Friday, September 30, 2011

A Very Special Limited Time Offer

As you know, my free newsletters tend to
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If you’ve been following the newsletters for
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The bottom line is TIME.
You can learn all these skills on your own, if
you decide to learn it all by trial and error and
try EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard of on
women, and see what works for you and
what doesn’t.

However, when I say it takes TIME, this
can easily take you YEARS if you decide
to learn it all through trial and error.

USUALLY, what happens, is that most guys
NEVER spend the amount of time required
to learn it the long way, because there simply
is NOT enough time in the day, and also
usually what happens is that LACK OF RESULTS
ends up DESTROYING the motivation to
continue trying.

The absolute FASTEST way to learn anything
have the right INSTRUCTOR- someone who
actually does it for REAL and not just in theory.

There is a reason getting instruction from someone
who does something for real is so valuable:

Probably only about 10% of people who call
themselves anything are REALLY that thing
in the best sense.

Doesn’t matter what field it is, it’s the same
10% rule pretty much all the time.

I don’t just SAY I am a dating coach.
I really have PROVEN it, over and over again,
in the public eye, including independent coverage
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The way I look at it, TIME is even MORE
precious than MONEY, and I will save you
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You can always make more money, but so far
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Time is precious, and I think being with a
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Why let even ONE more amazing woman slip
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

What To Say On The Spur Of The Moment & How To Take Things To A Deeper Level

One of the most important things to realize when
you meet a woman on the spur of the moment
is that you must be ready to respond to the situation
IMMEDIATELY, otherwise the moment will be
gone and so will she.

In order to do this, you have to already be
READY.  You can't start trying to "figure
it out" in the moment.  This is where having
the skills mastered truly makes the biggest

Here’s a real life example written by a man
who posted to the Get A Great Girl Forum:


“So tonight, I was walking into my dorm when
this cute girl holds the door open for me. I told
her it was nice to see somebody who actually
holds the door open for people and she smiled
and said that people still do that. I replied with
a sarcastic "yeah, right" and could not think of
anything else. She said goodnight and walked away.

I really think that I could have expanded on this
and made a real conversation and connection.
Any advice for next time in a situation like this?"


“Yo man! We all get into a situation where we react
in a way that is "routine" to us, whether that is a
routine way of approaching the situation or whether
it's something we always say every time something
like that happens, but it's these routines that aren't
helping us get anywhere with a girl, and we need to
break out of that routine. The brilliant thing about
this is it takes practice, and that was one
you could try that again with another girl! GREAT!

From reading what you have said, there are quite a
few angles that you could have covered I feel. Quite
a few are done by READING THE SITUATION. Basically
when you read the situation you are pretty much trying
to find a topic from something that is around you - in
this case it could be something she's wearing or just
the fact that she's opening a door for you (like you've said),
could even be about the fact it's night time even.

I think the problem started because you opened with
a sentence that doesn't require a lot of thought for the
other person to answer i.e. if you asked her if the sky
was blue she would say yes, but instead if you asked
her why is the sky blue there would be much more to
talk about.

So how would you first speak to this girl if you knew that
you were the guy that portrayed the best qualities? You
wouldn't try and say anything that would at first qualify her
(unless you were complimenting on how she has a good
vibe to her, that's different), but would maybe say
something that can show a few things about you. Sure
you would definitely say thanks to her for holding
the door open for you but you wouldn't stop there,
you'd say something like "Thanks, but honestly,
you could just say Hi to me if you wanted to talk
to me, you don't need to open a door to start talking
to me" or something along the lines of you conveying
your superiority in a playful manner...I say that
cause the scenario is greatly set up!

It's at night, people actually get scared at night,
she could think you're someone that's about to
kill her at night but instead you're going to be that
awesome guy she wishes she could have every
time she thinks of it!

That's all I can think of just now but I hope this helps :)"


It's great to see people using this place exactly as it was
designed for! Good question and great reply!

One of the biggest principles I teach is: “Think to yourself
what would you say if you KNEW she liked you and you
genuinely wanted good for her?”

At the same time, you want to make sure that what
you say creates a playful vibe where she will likely
WANT to participate as opposed to just answering
you to be polite.     

For example, you might say, in a friendly "dignified" voice:
"Why thank you, it's refreshing to see some chivalry...oh
wait, that's what men do for women, well you should see
what it's like when ***I*** open the door for a lady....
care to see?"

And then you could playfully get her to go behind you, and
demonstrate a really classic chivalrous KNIGHT IN SHINING
ARMOR style of opening the door for her.

The KEY to making this work of course is that you are having FUN
being playful in this way, and at the same time really going all
the way in role-playing the classic chivalry.

By doing this, you are totally conveying MANLY
qualities in all the BEST senses of the word,
you are also conveying PLAYFULNESS, and
you are ALSO allowing HER to fall into her
role of being FEMININE since you are playing
your role of being MASCULINE.

Humans naturally want to know the ROLE they should be
playing, and this way you make it FUN and EASY for her
to get to know you and to truly relax and allow the
sexy vibes to flow between the both of you.

This kind of thing will get her giggling in a GOOD WAY,
and truly break the ice so that you can now go into
"normal" kind of talk about yourselves, because now
you are both going to be relaxed and feeling you can
both truly "vibe" with each other.

Another point I want to make about meeting women
is that you want to show a woman that you see her

THIS IS A HUUUUUUGE THING, and is really the
SECOND part of any successful approach.

So, first, you need to find a way to bridge that
gap from total stranger to actually HAVING
some kind of conversation, but then the
goal is to actually make that conversation

The irony is that you can’t go STRAIGHT into
connecting, because it would come across
as too serious, and just plain weird.

So FIRST, you convey good qualities about yourself,
and you should also get her feeling relaxed.

THEN, you go into learning about HER and

And to CONNECT best, you need to learn how
to CONFIRM her UNIQUE sense of identity.

To do this, you must LEARN MORE ABOUT HER.

Having our UNIQUE individual identities CONFIRMED
by another is one of the biggest things in terms of actually
CONNECTING two people.

A woman is going to feel a trillion times more connected
to you if you see her as an INDIVIDUAL, if you are
genuinely interested in learning about her and if
you are not being presumptuous to think you know

This is, by the way, ANOTHER reason why putting
a woman on a pedestal before you even know her
is not attractive.

For example, let’s say you meet a gorgeous woman
and you are clearly infatuated with her, and telling
her how much you adore her.

Well, she KNOWS that you don’t KNOW her, so
whoever it is you are ADORING, from her perspective
is NOT her, you can’t POSSIBLY adore HER since
you don’t even KNOW her, it’s some FANTASY
in your MIND that you are adoring.

So all this "nice" stuff, from her perspective, isn't
being given to HER, it's being given to this construct,
this concept of who you think she is, which is based
on zero actual knowledge of her.

You can see from here, that it's not that women
don't like being treated well, it's that this kind of
infatuation, or "nice treatment" is actually kind of

The idea that you THINK you know her when
in reality it’s just all the things you’ve dreamed up
in your subconscious mind played up by the halo
effect in your mind about her, is all something that
she finds UNCOOL and repulsive.

So, once she is giggling or relaxed and a bit
impressed with your initial opening, then it’s
time to truly pour on your LISTENING skills,
and make no mistake about it, listening
properly requires SKILLS. Most people THINK
they know what it means to listen, but that
is usually just HEARING, not LISTENING
and not understanding.

In fact, to truly listen WELL, we often must
work on improving our OWN ‘filters’ that
affect the way we see and understand others
as well as the world in general.

Having the wrong “filter” can totally screw up
our ability to connect to women because the
wrong filter ends up distorting our perception
of what women are saying or doing to us.

So, for example, if I have the wrong filter, a woman
might say something totally innocent to me, but I
interpret in a way that is insulting to me. Now, I
am going to probably say something defensive back,
which will make her see me as insecure or having
a chip on my shoulder, or she might just think I
don’t understand her- none of these things are cool.

Or, on the opposite extreme, if my filter is wrong,
I might think that a certain woman who actually
is NOT a very good person is GREAT, because I
can’t see the full picture since my filter is wrong.

This is why REAL success with women involves the
BIG PICTURE, it’s not just about a pick-up line, it’s
not just about one thing.

And yet, it doesn’t have to be HARD, IF YOU

This is where my WARRIOR WITHIN program comes in:
It will make sure you not only know what to SAY to a
woman, it will ALSO make sure you know how to
CONTINUE the interaction with her in a way that
actually LEADS to genuine success and a genuine

Warrior Within goes in DEPTH into making sure
you master all the things you've read about in this

This program is not some kind of gimmick.
It goes DEEP, and it’s at:

If you’d like to learn DIRECTLY from me, in PERSON,
go here:

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my first book,
then do that immediately at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Be Sexual With Women


Humor is the last bastion of freedom and

What I mean by this, is that humor allows
us to actually EXPRESS OURSELVES with women
without being REPRESSED by the brutal stupidity
and evil of 'political correctness'.

I'm very careful about making GUESSES when
it comes to extrapolating from evolution
or evolutionary psychology, so I stick to
what is FACT- and it's a FACT that human
beings evolved to be able to mate in a way where
a man and woman are FACING each other -
something we don't see happening in the
ANIMAL world.

The REASON for this is that COMMUNICATION
is a BIG DEAL in human relations, human
development, human EVERYTHING- and yup,
in human SEXUALITY.

The fact of the matter is that the
humans who have the greatest power
of EXPRESSION over the greatest number
of people tend to have the MOST choice
in reproductive MATES.

Modes of human expression like MUSIC,
have dated back throughout the centuries
as tools men have used to woo women-
it's not just today's modern rock stars!

These are all just METHODS OF HUMAN

On the most PRIMAL and powerful level,
a woman is affected by the way you communicate
with her.

NOW, here’s the thing: In our politically-correct
society, the one thing that counts MOST for being
successful with women- the one thing that should
be like BASIC OXYGEN- is actually FORBIDDEN
or “taboo”.

What is this “verboten” (forbidden) thing?
It is bringing sexuality into REGULAR LIFE.

Sure, no one tells you what to do in PRIVATE,
but society sure tells you what to do in PUBLIC
and in your “public discourse” with women who
are strangers.

And when you meet women out in the world
as total strangers, which is what really gives
you the most choice and is the most fun and
exhilarating way to do it anyway if you ask me,

By the way, this is why so many guys try
to meet women in clubs, because a club
gives you SOME permission---but just
wait till you read on, and find out how
you can approach women ANYWHERE

Also by the way - when I say political correctness
is evil, I mean EVIL. My best friend and I were
discussing this, and he made a fantastic point
about how political correctness actually is the
motivated by APPEARANCES to “look nice”
while actually accomplishing the OPPOSITE GOAL
of BEING “correct/nice/good/noble”.

Ever notice how the people who are telling
everyone else to NOT be sexual, to NOT
look at girls, to NOT QUESTION things,
and basically to REPRESS all the
almost ALWAYS later found out to be
NOT TO DO???????????????????????

The crazy thing is also, the REVERSE is
often true! The people who are the most
RELAXED about being sexual, about
making jokes, about allowing freedom
of expression, about ALLOWING you
to question things, are almost ALWAYS
almost NEVER abuse ANY of these

Guess what else?

Particularly the ones who are KNOCKOUTS.

They know this because they HAVE the
sexual goods, so to speak, and they want
to ENJOY life with them, not be REPRESSED
as a result of them! So these women have
learned early on WHICH MEN ‘get it’ and
which men are still CLUELESS as how to
DEFEAT the repressive society.

The CHALLENGE is getting SEXUAL in your
communication with a woman who is a TOTAL
STRANGER- because of all the above that I
described, and the SOLUTION to the challenge is:


Again, it’s not that you should be a CLOWN
to attract a woman, it’s that to approach a woman
who is a total stranger, in our society, you need to
BARRIERS, and HUMOR is a brilliant tool for
THIS goal!

You see, once you’re in the world of HUMOR,
UNIVERSE, and now you have a ‘LICENCE’
to do all kinds of things – because, after all,

P.S. On the topic of humor, and how powerful
it is in BATTLING just about any force of society,
notice how AUTHORITY FIGURES tend to stay AWAY
from HUMOR?

Everyone’s free to take a guess, but something
tells me that if You or I were making RULES
you wouldn’t want people JOKING AROUND
about them. You’d want to punish them for
disobedience or reward them for obeying.

The power of HUMOR is so great at OVERPOWERING
just about ANYTHING that it’s OUTLAWED regarding
many things in MANY societies.

But, in our politically correct culture, they
still have NOT OUTLAWED or made criminal
the POSSESSION or the USE of a sense of humor!

So, it would be CRAZY to NOT USE this tool in
overcoming the "politically correct", boring,
sterile, anti-septic style approach that
most men use to approach women.


So USE it!
Use it so that you can get away with APPROACHING

And not just APPROACHING THEM, but also
to get sexual in your communication and in your
vibes, and women will LOVE you for it –
because you allow women to then feel GOOD
about feeling sexual, and about being approached
by you, since you have done it all in a way that is
still “okay” since it’s all “playful” – which allows
them to NOT have to worry about being labeled
a “slut” or anything like that.

Not only can you APPROACH women who are
total strangers by using humor, you can even get
into sexual communication!

This way, you also avoid getting trapped into
the “let’s just be FRIENDS zone”.

Instead of going on and on about this point
right here, you’ll see exact examples of this
in some of the letters below!


Now, here’s where it gets even BETTER:

Not only does humor allow you “license” to be
sexual with women in our politically correct
society, and not only do women appreciate it
because it gives them permission to enjoy
being sexual as well, but HUMOR is one
of the most POWERFUL WAYS OF


Think I’m kidding? The reality is that this
intelligence, which is linked with emotional
intelligence, is actually the NUMBER ONE

Do you think that women have NOT evolved
to be attracted to men who DISPLAY this trait????


It’s wacky in fact, the kind of ABUSE that
men can do to themselves in terms of
destroying all the OTHER attractive elements
of themselves, and STILL get MASSIVE
success with women if they convey this
kind of humor that shows this particular
type of intelligence.

It makes sense, as applying this intelligence
allows you to build massive friendships and
teams and loyalty- these come through mastery
of this particular intelligence.

And, back on a very FUNDAMENTAL level,
the fact that men and women evolved to be
able to have intercourse facing each OTHER,
face-to-face, is absolutely not a coincidence,
the HUMAN element is the EXPRESSION and
COMMUNICATION that is increased by this
compared to the animals- which ends up increasing
the BOND, the ATTRACTION, the TRUST, everything
is boosted by this extra ability that humans have
that animals don’t.

Humor allows you to convey this special

Mastering this intelligence means you
understand the full depth of how people
are emotionally affected by all the
dynamics in any interaction.

When Dave Chappelle makes the joke about
how it’s not right to judge a woman as being
promiscuous just because she is dressed that
way, and then says, with the perfect timing,
that it’s confusing, and gives the analogy
of him dressing up as a cop, and when
someone comes running up to him asking
for help, he says to the guy “no, I’m just
DRESSED as a cop”, and then saying that
a woman who is dressed like a 'ho' is not
a 'ho', but it sure it CONFUSING...well then
EVERYONE LAUGHS,including all the women.

The same message, if NOT given in humor
format, and if not delivered PERFECTLY,
which is ALSO a sign of this intelligence,
would get the guy thrown in the politically
correct “phantom zone” banishment!

So, now, so far, we see how it FREES you in
our politically correct society, and how it
allows you to be SEXUAL with women and make
women feel sexual as well, and how it also
conveys a special form of intelligence
that is highly attractive to women.

Let’s get to some letters that show guys
USING all this stuff the RIGHT way!


Dear Michael,

I've undergone such a massive transformation
in the past few months, I'm not sure where
to start. First, I was in a hellish relationship
that fits your description to a "T" in your
program of what happens to a guy once he falls
into the "abyss" as you say. This woman had
absolute power over me, and I now realize after
your program that it was me who basically handed
every last bit of my value over to her and it
was me who basically chopped my own perceived
value down to zero.

At the time, I felt that I had no choice, that
giving it all over was the only chance I had.
I worked harder and harder to try to prove
to her how "good" I was, and she became
more and more distant, less passionate, less
appreciative of anything. Which just made
me work harder and as you describe in your
program, the cognitive dissonance worked
against me, making me feel that she must be
worth it if after all I was busting my ass so
hard for her.

It's crazy, but true, because the harder I
worked for her, the more I let myself get
abused, the more it made me feel that
she must be worth it, since after all
why else would I be trying so hard,
so I tried even harder, and of course this
cognitive dissonance, as you explain, had
the opposite effect on her, for the very
same reason! i.e. "If he is trying so hard
for me, then he can't be worth that

And I realize that all this is so subconscious.
And I realize as you say that in a healthy
relationship, people appreciate and give a
lot, but this relationship was clearly not
healthy and I had fallen in deep.

Your material saved me. It made me realize
what was actually going on in my head
and that in fact I was not in love with
this woman, but that I myself had allowed
my brain to be tricked into it, and that
I could just as easily wash the illusion
away. I cannot believe that your program
is not on doctor's shelves.

Your program showed me how to get back
my self-esteem. And to any guys
reading this, that is no easy feat for a
guy being smashed to pieces by a woman
he loves. And more than that, your program
showed me how to leave that reality
and change my life around and meet
and attract more women than I could
ever have time for.

I totally changed my approach to women,
taking on a far more challenging and
playful (the playful is very important
otherwise you just seem like an insecure
dolt) attitude and also not jumping
into a "how can I please you" mentality
just because a woman is showing interest
in me. I now ***expect*** women
to show interest, and this makes
the moment when I do show some
affection that she has actually
earned from me, well it makes
it that much more sweet for her.

Right now, I'm dating a striking
woman I met while parking my
car! It would never have happened
if not for you. As I was pulling in
to my spot, I noticed this tall
redhead in a business suit
(damn I love it when leggy
women wear those "business"
style skirts that really are too
short for anything but sexy
business) slamming her trunk
door down again and again,
only to have it pop back up.

My heart was racing, but I knew
this was a golden opportunity.
I gave her a look and gesture
with my head - a playful "no no no,
not like that", my hands on my hips.

She looks at me, (giving me an
even better view of her beautiful
angles on her face) her expression
first a bit pissed, then she smiles
with a "I can't believe you just did
that" look and says "thanks a lot"
sarcastically, but I could feel that
vibe that you talk about--
she was liking it, which I would
never have guessed could
EVER happen before.

So after she said "thanks" sarcastically,
I replied "anytime", and told her
that I was enjoying the show! Again,
this was done playfully, not in
a mean way. I came over and
figured out what the problem was,
even though I wasn't sure I could
solve it, but I figured at worst
I could always tease her some
more that her car was cursed.

