Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Truth About Women No One Tells You

The truth about women is the one
thing I have been obsessed about
for over two decades.

The  most important thing to me is
truth. I don't want to hear that
things are better than they really
are, and I don't want to hear that
things are worse than they really

I just want the truth.

Unfortunately, the truth is very
hard to find, because everyone
is trying to bend the truth in
order to promote their own
self-interest, and that includes
the dating gurus and pick up
artists, etc.

So how do you know if I am telling
you the truth?

Well, I think for one thing, you
can see over the years that I've
tried to give you a balanced picture,
it's not "men vs. women", it's not
like all men or all women are all
good or all bad, etc, etc. I've
been saying this since day one.

I've also never pandered to easy
money by getting on the bandwagon
of the "get LAID with my special
magic tactics" pick up artist gimmicks
craze even when it was at it's zenith.

Truth really does matter to me.

That's what I've devoted my work
to in this field as well- the truth
about women and attracting them.

Some of the guys in the dating field
like to make it seem like if you don't
learn their stuff, every woman will
cheat on you, as if women are programmed
to be more unfaithful than men are!

On the other hand, certain women's groups
like to make it seem like the situation
for WOMEN is worse than it is, they
say things like "1 in every 3 women
will be a victim of rape or attempted
rape". Hearing these kind of FALSE
statistics, growing up, made me think
along the following lines:


Well, the REALITY is that even though
of COURSE even ONE rape is EVIL, the
truth is that the real statistics are
more like 1 in every 8 women, not
1 in every 3 women, will be a victim
of rape. That's almost 3 TIMES less
"evil" of a situation than most men
were informed of - or, put another way,
growing up as a kid, I was told by
all kinds of "experts" on tv and
newspaper that the situation for women

No wonder so many of us men at one
point became "nice guys", as we
probably felt that it was CRUCIAL
to be this way in order to show
that we are sensitive to this
catastrophic situation that women
were facing because of "all those
evil men."

However, of course, if you go around
saying that the women's rights movement
was INCORRECT in their stats, you
suddenly become seen as some evil
monstrosity who is against women's rights.
Even though that is not true at all.


What makes the problem even worse,
is that when MEN are PSYCHOLOGICALLY
abused BY WOMEN, it goes UNDER-REPORTED.

This is because it's just not the kind of thing that
anyone is likely to BELIEVE, plus ON TOP OF
THIS, it's not considered "manly" to report these
kinds of things, so people end up thinking that
no men get abused by women, when of course
in fact they DO just as much as vice-versa.

Now, of course, all this is part of why I created
Get A Great Girl, because it's not about attracting
"A" woman, it's about getting the RIGHT woman,
the kind of woman WORTHY of a good man.

At the same time, though, I think it's crucial to
understand the big picture of attraction as well,
and toward that end, I suggest you check out
my article over here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, March 21, 2011

Video On Attraction And Making Great Dates

Here's a link to a video interview where I explain
ESSENTIALS of attracting women and making
great dates!

Here's what you're going to learn in this video:

•How to build attraction while creating trust

•How guys sabotage themselves in the dating scene

•The importance of the way you use your voice with women

•The problems of some of the "dating advice" teachings out there

•What quality women really look for in a man

•Where temptation to cheat comes from

•Great places to find a woman of quality

•How to start up spontaneous conversations

•Good places for first dates

•Whether or not you should spend money on the woman

•The power of qualifying a woman and how to do it

•How to find out what’s important to her to get to know her better

•How to discover the emotions linked to her values

•How to keep the conversation going and get over awkwardness

•Using humor to keep things interesting

•Being someone she can trust and lean on

•Understanding woman’s insecurities

•How to come across as a guy with value, and reinvent the ‘good guy’

•Qualities that will make you an attractive man

And for my ULTIMATE program on getting a
quality girlfriend, go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Superior Way To Attract Women

If you want to attract a woman who is
a lot more than your average woman,
then you have to approach her in a way
that is far superior to the way “average”
guys do it.

The “average” approach guys tend to
use, if they even do anything at all,
(99% of the time, guys do not do anything)
is to find some reason to have something
to say to her.

And this isn’t a terrible thing, IF they
can raise the level of the conversation
to something more powerful relatively
quickly, and IF their state of mind is
feeling that combination of sexuality,
dominance, being upbeat, and warm.

Of course, it then is no longer an average

What usually happens is the conversation
dies out, because there was no real
SUBSTANCE there to fuel it in a way
that gave off the right VIBES of

And it’s important to realize that even
if you are not some comedian, that’s
FINE, as humor is just ONE great way
to go about the approach.

You can ALSO use INTRIGUE with women
instead of comedy.

Here's one example:

If she works in the cologne or perfume department,
or if she’s a woman shopping there, you can speak
to her about how interesting it must be to capture
the essence of things through only an aroma or scent.

And you can talk to her and ask her, if there was
a perfume or cologne called MONEY, would it

And you could take it in a MILLION directions that
are awesome from there…for example, you could
ask her…what does she feel are the scents that
should represent WHO she is in terms of her

You could speak about which scents best represent
you, and you could actually combine humor with
intrigue here as well.

One of the KEYS to realize is that whatever
VIBES you send out to a woman, THAT
is what you will BRING OUT IN HER
and that is what she will GIVE BACK

In the example above, by appealing
to the use of SCENT, you are actually
engaging her SENSUAL mode, and
you are SIMULTANEOUSLY also engaging
her CREATIVITY by getting her to also
imagine not some BORING thing but
rather the ESSENCE of POWER and

On a subconscious level, colognes are
already DESIGNED to appeal to deep
rooted FEELINGS about attractive
things, and you are TAPPING into
this with this example and going
STRAIGHT for these emotions
rather than some boring conversation
about the weather.

You are appealing to her SENSORY MODE,
and you are ALSO building CONNECTION
by getting her to define herself to you
in a way that touches the EMOTIONS,
as opposed to her just running off a list
of nice traits about herself that might
in reality have no meaning to her or
might not even be true.

By engaging her emotionally, she is
not only more INTERESTED, but she
is also revealing more TRUTH to you
about herself, and she will also see
you as far more SOPHISTICATED AND
guy who at most can just ask her to
go out with him sometime.

A woman can be MANY different things,
and it’s important not to jump to conclusions
too fast about a woman- because if you are
feeling nervous or edgy or uncomfortable,
THAT will often bring out the exact same
emotions in HER.

You can make a woman sexual with
you, you can make a woman flirty
with you, you can make her lighthearted
and playful, you can make her YOURS
if YOU send out the right degree of vibes.

The BETTER a woman is, the MORE
dimensions she has to herself, the
more interesting she is, and so she
will WELCOME the kind of man that
has a LOT of cool emotions he can
make her experience.

The specific vibes YOU give off will
be the same vibes that you then turn
on in HER.

In the same way an expert with a boomerang
will have it return to him because of the
specific way he threw it, you will have
a woman giving back to you the exact
vibes you threw to her.

She can't HELP it, because vibes work
on a very primal level, and once
activated, these primal switches in her
make her feel a very powerful need to
respond back to you in the exact same way.

What you've read here is just the tip
of the iceberg of what you will learn
from my latest program on skyrocketing
your success with women of the highest

I will show you how to do ALL of this,
and you will learn how to give off different
kinds of awesome vibes, including the sexual
without being vulgar, as well as bringing out
the best kinds of behaviors in her.

You'll learn how to do all of this in a way
that feels very natural and becomes an
instinctive part of your personality.

I even include DETAILED word-for-word
examples of how to do this ONLINE,
as well as in person of course. These
examples help give you an instinctive
"feel" for how to this on your own.

And I also get into TONS of other golden
insights for creating the kind of vibes that
make a woman MELT for you.

You'll also learn how to take your
"inner game" to the highest level,
and I can assure you that the kind
of incredible, rare woman who is
truly beautiful inside and out is
searching out your inner game, to
see if you have what it takes inside
of you to be the man she is looking
for to have a fantastic relationship
with long-term.

Most men have no idea just how RARE
a great woman is until they LOSE her.

Don’t be one of those men who finally GETS
the chance with such a woman and then
blows his chances, watching her slip away
through his fingers forever, all because he
didn’t KNOW the things that are IN this program.

This program will not only get you a great
woman, and give you the power to CHOOSE
from among all the women out there, but it
will also SAVE you the endless heartache of
losing the greatest woman you could ever have.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Modeling Strategy Of Attraction

One of the most powerful methods of attraction
is what is known as the “modeling” strategy.

In essence, what this means is that you find
a person who is getting success with women,
and you model what this person does.

Modeling is an aspect of “NLP”, which stands
for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. When NLP
was first making waves, I got into it, and I found
that some of it is great, and some of it is not.

Of all the various elements, I think modeling is
definitely one of the best concepts out there.

If you truly BEHAVE like something,
then other people can't help but
FEEL you ARE this thing.

If something walks like a duck, sounds like
a duck, and acts like a duck, we tend to feel
it IS a duck.

Well, when it comes to attracting a woman,
there are many different ways of behaving
with her. And the most important behavior
that should be conveyed is the behavior
of a person who feels they are INFINITELY
desirable and infinitely secure.

The greatest irony in the world is that the vast
majority of pick-up artist advice preached
about the importance of conveying high value,
and yet the method of conveying high value
was through trying to PUT DOWN a woman
who was very attractive, since “after all,
she’s so desirable, she knows it, so it’s
important to bring her back down to earth.”

However, the very THOUGHT of needing
to bring someone down comes from an
insecure FEELING.

And body language almost ALWAYS ends up
showing EXACTLY how you feel whether you
want to be showing this or not.

And that’s just the start, because ACTIONS
that flow from insecurity tend to make the
insecurity even WORSE, since we are what
we think and do, and if we DO insecure
actions, it makes us FEEL more insecure.

This is not just me saying this, this is backed
up by tons of studies into psychology.

Here’s the PROOF:

Let’s take a good look at how people who
KNOW they have value tend to behave for

The reality is, that if you were to approach the
most ATTRACTIVE woman in a club, you’d
notice that most of the time, these women are
actually surprisingly FRIENDLY.

Not all the time, but most of the time.

I give a club as an example because approaching
a woman in a club takes less skill since it’s pretty
common for a woman to expect a guy to chat her
up there, so it’s an experiment any guy can do,
including a total beginner who hasn't even read
any of my materials, whereas approaching
a woman who is equally attractive and in  middle
of walking in the mall might take a bit more
skill to make the whole approach smooth,
and if it’s not done right, the woman might get
a bit startled or creeped out.

But again, even not in a club, the reality is that
you’ll find that women who are very attractive
tend to be friendly and also quite positive in
general. Sure, they might be a bit “spoiled”
by all the attention, but they’re definitely
not interested in making innocent guys feel

Now, on the other hand, and I’m not blaming
them, you’ll see that a lot of times the most
hostile reactions come from women who
are not all that attractive. Which makes sense,
because maybe they’ve been fooled or tricked
or mistreated by some guys in the past.

So they’re more defensive, they’re trying
to protect themselves from getting HURT.

It boils down to the self-concept.

When a person feels they have value, they tend
to feel GOOD. When you feel GOOD, you
want the PARTY to get even BIGGER,
you want MORE good times.

When you feel BAD, you want to be the

Now, how do you think a woman who is
STRIKINGLY beautiful would react to
a negative comment about her?

Most women of this level of beauty will
SEE the behavior for what it is, (an attempt
at manipulating their self-esteem- to lower
it) and at the very least will NOT be attracted
to it.

The reason they won’t be attracted to it, is
because unlike the pick up artist advice b.s.,
these women don’t see it as a sign of the
guy being confident, powerful, and secure,
but rather as the guy being somewhat
damaged in self-esteem.

Now, this doesn’t mean that a guy who IS
feeling secure and high self-esteem has to
kiss UP either, absolutely not. “Kissing up”
means that it’s out of balance, the guy is
behaving in a certain way out of neediness
that he doesn’t even realize is neediness.

What a cool guy does, is he simply IS BURSTING
WITH COOL AWESOME VIBES he is feeling within.

So, what this means is that he’s feeling PLAYFUL,
sexual, feeling the rush of his own testosterone,
his natural masculinity, and he’s not focused on
what SHE thinks of him all that much.

Sure, he ENJOYS the validation but that’s not
his STARTING point internally for why he is
saying the things he is saying to her. He wants
to have FUN, which is far higher up the
ladder of human needs than validation,
he already has the validation taken care of,
as that’s the fundamental rung of the ladder
at the bottom, the foundation.

The reason he’s not focused on how to get
her validation is because he’s already feeling
pretty good, so he’s not needy for her validation.

So what he focuses on is just connecting
who he IS to HER, and who he is…is the
sum total of whatever COOL VIBES/THOUGHTS/
EMOTIONS are going on in inside of him.

In other words, he’s just EXPRESSING
himself, quite randomly the same way
you might with your friends.

So he might be chatting to her about anything
from a cool song or a great tasting slice of pizza!

It’s conveyed through his tonality and his
body language without, but it’s FUELED
by his emotions.

Now, I know that FEELING this is the
challenge in the first place—and the key
to FEELING this way is to start taking
the ACTIONS of how such a person

It’s NOT the path “how to negate her self-esteem”,
which comes from insecurity.

Rather, attraction comes from the taking the path
of destroying one's OWN insecurities, and from
not acting upon insecure impulses. 

This leads to your new frame on the situation,
which is:
REALITY”, and the fact that you know that
your ALREADY cool emotional state is
simply even FURTHER ENHANCED when
the party goes from just one (you) to two (you and her).

At this point, she now wants to also do the
same for YOU, to welcome you to HER world.

So it’s a mutually rewarding experience.

Getting down to brass tacks, what this means
is that you want to be MODELING the way
the most desirable person on the planet would

Notice how the most attractive women, when
it comes to dealing with negative comments
to them, tend to be the KINDEST. So gentle,
in fact, that an entire generation of guys
actually thought that it was the being a JERK
part that got the women friendly, when in
reality it was the woman sensing the guys
and STILL giving the guy a chance!!!!

The PROOF that it’s not attractive is that
if a guy keeps up the jerk act, he ALWAYS
loses the girl. Even the most secure of
women eventually will get fed up with
a guy who just can’t get over his own

So, ironically, some of the best MODELS
to “imitate” so to speak, in terms of
knockout women!

I’m not saying that these women are secure
about everything ELSE in their lives, some
are and some aren’t, but when it comes to
their perspective of value and how this is
reflected in the way they behave when
interacting with men, it’s a GREAT
psychological frame to learn from.

Notice how these women find socializing
FUN in and of itself, for the fun of it,
not because they “need to get phone numbers”
or prove a point.

Notice how these women let crude remarks
made to them usually slide right off their back,
and they will often have a natural impulse to
respond either playfully if they thought it was
a joke, or they will either laugh it off anyway
even if not, or they will just move on to someone
more fun.

