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Approach Women The EFFECTIVE Way

Get ready, because this time, I've gone
ALL OUT! A new video on the most effective
strategies for successfully approaching women-
it’s CRAMMED with awesome tips that you can
IMMEDIATELY put to use in the real world!

Over the years, the Real World Bootcamp has
constantly evolved, and lately it’s really been
mind-blowing watching the progress that men
have been making. In this newsletter, I’d like
to share some of the important insights that
make a massive difference in skyrocketing your
success in approaching women in ‘real world’
places like public transit, bookstores, coffee
shops, supermarkets, post offices, and tons
of other places!


One of the most powerful foundations for your
success in approaching women who are total
strangers is to do something that CONTRADICTS
most of the popular advice out there, which just
goes to prove that just because something is
trendy or popular does not necessarily make it

A lot of guys try to get ‘PUMPED-UP’ psychologically
before approaching a woman. The problem with this,
though, is that it puts you into an overly excited state,
and it puts too much PRESSURE on you.

Not only this, but this pressure is also SENSED by
the woman herself- she senses that you are on
adrenaline, and she doesn’t understand why.

To her, she doesn’t see any emergency going on,
so she starts to wonder “Why are you so pumped/

This pressure is now not only on yourself, but now
you are indirectly exerting a pressure on HER.

Human states of mind are CATCHY, and this
anxiety/adrenaline/nerves starts to make HER
feel nervous as well.

This is the LAST thing you want a woman who
is a TOTAL STRANGER to feel around you
before she even knows you at all!

This is why, I have seen over and over again,
how it is much better to do the OPPOSITE:

I want you to take on the perspective that

Not even the woman herself!

Success means nothing. Failure means nothing.
Everything is nothing.

It’s not bad, it’s not good. It’s all NOTHING.

You may find it helpful to picture in your mind
or an infinite BLUE SKY.

Just chillllllllllllllllllll.

I want you to COMPLETELY ABANDON all
ATTACHMENT to ANY outcome from this
interaction with the woman.

Outcomes can only happen in the FUTURE, and
I want you to be there in the PRESENT.

What’s great about this is that it also makes the
most SENSE because you have no idea who this
woman even IS and if she is worth your time,
and vice versa as well, - so it makes no sense
to be thinking, “How can I get her to be my
girlfriend” or “How to get into bed”- never
mind that thinking about the future like that
will just create too much pressure and ruin
the interaction anyway.

I find that a lot of the human tendency to get nervous
comes from thinking about things that don’t even
exist. In the approach to a woman, for example, the
OUTCOME hasn’t even occurred yet, in fact the
START hasn’t even occurred, and most guys are
already thinking about all kinds of negative possible
futures or outcomes, or even POSITIVE outcomes,
which then raise the stakes too high as well, as
WANTING something so badly can also harm
your state of mind.

If you focus on the MOMENT, the PRESENT, there
is nothing to be gained or lost, there are just words
and emotions that you can INFUSE into the situation.


Remember that awesome scene in The Matrix where
Neo is dodging bullets and it’s all happening in slow
motion? Neo is in total control even as chaos engulfs
all around him.

I want you to take that mentality to your approaches
with women.

I’ve noticed that very intelligent guys often speak
and think so fast, because they often think in pictures,
and it’s hard for their words to keep up with the
mental pictures in their minds, as a picture is worth
a thousand words, and those words must be said
damn fast to keep up with the pictures.

SLOW IT ALL DOWN, slow down your thoughts,
your pace of speech, your movements, and you will
notice that not only do you come across as cooler
and in more control, and with more integrity as
opposed to someone trying hard to sell ‘snake oil’,
but you will ALSO notice that slowing down
makes YOU YOURSELF feel a lot more
in control and empowered.

So, the combination of the Zen-Like state of
mind, and the SLOWING down, helps remove
a feeling of PRESSURE on the woman.

By removing the PRESSURE on a woman, there
is nothing for her to RESIST. If you put pressure
on a woman, the first instinct of hers will be to
RESIST it- after all, she is a total stranger and
she has no idea who you are.


It’s important to understand that before the deeepest
ATTRACTION can be formed, you have to first
get the CONVERSATION with a woman who is
a total stranger.

To be able to cross the divide between being a
total stranger and being a guy she wants to get
to know a lot MORE, takes SKILL.

THIS is one of the biggest things that I focus on
in bootcamp.

It’s easy to just say “be a cool guy”, but to actually
IS NOT A CLUB OR A PARTY takes a certain
set of SKILLS.

It also takes SKILL to not only get her chatting but
to also convey to a woman the REAL ESSENCE
of who you ARE, quickly.

In order to get her to be OPEN to chatting, you
don’t want to kiss up to her, (seeking rapport)
which is pathetic and suspicious as well, and you
don’t want to play the jerk “I am so hard to get”
routine either, which is abrasive and arrogant
(breaking rapport).

Instead, you want to go for a more IMPARTIAL
rapport in opening the conversation, or you want
to go for PLAYFUL “breaking rapport” which is
a very effective form of actually CREATING rapport.

It says that you are cool with the situation as it is,
that you are not needing to get anything from her,
but that you are having fun and she is welcome
to join the fun vibe.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re at the supermarket, and she’s
grabbing a big bag of chips and a big bag
of pretzels and putting them in her cart,
and you say “Whoah, I hope that’s not all
for you”, you are, in one respect, “breaking
rapport’, but in REALITY, especially if
she is attractive and in shape, it’s OBVIOUS
that you are JOKING, and so this is an
effective form of CREATING RAPPORT.

It’s effective, ironically, because the comment
clearly is not SEEKING approval, in fact it’s
ASSUMING that you already HAVE rapport.

Since you are being informal, it allows HER to
break away from being FORMAL and reserved,
and from following boring social conventions,
and to JOIN YOU in being more FUN and social.

This style of opening up a conversation allows
you MAXIMUM opportunity without being
shut down before you start.

Similarly, your style of clothing should have
flair and style, but not be EXTREME unless
you know in advance that you are into a
very specific kind of girl, i.e. Goth, etc.

Coming in IMPARTIAL, neither seeking her
rapport nor trying to break it, allows you the
greatest possible amount of opportunity.

And similarly as well, stay away from extreme
colognes, scents, etc. Old fashioned clean and
fresh is always the best bet.


Although what you say DOES count, HOW
you say it counts even MORE.

You need to have the sound of conviction in
every syllable of every word you say, and this
is just as important as being "neutral' in your

This is why I try to steer guys away from relying
on pick-up lines, because if you don’t feel that
the words FIT you, then you will say them in
a way that does not do justice to the words.

And the effect of that will be that you come
across as either nervous, sketchy, or shady,
or guilty, all of which are bad news for your
chances with that woman.

Here’s the thing you need to remember:
But she has NO IDEA who you are!!!!!

The whole goal here is to get to the point
where you HAVE conveyed who you
are to a woman- no faking, and no games
are required with this approach to attraction!

But if you seem to be acting guilty of something,
nervous about something, or FAKING something,
a woman who is a total stranger would of COURSE
try to avoid problems and just politely decline the

She doesn’t know that the REAL reasons
for your behaviors are all GOOD reasons,
she can’t take that risk! After all, you are
a TOTAL STRANGER to her, and she
can been conditioned to deal with those
situations by shutting them DOWN.

This, again, is why the SKILLSET of approaching
women is so important, because in order to get
attraction, you have to first get the CONVERSATION,
and GET HER TO KNOW YOU, and there is
NO WAY to do that if you trip her alarms first.

Now, the good news is that, with practice, you
CAN become amazing at being playful, at
being intriguing, etc.

But, if for whatever reason, you aren’t able to
be playful, for example, then don’t FORCE it.

Instead, just be SINCERE.

Now, there is a warning that comes with this:
The BEST time to be sincere is when you’ve
ALREADY done the work on yourself, and
have mastered the skills and development.

So, for example, when you really ARE
feeling empowered, feeling abundance,
sexuality, feeling calm, sexual, and
totally not-needy, well then OF COURSE
you can’t go wrong with being sincere,
since whatever you say will manifest
itself in a way that REFLECTS all those
awesome things about you.

But even if you HAVEN’T developed to
that stage get, it’s STILL better to be
SINCERE and HONEST than to just
force yourself to put on an ACT.

Women are really weary and fed up with
guys putting on acts, pretending to be
all kinds of things they aren’t, guys who
are shady, etc, etc.

So, for example, even if you went up to
a woman who genuinely captured your eye,
and you approached her saying “I saw you
from back there, and you were so beautiful,
so I wanted to say hello” even though this
is NOT the kind of thing I suggest to do, and
is FAR from the best thing to do, is still
better than putting on an ACT that you FEEL
is FAKE.

At least by being SINCERE and you really
honestly feeling the truth of the words you
are saying, you are coming across as more
TRUSTWORTHY, which now allows you
the chance to FOLLOW UP what you said
with something ELSE, or gives you a chance
to respond to HER reply to you, etc.

The WORST thing you can do at the very
outset of the conversation is do something
that sets off her alarms and destroys TRUST.


I call this the “Stop and Go” style. What you
do is start the conversation with a brief comment,
(not a question, but rather an interesting or
playful or intriguing comment that is ripe
for a response) and then ALLOW HER TO

This is in contrast to starting the conversation
with a whole big speech, hoping to get a
big reaction out of it.

By starting with less, you seem less needy
and less out of place. You also seem cooler
because you weren’t trying so hard. Plus
you don’t sound like you are arrogant-
you don’t sound like you need to hear
the sound of your own voice all the time.

EVEN if she does NOT give you a big
response, that’s FINE. You can then
follow up with yet ANOTHER interesting
playful or intriguing comment, which
yet again gives her another chance to respond.

You can repeat this process several times,
PAUSING between each time.

The point is that this style ELIMINATES
the pressure on her, gives her a chance to
think of things to say, and also allows
you to do the minimum, which is much
cooler than sounding like a salesman
who needs to go on and on and on

Also, the real point is to get HER talking,
so that you can learn more about HER
and develop a better connection, and
if you do this, you can be sure she will
want to do the same with you.


Another important tip to keep in mind is
to make your opener as RELEVANT as
possible. This way, you don’t sound like
a guy who walks around approaching women
with a bunch of memorized pick up lines.

You’ll find that there is ALWAYS a way to
make your conversation opener relevant and
often not only relevant but also playful,
intriguing, etc.

So, for example, in a supermarket, approaching
a woman with a great conversation about FOOD
makes sense. Perhaps something exotic you once
enjoyed while travelling or maybe a great dessert
you had at a party, or maybe even a great story
about a dessert you were trying to cook up that
turned into a disaster, etc, etc.

This, in turn, could lead to her replies about
her skills in the kitchen, to which you could
playfully misinterpret to mean that she was
referring to her skills being naughty in the
kitchen, etc, etc, and you can playfully
scold her and tell her to keep her mind out
of the gutter while talking to a total stranger,
etc, etc.

This can all be a LOT of fun, and then you can
transition into getting into a more meaningful
conversation on a deeper level.

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Michael Marks

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Approaching Women: The Mature Man's Way

TONS of crucial insights on attracting and approaching
women to get to today, AND there’s an important brand
NEW video as well:

As you know, I’m not interested in gimmicks or
juvenile ‘pick up lines’ as a method for attracting
the women of your choices. That stuff doesn’t
interest me, and I have a feeling it doesn’t for
you either. I get the feeling we’re a more mature

Well, on that note, today, there is a lot of really practical
and important information on successfully approaching
and attracting women that I want to share with you.

Keep in mind, that everything I share with you is not
something I made up, but rather is what I have found
to be true again and again and again “in the field” on
real women in just about every place you can imagine,
and that is proven repeatedly in my Real World
Bootcamps on a weekly basis.


When I first started out, I used to wonder why the
hell whenever I would smile in making my approach
to women, I would do much worse than when I didn’t.

This got me pissed off, and made me really NOT
feeling like smiling at women at all. This led to
me being more brute and cold in my approaches,
which ironically, IMPROVED everything, but
made me even more upset, because I started to
think women were nuts.

This was not a healthy foundation for a long–term
relationship with any woman, which is why my
relationships tended to explode pretty fast.

Well, fast forward several years, and I realized what
was going on:

In places that are not designed for “picking up”, i.e.
in places that are NOT clubs, bars, lounges, etc,
women don’t EXPECT to be approached by men.

Sure, it happens sometimes, but it’s usually not done

See, there’s something really important to understand:

Many women actually FANTASIZE about meeting
a man who is their “destiny” through a total CHANCE
encounter. It’s as if it was all designed by fate and the
universe, etc, etc.

Think about how so many of the romance novels
for women revolve around a woman meeting a
man who is "the stranger".

Also, many women, even if they are not fantasizing
about meeting “the one” this way, still find the idea
of being approached by a total STRANGER who they
don't know at all, in a “normal” place like a bookstore,
bus, café, etc, to be very attractive and sexual.

HOWEVER, the WORST thing a man can do,
is to RUIN the “chance” element of all this in
a woman’s mind by making it seem like he
does this “pick up stuff” all day long, on
MANY women.

This TOTALLY ROBS the event of all the romance,
and all the unique “specialness” of it, since after all,
the guy does this on LOTS of women, and she was
just number 1,542.

So, if a guy, let’s say in a bookstore, is all smiley,
and all too perfectly polished, and acting as if this
is a CLUB, or a singles bar, etc, it REEKS of
feeling of serendipity- a word that women love
that means “chance”. Hence, the chick-flick

So THIS is why it’s important that when approaching
women in “normal” places- places that aren’t DESIGNED
for socializing and meeting other singles, such as bookstores,
coffee shops, etc, you really want to be as SPONTANEOUS
as possible, or at the very least, to COME ACROSS as


This is one of the reasons I like to really work the
IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT into the approach,
because it tailors it for that SPECIFIC place and time,
making it far less likely to appear that you use the same
thing on every woman you meet.

For example, if the phone at the store is ringing,
you might joke with the woman “Hey, it’s for you”,
and you might even do this with a mock-serious
face, and even REPEAT it, as if you are serious,
saying “No really, serious, it’s for you!”.

THIS way, the interaction has started off in a very
REAL sense, a very IMMEDIATE sense, that you
are in the MOMENT with her.

She might say back, playfully but half-seriously
as well, "I hope not" (she hopes the phone is not
for her.)

And you might reply with, "Yeah, it's crazy,
you want to come to the bookstore to get
away from it all, and they keep hounding

This SPONTANEOUS DYNAMIC does something

It REMOVES the “Oh-oh, another cheesy guy
who spends his whole day picking up women
or trying to pick them up.”

If a guy does it to all women, then how special
can SHE feel she is to the guy? Worse yet, if the
guy does it all day, she feels “Is he LACKING
the ability to get women somehow? What’s
WRONG with the guy? What do I have to
be CAREFUL about here?”

So THIS is the concern, it’s NOT that women
are somehow attracted to guys who are ice-cold
and somehow hate it when a guy smiles.

It’s the PARTICULAR LOGISTICS of the dynamics
of approaching women in ‘normal’ places that were
not originally designed especially for men and women
meeting each other!

THIS is why having the full SKILLS and INSIGHTS
on approaching women in different types of places is

It’s not enough to JUST have the guts to approach,
although that is a GREAT start.

In a club, bar, or lounge atmosphere, you CAN start with
a more jovial and socializing type of “vibe” to your
demeanor and mannerisms- because EVERYONE is
ALREADY in that state of mind, that is the whole
behavioral CONTEXT of the location.

The music, the dancing, the drinks, the weekend, the
good times, the party, etc., is all PART of the club,
bar, lounge ATMOSPHERE.

This is why, you could even USE an obvious pick-up
line in a club, and get away with it, as long as it’s
and is just a start into more conversation.

But in regular places, I would prefer to comment
on something in the environment, or something she
is doing or wearing, or even start a conversation
by mentioning a true, intriguing story or article
that I had read to get her thoughts on it, and this
would be the springboard for a great conversation-
which I could still branch out from in many ways
if those branches seemed more meaningful.


Another strategy to keep in mind, is that to prevent
yourself from “over-selling” yourself by talking too
much or too fast, you should REMEMBER to PAUSE.

Many times, when a guy is approaching a woman, he
will either say NOTHING, or he will keep on talking
TOO MUCH, including if the woman is responding
to him, he may get too excited and start trying so hard
that he keeps on talking and talking.

All this ends up coming across as if a guy is trying
too hard to QUALIFY himself. It comes across as
insecurity, which often leads to negative behaviors
like extreme arrogance, showing off, and not listening,
all of which are attraction destroyers.

So, by consciously reminding yourself to take PAUSES,
until it becomes instinct because you actually don’t FEEL
the need to oversell yourself, you prevent the problem.

You also allow HER to fill in the void, and allow HER
to speak, which also allows you to learn more about
her and makes you able to form a better connection
and have more MEANINGFUL things to say to her
that are RELEVANT to her, than simply talking
non-stop without listening to her.

This also makes you come across as more secure as well.


What I mean by this, is sometimes a woman
might not "IGNITE" the first second you
say something to her. She might have
had a bad day, she might have broken
up with her boyfriend, she might have
just been fired.

It could be a million things- so what
you have to do is ALLOW for all this,
and not EJECT so quickly.

Just because she didn't do cartwheels
the first second you started talking
to her does not mean it's over.

You may have to RE-ENGAGE her and
CONTINUE the conversation, with
something ELSE that is interesting,
relevant, playful, or captivating
in some other way.

Being a man means not running for the hills
just because she isn't offering you her
body and soul within two seconds of talking
to her.


This is a topic that has been spoken about a BILLION
times, so I’m not going to repeat what has already been
said on it – there is something very important and very
NEW that has not been said about this by anyone.

You must read the entire following section to truly
UNDERSTAND, so do NOT just read the next
paragraph, you must read the whole thing below
it as well, or you are going to start thinking some
terrible things about women – and I’m telling you
that with most women, those negative things are
NOT true.


Now, stick with me closely here, because the details

Women DO want to meet men who are kind, thoughtful,
good listeners, etc. These things are ESSENTIAL if
there is going to be any RELATIONSHIP that LASTS
in the future.

However, the SEXUAL component of the relationship
is a little DIFFERENT. There are TIMES when a woman
may very well be turned on by this “softer side” of one’s

BUT! And this is the big BUT! You must remember
that RAW ANIMALISTIC DESIRE is actually a very
SELFISH thing, in both men and women.

