Monday, February 28, 2011

Approaching Women: How To ACE This Skill!

Approaching women successfully is
a SKILL, and you can learn to ACE
this skill!

A lot of GOLD today, so fasten your
seatbelts and let's get this party rockin'!


Hope all is well good sir! I was wondering
in your email you gave an example of how
to approach a female. Now let’s just say if
she is really rude or nasty or just ignores
you and you feel like you made a public fool
of yourself.

What mental tactics can you play in your mind
to get you over that hurt feeling? And how did
you handle a rude female who exploded on you
even if you were being a gentlemen/ the MAN?
Jimmy B.                      
                                             ---Austin, TX


Thanks for your email! The BIGGEST thing here
is put the RIGHT FRAME onto this, and the
RIGHT FRAME is a combo of:

1. It’s ALL FUN.


3. Use EVERYTHING in your environment
to your advantage.

I remember the FEAR of approaching women
when I first started out, and the truth is that the
FEAR is much worse than the actual REALITY
even if she DOES get pissed off!

I would feel MUCH WORSE if I did NOT approach
a woman than if I DID approach.

Even the WORST INSULT from actually
APPROACHING was way better than the
feeling of giving into fear and NOT approaching.

When I didn’t approach, I would feel HORRIBLE
with regret for HOURS, sometimes for DAYS.

And it almost never happens by the way, that a
woman really is ever really nasty or rude, but
yeah, in very RARE occasions it happens.

And when YOU know that you got over your
own fear by actually GOING THROUGH with
the entire approach and pushing yourself
through it, you often feel a natural HIGH
from overcoming your own internal obstacles,
that you really GENUINELY don’t care that
she got upset! And THIS attitude is what
actually ATTRACTS and often changes
the situation around!

Let me illustrate with what happened during
one bootcamp:

A client I was with asked me, while we
were on a subway train platform, if I could
approach this striking woman who was
about halfway down the platform.

So I rolled up to her, I don’t even remember
exactly what I said, it was something playful,
but she just didn’t reply---so in my mind, I
didn’t think this had anything to do with ME.

That’s the first step:



So I spoke LOUDER!

This time, I got a lukewarm response, she
just wasn’t being very talkative at all or
giving me much energy to work with.

Now, at this point, the train doors opened.

So I figured “I’ll let this one go, no problem,
there are other girls on this train.”

I immediately plopped down into a seat
across from another girl, even more
striking than the first one, and started
a playful conversation. The theme
was about how I was all for independent
women, in fact I wanted a woman who
not only worked and made a lot of money
but also took care of the home stuff too!

The playful angle was that I felt women
should do it ALL while I enjoy watching

Now THIS woman started eating it up,
getting right into it, saying that she liked
the fact I was cool with women being
empowered, but she said (playfully)
that it’s not fair that I get to stay on
the couch watching TV all day-
to which I told her “Hey, don’t ruin
this it was going so well! I’m gonna
have to divorce you and take half
your money! And how about the

Now, this girl is laughing and having a blast,
and guess what?

Girl number ONE from the platform is suddenly
taking a keen interest, and even though
girl number ONE is sitting FAR AWAY, she
her point of view!!!


She starts actually GETTING INTO THIS WHOLE
DISCUSSION, and if anything SHE looks “weird”
now to the rest of the people on the train!!

When a woman is feeling EMOTION,
nothing else MATTERS.

Nothing else matters because emotions
make her feel more ALIVE than anything
ELSE. In fact, they are the ONLY thing
that makes her FEEL ALIVE.

Everything else, she might as well be asleep.

When she’s feeling emotions, she’ll even
do things EMBARRASING to herself, she’ll
even PUSH to do embarrassing things to
herself if she thinks it will lead to MORE
of these emotions that are so much powerful
than her feelings of what most OTHER people
think of her – she just cares what YOU think
of her!

Add to this, the fact that since she’s gorgeous,
she’s got the kind of confidence that often comes
with it and doesn’t care what most people think,
especially when it comes to her getting the man
that she WANTS!

So what happened here???

What happened was that:

1. I never allowed ANY of the initial interaction
to get SERIOUS. This was MY WORLD that
I was allowing girls into, and in MY WORLD,
the number ONE priority is HAVING AN

So, when the first girl didn’t seem to understand
or “get it” or “like it” or whatever, I didn’t feel that
this had much to do with ME.

I also didn’t feel like my happiness depended on it.

2. I PUSHED AHEAD even though I got no
reply the first time.

This indicated that I was NOT the kind of guy
who MELTED at the first sign of not getting
APPROVAL from her.

I didn’t NEED her approval, and in fact I
actually wanted to GIVE and not TAKE
here, I didn’t feel like I wanted to “get”
or “take” her approval of me.

was feeling within.

3. I also ended up using the tactic of
“SOCIAL PROOF” in a very genuine

When girl number ONE saw girl number TWO
having a great time chatting with me, suddenly
a SWITCH got pulled in girl number ONE’S mind:
Girl number ONE, on a primal level, now felt that
it’s OKAY to talk to this total stranger, because
it was fine to do so.

Girl number ONE no longer had to worry about feeling
like she was “weird” if she talked to a total stranger,
and also girl number ONE probably also felt more
attraction as well, because girl number TWO was
“proof” that I had attraction value.

Was I looking to use girl number TWO to get girl
number ONE?


In fact, I couldn’t care all that much about getting
EITHER girl to be honest!!!!!!!!!!!

It was FUN, but not SERIOUS to my sense
of “I’m cool” or “If I don’t get her then I’m not

And THAT inner strength actually SHOWS
on your EXTERIOR as well- it shows in
your tonality, your body language, your
expression on your face.

Girl number TWO was probably more confident
than girl number ONE, and girl number ONE
got “confidence” THROUGH girl number TWO,
and also got more attracted through the ‘social proof’
that girl number TWO was giving me.

So this is where PERSISTENCE MIXED

At this point, I got my client into the conversation,
and what’s interesting is that now I was providing
social proof for my client, making the conversation
go even smoother.

All this was cool to witness up close in person
and provided a very valuable learning lesson.

One of the most IMPORTANT lessons here

He who DARES with approaching women WINS.

It is ATTRACTIVE to see a man who believes
in himself so much that he is not in the slightest
shaken up by what a woman says or does.

I’m reminded of a great scene in ’Goodfellas’
where Ray Liotta’s character comes back home
late. As he’s rolling up the driveway in his car
with the top down, his wife as well as his wife’s
mother are YELLING LIKE NUTS at him.

For a moment, he just lets them do their thing.

Then, without leaving the car, he just starts
LAUGHING and pulls right out of the driveway,
and drives off happy as can be.
So, this way, he’s in a great state.

They get time to cool off.

He appears even cooler by not having
to yell and scream back at them.

It’s also ATTRACTIVE when a man PERSISTS,
not in a NEEDY way, but in a confident way.

So, trying forever to get the same girl, that’s
NEEDY. But being able to MOVE ON and
get ANOTHER girl, THAT’S confidence.
A woman SENSES on a deep subconscious
level that this kind of man is GOING PLACES
IN THIS WORLD. He’s moving UP.

But she’s not consciously THINKING this.
She just feels, “This guy is a MAN”.
“A man that I WANT.”


So for example, you can chat to OTHER
women, you can also DISARM women
with humor. This is one of my favorite things
to do with my “Disarm and Charm” strategy.

If a woman is being resistant, sometimes
it has nothing to do with her not being
attracted- sometimes it’s just a matter
of TRUST, after all you are a total
stranger and she’s not sure who the
heck you are.

This is why it’s so MASSIVELY IMPORTANT
to be LISTENING without bias. By “without
bias” I mean without filtering in your OWN
feelings about reality that will end up
distorting your understanding of what
SHE is saying.

So, for example, if you believe most women
are mean, you will FILTER her words to
mean something nasty, as in the following

Let’s say a woman says to you, when you,
you approach her in the mall (as I often do
and have clients do in bootcamp) with
something as casual as, "Hey, where do
you think you're going?"

The KEY here by the way, if you say that,
is to say it WITH AUTHORITY.

This is not because you have to have the entire
conversation being all authoritative, but in that
moment of taking her out of her regular world
and into yours, it helps to give it a bit of a boost,
since after all, she was in the middle of her own
reality till you came in.

The authority ensures that she steps in, and once
there and she experiences all the fun, she begins
to do all the work for you, as she begins chasing
you. But in the first moment, the authority in your
voice helps ensure that she feels it's the right thing
to do to enter YOUR reality, your world, and
hear what you have to say.   

So, after hearing you, she may reply with:
“Do you do this to all the women in
the store???”

If you think she is being mean to you,
or that she is somehow trying to push
you away, you might become defensive,
angry, or just plain lose your “mojo”.

When in REALITY, if you are REALLY
listening to her entire message, including
her body language and her tonality, and
if you understand her reality of being
ogled by many guys who indeed may
not be very nice guys, then you understand
a very DIFFERENT message that she
is giving you.

For example, she might GENUINELY
want to know if this is some “act” you
put on to all the girls you try to meet,
or she might GENUINELY be trying
to be playful with you.

If you sense she is being playful with you,
you might reply with:

“I only approach women who look like they
could use a great conversation”

To which she will probably reply with something

“Do I look like I could use a great conversation?”

And to that you can say something like:

“I bet it’s REALLY RARE for you to meet
a guy that can actually be fun, challenging, and
still have a meaningful connection, right?”

And the crazy thing is that you can't help
but be RIGHT about this, since it IS
rare for a woman to meet a guy who
is these things!

In bootcamp after bootcamp after bootcamp,
when clients have tested this out, the women
almost ALWAYS reply with:

Now, if I sense a woman is being genuinely
cautious, then I won’t use humor, I’ll just
be straightforward and say “I just wanted
to say hi and see if you might be an
interesting person inside as well.”

Another time, these two girls were
chatting with each other at a food
court, and I think one of them had
broken up with some guy or something
and she was pouring out her guts to
her friend.

At the time, years ago, I didn’t understand
the power of CALIBRATING, and I was
influenced by the arrogant pick up artist
tactics, and when she said “She’s been
through a lot, and she just wants privacy”
I said something insensitive, which REALLY
pissed her off, and then she stands up
and tells me she’s gonna call security.

And what did I say in response to THAT?

Well, at least I was in the playful state of
mind when I said:

"Tell me how you REALLY feel!!”

Honestly, I was LAUGHING to myself,
and this was definitely by FAR one of
the WORST situations EVER.


And in middle of an ENTIRE FOOD COURT??

And even THEN, back then many years
ago, I STILL marched on, to ANOTHER
table, and started a chat with two OTHER
girls, one of them was just INSANELY
GORGEOUS and the other was still
a decent contender, and within MINUTES
my client and I were in a great conversation,
and soon we started getting into deeper
connection with the girls:

For example, chatting about their hobbies
and future goals, we got well beyond just
the laughing stuff, and walked away with BOTH
their numbers.

All on the very same food court as the woman
who was going to call security!!!!

THAT’S the kind of attitude you want to
not only HAVE but also SHOW.

In some ways, over the years, I’m more
proud of these rare CRAZY situations
because you learn a LOT from them
including just how much BIGGER you
can be than these situations, which
if you look at it honestly, really ARE

Another time, with a client on bootcamp,
we were at a club, which I don’t think is
as good as a food court or bookstore
for meeting quality women, but it’s still
a place to practice.

We were on a patio on the roof of the club,
and these two knockouts there, and I
started chatting with one of the girls
and the other girl starts saying “It’s
my friend’s birthday and we’re supposed
to just spend time together”, etc, etc.

And I just playfully kept it going, because
I knew that in a club, playful is easy and
key, even though her friend INSISTED
that this girl would NOT talk to me.

Finally, after about FOUR MINUTES of
me not giving in, the ‘birthday girl’ who
was not supposed to talk to me, ended
up actually breaking free from her friend
and her first words were:

“Oh my god! You’re so RUDE!!!

And she comes OVER and embraces me!!

By the way, this has nothing to do with

Here’s a few more things to keep in mind:

Realize that it's not always so easy being
an attractive woman in public, because a
lot of guys unfortunately have no class
and just ogle and don't do the whole approach
in a classy way, so these women have to
develop a bit of a "cold front" sometimes to
ward off most men.

Again, more evidence that it’s not PERSONAL.
She has no idea who I am, who you are, and
she is just generalizing about all guys.

The other thing is that I became desensitized to
this kind of thing from doing it so much, so the
honest truth is that I would find it FUNNY if a
woman ignored me, because it's actually kind
of funny knowing that a woman DID hear me
but is just pretending she didn't, when I know
in fact I'm a good guy!!!! :)

So it's important to LOOK for the FUNNY
stuff that is ALWAYS there in these situations
if you just look hard enough. You’ll find that
this perspective EMPOWERS you.

I also always ask myself, in a very constructive
way, "Hmmm….how can I have improved that
approach???" because I am an obsessive
type of guy, and I always am interested in
learning how I could have made it HARDER
for her to ignore me or be nasty, etc.

I really DO enjoy the very science of this whole
topic, so it is interesting for me to actually
use these kinds of situations to learn the most
from, as when things do not go perfectly I can
often learn more from those situations than when
they go perfectly.

It's also very possible that a woman
already has a boyfriend, and this is her way
of showing respect to her boyfriend by being
a bit of a beeeeyottch to all other guys, which
is kind of cool too :) It means she is very

Finally, ANOTHER HUGE THING is to not
only be listening with zero bias, but also
you should be listening for KEYWORDS
that she is saying or talking about.

So, for example, if she tells you when you
ask her what she likes to do in her spare
time, and her first thing is “socialize”, this
might not be the best indicator of her
personality. Why is this? It’s not because
socializing is not cool, it’s because a lot of
the women who are attractive simply enjoy
the VALIDATION that comes from just about
every single social encounter they get.

And if this is what she enjoys doing with
the vast majority of her free time, this is
not very cool.

On the OPPOSITE side of the spectrum,
let’s say you find out in the conversation that
she volunteers for some great cause and it’s
not for “resume points” to look good on a resume,
well then now if you truly appreciate the kind
of work she is doing, you can give her the
most authentic compliment in the world that
is specific to the nature of this personality trait.

For example, if she is helping children, that requires
a lot of patience and a great sense of humor, and
you might tell her that it’s a rare experience to
meet someone who can truly make the world
a better place, and make our planet’s future
a better place since these children are the future
of our world!

And if you happen to have some experience
that benefits our planet, or if you have worked
with kids, even if they are your relatives, all
this will help you CONNECT on a core level
in this specific example.  It's just an example,
there could be infinite other characteristics
to build a core connection on with her.

By the way, nothing against travelling,
but girls who can only talk about their
love for socializing and travelling are
usually not a great catch, especially
considering that women who are
very attractive tend to like socializing
and travelling for the same reason:

A friend and client of mine mentioned how
when women who are attractive travel, they
don't lose any status, because their LOOKS
are the source of their status, but a guy who
has BUILT his character up and has cool
friends and lifestyle, doesn't get the same
automatic status "travelability", he has to
DEMONSTRATE his personality and
then he gets back to high status again.

But with a woman who is attractive, it's
all there automatically on the surface, so
it's no wonder they like travelling, as they
don't have to speak a word of the language
either.  Now, again, once you develop the
then even if you don't speak a word of
the language, your tonality itself speaks
97 per cent of your communication and
your charisma and attractive power radiates,
but this is something most men never develop
whereas an attractive woman just SHOWS UP
anywhere in the WORLD and has full power
even if she has zero personality, until she opens
her mouth anyway.

This stuff goes deep.
This is why I focus on how to get and detect
a QUALITY woman, and how to detect and
avoid the PROBLEMATIC women.

Pay close attention when chatting to
the women you meet!

Hope that helps!


Have you read or heard of the book

'I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell' and
'***holes Finish First'? I just came
across them in the bookstore the other

Basically, the guy is a complete ***hole
and has no apologies about it and with
his New York Times BestSeller list status,
dozens of women email him every day
wanting to hook up with him.

One might argue it is the fame, not the
***holeness that is attracting these women
in droves, but he got to be famous by first
being an ***hole.

If you would be so kind, would you mind
breaking down this phenomenon for us in
a future newsletter?

Carl R.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Ahh, the ever popular “DO JERKS REALLY

I’ll answer this one easily:

The only reason why JERKS often get
results with women has nothing to do
with being a JERK, it has to do with
SELF-LOVE, and this is something
that good guys MUST learn.

I wish I had learned this back in high school:


There are two kinds of jerks:

The SICK ones who really hate themselves and
go out of their way to make life difficult for others.
That is NOT attractive at ALL.

It’s REPULSIVE as hell.

Then there are the other kind of jerks:

The guys who don’t give a RAT’S ASS
about political correctness, about following
social norms just to fit in, etc.

They care far more about what THEY think.

They don’t care for society’s rules that say
you should not be so sexual.

They don’t care for being enslaved to boring
clothing, boring jobs, boring food, or boring

They don’t feel the need to CENSOR their
PASSION for all things they ENJOY.

They are SELFISH and go for what they
want in an OBVIOUS way, they don’t hide
it like most people do.

So, when a woman sees a guy like that,
it’s a TURN ON, because deep down she
WANTS to be that way too!!!

She wants to release her sexuality.
She wants to laugh.
She wants to be excited.
She wants to FEEL ALIVE.

And since women are MORE pressured to
fit in and be “nice” compared to men, women
end up often being more REPRESSED.

And with more repression, comes MORE

So, along comes Mr. Jerk who says

So now, this guy is giving her TONS of emotions
from his OWN lifestyle, PLUS he is giving her
the RARE emotion of being CHALLENGED
since most guys are so WEAK in terms of
how they feel in front of women, that THIS
challenging guy is the guy who gives her
ALL the emotions she craves!!!

So, ANY guy can be like this, it’s NOT
about being a jerk.

The problem is that POWER corrupts,
and when jerks see that they can get
so much leverage over women with this,
they often start to take women for granted,
and start to be inconsiderate, and then
of course they LOSE these girls over
the long term.

So the jerkiness is not attractive long term.
And the attractive things that jerks do are
not the JERKY things! They are the things
that involve THE COURAGE to REBEL

And this is why, if you are a GOOD GUY
then you will truly RULE when it comes
to women, because it is SO RARE for
a woman to find a guy with this kind
of courage AND integrity.


Hey Michael,

I love the idea you mentioned of how
the brain is a sexual tool because its
creativity is attractive to women.

Can you give us any tips on being more
creative in our interactions with women?

Danny M.

                                  ---Leeds, UK

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thanks for your question- absolutely,
as Denis Dutton has pointed out (by
the way, it was my best friend who pointed
out the presentation by Denis Dutton on this,
so I shouldn't take the credit for finding Denis
Dutton!) Darwinian theory of beauty, the whole
point of being able to create emotional impact
through anything like comedy, drama, music,
or any other form of skill or art, is actually to
attract the opposite sex.

It’s not necessary for most of survival from
the elements or for getting food- it’s a SOCIAL
thing that definitely IS appealing to women.

Obviously, I can’t explain the entire
range of emotional impacts that you
can create and how to create them
in one email, but here’s one quick
tip you can apply RIGHT AWAY:

Any time you see a MEDIA sign or
commercial, etc, with a catchphrase
like “Just do it” or “Harvey’s makes
your hamburger a beautiful thing”
try to come up with SEVEN DIFFERENT

Trust me, there is genius to this, it’s
just one of the many great ideas that
came up in the Warrior Within program.

Companies spend BILLIONS of dollars
a year devising these slogans and
campaigns, because they are

Practicing coming up with seven different
ways of saying these things will sharpen
your creative skills, especially your

Try to make the seven different ways
of saying these things as full of visual
imagery, and dramatic or comedic effect
as possible.

And if you want to get the FULL PICTURE
on attracting the very BEST women, then
I suggest you take advantage of my

This program will show you the most
powerful way to approach women and
create a super strong CONNECTION
so they will be COMPELLED by attraction
to you and be putty in your hands.

In addition, you’ll be able to quickly detect
which women are the real GOLDEN catches,
and which women you’d be best to avoid
at all costs.

Personally, I think that NOT getting this program
is like saying “I’d rather NOT have the kind of
choice with women that I deserve, I’d rather
just leave it all up to CHANCE.”

This program isn’t just “nice material”, it’s URGENT

If you’re just looking for a one-night stand, then
definitely, this material is NOT for you.

But if you’re looking for a great woman, this is
THE ultimate program on the planet for achieving
this goal as efficiently as possible.

It’s at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
"The Dating Wizard", then do that now.

This book sets the FOUNDATION for being
the kind of man that women are attracted to.

It's at:

For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

To find out about ALL my programs for
meeting and attracting fantastic women,
go here:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Be The Man, Or SHE Will

Being THE MAN, a term I use to refer to a combination
of superiority and masculinity, relates to every single
aspect of your interactions with a woman, from the
moment you meet her till your last moment on earth
with her.

In the last few decades, there has been a gradual
EROSION of masculinity from men’s behaviour,
which all started because men were made to feel
GUILTY about being men and even having
sexual desire. It's sloooowly starting to
change, but it's never going to be like
the "ol" days when a man got respect
for being a man the same way a woman
got respect for being a woman.

These days, you have to make it CLEAR
from the get-go that you are indeed

Remember also that since most girls these
days have grown up being TOLD to be
POWERFUL, to “use girl power” etc., etc.,
and to have “fun”, etc., etc., but most
GUYS were DEAF to this, all most guys
heard was the horror stories of how badly
women were being treated, so most decent
guys end up trying to kiss up to women
to show how "good" they can be to a woman.

It was as if men IGNORED what was really
going on and only paid attention to the
horror stories being fed to them about
"evil men treating women badly".

Don’t get me wrong, SOME WOMEN were being
treated badly, but it seems highly unlikely
that MOST men were this bad, or there is no way
on earth that MEN, who "had all the power",
would have given so much power and
equality to women in the first place!
It was men who gave women that power,
starting all the way back with political
thinkers like John Stuart Mill. If all
men were really such bastards, then
how the hell did men allow women
to have all their new powers? It
was men who gave it to women.)

The thing is, at least a long time ago,
men were getting something in RETURN
for treating a woman "like a lady".

But it seems as if guys have forgotten
that these days, guys get NOTHING in
return for GIVING away their affection
or anything else so freely.

It's the basic principle of life that
there must be an EXCHANGE of value
for anything concrete to actually

In the old days, the value exchange was:

Women were trying hard to show they
would be good, loyal, HOMEMAKERS
and MOTHERS, etc, in RETURN for men
who would be PROVIDERS and also

Now, it seems, most good guys are STILL
offering to give away the whole store, in
exchange for...for...for WHAT????

For a DATE?
For a SMILE??????

Does this make any sense?
Of course not?

Is this an equal exchange of value?
Of course not.

Now, all this is FINE if you're from the
"pick up artist" crowd and just looking
for a girl to get "physical" with, because
the whole thing is so low value, so
temporary, so fleeting, that no one
is really giving anyone anything
except some time getting physical.

There's very little emotional commitment,
very little sobriety, and a whole lot of
drinking, smoking, and overall lightheadedness.

So, in that sense, for guys who just want
to "fool around", things have become
easier than ever. 

But for men who are looking for the
REAL THING, then it's a very different
story, and it's CRUCIAL then for men
who are looking for the "real thing"
(a woman for a real relationship based
on things other than one night stands,
alcohol, and smoking), to BECOME
VERY SELECTIVE on which women
they date, and also to learn how to
DETECT a quality woman from a
non-quality woman, AND it's
crucial for men to make it CLEAR
just how much value they actually

A good man, who is looking for the real
thing, IS a rare find, and he damn well
better not hide it, and he better damn
well not DAMPEN his own power by
trying to imitate the PICK UP ARTIST
style approach.

This is because, when he finally meets the
RIGHT kind of woman, the LAST thing
she wants is the kind of player guy who
is rich with the "quips" but poor with the

Yet, because no one has TOLD good guys
to change their strategy, guys still believe in the
old strategy of "courting" a woman and showing
her what a good provider you will be!!!

Most of the time, guys are doing this with
the kind of women who are LAUGHING
inside at this, to the point of bursting.

In general, attractive women are NOT THE SAME
they were a few generations ago.  

To be blunt, attractive women are KICKING MEN
IN THE ARSE today, and doing it HARD.

That is, unless you're just looking to fool around,
because there are LOADS of those kinds of
women around, for short term light-headed

And even with the hard REALITY
GUYS, good guys still refuse to change
their deep rooted belief that the way
to succeed with women is to kiss up.

I was EXACTLY the proverbial "nice guy"
for MANY years.  No guy tried more nice
things for attractive women on this EARTH
than me.  And I also refused to believe
there could be any OTHER way!

When you BELIEVE in something, then
ALL EVIDENCE to the contrary won’t mean
jack sh*&, because your mind will just find a
way to interpret it according to your perspective
of the world.

So, over the last couple of decades, guys
basically DIDN’T BELIEVE all the
REALITIES that were REALLY happening
with women, whether it was women having
bachelorette parties that would put Hugh
Hefner to shame, whether it was women
cheating, etc.

This is by the way, one of the reasons
I focus on getting the rare quality women
that are out there who have principles
as well as beauty, and yet in many ways
these rare women are even STRONGER and
MORE empowered internally because they
can resist the craziness around them,
so you can bet your bottom dollar that
the quality women even MORE URGENTLY
need a man who is ULTRA confident
and masculine, to make a woman feel

After all, women are so empowered these
days, it takes a man who is truly THE MAN
to make women feel feminine.

Also, psychologically speaking, human
beings need to know which ROLE they are
playing, on a deep subconscious level.
If a man acts feminine, she will start
to act masculine. If a man acts masculine,
she will feel more womanly and feminine,
which is what she actually WANTS to feel.

And yet, guys just kept on treating women
not only as EQUALS, but as SUPERIORS. Yes,
SUPERIORS, because given the fact that women
are now not trying to show they are homemakers,
but most men are still trying to show that
they would be good husbands, it's as if
men are trying HARDER to impress women
than vice versa. Which ends up in absolute
value terms as putting women on a pedestal
and getting nothing in return for it.

And like I always say, superiority is the
essence of attraction.

This is not a bad thing. Even in great
relationships, each person really feels
they are getting the superior deal!
And that is actually a HEALTHY relationship,
where each person feels THEY are the lucky

So it's not evil to say this.
It's the FACT that if you come across
as only "equal" to her, you will NOT
attract her.

And the INSANITY of all this, is that it’s
all up to YOU.

It's all based on INTANGIBLE things that
you can control.

It’s based on ASSUMPTIONS which
come to hold the power of BELIEFS.

And in fact, the whole problem started
not from concrete things but from
WRONG assumptions and wrong beliefs. Like the
idea that men are somehow animals, and women
saints. Or that women are morally superior
to men. Or that women don’t like sex. Or
that somehow a man “should” show a woman
that HE is a good man, before SHE shows
him she is a good woman.

All that stuff came from a time when women
HAD NO POWER. It’s RIDICULOUS today, and turns
men into SITTING DUCKS just waiting to be
taken advantage of and abused by the wrong
women. Which is another thing I focus on
in my programs, on how to detect a QUALITY
woman and how to spot and avoid the wrong

I seriously can’t understand how this isn’t
is that the only reason there isn’t some
MEN’S liberation movement is because it just
sounds pathetic. MEN are SUPPOSED to already
be dominant.

Yet, most men BEHAVE as if women are
doing men a FAVOUR by agreeing to
spend time with them!!!

And since men behave this way, they
are setting up the roles for women
to think this is NORMAL, and so
when a man acts with a woman as
if he's beneath her, she feels
it's her role to be the superior
and dominant one.

Now there is no one person or movement to blame,
it’s far more complex than that, because a lot of
these things (feminism, equality) STARTED with
good intentions but then went COMPLETELY WRONG.
Kind of like Frankenstein.

But the bottom line is that women are KICKING GUYS’S
asses today like never before!!!!!!!

And like I said, it’s all the result of men THINKING
it has to be this way and continuing their behaviors.

Society is NOT going to change overnight.
But YOU can make things change for YOURSELF,
by USURPING almost every single powerful
and positive thing that women are doing
AND using it for YOURSELF.

Women act standoffish to your approach?
The reason they are doing that is because
you are approaching them in a way that makes
them feel as if YOU are worthless and as if
THEY are superior. Plus, women have been
conditioned to behave this way for centuries,
since it gives them the power. Women had
to learn these strategies from a long time
ago when women really DIDN'T have as much
civil/legal power as men, but those days
are long gone!

And yet you are worried about their reaction if
you come across as a MAN with no apologies
for being a man?????

See how crazy it is?

Attraction is about PERCEPTION.
Women who are attractive tend to THINK
they are the ones with the power.

So, with most guys, they act that way,
and most guys get SWALLOWED up into that frame,
thereby REINFORCING women’s self-concepts and
DESTROYING their (men’s) OWN self concepts as
men get SHOT DOWN over and over again.

And yet, you can CHANGE all this INSTANTLY,
when you BEHAVE differently. Not like a jerk,
but like a MAN.

The whole PERCEPTION you have about "nice" and
"not nice" when it comes to interacting with
women has to change in your mind.

Your whole "GUT FEELING" about who really has the power,
has to CHANGE in your mind. Otherwise, this feeling will
keep on showing through your body language, and women
will DETECT it and feel that THEY are superior to you, and
that you are just not worth their time.

You have to get the SKILLS to EFFECTIVELY
send the message that you are worth MORE
than them.

Human nature is to want more.

This is why you need to have the SKILLS

This doesn’t mean acting like a jerk-off.

In fact, it means acting INSANELY COMFORTABLE
and INSANELY CONFIDENT, and in certain
environments like clubs, it means that you also have
to start off very PLAYFUL, otherwise you obviously
are desperate, because if you are not in a good mood
in a club, where you are supposed to be happy, you
are obviously only there to meet women, and apparently
not being successful since you are not happy and playful,
which means LOSER).

Remember, if you REALLY knew you were desired,
if you REALLY knew you had the worth, THAT’S
how you would feel.

If you want to CHANGE your life, this INSANITY of
even THINKING that women have all the power must
stop. Your THOUGHTS are given CONCRETE FORM
in your behaviours, and women WILL detect them
the same way anyone can detect desperation or
someone who is not comfortable.

Now, there’s more to it than just this, for example,
understanding how to not make a woman feel
slutty, but even THAT becomes less of a problem
when you come across as being DESIRABLE
because if you are DESIRABLE, then a woman
feels she is with a “worthy” guy and that she
is not “cheap” for being with you.

Get it?
Superior Intrinsic Value RULES.

And when it comes to attraction, behaving in
a MASCULINE way, i.e. leading the interaction,
not getting overly emotional, being cool and
laid back, and showing DOMINANCE, is
BIG TIME VALUE in her sexual desire
department of her brain.

I was at the bookstore yesterday and I couldn’t
BELIEVE how they are STILL selling books
in the relationships section telling men how to
KISS UP even MORE than they are already doing.
I think that a book like mine will probably NEVER
be sold in any bookstore because it basically
says SOCIETY HAS GONE NUTS, and that
must seem pretty extreme.

Do you know who needs to read those kinds of
books about how to treat women better?
The jerk-offs, the real scum of society.
Those guys SHOULD read those books.

Aside from them, really, I don’t think any
guy is going to get anything but ANGUISH
from applying the advice in those “how to
kiss up even more to women” books.

Women don’t even WANT that type of guy
as it makes them feel like they are with some
kind of emasculated man. Most women
deep down want to feel sexually that they
are with a guy with a dominant personality
otherwise it makes THEM, the women,
in charge of leading things to sex and
that’s going to really ruin the chemistry.

Of course, women can’t come out and say
this on national tv or it will sound like they
are against equal rights, which they aren’t
against, they’re just against men becoming

Being a dominant man is the ONLY choice.
It was always the only choice, but nowadays,
due to women, especially attractive ones, having
MORE power than ever, it’s become even
MORE important that men start RECLAIMING
their own personal worth and SHOWING IT
through everything they do.

You will be PERCEIVED by how you behave,
the same way MEN have perceived WOMEN
to be superior SIMPLY by the way women

So don’t be silly about thinking about any OTHER
option. There is NO other option but to be
masculine, to lead the show, to be THE MAN.

And guess what?
It’s not ENOUGH just that YOU know that you
are not kissing up. SHE must know it too.

She must know that FAILURE on her part to
treat you right will lead to a very quick
goodbye from you.

And you have to be PREPARED for all
If a woman knows that you only like “good”
girls, she will then do her BEST to ACT like
a good girl to GET YOU. Even though
she might really be the kind of girl
who would make even Satan cringe.

On one hand, because you had STANDARDS,
she saw that you don’t just go for anything.
Your high standards show you are obviously
certain DESIRE for you. And she was prepared
to do what is necessary to get you.

But once she “gets” you, if you make her feel
that she HAS you for sure no matter what, she
will start to SLIDE in her treatment of you,
and you might start to rationalize it, you might
try to defend her actions since she is a “good”
girl. But if you FALL for that BRILLIANT
DISGUSE, well, then, that’s exactly what
she wants. (of course, if a woman really
is wack job, don't even try to use these
skills to attract her, just say goodbye
as soon as you find out she is an abusive

where women have been brainwashed to
believe they are superior.

Any OTHER type of strategy, other type of option,
just about ALWAYS leads to break-ups, women
who can’t commit, getting taken advantage of
emotionally and financially, heartbreak, no sex,
plummeting self-esteem, and tons of other
fun stuff.

The crazy thing is, when you LEARN these
skills, you are suddenly INFUSED with so
much power that you can EASILY reverse
ALL THIS STUFF, to the point that if you
wanted to, you could easily do all that nasty stuff
to women, but you really WON’T WANT TO
because you’ll be TOO BUSY WITH A

You’ll FEEL SORRY for the women that
did that creepy stuff, because the truth is
that the most SEXY women who are
CONFIDENT NEVER do that nasty stuff,
because when you are REALLY secure,
you might not be ATTRACTED to someone
but you have no need to be ABUSIVE.

Only INSECURE people are abusive,
because their insecurity and pain makes
them want YOU to also be in pain.

Most women are not like that.
Most women are simply in the category of
being SPOILED by society.

Does this mean that women are bad?
Not really, not anymore than a child who is spoiled.
The child is not “bad” or “evil”, just spoiled.
The child needs to learn.

Women need to learn that you are not like all
the other guys who will KEEP ON KISSING UP
to women even though women have moved
BEYOND “working in the kitchen barefoot
and pregnant”. Hey, in those days, a man
had some room to err because he had
a certain amount of AUTOMATIC respect
from women, just from being born a
male in that society and era.

And in fact, there WERE some screwed
up things against women in those days that
were just not right. Like women not even
being allowed to vote.

But women have come a long long way, and
men have GONE BACKWARDS a long long
way, and that is just as evil. Especially since
it’s always the good but ignorant guys that
don’t want to cause “problems”, and the jerks
who couldn’t give a rat’s ass, thereby giving the
jerks an advantage since the jerk doesn’t care
about women’s rights or issues and therefore
will take as much as he can, and this often
is misinterpreted by women as a sign of his
superior VALUE.

So, you don’t have to be a jerk, but you sure
as heck have to know how to still come across
as having superior VALUE.

One of the BIGGEST INTERNAL obstacles
to learning how to behave in the
right way comes because we have this
“inner conflict” that says that being “The Man”
is “not nice”, as if maybe it’s something
your mother wouldn’t approve of, as you
respect your mom, who is a woman, and
you want to treat her well.

But you have to remember that “women” in general
are NOT your MOM. You are not trying to
ATTRACT your mom!

That might SOUND a bit funny, obvious, or strange,

You see, as a child, for most of us, our MOTHER
gave us a lot of crucial things we needed for LIFE.
Love, support, nurturing, making us feel good, etc.
God bless mothers.

And we kind of take this image of women
from our mom.

But when you are trying to attract a woman,
you have to remember this is not your MOM.

It’s a whole new sexual dynamic going on.

When it comes to attracting a woman, a woman
doesn’t NATURALLY give a DAMN about you
any more than she might about the next guy.

That might sound harsh, but it’s true.
For some reason we keep thinking that women
are “nice” and that we should treat them “nice”.

Look, I’m totally against any kind of ABUSE.
There is a way to show STRENGTH AND WARMTH
simultaneously. For example, try speaking
the words "No, I can't let you do that."
right now, with a smile, but with an
authoritative tonality.

And imagine you're saying it to a real
knockout. Just the idea of saying
"No" to a real knockout is something
that most guys would never even

It’s not ABUSE to communicate with women on
the terms of confidence, masculinity and
empowerment, that ironically, women are
usually better versed in than men these days!

You don't want a woman to feel SORRY for you.
You want her to feel ATTRACTION.

And attraction is sparked by all kinds of
things that you might think your MOM does
not approve of in the dating sphere.

Your mom would probably tell you to buy
her a drink, giver her a compliment, and
make sure to show her you're a nice guy.

There is a time for that, but it's AFTER
she's earned your trust, and it's AFTER
she's earned the compliment.

Most guys do it in the wrong order and
totally screw things up.

(The truth is, your mom probably WANTS you
to succeed with women, so she probably deep
down DOES approve, but it would be really
weird if your mom had to tell you what turns
HER on, if she was even aware of it!)

And if you would like to get the FULL PICTURE,
to learn EXACTLY how to go about approaching
women to take things from that very first moment
all the way to the bedroom and beyond, and even
where to find the RIGHT kinds of women for YOU,
as well as how to handle and even eradicate the
kind of ridiculous “tests” that even GOOD women
tend to throw your way, then I seriously suggest
you get my Warrior Within Program on DVD

This program is NOT like other programs out there,
it’s about SOLVING THE ROOT CAUSE of the
problem, which has less to do with learning to put
on an act, and far more to do with reclaiming your
masculinity and your power. It’s about how to take
ACTION with women, from A to Z, in the way
that women deep down WISH you would, but
simply can’t admit because of the anti-masculine

It’s at:

For now, for tomorrow, and for always...BE THE MAN.

To find out about all my programs, go here:

Michael Marks

Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Keep The Conversation Going With A Woman

The challenge when it comes to approaching
women is KEEPING the conversation going and
not stalled after a minute or so.

The SOLUTION to this is a combination of
highly honed skills dipped in a deep
understanding of female psychology.

Let's demonstrate this with a recent letter:


“I'm almost fearless with approaches & openers,
but man, I get stymied after a minute or so,
except with a captive audience, e.g. sitting near
a hot babe on the subway - since you are both
rooted in one spot for at least a few minutes, it's
easy to escalate the conversation and get
an email address.

The problem is when people are moving or only in
one spot for a moment, such as in a grocery store.

On the one hand, I love grocery stores, and have
gotten a date from one approach. But on the other
hand, the conversation has to move towards
interesting quickly, or she'll just move on after a
couple of pleasantries.

Case in point - I was shopping for laundry detergent
and saw a HB doing the same. My openner wasn't gold,
but at least it got things off the ground:

Me: "All right, which is the liquid detergent that lets
you never use fabric softening sheets again, is it
this Febreeze?"

Her: "I think so, but I'm allergic to Febreeze, so I
never use it. So I use the fabric softening sheets
in the dryer."

Me: "Yeah, but those things destroy your clothes –
the price you pay for no static cling."

Her: "I didn't know that."

And she walks away... (Boo hoo!)

Yeah, I know, boring topic, but in the heat of the
moment, what would you have done to ensure she
doesn't walk away, and then escalate?”
                              --Codename: TorontoListener


Congrats on TAKING ACTION, this is all
great stuff. Here's some tips for this
kind of situation:

everything she SAYS can and WILL be used

So even if you started really neutral, that’s fine
and prevents getting shut down right away, but
after that, it’s time to JACK UP THE ENERGY

And remember, she has PROVIDED all the
“material” for you, you just have to SEE IT
with new perspectives.

So, for example, with the Febreze, that's
fine, and she says she's allergic to it,
aren't afraid of losing her, you would
easily say any of the following things:
(feel the TONE of what’s going on here,
more than the exact words)

1. Man, it's HARD to find good help these days!!!
But at least you're trying, I mean having allergies is
KIND of an excuse, I'm just allergic to boring people,
so I know about allergies, how about you?

What’s the coolest thing a person could do in the
supermarket? Walk into the walk in freezer on
a blistering HOT day???? Meet a total stranger?
What do you think?

(This does help motivate her to add some spice
to whatever she says now, thus increasing the
chances of this conversation having some life.)

Then, if her response to you is boring, you can
pretend to sneeze!!! Just say “ahhhhhhhhchoooo!
Oh man, I can’ t believe it, I think …I might be…
allergic to….(give her a mischievous smile)

She will get it and laugh.

Also, another option, is when she said
"I didn't know that" you could put on the
playful dominance and say "Well, now that
you do, that will be 5 bucks for the free
advice, but since you are such a decent
conversationalist, I'll give you the special
for only 4 bucks". (Rewarding her subtly
for playing along.)

Then you can also TRANSITION from all this
into a greater CONNECTION:

“You know, life is so full of urgent things we
need to get done, that take TIME, but they
aren't really the IMPORTANT things, so laundry
is urgent, but it's not an "IMPORTANT" life goal,
it's IMPORTANT to make time for the things
you feel you MUST get out of life, you know
what I mean? "

At this point, she might fill the rest IN for you
and tell you about the TRULY IMPORTANT
things she wants to get done, which is a great
deeper conversation, and if she doesn't then
YOU can go onto describe the important things
that you feel are the real priorities in life.

And now you can go toward finding real bonding
things you share in common about priorities in life,
so when she gives you her number, she feels
VERY SOLID about doing so and wants you to
call her and continue this journey into discovering
who you are.

(By the way, man, I’m POSITIVE this is just you
needing to shake off the rust since you took the
Bootcamp over a year ago- you were great in
Bootcamp! You picked up a hot professor chick
at a vintage record store, got an email from a
knockout blonde, and if I'm correct I think you hit
it off right away with the first woman you approached
at the mall! So don’t knock yourself out, you clearly
have gained the skills, you just need to get sharp

I think what I just wrote here should help shake off
the rust and get you back into your zone when you
get out there to approach again!!!

We’re almost out of time, but I had to share this
cool email that came in just the other day:


Hi Michael,

I just want to let you know you have a terrific
approach that is far beyond what any of the
pickup artists teach. They teach men to
disrespect women and ruin their potential
for a positive, healthy relationship with the
right woman.

You teach men how to develop a relationship
with that right woman that is a product of two
healthy, mature-thinking adults, instead of
being all about sex, which is so rampant and
in-your-face in our society.

In addition to this, you teach men that it is
possible to actually be "the man" in a healthy way,
without being arrogant and trying to control
women, but asserting a natural male dominance
that real women actually love.

This is in such contrast to all the messages in
our society that try to stifle our natural,
testosterone-driven impulses, and you teach
us to channel those impulses into self improvement,
both inwardly and outwardly, to become the
"right" man for that "right" woman.

This kind of teaching is so helpful in so many areas
of life beyond just dating and relationships.

I have been enjoying and benefiting from your
wisdom, and I know that there are many men
out there who can be and are benefited by it as
well. I sincerely thank you for your much-needed

Additionally, in one of your letters you talk about
visualizing your fear in order to become relaxed
about it and conquer it. That is a great concept,
and is confirmed by none other than Donald Trump.

In his classic book on negotiating, "Trump: The Art
of the Deal," he says: "It's been said that I believe
in the power of positive thinking. In fact, I believe
in the power of negative thinking. I happen to be
very conservative in business. I always go into
the deal anticipating the worst. If you plan for the
worst--if you can live with the worst--the good
will always take care of itself."

Keep up the good work,

John Paul,

Washington, USA”


First of all, thank you for the kind words.

It's cool to see that these skills actually
help men not only with women, but with so
much in life as well.

The skills in being charming without being a
“nice guy”, with being a man and not a player,
with being powerful without being abrasive,
are all very REFINED skills that are, quite
simply, MAGNETIC to others.

It draws them INTO you.

Learning the skills for how to mentally accept
and even plan for the WORST situation with women

And this gives you giant CACHONES, as they say.
so if a woman is not treating you well, you REALLY
CAN walk away, and she can actually SENSE this
kind of confidence in your demeanor long before
she ever even TRIES this kind of thing, so she treats
you better of course as a result.

Now, on top of this, you are now TRULY thinking
positive, because you’ve DEALT with the negative,
so now your positive thinking isn’t a game or something
artificial, it’s GENUINLEY flowing from you.

That adds even MORE charisma to you.
Then, on top of that, when you add the
SKILLS you learn from how to really
inject charisma into every bit of the
conversation, so that it's oozing out
of your pores, you have women
melting in front of you.

And on top of THAT, when you are searching for
a QUALITY woman, that means you are searching
for a woman who has done all the SAME work on
herself, and she KNOWS how rare it is to find
a person, especially a MAN who has been willing
to develop himself so powerfully in this way.

You become the kind of man that she doesn’t
want to EVER let go of.

Again, this works on a hard-wired SURVIVAL
level that is primal and subconscious- she
feels that with SUCH man, things will be

Basically, you are giving off the vibes of being
a MAN who can SURVIVE in the JUNGLE of LIFE.

And if you're reading this now and would like to meet
and attract the cream-of-the-crop women TODAY,
then I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
program NOW.

What you’ve just read is just the tip of the iceberg of
what you will find in this incredible program on how
to meet and attract women of exceptional quality.

Only a rare few men know these skills, and it’s
THOSE MEN who get the best women, and
who get the woman of their dreams.

Get this program NOW at:

You can even check out video and audio
samples of this program there as well.

Again, that's at:

For now, tomorrow, and for always, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Internal Strength Gets You The Girl

Maybe you've heard that it's not cool to be
NEEDY with women. And maybe you've even
tried to "act" not needy.

Well, it's important to understand the FULL POWER

This way, you will realize this has nothing
to do with ACTING, and you will start to
do it from the most EFFECTIVE place within
you, it will be REAL.

Nothing compares to being something for REAL.
Not only can a woman tell the difference, but
it also makes it easier for you when you are
not having to put on an "act."

So I'm going to cover this, and I'm also going to share
with you here some other crucial tips for approaching,
attracting, and KEEPING a fantastic woman.

1. Let's start with point ONE:


This is one of the most Earth-shattering concepts
that most people will never even realize exists:

It's not about someone being "lucky" by having
a great girl being GIVEN to him somehow.

You have to become the kind of man inside that
CAN GET her, and then you can repeat this
over and over again. 

If you are not this kind of man, you will do the
things that sabotage your results over and over

Most people think that the hard part about GETTING
a woman, or KEEPING a woman has to do with
mastering certain “tactics” or “strategies”.

Now, while it’s true that some of these tactics
and strategies can be HELPFUL, they are more
like superficial things that can “tweek” an already
SUCCESSFUL situation. They will do NOTHING
however, if the FOUNDATION is missing, and
that FOUNDATION is your self-concept.

Do you SEE yourself as a guy who really CAN have
a fantastic woman in his life and who can KEEP her?

Do you have a picture in your mind of what such
a man IS? How he THINKS? How he FEELS?

What would be the first thoughts and emotions
that would come to mind if this DID happen?

Picture it right now:
Pay careful attention to the thoughts and emotions
going through your mind right now.

Compare these thoughts and emotions to what
you know you should be thinking and feeling
as we proceed here.

Let me give you a very FACTUAL example of how
this concept applies in real life:

There are TONS of people who win lotteries, and end
up with NOTHING very quickly.

How can this happen?

Often, these were poor people who truly must have
APPRECIATED the value of money, right????

Just like a guy who really wants a great woman
would really APPRECIATE that, right???

And THAT my friends, is the EXACT PROBLEM.

Power, with women, with money, with ANYTHING
really stems NOT from getting the money, and it
stems NOT from getting the woman.

It stems first from WITHIN.

This is not mumbo-jumbo at all, and I’ll explain
exactly why, with full logic and evidence:

This is not just something that sounds interesting
on PAPER. It’s a FACT.

You see, it takes INFINITE STRENGTH to have the

So, for example, a guy gets a million dollars, and if he
didn’t have self-DISCIPLINE in this area before, he now
will INDULGE his own weaknesses to WANT endlessly, and
he will spend and spend and spend, kind of like a guy who
had no water in the desert and now sees water and over-drinks,
making himself sick. At least the guy in the desert really
HAD a need for water, just not that much.

Now, in the following example, obviously it was not
these victims’ fault, because the brutal physical realities
of starvation mixed with not knowing the right way to eat
when finally presented with food are beyond comprehension,
but this actually happened at the end of WWII when some
concentration camp survivors were liberated, and were
provided with food.

STARVING for food, these victims had TINY stomachs
from not eating for so long, and physically their stomachs
could not TAKE more than just a morsel of food, but the
HUNGER was so strong upon smelling the food that
many DIED from eating what would otherwise be normal
portions of food.

Medical teams were trained to make sure that from then
on, all these newly liberated prisoners would be given
tiny rations and then gradually greater quantities of food,
and the right kinds of food, so that slowly their digestive
systems would adjust back to normal.

I bring this extreme point only for purposes of clarity:


What does this mean?

It means that NEEDING a woman, in the same way
that overwhelming feeling of NEEDING endless money,
that feeling of NEEDING it so badly, WEAKENS you
TO HOLD ONTO THAT MONEY, or, in this case, the
neediness for a woman makes one unable to keep
a woman even if she is put right in his face as a gift
by a generous angel.

It weakens your decision making capability.
It makes you VULNERABLE to exploitation.

This applies both with women and with money.

So for example, a gorgeous woman can land on your
doorstep, and she will tell you about all her friends
who need favors, and you will feel that you must
OFFER to help them all, after all you VALUE this
woman so much, right???????????????????????

Even though she didn’t tell you to do anything,
you might end up becoming a martyr with your
time and energy, since you feel otherwise you
might be a “bad” guy, and you might lose her

And by spending all your energy and time on
these favors, you have very little energy and
time for yourself or for having fun with your

Plus, all this neediness to make others happy
makes you seem uncool and weak, especially
as it deprives you of fulfilling your REAL talents
and your real ambitions that make you feel
great, and so all this results in the woman

Also, feeling too needy for her might cause you
to become jealous and start a fight over every little
tiny innocent thing, which will also cause her to leave.

NEEDINESS causes us to make POOR decisions,
and it WARPS our perception of things, and it
plain feels bad as well.

Financially, it’s similar.

Without being STRONG, without realizing that we
all really only need very LITTLE money, a sudden
influx of a million dollars can go flying out the door
and be gone in a heartbeat.

The desire to spend to “GET” all kinds of things you
don’t really NEED can get rid of half your money
in a blink. There is really no end to wanting
“things” and the more you get, the more you want
anyway. Suddenly, you feel like you NEED to get
a mansion, you need to get a fancy car, you NEED
to go to fancy restaurants, etc, etc.

People who earn their money realize the only way
to have more than they spend is to buy the IMPORTANT
things and not EVERYTHING.

People who earn their wealth the hard way HAVE
to have mastered this discipline, or they would
have lost it all. Notice that they also INVEST
their money, in the same way a smart guy
INVESTS in the right woman for a powerful
and strong relationship in the future.

There’s nothing wrong with spending your emotions
on a woman, in fact you MUST do this for a thriving
relationship, the key is to do it wisely, and with the
right woman, and to never come from a place of neediness.

The IRONY is that this attitude actually EMPOWERS
you to be more resourceful, because when you are
feeling empowered, and you know you have choices,
you are able to be more efficient, more creative, and more
convincing. All of which help you with WOMEN as well:

When you are NOT feeling NEEDY for a woman,
you don’t make stupid decisions that come from

Decisions like over-spending to impress her.
Decisions like calling her too much to make sure
she’s “happy”.

Decisions like doing too many favors for her or
her friend or family, favours that you really
can’t afford time wise, energy wise, or emotionally.

And of course, the fear of losing her comes from
thinking that you really NEED her.

Now don’t get me wrong.
I LOVE the idea of being with a quality woman.
It’s, from all the various pleasures out there,
one of the most MEANINGFUL, for sure.

And if you eventually want to raise a family,
then if you are with any other kind of woman
besides a truly fantastic woman, you are
going to be in HELL. A great quality woman
who you can trust and who is a positive person
and who is giving is an absolute MUST.

And yet, to get this kind of quality woman,
you must not be WEAK, you must not be needy,
you must not think that she is the one providing
you with all the awesome emotions.

Otherwise, the neediness will make you EASY PREY
for the kind of VULTURE type women out there
who know how to ACT nice but who aren’t really
good people. If you were STRONG EMOTIONALLY
and NOT NEEDY, you would be able to SEE
THROUGH THE ACT! (Especially if you also learn
the skills I teach in DETECTING a quality woman!)

But if you are needy, you start to become blind
to her bad behaviors and you even start to see
good things in her that don’t even EXIST in reality.

who has the right character INSISTS on a man
who is STRONG, so that he can see the difference
between HER and a woman who is a FAKE.

Being strong emotionally really is the number
one ingredient in being THE MAN.

Otherwise, you become like the guy who won
the lottery and is TOOOO in LOVE (TOO NEEDY
from this money, (WHEN REALLY, MOST OF WHAT
TOO WEAK to know how to HOLD ON to the money
he’s GOT, how to invest, etc.

Same thing with a woman, you want to know
how to invest in her PROPERLY, so that it actually
brings back MORE of her energy, commitment,
and love. And the irony is that in order to do this,
you have to be STRONG ON YOUR OWN without

Okay, so that’s part one:
(Get a doctor’s approval first, though, to make sure
you can handle it!  No snow in your area? Then
just do the cold bucket of water without the snow!
Get a doctor's approval first, of course!)

Then run inside and repeat these words ten times:

My power comes from WITHIN!

Part TWO:


There is INFINITE potential and power in honing your

You don’t have to MAKE UP anything!

In life, and in your conversations with women, become
more OBSERVANT of reality. See the things that
most other people never see or think about.

For example, one thing that I’m really
NOT a huge fan of is “Reality TV”,
especially where there is nothing to learn.

So I’ll make an exception for an occasional episode
of The Apprentice, where you at least see people
authentically trying to come up with various strategies
and plans for teamwork, for leadership, for marketing,
etc, etc.

But otherwise, the vast majority of “Reality TV”, to me,
is the most UNREAL thing ever! I’d much rather
watch a show or movie made by the very best
writers, actors, and creative teams, because the
point of all great art is to make something that
is EMOTIONALLY TRUE and that has a point
that IS relevant for real life.

Instead, “Reality TV” has a bunch of non-professional
actors, who are pretending to NOT be acting, but
are acting anyway, as they know the camera is on them,
so of course they are trying to act in a way that they think
is cool, except the only problem is they aren’t professional.

They don’t even have a script to help distract us from
the non-professional acting.

I actually heard a comedian named Gould who
spoke about this, but when I first thought about
"Reality TV" years ago, I was not even trying to
be funny, it was just my feelings and observation
on the situation. 

What makes these kinds of comments great for
conversation is that they are TRUE, and in a way
kind of funny as well.

That combo makes for a very compelling chat
with a woman who is a total stranger.

Another version of OBSERVING REALITY that
to create something that feels MORE EMOTIONALLY
RELEVANT for the situation, or is MORE POWERFUL
than the original words.

So, for example, while waiting at the bus stop,
if it’s taking forever for the bus to come, and
you're both shivering waiting for the bus, you
can joke with the girl waiting there as well that
the initials for the transit system stand for
something else.

So if the real name was “Martian Commission Transportation”
and it's known by its initials as, “M.C.T.”, you might tell her,
“Hey, you know what MCT stands for?”
And she says, “Martian Commission Transportation, no?”
You give a smug smile and say, “Massively Cold Time!”
You can make INFINITE versions of this.

Similarly, and on an even MORE powerful level, I love
to take the mundane and ADD VALUE to make it

So, for example, in that very conversation, I might
speak about how we are at least both saving the
environment by taking public transit, and might
start singing a song about the environment like
Michael Jackson’s “Earth” song, and then actually

Turn the whole thing into a CAUSE, a movement,
even PLAYFULLY, and in fact ESPECIALLY
when done playfully, it’s VERY HARD for a
woman to resist doing something as POSITIVE
as a playful dance for the ENVIRONMENT!

It also shows what a cool guy you are in
LEADING THE WAY in this interaction
as THE MAN, and it gives you two something
to BOND over, it also gets her thinking that if
you are this fun and passionate at the BUS stop,
then how much MORE fun must you be in BED!!!

By the way, when you do this, it’s important
you pull her into YOUR physical space, and
not that you go into HERS, as this way you are
far more dominant, sexual, and cool.

While we’re on the topic of playing with words
so that they actually have more meaning than
the original words, is there a better song that
illustrates this point than the hit song

This song is a kick-ass positive song
that is all about the OPPOSITE of the

By making just a minor change in the title,
it almost SOUNDS the same and yet it

By the way, that’s ANOTHER thing you can do,
just ask a woman randomly if she’s heard the
song “One Life Stand”, and if she hasn’t, you
can tell her about it, and if she has heard of
it, you can ask her what she thinks of it.

This is a fantastic way to lead the conversation
in the right direction that is upbeat, fun, sexual,
and meaningful.

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