Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting A Woman Of VALOR

If you’ve been following my work
for any amount of time, you know
that I am obsessed with truth and
accuracy.  I describe the specifics
of what you need to know with
almost surgical-like precision.

Now, if a guy just wants to “get physical”
with some kind of woman, and does not
care about whether this woman is going
to be a faithful woman who is going to
cheat on him or not, then obviously it’s
not that important that a guy be as careful
to do things RIGHT.

In fact, the WRONG kind of women will
be ATTRACTED to behavior that echoes
“SODOM AND GOMORRAH” type values
wrapped in a veneer of ethics.

What I mean by this is, appealing to the
base desires, but wrapping it up by also
paying lip service to things like showing
that you respect her, that it’s important
that she respects you, etc.

LIP SERVICE instead of the real thing.
You see, even men and women who
don’t have ethics, they still want to feel
good about themselves, so this is why
they like to pay lip service in their conversations
to things like “I don’t do one night stands”
or “I’m looking for something meaningful”
or “I’m looking for an authentic connection”
but then at the same time there are inconsistencies
in their conversation/behavior, etc. 

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves,
including the people who are fooling themselves.

But, when a man wants to get a truly
rare catch, the kind of woman that is
going to be faithful and respect him,
the kind of woman that is BRAVE
enough to defy the screwed-up morals
of society, the kind of woman that is
truly a WOMAN OF VALOR, then

For example, being able to DETECT
immediately whether a woman is a
potential candidate for being a faithful
woman is IMPORTANT.

And, if she IS such a woman, then it becomes
of PARAMOUNT significance that you
set up the initial interaction on a SOLID
FOUNDATION that includes “proof of

Now, it can’t be limited to ONLY this
“good stuff”, because there have to also
be components of  ATTRACTION and
sexuality, but there must ALSO be an
exchange of “proof of ethics” between
each other.

“Proof of ethics” is not a simple thing to
see or convey.  It has to do with a lot more
than what you or she says.  It has to do with
the CONGRUENCY in which you both show
RESPECT, and even the SLIGHTEST shift
OFF of that congruency, the slightest
INCONSISTENCY can tell you a LOT about

So, for example, if a woman tells you how hard
it is to find a good guy, and how hard she has
been trying to find a good man, but you notice
that she displays signs of promiscuity, then you
have to ask yourself just how careful she is
with screening the men she is with.

If a woman tells you how important respect is,
but she doesn’t actually SHOW it to you, or to
anyone else around her who is innocent, you
already know she is OUT of the running.  

In this world, there is a LOT of FAKING
going on.  There is a lot of CHEATING
going on.  And, by the way, the cheating
and other blights of character are not limited
to any economic class, any religion, race, or
gender. It is a HUMAN flaw, and so the ONLY
solution is to inspect the INDIVIDUAL.

Finding and attracting the RIGHT kind of
woman is a BIG DEAL.  It is a very big

The right woman becomes not only a great
source of PASSION in your life, but also
becomes a PARTNER in your life.

But the wrong woman will cost you your
energy, your finances, your emotions, and
your HEALTH.

And if you have children, it can be really
messy as well if you have to split up.

Now, on the OTHER HAND, let’s say you
meet a truly fantastic woman that you are
crazy about, and she treats you with total
respect, well then it becomes super important
that YOU don’t screw things up as a result
of MISREADING her or the situation.

It becomes ESSENTIAL that you are able
to SEPARATE distortion from fact.  This is
easier said than done, because the more we
get EMOTIONAL about something and the
more we value something, the harder it is
to see things as they REALLY ARE.

So this does not just mean when you really
don’t like a woman, it also means when you
really do like a woman as well.

If you don’t want to LOSE a great woman,
you MUST be able to see the full truth of
any situation you are in with her.

This is another area why my expertise comes in.
I can assess a situation for you so that you know
the TRUTH about her and whatever situation it
is regarding her that you are trying to figure out.

Sometimes this also includes seeing where you
may have made an error as well.

Quality women, just like quality men, are RARE.

A woman that knows better than to hang around
other men under the guise that they are all “friends”
is RARE.

A woman that knows that a man cares more about
being RESPECTED than just about anything else
in a relationship, is RARE.

A woman that has not been brainwashed by
horrifying female role models in the media
is RARE.

A woman that understands a man’s sexuality is RARE.

A woman that works hard together WITH you
for a shared future WITH you, is RARE.

A woman that respects truth, (just as a man that respects
truth)  is RARE.

So, when you DO meet such a woman, you
REALLY do NOT want to screw it up.

This is where I come in.  You can consult with me
directly in a private phone consultation or a private
in-person consultation.

I have made it my life’s work to help good men
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attracted and THRIVING together.

This is not “pick up artist” information.
This is about ensuring your success with the kind
of woman that will have an ENORMOUS positive
impact on your LIFE, and this is also about preventing
you from making a mistake and getting with the
wrong kind of woman who will DESTROY your life.

There is no single area of greater impact on
a man’s life than the type of woman he is with.

Let me help you SUCCEED in this area.
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Revealing My SECRETS On Attracting Women

What you are about to read comes DIRECTLY
from YEARS of experience "IN THE FIELD".

There is absolutely no filler, no gimmicks, no nonsense. 


So here we go: 


Now, this might sound hard to believe, especially
if you already know that indeed just about all
successful approaches go through stages in the
interaction, from opening the conversation to
building attraction and rapport, to closing the
interaction with a solid close where it’s clear
she is into you and where she wants you to
take her number, or even immediately go
out on an “instant-date” right then and there.

The thing is, though, that even though these
“phases” of the interaction may very well
exist, they are simply the NATURAL by-product
of ALL effective interactions that you will have
with the women you want to attract.

And one of the KEY elements to having an effective
conversation when you approach a woman who is
a total stranger is for you to come across as
AUTHENTIC, and not as some guy who has this
predetermined exact concept of what you and her 

should say and do.

A woman can TELL when a guy is not being authentic, 
and is on some form of auto-pilot, and it weirds a
woman out, it makes her go on “caution” mode, since she
is wondering why can’t the guy just be more “for real”

instead of putting on an act.

Of course, the CHALLENGE then becomes the following:

“How do I go in there without a plan, and stay
CALM? After all, I have no idea what to SAY
to her!!!!!!!!!!”  

And this is where you can really separate
the guys who care about teaching this stuff
for REAL, versus the guys who are only in
this for the commercial reasons of making

Do I expect to be paid for my intense work and
long hours devoted to a client? Yes, because
time is not free.  However, the difference with

And I’m not talking about going to nightclubs
where certain types of women attend, and where
these women are tipsy, half-drunk, or bombed
out of their minds.

That, to me, is not really what it’s all about.

To me, it’s all about actually meeting the kind
of women who have TRUE potential to be great
girlfriends, the kinds of women that most
men REALLY want.  Ultimately, the kind of
WOMAN you really want for the LONG term.

And you just can’t find those women in a bar
or nightclub, at least not the vast majority of
the time.    

So, what do you do to BE authentic and NOT
memorize material and NOT go in with some
pre-determined plan, and yet STILL be calm
and under control?

Well, this gets to step number TWO:


See, the REAL trick to this, is that you don’t
HAVE to memorize or plan ANYTHING, you
can start a conversation with the SIMPLEST
remark or observation that you notice, and
go into LISTENING to her, and OBSERVING her,
paying attention.

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, for so
many reasons, and it really is so friggen insane
how the so called “pick up artists” will sell guys
so much B.S. and nonsense, and miss out on the
BIGGEST thing, which is this.

First of all, by focusing on LISTENING to her and
observing her, rather than on thinking to yourself
“WHAT DO I SAY TO HER?” you go into a much
CALMER state, since there is just about NOTHING
that you have to “figure out” in terms of what
to say or do!

You just LISTEN, OBSERVE, PERCEIVE, PAY ATTENTION, to all that she  says or does. 

So start the conversation with SOME observation:
It could be the oranges she’s looking at in the
supermarket, and you notice she is really taking
her time to get the right ones and you could say
the first thought in your mind from this e.g.

“You’re really picky, aren’t you?”

Is this a REALLY GENIUS HARD COMMENT to think of
when you see her selecting the oranges? No, it’s not.  

The KEY is to OBSERVE her response- let your eyes,
ears, intelligence, and HEART be OPEN so you can
get ALL the things she is saying/implying with her
words, body language, clothing style, etc.

So, she might chuckle first, to which YOU can say:

“You’re laughing.  You think I’m funny.  You were
here to get oranges and now you’re getting more
than just oranges.”

Or, she might chuckle and say to you:

“You have to be careful, not all oranges are
as a joke back to you.

If you’re paying attention to HER, then when
she says to you her comment that not all oranges
are equal, this could trigger in your mind the
thought or image of oranges not all mixing together
properly, or even the thought that oranges
themselves can’t be mixed with oranges, never

So you can respond to her with:

“Oh man, now you’re getting really mean!
First they say, not to mix apples and oranges,
but now according to YOU, you can’t even
mix APPLES AND APPLES! That’s it, we’re
done! I want a divorce!”


THIS IS FUNNY, and it shows you DID NOT

So she does not go into: “This sucks, this guy
doesn’t even pay attention to me, he just says
the same pick up lines to every woman he meets!”

Instead, you were AUTHENTIC and truly in the
REACTING to what she was doing and saying. 

Now, I need to add one more important detail
here, which is the following:


So, you can be intriguing, you can be motivating,
you can be funny, you can of course be FLIRTY,
(you don’t HAVE to start with flirty), but you
which flows from your state of mind.

Whatever emotion you are feeling, you will FILTER
the world through that emotion, so if you are totally
in ZOMBIE mode, or totally bored, or totally exhausted,
you just won’t SEE much in any situation where you
find a woman, and no matter WHAT she says to you.

So you have TONS of choices of what emotions
you can be experiencing, you don’t have to be   
x if you are y, you don’t have to change yourself
into being into country music if you are into rock,
or rock if you are into country, you don’t have
to be funny, you don’t have to be mysterious
or intriguing, but you have to be feeling SOMETHING
positive, even if it’s just a love for life, or if it’s
a great song you just heard, or even if you are
just feeling flirty and in a good mood.

You can’t walk in there on a fuel tank that is,
from a positive emotional standpoint, empty.

But that’s it, once you have THAT, almost ALL
your energy goes into OBSERVING AND LISTENING,
and then based on THAT, you just REACT in the
most instinctive way!!!!

So, if a woman tells you she just had a terrible
day at work, you can EASILY go into rapport
with her and make her feel you identify with
her, or you can cheer her up, or you can even
be funny and say “Hey, don’t tell me all your
problems, that’s RUDE!”
in a JOKING way,
where she WILL laugh and hence you HAVE
cheered her up.

You see? Because you are GENUINELY listening,
what you SAY and DO can be a trillion percent
AUTHENTIC since all you have to do is REACT
sincerely (which could sometimes include
reacting with a JOKE) rather than make up

So, by adopting this approach, you end up
coming across as AUTHENTIC, you don’t
sound off her mental alarm bells, you also
come across as socially intelligent since you
didn’t act selfish by talking only about yourself
but rather you got HER TALKING about herself
and you listened well, which in itself builds
a stronger bond, plus all this shows tons of
guts too, since, after all, you DID approach
her out of the blue and you smoothly got
a beautiful stranger to open up to you.

I love this stuff so much.
And guess what?
I've got MORE for you.


So, you know how in general, putting a
woman on a PEDESTAL is a TERRIBLE
way to try to attract her?

Well guess what? I figured out a way to
actually tell a woman she is beautiful and
have it ONLY do GOOD things for you,
WITHOUT you coming across as a weak
man who will sell his soul for any crumbs
of attention from a beautiful woman.

It all has to do with the INTENT.

You see, getting back to point number
ONE regarding AUTHENTICITY, you
CAN tell a woman that she is beautiful,
because you MEAN it, and it IS the reason
you approached her, but the mistake that
just about EVERY GUY makes is that they
ALSO bring something ELSE into the
situation when they say something like

“You are so beautiful that I had to come
over and say hello.”

The MISTAKE is bringing into the situation
all your thoughts about the future, and how
you would do ANYTHING to be with her, and
how you would REALLY appreciate it, if she was
with you, etc, etc.

I’m talking about even THINKING those thoughts,
because the thoughts affect your emotions.

Now the TRICK to not thinking needy thoughts
is to simply be FULLY AUTHENTIC, which means
NOT romanticizing the moment with endless
thoughts of the FUTURE, and instead just
focus on the PRESENT.

In other words, she is BEAUTIFUL and you

That’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And THAT is OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t just mean morally okay, which OF
COURSE it is, what I mean is THAT will
NOT make you seem weak to a woman,
in fact, it can make you seem STRONG,
since you TOOK ACTION on your DESIRE,
and you have no apology for it.

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
different than the way most guys would
say the “beautiful” comment.

Also, one of the reasons I usually DON’T
suggest guys approach women with the
“you are so beautiful” comment is because
I myself used to be BRAINWASHED to believe
that women REALLY appreciated it when a
a man found her beautiful, and when a man
in general found her to be more beautiful
than any other woman, etc.

I used to really believe that the biggest thing
in a relationship for a woman is having a man 
that never takes her for granted, that always
finds her so beautiful, etc, etc.

Of course, we are fed this B.S. from the day
we are born, so it’s no wonder so many men
think this, follow this, and then end up having
their hearts torn to shreds.

So, I don’t want guys to make the mistake of
thinking the “beautiful” comment works because
of romantic reasons, and I don’t want guys to
think that their relationships depend on convincing
a woman how beautiful you find her to be,
as that will just make you come across as weak
on an inner level, and women just can’t feel
attraction to men who radiate weakness within.

So that’s why I’m being REALLY careful to be
CLEAR here- the reason the “you’re
so beautiful” comment works in an initial
approach is ONLY if it is done with the
implications given in your vocal tonality that
you are the kind of man who rises to the challenge,
you see a woman you find beautiful, you take

And yes, of course, a woman also appreciates
the compliment, but it’s not the COMPLIMENT
so much as the fact that YOU are so secure
with yourself, with your value, with being
secure about your sexual value, that all
YOU care about is EXPRESSING IT.

The emphasis is on YOU expressing your interest,
in a non-needy way, through the “beautiful”

In fact, the MORE you are COOL with her
NOT reciprocating the same interest, the
BETTER you will do, which is just another
irony is a series of ironies about attraction. 

The reason it works when you DON’T need
her to  MELT for you when you say these
words to her, is that it shows her you are
STRONG, that you are not so obsessed
with her having to now say “I will marry you”
just because you said “You are beautiful”.

Also, another positive element about this
“beautiful” comment, of course, is that it
is AUTHENTIC, and it immediately establishes
that you are not there out of platonic interest,
but rather you ARE A MAN who finds her

So it sets the wheels in motion in her mind
immediately, and it sets them in the right
direction, rather than pretending you just
want to talk about the weather with her.

Now, of course, on the ULTIMATE level,
when you have mastered EVERYTHING,
you can IMPLY so much in the most subtle
nuances in your expression and tonality,
even if you did approach a woman and
you DID talk about only the weather. 

And, of course, you can also start with
a neutral conversation, and THEN go
into FLIRTY mode, teasing her playfully,

But before the ultimate level, where you 
can actually do anything, this can be a
great way to improve your results with

There are many roads that lead to Rome,
so to speak, but the KEY is to be AUTHENTIC
and to LISTEN and OBSERVE so that you
can react in the most fitting and most effective
way possible, based on what she is saying
or doing.

There is also another pearl I want to leave
you with, regarding ALL your approaches,
and that is before going into any approach,
you FULLY COMMIT in your mind to doing
your BEST no matter what.

In order to do this, we must accept the possibility

of failure, which leads to number five...


This is a very subtle, but SUPREMELY POWERFUL
distinction between those guys who do well
and those guys who don’t when it comes to
approaching and attracting women.

You see, if you can’t accept the possibility of
failure, then in your mind, you will NOT give
ALL of yourself into your approach, because
you are too AFFECTED by that thought- the
thought of failure. 

It is ONLY when you are PREPARED TO
ACCEPT FAILURE, and you STILL feel that

You have to really WANT success with
women to the point that success means
MORE TO YOU, much, much, MUCH more,
than failure. 

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, July 25, 2014

Should You Try To Get Her Back?

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I've
been getting more than the usual amount
of questions lately regarding getting
back an ex-girlfriend.

This is a topic that I have seriously
addressed before, and so I want to
link to an important article I wrote
on this topic.

You can read it right now at:

"Getting Back Together After Breaking Up?"

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

When To Be CLEAR With A Woman

Just a quick message today.  A lot
of people dismiss the attractive quality
of being a GOOD man.  People think
it is the anti-attractor, but the truth is
WEAKNESS is not cool, but GOODNESS
when it is backed up with confidence
IS attractive.

So attractive, in fact, that a lot of women,
including the WRONG WOMEN, will
want you so badly, that they will pretend
to be GOOD WOMEN even though they
are dishonest and disloyal.

Why do they do this? Because they want
good men so badly.  They just aren’t
prepared to be good women in return.

So, for this reason, it is IMPERATIVE
that you watch a woman’s initial behavior
with you like a hawk.  Not with negativity,
not with bias, but with ACCURACY.

If a woman shows a pattern of dishonesty
with you during the initial few dates you
have with her, or if she shows a pattern of
disrespect or anything else like that, you
MUST end the relationship then and there.

Do NOT believe a woman’s protests when
she starts telling you how she did not mean
to lie, she did not mean to be disrespectful,
how she won’t do it again, etc.

As a good man, it can be HARD to believe
that anyone would engage in such nasty
behavior, so you WANT to believe that
indeed the woman you met is just like you,
that she shares the same concept of how to
behave with other people, that she shares
the same sense of horror at dishonesty and
disrespect, etc.

The more of a good guy you are, the more
CAREFUL you have to be, BECAUSE of
the fact that EVERY woman wants a good
guy and wants to be treated right- even the
the women that don’t treat OTHERS right
still want to be TREATED right.

So those wrong women are going to want
you too, and they are going to be sneaky
in how they try to get away with their
own selfish and abusive behavior while
trying to KEEP YOU.

The solution to ALL OF THIS is to be
EXTREMELY CLEAR about your values
and your expectations from DAY ONE.

Too many guys are so worshiping women
just because they are SO attracted to
these women that they are AFRAID of
doing anything to compromise the chances
of BEING with these women.

Well guess what? Women SENSE that,
including the WRONG women, and the
wrong women will take advantage of that
and abuse you.

And it all stems from scarcity thinking, thinking
that goes along the lines of, "But I will never
get another woman as good as her!"

When you feel scarcity thinking come over you,
you need to BEEYOTCH slap yourself to
your senses.

So, again, the solution to ALL OF THIS is
to be EXTREMELY CLEAR about your values
and your expectations from DAY ONE.

from the beginning, then the wrong women
because they will KNOW it is a hopeless
endeavor to try to screw you over.

This then allows you to focus your time and
energy on the RIGHT WOMEN who will
treat you with RESPECT.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast Food, Fast Women, And Bruce Lee

We're living in a time where everyone wants things FAST and when people tend to want instant pleasure and instant entertainment.

Hence, we get things like FAST FOOD and a lot of movies without stories but tons of SPECIAL EFFECTS.

These kinds of things tend to not really give you a LASTING feeling of contentment or enrichment.

And when it comes to how to get a great woman, again, most people just want to know about SPEED, not quality.

So, we get bombarded with YouTube videos of guys showing how they can be making out with women very quickly, without any mention of some of the rather important details.

Here are the important details that tend to get left out of most of the so called "demonstration videos":


If a woman is drunk or tipsy, it really is pretty ridiculous to equate her actions with being attracted, as she is behaving in a way that is in no way indicative of what she will think or do when she is sober.


This may be due to laws regarding invasion of privacy, but it also means we have no clue what the woman actually looks like.


Almost anyone can just talk to a woman. The real key is to see how the woman reacts after 24 hours and she has had a chance to reflect on the situation.  Does she still want to hang out with the guy? We will never know, will we?


A woman may, in the moment, be it from drunkenness, disorientation, or unfamiliarity (for example, if she is fresh off the boat or fresh off the plane as a new immigrant and unsure of the local customs) with the situation, perhaps she may go along with the initial phase of the conversation with a man, whether it includes a kiss, a coffee, etc.

But most women who are aware of the situation, and who are not drunk or promiscuous, simply will PULL AWAY from a guy that pushes for making out, getting physical, so fast.

This is because she is not desperate for getting physical, and is actually interested in making sure that she KNOWS about the guy she is going to get physical with.

What most pick up artists aren't telling you is that they themselves are simply the equivalent of a promiscuous woman, that's all there is to it. It's about promiscuous women meeting promiscuous men.

This does not help the guy who is actually looking to get a girlfriend, not a woman for whom he will be number 1 billion served a la McDonald's.

Also, what is so ironic is that some of the dating coaches out there have tried to use my emphasis on "qualifying a woman" before moving onto the next stage with her, but the truth is that this was not an artificial fake tactic that I invented, it was a GENUINE ACTION because I genuinely DO think it is important to make sure that a woman IS the right person for you before you jump into getting physical with her. especially if you are looking for a girlfriend.

Never mind the PLETHORA of viruses out there you can get from a woman by getting physical, as just that reason alone is enough to want to SLOW THINGS DOWN to get to know who you are dealing with.

Well, the irony is that pushing for the physical too fast is actually the OPPOSITE of qualifying a woman.  How much can a woman really think you care about STANDARDS if you were willing to slobber all over her within a few minutes of meeting her?

Of course, for promiscuous people, none of this matters.  There is hardly a need for qualification.

But in general, a woman really WANTS to know that indeed you DO have standards and that you DON'T just jump into bed with a woman just because you can.


Bruce Lee used to say that the moves he would show in his films were not the same kinds of actions at all that he would use in real life.  The moves he used in the films were there to be flashy and get attention and look all impressive.

The REAL actions that would actually be most effective in real life are DIFFERENT, and they aren't as flashy. They aren't designed to be flashy, they are designed to be EFFECTIVE.

Well, when it comes to dating advice for men, MARKETING works better when it is FLASHY. So showing a guy making out with ten women at a time is going to be flashier than showing a guy having a really solid conversation with a woman, and then showing the next date, and then showing them three weeks later in a relationship, as that all takes time and it all doesn't seem so WEIRD AND WACKY, BUT IT IS THE THING THAT MOST MEN REALLY WANT.  

Larry Bird, one of the greatest basketball players ever, was not known for being flashy in his moves.  He just went up to the basket, did the layup, and got the ball in.  Over and over and over and over again. Flashy? No. Effective? Yes.

I know all the marketing tricks and plenty of ways to screw around with the truth. I could easily go that route, but I don't.

Learn the truth about success with women.

For starters, get my OBLITERATING APPROACH ANXIETY audio program.  This program has been painstakingly designed to RID YOU OF ALL FEARS REGARDING MAKING THE APPROACH.

There are absolutely NO GIMMICKS in this program, and make no mistake about it, this is definitely a PROGRAM with STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on what to do to RID YOURSELF OF ALL THE BARRIERS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM APPROACHING WOMEN.

It is based on the most meticulous research and it WILL work if you use it as directed.

It's at:

It's also time to consider BOOTCAMP with me.  Bootcamp with me is about learning what is EFFECTIVE for you, and it is tailored especially for your needs, your personality, your situation. And it all happens in real life on real women.

Bootcamp is at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

The Next Revolution In Attracting Women

There are a few really important areas to master
if you are to be successful in approaching and
attracting women, but the two BIGGEST ones are
achieving a combination of confidence and comfort
in talking to women, because this allows you to
instinctively convey your full personality since
you aren’t frozen up with fear.

And don't underestimate those words "full
personality" as when it comes to women,
a man's PERSONALITY is a verrrrrrry powerful
force for attracting a woman.

The problem is that men end up showing
either no personality or a FAKE personality
that the women end up rejecting! 

Now, along the way through the evolution of methods
on how to approach and attract women, three of  the
most popular “methods” included kissing up to women
with tons of compliments, memorizing pick up
lines, as well as delivering back-handed compliments
which are actually thinly veiled insults.

The thinking behind the kissing up to women was
that flattery will get you everywhere. The thinking
behind the memorized pick up lines was that even
if you are feeling fear, you will have something to
say since it’s been memorized.  And the thinking
behind the backhanded compliments is that it
would make a woman feel more insecure, and thus
make her feel that the guy is somehow more important.

Now, before I came along, there were authors who
wrote against the kissing up attitude. They knew that
constantly kissing up ultimately leads to losing the
respect and the attraction of the woman.

By the way, this doesn't mean you should not show
kindness or that you should not show gratitude for
being treated extremely well.

However, when I came along into the field, I noticed
a huge reliance on pick up lines and memorized
routines, as well as a huge amount of emphasis on the
method of using backhanded compliments.

I worked tirelessly to disprove these ideas, and
at the time I was mocked for them.  It took coverage
from major newspapers who followed my students
and their success with women for people to finally
see that indeed you don’t need pick up lines and
indeed that using backhanded compliments which
are really thinly veiled insults are not the way to go.

In fact, using backhanded compliments could
often DESTROY a woman’s trust in a guy,
plus also the use of such tactics on a subtle
yet devastating way ended up undermining
a man’s confidence in himself, since it
made him feel like he had so little worth
that he had to reduce himself to these kinds
of abusive tactics.

Now, here’s the thing to remember: What
all these things have in common, be they
pick up lines, kissing up, or thinly veiled
insults, they are the result of insecurity.

So, if I am insecure about approaching a woman,
and I fear that what I will say will be rejected,
then I will feel better if I have a memorized
pick up line.  I will feel better if I think that
a back-handed compliment will “neutralize”
a woman’s ego, I will feel better if I think
that kissing up will WORK on her ego so
I will then use the kissing up methods, etc.

The bottom line is that all these methods
are the result of INSECURITY.

Now, I’m not BLAMING anyone for feeling
insecurity. I was probably the KING of feeling
insecure when it came to approaching women.

I remember being back in university and
approaching women and thinking my heart
was going to EXPLODE from beating so
hard from the excitement, stress, and
anxiety of the moment.

The insecurity IS a HUGE issue and it’s no joke.

So the best solution is the one that attacks
the real problem, the insecurity itself.

Now, some may argue that it doesn’t matter,
that if memorizing a pick-up line MAKES
a guy feel more secure, or if using a backhanded  
compliment makes a guy feel he has the edge,
then that’s all that matters.

However, I think that truth IS important.

If a guy thinks that insulting a woman is what
works, or is what made her attracted to him,
that is an unhealthy belief and will eventually
erode his confidence and his faith in women
to the point that he engages in toxic behaviors
that destroy his relationships with women.

He will be suspicious of her every action.
He will constantly think she might be losing
attraction to him.  And this will result in
him eventually SHOWING his insecurity
through jealousy or negativity, and those
things will destroy the relationship.

He will start to think that HE isn’t enough,
He will think that he must use MORE of these
external tactics, and of course that will not
work to attract her since it was never about
that external tactic, it was about his confidence
and comfort.

If a guy really thinks he is just using the
tactic as a way for HIM to feel secure,
then he will be more effective to just focus
on the actions that actually REALLY tackle
the insecurity and that DO make him feel
totally secure and comfortable.

And the feelings of stress and anxiety that
come when approaching and interacting with
women you want to attract are complex,
because the solutions involve correcting
deeply-entrenched, unhealthy, and incorrect
beliefs about women, and often about a
man's own self as well.  

Then, on top of this, is also the development
of conversation skills that will really help
you in your interactions with women that
are spontaneous, i.e. “cold approaches”.

Plus, on top of this, is also the development
of the highest degree of social and emotional
intelligence that really allows you to create
a powerful connection with a woman.

Now, I’ve already revolutionized this field in
two ways: As a result of my work, the entire
“backhanded compliments” method has been
pretty much stopped, and the need for pick
up lines has been stopped and replaced with
actually having far more REAL conversations.

Now, some of you may be wondering why
I don’t have VIDEOS of my work up on
the net.

The reason is simple: My work has revolutionized
this field TWICE, (removing pick up lines and
backhanded compliments as well as other abusive
tactics) and my work has been poorly imitated by
others in this field, without giving me an ounce
of credit.

Just a few years ago, pick up lines and backhanded
compliments were considered ABSOLUTELY
THE BEST WAY TO GO, just check out the
best-selling book called “The Game”, even though
I was clearly showing how to go about approaching
women without pick up lines and without backhanded
compliments even back then.

I also never advocated JUST telling a woman
that you like her, because this didn’t give a
woman anything else to know about you other
than the fact you liked her, and so unless she
was physically attracted just based on looks
alone, she had nothing else to stimulate her
attraction, which would mean a guy was
limited to just using his looks.

Everything I taught has now become accepted
as the truth and the way to go.  Yet, of course,
not one author or instructor out there has decided
to give me an ounce of credit for this.

So what do you think will happen when I put out
the absolute best videos showing how this all goes
down for real?  And I’ve already had several offers
even from television networks to get permission
from all sorts of venues so they can get the best
angles for all the “pick ups”.

What will happen is that for a THIRD TIME, my work
will be imitated yet once again, it will revolutionize
the field once again, and of course all the work
will be taken by so-called experts who then
try to use it and claim it as their own. People
will forget the TV special that covered me,
and who created the method, etc.

So, there is no reason for me to put up VIDEOS
of my students or myself doing our work, because
all that will happen is that these ideas will be
imitated and stolen, and I have better things
to do with my time than have my intellectual
property stolen or distorted.

There’s only one way to see it all happen for
real, and that is by taking an actual bootcamp
with me. Within SECONDS, you will see
what others can only IMAGINE is possible
when it comes to success in approaching and
attracting women.

And the best part of all of it is that absolutely
NONE OF IT requires any FAKING on your
part. You don’t need pick up lines.  You
don’t need to use backhanded compliments.
You don’t need to do things that go against
your own moral code or that feel "weird".

And by the way, there’s nothing FLASHY required,
just good old fashioned solid attraction and
solid connection.  I’m going to show you
how to use YOU and YOUR personality to
make it all work PERFECTLY.

Now, I’ve got plenty of guys who want to learn,
so it’s not like I’m writing this message here for me.
I’m plenty busy right now and I have no desire to
pressure you or pressure myself with too many
clients at once- all I’m saying is that I may
not have the time to do bootcamps in the future. 

My obsessive mind is constantly at work, and
I’m a creative person, and there are several other
really cool projects I’m working on at the moment
that may end up taking all my time in the future. 

The same way I create in this field, I create in
other fields that I'm passionate about as well.

So, if you really want to learn these skills, then
it’s a good idea to learn them while you can
before it’s too late.

It’s as simple as sending me an email letting me
know what weekend in the future works for you.
Please give me a few potential weekends, in
case one of them is already booked. 

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How To Keep A Conversation GOING With A Woman

The challenge when it comes to approaching
women is KEEPING the conversation going and
not stalled after a minute or so.

The SOLUTION to this is a combination of
highly honed skills dipped in a deep
understanding of female psychology.

Let's demonstrate this with a recent letter:


“I'm almost fearless with approaches & openers,
but man, I get stymied after a minute or so,
except with a captive audience, e.g. sitting near
a hot babe on the subway - since you are both
rooted in one spot for at least a few minutes, it's
easy to escalate the conversation and get
an email address.

The problem is when people are moving or only in
one spot for a moment, such as in a grocery store.

On the one hand, I love grocery stores, and have
gotten a date from one approach. But on the other
hand, the conversation has to move towards
interesting quickly, or she'll just move on after a
couple of pleasantries.

Case in point - I was shopping for laundry detergent
and saw a HB doing the same. My openner wasn't gold,
but at least it got things off the ground:

Me: "All right, which is the liquid detergent that lets
you never use fabric softening sheets again, is it
this Febreeze?"

Her: "I think so, but I'm allergic to Febreeze, so I
never use it. So I use the fabric softening sheets
in the dryer."

Me: "Yeah, but those things destroy your clothes –
the price you pay for no static cling."

Her: "I didn't know that."

And she walks away... (Boo hoo!)

Yeah, I know, boring topic, but in the heat of the
moment, what would you have done to ensure she
doesn't walk away, and then escalate?”
                              --Codename: TorontoListener


Congrats on TAKING ACTION, this is all
great stuff. Here's some tips for this
kind of situation:

everything she SAYS can and WILL be used

So even if you started really neutral, that’s fine
and prevents getting shut down right away, but
after that, it’s time to JACK UP THE ENERGY

And remember, she has PROVIDED all the
“material” for you, you just have to SEE IT
with new perspectives.

So, for example, with the Febreze, that's
fine, and she says she's allergic to it,
aren't afraid of losing her, you would
easily say any of the following things:
(feel the TONE of what’s going on here,
more than the exact words)

1. Man, it's HARD to find good help these days!!!
But at least you're trying, I mean having allergies is
KIND of an excuse, I'm just allergic to boring people,
so I know about allergies, how about you?

What’s the coolest thing a person could do in the
supermarket? Walk into the walk in freezer on
a blistering HOT day???? Meet a total stranger?
What do you think?

(This does help motivate her to add some spice
to whatever she says now, thus increasing the
chances of this conversation having some life.)

Then, if her response to you is boring, you can
pretend to sneeze!!! Just say “ahhhhhhhhchoooo!
Oh man, I can’ t believe it, I think …I might be…
allergic to….(give her a mischievous smile)

She will get it and laugh.

Also, another option, is when she said
"I didn't know that" you could put on the
playful dominance and say "Well, now that
you do, that will be 5 bucks for the free
advice, but since you are such a decent
conversationalist, I'll give you the special
for only 4 bucks". (Rewarding her subtly
for playing along.)

Then you can also TRANSITION from all this
into a greater CONNECTION:

“You know, life is so full of urgent things we
need to get done, that take TIME, but they
aren't really the IMPORTANT things, so laundry
is urgent, but it's not an "IMPORTANT" life goal,
it's IMPORTANT to make time for the things
you feel you MUST get out of life, you know
what I mean? "

At this point, she might fill the rest IN for you
and tell you about the TRULY IMPORTANT
things she wants to get done, which is a great
deeper conversation, and if she doesn't then
YOU can go onto describe the important things
that you feel are the real priorities in life.

And now you can go toward finding real bonding
things you share in common about priorities in life,
so when she gives you her number, she feels
VERY SOLID about doing so and wants you to
call her and continue this journey into discovering
who you are.

(By the way, man, I’m POSITIVE this is just you
needing to shake off the rust since you took the
Bootcamp over a year ago- you were great in
Bootcamp! You picked up a woman who was
an attractive professor at a vintage record store,
got an email from a gorgeous woman with blonde
hair if I remember correctly, and I think you hit
it off right away with the first woman you approached
at the mall! So don’t knock yourself out, you clearly
have gained the skills, you just need to get sharp

I think what I just wrote here should help shake off
the rust and get you back into your zone when you
get out there to approach again!!!

We’re almost out of time, but I had to share this
cool email that came in just the other day:


Hi Michael,

I just want to let you know you have a terrific
approach that is far beyond what any of the
pickup artists teach. They teach men to
disrespect women and ruin their potential
for a positive, healthy relationship with the
right woman.

You teach men how to develop a relationship
with that right woman that is a product of two
healthy, mature-thinking adults, instead of
being all about sex, which is so rampant and
in-your-face in our society.

In addition to this, you teach men that it is
possible to actually be "the man" in a healthy way,
without being arrogant and trying to control
women, but asserting a natural male dominance
that real women actually love.

This is in such contrast to all the messages in
our society that try to stifle our natural,
testosterone-driven impulses, and you teach
us to channel those impulses into self improvement,
both inwardly and outwardly, to become the
"right" man for that "right" woman.

This kind of teaching is so helpful in so many areas
of life beyond just dating and relationships.

I have been enjoying and benefiting from your
wisdom, and I know that there are many men
out there who can be and are benefited by it as
well. I sincerely thank you for your much-needed

Additionally, in one of your letters you talk about
visualizing your fear in order to become relaxed
about it and conquer it. That is a great concept,
and is confirmed by none other than Donald Trump.

In his classic book on negotiating, "Trump: The Art
of the Deal," he says: "It's been said that I believe
in the power of positive thinking. In fact, I believe
in the power of negative thinking. I happen to be
very conservative in business. I always go into
the deal anticipating the worst. If you plan for the
worst--if you can live with the worst--the good
will always take care of itself."

Keep up the good work,

John Paul,

Washington, USA”


First of all, thank you for the kind words.

It's cool to see that these skills actually
help men not only with women, but with so
much in life as well.

The skills in being charming without being a
“nice guy”, with being a man and not a player,
with being powerful without being abrasive,
are all very REFINED skills that are, quite
simply, MAGNETIC to others.

It draws them INTO you.

Learning the skills for how to mentally accept
and even plan for the WORST situation with women

And this gives you giant CACHONES, as they say.
so if a woman is not treating you well, you REALLY
CAN walk away, and she can actually SENSE this
kind of confidence in your demeanor long before
she ever even TRIES this kind of thing, so she treats
you better of course as a result.

Now, on top of this, you are now TRULY thinking
positive, because you’ve DEALT with the negative,
so now your positive thinking isn’t a game or something
artificial, it’s GENUINLEY flowing from you.

That adds even MORE charisma to you.
Then, on top of that, when you add the
SKILLS you learn from how to really
inject charisma into every bit of the
conversation, so that it's oozing out
of your pores, you have women
melting in front of you.

And on top of THAT, when you are searching for
a QUALITY woman, that means you are searching
for a woman who has done all the SAME work on
herself, and she KNOWS how rare it is to find
a person, especially a MAN who has been willing
to develop himself so powerfully in this way.

You become the kind of man that she doesn’t
want to EVER let go of.

Again, this works on a hard-wired SURVIVAL
level that is primal and subconscious- she
feels that with SUCH man, things will be

Basically, you are giving off the vibes of being
a MAN who can SURVIVE in the JUNGLE of LIFE.

And if you're reading this now and would like to meet
and attract the cream-of-the-crop women TODAY,
then I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
program NOW.

What you’ve just read is just the tip of the iceberg of
what you will find in this incredible program on how
to meet and attract women of exceptional quality.

Only a rare few men know these skills, and it’s
THOSE MEN who get the best women, and
who get the woman of their dreams.

Get this program NOW at:

You can even check out video and audio
samples of this program there as well.

Again, that's at:

For now, tomorrow, and for always, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Crucial Message On Attracting Truly Great Women

Whatever method you use to attract women will
have its own matrix. In other words, by its own design,
it will attract some women (those who match what you
are and what you project) and repel others (those who
don’t match what you are and what you project). 

Now, if you are looking for a woman of massively
high quality, for something of substance, long term,
what do you think is one of the most important factors
to her, and should be to you as well?

It’s trust.

Let’s face it, if someone is looking for a one night
stand, does a deep sense of trust really matter all that
much?  Why would it?  Aside from STD concerns, it
really is not an important factor at all.

A lot of advice out there typically pressures men to
push the envelope as far as they can when it comes to
being cocky, and using sexual humor, often in a vulgar

While I agree it’s important to feel good about sex
and your body and that a sense of humor is crucial, there
is a very fine line between being flirty and being crass,
vulgar, and lacking class. 

This is where it all boils down to what kind of woman
you are trying to attract and what type of relationship you
are trying to create. 

If you are in a nightclub or some other environment that
amounts to the same basic atmosphere, and if you truly are the
kind of guy that is looking for a one night stand, it
makes sense to be ultra physical in your approach.

It makes sense  to be touchy feely tasty, to make dirty
jokes that float between vulgar and rancid, etc., because
you are then establishing what you are looking for, and
there is a decent chance in such a place that she might
be a woman looking for the same thing.

However, this is an insane strategy if you are trying
to attract a woman who is looking for something more

Whether you want to say that love is something you
value or not, the fact is, that nothing can compete with
the emotion of love, once you feel it for someone.

It’s liberating from all the negative emotions.  It
inspires you both to treat other in an amazing way.
It may have physical aspects to it like sex, but it also
transcends the physical.

When a woman loves you, she will go to the ENDS
OF THE EARTH for you, not just today, not just
tomorrow, but for her whole life.

The thing about love is that it’s different from
pure lust in the sense that it is a combination
of sex, love, romance, and wisdom as well.

That is why so few people get to experience it.

It takes using your full powers as a human being
instead of being lazy and just being a primate. 

There are great rewards for those who are willing
to put in the intelligence, the wisdom, and of
course, the heart.   

I wish that it was as obvious as it needs to be,
but it’s not, so I need to say here explicitly
and clearly that love is not based on vulgarity
or anything like that, and in fact such moves
are destructive to creating the foundation for

Love is about many things, but one of the biggest
foundations for love is one’s feeling that another person
can be trusted with one’s heart, fully.

Now, how willing would you be to share the deepest
recesses of your soul with a woman whose primary
mode of expression seemed to be crude, in your face,
and vulgar, even if it was somewhat funny?

Not much, right?

Well, it’s the same with a woman when it comes to
these things.  How much trust can she feel she can put
in you if you push too hard too fast for the physical?

What’s even worse is when men fake genuine interest. 
This kind of thing is damaging to the women who are
innocent and who are looking for something meaningful.   

The reality that most wannabe experts don’t want
you to know is that if you truly want to avoid
being cheated on, you better be damn careful about
what woman you allow into your life, (contrary to
what the "experts" say, the truth is that the
best women usually DON'T hang out at bars, dance
clubs, or lounges, so don't go looking there)
and you better make sure to become the kind of
fantastic man who is trustworthy as well.

Please, heed the following words, as these words
would have saved me years of agony: 

Immersing yourself in the wrong teachings will only
make you paranoid, insecure, and suspicious
without good reason, and will cause a great woman
to leave you. 

If you genuinely want to learn how to attract a
quality woman who will treat you right, then you
must become the kind of man who has mastered
the FULL SPECTRUM- it’s not just about attraction,
but rather also includes the ability to create a
truly deep CONNECTION as well. 

Sign up for a bootcamp with me TODAY,
and you will learn how to REALLY succeed
with approaching and attracting quality women.

And of course, if you haven’t already got my DVD
set that is all about mastering the most important
part of success with women, which is transforming
your INNER SELF to become the strongest it can
be, then definitely do that now. 

Women who are looking for a man they can truly
give themselves to need to feel that this man is
ROCK SOLID internally, in terms of his confidence,
his conviction in his good values, his ability to
resist temptation, his ability to stay calm, and much

This program, called WARRIOR WITHIN, is
going to SKYROCKET your INNER SELF so
that quality women can’t help but gravitate toward
you in a way where they can’t get enough of you.

It’s at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, July 21, 2014

Attracting Women: "Seeing Is Not Believing" Part II

If you remember, I have mentioned before
that “seeing is not believing”.

What I mean by this, is that although to a
degree yes it is true that seeing is believing,
on a deeper level what often happens is
that we only see what we already believe.

So, for example, if a guy does not believe
that a woman really wants him to talk to
her, or that a woman really is attracted to
him, he will REINTERPRET all her
positive actions and behaviors toward
him as actually something NEGATIVE
or at best neutral.

And of course, this kind of lack of belief
results in a man showing behaviors that
indicate this lack of belief, such as weaker
eye contact, wishy-washy voice tonality
and actions that don’t seem to resonate
with full confidence and conviction, etc.

So all that means that a woman ultimately
will not feel attraction or will lose attraction
for the guy, and now the man confirms his
own negative beliefs.

This is NOT a joke, and it is not a simple thing.
And it affects HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of
men around the world, especially in a world where
that like to make men think they are somehow
doing something wrong by even CHATTING
to a woman and showing INTEREST in her.

This is where I come in.  When you take my
bootcamp, I am going to do TWO things. 
Yes, you will SEE results with women,
I’m going to make sure of it.  On TOP
of this, though, my bootcamp will involve
a serious INNER GAME component as well,
to make sure that you don’t just SEE, but
that you also BELIEVE on deep level your
full power to attract women.

I don’t care how advanced a guy is in this
area, the day he stops BELIEVING  is the
day he loses his skill.

Since day ONE, I have been the absolute
most committed, dedicated professional in
this area, absolutely REPULSED by gimmicks
and by manipulative techniques, and I have
instead focused on DEEP INNER GAME
and developing men’s deep sense of confidence,
comfort, security, and empowerment with women.

This is why, I have never been about the pick-up
lines, routines, or abusive manipulative tactics,

My bootcamps are EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE.
That means TOTAL focus on YOU, allowing
of learning compared to bootcamps where an
instructor’s time is split over several students.

Most importantly, though, my bootcamps are taught
by me, which means you are getting the absolute
gold standard in dedication, experience, and quality

You will SEE results with women, and you will
also develop the BELIEF, so that you can take
your skills with you long after bootcamp.

Bootcamp will change your LIFE.
Right now, there are women out there, attractive
women, whose futures are still OPEN, open to
being with YOU.  It’s just up to you now to
get the training to make it HAPPEN.

This is the absolute best time to do bootcamp.
For full details, email me or check out my site

I suggest that you don’t wait forever to make
your decision.  Time has a horrifying way of
slipping by too quickly, and so often in life, by
the time you decide you must take action, the
opportunity has gone. For example, my prices
may go up in September, and the waiting list
and wait times for my bootcamps are getting

Contact me and reserve a bootcamp TODAY,
while you still can. It will change your LIFE.
Till next time,

Michael Marks  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Ways To Get Women CRAVING You

Do you want to approach women in a super-easy way?
Then just follow my recipe, it’s called

Unless you're talking in a nightclub, where
the atmosphere is already very social, when
you're in normal places like the bus or coffee
shop, women have been conditioned to be a little
cautious for good reasons, after all there are
some men out there who are "less than virtuous",
just as there are some women out there who
are "less than virtuous".

So one of the BEST ideas that WORKS is for
you to draw upon POSITIVE VIBES that she
herself can IMMEDIATELY recognize, feel,
and relate to.

In the same way you wouldn't be able to relate to
a woman talking to you about the finer applications
of lipstick, you shouldn't expect most women to 
identify with demolition derby, Star Trek, or some
obscure Bruce Lee movie. Also, there is no point
in starting a conversation with a woman about
anything BORING, even if she can relate to it.

You can STILL totally be yourself and disarm her
and charm her, and you can do this by playfully
bringing up topics that are both INNOCENT and
FUNNY, and you can give these topics a
flirtatious TWIST.

One idea I love and that works with fantastic
consistency, is to bring up TV SHOWS from
childhood that chances are you both liked,
and then offer a playful sexual perspective
on the show, or even a playful perspective
on the show from the standpoint of male and
female gender roles.

I call it "Innocent Adult Views On Childhood TV!"

It's important to remember that it must still be
This is a fine line that most people overlook.

I mean, who CAN'T like The Flintstones?
Who CAN'T like Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch,
and Ernie and Bert???????????????

Okay fine, maybe some people can't, but
I don't want anything to do with those
people, that's for sure!

If a woman does not "get this", it immediately
screens her OUT, as you don't want a woman
without a sense of humor, or a woman who is
bitter and no fun.

So here's just one EXAMPLE of how "Innocent Adult
Views On Childhood TV" works to disarm her and
charm her:

"Excuse me, I have a very serious question
I need the answer to. Could you help me out?"

(This SERIOUS tonality at the start is done
on purpose because it makes it all the more
FUNNY when she finds out in about three seconds
from the topic that actually this is NOT serious
at all!)

So she nods to you, or says, "Ok sure", etc.

You then go on with:

"See, I was wondering, if you were to choose
one of the two, would you marry Fred Flintstone
or Barney Rubble? This is very serious."

As she starts to crack a smile, you keep a
straight face and give her a sec to answer.

If she laughs, you continue to let her know
this is very important and serious and that
you need the answer.

If she then says that she would choose Fred, you
tell her "Oh man, this would never work out with
you and me, Fred is far too normal, goes to work
every day, very reliable good guy, far too much
pressure for me. I'm more of a Barney Rubble
type dude, I just go for a drive in the morning
but don't actually work anywhere, and I need
a woman like Betty who is more cool and
who can help me in my underground illegal

Chances are, she WILL be laughing by now, and
that is not only because this stuff is funny, but
because the MEMORIES of childhood and of
that show are triggering POSITIVE EMOTIONS
in her, and it's hard to view you as a THREAT
if you are being associated in her mind with
Barney or Fred or the Flintstones.

By the way, if she says she would choose Barney,
you could high-five her and tell her she is SUCH
a cool girl. (Totally over exaggerate, which only
HEIGHTENS the humor because even though she
knows you are kidding, it still feels GOOD for her,
since she feels, even if just playfully, that she
EARNED this respect because of her choice, she
didn't just get this high-five for nothing, but
rather because of her great taste in choosing a
man- BARNEY RUBBLE! People appreciate what they

And you could then go on to tell her why she
is so cool, because she is like Betty, who
was cool with Barney not having a real job
all day and that you plan to do the same
thing and just watch TV all day!

Then you can add the final kicker and say that

She will NOT think you are needy, she will KNOW
you are being playful.

So there, all at once, you have DISARMED her,
and you have CHARMED her.

This is just ONE example, there about
a BILLION other versions that you could
create, (and you could make them
even MORE powerful by incorporating
into your examples all the OTHER skills
I teach in my programs and materials.)

The first key to remember is to use something
from CHILDHOOD TV, something that is FAMOUS
so that she ALREADY is very familiar with it
so that you don't have to waste time explaining
all the details. You want her to GET IT immediately,
so it's key you use something that she will KNOW.

The second key to remember about this idea is to
give the whole discussion an ADULT twist.

The third key is to remember to NOT GO
OVERBOARD with the adult twist. In other
so many guys going wayyyyyy too far into
the land of the VULGAR and that totally
RUINS the whole effect, the whole point
of the idea in the first place.

And remember to be CONGRUENT with your
own personality. If you never watched the
Flintstones, then don't use that example.
There are so many shows that you could
choose from, it's ridiculous. And the truth
is that it doesn't even have to be TV. It
could be some kind of popular SNACK
that was famous for kids back when you
were a child.

Maybe the snack came with some really LAME
gift, or some offer for a free gift if you
sent in about a "thousand" proofs of purchase,
(exaggerate for effect) that at the time
seemed REALLY cool, that you could discuss
and twist in playful way. For example, you
could tell her that you only like adventurous
girls, and that you are looking for a partner
in crime, to steal the toys from the cereal
boxes in the supermarket. And you can
tease her that she is too much of a wuss
to be up for it, etc. Or you can tease
her that you know she would do it for
some prize from the Strawberry Shortcake

From there, now that you have her disarmed and
charmed, it's going to be MUCH easier to get
into rapport with her and to get into a real
conversation of getting to know each other,
now that you both have your "guard" down.

You've displayed guts, humor, charm, and you've
taken her into a receptive state of mind.

Get the idea?
It's gold, and I guarantee you IT WORKS.

As you might guess, I love using TV and MOVIES
because it’s on all over the world, and gives
you a chance to DRAW UPON the emotions and
the times associated with those experiences,
so she feels all THOSE cool emotions as well!

Let’s get into some DEEPER stuff too so
that you can take things to an even
higher level with that hottie!

Let me say, first, that I used to get
many movies on my perception of women.

I would watch as the hero went through
emotional torture and finally got the girl

So I figured THAT was what women LIKED, since
after all, not only did I feel, at the time, that this
was "right"- i.e. that women were naturally more
innocent and more virtuous than men, and that
men had to "earn" women's interest, but it
ALSO seemed to me that women LOVED
these movies.

That's how I USED to think.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I was not ONLY into these kinds of movies.
I was all into RAMBO, ROCKY, and all that
stuff. But I ALSO would get affected by
romantic movies.

Then, after YEARS, of finally figuring out the
TRUTH about attraction, and what DOES
work, I HATED all those chick-flicks.

But there was still one question left:
Why the heck do women even LIKE these
movies, if in FACT, women are NOT
attracted to guys that act like that?????

And then one day it finally HIT me:
Even though guys and girls might see the
SAME movie, they are actually seeing two

You see, the truth is that once you GET IT
TOTALLY, you actually SEE the full picture.

Let me give you a PERFECT EXAMPLE:
The movie "The Notebook".

Women looooooved this movie.
And in fact it was written by a guy.
And it's actually a pretty well made movie,
even for guys, IF you are ALREADY in
the KNOW. If you are NOT informed about
women and what works, you will NOT
get it AT ALL.

If you are a typical good guy, the story seems
to be about some old guy telling this old lady
about a story about a guy without much money
who falls for a cute girl from a richer
social class and who REALLY DIG each
other but then end up in a fight.

They split, she moves away and eventually
meets some other dude and gets engaged,
and the original guy is depressed for years
till they meet again and the passion reignites
and she realizes HE was the one all along.

We then find out that the old guy and old
lady ARE the characters, and that she has
memory loss and he tells her the story every
day till for a few minutes she remembers who
he is, then forgets him all over again.

It breaks him up to see her forget him,
but it's okay, since he loves her.

SO, if you are a good guy, you get all
the WRONG lessons:

KISS UP, and pine for a girl for your
whole life, and be willing to give up
having a woman REMEMBER you.

ON properly with any other woman.

And you are taught that this is
ROMANTIC and that women LIKE
this stuff, and appreciate such
behavior, since after all the movie

And the movie shows you that if you just
the WOMAN will come back, she will
be crazy about you, etc.



And there's a BIG but here:
especially considering it’s not a
big ACTION flick?

How come women get all choked up and excited by this???

I'll TELL you why, because they saw a

Now, let me tell you the movie they saw, from
the perspective of ATTRACTION:

In practically the first couple of MINUTES of
this movie, the GUY of the movie shows

Basically, while at the town carnival,
(this story is set during the Second World
War in a small town) he sees this beautiful
girl having the time of her life on the bumper
cars, she seems so totally free and full of
spark. As she gets off the cars and joins
her date for the evening as well as her
girlfriend and the guy she is with,
(so you get the feeling that this is not
something too serious, and more of
a social thing) the guy who is the main
character comes STRAIGHT UP TO HER,
and asks her if she'll dance with him.

He says it relaxed, a confident smile,
and NOT like a jerk at all. He is practically
in her face, yet his demeanor is so calm,
it doesn't seem crazy.

She tells him no.
He calmly says why not, NOT in an
argumentative way, but in a DISARMING
way. She tries to act like "a lady" that
she is not one to just be "taken" especially
while she is OUT with some dude and
her friends, so she tells him she doesn't
WANT to.

He is TOTALLY unaffected, and smiles
as she walks off.

As she goes off with her friends, she
remarks to her girlfriend she can't
BELIEVE the guts the guy had.

She also finds out that this guy is not
NORMALLY like that, so that he
must REALLY like her.

He had GUTS.
He had CLASS.
He was not treating her like a slut, because
he ACTUALLY liked her as opposed to
just her being another woman to use and
He was SPONTANEOUS and acted on
his OWN desire the way he felt was right.

Allow me to continue:

Minutes later, he sees her on the Ferris wheel
as it's about to start. He hurries over to it
and jumps and grabs her car as it begins to
rise, and he sits himself DOWN beside her
and the dude!

He is very straightforward, introducing
himself again, giving his name, handshake
etc. The girl and the guy think he is nuts.

He wants to know if she'll go out with him.

She says no.
He calmly gets out of car as it is
WAY UP HIGH now above the ground,
hanging on to the rails by his HANDS
only. He asks her again, and she
says no, but then he lets go of the
rails with one arm and is now only
hanging on by ONE HAND.

She yells to him that's she'll go out
with him. He tells her to say it again.

He calmly tells her something like,
"don't do me any favors if you don't
REALLY want to" and she yells back
she "REALLY wants to"!!

So he gives back a COCKY, PLAYFUL
RESPONSE and says "okay okay, I'll go
out with you" as if SHE begged for it.

Then, as he is hanging there, she tries to
MAKE FUN of him and undoes his
pants so he is hanging on by his arms
and his pants are down with only
his underwear on.

He takes it all IN STRIDE, it all SLIDES
OFF HIS BACK, and he tells her he's
going to get for her it, but you know
he is NOT pissed.

Can you say "PASSING THE TEST"?

Then, the next day, he sees her walking by
his work and tries to set the date, she tells
him she changed her mind. He doesn't
ARGUE with her, he DISARMS her
by being CHARMING and giving her
a GENUINE compliment that he likes

But REMEMBER, he has already shown
VALUE through his behaviour and style.

She then tries to test him again, to see
if he is REALLY serious or not. She tells
him he's a good player. He tells her that's
not it at all, which is the truth, it's not.

At one point, she tells him he's dumb, but
you can tell she LIKES him, from her
TONALITY. He doesn't ARGUE with
her, he even says he can be dumb, it's
something he does too as well as dance, etc.

You see, most guys would only focus on
what he is saying that is self-deprecating, but
he did that GOT HER ATTRACTED.

They get a low level "double date" where he
goes to see a flick with her, and his buddy
is there as well accompanying her girlfriend.

He CALIBRATES right, because he can
tell she is enjoying the movie, and he LIKES
THE FACT she is the kind of person who
enjoys life. He likes her not just for her
body, but for her personality as well.

Then something happens after the flick:
He takes her for a walk and DISPLAYS

He READS her correctly, even though she
tells him how busy she is with all kinds of
"serious" things, and how every second of
her day is planned, mostly by her parents,
he tells her that it's strange because he
always sensed she was FREE.

She says she IS free, but he senses that she
WANTS to be free, she is the kind of person
that really loves doing her own things, but
that she is NOT doing that for most of her

she understands herself.

He is giving her the GIFT of greater self
awareness and leading her to the path of
inner peace and feeling better about herself.

And then he does something REALLY GOOD:

He doesn't just TALK, he DEMONSTRATES.

He lies down on the STREET, which is empty
and pretty much free of traffic at night in this
small town in those days. He chills out and
enjoys watching the street light change from
red to green etc.

She doesn't want to join him, it's too
socially unacceptable and "crazy".
He tells her that's her problem,
that she's too worried about
what everyone else thinks.

She feels CHALLENGED by this.


So she joins him, on the ground, looking
up. He also teases her when she asks
what happens if a car comes, playfully
and casually saying "we die".

In that moment, as she chills out and
just enjoys the colors of the lights
changing and TOTALLY chilling out
there at night on the street, she has

She is feeling the peace, the joy of it.
And it is PRICELESS even though it costs

Then suddenly, they hear a car SPEEDING
THE STREET onto the sidewalk, and she is
laughing hysterically, because she HAS

From here he offers her to dance again, right
there on the street, and they do, and it's
the perfect time for real physical contact.

ATTRACTION has been earned.
RESPECT has been earned.
CONNECTION has been achieved.


And it was all done in a NATURAL WAY.
No manipulation.

THIS is the kind of stuff that WOMEN are
seeing in the movie.

And the movie is EMOTIONALLY true as
well, because the dude is not perfect.

He screws up when he LOSES HIS OWN
SELF-ESTEEM when he repeatedly hears
how OTHERS in her social circle look
DOWN on him, including her mom, the
family, the family friends, etc.

it's not enough for him, because
BY THEIR STATEMENTS and this has made
him FEEL UNWORTHY of her. He can't stand
to FEEL like HE may be holding her back
from being as great in her social setting
as she could be without him. (This is
his own massive error in thinking,
the result of his damaged self-esteem).

He can't stand to see her parents
yelling at her because of HIM.
He feels UNWORTHY of her, as if
there is no way on Earth she
could want to be with him if it
means all this stress for her.

So HE breaks up with her.

And yet, she gets PISSED at him for
wanting to break up with her. She
tries to convince him not to worry
about what others think, that they
can make it, but he is TOO WEAK to
though she is sad at the same time.

It pisses her off that HE doesn't believe
strongly enough in the GREAT TIMES
that they had and that they can CONTINUE
to have it.

The EMOTIONAL TRUTH of this is

The biggest enemy most guys have is

Well, I'm not going to go into the ENTIRE
movie here, but let me just say that the way
they DO end up back together is only
AFTER he does the SAME THING that
got HER into him in the FIRST PLACE:
by being THE MAN.

When he first met her, he was operating from


By encouraging greater INDEPENDENCE
in her, she FLEW FASTER TO HIM.

And it wasn't like he was doing this to be
MANIPULATIVE, it was because he
LIKED her personality, it was about
the JOY for life he saw she had deep
in her that needed to get out and be

And in the end, he does this again, in a
more INTENSE way, when he tells her
regarding her confusion over what to
do, since in her own words the other
guy is a "good man" too, he tells her
to do for once what SHE feels, not
what her PARENTS feel, not what
HE feels, not what the other guy
feels. He practically YELLS at
her. Once again, this is a guy who
is NOT desperate to have a woman.

A woman can only be with him if HE
likes her and if SHE really WANTS
to be there. And also, he really IS
the kind of guy who believes in being
FREE to do what you really believe.

So his words are CONGRUENT
with his personality and actions.

And he DOES get her back.
But really, that's not the point, the point is
HIS IDENTITY, the kind of PERSON he is.

discussed are what must happen in the
REAL WORLD as well for a guy to get
RESULTS with QUALITY women. I'm
not saying the exact same EXAMPLES
have to happen, but the exact same
PRINCIPLES must be there:

The bringing her into YOUR world, the
enriching HER life, the desire without
the neediness, the connection, challenging
her in a genuine yet heartfelt and good
way, the ability to walk away, the true
level of understanding her world as good
or better than she does herself, and ALL
the other elements above as well.

Some of that is very advanced stuff.

And ALL THOSE EMOTIONS are what women
emotionally get ADDICTED to.


It's not cerebral, women do NOT
go around articulating it.

It's totally something they feel
emotionally and immediately
and NOT consciously or

And the emotions are true to life, it all
makes perfect sense; in fact women had
no choice. It was HARDWIRED that they
would love this flick.

These are the kinds of things that create in
women when they watch the flick, the emotions
TORRID SEXY LOVE SCENE when they reunite.


What you've just read is a GLIMPSE into a
whole different UNIVERSE that no one
else on EARTH is giving you. It's the

Understanding this universe is the key to
genuinely improving yourself in this area
naturally, and it's also definitely the ONLY
way to attract the true QUALITY girls.

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