
place, the kindest place, the most interesting

Man, you do this, and you are going to
have so many women at your fingertips,
you are going to need a new program from

We are brainwashed to think that acting mean,
tough, negative, etc, is somehow “cool”, that
being depressed is stylish, while being happy
is cheesy and for idiots.


It’s EASY to get depressed, to be negative,
to be pessimistic. THAT is why so many
people frame it as COOL, because they
HAVE BEEN DUPED by their own
negative emotions to think that negativity
IS the right emotion.

But it ain’t.
In fact, if you ever see a knockout of a woman
who is constantly single, it just might be because
she is a really negative person, so she drives away
any normal guy, and she herself is repulsed by the
negative desperate guys.

Negativity IS REALLY A REPULSOR, even
if a woman is gorgeous on the outside, and
even if a guy has EVERYTHING ELSE
going on for him on the outside. 

Also, it is VITAL to realize, and this
is pointed out in "The How of Happiness",
that one's EXTERNAL circumstances ONLY
account for 10 percent of one's sense
of happiness.

Yup, 10 percent.
This is why it is so important, if you
want to KEEP a woman attracted to you,
that you learn how to STAY happy in
general, otherwise when the initial
excitement you felt from getting her
wears off, your happiness will go away.

If your entire sense of happiness
depends on her and if you think
that without her, life will be
pointless, you won't be happy,
and THAT will definitely push
her away.      

On the other hand, if you learn how
to be deeply positive in your own way,
and feel a deep sense of meaning in
your life, then you will actually
enjoy her more, because you are
not expecting her to be the source
of all your positive emotions,
and of course this superior state
of mind that you are in will

So, let me give you some tips for CHANGING


What I mean by this, is FIND A NEW
perspective on things that you think
about yourself or your life.

So, if you think you are too old for
a woman, just remember that most
women complain that the guys they
meet are emotionally immature, and
that tons of women CRAVE older men.

If you think you are too young for a woman,
just remember how IMPRESSIVE it will
be if you show that you actually HAVE
the maturity of an older man WHILE ALSO
being super young.

If you think you are too short, just
think about how the vast majority of
heart throbs in Hollywood are actually
shorter than average.

If you think you are too tall, just remember
that plenty of women will find themselves
feeling very feminine in your presence
and crave that masculine polar opposite
feeling that you will give her.

If you think that you are not rich enough,
remember that money does not PHYSICALLY
attract a woman, so you can easier know if a
woman that is with you is genuinely attracted
to you or not.    

There is ALWAYS another perspective,
but it is up to YOU to put the ENERGY
into FEELING that perspective.

I can tell you that most people simply
to actually doing ANY reframing
in their mind.


It is like going to the gym and expecting
on the bench press machine or STANDING
with the squat bar on you, and the author
of that book gives a similar analogy.


The very ACT of doing this sends a
DIRECT SIGNAL to your brain that
YOU are living in ABUNDANCE,
that you are ABLE to do GOOD
for others.

It makes you feel POWERFUL and it
makes you feel GOOD.

It is a GREAT thing to do for your own

This is why I don’t like it when guys
say nasty things about women who
aren’t physically attractive, or who
will be rude or give the cold shoulder
to them.

It suggests a very DESPERATE state
of mind to one’s SELF, never mind that
is is kind of cruel.

Your MIND follows your ACTIONS.
Take the ACTIONS of a man who believes
he’s got it all, and the EMOTIONS of a man
that “has it all” then come as well.

This gets me to number three:


doing things like SMILING actually DO
change your OWN emotions.

Now, like I said before, don’t START
your approach to a woman with a big
smile, but for your OWN self, in general,
YOURSELF, and then, of course, what
will happen is that your smile even when
around women will be the smile that
is from feeling good and not from
kissing up.

Don’t be like the masses who say and
think that this stuff is CHEESY.  

The very fact they think it is CHEESY
is why so FEW people MASTER these
skills even though they ARE THE VERY

Now, these are just THREE tips, and in my
WARRIOR WITHIN program I share with
you TONS more, ESPECIALLY as they
relate to approaching women, attracting
women, getting over fears, creating a
deep connection with women, and much,
much more.

Remember, when a woman experiences
what life is like with you in just a few
MINUTES of her first interaction with you,
as she goes back to her regular life and her
regular social circle and keeps comparing
how much better she felt around YOU than
around ANYONE else.

And she will want you then more than EVER.

It all boils down to what is going on INSIDE
of you; it is about being the MASTER of
the internal emotions, especially as they
relate to interacting and attracting women.

And the very best program that you can get
on this topic is my WARRIOR WITHIN
DVD Set that has been designed for
EXACTLY this purpose.

It’s at:

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my program
on CONFIDENT HUMOR, then definitely do that
as well:

When you see a gorgeous woman somewhere
who is a total stranger, there is often nothing
better for "breaking the ice" and getting her
phone number than using CONFIDENT HUMOR.

This program is not about learning corny jokes,
it’s about becoming more confident in your
humor, and using that to skyrocket your
sense of humor. 

Get this program right now at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finding And Attracting A "Good Girl" In Today's Crazy World

Today I want to share with you a TON of absolutely
VITAL insights on attracting a quality woman that
has it going on both on the OUTSIDE and on the

Most men fall for the "HALO effect" from beautiful
women and this makes it impossible for most men
to see if a woman REALLY is a great person or not.

This is especially dangerous today, because
unfortunately there are a lot of women today
who are the female version of male “players”
and they know, in their own way, exactly how
to behave and what to say to get YOU to think
they are the perfect girl for you, even if they
are not being honest.

Specifically, I am talking about a woman
in her commitment to you and only you, as
opposed to being with you, but yet also
intentionally keeping other men in her
“orbit” so to speak.

This is a HUGE thing, because it is SO EASY
for a woman to PRETEND she is only into
one guy, and yet keep a billion other guys
in her “orbit” for the sake of “keeping her
options open”, and then hide all this from
her boyfriend.   

that you do learn how to SCREEN OUT the wrong
women, and learn how to quickly detect if a woman
IS indeed a woman you can trust or not, and whether
she has all the other important traits you are looking
for in a woman.   

And these "great girls" absolutely do exist, but
they ain't growing on trees, so it is essential
that you are prepared with the proper knowledge
and skills if you are to succeed and get this
kind of woman.  

For this reason, the first half of this newsletter
is about how to DETECT a woman's character so you
can know if she is worth pursuing, and the second
half focuses on how to ATTRACT women in the most
powerful way.

This way, you can make sure to attract the
RIGHT woman. 


1. See if she speaks negatively about many other
people, including all her ex boyfriends.

If she only has bad things to say about everyone
else, chances are she won't think fondly of you
after a while either.

On the other hand, if she tends to focus on the
positive about people, she will probably be a
much better girlfriend for you as well.

2.Be on the lookout to see how she treats others.

For example, if you two are out at a cafe, restaurant,
or coffee shop, how does she treat the employees,
waiters and waitresses? Is she abusive or is she
sensitive? Kindness is free, so there is no excuse
to be a miser with it.

3. Ask her what are her top values in life,
and ask her to be specific.

If she focuses on things that are purely
superficial, like fame and wealth, chances
are she won't stick it out through the
rough patches in life with anyone when
she is in a relationship with them.

On the flip side, if she values loyalty,
honesty, trust, and health, chances are
she will appreciate a good man who treats
her well.

4. Behave in a casual relaxed manner.

This is important, because in order to
get a woman to reveal her character, it's
essential that you don't make her feel judged
for being herself.

So try to be as relaxed as possible when
interacting with a woman. Asking her about
her values must be done in a way where she
does not feel like there is a right or
wrong answer. 

Don't come across as being too serious, or
she will only present to you her "formal"
self which is more of an act, rather than
who she really is naturally.

5. Make note if she is the kind of person who is
able to apologize and own up to making a mistake.

If she is not able to do this, she will be a
horrible person to have a relationship with, for
her ego is so big that she can't admit her
mistakes or learn from them.

6. Pay particular attention to how she behaves
when she is under stress.

If she is still behaving in a way that is
kind and honest and sensitive, she is proving
to be an amazing woman.

However, if she becomes spiteful, hateful,
or abusive, this is an indicator of how she
will be in the future when under any type
of stress. And life definitely will have its
stressful moments, so you can be sure such
a woman will behave badly again in the future.

7.  Listen very carefully when she speaks,
because most people give away their personalities
very quickly without realizing it.

This is because most people don't consciously
try to behave badly, so they all think they are
great even if in fact they are abusive or cruel.

8. Take note of how hard she is trying to

One of the greatest signs of a woman's personality is
if she makes great efforts to accomplish this goal.

If she makes a consistent effort to try to understand
you and to make you feel respected, this is definitely
a reason to continue dating her.

WARNING: It's ESSENTIAL to pick up **ON** what a woman is saying rather than just being focused on "picking up" women, if you want to actually get a woman that is the right match for you as a great long-term girlfriend.

Okay, so now you know some vital tips on how to
DETECT a quality woman.  It's ALSO important to know
how to ATTRACT her!

Most guys try too hard to "prove" themselves to a woman,
and all this ends up doing is make a woman feel PRESSURE
to have to like the guy.

When a woman feels PRESSURE, she puts up her natural wall
of resistance.

This is human nature.

But you can't block or resist what ISN'T there.

By eradicating the neediness from yourself,
you remove the PRESSURE on a woman.

When a woman senses this lack of pressure,
it's like a HUGE weight is lifted off her
shoulders,since she can immediately RELAX
with you. You are not trying to GET anything
from her, you are not trying to GET her to
DO anything, or BECOME anything.

So, now that she is free from worrying
about a needy guy, now she is worried
that YOU might not be interested in
HER. She worries about this, because
she is now interested in YOU.

This is the REAL definition of cool.
MINIMUM "GAME", because it's

When it comes to getting more "touchy feely",

At clubs, you can REALLY escalate the
physical contact. And if you are new at
this, it can seem strange. But you can
grow in this area as well, as a recent
reader wrote in. It was a long letter,
so let me get straight to the part on


..."After a couple of months, I was starting
to really get this stuff. The matrix was opening,
and I really began to understand what is going on.

However, I was becoming discouraged because
I wasn't getting desired results. One night, I was
flirting with a girl, lol, she came up to me and
licked my ear. Shortly after, it hit me. I wasn't
comfortable with being a sexual person. So the
next week, I flirted and made physical contact
with girls everyday. And to my surprise, they
loved it, and so did I (mind you it's not like I
grabbed their ***** or ***).

I actually really believed girls don't like when
guys flirt with them and gently touch them on
the arm, back, waist, or hands. Boy was I
wrong. They are really, really, really receptive
to it. Man that stuff is so addicting.

Zack O.


Really, that says it all.
You grow internally, from doing it, taking
little steps everyday till it's not only easy,
it's ADDICTIVE in a good way!

And it's not about being some kind of
alpha "mean guy", it's about being
COMFORTABLE with this stuff,
and that makes the girl comfortable
too, so she can enjoy it and you
can too.

And now, on to our final letter:


First of all, let me say that everything that
you've written about women and dating has
been thought provoking, encouraging and
very motivating. I've been to a lot of similar
websites but few offers anything as good as
yours. Needless to say, you articles are a
gem in the art of dating and seduction. I'm
from ******* and would like to purchase
your e-book. How can I do that?

I came across a profile of a woman on a
dating website and here's how she describes
her ideal match:-

"i had a dream. i met a guy -avg height, avg
build. his face was disfigured and disturbing.
the part of the nose that connects the two
nostrils was burned and misshapen. about .5 cm
of the outside corners of both eyes were puffy,
slanted and looked as though they were welded
together. not only was he "not attractive," he was
viscerally frightening.

we exchanged words - and though i don't
remember the content of our conversation,
i remember he exuded this confidence. a
kind of confidence that is memorable and

he was assertive, unassuming, witty, sardonic,
genuine, and he held this conversation and my
interest as if unaware of his deformity. he held
no feelings of inadequacy, and i knew we'd never
waste our energy fighting over petty squabbles.

he'd never misinterpret my words or actions as
a slight against him - and never harbor resentment.
he was too classy. he was chill, calm-and incredibly
keen. he got all my jokes. AND bantered back. "

What are your thoughts on this?


Yes, it's quite cool when we get to the
SUBCONSCIOUS, that part that doesn't
lie or get bogged down with logic.

Now, in any dream there will sometimes be
one of the elements that might not be applicable
to real life, the fact is, dreams tell us a LOT
about what is going on in someone's mind.

And the cool thing here, is this woman is
verifying every single component of
what she is attracted to, and every component
gets back to this idea of MINIMUM
GAME, of NATURAL attraction.

So let's get to it:

This guy has the inner behaviors and beliefs of
security, confidence, and warmth, and embodies
the personality of attraction.

I also think that the "viscerally frightening"
might very well be a turn on in the sense of it
highlights his CHARACTER since the focus
is OFF his looks.

Also, a little of  "Beauty and the Beast" type thing
going on here.

Also, you can see that the words of the conversation
aren't the main thing, as she can't remember the
words but rather remembers the VIBE, i.e. that
"he exuded this confidence. a kind of confidence
that is memorable and COMFORTING."

Your MOOD Is KEY To Setting The Right VIBE.

Also, in her description of this man, it is clear
that he will be masculine and LEAD the way
because "he was assertive" and he was NOT a jerk,
as he was "unassuming", and "genuine".

Be Assertive, Masculine, And Lead The Way

He's also got "wit", and since sexual attraction
is the subtext of her message, it's not a leap
of faith to say that what she probably also
means is that he "gets it" when it comes to
sexual flirtation, teasing, etc. And of course,
that he's a witty guy in general doesn't hurt.

Flirt Using WIT With Women.

He has witty remarks, often with sexual undertones.
Also HE himself is so in his own reality and
confident, it is as if he is not even aware of his
deformity. This is particularly attractive, by
the way, because it shows a purity of
emotion/thought, i.e. that somehow the world
has NOT polluted his mind with insecurities and
by association has therefore not polluted his
mind with other absurd negativities that most
people are burdened with.

And in fact, I too by the way love it when
a girl is comfortable with her "flaws" and in
fact I find it a turn-on if she finds herself
sexy, including her "flaws".

High self-esteem is HOT.

He has "no feelings of inadequacy", which
means he is secure and will not take things
that she says the wrong way, "i knew we'd
never waste our energy fighting over petty
squabbles. he'd never misinterpret my words
or actions as a slight against him - and
never harbor resentment."

All because she senses he is SECURE, and
so too in reality most women will often test
a guy to see if he is the kind of guy that can
handle life with her, to see if he is the insecure
type, to see if he is the kind of guy that will
explode over trivial things, etc.

And his sense of confident witty humor is
sooo important, as she says, "and he got all
my jokes. AND bantered back.", meaning
he could ping that energy back to her when
she ponged it, like ping pong, the energy
and fun going back and forth.

What she meant by "assertive", is the
confidence in every aspect, ESPECIALLY
considering that he was "viscerally frightening",
but still had SO MUCH confidence, this is
especially admirable and inspiring and attractive.

And also, I'm sure that the assertiveness
in her mind, at least subconsciously, also
included being assertive in bed, for SURE.

Be Assertive In Bed .

This then gives women the permission to
ALLOW THEMSELVES to be ultra sexual,
since they can feel okay about it since
the guy is so assertive. Otherwise, if the
woman has to be the assertive one, she
feels "guilty" about it because of culture
and the anti-slut defense shield etc, etc.

If you are reading this right now, you can
probably see just how deep attraction
goes when it is done RIGHT.

And you can now get the most powerful
program ever created on this topic to effect
REAL CHANGE within you so that attraction
becomes a byproduct of who you ARE and
how you FEEL and how you THINK, and it's at:

Since day one, I have constantly sought to
make attraction as natural a process as possible,
without manipulation, and without turning you
into a 'court jester' or 'entertainer'. It has
always been about authentic development. I've always
known that nothing can compete with that.

As a result of this development, and as a result
of the tremendous insights on women's psychology
and culture that you will receive from this program,
your pick ups and long term interactions with the women
of your choice will not only be successful, but also
come about without you feeling awkward and without
you having to do "tricks" or "clown acts" of any sort.

Quite simply, it's the most advanced resource
on the planet for meeting and attracting women

It's at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook,
The Dating Wizard, then do that first. This
book is the foundation on which all my other
programs build upon, and it's loaded with
POWERFUL insights and principles that will
help you out IMMEDIATELY. You can download
it within MINUTES of now, and start using it to
attract the women of your choice TODAY.

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If you're still just "thinking about it" and not SURE
if you should get my programs or not, allow me to
share with you a couple of important FACTS:

My programs are designed for mature men who aren't
interested in gimmicks, or in having a bunch of
one-night stands with trashy girls.

The programs I offer are made for giving you
the most options when it comes to meeting and
attracting the highest quality women, ultimately
for great relationships. 

Also, these programs GROW in power over time, because
as you get wiser with life, you start to appreciate
the FULL POWER of the program material even more.

These programs don't become outdated, they just
INCREASE in power over time.

The men who take my program are pretty damn mature
ALREADY. And the super young guys that take my programs
are often SUPER advanced in maturity for their age.

So you have a choice. You can save yourself years,
possibly DECADES of your life, by getting my programs

OR, you can decide to learn it all the slow and hard way,
going through trial and error with woman after woman
after woman, and hopefully not get burned out with
exhaustion and heartache from doing it all wrong.

How much is TIME worth to you? How much money is
YEARS OF TIME worth to you? Years of SAVING yourself
from exhaustion and emotional heartache?

And how much is it worth it to you to possibly save
yourself from a heart-wrenching and financially
costly divorce?

Take action NOW and save yourself time, energy,
and emotions by going HERE:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To Stop A Woman & Attract Her On The Spot

There are some very eye-opening
letters that have come in recently,
so I thought I would share them
with you because they reveal a TON
about how to attract a woman, on
the deepest, most powerful level.

By the way, some of these letters were
even longer than they are here, and
editing them down was really tough
since there was so much powerful
content in every letter. In the end,
what you read here is at least 98%
of the content of the original letters.

Names were removed or changed to
protect the privacy of people.



Your Warrior Within DVD program arrived
Friday, and I was anticipating great
things.  I’ve studied many “gurus”
before finally discovering your site
by accident – an accident that changed
my life.

Long before Warrior Within, about a year
ago, I bought your Attraction Mastery 
Program, and was so blown away that
I stayed up all night and through the
next morning listening to it all non-stop
while taking copious notes. 

That program changed me from
a guy who could barely look a pretty
girl straight in the eyes, to being
able to not only approach women, but
also actually get myself two knockout
fantastic girlfriends over the course
of last year!

(Not at the same time in the same room,
that’s not what I wanted!)

Both of these girls were great girls, but
as a guy with no experience with women
before these girls, I knew that it was not
the right decision, at least for me, to
make a lifetime commitment with either
of them at that point.  

And rather than hurt them, I stayed
honest and always told them that I
might not be able to make this a
lifetime thing.   And the cool thing is
your program helped me keep myself
honest and keep my self-esteem.

The great thing is that these girls were
cool with my honesty- in fact, they said
they had never met a guy that was this
open and honest and direct about his
intentions, and one of the girls actually
wanted to keep on seeing me - but I
felt that she was conflicted and I didn’t
want to hurt her over the long haul.    

As you teach, if you aren’t true to yourself
and your beliefs, you lose your charisma
because you no longer feel congruent to
your words and actions.

So I was really looking forward to your
new program, Warrior Within – as it
came out at the perfect time of me being
newly single again: And man, you
did not disappoint.

Within the first 15-20 minutes of the very
first DVD, I already got what I like to call a
“coolness” transfusion injected into my
system on what feels like a cellular level!    

It was when you were explaining how
“who we are” is a total artificial
construct, and that in fact, we are
“asleep at the switch” when we are
thinking that  our limits with women are
“who we really are”,  and that we can’t be
whatever we WANT, on the deepest level. 

I started to ask myself what were the
limitations that I was imposing on myself
as a result of thinking that, “This is simply
who I am!”.  I realized that  you hit the nail
on the head!!

For example, so far in the past, I’ve
still had to “pump myself up” to get into
state in order to make my successful
approaches with women, because it
wasn’t who I felt I “really was”, so
I needed to “pump” myself up to
“reach” that level that was not my
“normal, real” self.

So last night, which was Saturday night,
I was walking along the sidewalk downtown,
in middle of all the fun cafes, lounges, etc,
letting the evening take me where it may,
when three girls, dressed to the nines
clearly for a night on the town, were
walking the opposite direction,
toward me. 

My heart set sail, Michael, at the sight
of one of them in particular, a woman who
looked like an exotic bond girl, she had
dark black hair and a slender, curvy shape,
and this tasteful shimmering jade skirt
that could not hide her gorgeous derriere.

Of course, the first thing that then went
through my mind was the fact that every
guy in a three block radius was looking
as well, and then I realized that allllllll
of these guys were not approaching
because they allllllllllll thought “it’s not
who they are” which of course as you
put it is total b.s.!!!

So then I simply thought of someone who
I thought *would* be perfectly at home
approaching her, and I thought of this
guy I used to know really well when I was
in the Reserves, who was not only a super
cool guy and would do this kind of thing,
but also I could trust this guy with my life.

So I took on the role of being him, I
“threw out” myself for the time being,
and walked into an identity I had never
allowed for myself, but because I was
just “pretending” to be this role, somehow
I gave myself permission to suddenly
be free!

Michael, what happened next was the
most exhilarating experience I have
ever had:  Something came over me
that I had never felt before, a sense
of permission, entitlement, and power:

I stopped walking, and looked directly
at the girl I was interested in the most,
as she got within about 10 feet.

And I just said: “STOP.”

I put out my hand and said, “You.”

And the crazy thing, Michael, is that
inside of me, I knew they were going
to listen to every word I had to say,
because somehow through sheer
force of will, I was exuding a sense
of command and leadership – and
all wrapped up in a sense of fun.

I walked right up to the one that caught
my eye, and with an unwavering look,
looked straight into her blue eyes and
said, with command, “Where do you
think you’re going? I’m here.”   

Then, her friends started to giggle but
she did not even look at them, and now
I know why- it was because I focused
and zeroed in on her exactly as you
said, as if the only two people who
existed in the universe at that moment
was me and her, and that’s it. 

I was giving her my total focus, and all
the infinite vibes of power and sexuality.

She didn’t even giggle, she responded
very matter of factly, as if this was
the most normal thing in the world,
with what sounded like a Slavic accent,
“We are celebrating her birthday (
pointing to her blonde friend)!
You’re late!”

For a split second, I couldn’t believe that
this insanity was working.  It was like the
rules of the universe were up to me, and
I had no idea of exactly what the limits
and rules of this universe were!!! 

And then I realized that the rules
are all up to me, and that I better
figure them out quick, as just like
you said, if your conviction is not
iron-clad, others will put their
beliefs in place of yours and create
your reality for you instead.

The best way to describe the feeling
was like the situation in that movie
Inception, where the ground bends
upward into the sky, and buildings are
hanging upside down, and all of reality
becomes freaky and unnerving, and also
cool as hell.     

So I went WITH it, exactly as you also
explain in Warrior, and I told her “Of
course I’m late, I was busy preparing
and bringing the best present!” 

“You brought a present????”

“Of course, the best present – I brought

And I made a gesture with my arms out,
palms facing up, presenting myself for
exactly who I am.

She went wide eyed and smiled, and I
could hardly stop myself from gazing at
her gorgeous smile and her lips, damn!

At this point, one of her friends said,
“She’s an awesome girl” as if she needed
help being “endorsed”!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to God man, to have women
trying to prove and endorse to you a
girl that already is a knockout, is kind
of crazy.

Now, I know that obviously I had no
clue about what kind of person she is,
but as an initial encounter, as you
explain, it’s all up to you at this stage.

And man, I never understood before
last night that this is a fantastic
positive thing- I used to think this was
a negative thing because it meant that
as men we had to do all the work- but
now I realize it means that as men we
get to create our reality and make that
reality happen!

Knowing the cardinal rule you explained
long ago, to always add to the vibe,
and especially in a fun place and time
like Saturday night, to make it more
upbeat, so I played with her friends
as well, telling them that I would
be willing to share myself with them
because it was a birthday, and gave
them all a group hug! 

Of course, this gave me bonus points
because it meant I had approval of
the entire group, and the honest truth
is that I DID enjoy their friendliness,
it was not a “move” to manipulate them! 

We ended up chatting on the sidewalk
for about ten minutes, talking about
the best places to celebrate, and then
I told the girl I was interested in that
I was interested in learning more about
her, to which she joked:

“What parts of me do you want to learn

And I knew this was a playful test,
where most guys would melt and either
get tongue-tied, or embarrassed.

I made sure to not sell my soul, and to
be honest about my thoughts.

So I said to her:
I prefer to go from the inside out,
if I like you inside, then I’ll REALLY
like your outsides.

The crazy thing, Mike, is that this actually
had an awesome double meaning that was
sexual but also deep and non-superficial
as well!  A shining example of what you
said about the power of brutal self
honesty and not “censoring” your own
thoughts but rather letting them fly
in the moment.

Her jaw dropped, and I stroked her
shoulder with my hand, looked
deep into her eyes, and said,
“what’s your number?”

She asked for my cell phone, which
I was not carrying.  So she pulled out
her lipstick, grabbed my arm, and wrote
her number on the inside of my forearm,
and then one of her friends told me that I
better call her!!!!! 

I hugged her and gave her a light kiss
on the neck ( I know this would not be
appropriate during daytime normal
approaches, but this environment
was more energy) and bid her friends

I texted her once later that evening,
telling her we should meet up the
next day.  She replied within 15 minutes
and now I’m looking at a date with this
gorgeous creature tomorrow!

I can’t wait to put all the things into
action tomorrow that I learned from
Warrior Within about creating a powerful
and authentic connection! 

Another thing I really love about your
programs is that they don't require
pick up lines, and it has nothing to
do with trying to play manipulative
mind games on women- it's about
generating so much attractive power
that a woman simply is drawn to you
no matter what.  

Anyway, man, I’m going on and on.
All I want to say is one gigantic
thank you.

And allow me to say to your readers, that
any guy who doesn’t get this program has
no clue what he’s missing. Now I understand
what the guys on your site are talking about!

Troy R.,
Miami, FL.


Man, thank YOU for that incredibly detailed
account of what happened, and of course
thank you for the props on Warrior Within.

One of the things I really appreciate
is when guys actually explain HOW they
are using the materials. Obviously, I
appreciate positive words, but explaining
how you are using the materials is even
more helpful to other guys.

There were so many things you did right,
that I believe reading your letter twice is
excellent advice – it’s JAMMED with great
applications of the concepts you learned. 

What I really loved was the way you kept
BUILDING on each thing you did, and how
a lot of this ends up happening when you
START THINGS RIGHT to begin with.

So for example, by going in STRONG and
COMMANDING, you then have a way more
ENERGIZED reception.

This then creates the opportunity for the
GIRL to give YOU some feedback that has
“spunk” and “fun” to it, like when she said
to you in a playful way that you were “late”
for the celebration- as if of COURSE you
WERE supposed to be there with her!!!

And then you followed the principle of
GOING with it perfectly by not saying
something like “I’m not late”:

Instead, you said that indeed of COURSE
you were late, because you were preparing
a great present!

And then for you to add the POWER touch
was icing on the cake, when made it clear
that this present was actually YOU.

This is exactly the kind of thing
I’m talking about.

The truth that is not even a secret
is that a woman WANTS to BELONG to
her man, but the keyword here is
MAN.  Be that man, and she WANTS
to be YOURS.

I also love the way you initially REALIZED
how YOU were the one limiting yourself
because of your beliefs of “who you are”
and how you allowed your REAL identity
to shine by pretending it’s someone else
who you DID give permission to be that
cool!  That person is actually YOU!

Your letter has tons and tons of valuable
applications for attracting a woman in the
most powerful way, thanks for sending it in.


Hey Michael,

I just finished your Dating Wizard book!
I must tell you thanks for sharing your
knowledge with me.


But I know now what to do and how to
handle my new encounters! Man it’s crazy
how the media warps your brain to make
you think that you must act like the NICE GUY!

I feel a whole lot better after reading your
book.  I have hope now and knowledge!
I just have a couple of questions I need
help with!

1. I’m 27 and a virgin(it is what it is) if things
get sexual how do I show that im still the MAN
and not look like a total noob?

2.If another man tries to challenge my
masculinity (in front of other women) by
let’s say, trying to make me look like a punk
so he looks like the alpha male.

What would be the best way to handle it?

3.What made me pull the trigger to buy
your great book was that I have a speed
dating event at this comic book convention
I’m going to this Friday.  What section of
the book should I read again to better my
chances, and any tips you can give me?

And thank you Michael for helping and
showing me the way. I JUST WISH YOU

So thankful,

Paul K.
New York, NY


Thanks for the props on the book. 
If things get sexual, you do not have
to say you are a virgin (even though
there's nothing wrong with it), and
also remember that FOREPLAY is a
huge part of making the sexual stuff
as powerful as possible, so that she
can be so insanely lustful for you
that you can't go wrong by the time
it comes for actual “deed”.

Also, I always like to remind people,
make sure to wear a condom properly.  

Regarding if another guy tries to "tool'
you by challenging your masculinity or
anything like that, in my Attraction Mastery
Program, I go into a full explanation of
the best way to handle it, but for now one
quick suggestion is to simply AGREE with
whatever the guy says:

This is a bit like “aikido” where you use
his force against him, because you aren’t
trying to counter him, and the more he
says things, the more he looks like he is
trying HARD to get your attention, which
is the ultimate sign of being BENEATH
someone else, and is proof that he is
less cool than you.

Sometimes, you could even EXAGGERATE it,
so if he says you're a punk you could say,
"Yeah, man, I'm a total punk, for sure, yeah".
..If he says you're a loser you say "I'm THE
BIGGEST LOSER, didn’t  you see the show?"

This really drains the guy of any fuel and
also takes the guy by surprise so he is now
unsure of what the heck is going on!!! 

In my Warrior Within program, you’ll learn
how to give off the vibes so that guys won’t
even think about doing this in the first place.

For the Speed Dating, the best thing to do
is get into CONVO with her and use “The Man's
Sense of Humor” as explained in the book, as
well as give her ONE meaningful compliment
but only if you can truly find something really
worth giving her a compliment for:

The reason for this is because there is so
little time in speed dating so you want to
show both sides of yourself-the challenging
fun side and the warm side. 

Don't compliment her on her looks in a speed
dating event- it's too obvious and you need
the time to show other things about your




Well after reading your DATING WIZARD
I decided to try out the knowledge I’ve

I had a speed dating convention to go to
last Saturday but when I went to show up
the vendor told me they didn’t have a slot
for me!

I felt cheated because I found so much
useful knowledge in your book and the
event was tailor-made to meet women!

So as I’m going home I decide to take in
the scene (Times Square NY) and as I’m
sitting down chilling, two girls sit down
to relax.

Now I wasn’t even looking to start any convo
but I saw one of the girls eat a can of Pringles.

She was digging for crumbs from the can, so
I looked at her and motioned (in a joking way)
just tilt the can down your mouth so you can
get the crumbs! She laughed! So she finally
finished the can, then started reading the
nutrition facts label.

So I TEASED her and said you don’t read that
after you eat something! She really started
laughing then her friend jumped in on the fun
and asked where I was from. I told them I
was from around the area. In turn they told
me they where from Germany and they work
as nannys in Connecticut. 

The convo went towards work and soon it
really became very friendly. After awhile I
noticed it was getting late and I had to go.

I didn’t ask for their emails because they
lived pretty far away. So I gave them both
a gentlemen kiss on the cheek and told them
goodbye nice meeting you.

As I was walking, it dawned on me that I
should have asked for the emails anyway
because even though we lived in different
states we could have setup something.
Who knows! I knew I messed up right there!

I know most of your write backs end with the
guys either getting the female, but I kind of
feel good about myself. I usually just sit there
and HOPE they notice me!

I knew your knowledge worked, but I thought
it was going to be hard for me to execute!

Well I know it’s in my best interest to
get the Actions For Attraction CD Set. 
I need more knowledge and examples because
I’m so inexperienced in this realm.

I would like it if you critique my experience,
don’t hold nothing back!

I just got one question - the Actions For Attraction
CDs i see you have a box set and a monthly package.

Does the box set have less content than the monthly?

Also, I see you have a new program, Warrior Within,
do you suggest this for me instead?


Thanks for your follow up letter and showing
how FAST you can put the materials into action!
You don’t have to wait around forever to get
RESULTS from this, you can start putting it
all into action RIGHT AWAY!

To answer your question, I have made many of
these important Actions For Attraction programs
available now for instant download so you can
easily get them no matter where you are on
the planet. They are at:

And of course, as you realize now, 
always go for the contact info  –
you can always NOT follow up if
you prefer not to!

Regarding Warrior Within, I absolutely
do suggest this program IMMEDIATELY.

It's that important.

After that, I would then get the 'Actions'
programs, as they contain important strategies
for attracting women and approaching women that
you won't find in any of my other programs.

WARRIOR WITHIN includes important strategies
as well, but it goes even deeper than "strategy":
which will make ALL MY PROGRAMS that more effective
for you, plus Warrior Within will also serve as a
SUPREMELY powerful program all on its OWN as well. 


Awesome dude!!

I'm really looking forward to studying
Warrior Within! In the mean time, I'm
still learning new things from your
Attraction Mastery Program every time
I listen to it.

Also, I've been in an exclusive relationship
for over 1.5 years now, that started shortly
after reading your second book, “Get A
Great Girl”.

She is really cool and funny never played
a single game, and it couldn't have worked
out the way it did without reading your
book and weaning myself of some of the
crap that is out there.

In the past I repelled some really cool girls
that sensed that I'm naturally an awesome
guy, but got confused by the opposing
messages I subconsciously communicated
to them.

It's also helped me tremendously in other
social relationships: Your materials clearly
show how to make other people feel good,
and make them feel good about themselves.

But in the first place, they show you how
to make yourself feel good, the place where
it all starts and where true abundance is

And the depth of information in your programs
is just staggering. One day I hope to interview
you regarding some of the processes behind
the creation of your programs and your
discoveries, but that's for a later day.

Looking forward to this new level, and
we'll keep in touch.

Will, The Netherlands

P.S. The people that attended your seminar
look really mature and smart, it makes
sense hehe


Thanks for the kind words, and it’s always
awesome to hear from guys that are with
a great girl, as to me, this is ultimately
what it’s all about.

And your letter is yet ANOTHER part of
the clearing up the confusion for all
good men out there who have been
brainwashed and who have actually
unfortunately chased away the RIGHT
women and attracted the WRONG
women from following the wrong

Thanks again.


Hello Michael. I think that I am
in deep trouble with my girlfriend.

The relationship goes for almost
3 years. It is a long distance
relationship. But for the past
6 months, I've been such a jerk
(that was before I found out
your material).

I stopped text messages, calls,
and less dates. And I did lots
of things that hurt her feelings.

I can list down all of them,
but to save your time, I’ll
make it short:

1-When we had a date, I usually
ended up being selfish and everything
was planned according to my plan.

I never asked what she wants to
buy or things she want to do
together when we hang out.

2-I was tested by her and I didn’t
even have a clue about it!!

And guess what? I failed.

There was one time she asked,‘’Do
I take this relationship seriously?’’
and I answered, ’I’m not serious
nor being playful’’.

I’m so shows her how
unconfident I am and that is so

3-When I have money problems, I
overcompensate it by telling her
all the time that I can’t afford
this and that. Being cheap is
also my weakness.

I let her spend a lot of her
money rather than using up my own.

At the end of this relationship,
she told me that she felt being
used by her own boyfriend.

4-I delayed her birthday gifts
several times, even forget to
wish her on the day.

She’s such a great girl. But I think
she can’t take it anymore and that
she's finding someone else while
still having me as her boyfriend.

I feel betrayed and disappointed
because she never told me about all
those things that hurt her (I swear
I didn’t know and I didn’t realize
that I constantly hurt her until it
is almost too late).

When I knew she have someone else
as her boyfriend, it’s like there’s
no second chance for me to redeem
myself back.

But most of all, I think all of my
actions backfired. It all come back
to me. All actions that I took lead
her to go further from me and she
doesn’t think twice to find someone
else who’s ready to love her.

After using your newsletters, there
are so much lessons that I’ve learnt.

I was being selfish, not a good
listener, not consistent in showing
that I love her and overcompensating
my insecurities.

And like you said, a girl won’t test
you unless you make them want to.

All of your materials are proven to

Michael, I need your advice about this
going-to-end-relationship. She was a
great girl and it’s hard for me to
go through a breakup.

Is there anything I could do/think
before meeting her up again and
facing her? Any actions or advice?

I understand if you don’t want to
help me out. But, please…I am lost
and I just don’t know what to do.

I need your guidance.


First of all, I'm sorry it's taken
so long to get back to you, as there
are so many emails it's hard to reply
to all of them right away, even if
I were to spend all day on emails.

It sounds like you were really
were led astray, as I myself was,
and it's heart-breaking to hear how
to act like jerks because they think
it's the being a jerk part that is
attractive to a woman.

The best thing to do now is simply
to be one trillion percent honest
with her, and then allow her the
space she needs to process it all.

The reality is that most likely she
will be so pissed off she will be very
angry and try to get some form of even
with you, so you might want to just
move on and forget about it as hard
as that sounds.

If you do try to make it work with her,
be prepared for a flood of backlash
for a while, where you must stay calm
throughout it all, and if she doesn't get
over it, then you have to move on.

And definitely for the next woman
you meet, I suggest you start with
the "Get A Great Girl" book.

And if you're reading this right now
and want to be able to go RIGHT UP
to a woman and attract her in the most
powerful way INSTANTLY, then I suggest
you take advantage of my WARRIOR WITHIN
DVD Training Program.

It's LOADED with TONS of my most in-depth
insights for attracting a woman upon first approach,
and for building the kind of supreme connection
with her that she knows happens only once
in a lifetime- and that will be with YOU.

It's at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
'Get A Great Girl', then do that now at:

Be cool,

Michael Marks

P.S. You can check out ALL my programs for
skyrocketing your success with women at: