Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If you think about it, it’s pretty obvious
that in general, the biggest difference
between what men and what women
use to attract each other is that MEN
try to use social status, and women try
to use their looks.

So men do everything they can to show
confidence, power, accomplishment,
social leadership, etc.


Women try to accentuate their looks
by wearing makeup, wearing the right
clothes, going on diets, emphasizing
certain body parts or areas, etc.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t overlap,
as men also try to look their best, and
women also try to show they are “cool”.

But in terms of the greater EMPHASIS,
men tend to use more social status, women
tend to use more looks.

The other thing to remember, is that women
AND men are motivated by social status
more than anything.  So women feel
they get increased social status from
looking their best.

You can see this in every society
on earth, whatever that particular
society says is a sign of being
a person who is “important” is what
those people will STRIVE for and feel
really BAD about if they CAN’T be
in that level of “importance”.

It doesn't matter whether it’s
having two more sheep in your herd,
(so the fact one guy has twenty
and the other has twenty-two)
or having a woman with a MUSTACHE.

(Yes, there are cultures where women
are considered HOTTER if they have
a mustache, and if they don’t have
a real one, they PAINT one on!!)

It’s important to realize how ARBITRARY
the STATUS indicators usually are.

What is NOT arbitrary is the human need
to FEEL worth, and we tend to feel worth
based on what OTHER people think of us.

Now, before you jump and say “Hey, not
me” the thing to remember is that it doesn’t
have to be what EVERYONE thinks of
you, but whoever YOU think is important.

So as a child, it’s parents, then friends,
then the dominant social personalities,
and hopefully at a young age you get the
approval you need so that you aren’t
as needy for the other forms of social
approval later, but we all still want it
to some degree, even the strongest of us.

The main thing to remember though is that
the things that show status are very
ARBITRARY in the sense they have
little to do with practical value.

So why is it that a lot of men and women
want to drive a four wheel drive, ALL-TERRAIN
SUV vehicle when they are always on regular
concrete roads and don’t even have kids so
they don’t need a large vehicle?

Because it’s a status symbol.

By the way, I’m not judging anyone here,
just saying how the mind works.

Why do women paint the mustache on themselves
in other parts of the world?

Arbitarily, that society has deemed it “good”
or “attractive” and the man with such a woman
has elevated status compared to a man with
a woman with no mustache.

Psychologists have determined that NOT
getting social approval AT ALL would
be more painful than PHYSICAL TORTURE.

The negative effect on our self-esteem

This is all VERY IMPORTANT to remember
as we continue here.

We are all, by human design, part of this.

This is why I say, that if you can truly
give a woman the gift of self-esteem,
she will be yours forever.

Women are actually under more pressure
to fit social approval than men are. 

That's why you'll notice that women
in general are more concerned about
what people think of them.

One POWERFUL WAY of giving a
woman the gift of self-esteem is by

And even the most beautiful woman
in the world has her own insecurities
regarding status.

The crazy thing about social status is that
beyond the basic foundation of love, the
rest of the social status race never really
ends, and in fact, the more you chase it,
the more you want even more, the hungrier
you get for more, the less secure you feel,
because you become more and more reliant
on the external which gives back very little.

But you can’t TELL a woman this and
expect to get the best results, as it’s
LOGICAL TALK, and human beings
don’t really emotionally respond to
cold logic.

Human beings respond when their EMOTIONS
get tapped.

So if you could help a woman see the
99% of things, in a way that actually
got her LAUGHING, ahhhhh now
THEN you are getting THROUGH
and she is understanding on a very
PRIMAL LEVEL, which she is also

And of course, the key is ALSO to make
sure that you YOURSELF see this comedy
in 99% of things, as you can’t make other
people feel things that you yourself don’t
feel when it comes to this kind of comedy.

The entire insecurity around STATUS is
DEMOLISHED the second you are
genuinely LAUGHING.

What woman hungers for more than anything
is to FEEL GOOD.

But it’s not enough to just be FUNNY.

If a woman feels you are trying to make
her laugh because YOU need HER
approval, you will obviously not inspire
the emotion of BEING FREE FROM

And this is where some guys make the mistake
of thinking they have to be MEAN-SPIRITED
or ARROGANT in their humor with women.

I often tell guys who are starting out,
to avoid SELF-DEPRECATING humor
because it often comes out of a neediness
for approval and being willing to do
anything for a laugh.

can work if it’s CLEAR from your tonality
that you aren’t seeking APPROVAL and
that you don’t care if other people love
your jokes or not.

In fact, it can work SUPREMELY WELL
when mastered.  It can make a woman

The best kind of humor is motivated by
a desire to entertain YOURSELF and
ALSO others, you ENJOY making other
people laugh, you WANT other people
to feel good, but you ALSO personally
enjoy it for YOURSELF, it’s funny
to YOU, so you don’t NEED the
approval that much.

This is slightly more advanced, but when
this kind of self-deprecating humor is used,
it often IMMEDIATELY makes a woman
warm up to you because it shows her that
she can let HER guard down too.

So now you both can RELAX AND TRULY
with each other, rather than having
to “act” confident!