I figured it out and got the trunk
shut, to which I then blew on
my fingers as if they were magic
and said "that'll be 100 bucks".
She told me she wished she had
the money, and I told her that
I bet she did wish that! After
a brief chat about where we
both worked, I teased her that
she didn't really have a real
job or she would have the
100 bucks!

Once I knew she was loving it,
I told her that I had to go and
took her number and email.
I kept up the energy on the
first couple of dates but
didn't let it get out of hand
to "dorky" level, and let's
just say she's now passionately
making it up to me in more
ways than one.

Far be it from me to not help a
damsel in distress...

And before I forget, let me just
say this woman is just as attractive
if not more than the woman who totally
took advantage of me, and she's
treating me about a million times
better, including taking ME out
to dinner next week!

To any guy reading this right now who is
in a slump:
There are millions of women right outside
your door, and you can meet them right
now, but you need to learn to incorporate
far more dominance, leadership, fun,
and sexuality, and you need to learn to
obliterate the neediness in you to pull
this all off.

Blair T.


It's always cool to hear from the
"good guys" who have been given
BACK the power to live their lives with
DIGNITY. Every guy deserves to have
this area of his life under CONTROL.

Thanks for the props, and yes, one of
the biggest things for guys in bad relationships
is to realize the massive impact of
cognitive dissonance playing on their
emotions, and how this can be STOPPED
and in fact REVERSED to work in their
favor. And it all starts with first being
AWARE of what's going on in the first
place, which is something I go into
detail in my Warrior Within DVD program.

And I'm glad you also raised the point
of how this is not about manipulating
women but rather incorporating important
characteristics into our personalities that
every man already has but has repressed
because of our crazy culture that labels
all good men as evil for living and breathing
and wanting a decent life with a woman
where he has DIGNITY. Even though
the reality is that women actually WANT
you to be a real man! No wonder so many
guys get so messed up.


Michael!!!!! It almost hurts to write this
letter, as I'm giving away so much, but
I remember you saying how abundance
thinking is critical and also how teaching
this stuff is a great way of proving your
own mastery, so after getting your DVD
Set last October, and putting it to use
and getting insanely powerful results,
I'm now to going to share what I think are
crucial factors that I've learned from your
DVD program:

Your E-Books took me out of the gutter and
into a different reality, but your DVD program
has actually changed the way I feel, I am simply
no longer that sad quiet guy I once knew.

You've got me addicted to this whole approaching
women thing, it's too much fun!

One of the important distinctions I got from
your DVD Set is that the entire process from
A to Z with a woman can either be drudgery
for both you and the woman or it can be a
fantastic emotional experience at every
moment, with emotions ranging from
massive adrenaline to laughter to peaceful
calm to raw sexuality to a million other
emotions in infinite blending combinations.

For example, when you teach about role-playing
with a woman and allowing a woman to play
the role of you being the ultra cool guy, and
yet the way you taught me to also keep her
self-esteem high, it's genius. What you are
doing is allowing her to live her fantasy,
through role-play, because when you are
playing, you are still experiencing the same
emotion as if it's real.

So for example, I have role played with
women that I meet, and I am talking about
within seconds of first meeting them, that
I am Bond and that she is a Bond girl, usually
the evil Bond girl!!!!

They looooooooooooove it!
The girl I am now dating is a wonderful
person who I really dig in every way and
I met her using your principles.

I met her at the library, she was working there,
helping me find a book, and she just seemed
like a really well behaved girl, and so after
she helped me find some stuff, I playfully
teased her on being the opposite, specifically,
"an evil Bond girl with a library fetish" lol.
And I told her that she only helped me
so she can "have new prey".

With a smile, she asks what I mean, so I tell
her I know she really just lives for torturing
guys with overdue books, and that I know
where she takes them.

She totally eats it up, a glint in her eye as
she goes along with it and points to a little
room in the back to me, telling me that is
where she takes them to for the torturing.

Because of your DVDs, I now realize why
it makes total sense for a nice girl to eat
this stuff up, because she is such a "nice"
girl for real, that she doesn't get to be "naughty",
and I'm allowing her to be bad now in a way
where it's totally fun. As you explain,
this is all about emotions, giving women
awesome emotions, and as you explain
you have to give a woman what she
does not have, and this nice girl needed
some more playful naughty in her life lol.

I tell her that the room doesn't scare me
like it does other guys.

She goes back to me with a mischievous smile:
"And you'd like to see this room, wouldn't

To which I responded, in total Bond calm
and Bond tonality:
"That depends on the view."

At about the same time, she was being called
to take care of something by some woman
who worked there, so I told her in a playfully
suspicious tone that I had to get going as well
but that I would be "investigating this further"
and that she must leave her contact info, which
she immediately did with a smile and she
even told me when she's in so that I would
for sure reach her! Following the other
concepts you explain, the rest went equally
smoothly. She didn't even give me any
"cruel" tests, just the stuff that I now realize
from your materials that any girl does to
show she is not easy - I respected that actually,
makes me like her more.

As you say, this truly is not about being
some creepy guy, it's about allowing her
to live out the most amazing experience
possible, that's full of sexuality and anticipation-
it’s not about “not handing over all the power"
to her, it’s about being so much more of an
exciting man. And you are allowing her to be
who she really wants to be.

And of course, if she was more of "naughty girl"
to begin with, I would calibrate for this and allow
her to be more of a good girl!

Thanks to you, I give them not only what they
don't have, I give them what no man has ever
given them- an entire range of emotional
“climaxes” that she really can’t help but
be happily addicted to! I really am a giver,
it's awesome, and I feel great about it.

For any guys reading this, this is not only
about me being "Bond", but also about her
being the evil Bond girl, which is just as
important to the experience, so that she
can totally release herself sexually and
go wild with me.

And I could easily play with this in
a million other ways, for example me
being any type of cool role, for example,
I could be Clyde and she could be Bonnie
from the infamous "Bonnie and Clyde"
bank robbers! (Which I've done too,
and it's fantastic stuff!)

This vibe enables you to both have so
much more fun and to bypass boring
and restricting social conventions so
that you can both be far more sexual
and adventurous and still have total
respect for each other.

And that's just one part of one thing that
I got the far bigger picture on from your
DVDs. Here's another big thing I got from
your DVDs:

Everything I do is up to me and only me.
It's my decision. I think most guys don't
take an active part in their own decision
making process. For example, if I want
to allow a woman to be a certain way
in terms of more sexual and more fun,
then my clothing should be more fun
and more sexual and alive. I am
kind of saying "this is my perspective
on life and therefore I accept others
with it" so a woman doesn't have to
worry about being judged negatively
by being more forward with me.

She immediately knows she is with
the kind of man she will probably
never meet again anywhere, she knows
it from the way she feels when she is
around me- a way I make sure she
indeed does feel!

The way I move, the way I dress,
the tonalities I apply, the type of
conversation and interaction I
am having with her. She knows.

Your DVDs really go into detail on
how to take advantage of everything
in your power to give off the right
messages and vibes about yourself,
and even how to find the unique
parts of your personality and
highlight those as well.

Before this letter turns into a scroll,
lol, I'll say one last thing:
Your DVDs really hit home on
how to create just the right amount
of sexual tension so that she is
enjoying the maximum anticipation
without pushing it over the edge and
making her feel bad either.

This is something that has made a total
night-and-day difference in my interactions
with women - I really look at the entire
process, from the first second I see a woman
all the way to the hot and heavy stuff and
of course the deeper bonding (which is the
entire reason I came to your material in the
first place), I see it all as a rollercoaster now:

This is a roller coaster that I can enjoy because
it’s mine, I even steer it, and I bring her on board
my coaster! It has some intense moments of pure
adrenaline and drops, (this is where I am being
playful or doing some intense role-playing or
being really intriguing as you explain) but also
has some "valleys" that are calmer, (this is
where I will be giving her a sincere compliment
or just holding her hands in a warm but not intense
way, or where I will seriously be learning about
her and her background or her day, etc).

Achieving the right amount of sexual
tension is so important, I think most
guys tend to go to one extreme or
the other. Your DVDs helped clarify
this a lot.

Hope this helps your readers,

Craig S.


Thanks for that awesome letter, it really
helps others when guys explain what's
working for them rather than just saying
"it's great".

It's obvious you are really getting this
now, you are employing so many of
the principles at once it's fantastic.
One of the great things about these
concepts are that they work well
independently and also work even
BETTER together. And using one
of the concepts will often help
you better understand another
concept, so the learning goes
in a never ending cycle of

The role-playing situation you gave
is an excellent example of proper
role-playing, where not only are
YOU being Bond like, which of course
is always cool and gives her the DESIRE
to be naughty with you, but you are
ALSO, through this role-play, giving
her the LICENSE to be naughty,
since in HER new role it would
be totally EXPECTED. So this is
a great way of her getting over any
internal "obstacles" she may have
had with it. After all, it's just a
role, right? ;) A role that ends
up in your bed.

In this vein, I love how you hit home
how the point of all this is ultimately about
giving women an awesome emotional
experience from the FIRST moment
you meet her till the rest of your life
with her. And this is actually FUN
for YOU too.

Thanks again for your letter, great stuff.


Hey Mike,

Just wanted to give you a shout on my
progress since I completed your Real
World Bootcamp a couple of months

Ever since your Bootcamp, I've been
focusing on your “efficiency principle”
which reminds me of the “economy of
movement” principle- where you get
maximum results from doing the most
efficient actions, so no energy or time
is wasted.

And I've been pulling off some crazy
**** lately with it. I'm now able to
be "direct" with girls and yet it's as if
they often open up immediately
upon me starting to interact.

I think the analogy that's best for this
is that when you are a race car driving
at 200 miles per hour, you don't make
huge turns with the steering wheel,
rather you make fine adjustments-
and the better you get at this game,
the more "speed" and power you have
from the get-go, from anything you
do, including your body language,
your sense of humor, your dominance,
etc, all this stuff become super-charged.

And so therefore the focus is
more on fine calibration rather
than anything extreme. But this
doesn't mean it takes less skill,
rather it takes more.

Every word you said about the way
human beings behave in these dynamics,
the power of the tiniest of subtleties
in timing, in body language and tonality
and thoughts, it's true.

Seeing is also believing, as you showed
me when you went direct for that girl
in middle of her friends at that trendy
lounge. You really converted the friends
from being women defending their friend
from some 'stranger' to insisting that
you call her and not to disappoint her
by losing her number!

You really broke apart the "maze" for
me and showed me exactly how to see
the entire interaction for what was
really going on, and how each woman
there simply had a goal and a need,
and a fear, and you simply went about
handling these specific things efficiently-
till they had only one choice- to help
you get their friend!

What's really a learning experience for
me is also seeing how the girl herself
increased her attraction upon seeing
the way you handled her own friends!
She went from being all formal to
getting giggly and girly, just like
you predicted always happens when
things go right!

The funniest thing though is that your
efficiency principle is more than efficient,
the way I see it, because doing any more
than that seems like the guy is trying too
hard, it would be the equivalent of a girl who
is a knock out stripping for you all day, you'd
start to think something is wrong with this person,
she's so sexy but never stops, never chills out.

The less you need to do, the more cool you
must be, even on a subconscious level in
her mind, she will think this since she is
feeling attraction to you based on the least
you did, - so she just becomes hungrier and
hungrier for more of you, since she is
getting a lot of ‘bang for her buck’ – and
I promise that pun was not intentional!

This is definitely where your bootcamp has helped
me, because it's allowed me to experience and witness
the frame of "not trying to be the entertainer" while
still being the most dynamic guy she has ever met.

It's a very subtle difference that makes all the
difference between being the clown and being
successful with women- but it's the most important
difference in the world.

Also, simply by becoming so damn
comfortable with physically escalating,
women are disarmed as well, it's as if
because it's so natural to me now, it's
natural to them too, it's similar to how
a dog can sense comfort or fear in the
owner, and like another reader wrote
to you, I mean this not in a disrespectful
sense, but a basic sense of human
nature. The comfort level you
feel yourself is a massive turn on
for women in this area. All I can say
is, for any guy who doubts how
physical and sexual women are,
they are more sexual than I could
have ever imagined, and this in
itself makes me more calm about
escalating without making a
"big deal" about it.

I think guys really need to realize
that the way to get sexual is to
start off sexual from the get-go,
the sexuality should be there in
your voice, your humor, your
proximity to her, without
being needy- and by playfully
pushing her away now and then,
you show that you are not needy.
Whenever I do this, I find that
women flip around from being in
"hard to get" mode to being in
"chase this guy" mode.

They begin to get touchy feely with
me, they start asking me what my
name is, they start smiling and just
getting all girly. It becomes clear
that I'm making her day and that
she wants more. It's awesome and
of course it puts your confidence
into high gear.

Also, regarding the efficiency principle,
I can definitely see how being the
opposite at first, for beginners, - being
in fact even a little over the top - as you
first had me going at the beginning of
bootcamp was important for my development,
because at first I was too concerned with what
other people thought, I was too introspective,
too quiet, too afraid to even begin to "unleash"
my dominant and my fun side!!!

After getting me over this hump, it was only
then that I could appreciate the refinements
to "efficiency principle".


David S.
Calgary, Canada


Thanks for the props, man. The bootcamp
is a very personal experience, as each guy
is different and the program is tailored
specifically for his needs and goals.

That's one of the reasons the bootcamp
is One-On-One, this way my entire time
is spent with you and only you, so that
you can get the benefit of complete
personal attention for every second
of the bootcamp.

And I love your comments and analogies
on using the "efficiency principle" - they're

And if you are reading this right now
and would like to bring YOUR ‘game’
up to par so that women are CHASING
you rather than playing hard to get,
then it's time you TOOK ACTION by
getting my Warrior Within DVD Set.

What you read in these newsletters, as
powerful as they are, really IS just the
tip of the iceberg.

You will find that this program gets you RESULTS.
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program is light years ahead of traditional dating advice.

I spent 2 YEARS developing this program, to really
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It’s at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Must Set The Vibe ASAP

Before we even get started today, I want
to share some INSTANT GOLD with you,
that you can apply TODAY when you see
a woman you want to approach:


Force yourself to convey as much as you
can using everything ELSE besides words,
and also, use every OTHER element in
your communication to make EACH WORD

What I mean specifically, is to use things like:





It depends on what you're talking about, obviously.

By the way, the pauses are excellent, as they allow
the WOMAN some time to digest what you are saying
and offers HER a chance to come up with something
to say back to you, PLUS it shows that you are
not insecure and that you don't need to keep
on trying to "sell" yourself.

You'll see that doing the above will make
a WORLD of difference in your interactions
with women.

Next: One of the most common pitfalls when it
comes to making "cold approaches" on women, is
that guys rely on talking to women who are
EMPLOYEES at stores, shops, etc.

It's very EASY to fall into this trap, and I've seen
it a lot in my work with clients in my one-on-one
consultations and coaching. The reason why it's
easy to fall into this trap is because the guys know
that the woman will RESPOND to them, because
these women are clerks and are paid to interact
with the customers.

This does not mean that you can't get the
clerks, employees, etc. But, if you are only
pursuing these women in your approaches,
it's usually a sign that you are avoiding the

When you have the REAL SKILL, you can
chat to ANY woman, ANYWHERE.

In fact, when you have these skills developed,
you will actually do far better with these
female clerks, employees, etc.

So, that being said, if you ARE going to try to
'pick-up' the "hired" help, keep the following
things in mind:


I notice that most of the time, guys are trying to
avoid being shut down. So, of course, the best
thing to avoid ALL PROBLEMS is to do
NOTHING, right?

So then what most guys will do is just kind of
look around the store for a while, as they think
of something to say.

The problem with this, of course, is that all this
ends up doing is CATEGORIZING yourself
clearly in HER mind as a CUSTOMER.

The more you ACT like a customer, the more she
will put you into the "customer" category in her
brain. And she will thus TREAT you like a customer.

So, it's off with viewing you as a man or potential
mate, and it's ON with viewing you as a possible

And you can't blame her, either, since what else
is she supposed to think?

The OTHER problem with acting like a customer
and spending a few minutes looking at things
in the store, is that by ACTING like a customer,
you yourself kind of feel a PRESSURE to
BEHAVE like a customer.

The mind and body are massively linked together,
and by adopting the PHYSIOLOGY of a customer,
you will FEEL like a customer, and you will
ALSO therefore feel CREEPY inside when you
even THINK of trying to approach her, never
mind turning her into your girlfriend!

You start to feel like you are having to "fake
her out" and as if you are manipulating her.

And because you will feel this way, it will SHOW
in your body language and tonality, and the bottom
line is that you will therefore be INCONGRUENT in
terms of giving off the sexual, fun, social VIBES.

Your vibe will be a weird inconsistent mixture
of things that don't mix well - a sort of weird
mishmash of "I need to buy something but
I don't really and I want to talk to you but
I don't know how really and I'm not
THE MAN!" etc etc.

So, what you should do instead is...


Now, you can and SHOULD slightly adapt your
approach to the fact she is working in the store,
but you should in NO WAY try to act as if you
are seriously a CUSTOMER.

It is not a crime for you to be INTERESTED in her.

So you can start with a story, you can start with
a playful tease, you can start with anything FUN
or interesting, just make sure you DON'T ask
her questions like: "How much is this?" or
questions about the merchandise, etc.

If you get into customer questions, you are just
HOLE where you keep on REINFORCING

And if you THEN try to SHIFT GEARS into
"flirting mode" after doing this customer
mode for too long, it seems as if you are
MANIPULATIVE, as if the whole thing was just
a SNEAKY RUSE designed to cloak the fact
you wanted to chat to her, and THAT seems
very UNCOOL, in so many ways.

It says lack of honesty and it says lack of confidence.
And the crazy thing is that it can even be a GOOD GUY
who is doing this, but he just doesn't realize the
negative effect he is creating.

So, when dealing with clerks, salesgirls, employees of
any sort, it's important to quickly CHANGE the subject
from clothing or anything that a CUSTOMER would be
talking about and that you switch over to FUN flirting

This is why, for example, if you DO ask for advice on
clothing or whatever you are buying, that you switch
modes FAST by, for example, playfully TEASING
HER on the very advice she gave you.

OR, you could AVOID the customer/employee vibe
to begin with by IMMEDIATELY going into an
interesting story that happened to you.

You could even go up to her and say, "you don't belong
here" and she will ask "what do you mean"???? Then
you can playfully say "you belong at the head branch"
...and then TEASE her by saying "where they straighten
out naughty employees!!" etc.

So, my main point is avoid getting TOO DEEP into
the whole asking the employee for too much advice,
or you can get into a situation where the VIBE is all
about customer/employee rather than MAN/WOMAN,
flirting, giving off vibes, etc.

