Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CIA Tactics And Attracting Women?

In my very first book, The Dating Wizard,
which came out in 2003, I speak about,
amongst other dating strategies, controlling
your body language to show that you are
totally confident and calm.

One example, was the concept that if
people are nervous, they end up SHOWING
this through their actions. The technical
term for this is "leaking", the nervous
body energy is "leaking" through tapping
the foot against the ground, tapping
a finger against the table, etc, etc.

This is known as being "INCONGRUENT".
Incongruency is when things don't match up,
when things are inconsistent, which signifies
there is a problem or a lie being told.

The person might SAY he is all that, but
his ACTIONS say otherwise.

So, just to give an example, if the
CIA (or any other self-respecting
intelligence or security agency) was
questioning someone, and the person
was "leaking" this way, it would be
one powerful sign that this person
may be telling a LIE.

Now, learning to control your body language
is a cool thing.

But it's even MORE important to use this
information to spot a woman who is NO GOOD,
who is telling you a lie, etc, etc.

I think it's important that men learn
how to protect themselves from being
turned into a "sucker" by any woman.

So you can use these strategies to spot out
a woman who is being dishonest to you.

In that book, I go on to also teach how
to BECOME the kind of man that does all
the right things by INSTINCT, so that
you don't have to play games with women.

In my Attraction Mastery program, I go
into advanced levels on every single attraction
strategy, trust strategy, etc. This is an important
level to master, because before you can break
the rules, you need to KNOW the rules.

Ultimately though, attracting a woman is
NOT the same thing as being an FBI agent
or CIA agent or learning how to cover
up any "leaks" you may be showing, or
how to "manipulate her" to get her to
TRUST you.

Because I promise you, you can NEVER
change another human being. You can only
change YOURSELF, and that's hard enough.
You can make YOURSELF the coolest version
of yourself possible, and THAT is attractive.

This "manipulation" stuff works SHORT TERM,
so if you're trying to catch a criminal,
that's fine. If you're looking for a one
night stand, that's fine.

But if you're looking for a real quality
GIRLFRIEND for a great relationship,
you can TOTALLY FORGET about trying
to succeed with the games and tactics
of manipulation. TIME will show the
truth about everything, and the lies
and tactics and manipulation will
then be the DESTRUCTION of everything
GOOD you've built up with this woman.

Ultimately, at the highest level, with
a woman who IS a great woman, who IS
trustworthy, is the concept of building
ever greater INTIMACY.

Intimacy is more than just trust, it's
when a man and woman open up their CORE
to each other and are totally secure
with it, that the other person will
cherish and respect their core, and
THIS takes a very different attitude
than being an FBI or CIA agent or
anything else like that.

And THAT is the reason "Get A Great Girl"
the book was born, with its advanced follow-up
"The Warrior Within" DVD Series program.

Get A Great Girl and Warrior Within is about
being able to not only meet and detect a quality
woman, but also to take things to the HIGHEST
POSITIVE level with her, a level that is LIGHT
YEARS ABOVE the "interrogation" or "acting"
tactics that form the majority of "the games"
that most men unsuccessfully use to try to
meet women.

If you are serious about getting a great woman
in your life, I suggest you get my Warrior Within
program today. It's the most comprehensive,
advanced program on the planet for getting
and keeping a quality woman.

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For now, and for always – BE THE MAN.

Michael Marks

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