And nothing, nothing on earth, is
a greater aphrodisiac than feeling

Eliminate the insecurities and the slavery
to social status, and she feels AMAZING
around you.

When you master the RIGHT kind of comedy
skills, you can DESTROY status insecurities
in an instant, because NOTHING is so “cool”
that it can’t be DEMOLISHED in an instant
with COMEDY.

In fact, you’ll notice that people who are so
stuck up on themselves and how “important
and serious and cool they are”, are actually
NOT cool, and make a lot of people laugh.

Well, the reality is that the ENTIRE status
race is ALL about trying to be cool, and
with COMEDY you can point out the
HILARITY in all of it, thereby FREEING
a woman from all that tension and stress
and torture – and THIS is why in real
life, a lot of guys who have THIS kind
of humor are EXTREMELY successful
with women.

And this is where you’re in extreme luck.

I’ve just finished a MIND-BLOWING
interview that will reveal how YOU
can use these PARTICULAR skills
of comedy to BYPASS the status
race and attract women INSTANTLY.

The man in this interview could have
his real life story be the screenplay of
an entire movie. In fact, his story was
featured in a New York Times bestseller,
and his comedy is experienced every
week by thousands of devoted fans
all over the globe.

This man truly knows the pain of at one
time not being successful with women at
ALL. In fact, he was a virgin until 26
years old, never kissed a girl before that,
and also had to deal with some other
remarkable challenges as well- and yet
he eventually became one of the most
skilled men on the PLANET with women.

I can attest to this as I have not only seen
him successfully approach and attract women
who were total strangers while just casually
hanging out with him, but he also served as
a guest instructor at one of my live workshops
where guys learn in person how to approach
and attract women in real time.

This interview is GOLD.

Not only did he share his brilliant insights
into these particular comedy skills, but
because the interview ITSELF is often
damn funny, your entire LEARNING
experience will be MORE powerful,
because I believe we learn best not just
from “book learning” but also from
EXPERIENCING. In this interview,
you will FEEL and EXPERIENCE
these comedy skills as well.

These skills will attract a woman to you
faster than anything else on earth, we’re
talking SECONDS here.

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Be cool,

Michael Marks

Monday, June 28, 2010


Being a REAL MAN is not always easy,
but's it's always sexy.

Being a REAL MAN means there aren't
always "easy way outs" or gimmicks to
solve issues.

So for example, all the way back in 2003,
in my first book, "The Dating Wizard",
I use a principle I coined being "THE MAN"
several thousands of times throughout the
book and in my newsletters.

I use this term as an approach to doing things,
the masculine way of going about things when
it comes to women and life in general, and how
this naturally is attractive to women.

In order for a woman to feel feminine,
it's crucial that you behave in a way that
is masculine, as this polarity brings out
her femininity.

This concept of being THE MAN sometimes
get distorted by supposed "experts" who are
always cooking up some gimmicky "Get the
babes with my EASY strategy" type thing.

If only that worked, I would be the first one
to tell you.

There's another thing I need to make clear:

Some people think it's important to know the
CAUSE of your approach anxiety if you want
to destroy it.

This is, put simply, wrong.

You can spend ten thousand years in the
psychologist's chair trying to figure out
WHY you are a certain way, but when
it comes to beating approach anxiety,
figuring out the WHY is NOT really
relevant or required for SOLVING
the anxiety.

(In fact, a good psychologist already
knows this and would not waste time
on that.)

For example, let's say a guy started smoking
cigarrettes as a young adult due to PEER
PRESSURE.  Or due to wanting to experiment
with cigarettes.

Now, the guy is ADDICTED to cigarettes.

He needs to get over the CHEMICAL ADDICTION

It doesn't matter anymore HOW he got into this mess,
talking about things like peer pressure and not giving
into peer pressure, or whatever, is actually NOT
the main thing here for getting over NICOTINE

Similarly, the things that caused or are causing the
approach anxiety (the anxiety of approaching
a woman who is a stranger to get to know her)
are NOT that important to figure out.

Let's say the issue that caused him to get
into smoking and get addicted was originally
peer pressure and lack of self-esteem--well,
even if we now help his self-esteem and boost
it into the STRATOSPHERE, it doesn't change
the fact he is still ADDICTED TO NICOTINE!!!

What is important to do now is end the chemical

And similarly, in a way, what is causing the approach
anxiety is a DIFFERENT kind of chemical "storm"
going on in the mind that is actually causing the
anxiety.  Remember, ALL emotions are nothing but
chemicals in the mind, whether released naturally
or otherwise.

And to change the chemical state of the anxiety, it is
CRUCIAL to, in your mind, slowly EMBRACE THE FEARS,
even the worst case scenarios, playing them in your mind
over and over again, till they become dull and boring. 

This changes the CHEMICAL STORM in your mind
to a different chemical reaction, one that feels a
hell of a lot better and allows you to see the
situation in a far more empowering perspective.


Rather than the illusion of the "easy way out" gimmicks,
this is the REAL way.

And this is just the beginning of the process,
it's explained in full depth in my program called
"Obliterating Approach Anxiety", which I SERIOUSLY
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I have made this program is available to you via
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listening to it in MINUTES from now, and be
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So don't waste precious time on the wrong
strategies for solving approach anxiety. 

Get the REAL goods and start enjoying all
the world of opportunity right NOW.

It's summer and there are TONS of women
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Till next time,
Michael Marks

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting The Right Woman/The Attraction PARADOX

Getting the RIGHT woman is very different
than just getting any woman. It's also
more important than most men realize.

The wrong woman will ruin you faster than
anything else on earth.

Yet, ironically, in order to be READY to get  a great
woman, the first thing is to give yourself and your
emotions a FRESH start- you can't let the
baggage of the negative experiences pull down
your personality, your vibe, your passion.

Let us start, in the words of Linkin Park,
by creating a "NEW DIVIDE", and then
begin with new crucial info.

When I first started wanting to date
girls, one of the greatest challenges to
me was sorting out all the OPPOSITE
messages I got in terms of what it is that
women really want.

So for example, I would hear women
say things like “he’s so immature” in
a negative way, and then I would think
the answer is to be very SERIOUS and

But then I would see the same girl cracking
UP LIKE CRAZY to the outrageous antics
of some of the guys in school, like this guy
who actually flashed this girl at school,
and the guy wasn’t particularly great looking
either. And she thought it was hilarious.

So it all seemed really confusing.
There were the guys who were arrogant
who girls said they didn’t like, but constantly
talked about, so it seemed like in reality they
did like these guys.

And there were even some “nice” guys who
seemed to do alright with women as well,
contrary to popular belief.

And then you have dating gurus and pick up
artists who SWEAR by their methods, which
range from strategically lowering a woman's
high self-esteem, to “experts” who say it’s
all about speaking to her “natural woman”,
to “experts” who insist the answer is to
use tantric yoga and sing mantras together.

So are you ready for the real truth?





And all the above must be in the right
AMOUNTS, at the right TIME.

These things used in the wrong amounts
and at the wrong time will DESTROY
attraction, and that is the paradox.

Let’s get into how to do it RIGHT:


Maturity indeed IS attractive, when it’s NOT
THROWN IN HER FACE all the time.

So, for example, it’s mature to get an education
if you can, it’s mature to get some kind of job,
it’s mature to not make fun of the helpless,
it’s mature to go up to her and chat rather
than whistle cat-calls, etc.

It’s NOT mature to go on and on about SERIOUS things,
in a conversation with a woman you just met.

In fact, this is often a sign of insecurity, as
my best friend pointed out, that some people
will talk about negative things even if they
know it bothers you, just to make themselves
seem important, because bad news tends to
catch people's attention.

(By the way, I'm not saying EVERYONE
who says negative things is trying to
feel important, I'm just talking about
people who almost seem like they
want YOU to worry, when they
themselves aren't really all that
worried about it.)

It’s NOT mature to talk about yourself too much,
unless she asks. It’s NOT mature to show off your
accomplishments, as this also shows insecurity.

If you were to start a conversation with a woman
with something light, perhaps even funny, as
I suggest with my “disarm and charm” approach,
a woman will laugh and open up and NOT think
that you are immature, she will just understand
that you have well-honed social skills in this area.

Maturity is that silent thing that’s THERE behind the
scenes, and comes up when REQUIRED.

So for example, let’s say everyone in some social
gathering has turned the conversation into a gossip-fest,
so you tactfully say you have to use the restroom and

You just might come back to find that the
best quality woman has also excused herself
and has found a kindred spirit in you.

Let’s say a woman is with you and she’s making fun
of someone who is helpless, you tactfully let her know
that you’re not fond of that kind of humor.

For example,you might say:

“Do you think maybe that woman has some kind
of problem that’s causing her be in that

This will often show a woman that the way to
impress you is not by stepping on other people,
but by showing compassion and integrity.

If you’re at a party and every guy is slobbering over
some woman, if you’re mature and you’re
attracted to her, you realize that every guy
has already tried every pick up tactic in the
book on her, and your best bet is to just
walk up to her and say hi, and see what
her personality is like from the way she
chats with you.

Remember, starting a chat is very easy,
it can be as simple as asking her what she
thought of a recent popular event, i.e.
a certain really close soccer/football game,
or even a certain popular new comedy movie.

Maturity means you realize that she already
knows you are trying to chat her up, and that’s
OKAY, there’s nothing to be ashamed of,
and she will be ATTRACTED to this mentality.


Now, the thing is, sometimes, guys who are mature,
they forget about the importance of what I like to

You don’t have to be a rock star to have “rock star passion”.

By rock star passion, I mean the UNBRIDLED PASSION
for things in your life that brings CHARISMATIC ENERGY
to your overall demeanor in everything you do.

When you are doing things that you LOVE in your life,
it makes you a different person to be around, it changes
your entire “VIBE”.

It makes you feel a natural high, so that you are
instinctively making comments that are FUNNIER,
WITTIER, and that have more spark to them, all
because your INTERNAL STATE is feeling so
CHARGED. You can’t fake this, but you CAN
start this MOMENT thinking about what you
would ENJOY doing and how you can take
making that a reality.

I know it’s not easy for everyone, especially if you’re
“locked” into a job that takes endless hours that you are
bored of, but if that’s the case, you need to gradually
and SERIOUSLY change your situation to get into
something that either allows you more free time to
do what you DO love, or the career itself is something
you find challenging and satisfying, or both.

Now, sometimes you have the guys who are
maturity, and EVERYTHING is about
the party, the fun, the drinking, and the
with zero thought of the long term or
the maturity of anything.

That might get a guy some mileage
in a wild club where everyone is drunk,
but it won't get a great girlfriend that
lasts.  It may very well attract the
kind of woman who will end up
being a nightmare- because she
is attracted only to this dimension
of the human personality.

So again, it’s about maturity AND rock star
passion. If you have no goals that really
ENERGIZE you and fill you with zest
for life, it’s time to get some new goals.

Before moving on to the next part of this


In many ways, this is really the most important
one of all. In my Attraction Mastery Program,
I explain that “If you can give a woman the
gift of self-esteem, she will be yours forever.”

It’s true.
And guess what?
You don't do this by approaching her out of the
blue with a big smile.

You also don't do this by trying to insult her
in some attempt to lower her self esteem
as a form of control.

In fact, one of the greatest ironies to me is that
I see tons of guys trying to learn how to “razz”
women who are attractive, by saying things like
“did you brush your teeth today?” to negate these
women’s self-esteem in the hope that this
will make the woman feel “lower down
on the totem pole” and thus feel more on
an equal level to the guy.

The problem with this, is that all this achieves
is pissing off the woman, which some guys
interpret as, “Hey I got her attention!!! Wow!!!”

This kind of thing only sews the seeds for
the guy’s own destruction, especially if he
did it on purpose, because if he did it on
purpose, it means he truly did not feel
secure enough to talk to the woman
WITHOUT using this warped stuff.

This lack of feeling secure enough will
then be poor insulation against the
that the woman will subtly unleash back
on the guy, and because she’s most likely
very attractive, she can see the insult
from a mile away, and thus she won’t
be hurt much by it, but it will piss
her off just enough for her to carefully
orchestrate her revenge in a way that
will hurt most.

Whereas if the guy really does talk in
insensitive ways, he’s used to all sorts
of negative reactions and doesn’t care.

He doesn’t get very far with women and
doesn’t want to, and doesn’t have very close
relationships with anybody.

Also, allowing the manipulative mentality
into your repertoire is destructive for your
mindset with this woman, as it means from
the beginning, you were having to rely on
making her feel bad rather than on making
her simply feel you are amazing.

Sooner or later, if you make a woman feel
a lack of validation, she will just go elsewhere
to get that validation.  So it's really a no-win
situation when you try to lower a woman's
sense of self-esteem. 

If a woman is truly stuck up, all it means is
she's so insecure (and believe it or not
sometimes a woman who is very beautiful
can still be very insecure) that she feels the
need to be stand-offish, and I suggest you
move on to another woman who is more
fun to be with.

Now, all this does NOT mean that you should
kiss up to women either. It just means you
should restrain yourself from jumping to the
HALO effect and worshiping a woman and
thinking she is so great on the inside just
because she looks great on the outside.

She MIGHT be great on the inside, but that’s
for you to find out. Your job is to be secure
enough in yourself and in your personality,
your personal accomplishments, to go up
and talk to her and find out what she’s
about and enjoy the conversation.

The gift of self-esteem is far more PRECIOUS
today than it has EVER been.

Abraham Maslow, the famous psychologist,
discovered that once people have the basic
needs met of survival and shelter, after that
the thing that people REALLY want is

In other words, STATUS.

A long time ago, people were born rich or
poor, and they STAYED that way.

Now, in one way that sucked, but on the other
hand, most people didn’t feel this need to
get STATUS in order to feel complete.

They KNEW they weren’t going to get status.
And a lot of people also KNEW that the ruling class
weren’t particularly DESERVING of it, so amongst
all the poor people there was a certain feeling of
“we’re all equal, and we all have equal status”.

People didn't feel it's their own FAULT
for not having "socially high status".

That was in a time when it was a big deal to have

But NOW, people have MORE THAN EVER,
yet also feel more "ripped off" and more of a
"loser" than ever because they feel they are
not getting the status they EXPECTED
they would get.

When people feel they LACK ADEQUATE STATUS,
they realllllly realllllly are unhappy.

And this hits the self-esteem HARD.

It’s also interesting that people don’t feel jealous
of the guy who is WAYYY up the “status totem pole”,
so most guys don’t feel jealousy for Bill Gates,
because the mind sees that as being so far out of
their own leagues, it’s not worth the bother of
worrying about it. But the guy who has a slightly
bigger house, who went on a slightly fancier
vacation, or who has some other sort of bullpoo
arbitrary thing that really makes no difference
to life, THAT drives a lot of people, including
a lot of women, CRAZY.

Now, on one hand, it seems MEN are the worst
culprits of this, in the sense they start WARS
for this crazy shit, but women do it in another
way…they tend to seek ENDLESS OTHER
feel “worthy”.

So I’ll give you a little hint- the best women
I’ve ever met were spiritual but not religious.
They were more readily able to detach their
sense of self-esteem from endless status
symbols than other women, and these
women also tended to be more fun
in general.

This does not mean it’s as simple as going
to a yoga class to meet one of these women,
as today, going to yoga has become unfortunately
for many women a STATUS SYMBOL ITSELF!

But it’s definitely not the worst place to go
to meet women.

So, getting back to the main point, you
want to not HARM a woman’s self-esteem,
you want to STRENGTHEN it, you want
to help her find it, reinforce it, make it

There is never a problem on this planet that
comes from a person who truly feels a sense of
self-esteem. This is a gift that comes back to
you as well, of course, as the more esteem
a person feels, the less drama and problems
they will be attracted to or start.

And of course, the first step in giving
a woman the gift of self-esteem is
giving it to yourself. You have to know
something for real, for yourself, before
you can give it or teach it.

Also, I suggest you don’t go for women
who are a long way from feeling self-esteem
already, as you can’t change someone, but
you can ENHANCE a woman’s sense of
self-esteem by giving her even MORE of

Self-esteem is INFINITE, you can never
have too much, and you can never give
her too much either. Just make sure
this woman is worthy of such a great
form of giving from you.

The first step I suggest you take with a
woman who is worried about not being
enough (and I assure you, she probably
feels she is not enough, whether she is
not the actress she wished she would be,
the singer she wished she would be, the
doctor, the denstist, the lawyer, the
teacher, the mother, the daughter,
the friend, it goes on forever) is ask her
what would happen if she IMAGINED that
she WAS enough even WITHOUT all those
things? Just to IMAGINE it. She doesn’t
have to change anything, just ask her to

This is just a very precursory step, the
beginning of the beginning, but it’s a step.

And of course, if you haven't done this
on yourself, do it for yourself as well.

Also, I suggest you help her find all the
GENUINELY amazing things she HAS
done and does, that she doesn’t even
give herself any credit for.

In a world that is suffering from lower
self-esteem than EVER because of the
endless “status race”, it is even MORE
FEEL SELF-ESTEEM, she will see
and feel this esteem even STRONGER
than she normally would because of

Now, this newsletter has just touched
the broad strokes, I would love to get
in terms of how to best DO all of this!

And if you're reading this now, I suggest
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Be cool,

Michael Marks

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five Secret Keys To Success With Women

If you want the TRUTH on how to get over
approach anxiety, how to attract a woman
once you've approached her, and how to
KEEP her, here it is: 


The best way to get rid of any obsessive
FEAR is NOT to try to convince yourself
that there is nothing to fear.

If you are afraid of approaching a woman
because of concerns about any of the
following things:

-She might laugh at you
-Others might see you "fail"
-You might get arrested
-You are worried what you yourself might
feel in terms of the anxiety
-Any OTHER fear regarding approaching
women or advancing towards getting physical

Well, the reality is that you should actually
NOT try to do the typical “think positive
and don't even think about the negative”

All that does is constantly make you
worry about “WHAT IF THE REALITY

And that kind of anxiety will freeze you up
and prevent you from doing anything.

So, instead, allow the ENTIRE NEGATIVE

That’s right, in your imagination, see
THE FULL HORROR of whatever the
image is of what can happen, see it in
your mind, feel it in your body, feel your
muscles clenching up, your body sweating,
your heart racing, head feeling dizzy,

This takes a tremendous amount of courage,
but the cool thing is that it works.

Allow ALLL the negative thoughts to come
in, experience it ALL. Don’t repress ANY
of it.

This is NOT easy.

But it’s the ONLY way to BEAT the fear,
and it’s a hell of a lot EASIER than a life
of giving into this fear.

To quote that KICK-ASS song from
Rocky IV, “There’s No Easy Way Out”.

The thing to remember, this is
the ONLY way out. The other
'La-La Land' advice just doesn't
work in the real world.


You may have to do this for an hour a day,
for several weeks, and in the first few minutes
you will feel WORSE than before, but then it
starts to get BETTER and BETTER .

The pain is worth it, compared to a life-time
of getting NOWHERE and suffering at the
same time.

Remember, when it comes to this issue,
the “THINK POSITIVE” gurus have
unfortunately been misguided. They’re
nice guys though, some of them anyway.

Instead, this “thinking positive” stuff can
actually be a form of FEAR itself, FEAR
to even FACE the possibility of accepting
the “DangerZone” thought--This takes
more guts than trying to convince yourself
that everything MUST be fine no matter what.

If you can just ALLOW YOUR MIND
“DANGER ZONE”, you can then learn
to LIVE quite WELL with that possible
'nightmare situation possibility',
and actually THIS will allow
you to RELAX and stop thinking
about it, and NOW to truly
BE POSITIVE for real rather
than just wishing you can
be positive, and now you will
be far more empowered to actually

All because you now TRULY don’t care
that much about the nightmare situation
or doomsday scenario you had regarding
approaching this woman or any other woman.

Don't avoid mentally and emotionally flying
into the scary thoughts that you repressed,
don't avoid the danger zone. 



It does no good to suddenly be STRUCK
with fear when you see a woman you want
to approach, but if you PREDICT IT
AHEAD OF TIME, it won’t take you by

The 'SURPRISE ATTACK' part of the fear
is a big part of what screws everything up.

Instead, before leaving your home in the
morning, PREDICT that you will see
a woman and you will get a MASSIVE

THIS way, when it happens, it will NOT
be a surprise, and it will probably
be a lot LESS than you expected.

Since you will be ready for it, you
can actually KNOW CONSCIOUSLY that
all these fear emotions are DISTORTING
your perception, and making you think
something horrible is going on.

Most people are not aware of their
own emotions, they just follow
them blindly.

They are not even aware that it IS
an emotion, they think what they
FEEL must a GOOD indicator of
whether the situation is good or not.

But you will be AWARE this is just
an EMOTION that is distorting your

KNOWING that this is all a distortion is

You knew in ADVANCE that you would feel
these negative emotions, and you planned in
ADVANCE that you would take action ANYWAY.

Like everything else in life, being PREPARED
is a huge part of what results in success.


If you have NO plan, you will do NOTHING.

So make sure that you PLAN to take action
even while feeling fear, so that you don’t
follow INSTINCT, because the instinct
when feeling fear is to NOT do anything.

Here's a plan for taking charismatic action:

One of my favorite concepts is my
“Disarm and Charm” strategy, where
you bring her back into positive
childhood memories together with YOU.

By bringing her back to positive childhood
feelings, you disarm her, and by then
allowing her to escape serious adult
limitations on fun, and getting her to
have fun together with you, you also
charm her.

The key is to do it all in a playful
and mischievous way:

For example, if you see her in the
cereal aisle in the supermarket, you
can go up to her and have this “devious”
look on your face and tell her, “Hey,
ever think about all the PRIZES that
are right inside these cereal boxes
right in front of us now?”

When she responds with whatever she says, you
can tell her “You know, if you provide me the
cover, I might share some of them with you”.

Chances are she will GET it, and laugh and
not only will she provide you with a response,
but because she is in a good mood now, she

You could also link back to childhood
cartoons, for example, you could go up
to her and say, “You know I just heard
the wackiest thing (pause)- They’re
actually making a LIVE ACTION movies of
the SMURFS!! Do you remember that show?”

She will probably say something like,
“No way! When does it come out??
I used to watch that as a kid and
had the dolls! Is this for real?"

And you can always joke back and say,
‘It's for real, I’m not smurfing!”

You could also playfully accuse her of still
living in the Smurf world and that she still
goes home to play with them or watch it on
DVD, etc.

And as the chat progresses, you can always say,
“We should smurf sometime” and then accuse
her of having a dirty mind and tell her you meant,
“We should talk”!

So now you actually have a CHARISMATIC
plan of action.


Emotional impact is stronger when it’s
NOT direct.

Notice how humor is stronger, (“We
should smurf sometime”) and drama
is stronger, and in fact all emotions
are stronger when the listener must
be involved in having to make part
of the connection himself or herself.

So, for example, if you were a principal
speaking to a group of 13-14 year old kids
graduating from school, and you wanted
them to NOT become delinquents and rather
to become outstanding members of society,
you wouldn’t SAY those actual words.

You might say the following story a
a principal once described:

“I once met this boy who went to boarding
school for high school, where many students
liked to come to his room to talk.

He put a sign on his door that said:

“If you have nothing to do...don’t do it here.”

When you hear this, you have to make
the connection yourself, which makes
you take an INTERACTIVE PART in the
message now. This makes it STRONGER.

The message of “Time is precious,
don’t waste it”, is stronger when
told indirectly.

Similarly, if you’re talking to a woman,
you want to create emotions in her,
not boredom. And you will create
emotions by making her have to
make connections. The key is
to make the connections WORTH
her effort.

You can use this not only to enhance
the SERIOUSNESS of a point, but
also to enhance HUMOR:

So for example, let’s say you’re in
line at the bank, and she’s in front
of you, but she turns around to see
the clock, or to see something else,
you can playfully MISINTERPRET
this on purpose, and tell her,
“Pleased to meet you” as IF she was
trying to flirt with you.

She’ll make the connection in her mind
of the point you are making.

Or you could say:

“You can just say hi,  it’s cool.”

She might ask what you meant, and it’s cooler
if you DON'T totally give it away, so you might
then say “It’s fine for a woman to turn around
and check a guy out, but if you keep it up
I’m going to feel like piece of meat!”.

This is much better than just telling
a woman that you like her or any
of the other things that she’s heard
a million times to which she has been
desensitized to as a result.

Powerful messages are indirect.


Be your own best friend.
It’s really crazy how we often are
our own worst enemies.

If you catch yourself criticizing yourself,
realize you are probably having a standard
for yourself that is WAY higher than you
even put on others.

Self-esteem IS attractive.

There is a famous true story told by a
woman who was one of the lovers of
Ian Fleming, the man who wrote the
James Bond novels, and who in many
ways was a James Bond type figure

Before ever sleeping with him, she was
upset at him for being with too many
women. She said to him “You, sir,
are a cad.” His reply to her was
(I’m paraphrasing) “You’re right,
let’s have a drink on it.”

Of course, she ended up falling hard for
him, and sleeping with him.

The point of this is not to suggest
you should sleep with many women,
the point is that massive self-esteem
and self-belief is universally attractive
to all women.

So, from now on, anything any woman
says to you, just interpret it ALL as a
compliment, you can never lose this way.

Interpret it as a compliment not only
in your OWN mind, but actually
VERBALIZE it to her as well.

So for example, if she says:

“You’re trying to pick me up, aren’t you?”

The best thing to reply would be:

“Yes, what makes you so lucky?”

This is actually TWO attractive things
you are doing here at once.  Not only are
you interpreting it as a compliment that she
is lucky to have a guy like you chatting to her,
but it’s ALSO you “going with the flow” and
not arguing with her.

When you interpret things as compliments,
you automatically go with the flow AND
show value at the same time.

Arguing never works, it breaks down the momentum,
it ruins the vibe, it shows insecurity.

But interpreting it all as a compliment
and going with the flow works like magic.

And if you’re reading this right now, I
assure you that as informative as this
article is, this is just the BEGINNING.

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Michael Marks

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Three Steps For Keeping A Conversation Going With A Woman

Keeping a conversation going with a woman,
especially when she woman is a total
stranger, can seem overwhelming, but the
solution is breaking it down into a few
small and easy steps.

Have you ever approached a woman,
managed to work up the guts to SAY
something, and then the conversation
didn't LAST? Maybe you said some
comment about the book she was
holding, or the drink she was having,
or maybe it was a compliment.

She smiles, and then you have nothing
really POWERFUL to get her hooked
into wanting to talk to you more.

If this has happened to you, you are not
alone, it's one of the most common issues
when trying to approach a woman and get
her number, email, etc.

Here are the STEPS to solving this problem:

Step One.

1. The first thing you want to do is to
realize that about 99% of the conversation
material can often come not from YOU but
from HER!

Step Two.

2. Yes, and the way this works is by truly
LISTENING to what she says in REPLY
to you. Listening not only with open
ears, but also with an open heart, meaning
that you GENIUNELY are listening to
hear her.

Step Three.

3.Now, the thing is, in order to prompt
a meaningful reply from her to your
original statement, you want to make an
opening statement that actually has some
MEAT in it, something that is worthy of
actually getting a reply.

The key for this to work BEST is to NOT
be FAKE about the topic you choose to open.

Choose something that YOU are genuinely
interested in, that is also upbeat, inspiring,
or meaningful.

You can go in with MANY different angles,
and there is absolutely an angle that is consistent
with your personality so that you are not acting
like someone else.

So, for example, if you were the kind of guy
who is very interested in living an inspired
life, in feeling that your life has meaning,
in making the MOST of everyday, etc,
then you might say something like this
to a woman in a bookstore: "Hi there,
can you answer this question- what
do you think of the phrase "Don't die
with the song still in you"????

NOW, if she asks you what you mean,
this is FANTASTIC, because it gives
you another chance to talk MORE but
more importantly it is you giving value
to HER, which is the name of the game.

So, you can continue with something like
this: "What if we all spent our lives doing
things that we didn't really love but we
thought we had to do, and then right
at the end we found out that all those
things were just LIE and we never let
our "song" out, the thing we were meant
to do?"

Now, THIS is meaty stuff, it's got tons
of potential. She can not only reply to
this in detail, but you can LISTEN to
what she is saying and really pay
attention and then be able to give
BACK meaningful conversation as

The genius behind this is that now
you are LISTENING to HER, which
makes HER feel awesome, and yet
she is talking to you about something
that you care about, so none of this is
fake. You can can go on an on about
this for hours. And this leads to
DEEP connection, which means
mo more FLAKY number or
emails- girls only flake because
they don't feel a sense of connection.

That's why they don't answer emails
or phone calls or don't give out


Now, let's say you are more of just
a happy go lucky guy that isn't really
that "deep" at least not in that way.

That's fine, it's all good. You can
THEN go in with a more humorous
angle, i.e. if you are in the supermarket
and you notice the same woman twice,
i.e. let's say you saw her in the fish
dept., then you see her in the cereal
aisle, you can give her this mischievous
look and say "Hey, are you following me?
I'm getting nervous!"

And if she says "Noooo, what makes you
say that??" You can reply with "well
for all I know you want to raid my
grocery cart here, I got all the low-fat
yogurt on special today and you just
want to take one out of my cart!"

Even here, in this situation though, the
key is to open with something that is
MEATY in the sense that you must light
the switches in her mind called

You can tell her that you bet she is one
of those healthy type women who is
all about good fitness and nutrition,
etc, which will either prompt her to
say that she IS or she ISN'T.

If she says she IS, then you can
now give her a sincere compliment for
that and tell her that with work or
school taking up so much time, it
takes a lot of discipline to do that.

And if she says she DOESN'T work
out or eat healthy, you can tease
her for not being honest, or you can
say she is being modest, and that she
can just open up with you, you are
just the official supermarket public
relations guy, and if she takes you
SERIOUSLY on that, that's even
MORE reason for you to have fun
and then you can pretend you are
asking her a serious survey question,
and then let her know you are totally

And THEN you can both get into
a "normal" conversation about things
like "what's your name" what do
you do, etc, because NOW she is
interested and you are interested
in knowing more about her.

What you have read is just the TIP
of the ICEBERG. This stuff works,
and I want you to see the FULL power
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Be cool,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fantasy Woman

Are you, or have you been, in the "fantasy woman" trap?

What I mean by this, is, have you ever been
hung up on an ex-girlfriend, or maybe a woman
that you weren't even together with,
but you just keep thinking about her?

You keep thinking about some woman,
maybe even AFTER you're still dating
other women???

You're not alone, in fact this is
one of the biggest things that
happens to guys, and I just got
an email about this, that I
thought would be great to share
here, along with my reply and


Hey Michael,

I bought your Seduction Mastery CD
program and have listened to the whole
program twice now, and it is absolutely
fantastic, and has definitely improved
my results with women, there was just
one question I had about a woman whom
I was briefly involved with but got away
due to external circumstances.

It's been a few months since I've seen her
but I still think about her a lot even though
I'm dating new women. How can I overcome
these thoughts of this old flame?

Chuck L., WI

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thank you for the kind words on the
Seduction Mastery program, it's great
to see you're getting results with

Regarding the repeated thoughts of this
old flame, the key for you here is to
become aware of what is actually
happening here:

1. Over time, you forget the hardships with
this old flame, and you instead focus on and
create a THEORETICAL version of the future
with her that you think you are currently
missing out on by not being with her.

2. Of course, of all the theoretical versions of
the future, your mind creates and chooses the

The mind will ALWAYS prefer this custom-made
FANTASY over ANY reality no matter how good
any reality is, FANTASY is always going to be
more instinctive and more seductive to your mind.

The human mind enjoys doing this, it has no joy
or reward from putting in all that energy to
create a realistic picture with all the flaws
that reality has, so instead it keeps going back
in your mind.

The mind is not conscious it is doing this, it
just creates the potential picture, and rather
than creating a flawed and realistic picture,
it creates the FANTASY picture.

3. So which one is your mind going to stick with?
The fantasy or the reality?

The FANTASY WOMAN that this real woman has
now BECOME in your mind, of course, since
it's more fun.

So what is happening right now is that you
are picturing this old flame in a way that is
fantasy-based as opposed to reality based.

4. Now, compare this FANTASY to any other
woman you go out with in REALITY.

There is absolutely no woman on earth in
REALITY who can ever, ever, EVER
match a FANTASY.

5. Now that you are aware of this, you can
start to realize where you are going off in
terms of what you are thinking about this
old flame, and slowly you’ll get back a
more real perspective not only logically,
but EMOTIONALLY where you start to
enjoy the REAL women in the real world
rather than the fantasy version of the one
that’s in your head.

And while we’re on the topic of the way
things work in the REAL WORLD, if
you want the REAL solution to conquering
‘Approach Anxiety’ so that you feel
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ANYWHERE, then you owe it to yourself
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This CD will show you the REAL way
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has nothing to do with “positive thinking”
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every man on earth would already have
solved this!

Rather, what you will learn is the ONLY
way where failure is IMPOSSIBLE.

If you follow the program, you WILL
beat approach anxiety. I warn you
though, one thing: This program is
NOT for boys, it’s for MEN.

In other words, this program is not about
learning cutesy pick up lines or tactics
that allow you to avoid any REAL internal

This program takes both GUTS as well

Let me be clear of what you have to gain

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Massively Important News

When you see a woman you are attracted
to, do you APPROACH her, or do you

Approach Anxiety is the most pervasive,
common challenge for men all across the
PLANET. All the most sophisticated
“attraction” tactics are USELESS if
you don’t actually make the APPROACH.

And the anxiety itself will ruin your state
of mind even if you think you had the most
brilliant or funny or interesting thing to say
to her. With a ruined state of mind, NOTHING
will work to attract a woman.

All that can finally CHANGE.

In my new CD for Actions For Attraction,
called “Obliterating Approach Anxiety”
I am revealing to you a genuinely
problem, FOREVER.

Those of you who know me, know that
I don’t exaggerate.

So when I say that NOBODY in the
dating field has EVER come up with
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In fact, I am one TRILLION percent
sure that the ENTIRE “seduction”
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because of this.

It’s going to make everything else look
like the STONE AGE.

The fact of the matter is, getting over
approach anxiety is taking a QUANTUM
LEAP FORWARD with what I am
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in fact unlike the other “wishful thinking”
advice that is given out there, what you
will learn on this CD happens to also be

More importantly, it's backed up by

I could have released this earlier,
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TESTED extensively and PROVEN
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It’s impossible for this advice to NOT work!

How much does this CD cost?
About 19 bucks, that’s IT.

It's really insane of me to do this,
I should be charging THOUSANDS.
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It's so that EVERY MAN will use this.

Even the most SKEPTICAL of guys
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If you don’t like it, you get back EVERY PENNY.
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As you can see, I clearly BELIEVE
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And of course, this comfort and
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