They don’t carry a chip on their shoulder
about men, even if some men DID treat
them not so great.

Notice how to a woman who is attractive,
her sense of playfulness is not about seeing
who can lower the other person’s self-esteem,
and notice how their concept of being a
challenge is always FUN, never nasty.

I.E. She might say something like:
“You LOOOOOVE me, I know it!”

“You’ll never find a girl as good as me”

And as opposed to other negative ways
of interacting, such as when some guys
try to make a woman feel insecure by
pointing out flaws she might have.

make all the difference between being
the man, and being a player, or being
a “nice guy”.

The ultimate sign of high value is when
you take the behavior that ONLY a guy
who really feels he is the best could take,
which is often the LAST thing his IMPULSES
are telling him to DO!

To learn the FULL PICTURE of how to attract
the women of your choice and how to not only
CONVEY your value to women, but also how
to RE-WIRE your impulses so that you get
all the RIGHT instincts with women, I suggest
you get my WARRIOR WITHIN program

This program is designed to turn you into
the kind of man that naturally attracts the
most rare women, the women who are
gorgeous inside and out.

It’s at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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All Rights Reserved.

The Assertive Man

One of the key traits that defines a
MAN as opposed to a player or a
“nice guy” is that a MAN is assertive,
a player is manipulative, and a nice
guy is submissive.

The nice guy tends to only get the
few women who happen to feel sorry
for him in a poor puppy kind of way.

The manipulative player type ends up
showing some form of confidence compared
to the nice guy but ultimately his true
colors show and he loses a quality woman.

The MAN however, he’s an expert at driving
through life in the ASSERTIVE lane.

Here’s where people get confused though:
They think that the only way to be assertive
is to be “in your face” or “nasty”, and this
makes it really hard to consistently be
assertive for them.

And yet, being assertive is a MASSIVE factor
in what turns on women, and it’s not only
your being assertive with women, but when
women seeing you being ASSERTIVE with
everyone in your life- including at the workplace,
with your friends, family, associates, etc.

What tends to happen with a lot of good guys
is that at some point in our lives a long time
ago, we learned that it’s better to NOT be
assertive, this way we wouldn’t be considered
a “threat” to the bullies, we wouldn’t get
any undue attention, and we would be more
“submissive” just to get along.

Unfortunately, we often eventually EXPLODE
after years and years of bottling up our own
self-esteem and repressing our own dignity
and even repressing our own desires.

Which ends up causing us to go to the OPPOSITE
extreme and blowing up on the people we feel
are being unfair to us. And when we explode,
our behavior is not seen as assertive, it’s seen
as imbalanced and irrational and nasty.

The real answer is to be more ASSERTIVE in general,
which solves so many problems and prevents the
build-up that can explode later otherwise.

Let me give you an example of a technique
of being more assertive:


In “the broken record” technique, you simply
make sure you know what you want, and you
keep on repeating that every time you hear
the other person saying they want you to do
something else.

This also involves another strategy called
using the “I” statement, because you are
saying it’s YOU who wants or feels something,
thereby taking on full responsibility for how
you feel, and this actually is empowering
because it means you have the right to
express yourself and not have to blame
anyone else for it, and that others should
respect the way you feel.

So here’s how the broken record and the
I statement could work together in a situation:

Let’s say you approach a woman and you chat
and you want to see her again.

Now, you know what you want- you want to
see her again.

Watch how being assertive is actually attractive

You say:
“I enjoyed meeting you. We should meet up.
How’s Tuesday night for some Starbucks and
wonderful conversation with yours truly?”

She says: “Oh, Tuesday night I tutor piano lessons.”

The non assertive guy already feels REJECTED
and then, maybe but not likely, says something,
but it’s very UNSPECIFIC at best, like, “Maybe we can
meet up sometime”.

Being more assertive, he would say:
“I want to see you again. How about before your lesson.”

(Notice the absence of a question mark, it's almost
a STATEMENT rather than a question.)

Or even:

“I want to meet up. How about after?
Tuesday is a great day for me, but if it doesn’t
work by you, then let me know what day does.”

If she says a day that does NOT work for you,
like for example Monday, a non assertive man
might AGREE to it just because he doesn’t want
to displease the woman or lose her, and of course
the fear shows up in subtle ways, so even when
he says “yes” he has actually LOST the woman
because she can tell in his body language that
something has just been given up in terms of
his own dignity.

This PERSISTENCE with a relaxed demeanor
shows CONFIDENCE, it shows that you believe
you have value, it shows also on a subtle level
that you get what you want in life, which is
another sign of a winner. And none of this
is being a jerk.

Similarly, when a woman sees how you deal
with pressure from OTHER people in your
life, it can be a turn on for her to see that you
are assertive with them as well.

So let’s say at work everyone is used to taking
advantage of you helping them with their work,
and asking you to do an unfair amount of work.

One of the things you can do here is again
the broken record:


“Ted, I need you to help me this weekend again
with completing the project.”

You: “I can’t do that, as I have a major family
engagement this weekend”.

“But this is really important, I don’t know what’s
going on.”

"I understand, and I really have a major engagement
this weekend that is going to take all my time.”

You’ll notice that after you keep on STICKING
to your “broken record that keeps repeating.”
they will eventually BREAK and give in.

They may say something like:
“Okay, but can you at least sign these forms
that allow me to use the resource centre this

You: “Yes, I can do that.”

Then they will say thank you, and you’ll say
“you’re welcome.”

Notice how in the above statements, you
were using *I* statements and repeating
like a broken record, sticking to your point.

Here’s another thing:

Once you’ve stated your assertive position,
don’t EXPLAIN it for a half hour.

Instead, seal your lips.

By going on and on explaining yourself, you
are actually WEAKENING the entire assertive
core to your message.

This INCLUDES of course in your interactions
with women when you are in a RELATIONSHIP
as well!

Being assertive never ends, from the moment
you meet her, to long after you are having
wild nights together and beyond.

But the thing is, it’s important to realize that
this is a TRANSFORMATION that must come
GRADUALLY and consistently, with an intelligent
ROAD-MAP for how to go about all this so that
you STICK to the path of becoming The Assertive

Now unlike all the hype out there for everything
from bodybuilding magazines that feature steroid
injected men who claim they got their results
from some workout routine, or the hype out
there from folks who sell pick up artist tactics
and claim they got supermodels from using
pick up artist tactics instead of the real truth
which is that they got nothing of the sort,
what I am teaching you here, as you can see,
actually makes SENSE.

It’s not HYPE.

It’s based on REAL RESEARCH in the real world.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I have MOUNTAINS-FULL of effective strategies
and insights on this topic, including explicit
clear examples of how to apply ALL the
different strategies for skyrocketing your
assertiveness with women all without
coming across as a jerk or arrogant,
and all in a way that feels it’s consistent
with your personality.

To get this, as well as TONS more pure gold on
skyrocketing your success with quality women, I
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This package contains a mighty combination
of special skills that you will use immediately
when approaching women, and you owe it
to yourself to use them to get the woman
of your dreams.

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For now, tomorrow, and for always, BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MANifest "Being The Man"

Today we're going to clear some things up
about what attracts a woman and what

A cool guy sent me an email letting me know
that some people who only read the blog and
who haven't seen or listened to my other material
might not know what I mean by "extremes" in the
world of dating advice.

He also mentioned that it would be cool if
I could remind people of my "rule of thumb"
regarding making playful teases in your
initial approach to a woman.

Cool, I'll do that now then:


Regarding extremes in the world of dating
advice, on one hand there is the famous
John Gray, who wrote "Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus", and gives advice
on love, romance, and relationships. 

Although there is actually much wisdom in his
material, I personally believe that his material
is more useful for when you are already IN a

Until recent years, there was virtually zero
useful information on how to create attraction in
the first place.  In fact, the only experts around
were guys like John Gray, and this contributed
to guys thinking that the only thing they needed
to focus on is the relationship aspect.

So you have guys all around the world who
approach women and from the get-go are
behaving in "relationship skills" mode.

This doesn't mean that a guy will destroy his
chances by acting in this way, but it's not really
the best way to go to create ATTRACTION.

So, on one extreme, you have the John Gray
advice, let's call it the "buy her flowers and
she will appreciate it so much she'll love you"
type of advice.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the
"subtly lower her self esteem so she figures she's
not worth much and now you will seem like a
great catch" advice from the pick up artist
school of thought.

As you can see from my materials, I don't subscribe
to either approach as being the way to go for attracting
a woman, especially if she is sober, and especially
if you want this interaction to lead to her becoming
an actual girlfriend that sticks around.

What I do teach, is how to actually INFUSE
EMOTIONS into her world, and to do this,
ultimately, not through acting, but as a product
of who you ARE.


The second thing I would like to point out, is
that when making a playful tease to a woman,
and I point this out even in my very first book
"The Dating Wizard", is that if a woman can
possibly interpret the tease as being something
TRUE, then it's being done WRONG.

The idea is to make sure that there is no way
on Earth that a woman can be hurt by your
comment, and therefore it's crucial that she
MUST be able to realize that your comment
is a joke and not true.

So, for example, if you are chatting with a woman
who is a medical student or law student who scored
a 95 percentile on her tests, then it's okay to joke
around with her that her mom must be real
disappointed with her. :)

Similarly, if you pretend to be "allergic" to her as
a joke, it's obvious there is no such thing in reality
as being allergic to a person- so she can't be
hurt by this comment.

Humor, by it's very nature, must "rock the boat"
to some degree, but I think we all know there
is a difference between humor DESIGNED
to lower a person's self esteem, and humor
designed to be flirtatious.  

Flirtatious humor and being a challenge is
ATTRACTIVE and warms a woman up.  

On the other hand, making fun of a woman
regarding something that might be real, is
cruel.  What's sad is that many guys are
engaging in this cruel behavior not even
realizing how cruel it is, because they
think this is what they're "supposed" to do.

And of course, most women who have
the slightest bit of self-esteem will catch
on to what is being done to them, and
to put it mildly, they will not be attracted.

In fact, the action of making the nasty
comment is an indication of a man's
lack of confidence, which will only
make him seem even less cool and
will repel a woman from him.

Most communication works on a
subconscious level, and the mind
processes billions of tiny bits of
data instantly.  This is why it's so
hard to "fake" being charismatic
or confident.

The way you feel inside is being MANIFESTED
through subtleties of body language, vocal
inflections, expression on the face, etc.

When a man feels insecure, it's tough enough
to convey being a man without giving yourself
INSTANTLY away through the use of

Similarly, kissing up is another form of over-compensation
for being insecure.

The other thing to keep in mind is that we are
what we think and do.  So if we take the
path of "I will behave the way I would IF
I knew I was worth a lot and IF I felt
great"---if we take THOSE actions
and adopt THOSE behaviors, well then

And the way a man would behave if he KNEW
he was worth a lot, if he KNEW he was desirable,
without being nasty, cruel, or mean in the slightest.

This is how you actually MANIFEST being
"The Man".

And this is how you get her addicted to you in
the most positive, joyous, sexual, and intimate way.

To get the FULL picture, I suggest you get your
hands on my Warrior Within program, at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trust And The Most Destructive Act In Approaching A Woman

The most DESTRUCTIVE thing you can
do when interacting with a woman you just
approached, is to flip her "OH OH, THIS

The INSTANT she feels something is
fishy, it's usually OVER FOR GOOD.

Remember, we're talking about approaching
a woman who is a total stranger here. There
isn't a whole lot of room for error when it
comes to TRUST.

It's not like you have this history with her
where at least if you screw up, she can put
it in some positive context based on other
good things about you that she knows.

She knows NOTHING about you except what
is revealed both intentionally and unintentionally
through your words and body language.

This is something I've known and taught for
a LONG time, it's one of the reasons I've been
against the "pick up artist" fad, because it's
fine to be this pick up artist kind of guy if you're
dealing with a woman who is already drunk and
in a club and absolutely not looking for something
REAL.  She has already made up her mind
she wants to get physical that NIGHT with

In fact, there are women like that who don't
WANT anything more, and for THOSE
women, the pick up artist style approach
makes sense.

In that context, it's all about the PARTY and
getting physical with SOME guy that NIGHT.

However, when you're looking to get a real girlfriend,

This is also why I like to say the best "pick up" is
the one that wasn't THERE. In other words,
when dealing with most situations where you
meet a woman, for something real, the interaction
is not about being a "pick up", it's about getting
to the deeper layers of knowing her and her
knowing you, all in as efficient a manner as
possible, since after all, you usually only
have a few minutes in the typical situation
where you approach a woman as a stranger

That is, you only have a few minutes
to get the job done RIGHT, and once
you do it right, she will very often
be glad to keep ON chatting to you
right then and there.

This is why I have always advised
guys when approaching women to
try to approach ALONE, without
a 'wingman' buddy. Not only do you
not want a woman to see you with some
'wingman' lest she think that this
whole interaction is some kind of
SPORT and not real, (which triggers
but also for your own sense of empowerment
it helps to be able to rely on yourself.

The only thing a buddy is useful for
is for providing motivation at times,
or if she is with a friend at a club,
to provide someone for her friend to
talk to while you go alone with the
girl you're interested in.

However, most of the time, when meeting
women in regular life and regular places
like coffee shops or bookstores, etc,
during the day or evening, it's best
that you do it alone.

Besides, most of the time, in regular day
to day life situatons where she is at the
bank, bookstore, etc, she is alone as
well, and it doesn't increase the comfort
or trust level for her, having two guys
approaching one woman, that's for sure!

You want to do EVERYTHING to keep things
as NORMAL as possible. When it comes
to talking to a woman who is a complete
stranger, right out of the blue, trying to
keeps things as normal as possible and
attract her in SECONDS is where the
SKILL comes in.

I'd like to mention here that all
of my programs from day ONE are
still available and still work.

They aren't TRENDS.
They WORK and have stood the test of TIME.

That's because I don't promote strategies that
DESTROY trust over time.

Things like sugar-coated insults to women
that are designed to lower their self-esteem.
Most women could detect this thing right away
anyway, and certainly now after the publicity of
them in pick up artist books, even women living
under a rock have wisened up to these "strategies"
by men to lower women's self-esteem so that the
women will be vulnerable.

And things like memorizing routines to say
to a woman have become out of date, whereas
from day one I have been teaching how to be
able to improvise and be spontaneous in ANY
situation you meet a woman.

I do not believe in boasting or bragging.
I do believe in clarity, however.

And I can honestly tell you that
this is the reason that my students
don't get the "SKETCHY GUY ALERT"
signals from women, because my
strategies are about GENUINELY

I've publicly taken guys out to meet
women who are total strangers, and
the crazy part of all this, is that
my methods actually work EVEN in
clubs!!! This is documented in the
Toronto Star, you can check it out

When it comes to getting a quality
woman, for REAL, as a real girlfriend,
I am the AUTHORITY on the subject.

And my latest, most powerful program,
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This program is the 'Real McCoy'.
It's not about tricking women or being immature
or trying to lower their self-esteem.

It will give you the kind of success
with women that LASTS.

There is nothing sinister to be found
in it, and in fact this program will
INCREASE not only the attraction, but
also the TRUST between you and a woman
you meet.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

How To Attract A Woman Using ONLY Your VOICE

Ever wonder if there's a way to
attract a woman BEYOND the words
that you say?

What if you didn't have to worry
about "what to say" and could STILL
attract her no matter WHAT you said?

Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

Well, I promise you, scientific research
backs up the fact that when you make
your voice more MASCULINE, you are
perceived as MORE attractive, to the
point that most women will even feel
that you might have too many OPTIONS
with women and might CHEAT on them!!

I've been speaking about the power
of using your voice for a while now,
just click here for a video link
where I explain this in greater

It's now even being backed up with more
evidence! Today, a cool friend and client
sent me an article from the newspaper
(, dated Friday,
March 4, 2011, by Wade Hemsworth,
so it's NEW, not like some out of
date report!)

The article speaks about fidelity
and tone but the KEY point in this
article is that it ALSO CONFIRMS the
power of lowering your pitch when
chatting with women!

As demonstrated in the above video,
however, it's not just about speaking
with a lower pitch. Success in attracting
a woman is  also about the EMOTIONS
she detects in your tonality, including
upbeatness, dominance, and sensuality.

Now, I know that even after this,
you might still want more so that
you have an even GREATER EDGE by
gaining TOTAL MASTERY of the skill
of approaching, attracting, and
keeping a woman.

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For always, BE THE MAN.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Women Need Masculine Men

with the skills to create a DEEP LEVEL
CONNECTION, is what attracts a woman
and turns her into a fantastic girlfriend who
will be loyal to you to the ultimate level.

Since 2003, I have been focused on
helping men RECLAIM the power
of being a MAN.

In fact, in my book, "The Dating Wizard:
Secrets to Success With Women", the term
"THE MAN" appears tons of times. 

It's the ESSENCE, if you will, of the book. 

What do I mean by “THE MAN”?

I mean being everything that a man is
NATURALLY, before he got brainwashed
by too much modern culture over the past
several decades.

Before then, man's natural sense of masculinity
was pretty much the same since the BEGINNING
of TIME.

Yes, it's nice we have become more
civilized and moved out of the caves,
but that doesn't mean that there aren't
certain PRIMAL elements of masculinity

Pretending that we aren't men only serves
to WEAKEN a woman's attraction to us.

In order for a woman to feel FEMININE and to
feel attracted, then on the deepest, most primal level
she must sense that you are "the yin" to her "yang",

This is polarity working in your favor.
The more masculine you are, the more feminine she feels.

She must sense MASCULINITY in you in a RAW
visceral sense.

This is why it’s so important in our MODERN
culture to NOT be swayed by media or images
or politically correct mentalities that tell men
that men and women are THE SAME.

Women are INDEED worth EVERY BIT

And they deserve every last iota of respect
that any man does.

But men and women are not “IDENTICAL” IN THE SENSE

In fact, a society that does not SEPARATE
the concepts of MASCULINITY AND
FEMININITY actually ROBS both men
AND women of the joy of sexuality.

Now, it's hard to argue with the entire
HUMAN HISTORY backing up these

Everything has changed in the past few
decades. Before that, however, and in
fact since the beginning of RECORDED
HUMAN HISTORY, the concepts of
masculinity and femininity were clearly
defined in every culture.

It's ALWAYS been important to separate
and define the MASCULINE vs. the FEMININE.

In the past, this was always clear.

to preach masculinity.  Instead you must be
one of the few men who know the SECRET
of how important it is to actually BE masculine
even though we keep being told as men to
REPRESS our masculinity.

You must KNOW it and PRACTICE it, even
in the face of politically correct hogwash that
says men and women should act exactly the

Women expect a man to know that modern
politically correct talk about men and women
behaving identically is HOGWASH.

Women don't want you to act the same as them!!

And they don't want to have to TEACH a man
that he needs to be more masculine.

If a man doesn't understand that a woman wants
her man to be masculine, she won't TEACH the
guy, she'll just avoid him in any sexual sense.

More than ever, men and women are ALLOWED
to be with each other, however at the same time
there is LESS attraction than ever!  The same
forces that say men and women are the same
and TECHNICALLY allow men and women
to be with each other, are also the forces that
DILUTE the sexual fire of desire between men
and women.

Here are some ways that men and women are
blurring the distinctions between the genders:

Women these days are trying to be men in terms
of trying to act "like one of the boys" sexually.
Most men tend to encourage this, thinking this is
fun or cool, not realizing this is destructive.

Many men are also trying to act like women,
thinking that this shows "sensitivity and niceness".

And many men are trying to attract women by
being "politically correct" and non-sexual.

The distinctions between men and women's
roles has become blurred, and it's not helping
men or women at all.

It's the CONTRAST between male and female
that creates the SEXUAL FIRE OF DESIRE
between men and women.

If men and women were TOO SIMILAR,
there would be NO EROTIC FIRE.

This is ALSO what I mean about being

The more YOU are THE MAN, the more
a woman feels like she is A WOMAN.

And trust me, one of the finest sexual compliments
you can ever get from a woman is “you made me
feel like a woman” or “you brought out the woman
in me”.

When a woman IS feeling ATTRACTED
to a man, she becomes like a little girl around
that guy, until she gets in bed, of course, and
then she becomes a WOMAN.

And there is no way in HELL that any
woman is going to feel THAT when a
guy acts like he is exactly like her,
as if he is another woman, just happening
to have a male organ on him.

In fact, that’s the whole IDEA of "Clark
Kent", is that his BEHAVIOR is so
NOT "THE MAN" in the movies, that
in real life this kind of NON-MASCULINE
behavior makes the part of a woman’s
brain that is responsible for PRIMAL
URGES, to “FORGET” that he is a man.

So she feels nothing sexual for "Clark Kent".

in being a MAN around a woman who is FEMININE,
and there is an instinctive primal pleasure for a woman
to be around a man who is MASCULINE.

All else is hogwash!

So when I say BE THE MAN, I mean
be MASCULINE in every way.

It should show in your authority and tonality
when you open up the conversation with her.

It should show in your decisiveness,
in your leading the interaction, and
it should even show in your sense
of humor.

It should even show in your style of
clothing and accessories.

And it should show in the way you get
"physically intimate" with her. This doesn't
mean that you have to be an "animal" all the
time, and there is a time for being tender
with her in bed, but DEFINITELY you want
to be outgoing and primal in bed with her
as well.

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Michael Marks

Samples From The DVD Program "Warrior Within":

Plus, Check Out This Sample From My Book "Get A Great Girl"
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Sample From The Book "Get A Great Girl"


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CIA Tactics And Attracting Women?

In my very first book, The Dating Wizard,
which came out in 2003, I speak about,
amongst other dating strategies, controlling
your body language to show that you are
totally confident and calm.

One example, was the concept that if
people are nervous, they end up SHOWING
this through their actions. The technical
term for this is "leaking", the nervous
body energy is "leaking" through tapping
the foot against the ground, tapping
a finger against the table, etc, etc.

This is known as being "INCONGRUENT".
Incongruency is when things don't match up,
when things are inconsistent, which signifies
there is a problem or a lie being told.

The person might SAY he is all that, but
his ACTIONS say otherwise.

So, just to give an example, if the
CIA (or any other self-respecting
intelligence or security agency) was
questioning someone, and the person
was "leaking" this way, it would be
one powerful sign that this person
may be telling a LIE.

Now, learning to control your body language
is a cool thing.

But it's even MORE important to use this
information to spot a woman who is NO GOOD,
who is telling you a lie, etc, etc.

I think it's important that men learn
how to protect themselves from being
turned into a "sucker" by any woman.

So you can use these strategies to spot out
a woman who is being dishonest to you.

In that book, I go on to also teach how
to BECOME the kind of man that does all
the right things by INSTINCT, so that
you don't have to play games with women.

In my Attraction Mastery program, I go
into advanced levels on every single attraction
strategy, trust strategy, etc. This is an important
level to master, because before you can break
the rules, you need to KNOW the rules.

Ultimately though, attracting a woman is
NOT the same thing as being an FBI agent
or CIA agent or learning how to cover
up any "leaks" you may be showing, or
how to "manipulate her" to get her to
TRUST you.

Because I promise you, you can NEVER
change another human being. You can only
change YOURSELF, and that's hard enough.
You can make YOURSELF the coolest version
of yourself possible, and THAT is attractive.

This "manipulation" stuff works SHORT TERM,
so if you're trying to catch a criminal,
that's fine. If you're looking for a one
night stand, that's fine.

But if you're looking for a real quality
GIRLFRIEND for a great relationship,
you can TOTALLY FORGET about trying
to succeed with the games and tactics
of manipulation. TIME will show the
truth about everything, and the lies
and tactics and manipulation will
then be the DESTRUCTION of everything
GOOD you've built up with this woman.

Ultimately, at the highest level, with
a woman who IS a great woman, who IS
trustworthy, is the concept of building
ever greater INTIMACY.

Intimacy is more than just trust, it's
when a man and woman open up their CORE
to each other and are totally secure
with it, that the other person will
cherish and respect their core, and
THIS takes a very different attitude
than being an FBI or CIA agent or
anything else like that.

And THAT is the reason "Get A Great Girl"
the book was born, with its advanced follow-up
"The Warrior Within" DVD Series program.

Get A Great Girl and Warrior Within is about
being able to not only meet and detect a quality
woman, but also to take things to the HIGHEST
POSITIVE level with her, a level that is LIGHT
YEARS ABOVE the "interrogation" or "acting"
tactics that form the majority of "the games"
that most men unsuccessfully use to try to
meet women.

If you are serious about getting a great woman
in your life, I suggest you get my Warrior Within
program today. It's the most comprehensive,
advanced program on the planet for getting
and keeping a quality woman.

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Michael Marks