Monday, February 29, 2016

The Power Of MEANING For Success With A Truly Good Woman

Today I want to talk about meaning, and how it
relates to pick up, dating, and relationships.

A sense of meaning is the most important thing
is the most important factor in one experiencing
the highest degree of happiness.

This has not only been proven by experts in the
field of positive psychology such as Martin Seligman,
but you can probably attest to this in your own
experiences in life.

Think back to specific experiences in your own life.
Were you happiest when you just did things like
have a meal packed with sugar, salt, or fat?

Even sex itself, as high as it ranks, is not the MOST
powerful emotion, at least not unless it is combined
with a sense of meaning.

In fact, PLEASURE itself is not necessarily thing that
actually gives the most happiness.

People will go through UNIMAGINABLE SWEAT,
PAIN, AND EFFORT to accomplish actions that
are tied to a sense of MEANING for them.

It can be a million different things depending on the

However, perhaps something like completing a
marathon that you trained all year for,  or seeing
the work you put into helping a community of
kids learn how to read, or some kind of other
really CHALLENGING activity that combined
YOUR skills with helping  others; usually it is
deep sense of meaning and happiness.

Now, no man and no woman, no matter how
sexy they find each other, can find happiness
in just being with each other.

It has to be part of a larger picture.

And don’t get me wrong for one second-
sex and the entire physical and erotic side
of the man-woman connection is MASSIVELY
important to understand and to be comfortable
with. More on this in the future.

It’s just that most men and women are not
even AWARE of how POWERFUL a sense of
meaning in life is, and how closely linked it is
to a sense of happiness.

Many women try to find this sense of meaning
through their career, and some of them do succeed
in finding this because of the nature of the work
they do, since it connects their skills to helping
others in a massive way.

But many women do not. And, more importantly,
most women when they meet men who try to
pick them up end up finding the conversations
lack any real significance on a deep level.

That is perfectly fine when you are dealing with
women who are promiscuous and just looking
to get drunk and jump into the sack.

But it is not enough for a woman who is actually
looking for a man for a real relationship. Nor should
it be enough for a man looking for a woman for
a real relationship.

And the time to show your ability to appreciate
meaning, to FIND meaning, and to CREATE meaning,
is in the very first interaction you have with the
woman you approach.

Look for all the possibilities in the environment,
in the situation, in the things she is saying and
doing, that can lead to a POWERFUL perspective

For example, let’s say you are on the commuter
train and she is sitting next to you. And the train
is just waiting there for some technical mechanical

You might strike up a conversation on how lucky
we are to have these kinds of problems, and how
precious time is, and how you are going to do some
meditation in that moment because it is such a great
opportunity for that.

This might lead to her agreeing, laughing, or perhaps
sharing a story with you about places she’s been
where there was no train or commuter travel,
and that might lead to you asking about the culture
there, and how people find as much happiness or
even more over there with even less material
things around them.

Do you see what I am getting at?
A sense of MEANING.

Now, NONE of this means that you can’t or shouldn’t
ALSO be able to flirt, be playful, and all the rest of that
good stuff.

That other stuff should ALWAYS be there.
But it’s not ENOUGH to attract the kind of woman
who appreciates MEANING in her life.

And the best kind of women are the ones that have a

The reason this is so good is because it means they are
HAPPY ON A DEEP LEVEL, a level much greater than
superficial laughter or superficial temporary pleasure.

And the happier and more at peace they are, the more
BEING WITH YOU, as opposed to being miserable,
unpredictable with their temper, or BORED with life
and looking for novelty of the sexual sort with many
partners just to distract themselves from the emotional
emptiness of their lives.

And of course, they are looking for this quality in you
as well.

Now, in my bootcamps, I go DEEP with the guys I teach,
including in developing these skills as well.

These are the kinds of interactions that you won’t
find happening with the drunken women videos
on the internet, because for drunken women
who are promiscuous, it’s all NOT necessary and
may even be “too heavy” for them.

There is nobody else on the planet who has made it
their PRIMARY FOCUS to help men get GREAT girlfriends.

And I have been doing this for THIRTEEN YEARS.

I’ve helped guys in many cities in many countries  
around the WORLD.  A lot of these men ended
up meeting the women of their DREAMS just
DAYS OR EVEN HOURS after completing my program,
and I’ve heard from them about their amazing marriages
and children that followed.

When you learn new things, when you know what
you are doing, things change RAPIDLY for you.

The largest newspaper in Canada followed my work for
several WEEKS, in helping men meet and attract women
for the exclusive purpose not just of “hooking up” but
rather for getting a great relationship.

It was even called “The Get A Relationship Challenge”. 

And the success these men achieved was REAL,
and documented in detail by the paper.

This “stuff” that I teach is REAL.
And it’s about so much more than “getting laid”.

It’s about getting a great girl.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting A Truly GOOD Woman

Without alcohol and dishonesty, 99% of "pick up artist" videos out
there could not exist

Also, to a degree, unfortunately, many women kind of suspect that
the guy IS being dishonest, but WANT to indulge in the experience 
for the short term but not be held accountable in their own minds for
the long term consequences to their lives because they are too busy 
just thinking about the moment, so they indulge in alcohol on 
purpose as a way to rationalize later and rationalize in the
moment that it wasn't their fault.

This "it's not my fault" (not taking responsibility) is the number one issue with many women today, and it is a direct result of feminism because it encourages blaming men, and it is also the number one way that a lot of dishonest men, i.e. many of the pick up artists out there, exploit these women, and these women then go on to say that all men they meet are jerks. 

These women say that men are jerks, so they can enjoy the experience but later on not be held accountable for the long term destructive effects of promiscuity.  These long term effects include the fact that no good man wants to commit to such women. And the truth always comes out eventually, and even if a woman were to try to hide the truth about her, then this itself is a life where she is constantly living a lie, and that is a terrible life as well.

All thanks to feminism which preaches "be like men in the worst
possible interpretation of men", i.e. be promiscuous, be selfish, and
which also preaches blaming men instead of taking responsibility.

And so, getting women to get physical with you is the easiest thing on the planet when you are surrounded with women who want to believe your lies and who are promiscuous and who feel they are in the right to not take responsibility for their behavior.

And this is the reason I created get a GREAT girl, because if a man wants to meet the kind of woman he can actually build a future with, a woman who takes responsibility for her behaviors, a woman who is not promiscuous and who does not need to get drunk to make decisions, it is a completely different thing than getting the kind of women that most pick up artists show in their videos.

Also, I don't film the pick-ups of my clients, because it is WRONG to go around showing films of anyone to millions of people when you never got the permission of those people to film them.

Being with the right woman is the most important thing.
The wrong woman can cost a man his emotions, his energy,
and even MILLIONS of dollars. If you have children with this
woman, she can also cause you MISERY by being a horrible
person to help you raise your children.

The RIGHT woman, however, will PUT THE WIND IN YOUR SAILS,
will motivate you to new heights, and just simply make life more
fun. And she will be a true PARTNER for life.

Don't get caught up in the distractions bombarding you
everywhere with the wrong kinds of women.

Get a GREAT girlfriend.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, February 26, 2016

Why BELIEF Is The Key To Success with Women, And How To Get It

One of the most powerful experiences I've had as an instructor was
with a particularly "salt of the earth" client. He was doing amazing
attracting a two-set at a roof-top lounge. The women, who happened to
be gorgeous, were eating out of the palm of his hand, oblivious to
every other guy in the place and giving him endless indications of

He then told me that he wanted to speak to me away from the lounge.
So, outside the lounge, he was asking me, "How do you think it's

I told him he was doing great, obviously.

He asked me, "Do you think they are actually attracted?".
I told him that when women are constantly touching you, smiling
around you, and oblivious to every other guy in the place, that yes,
they are definitely attracted to you.

What was particularly cool about this guy is that he was absolutely
not arrogant, absolutely just a really cool, laid back, totally
CONGRUENT guy in his approach.

But so DEEP is the conditioning in our society for men to think
NEGATIVELY of themselves regarding women, that you can
have all the success in the world happening to you, and
you wouldn't even REALIZE the opportunities that women 
are THROWING your way, especially since women tend to be a
bit more subtle than men when showing their interest.

AND THIS is why INNER GAME really IS so absolutely, massively,
overwhelmingly important, and why no amount of watching
pick-up videos can replace ACTUALLY being in the situation of
approaching women yourself, again and again and again, until
you BELIEVE on the DEEPEST levels that you ARE worthy, that
you CAN absolutely succeed.

What you CAN do is get the greatest INSIGHTS into how to make
your interaction as EFFECTIVE as possible, by skyrocketing your
sense of humor, your rapport skills, your sense of dominance,
and by your understandings about female psychology
, so that
when you DO approach, you can not only have SPECIFIC things
that you can apply to IMPROVE your results, but also the very
fact you are studying these aspects of a successful interaction

will GIVE your subconscious mind a REASON to FEEL confident.

So you are feeling more CONFIDENT and you are also learning
more things which make you COMPETENT, and the more COMPETENT you know you are, the more CONFIDENT you feel, which leads to you ENTHUSIASTICALLY wanting to learn EVEN MORE, which builds even MORE competence, which builds even more confidence, in a NEVER-ENDING POSITIVE CYCLE!

Along with this CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE,
it is VITAL to understand that getting a great
girlfriend is DIFFERENT than getting a one-night stand
or getting physical with any of the MILLIONS of
promiscuous women that abound these days.

This getting a great girlfriend is what I specialize in.
So in my programs you are learning a lot more than just
how to get the party girls, or the promiscuous girls who
may be fine in many ways, but who themselves will be the
first to say that they aren't relationship material.

If you want a woman who is the "total package"-
who is attractive and also has the personality
that would make for a fun and TRUSTWORTHY
and FAITHFUL girlfriend, then the material that
you will learn in my programs is of EXTREME

A woman who is looking for a real relationship is
putting a lot more on the line than just one evening
("one night stand") of her life.

She's putting her emotions, her time, her TRUST,
in you, and she isn't going to do all that for just any
guy who comes up to her with some pick up artist
or "dating guru" tactic.

At "Get A Great Girl", you're learning to master the
full picture of interaction with women, including
but also much more than just the initial words you
are going say to her.

The next time you want to approach a woman you're attracted
to, and you have no idea of what to say, try going up to her
and being honest about the fact you found her attractive.
At the same time, STAY COOL.

The best thing about this is that it eliminates the
"sketchy vibes" problem because it forces you to be
congruent, since you, after all, are being honest.

YOU know in your heart that you are NOT trying to
COVER UP anything, so you FEEL honest because you
ARE being honest.

This is GREAT for your INNER GAME.
You are forcing yourself to ACCEPT that it is OKAY
to be a MAN.

It's also great because it IMMEDIATELY lets the woman
know what's up, in the sense that you are not PRETENDING
to be there for some other reason.

This shows confidence, and it also allows her to VIEW you as a
man from the FIRST impression, rather than immediately seeing
you as just some guy who is going to be immediately slotted
into the friend category.

Then, look for positive situational material- comments on things
going on right then and there, KEEP IT POSITIVE. And give her a
chance to contribute to the conversation; it should NOT just be
YOU doing all the talking anyway.

Now, there are more advanced levels to the approach,
of course, where you indicate all these things without
having to be so blunt about them, but this is a great strategy
to use if you are feeling rusty, just starting into the process
of meeting women again, or if you happen to not have anything
to say.

And if you would like to learn THE FULL PICTURE to success
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Being with the right woman is the most important thing.
The wrong woman can cost a man his emotions, his energy,
and even MILLIONS of dollars.

The RIGHT woman, however, will PUT THE WIND IN YOUR SAILS,
will motivate you to new heights, and just simply make life
more fun.

Don't get caught up in the distractions bombarding you
everywhere with the wrong kinds of women.

Get a GREAT girlfriend.

Till next time,

Michael Marks