Friday, May 25, 2012

Can You Attract Women By Being Yourself?

A lot of men want to know if it's really
possible to attract women by being
'themselves' instead of ACTING in a way
that they think women like but is not
really the men being their real selves.

And it seems even MORE confusing to men,
when they try to FOLLOW this 'be yourself'
advice, and then find they are NOT GETTING
the results they want.

So let me clear all this up.

Attraction is about COMBINING the concept
of being YOURSELF while ALSO doing all the
right things that trigger attraction.

The WAY to do this is to UNDERSTAND
the deeper meaning behind any particular
concept or strategy of attraction, instead
of just following attraction strategies
like a robot.

So, for example, the concept of STANDING
OUT from the crowd is important, but you
want to do it in a way that is still
consistent with your identity.

If you're not into rock, don't wear
an AC/DC T-Shirt and try to get a
scruffy look and motorcycle just to
look cool.

The truth is, you could be wearing an
x-MEN t-shirt if THAT is something that
is consistent with your identity.

Similarly, the concept of DOMINANCE and
being assertive is not something that
has no boundaries, no limits, or no finesse.

There's a TIME for dominance, and a time
to chill out.  Similarly, there's a TIME
to be playful, and a time to get down
to the 'adult' stuff of making love.

Don't force the wrong action at the
wrong time.

If you're a really laid-back kind of guy,
then your dominance will be all about
making the few times that you are really
dominant COUNT. 

So let's say you're with a woman in a club,
and she's really into you, and you just KNOW
that this is the time to leave with her, so you
don't ASK her, instead you just TELL HER with
absolute clarity, conviction, and DOMINANCE:
"Let's get outta here", and you take her by the hand
and lead her out.

Same thing when if you meet a woman at a place
like a bookstore or coffee shop, maybe you can't
LEAVE with her at that moment, but if the chat
is going really well, you can just tell her with
confidence, "Write down your number here",
or give her your cell phone and tell her to enter
her number in it.

Maybe you won't be dominant as FREQUENTLY but
you will still be dominant when it COUNTS,
and it will be consistent with your identity.

If you're a more serious kind of guy, then
your playfulness might have a sarcastic or
darker tone, and make it part of your unique
VIBE, but you will STILL have moments of

One timely example of a guy who women loved
who was totally HIMSELF was the recent
winner of a show called 'American Idol.'

And it's not the fact he won a MUSIC show
that is my point, but the fact he WON OVER
the female voters when there were plenty
of other guys they could have voted for who
may have seemed like more "obvious" choices.

The winner, a guy named Philip Phillips,
was not the best in ANY category, including
even his VOICE (he himself said this, that
he didn't have the best voice), except for
ONE category:


There were plenty of other guys in the
contest that women could have responded
to based on the other guys' looks or

But every single thing Philip did, from
the way he dressed, to the way he sang,
to the kinds of messages in his music,
to the way he spoke and made comments
and answered questions, was always
completely true to himself.

And by the way, in many ways he was a
'nice guy' (actually a GOOD GUY), but he
actually showed he was ultimately more
SELF-SECURE than the others by showing
he didn't need to put on an ACT.

He was never arrogant, never all caught
up in trying to tell everyone why he
is so great--in other words, just like
the rule in interacting with women,

Same thing with women- NEVER try to
prove your worth in ways that you KNOW
deep down you would NOT do, if you
ALREADY KNEW she was crazy in love
with you.

It's when guys are INSECURE about their
value that they do things like try to
show off some kind of car, connection,
job, status, fame, etc.

And all that is an INSTANT turn-off.
Everything Philip did expressed consistency
with his real identity, and women could
SENSE this, they felt they were connecting
to his REAL self, not some ACT.

Now, if it's so easy to be yourself, then
why do so FEW men do this with women?

The answer is that learning to be YOURSELF
when you are INTERACTING with women
that you are attracted to is actually a skill in
itself.  It's a MAJOR skill.

Then, learning to best PROJECT that self
through your choices in HOW you talk,
WHAT you talk about, how you incorporate
STYLE into your wardrobe, and how you pay
attention to her, is all PART of the skill of not
just being yourself with women,  but of
EFFECTIVELY conveying that self to women.

So you can be yourself in a way that does
not EFFECTIVELY convey the truth about who
you are, or you can be yourself in a way
that DOES effectively convey who you are,
or you can do what MOST people do, which
is put on an ACT.

You'll find that in my programs, I teach
you strategies that allow you to integrate
your REAL IDENTITY into them, as I don't
force you to learn pick up lines, I don't
force you to try to act like a clown,
I don't try to turn you into some
CARICATURE of what is 'cool'.

And of course, in my private one-on-one
BOOTCAMP, I am there to TOTALLY customize
your training, in real time, so that you
are IMMEDIATELY doing all the right things
on women while simultaneously being true
to yourself.

And the truth is, that being yourself is
a HUGE PLUS in attracting women, because
it helps you establish MUCH GREATER
connection with women.  The worst thing
is when a woman senses you are somehow
putting on an ACT, as this not only
DESTROYS THE TRUST, but it also makes
her think that the guy was too INSECURE
to be himself.

So, in closing, the key is to BE YOURSELF with
women, while ALSO doing ALL THE RIGHT
ATTRACTIVE ACTIONS when interacting with

I'd love to be the one to teach you all
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attract Women With Style, Emotion, And Sexual Security

LOTS of crucial points to cover today,
all immediately relevant when it comes
to approaching and attracting women.


You know, it's AMAZING the power of
style, which includes everything from
the way you dress, your hairstyle,
your clothing, your accessories,
even the way you decorate your room.

But for now, let me focus on how
you actually present your PHYSICAL
self through clothing and accessories.

I find it BIZARRE as heck that guys
will not take ADVANTAGE of the fact that
we are living in a society that ALLOWS
you to dress HOWEVER THE HECK YOU WANT!!!!

I mean, this is CRAZY powerful.
You have no CLUE how powerful.
When I was in these private strict
schools as a kid, they DIDN'T LET US
where what we wanted.

There was a REASON for this, and it's
because they wanted to QUASH independence
of thought, they wanted to QUASH the
POWER of emotion that can be released
through COOL style.

Clothing and your grooming and style is 99%
of what people SEE on you!

You can CONTROL 99% of the visual!

Doesn't it make SENSE to USE this power????

Listen, I'm not telling you to go dress up
as BATMAN, or SPIDER-MAN, but the
fact is that YOU can have the exact
SAME EFFECT psychologically on others
just as in the reality of movies and comic
books, the COSTUME of the hero

Women do this in REALITY all the time!!!!
Have you ever seen the SAME woman
in two different hairstyles, clothing styles,
accessories, boots/shoes, and she looked

I HAVE, and I can swear to you, it's

As a man, you can still be TOTALLY masculine
and learn to use the power of STYLE and clothing
and accessories to do a MULTITUDE of things.

You can use it to enhance the SEXUAL vibe you are oozing.

You can use it to enhance your looks.

You can use it to ooze the vibe that you are
not seeking approval from anyone. You can use
it to ooze PLAYFUL and FUN vibes.

And a lot more, as well.

For me to go into all the details of style
would be beyond the scope of a newsletter,
but AWARENESS is still a huge thing
as well, so you now KNOW this is
CRUCIALLY important.

When you go out shopping, go to AS
POSSIBLE. See what is out there,
and get OUT of your comfortable
rut, if you are in one. If you always
go to the same store and get the same
clothing, then go to TEN TOTALLY
you are normally used to.

And if you feel WEIRD in a different
store/style, first ask yourself if that
is simply because the clothing you
are currently "comfortable" in is
really "you", or is it the "you" that
you have been CONDITIONED to
accept? Does your clothing right now
"fit in" real well to your environment
in a BORING way? How would you
dress if you felt AWESOME? If you
wanted to REFLECT that GREAT vibe

And by the way, this doesn't mean to
OVERDRESS either. And in fact,
there are times when I dress very
casually, when the situation CALLS
for it.

You have to use your head and think
about the environment, and where
you are going, and what the vibe is
there, and who you are going to be
speaking with, and you have to think
about your role in that situation.

There is soooo much more on the topic of
style/clothing/accessories, which of
I cover in depth in my advanced materials,
so for now, let's move on:


Although EVERY ASPECT of success
when it comes to attraction, pick-up,
and powerful emotional connection,
ALL boils down to creating emotions,
including of course the role of clothing
and accessories and style mentioned
above, what I ESPECIALLY am
referring to here is the INITIAL
BLAST you have to make when
STARTING the interaction with
a total stranger.

Although you don't want to SHOCK
a woman or scare her in that first second
you say something to her, so for that
reason it's often good to starting for a brief
instant with something that is impossible
for her to feel weird about, you must
otherwise she will start to THINK.

A woman THINKING is a bad thing,
when it comes to the first few moments

You see, once she starts THINKING
about the whole thing, her CULTURALLY
enforced conditioning kicks in, and that
condition says DO NOT MAKE IT

Even if she wants to get picked up, she feels
she MUST act a little hard to get.
She feels it's her duty as a woman.

However, if she is FEELING GOOD
EMOTIONS, she will not be thinking
very much at all. She can't think of
you BADLY since you are in fact
making her feel GOOD. It's as
simple as that.

You ever have that with a girl?
Where you were a bit pissed at her, and
you wanted to be mad at her, and then
she starts touching you, kissing you, and
you start to forget why you were pissed ;)

Of course, if she did something
REALLY bad to you, you would
not change your mood, but if it was
something small and you know you
have done things too, you WILL forget
and not even care. It's the same thing
here, the woman at first is conditioned
to think that PICK UP IS BAD! But if
deep down, you are making her feel
good, she FORGETS all that crap and
just wants to KEEP GETTING MORE

Most guys when they start an interaction
with a woman they want to pick-up,
the mistake they are making is that
they are coming in to the whole
conversation in a way that allows
the woman to THINK.

Much better to get her LAUGHING.
Laughter is an emotion.

To be honest, I've used all kinds of
emotions besides laughter, and they
all work, from intrigue to shock,
but the thing is LAUGHTER is something
that I think we all need more of, and
ALSO laughter, or even just feeling good,
is in my experienced opinion a fantastic
link to the sexual state. So you don't
need to get a woman laughing hard,
but just feeling good and chuckling
can be just as powerful and sometimes
even more so.

If you COMBINE getting her laughing with
ALSO coming across in a way that oozes
your VALUE and CONFIDENCE, you
are hitting her brain up with FEELING
good and also with FEELING ATTRACTION
to you, which work TOTALLY TOGETHER

This is one reason why PLAYFULLY,
(and NOT maliciously) teasing a girl
is so powerful. It gets her laughing,
and it shows you are not walking
on glass or putting her on a pedestal,
and yet you are in a way treating her
special still, because she instinctively
this is actually a cool guy hitting on her,
so it's kind of a compliment at the
same time to her, because he IS
showing he is interested by this!

In my programs, I explain in depth
exactly how to develop this sense
of humor so that you can come up

And also, remember, ANY powerful
and cool emotion will work. So
for example, if you notice something
about the situation or what the woman
is wearing where you can honestly give
an INTRIGUING perspective that
will get her emotional, it's just
as cool. The only difference is that
you have to make sure to then
shift to sexual state in a few
minutes or you can get stuck
in the opening stage of the
conversation where all you
are is a friend. So you just
let your tonality slow-w-w down
and become more sexual and
"kinesthetic" and your expression
and thoughts actually change. She
instinctively senses all this, and it
helps lead her into this state as well.

And IF during the first couple of minutes
of the interaction, while you are keeping
things FUN and EMOTIONALLY driven,
all the while you are still being MASCULINE,
IF she tries to shut you down with any
comment such as "Are you crazy?" or
"Do you do this to all the girls?" the
SOLUTION is NOT to answer her logically,
the solution is to GET HER FEELING
as opposed to thinking.

If you respond to this kind of thing from
her with a really long-winded answer,
you are only reinforcing her fears.

MOST OF THE TIME, the girl is NOT really
trying to be mean at all when she says
something like, "Do you do this to all
the girls?"

She is simply doing her thing out of reflex
cautious conditioning.

And she has a reflex response to ALL
the "thinking logical answers" you can
give, as she's had lots of practice with
that. What she DOESN'T have is a way to
fight EMOTION. So you can ignore her
statement and just say anything interesting
or funny, or you could answer her statement,
but in a way that gets her LAUGHING.

i.e. She asks:
"Are you crazy?"
Your response, said with a playful smirk:
"What makes you so crazy about guys that are crazy?"

She says:
"Is that a line you use on all the girls?"

Now, in a place like a bookstore, I would give a
direct quick answer, the more brief, the better.

Something like: "Actually, no.  But I was 
interested in learning more about you."

BOOM, end of that, and ON to actually
having a meaningful conversation and
getting to KNOW her. 

Now, if I can also sense that her initial comments
were PLAYFUL, and especially if this was also
in a CLUB atmosphere, I would go playful  as the 

Smiling and oblivious:
"Did you see the two girls fighting outside over
the guy with the pink pants????!! The whole group
looked like a cartoon, the girls were wearing purple
pants with red stripes and they looked like twins!
I do want the orange shirt though."

Give her the full 'movie' experience!
Laughter, intrigue, adrenaline, drama.

You don't have to do this for long, just
enough to blast through any initial moments
of her "cautious alarms".

But the thing is, once you yourself start to
get the hang of this, you suddenly start
to realize that you have been experiencing
the world in dull lifelessness, and that
NOW you are actually enjoying the full
INTENSITY of emotion yourself.
And THIS makes you add so much more
VIBE to EVERYTHING you do, including
even when it's time to go into "a real
conversation". You can actually learn
how to make the rapport and deeper
connection stage of the interaction
MEANINGFUL and emotionally
relevant for both of you in a natural

In other words:
and you adjust these different aspects
of your states much like you might
do with an graphic equalizer on
a stereo, as you the pick-up unfolds.

And to do all this, you CAN'T BE
THINKING TOO MUCH, you instead
must be FEELING, you have to BE
in state. 

The irony of much of this "game" of
attraction is that at first, you have to
think about things to become aware
of what you are doing wrong and to
realize that you have to STOP thinking
so much and to develop new habits
that focus FEELING the vibe and being
in a specific combination of great states.

But again, to pull this off, you have to
BE FEELING, and not focusing on
THINKING.   When I am training
guys live in person, I will give them
feedback and correct things, but
I will also go for long stretches
where I will hold back feedback
until later, because I want a guy
behind him, and he can't do that
if every second I am giving him
logical feedback and he has to
keep on THINKING.

Meanwhile, I am taking careful observation
so when it comes time for feedback, I can
make it as useful as possible.  

So, before you go out to pick-up any
women, definitely, think about what
you should be doing, get the insights,
and have a general game-plan.

But then, once you leave your home
and you are out there chatting to women,
it's time to let that stuff go and let whatever
was absorbed do it's thing, and then SHUT
OFF all thinking and instead focus on
just being in the right STATE. 

And as far as the best ways to do THAT,
that is another huge topic, but for now
just realize that you DON'T WANT
to be there trying to do pick-up while
running a list of things in  your head
that you think you should be doing
for success with this woman, as if you
were a robot.

It doesn't work that way.  

It's important also to FULLY realize
that women are JUST as sexual as
men, the MAIN difference is that
women tend to not be as OVERT
about in the initial interaction and

But you have to REALIZE that
women don't need to be as overt

Now, don't get the wrong idea and
think that every woman is trying
to jump you, but what I AM saying
is that if a woman is being OPEN
to your pick-up, if she is smiling
a lot, if she is TRYING to help
you along and YES, women often
DO try to help you, once you have
attracted them, they will often HELP
you pick them up, by providing
excuses to keep the convo up, by
trying to contribute to the convo, etc.

A lot of this entire thing called "attraction"
happens in a MICROSECOND.
A TON of things are all happening at ONCE.

You need to get all THIS stuff right.
This stuff will go a MASSIVE way to solving
tons of what would otherwise be "issues"
down the process of the "courtship".

And if all that stuff that has to be
done properly in the first INSTANT
and first few moments is NOT done,
then it's usually going to be MASSIVE
work taking very advanced skills to
fix the situation and the guy would
be better off just going to the next
woman and doing it right with HER.
And that might even get the first
woman interested again.

What IS important besides the initial
"attraction burst" is a deep understanding
of the elements of bonding and connection
and rapport. My Warrior Within program is
EXCEPTIONAL for this, and includes MUCH
more as well, and it's at:

The key is to use this deep understanding
and apply it in its own way to each conversation,
as each conversation will be slightly different,
as each woman is slightly different.

Getting back to our point that women are
MASSIVELY sexual beings, you should be
able to read the basic signals- not the
crazy stuff you see out there about
"decoding women's signs of interest in you"
but rather from that look in her eyes, that
smile, that tone in her voice, you can tell
it ALL. It's important that you pick up
on these signals, because women will not
scream it out to you. Of course, once
you get attuned to it, it WILL seem
like she IS screaming it out to you,
figuratively speaking.


I just had to include this as I've seen this
so often at clubs where people have stuff
like bachelorette parties or birthday parties,
etc. Often, groups of friends go out, and
the guy and his girlfriend are out at the
club with their friends. Sometimes, it's
impossible to know who's single and
who's not in these environments, and
who's who's fiancée, etc. It's a social
environment and people are socializing.

Anyway, what I notice often happens,
is that the guy who's the boyfriend/fiancée
or whatever, he comes up to the girl
when he seems some guy chatting to
her, and HE immediately gets all
clingy, kissing her, hugging her,
and basically TOTALLY REACTING
to the idea of some guy chatting to
his girlfriend. Now, I can understand
this, but I can also say that it's totally
the wrong move. The guy is NOT
being natural, he would NOT have
kissed her and acted all huggy, he
simply did it out of sudden insecurity.

I notice that NONE of these times,
does the GIRL inititate the kissing,
hugging, and the sudden clinginess.
This doesn't mean the girl is not
in love with her boyfriend, it doesn't
mean she is a terrible person, but
it DOES mean that she felt no need
for it, whereas HE did. Why?
Because HE is insecure at that point,
not her.

And acting out of insecurity is never cool.
What happens is he actually LOSES
attraction from the girl, PLUS she will
USE this in the future when she wants
to get her way with him. Since she knows
he will "LOVE HER MORE" when he
feels INSECURE, she will know that she
just has to make him insecure and or
jealous and she will get her way.

Much better to instead, come over
and tease her playfully. Tell the guy
who was chatting to her that she is
"such a pain in the ass!". And then,
the best thing after saying this
would be to give her a devilish
look and playfully spank her butt!

THIS says all the right vibes, it
says that you noticed some guy
was talking to her, and that
you came over because you are
"her man", but it ALSO says
that you are SECURE and TOTALLY
confident that she loves you
and values you. And it also
heightens the sexual tension
just the right amount.

THAT will get HER laughing and
shocked at the same time, and is much
more likely to lead to HER getting
all clingy and kissy and huggy lol.

If you've enjoyed what you've just read,
I assure you this is just a GLIMPSE of
a whole other UNIVERSE when it
comes to the skill of attracting the
very best of women.

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attracting women who are total strangers, I suggest
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Michael Marks

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Crucial: Detecting A Woman's CHARACTER

There are two main aspects of the entire
topic of attracting women that have
always been the most COMPELLING to me.

The first is the actual SKILL and ART
of the pick-up itself.

To be able to go out, anytime, anywhere,
wherever there are women, even if they
are total strangers, and be able to
meet them and attract them is just

It's like having the most awesome video
game you've ever dreamed of, and suddenly

It's just unbelievably cool.

The SECOND element that is massively compelling
to me is REFINING this skill ESPECIALLY for
detecting, approaching, and attracting the
kind of amazing women who would make for
GREAT girlfriends.

The kind of women who are fun, who are trustworthy,
warm, loyal and kind, yet also challenging and

It's a completely INDEPENDENT art to also learn
how to DETECT the right kind of woman BEFORE
you get in "too deep", so that you can spare
yourself form getting your heart torn to shreds,
and before being taken advantage of mentally,
emotionally, or financially.

This element, the "detecting and attracting of
QUALITY women" is absolutely VITAL.

So today, I would like to share with you a
video on a crucial component of detecting a
quality woman.

Here it is:

For my most in-depth strategies on detecting a quality woman,
as well as on BECOMING the kind of man that naturally attracts
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Mastering Positive Pick-Up: FREE Seminar

The term 'picking up women' was not always
loaded with so much negativity.  It's all
happened in recent years thanks to unscrupulous

In the 1970's the term "picking up women"
was a fairly innocent concept. Men just
wanted to meet women, and tried various
things to succeed.  

I'm sure there were just as many manipulative,
sleazy people around then as there are today,
however the ART of the pick-up was not nearly
as discussed as it is today.

It was not nearly as COMMERCIALIZED as it
has become today. 

With hyper-marketing, often comes the destruction
of everything honest.  In the effort to get
people's attention, the claims keep getting
bigger, and the deceits and frauds keep
getting bigger as well.  It gets to the point
that you can't even trust what you read,
what you see on videos, you can't trust
almost ANYTHING till you have tried it yourself.   

It might simply be that there was no NEED
in the 70's to make such a big deal about
pick-up, as men in general had a lot more
power and also there weren't nearly as many
singles as there are today.

Plus, men weren't as brainwashed to think
it's a sin to approach women, and women
weren't as brainwashed by extreme feminism.

We are NOW living in a time when there are more
singles than EVER, at just about EVERY age.

So the pick-up arts have become very sophisticated,
out of pure NEED.  But they have also become
LOST in an ocean of lies and distortions.

Plus, it's HARD to know what's effective and
what's not in a world of TOO MUCH information.

Personally, I LOVE the concept of making
the skills and arts of attracting and
approaching women who are total strangers
a POSITIVE thing, where a woman is not
brought DOWN by it, but rather UP into
an experience that is AWESOME.

I also think that there is a real ART
as well as SKILL to picking-up women,
however the irony is that to make
it all easy to market, some people
have reduced the whole skill and
art into something that is NOT
a skill and certainly NOT an art.

I want to RESTORE pick-up to what it

Let's call it: *POSITIVE PICK-UP*

So here's what I'm doing:

I'm making a completely FREE mini-seminar on
the PURE skills and arts of how to approach
a woman ANYWHERE and how to have the absolute
best chance on earth of attracting her and
making her CRAZY about you.

As you know about me, over the years, I
have NOT resorted to extremes and lies and
gimmicks just to get marketing attention.

I also changed the direction of the entire
pick up artist community and took it away
from pick up lines and from over-simplification
and away from chauvinism and into a world
where pick up is a SCIENCE, not a fad.

The things I teach don't need to be HIDDEN
from women, because there is nothing sleazy
or slimy or manipulative involved.

The things I teach also do not require

They DO require learning, however. 
The same way you learn to drive a car,
to play an instrument, learn a language,
or anything else.
This seminar will have absolutely ZERO
"airy-fairy" talk.  It will involve
ZERO PSEUDO-science' and only involve
REAL science, real ultra-effective and
practical STRATEGIES that you can
IMMEDIATELY put into use in the REAL WORLD
when you see women ANYWHERE.

I can assure you that what you are going to
learn is the next best thing to taking a
LIVE BOOTCAMP with me.  If I could take
a group of twenty guys with me for one
bootcamp, I would but obviously this is
impossible. So the NEXT BEST THING is
to learn in SEMINAR format from someone
who DOES this for REAL, and who does it
a LOT, and who has trained ALL KINDS OF
MEN from all walks of life.

You are going to benefit from the live
demonstrations, from the interactive
component, and from the real-time
interactive exercises, and from
brand-new content, all geared toward
ONE goal- making a woman who you
see out in public somewhere, a woman
who is a total stranger, MASSIVELY

Also, EVERYTHING that you will learn is
going to be geared for detecting, approaching,
and attracting the kind of women who have
the entire package going for them, inside
and out. 

I personally HATE it when people waste my time.
So I assure you, that EVERYTHING you learn in
this seminar is going to be PRACTICAL.

No mental masturbation, no airy-fairy talk.

Nothing that isn't backed up with TONS


The date is SUNDAY JUNE 17th, Toronto,
from 12pm to 4pm.

Due to the time constraints, I am going
to focus on the most CRUCIAL elements for
success in approaching women out of the blue. 

The exact location of this is yet to be determined,
as it depends on the enrollment and how much space
will be required.

This is going to be one HECK of a day,
JAM-PACKED with absolutely crucial insights.

And did I mention it won't cost you a penny?

There's only one thing I am asking:
That in order to RESERVE a seat, you pay a
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Your deposit will be credited back to you
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This is a fantastic opportunity to learn LIVE
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Entire Line Of Programs, Easier Than Ever

I've been contacted by several men who
have asked me if there is any way to
make the complete line of programs
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a convenient easy-payment plan.

It's a great idea, and I don't know
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So, because this is something that
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These programs are the ultimate
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Michael Marks

Friday, May 18, 2012

About Being Playful And Connecting With Women

Just wanted to add one point to the latest
newsletter "Getting Past The Stranger Factor",
which is that you can and should STILL be
playful, but only AFTER first opening with
total serious, authoritative dominance in
your tonality.

And remember, this is about approaching
women in places where women are NOT
expecting you to say anything to them, i.e.
a bookstore, a supermarket, etc.

In a dance club or in a lounge or at some
party, things are different.  You CAN
start immediately with a playful opening
because the VIBE of a club is already
playful, fun, and sexual by DESIGN,
including everything from the alcohol
to the music to the fact that is where
many women go for the sake of mingling
with men.

But if a woman is reading a magazine at
the bookstore and totally engrossed in it,
and you can't think of something really
funny, and you try to open with a big
playful smile on your face, it just is
putting the cart before the horse, so to
speak, she isn't even expecting a conversation,
so it seems a bit socially unintelligent
to start that way.

So, to OVER-RIDE all that, you start with
the serious, grim, totally NON-PICK-UP
kind of vibe, because otherwise it's
too easy to seem like a cheesy guy
who has no options with women so he
is desperately trying to talk to women
ANYWHERE, and you don't want
that vibe.

But once you have her attention, in that
instant of a second, you can THEN immediately
transition into a more playful vibe and steer
the chat that way.

For example, if she is reading an entertainment
magazine, you could talk about anything
recent in pop culture that is interesting,
i.e. how Britney SPEARS is going to be paid
15 million bucks to be a JUDGE on a show
called X-Factor- she is going to be a JUDGE
on how to sing LIVE, which is wacky because
she often doesn't even sing at her performances,
she lip syncs to her own studio recordings!

So at this point, she might give you her
comment on the situation, she might say
"It's because she's so famous, and that's
all they care about" to which you could
playfully reply, "Yeah, that's the thing
about our society, it's all about being
a CELEBRITY, it's all about being famous,
it isn't about what a person actually OFFERS.

'So that's why we have KIM KARDASHIAN
with a trillion followers on Facebook
and ten TV shows with her and her family,
even though she is actually not even a
singer, dancer, or anything!  She
just made a tape of herself doing
the deed, that's all she did!!!!!'

Now, at this point, you can pour on
even more playfulness, or you can
even transition into a playful
COMPLIMENT that is not what she
is expecting.

For example, you could tell her that
you know that people tend to want what
they DON'T have in their life, so if she
is reading the gossip entertainment magazines,
or anything light and fluff type magazine,
she must have a really SERIOUS job in
real life, because the people who have
FLUFF all day they tend to want to make
up for it and balance their lives with
totally SERIOUS reading!

By the way, this is just being PLAYFUL,
it does not have to be TRUE.  The idea
is that you are giving her a PLAYFUL
compliment not on a very serious level
yet, implying that she must do something
really urgent and tough and serious
during the day, and you can even THEN
ask what she does.

This is very different than just asking
out of the blue what she does, that would
be a BORING question, but now it's part
of a more playful vibe. 

It ALSO allows you to get more info from 
her and LEARN about her so you actually
can THEN make a far more meaningful
comment, compliment, or validation
to her.

So let's say she says she works in public
relations for a pharmaceutical company,
you can say semi-playfully by acting
that IS serious stuff. Seeeeee??? I was
right! You are responsible for dealing
with people regarding life-saving

And you could even pause, and then with
a smirk say, "OR maybe you just push drugs!"

This kind of back and forth, playful,
challenging, NOT kissing up but not
being a jerk, is all GOOD FLIRTATION.

At THAT point, however, it would now
be good to transition into MEANINGFUL
conversation, and actually give her
a meaningful compliment, i.e. that
it takes a lot of social and people
skills to be in public relations
and a lot of responsibility, etc,
and you could say that you can
tell she has great social skills
even from the way she is interacting
with you!

So all that is just ONE example of how
things could go in a proper chat at
a place like a bookstore.

And keep in mind, that not only are
you LISTENING very well to what she
is saying, so that you can learn about her,
but you are also OBSERVING HER very
well from the very first moment, including
things about the way she is DRESSED. 

i.e. If she is DRESSED more elegantly than
is the NORM for a weekday, you can comment
to her "So you heading to a wedding or somewhere
else really elegant and special? You seem
to be really dressed up."

And if she replies, "Oh everyone is saying that
today to me, I just figured I wanted to dress
a bit more today since it's the last day of
the work-week and I'm looking forward to the
weekend", you can then give her a meaningful
yet fun compliment that she is a more passionate
person who can't wait to let the FUN side of
her personality show, and you could even FURTHER
tie this into your comments later when you learn
MORE about her personality if you see that indeed
she is a passionate kind of personality.

So LISTENING includes the skill of OBSERVING
everything about her as well.

In a dance club, though, you could go STRAIGHT
into the fun stuff, because it's already EXPECTED
that this is the whole PURPOSE of a dance club.
You could go right up to a woman and say,
"Heyyyyyyyyy! It's been a LONG TIME!"
even if you've never seen her before in  your life,
and she will GET the humor.

So all this should help make the latest newsletter
even MORE powerful for your approaches on women
anywhere you see them.

And if you are serious about skyrocketing YOUR
success with women, take advantage of my live
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Breaking Past The "Stranger Factor"

Today’s newsletter really should come with
a huge orchestra to introduce it, because it’s
THAT monumental, it’s THAT crucial to
your success with women, ESPECIALLY
when it comes to approaching and attracting
women who are total strangers that you
might happen to see ANYWHERE.

One of the reasons I don’t write so many
newsletters is because I’d much rather be
doing the real thing myself or helping guys
IN PERSON do this for real.  And by “for
real”, I mean on tons of random gorgeous
and teaching this to men LIVE, till they get
these skills for themselves.

The good thing for you from all this is that
what you read here comes from the real world,
where something either WORKS or DOESN’T,
and I only give you what has been tested to

So here is the first thing for today:

When Approaching Women Who Are Strangers
In Places That Are NOT Clubs, Lounges, Or
Otherwise “Officially” For Socializing, You
Can BREAK THROUGH The “Stranger-Barrier”

The EXCEPTION to this is if you KNOW you
have something to say that is a SURE-FIRE way
to get her LAUGHING.

So why is this the case?
The reason starting off ULTRA SERIOUS in your
TONE is important, is because the fact is that women
are subconsciously a bit WEARY of talking to total
strangers in places that are not especially “APPROVED”
as places for socializing with strangers, i.e. a club
or lounge or whatever i.e. a party somewhere.

So her MIND-SET is “watch out for strangers”.
Is this the case EVERY SINGLE time?
No, but it OFTEN is, and even when it ISN’T,
this “caution alarm” can STILL go off even
AFTER you’re already in a conversation if
you seem untrustworthy or creepy in some way
which is usually the product of somehow seeming
as if you are not telling her the truth.

But back to the very FIRST MOMENT, the first
thing you say to her.  Her “caution” alarm is ON.

So, by starting the conversation with ULTRA-SERIOUS
voice tonality and facial expression, you are subconsciously
sending the message to her that this is URGENT, and you
bypass the “caution alarm”.

This has to be done right.  Don’t start with a huge long
speech that is serious. 

Keep it BRIEF.
If you've studied my "Chats From Scratch"
program, you know that I teach that LESS is more.
You should always do the MINIMUM that needs to
be done to get the job done.      
So even if you were to start with the words:
“Excuse me”, this would be FINE, even though
I’m not the biggest fan of having to excuse yourself
with anything, but the fact of the matter is that your
TONALITY is more important than the words
when it comes to this especially.

So it’s not like you are saying these words in
some kind of weak, submissive way, but rather
you are saying them with AUTHORITY and

“But Michael, don’t you talk about being upbeat
and all those other things”?  I can hear you saying
this possibly right about now.

And the answer is YES, because your MINDSET
i.e. “Excuse me” to her in fact
is NOT bitter, upset, or depressed.  You CAN feel
good about all this.

Plus, this entire SKILL of approaching and attracting
women really has different PARTS to it, and in those
first few MILLISECONDS a LOT  happens just from
your TONALITY alone.

This is why I LOVE teaching guys this IN PERSON on

It all is very subtle and happens very fast, so it helps

Plus, since I’ve been teaching this for over ten YEARS,
I understand not only how to do it, but how to TEACH
it, I have sifted through the THOUSANDS of action-reactions
to see which ACTIONS are actually the ones that get
the results with women, and which actions are superfluous
and are simply wasting your energy or time so that you
ONLY do what works.

So in that first INSTANT, your tonality is GRIM
serious, it’s authoritative, it may even be almost
ACCUSATORY. (I said ALMOST, remember.)

THIS is what’s important to BREAK through her

Now, PLEASE get me right here, when I say that I think

I do NOT think that most women are bi*&^es!!!!
They MUST protect themselves, otherwise they
will spend every friggen’ SECOND of their day
dealing with the WRONG guys.

From THERE, you can then go on with whatever
you were going to say, whether it’s getting her
perspective on some recent topic in popular culture
from rock stars to movie stars to some other
fun entertainment news, or you could be even
just tell her anything really interesting that
just happened to you or even that you read
in a magazine or book lately.

So this leads to part TWO:

The idea here in part TWO is REALLY to build toward
getting FEEDBACK from her.

And, more importantly, not just getting FEEDBACK,
but LISTENING so damn, damn WELL to her that
you start to learn a lot about HER.

And this leads to part THREE:

Part THREE is about finding something that you
truly RESPECT and/or ADMIRE in her deepest
sense of IDENTITY, and then VALIDATING
that identity.

One thing I can’t understand is laziness when it comes
to getting something AMAZING.

To me, personally, women that I find attractive is
really not just “nice”, it’s FREAKIN' AMAZING.

I freaking LOVE it.

And whether people want to admit it or not, the
truth is, sex, love, and connection COMBINED
are what make the world go ROUND.

When it comes right down to it, most people
couldn't give a rat’s ass about money for it’s
own sake of the "things" it could buy for

If a guy thought he could have a thousand of the
most gorgeous women on earth including the one
he loved the most, ALL of whom were all totally
IN LOVE with him and couldn’t get enough of him,
"THE MAN", would he really be feeling "down in
the gutter" because he didn’t wear a Rolex or live in
a castle?

I mean, the fact is, these women are with him,
and think that HE is the man, not anyone ELSE.

Most men want power simply because they want
to REASSURE themselves that THEY are “the man”,
and of course getting the WOMEN is the ultimate
way for most men to know they are the man.

I’m not saying whether this is HEALTHY, I’m
just saying what actually IS for the most part.
So, if a guy doesn’t want to LEARN how to do
this stuff, that is FINE, it simply means that
either he doesn’t believe it will work, or he
simply doesn’t REALLY want to get good
when it comes to attracting women.

And as far as believing, the proof is as simple
as SEEING it with his own eyes.  And to be
honest, I have had clients in the past who
were blind who ALSO did amazing with
women, so FEELING that woman on you
is probably the ULTIMATE proof, or having
that woman communicate her passion for you
is the ultimate proof.

So, the proof is there.  The only thing that
remains is whether you really WANT to
get good at this skill or not.

Now, back to the point about VALIDATING
her identity.

Obviously, this is a HUGE topic, that I get
into deeper in my Warrior Within DVD Set,
but let me just say that the idea of validating
her identity means not just complimenting her
on what she feels is not an INTEGRAL part
of who she is.

This is why it’s so important to LISTEN to
what she is saying, and to PROPERLY read
between the lines as well. 

The truth is, you ALREADY do this kind of
thing with your BEST friends, you understand
them beyond just what they are SAYING, you
also understand what they MEAN from every
slight detail in their tonality, expression, etc.

But with your friends, it’s EASY, because you
already have become an EXPERT over time

That’s why you are friends!!!

You’ve spent a great deal of time getting good
at knowing THEM.

Now, you have to learn to get to know a woman
who is a total stranger in just a few MINUTES.

The good news is that if you are listening
CAREFULLY, you will often get right to her
CORE in just a few MOMENTS.

And women will NOT be creeped out by this,
they will instead by APPRECIATIVE on the
most POWERFUL level.

PLUS, doing this also allows YOU to figure out
if a woman is the RIGHT match for you or if
would be better off spending your time on
ANOTHER woman.

Many men spend MONTHS or even YEARS
with a woman until they find out she was
the WRONG match.

These skills will allow you to SAVE all that
energy, emotion, and TIME.

But again, I want to stick to the MAIN point
of this newsletter, which is the SUCCESSFUL
start of the chat with a TOTAL stranger.

Just because a woman who is a stranger doesn’t tell
you to get out of her sight right away, does not mean
you are doing the approach RIGHT.

She could be just tolerating it out of courtesy,
but the ticking on the countdown has already
begun as she looks for a way out, IF you
are doing it WRONG.

So starting it off serious, allows you to immediately
bypass her “Guy who is a goofball” ALARMS.

A lot of men start conversations with women in
ways that are PURPOSELY “goofy” and laughable
but not really funny.  The reason for being intentionally
goofy is because this way, there is now an EXCUSE
for “rejection”.

Being GOOFY, a guy can say to himself:

“Well, I was OBVIOUSLY being goofy, that was not 
really ME she rejected, she doesn’t know the REAL me,
she rejected me because I WANTED to get rejected
by acting GOOFY and just having “fun”.

This is, obviously, all the product of INSECURITY.

And insecurity always ends up looking much worse
than just insecurity.  It looks DUMBASS.  It looks
JUVENILE.  It looks UNCOOL and reeks of being
a boy, and NOT of being a MAN.

So that’s ANOTHER reason for the grim serious
opening to the chat.

Plus, by delivering it with AUTHORITY, you also
command more immediate respect and attention.

The key is to then SMOOTHLY shift gears a bit,
to a SLIGHTLY more laid back “normal” state
of mind, because at THIS point, you have already
but you have to still exude confidence, and some
fun or at least some intrigue.   

Now, if you remember, earlier in this article I did
say that if you have something that is guaranteed
to get her LAUGHING IMMEDIATELY, that is
cool too.

The reason this works is because emotions are
more powerful than logic,  and if she is laughing,
she is NOT holding up her “SHIELD”, and she
is automatically going to be RECEPTIVE to some

The thing is, that I know from experience that you
won’t ALWAYS have something perfect to say
for every situation, that is always funny.

And that’s why I developed the ULTRA-SERIOUS
opening style for places that are NOT clubs, lounges,

Please keep in mind, that this is ONE part of a larger
skill set for attracting women, but it is DEFINITELY
a part of that set of skills that deserves RESPECT
to do it RIGHT.

Think of how a race car driver of the Indy 500 or Formula 1
who is racing at about 200 miles per hour, and how every
TINY little movement on the steering, on the accelerator
is actually ULTRA refined, and the result of MASSIVE skill.

SUBTLETIES are where it’s all at, otherwise every
idiot would be AMAZING at this stuff, whether it’s
racing cars or attracting women.

Now, I want to slightly change topics, but it’s still
related quite a bit: BEING CONGRUENT is KEY.

What do I mean by congruent?
You’ve heard me say this before, right?
But I KNOW it needs to be said again,
and I want to take it further this time:

Congruent means that ALL your behaviors, mannerisms,
tonalities, expressions, etc., are all CONSISTENT in
your approach, in your interaction with her.

You often hear the advice of “be yourself” when
it comes to women, but most guys THINK they
are being themselves and then they wonder why
they are NOT getting the results they want.

This is because being YOURSELF actually takes
PRACTICE and INSIGHT when it comes to anytime
you are NOT alone, and this goes QUADRUPLE 
when it comes to interacting with and attracting women.

This is NOT a joke.
When it comes to wanting to attract women, we
ALL start out thinking that maybe we are NOT
good enough. So we start to try to DO things

You’ll notice that in my teachings, when it comes to
your actual CONNECTION with a woman, it’s
all about developing the skills to get to know the
REAL her, and to help communicate to HER
who is the REAL YOU, and how to do this

It’s not about memorizing pick up lines from
someone else to make you SEEM to be cool.

Plus, it’s about actually developing your
INNER CONCEPT to make it unbreakable.

And, on top of all that, I ALSO teach you the
strategies for BREAKING THROUGH the  
REAL LIES, which is the LIE that we are

The REAL lie, the REAL fakery, is the EVERYDAY

And vice-versa as well, women have to put on an
ACT of not being interested, in order to protect
themselves from all the dumbasses out there.

Women will actually APPRECIATE the fact that
you learned a way PAST all this b.s. because you
are actually a great guy.

So back to my main point here, which is how not
feeling good enough about our own value to women
makes us either SABOTAGE our results with women,
or makes us give into insecurity which makes us act
in all kinds of ways that destroy attraction, or whether
not feeling good enough about ourselves makes us
put on an ACT because we don’t think we are good
enough, all this stuff is one MAJOR issue. 

Even SUPER COOL people, like Billy Bob Thornton,
have struggled with this issue when it comes to women.
 Billy recently has mentioned that the reason his marriage to Angelina Jolie failed was because initially he was more famous than she was, and then she started to become a superstar, and he felt  he wasn't good enough.

By the way, a true story that is related:
Many years ago, before I got into this field,
I had a conversation with Billy Bob Thornton,
before he was really famous.

I didn’t even KNOW that I was talking to Billy
Bob Thornton, I thought I was talking to a
member of the film crew, and he made sure
to not tell me who he was. 

What was intriguing was that he mentioned two
things that I remember:

He ASKED me what I thought about Billy Bob Thornton
as an actor.

I told him that I thought Billy Bob Thornton was a
GREAT actor, and that he had won an Oscar for
being a great actor.


So he nodded his head, and then he said something
Like this: “You know who his girlfriend is, right?

And I said: “Yeah, Angelina Jolie!”.

Billy THEN went on with something like:
SHE’S hot, right?”

And I said, “Yeah, of course!”

And we both smiled and chuckled a bit, all this time
I had no clue I was actually talking to Thornton.

Anyway, what was interesting about all this is that
even men who are MOVIE STARS experience the
same issues as all of us men when it comes to women.

It wasn't as if being with her was somehow all
"routine" to him since he was a movie star.

This was before I started on my own journey
when it came to women and when I used to feel
INFINITELY needy and insecure around any
woman who I really wanted. 

All I thought to myself was "Man, ANGELINA JOLIE".
It was as if women of that level of beauty were somehow

The feelings of self-validation, security, and being
“good enough” are HUGELY important, and NO ONE 
is immune to feelings of needing validation and feelings of
insecurity i.e. feeling "not being good enough".

We all need to work on them if we are going to
be GREAT with women.

By the way, Thornton recently said these words
about his time with Angelina Jolie, (in an interview 
on the program called "Nightline"): 

“I blew it because I didn't think
I was good enough for her."

So there you have it, it doesn’t matter WHO
you are, you could be a Hollywood movie
star,  you could be a billionaire, you could
be a male model, all that stuff has very little
to do with being able to really ATTRACT
and KEEP a woman.

Being great with women involves mastering
a UNIQUE set of skills as well as a unique
form of self-development.

And the IRONY is that most men on Earth
only WISH for those other things so they
can GET the women of their dreams!

If you want to get great with women, then it’s time to
master the REAL SKILLS and self-development
that actually WORKS for attracting women.

I strongly urge you, if you can, to take a
real LIVE BOOTCAMP with me. 

That’s two full days of TOTAL IMMERSION
and PRIVATE instruction, one to one, where
I will teach you EVERYTHING, from how to
APPROACH, to how to ignite ATTRACTION,
to developing a powerful connection on the
deepest level, and you will learn how to do
this all QUICKLY, because many times there
is very little TIME, i.e. she might be on her
way to work, or she might be on the train
and getting off at the next stop.

You will learn how to come up with the
right things to say, you will learn how
to quickly convey the essence of YOUR
identity to her so that there is no FAKING
going on.  You will learn how to take your
STYLE to the next level and do it all in
a way that is CONGRUENT to your real
identity.  And much, much more.

Remember, I don't just do this for myself,
I've been teaching this SPECIFIC set of
skills and this unique form of self-development
to men for over TEN YEARS.

What men learn in my bootcamps is so powerful,
are taking my bootcamps because they know that
what I teach is something that is massive, long-lasting,
and not some kind of "pick up lines" gimmick.

They want to make sure that THEY are
not left out!

Anyone who really wants to be the BEST
with women when it comes to actually
getting women who are the total package,
takes THIS bootcamp.

To learn more about my Real World BOOTCAMP, go here:

The blunt truth here is that there is nobody else
on the PLANET who has spent as much time
on the art of approaching and attracting women
who are total strangers, and turning them into
great GIRLFRIENDS, than me.

In other words, this is not just about learning
how to become a pick-up artist.  It’s about
learning how to also CONNECT on a level that
is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED if you want to attract
the kind of women who are the TOTAL PACKAGE.

I’m talking the kind of women who are that
awesome blend of BODY-MIND-SOUL.

And by “soul” I don’t mean to get airy-fairy
with you, I mean that she also has the kind of
really WANT to be around.

Women that have this combination are not
going to just settle for some guy who can
ONLY get physical with them.

Make the most out of this life, sign up for

And if you are just STARTING out, then
DEFINITELY get my Dating Wizard book

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I know that you will find ALL of these
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programs are the most genuine, powerful
resources on the planet for attracting
women of the highest quality.   

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Secrets To "Picking Up" Women

If you're sick and tired of being CONFUSED
as to what the hell to DO to succeed at pick-up,
then you are in for a TREAT.

So let's get straight to it:


The single greatest mistake that beginners make
is that they view a pick-up as a SPRINT.

What guys tend to do is work themselves into
a FRENZY in order to get the adrenaline to get
themselves to go up to the girl.

That feeling of seeing a girl and being FROZEN,
it's hard to get out the gates, it's as if it takes the
booster rockets of the space shuttle to launch out.

Then, after all that pressure they exert on themselves,
the tendency is to finally BLURT out something,
whether it's natural or something "canned"
(something memorized). They pray for a good
response, hoping that they have done their
own part of the pick-up, and that maybe
the woman will now carry the rest of
the interaction.

Well, what happens is that this frenetic
approach not only does not look cool,
(because it looks like the guy is not
comfortable with women) but it actually
makes the GIRL nervous as well, since
emotional states are CATCHY.

There's a LOT to know, but the FIRST thing
a woman is judging you on, INSTINCTIVELY,
is your DEMEANOR, the way you seem composed
and calm and cool and collect or the lack of
all this.

And even on THIS point, there are subtleties,
because you COULD enter into a conversation
with higher energy as well, IF the environment
is appropriate for that, like a club, and IF
you are having the high energy from your
own upbeat state as opposed to from being
jittery and nervous.

Then, on top of all this, the guy is looking for
any excuse he can to EXIT the situation because
he feels like a MORON or a CRIMINAL or

He doesn't want to be made fun of, so if the
woman is not doing CARTWHEELS, he
immediately JETS off.

Don't do this.

Sometimes, the woman is only matching
instinctively to the very states you exuded
onto her - i.e. frenzy, nerves, discomfort.

So, if you're not getting the best response,
and you feel NERVOUS, then rather than
EJECT, instead, SLOW DOWN your entire
system, your movements, your thoughts,
your breathing, etc. It WILL help you
calm down and help her calm down as

This will also help you become more resourceful
in terms of being able to be more fun, witty,
secure, etc.

Slow it all d-o-w-n.


The problem is that too many guys want to
have to not actually GET "DIRTY" by
AN INTERACTION. They would prefer
to just do the whole thing by "remote control",
in the sense of doing this one magic thing
or saying something that then allows
the guy to coast and watch the woman
jump into his arms.

They want to avoid any emotional risk,
(even though most women are NOT
mean, so there really is not a problem
of some kind of bitter rejection or
anything) almost as if they are not really there,
instead some mask is there in the form
of a memorized line, or in the form of
some hyped "one magic move" that appeals
to the lazy tendency of human beings.

But to get good at this stuff, you have to
get into it, you have to be actually listening
and responding, and giving back good energies
to her energies, and not getting frazzled just
because it doesn't always start with a blast.

This takes practice, but it also develops
SPONTANEITY, it develops quick wit,
it develops your ability to respond with
natural stuff very quickly rather than
feeling stuck or at a loss for words. It
enables you to also get a better feel
for what she is EMOTIONALLY
SAYING and not just verbally
saying. All this stuff is HUGELY


Do I have to even say this?
Five years of teaching guys in person tells me
YES, I should still mention this.

I've seen guys memorize HOURS of canned
material but fail to actually make solid eye contact
for even 30 seconds, which is far more important.

This doesn't mean non-stop never-breaking eye contact.
It means that you are comfortable looking right into
her eyes. When you need to constantly be darting
around your eyes away from her, it makes her
feel you are either a sketchy character or lacking


Every situation is slightly different, and this is
where GAUGING the situation comes in, a topic I
go into further detail in my advanced materials.

So, for example, doing pick-up at a nightclub
where girls are with their girlfriends means
that the girls are most likely slightly tipsy
from a few drinks, concerned about how
they will appear in front of their friends,
and also concerned with making sure
their friends are having a good time,
and also they are all slightly on guard
against guys even though they do want
to meet guys or they probably wouldn't
be there in the first place.

So, taking this into account means:

You can be MORE playful and sexual because
this is not the workplace or the library. This
is the party zone.

You can make more light physical contact.

You need to not ignore her friends when starting
the conversation with them. You need to understand
that if one of the girls who is her friend is not all
that stereotypically hot, that friend probably
feels BAD that her friend gets all the attention.

So it's cool of you to show that friend some
respect, such as by giving that friend a compliment,
even though you also have to make sure that you
are not trying to lead her on either.

The conversation should start with anything
not too serious, such as who would win in
a fight, Mighty Mouse or Wonder Woman,
whereas in a library you could start a convo
with something that is a lot more intriguing,
such as if you bump into her in the ancient
history section, you could ask her if she
has ever been to Egypt to see the pyramids,
and then get into that if that is a topic you
really know about and are interested in, etc.

There are TONS of other factors to take into
account - is this woman in university? Is
she in her 30s? 40s? 50's, etc? Is she
a party girl? Gauging for all this properly
falls under the topic of social intelligence,
which is another important topic.


Too many guys go into these pick-ups after
hearing how to be all alpha and how to be the
boss, in a very confrontational way.

There is this feeling of it's "me against her",
and she has to see who's the boss.

You want to be making her feel GOOD.

The reason that most compliments don't work
is that the guy seems to have nothing ELSE
fun, interesting, upbeat, or playful to say.

So a compliment can't be a substitute for
not demonstrating the best aspects of

Also, regarding compliments, if a woman is
showing repeated INTEREST in you, then
of course you should make her feel good
about that.



Too many guys have a MELTDOWN
occur when the woman is showing
INTEREST or even just giving good
signals like giggling at your jokes, etc.

The guy becomes TOO AFFECTED by
the fact she is interested.

Now, it's not that you are supposed to
WITHHOLD good emotions from her,
and it's not that you are supposed to 

act cold, it's that if you seem to be
SMILING so intensely in response to

a woman you HARDLY KNOW just 
because she seems to like you, it's 
like acting SURPRISED  that you 
got the job after being interviewed.

If you were interviewing someone for
for a job, and you liked them for the job,
and you then hired them, and suddenly
they seemed to be MELTING DOWN
in thanks, in being ecstatic, you might
wonder if maybe this person had never
been accepted for a job before and you
might start to wonder if maybe you
made a mistake.

Again, LOVE IS A GOOD THING, it's just
that you should wait till she has SHOWN YOU

So far, all she has done is shown
interest in you, you don't even
KNOW her that well yet.

So, again, by being more SUBDUED,
you are actually showing greater
MATURITY, and showing greater
value on your part as well than if
you were too impacted by the whole

This is part of where the whole
"be cool" thing came from, and
this idea of being cool has been
totally warped by most people.


Man-oh-man, every since day ONE I
was against the use of these "clever
subtle insults" such as, "Is that really
your hair or a wig?" or "What kind
of coat is THAT?" or any type of
rude behavior.

There are so many friggin reasons I was
against this that I can write a whole book
on that alone.

The bottom line is they IMPEDE your progress.
Sure, it might get you some immediate ATTENTION.

But, they send the wrong message to YOUR
mind about women, and they set up the
vibe between the woman and you in
a way that lacks trust, which means
the whole thing is a ticking time bomb.
Sometimes an IMMEDIATE explosion

All that stuff comes from lacking the right
understanding of what triggers attraction
in the first place. If you need to use that stuff,
you are only showing what WEAK "game"
you have. I said this years ago even when
it was popular among "experts" to use these
insults. That's me, the rebel who preaches
love and not hate.


Man, this is a huge one. I believe that memorized
material should ONLY be used when you are
absolutely STUCK and frozen and have no
clue what to say. The more you rely on it
as a crutch, the weaker your real skills will be.

So yes, I will have a guy memorize some stuff,
but it's his EMERGENCY CHUTE that is
only to be used in an URGENT pick-up crisis,
and ONLY to be used SPARINGLY!

The need for canned material comes from
lacking internal development. From the
wrong thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives
of women and of attraction and emotion
itself, and of your own identity. In my
live programs, this is the FIRST area
I work through with a guy. I find out
what he currently believes and thinks,
and I find out exactly where he is going
off track and then I put on the RIGHT

Again, I said this way back, even years ago
before it became universally accepted as the
truth, which it now is proven to be- the truth.

The typical mistake that a rookie does, it he
learns memorized material, and then starts to
RAPID FIRE all the things he has memorized to say.

Why does he do this?

He does this because he is relying on the words,
and not on his actual skill to enter the specific
combination of states of mind that he needs,
and he is also ignoring the larger context of
the situation, meaning he is not LISTENING
to the woman!

He is too busy trying to get his words out-
and because this all comes out WEIRD to
the woman, she does not give him a
response-- which makes the
guy feel like he is SINKING, so he
then OF COURSE begins to spurt out
his NEXT memorized line, hoping to
Dear God that maybe THIS will get
a better response, which of course
it doesn't because his entire FRAME
of how attraction works is all wrong.

And of course since all his memorized stuff
isn't working, he then commits two cardinal
pick-up sins by ALSO speaking too fast
since he is nervous, so he now sounds like
a guy literally reading a script, and reading
it FAST. Like a desperate salesman trying
to get something to stick.

At that point, he's totally not listening to her
at all, when listening is what he really needs
to do to get his finger on the pulse of the
moment. He's just ready to fire away
with another memorized line.

And it's not his fault!!!
He has been INSTRUCTED to do this!


And by the way, just because memorizing
a script is not the way to attraction, does
NOT mean that the answer is to just
go right up to a woman and say "I like you!".

When you go up to a woman and you go
that fast and that direct, you are FORCING
a woman to make a decision about you on
the SPOT, without having ANY time to
really "feel" your personality, so in that
case you are forcing her to judge you on
superficial things, since that is all she
knows about you.

It's worse actually, she DOES know that
apparently YOU don't need to know much
about HER, and that says a LOT about
you and your personality and your
values and your priorities in life and
your lack of internal development.

So forget that "direct" stuff as well, it's
actually not cool.

You have to instead develop the skills to
create awesome emotions in yourself
and in her, AND you have to learn how to
create that all-important CONNECTION.

And that's where I come in.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks