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How To Judge A Woman's Character

When it comes to getting a quality woman
as a girlfriend, there are two separate areas
that are crucial to MASTER.

The first is all about YOURSELF.

By this, I mean developing yourself in all
the attractive ways, from conquering fears,
to mastering social skills, to honing your
listening skills, to developing the ability to
spontaneously start compelling conversations
with women who are total strangers, etc, etc.

The SECOND area is all about your ability
to quickly detect all you need to learn about
a WOMAN’S character.

It’s vital to be able to quickly see what kind
of person a particular woman IS.

There are TONS of different KINDS of women
out there, just like there are tons of different kinds
of men out there.

Some women you meet might be good people
but just not compatible. For example, she might
love adrenaline activities like sky-diving while
you might prefer a peaceful hike.

Unfortunately, just like with some men, SOME
women are downright cruel and deceptive.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to give you
a few RED FLAGS to be aware of. Some of
these are things you may notice INSTANTLY
in a conversation, others might only creep up
once you are already dating, but you should
definitely be alert to all of them.

Most importantly, it is the overall PATTERN
that she is exhibiting, so the MORE of the
following traits she demonstrates, the more
likely she indeed is a woman you want to
RUN from.

Many of the following RED FLAGS are documented by
Dr. Robert Hare’s Psychopathy checklist, which has
been further investigated recently by author Jon Ronson.

So this is not just stuff that SOUNDS interesting,
but rather is CRUCIAL if you want to stay away
from the kind of women who can RUIN you, and
instead allow for a TRULY GREAT WOMAN
to be in your life.


She has an overly simple answer to EVERYTHING,
and it often involves everyone else being inferior
to her.

She has ZERO shyness, even from the first moment.

She cuts off your statements when she thinks what
she has to say is more important, and has no remorse
for it. (And she is not doing this out of enthusiasm
for the conversation, but out of desire to control it.)

Some men mistake arrogance for confidence, and
end up regretting this error massively.


A woman like this starts new books, never finishes
them. Or she signs up for new classes all the time,
never finishes them.

Women like this don’t work at the same job for long.

I’ll give you one guess why this is a RED FLAG
for any woman if you are seeking a relationship.

That’s right, she’ll get bored of the relationship as well,
no matter HOW exciting you are.


This means she will lie, and truly not feel any remorse.

She lies because it serves her, and she thinks she can
get away with it.

These lies might be quick easy lies, or massively 
complex ones that are designed to make you feel
unwarranted guilt or to lessen your self-esteem so 
that you will think you are not worthy of better 

The bottom line is, if you detect a liar in even small
ways at the beginning, you better get off that ship
before it sinks.

By the way, here are some cues for evidence she is
LYING. Keep in mind, that one of these cues might
not be proof, but a combination of SEVERAL of these
cues is STRONG evidence.

These tips are based on information about liars from 
Bill Brown, retired FBI agent (Please feel free to
look him up online for more details!):

*While speaking to you, her tonality SHIFTS

*Her eyes are shifty, looking back and forth when
talking to you.

*After she says something that you think she might
be lying about, she suddenly looks at your eyes,
to see if you have been fooled.


If a woman has little empathy for others, not only
is this a turn-off in itself, but chances are, she will
have little empathy for you either.

Whether she is making fun of a woman who is
overweight, or she is blaming homeless people for
being homeless, I can assure you that when it
comes time for her to show you understanding,
she WON’T have the slightest empathy for you.

For example, let’s say you are going on a date
with a woman at night in middle of the frigid winter.
A homeless person is resting on the floor inside a
bank that is closed, but the area to the automated
banking machines is open, and providing warmth
from the cold.

This woman blames him, saying that these people
are lazy.

Well, although you could TRY to have a conversation
with her afterward, explaining that there are issues of
mental health and many other issues that are far more
complex than simply being lazy or hard-working,
chances are this is all going to be USELESS, since
you can’t make a cold woman into a warm one.

Here’s what’s even worse: When the woman is
not only attractive, but also very INTELLIGENT
and a high achiever.

Then you get the double ‘halo effect’ of thinking
that somehow this woman is more virtuous than
she is. (It's double, because of her looks AND

You might start to give excuses for her behavior.

You might think this was just an innocent mistake
on her part, possibly she was the product of poor
parenting and misguided teachings given to her.

You might give her the benefit of the doubt because
this woman is EXTREMELY intelligent, has super-
high grades, and seems to have very civilized and
cultured FRIENDS.

Well, guess what?

In fact, studies show that there is a higher rate
of PSYCHOPATHS among CEOs than among
the general population.

If you think about it, it makes sense:
Most organizations are not smart enough to make
in-depth CHARACTER assessments among personnel,
even though the truth is that without people who know
how to get along with others, a company will implode.

So, the “most selfish” person wins in such an

Similarly, women who are selfish may very well
be doctors, lawyers, and even Nobel prize winners.

I’m NOT saying that all women who are doctors,
lawyers, CEO’s or Nobel prize winners or millionaires
are cold-hearted beeyotches!

What I AM saying is that you must not allow yourself
to think that this is a sign of KINDNESS or HUMILITY

It has nothing to do with it, and in some cases might
even be the opposite and just another example of
women who are only in a profession for the money.

The same woman who couldn’t care less about
that homeless man won’t care less about your
stomach ache if you are both together out at
some show or event, she will think only about
how you are RUINING her fun and how you
should just suffer as long as she continues to
do what is important to her.


This is HUGE!
Very often, the most COLD women will on the 
SURFACE try to show they are SUPER SOCIAL, 
with tons of friends on Facebook and BIG parties 
with tons of people in attendance.

Guess what? These same women will often have
ZERO depth of feeling for anyone.

You may notice her being cruel or disloyal to her
‘friends’ when her friends aren’t in sight, and this
is another giant red flag.

And if her excuse is, “Trust me, my friends are
doing the same thing to me” well that just tells
you that either ALL her friends are sleaze-bags
and that she has terrible choices for friends,
or they are innocent and she is one heck of
a mean person to them!

Either way, it reflects poorly on her. 

And if you ask her, “Then why do you keep them
as friends?” you will get an equally SHALLOW
answer, such as “Because I need people to
show up to my parties!”

The fact she is having a PARTY is more important
than whether she CARES about anyone at the party
or even whether they care about her!

It’s the PARTY itself that counts, because it is
a “social-proof” to others that SHE must be

THAT’S the only thing that has emotional power
for her, the thought of having POWER over others,
through every form of power, including ‘social proof’.


This is a simple one: If you notice she has a lifestyle
that is based on exploiting other people’s work,
whether it is through using her looks to get ‘favors’
from guys, or using her popularity to get other
women do work for her in exchange for glowing
in the bask of her “social status”, it’s all exploitation.

Gold-diggers are obviously under this one too.


Does she easily spit out abusive words?
Does she get pissed off very quick?
General lack of patience?

Then get the HECK out of there, immediately!


Okay, I thought a lot about this. Just because someone
is promiscuous does not mean they are a bad person.

What it does mean, is that they probably have a tough
time forming deep emotional connections.

Therefore, a woman who has several ex-boyfriends
that she all met within the past year, is not a good
sign if you are looking for a stable relationship.

I’m reminded a bit of the Saturday Night Live
skit, where there is a fake commercial for woman
who is wearing RED FLAG perfume, and the
voice-over of a man says:

“…And all her friends are DUDES.”

And then we hear the whispering female voice say:



Does she tend to make impulsive purchases?
Does she often talk about the things she bought but
realizes she doesn’t want and wants to return?

A woman who is too impulsive may indicate a
woman who cannot resist temptation, and that
is a MASSIVE red flag if you are looking for
a LOYAL woman.


Does she never apologize when she does something
wrong or hurtful?

Does she deny doing her hurtful or wrongful actions?
Does she try to manipulate others through shirking
off any responsibility for her wrong actions?



This is yet another massive RED FLAG.

Very often, an abusive woman does not only
show zero remorse, but is PROUD of how she
has gotten AWAY with doing something selfish 
that hurt other people.

She might be telling you a story of something mean
she did at work or school to other people, and how
she managed to totally get away with it.

In her mind, this is something to be PROUD of.

As you can probably tell, to me, it has NEVER
just been about “how to get a girlfriend”.

Trust me, it’s EASY to get the WRONG woman.

The WRONG woman will DESTROY you, FAST.

On the FLIP SIDE, the RIGHT woman will ENHANCE
every PART of your life. In fact, it will be as if you were
living your entire life before that point in black and white,
and for the very first time seeing everything in COLOR.

That's what it's like when you get a GREAT girl.

So, it’s not about 'how to get a girlfriend'.
It’s about 'how to get a GREAT girl'.

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Michael Marks

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