And, if a woman is with a man who is soooooo nice, that
he ONLY thinks of her and NOT of himself and HIS needs,
it can actually make her feel GUILTY for even THINKING
of going WILD into raw carnal sinful mode with him!!!!!!

She may feel GUILTY for wanting to be an ANIMAL
in bed!!!!!

Do you see where I’m coming from?
On the other hand, if a guy is a real JERK, she feels
NO GUILT at all about doing whatever animalistic
carnal raw behavior she WANTS to do in bed, because
she KNOWS the JERK doesn’t give a RAT’S ASS
what she thinks, and in fact the jerk will make sure
to get WHAT HE WANTS from her.

All this, ironically, helps her feel BETTER about
FREEING her inhibitions with the jerk, and about
being carnal with him. She has no GUILT about
it with him, since although she is in USING him
for sex, his jerkiness makes her feel NO GUILT
about it!

PLUS, since he himself is SO COMFORTABLE
being sexual, and TAKING, it makes her feel
more comfortable DOING THE SAME!

In this sense, the “jerk” is GIVING her MORE
than the “nice guy”- he is giving her FREEDOM
from her INHIBITIONS, he is giving her a
GUILT-FREE experience to go WILD in bed!

It’s the same way vice versa, if a woman
in every way, and if she didn't care for
herself at all, you might start to feel
WEIRD about going all sexual on her, you
might even feel guilty.

THIS is why it’s so important to COMBINE the
best of BOTH WORLDS if you want to have
a woman not only LOVE AND RESPECT you
as a boyfriend, but also feel GREAT about going
with you!!!!

You do this by showing EXTREME comfort
in your own skin, extreme comfort being sexual,
and by showing that you are high self-esteem
and that you have NO SHAME in TAKING.


Now, at the SAME time, you ALSO show that
you ARE a good listener, that you DO care, etc.

Most guys fail to be able to COMBINE both these
elements to their VIBE, especially in the initial
approach and pick-up.

Balancing these elements is a SKILL.

And doing things RIGHT the FIRST time is
makes the deepest imprint on her mind and her

A lot of this COMBINATION is shown through
SUBTLETY. It’s not that you start throwing
vulgar language around in your approach, but
rather that your tonality exudes sexuality and
confidence and still shows warmth as well.

BOTH elements are IMBUED into your conversation
and interaction, and this combination makes you that
RARE man that women go home and tell their friends
they met, and their friends get jealous about wishing
THEY could have as cool a guy approach THEM!

If you’re reading this right now, and would like
to MASTER the skills of approaching and
attracting women ANYWHERE you see them,
I suggest you take my REAL WORLD BOOTCAMP,
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I will take you step by step, and work
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approach and attraction MASTERED- from
the actual first moment you walk-up to them,
to mastering your body language and tonality,
to calibrating your timing and your ability
to smoothly respond to anything she says
IMMEDIATELY, to breaking through your
internal obstacles, to ENSURING attraction
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that she is eagerly waiting to see you
again and take things to a deeper level,
including the fulfillment of her erotic
fantasies with you.

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The results of this program are incredible:
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How am I able to get guys these results
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myself to this skill and to TEACHING this
skill to other men, for TEN YEARS.

My teaching style is geared for LONG-TERM
results, it is not limited to the “party
circuit” where certain women are already
drunk and ‘out looking for a good time.’

It’s the choice for men with MATURITY, who are
looking to actually LEARN a skill set with women
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When I think back to my own life, on how many
YEARS I suffered in loneliness and in a frame of
scarcity with women, when, had I known these
skills, I could have gone out and got myself a
great new girlfriend on ANY DAY I WANTED,
I almost can’t believe it.

I sometimes wish I had a time travel machine
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And if you’re reading this right now, YOU can
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Here’s a recent letter from a man who did
even more than find great girls to date!


Hi Michael. I was at your boot camp in 2008.
I wanted to give you an update. I met a very
attractive and QUALITY woman in May of 2010.
A woman whose overall qualities are well beyond
what I ever expected. We're getting married in

I want to thank you for the information that you
provide with your books, CD's and the info on the
bootcamp. The info you provide has helped me to
be a good boyfriend and fiance and keep our
relationship fun and fresh.

Without the info you provide I can't say that things
would have been as fun and enjoyable as they have
been. Actually, with my old way of thinking and
inaccurate outlook on myself, women and dating
in general may very well have contributed to our
relationship's demise.

You're a classy guy who truly wants to help men
be quality men who meet quality women. Your
teaching goes well beyond what a 'pick up' artist
would teach.

I'd recommend your books, cd's and bootcamp to
any guy who is looking for real answers. What you
teach can save many guys a lifetime of misery and
failure in relationships.

And yes, just because we're getting married doesn't
mean that the principles you teach are to not be applied.
They're not even principles (principles sounds a bit like
manipulation). They're just bits and pieces of information
to help men unravel the things in themselves that isn't
them and help men to be who they really are.

Keep up the good work bro.

Tom Bryson, Austin, TX.”


Thank you for the kind words and for sharing that
letter! I think it really helps when men can see
that what they will learn from the Bootcamp and
the other programs is a lot more significant than
“pick up lines”.

And if you’re reading this right now, and if
you can’t make it to Bootcamp just yet, you can
STILL master these skills by taking advantage
of my home study programs, each one of which is
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These programs also serve as a great PREPARATION
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Deepest Levels Of Attraction

Attraction is not a static thing. That's the truth.
A woman is either feeling more and more of it
for you, or she is feeling less and less.

It NEVER stays the same.

So you have to ask yourself a question:
Which do you prefer, a woman feeling she is
"settling" for you for "practical" reasons and
her attraction thus eroding for you day by day,
or a woman feeling that she MUST HAVE you?

In the real world, attraction doesn't care about
the politically correct b.s. definition of it.
Ultimately, REAL attraction feels like a NEED,
it's not some kind of thing that is "nice" to
have. It feels as if you NEED it.

THAT'S what attraction is.

1. Attraction Is Primal, It's Not "Nice"

When you feel MASSIVE ATTRACTION for
a woman, it's not some kind of, "oh that is
nice" feeling. It's A HECK OF A LOT
more than that. And THAT'S what you want
women to feel for you.

So, if you are going to actually make a woman
FEEL this level of attraction, you have to first
understand just where the BAR is in terms of
what IS a confident secure fun intriguing guy.

Because of the ocean of guys who still kiss
up to women, her mind's default setting is set
to politely and quickly vaporize all guys who
approach her. The only way you are going
to overpower that setting is if your behaviour
and style clearly and immediately indicate that
there is something very different about you,
in a cool way.

I want to put an END to any notion that you
can get the kind of results you want with only
a half-assed attitude about this stuff.

2. The Reality Of How An Attractive Woman Thinks

The REALITY of having infinite guys WORSHIP
her and willing to SERVE her and TAKE abuse
from her. And the EFFECT that has on a woman
in terms of what is attractive to her. You have to
be in the same reality to understand it, which is
what actually ultimately happens when you get
good at this stuff.

3. What Women Want Vs. What Guys Want

Guys keep giving WOMEN what GUYS would want,
in the typical guys' frame of scarcity and

Bu this is like giving SALTY PRETZELS
instead of water to a man dying of THIRST,
and then wondering why he doesn't seem
to appreciate it.

for some masculine confidence, wit, humor, and
leadership, as well as for some sexual tension,
unpredictability, intrigue, fun, and excitement.

Instead, guys are giving women the opposite,
because as guys they want assurance, permanence,
and reliability, since they have been dunked in
the matrix illusion of "scarcity of women" and
the matrix illusion that as men they don't have
the same intrinsic worth in society as women.

And even when guys DO hear solid advice,
such as "be like women" in the sense of being
hard to get, guys do it wrong, because they are
doing it with the wrong INTENT.

They are doing it almost with a sense of
ANGER. As if they are "getting back"
at women, as if it's tit for tat.

When you do it like that, you are totally
INCONGRUENT with what attraction IS.

4. The Vibes Of Attraction

Attraction is about giving off the awesome
emotional vibes of having MASSIVE AWESOME
COOL SEXY VALUE. How the heck can someone
have VALUE and yet be the kind of person
who gets UPSET? You can only get upset
if you are LOSING.

Does the GENERAL worry about the
remarks of some guy ranked as just
a private?

That's why although attraction ultimately
IS about perceived superiority, the irony is
that to ACHIEVE this EFFECTIVELY, you have to
not even FEEL there is a power gap between
you and a woman to begin with.

Otherwise, your emotions will give you away
in infinite micro expressions and forms
of body language, and your emotions will
betray you by the way you live your life.

She will see that you are actually bitter, etc.

5. Putting It All Together

Remember, the REAL power of attraction
rests in its SUBTLETIES, from the way you
dress, to the comfort you have with being
sexual, to the sense of humor you have,
to the way your voice projects, to the very
way you MOVE.

Think about it: When you are totally under
control and relaxed and confident, you
speak and move with less hurried rush
and you never run out of "things to say" .
In fact, it seems bizarre to even worry of
"having things to say". You start to realize
that your secure, inspired, or fun mood is
what is fueling your ability to have a great
conversation, enabling you to access all
the parts of your mind that give you infinite

You also start to realize that this vibe you
are giving off results in "energy-return"
from the woman, as you and her ping-pong
the energy/vibes/conversation back and
forth, each of you enjoying this interaction.

So if you saw a woman you were interested
in, you wouldn't feel it's some kind of
RACE or some kind of CONTEST.

You would roll up casual and laid back, and
your conversation wouldn't be about trying
to MAKE anything happen, but rather about
reflecting your inner vibes, mood, state, etc.

6. Developing Your Identity

One of the most important elements of high level
"game" is simply a byproduct of who you ARE.
Once you are ARE in the right state, quality "game"
is the uninterrupted flow of your own mood and
energy outwards.

7. Women's Psychology, Culture And Human Emotion

Quality "game" however is ALSO about
understanding some important things about
women and female culture so that you
understand the real critical issues they need
to know that you are aware of, and quality
"game" is ALSO about understanding
HUMAN EMOTION in general, including
YOUR OWN emotions.

The result of quality "game" is that you
wouldn't be afraid to say something
NICE to a woman when you FELT it, but
you would also not be NEEDY for a woman
who was hot, so complimenting her on her
LOOKS would instinctively not be the first
thing that you did. This idea of not kissing
up to a woman based on her looks would
be instinctive to you, you would not even
feel the emotional desire or impulse to
focus too much on her looks. It's the
neediness and scarcity and lack of
perspective that creates these wrong
behaviours in the first place.

And if you saw she was really into you, which
she most likely would be as a result of all this,
you wouldn't feel the need to ROB HER
of the pleasure of WONDERING about you,
(which is what needy guys do out of their fear
of losing her) of the pleasure of not knowing
everything about you, and of the pleasure
of wondering if she "had" you or not.

You would UNDERSTAND that once you are
secure in your own value, it's actually FUN
to not know right away that you "have" someone,
and yet you would also know how far to push
this and not to push this into the realm of the
absurd, cruel, or just plain dorkyish.

8. Becoming A True Natural

In fact, ALL of attraction FLOWS from the
way you THINK, which is based on the way
you see yourself and the world.

Let me give you a real life example, of
value is reflected POWERFULLY
and instinctively.

This example actually took YEARS for me
to fully realize the full effect of.

I remember a girl from many years ago,
before I got into this stuff. A girl who
I felt I was "lucky" to be with at the time.
Even though I was getting mistreated,
I thought I was "lucky" because I had fallen
under the brainwashing spell of society
to believe that a woman who was attractive
was scarce, (which isn't even true at all) and
that men had to "work" to "prove themselves"
to women, because women were "innocent"
while men were just sex-hungry animals.

Anyway, not to get into a whole life-story
here, I remember once waking up a BIT
to the reality of what was going on,
but still not GETTING it enough to
rise from the ashes of that life. But I
had managed to come to the conclusion
that her behaviour wasn't very good,
even though I thought I was still "lucky"
to have her because most guys I knew
couldn't get an equally hot woman

9. The Rise Of Self-Esteem

Anyway, I basically confronted her with
the fact her behaviour was pretty
atrocious, and politely told her that
after I stripped away the attraction
I felt for her, I honestly couldn't think
of one reason I was with her. I
WANTED to have a reason, and I
even said something like "what are
the good things about you?"
(And of course, by this time, she
had already taken the power for
granted, so this was interpreted
by her not as challenging her, but
as me HOPING for goodness.)

Well, her response was a calm:
"Not much."

This had a profound effect on me,
causing reverberations of learning
that lasted with me for years.

I remember at the time, feeling all this
ANGER, and yet, there was NOTHING
I could do, for, after all, she was not
trying to resist my argument that she
was no good.

In fact, by DOING THIS, she was actually
INDIRECTLY saying "I don't NEED to
prove myself, and I don't CARE to
either. And, in fact, I AM good for nothing

And it was very spontaneous.
When was the last time a woman asked
YOU something about yourself and your
reply was that you weren't good for much?

10. Untangling The Matrix

You see, on the SURFACE it sounds like
self-deprecation. And I don't recommend
it for beginners, because beginners are usually
SO congruent with INFERIOR beliefs, that
when they say a self-deprecating comment,
it will be taken SERIOUSLY to mean

But once you GET IT, internally, and your
body language, tonality, lifestyle, and
BEHAVIORS show that you know that
indeed you are VERY desirable, well
if you THEN were to say you were worth
"nothing much" in RESPONSE to
a woman TRYING to get you to
prove your worth to her, the results
would be powerful as hell.

Because you are saying all the right things
about yourself. Now, this doesn't mean
to be abusive, i.e. if a woman is REALLY
feeling HURT by you, and she asks you what
is the good side of you, etc.

Don't be a bastard at a time like that.

But you have to understand the UNDERLYING
message here, which is your BELIEFS about
yourself create your BEHAVIOURS.

The answer of "nothing much" was an
EMOTIONAL communication.

The kind that is EFFECTIVE.

Not the useless kind that is LOGICAL.

At the time, I honestly felt that she really
couldn't help it, i.e. that this was her REAL
personality, but that she still had value.

And I couldn't figure this out at the time.
I figured this was just her personality.

Until one day I couldn't take it anymore.
I finally came to the conclusion that
NO WOMAN on earth was worth being with
if I couldn't get some basic level respect.

Even if "wasn't her fault".

So I didn't get angry, I actually
REALLY thought that this girl
was useless to me, because her
attractiveness was no longer
worth it, and even though she
"couldn't help it" I figured that
it wasn't my job to be her therapist,
and that I had already tried for years
to "rehabilitate" her cold ways.

Well, the interesting thing is that,
that this woman was of NO USE
to me, and because I TOTALLY
BELIEVED it was not her fault, I was
I told her "This is over, and I don't
hate you either."

The thing is, this is actually ATTRACTIVE.

Because it implies that she has no worth
to you, and it robs her of her sense of
superior value. How can she have value
if she is worthless to you? Your relative
value to hers becomes superior.

Attraction is born.

11. Beliefs Create Reality

I didn't realize it at the time, but I had
GROWN internally, my beliefs about
my own value and hers had changed.

My beliefs had become more ATTRACTIVE.
It wasn't a "technique" I learned, it was how
I really felt.

Within DAYS, suddenly YEARS
of supposedly INGRAINED behaviours
in her TOTALLY REVERSED themselves.

To say the least, she started behaving the way
a person who respects another person behaves.

I won't go into the details, but suffice to
say, apparently she COULD "help it" a lot
all those years.

She proved she could be the warmest, most
giving woman on the planet, most dedicated,
most COMMITTED woman to making
it WORK.

In fact, I couldn't find a place to HIDE
from her, she found me wherever I was.

This actually didn't make me happy.

What it did do was prove to me that I had
wasted YEARS of my life ACCEPTING
substandard behaviour and heartache and
indignity because I thought that was
"just the way it is", when in reality a woman
could be TOTALLY capable of being every
bit as perfect as a SAINT.

12. The Power Of Learning

The only thing that made it NOT a waste
was the super powerful learning experience
that it was for me.

For the next several YEARS, I totally
started doing WHATEVER I wanted
to with women. My new my beliefs
were cemented, and consequently, my
new behaviours were repeated with
tons of different women, with the same
powerful results, ad infinitum.

Most women were great RIGHT OFF THE BAT,
since my frame was solid before they could possibly
have a chance to doubt it.

But even the few who started off
as trying to be "challenging" in return
to me, eventually melted pretty fast,
if I had repeated chances to interact
with them. My frame took over,
because I REALLY believed
in it, it was not some type of act.

This is NOT ego here.
This is just a FACT.
Go and try it in the real world
and you can confirm this.

I picked up women however *I* wanted to,
never giving them ANY privileges, never
for a SECOND thinking any of them were
"special". I made ALL the decisions,
teased them, didn't take them overly

I didn't smile like an approval-seeking
geek around women, because I honestly
didn't think they had superior opinions,
I thought of them as primarily being very
smart and feisty when it came to feigning
superiority, mystique, innocence and value,
and in getting men to chase them because
of this.

13. Letting Go Of The Bitterness

But I slowly let go of the bitterness as I
realized that this was just the way women
learned to work their way through the world
since time immemorial, and that it was men
who had given the extra power to women
without adjusting to this change themselves.

Instead of thinking of what gift to buy
a woman, I focused on my own goals,
my own things, FIRST, and I also
dumped women at the slightest thing,
which ALWAYS resulted in them only
chasing me HARDER.

I ENTERED the same level of reality that
I thought was exclusively reserved for women,
But the power of that reality had become

I learned some pretty crazy stuff too, such
as if you REALLY want to stop a woman from
being with you, the best way is to kiss
UP to her.

14. Being Formal Ruins The Vibe

I also started to see how most guys really
act around women, and I could SENSE
the vibe that they were creating, because
I could finally see how RIDICULOUS and
REPULSIVE their behaviour was to
a woman who NEEDED a challenge,
who needed something COMPELLING,
something more emotionally powerful,
something more FUN, as opposed to
all these guys who were so serious!

The only thing that all that serious stuff
ends up doing for a guy, if done in the
early stages at least, is making a woman
think the guy is inferior.

15. The Biggest Things To Learn From Women

The reality is that, if you think about
it, women have in a way given men a
GIFT in terms of the erotic joy that comes
about from actually GETTING a woman
who behaves sexy, hard to get, who is
playful, fun, confident, etc.

It's just gotten a little out of hand these days,
but the reality is that how sexy would it
be if it were the opposite, i.e. if women just
ripped off their clothes for you within minutes
of meeting them, if they acted like typical
desperate GUYS????

The fact of the matter is that women are
damn smart, and throughout history they
trumped the men who thought they could
control women. Men figured they were
in power, but women learned to use sexuality
as the ULTIMATE power. They were
slow to give it away, they knew how to
cloud the secrets to female sexuality in
mystery, making it more appealing and
desirable and adding all kinds of illusions
about it to make it seem more special.

And men FELL for it ALL, they fell for
it GOOD, they fell for it BIG TIME.

And women are not so stupid as to give
all that power away in a world of
"equality". It's more like "yeah,
thanks for making us equals now
but we'll keep the sexual power
superiority thank you very much".

16. Women Want Men Who Know All This

If a woman has to TEACH you this,
then she doesn't want you.

And it's not even CONSCIOUS totally.
So they are totally CONGRUENT.

The idea of being called a "slut" in public
(it's different in private sometimes!) is
such a negative thing because it strips
away their entire power, i.e. that they
have a "special" sexuality that is only
given to a "rare" guy who "earns" it.

And AGAIN, I repeat, these ideas are
INTERNALIZED to most women, so
they BELIEVE it, so they are
CONGRUENT with it. It's not like
women feel they are using a "technique".

And THIS is what you must pick up
from women, the fact that the beliefs
are INTERNAL. AND you must learn
from women how to present your
entire reality in the most attractive
light, otherwise the reality is that
you are portraying yourself as
INFERIOR, and perception is
reality when it comes to these

17. Internalizing Your "Game"

Now here's the thing, you have to
put in your dues, you can't just
ACT and say the 'right lines'-
women can tell the difference.

If you don't put in your dues, and you don't
work on INTERNALIZING your game,
and if you don't work on your ability
to create COOL EMOTIONS in women,
well then YOUR uncool emotions will
ruin your game no matter how cool your
"lines" are or your memorized "tactics".

Incongruity is always evident to people,
even if they are not consciously aware
of it. So the incongruity in a guy who
is SAYING cool things but hasn't paid
his dues developing the internal stuff,
will never fool most women.

You have to get to the point that your
EMOTIONS really ARE feeling the
same stuff ABOUT YOURSELF that
a hot woman feels regarding HER
intrinsic value.

18. Take Yourself To The Next Level

Now, believe it or not, all this stuff
should be considered part of FOUNDATION
LEVEL understanding. You NEED to have
this understanding to create SOLID and
CONSISTENT attraction with the kind of
women that make most guys' hearts pound.

Beyond this level, rests an even DEEPER
level of understanding and skill. This
level is part of what I like to call the
INFINITE BEYOND. It includes an
understanding of the deepest recesses
of a woman's desire and in fact ALL
her emotions. This is the level where
you are able to understand the nuances
and subtleties of a woman's behaviour
in a way that will give you such power
that you genuinely feel EMPATHY
for the woman in front of you, no
matter who she is.

And you will be congruent with it,
because it will come from your
knowledge that you can give her
the GREATEST gift she has ever
experienced- which is EMOTIONAL
fulfillment. When you KNOW you
have something AWESOME to GIVE,
you are bathed in an infinite sense of
calm and security.

This is MORE than just losing any neediness,
it's about also being able to GIVE a woman

This will enable you to not only create attraction,
but also a DEEP sense of connection that most
QUALITY women are looking for. Most guys
don't realize how important it is for a woman
to have both, because they don't understand that
the raw "physical stuff" is easy for a woman to get.

Therefore, ultimate sexual desire in a woman
can only be unleashed when you ALSO know how
to satisfy her other emotions, because they
are ALL connected. One unlocks the door
to the other.

Emotions are the ONLY truth that matters
in this arena.

And you are going to be the biggest GIVER
she ever had, because you are going to be

And believe me, when you can do
THAT to a woman, she won't just
be attracted to you.

She will be OBSESSED with you.

So this is responsibility that you must
take with great sincerity.

And if you are ready to gain the most
advanced level of skill and understanding
with women on the face of this earth,
so that you can attract women at will,
then it's time you booked your BOOTCAMP
with me.

The Bootcamp's official name is
'Real World Bootcamp'. In bootcamp, you
will get the skills to approach the
best quality women- I'm talking the kind
of women that are the total package- and
attract them at WILL.

This is private, one-to-one exclusive
instruction from me to you at all times,
for two days, where you will be IMMERSED
in the most challenging 'pick-up' situations
so that upon graduation, there will be
NOTHING that you are unprepared for.

Having this type of skill with women not
only opens up a LIMITLESS potential of
dates for you, it also SKYROCKETS your
confidence, charisma, and charm, because
you KNOW you have options with women.

When you KNOW you have so many options,
you lose all sense of neediness, you
become more fun, more compelling, more
dominant, more charming, and women
flock to you even MORE, which just
gets you in an even MORE powerful
position to attract even MORE women.

Now, that doesn't mean that you have
to date all those women! In fact,
most of the men who take the bootcamp
really just want to be with a great
woman for a great relationship-
and this bootcamp will make that
goal happen for you FAST.

When you have so many options, with
so much attraction from women, you
can start to take your PICK, and
be selective.

Most men search their LIVES for
the right woman, hoping to get
lucky, but being PASSIVE or just
going through life without the
SKILLS and just depending on
LUCK does NOT work.

It's like hoping to win the lottery,
instead of learning a useful SKILL
that PAYS.

Learning the SKILL of how to approach
and attract will translate into you
having TONS of women at your fingertips
for you to choose from.

It's that simple.

To find out more about the Real World
Bootcamp, go here:

If you're just starting out, then definitely
start with my eBook "The Dating Wizard", at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, August 5, 2011

Show Dominance When Approaching Women

First things first, here’s an important new video on
the “how to” of approaching and attracting women,
and you can use it right now to TURBOCHARGE your
results with women!

Today, I’m going to share with you a crucial
strategy you can easily apply to successfully
approach women. It’s all based on real world
research and testing and I’ve been using this
for YEARS, including in my live workshops
with guys as we approach women just about

In order to fully understand how to use the
strategy I am about to show you, it is crucial
to understand one thing:

Being a powerful, dominant man is the strongest
force when it comes to attracting women, and in
fact to women, the form of power known as
DOMINANCE is particularly important when
they instinctively and subconsciously size up a man.

Let me go even further to make this even more clear:
Superficial types of attraction, such as a guy having
“good looks” simply doesn’t mean the same thing
to women as a woman being “good looking” means
to men. Sure, great looks do indeed appeal to
women, but the good looks really means FAR LESS
to women than it means to men.

The proof of this is all around us. How many male
models can women name? How many female
models can men name? How many strip clubs
are there for women where men take their clothes
off? How many strip clubs are there for men
where women take their clothes off?

The massive imbalance here tells you something
right away: Women simply aren’t as COMPELLED
to chase a man because he is “good looking” as
MEN are compelled to chase a woman because
she is good looking.

Ahh, but now, let’s flip this around to POWER.
See, good ol Brad Pitt, before he became a
movie star and a famous celebrity and thus
“a power broker”, actually had a HARD TIME
with women, according to his own words in
countless interviews.

In other words, he actually didn’t have it much
different than other guys when he was doing
regular guy things like being a waiter, etc.

And let’s take this even further:
How many men chase women who are powerful?
How man WOMEN chase MEN who are powerful?

This is why women care more about the fact that a
than the fact he is super good looking, etc.

And here’s the thing: Just like men can’t help it
but go crazy for women who give off the signs
of beauty, women can’t help it but go crazy for
men who give off the signs of DOMINANCE.

In fact, it’s a bit more complicated than that,
because it’s not exactly like women get immediately
“soaked” by power and status OR by great looks,
it’s more like women immediately feel the primal
need to GET CLOSER with this man and learn
more about him.

Female sexuality takes a little more “warming up”
than male sexuality. Male sexuality is “ready to go”
at any moment. Women become OPEN to the
idea of escalating physically with such a man.

This actually all makes a lot of sense on an
evolutionary level. Women are the ones that
have to carry a baby for nine months, women
are the ones that can only have a limited
amount of children, women have a LOT
invested in making the RIGHT CHOICE
for their reproductive partner.

So that man has to display the traits of power,
status, and dominance in society to show that
his DNA will produce another child that will
ALSO be a survivor and who will thrive in
the crazy jungle of life. Also, this man’s
power and status and dominance probably
also mean he has access to the resources
like food and shelter for survival of the
family unit.

Meanwhile, male sexuality is a little different.
Men, in evolutionary perspectives, didn’t have
as much invested in any ONE woman, and
also could never know for sure if their woman
was faithful, so to ensure that they DID have
their own offspring, they evolved to impregnate
many women, thus increasing the chances for
actually having a child of their own.

By the way, none of this should be taken as
a MORAL imperative for today. I’m simply
speaking about the way attraction works.

So, now that it’s totally clear how important
DOMINANCE and POWER and STATUS is, let me show
you how to convey all these things in the very
FIRST MOMENTS you approach and meet a woman.


Think about how your voice sounds when you
are feeling an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to

HOPEFULL, or any OTHER emotion!

What happens is your TONALITY changes!

For example, when you are feeling FEARFUL,
your pitch tends to RISE, right? When feeling
depressed, it tends to lower and get faded.
When feeling happy, it gets more energy.

Now, imagine a monitor was TRACKING the
way one’s voice changed if that voice kept on
showing a TON of emotional reactions.

Imagine it looked like a line on a graph, and
the line kept jumping up and down, like an
erratic heartbeat on a monitor.

Well, what you want to do with your tonality
is actually stay on a STRAIGHT LINE.

Unlike the heartbeat monitor, where a straight
line means the worst thing, a straight FLAT
LINE when it comes to your VOCAL TONALITY
when approaching a woman is actually the
BEST thing.

This is because the LACK of fluctuation, the lack
of CHANGING tonalities, the lack of movement
from the STRAIGHT baseline, shows that you
are NOT having ANY emotional reactions to
the conversation.

On a subconscious level, this shows that you
believe that YOU have massive value and
WOMAN is not a big deal to you.

You can ONLY have an emotional reaction
to something if you believe that thing is

Happy, sad, ecstatic, angry, or depressed, you
simply can’t have these emotions and NOT
feel that indeed things are important enough
to either get depressed about, happy about,
angry about, etc.

Now, most guys, when they approach a
woman they like, they tend to have their
voices going all over the place – the voices

So, for example, they may be really HAPPY
the woman is talking to them. Then, they
may be FEARFUL that the woman doesn’t
like them. Or, they may be DISAPPOINTED
if the woman isn’t immediately showing
signs of massive interest.

All these emotions show in the VOICE.

The flip side of all of this is that if you DON’T
HAVE EMOTIONS in your voice, then clearly
NOTHING too important is going on OUTSIDE
of you.

In other words, you don’t feel OUTBALANCED
by the IMPORTANCE of this woman.

Now, from a woman’s standpoint, this makes
you a GIVER, and the holder of HIGHER

Most guys she meets, she can’t help but feel
SHE is the superior value, and that the guy
is an INFERIOR value. After all, this is
the message the guys are giving off in

They are REACTING to something very
IMPORTANT, to something that’s a

A woman would rather meet a guy who
is a “big deal” to HER! She’s sick and
tired of meeting guys who she ISN’T
interested in but who are all so interested
in HER.

So make no mistake about it, this is not about
making the woman UNIMPORTANT, it’s
about making sure that YOU don’t come
across as YOU being unimportant.

And the way most men behave when they
approach and interact with a woman who is
attractive simply makes the men come
across as UNIMPORTANT because they
that are so evident in their TONALITY.

So, the way to ensure this is not happening
is to make sure that your voice tone does
not fluctuate. Each fluctuation is a sign
of an emotional reaction, and each emotional
reaction is a sign that you feel she is so
important compared to you.

This does not mean that you should come across
as a lifeless, boring robot, as your voice tone can
still show resonance, sensuality, and confidence,
all without fluctuating much from the baseline.

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