Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Unspoken Truth About Being A Man And Attracting Women

I have a very, VERY important newsletter
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The following article is NOT designed to get you
to think all women are problematic; it is to
help you SCREEN OUT the WRONG women
so that you can meet the RIGHT woman.

Once you learn the skills of how to do things
properly with women, any guy who knows the
skills for REAL can tell you that the far greater
priority quickly becomes how to screen out
the wrong women.

Most guys, as a result of being brainwashed
that sex is the most important thing, will end
up accepting a woman into their lives who
will cause them MISERY instead of
ENHANCING their lives.

And I do use the word ENHANCE, because
no woman can GIVE a guy happiness.

Inner peace and happiness are things that
each man must work on to have INDEPENDENTLY
of women, and then meeting a great woman
can ENHANCE that happiness, but no
woman can actually GIVE a guy happiness.

If a guy thinks that a woman can give him
happiness, what he might be confused by
is the INITIAL NOVELTY of having
a woman in his life, which distracts him
from other issues, but if he is not a happy
person without a woman, then eventually
he will still not be happy even with a woman,
no matter who she is.

Again, this gets back to making YOURSELF
strong internally, peaceful and happy internally.

And now, I will begin the main part of this article:

It is vital to realize that the idea
of being a MAN in our culture, especially
for young men, has often been equated with
“living the party lifestyle” and being promiscuous
and having sex with many different women.

This idea has been spread by all kinds of
people for all kinds of reasons that have
nothing to do with TRUTH or REALITY.

For one thing, if you are an alcohol or beer
company or clothing company or just about
any company selling things, it sure helps sell
if you can equate sex with their product.

So, whether it is promoting the idea that drinking
their beer will somehow lead to you getting
women and living the life of “the man”, or whether
it is some clothing company telling you that their
clothes will get you to be “the man”, or whether
it is some magazine article telling you that you
are not good enough to attract women unless
you get their product, they all BENEFIT from
you buying into the bullshit lie that somehow
their stuff will make you more of a man, and
more desirable to women.

The insanity of this, is that actually getting
women is EASY.

I could make a hundred times more money by
getting into the "be promiscuous with women"
business, because our environment is already
set up to make men feel that that is the
way to go to be a man. 

The fact of the matter is, that what I teach
is the OPPOSITE of what most companies are
selling- they are trying to HYPNOTIZE you
to think being a man means being a slave
to insecurity and to sex, and I am here

The irony is that the slavery to sex
and the slavery to insecurity IS
THE PROBLEM in the first place,
as insecurity is unattractive.

Rather than HYPNOTIZE men, I DE-HYPNOTIZE them
from the INSANITY that they are exposed to on
a daily basis by the majority of the things
they read and hear.

In fact, the more INSECURE a man is, and
the more he buys INTO the lies that in order
to be a man, he has to do all kinds of stupid
things to impress women, the less likely
he REALLY is to attract ANY woman.

So, again, getting women can be EASY,

All you have to do is be in a fun playful state
and show some INTEGRITY and some
confidence, and you have to be willing to
approach women, because even the GREATEST
skilled guy at attracting women can’t ensure he
will get EVERY woman, so he has to approach
many women, which is something that actually
does NOT take long to do. 

In one day, a guy can approach enough women
to get connected with a woman where both he
and the woman feel mutual attraction. 

So, getting women can be EASY.

The HARD part is getting a GREAT woman
who will not DESTROY you over the long-term.

And this is where being a REAL MAN
becomes ever-more important.


What I mean by foolish social pressure is the
pressure by society to hook up with lots of women
no matter WHAT, simply in order to ‘be a man’,
even if these women are infested with STDs,
even if these women are dishonest, even if
these women will try to crack your self-esteem,
even if these women will waste your time with
endless talking and endless jealousy games
and endless complaints about everything
under the sun regarding who you are.

Yes, I mean all those things.
I find it bizarre that there is so much written out
there about  “how to hook up” and almost NOTHING
on “how to SCREEN women”.

Guys get SUCKED IN all the time by various
devious behaviors that SOME (I didn’t say all)
women engage in.

Here are some of the devious things that guys
NEED to watch OUT for:


When I first started meeting women, I thought
that the first woman I met that did this must  
have been one in a million or some other
extremely RARE case.

Then, as I met more and more women, I noticed
that there is a whole CATEGORY of women
who very QUICKLY will start to tell you how
much they LOVE you, and how much they have
waited their entire LIVES for you, and how
DEVOTED they are to you….

And then these are the same women who will

important to realize that there are a lot of women
who do this as either a conscious or subconscious

They figure by GOING ALL OUT ON THE
STATEMENTS OF LOVE, they then somehow
have the RIGHT to demand that you accept all
their abusive behavior.

Keep in mind, that this abusive behavior has
NOTHING to deserve it.

So many good guys out there try to RATIONALIZE
a woman’s abusive behavior, because they can’t
believe that a woman who cries her heart out
and professes her love for him could possibly

But it happens a lot, in real life.
It doesn’t matter if the guy is Prince Charming
or Quasimodo. 

Some women out there will profess love to you
and then also belittle you whenever they get the
chance.  And they will belittle you about ANYTHING.
You can be RICH and they will STILL try to find
a way to make you feel not rich enough.  
You can be a MOVIE STAR with matinee idol
looks and they will try to tell you that you are 
not attractive.

And they are going to push you into the abysss
of low self-esteem if you LET them.

I don’t believe in trying to get a woman you
are dating to become a DECENT PERSON,
that can NEVER be your job- she must

A real man INSISTS on respect, contrary
to some people who are so obsessed
with getting sex that they will do ANYTHING
to get sex from a woman including sacrificing
their own DIGNITY.

Being a MAN has to do with PRESERVING
YOUR SELF-RESPECT, and it has nothing
to do with women.

And of COURSE, the greatest IRONY is
that the more you KNOW your own moral
code, the more you DON’T NEED A WOMAN
in order to feel GOOD about yourself, the
MORE EASY IT IS to attract a woman.

This is why I have always stated that
if you REALLY want to attract a woman, 
it’s about conquering the demons WITHIN
one’s self, and not about learning ridiculous
and immature pick up lines.

But when one really has NO SELF-RESPECT,
he is willing to sacrifice his own dignity, his
own morals, his own everything for a woman,
and of course a woman senses that and then
is not attracted.

The best thing to do when approaching and
chatting to women you want to attract is
to SHOW RESPECT combined with
CONFIDENCE, and if a woman does
NOT appreciate that, then be happy that
you can get rid of her BEFORE she
enters your life and makes your life
a living hell where you have deeply
invested your emotions in the wrong person.

Also, remember that MUTUAL RESPECT
is key for a long term relationship,
and that women WANT to be shown
respect, but not all women are
prepared to give respect LONG
TERM in the sense of not flirting
with other guys.

Yes, a massive thing to watch out for
are women who just can’t resist the
temptation to keep on inviting attention
from guys even when she is in a relationship.

Some women will try to cover it up with
all kinds of excuses, especially the excuse of
“I need to build contacts for networking”,
but if she is constantly getting new “contacts”
that are men everyday, it is A RELATIONSHIP

The next time a woman tries to excuse her
lack of respect for you as a man with her
need to constantly keep a feed of new guys
on her contacts from Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, and from just somehow magically
meeting guys that are just “new platonic
friends” she meets at yoga, at friends’
houses, at the gym, and at work, just
remember that the GREATEST successes
of all time didn’t spend their day on
Facebook, Twitter, and in general killing

J.K. Rowling, the woman who wrote the
Harry Potter series, somehow managed
to get success without “male contacts
that were platonic friends”, instead she
till she achieved success.

Oprah Winfrey achieved her success
without spending all her time “networking”.

My point is that women who try to excuse
their inability to show sexual restraint are
constantly using the excuse of “but it helps
my work”.

Bullshit. Working hard helps one’s work,
networking is often just an excuse to avoid
real work and to meet more guys.

Usually the women that have lots of idle
time on their hands are the ones who seem
to have the most time for networking and
for “just happening” to meet lots of guys
who become “platonic” male friends.

The next time you go out to meet women,
KEEP THIS ALL IN MIND and remember
that GETTING A WOMAN is not the
big deal, but rather getting a GREAT woman

Don’t get caught up in the nonsense that
MOST men do, they get caught up thinking
that the big deal is to get drunk, get promiscuous,
and show off about it to friends.

That doesn’t lead to a path of life success.
Don’t be like the masses.

Have the highest standards of integrity
for yourself and only allow women of
the same integrity into your life.

Attracting women is EASY when you
RADIATE full CONFIDENCE in yourself,
full CONFIDENCE in your values, in
your integrity, in your way of life.

As soon as you start to ACCEPT some
crap behavior from a woman, as soon
as you start to QUESTION your own value
as a result of something a woman says
or does to you, you actually begin to
LOSE a woman's attraction to you.

My programs focus on making YOU
strong with women, they are NOT
about you doing some song and
dance to impress women.

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Michael Marks

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Women And "Testing" - What You MUST Know

I want to share something that even I myself
have grown to appreciate far more in recent

Very FEW human beings willfully give power away.

This includes the women who benefit from
continuing the MYTH that "men are terrible"
and the myth that "therefore men should
prove to women they are worth being with"
while at the SAME time continuing the myth
that "we should just all assume that 'of course'
women are all perfect, and women don't have
to prove a thing to men when dating, in a
relationship, etc."

In fact, the human mind is designed to RATIONALIZE
quite a bit of selfishness unless trained to do otherwise.

So a lot of women probably actually
BELIEVE the feminist propaganda.  In fact,
a lot of MEN believe it, which is why
they feel this need to act so submissive
and fearful when it comes to interacting
with women.

But only in recent years did I become
more conscious of WHY this type of
thinking is so prevalent- thanks to
a man who has taught me countless
insights on this topic.

It's due to feminism- which is NOT about
protecting women - even though it sounds
like it is on the surface.

The BIGGEST thing I learned in recent years
is that contrary to popular belief, women are
NOT hardwired to TEST you in the way you
may have been taught by many pick up artists
and dating experts.

Basically, conventional wisdom from pick up
artists is that women are hard-wired to test
men, so they will say all kinds of things to you
and do all kinds of things to you that are hurtful
or provocative NOT because these women
really want to do these things to you but
because they want to SEE how you will react-
supposedly they want to see if you are a real
man who is all in self-control and who is super
confident and all that jazz.

So, supposedly a woman will exhibit rude behavior,
cruel behavior, disrespectful behavior, provocative
behavior just to see your reaction. Supposedly, women
do this because they are HARDWIRED to do so, in
order to mate with only the men who are real men,
men who are so calm and so confident and so secure
that nothing bothers them.

As if a man who has high self-esteem WOULD
think to himself "Hmmmm. This woman is giving
me rude behavior- so let me now try to CHANGE
her, let's invest EFFORT in making this woman

As if THAT is the sign of a man with CONFIDENCE?

The real sign of confidence and self-esteem would be
to LEAVE, rather than LOWER himself to SPEND
his ENERGY trying to CHANGE HER.

Does the KING waste energy on ABSORBING disrespect
from someone, and then on top of that, also expend energy
on that person, trying to get that person to ultimately WANT

Of course not.

SUPPOSEDLY, if a woman says to you that you are
short, fat, poor, ugly, dumb, a loser, a brute, or anything
else, that’s not because she is a messed-up human being,
SUPPOSEDLY it’s because she just wants to see if you
are the right man for her.

SUPPOSEDLY, if a woman flirts with other men when
she is dating you, that’s not because she is disrespectful,
it’s because she really just wants to see how you react,
she really hates flirting with other men.

Well, guess what?
There was a time that I actually believed this,
because almost every woman I met DID behave
this way.

And, on top of this, when I exhibited the right
REACTIONS, it always DID skyrocket the woman’s

But what I learned over the years is that this has
NOTHING to do with the hard-wiring of women.

It has to do with CORRUPTION and becoming

So, if you let a child get away with bad behavior,
that child will just keep PUSHING the boundaries
of his or her bad behavior further and further-

And, just like a child, if the child sees that you are
and that you are IN CONTROL, you will have a
far greater IMPACT than if you show that you
are completely at the mercy of their behavior.

But NONE of this means that the child is
HARDWIRED to test you any more than the
child is hardwired to do something like steal-
the only hard-wiring that women have in this
regard is the basic HUMAN hard-wiring to
GET AS MUCH AS WE CAN if we can get it.

So, in a nutshell, FEMINISM has basically
TOLD WOMEN that women should be
MORE is never enough.

Women are told that they have been VICTIMS

And most men, especially the ones who actually
DO CARE about being decent and fair, BELIEVED
the propaganda- and so most men BEND OVER
BACKWARDS to please any woman they find
attractive and even women they DON’T find
attractive still most men will BEND OVER
from abuse.

A cool dude ( ) sent me
a video showing a social experiment where a guy and
a woman agreed to PRETEND they were getting into
an argument, and when the woman PUNCHED

When the experiment was reversed, and the
guy just STARTED to get physical on the
woman – within SECONDS he was STOPPED.

So THAT is how sensitive the general male
population is towards the PROPER treatment
of women- but when it comes to men, not
only is it considered okay for a woman to
verbally abuse him, it’s also okay for her to
physically abuse him.

I bring this up to PROVE TO YOU that the
issue is not HARD-WIRING – women are not
BORN to treat men like garbage.

Women have to be TAUGHT to treat men this way.

And if you think it's "different" when it is a
WOMAN abusing a man, then I urge you to ask
yourself why you are so quick to think that-
and if that assumption might possibly be
the RESULT of being BOMBARDED with
messages about male assaults on women and
barely ever being told a WORD about the
millions of cases of women abusing men
in every way you can imagine that happen
each year as well.

And, of course, in a culture that also WORSHIPS
female beauty, and also tells men that men
are selfish violent scumbag rapists, even the
MEN themselves start to believe it, and of course
will spoil any woman they are interested in,
while the woman will feel this is just the right
thing, that this is PROPER.

So, just like a child who is spoiled and thinks that
a woman who believes the feminist propaganda
will feel that it’s fine to mistreat most men and
to ignore anything that any man says is important
to him.

It is absolutely NOT a coincidence that more men
than ever before in history are choosing not to get
married- and it’s not because they don’t want to
love a woman.

It is absolutely NOT a coincidence that there are
groups known as MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY
where heterosexual men have made a conscious
decision to go their own way because to them it’s
just not worth it.

It is absolutely NOT a coincidence that men all
over the planet are even looking to pick up artists
to try to find some way to improve their chances
of success with women.

It ALL comes from the SAME general ISSUE-

The solution is not to try to “WIN the game”-
because men and women being with each other
is actually a NATURAL thing- it doesn’t require

It only requires all sorts of insanely difficult efforts
(which still barely produce results when it comes
to getting a great relationship with a girlfriend )
when dealing with women who are brainwashed
by feminism.

The ANSWER is to simply FIND WOMEN who are
NOT brainwashed by feminist perspectives-
perspectives that encourage women to treat
relationships as expendable, perspectives that
encourage women to value EVERYTHING ELSE
above their connection to a man and their family-
rather what is emphasized is INDEPENDENCE
attitude toward RESPECTING a boyfriend or husband.

So the answer is simple.
ENVIRONMENT- you may have to travel out of your
own country.

If you must TRAVEL, then DO that.

If you can’t do that, then you have to be EVEN MORE
SUPER CAREFUL than usual in your screening process-
find women who had REALLY AWESOME parents who
of feminism.

Let me tell you, the difference IS MIND-BLOWING.

The hardest part of attracting women from places
where feminism didn’t take off, is REMEMBERING
that they WANT you to BE A MAN.

They won’t PUNISH you for talking to them.
They won’t PUNISH you for showing CONFIDENCE.

They won’t PUNISH you for showing that you
aren’t interested in playing CHESS with them,
but rather that you are a man who actually
IS attracted to their FEMININITY.

They won’t PUNISH you for treating them with respect.

They won’t find endless ways to RIDICULE you under
the B.S. excuse that this is some form of TESTING you.

I remember the first woman I dated a woman
who was from a COMPLETELY different environment,
where there was NO feminism.

I could not BELIEVE my mind on the first date.
She never showed a SHRED of disrespect- I was
so overwhelmed with emotion internally it took
all my power not to say that I wanted to marry
her right then and there.

I kept waiting for her to test me in the following
weeks, but NOPE, not one OUNCE of b.s.-EVER.

Imagine- being RESPECTED by a woman,
and not having to play INSANE games
to SUSTAIN the relationship.

THIS CAN BE REAL, in fact there are BILLIONS
of these women around- they just aren't
at your proverbial fingertips if you happen to
live in a feminist-infiltrated society.

You have to do more searching for them.

Oh, and for all the feminists that think these
women are “doormats” and “easy”, the truth is
that these women tend to be FAR MORE STRICT
about NOT getting physical so fast, and tend to be
FAR MORE CONFIDENT in their beliefs than the
typical feminists who rant about how all men
are rapists- and then go get drunk and sleep
with 50 guys. 

This doesn’t mean that every woman you meet
from a non-feminist country is going to fall in
love with you- what it means is that you can
actually expect a NORMAL range of responses
from women, as opposed to the practically
UNIVERSAL, predictable list of abuses that you
will get from women who have been brainwashed
by feminism.

The thing is, if you have grown up in any of the
so-called “Anglo-sphere” countries and even some
that don’t speak English, chances are you’ve been
so IMMERSED in FEMINIST lies that you are now
REPRESSED, your masculine instincts and desires

But women are actually ATTRACTED to the
MANLY part of your behaviors- even if some
women- the feminist brainwashed ones- won’t
admit it.

There are TWO paths you can take for the FASTEST
results in your life when it comes to success with

ONE is my BOOTCAMP program.
I will UNLEASH the part of you that is UNSTOPPABLE
with women, the REAL you that women LOVE.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How To Approach Women Anywhere

You are about to learn some ESSENTIAL
strategies for meeting and attracting women


This time, I want to start with an important
point that on the surface might not seem
directly related to the approach, but actually
is important to keep in mind about the 
BIG PICTURE regarding your approaches.

It's the whole point of "Get A Great Girl",
but in case you are new here, allow me to
remind you:

Before you begin saying even one word to
a woman you are about to meet, remember 
that during the entire course of the interaction, 
you should adopt the empowered perspective 
of screening.

That means you are making sure that the
woman is right for you, rather than hoping
so hard that she will like you.

This is both an inner-confidence point and also
a very true reflection of the current reality
of the situation out there as a result of feminism
going off the rails and unfortunately confusing
many women on how to behave, and even
confusing many women on what it is that
men really want aside from the physical
aspects of a relationship.

In order to screen, the number one thing
you need to do is OBSERVE since you can't
ask or interrogate her about her values.

Observe her mannerisms, in terms of how
much respect she shows you and others
in the environment. Listen to her responses
to you very carefully. Don't say anything
that will make her feel judged and then
force her to shut herself down from
revealing her true character.

Okay, with that being said, let's get
to the actual 'action' part of the

Most men will STARE at the woman they
are interested in for anywhere from a moment
to several MINUTES before taking action,
IF they ever take action.

Don’t do this. It telegraphs your interest
and your desire and intent to approach.

When a woman has TOO MUCH  TIME to
think about the fact you are going to approach
her, you DESTROY the NATURAL receptivity
that women have toward men, because you allow
her to start THINKING.

It's okay and even good for a woman to KNOW
you are there before you approach, but that should
just last for a moment or two, otherwise you lose
a lot of the magic of the moment.

You don't want to give a woman a lot of time, e.g.
a few minutes, to think about the fact you are there
that you are probably about to approach her.

And this is where the irony kicks in- on one hand,
women are encouraged by feminists to be promiscuous,
but on the other hand they are also told that so many
men are psychos and  rapists.

Now, the truth is, you don’t have to worry about
being labeled as psycho and a rapist just because
you approach a woman, but her fear of this might
just be enough to ruin the moment, and so she will
be too much in defensive mode to be able to let
herself enjoy the interaction with you.

Plus, if you telegraph your interest, you may appear
as if you lack confidence because she will wonder
why else are you hesitating and just looking at her
instead of taking action?

So because of this she may figure you are probably
like all the other men who kiss up to women and
who are desperate and who are under her thumb,
and a woman can’t feel respect or attraction for a
man who feels he is “beneath” her.


This is related to "not giving it all away before
you even start" but it goes FURTHER.

When you see a woman you’d like to approach,
it is ESSENTIAL that you approach her IMMEDIATELY.

The reason for this is MORE than just not giving
it all away before you start - it has to do with your
OWN state of mind as well.

The LONGER you wait, the more you THINK about
the approach, and the longer you THINK about it,
the LESS NATURAL it is going to be.

It is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE in terms of both your IMMEDIATE results, and your LONG-TERM growth in these skills, to take action IMMEDIATELY than it is to SIT THERE OR STAND THERE for a while trying to come up with an EINSTEIN level  ‘opening’ to the conversation.

This is because WORDS are only PART of the meaning
of any interaction, the rest of the meaning comes from
tonality, body language, facial expressions, context,
timing, etc.

And your tonality, body language, and facial expressions
will automatically convey DECISIVENESS if you indeed
DO take DECISIVE action by NOT standing around
thinking about it!  

In other words, our voice tonalities, facial expressions,
and body language tend to reveal the TRUTH.

So if you HONESTLY took DECISIVE ACTION, if you
will be SHOWING ALL THOSE characteristics through
all the non-verbal channels of communication!

And THAT is attractive!

Plus, of course, if she actually sees that you approached
her out of the blue without having to play it so safe by
planning it all out, that TOO is attractive.

On the other hand, if you think about it too much, you will only draw yourself DEEPER into your OWN head, into your OWN thoughts, your own anxieties, your own doubts, and you will come up with INFINITE REASONS why you should NOT approach.

Plus, if she SEES you waiting around trying to figure
it all out, you are making it painfully obvious that you
are lacking conviction in your own worth, and you are
making it obvious that you fear the approach too much.

It’s not cool, it’s not manly, it’s not attractive.

Now, you might be saying, “But Michael, I HAVE
to think about it! I have NO IDEA what to say!”

So, allow me to clear this up for you:

The development of these skills is a PROCESS.
It doesn’t happen INSTANTLY.

It improves with PRACTICE.

And if you practice by spending a long time planning
each approach, it will take you much LONGER to get
these skills down solid than if you actually approach

Plus, spending time figuring out what you are going to say ends up teaching  your mind the WRONG LESSON- you brainwash yourself to believe that you NEED to have more “special” things to say than you really DO- because in reality, the goal here is to get so good at these skills that you are able to easily start conversations that last, all in a way that is true to your own personality.

The time to spend thinking about these skills is BEFORE you go out to approach women. Learn the concepts, the strategies, the insights BEFORE you meet women, and then apply them INSTANTLY, the best that you can, when you DO see women you want to meet.

By doing this, you will get a little bit BETTER each time,
you will go from being nervous, to not being nervous, and
then go from only being able to open a conversation, to
being able to open and actually sustain the conversation
for a minute or two, and then go to being able to actually
make the conversations POWERFUL and compelling,
and if you so desire to make them funny, witty, intriguing,
or whatever else you want.

And you will then be able to go to building stronger
CONNECTIONS that BOND the two of you very

It happens BIT BY BIT, and you IMPROVE each time.

This INDEED is a SKILL SET that CAN be learned.

I prove it in my bootcamps, EVERYWHERE- whether
we find women in bookstores, on trains, buses, outside
walking on the street, inside in malls, cafes, coffee shops,
supermarkets, college campuses, office buildings, pubs,
clubs, lounges, fairs, conventions, it doesn’t make one
bit of difference- the skills work on women EVERYWHERE.

And if you want to improve as fast as possible,
I say take action IMMEDIATELY – and even if that
action is NOT so great, it is FAR BETTER to your
speed of growth and development than it is to spend
time trying to figure it all out and taking too long to
make the actual approach.

The LESS time you take between seeing the woman
and taking action, the BETTER, regardless of how
crappy you might THINK your action was- it is
actually the way to GROW THE FASTEST- you
WILL improve, and you will also ensure that you
mastered one of the most important principles first,
the principle of taking IMMEDIATE action.


As I mentioned above, progress in this skill set
comes BIT BY BIT.

And if you make a BIG DEAL about having to
be PERFECT every time, you are going to stress
yourself out too much and you will not take
ENOUGH action, you will not get enough practice,
to GET good or GREAT at this skill.

The good news here is that you are not performing
surgery, you are not flying a plane, you are not
launching a spacecraft with astronauts on board.

Making a mistake here is PERFECTLY FINE!
Nobody gets hurt!

If you never make mistakes here, it probably means
you are not getting NEARLY enough practice, you
are probably not making NEARLY enough approaches,
you are probably playing it so safe, and planning each
approach for so long, that you will slow down your
progress immensely and possibly never get to the
level you want.

Now, this does NOT MEAN to have a RECKLESS
ATTITUDE toward approaching women.

It doesn’t mean that at all.

And this is where the FINE LINE exists between
GREAT LEARNERS and people who are looking for

People who make excuses for AVOIDING EFFORT give a
HALF-HEARTED EFFORT, then fail, and then say

Only YOU KNOW how hard you try.

You DON’T have to try so hard that you need a
HOSPITAL after your efforts.


That discomfort may include the anxiety of even starting
the approach, it may include the anxiety of struggling
to figure out what to say next, it may include the anxiety
of worrying what people think, etc, you MUST RESIST
the temptation to BACK out and to EJECT.

RESIST, for as long as you CAN, the PRESSURE to
eject out of the conversation.

Perhaps the first time, you will only last 5 seconds
before the pressure feels too much.

Now, next time, try to last 6 seconds.
Then maybe 10, then maybe 15, and
so on and so forth.


if you follow this style of learning.


What I mean by this is that when you take this
IMMEDIATE ACTION method for approaching
women, you learn to think quickly on your feet,
and part of this involves focusing on how to
CONNECT one idea you had for STARTING
the conversation to the NEXT idea you might
use to CONTINUE the conversation.

For example, you might approach a woman
at a bookstore with a comment on the book
she is reading, and THAT might be followed
up with ANOTHER comment that people who
read that type of material are usually highly
intelligent, or highly curious, or highly creative,

Rather than trying to figure out the elements
of the conversation BEFOREHAND, you allow
the MOMENT to present the opportunities to
you, and this way you can be more authentic,
more spontaneous, and you can also ENJOY
the conversation more because you are actually
ACTIVELY involved, rather than just rehearsing
some LINES you wrote in your mind.

The transitions between conversation bits are what I refer to as “connective tissue”, and this ALSO includes your comments to what SHE says to you.

You ability to find and to create this “connective
tissue’ between conversation bits improves with
practice, in both the quality of the ideas you are
using for the connections, and your ability improves
with regards to how FAST you can come up with
these connections. 


Notice above that I mentioned starting the conversation
with a comment, and then following that with yet another

You want to start the conversations in a way that feels
GOOD rather than feels awkward or boring.

Starting off a conversation with a woman by just asking
a never ending series of questions is off-putting.

It’s easy to do, but it doesn’t work.
For example:

Hi, what’s your name?         
What are you doing here?
What are you reading there?
What are you drinking?
Do you come here often?
What is that you are holding/wearing?
Do you think a, b, c, etc, etc.?
Do you know where so and so place is?

It sound like an interrogation and can creep out a woman who is a stranger out if you START with the wrong questions or with too many questions.

If you ARE going to ask a question, then MILK the potential of that question.

For example, if you ask a woman what she thinks of a certain famous film, make sure that you COMMENT on her ANSWER in a MEANINGFUL WAY.

So for example, you can try reading her reaction
to a book, a movie, or to anything else, and you can
see what you might learn about her personality, and
see if you can find something POSITIVE about her
personality that is revealed in her answer, and then
give her that authentic compliment, which is very
different than just melting over a woman’s beauty
by giving her endless compliments on it.


Now, as I explained earlier, your approach doesn’t
have to start perfectly, but it helps to avoid coming
in with too much interest or with too much teasing.

Sometimes I actually think it’s important for men
to break the rules, and just go up to a woman and
tell her they think she is beautiful, just to see how
nothing bad happens, and how it is okay to convey
your INTEREST in a woman.

So from that point of view, it can be powerful. 

At a higher level, though, it is even better to start off lower key, and neither try to compliment a woman RIGHT OFF THE BAT, and also don’t try to tease her too hard right off the bat either, as it’s better to first establish a bit of small talk first – it actually demonstrates SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE and it demonstrations SOCIAL SKILLS as well.

It indirectly tells a woman that you are clearly able to
have interactions with humans in general as a result
of your conversation skills, so it makes her feel more
relaxed about talking to you as well-  it demonstrates
a certain amount of proof that you are socially savvy.

This is why a comment on something like the book
she is reading, the contents of your shopping cart
at the grocery store, or even a comment on how
long the line is at the coffee shop is a low key start.

From THERE, you are now in the best place to build
momentum to your conversation with her.


One of the most important elements of a
truly successful conversation is the ability to
AUTHENTICALLY connect with a woman
in terms of understanding what makes her tick.

And the KEY to this is a GENUINE sense of

The more CURIOUS  you are about things, the
BETTER. So, if she is a scientist, a stock broker,
a secretary, a teacher, or she is reading a book on
the Aztecs, a book on biology, or she mentions
she is traveling to a particular destination in the
world, or she mentions she is from a particular
part of the country or the world, or that she is
from a particular culture, ALL THESE THINGS
CONNECTION, if you are just CURIOUS.

And guess what?
Curiosity is not something you really have to
DEVELOP as much as WAKE UP.

As children, we were ALL CURIOUS.
Give  a child a skateboard, and the child may spend
HOURS trying to figure it out, even if it means falling
down again and again, just to LEARN how it works
and just to learn how to master it.

Children ask ENDLESS QUESTIONS about

It’s just that as ADULTS, through a combination of
TIME DEMANDS that limit our abilities to explore
our curiosities, and through being PUNISHED for
being curious (ever get told that something is a
“stupid” question???? THAT kind of thing makes
someone RELUCTANT to express curiosity or to
explore curiosity) we PUT our curiosity into

But it is THERE. 
You just have to RE-AWAKEN it.

And this is where questions ARE a good thing-
questions are a good thing once the conversation
has been going for a few minutes and now she WANTS
to connect with you.

And remember, a woman will ALSO contribute to
the conversation if it is going well, and she may
you questions too.

When it comes to getting great at these skills,
there are probably infinite levels of development.

At the core, these skills are about conveying
your personality and connecting with a woman’s
personality quickly, in a smooth way that easily
overcomes the hurdles presented by the fact she
is a total stranger.

Personality is a complex and evolving part of who
you are- it may include your wit, humor, elements of
sexuality, your perspectives, your experiences, your
empathy, and much more.

The more you practice, and the more you develop as
a person, the MORE options you will have at the ready
to use to reflect your personality to her, and to connect
to her, and to understand her.

And yet, women are not holding a PICK UP
ARTIST contest when you meet them. 

If you do a DECENT job in the approach, and you
get her number, and she wants to MEET you again,
that buys you yet ANOTHER opportunity to IMPROVE
upon your first interaction you had with her.

All you have to do is be good enough at least get to
the NEXT STAGE with her, and then the next stage,
and the next, etc. It will probably be a date where
you two bond more together, and then eventually
some more time where you continue to bond and
eventually get to physical intimacy.

So don’t get OVERWHELMED by all that I am
telling you here. 

At the same time, why not look at this as something
ENJOYABLE that is WORTH getting good at?

You WILL improve with practice, and with enough
practice, you indeed CAN become GREAT.          
But, just in case you are wondering, even with
just a few WEEKS of practicing every day,
you can be good enough to start meeting and
attracting more women in one WEEK than
you would have done previously in an entire

So, that’s just to give you an idea of how much
IMPACT you will make on your life, and how much
BENEFIT you will get in just a few WEEKS of

I saved the best for last.
Your TONE of voice reflects every last
NUANCE of emotional state that you are
feeling in a given moment, and it is the
FASTEST way to indicate your personality
to a woman.  

The KEY to making this work is to be reflecting
the RIGHT states of mind through your tonality.

I suggest you CONSCIOUSLY control the DELIVERY of your words through your tonality until you INSTINCTIVELY are using the right tonality.

It’s not so important that you have such a deep,
masculine voice, although if you have it, definitely
use it, but what is more important is that you state
your words with FULL CONVICTION behind them.

So often, when a man approaches a woman, the man’s voice pitch suddenly RISES, and this comes from not wanting to offend, it comes from being super careful, almost as if dealing with a child who is in a fragile emotional state, OR as if dealing with someone who is SO IMPORTANT that you don’t want to risk screwing up.

DON’T DO THIS - instead deliver each word as if you were playing the voice of some SUPERNATURAL

SUPER POWERFUL entity that could do NO WRONG, that has INFINITE POWER. 


So it’s not only about avoiding the rising pitch, it’s
also about not mumbling the words, not swallowing
the words.     

If you don’t think your words have WORTH,
you might swallow them.

If you don’t think a woman wants to HEAR what
you have to say, you might mumble your words.

Imagine each word you have to say is GENIUS.

You MUST give yourself and your words JUSTICE.
If you don’t, then how can you expect HER to in
terms of her PAYING ATTENTION to you?

And when you CONSCIOUSLY control your
voice, you ALSO simultaneously change your
STATE of mind.

Think about an empowering tune or song, like
“Eye of the Tiger”.

You CAN’T sing it if you are not in the right state.
But if you FORCE yourself to sing it, it actually
CHANGES your state.

Your state gets even STRONGER if you adopt
the right BODY language. 

If you are reading this right now, and you are serious about wanting to truly HAVE CHOICES when it comes to women in  your life, so that you have the same power of CHOICE when it comes to women as women have when it comes to men, then the FASTEST way for you to learn these skills is through a private BOOTCAMP with me.

BOOTCAMP is not a playground.
It WILL take work on your part.

And I’m not talking about the physical work,
which does include a lot of walking, I am referring
EMOTIONS that comes from learning these skills
AND from overcoming your fears.
This is about TWO things- it’s not JUST about overcoming fears, it’s ALSO about getting ALL THE SKILLS to be able to PERFORM all the aspects of the ‘pick up’ effectively.

What you will GET from the BOOTCAMP is
enough coaching and experience to be truly
INDEPENDENT so that you can then PERFECT
THE SKILLS on your own. 

Neither I, nor anyone else on earth, can PERFECT
your skills in just TWO DAYS, but what I can
do for you in just TWO DAYS is truly give you
enough skill to make you INDEPENDENT when
it comes to successfully approaching women, and
you can then continue to polish the SOLID
FOUNDATION you will get from bootcamp. 

BOOTCAMP will save you TIME, and I’m not just talking about days or weeks, it will save most men MONTHS and YEARS of their lives.

There are two reasons I will save you so much time:

The first reason is that I will DEMONSTRATE it all for you in front of your very own eyes. Seeing is

believing, and having that belief makes it a lot easier to DO all the required actions with CONVICTION and with CONFIDENCE.

The second reason is, even if you DO believe every word I say, even without the demonstrations, your execution of the various actions, the various strategies,may not be happening the way they should for maximum impact. 

Think of how a personal trainer knows exactly how
a squat should be performed, how a bench press
should be performed, how fast, how slow, how to
lower the weight, how to raise it properly, how long
to rest, etc. 

Similarly, I will MONITOR your approaches, and I can IMMEDIATELY detect where you may be going off track and I can prevent bad habits from forming, so that you do things EXACTLY right.

And I’m not a jerk in the way I teach.
I will find out the style of learning that works best for you
and that you are comfortable with

I do ask one thing though- that you only come
to bootcamp if you are PREPARED to push

Time is precious.  Only come to bootcamp if
you are ready to push beyond your comfort zone.

This experience will be exhilarating, it will change
your life, but it is not a walk in the park for everyone.

Most men, even if they HEAR about this thing
called the pick-up arts, will NOT do anything
that requires REAL WORK to actually GET results.

It’s too easy to give into all the excuses out there.
And then they will say some dude got “lucky” to
get the kind of woman that the dude is with.

Some guys ARE lucky with women, but relying
on luck is not a strategy for winners.

If you only get a woman through luck, what happens if it doesn’t work out? How will you meet another woman- the kind of woman that you WANT?

There is only one way: Through LEARNING THESE SKILLS that I can teach you in person, in a way that ensures the FASTEST learning possible.

I will show you EVERYTHING, including the nuances,
and I will CORRECT any mistakes that you are making -
I will ensure you will GAIN the ability to successfully
approach and attract women.

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There is ANOTHER important reason to LEARN these skills: 

Almost EVERY guy I meet has this one woman
that is NOT giving him the kind of treatment he is
looking for, and the one thing in common with all
men in this situation is that their minds are playing
tricks on them- they THINK that a particular woman
is somehow WORTH it, even though when looking at
it from a logical perspective, there is NO RATIONAL
reason to be investing so much emotional energy into
a woman that is giving a man basically nothing.

This all CEASES the very INSTANT that men suddenly get POWERFUL OPTIONS with MANY OTHER WOMEN.

And that is what this is about.

We are currently living in a time where men are NOT in a natural position when it comes to women- things are UPSIDE DOWN in fact.  

Women have virtual HAREMS of men at their disposal,
willing to do ANYTHING for these women.

And most men can’t even get ONE woman they like
no matter WHO they are- and who can blame men
in a society where men are afraid of being accused
of sexual harassment for even LOOKING at a woman?

Let me give you the power of choice when it comes to women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks