Friday, November 27, 2009

The Rip Off Artists

A quality woman, the kind of woman who is a
faithful woman who won't cheat on you, the kind
of woman who is attractive inside and out, the
kind of woman who is TRULY a GREAT GIRL,
well she needs to see quickly if you are the
"Real McCoy".

In other words, she needs to see if you are really
the MAN for her, or are you just some type of act.

Now, a lot of guys put on an "act", whether it's acting
cocky, or whether it's acting nice, they're both just

The cocky arrogant stuff is a plain TURN OFF,
and yet this is what the "dating gurus" and pick up
artists have been promoting for years.  If being
an arrogant prick is so cool, then how come
Kanye West's outburst of arrogance  has
been UNIVERSALLY seen as ugly,
from fellow musicians and every day people
all the way to the President of the USA,
EVERYONE has condemned that behavior.

This was also absolutely clear that it was not a
race issue, as it was universally condemned by
all races and universally condemned by even
the most LIBERAL of people.

It was just plain arrogant repulsive behavior.

Arrogance is NOT cool, not to any woman or any person who
actually has self-esteem.

But the thing is, what's REALLY bad about
arrogance is when 
it's a LIE.

Let's face it, if you REALLY have a legitimate point,
then it wouldn't be so bad. It would still be uncool,
but not AS bad.

In other words, if Taylor Swift (the artist he basically
tried to put down) really did NOT have any musical
ability, that would be one thing, but the reality is that
she DOES have talent, and so basically the world
saw this guy for being a liar, self-delusional, and
arrogant all at once.

Similarly, when guys follow the "be arrogant"
advice and the "playing games with her head"
advice, and the woman SEES that this guy
is clearly just doing all this to pick her up,
it makes it even MORE obvious that this
guy is NOT confident, that he is doing
this whole ACT all because of HER,
to try to impress HER!  It's actually
showing he is INFERIOR in the most
destructive way to him!!!

It's far more damaging than even the damage
of being a "nice guy", because it shows that
the guy is NOT being himself, he is just
doing all sorts of wacky things to try to
get HER. He is willing to change his
own values and personality and methods
to get HER.  He will copy whatever the
heck some wacky "dating guru" says,
and of course this is what destroys
his potential with this very woman.

What I teach is how to become a STRONGER
man, the WARRIOR WITHIN, it's no different
than when you go the gym and train your muscles,
REAL, it's not an ACT.  

By the way, there are currently all kinds of
dating gurus who are trying to imitate me, which
is actually helping me, because their entire
history of actually being all about the "babes"
and the QUANTITY, even though they are
now SAYING it's about quality, the reality
is that everyone KNOWS the truth about them
because these guys have been spewing it out
for YEARS that they are actually NOT about
finding quality women.

So all these guys are doing is actually REINFORCING
my position as having LEGITIMACY, since after all,
this must be something important if they are copying me,
and at the same time they are showing they are clearly
insecure with their OWN previous positions and their
supposed "expertise" which promoted the exact
OPPOSITE message for YEARS.

So, do they really think that the public is stupid?
That the public doesn't know who they are?
After all, these guys were doing their best to be
IMITATORS of  the stuff and the folks in
"The Game"!!!

That's the whole message they were sending for YEARS!

So, the public knows them for being THAT.

Good luck to the guys trying to convince the public
that they are REALLY something ELSE, that they
really are about teaching men how to get that one
quality woman.

By doing that, these "gurus" are destroying their own
credibility now for ANYTHING, since it's clear they
will try to sell whatever they think might sell, and that
clearly registers as LACKING INTEGRITY.

This is why I always said that you just can't fake it,
you have to BE it.

So to all the supposed "dating gurus" who like to copy me,
please keep trying to imitate me, guys, it only gives my
position even more power, and shows the men out there
that my teachings are the way to go.

By copying me,  the "gurus" are actually weakening
their entire credibility as well, and making their
position seem very confusing and unclear, as
it's unclear what the heck they are promoting
or believing in.  First impressions count, and
they made a strong first impression that to
THEM, success is all about all about being
arrogant, it's all about getting the "babes", and
it's all about quantity over quality.  It's all about
the playboy "LIFESTYLE," they said.

People will not forget this.

So, when these "gurus" now try to copy me, all they
do is add even more power to my position, it's
making it clear that this is an important position
I have otherwise why else are they trying to copy it,

While their position changes like the wind, my position
has remained as constant as the Northern Star, and
everyone knows me for having this position.

So, when you meet a woman, it's REALLY important
that you make an ACCURATE representation of what
you really want to represent, because the first impression
is what's going to STICK the strongest.  Changing it
up later will only make you seem like a very confused
and weak man, ESPECIALLY if you act like an
arrogant prick at first, and then later say "Oh that's
not who I REALLY am, I'm really a nice guy!"
because that will seem like you're just giving
into her when she is confronting you, it will
seem like you don't REALLY believe in
being a good guy, or you would have been
that way from the beginning.

Now, of course, success with women is NOT
about being a "nice guy" either, it's about
STRENGTH from conviction in your good values,
which is a massively different thing, and is
something you can find out all about in my
materials at

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dreams & Primal Emotions

We're living in a porno-culture in many ways,
yet deep down, in the most PRIMAL parts of
our brain, we actually all want MORE than that.

We also can subconsciously "sniff" out when
something feels sleazy, even if at first
we can't always consciously ARTICULATE
exactly what it is about something that
seems fake, sleazy, or warped.

Yes, sex sells everything, including LIES that
promise "that all women are the same" AND
that "all women are easy" and that relationships
are for 'suckers'...and YET, so much ELSE around us
tells us that we actually wish for something
far greater and far more meaningful.

The reality is that our minds are constantly seeking
to find greater emotional stimulation than the mundane
world around us, porno and all.

So, although the "get laid" gurus keep on preaching
to their audience, meanwhile most men and women
would actually love to experience what it's like
to be with someone where there is mutual passion
and mutual love as well.

The proof is in the money that men and women
spend at the box-office.

The number one hits are not the stereotypical
"chick flicks" or the stereotypical "guy flicks",
which really are almost an insult to either gender.

The number one hits, for men and for women,
are movies that allow the viewer to experience
a form of love that is greater than just the physical

Yes, the physical is absolutely part of it, but it's
part of greater entire picture that includes inspiration.

For example, what's a super successful GUY


Yup, but at it's core, after all the blood and guts,
it's really about a man who has come across time
to protect a woman he loves, a woman so admirable
she is the mother of the FUTURE, her son will
be the man who saves humanity.

And the man who has come across time to
protect her, he will be the FATHER to this

And for teenage girls, of course, there's the recent
phenomenon of "Twilight" and a lot of people make
the mistake of thinking it's all about the fact there
are "good looking guys" in this movie.  The thing
is, there are TONS of teen chick flicks with "good
looking guys" and they do TERRIBLY.

Now, to be honest, I haven't seen the movies,
(honestly!) but from what I hear and from the
clips I've seen, what makes Twilight work is
the ABSENCE of any sex on screen, and instead
the focus and emphasis on SEXUAL TENSION

Also, the hero in the movies behaves in MANY ways
EXACTLY like the type of guy I describe in my program
"Warrior Within" -
- and this ain't no coincidence.

In the real world, things are mundane even though there
is something far more PRECIOUS, which is the
IDEAL kind of passion and love that seems to
escape most people.

It's never about getting right to the sex part, it's
ALWAYS about the COMBINATION of other
emotions that GEL together to make something
super powerful that really feels like you are
living something out of your dreams.

One final example- the movie GONE IN 60 SECONDS
is really a "guy's" movie all about fast cars, and it's
a great fun flick- and guess what? It's also NOT
so much just about the cars, it's about a guy
who's trying to help save his younger brother
who has got himself into serious trouble,
and it's about the BOND between brothers
as well as the bond between his friends that
help him out, and the way his brother
redeems himself.

Pretty serious stuff.

And THEN on top of THAT, there is the chemistry
between the main character played by Nick Cage
and Angelina Jolie- where they have a shared
history and a BOND that goes back as well,
a bond that gets renewed all the MORE so
because of the situation.

It's always nice to see that Hollywood can occasionally
make a movie for men that doesn't have to emasculate
itself and can actually just be what a guy's movie
for entertainment should be.

Till next time...

Michael Marks

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How To Detect A Quality Woman

How do you detect a quality woman?

How can you tell what she's like on the inside,
without spending months or years or sometimes
half your entire income, learning it the hard way?

In case anybody missed it, I thought I should point out a
fantastic discussion on how to detect a quality woman
that was posted on the forum recently.

This is such a huge thing- knowing WHICH women
are the quality ones as fast as possible, so you don't
waste time and heartache on the wrong ones.

Seriously, the wrong woman will ruin you faster
than anything else on earth.

Detecting a quality woman should be compulsory
education for every man, yet they don't teach
this topic in school at all.

Well, here is the fantastic discussion on how to
detect a quality woman, from the forum:

Till next time...

Michael Marks

Saturday, November 14, 2009

How To Attract A Woman Without Playing The Game

Years ago, back in 2003, when just like now, I was too
busy actually doing this stuff for real rather than worrying
about the marketing craziness that was going on around
me by supposed dating gurus, author Neil Strauss then
wrote something to me on an internet dating forum a little
before the release of his bestselling book on pick-up artists,
called "The Game".

He said that he agreed with 95% of what I wrote on the
forum but that he disagreed with one thing- my statements
on how you can trigger attraction in a woman using strictly
wisdom and insights into human emotion, into women, and
into using your developed identity, so that you can come up
with fresh things to say on the SPOT to a woman.

I believe that this way, you can be ready for ANYTHING
with any woman, rather than relying too much on pre-rehearsed
lines or routines, which was the all the rage with the pick-up
artists and this memorizing routines stuff is clearly promoted
heavily in his book.

He said:
"And, fact is, of all the people I've met (and I've met
lots of guys),  the ones who are the most successful
are the ones who say the EXACT same things all the
time. Why? Because they work."

Well, time has proven that in fact the TRUTH IS

I honestly don't think Neil meant any harm to anyone,
he's probably a cool guy who wrote what he honestly
thought based on his experiences at the time.

The reality though is that the guys who are the best
with women, the TRUE naturals, NEVER use the
exact same thing all the time with women.

IN fact, this would seem ABSURD to them.
Never mind the fact it would make them feel FAKE.

This is a big thing to realize, because you see so much
of success has to do with what you are FEELING inside.

How the heck can you be feeling charismatic, masculine,
secure, witty, when you know that you are relying on

How can you feel like you are THE MAN when you
REALLY feel like you are relying on memorized
routines, on what is basically an ACT???

The reality is that if you feel a certain way, it will
show through your body language and expression
and tonality anyway.  So the lines will be of very
little help and in fact may be counter-productive
because they prevent you from learning how to
have a real conversation based on real social
interaction skills.

I teach guys to FISH for themselves, based on developing
the best parts of their own identities rather than memorizing
anything trivial.

This not only gives you a FRIGGEN' TOTALLY KICK-ASS
edge in terms of your feelings about your self, it also allows
you to build long term with a woman, because if you built
everything on being fake, you feel very weird about ever
revealing your true identity to a woman since you are not
sure if she would find that cool.

I promise you that the guys who are most successful
with women, not only don't NEED to use and say the
same things all the time, they wouldn't even WANT to!

It would be too boring! And the very fact they enjoy
having FUN is part of what MAKES them attractive
to women!!! Because states are catchy and being in a
great fun and relaxed state is SOMETHING THAT

In fact, even the pick-up artists who used to say otherwise,
well they all now agree with me. If you don't believe me, ask
them yourself. I'm not afraid of the competition, in fact I
suggest you check them out yourself and I'll see you back
here very soon. Read between the lines of their hype.

You'll also notice how many of them try to imitate me as
well, which is quite flattering. Some of these guys don't
realize that I'm already reaching their audience and
their attempts at imitation only make them lose all
credibility for ever being authorities on their own.

Then there are the guys who oversimplify the
process, who claim all you need to do
is just tell a woman you like her and that's it.

If you think saying "I like you" is enough to get a
non-drunk, and psychologically healthy woman to
want to jump into bed with you, just try it.

A woman needs to know more than the fact you
have the confidence to state your desire for her and
your intention. It's a good start, but not enough.

The belief in saying the exact same things to every woman
you meet, referred to the idea of you MEMORIZING
routines and lines to say to women, was clearly emphasized
and promoted in the book called "The Game" where these
ideas were glamorized as having insane success rates..

TONS of guys around the world started adopting this
robotic memorized approach to approaching women.

I even had a few clients in several cities where I did
bootcamps who believed in this and didn't want to take
my advice, only to have their fantasy come crashing down
on them when the girls started saying they HAD HEARD
 these lines before from tons of other guys. Only then
were my clients fully convinced of the insanity of trying
to get a woman without actually having developed
your REAL self first.

Not only this, but also when a guy hears this from a girl,
when he has been "caught", his self esteem plummets,
ruining his charisma.

Plus, he also feels, even he is lucky enough to happen to
meet a girl who hasn't heard the lines before, he feels that
he is not cool, it's only his LINE that was cool so he feels
like a fake, like he is not desirable, it's only his FAKE stolen
ACT that was desirable, and this in itself ruins his vibe and
charisma and his tonality and his body language, and his
sense of humor loses all hope.

And the great thing is that there is in the END no faking it.
Sure you can fake it for a bit, and you'll get some results,
but for the GREATEST success, you must ACTUALLY
GIVE VALUE, and not just fake it.

So the key is to first get into a specific combination of
STATES, that slightly depend and vary from situation
to situation, but definitely include playfulness, upbeatnes,
sexuality, security, and other states as well.

Then on top of that it's important to ALSO know a lot of
important insights into female psychology and culture so
that you understand a bit about what's going on internally
with the woman you are chatting to.

I explain all of this in my materials and programs, but I'd
like to shed some insight into how this idea of  EMOTIONAL
STATES are so important at EVERY point of the "game"
from the first moment you meet a woman till FOREVER.

There is no way that a robotic approach could possibly
handle the complexities of the way human emotions work.

Here's a fresh letter that has a situation that I can use to
help show the point:


Michael, your eBook and Dating Spells emails are amazing!
I'm looking to buy the Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship CD Set
in the next few weeks too. You have uncovered something special

I know this email is slightly long but even a brief answer would
be much appreciated!!!

Here's the deal, I've been reading all your material over and
over and although I've still got a lot to learn, I think you would
be proud of my progress. I now no longer experience feelings
of jealousy or insecurity, or if I do, not to the extent that it
becomes visible or effects my actions.

You've helped me realize that such feelings only exist in people
who do not have enough self-worth in the first place.

I now am SURE of everything about me, and any negative
comment that comes from a girl doesn't get to me at all, and
you're right, girls experience even more attraction when they
see you're not affected by their attempt to put you down!

Now I know you're not going to like reading this, but Michael,
my question is regarding my ex. We went out for 17months,
have now been apart for 4, I've experienced many other girls,
started reading your materials, and have developed significantly
since we broke up (her reason for ending was "i no longer feel
attraction for you").

Last night we caught up and went to the movies (now normally,
i know the movies aren't the best but i asked her, as I really
wanted to see the film and was actually considering going with
or without her anyway), the movies went really well, we laughed,
and connected again, not once bringing up the relationship or
our current sex lives or anything like that.

The entire night I was confident, in control, and just enjoying
the interaction, and not once kissing up to her.

The thing is, i no longer need this girl Michael, all the neediness,
clinginess, jealousy I used to show her while we were going out
is GONE and I want to be with this girl again because of how
much I enjoy being around her.

So i went and bought a subway from next to where she works
today (she works at a butcher), and I came and visited her. I
made sure not to be needy, I really wanted that subway, it was
lunchtime, and again, I just wasn't dependent on the outcome,
I know there's plenty of good girls around, and so I was in
exactly the right state.

When i approached her, she was surprised, and asked why
i was there, and I teased her, holding up my subway while
saying she had really good food shops near her. She laughed,
and i then told her, "besides, don't pretend like me visiting
hasn't made your day", and again she smiled.

Then the other butchers (young guys) out the back, saw us
and began teasing her too about us talking and she went
immediately red, and couldn't keep the smile off her face.

My problem is... I know we can have so much fun together,
I just feel she's reluctant to catch up and give me that chance
cos of what's happened to us in the past.

Michael believe me, I wouldn't waste my time or yours,
this girl is incredibly smart, gorgeous, fun to be with, she's
the real deal, and as my friends are all of her friends too,
we're always going to be seeing each other... what is my
plan of attack??

I know how to be the man... its almost happening instinctively
now, but how do I get to catch up with my ex and just have
fun with her more and more, w/out her being cautious and

Matthew H.


I hate to call this entire field a game, because the fact is,
whenever you are dealing with any emotions, it's never
a game, especially in a relationship situation which you
had with this girl.

So I'm just using the word "game" since it might actually
HELP you realize that you are getting SO CAUGHT up
in this situation that you don't realize your EMOTIONS
are actually playing a GAME with you.

This entire "game" when it comes to success with
a woman  is about EMOTIONS.

The reality is that you were doing DAMN WELL that first
night you reconnected with her at the movies, BECAUSE
bringing up the relationship or our current sex lives or
anything like that. The entire night I was confident, in control,
and just enjoying the interaction, and not once kissing up to her."

And since she already KNOWS you obviously STILL care
about her, (or why would you be back with her) you ALSO
took care of her desire to feel VALUED.

But, and here's the big BUT- you SANK BACK into
the OCEAN of TURMOILED EMOTIONS, you started

And this made you feel EXTREMELY NEEDY.

This is NOT your fault for FEELING these emotions,
because when you have a relationship with someone,
the feelings can become so strong that they become
and so just SEEING HER again and BEING with her
again totally screwed your internal wiring.

The only thing that you DO have to take responsibility
for is not following my advice in the book about this,
about not going back to exes, no matter what unless
YOU screwed it up by being a jerk and you totally
have changed now.

But I can already see that you were not a jerk.
So why did you go back to her?

And you know this, as you said in your own letter, that
you knew I was not going to like that move- you're right,
I don't like it, because I CARE ABOUT YOU and
about ALL GOOD GUYS who go through HELL with
women. I wanted to spare you the pain.

So I don't say any of this with anger, I say it with
the desire to spare you one more ounce of pain.

Emotions make us feel that the emotion is more true
than any fact. So even though you know the fact is
that going back to her the next day was a bad move,
your neediness for her made you feel that it was the
RIGHT MOVE, and you rationalized it as being the
right move.

This entire game is about giving women awesome
emotions. So how can you give her awesome emotions
when just SEEING her and being with her triggers all
those ANCHORED needy feelings in you?

I want to make it clear that I am totally not into GAME
or tricks or gimmicks.

The problem is NOT that you are interested in her.
The problem is that you are behaving in a way that
stems from not feeling the value in yourself.

That's why the movie thing with her was still okay.
(Although I still think you should not have gone
back to an ex.) At the beginning, you were still
feeling all the rights states INSIDE of you, but they
were being PRESSURED like a submarine under
a billion tons of water, by the NEGATIVE
ANCHORING of your relationship history by her.

You see, there is no faking with women.

You simply end up showing who you really are by
virtue of your body language and tonality, and there is
no body language trick in the book that can solve it.

Your end goal should always be how to improve your
state, and going to a woman who ripped your state to
shreds is ultimately a self-defeating move no matter what.

Why are you doing this?
If you feel the NEED to prove it to yourself, then
you are actually proving to YOURSELF that you
are still inferior to her.

And this very action is a form of "body language"
that works against your OWN psychology and
ruins your own state and thus ruins your body
language and shows her that you are inferior.

It's OKAY and GOOD for a woman to know you
like her, as long as it's coming from a totally positive
and secure place.

BUT it's almost impossible to feel this when you
crawl back to a woman who mistreated you -
the very act of crawling back is sending a
message to YOUR brain that makes you feel
inferior and thus ruins your ability to FEEL
charismatic and worthy and thus you end up
not being able to attract that woman.

So the problem is not with showing a woman
you like her.

I mean, if showing a woman you are interested in
her ruins things, how do you explain the success of
clients at my Bootcamps who are having their arms
around and kissing girls within minutes of meeting

Are these girls thinking that this is a sign of being NOT
interested in them??????????

If you REALLY felt your own value, you would
have chilled out a bit for a few days after enjoying
the movie with her. (And at this point, you WERE
still in state, which is why it was all going well.
You were still resisting all the opposite emotions
that were CRUSHING into you, including not only
the anchored emotions, but also the very fact you
were going back to her was having a slight negative
effect on your vibe and your self-concept ---
you NEED to get my CD set man to get this stuff
sorted out, it will make a MASSIVE difference)

You should have chilled out about her for a few days,
and not gone back the next day. If you felt massive
value about yourself, you would have wanted to let
her chill out and come to a decision on her own.

But since you felt so needy for her, (again, not your fault,
because you have these feelings anchored in you about
her as a result of the way the relationship ended) you felt
UNWORTHY and subconsciously felt that left to her own
devices, she would NOT WANT to be with you, so you
felt the need to PUSH it.

And the irony of course is that this is what actually
pushed her farther away.

So the way to be the MAN now, is to LET go for at least
a while and definitely to go for other girls so you can get
total emotional perspective. That will make her less
"cautious and reluctant".

And definitely get that CD Set, it will help you get the
deeper picture of what is going on here, not only on an
academic level, but on a level that actually HITS YOUR
EMOTIONS, so that you NEVER make this mistake again.

And if you are reading this right now and feeling finally
AWOKEN to CRUCIAL insights for your success with women,
I assure you that this is just the BEGINNING.

My Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program will
give you the FULL PICTURE.

This program is a quantum leap forward in the very way
attraction is thought of and mastered.

Your understanding of every emotion that is part of attraction,
from humor to intrigue, to bonding, and much more, as well as
your understanding of how to TRIGGER all these emotions
of attraction, will be REVOLUTIONIZED.

And you can now own it and have it delivered right to you.
Just go to:

And if you have not yet read my revolutionary eBook,
The Dating Wizard: Secrets To Success With Women,
then do that immediately. It's the DNA of attraction, and
the foundation for understanding and applying everything
you learn in my programs.

Download this special eBook NOW at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Do Dating "Games" Work To Attract Women?

There's a lot of supposed "experts" out there
who try to play it both ways- so they keep
on talking the "dating guru" talk and they
all hang out with the other "pick up artist"
crowd, and then they ALSO want to
pretend to be the good guys who just
want to teach you how to get a girlfriend.

The reality though, is that the "pick up artist"
and wannabe "dating guru" stuff actually

To cut right to the chase, a lot of guys want
to know, Is there any truth to this playing
games stuff on women? Does the stuff work
at all?”

The answer to that question is that it is
MILDLY effective on CERTAIN women,
and it’s almost ALWAYS short-term and
screws YOU in the end, and not in a
good way.

There is a much, MUCH better way.

The problem with the "mental games" approach
is that it's based on CREATING and EXPLOITING

Then, on top of that, it’s based on exploiting the
GREED factor in the human mind.

Now, I know some guys might be saying


Well, here’s the thing, it doesn’t REALLY
get the guy the girl, not anymore so than
Lex Luthor or the Green Goblin is being
genuine when he says he wants to be nice
and help the world.  You can be sure if he’s
being nice, it’s part of a plan to take OVER.

So, for example, it’s typical of the ‘games’
to say something to the woman to cause her
to doubt her own worth.  The supposed
“pick up artists” (more on this later) will
say mild insults but try to get off with it
by pretending it’s all just a sense of humor
and joking around.  Some will not even
go that far, if they think they can get
away with it.

Whether it’s a carefully worded insult in the
form of a “innocent joke” or a carefully thought
out negative remark about her looks, her intelligence,
or whatever else she might be insecure about, the
BOTTOM LINE is that they are giving something
known in human communication as

This is the opposite of confirming feedback, i.e.
confirming feedback can be as simple as you
saying hi to someone and that person saying
hi back.

Disconfirming feedback might be not responding
at all, giving the person a cold reply, etc.

Disconfirming feedback can also include negative
comments like, for example, let’s say someone
is coming back from the gym, someone who
works out hard and is getting results, and they
meet a person who is insecure about their own
looks, and the insecure person gives disconfirming
feedback to the other by saying that working out
is actually unhealthy because of this or that,
or that the healthy food the person is eating
is actually not healthy, etc, etc.

All this stuff is mental warfare.
It’s designed to make the person feel insecure,
and to feel, in the process, that the OTHER
person has more value, or at the very least,
to feel INSECURE in the presence of this
other person.

This is very sick stuff.

However, there’s also a very PRACTICAL
reason why you would want to NEVER
engage in this kind of thing.



The reality is that 97% of communication is
delivered not so much by what you say, but
HOW you say it.

The HOW includes not only your tonality and
facial expression and body language as you say it,
but the how ALSO includes the OVERALL
vibe you give off in your EVERY ACTION
IN GENERAL with her, which is what creates
what you say.

So, if you even feel the NEED to have to
“GAME” her rather than BE A MAN, this
weakness will SHOW through.

It might not always show through IMMEDIATELY,
if you are a really good actor, but it will
DEFINITELY show soon enough, no matter
how good the guy is at coming up with
abusive new behaviors aimed at destroying
her self esteem.

By the way, there are women who do this
to men as well, and so there is no monopoly
on sleazebags from either gender.

You’ll notice though that again, the people
who use this abusive stuff are very insecure
people. It’s not a good thing, it’s not a healthy
or happy way to live.  So not only does it
sabotage your results with women, but
it also makes you miserable in general
as well.

So if you really want to ooze genuine confidence
that attracts a woman, then the LAST thing you
want to do is hang out with the so called “experts”
who associate themselves with playing “the game”.



This whole “attacking her self-esteem” thing
would be fine if you were looking for an
ENEMY to defeat, to attack, to whatever.

But you want a woman who is going to be
on YOUR SIDE, who is going to be someone
that is WORTHY of being with you.

As soon as you get into the whole disconfirming
feedback, and attacking her self-esteem, you
are really setting yourself up for disaster.

What are you going to do with this woman,
even if you miraculously DID manage to
fool her consistently with the games you
played to make her feel insecure around

Are you going to constantly have a LIFE like
that with her?   Constantly be checking to
see if your games are working to keep her
under control???? 

This type of lifestyle is TORTURE, it’s the
complete opposite of what you really want
with a woman, which is to enjoy life MORE
with her, not less!  It should be LESS problems
with a great woman in your life, not more!



If you make a woman feel insecure, this means
she is NOT in a calm stable frame of mind.

It will hamper her progress at work, with her
friends, family, and it may even stir all kinds of
drama from her to try to get YOU to feel insecure
as well.

So at that point you can start to say, hello to
jealousy games, and goodbye to trust.



On the other hand, as long as a woman is not
EGOTISTICAL, and she loves you, well then
the more SECURE she is, the BETTER.   

When a woman feels secure, she is in a better
mood, she is more dynamic and sexual, and
she is more supportive as well.

The truth is, I work on making a woman feel
that I want to make sure that she is NOT with
me because I am pressing buttons, but on
the opposite end of things actually, she is
with me because she knows I am NOT pressing
her buttons. 

She knows I am absolutely not making her
do ANYTHING and that I enjoy her company
but that I am definitely happy alone too and
that I don’t need her or any validation from
anyone.  And this is not a “hard to get ACT”
that the pick up artists try to get guys to
PRETEND to do, as they really deep down
are WORSHIPPING the idea of getting the
women, otherwise they wouldn’t be so
desperate to give up their own DIGNITY
to the point of having to MANIPULATE
and even ABUSE another human being into
LIKING them.  How weird is that?

The irony of this is massive, because this attitude
makes you truly NOT NEEDY, and it simultaneously
makes you more fun to be around, it also sparks
creativity which helps massively in humor, and
it’s all coming from being the OPPOSITE of
the “player” and “pick up artist” mentality.

It’s amazing, as men, you don’t have to be
great looking, you don’t have to be rich,
(of course, these things help, and I suggest
you do your best in these areas as well but
not everyone will be a model or Bill Gates
and that’s okay) but you HAVE to be CONFIDENT

By the way, the “seduction” community will say
they only “withhold validation” from the woman
so that she will “value” it when they then GIVE
her some validation. This is like saying we only
starve the children so they will enjoy the bread
crumbs when we give it to them.  Starving
children will be malnourished, and a woman
or any human who is starved for self-esteem
will behave in maladjusted ways as well.



A lot of this “mental games stuff” is often used
on the very women who are the most attractive
on the outside and who often feel they are
high and mighty, etc, etc. and who are the most
“hard to get”. 

So, supposedly, it’s OKAY and GOOD to use
this mental games stuff on them, so the “experts”
say.  After all, these women are so confident,
they NEED to have their egos brought back
down to earth, right? Right???

It doesn’t work on these women either.

So how come you hear about the occasional guy
who says he got some woman this way?

Here’s what happens:
The woman who is extremely attractive and gets
this verbal abuse will either react in one of four

A:  She is already attracted to the guy physically
and so she might give him attention, but his
abuse didn’t HELP him.

B: She is a low self-esteem woman who now
DOES feel even more insecure from the
abusive tactic, so she will now want to
be with him, but she will also start to
doubt HIS worth for him wanting to be
with HER. 

She will create endless drama either feeling
insecure and jealous or feeling that he is
worthless as well so she’ll cheat on him.

C: She is an insecure woman, but not as insecure
as the one above. This is where the GREED
factor comes in.  See, she already has the
attention of a lot of guys, but not EVERY
guy, so she wants to make sure she has
EVERY guy under her thumb.

This is the greed part.

So what SHE does is tell herself,
“Okay, no problem, I’m going TO SHOW this guy,
that he needs me, just so I can get the self-validation
of seeing him cringe in need for me later”.

So what she does is maybe even TALK to him,
maybe even give him the date, whatever it takes
to make him BELIEVE he has finally got
THE PRIZE- and she knows full well that
SHE IS the PRIZE, and that is why he is
doing all this.

So, once the guy is HOOKED, and she knows it,
THEN she pulls out the rug from under his feet,
and 99.99 percent of the time, the guy turns into
a needy puddle of wuss crying for her to just
call him, etc, etc.

If he is from that .01 percent that doesn’t turn into
a puddle of wuss, she will come up with a different
tactic and another until he DOES melt.

All this because the whole thing was built on
EGO and manipulation and greed, and what goes
around comes around.  Of course, this is not
good for the woman either, because she wastes
her time on the wrong men this way, and the
very need to try to "win" against this guy
rather than just walk away is in itself an
insecurity issue.

D: She is a confident woman with high self-esteem
and thinks “Another weak jerk-off who thinks being
a man means being a jerk” and she dispatches with
him with one swift look and she’s GONE from
his sight forever.



If you can manipulate a woman
into something, so can someone

I personally don't want or need
extra drama from a woman, so I
need to see just how SOLID she is.

This is why, especially in the
first few dates, I suggest you
focus even more on LISTENING
rather than just what YOU
should say.

Not only does this allow her to feel
comfortable and give her a chance to
speak, (and you don't seem like an
egotistical guy who has to do all
the talking) but it gives you a chance
to see who you are dealing with.

Now, of course, there will be plenty
of chances for you to contribute to
the convo, and you should, but
remember to be LISTENING intently
to see what things are truly important
to this woman.

Pay attention to HER body language
and tonality while SHE says certain
things, to see if she is being honest
about it.  

Instead of trying to see what you
can do to get her to do ANYTHING,
focus on seeing what she is like
withOUT you doing any interference.

Again, this is ironic, but this
also works in your favor from an
attraction standpoint since most
guys get so stilted by trying to
make things happen.

So you come across as smoother
and hence she is more attracted
to you.



If a woman is so insecure that she
can be manipulated, you will never
TRULY get to be "THE MAN" with her.

Dominance is used for the woman who
already IS on solid ground, so she
can TAKE it. 

So the age-old attraction to
dominance is not even part of
the EQUATION with a woman who
is so insecure that she can be
There's nothing like being with
a woman you TRUST and who IS
confident and can NOT be manipulated
by you or any other guy, and she
DESIRES for you to STILL be
dominant in a way that shows
she trusts you and respects you
as a MAN.



As soon as you get into this world of playing
mental games on people, it becomes a “normal”
part of your reality.

So you start to DEAL in this stuff, rather than
just REJECT it outright.
What I mean by this, is that if engage in this
attitude, and you happen to meet a woman who
you find attractive but who plays this game on
YOU, you say to yourself “I can WIN this game”
when in reality the very INSTANT you make
the mental decision to ENGAGE in this behavior,
you ALREADY have demoted your self-esteem.

If a woman insults you, or abuses you, and you
try to “WIN” or “one up” against her, you are
ALREADY saying to yourself that she is
WORTH engaging.

You are saying that SHE IS WORTH IT.

Rather than saying YOU ARE WORTH MORE

So it destroys your self-esteem, and without that,
you have NOTHING, abso-freakin-lutely

So, the real key is to learn how to develop
rather than just attempting to destroy
HER belief in her value, which is
actually counter-productive.

This is I promote and teach REAL things.
For example, in my latest Actions For Attraction,
it dealt with actually learning how to REGULATE
your INTERNAL STATE even under the stress
of approaching a woman who is a total stranger.

The things taught in that CD will actually have
MEASURABLE results, scientifically.

Your improved state can be MEASURED, by
all kinds of things, from your heart rate under
pressure to the actual BRAIN WAVES given

What I teach is not marketing hyperbole hogwash.

That’s why it takes so long for me to create
major new products. my Warrior Within Program
is still in production, but I can’t wait for you
to get it when it’s finally ready.

And I am massively proud of the products that
I have created to truly help men improve this
area of their lives called “meeting, attracting,
and keeping a great woman.”

These programs don’t focus on the useless and
NEGATIVE stuff.  Instead, they focus on how

Not just “SEEM like a superior catch”.
Not just “seem” confident, but actually
BE that way.

Not just a player who has a few funny lines,
but a man who actually has WIT.

Not just a man who SEEMS interesting, but
a man who actually IS.

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Michael Marks

Friday, November 6, 2009

About Dominance

The reality is that 99% of what you read out there
 from supposed "experts" is warped and misguided.

This includes the whole idea of being dominant
with women.

Being dominant with women does not mean
you don’t show love for a woman.

In fact, if you ask the women who are most
turned on by dominance, it almost always
works with the thought that they know
deep down they are safe and can TRUST
that they are in good hands, and that they
LOVE the man who is being dominant
with them.

Dominance and masculinity go hand in hand,
and they have a lot to do with:

1. Having zero DOUBTS in your mind about
what you are doing, where you are leading

2. Having complete confidence that you will
succeed and get your way.

3. Being absolutely resolute in your values,
and that no woman could influence you or
make you weak in that way that causes you
to stray from your path.

In fact, women are so turned on by dominance,
that SOME women will even go so far as to
START arguments JUST to TRY to bring out
the MAN in you so you can show that you
will stand your ground and not just give in
to her.  And even “put her in her place”.

Now, the more dominant you are to begin with,
the less NEED she will have to do this.

So I just wanted to make it clear that dominance
has nothing to do with being a jerk, when done

The other thing to keep in mind is that not all
women feel the need for the SAME level of

Often, the more insecure a woman is, the LESS
dominance she will want, as it will scare her.

The more CONFIDENT a woman is, the more
important it is that you exude that dominance.

This should be a hint for you, regarding a lot of the
stereotypically attractive of the women out there,
in many ways they are very confident, and so it
becomes even more important that your dominance
shows clearly.

Here’s the thing though- even the most INSECURE
women STILL tend to want a man who is more
dominant than they are.  They don’t want to be
FRIGHTENED, but they still want a man who
is more dominant than THEY are.

There are tons of reasons for all this dominance
attraction, ranging from cultural conditioning to
possibly evolution as well, but again, remember
that NONE of this has to do with:

1. Feeling a need to CONTROL a woman.
(In fact, feeling a need to control a woman is
actually a sign of insecurity, and so this will
betray any dominance you try to show) 

2. It also has nothing to do with taking ADVANTAGE
of women.

I’m not just saying this, to sound “good” or “nice”.

The truth really is, that if a particular woman was
so submissive, you wouldn’t NEED to be dominant,
right? It would be so EASY, that there would be
nothing for you to DO.  She would just be jello
right from the get-go, since she is so submissive.

So don’t take this dominance thing to be a
suggestion that somehow women are inferior
or emotionally “weaker” than men.

What it REALLY is, is that a normal woman who
HAS CONFIDENCE wants to see that you are
“THE MAN” as I have been saying since day one,
and that you have NO PROBLEMS handling HER
or anything ELSE in your life, that you are in
control and will EMBRACE any fears or challenges
you need to.  You will not shy away from anything
out of fear.

The reality is that being a GREAT MAN, with heart,
with values, with kindness, while ALSO being a man
with UNBRIDLED DOMINANCE, is the most
POWERFUL combination for attracting a woman.

If you’d like to learn how to do THAT, then I suggest
you download my book IMMEDIATELY, at:

And I’ll see you again here soon.


Michael Marks

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