Monday, June 29, 2015

An Important Tip For Beating "Approach Anxiety", And An Important Insight For Success In LIFE

Today, I want to share an important tip for getting
over the fear of approaching women, and this will
also lead to an important insight for success in life.

The real truth is that most men actually AREN’T that
afraid of a so called “rejection”, but rather are afraid of
being ridiculed or judged or criticized by others who
may SEE the approach happening, or possibly even
by the woman herself.

But the actual “not getting the woman” part is NOT
the real concern or fear or worry of most guys.

To quote a line from Star Wars, “search your feelings”,
and you will know that this is true. Think about it.

By the way, I call it a “so called rejection” because
there can be a MILLION reasons  for an approach
not working- it can be they are not single, it can
be they just broke up with someone and are not
in the mood for meeting anyone new, etc.

But back to my original point- most men are not
feeling anxiety about the woman not saying yes,
they are feeling anxiety due to the fear of being
negatively judged for MAKING the approach!

I bring this to your attention for two reasons:

The first is, by becoming AWARE of it, you are
far more likely to TAKE ACTION, because you
become more aware of how irrational it is-
since, after all, WHO CARES what anyone thinks
when it comes to YOUR decision to approach
women? That is YOUR decision, YOUR life,
no one else has the right to tell you what to
do if you are not hurting anyone.

The second reason I bring this to your attention
is because this same basic issue is the NUMBER
ONE BARRIER to most people’s success in

This fear, the fear of being negatively judged, is the
greater fear than “losing” a game, losing money,
losing just about anything other than your life
or health.

Human beings tend to REALLY FEAR what other
people THINK. 

So the reason people often don’t take action on
their DREAMS or even their SMALL LITTLE GOALS
is not because they fear FAILURE so much as they
fear being MOCKED for failure!!!!!!!

We don’t, as humans, really fear losing money or
losing a game or losing at just about anything,
it’s the RIDICULE by others!!!

FEAR of CRITICISM is the REAL enemy of success.

To me, when I first became aware of this, it was
as if I was CATAPULTED into a new UNIVERSE,
because it made me realize that human beings
don’t really fear things like poverty or low
social status, they only fear what OTHERS
THINK of them.

So, for example, if you lived in a tiny hut, but
everyone around you lived in SMALLER huts
or the same-sized huts, you would feel FINE,
but if you lived in a NICE HOUSE and everyone
around you lived in HUGE HOUSES and they
made FUN of you for living in only a NICE HOUSE,
you would probably be HAPPIER to be the guy
in the LITTLE hut,surrounded by people who
had the same or smaller-sized huts and who
couldn’t judge you.

Now, this newsletter is really about success with
WOMEN, however success with women often
overlaps into success in ALL areas of life, and
VICE-VERSA as well.

So, my point is, if a woman sees that you are
for approaching her, she also sees how you
have a MASSIVE AMOUNT of courage and
that if you have the SAME courage in the
OTHER AREAS of your life, you are one HECK
of a man.

Now, don’t get me wrong.
I’m not saying not to CARE about what others think EVER, because it’s GOOD to have EMPATHY
for others, but it’s not good to be RULED by FEAR OF BEING JUDGED, especially when you
are not doing anything bad at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when a woman sees you have that kind of courage, it’s very attractive.

More importantly, it’s very helpful for ALL of your life for ALL KINDS OF THINGS, from starting a business to pursuing your dreams,
to learning a new skill.

How many times have you NOT taken actionin these areas because you thought you were afraid of failure?

Well the truth is, it’s not failure humans are really afraid of that much, it’s being JUDGED negatively by others that people fear the most.

The ramifications for this are so huge, they go
way beyond what I could write in only one
newsletter, but this newsletter should give you
a MASSIVE head-start on changing your life with
women and on changing your life in any area
you wish.

This leads me to one final point- which is that
your focus should be on LEARNING, not on
avoiding being judged by others.

If you get caught up in trying to avoid being judged
by others, you will never do anything where you
might possibly fail, and there is NO WAY TO LEARN

Success requires failure.
Does this sound like an alien concept?


Well, it is simply TRUTH.

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Bill Gates,
Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone,
and every other success story has FAILED many
times before they succeeded, and failure is part
of the process ALL THE TIME in fact.

This is why I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO
careful NOT to go around saying that I am the
best pick-up artist on Earth.  If I go around saying
that, that is a TERRIBLE thing for my ability to
CONTINUE LEARNING, since it puts me under
mistakes, and THAT means not PUSHING THE

I understand that FAILURE is the only way to
break through to the NEXT level.

Now the truth is, I’m pretty damn good.
And more importantly, my students are getting
some INSANELY POWERFUL results lately.  

I’m talking about walking right up to MELTINGLY
beautiful women and having interactions where
the women are not only giving their phone numbers,
but are TEXTING the guys DEMANDING to see the
guys as soon as possible!

And these are SOBER women, not women who are
drunk at clubs!

This is because I teach them to UNLEASH THEIR
STATE by NOT fearing failure. AND of course I also
teach all the REST as well- all the conversation
skills, the rapport skills, the attraction skills, etc.

You see, you can either focus on LEARNING
or you can focus on trying to preserve some
IMAGE of being the best, but if you focus on
PRESERVING some image of being the best, 
you ironically end up STAGNATING your learning,
and you don’t take on any possible challenge where 
you might fail---and without those challenges you

So I never focus on BEING THE BEST, I focus on

What you have just read, as awesome as it is,
is just the TIP of the iceberg.  Over the past
12 YEARS, I have learned THOUSANDS
of important insights and strategies for
helping men succeed with women at every
stage of the process, from the first thing you
say to her all the way to keeping a relationship
thriving if you so desire.

And from that experience, I have learned what
works best for different guys, because not all guys
need the exact same thing- and that means I can
truly CUSTOMIZE your learning in this area to make

When you learn from me, you are getting the most
STREAMLINED instruction, tailor-made for your
personality, your goals, and your needs.

And when you learn from me, you are getting

I will show you the BEST ways for YOU to skyrocket
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women, the BEST ways for YOU to get results.

Every man is different, which is why my bootcamps are limited to ONE client only per bootcamp, so that you can get MAXIMUM ATTENTION AND THE FASTEST RESULTS.

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I don’t just TEACH these things, I practice these principles myself.

I don’t need to teach bootcamps, or teach anything.
I do it because I love it.

The thing is, because I practice what I preach, other
passionate projects of mine have grown to the point
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The value of taking a bootcamp or a personal private
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, June 26, 2015

What The Most Successful Men Know About Women

Ever wonder why celebrities that can easily get an endless supply of the most beautiful women STILL tend to want to get a great girlfriend? Does anyone think that a guy like Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake or Denzel Washington or any of a ton of other men who have endless choices STILL prefer to be with one great woman?

It’s because they already know THE TRUTH that most men don’t know. They know that the far more rare kind of woman is the kind of woman that has more than only physical beauty.  Yes, beauty on the outside counts, but there is so much more, and any man who really has choices KNOWS this.

These men also know that the right woman helps them FOCUS in the other areas of life, and if you want to be all you can be in those other areas, the party lifestyle will absolutely bring you down.  If anyone doubts this, just look at what happened to some of the greatest athletes and other performers in various fields when they lost focus and got caught up in the party lifestyle with lots of women- it was their downfall.

Now, some of you may wonder why I don’t have videos showing my clients or myself doing the pick-ups. The reason for this is simple: I respect the women’s privacy, and I respect every single client’s privacy.

Congruency is very important to any success.  If you preach respect, you have to give respect.

I’ve already proven my legitimacy through having the largest newspaper in the country follow the progress of SEVERAL men who have taken my trainings and who voluntarily offered to be part of the group, over the course of SEVERAL WEEKS, not just one night.  Their results, which were overwhelmingly positive, were published for the entire world to see. 

There is a second reason as well for not showing the videos.  You see, there used to be a time when seeing a video was believing, but unfortunately these days it’s just too easy to have something not be real but rather give the IMPRESSION of being real.  

Anyone who engages in some thinking, and who has some reading skill, who knows a thing about "reality TV", knows how reality is the farthest thing from that kind of TV, and this is no different. Kim Kardashian may get rich from it, but it doesn't mean she is offering wisdom.

So what ends up happening is a contest of who can create the videos that SEEM the most believable yet also seem to be the most “cool”. This includes showing some rejections “just to make it all believable”.

My work is the very best in the field.  Many so-called experts in this field try to imitate me. Can you imagine what would happen if I did release videos? For every video I released, and that would of course be honest, there would be a dozen dishonest ones released by them trying to look flashy, but because most people are ignorant, most people would never know the difference and be led astray by the flashy video that was in reality misleading. 

It would be the start of a “pick up artist videos” race, as opposed to focusing on truth and what helps men succeed in approaching and attracting women, both initially and long-term. 

Due to the ignorance of most people, we often have some of the most of the popular YouTube videos on ALL SUBJECTS often also being the most devoid of any substance or truth or benefit.

Most people are ASLEEP in many ways, and they don't even realize how their emotions and mind are being manipulated. They need, figuratively speaking, a bolt of LIGHTNING to wake them up.

The BEST in the world, in almost ALL things, is almost NEVER the most popular. Think about that when it comes to OTHER things in life, and you will see that it is true.

The most popular is the one that caters to people’s vulnerabilities and emotional weaknesses, and caters to various forms of ignorance.

So, if you are mature enough to appreciate the difference, perhaps you should take my bootcamp.

In my bootcamp, you will not be filmed. The women will not be filmed. You, and the women, will have absolute and total privacy and discretion.

Most importantly, you will be getting the BEST bootcamp on the planet for giving you SUCCESS with women.

My bootcamps are also limited to ONE student per bootcamp. That means TOTAL focus is on YOU, and you get total privacy.  You get CUSTOMIZED training, so that everything you learn has been designed to make it EASIER for you to learn, FASTER for you to learn, so that you get the success you want with women FASTER.

And you will be learning how to meet women who have their act together, and these women will be totally SOBER as well.

Not all women are the same. These days, that is getting harder to know, because we live in a culture that tends to say “if it feels good now, do it”.  This leads to a society rampant with all kinds of problems, and I’ll let you think about that rather than have me spell it all out here. 

But there are still men and women who know better. There are beautiful, wise women out there who are looking for a man who can appreciate wisdom.

They know that that sometimes, if it feels good now, one should NOT do it, because it leads to more problems than benefits in the big picture. That’s where discipline and wisdom play such an important role.

So, learning how to connect to women like that, and how to detect women like that, takes some insight, and sometimes it takes some learning to BECOME a man like that as well.

If you feel ready to take a giant and mature step in your life, then contact me for a bootcamp or a personal consultation.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Arousal-Safety Pendulum

One of the most MISUNDERSTOOD aspects of attraction is the whole BAD-BOY versus “CARING GUY” debate.  The real truth is that BOTH aspects are VITAL if you want a woman to be at MAXIMUM attraction and especially if you want the LONG-TERM success with a woman.

The reason for this is because if a woman feels you don’t care about her at all, then she can’t feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE with you, and that definitely includes her not feeling safe totally letting go and getting wild with you and letting all her inhibitions loose. 

The SAFETY feeling, ak.a. "the warm fuzzies" feeling, IS important.  

Let’s call this the “safety” part of the pendulum.

And YET, at the SAME TIME, if she feels you are SO CARING AND SO LOVING to the extent that you are totally SELFLESS, it can make her feel GUILTY about allowing HERSELF to truly ENJOY getting wild with you. 

This is because pleasure is obviously a SELFISH thing, but selfishness is not always a BAD thing, and in fact in the right place at the right time it can be the PERFECT thing. 

So when YOU demonstrate that YOU are not afraid or uncomfortable to be SELFISH in a sexual way, it allows her to feel FREE to also totally let go and experience that SAME level of pleasure as well.

PLUS, there is also something to be said about the pleasure a woman feels when she knows that you want to totally DEVOUR her and consume her with a SELFISH passion for her. 

She enjoys BOTH sides of your passion, the selfless and the selfish, but for now we are focusing on the selfish side because it is the less understood one in the context of how it is mutually beneficial for the man and the woman in this area. 

Let’s call this the “arousal” part of the pendulum. 

THIS is the reason so many so-called “bad boys” INITIALLY do well with women.  

It at first feels GOOD for a woman to have a man that is so LIBERATED to just BE his natural sexual self. 

It allows HER to indulge in her selfish desire for her man, without her feeling guilty or anything like that.

Also, it can make HER feel very DESIRED, since she feels she is the cause of the man's intense desire, instead of it being some kind of "charity" that the guy is doing for her. 

And, there is also the fact that women are attracted to men who convey "ALPHA-MALE" traits, which tends to mean being more dominant. 

The problem, though, is that EITHER one of these sides, the selfish or the selfless, ALONE, is NOT enough.   

Too much of the bad boy behavior and she will eventually start to feel UNLOVED, and so that can then make the sexual side of things become MEANINGLESS-and, even worse, it can make her feel CHEAP and it can lower her self-esteem. 

And self-esteem is the most PRECIOUS and POWERFUL force anyone has in this world. It must be CHERISHED and it must be RESPECTED.

Too much of the NICE GUY stuff, though, and she starts to feel like she now must be SUPER CAREFUL to please you and be super-nice to you, and then THAT forces her to STOP being able to truly ENJOY her OWN SELFISHNESS.

And again, to a degree, human selfishness is a GOOD thing, otherwise people wouldn’t do a thing to take care of themselves!  

So, the solution is to actually convey BOTH sides.  Things shift between AROUSAL and SAFETY, in what I call the Arousal-Safety Pendulum.

Show warmth in your voice, show empathy, but also show that you have no problems being assertive or comfortable with the sexual, and the way to do this is to playfully bring up the sexual in a conversation with her, once the conversation is going smoothly- but don’t LINGER on this topic either.

Also, when in a relationship with a woman, realize there is actually ROOM for ALL the aspects of your emotions- there are times when actually displaying a bit of jealousy can massively TURN ON a woman, if it is within control.  But if you get consumed with jealousy, it will make her feel CONTROLLED and make her feel she has to constantly attend to your needs more than hers.

There are times when you are going to have to do your UTMOST to restrain yourself from having an emotional reaction to her behavior.

There are times for being sensitive and supportive. And yet, sometimes, just for the EFFECT of letting her know she doesn’t OWN you and that you are still a selfish being, which ironically actually turns her on MORE, you should CONVEY that through your behavior.

For example, OCCASIONALLY, if she is complaining about her day, and it's not really a bad day, sometimes in this situation you might occasionally make a JOKE about it - which is the complete OPPOSITE reaction of what she was expecting--- and she might even say half-hardheartedly that you are so "mean", but then within MINUTES or even SECONDS later she will probably be even CRAZIER about you. 

And if it's seriously something bothering her, then OF COURSE you will be super-supportive- which is what you probably really want to do at INFINITE levels always if you are like a lot of good guys- and the hard part is actually realizing that the sexual dynamic is not the same thing as the regular dynamic you have with other people in your life.

This woman is not just another person, she's not just a female who is a friend.  This is not friendship, this is ATTRACTION.  

One of the toughest things to do here in a newsletter is put everything in context, which is why when you are in an actual boot camp or a private consultation it's so much easier since you get the full context.

Now, all this takes an IMMENSE amount of social intelligence and sensitivity to pull off properly, but the good thing about it is that you can GET THIS SKILL. 

Not only does this work in the initial approach, it gets even better in a long-term relationship, because you get to know a woman so well and if you truly love her and know her, you will KNOW by instinct when is a good time to do what. 

It just takes a little practice. And she will love you all the more for it.

Remember, a woman wants to feel LOVED, and she wants to give love, but she also wants to be able to feel uninhibited and not guilty about indulging in the SELFISH side of sexual feeling- this is an element of all human beings, not just women, of course.

She gets turned on by a man who is the SAME- a man who appreciates all elements of the physical and emotional sides of love, both giving and taking- a man who is not shy or afraid to be selfish and to indulge in his desires with her, and who is also at other times selfless and purely giving in these matters.

Let me show you how all this works in REAL LIFE when you attend my PRIVATE AND EXCLUSIVE boot camp.  You will learn from me how to do this, and you will see it all happening in front of you on real women.

Boot camp is PRIVATE and truly ONE-TO-ONE. That means just ONE student is allowed per boot camp, which means you get MAXIMUM ATTENTION, MAXIMUM CUSTOMIZATION and MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in your learning.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks