Monday, August 25, 2014

The Truth About Humor And Success With Women

In a world of confusion and lies, I would
like to spread some TRUTH when it comes
to attracting women.  I’m on a break right
now, so I only have a few minutes before
I have to get back to the real thing, so
this is going to be “short and sweet” today.

Have you ever heard women say they like
a guy who is FUNNY?

This is one of those things you have to be
careful of, because there are plenty of guys
who are funny that don’t seem to get the
women, but then again there are other
guys who are funny who seem to get
incredible women. 

So allow me to explain what is going on.

Humor can be used to convey different things.

For example, it can be used to convey

If a woman asks you about where you live,
or what you do, and you can tell she is asking
it just to make conversation and not because
it really is a serious question, or if you can
tell how most guys try so hard to qualify
themselves and try to impress women
with their answers, you can instead say
something like:

“I live in a cardboard box and I am very
ambitious, as I plan to move into a huge
cardboard box as soon as I get one from
someone throwing out their cardboard box for
a big-screen TV.”

So you are being funny and you are simultaneously
showing you don’t feel a need to qualify yourself,
so you are showing confidence.

At the same time, humor of ANY sort can be
powerful when you are trying to break through
the barriers of being a TOTAL STRANGER when
you see a woman out in public somewhere that
you would like to meet.

If you can get a woman LAUGHING, you
OVER-RIDE the part of her brain that plays
the TOO-CAUTIOUS role and in general works
to shut DOWN the guys who approach her.

But since you got her LAUGHING, she
can’t help but feel DIFFERENTLY and
feel more POSITIVE about this whole

So humor does not always have to be about
order to be of MASSIVE VALUE when
meeting and approaching women, especially
women who are total strangers.

It sure helps if you can get a woman RELAXED
when you are approaching her. 

Studies have shown that it is hard to NOT LIKE
someone who had just made you laugh three times.

A lot of men worry about coming across in some
creepy  way to women.  Well, one SIMPLE answer
to this problem is to get her laughing, because if
she is laughing, she SIMPLY CANNOT HELP

So now, at that point, you can NOW unleash
ALL of your skills that you have learned on
attracting women, because she is now OPEN
to the DISCUSSION with you. 

So humor can OPEN THE DOORS for you
to allow you to work your magic.

By the way, there's one last element
regarding humor that I didn't mention
here, that is in a way the most
IMPORTANT of all, and it is something
that just about all women realize:

Powerful humor also conveys INTELLIGENCE.

So, in a world where so many men seem to
only be able to whistle cat-calls at women,
and who seem to only have the one-dimension
of being interested in the physical, it
to women that in addition to having a
already knows if she is attractive), you also have

Intelligence is one of those things that
you don't want to convey in a dry CEREBRAL
way, but rather in a JUICY EMOTIONAL WAY.

And powerful humor allows you to do
exactly that- it PROVES your intelligence
and it does it without sounding BORING
and without sounding as if you are insecure
and have to explain it directly.

INDIRECT and EMOTIONAL is the way to
CONVEY what you want to convey, and
HUMOR conveys intelligence in an

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Power Of Self-Belief

There are two aspects of being successful
when it comes to meeting and attracting
a woman. The first part is having the
finesse in terms of skills to approach
a woman anywhere in any situation and
smoothly get a conversation rolling that
demonstrates attractive character traits,
such as confidence, intelligence, wit,
and empathy.

The second part, though, is what is going
on “behind the scenes” so to speak, in
your mind, in your life, etc. It’s a little
hard sometimes to be confident and
be in the right states of mind when
everything else is going to hell in your

So, today, I just want to briefly yet in
an important way address that other
side.  Now, the examples I am about
to give are dramatic but all true, and
you don’t necessarily have to do the
same things in your life, but the point
is going to be the same nonetheless:

Nothing breeds success like success.
So if you are successful in one thing,
it’s easier to take that confidence to
another thing as well.  This includes
being successful in any goal in your life.

And the number one thing you need to
know regarding being successful in  
any goal in your life is that most people
fail due to FEAR, which also leads to
lack of EFFORT.  If you are too afraid
of failure, for example, you won’t put
in the effort, you will lose motivation,
you will be easily overwhelmed by
the slightest setback.

And the most horrifying thing about
fear is that it DISTORTS your perception
of the actual situation, it makes you think
things are worse than they are.

This is why, so often in life, people NEED
to have someone or something to FORCE them
to do important things because if it wasn’t through
force, they would give into their fear.

So, sometimes, for example a kid might be
afraid to go to the doctor, but the parent,
after trying all kinds of other ways that
don’t work, has to ultimately force the kid to go,
and it’s a good thing.

But once you’re an adult, you really don’t get
someone to force you to do the right things
in your life.  YOU have to force yourself.

YOU have to push through the fear.
YOU have to work your butt off.
YOU have to do the research and learning.

The good news, though, is that once you
understand this, suddenly you are able to
accomplish so much, and as you accomplish
this, you start to see how so many people
fail due to fear.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was a kid
who wanted to become a champion bodybuilder,
his parents thought he was off his rocker. He
was a kid in a town in Austria after World
War II where bodybuilding was considered
even stranger than it was in America at that
time, and there was little opportunity for
financial success in that sport anywhere,
even in America.

But he didn’t let anyone’s thoughts of him
failing allow him to stop him from achieving
this goal.  Not only did he become a champion,
but along the way, before then, when he lost,
you could not even tell he lost from his
expression on his face- there is a famous
photo of him coming in second before the
years where he won undefeated year after

In that photo, where he lost, from his face,
he looks like he won.  That is confidence, that
is happiness, that is passion for your sport.

He worked HARD.  Before getting any movie
roles, he was already a millionaire. He had
worked as a bricklayer, he started a construction
company, he sold bodybuilding manuals through
the mail. 

And when he wanted to become an actor,
at the time being insanely muscular was not
in vogue for actors or even action stars.

And they said he had too thick of an accent.
They said he could never play anything more
than a tiny role as a bouncer or other similar
minor roles in any film.

But within a few years, he became the highest
paid actor and conquered two genres, both action
and comedy.

And then when he wanted to become a politician,
they said he could never win, they made fun of
his lack of experience and said he should stick
to movies, but he ended up winning TWO terms
as governor of California.

When a person conquers a sport, conquers the
acting profession, conquers politics, and also
becomes a millionaire before even landing
an acting gig, it is not a coincidence.

Similarly, when James Cameron, the man who
made Avatar, wanted to make films, they said
he was too old and he didn’t have the education,
since he had never gone to film school and was
already 30 years old.

And even after proving to the world his ability
and expertise with The Terminator, (where for
a while right after, they were all believing in him)
when it came time for each of his new films, again
most people around him lost faith and they said
he would fail. 

With each film, whether it was Terminator 2, 
Titanic, or Avatar, it didn't matter- they said
he would fail, and they always had some
supposedly "good reason" for believing he
would fail.

Each time, he took on NEW challenges in
his films, pioneering new ideas and taking on
new challenges that most others around
him could never take on due to fear-
challenges that OTHERS did not believe
they or anyone else could handle.

They said he would never make back the enormous
money it cost to make Terminator 2.  

Of course, it became one of the most highly 
profitable films in history.

They said that Titanic would be a failure
since everyone already knew the ending,
and since it didn’t feature stars who were
famous at the time, and since it was too
long at about 3 hours, and since it was
a historical period piece, a genre that
tends to not do well at the box-office.

And when it came to Avatar, people were
saying it was also going to fail, that no
one is going to be interested in a bunch
of blue aliens with tails.

So, my point is that you need to have one
because if you expect to be “encouraged”
by the outside world, you WON’T BE.

In fact, so often the most successful people
are driven to succeed BECAUSE they
were told they would fail, because they
wanted to PROVE these people wrong.

So, when it comes to your own life, JUST
STICK TO YOUR GOALS and don’t let
people screw with your CONFIDENCE.

This includes your confidence with women
as well. In fact, I have seen this countless
times: A woman will give a guy the cold
shoulder, and then his REACTION is so
confident, that his REACTION actually
GETS the woman interested.

For example, I’ve seen in my bootcamps
situations where a woman will say to a
guy she is too busy to date anyone, and the
guy will tell her that is perfect, because he
has no time either, instead of telling her
how much he needs to have her in his life,
and all of a sudden she laughs and starts
to melt and starts to re-engage in the

It’s a very crazy world, and I didn’t make it
this way, it just is what it is.  The hungry
never get fed.  Those that have the power get
everything. Most women will give nothing to
the guy that is a nice guy but has no confidence
and no power.

But to the guy that has the confidence and
the power,  they will throw themselves at
him, and excuse just about all his negative

I always find it strange that certain women
(not all) will condemn a celebrity who is unfaithful
to his girlfriend or wife, but yet these same
“condemners” would never give the time of
day to a “nice guy” WITHOUT the power,
without the confidence, and would in a
heartbeat be THRILLED to be the next
in line to be with that celebrity.

In the same way that some men are brainwashed
by the “halo effect” of a beautiful woman,
and will excuse or rationalize the WORST
behavior of a woman who is beautiful,
so too some women are overwhelmed by
the halo effect of a man who resonates

Looks can definitely help a man as well, but
when it comes to men, women’s attraction is
not limited to this, it extends to his strength
of personality- the BEHAVIORS he displays.

And the only way to resonate those things
is to LIVE it.  You must be INTERNALLY
driven, you can’t depend on a woman or
anyone actually, to tell you how smart you
are, how great you are, how successful you
will be, that you will make it, etc, etc.

YOU must believe.
And the irony is, that when you do this,
in the long run, EVERYONE believes in you,
which is just another one of those things in
life that is ironic, when you don’t need
anyone to believe in you because YOU
believe in you, then ultimately everyone
believes in you.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Get A Woman To Keep Thinking Of You Long After The Initial Chat

One of the big things in attracting a woman
who is a total stranger is not just the initial
chat, but getting her to STAY attracted and
still be thinking of you in a positive way
long after the initial chat.

So let me get straight to TWO massive
concepts that are RIDICULOUSLY
important for success with women.

The first has to do with FAKE versus
REAL confidence.

While on one hand, you can try to FAKE
confidence, and “faking it till you make it”
is better than doing nothing, the problem
is if you are not prepared to LIVE the
lifestyle of confidence, you will end up
a NERVOUS WRECK if you DO get
the woman and you start to worry that
she will detect that it was all an act.

So what I mean is, you must start to take
the behaviors that the confident version
of yourself would take in ALL ASPECTS
OF YOUR LIFE, day in and day out, on
a regular basis.

This way, you will actually LIVE the
actions of confident decisions and you
will OOZE with the VIBES of confidence
when interacting with women as well.

to confidence, because CONFIDENCE always
breeds SUCCESS.  And by “confidence” I
don’t mean that you are always FEELING
confident, but that you are at least never
giving into INSECURITY.

So now, let me give one of the all-time classic
examples of a CONFIDENT response.  It comes
from The Empire Strikes Back, when Han Solo
replies to Princess Leia when they are captured,
she tells him that she loves him, just moments
before the enemy is going to freeze him in
carbonite for God knows how long, maybe forever.

Han’s response is not, “Yes, I love you too.”
His response to her loving words, in the
middle of this horrible situation, is:

“I know.”


Rather than get all teared up, rather than panic,
and rather than get all emotional and awe-struck
that she has told him she loves him, he instead
shows INSANE CONFIDENCE and also shows
a SENSE OF HUMOR as well, he shows that
he KNOWS she loves him and that she has
loved him all along.

Now let me share something about this, there
is A REASON this quote from this movie has
been loved and cherished and quoted by so many
fans and even non-fans over the years.

And it’s because this CHARACTER is actually
teaching a GREAT LESSON about how to
attract women.   


It’s ALSO the HUMOR.

I have studied some of the actual research on how
humor affects the brain, and one of the things it
does is actually help store things into the LONG

So, when you meet a woman for the FIRST TIME,
and you demonstrate CONFIDENCE in a way that
her in a way that she will REMEMBER YOU long
after the initial “pick up” is over.

Can you think of how important this is when approaching
a woman who is a total STRANGER somewhere?

If you can get her laughing AND seeing that you
are confident, you not only attract her but you help
her remember the conversation and think about you
in a good way long after the initial conversation is

This is a HUGE thing, because so often, even a
GOOD initial conversation is often FORGOTTEN
later in the day, and it loses steam by the time that
woman has come home and reflects on it, if she
even reflects on it at all.

But if you got her laughing, and seeing you were
confident, she will likely think about the conversation
she had with you, and EVEN IF SHE DOESN’T

People don’t remember details so well, but they

So show masculinity, show confidence, and get her
LAUGHING, and you are going to become a
POWERHOUSE of attraction with women.

What you are reading, as powerful as it is,
is just the TIP of the ICEBERG.

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Michael Marks

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Proof Of "Social Proof" In Attracting Women

When it comes to women, all I care
about are two things and those are:

1. What WORKS to attract women.

2. How to apply all this on getting
the best QUALITY women.    

Today we are going to focus on the FIRST thing:
What WORKS to attract women.

And even though I have been teaching
this field for over ten years, and even
though I conduct REAL LIFE bootcamps
where men actually get to PROVE it
on women in front of their own eyes,
I STILL understand that if you’re new
to all this, it might STILL seem HARD
to believe.

So today, I am going to share with you
a MASSIVE proof of just ONE of the
techniques that I teach men to apply
on women in many different ways.

This technique is based on a proven
concept in psychology known as,
believe it or not, SOCIAL PROOF.

The word PROOF is actually part of the
NAME because that is how strong we FEEL
the power of social endorsement IS.

In a nutshell, SOCIAL PROOF means that
an individual will be INFLUENCED by
the opinions of OTHERS.

Those others can have power either through
being a LARGE group, or through simply
being even ONE other person, but a person
who is already RESPECTED by others.

So, for example, if a million OTHER people
say that person A is COOL, then it’s highly
likely that any random individual will be
highly INFLUENCED to FEEL that indeed
person A is COOL.

Similarly, if a person who is already well
RESPECTED endorses person A as being
cool, or if someone who is already considered
“cool” says that person A is also cool, then
most people will feel highly INFLUENCED
to GENUINELY feel that person A IS
indeed “cool”.

Now, I use this principle all the TIME in
bootcamps with guys as I teach them to
approach women in just about every
place you imagine.

Let me share with you a real-life example:
An attractive young woman was waiting for
the train at the subway station and I
mentioned to my client that he might
want to apply what he had been learning
earlier in terms of approaches for this

He asked for me to demonstrate, so I
approached her using all the detailed
concepts I speak about, but my main point
here is not to focus on me or that but
rather to focus on what happened.

She seemed to be a bit less relaxed, as
English was not her first language, and
it can be a bit intimidating sometimes
when two guys are so close to one woman
depending on the time of day, the amount
of other people there, etc.

Anyway, she was slowly getting more into the
conversation, laughing, but I could tell she
was still a bit uncomfortable, so I made it
clear that I was not there to take advantage

of the situation that she was by herself and
I let her walk in the train as she was still
smiling, and I did not follow her.

As my client and I got in the train, I sat down
beside this other attractive girl, totally laid
back and began a conversation with her, again
using all the principles I speak about.

Now this girl was totally relaxed with it,
smiling and laughing and having a great time.

Well guess what happened next?

the original woman from the subway platform
starts leaning in toward us from her seat
and joins in the conversation, giving her
opinion about something I had been talking
to her about five minutes earlier!

Normally that would have been a dead
conversation by now. But no, there she is,
smiling and speaking loudly as if we had
never stopped chatting,
even though the
whole train could probably hear her. And
trust me, she was not some psycho. She
had just gone from being a shy slightly
nervous woman to wanting to GET WITH

Pretty soon, we had both women in conversation
with us, competing playfully for our attention,

going from complete strangers to discussing
things like who would be the better girl to
marry depending on which girl was a better
cook and had more money or ambition and was
better with kids had the better education
and who was just more fun to hang with. LOL.



This is the power that comes from both
YOU knowing that you have choices, and
from WOMEN knowing that you have choices.

In the example above, by seeing another
woman feel comfortable and trusting us and
having a great time, the original woman felt
a SURGE in all those emotions of attraction
and trust.

And by the way, if getting two women who are
total strangers not only to you but to each
other, can all be having a great time with you
within 5 minutes, think about what can be done
in a longer time frame in malls, bookstores,
cafes, and don't even get me started about
the massive ease of what to do in a club!!!!

I also use social proof all the time when I
or a buddy of mine happen to be the first
one to approach a group of women.

So let’s say I approach the group of women
first, and I get things revved to high power,
and then my buddy rolls up, often all I have to
do is say  “this is my friend, he’s a great guy”
and that’s IT, he’s TOTALLY IN and he really
doesn’t have to do ANYTHING anymore
because I’ve already "socially proven" him.

All he has to do is not screw it up.

And vice versa, if he opens up the group and
does a great job attracting them, all he has to 
say if I roll up, is, "This is my friend”, and
by process of being SOCIALLY PROOFED
by him, I’m already in, I don’t have to DO
anything except not royally screw it up.

Here’s another element of social proof:
A lot of times, guys get insecure, and they
actually try to somehow put DOWN the
other guys they are with when they are
in front of women, because the guys
feel they are COMPETING with each

This is really sad, because as far as the
women are concerned, on a subconscious
level all that is happening is they are feeling
you are getting NEGATIVE social proof
from these guys who you keep implying are
NOT cool, so then why are YOU in their
circle? If you say they are uncool, and they
are part of your circle, that must make you
uncool as well. 

So NEVER do that.

In fact, the smartest way to apply social proof,
if you are ever with your buddies, is to socially
and say great things about
each other.

Here’s ANOTHER way to use social proof,
if you are ever at a massive party with tons
of women you don’t know.  Just approach
individual groups and have MINI chats
with them, and then say,Hey, it was
nice meeting you, I’m going to say
hi to some friends!”

This way, you can not only approach the
ENTIRE place and chat with every woman
in the joint, but since the place is so busy
NO ONE will know that you didn’t
ALREADY know everyone!

Instead, they will feel you must be THE MAN
because every woman is chatting with you!

Plus, because you are keeping each chat
BRIEF at the beginning, you also show
that you are not needy and that you are
there to have FUN, which in itself is a
sign of a guy who is not NEEDY or
desperate, it’s a sign of a guy who
ALREADY HAS tons of women
at his fingertips.

Now, once you have ALREADY circulated
and met EVERYONE including EVERY
woman in the place,  you can then GO
BACK to whichever woman you wanted
to chat to in the first place,
but now you
are ENRICHED with MASSIVE social
proof, which will make things go INSANELY
easy at this point!
And remember, that initial brief chat could
Have been as casual, as, “Hey, what’s up!
Isn’t this party awesome!!??”

When at a party, it’s THE VIBE that counts,
the fact that you are in a great FUN mood.

Let me share with you YET ANOTHER
massive proof of the power of social proof:

Just DAYS AGO, a dude in New York City
put this principle into PRACTICE for himself.

It’s important to remember, this was a REGULAR
and there is filmed proof of what happened
as well, and I will provide the link for you so you
can see it for yourself.

In a nutshell, all he did was WALK around Times
Square with two bodyguards, two assistants, and
photographers pretending to be paparazzi.

From the original source, I quote:
“While the assistants and photographers waited
for Brett to exit the 49th street marquee at NBC
Studios, they started a buzz that a "big star" was
about to walk out, thus making it worth their while
to wait and get a picture.”

They NEVER actually said he was ANYONE
in particular. He wasn’t pretending to be
Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, or anyone else.

All they said was that he was a BIG STAR.

In other words, all they said was that he was,
in essence, someone who was POPULAR and

What is AMAZING is how the crowds just
kept getting BIGGER and BIGGER.

How girls suddenly were so HAPPY to get
their picture with him.  Even totally STRAIGHT
GUYS were saying that he was a cool guy with

By the way, I don’t blame girls for being
ATTRACTED to him, and guys for thinking
he is a cool guy with talent, because this stuff
gets to the HARD WIRING of the human psyche.

If it wasn't for the fact that this just happens to be
an area that I have specialized in for over ten years,
I would probably have the SAME reactions as all
these other people.

In fact, social proof still works on me in many ways,
and I have to CONSCIOUSLY REMIND myself of
what is actually happening to stop it from taking over
my emotions.

And that's WITH already knowing about how social
proof works and with spending so many years in this
field, I STILL need to work hard to remind myself
to not let it take over!

This stuff is HARD-WIRED.
A woman can’t HELP but feel attraction
when the right switches are pushed.

It attracts women.
It wins the respect of men.

It’s UNIVERSALLY powerful.

Check out this video for PROOF of how SOCIAL PROOF works to get women MADLY attracted:

Make sure to check out the GROUP
of women surrounding him at 2:15,
including the woman who KEEPS
ON TRYING to kiss him!

And at 2:17, how the girls are so excited
about him, you’d think this guy was FOR
SURE the next SUPERSTAR that makes
women melt. 

Remember, this dude is a REGULAR DUDE,
he’s doesn’t actually HAVE anything that any
other dude doesn’t have. 

And of course, social proof ITSELF builds
even MORE social proof, as each time
people joined the CROWD, the crowd got
LARGER and created even MORE powerful
social proof, making the crowd even LARGER
and larger in a never ending cycle of growth,
until he HIMSELF decided to end the experiment.

Here’s one final point I want to add:
When you ATTRACT women, they don’t
ASK questions, they ALREADY are attracted
and they THEMSELVES fill in the answers
with whatever answer FEELS right to them
based on what they are FEELING about you.

So, for example, if a woman feels you must
be the most talented, confident guy who is
a great lover and who all women want, they
aren’t going to ASK you if you are these
things, they will just want to know how to
GET a chance to be with you.

Plus, when a woman is ATTRACTED, anything
YOU say to her about yourself gets FILTERED
through the most ATTRACTIVE prism.

What I mean by this is let’s say you tell her
that you are unemployed, that you are a jerk,
and that you are not interested in spending
money on women.

Well, now that she is ALREADY attracted,
she may just figure that you are either so
desirable that you are trying to GET RID
of her because you already have too many
women, so she will now just work even
HARDER to get you.

Or, she might figure you are some type of
genius who is too good for regular boring
jobs, or she might figure you are loaded
and just trying to test to see if she is
a gold-digger, or she might just figure
that she is so lucky to have a chance to
have met you when you are still POSSIBLE
to get before you become IMPOSSIBLE due
to you being too PERFECT and her feeling
too insecure and feeling that a perfect guy
like you would never truly love her.

BOTTOM LINE is that it doesn’t matter
what you SAY,  because she is ATTRACTED
and everything you do now gets interpreted
in some sort of POSITIVE way.

Now, what you have just read is just the
TIP OF THE ICEBERG of what you will learn
in my programs.

My ATTRACTION MASTERY program not only
goes into SOCIAL PROOF, but it also shows
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Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How To Prepare For Ultimate Success When Approaching Women

Today I want to share with you a super EASY and
yet super EFFECTIVE strategy for improving your
success when it comes to approaching women

The key is to do what I am about to say LONG BEFORE
the moment of opportunity arises, so that you don’t have
to start THINKING and the strategy can then go into
effect almost instinctively since you put the work in
long before.  In other words, you will be prepared for
when that gorgeous beauty appears.

You can do this at night so that you are ready for
approaching women the next day.

What you should do is VISUALIZE in your mind a
situation where you may realistically find a woman
you’d like to chat to.  Choose one specific location
that has a high chance of you finding a woman there,
and that has some opportunity for conversation.

So it could be some kind of local market, it could be
a bookstore, it could be a coffee shop, it could be
some fun event, etc, etc. Choose one and make it
as specific as possible. 

Making it as specific as possible helps take 
out the UNKNOWN factors, so that you are 
as truly prepared psychologically as possible
for when the real event occurs, since none of 
it will be shocking because you already  
pictured it all.

Then, think about EVERYTHING you might say
to her as an opening to the conversation, whether
it’s a comment on something she is doing or on
the situation she is in, or even a comment that
is intriguing or playful about something UPBEAT
or fun that is in the news.

DECIDE on what it will be, make it SPECIFIC.

Now, visualize her REACTION, think about all
the different things she MIGHT say.  Remember
that most women are in fact VERY social and
are NOT mean-spirited, even if she does feel
the need to test whether you are serious or not.

And think about all the DETAILS now, including
how you are FEELING. Often, just PICTURING
all this is enough to get your heart racing, and
that’s OKAY.  The idea is to experience it all
BEFORE it happens, so that you will NOT be
overwhelmed when indeed the REAL approach happens.

Picture how you might react to what SHE says
back to you, and what you might say in return.

It doesn’t MATTER if what you PICTURE ends
up being DIFFERENT from what actually happens,
whether what you pictured is different from what
she says or from what you say. 

The more work you do beforehand, the less
work it will be later.  Again, this is
not just about "what to say" but rather
it also about going through all the
EMOTIONS you may experience.

The more vivid the picture you create in
your mind beforehand, the more you will
GENUINELY experience the emotions.

So remember to also picture what she might
LOOK like, what she might be WEARING,
and remember what the details of the
environment around you might be, and
what it might sound like.  For example,
there might be the sound of a crowded
bus or train or cafe humming with activity
and people chatting in the background.

Be READY for all this. 

The real key here is to both prepare yourself
psychologically  as well as technically in
terms of having SOMETHING in mind that you
can work with as the theme for your conversation
with her.

Also, THINK about how you might incorporate
some of the powerful things you learn from my
material.  For example, SLOWING down your
pace of delivering the words. Focusing on
LISTENING to the real meaning behind her
words, so you can give a powerful response.
Starting casually, and building to a deeper

Remembering also that humor requires a bit
of risk-taking, but it should be INTELLIGENT
risk-taking.  LEADING the interaction and not
expecting the woman to be the one to ask for
your number, and not expecting the woman to
be the one to suggest you continue the conversation
over a coffee, remember it has to be YOU leading
the INITIAL "courtship" between you and a woman.

These are just SOME of the important things
that you might keep in MIND as you mentally
PREPARE long before the actual moment
of opportunity arises.

It’s also important, that if you are anxious that
things might somehow go "WRONG" (I put
wrong in quotes, because there is no wrong,
in the same way a sports athlete is not "wrong"
if he doesn’t score a goal, he is only "wrong" if
he doesn’t play his best) you should actually

Picture it ALL. If you fear that you might panic,
get that panicky feeling NOW rather than later.
Soak in that feeling again and again and again,
picturing it all, till you burn up all the panic
energy you got inside of you and you start
to feel calm again.

The key to success with women is not to leave
it all up to LUCK.  Instead, you must be prepared
from long BEFOREHAND. 

What you have just read is POWERFUL advice,
and yet it barely scratches the SURFACE of
all the incredible strategies you will find in my

As you can see from this newsletter, the MIND
is the most POWERFUL resource you have for
skyrocketing your success with women.  Most
men NEVER learn how to best USE their mind,
so instead of using their mind, their mind instead
controls THEM and takes over, and often
SABOTAGES their results with women.

Become the master of your MIND in all the
ways that apply to attracting women, or your
mind will control YOU.

Unless a man understands that, he is destined
to suffer infinitely. If he does NOT understand
this, it doesn't even matter if he HAS a harem
of women, eventually he will LOSE them all, and
not only this, he will drop to the depths of the
abyss when it comes to loneliness, neediness, and

If you can fully appreciate the GRAVITY of
these words, I seriously suggest you get my
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The program is called WARRIOR WITHIN because
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Michael Marks

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Secret Power Of Truth

Truth.  It's a powerful word.  So powerful,
in fact, that it gets thrown around a lot,
often for the very sake of distorting truth.

One of the most mind-blowing moments
for me was when I realized that most of
the things that people really want so badly
are actually not that hard to get, whether it
is in dating, relationships, business, etc.

They're not EASY to get, but also not really all
that hard, because the PROCESS of getting
most of these things is FUN in itself, even
though it takes EFFORT.

It's a bit like working out, in that a great workout
is INTENSE, but it also releases ADRENALINE
and is INVIGORATING and feels GREAT.

So what is the part that's the NOT EASY part?
It's finding out the path that is TRUE as opposed
to all the paths out there that are FALSE and
do not lead to success, be it in dating, in
fitness, in business, etc.

Once you KNOW the TRUTH about what
works and what doesn't, you just DO the
CORRECT thing and you start to notice
positive changes relatively quickly.

You would think in our current "information age"
where we can access libraries containing almost
ALL of human knowledge INSTANTLY, people
wouldn't have a PROBLEM with KNOWING
information, with knowing what to do, right?

However, that's not the case, and it will probably
NEVER be the case, for one important reason:

The way our minds work, in general, is pretty

Yes, we have SOME logic, and we use logic to
some degree, but logic is NOT the DOMINATING
(Nor is it in animal minds, but let's stick with
humans for now).

Human history, for almost ALL of its existence,
was pretty much ALL about avoiding imminent threats
like being eaten by a tiger,  and about where to get food,
and about avoiding attack, and of course, mating.

So, for about 99% of human history, THAT WAS IT.
So, in THAT environment, getting SCARED and
and trying to get CALORIES and being brutish
was pretty useful.

You needed to feel lust and hunger and danger
because when those triggers were pressed,
it was usually a USEFUL reaction, because
there was NOT much time to THINK: If a tiger
was chasing you, you better run, escape, or turn
it into food.

If you felt no desire for calories or fats, you wouldn't
be motivated to get the calories that you needed in
a world where fats and other calories were RARE.

There was no BARRAGE of pictures and videos
of naked or semi-naked women EVERYWHERE,
at least not an abundance of it everywhere, so
when a woman really DID make herself available
for a man, or really WAS turning on a man, it was
a good idea for him to FEEL LUST to get him
motivated because that might be his only chance,
or one of his few chances, to reproduce.

Today, however, these IMPULSES need to be
MASTERED because otherwise we not only
become SLAVES to them, but we become

Emotions are SO powerful, that they BEND
the very PICTURE of reality we see, hear,
and experience.

This applies to ALL emotions.
Feeling ANGER?
Well then guess what, you're going to want
to look for a fight.

Well then guess what, you're going to take
actions that are CONSISTENT with that

Feeling like you are not desirable?
Well then you are going to think that others
must feel the same way about you.

Feeling LUSTFUL?
Well then, suddenly, the WRONG woman
seems okay, or you tell yourself that you
can handle her, or you tell yourself that she
is actually not the wrong woman for you.

And MOST of the time, these emotions make
us take THE WRONG ACTIONS!!!!!!

This is why the most successful people
are usually NOT the people who are the
smartest academically, although that IS
a great and powerful start if you happen
be one of those people, that's for sure.

The people who are most successful are the people
who can simply see when they themselves are
of any event.

THIS, my friends, is the NOT EASY part
of success.

And when I say success, I mean success in
ANY goal that  is IMPORTANT to you.

It all starts with learning to appreciate the power
of EMOTION and the DANGER of emotion as well.

Sure, emotion can be a GREAT thing.
I wouldn't want to IMAGINE a world without
emotions like excitement, love, joy, inspiration,
etc., but even THOSE emotions can EASILY
distort your perception of reality.

And it does NOT matter how smart you are.

PEOPLE when dealing with NON-EMOTIONAL
things, can suddenly behave all-out BONKERS
and totally out of touch with reality once their
EMOTIONS kick in, especially if they are
unaware of the power of emotion in distorting
one's perception of reality.

And NO ONE is IMPERVIOUS to this threat.
This is because as human beings, we ALL
experience SOME EMOTIONS, ranging
from fear to love to hate to desperation to
joy to excitement to laziness to jealousy, etc.

And here's where emotions SCREW us up:

We EXPERIENCE an emotion, and THEN
we tend to look for SOME WAY TO JUSTIFY

So, if I approach a woman, and I don't get the
reaction I was hoping for from her, and I
have an ANGRY emotion as a result, I
might be tempted to think SHE is evil,
or even worse, that all women are evil.

Now, is that emotion consistent with reality?
Nope, but I might want to FEEL like it is,
and guess what I won't do again?

I probably won't approach another woman!
And this lack of action will result in NO PROGRESS,
so this will then just FURTHER CEMENT my
destructive emotion and my destructive beliefs.

If a guy's emotional reaction is to feel DEJECTED,
then he might start to blame HIMSELF, he might
start to think no woman wants him, ever.

Is this belief consistent with reality?
No, but he may create a self-fulfilling prophecy
of feeling so bad around women, that he never
has a normal conversation with them, so he
never gets anywhere, which he takes as
'proof' that he can't get any woman, ever.

All this stuff applies TO EVERYTHING in life
regarding your picture of reality, whether it is
assessing the ACTUAL REALITY of your
business or business idea, your relationship,
your potential to achieve a particular goal, your
assessment of a particular woman, your perception
of who is right and wrong in an argument you may
have had, etc.

The trick to life is to learn how to harness
the POSITIVE power of emotions without
letting us get SCREWED OVER by our

And there is only one way to START on
the road to seeing TRUTH, and that is by
acknowledging that ALL OF US are plagued
with the SAME basic challenge, and that
no matter how smart we are, we are NOT
above being screwed over by our own
emotions in such a subtle way that we
don't even REALIZE it.

And by the way, it usually STARTS SMALL.

A very wise man I know gave me the
PERFECT ANALOGY, and that is of the
FROG inside a pot of water that is SLOWLY

The frog thinks nothing is wrong, all is good.
The water is FINE.
It's getting warmer so SLOWLY, it doesn't
notice a THING.

Each time it gets just a BIT warmer, so little
it does NOT notice the actual changes, because
they are soooooooooooooo tiny.

Do you know when it notices a problem?
That's right, when it's TOO LATE.

This is the story of both the HUMAN RACE

I'm not a perfect person, but I do try to learn
from others, and I always have.

So, for example, I remember being a kid
and overhearing adults saying that they
regret spending so much time at the office
or the job and not enough time with their
loved ones, especially their spouse and

So I told myself I would not make that mistake.
I gave my ALL to women, but unfortunately
most women, just like most men, don't learn
this lesson till too late.  They hear the same
words, but they figure it doesn't apply to them.

And it always starts out SMALL, for example,
with just cancelling one "together time", or with
not putting in the full effort to appreciate the other.  

Personally, I saw the beauty in giving one's
YOUTH to each other between a man and
a woman, devoted to each other to raise a
family, but most men and women feel that
it's better to screw around till there is no
choice left but to "settle down" as if raising
a family is the least worthy goal on earth,
and then people wonder why their relationships
don't work out when the relationship is looked
at as some kind of END of something good.
i.e. screwing around.

At the same time, it took me many years
to learn big lessons, as I myself got sucked
into the emotional vortex of brainwashing.
My emotions for one woman were so strong,
that I DISTORTED reality completely.

No matter what she did that was not
respectful or showing interest, I always thought
there was a solution.  I believed in the
concept of soul-mates, and my emotions
made it seem to me that "obviously" she
HAD to be my soul-mate or why on EARTH
would I feel such strong emotions for her?

There too, it started SUBTLE.
I would give a touch too much credit to her for
a good action she did, or for a trait I observed
in her. Things that all decent people should do,
or traits that all decent people have, would
somehow seem a little more virtuous when
she did them or displayed them.

It took me many years to untangle from
the web of distortions I had woven for myself.

ALL emotions, even the ones that feel good,
are DANGEROUS if left unexamined.

And the CRAZIEST part of it all, is that
a LOT of the INFORMATION we have today,
(and it is TRILLIONS of bits of data,
far too much for any human to digest
in a hundred lifetimes) is OFTEN

So, not only are emotions dangerous, but the
supposed FACTS that trigger our emotions
are often not even accurate reflections of
reality either!

we also have to contend with MISINFORMATION
that is designed to TRIGGER emotions that are not
helpful for us, but may be helpful for someone else,
i.e. the individual/person/company/etc. who is the
source of the info.

So people on one hand KNOW how to
get fit- it's called eating right, but they
are also BRAINWASHED to think that
they can start TOMORROW, and of course
tomorrow never comes, because the mind
wants to be LAZY and so we DISTORT
truth, until YEARS go by and the doctor
says TIME TO DO SURGERY, just like
the frog keeps staying in the water.

We tell ourselves, "sure, I know how to get
a woman", but then we PROCRASTINATE,
or we try to avoid negative emotions because
we don't want to experience ANY POSSIBLE
NEGATIVE EMOTION,  we want to totally
avoid all possible emotional pain or heartache,

Our emotions RATIONALIZE it all:
We tell ourselves that we are just waiting for the
right time, the right woman, the right situation.
Or we tell ourselves that all women are bad,
or that all women are not worth it.

Same thing with how emotions screw us over
in relationships, in business, in EVERYTHING.

I suggest you start MONITORING yourself for
all the times you feel ANY emotions, positive
or negative.  See how you feel, what you are
thinking and believing.  See if they truly
match REALITY.


This is where I come in.  Since day ONE, in
all my work, even before I was a dating coach,
my obsession has been uncovering TRUTH.

I was the first guy in the dating advice for men
field that explained how it's not about pick-up
lines or cheesy tactics.

I explained how it's not about pushing the
buttons on others, it's about learning to
master the buttons that trigger your
OWN emotions, and now I am taking
it FURTHER- all success in life boils
down to figuring out what is the TRUTH
in the first place, and learning it BEFORE
the water is already boiling, unlike the
frog in the vat who only realizes the
problem too late.

In fact, many men go their ENTIRE LIVES
without EVER even realizing how far off
track they were their ENTIRE LIVES.

Don't let that happen to you.
You can change it all RIGHT NOW.

Chances are, that right now, you are
NOT doing yourself justice when it
comes to achieving your goals- there
are emotions that are DISTORTING
your picture of reality, that are
SABOTAGING your success, and
that are holding you back from
being all that you can be.

I'm offering a ONE-WEEK-ONLY
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You can arrange a ONE-HOUR
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I can get IMMEDIATELY to the exact
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Here's the other thing- if by chance I
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you won't pay me a thing; I'll tell you
right away if it's something out of my
area of expertise.  I doubt that will happen,
but if it does, then definitely I will tell you,
as I am only interested in MAKING A

I will find out EXACTLY where you are
going off track, and I will get you seeing
the truth of things, very quickly.

The truth is the ULTIMATE power,
and most people never see it. 

My normal consultation rate is $800
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Michael Marks

Saturday, August 9, 2014

This Comes Once A Year

Summer comes once a year, and the truth
is that women are in a better mood in the
summer, and they are even MORE receptive
to your approaches in the summer than
during the rest of the year.

NOW is a great time for you to meet
and attract the woman of your dreams.

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attracting, or long-term relationships
with women.

What's the benefit of a direct phone
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I can get IMMEDIATELY to the exact
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attracting, and relationships with

Here's the other thing- if by chance I
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area of expertise.

Again, speaking with me allows you
to SKIP having to read or listen
to LIBRARIES of material because
I AM the "library", and in fact
not only the "library", but I also
have the EXPERIENCE in this area as

Whether it's an inner game or outer
game issue, whether it's a particular
woman or relationship, no matter what,
I can help you IMMEDIATELY get to the
solution, and if by some wacky chance
I can't, I will tell you and you
won't pay a thing.

My normal consultation rate is $800
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If you've been reading my articles,
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To take advantage of this offer,
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Make sure to write
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Inner Game And Beating "Approach Anxiety"

Every single bit of data that comes
in regarding this field has been
proving one thing: That INNER GAME
is by far the most important element
of success.

Now, as you may know, I have always
believed this. I focused on this even
in my very first book, where I make
it clear to avoid all gimmicks and
to instead become as strong internally
as possible.

One of the reasons inner game is
so important is because the way
our minds play tricks on us is
so subtle that we don't even
REALIZE how our minds are
sabotaging our success and
preventing us from doing the
RIGHT things.

For example, how many times have
you been told that MONEY is the
root of all evil, or that feelings
of ATTRACTION for a woman are somehow
wrong or sinful?  

How many times have you seen people
who are successful be HATED by others?

How many times have you seen how
just being MEDIOCRE can get you
ACCEPTED since it doesn't get
anyone jealous? 

So, we grow up often thinking that
it's better to SUCK or be MEDIOCRE
because then people won't HATE us.

Of course, being MEDIOCRE not only
often is unsatisfying, it also often means
that one gets no respect, either, so the
whole goal of being mediocre fails to
achieve the desire for social approval

And yet, having more power, if used
wisely, means having more time, more
money to help others.  And having
the woman you truly desire allows
you to better focus in everything
in  your life, including helping
OTHERS as well.

It all depends on how you use
your success.   

And when it comes to APPROACHING
A WOMAN, this REALLY brings out
the negative conditioning and
negative emotions, including
the fear of being labelled
a psycho, the fear of rejection,
the fear of coming across
as foolish or socially clueless,
etc, etc.

Plus of course, all the other
anxieties, i.e. "Is this morally
okay to just go up to women?", etc.

Now, are there some elements of outer
game that are important, in terms of some
of the specifics, for example in the
actual approach? Yes, and these
can be learned quickly, and I show
all these things as well; I show
different things in different programs.

But without the deeper inner work,
everything unravels and falls apart
or even worse, never gets off the
ground to begin with.

Now, when it comes to developing inner
game, I take it VERY seriously. It's
not just a bunch of "quick fixes",
but rather some SERIOUS work that
takes COURAGE.

And one of the BEST places to start
is with getting over APPROACH ANXIETY.

After all, if a man feels too much
anxiety about making the approach,
then no matter what strategy he
has, he just won't take action.

I have developed the absolute most
methodical, proven, and well-researched
STEP BY STEP method for beating
approach anxiety, and I have also
made this program something that
you can get without breaking the

Get this program NOW by going HERE:

Till next time,

Michael Marks
(c) 2014 Get A Great Girl

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monitoring Your MIND For Success With Women

One of the absolute most important things
required in order to get the kind of woman
you want is BELIEF that you can get that
type of woman.

If you don’t BELIEVE you can, you will
not take ACTION, and you will not PERSIST.

So, from now on, start MONITORING the
things you think and say to yourself on
a regular basis when it comes to your
own beliefs about your ability to succeed
at your dating goals.

If you approach a woman and you don’t get
the reaction you wanted, MONITOR yourself
to see if you take it all PERSONALLY, if
you blame yourself for it all, if you think
that you “just don’t have what it takes”, etc.

If you are thinking or telling yourself these
kinds of destructive things, then ACTIVELY
force yourself to find a DIFFERENT
explanation for these things that is far more

For example, maybe you were having a bad day.

Maybe she was having a bad day.

Maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend
and is not in the mood to meet anyone new.

Maybe you are new at learning these skills,
and so maybe you just need to learn the
best style of approach that works for
you at this point in your life, or maybe
you just need more practice.

Maybe she is, in fact, in a great relationship
and so simply isn't looking for anyone.

And so on and so forth.

Notice, by the way, that none of these
explanations get into a nasty situation
of making women out to be against you.

Instead, they are just simply very
real possibilities.

This is known as REFRAMING.

You are changing the perspective, the "frame"
of the event, so that it EMPOWERS your mind.

The most successful people in ALL fields

They NEVER berate their POTENTIAL
or ABILITY.  They can acknowledge when
something does not go well, they are not
ridiculous, but they don’t accept the idea
that they don’t have the POTENTIAL.

Most of the time in life, success is about
PERSISTENCE.  And I'm not talking about
luck, I'm talking about IMPROVEMENT
that comes from persistence.

And it’s the same with success in dating.

If something doesn’t go well when you
approach a woman or chat to a woman,
you must find ALTERNATIVE reasons
that explain the situation that allow for
the reality that in fact you DO have
“what it takes” to get the kind of woman
you seek.

The reason this is so important, is that
if you don't, you will destroy your belief
in your ability, and without that, there
is nothing.

So important this is, that I even suggest,
if you don't currently believe you have
what it takes, to then just IMAGINE yourself
as if you did believe you had what it takes,
because the mere act of PRETENDING to
yourself  will actually start to get the wheels
rolling internally inside your mind, and help
you get to that point of  positive belief in

People are often so critical of their
self-worth, that they actually distort
reality and think they have less potential
than they really have.

And when things DO go well in an interaction
you have with a woman, DON’T minimize
your value, either. 

Don't just tell yourself that you were lucky.
Don't be arrogant, but have a healthy sense
of self-belief. 

So many guys will minimize their successes
and exacerbate their supposed 'failures',

So if you think you don’t have what it takes,
you won’t take action, and you won’t practice
enough to get GOOD at this stuff, and you won’t
approach enough women to meet the right one(s).

Your MIND is your greatest ally or your greatest
enemy, it all depends on how you USE it.

For this reason, I created the WARRIOR WITHIN
program.  Ultimately, success is all about what
is going on WITHIN yourself, and if you want
the ultimate success in your dating life,
I suggest you get this program IMMEDIATELY
by going here now:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, August 1, 2014

Secrets of Sparking Attraction In Women

A lot of people wonder if there are
secrets to sparking attraction in women.

The answer is YES, there are actually
MANY secrets. The reason they are secrets
is because most men will never learn the
SUBTLETIES about attracting a woman.

The subtleties, the DETAILS, do in fact matter.
But most men can't be bothered with them,
so they remain a secret.

Men hear things like "don't be needy".

True enough, and this kind of thing is PART of the BIG PICTURE.

But no one statement is enough to explain
all about attraction that a man needs to know.

It's kind of like telling a guy who
wants to learn how to lift weights,
"You have to lift heavy".

But this is just a broad stroke,
it doesn't include the important
DETAILS, the subtleties of success.

HOW heavy?
How many times?
How often?
Which way?
How slow or fast?

While it's true that lifting something
heavy as opposed to lifting a feather
is important, it's really not enough info.

When it comes to attracting a woman,
especially women who are the cream
of the crop, success is the result
of a man who understands the FULL
PICTURE, especially the SUBTLETIES
involved with the actions he must take.

Most guys will NOT ever make it to this
newsletter, instead they will be seduced
by the easy oversimplifications promised
by many wannabe "experts" out there.

Obviously though, those oversimplifications
don’t work, otherwise EVERY GUY would be
getting results!

So you’re in for a treat, as I share with you now
some of the most ESSENTIAL QUALITIES of these
actions, including the important SUBTLETIES.


The idea of listening to a woman is NOT
some kind of passive listening, but  rather
PAYING ATTENTION to her so that
you can learn more about WHAT ACTUALLY
EXCITES HER and what actually helps
her feel comfort, trust, etc.

You learn these things not by ASKING her
as a total stranger, because doing that would
just freak her out and make a guy look weird.

Instead, you must hone your skills of listening
without bias (you may have noticed I really
emphasize listening skills) so that you can
LEARN these things by OBSERVING AND
LISTENING and making intelligent inferences,
a bit like Sherlock Holmes.

This is why it’s CRUCIAL to PAY ATTENTION
to what is going on when she’s talking,
including what is happening with her
body language as well as the actual
words she is saying to you.

This way, you can discover not only what
values are REALLY important to her and
which ones she is just paying LIP SERVICE to,
but also so that you can learn what things
she requires to experience different states
of mind, from comfort and arousal to love
and trust.

This is ALSO why if you know how to WORK
with this super powerful instrument called
“her mind”, she will give you complete
instructions on how to attract her.


The more you hone your listening skills,
the LESS you will need to talk, because
every single WORD you say will be
with a specific INTENT and not

So every word you say is actually getting
her MORE and MORE interested in you.

And yet, because you are saying very LITTLE,
you come across as a guy who is clearly NOT
trying hard.

This in itself is attractive, but what makes
it DOUBLY attractive is that she now wants
to UNDERSTAND YOU MORE, because you haven’t
provided her all that much info, so there
is SO MUCH she wants to ASK YOU ABOUT,
as opposed to the guy who talks so much
that she knows EVERYTHING about him and
can also infer even MORE things about him,
leaving nothing mysterious or intriguing
LEFT about himself for her to dream about.

That’s ROBBING a woman of the JOY of falling
in deep love and passion as she stays up at night
dreaming about who you may be, and as she
works hard enjoying the process of getting to

Do you want to know part of the reason that
being mysterious is so powerful?

It’s because what a woman does NOT know,
she will IMAGINE. And if the little she DOES
know about you so far is attractive, she will
of you in her mind that will stay with her FOREVER
unless you work HARD to really SCREW IT UP.

She WANTS this fantasy, and you can so easily

In other words, you DO need to have a strong
inner and outer game, but the idea is that a
perfect approach, a perfect attraction, is actually
accomplished with very few, yet very perfect,
“moves”, which then allow HER to fill in
all the rest as she FANTASIZES.

The EXPERT does very little because he
knows so MUCH, he chooses ONLY what’s
PERFECT for the situation.

No different than how a great chess player requires
less moves than an amateur.

You need LESS because it’s being done RIGHT.

When you do the wrong things, you need a lot
of it, and then it’s still often useless.

It’s not uncommon, certainly in a club, when
running high level expertise, to be talking to a
girl and her friends for only two minutes, and
then already be going off alone with the girl
you want. The girl is attracted fast, so what
happens is she now WANTS a normal conversation
to get to know you, so she starts to do all the work
at that point.

The problem with clubs though is that it is usually
hard to find the kind of woman that would make
for a great girlfriend there.

The other problem with clubs is that so many women
are often drunk or tipsy there, that the whole idea
of interacting with them becomes ridiculous, because
they are not in their right minds, which is yet another
reason why I don't suggest focusing on clubs.

And when approaching women in places like
coffee shops, you certainly can ignite attraction
instantly, but you must slow the intimacy down
to an extent, because the environment is not intended
nor designed to speed up the "man meets woman"
process the same way a club is designed for that.

Women care a lot more about these kinds of
social conventions than most men do.  Most
men just care about getting the woman and
that's it. 

And so, if you try to speed things up in a non-club
environment, you are actually being unaware of the
social context of the situation and showing a lack
of social intelligence, which is not cool at all to
most women.

Nonetheless, wherever you meet a woman, when
you are doing it RIGHT, a LOT gets done quickly,
and in fact the LONGER an approach takes you
to strike attraction, usually the worse it is.

In general, less is always more, but this does
not mean you should KNOW less, it means
you should know it ALL so that you can
take the BEST course of action and ONLY
that action.

By doing only what is EXACTLY needed, and
leaving the rest a mystery, you are giving
a woman a chance to create her own fantasy
about you that ultimately will become her
reality, her picture of you, and it
will stay that way no matter what unless
you screw it all up by going against
everything I’ve ever taught you.

It's actually HARD for a guy to screw
things up once she has created this
fantasy of the guy for herself.

are EXTREMELY POWERFUL, especially
an impression that SHE CREATED about you!

REFRAME anything "negative" about
you as a POSITIVE, since her feelings
about you will be so strong from her
INITIAL IMPRESSION that she created
in that fantasy.

All done with zero lies, zero games,
zero manipulation. All you are doing
here is giving yourself the BEST

This doesn’t mean NOT TO TALK, it just means
to only apply what is BEST, and once you see you
have accomplished your goal at each stage, i.e.
opening her up as you approach, attracting her,
building up the connection, you SHUT UP once
it’s done and then wisely move at the right moment
to the next stage.

Any more talk and now you are usually coming
across as trying too hard and also you are
saying things that are chipping away at the
image she has painted of you, you are ruining
her own joy of imagining the rest of your reality.

Let me give you a great example of how just
speaking a LITTLE about something ended up
creating something an entire GENERATION
dreamed about. You know how in Star Wars,
the original movie, ("Episode IV") we learn
about something called the "Clone Wars",
but we barely get ANY info about it?

All we know is that Luke's heritage is
wrapped up in it somehow very strongly,
and that the whole event was a massive
epic struggle that somehow affected
everything, including even what is going
on in the current moment.

The how, the why, is NOT given to us.
In fact, we NEVER SEE ANY OF IT!

But it's the PERFECT way to make us want
to know MORE, so much so that even DECADES
LATER, people came out in DROVES to find
OUT the answer in the sequels.

We barely know anything about the actual
"Clone Wars" from all this, but yet, the
effect is SOOOO powerful.

Our IMAGINATIONS conjure up some pretty
powerful dramatic visuals in our minds,
and we create story lines in our own
heads, since everything ELSE in the story
is so awesome.

We figure it MUST have been something

And so the net effect is psychologically far greater
than if they had gone on to actually show us billions
of dollars worth of scenery and special effects.

In fact, when George Lucas many years later decided
to make the movies that actually SHOW us the
“Clone Wars”, it was a huge disappointment, even
though he was applying the most advanced special
effects ever created at that point in time. (There are
actually a LOT of things there that were messed
up, but the fact is, even if he had tried to visually
show us the Clone Wars in as emotionally compelling
a way as possible, NOTHING could match what we
felt in our IMAGINATIONS from just hearing a BIT
about it and NEVER actually SEEING it.)

So often, when it comes to the power of emotions,
using less is more.

A woman can form a powerful impression of
you when you are a stranger, since she
has no HISTORY of you, so anything
you do gets AMPLIFIED subconsciously
in her mind to fill the void and make
up for that lack of information.

Do the BEST things and none of the
WRONG actions, and the fact you are
a stranger now works in your FAVOR.
(More on this in Number 6.)

It's best to allow her to "simmer and cook"
those thoughts and feelings she has about you,
and not interfere with them.

Think of these tools of attraction as possessing

You need to use these tools intelligently and ACCURATELY.

THIS is how you operate in the big leagues.


It’s amazing when studies tend to prove
what years of experience approaching women
EVERYWHERE, including going right up to
women walking along the sidewalk, or
in cafes, clubs, lounges, buses, trains,
bookstores, parks, and just about
everywhere else, has already shown me:

“Women find smiling men less attractive
than those with brooding expressions.”

This comes not from some caveman or
Neanderthal report, but is fresh from
Vancouver’s University of British Columbia.

Guess what else it confirmed?
That MEN find women who DO smile to
be MORE attractive.

Which makes sense, as men want FEMININE
women, and women want MASCULINE MEN.

Guess what else?
This study was not even done by MEN!
It was done by female researchers.

So you know this is not exactly the kind
of thing that fits "political correctness",
and is certainly nothing that women would
publish for self-serving purposes, as it actually
goes AGAINST the stereotypical "politically-
correct" agenda.

Guess what else?

A large percentage of the men and women
in these studies were undergraduates who
are clearly in the dating scene and who
experience raging young hormones –
these were NOT a bunch of people in
their 90s saying, “Ohh chemistry does
not matter at all, it’s all about being nice
and compatible and being FRIENDS and just
watching the stars at night”.

These results reflect the PRIMAL preferences
of men and women, which are far more powerful
than just the logical preferences.

We could argue forever about WHY men and
women prefer the opposite gender this way, but
the fact is, these ARE the preferences.

The subtleties, though, are crucial as well.
This does not mean not to laugh, or to never smile.

What it means is that, given ONE expression
amongst all, smiling is NOT the one you
should be focused on, because 99% of the
time, this smile tends to come from a lack

Think about classic icons in film who women
LOVE: Whether it was Han Solo, or James Bond,
these guys aren’t known for their SMILES.

The reality is that these characters
occasionally DO smile.

The DIFFERENCE is that when they smile,
it’s a result of coming from their OWN
terms, because they are in the superior
position, they are NOT smiling in order
to seek approval or to get on someone’s

Most guys instantly see their confidence
MELT in front of a woman who is a knockout
and THIS is the cause of the smile.

To be perfectly honest, if you could pull off a smile as
a result of feeling EMPOWERED and comfortable,
it would be fine, especially when approaching
women as opposed to just showing a picture, because
of all the messages you convey through your tonality and
body language when you are LIVE IN PERSON in front
of her.

There really IS an important difference between an
approval seeking smile, and a smile of being in
a great state of empowerment and inner peace.

But that’s not 99% of the smiling done by
guys around women- most of it comes from
feeling zero confidence and from guys putting
women in the superior position of value in their
own minds.

This is all the tip of the iceberg about
how to use facial expression, voice tonality,
and how to best apply it to also affect your
EMOTIONAL STATE, that I delve into full detail
for you in my Warrior Within DVD program.

The great news for you, is that although
this might SEEM to confirm that women
fall for "bad boy" types, as you can see
you don’t have to be a BAD BOY to do this,
you just have to be ASSERTIVE.

There is a shortage of GOOD GUYS who understand
how to do things RIGHT, so if you learn these
skills, you will RULE!

Women would rather meet a guy who is
BOTH a good guy AND who understands
attraction, but usually they can't
find such a man.

This leads me to:


You must LEAD the conversation towards the
"MALE-FEMALE"  natural vibe without mentioning
it directly.

What I mean here is the flirtatious vibe, i.e. playfully
teasing her, as well as building a connection, getting
the coffee with her, etc.

Yes, you DO have to do this smoothly, but
you can’t AVOID it either.

The MAIN thing to realize about “smooth” in this
respect is not to make her feel cheap. So you have
to be TACTFUL of how you lead this interaction.

She KNOWS what’s going on, but she needs to
ALSO know you are classy.

Otherwise you are making her feel as if you think
she is ‘easy’, which is a DEATHLY BLOW to her
self-esteem, and thus one of the worst things you can
do to a woman.

Along with coming across as INFERIOR, making
a woman feel cheap for being with you is the
biggest mistake you can make. Of course,
coming across as inferior makes her feel low
self esteem as well, for only an inferior woman
would be with an inferior man, right?

So how do you avoid tripping her “defenses”?
Well, you make sure to NOT bring up the physical
stuff DIRECTLY at all in the early stages.

It’s not cute, and it’s not funny.
Sure, sometimes a guy gets away with it, but that’s
IN SPITE of doing it, NOT BECAUSE of it.

And, all along the way, as you LEAD the interaction,
you are making her feel the awesome presence of
being with a confident, masculine guy who is unlike
any other, who is an ORIGINAL.

You show that you KNOW where to take the
interaction, you don’t ask HER.

You bridge the gap from the conversation to the
‘instant date’ by saying something like “this
is an intriguing conversation, let’s continue this over
a tea at the Starbucks across the street, etc”. Your
tonality, your body language, the expression on your
face makes it clear that you MEAN IT, but at the same
time that this is not a big deal for you, that you in fact
EXPECT her to say yes.


Listen, if you have something to say to her, you
may as well say it LOUD AND CLEAR.

Doesn’t matter if it’s going up to a group of women
in the mall who are walking together, or whether
it’s in a club or book store or coffee shop.

I see guys kind of mumbling or talking low so that
they won’t be taken for arrogant. This is where nice
guys get SHAFTED. Because, you see, this mumbling
and quiet talk is hitting the emotional part of her
brain that says “LOSER who knows he is WASTING
my time and who KNOWS he is not worth my time.”

People who DO BELIEVE that what they say is WORTHY,
make sure to make themselves HEARD.
Because it’s important.

An EXCELLENT film that shows this is “The King’s Speech”,
particularly the scene where the King is intentionally made so
upset by his coach, till the point he becomes ANGRY that he
finally speaks with the RIGHT power, and utters the words

Magnificent film.

Can you imagine a President or Prime Minister mumbling
his or her address to a nation?

Getting into the subtleties, this does not mean
that the whole conversation should sound like
an announcement.

Rather, it should be driven by INSPIRATION or PASSION-
if you feel nothing inside of you, I can assure you that
she will feel nothing from your delivery of what you
say as well. On the other hand, if you FEEL the
inspiration or passion inside, you will be compelling to
her as well.


In those first few seconds of the chat, especially
if you are approaching her as a “cold approach”
a complete stranger, and especially if this is
NOT a dance club or lounge and is not a place
designed for approaching women, you don’t
want to give ANY signs of being “weird”.

There is very little room for error here, because
in these situations, women who are very attractive
have had to develop quick ways to get rid of the
wrong guys—even if this means in the process
they end up accidentally also shutting down
some of the RIGHT guys.

This is not some kind of evil conspiracy against
men, it’s simply the ONLY way for her to deal
with supply and demand- too many of the WRONG
guys interested in her.

Most guys are concerned with not coming across
as a psycho or dangerous person, but the reality
is that this is more of a fiction created in guys
minds than what women are actually worried
about. Usually, most guys could BENEFIT
from being far more forward, assertive, and
decisive in their approaches with women.

The REAL ‘danger’ to a guy’s approach is if he
comes across as NEEDY or SOCIALLY

You have many options for starting the conversation
and you don‘t have to rely on some funny teasing
comment that might take you forever to come up
with. Instead, you can often start your interaction
in a very “innocent” way that allows the woman to see
you aren’t insane, but you must then IMMEDIATELY
you must get her senses and imagination going BIG TIME.

Whether it’s being playful, intriguing, inspiring, or a
combination of these things above, you have to get
to the interesting stuff FAST.

Remember, she has no idea who you are, so every
SECOND you spend with her is ALL the information
she has to UNDERSTAND YOU, which means that
every SECOND is as if it’s a WEEK of real life
time being spent with you.

So if you have gone 90 seconds and it’s been
boring all along, that to her feels like if she
were to spend two YEARS WITH YOU,
it would probably all be exactly like those
90 seconds.

Remember, you’ve given her nothing ELSE
to base her decision or feelings on.

This is why, even if you feel the situation requires you
to start the conversation in a very “innocent” way,
at least make sure your body language and the
non-verbals from tonality to expression are all
delivering the right message of power, intrigue,
and fun, so that she can tell you are about
more than your actual words.

For example, is your voice showing playfulness,
intrigue, mystery, or is just robotic/mumbling/monotone.

You don’t need to spend an hour talking to her about
directions or asking for directions, even if that is what
you used to START the conversation.


You DON'T want the vibe to feel anti-septic and
boring and formal.

During the interaction, in a playful, non-invasive way,
whether it’s an instinctive touch as a reaction to
something powerful she said, or to emphasize
something you said, or whether it’s a playful
“high 5”, you can find the right moment to make
contact SPARINGLY.

Of course, don’t be a fool, if a woman
is resisting your advance, you take a step
back metaphorically and wait to see if
this is just a matter of her requiring more
connection with you, i.e. getting to know
you, etc.

Then, it is up to YOU to get you both some
privacy. DON’T expect her to get things
rolling in this direction, although sometimes
women DO give massive hints and so often
guys don't SEE that the women are trying to
give them massive signals.

And when in private, again, it will usually
be up to YOU to get things rolling again,
although, to be honest, if you've done
things extremely well, she will start to
to make "moves" on you.

When you are progressing the interaction,
find a way to do this TASTEFULLY. For
example, you should have a REASON for why you
should both be there, i.e. your incredible photo collection
that you were chatting about over coffee.

And if you would like IGNITE your internal
engines of attraction and UNLEASH your
TRANSFORMATION with women, then
I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
program immediately.

In this program, you’ll discover how to do
EVERYTHING RIGHT with women, from
first approaching her, to developing deep
rapport and connection, to KEEPING her
attracted, to OBLITERATING all the internal
blocks, anxieties, and doubts, and transforming
them into EMPOWERMENT. And the best
part of all of this, is that you will learn this
in a way that has nothing to do with playing
GAMES on women.

That might sound impossible, but I promise you
that in this program you will see EXACTLY
why and how this is true, and in fact why this
is the MOST POWERFUL way to go with
attracting a woman.

It’s at:

You can even check out samples of the program
as well as testimonials on this page as well.

You will find that this program contains no
manipulative tactics at all.

Trust really IS the central premise of
human society and all relationships.

I promise you, you can take my word
for it, that when you approach a woman,
who is thinking of considering you for
REAL, the LAST thing on earth you want
to do is make her think you are playing
some kind of GAME on her.

This is a HUGE reason why I believe
Warrior Within is such an important
program, it has NOTHING to do with
games, and everything to do with
BEING the kind of man who understands
and who is the very ESSENCE of attraction.

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Right now, at this very moment, are fantastic
women that are within 5 MINUTES of where
you live, who are single, gorgeous, and WISHING
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Till next time,

Michael Marks