Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reclaim Your Attractive Power With Women

One of the greatest TORTURES to me is seeing
a guy who is a good guy RUINING it for himself
with a woman. It's torture because I remember
how it felt, and I also know how absolutely
DOES NOT have to be this way!!!

There is a BETTER way, a way that actually
ATTRACTS a woman, and all without ever
having to lie or play games.

So let's get straight down to some hard-core
ACTION STEPS that you can use right now:


When you meet a woman who does not know
you, all she has to go on is the information
and the vibes that YOU are giving her.

And yet, when guys meet women, men often

They cut themselves down in a number of
ways- from the way they describe their
life, their lifestyle, their choices in life,
their hobbies, and most importantly,
their own opinions of themselves.

Sometimes also, men cut themselves
down by making self-deprecating
jokes in the hopes that by
making fun of their selves
first, the woman won't do it

This does not mean to act arrogant,
as arrogance grows out of insecurity,
but so too does constant self-deprecation
grow out of insecurity.

It's one thing to make jokes
when you are clearly SECURE,
it's something else when these
jokes are coming out of insecurity.

Here's the difference- when the
Karate champ of the world says
he's scared of the dark, that's
ok. When the smartest man on
the planet says he's bad at
math, that's ok too.

When a guy feels he really IS
those things, however, and
the woman has a strong reason
to believe it, then it's not
cool at all.

Listen, you only live once, so
you might as well give yourself
the BEST chance each time you
meet a woman.

And this should be coming from
withIN, the way you feel about
your SELF.

Stop living as if you are going
to live forever.

You have every RIGHT to be your own best
friend and be as supportive and positive
about yourself as possible.

Be your own best friend, and I mean
that in the deepest sense of the word-
you should support yourself emotionally
as much as possible, give yourself credit,
and you will ultimately end up giving
more to others as well as a result.

In our culture, it's perfectly fine for
women's products to say messages like
"because I'm worth it", and yet for men,
so many good guys end up saying through
their body language and through their
tonality and through the way they dress
and groom, so many men end up saying the
message "I am NOT worth a woman's time."

All this comes from your own self-perception
about your social status- in fact this is proven
by psychologists. This past weekend at the
Warrior Within Seminar, one of the cool
guys at the event brought the entire
dissertation on this fact that backs it
all up with evidence.

So, if you don't BELIEVE that you HAVE
the social status, you will simply NOT
wear COOL clothing. You will simply
NOT behave in the way of a man who
feels he IS worth it. You will think
that this stuff is simply NOT for
you. You will think that you will
be "found out" to be a "fake", as if
you have no right to be a man who
gets the woman he wants and other
things in life as well.

This stuff is crazy powerful, and I promise
you it all starts with belief.

As sexy and beautiful that so many women
are, the GREATER rewards of developing
yourself in this area called "attracting the
women of your choice" is that you will
learn the TRUTH of who YOU can be
and who you really are- you are so much
different and so much more than you
think "you" are. In fact, right now,
you have no idea of who you really
are, I can make a billion dollar bet on

So the next time a woman asks you
ANYTHING about yourself, I want
you to answer that question as if you
were the most fantastic attorney on
earth for yourself, an attorney who
was getting paid millions of dollars
to ensure that his client was going
to get the very BEST outcome.

The key is to do this without telling a lie.
You do not have to lie, you simply have
to give the damn BEST portrayal of
yourself as possible, ALL the time.

No more "well, I kinda suck at this and
that, and I'm so-so at that, and I'm not
really that great at anything" and no
more "well, my plan for life is kinda
this and that, and maybe so er well"


This brings me to point number two:


So you think you're just Joe Average?
Then you will always BE Joe Average.

In fact, one of the invisible forces that keeps
men imprisoned in the social status of
"not cool to a woman" is the BELIEF
that you don't belong higher up.

And the people who are already there
will NOT have the time or the energy
to stop their lives and try to FIND you
and help you get up there. They don't
even know you exist. And let's face it,
they also know that if someone doesn't
want to change, they never will anyway,
so they don't see why they should be
trying to change people when it's a free

So you have to push your envelope to
reach out of your "comfort zone" - you
have gotten comfortable with seeing
yourself as lower than others only because
you have done it for so long- but FROM
NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious about this, go out today and
FORCE yourself to put on cooler clothing
than you think "fits" right for you. I'm not
saying that if you are 75 that you should
go and get a skateboard and dye your
hair purple, what I am saying is that you
know very well that you can be dressing
and grooming far cooler than you are
right now, and the only reason you are
not doing it is because you think that
you are not "supposed" to- and the
only reason you think THAT is because
you've had a lifetime of PRACTICE
thinking the wrong thoughts.

So let's start CHANGING those thoughts
by also changing your ACTIONS.


Notice how when you are talking to a woman
you are attracted to, your voice will often
rise up- this happens because you feel too
much energy and that too much is at stake.

It's as if a billion volts of electricity is surging
through your system.

So for now, you have to CONSCIOUSLY
bring your vocal pitch back to normal.

This will not only get you better results, but
it will change your state of mind as well and
get you into the proper perspective that is
far more empowering as well.


Very often, when a woman is talking to you,
you will be smiling in a way that is OVERDOING

Yes, a natural smile is great, but when you are
smiling as if the GREATEST THING ON EARTH
has happened to you, when all that has happened
is a stranger has agreed to chat with you, then
it's actually too much.

Yes, a woman liking you is a great thing, but
it's even more important for YOU to feel pretty
awesome already, and if you felt that way, a
woman who was a stranger would not be able
to pump your smile up THAT much.

See, it's not that women are attracted to jerks, it's
that jerks happen to be doing one thing right-
even if they are only acting, and that is that they
are not behaving as if a woman is the source
of their own self-esteem.

Nothing jerky about having your own self-esteem.
That's just good stuff for all guys to have.

So if you are smiling like the smile is plastered on
your face like the Joker, then stop it.

Of course, I know all this stuff from personal
experience, so it's not like I'm on some high
horse here, I just want to make sure you benefit
from what I learned the hard way.


Man, if more men only realized how much women
APPRECIATE the fact that YOU are a man and
that YOU have a plan on where to go for the date,
on what to do with your life, and if you had a
strong perspective on how to make your life
meaningful, and on how to handle issues and
stress and challenges, rather than just hope
for things to go right, - or even worse, to hope
that SHE will have the answers to all this

In life, whoever has the stronger frame will
win, and that's not a bad or good thing, it's
just the truth. It simply means whoever has
the greater discipline to persevere and to live
with passion and not give in to laziness or
negativity, will WIN.

This is why some bizarre CULT leaders can
get women even though the cult leader is
preaching absolute lies and absolute hogwash
and total crap. Yet, he has managed to get
HIMSELF to believe in his own lies, and
he has generated enough passion in himself
from within and he is his own best friend
and never cuts himself down.

can attract women, then I can assure you
that ANY MAN can do this, without telling
a single lie, if he is SERIOUS about learning
how attraction really works.

So, now that you know this is the truth,
can you imagine how badly a guy will
do on a date if he seems like he is LOST
in life, and lost regarding what to do with
her, what to say, etc?

Women do not want a man that is lost in
any way, whether it is lost on how to
deal with her, or lost on how to deal with
his own life.

And if you are reading this right now
and would like to have the kind of
woman you dream about in your
arms, and even more importantly,
know that you have triumphed and
defeated all the internal blocks that
have been holding you back with
women and with so much else in life,
then I suggest you speak to me about my
Real World Bootcamp.

In Bootcamp, I will take you on the
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that have been holding you back and
you ALSO learn the most powerful
"EXTERNAL" strategies for approaching
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getting a fantastic relationship.

You will learn "hands on" as I coach you
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putting what you learn into practice on
women. You will be guided by me as
I keep you on course the entire time.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love And Trust Vs. Dog Eat Dog

There are a lot of people out there
who think the way to get a great
woman is to be "Mr. Cool" and that
you should try to act like a "player",
etc, and that you should play all kinds
of manipulative games to get a
woman to respect them, etc.

The irony is that this whole
perspective of manipulation is
actually what creates problems
in the first place.

And the even greater irony is
that they try to justify all this
in the name of 'evolution' that
somehow evolution backs up all
this selfish behavior.

Well, a cool guy on the Get A Great Girl
forum just put forth a fantastic comment.
It came up in a discussion of Slumdog
Millionaire the movie.

Here is his comment, and you
might want to check the forum
for all the other awesome
content that's there - it's
like a cool brotherhood
we've got going on, all
the men there have one
thing in common- great
values and integrity, and
the desire to improve
from deep within.

Here are his words:

"Actually, it was the poverty
of it all that kind of made me
wonder something.....

Materialism and social influence
really only started after civilization
started (eg, Mesopotamia onwards)
b/c you needed to be able to pass
on information for social trends
and influence to exist and be
passed on.

We tend to think that the "higher"
emotions such as love, and trust
and romance were likely more
developed in the context of
civilization and weren't so
paramount in the wild.

Mesopotamia started about 6000
years ago, but our hominid
lineage existed for about 2.5
million years. so over 99.9%
of human evolution took place
before any civilization started.

since the most accurate simulation
of life in the wild on modern earth
are places of poverty (where people
are forced to live as much like
animals more than anywhere else
just to survive), it's nice to
think that in such a basic state
of human living (by modern
western standards) ideals such
as love and trust can still
be predominant.

that's what this movie made me

so, my point........ since 99%
of the history of our species was
spent in the wild, like animals,
you wonder how much of our
interpersonal interactions even
back then were ruled by emotions
such as LOVE and TRUST, and not
simply by the DOG EAT DOG
mentality that the pickup artists
promote as the cornerstone of
evolution (because all they do is
preach evolution as the rationale
for their "principles").

that would mean that for our
species, even as basic animals
clinging to life, love and trust
may actually have been just as
important and as powerful as EAT,


Awesomely beautiful.
If all the people who were using
evolution as their basis for
justifying manipulative
or superficial or lowly
behavior, if they suddenly
saw the TRUTH about our
evolutionary heritage,
they would suddenly have
to be a lot more virtous
to be in tune with 'nature'!

And it's true.
The reality is that our human
nature can actually be FANTASTIC
and in fact in it's natural state
it's pretty damn good.

It's just the bad programming we
get from so many places that distorts
our thinking and our emotions.

That's why it's only in modern
times that we've become so
good at things like genocide
and feeling like life is terrible
because the pizza wasn't delivered
on time while at the same time we
totally dismiss the fact that
other people are starving
or going hungry or homeless
even in our own cities, never
mind only in lands far away.

Finding a great woman has a lot
to do with finding a woman who
is not a slave to the modern mess,
and with helping her to see this
fact as well by WE AS WELL as men
not being slaves to the modern

To learn more, visit the forum at:

And to learn all the details on how
to get a great woman, go to:

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 7 Secrets To Approaching Women

Approaching women seems tough, but
it doesn't have to be. What I'm going to
do here is share the most important
7 SECRETS with you for approaching
women. Screwing these up are the 7
most common causes for not attracting
a woman upon approaching her.

So, here are the 7 most common devastating
mistakes, as well as the RIGHT things to
do instead.


So, let's say you are already approaching
women and starting conversations, you
might notice that women will just be

You aren't seeing their eyes light up.

Keep in mind that this woman has no idea
who you are, she has no idea that you have
gone through a lot in this life, that you are
not only a good person, but a pretty cool
person as well. She knows NOTHING
about you.

And you can't start listing your resume there.
So the ONLY thing SHE can judge you on here
is the conversation she's having with you and
how it FEELS to her.

So, you have to get her into "FEELING" state
pretty darn fast.

Now, you do NOT want to overcompensate
with becoming a CLOWN or PERFORMER.
You should start the conversation with something
low-key, like if you were at a card store and you
were commenting on the choice of card she is
holding, i.e. a father's day card, and telling her
she must have a close relationship with her dad
to buy such a card, etc.

THEN however you want to UP the ante pretty
fast, to BUILD from there. You want to get
her FEELING damn good. So you might go
from there into something that is either very
INTERESTING, or something is very funny,
or something that truly raises her self-esteem
and makes her feel better about herself, you
can CHOOSE whatever fits best for your

So, for example, giving the example of the
woman at the card store, you can go humorous
by telling her that she's just trying to butter
up her dad so he can buy her a Jaguar, or
you can go into the "intriguing" and genuinely
meaningful compliment that raises her self-esteem
by speaking about how girls who get along well
with their dads tend to be the girls who have less
drama issues- and this would PROMPT a
response from her that was a lot more involved
on her part- it wouldn't just be her trying to
get rid of you, since now she is actually engaged
in something meaningful to her.

Also, you could COMBINE the above, and go
from humorous/funny, to the more serious and
intriguing and raising self-esteem style conversation.
COMBINING emotions is actually a VERY
powerful thing, - imagine if you get a woman
laughing, then feeling intrigued, and then feeling
better about herself, all within a span of just
a few MINUTES. You are going to be
MEMORABLE. You are going to be the
guy she wants to CALL, and all the other
guys that just ogled her or said trivial stuff
to her will not even be REMEMBERED.

If you aren't getting the conversation into
the right EMOTIONAL ZONE very
QUICKLY, it's no surprise that your
interactions aren't amounting to any


This is a huge one. Most guys are trying
so hard to show they are not interested,
because they are told by the "dating gurus"
and pick up artists that this will make the
woman more interested- so the guys end
up standing way too far from the women,
and talking from too much of a distance,
and the guys try to also avoid ANY type
of comment that might sound like they
are interested.

The truth is that although you shouldn't
give compliments for the sake of compliments,
you SHOULD reward a woman for the things
that she really EARNED.

The KEYWORD here though is EARNED.
If you give compliments or if you seek
rapport for things she didn't EARN,
you are behaving as an underling,
a needy desperate guy.

HOWEVER, once she has EARNED it,
it's an entirely different matter.

So if she is telling you things that you really
find worthy of respect or interest, well then
you actually MUST show and tell her this,
because it is actually a way of letting her know
that she stands OUT from the rest, that she is
NOT just another woman, that you are NOT
just looking at her from a superficial point
of view.


This is something that is a MAJOR factor
in screwing up attraction.

This often stems from not being present
in the moment, and being too caught up
in trying to achieve a certain outcome.
This pressure to achieve a certain outcome
is like a constant ALARM blaring in your
ear that prevents you from actually listening
properly and from FEELING what a woman
is actually feeling and trying to convey to you.

A lot of communication, in fact most of it,
is not in the words themselves, so if you are
ONLY listening to a woman's words, then
you are often missing the point.

Here's a helpful hint- most of the time,
a woman is just trying to feel good, like
all humans do. So rather than focusing
on how you can show off how smart
you are, instead think about how you

If she is talking about something a bit sad,
i.e. some tragedy or war, then don't show
off how much you know about that issue,
rather you should create RAPPORT to make
her feel understood, and then gently LEAD
the conversation to somewhere more

Look for the bright side of things, and
the reality is that if not for negative things,
there would BE no positive side, so if the
conversation is not going down the right
track, it's just another OPPORTUNITY
for you to create AWESOME emotions
where they didn't exist before, and that
makes you even cooler than every
other guy who couldn't do that.

A woman will not remember the details of
the conversation, she will only remember
how she FELT during it. So make it feel

Listen when she is speaking, listen for what
is the EMOTIONAL crux of what she is
saying, don't just be thinking of how you
can be the most cool guy to show how
you can give the most clever response.
The most clever response is the response
that simply FEELS good. You'll get
farther by NOT showing off then you
would by showing how clever and
"cool" you are. Don't put yourself
down of course, just don't make it
all about YOU. And that's how
she will remember YOU.


An interaction has natural stages,
you start off low key, you build
up steam and connect to each other,
and then you have to get her contact

Out of fear, most guys will just stay
in whatever stage they are in, because
it feels good to not be rejected- however,
if you don't PROGRESS the interaction
to getting her number, and from getting
her number, to getting the date, to
getting physical, to relationship, etc,
etc, then what is the point?

So often, guys will open up a conversation
with something low key, and the women
will be receptive, but then the guys
STAY in that zone the entire time
because it feels good to get that
validation and they don't want to risk
LOSING that sense of validation.

Which brings me to the motto:
"He who dares, wins."



If you are trying to meet a woman, then it's
CRUCIAL that she understands that there is
a sexual tension to the interaction.

So, the key to being more flirty and sexual
is being more PLAYFUL in your interaction,
combined with having a bit of a mischievous
glint in your eye.


This is a HUGE one. We all fear not being
accepted, because of whatever it is we are
insecure about. So what do we do? We
OVERCOMPENSATE for that insecurity,
and we don't even realize it. It usually
comes across as either being insecure
or what is worse, as being a JERK.

If you start a conversation by trying to
protect yourself against your fear, usually
it will work AGAINST you.

So, for example, let's say you are insecure
about how much money you earn. Well,
if you very early in a conversation said
something like "superficial things are so
over-rated, I would never be caught working
for a big corporation". If you're bald, if
you're short, if you're ANYTHING you
are insecure about- the reality is that it's
NOT an issue but if you START with
"hi, my name is Mac, would you date
a short guy?" then you clearly are showing
that this is a major obsession or fear.

Same with "Hi, I work for minimum wage,
but I LOVE my job" that also shows that
you are obsessed with the money issue since
it's the first thing you brought up.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, and
don't bring up the issue at all. There's
a lot more to you than you think, a lot
more to you than the things you are
insecure about.

This rule also applies for not trying to
explain anything about yourself or situation
that you think is not cool- so if your are renting
a car because your regular better car is at the
shop, don't say "this is just a rental- I have
a better car" just DON'T BRING IT UP,
otherwise it comes across as you feeling
inferior worth compared to what you
feel her worth is.

And when YOU feel your worth is low,
that is the ultimate litmus test to a woman
of your worth. YOU are the one who
has to know what you're worth. If you
don't feel it, how can she?


Now, the problem with this is that it is
the behavior of someone who feels that
he is going to get rejected.

So, if you just approached a woman, don't
start telling her within 30 seconds "man,
I'm so tired, I just got in from LA" or
"I'm so tired, I was up all night with
my agent on the phone closing a deal"
etc, etc.

It's OBVIOUS to her that you are throwing
around the words "LA" "AGENT" "closing
the deal", etc.

You can now go out and apply these tips
IMMEDIATELY, and you will notice
powerful results TODAY.

And yet, that is just the TIP of the ICEBERG.

If you'd like to get the FULL PICTURE,
I suggest you get my book, "Get A Great Girl,"
immediately, at:

Till next time,


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

The benefit of the blog here is that I can make
updates regarding newsletters ASAP.

I just received an important email:


"Hey Micheal, how's it going? hope all is well.....
I just wanted to write in a comment.... not
necessarily regarding your materials, but I just
wanted to address what I think are a few
common misconceptions out there...
misconceptions about great women...

first of all.... to start, I completely agree with
what you said in these paragraphs..

"So you want to be looking for a woman who
has a history of being able to STICK to
something that requires SERIOUS LONG
TERM COMMITMENT, and a woman who
is high self esteem and seems to be content
in life, happy in general. A woman who
has found meaning her life besides just
DISTRACTIONS and partying, drugs,
or superficial forms of sex.

You want a woman who is PASSIONATE about
her life, who finds GLORY in the little DETAILS
of life, like the sun rising in the morning, like
playing with you and having a good time being
ALIVE. You want a woman who has learned
the meaning of APPRECIATION and of
the meaning of GRACE and INTEGRITY
and most of all, strength under PRESSURE.

You want a woman who can find peace
and contentment from understanding
the power of PERSPECTIVE. "

I think we're all on the same page when it comes
to that. however, I noticed over the last little
while, that people who have written in the
newsletters, along with those that I see in
everyday life, seem to equate a woman's
education with her character.... kind of like
The Halo Effect Part 2. I used to be the
number one victim of The Halo Effect Part 2.

In my experience, I have found that a LOT
of women (not all of course) who are on the
highest level of education are quite rotten.
I gave them the benefit of doubt for so long
(yes, b/c I couldn't really assess a woman's
character well at ALL before I got your
materials), but ultimately, their real colors
shone pretty fast.

I dated a gorgeous, and I mean, gorgeous girl
who got her PhD from Cambridge, was widely
literate, had the most interesting hobbies,
treasured her health, was very outgoing and
friendly at first, but over a few months, I realized
that she was a man hating, manipulating, selfish,
devious, UNSTABLE and in fact MEAN person.

this is an extreme case of course, but in my
medical school class, oh my god.... lots of
pretty faces, like on TV really, but most of
them were FAKE, .... so FAKE, and cutthroat,
and obsessed with being "cool" because their
type A personalities extended onto the social
scene too.

lots of these women are VERY aggressive at
getting what they want too.. in a bad way.
actually, when I got to know them, there were
so MANY issues that run DEEP.

And another thing.... I find that women in power
sometimes act like MEN, which can kind of be a
turn off.. no matter how gorgeous they are.

Now, I'm not saying that they are all bad, because
some med school girls are really good people.
I'm not saying that education is a bad thing at all,
as a matter of fact educated women turn me on
and pursuit of higher learning is almost mandatory
for any woman I date, I'm just saying that some men
seem to put the blinders on when they find out a girl
is educated, and they seem to immediately think
that they are "put together".

Conversely I sometimes, meet girls who seem
wonderful but who are from the "wrong side of
the tracks", or who are working towards a second
chance in life who seem to get written off by
some guys because they don't have higher education.

So to me.... I've always felt that picking the right
girl can in fact be tricky business.

I guess all I want to advise to most guys is that
it's best to approach with caution when dealing
with a highly educated woman, but also approach
with an open mind.

anyways, let me know what you think because
I may be seriously biased by my experience....

I can go ON and ON about this because I'm
surrounded by this issue. maybe I may bring
it up on the forum or something......


Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean.
And I hope no one reading the newsletter thinks
that just because a woman is educated that makes
her a good character.

And ABSOLUTELY, sometimes these women
are simply very aggressive types who will do
anything to get what they want- I TOTALLY
know all about those kinds of girls, and have
no respect just for someone who is just selfish
and pursuing "prestige" and power, etc.

And YES, many many men think that because
a woman is educated it makes her a better person,
kind of like how good looks makes people think
someone is virtuous, etc.

HALO EFFECT big time!
 This comes from the fact that our parents
tell us "Is she educated? What does she do?"
and other things like that.

Don't get angry out your parents of course,
they want good for you and it's the same with
women being taught this crap by their parents
as well.

It seems hard to believe that a woman who
society respects so much for some profession
or education could be totally crapola in the
personality department but it actually makes
a lot of sense.

 In fact, some parents CREATE monsters by
teaching their kids the ONLY thing that counts
is their education so the kids think the only thing
that is MORAL in life is EDUCATION, and
this would be great if it meant education on how
to be a good person, but usually they mean
education in the sense of how much MONEY
they will be making.

However, when a woman has the drive and
discipline to be educated AND is STILL a good
person at the same time, then it's REALLY cool,
because it means this person has tons of
CHOICES and is still not spoiled, and still
CHOOSES to be a great person.

Then you REALLY know it's coming from a
place of genuine goodness and humility. Whether
this is self-education or formal. In fact, self-education
is even cooler, because it is usually driven by
passion for more spiritual things and not just

So, women who are just about the superficial, be
it education or her looks, they ain't pretty- they
just look that way:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Way To Win

Do you ever feel that you
"don't have what it takes"
to get what you want?

Whether it's with women,
getting in shape, starting
or growing a business, or
achieving any of your dreams,
do you feel like it's
impossible? Do you ever
feel overwhelmed?

Have you ever felt that success
goes just to those who are "LUCKY"
to have been handed the breaks
in life, the lottery of life?

Well, I have good news for you-
the truth is that the greatest
success stories in human history-
the men who have achieved the
MOST, usually had ZERO special
advantages-they didn't have a
higher than average IQ, they
were not rich, and they weren't

And often, they had far greater
DISADVANTAGES than average.

But they knew how to properly
tap into their MINDS to get
what they WANTED, to be all
they could possibly be.

Being the best man you can be
not only is attractive to women,
it makes your own life so
much more meaningful and

And of course, the more you
develop yourself this way, the
more charismatic and confident
you become, so you then become
even more successful on every

And now, I have just completed
my latest book, 'Way To Win',
revealing the secrets that the
most successful men on Earth
use every day to WIN.

These are strategies that you can
put to use IMMEDIATELY in your own
life to get what YOU want.

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