Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Power Of Truth With Women

One of the craziest things that can help
you with women is actually learning to

I know this sounds like the opposite
is the truth, but in reality, when people
speak TRUTH that most other people
don’t have the guts to say, it actually

It creates impact on many levels, it
can be DRAMATIC, it can be FUNNY,
it can be BOTH. It can be very, very

Sometimes the truth will get you a slap
in the face, but that’s part of the price
you have to pay to get a result all the
other times that it WORKS.

For example, if a woman says to you,
“you’re only interested in me for my body”
and you’ve just known her for five minutes,
if you were to actually respond with
“You know, right now, I AM only
interested in you for your body!”

Not only that, but this is also funny.
A LOT of women will LAUGH if
you say that, and they are not laughing
at you, they’re laughing at how
unbelievable your GUTS are.

Also, you could always THEN follow up
with “I’ve only known you for five minutes,
so hopefully there will be MORE to like
as I get to know you.”

ENTERTAINMENT that elicit emotional
responses from us MUST resonate as
true, otherwise their impact is weak.

I'm not not talking about the genre,
i.e. sci-fi or action or drama etc,
I'm talking about the overall feeling
just felt FALSE.

Similarly, when you speak with a woman,
it’s not like you have to speaking in terms
of statistics and facts and 100% reality,
but rather the OVERALL MESSAGE

It’s interesting, this level of honesty is POWERFUL.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first met his future
wife, he told her she had a nice ass, and he said
this to her mom. This is looooooooong before
he ever was Governor and it was before he even
reached his peak level of fame as Hollywood star.

If you’re out on a date, and a woman says
“Hey, were you checking out my ass?
say “Yes I was” without apology.

It’s actually a turn-on for a lot of women
to meet a guy who is so sure of himself
and so not afraid to say what’s on his
mind and not apologetic about it.

Now, it’s important not to be IGNORANT.
There’s nothing worse than a guy who speaks
his mind but is completely off his rocker and
makes no sense and is telling lies.

Otherwise, though, unbridled honesty
is extremely powerful.

And if you’re reading this right now, I
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Most guys think being funny is about
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Using Intrigue To Attract A Woman

Humor isn’t the ONLY thing you can use
with women.  You can be INTRIGUING

Here's one example:
If she works in the cologne or perfume department,
or if she’s a woman shopping there, you can speak
to her about how interesting it must be to capture
the essence of things through only an aroma or scent.

And you can talk to her and ask her, if there was
a perfume or cologne called MONEY, would it

And you could take it in a MILLION directions that
are awesome from there…for example, you could
ask her…what does she feel are the scents that
should represent WHO she is in terms of her

You could speak about which scents best represent
you, and you could actually combine humor with
intrigue here as well.

Till next time...
Michael Marks