Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giving Women Pleasure And Sex

The only thing that really counts ultimately
for ANY human being, is how they feel.

And human beings are different from animals
because they have an incredible ability to be
creative and they've devised all kinds of ways
to feel pleasure and experience awesome
emotions, from massive adrenaline rushes to
the super feelings of inner peace and harmony,
to intrigue and wonder, and so much more.

Of course, some of these avenues cause more
pain ultimately like the problems of drug
abuse, etc.  But my point is that all people
really want are the infinite varieties of
cool sensations and emotions, whether it's a
roller coaster or tasty or satisfying foods if
they are hungry, or feeling their sense of
wonder and intrigue stimulated.

And of course, the intense emotions that they get
or feel they can get from SEX in the exact
recipe that helps unlock their inner chemicals-
for some folks that recipe means a serious
relationship, for others it's something else.
And it changes for people as well.

And the thing is, sex is actually one of the
most powerful emotional blasts a person
can experience.  It's not just sex itself
of course,  it's all the stuff you bring
to sex emotionally as well.  Otherwise,
masturbation would be where sex begins
and ends.  And in fact, there is a billion
dollar business that thrives off of ADDING
other emotional stuff to that, it's called
porn.  Clearly, it's not just the act of sex
itself.  It's the PERSPECTIVE the person
has on it- i.e. "I'm with a MODEL!!" or
whatever the person has i.e. "THIS CHICK
LOVES MEEEE!", that enhances the impact.

Do you know why most women aren't into
porn much as much? It's because they don't
need to FANTASIZE about getting sex, they
can have it easily. It's men who fantasize
about being the pizza boy who gets the
sex as he delivers the pizza lol.  I'm not
saying women don't fantasize by the way,
because they absolutely DO, it's just
DIFFERENT because of the different reality
that most women live in.   

The bottom line is that sex, in it's many
forms combined with other emotions,
is one of the most POWERFUL emotions.

And this is true for both men AND women.

Of all the emotions, sex is probably the
most powerful, WHEN mixed with the
right combination other emotions.

If you can give a woman THIS EMOTION,
she will be YOURS.

You can LEARN to do this.

Let me give you a bit of insight into how this works:

When you think of money, do you get EXCITED?
Does it feel as good as listening to awesome MUSIC?
Does it feel as good as SEX?
Does it even feel as good as a great burger????

If it does, it's only because of the things
you have associated with money, i.e.
power, self-esteem, women, sex, etc.

When you think of a woman who is
STRIKING, do you get excited?

If you do, I want you to THINK for a second
about what it IS about a specific type of
woman that makes you feel excited?

What is it SPECIFICALLY about her that makes
you FEEL it?  A specific body part? Her walk?
Her face? The way she looks at you?  All
the above?

If you're like most guys, you probably were
GIRL crazy for LOTS of girls, not just MODELS
when you first got interested in girls. 

That's because you had less conditioning.

I remember when I was in grade school, and
first got interested in girls. You know what
I liked? BOOBS and ASS!  I liked a woman
who LOOKED like a woman.  A cute face
didn't hurt either of course.  I liked "older
girls" lol then, the ones who were getting
their shape from being through puberty.

My point is that you could have showed me
a MODEL then, and I probably would have
been just as happy or even happier with the
girl who was less of a model but had more
of her WOMANLY shape to her.

I wouldn't have thought that supermodels were
"superior". In fact, even today, the supermodels
are not even what's in magazines like Playboy.
So even in our society there are discrepancies
between what is "officially good looking" and
what is actually "sexy" for women.

It took time for be to get bombarded by society
and think supermodels were better. Now I'm
actually liberated again, kinda more flexible,
I'm attracted to lots of things in women, which
makes life a lot more fun by the way and gives
you so many more fun options. For all you guys
who want the supermodels, don't get me wrong
for one SECOND, I PROVE stuff on the "hotties"
week after week, LIVE, in my Bootcamps

In fact, what I'm explaining here is a KEY to HOW
this whole attraction thing works.

You see, human PLEASURE associations are
ARTIFICIALLY limited by our environmental
messages.  Don't get me wrong on this either,
there IS a certain amount of attraction that is
pure BIOLOGY, as I actually explain in my
materials as well.  Women's hip to waist RATIOS,
etc, across cultures remain consistent.  

But there is a huge amount of FLEXIBILITY
regarding what triggers attraction in a woman,
(and men as well, but the point here is women)
as long as the PERCEPTION is being FRAMED
properly through factors you CAN control. 
And BLASTING through these artificial
LIMITATIONS and the artificial BARRIERS
to feeling PLEASURE, including the SEXUAL
kind, is not really as difficult as it seems if
you understand how pleasure works.

The key to understand is that PLEASURE
is actually a STATE of mind.  Everyone
has the potential to FEEL it independently.

But what happens is we get WEAK in this
area, we get CONDITIONED to only ALLOW
ourselves to experience it if a billion conditions
are present. 

But there is a way to CUT past it all.
And if you understand how to CUT past it
all inside a woman's MIND, you will get
her to BE ADDICTED TO YOU no matter

It really doesn't matter who you are, as
long as you know how to GET HER

You see, this is why it really IS ridiculous
to try to appeal to women with static things
like money.

Or trying to appeal to women with ANYTHING
besides DIRECTLY going for her MIND
and unleashing her PLEASURE feelings.

So how about this whole thing you hear from
women who keep on saying they want a guy
with money?  That's because they would LIKE
to ALSO have money!!!!!  Also, for a long
term relationship and having kids, having
money helps SECURE things.  But it has
Not unless the woman is literally starving,
then it's possible that attraction will really
happen simply from a guy having FOOD!

But that's not going to help most guys
in this world.  The REAL key is to
affect a woman's EMOTIONS, to
make her unleash her own pleasure

If a guy relies on things like money to
get women and does not work on his
ability to give women the experience
of pleasure, it's really a bad move.

You want a woman to be with you because
she ENJOYS it, not because she feels she

So the question then becomes:
"How do I get a woman to feel PLEASURE?"

Well, the first thing to realize is that when you
FIRST meet a woman randomly, she is often
PROGRAMMED to avoid even allowing you
a CHANCE to get her into a pleasurable state,
or in fact a chance to do ANYTHING.

This is good.
Otherwise, women would be allowing every
PSYCHO into their lives as well. It would
be too easy.

However, this means you often must know
around the maze she has created so that you
can WORK your "magic".

For example, if a woman you see at the store,
is walking out the store, and she is already
in her car, windows rolled up, and it's
NIGHT time, and it's a pretty DESERTED
parking lot, she is going to be a lot tougher to
open up than if she was at a club with her
friends having a great time. 

In that car, in that deserted parking lot,
at night, her AUTO PROGRAMMING
is keeping her in extreme CAUTION

So if you go in DIRECT, you are going to get
RESISTANCE.  And if you persist with that
directness, the resistance will only get STRONGER.

CONFIDENCE is not enough in such
a situation. It's a fantastic start, but
not enough.

so that you know what makes most sense
for that situation is what makes the
DIFFERENCE between success
and failure.  

So you have to find a way in:
For example, if you told her that her license
plate was covered with dirt at the back of her
car, and she came out to check it and then
you started to tease her that she is terrible
at keeping her car maintained, and then
as she sees it's actually fine, you then
bring up a RELEVANT story about the
situation, i.e. something you bought at
the store i.e. the incredible price on
Halloween candy, or you were wondering
what to give kids that is healthy but
not creepy like an apple lol,  and she
starts to INTERACT with you on that
topic, you are NOW in a position to start
getting her laughing, teasing her on her
answers as well showing sexual masculinity
and dominance, and yet getting her into
a happy laughing pleasurable state,
which is one step closer to a sexually
"happy" state.

And regarding the little story you made
up?  She will not only forgive you for it,
she will THANK you for it later.  Otherwise
you two would never have met.  And
besides, she FINDS out the truth within
MINUTES anyway! That story was just
a way to get IN.  It isn't what the attraction
is BUILT on.

Here's what I consider unethical: When
you are doing something that is HARMING
her emotions.  Or harming her physically.
Or being SELFISH and taking without
giving.  Or telling her a made-up story
that won't be revealed to her soon
anyway. NONE of that is present in
the above situation.