So avoid asking "how much is it", avoid asking about
the merchandise, instead turn the whole thing into a
playful thing, by for example saying that you were
thinking of buying the store and how much the store
would cost to own, and if you could set up a cafe in
the middle for guys who are with their girlfriend
and are bored as hell so they could at least watch
the sports channel while their girlfriends are
shopping, etc.

And then, based on her reply to you, you could
have a conversation going back and forth, and
then you could bridge into more rapport type
conversation where you are both asking
more "real" types of questions about each
other and you get to know each other a bit
before you take her number or email, etc.

And if you are reading this right now,
you can see that I am all about how to
take the most EFFECTIVE action IMMEDIATELY
in any and every situation where you find
a woman you seriously want to attract.

If you haven't yet got your hands on
my Attraction Mastery Program, I suggest
you do that immediately. This program
gives you the full 'nitty gritty' on attracting
women ANYWHERE you find them.

It's at:

And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,
'The Dating Wizard', then do that immediately,

Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. To find out about all my other programs,
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P.P.S. Every single one of my programs contains
all-NEW and all-UNIQUE content, and will take
you even FURTHER in your results with women.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The ONE "Magic Step" To Hotties

If there was ONE "magic button" to success
with women who are the ULTRA-HOTTIES, it would
be the ability to EMOTIONALLY EXPERIENCE what
these women experience in ONE area:

How WANTED they feel by the opposite gender.

In ONE SECOND of EXPERIENCING that, it would
IN FRONT OF YOU, and having it somehow

The power of that lesson, the truth in it,
the ramifications of it, would be that powerful

More powerful than all the "TOP SECRET"
documents on women being downloaded into
your brain.

Experiencing this changes EVERYTHING,
similar to how one domino that falls
triggers endless other dominos both
internally in terms of how you feel,
but also in terms of the kinds of
things you feel like SAYING, and in
terms of the BEHAVIORS that you show.

And before I go one step further,
let me clearly state it's not just
the FEELING that is important, but
all the ACTIONS that FLOW from that

So let me give you examples of what I mean:

Example 1:

If you KNEW right now, that TONS of women
would be OGLING you the moment you STEPPED
out the door, how would you feel?

Well, at first, you might wonder what's going
on, then, it would be AWESOME, and then,
after finding out how many women act so
WIERD around you, it would start to be

So, you would very QUICKLY stop thinking
about "where do I meet a woman" and you
would instead start thinking "Where do
I meet the RIGHT woman?"

If women approached you, you would not
be so flattered since it happened a lot,
and since most of these women ended up
quickly wanting to get a date with you
and go home with you and call you ten
times a day and get jealous when another
woman even LOOKED your way.

You would lose all neediness.

You really WOULD go out on Saturday nights
JUST TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, and if you went
to the club with your friends, meeting
CHICKS really would just be ONE small
part of the evening, you really WOULD
be going for the music because you
really WOULD be getting way too much
females bothering you all the time
anyway in everyday life!!!!!!!!!

And I use the word "bother" because most
of these women would be NO FUN for you,
since they all seem so SERIOUS around
you, and they all seem to want to LOCK
YOU DOWN INTO A "CONTRACT" or something.

If a woman came along and seemed to just
be HAVING FUN and NOT pressuring you at
all, but who really WAS sexual but not
pressuring YOU into it, and if she could
CHALLENGE you a bit and be more HONEST
instead of all the women who just told
"RESULT" FROM YOU---well MAN of course
THAT didn't pressure you, that was way
more fun, that was not always so serious,
and that even CHALLENGED YOU to be the
BEST MAN you could be rather than just
kiss up to you.

And all along the way, imagine that this
was the only woman out of HUNDREDS and
HUNDREDS that also RESPECTED you at all
times, even if she occasionally you got
UPSET at her but later realized it was
because she was GENUINELY trying to help
YOU be your BEST and she wasn't afraid
to lose your temporary approval because
she REALLY cared about you even if it
meant risking LOSING your approval!

Now imagine, you got into a little argument
with her. Nothing disastrous, just a little
HUMAN argument. And for a moment,
you thought to yourself, “I don’t need her,
I can get TONS of women!”

So, you walk out the door, thinking,
“I’m the big boss man, nobody can tell

And you IMMEDIATELY notice even more
now how there’s ALL THESE OTHER WOMEN
and you even smile a bit at one, KNOWING this
will VALIDATE you real fast and it will feel real

This other woman is ECSTATIC that you smiled
at her, she IMMEDIATELY starts flubbing over
words, stammering, she starts telling you how
GORGEOUS you are, you can TELL this is
going to be EASY, you can get her in bed

And then….you immediately feel DISAPPOINTED.
You GOT the validation hit, SO FAST, faster
than getting a search result on GOOGLE lol.

You realize this woman that’s kissing up to you
does not even REALIZE a thing about you,
she just MUST have you NOW.

It feels WEIRD to you.
You think, “Why is she being this way, she doesn’t
even KNOW me?”

You feel BAD for her.
You feel SORRY for her.
In fact, you almost feel like sleeping with her just
to make HER feel good, but then you remember
that the LAST time you did that when you were
single, you could NOT get rid of the woman!

She was OBSESSED with you and kept on
PRESSURING YOU into a relationship.

You couldn’t even THINK about whether
you wanted a relationship or not, all you
could think about was how do you get back

In fact, just this SMILE that you gave this
woman is already bringing out the needy
side of her, so you learn for the future to
NOT be so smiley around men, because
it just ends up hurting everyone.


We haven’t even spoken how this would
all affect what you would find SEXY
behavior in a woman, both outside
the bedroom and IN the bedroom.

We haven’t spoken about how this would
affect your sense of humor.

Just to touch on this for a second, you would
FOR SURE be a lot more lighthearted about
sex, and a lot more lighthearted about women.

You would DEFINITELY not hate women,
you would DEFINITELY not feel NEEDY
for women, but you would also feel a certain
kind of “predictable feeling” about most
women, since most women all seemed to
turn into the same unattractive personality
around you.

But let’s get back to our little make-believe
argument that you had with the RARE woman.

Well, even though now you COULD easily
“dump her” and get ANOTHER woman,
the problem is, there just AIN’T any other
women around that you really WANT!

Not only that, but the more these other women
keep TRYING to get you without even caring
what YOU think of their approach to you, the
more you keep thinking of that woman you
just had the argument with.

And the more you really WANT her BACK.

But the problem is, she’s so awesome, and
she KNOWS it, and in fact, she never
PRESSURED you to come back.

So NOW, you realize FULL POWER that
the ONLY reason you want her, is because
you actually really DESIRE her, in many
ways, and NONE of it has anything to do
with HER pressure.

So you end up calling her and getting over
the argument REAL FAST, and if anything,
you might have just a tiny bit worried that
maybe this AWESOME WOMAN might
have been thinking about some OTHER guy
because you were too silly to be mature
enough to see her point or something like

So you could have ALL THE WOMEN IN
THE WORLD, but you want THIS one.

All this is EXACTLY what it’s like for most

It’s the reason that even though they have so
much CHOICE, they really don’t FEEL that,
what they feel is that they have a huge choice
of guys that they DON’T WANT.

But there’s one thing DIFFERENT about
the situation when it comes to women.

It’s one thing if a woman gets all flustered
or emotional in her first impression with
a man. This doesn’t ruin her femininity.

But as a MAN, it’s even MORE important to
be experiencing that emotion of EMPOWERMENT
with women.

The real problem is not that you must always
withhold compliments, validation, niceness,
etc, from women, it’s that 99% of the time,
when guys do those things with hotties,
it’s coming from SUPPLICATION, from a

You can buy a woman a drink if the action
of buying that drink has NOTHING TO
DO with you thinking that the drink is
what’s going to help you get her.

In fact, if a guy is withholding validation, but
also coming across as emotionally COLD, then
all he will end up doing is seeming STINGY
with his emotions and his pocketbook.

And this will all reflect INSECURITY.

Not only is insecurity the opposite of masculinity,
but it also RUINS all the FUN sexual vibes that
are so important for ramping things up in the
bedroom (or wherever you two get physical!)

Now here’s the thing: EVEN IF YOU DON’T
FEEL SECURE, the best way to start feeling
is to ADOPT THE ACTIONS that you would
take if you WERE.

Listen, it’s fine if in your HEAD, when you
see that woman, you think, “MAN, THAT CHICK

The best way to get OUT of that mode of thinking
is to ACCEPT that indeed you might FEEL this
way, but you must not GIVE INTO THOSE

Feel the yucky feeling, but don’t LISTEN
to it!

Don’t ARGUE with your yucky feeling, as
it will give you a BILLION reasons why
it’s right for every argument you give
against it.



Something incredible happens when you do this:

Something ELSE happens when you do this:

And you then start to suddenly SEE a billion
things about attraction CLEARLY that before
seemed like a cloudy, hazy mist of confusion.

The trick is not to be COLD to women.
The trick is not to “negate” their self-esteem.
The trick is not to kiss up.

The REAL key is UNLEASH the FIRE of your
of your DOMINANCE, and of your sense of

When you do this, you want to PLAY with
women, you don’t want to CONTROL them!

Now, the thing is, UNLEASHING these
forces is like having A ROCKET ENGINE.

It will give you CRAZY POWER with women.

Then, on top of this power, for MAXIMUM
results with women, you need to know the
SPECIFICS of how to CHANNEL that power,
so that you know exactly how to APPLY it with
women from the moment you see them till long
after you’ve been in bed together.

That's why I created my Attraction Mastery Program,
so that you can get the FULL PICTURE on attraction.
This program goes all-out on giving you explicit and
clear instruction on exactly what to do to ensure
your success at every moment with the women
you want.  

It's being used world-wide by men to get the women
they want, and I know it will work for you too.

It's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, September 19, 2011

Attracting Women & The Gift Of Self-Esteem

In my Attraction Mastery Program, the very first
words you will hear are “If you can give a woman
the gift of self-esteem, she will be yours forever”.

This might sound shocking to some people, but
it is the truth. And the crazy part of it all is that
giving a woman increased self-esteem has
nothing to do with kissing up to her.

It has to do with CONNECTING to a woman on
a level that SHE perceives to be a validation of
her own worth.

So, for example, a woman who feels she is NOT
worth a lot, will not BELIEVE that a man can
really love her, so unfortunately, such a woman
may very well be attracted to the kind of man
that abuses her, because to HER, this is the
BELIEVABLE level of worth she has, and
THIS is the only level of validation she feels
she can get, i.e. that she is of SOME worth to
a man, but only if the man can also ABUSE her.

The abuse is proof to her that the validation
she IS getting is 'real' and believable, and
not fake.

I didn’t say attraction is a NICE thing always.
And I CERTAINLY don’t suggest you go for
women with low self esteem, as these kind
of women tend to create a lot of drama and
see problems everywhere even when they
don’t exist. And before too long, they will
feel certain you must be cheating on them,
even if you aren’t.

A low self-esteem woman is a woman who
needs HELP.

Understanding the links between attraction,
trust, and self-esteem is a MASSIVE key to
success with women.

Let me give you another example:

Let’s say that you met a woman, and you were
both VERY attracted to each other very fast,
and you were TOO smooth, you escalated to
the physical level too fast, without establishing
a greater level of connection first.

So you ended up having a night of wild passion,
and she was crazy into you and loved it, and
perhaps she even told you that she couldn’t
believe she was getting so deeply physically
involved with someone so soon, and you took
this all to be a sign that you were doing GREAT.

Well, then, comes the next day, and suddenly
she seems to have pulled a 180 on you.

She is acting all cold and rude and she tells you
something like “I expect to be taken out to dinner
to a nice place tonight”, whether she tells you
this in person, via a text, email, or phone call
or voice mail.

Now, if you DON’T understand the links between
self-esteem and attraction and success with women,
you MIGHT think this woman is TESTING you.

That she is testing you to see if you are soft and
weak and going to kiss her butt and be all
submissive and worshipping to her, OR if you
are going to ‘STAY STRONG’ and not give
in to her demands, which supposedly by not
giving in, you will raise her level of attraction.

But this would be the WRONG conclusion to make.
I could understand how one could make the wrong
conclusion, but it’s still wrong.

See, in this example, what is most LIKELY happening
is that the woman has decent level self-esteem, but she
feels that YOU might think she is desperate or easy
or of low value somehow, because she got so physical
so fast with you.

So, in order to protect her DIGNITY and her self-esteem,
she now feels she needs to assert herself and reclaim her
worth, just in case you felt she was too easy.

She really DOES NOT want the dinner itself, she doesn’t
want your money, she doesn’t want you to kiss up to her,
and she doesn’t want you to act “tough”. All she wants
is to make sure that you RESPECT her.

So, the BEST response to this request for dinner
in a nice place may actually BE to AGREE to it,
or MORE IMPORTANTLY, to establish the
CONNECTION and TRUST that you skipped
when you were moving too fast initially.

And because you skipped the connection and trust
levels, right now, the dinner in a nice place thing
might really be the most practical way of doing it
IF you make sure to have a great meaningful
conversation while you’re there with her.

REAL WORLD, as opposed to advice that
SOUNDS all cool and tough, but is hogwash.

At the same time, let me make it clear how
KISSING UP TO WOMEN is also not the
method for validating their self esteem- this
is because if a man is behaving in a way that
he feels he NEEDS to kiss up and be submissive
in order to get a woman, then the obvious
implication is WHAT IS WRONG WITH
THIS MAN that he needs to offer me the
‘consolation prize’ of kissing up and worship
as a way to distract me from the fact he is
clearly of lower value from his behavior.

A man who she feels is of lower desirability than
HER cannot possibly raise HER self-esteem.

And the number one indicator of your desirability
is the way YOU behave and feel about yourself.

Your first and most powerful representative of
your desirability is YOURSELF.

If YOU don’t behave in a way that shows your
belief in yourself, then no amount of women
hanging off of your arms will improve your
image to other women.

Finally, I want you to think about any time in
the past where a woman made you feel any
INTENSE negative emotion, whether it be
JEALOUSY, insecurity, anger, fear, etc.

Now, I want you to consider the following:

What if you not only were FEELING those
emotions, but if the woman in question
WANTED you to feel the EXACT emotions
that you were suffering through?

Well, on one hand, I’m sure this would PISS
YOU OFF, right?

I know it did for me.

However, many years ago, before I got into
this field, I made one massive realization,
which actually got me started into devoting
my life to the topic of success with women.

The realization is that in REALITY, some of
the time the women aren’t trying to make you
feel anything, and it’s just our own insecurity
that is INTERPRETING everything wrong,
but even in the times when the women ARE
trying to make you feel JEALOUS or ANGRY
or BETRAYED or INSECURE, they are only
using this tactic as a VEHICLE to increase
their SELF-ESTEEM, which ironically enough,
is often unintentionally HARMED by men as
men play the “dating games” encouraged by
many so called ‘experts’.

So many things that men do to try to ATTRACT
women are actually HARMING women's
senses of self esteem, and THIS makes WOMEN
jealous, insecure, angry, bitter, and feeling betrayed,
so of course, in their effort to regain their sense
of worth, they lash out to attack in a similar way. 

So, the key is to not TRIGGER these issues in
the first place and to STEAR CLEAR AWAY
from any messed up women who resort to these
games as well.  Remember, there are plenty of
women who have been misguided by their own
supposed 'experts' who suggest all the screwed
up games they should play on men.

I promise you, understanding the FULL PICTURE
on how to properly raise a woman’s self-esteem
WITHOUT playing stupid games on her is the
REAL way to have greater success with women
than you ever dreamed possible.

To get the full picture on this, I suggest you get
my Attraction Mastery Program. This program
goes IN-DEPTH on mastering ATTRACTION
as a whole, and understanding how it applies to
ALL women.

Understanding how attraction works on ALL types
of different women includes understanding all the
“mind games” that some women play, and my
Attraction Mastery Program will show you all
this as well, which will SAVE YOU MASSIVE
TIME from having to learn the LONG AND HARD
way with the wrong women.

This is THE program if you want to experience
INFINITE CHOICE when it comes to dating.

It’s at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

P.S. To find out about ALL my programs,
services, and materials for skyrocketing
your success with women, go here:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Changing Your BRAIN & Attracting Women

As you probably know by now, I am not
a big believer in pick-up lines, because
pick up lines tend to MASK the real issue,
which is actually BEING a cool guy on
a deeper level in the first place, instead
of trying to put on an ACT.

And to become a cool guy on the most
important level, the level that actually
attracts a woman, it’s crucial to take the
HARD-CORE internal steps to make
you a much stronger man.

And one of the biggest WEAKNESSES that
must be obliterated if you want to attract
women is INSECURITY.

Now here’s the thing- the word “insecurity”
sounds really bad, it almost sounds as if
being insecure is some kind of CHOICE
and therefore if you behave or feel insecure,
you are somehow inferior or have less
will-power, etc, etc.

The truth is, it has NOTHING to do with
that at all. Rather, feeling insecure around
women has to do with the CHEMICALS
in your brain, PLUS it has to do with

That’s it.
So if you feel insecure around women, as I did
for many years, it has NOTHING to do with
your WILL POWER and it has NOTHING to
do with how HARD you have tried.

It has to do with your chemical composition, and
it has to do with learning how to MASTER and

What is SO AWESOME is that you CAN learn
to control and to BEAT insecurity, to the point
that in fact your brain PHYSICALLY CHANGES.

THIS is the ultimate level of success, where
it has NOTHING to do with ACTING, it
has nothing to do with MANIPULATING
women, it ONLY has to do with YOU
improving yourself through applied

If you want to feel more EMPOWERED
with women, with dating, with getting
physical and intimate with women, with
approaching women, and any other related
element of success with women, then
the first ACTION step you must take

So, for example, one reason a lot of guys
will NOT approach a woman is because
although on one hand it would be great
to ATTRACT her, on the other hand
there is the fear of REJECTION.

OF REJECTION, a guy will NEVER approach.

And here is the worst part of it all:

By NOT approaching a lot, or ever, he will never
get to the point that his brain CHANGES and

You see, if you CONFRONT your fear, again
and again and again, your brain, by it’s evolutionary
design, decides it has to SPARE ENERGY for

However, if you DON’T ACTUALLY approach
women, the issue remains SPECIAL in your
brain, and so it feeds you FULL FORCE FEAR

As long as that fear remains “untouched” and
unconfronted, your brain gives it SPECIAL
status, and therefore FULL INSECURITY.

internal mechanisms have no choice but to
start DOWNGRADING the PRIORITY of this fear,
as it becomes a kind of pain in the neck
who is constantly seeking attention and
starts to BORE the hell out of your brain.

Kind of like watching a scary movie again
and again, it becomes kind of dull after
a while.

This is not just me joking around, it’s
the PHYSIOLOGICAL TRUTH about the way your
brain works and it alters the chemical
releases in your brain that control these
states of mind:


You already know you can change your
MUSCLES, well now you know that you
can change your BRAIN, in a way that
will make you far, far more successful
with women.

It involves EMBRACING the fears rather
than running from them.

And part of this EMBRACING the consequences
of your actions, including your worst fears,
ALSO includes the embracing of being able
to WALK AWAY from a woman who is
NOT treating you well.

Most men, if they are with attractive
women, if the women are not treating
the men right, most of the men will
still stay with these women, and the
women KNOW it.

It’s interesting, how so many times, when
a woman who is really attractive meets a
man who is NOT ACTING but is genuinely
no matter how gorgeous she is, if he senses
she is not treating him right, her feelings of
attraction suddenly SKYROCKET for him.

But the thing is, in order to GET to this point,
you have to also be willing to APPROACH
her in the FIRST PLACE. You can’t say
to yourself “Oh I’m willing to walk away”
before you even APPROACH her.

It’s by having the strength on BOTH sides-
to APPROACH her even if it means accepting
the POSSIBILITY of it not going like you wanted,
and to ALSO be able to walk away once you
HAVE her interested, if you sense she is
interested but not truly respecting you, etc.

It’s not about PRETENDING to be hard to get,
it’s not about ACTING tough or ACTING like
a player, it’s about TRULY BEING ABLE TO
of your actions, whether it means that she
does NOT go for your approach, or whether it
means she DOES decide to NOT pursue you
if you walk away from her once you are in
a relationship, if she is not treating you well.


Also, this is not about attracting and
changing a woman who is disrespectful
and making her so attracted that she
now starts to treat the guy right.

Even though this DOES often work, I
don't like the idea of being with
a woman who NEEDS to be manipulated.

INSTEAD, what is MUCH cooler, is to
be this kind of SUPER COOL STRONG MAN
who is with a woman who is ALREADY
a great woman, who finds herself
MASSIVELY attracted to this man who
is so strong internally.

And really, there is NO LOSS to taking this
path of embracing the risk of her indeed
NOT going for you or for your approach.

The reason there is no loss, no downside,
is because THIS is the pathway of the

If you take the other route, the route of
trying to find perfection with zero risk,
if you try to FAKE that you are willing
to walk away, or if you try to take a
different strategy altogether, i.e. of
tolerating disrespect or of kissing up,

Whereas if you take the path I have suggested,
WINNING, because any “success” you get
from FAKING or from avoiding all rejection
will NEVER last, because that type of
“avoiding all pain” behavior only makes
you WEAKER and MORE insecure, which
are going to ensure failure with women
in the big picture.

As you can tell from these newsletters,
I am only interested in CONCRETE
strategies that actually WORK to get you
attraction from women, in ways that
actually LAST long term.

For the ULTIMATE “internal training”
I suggest you get my DVD program
called WARRIOR WITHIN. I think it’s aptly named,
because it’s about making your “inner game” with
women as POWERFUL as possible.

It’s at:

For any specific dating questions you have,
there is coaching over the phone or via email:

And to learn directly from me in BOOTCAMP,
on tons of actual women in real life places, how
to MASTER the skills of approaching and attracting
women ANYWHERE, go here:

To find out about ALL my programs and materials,
go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Life Example: Approaching A "10"

Just wanted to share a quick but important
letter on approaching a hottie before we get
into the article today:


Hey Mike,

You know, the biggest thing I've learned
from your articles is the maturity that
a real man must show, that is, if he
wants to get what you call "a great girl",
and how maturity, charisma, and humor
all must combine when attracting a
quality woman.

While I occasionally have women give
me "looks", that's about it- if I don't
approach them, they won't approach me.

About one month ago, I saw this
meltingly beautiful twenty-something
brunette with glasses at the Starbucks
inside the bookstore, (smart
looking beautiful brunettes are my
weakness!) she was working on her
laptop, and looked up when I walked by-
I knew I caught her attention, because
I could see it in her eyes, but I
STILL didn't say anything, and she
just went back to her laptop, as if
I didn't exist.

This was the story of my life,
and I would only go for the women
that chased me- which happened
less often than winning the lottery,
and usually this was with girls
who had plenty alcohol in them.

I never really had women who were
attractive strangers approach me,
so I never had the power of choice
with women.

Women who are '10's never approach.
That would be like the bank giving
away money.

And so my confidence with women who
are strangers, like the girl at the
Starbucks inside the bookstore, isn't
that high. And yes, the bookstore
hottie, she was a 10, man.

I didn't want to let this particular
woman go, so after going through what
I would say to her for five minutes,
I finally said something, about her
laptop being good for the environment
because it had a green battery, but
all it got from her was a kind of
polite nod.

It's crazy man, because I could tell
from her face, that the "look" was
gone, it was clear that after 5 minutes
of thinking and thinking and doing
nothing, I had shown the opposite
of confidence.

Well, fast forward to last night-
I got on the subway train downtown and
saw a gorgeous brunette standing in
middle of the crowd, and I could
"hear" your message in my head,
about how the best women need the
combo of maturity, charisma, and
humor in the approach.

I took immediate action, walking
right up to her, not knowing
what to say but the first thing
on my mind was something I read
in your materials about not starting
with "pick-up" vibes, I remember
reading an article you wrote about
the "pick up that wasn't there
is the ultimate pick-up".

So I started talking to her about
how all of us in this crowded train
are helping the environment, and that
we should get reimbursed by the government
for all this.

Just like you said- don't start the
conversation as a pick-up about her.

This was great Michael, as she opened
up wonderfully from this, she replied
with "Yeah, tell me about it, meanwhile
the government probably gets limos!"

Then I playfully teased her on being
hired by the city transportation to
attract men to take the train, which
I know was a compliment on her looks,
but like you said, I didn't start with
this, and I also made it funny and
emotionally relevant because I accused
her of pretending to be this innocent
passenger just like the rest of us
working stiffs, but that in reality
she was this devious actress who
actually pollutes a lot and that
I would reveal her secret.

I transitioned to building a connection,
when she told me she actually quit
a modelling job because she'd rather
actually work with real people, and
I found out she's a nurse- and we
ended up chatting about all the
real heroes in this world who are
regular people and who aren't
famous like actors or actresses.

I had to keep reminding myself that
this woman was for real, as in my
mind any woman this attractive
had to be either a stripper or
an actress. It always blows my
mind to meet a woman who is
attractive and has the character
as well, a "genuine gem" like
you say.

It grew into an organic, authentic
conversation, because I liked her
now as a personality (in addition
to her being smoking hot) as well,
and asking for her number before she
got off was easy, because I could
feel there was a connection, and
she smiled and not only wrote it
down but also told me to call her!

So I owe this all to you Mike, thanks
and I'll definitely be getting your
new CD Set- I wish I had heard of
you ten years ago, I could have
had a great girl then with your help!

Peter T.


Thanks first of all for the kind words,
and for sharing your experience.

You're absolutely right regarding the
first woman you mentioned- the comment
you said to her was fine, but by WAITING
for five minutes around her before
actually SAYING anything, you went
from being THE MAN to being something
a lot less cool.

Then, on top of that, there is the
issue of a woman not wanting to seem
EASY or 'cheap', so when she telegraphs
interest in you by even something as small
as looking at you, in a woman's world this
is all happening under a MAGNIFYING glass
because a woman's interest in a man gets
judged more than a man's interest in a
woman, because of the whole "it's men
who actively pursue" stereotype in
our culture, so a woman, in order to
fit in to the culture, always tries
to be more subtle.

This is CRUCIAL to understand.

Being able to understand the subtleties in
communicating with women is a huge part of
that 'maturity' that you are referring to.

You have to understand that she must be
subtle, and she would appreciate it if
you are subtle as well, that's why
it's important that the approach is
not so OBVIOUSLY a 'pick-up', and this
is also why the ATMOSPHERE, or the "vibe"
of the interaction is more important
than the actual words.

This doesn't mean words don't count,
it means that words are just one part
of the attraction/the approach.

So if she's sending signals, and a guy
doesn't get them IMMEDIATELY, then she
will often shut down, PLUS if the guy
is not responding because he's not
confident, that will actually turn
her off as well.

It's especially meaningful to hear that
you LEARNED from this experience, and
applied what you learned on the train!

BRAVO on the way you approached her,
the subtleties were excellent:

1. Starting very neutral and indirect
yet still interesting and spontaneous
with the comment about the crowded train
and the environment.

2. Slowly transitioning to the next level,
giving her a clear indication of your
interest and having a bit of a sexual
undertone to it, with the comment about
her being hired to get guys to take
public transportation, yet you also
made sure that you were:

3. NOT kissing up, by keeping the comment
playful rather than worshipping her, by
saying she in fact is this devious actress.

4. You then built a more meaningful, deeper
connection, with the perspective you shared
on the "hidden heroes" of this world, that
not only was meaningful on its own, but also
served as a genuine compliment to her actual
character, and also showed what kind of
person you are as well.

5. I also like the fact you weren't afraid
to refer to yourself as a "working stiff"
because when COMBINED with the obvious
confidence and guts and charm you showed,
by then showing that you were NOT arrogant
it actually then shows in a subtle way
that you have MASSIVE worth and that you
aren't arrogant about it.

This gets back to the opposite of being
the kind of guy who needs to overcompensate
for insecurities by saying how much of a
bigshot he is.

You IMPLIED GENUINE value by the whole
style of conversation, she already feels
there must be worth to you, and now because
you haven't actually said that MUCH about
yourself, you have also applied something
I speak about in Actions For Attraction,
which is using "MINIMUM GAME":

By not speaking more than you need to you,
and not talking too much about yourself,
(a little is important, but a lot is
too much of a good thing and works
against you) you then seem cooler and you
also leave some awesome MYSTERY about you.

So that was an excellent job you did.

Today's newsletter gets into this and
many other important points too.

One of the great things about conducting
bootcamps is that I’m constantly seeing
the TRUTH of what works and what doesn’t
with attracting the women you want.

Allow me to share again how to actually
DEMONSTRATE to a woman that you have
a deep inner core confidence and comfort
in your own skin, as well as compelling
personality, when you first APPROACH her:


The fact of the matter is that women are
conditioned to NOT appear to be “easy”.

It’s the worst insult it seems, for them,
to be even remotely considered as trashy.
(In private, when she knows you already,
this can be fun of course for you both!)

and begin to go into “pick up mode” during
the daytime, i.e. whether she is at a bookstore,
coffee shop, etc, you will usually get STRUCK

It can make you think that women are mean
or something, but it’s all because in reality
most women are actually trying to show you
they are classy!

This is because of CONDITIONING.

Going straight into “getting her” is
just “not something you do”.

There is a simple solution, however:
You must give a woman a PRETEXT for
the conversation, when you start out,

This is why I say the best “pick-up” is actually
the pick-up that WASN’T THERE.

From her point of view, it must seem like
the whole interaction was just so natural
and it just unfolded in a way that LED to
getting to know you and wanting to know
you more.

It was a “natural progress”, rather than forced.
This is what she must be able to tell herself,
and in fact, this DOES make a lot of sense,
because it means she wants to KNOW who
you are rather than just jump into bed with
you without knowing anything.

That’s why it’s important to start the interaction
with something that has nothing to do with
picking her up or demonstrating interest in
her, or in getting something from her, as it’s
putting the cart before the horse and triggers
her alarms that this guy seems to be only
interested in one thing, and that also seems
desperate and a sign of being a low-value guy
as well, and definitely would make her low on
the totem pole of status in our society.

You can start the interaction with a million
things, as long as they are interesting so
that you even from the start are demonstrating
personality. For example, you can start with
a comment about the situation, whether it
is about the book she is reading, the greeting
card she is choosing, or whether it’s the long
wait for the bus at the bus stop you are at,
or whether it’s the long line-up at the bank,
or a playful remark on the the contents of her
grocery cart. I get into full details of this in
my materials.

The first thing you say doesn’t have to be
AMAZING, (it’s great if it is, but it doesn’t
have to be) it just has to be INTERESTING
and not something that is sexual.

All you are doing here is getting INTO the
conversation without getting shut DOWN.

Even the very WALK UP to her, should be
casual. In fact, when you walk up to her,
let’s say in the bookstore or coffee shop,
don’t go directly up to her which might
surprise her, instead let her sense your
presence for a moment or two, where
you can be checking out a book yourself
or sipping your beverage, and THEN
begin the interaction on the most casual
level, possibly with your body not even
facing her yet, just your face facing her.


NOW, once you are IN the conversation, even
just a MINUTE into it, you are now “IN A
CONVERSATION” so NOW you can start to
INCREASE the intensity.

You should be facing her with your body now.

You can start to playfully tease her on what
she replied to your comment. NOW is the time
to pull out your funniest, wittiest, most
intriguing comments.

All delivered in the right confident tonality.

As soon as she is emotionally engaged,
you are making IMPACT and she is
for you.


After a few minutes of this, it’s time to get
DEEPER, and to learn more about her and for
her to learn more about you. She will be
asking you questions and revealing things
about herself, and possibly she will be trying
to impress you to by qualifying herself a lot,
which is a great sign of her interest.

You should be truly listening to her, and
paying attention to her body language as
well. Try to understand the core of what
she is really saying, because most people
actually communicate far more with their
body language than just with their words,
so her facial expressions and tonality will
tell you so much more about what she is
truly trying to communicate with you.

She could be telling you about her childhood,
but what she is really saying is that she likes
you, or what she is really saying is that she
values her family, etc, etc.

LISTENING in this deeper way is a virtually lost art,
and it’s one of the most important skills you can

They say that Bill Clinton was (and probably still is)
a fantastic listener, and could make EVERY person
in the room feel like they were totally understood,
even if he disagreed with them.


At this point, you can amplify these "vibes"
by looking her over in a subtle way that still
shows class, by the tonality of your voice,
the subtle expression on your face, the
super confidence in your eye-contact
as you hold her hand for slightly longer
than normal, when saying “nice to meet you”,

And you can now FLIRT big time too.
i.e. If she says something like “what time
can I call you at night” you can say
“I’m an all night man” with a smirk.


In a club, the very CONTEXT itself is designed
for socializing, so you don’t need an excuse
to approach. A woman doesn’t feel like a
“slut” or “easy” for chatting to you in a club,
because it’s DESIGNED for chatting, and it’s
socially approved, and there are standards
for “coolness” in clubs (which is why clubs
work so hard to RETAIN their status as cool).

So you can skip the first step of making it
clearly not a pick-up. In a club, it’s fine
to be meeting strangers, but you MUST
do it with FLAIR, the standard of fun and
energy and flair is higher in a club. The
truth is, this is damn easy FUN, but the
hard part for beginners is learning to
and to stop repressing themselves.

You have to let your FUN SIDE GO FREEEEE.


The amazing thing is that your TONALITY is like
the DNA that indicates to a woman EVERYTHING
about what you are feeling at the moment.

And if you don’t feel sure or secure or confident
or playful, it will SHOW in your tonality.

So, for example, right now, can you say

The answer is probably YES, right?

Because you BELIEVE it’s true, you are
able to SAY it with total conviction.

There are no doubts or fluctuations in your tonality
when you say that sentence.

Well, you must speak with SIMILAR conviction
when chatting up a woman you want to attract.

Notice, how when you’re talking to a woman
you are interested in, your voice may suddenly
level of conviction, level of ZERO self-doubt.

PRACTICE, even in the mirror, as if you are
chatting to a woman, and notice how you
level of conviction, and then SLAP YOURSELF
every time you go OFF that level of conviction,
and get BACK to that level of total belief in
what you are saying.

Women, especially attractive women, have
NO INTEREST in men who are not sure of

This has sexual connotations, it has life skills
connotations, it has survival connotations, all
of them SUBCONSCIOUS and all of them
IMPORTANT if you want to attract a woman.


The cardinal rule of the interaction
is that it must feel good at all times.

Don't let anything destroy that vibe.

During your initial approach, you have to
expect that women will say and do all kinds
of what seems like strange stuff, and you
most not let this ruin the vibe.

Deep down, she is hoping you GET this.

Usually, her remarks of this sort just boil
down to her trying to show you she is somehow
“cool” or that she is “not easy”

That’s fine, and you should understand that.

As long as she is not DISRESPECTING you,
it’s all good. However, any sign of disrespect
and you should leave her to waste some other
guy’s time.

At the same time, when you are not feeling
secure, it’s easy to see lots of innocent things
as actually being an insult.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you approach a group of women at
a club with a playful opener, i.e. who would
make a better husband, Fred Flintstone or
Barney Rubble, etc, etc, and while most
women will totally get it and smile and
have fun with this, the occasional woman
might say something like this:

“This is good, do you ask this to all the women
you meet?”

Just realize she is not being mean, she is either
just being playful in her own way, or she is
trying to show you she is smart because she
knows what’s up, or whatever.

It could also be that she is trying to see if
all you have is that one “line” and you are
a “one trick pony” with nothing ELSE to
offer personality-wise.

It doesn’t matter, because ALL ROADS LEAD

So what you should do to this kind of thing is
say “That’s awesome you got that! High five”
and then high five her and CONTINUE to
keep the fun conversation going on, i.e.
“Barney is the kind of guy that doesn’t show
off, yet he masterminds EVERYTHING, and
you know BETTY is having the wild nights
with him, that’s what they don’t show
on camera!”

The number one principle is to go WITH the
flow, there is no real debate, you instead
interpret it everything as something GREAT,
and then CONTINUE the interaction and
go further into attracting her.

This actually shows superior social skills and
shows confidence and leadership, all at once.


A feeling of you holding status is another thing
that many women require in order to be with a

Status has to do with a great many variables,
from the way you HOLD yourself, body language,
confidence, your career, salary, the social circle
you belong to, your ability to lead a group, etc.

So there is always a way to make IMPACT
in this department.

I don’t believe you should ever LIE, what
you should do though is give yourself JUSTICE.

So if a woman asks what you do, and it’s early
in the convo, and let’s say you are a teacher,
you might say “I BUILD THE FUTURE”.

And if she asks, “What you do you mean?”
You might reply with “I shape the minds of
our future, the scientists, Nobel prize winners
of tomorrow, the men and women of tomorrow,
the artists, the workers, the politicians, the
doctors, everyone”.

Being INDIRECT and giving DETAILS like this
add emotional IMPACT and DRAMA and mean
so much more than just saying the word

The whole “game” of attraction is about
while being 100% HONEST and true to

The truth is that most VALUE is arbitrary, it’s
all about who is better able to FRAME that
value. Look at cigarettes, they have ZERO
value, in fact they are destructive, but they
succeeded in making people think they are
COOL to millions of people.

And if you are reading this right now, you
can probably see that I am all about giving
you the steps for taking ACTION with women,
no matter where you meet them.

No hype, no gimmicks, just solid CONTENT.

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