It's no different than a chick who wants
to pick you up, and comes up with some
excuse to chat YOU up that is totally
not real. (Hey, I love that pendant,
where did you get it from???") 
Is this BAD?  Would you hate a woman
for that or RESPECT her for it?
And keep in mind, imagine that she
is coming across as highly DESIRABLE.

Obviously in one newsletter, I can't do
FULL JUSTICE to the whole field
of pickup and attraction, because you have
to understand how to create ANY emotion
that is required at the moment, from the
emotion of calm, to the emotion of security,
to humor, etc.

But the point is, many times, in real life,
you can't go directly into PLEASURE,
you have to set up the situation so that
she is RECEPTIVE to that in the first

But once you are there, DEFINITELY,
the key is to UNLEASH her emotions
of pleasure.

At that point, it's definitely about

The pleasure zone means LOTS of things,
including AVOIDING all boring
topics, all gross and repulsive topics, etc.

And it also means you must ENGAGE
her in FUN communication, and then
from there bridge to MORE SEXUAL
stuff, but you have to keep the sexual
stuff playful and not too intense in the
beginning as well or you come across
as sexually NEEDY.

Again, this is a newsletter, and in my
materials I go into SUPER HIGH
LEVEL DETAIL on this and
exactly HOW to do this, with
examples as well.

The thing is, what you have to understand
is that women ENJOY pleasure yet at the
same time they can't be EASY.  They
can't be easy or they are allowing psychos
and also uncool guys to come in!

So they will throw you obstacles even though deep
down they WANT to experience more pleasure.

The problem is most guys have such fragile
egos, that the GUY shuts himself down at
the first sign of her supposed "RESISTANCE".

It isn't really a guy's fault since he has been
interpreting everything that women do to him
as being PERSONAL or somehow being an
indication of his own worth or sexual

So the first "test" a woman throws at the guy
is enough to OBLITERATE him right there
on the spot.

I'm not talking about physically obliterating
him. I'm not even talking about obliterating
his DESIRE to get her.  I'm talking about
if he was even IN one to begin with,
which is rare for a guy to even be in
the right state to begin with.

It's not about "getting all ALPHA"
on her, and show how "tough" you can be.
That's not tough, that's just REACTING,
that's being CONTROLLED by her.

You can "man up" all you want, but if you
are "manning up" in a way that is not
PLEASURE STATE, you are going
to get NOWHERE with her.  Especially
in a pickup situation, where she has
NO CONNECTION to you.  So what
are you going to do? You are going
to give her a whole "Lesson" on
how to behave with you?  That's
ridiculous as it shows SHE counts,
and more importantly, it changes
the MOOD of the moment to something
NOT fun.      

Don't get me wrong, if a chick does something
that is seriously OUT OF LINE, you don't
sit there ASKING for more, but you don't
let it affect your state.  You don't have
to suddenly become serious, you
can simply OUTWIT her, make her
LAUGH at her own test she threw
at you.

Remember, it's about STATE.
Once she is in a good state, you have
ALREADY achieved the major goal.

Don't change her LOGIC.
Just change her EMOTIONS.
Get her into STATE.

You see, you can't get a woman into
a PLEASURABLE  state if you are in
a really negative state or angry state
or bitter or sad state.

So if a woman throws you some
"resistance" (which of course she
WILL, even and in fact ESPECIALLY
if she likes you but you are a stranger)
your STATE cannot change to anger or
you RUIN her ability to FEEL pleasure
in the moment. 

You can't let your state change
to fear either.  Anger will push
her away out of her desire for
safety.  Your fear will push her
away because it makes you seem

We don't feel attraction to that
which we feel is SUCKING
value, we feel attracted to that
which seems be RADIATING
value, I.E. your GOOD VIBES!!!!

is why the guys who ALREADY
feel great around women, keep
doing even BETTER with women,
because the guys keep getting more
and more PRECISE with what
works, since they have plenty
of interactions to gain useful
feedback on what works and
what doesn't. And since they
are not needy, they aren't afraid
to try and experiment with new

(It's that circular thing in life, which
happens so much, regarding so many
different phenomena in life.  Ever notice
how the people who ADD good emotions
to other people in life are the most
valued people on the planet?  Ever
notice how on the other hand the
TAKERS of this world who ONLY
know how to TAKE, such as lazy
rip-off artists, both emotionally and
physically, are the kind that
NO ONE WANTS around them?

You'd be well advised to learn how
general, (without ever taking abuse
of course) and to CUT OFF TIES from
will not only make you better with
women and with everyone, but will
also send a message out to takers
to shape up.)

This is why I was the FIRST guy on
the PLANET to shut down the use
of NEGATIVE strategies to attract
women.  It wasn't just a MORAL
and ETHICAL issue that I believed
in, which I did, but it was also the
fact that the only way the Negative
strategy of "slamming a woman's
self-esteem" could possibly work is
if the guy doing it is experienced enough
and FEELING GOOD enough to do it
in a way where clearly HE is NOT
insecure and he actually is not saying
it out of ANGER or VENOM or
NOT be in a negative state!!!!!!!!!

So in other words, the only thing that
makes the negative strategy work is
the DELIVERY, which is the product
of his state--and in that case, there
was no need for the negative strategy
to begin with!!!! 

The whole theoretical point of the negative
strategy is to show a woman that you are not
some push over needy for approval. 

But ***I*** SAY you don't have to
even WORRY about being considered
a "pushover" if you just get straight to her

In fact, worrying about not coming across
as a pushover is totally the wrong frame
to be coming from, it is soaking in defensive
thoughts, it will screw up your "chilling-
fun-sexy" vibes.  And that will screw up
HER potential for feeling the pleasurable

So instead, just go straight for what you DO
want her to feel, rather than focusing on how
to avoid making her feel something negative
about you.

The appropriate vibes must continue
from the first moment all the way to the
bedroom and beyond.

This newsletter, though deep, has actually
just touched on ONE element of approaching
women and attraction. If you want to get
the BIG picture, you really owe it to yourself
to get a hold of my Attraction Mastery Program.
When you hear it, you're going to quickly realize
that this is the MOTHER of all programs for
success with women.

It's at:

The Attraction Mastery Program

Here's an email from another massively satisfied
client who has been putting the Program into ACTION:
(Note: This program is NOW available through
INSTANT download, which means you can use
it even FASTER than if it had to be mailed as CDs!)
Hello Michael,

Frankly, I don't know where to begin this letter!

I have continued to listen, absorb and breathe the
CDs since I bought them from you. Each time I
listen, I get more and more amazing information
on being the man!

Now hear this:

In the last 2 weeks:

I have met one absolutely gorgeous Woman, who
I am dating. High Class, good manners, etc...and
SHE PICKED ME UP! You got it.

There are 3 women, ALL attractive and smart,
NOT your average women (Sorry Girls, but you
better be the best to be with this man!) trying to
get with me RIGHT NOW! I am stalling them.....

I will keep them on "hold", as I only want to date
one woman at a time. (You heard it right!)

PLUS: I have two emails from women I met at
******** Mall,  who also rate highly in the
dress well, and looks dept.

I took all the initiatives, and the RISK in each
case....and it paid off in some cases, and in
others it did not, but who cares...there are so
many attractive, beautiful women, it is simple
to move on.

Now, I am going to tell all you guys that read
Michael's newsletters something very simple.

You can read this stuff, listen to the CD's all
you want, till you are blue in the face.....
UNLESS you step out of your comfort zone
and TRY IT,  nothing will change for you.
I mean that. I was like you skeptical, in the
beginning. But I stuck with it, and now can
meet and interact with any GORGEOUS woman,
in any situation. In fact, the plain Janes will stay
away, because they probably think I am out of
THEIR league!!

The kicker: The stuff actually works.

Here is another story for you to learn from
that I would like to share:

My buddy recently dated 3 women off a
popular internet dating site, one of the
largest in Canada, and they advertise like

Each time he spent about $50-$100 on
each date (he has a regular job, so that's
fair cash) and guess what? Not one of them
panned out at all! Nope, they did not call
him back, or avoided his calls. I mean,
I hate to be crude, but he did not even get
any action with any of them.

So, he has shelled out close to $300 for
nothing, in my opinion. That is about the
price of Michael's course, which in my
opinion is actually worth $2000 easily.
That would at least have been a better

With what I now know,  I can go out ANY
day of the week, pick up a hottie, and bed
her if that is what I chose to do..
That is not my style, so I won't. I know how
to do it if I want. I have already had several

Thank you Michael, you truly are a maverick
in your industry, and keep those newsletters

Yours Truly

Ted P.


Awesome stuff.  I love it.  Especially
when guys write in from Toronto, which
supposedly according to some folks is the
COLDEST city in the world regarding women. 
Yeah, supposedly the chicks here are all
"brrrr".  The reality is that I used to
think the SAME thing, I was TOTALLY
convinced that women here were "brrrr".

I played the ridiculous game of trying to
out-do other guys on things that were
really not the MAIN issue of attraction.

Attraction is about PLEASURE.

Think about it, where do single women
love to go when they have FREE time?
When the weekend hits?

They like to dress up in FUN clothes.
They like to go to places where upbeat
MUSIC is playing. 
They like to smell GOOD, and go to
places where everyone smells GOOD.
The lights are flashing in colorful
displays. People are laughing and
joking around, some are getting
intimate, etc, Friends meet. 

All this should be giving you a CLUE
to what MATTERS.

It's not about giving women INSULTS!!!
And it's certainly not about FOCUSING on
that stuff.

It's about creating PLEASURE.
And creating GOOD times.

And it doesn't matter if you meet women
online, you STILL have to understand
how this works.  When you understand
this, you can make ANY medium work
for you, even if you are meeting women
through using MORSE CODE. If you
DON'T understand this, then NO
medium of communication will work.
Not even having women RAIN down
from the sky will be good enough,
because once they rain down, they
will still need to feel the pleasure,
or it's all one big waste of a cool

So, if you want to learn the TRUTH, and
you want to learn the DETAILS on how to
give women the most AWESOME emotions,
then you owe it to yourself to get this
incredible program NOW at:

The Attraction Mastery Program

And if you haven't yet downloaded my program
called 'Obliterating Approach Anxiety' then
definitely do that as well.  Because even
if you know everything about attraction,
it's crucial that you actually take ACTION
as well, rather than get overwhelmed in
the moment of opportunity.   

It's at:

How To Obliterate Approach Anxiety With Women

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Heart Of Attraction With Women

Some great emails came in I thought I would
share with you:


Hey Mike,

I've been meaning to get around to write to you,
but too busy using this stuff.  I've actually taken
two different bootcamps from other guys before
I heard of you from a friend. I was getting some
results, but the whole process felt like I was
conducting a massively complex operation
that involved endless monitoring and tactics.
Like I was flying the space shuttle. 

Anyway, I read your site and even though
I couldn't afford another bootcamp right then,
I was intrigued.  So I got your eBook.  It hit
me hard, the whole mentality was vastly
different than the gurus who preach being
the "entertainer" who learns all kinds of
"acts" to create a "show" for the girls.

I always felt something was weird about
their emphasis on having to create a "show"
for the girls, because the "naturals" who
I knew were far more laid back and seemed
to be trying way less hard and yet had
more women than they could handle.

Your approach was similar to the naturals,
but the difference is that your approach
creates far more emotional impact on
women since it's all about developing
our natural skill in that area.  This way,
there is no being a "clown", there is only
developing a natural side of yourself to
feel certain states, and then learning how
to project all that. So you aren't trying to
impress, you are just being you, a
better you.      

That got me very intrigued to get your
CD Set, so I ordered it in December.


Now, I want to be honest, before your
material, I had spent some time working
on my skills as I said, but I was not
getting the results I wanted, especially
not without feeling insecure all the time
that I was missing some of the complex
patterns, routines, or points that I had
been taught.  

So if anything, that should only make
what I am about to say even more

The first thing I want to say is that after
completing listening to your CDs, I've
never experienced such a massive impact
on my inner game before.  Instead of
just saying "inner game counts" like
most gurus, you actually explain and
show how emotions work and how to
control them, so that I can do something
about it, besides just approach women,
as I was doing that before anyway. 

In addition to understanding how to get
any woman emotional, which I can see is
a huge key to success with women, there
were also so many massive reframes that
I got from your series, that I knew something
had then shifted internally in me. So I went
back out doing my regular pick-up, and
took a whole new approach to it all. I was
giving up a lot of stuff that I had actually
spent years memorizing and forcing myself
to get into, but I just knew it was the right
thing to abandon it all now.
It's really true, as you explain, that when you
are totally congruent to feeling that you are
bursting with value, then you exhibit all the
right behaviors in the "real" physical world. 

I've been experimenting with using your
principles, including the principle of "minimum
game" when I pull girls now. I have all the tools
you teach at my disposal, and yet following your
principle of using as little as possible and
only using "techniques" when I feel the situation
needs it, I can feel the vibe is way stronger,

For example, now when I go to clubs, if I see
some girls sitting down on a couch, I just chill
out and roll right up and open them up with
anything that is playful and not too deep.
I think it works because it's just the opening,
it's all leading to the real vibe.  

The key is that every tiny little thing in my
presentation, body language, tonality, is on
target because I'm already in state.  I'm chilled
out, feeling good, sexual, dominant. And
the reason I'm in state, is because I've
worked on not being dependent on my
"material".  Also, of course it helps that
you explain many profound insights into
women's behavior and thinking so that
I also now know when to do what.

Another thing that I've learned from
you is to make my environment work
for me, so the great music they play
in the club is totally doing half the work
for me by getting her in a great mood! 

In the past, I would try to counter the
environment, but now I work with it. 
Similarly, in quiet places like bookstores,
I use your principle to make the
environment work for me as well, by
first creating more emotional impact,
but then letting the quieter atmosphere
lead to deeper conversations that build
far more connection.  

To think that clubs were my old fear,
when now it's no harder than "daytime"

And thanks to you, I don't believe attraction
is about my "material" (I know having
material can sometimes help, but it's never
the life force of the vibe) I am more
chilled out, and the girls obviously can sense
it.  I try less hard, which makes the girls
feel more relaxed in addition to attracted.

They can sense there is no pressure here,
and at the same time, they can sense there
is something sexy here too.

I don't speak like some wind up doll
trying to impress them with all my cool
"pick up artist" tactics and speeches.

I know it's me, not anything else.  And
when I couple that with also having the
huge array of "tactics" you equip me with,
I really am ready to take care even of
"surprise" situations, i.e. if everything is
going great, and her friends are trying to
pull her away because of some
"emergency" blah blah blah.

The other thing is, because I'm doing so little
and yet getting good results, this makes me
feel even better, so my state is even
more resourceful and then I kick into
"the zone" where I can access that
part of my brain that can be playful,
cocky, funny, dominant, etc.

You really weren't kidding when you
said in the CDs that emotions are
the fuel of your success - they shortcut
the path to "material" in the same way
when you are angry you find good
reasons to do angry things, similarly
when you are feeling playful, sexual,
dominant, you then naturally show the
actions and words without thinking
about it.

I hope you'll print this letter because as
kick-ass as your stuff is, I don't think
you are doing justice to explaining how
your stuff is so different from the
"three-hundred step" methods out there.
I think the biggest difference is that
your system works from building the
inside first, then the outside, rather
than the other way around.

Usually, within a few minutes of chatting
to a girl and her friends, I can get her seated
with me, (I just tell her to come with me,
and if she resists, I play it cool and chat
some more and then get her to come with
me a few minutes later) and then chill out
with her and get into that comfortable
physical contact zone but not too far in
a sleazy way.

The funny thing is that by this point, the
girls want to talk. I'm not in this mode
of "trying to make" things happen.
Which only kicks my confidence up even

I know I used to have this image of having
to "make" things happen all the time, so I
wanted a routine to cover for everything,
for every situation.

But now I realize these weak beliefs were
coming across to women through my body
language.  I was coming across as insecure
and needy even though I had tons of cool
things to say.  And like you said in a newsletter
a while ago, it's not about learning endless
body language secrets so much, but realizing
that this itself is a product of your
emotions and thoughts.  

I'm careful not to get "too intensely physical"
and freak her out in a club, but it's definitely
something that **I** am controlling intentionally
rather than it being something I can't do or
don't feel comfortable with.     
Well, there's more that I think guys ought
to hear, especially about the way emotions
are all interconnected, but I got to get going,
seriously, I'm about to call back this chick
I met a couple of days ago. 

Your CDs have been a massive help.
And I wish I had taken your Bootcamp
a long time ago. It would have saved
me years of time, money, and stress.
And it would have saved me from
absorbing all the wrong ideas from
supposed "experts", ideas that only
now, with your help have finally
been detoxed from my emotional

Thanks for what you've taught me,
and print this letter!!! 


H T, Texas


Hey man, thanks first of all for the
props on the CDs (the program is
actually now available on my site
for INSTANT download) and eBook.  A
lot of work went into them and I'm
glad it's accomplishing the objective:
Making a serious DIFFERENCE
in your RESULTS .

The biggest thing you hit on in your
email is the fact that ALL this stuff
including not only women's but
also YOUR OWN!!!!

This is the HEART of attraction.

Yes, absolutely, it's about getting a woman
into emotional states, but the problem is
that guys are coming at this all too often
from a CEREBRAL ROBOTIC angle,
which explains the mistaken emphasis by
so many guys on learning "a move" or
a "cool story" to handle each situation.
You see, that in ITSELF is a cerebral
robotic approach, and is a symptom
of the problem.

Guys have this image in their head that
they will walk into a situation with all
these "MOVES" at their disposal, like
Batman with his utility belt stacked
with gadgets to solve every situation.
Every guy has this image that he wants
who can ZAP away any issue with
his super clever situation-specific and
ingenius TACTIC.   And who can
make EVERY GIRL love him by
forcing her into his TWO HUNDRED
step process, and heaven forbid he
should "miss" one step, then he's
HISTORY, right?

I have to hand it to the guys who started
this whole fabrication of the "super human
pick up artist".  They actually got guys to
BELIEVE that the way to get the women
who are attractive, is to figure out the
200 steps"! The "super opener"! 
The "special closer line"! 

By getting menu to believe pick up and
attraction could be reduced to this
stuff, they were appealing to the
desire to NOT have to actually put
any HEART or EMOTION into this
area of his life.  So that way,
there's no emotional "risk".

But if a guy has such weak inner
game and is that needy for approval,
to the point he will be RUINED if he
actually puts some HEART into it
and it doesn't get the girl doing
cartwheels immediately, well then
THAT itself will be the BIGGEST
OBSTACLE to his success with

It's crazy how such a huge lie,
(a system based on zero emotional
input) that leads to NO RESULTS was
actually sold as the way to get SUCCESS
with women. All because it appealed
to emotional laziness.   

The biggest SECRET, for real, is learning
how human EMOTION works, and how
to CREATE those emotions internally
and in women.  And I assure you, that
trying to create emotions in women by
focusing on tactics that you force yourself
to do without even feeling anything
is the most INEFFICIENT way to
get results. 

It would be like trying to build muscle
by going through all the MOTIONS
of working out with weights, but
not actually HAVING any weights.

The WEIGHT is the HEART of
the matter. Otherwise, it's just
SIMULATING what a workout

Similarly, without the emotional content,
you are just SIMULATING what pickup
LOOKS like from afar, but you are not
actually DOING it.

Thanks again for your letter.



Hi Michael,

Took your Bootcamp back in the summer-
I was the guy who kept asking you the
"deep" stuff questions, and then, based
on your answers and the way you
reframed my perspectives on the spot,
I would then be able to open girls with
the most juvenile stuff I could think of-
and it worked!

Well, I've been continuing that tradition lol.
I am now the king of juvenile mentality.
(Combined with the dominant state of
course, the importance of which you
made ever so clear and demonstrated.)
I say this, not because I think this is the
 only way to pick up the women who are
hot, (you showed over and over again
that there are many ways), but because
my problem was that I was too serious. 

I didn't know how to not be that way. 
So I really appreciated your patience with
me each time I resorted back into my
serious mode and you took me out of it
and back into the zone, that place that
crosses between fun, playful, sexual,
dominant, and laid back, to name
just a few!  

I think that's when I knew deep down that
your Bootcamp was the best decision I
could make- I needed to have someone
who could get me into the right state,
force me back into state, again and
again and again until I could access that
state on my own because it was familiar.

But without you drilling the state
into my mind, I would have caved and
never got to that point.

You got me out of that state and into the
right ones, so many times, so that by Sunday,
I was finally free of my slavery to that
old mentality.  And your CD Set that I
listen to every time I'm in the car helps
keep me on track even today.

I think that deep down, I was using "serious"
as protection against rejection, like when a
person tightens up when they feel stress.
It was a fight-or-flight type of evolutionary
response.  Oops, there I go again, getting
serious lol.  But you know what I mean.

Now, I've had some classic juvenile-fueled
vibes that have led to me dating three women,
one of them possibly a "serious relationship"
contender. All very attractive. Let me share
one of my openers with your readers, I know
you aren't a big fan of memorizing stuff,
but that you also agree that having a
little stuff (like a couple of minutes)
can help beginners to relax about the
"how do I start the pickup" question,
and can help to establish the vibe.

So, here we go:

At the supermarket, when I see girls
in the candy section, if they are hot,
I take an obvious look at their body,
and make a "no" gesture with my head.
Like, I will look at her butt, and do the
gesture.  Only on girls who are hot,
because I know they will take it the
right way.

This usually gets girls to drop their jaw
and laugh at the same time.

To which I sometimes again do the
gesture, or say "please, I mean really."
And they say things like "What?  I shouldn't be
eating this?"  And I just go, keeping the
tension on and not saying much, "I mean
please, cummmon".  And then I will
go into a mock serious conversation
about candy and it's effects on
behavior, which I really have no idea
about, but I just play it up that it makes
people behave very badly!  

The vibe is set, to which I eventually
get around to chilling out and the more
relaxed, calmer, "getting to know you"
type of convo, which I have found leads
to more consistent, solid connections.

By the way, I did not plan this, it was
just the first thing that came to mind
when I saw her.  Now, I can re-use this,
again and again, and I sometimes do,
but it was developed in the field.

I didn't wait to have material memorized
before heading out. 

This is an attitude, man, and I love it.
It's so liberating, it's fun, it's sexual
and confident, it's all the right things.  

I had one question- you mention that you
don't need to use all the principles, tactics,
insights, all the time, and that it's important
to use "as little game as possible".  I take this
to mean that it's important to be selective and
do the right thing instead of doing everything,
right? Could you give an example possibly?     

Brandon C.
***MY COMMENTS***        

Thanks for the props on my materials
and programs, your letter really hits
home the importance of state, and
how a lot of the things that hold
guys back are NOT natural, but
guys think it is. It's not natural
to be so serious all the time, we
weren't built that way, it's only
a CONDITIONED response
that guys develop as a form of

But once guys become conscious of
this, and realize that this association is
NOT helping them in any way, they
can then begin the process of
CHANGING those beliefs and
learning the truth about what IS
effective and what DOES work
to attract the women of their

And I like your mentality, which is to
ENSURE change.  So a guy that is
way too serious should at first lean
on the side of MORE FUN rather than
more serious whenever in doubt.
Similarly, a guy who is TOO BURSTING
to the point that he is coming across
as on SERIOUS DRUGS, well he
should lean on the side of being
"serious and normal".  But the truth
is that BY FAR most guys are too
serious when it comes to their
vibes/pick-ups with women.

Perfect calibration of where exactly the
line is takes practice, but it sounds like
you've got it down PAT now.  I love
the supermarket candy aisle stuff
you shared- it's TOTALLY the
right vibe.  And also, it's really important
that you reserve that for girls who
are pretty hot, otherwise they might
think you SERIOUSLY are being
a TOTAL PRICK, because they
probably would feel too self-conscious
and feel BAD from that.  But you
already know that, so cool, I'm
just making it absolutely clear to
the readers here.

And to answer your question about
using as little game as possible, and
how this means being SELECTIVE
in what you use, the answer is YES.

Now, with practice, you develop an
INSTINCT for this, so that you don't
have to think consciously much about
what to do, about what is the best
thing to do, etc.  But YES, it's about
being selective in what you do,
as opposed to doing NOTHING or
simply using any one random
principle and calling that "minimum

So for example, I was heading home
once on a quiet Sunday night from a
club where there wasn't much happening,
not too many girls there.  So I was
looking to see what else was going
on in the area. 

I pass by a hot-dog cart, and there are
two girls there, both VERY NICE
if you know what I mean. Anyway,
I could just feel that the vibe at this
hour was very laid back and chilled
out, things were quiet. 

So I opened up the hot dog vendor,
dangling an obvious bait.  I asked
him for directions that I knew he
wouldn't know, because I made
up the street name.  The girls
started to get into it, telling
me that they only knew the name
of the street where they lived.

So I just said "Oh, is that Sesame Street?".
Just pure relaxed playfulness, with
a sprinkling of light tease.

They "get it" immediately, and
play right along, with a little talk
about neighbors being Cookie Monster
and Oscar the Grouch, and with me
making it clear that Oscar's bottomless
can RULES.  I mean, I would LOVE
to have a place like that.    

Sometimes girls will NOT provide major
resistance. Funny thing, these girls were
university educated, both with good jobs.
Cool. Not that money matters to me when
it comes to women, (seriously, it doesn't)
but it's always nice to see that this stuff
actually works BETTER on attractive,
intelligent women who are not desperate
in any way.  

Again, environment and timing also
plays into a situation.

At the same time, I know that if I escalate
too fast here or look too eager, they will
feel "cheap".  So I help them out by
walking a bit off, then turning around
and telling them that a poor guy can
get lost and hurt in the big city trying
to find his way home, and that I needed
them as my bodyguards to escort me
as we searched for my car wherever
it was parked. 

I made sure to have both the girls
flanking me, as I playfully had
my arm around each of their waists,
and I kept taking the wrong routes,
giving us all plenty of time to
chat and build connection and
even kiss the really nice one. 

As we chatted and built up contact,
some dude driving by asks the girls
if he can offer them a "lift". Anyway,
the girls hold me tighter and tell him
"We're lifting him pretty good already".
Man, that's the BEST.  When the
GIRLS do the work of getting rid
of other guys FOR you.  

And the way to do THAT is to simply
make the interaction great to begin
with, that way the girls WANT to
KEEP you and they want to keep
everyone else OUT.
By the time we reached the parking lot,
the connection was so strong that we all
drove to their apartment.  And the next
morning I found out my preferred girl
had left her camera in my car just in case,
to make sure we would hook up later.

So, in all honesty, there was nothing
too complicated there, but what
WAS done was all THE RIGHT
STUFF.  What's that line from
Hertz? "We don't want to be
the biggest, just the best."

Same thing here in pick up, it's not about
showing how many moves you have, that
will actually BLOW YOU OUT.  It's

And if you would like to GET RESULTS,
allow me to introduce you to my BOOTCAMP.

I will show you how all this works for
REAL.  No added filler. 

You will be TRAINED, exclusively by me.

I've spent a lot of time training guys, and
have found that the most powerful, efficient
way of learning is to first find out exactly
where you are at skill-wise and then based
on that, let you know what we're going
to have to focus on for your optimum
growth, in a brief "seminar" style fashion
that usually lasts only about one hour. 
Then, I IMMEDIATELY begin training
you in the FIELD. For two days and
two nights. 

At the end of this program, you will emerge
a different man, with serious gains, regardless
of what level you were at when you entered.


For ten years now, I've been known as
the guy that gives you the straight goods.
Less hype, less "moves", more substance.
Less emphasis on quantity, more emphasis
on quality, in every way, including the
women you attract.

You're not going to get a more powerful,
accurate understanding of the emotional
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else on Earth.

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If you haven't yet ordered my Attraction Mastery
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In this newsletter, the first email from a
man also explained how important it is to
come across as the man who is the SELECTOR.

To learn more about ensuring that you
are the selector, I suggest you get
my program called 'Being The Selector'

Being The SELECTOR With Women

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, February 24, 2012

Attracting Women: Validation And The Frame

Before I start this newsletter, I must
add a warning:  Success with women
is not just about the dynamics of
validation in the sense of being "nice"
or being "not nice".

Success when it comes to pick up and
attraction is about CREATING ALL KINDS

From her feeling giddy, to laughing, to
excited, to sexually turned on, to
intrigued, etc.

The thing is, there is a way to use the
dynamics of validation and the way you
frame your own value and hers (including
knowing when and how to make HER
feel VALIDATED) to actually CREATE
all those emotions I just mentioned

Keep this in mind as you read the article,
as understanding this stuff is also a big key
to ensuring that you never come across
as some kind of CLOWN, or some kind of
UNDERLING as you are giving women
these emotions. 

Ya feel me here?
OK, cool, let's begin then:  

Sex is great, but validation is even better.
And that has EVERYTHING to do with
being successful at pick up and long term

The basic idea is actually quite simple to
understand. So before we get complex,
let's explain the fundamentals:

If you had women who were STRIKINGLY
beautiful knocking down your door every day,
I can GUARANTEE you that the ONE chick
that you'd be MOST CRAZY about would be
the ONE who DID NOT bang down on your door.


The answer is because those other chicks might
in REALITY be just as great, but because of the
way the mind works, you would wonder why the
heck you couldn't get the ONE who was NOT so
crazy about you.

It would eat at your soul.

You might start to ask "Am I not hot enough for
her?" or, "Does she find something about me
repulsive?" or, "Is she special or something?"
or, "What is her problem???!! I'm going to
MAKE her like me, damn it, if it's the last
thing I do!!!"

And you might go through great lengths to
get her. You might find out what she's into,
you might find out where she hangs out, etc.
All that time, you would be passing UP the
infinite sex you could be having with all the
hotties at your DOOR.

Because VALIDATION is GREATER than sex.
It's MORE fulfilling. You would most likely start
to feel there is something SUPERIOR about that
ONE chick, and you would feel the NEED to get
HER approval.

You would feel the need to get VALIDATED by her.

And almost the MOMENT you GOT that difficult
chick, (if you got her, because all that chasing, if
she found out, would turn her off!) you would
start to appreciate her LESS. You would start to
notice her faults, etc.

It might seem awesome at FIRST, and the sex
might even seem greater than it really is with
her, because you would be getting VALIDATED
by the act. At first. But once you got it, you
no longer need to get it, right?

If all this sounds hard to believe, trust me,
it's TRUE. It's hard for most guys to fathom
this, because it seems so far out of their
reality. But it's CRUCIAL to realize all this.

Now, if you just realize that for a hottie,
most of them anyway, they have spent
their LIVES getting validated based on
their looks alone.

That's why a guy that kisses up to them
based on their looks is so meaningless
to them. Yet at the same time, for a
woman, if a guy DOES NOT seem to be
into her looks, it's like pulling the earth
out from under her feet.

It's a totally INVALIDATING experience
for her, and for women who are attractive,
in general. Makes them feel like they are
not worthy to be on this earth.

Most hotties start to go nuts when
this happens. It's like you are shaking
apart their entire reality, the reality they
have so firmly believed for all of their
life until NOW.

This is SO DISORIENTING for most chicks,
that they will immediately start to try to
make reality "make sense again" by
trying to PLEASE you, so that you WILL
kiss up to them, so that things can go
back to "normal".

And in fact, a woman will AUTHENTICALLY
start to desire you, because she REALLY
does value your approval now!

than sex.

For many chicks, when they break up,
they are too lazy and spoiled to deal with
the negative emotion in a productive way-
They feel a lack of validation, and so they
go and hook up with a few guys immediately,
making almost ZERO effort at screening him
for quality values, simply because they want
to get VALIDATED as fast as possible.

I've spoken with lots of girls about this-
I'm not saying every girl is like this, and in
fact some arent, but in general, the typical
chick is, if she is hot, this is what she does,
and I quote the term for this: "shedding old
skin".  Especially true for the younger

Isn't that sweet.

These are really just euphemisms, or

AKA: Desperate need to get RE-VALIDATED.

Now, at this point, I want to make something
clear: I do not hold all women in contempt for
all of this.

Our society has allowed this to happen, a
combination of the fact that guys have
become slaves to beauty and forgotten
that character is just as important, guys
have forgotten their own value, most
guys have given over all their dignity to
women, guys have been brainwashed to
think that it's normal to kiss up to a woman
just because she is attractive, etc.

I also want to clearly point out that there
are a rare handful of women who are
exceptions, but they are EXTREME
EXCEPTIONS and not the rule.

Also, as guys, we definitely have our
share as well of bad apples, guys who
are dumbasses and abusers of women, etc.  

But in general, you must learn to DANGLE
the carrot of validation to a woman without
giving it to her completely. Once you give
it to her completely, she no longer needs
you and will stop treating you as she did
prior to getting validation from you.

This might sound Machiavellian, but
it's the truth.  At least in the beginning
of the "courtship". And to an extent,
even later.

A woman will tell you she is MADLY in
love with you, and MEAN IT, and be
the sweetest woman on earth. Then,
if you give her full validation, it will
quickly all disappear.

Also, once you have a woman in
private, better help her unleash
her repression!


Now, here's the thing.  This is all
sounds really harsh, right?

But here's the thing you have to REMEMBER:
because you have been put in a very
"UN-NATURAL"  position in today's
society with women: As a man, if you
accept the current PARADIGM of men's
roles, THAT is the real "un-natural" role.

Think about it:

MEN supposedly have to buy
women things, like dinner.

MEN are supposed to be  "gentlemanly".

MEN have to "prove" themselves and
their character over the dating process.  

MEN supposedly have a duty to show
that they are going to look out for
the chick's long term interest and
thus assure her that she will never
be dumped no matter what she does,
and also that they are available
at her beck and call at any moment.

MEN have to show they have financial
security, etc.

Okay, I have one question:

In return for any of this, or dare I say
ALL of this even, ALLL this stuff that
men have to do, what the *&^% do
WOMEN have to do?

Answer is, according to the social rules

So, you see, THIS is the REAL insanity.

It pours into every aspect of your
interaction with a woman you are
picking up.

insanity, you have to do BALANCE
the forces to create some SANITY
out of it all.

THIS is why you need to withhold
validation, etc.

But it's NOT because you should
be MEAN.

First of all, I don't believe in being
"mean" anyway, but also because
being MEAN is actually a sign of

So all this withholding validation,
breaking rapport, etc, all this stuff
has to be done from a place inside
of you that is very calm, playful,
and feeling good, upbeat, and
dominant, and yes, sexual as well.

And yes, once a woman is attracted
after all this, you have to show that
you are genuinely interested, just
not that you are inferior or needy
in any way whatsoever.  

And without realizing it, most guys
ARE showing inferiority when they
think they are only showing genuine
interest, and that is because their
inner game is still plagued by
weak beliefs.  Those weak beliefs
generate actions and statements
that give off the vibe of inferiority.

Or to put it simply - he comes
across as boring, needy, and
a little creepy. 

So in fact, all we're doing by what
**I'M** advocating, is restoring the
BALANCE to the dynamics between
men and women. Helping fill in the
gaps (no pun intended) and actually
help women get some balance back
in THEIR lives.

A BALANCE that was lost in the last few
decades. (although there were a couple
of good things that happened too.) 

This BALANCE is what WOMEN need as
well to feel the JOY of attraction!!!!!!

BALANCE is always a good thing. I'm
not for causing pain to women, I'm for
causing harmony between men and women.

I must say it clearly again, once a woman
is attracted, it's important that you also
show kindness and respect.  You just have
to also know how to keep just the right
amount of sexual tension on. 

Keep the flame alive kind of thing.

Once a woman is ATTRACTED seriously
to you, THEN the GREATEST gift you can
give her is your validation- that you feel
she is WORTHY of you.

But guess what???
Most guys give this validation over to a
woman before the woman even CARES
about the GUY.

It's in guys' body language, and their tonality,
down to the most microscopic details, it's all
given away before they even approach the

Can you imagine that?
Giving over your GREATEST GIFT to a woman
before you even know a THING about her?????
And before she knows a thing about  you???
Before she could even VALUE your

That's INSANE!!!

Of course, at one point or another, we were
all guilty of doing this, we had no idea what
was really going on. The world of women isn't
all like those cute Teletubbies on TV if you
know what I mean.

So let's talk a bit about the practical
side to all this:

As soon as you meet most women who are
attractive, I can GUARANTEE you that
she will be trying to CONTROL THE FRAME
between you and her. She will immediately
begin attempting to do everything on


And it really will never stop completely.

Let me give you some examples:
She might tell you where to sit if you've
invited her to join you for coffee.
She might tell you she doesn't give
emails or numbers out, but she'll take

She might tell you to "be a "sweetie"
and bring her x,y,z from the counter".

She might tell you SHE wants to do this
or that, and if you suggest something
else, she might put it down.

If you are have just approached her,
and started to chat her up, she might
tell you "are you a player?" i.e.
controlling the frame that she is
immaculate and you are a "dog",
or "a typical GUY", in order to
get you to become all apologetic
and kiss her butt type of thing.

That last one above is really funny,
because women hang out at clubs
and shake their butt and tell everyone
they just want to dance, and that
guys are pigs, meanwhile the reality
is that if there were no guys at the club,
women wouldn't ever go.

Because then there would be NO VALIDATION---
no guys to OGLE and WATCH them shake
their butts!!!!!

If you ever approach a woman in a club,
withhold all the validation stuff, instead
just strike up a fun conversation, or
tease her on her outfit, and in fact if she
seems to be treating you great, don't act
all so surprised and happy as if this never
happens to you.  If you act like she is
doing you a massive favor, you'll quickly
find yourself out of a conversation. 

And if she tells you that you could be a
real "sweetie" if you bought her and her
friends some drinks, you should just laugh
and tell her "you're not that type of guy"
but that she could buy YOU and YOUR
FRIENDS some drinks.  And you can
tell her, "of course, just because I might
accept the drinks for me and my buddies,
don't think we're going to hook up just
because of this".  ;)

But enough about clubs, because women
are EVERYWHERE. The fact is, no matter
where you meet a woman, and no matter
what stage you are in with her, you MUST
control the frame.

Ahhh, I can hear someone asking. "You mean
you can NEVER EVER EVER let a woman have
things her way?"

No, don't get paranoid, but in general, the
overall frame, yes, you should be a little
more dominant, because she is ALREADY getting
the validation and confidence PUMPED up in
her from all of the rest of society.

Especially when you are doing the pickup. 
Later on, you can divide up the responsibilities
if you ever get into some serious relationship.

When you finally give a woman what she wants,
create a NEW need for validation by showing her
in a fun way that you don't kiss up: i.e. you give
her the present she wanted, and then you bust
on her about something else.

Be smooth about taking control- women are
VERY smooth at ensuring they do get things
done their way, simply because they feel
it is so NATURAL for things to be that way.

I'll give you an example- let's say a woman
wants to go to x restaurant and you want to
go to y café. She might say something to
you like "So do you want to go to x
restaurant at 8 or at 7:30?" In other words,
a loaded question- she is pretending that
no other options exist.

Yeah, this happens all the time with
most women, if you are giving a
WEAK FRAME to begin with. 

It won't happen though nearly as often
if you just establish the right frame to
begin with.

You have to learn to speak UP, and STOP
smooth moves like this from surreptitiously
taking over your frame. You might think
that a woman would LIKE it when you give
her what she wants. You might think that
a woman would LIKE to be validated.

Well, she might like it, for a second,
but she is not ATTRACTED to the man
that feels the insecure NEED to give
her this validation in the hopes that
she will then like him more for it.

Guys forget that once someone HAS
something, they don't appreciate it.

AND once someone has something,
they tend to want MORE. So giving
women every trivial thing they want
so easily, only digs you deeper into
the abyss of abuse.

Not only that, but women are SICK
of guys who just want to do what
women want- because the reality is
that women who are hot often really
have never had a chance to think
about what they really want, since
everyone keeps GIVING them everything!

Ask a woman what she wants:
She'll tell you a nice guy. And then see
what type of men she has actually gone with.

These are the men who provide them with a
CHALLENGE, who are able to hold their OWN
self-esteem without the approval of any

Women need men who have very CLEAR ideas
of what the MEN want.

So be even SMOOTHER than women
are, for both women's benefit and
your own.

By the way, don't get me wrong:
I don't advocate being a JERK with
women. If you saw or heard me speaking
with a woman, you'd notice that both she
and I were probably laughing more than
anything, and also just having an interesting
conversation and sometimes just kicking
back and not saying anything at all.

It's impossible in the space of these
newsletters to convey all the subtle details
of how everything works. There is a ton
more that I explain in my book, and of
course in my advanced programs.

Let me wrap up by saying that I also believe
that guys need to learn to NOT REQUIRE
validation from anyone, ESPECIALLY not
from chicks.  I know this goes against the
whole notion of romantic fairy tales, but
then again those things kind of screwed
us all up, especially since THESE DAYS we
don't even get the nice feminine part of

In the days of the romantic tales, women
gave men a certain amount of automatic
respect.  Romance today is impossible
until you regain more power.  And that
can only happen if you follow the stuff
I teach, seriously.

And if you would like to learn EXACTLY
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Till next time,


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Crucial Point On 'Picking Up' Women

There's just a quick, but crucial point that
I think you should know when it comes to
approaching women, especially in cold
approaches, often known as 'pick-ups',
a term I don't particularly love but
for now it gets the point across.

Women are attracted to many things in
a man, and one of those things is

Not the kind of dominance that stems from
INSECURITY and needs to CONTROL a woman.

Rather, the kind of dominance that stems
from MASSIVE security and self-belief.
When you feel these awesome emotions,
you simply TAKE THE LEAD because you KNOW
what to do, you don't DOUBT yourself, and
a woman LOVES to be with a man like this.

Now, guess what?

In those FIRST FEW MOMENTS when you meet
a woman, when you approach her as a total
stranger, you have the precious opportunity
to make that incredible FIRST impression.

She knows nothing about you, so everything
you do here will be AMPLIFIED in her mind
and interpreted by her as you being this
way ALL the time.

If your approach shows ZERO dominance, she
will figure that is how you are ALWAYS.

And you can't blame her for this, since
it's only HUMAN to make decisions on the
data we have, and so far, the only data
she has is what she is seeing from you.

But the PROBLEM is that in those first
few moments, most men SCREW IT UP,
because if the woman doesn't start to
do IMMEDIATE cart-wheels and smiling
and showing massive interest, most men
start to feel very QUEASY inside, they
start to hit the PANIC button and they
press the EJECTION button to get the heck
out of there before they 'crash', which
is a fear most men have in their own mind.

By the way, I know all this because I
used to be ONE of those men, okay? So
I ain't judging anyone.

But here's the thing to remember:

The human mind is MASSIVELY effected by the
STATE(S) OF MIND of those INTERACTING with it.

So what happens is that in this fantastic
OPPORTUNITY to show dominance, most men
see any situation with a woman where she
is NOT giving super approval IMMEDIATELY
as ALREADY being a sign that it's NOT

So, the men become MORE NEGATIVE, less
confident, and less dominant, and the
men start to feel AWKWARD.

Well guess what? It makes the WOMEN feel
all those negative emotions as well, and
since they know nothing ELSE about these
men, the women then RATIONALIZE that the
reason they are feeling negative must have
something to do with the GUY, that there
must be something WRONG with him.

And now that the WOMEN aren't thrilled, this
negative state EXACERBATES the situation even
MORE, as the negative vibes the men sent out
to the women are now BOOMERANGING right back
to the men FROM the women, and this makes the
men REALLY drop in state, which of course makes
the women DROP even further, and so on and so
forth in a horrific downward spiral of attraction
destruction--all a result of the 'BOOMERANG EFFECT'.

But you can do the OPPOSITE!
You can go in there, and even if SHE isn't
doing CARTWHEELS right away, you can be
SO MASSIVELY DOMINANT, and so massively
EMPOWERED, and even in fact turned ON,
that you actually IMPACT her state and
you get HER to fall into YOUR emotional
state, where now she starts to feel GREAT
just like YOU do, SHE starts to feel
turned on, she starts to feel sexually
playful, SHE starts to feel adventurous
with YOU.

And of course, THIS then makes YOUR
state get even MORE empowered in
all the right ways, from the sensual
to the dominant, to the playful.

You also become more RESOURCEFUL mentally
as well, because you are in the right state,
which now makes you ALSO able to say all
the RIGHT THINGS on TOP of also being in
the right state!

What you give OFF ends up coming back to YOU.
Truly, this is the BOOMERANG EFFECT.

To learn the FULL PICTURE about the
Boomerang Effect, I suggest you get
my program, The Boomerang Effect,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Attracting A Woman Who Is A "10"

Attracting A Woman Who Is A 'Ten' Means That
Your "Inner Concept" Is A Ten Out Of Ten!

A quick point before we start- regarding the idea of
"unexpected and perfect" and how it applies for
intensifying any emotion, including HUMOR!

I recently heard Jay Leno make a joke about
how strippers in LA are getting affected by the
economy, so they are charging half-price (or something
like that) for lap dances.....and...."You know what
that means?"   It means you get a HALF-ASSED job!!!!

The audience exploded into laughter, because this
is a CLASSIC example of UNEXPECTED, yet PERFECT.

When he says/asks,  "You know what this means?"
people are thinking "hmmmm maybe more people
coming, maybe less enthusiastic strippers, maybe
more enthusiastic because they appreciate the money,
etc, etc, etc."

But then, they get the answer: A HALF-ASSED JOB!

The answer is PERFECT, in many ways it makes TOTAL sense,

This is a great example of getting women laughing
by using this combo of UNEXPECTED and PERFECT.

The SECOND point I wanted to make is that when it comes to
attraction, as men, we BUILD attraction, unless we are already
a supermodel with billions in the bank.  And yet, rather than
building attraction, we often DO THINGS ON OUR OWN
to HARM our own attractiveness.

In the film "She's Out of My League", this guy meets this
knockout, and the one thing he has about himself is that
he doesn't try to impress the woman by being someone
ELSE.  That's what he has going for him.

Also, he has a bit of a sense of humor and he can
OWN his own lack of perfection, he can talk about
his own flaws in a way that takes out the steam
from them because once he's said it, it takes away
the power from that flaw since it's already been
expressed by him himself.   He can speak about
"the elephant in the room" which gets rid of the
POWER of that "elephant".

This is a strong quality, that if you have any flaws
that are massively evident, rather than trying to hide
them, let them be exposed by yourself, it shows
a lot more social intelligence that way, especially
if you aren't going on a rant about it, and you
seem pretty calm about it.

HOWEVER, the one DISASTROUS thing he does,

So, based on this belief, he interprets EVERYTHING
as a reason why this girl will not want to be with him.

So, while the girl is slowly getting more attracted to him
as the movie goes on, there is a point where his FEARS
start to screw things up with her, and one of the biggest
examples is when he SERIOUSLY HOPES she has
some MAJOR FLAW of her own, so that this way
he can feel she will more likely want to stay with him.

Think about that for a second- why on earth would
a man who is attracted to a woman who is treating
him RIGHT, and who is a KNOCKOUT, why
would he WISH that she actually had to have
some kind of DEFECT to her?

The insecurity says, "Well, if she has a flaw, then
maybe she will accept my flaws."

The NEEDINESS says that, "I can't feel good without
her, so I must find some way to KEEP her regardless
of what's good for her or not, in fact let's start WISHING
she had some problems, some DEFECT in fact!!
YEAH, that would be perfect!"

And this is not just a movie thing, it's very common
to REAL LIFE.  When feeling insecure and needy,
it's quite HUMAN to almost wish there was SOME
flaw to the "perfectness" of the other person, the
woman who we think is "OUT OF OUR LEAGUE".

Now, think about it from the woman's point of view:
How can she love a man who SERIOUSLY WISHES SHE

Just because HE is afraid that he is not good enough for her.

The point of all this, is that INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS
can turn a guy who is slowly growing on a woman into being
a guy who went from being a 5 or 6 into being an 8, 9, or 10,
and then this INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS constantly

Each time you RESIST the urge to give into insecurities,
you GAIN a point on the attraction scale.

But in this movie, he does the opposite, and each time he
allows himself to give IN to his insecurities, he LOSES another
point on the attraction scale to the woman.

And THAT is how he ends up as a "5", when he was
at one point more of a 9 on his way to being a TEN.

That is, until near the end of the movie, when he realizes
how SCREWED UP his own thinking has been and
how he IS indeed a "10"!

And here's the OTHER major news:  EVEN THE GUYS

And the movie actually reflects this reality, as the very
guy he is jealous of, who used to date the knockout
as well!!!!  He just puts on a show in front of the rest
of the world that he is really secure, but when it came
to being with the knockout, he screwed things up
just as bad, all because he thought the woman
would ultimately dump him.

This happens in real life all the time!!!

It doesn't matter if you're an "A LIST" ACTOR,
BILLIONAIRE, the bottom line is that EVERYONE
has insecurities, and if you let those insecurites and
neediness affect your ACTIONS, it will harm the
attraction a woman feels for you.

Yet the crucial thing to remember is that if you
RESIST the urge to give in to those insecurities,
you keep on RISING on the bar of attraction.

and beating insecurity and neediness, as well as learning
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Doing this WRONG ends up causing you to lose
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*How to avoid the number 1 mistake that makes
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*The RIGHT way to go about walking toward a woman
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THAT YOU MUST AVOID. (Most guys take the wrong
“route” and it comes across as very insecure and

*The proper DISTANCE you should actually be when
chatting to a woman you find attractive. It’s a lot
closer than most guys think!

*I’m going to answer all questions related to:
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speak about herself! If I just listen to her, how
will she know anything cool about me?"

*You’ll also learn how to START the conversation
in a way that is compelling, unique, and a proper "FIT"
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no competition because no one can match your
unique "personality DNA", and you will also
feel comfortable since you will not be
doing an artificial "act".

*You’ll ALSO learn the most effective things to be doing
in any social or party situation you find yourself in where
you can meet women. In a party/lounge/club atmosphere,
there is a certain “sequence of things” that will really help
you get much farther than doing the typical “Hi, let’s
stand and talk for as long as possible and hopefully this
will lead to getting your phone number or something more”.

I’ll show you a way of handling these kinds of environments
at creating attraction and also at making her see you as
someone she would like to know beyond just this party
or club, etc.

*You’ll also learn how to make the environment of
a party, lounge, or social situation work in your favor.
So the fact there are lots of people there walking around,
the fact that she may be going for a drink and walking
away, the fact she may be looking for her friends,
ALL THESE THINGS can actually be turned around
and work in your FAVOR- I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!!!

*When it’s CRITICAL that you tell a woman that you LIKE
her, really FAST! This has absolutely nothing to do with
“kissing up”, and in fact not telling her you like her will
be seen by her as you being massively insecure or even
worse, clueless about sexuality.

*How to say what’s on your mind (rather than
Just talking about “safe” topics that are boring)
in a way that gets women filling in the rest of
the conversation for you!

This way, you not only lead the conversation,
which gets the woman to become more feminine
in your presence and follow you, but it also
sets up the best sexual dynamic between the
two of you.

It ALSO allows you to do less work, because
since you started the conversation, that in
itself shows you have plenty to say, but it
also allows you to chill out and lean back
and now just listen to what she has to say—
Which of course gives you tons more things
to talk about and gives you the ability to
also give her a genuine compliment which
she will value!

I’ll show you exactly how this all works!

*You’ll learn the RIGHT amount of body contact
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to do it.

*Ever wonder if a woman is into you or not?
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Here’s what to do in all those situations!

*How to build ACTION MOMENTUM in your
overall PLAN for getting the woman of your
dreams, so that you are taking ACTION
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up in all the obstacles to you achieving this

*How to use a proven principle from psychology
no matter what you do otherwise!

This principle is PROVEN, again and again, to WORK.
A top university in the United States has proven
this principle to be very effective, and I’m going
to show you how to apply it on yourself with women.

*You’ll also learn to bring yourself to a higher level
of “skill” when it comes to everything you do with
women, from first seeing her, to chatting, to getting
her laughing, to getting under the sheets, to even
getting into a relationship and keeping things going-
by adopting a subtle yet crucial distinction for yourself:

Most people say they will “try” to succeed.
That’s not good enough.

However, we also know that lying to ourselves
isn’t good either.

There is something else, a different mindset, that
is based on TRUTH, that is more empowering,
and I’ll share that with you as well.

*If a woman contacts you with voice mail, email,
or text, I’ll show the best way to RESPOND to these
particular modes of communication in a way that
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*As the very ORIGINAL guy who knew that the
pick up artist vibes end up creeping out quality
women, I’ll show you one of the most powerful
things you can do to a woman to get her to say

I’ll show you the GENUINE way to truly “qualify”
a woman in a way that is a HUNDRED times
more effective than the trivial, “Oh you like
chewing gum? So do I! That’s awesome! ”

Qualifying a woman in a MEANINGFUL way is the
final stage before getting physical with her, and
99% of men out there are STILL doing this wrong.

This is why most of the guys who follow pick up
artist advice end up confused, because they got
the woman’s attention, but then she flaked out
later on. There’s a reason she flaked out, and
it’s called lack of meaningful qualifying.

*You’ll also learn how to get the very women
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women who seem “difficult” initially are often
the BEST KINDS OF WOMEN because they know
they have high worth and self esteem, and they
don’t sleep around much.

Now, there is a fine line between difficult and
being a spoiled b****. I’ll show you how to
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Back Together After Breaking Up?

One of the areas I don't speak too much about is getting back together after breaking up.  The reason is that usually the same thing or things that caused the break-up the first time will continue to cause breakups a second, third, fourth, and billionth time as well.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't fully understand just how powerful the desire can sometimes be to want to get back together with a woman.

At times, it can feel absolutely overwhelming, as if it is tearing you apart if you DON'T get back with her.

However, I suggest that you BE STRONG, and before you do anything, read the suggestions in this article. Going back to an ex when it is the WRONG move will only throw your emotional state into an even GREATER depth of anxiety.

The following situations are the ONLY situations where you should try to get back together with a girl after breaking up with her, regardless of who did the break-up or if it was mutual.


So let's say, for example, you used too many "pick up artist mind-game tactics" on a girl you loved, whether it was back-handed compliments that were really intended to lower her confidence, which is a manipulative tactic that supposedly gets a woman to appreciate you more but in reality usually ends up making a good woman with high self esteem just lose TRUST in you...


If you were playing "hard to get" to the point that she felt that you just didn't appreciate her and she figured she better move on, the main thing is that you know it was YOUR fault and you know to never play this stupid ass sh*t on her again...


Any OTHER major mistakes that involved not treating her right, the key here is that you realize it was YOUR screw up, and you have put in the WORK to CHANGE yourself in that area or those areas where you needed to, so that you will NOT make those errors again. If you've done all that, THEN it's okay to seriously try to get back with an ex-girlfriend after a break-up.

The reason is because there is now EVIDENCE for why things will be DIFFERENT in the future, and also because it's not "kissing up" when you are the one who made the mistake.  It's not losing dignity or self-respect in any way.  She will only gain more respect for you if you are authentic in meaning you have learned from your mistakes.


So, if SHE is the one who made the screw-up, and if SHE is the one who is pursuing YOU to get back together again, and if YOU can truly forgive her, THEN it's okay to get back together and give it a serious try again.

If she is the one who made the screw-up, you CANNOT be the one to pursue her to try to CONVINCE her of how she screwed up.  That is just totally wrong, and will cause you to lose self-esteem, and if anything will only make her think that she DID NOT SCREW UP since after all she still has YOU chasing after HER.

It MUST be HER that tries to convince YOU to give it another try, if it was HER who screwed up, and also she must totally acknowledge how she screwed up, and she must also provide serious evidence to you for why she WON'T do this major screw up again.

AND after all that, YOU must seriously be honest with yourself if you can FORGIVE her.

Because even if she is genuinely sorry, even if she shows all the right signs for why she won't do this screw-up again, if YOU on some deep level still can't forgive her, the relationship will NOT work, as you will carry resentment with you and you will still see everything through the filter of not being able to trust her, and you will see worst-case scenarios in every behavior she does, even if she is innocent.

By the way, if she was UNFAITHFUL to you, or if she played games trying to get you to feel that maybe she was with some other guy just to make you jealous, I don't suggest you go back to her even if you can forgive her. I believe in getting a GREAT girl, not just getting SOME girl that you are attracted to. 


If both you AND her screwed up, and you BOTH totally own up to your mistakes AND you both can demonstrate how you will be DIFFERENT in the future, whether it is through explaining exactly how and why things will be different, or any other convincing evidence, well then it still makes sense to give the relationship another try IF you both can forgive each other as well.

It needs to be all those things- the mutual learning from mistakes, the mutual forgiveness, the mutual evidence for why things will be different, and the mutual humility about the whole situation.

Well, if you both have THAT going on, let me tell you, you are both in for some of the most powerful, explosive make-up times you have EVER had :)

And if you'd like to make sure that you KEEP things going as powerfully as possible, or if you are serious about finding that one special woman, I suggest you get my most advanced program on this topic by going HERE:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks