Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Deal With Abusive Women

In my work over the years, and in my own
experiences with women, I've seen a certain
mistake that happens so often it's almost
as if every guy has to go through this
at least a few times in his life before
he gets the lesson INGRAINED into his soul.

So here's the lesson, and hopefully you
can save yourself years of pain and
learning it all the hard way:

If YOU are doing the right things in general
with women, that is to say that you're not
being a jerk, you're not giving into insecurity,
you're doing your part to keep things exciting,
etc., then unless you have KIDS with a woman,
there is simply NO REASON to stick with her
if she is being ABUSIVE or DISRESPECTFUL
in any way.

(And even if you do have kids with a woman,
it doesn't mean you should stay with an
abusive woman for the rest of your life,
as it's not even good for kids to see
their parents hating each other.)

And yet, most guys (and for women who are
in similar situations with abusive men)
including myself for many years, would NOT
be able to see things for what they were.

So, for example, I would somehow think that
there must be something I could DO to change
a woman, as if there was something that was
my responsibility to make it work, as if
I was being "lazy" if I didn't try one
trillion tactics to try to make it "work"
with a certain woman.

OR, what was even worse, I would start to think
that all women were so crazy, that I was still
kind of "lucky" to even be with a certain woman
who was at least "not as bad" as all the "OTHER"
crazy women out there.


It's wrong because first of all, NO WOMAN is
worth taking ABUSE from.

No matter how needy you think or feel you are,
the truth is that you are STRONGER than you
realize, and you CAN be able to survive
WITHOUT some woman, especially one who
is driving you insane.

The FEAR of being alone is so powerful, that
it distorts our thinking, it makes us think
that the WRONG woman is somehow still the
RIGHT woman.

Also, the IDEA of having to find ANOTHER woman
is, if you don't know how easy it is to meet
women, it can seem VERY SCARY and also it can
seem like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work to have to
find ANOTHER woman.

So what happens is that so many men, and I used to be one of these men, end up STAYING with the
wrong woman.  If you do this, she will just RIP APART your self-esteem to the point that you really DO think you are lucky to be with her, even if she IS an abusive woman.

Meanwhile, if most men knew how EASY it can be
to meet other women, and also how much STRONGER
most men are inside than they realize, men would

(And similarly, good women would not take
crap from any abusive man.)

Here's the other thing: If a woman is making your
life miserable, at the very LEAST you should
realize that meeting THOSE kind of women is
no big deal, so why on Earth be so dedicated
to ONE particular woman who is not even
treating you well?

Another important point: Don't even get dramatic
about this whole thing.  I used to be very
dramatic about it, I would go on for hours
and days and weeks thinking about how on
Earth can some women be so downright cruel,
but then I realized there is a simple solution
that works INSTANTLY.

It's called LEAVING the wrong woman and
moving on IMMEDIATELY.

You can decide to make your own life miserable
as I used to do, by getting all dramatic about
things.  OR, you can STOP the negativity from
any abusive woman by just LEAVING and meeting
OTHER women immediately.

And of course, the SOONER you leave the
wrong situation, the SOONER you leave the
wrong woman, the LESS bitter you will be.

So I suggest that you don't spend years or
weeks or months trying to FIGURE OUT how
to "conquer" some abusive woman's mind,
and that you don't try to WIN some kind
of contest with the wrong woman by trying
to make her SEE what a huge mistake she
is making by not treating you right.

Trust me, though, I understand just how much
we as men really WANT to make a woman
REALIZE what a horrifying mistake she

But the irony is that the BEST way to
really make a woman learn any lesson
is when she sees that you really HAVE
moved on, and that you are NOT even
bitter and that you are NOT wasting
even one BIT of energy on her.

In other words, the quicker you get on with
ENJOYING your life, and with meeting other
women for real and not for the sake of
getting revenge, is ironically the BEST
way to "teach a woman a lesson".

If you want to teach those women a lesson,
then DON'T waste energy on trying to teach
those women a lesson.

I know, it sounds the opposite of what makes
sense, but it is the TRUTH.

Even though there ARE tactics that can have an
impact on making the wrong women behave
BETTER, you will not be changing these women
on their CORE level.

Just because you CAN attract a certain woman
does not mean you SHOULD.  And what I mean
by this, is you should only try to attract women
who also have the right CHARACTER, because
otherwise it's just a matter of time till the
rotten character of an abusive woman rears it's ugly
head again, and you will forever be burdened
with trying to keep her in check with attraction

Instead, focus your energies on meeting MORE
women and on learning how to detect the right
women, so that your attraction efforts truly
reach the ZENITH of their purpose, which is
to make an already great woman actually ATTRACTED
to you rather than just being with you for logical

In other words, she's already a good girl, or rather
a GREAT girl.  But you don't want her to only be
with you because of that, you want her to be with
you because she is also ATTRACTED like crazy
to you.  THAT'S the whole point of get a great girl,
it's to truly ATTRACT the great girls.  

The only way to WIN against an ABUSIVE woman
is for you to get OVER her, and the only way to do
that is to focus all your energies on YOURSELF and
on finding ANOTHER woman, A GREAT woman, and
NOT on spending even ONE DROP of your energy on
the abusive woman, not even energy on "how to teach
her a lesson".

The very ACT of trying to teach her a lesson
actually tells your OWN MIND that you feel
she is of HIGH VALUE and that she must be
so hot and so desirable. 

And of course, this will just get you even
DEEPER into wanting her even MORE. 

So again, this will just make HER win.

The real way to WIN is to NOT spend
even ONE DROP of energy on teaching
her anything. 

Taking this path, by the way, also
sends the right message to your OWN
mind, which is the message that you
DON'T NEED HER, that you are worth
MORE than her, that you are so
important that it's not worth your
precious TIME to waste any energy
at all of any sort on her.   

Women can always SENSE when they have the
power or when you have the power, and if
a woman is still wasting your time and
energy with your need to prove anything
to her, it shows her and makes her feel
that SHE is super important, otherwise
why on Earth would you feel the need
to prove anything to her?

Also, for your own peace of mind, your own
happiness, and for your own SUCCESS with
QUALITY, taking the path of NOT wasting
your energy on proving anything to the
abusive women is the way to go.

You "prove" your worth by NOT wasting
time on her (the abusive woman), and by
LEAVING her as fast as possible.

One last point:
There are a TRILLION ways to disrespect someone.
It can be through actually physically cheating.
But it can also be through infinite other ways,
and it DOESN'T matter what the specifics are,
if she is not behaving like a decent person

Don't try to become her THERAPIST and cure her
of her JERK behavior.

SHE IS A FEMALE JERK and it's not your job
to fix her.

Just MOVE ON right away.

Don't LIE to yourself either and tell yourself
that it's important to change her, the only
reason we tell this to ourselves is because
we WANT her to treat us right and we don't
want to go through the WORK of GETTING
A DIFFERENT WOMAN because we think it
either will be too hard or take too long, etc.

So this is where I come in:
I want to GIVE YOU OPTIONS when it comes to women.

I want to show you HOW to fish, rather than just
GIVE you a fish.

I want you to LEARN HOW to meet and attract
TONS of women, and how to DETECT women's
CHARACTERS and VALUES very quickly so you
can spare yourself the agony of being with
the WRONG women and you can enjoy the
pleasure of being with a great woman who
RESPECTS YOU to the ultimate degree.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Craziest Secret Of All About Attracting Women

99% of guys think that if they don't look
like male models or if they aren't rich,
then the hottest of women are somehow
"off limits". And I can't BLAME most
guys for thinking this, as I used to
think it myself in the biggest way,
because it SEEMS that why on earth would
such a woman be INTERESTED, right?

But here is SECRET: The emotion of feeling
SEXUAL, and of feeling ATTRACTION is nothing
but an emotional state that is ALWAYS there
in a woman, it's just sometimes sleeping
and it's up to YOU to BRING IT OUT.

You and no guy is ever CREATING
that sexual emotion in her, it's just
that some guys are able to WAKE
IT UP in her and others can't.
In fact, 99 percent of guys CAN'T.

Most guys will NEVER learn how to
do this, because they are focused on
how to memorize ridiculous tactics
that are supposed to get a certain
RESPONSE from a woman.

But, trying to GET something from
a woman will ALWAYS destroy your
charisma, because the very act of

And besides, if you feel ROBOTIC doing
something, you will COME across as robotic
and you will lack any ounce of charisma.

By the way, if you look around, you
will notice that most of the men with
the super female hotties seem like
average guys- but the personality that
attracts these women is so much MORE
than average, it's CHARISMATIC.

And that is something that a woman
a charismatic man, not from looking
at his picture or from looking at
his wallet. 

They key is to get women into an EMOTIONAL STATE that FEELS SO DAMN GOOD that the woman could not give a RAT'S ASS about anything ELSE about the guy.

In order to get women into
an emotional state where logic
gets thrown out the window and
all they want is to be with you
and to get naughty with you,
you have to BECOME A WIZARD

This sounds deceptively simple,
but it's not.

Let me tell you a bit of the way
you have to be thinking if you
want to actually get somewhere
with the most incredible of the
female gender: 


"I do this because I love
how sexy and beautiful they
are and it's worth it to me
and I feel zero guilt about

"When I interact with women,
I will let my joy of women,
my sexuality as a man, my
vibe, totally come through
and I will not be APOLOGETIC
for it, and I also will not
be so serious as seriousness
comes from FEAR."

"I will behave with the expectation
that a woman loves me."

Notice how these thought patterns have
nothing at all to  do with how you are
going to CONTROL a woman, or how
you are going to "TAKE THE POWER"
- all that stuff comes from FEAR, and
fear will rob your most S-E-X-Y emotions
of their intensity.

Notice this has nothing to do with
showing off, it has nothing to do
with "out-alpha-ing" any guy.

It has far more to do with you taking
back the only TRUE power you have-
and that is the power of your OWN
emotions. THIS is the secret to
unleashing the dam to a woman's

By PROVING that your own emotions
are on super-charge no matter what,
you now are showing her the way to
do the same for herself, and
that simply feels too incredible
for a woman to ignore.

There is so much crap and negativity
in our society, and it brings everyone
down, including the women you think
have it made. They want to feel
amazing just as much as anyone
else, and you are giving them
that gift with this ability.

And now, you can learn how to do
this IN PERSON- I will PROVE
it to you, in a TWO DAY BOOTCAMP
where you will get to see it before
your eyes, again and again.

You are going to learn TONS
of secrets that no one else
on earth has a CLUE about.

What I teach is NOT a game.
It's the REAL THING.

It's your choice- the women you want,
or a life of just hoping and wondering.

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Till next time

Michael Marks

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Ten Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Quality Women

Get ready to discover the ten biggest mistakes men make with the real quality women- women who are not only attractive, but also FAITHFUL and  intelligent:


So much of the "pick up women" advice out there for men on the internet is all about how to make a woman feel LESS about herself, which stems from the fear that the woman feels she is too good for a guy. 

Those strategies believe that if SHE feels insecure around a guy, then that GUY will then seem to her to be of more value than she feels SHE has, so supposedly she will now want him and be attracted.

Well, the reality is that this "make her feel less than you" concept not only usually fails to work even on the mean-spirited women who may very well DESERVE to be told off, but it is TOTALLY INSANE to use this type of tactic on a QUALITY woman who did nothing bad to you to begin with.

It's counter-productive because she will
usually catch on IMMEDIATELY.

Then, she will wreak vengeance and havoc
with your emotions to teach you a lesson. 

At best, she will just immediately shut you
down and leave.

Even worse, what happens is that you
destroy your inner power this way,
because you are in effect telling
yourself that you don't have the
worth to keep her on your own,
and that you have to resort to
putting her down. 

This actually makes you feel worth LESS
than you did before you ever used any
tactic like that, and the reality is
that your inner game ALWAYS shows
through, and she can detect how you
feel about your own worth.

She can detect it through your body
language that you display without
even thinking about it.

It's a result of how you are feeling
internally, and guess what? How you
feel internally ALWAYS ends up showing
in your mannerisms, in your expressions,
and in your vocal tonality.

I have a much BETTER solution to
all this- instead of putting her
down, you can bring BOTH OF YOU UP!

Just make sure you are NEVER doing this
from a weak, "KISSING UP" perspective,
which leads to my NEXT point:


Most men NEVER use this, and that's
a HUGE mistake.

The mutual compliment is pure GOLD.

The mutual compliment means that
your message is saying something
cool and genuine about BOTH of you-
the woman AND yourself.

For example, let's say you are chatting with a
woman you just met, and you tell her that you
can see she has great taste in men.  This is
saying something positive to her, but it's
also pretty damn confident of yourself to
say this as well, and it's funny too.

So you've done 3 things at once, all in a span
of just a few seconds and few words.

This is similar to, before kissing a woman, telling
her that  you can tell a lot about a woman from the
way she kisses.  When she asks "what do you mean"
you say, "Well, for example, you can tell if she
is really passionately into you, or if it's just about
the money."   

Then, you proceed to kiss her, and when you pull away, you give her a mischievous grin and say, "Definitely, you're not about the money." 

So again, you've said something cool about her,
and about yourself.


This is a big one too.  As soon as you play even
a BIT of the "head games" with a woman, or as
soon as you ACCEPT even a bit of this, it's
the beginning of the end of the whole connection.

The single greatest factor behind ALL these
head games is INSECURITY. Giving into it,
whether you decide to give her a taste of her
own medicine, or you accept it from her, it
all just FEEDS more of this insecurity.

There is no way to WIN with someone who
plays these games, the only way to WIN is
to get the heck out.

In my relationships, I NEVER play any games.
There's nothing like the TRUST that is built
upon this foundation.  And any woman who
doesn't APPRECIATE this is going to be
a serious problem that you are best off
AVOIDING to begin with.

I learned these lessons the hard way because
my wrong behaviors and perspectives wreaked
HAVOC with my relationships.

And of course, the flip side to all this, is that
the lack of games is INSTANTLY appreciated
by the RIGHT kinds of women, because they
know how RARE this is.

And it's understood by these women as a sign
of your STRENGTH, because all games are
a sign of insecurity, and the lack of games is
a sign of massive strength and conviction in


I personally prefer to approach women
in the real world from regular life,
be it women you see at the bookstore,
coffee shop, supermarket, or anywhere
else, because this opens up the entire
UNIVERSE of women to you,
but if you are doing online dating,
then make sure to keep your initial

Think about it from her perspective:
If she's an attractive woman, she probably
gets TOO MANY emails from guys, including
a lot of desperate guys.

She DOES want to meet the right guy, but the
first signal that goes off in her head from a
huge long email from some random guy is
that this guy is somehow desperate and can't
meet women in real life, so he's putting all
his eggs in one basket.

The other problem is when the email he sends
is not PERSONALIZED at all. It doesn't
indicate anything unique about his personality and
it doesn't indicate he actually read her profile
at all either.  By the way, don't spend TOO
much time reading her profile unless it
really stands out herself, chances are she
said things like she enjoys traveling, and
other things that every single girl on the
planet says, that don't indicate anything
really important about her individuality.

And when I say to indicate your personality,
that means to create the FEELING of
what you are, don't just say you're a
funny guy, if you are funny, then make
a damn good joke.  If you are a very
creative guy, then make your email
creative, don't just send a generic
email.  From your subject line to
the description of yourself, to
all the rest of the profile, DEFY THE
while STILL getting the point across:

For example, you can write something as
a joke, i.e. writing that you were just
released from jail and not interested in
re-hooking up with your ex-wives and your
30 grand-kids, then say "just kidding",
and then write about who you really are,

This is another thing that seems to defy normal
logic. I'm not saying you have to sleep with women
right away, (in fact, I advise AGAINST it) but
rather the key is not to think, "Hmmm, I know
this girl, I'll chat to her for a few weeks, then
ask for her number, then, wait a week, then
call her, then maybe talk some more for a
few months, then maybe get to bed, then
maybe a relationship", etc, etc.

Reality doesn't work like that.
It's based on MOMENTUM.

So if you like a woman, GO FOR IT NOW,
get her number, go out for coffee THIS
WEEK, and if you like her and you share
things in common on a deep level, then
go to the next level.

If you meet a woman at a party, don't think,
"I chatted to her for a few minutes, so let's
not ruin this, I'll come back later for her
and then I'll ask for her number".

If you like her and she likes you, then get
her number NOW.  If you're on a date
with her, and the vibe is great, then don't
wait till LATER to kiss her, you can kiss
her NOW.

Keep in mind, all this is coming NOT from
a needy sense, but from a sense of CONFIDENCE.

If you are truly delaying something because
you KNOW it will be better if you wait, that's
one thing, but 99% of the time, I see guys
HESITATING out of lack of belief, rather
than out of a true sense of making greater
impact by perfect timing.

A quality woman wants a man who TAKES


To make things EASIER on ourselves, and to
spare ourselves from having to feel like we
need to take action, we LIE to ourselves by
painting things as "all or nothing."

"All or nothing" thinking is often
a sign of insecurity.

For example: "That party is stupid. House
parties are stupid. I'm not going to that
party, you can't meet ANYONE there."

This is also similar to how some people like to paint all women as being the same- i.e. that "ALL WOMEN WILL CHEAT ON YOU unless you do everything you can to control women."

Those kinds of MASSIVE over-generalizations, destructive beliefs, and false statements will prevent you from meeting and attracting quality women who DON'T cheat. 

If you go to the bookstore one day and there
weren't a lot of women there, that doesn't mean
you can't meet women at the bookstore- it might
mean that you went to the WRONG bookstore
in a deserted area of town, or that you went at
the wrong time.  Because you absolutely can
meet women at the bookstore.  But telling
ourselves lies is a great way to rationalize
why we aren't doing anything to actually
take ACTION.

Things are also not always all or nothing
in your interactions with a woman - if she
said something that hurt your feelings, maybe
it's not exactly like you think.  Maybe it is,
but maybe it's not.  So remember, emotions
are dangerous, and when we feel we might
be hurt, we take ACTION to prevent that

That's what emotions do- they prompt us
to take ACTION. 

Think about it- almost every time you actually
TAKE any action, it's EMOTIONALLY
fueled.  Watching TV, feels good.  Feeling
hungry? You go eat.  Tired? You want to
go sleep. Feeling horny? You want sex.

What happens if you are feeling like
you might get REJECTED?

Then you make sure to take the action
that will SPARE you that rejection,
and the action that will spare you that
rejection is saying things like:
"All women are gold-diggers."
"You can't meet women anywhere."
"It's all a waste of time."

That way, you can make sure to never
take any action and be spared any
emotional pain. 

So beware of how emotions are leading to
ALL OR NOTHING thinking, (also known
as "Black Or White" type thinking) because
it's one of the silent DESTROYERS, since
we don't even realize we are brainwashing
ourselves and telling lies to ourselves.

A quality woman also KNOWS full well
just how much strength it takes to
be the kind of man that does not
jump into black and white thinking.

It's one of those signs of being
a truly strong man in the greatest
sense of the words 'being a man'.


The first thing besides your picture they'll
see, and if you have no pic then it's DEFINITELY
the first thing they'll see, is your online NAME.

So you need to stand out in a cool way.

One trick is to think of some good music albums
that haven't been OVERPLAYED recently in pop
culture, and then be a bit creative with that.

So for example:

You might take that and go serious with that,
and follow with a profile that is all about
being  yourself and being comfortable with
who you are and how you want a woman who
is the same, or you might take a comedic
route if that is your nature and jokingly


And then proceed to have a quick, but funny profile
saying what a caveman you are, that totally shows
you are NOT trying to qualify yourself, which
will get a lot of women laughing.

Then, after the playful bit, you might have a
few brief but powerful sentences that actually
gets down to business with what you like
and what you don't. i.e. You might say that
the one thing that IS required is HONESTY.
That you learned in cave-man school that
being HONEST is the one thing that counts,
in between sessions of eating mud-pies.

Another cool name would be something like "Spiritual Badboy" that combines two opposite yet attractive qualities that are so rare to find together.  

The idea here is not that she will think
you are some kind of truly BAD person,
but rather she will get the playful
message that you are a man who has
depth AND who is also a fun, exciting
guy who she can picture herself with 

in bed.

Just calling yourself a "bad boy" may very well just make a lot of women nervous, but a "spiritual bad boy" sounds intriguing and attractive at the same time.

For example, let's say you feel you are
too "old" for a certain woman.

Well don't try to pretend you're 18, and
don't lie about your age. 

Doing those things would only make
you feel WORSE about yourself, because
you will feel the need to HIDE who you
are.  And that emotion will ruin your

Rather, be the coolest version of who you are
and use it to your advantage and don't act like
you have to hide who you are. 

Don't obsess on it either, so for example,
a guy who keeps on saying he is young
at heart, etc, sounds similar to a guy who
has a non-prestigious job who keeps on
saying all the time that that money is
not a big deal.

If he wouldn't have brought it up, the woman
might not have even thought about it, but the    
fact the guy is bringing this topic up shows
that it's clearly on HIS mind, it's clearly
an insecurity in HIS mind.

The first form of "social proof" you provide of how cool you are to a woman, is the social proof you provide from YOURSELF. 

If you don't think you're cool, that's GUARANTEED to make sure the woman doesn't think you're cool either.

Natural primal communication is actually quite

And the kind of communication that sparks attraction
and emotion often stems from allowing her to
enter this CHILD-LIKE STATE. 

When we are in all ADULT AND FORMAL mode,
we BLOCK ourselves from actually feeling GOOD.

We're in LOGICAL mode.

But when you start to chat about FUN stuff that
links back to CHILDHOOD, it's an INNOCENT
way to actually get her to be more of an ADULT
in a flirty sense.

Devious, huh?
But all in a good way, when done responsibly.

You have to understand that you are trying to
achieve a lot in a little time with a woman who
is a total stranger, and to bypass all the logic
barriers that are normally in place.

So, for example, asking her who she'd rather
marry, Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble,
and to give you the reasons why, or chatting
with her in the supermarket about how you
two can steal the cereal boxes and get all
the toys inside, will get her imagination
and mind into a more PLAYFUL state
and instead of looking at you as the next
psycho, you are now both playing.

And the reality is that great sexual chemistry is very much linked to playing as well, even when it gets aggressive, it's like aggressive playing.  

It's saying the heck with all the "serious" stuff of the world and let's just enjoy and relax what comes naturally.

Of course, I get into all this on a way
deeper level in my materials.   

In fact, you could playfully say to a woman
that if she doesn't know who Cookie Monster
is, or if she doesn't watch Sesame Street,
that she's too advanced for you. 

This is a heck of a lot cooler than what
most guys do, trying so damn hard to
show how "cool" they are and how much
money they make, and what societies
they belong to, etc.

The great thing about being playful is
that it allows you to say things that are
true and yet not have to be completely
taken seriously.  So it keeps the vibe
fun and honest rather than formal and


The reality is that you shouldn't ACT.

Instead of trying to think, "Hmm, should
I do this "hard to get" behavior now?", you
should rather think to yourself why the
"hard to get" behavior became linked to
being attractive in the first place.

So for example, rather than thinking,
"Hmm, should I end this conversation with
her first so that she sees I'm not desperate?"
just realize where this behavior of ending
the conversation first came from for REAL.

It comes from KNOWING that you truly have
tons of choices with women.

Well, then, rather than play GAMES with
women, you should actually IMPROVE your
skills so that you DO have more choices.

THAT way, you can actually talk to her
for as long as you GENUINELY have time
for, without playing ANY games, and
then you will ALSO attract her rather
than playing games that sow the seeds
of mistrust.

Think of this as lifting weights- rather than
trying to LOOK like you're lifting weights
by getting FAKE weights that LOOK like
they weigh a lot, it's better to actually
TRAIN in the gym and BECOME stronger.

And if you're reading this right now and
would love to have the power of CHOICE
when it comes to getting the woman you
want, I suggest you get my WARRIOR WITHIN
program, at:

This program is ESSENTIAL and is designed
for men who are looking to meet and keep
a fantastic woman for a great relationship.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Embracing Reality To Get Her MELTING For You

Today is a very brief yet ABSOLUTELY
ESSENTIAL article.

Getting a fantastic woman or women in your life
boils down to one thing:

Is it WORTH it to you, even if it requires EFFORT?

That’s it.
End of story.

For some men, the idea of having a smoking-hot
woman in their bed is SO TOTALLY WORTH IT
that the question itself seems BIZARRE.

For OTHER men, the question is actually
a BIG thing they think about a LOT.

There can be a BILLION reasons for this, and
I’m not judging anyone. It's a personal choice,
getting a hot woman or women does not make one
somehow a more MORAL or GOOD person.

EVERYONE wants to get cool things in life
if it takes ZERO genuine effort.

But NOT everyone feels it’s WORTH getting
cool things if it DOES require serious effort.

Am I saying that getting women will require
a lot of effort? It depends, for some guys the
results come super easy, for other guys it
takes MORE effort.

I know for me personally, I needed help
EVERYWHERE. The BIGGEST effort went into
changing DEEP internally. My concepts about
just about EVERYTHING regarding dating,
women, and even happiness itself needed
some SERIOUS work before I could get ANYWHERE.

For more on THIS topic, go here:

What I am saying, is that if you feel it’s NOT
worth it, I can pretty much assure you that this
won’t make getting women somehow become EASIER.

That would just be wishful thinking.
I used to engage in a LOT of wishful thinking.
I would get UPSET that I was such a nice guy,
and that I shouldn’t have to do ANY work
to get women. 

Plus I got into a bad relationship with a very
abusive woman, and I made the mistake of thinking
that all women were like this, and I wasted years
of my life thinking that way.

I also figured that somehow GOD should take
care of all this stuff and that trying to
meet women so pro-actively was possibly
the WRONG way to go about meeting the
right woman.

I actually felt that I would be be making things
WORSE by TRYING to meet women, as if I would
be somehow avoiding my true 'soul-mate' if
I was so pro-active about meeting women. 

I know, it sounds crazy, but for a long time,
I really thought that it should all just be
natural, and a part of fate.  I had heard
so many stories of how 'you will just meet
the right person one day' that I figured
I was showing faith in GOD by not being
so immersed in trying to pick up women.

Of course I think differently now.
Whether you believe in spirituality or not,
NO ONE I know seems to think that FOOD should
just pop up onto their TABLE without actually

Plus I had other misguided thoughts:

"I shouldn’t even have to TRAVEL downtown
or to this area of town, or to that cafe, or that
trendy spot, etc."

"I don’t feel COMFORTABLE approaching
women who are total strangers, and it’s not
even fair that men have to approach women
while women just sit back and look pretty."

And, as I mentioned above, there was this one:

"My last relationship was a nightmare, so
from now on I will never be nice to another
woman so that I never get taken advantage of
again. I will be very, very cold."

Again, though, this didn’t bring me any closer
to getting the women I wanted. (Never mind
that I later realized that being a man gives
you the POWER to be pro-active while being
a woman is actually harder since you have
to be a bit more restrained and can’t just
act like a man in approaching the opposite

The biggest change was EMBRACING all that
was required to GET the result.

If only I could have learned these lessons
as a CHILD, I would have saved myself YEARS
of wasted energy, emotions, and time. 

I believe I have made MORE mistakes when
it comes to meeting women and dating than
ANYONE I know, and I'm trying to help
prevent other folks from making similar

What I’ve been very lucky to notice also
about those precious few people who DO
get a lot of what they want in life,
regarding ANY goal, is that they EMBRACE
the work it takes to improve their lives. 

In fact, if you want to get a fantastic little E-Book
on how to get results in your life for EVERYTHING
in REALITY instead of just relying on wishful thinking,
check this out:

The REAL way to determine if something is WORTH
it is to EXPERIENCE it.

Don't be like I was before I learned these lessons.

Please believe me on this, don't waste energy
on WISHFUL thinking, instead work on getting
REAL results in real LIFE.

EVEN if it takes WORK.

So to prevent yourself from wasting your time,
don’t even TRY to get results with women if
you expect it to happen without putting in
SOME effort.

If you ARE prepared to put some effort in,
to actually USE what you discover in my
programs, then DEFINITELY check them out at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, July 13, 2012

The JERK Factor (An Absolute MUST)

A long time ago, I used to think the reason
JERKS did well with women was because
women were crazy.

Then, I thought women were hardwired
to be attracted to jerks.

Then, I thought it was just that some of
these guys had everything ELSE going
for them, so that they could get AWAY
with being jerks and still have women

Fast forward ten years of REAL WORLD
testing, and I can tell you the TRUTH:

The part of being a JERK that is attractive
actually has nothing to do with being a jerk.
It’s just that good guys tend to THINK that
a lot of behaviors that are attractive must
be “jerky” when they aren’t.

Let me give you some specific examples:


Most guys, when creating a profile, will try
to “convince” a woman reading the profile
that they are good guys, who will be fun,
interesting, and who will treat a woman well.

The PROBLEM with all this, is that ninety-nine
percent of the time, women get the SAME kind
of message from ALL guys.

PLUS, when women read the messages and the
profile descriptions, women feel that the vast majority
of all these guys are so focused on trying to impress
the women, that it’s obvious to the women that the
guys probably will accept ANY behavior from
any attractive woman and be grateful for any attention.

All this is NOT flattering.
It just makes a woman feel SORRY/SYMPATHY,
not feel ATTRACTION, because the message
being sent on a primal unconscious level is
“I am not on the same level of value as you.”

The woman can ALREADY predict the future of
what will happen if she gives the SLIGHTEST
indication of interest to the guy:

The guy will write back a huge long email,
and offer to take her somewhere really nice,
and probably give her all kinds of compliments
even though he has no clue who she really is,
but the guy will READ INTO any little thing
about her description and see it through
ROSE-colored glasses, he will fall BIG TIME
for the HALO effect.

The halo effect, in this example, is the tendency
of a man to think that an attractive woman is
more intelligent, more noble, more admirable,
than another woman who is not as attractive.

Yes, the MIND is hardwired this way, and
most guys are SLAVES to their MIND, they
don’t learn to control their MIND, so their
MIND controls THEM. And when it comes
to the area of attraction and women, this
is TOTALLY true.

On the OTHER hand, let’s take the OPPOSITE
example, okay?

Imagine a guy creates a profile, where his first
line is “I’m a total JERK. I always treat myself
first and love myself more than anyone else.
Pretty much, I’m the guy you’re mother warned
you about. The problem is, even though you’ve
been warned, you’ll end up falling in love with
me, then hating me because all I’m good at is
sex. Then, you’ll keep coming back to me
because all I’m good at is sex and I’m horrible
at listening to your problems.

Which leads to more fights and even more intense
mind-blowing make up sex. Oh man, leave me alone
already, I can already feel you harassing me with
love-hate mail. The story of my life…”

Now, I know that a million guys are about to
cut and paste this since that’s the easiest thing
to do, and yup, they will get better results
than they have been getting all their life.

But as everyone copies this, it will wear a
little thin, so the key is to understand the
PRINCIPLE at work here AND create your own.


What is ACTUALLY happening in the above example
can only be seen through READING BETWEEN THE LINES.

To a guy who is UNAWARE of the reality
a guy who is unaware of the REALITY of
an attractive woman, the above profile
sounds like that of a JERK.

But in REALITY, here's what it’s actually saying:

Hey there, I’m not like those other needy
desperate guys who are going to ask you
to marry them the first second you reply
to them. I’m quite a catch myself, and
not in a hurry to get chained down to
the WRONG WOMAN, so you can feel
free to NOT be under any PRESSURE
to be with me.

If you decide to be with ME, it will be by 
your CHOICE, not by FORCE, pressure,
guilt, or any other pathetic attempt to 
get you.

I’m also a really FUN and PLAYFUL guy 
as you can tell from my sense of humor.

In addition, I’m not uncomfortable about
sex and about enjoying it in tons of creative
and passionate ways.

Plus, I already have experience with women,
and the truth is, they are so addicted to me,
the only reason they hate me is because they
can’t get ENOUGH of me, and enough
control of me, they wish they could totally
control me because they want me so badly.

PLUS, the fact is, that EVERY GUY you've
ever really loved was the SAME like me,
so you can already FEEL that I am going
to give you the SAME awesome emotions
except even BETTER since I'm even MORE
of all the things that made you WILD about
any man in the past!"

That is what the message is REALLY saying
"between the lines"!

And communication is always more powerful
when done INDIRECTLY rather than SAYING
it directly.

That's why you must learn to communicate
in a way where your message is in between
the lines.

"In between the lines" is INDIRECT.
When you just try to say important things
directly, it doesn't work because EVERYONE
TRIES the same direct thing, so the mind
gets DESENSITIZED to it.

It's too easy, everyone does the direct thing
about saying they are all great catches.

It doesn't make a woman FEEL anything,
other than that the guy might be just
telling a lie to impress her.

Anyone can SAY they are great, right?
It's much better to INFER it indirectly.

So, for example, you don’t SAY to a woman
that you are funny, if you are funny.

Instead, you GET her laughing.

You don’t SAY you are confident, you instead
SHOW it through your ACTIONS and through

NOTHING jerky going on actually, see?

Tons of OTHER cool and attractive things going
on here, but no “jerkiness”.

Now, guess what? Online dating can be great,
but it is just one route to success, because
as you will see:


ONLINE DATING is just barely scratching the
SURFACE of what you can do when you are
approaching women in REAL LIFE.

You are not limited to just using a KEYBOARD,
but rather you can access the power of your
FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL since all of your physical
self is actually there.

Your verbal skills, your body language, tonality,
sense of style and fashion, humor, wit, confidence,
all this comes together with GREATER impact
when approaching a woman in PERSON.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE teaching guys
in REAL LIFE how to attract women through
“cold approaches” LIVE, in real time on actual
women whether the women are in coffee shops,
bookstores, lounges, anywhere!


So let’s say you are chatting to a woman somewhere,
and some loser/jerk who has nothing better to do
tries to interfere in your chat, because he wants
to try to get this woman now that he sees YOU
doing it, because he didn’t have the guts to do it
before he saw YOU do it.

Most of these types of guys are guys who have
no girlfriends and couldn’t get one if they tried
because they are so negative minded, but they
just can’t stand to see someone ELSE get any
results with women, so THEN they suddenly
get motivated.

Well, a lot of guys would actually GIVE the
JERK way too much credit by even
ACKNOWLEDGING his presence.

So let’s say the jerk comes into your conversation
with the woman and makes a remark to her like:
“Hey, wanna have some REAL fun?”

A lot of guys would be thrown for a loop here.
They would say something to the guy like,
“What?”, or they might say, ‘Who are you?”,
or even, “Who the heck are you?”

The very ACT of RESPONDING at all is
a kind of CONDITIONED response, but
it doesn’t mean the jerk DESERVES that


If you TOTALLY cut him out of your reality,
the woman you are with will VERY OFTEN
totally cut him out too, since it’s obvious
he had LESS guts than you, and is an energy
vampire that sucks off of other people.

him, but a lot of guys WOULD give him
SOME attention, because they feel that
they are SUPPOSED to say SOMETHING.

The “nice guy” federation?

And if the jerk KEEPS on trying to chat
to her, or to try to talk to you to distract
you from her or to ruin your vibe with her,
just PULL THE GIRL AWAY with you,
take her by the hand and MOVE.

If the guy REALLY keeps up at it, then
HE is lowering his own value as he is
showing that he CLEARLY sees YOU
as having the ability to get what HE wants.

Meanwhile, he HASN’T got what he wants.
The woman SEES all this, and registers it
DEEP in her unconscious, as this jerk behaving
in a way that is clearly conveying he is of low
intrinsic value and thus UNATTRACTIVE.

And so often, these jerks will have ONE
thing going for them, be it bodybuilding,
or wealth, or high marks in academics, or
some fancy car or prestigious job, or some
kind of connection to someone, WHATEVER.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is always
OBVIOUS that they are relying on that ONE
thing for their sense of ego and confidence.

And then, it ALWAYS COMES UP when
they chat to a woman.

So you will notice the guy trying to wear
an extra tight shirt to show his muscles,
or he will drop into the chat that he is
from some high university, or he will
mention some prestigious club he is
part of, etc.

This sets him up for total destruction.

All you need to do is prick that BALLOON
of FALSE CONFIDENCE and he will quickly
leave with his tail between his legs.

How do you do this?
By EXAGGERATING whatever the heck
he is using to try to “qualify” himself.

If he’s trying to use his muscular SIZE, then
GUSH at this. Tell him to flex for you. Tell
him you think it’s so unfair that most bodybuilders
work so hard and don’t get paid enough.

By GIVING HIM SO MUCH of what he
WISHES he could get, i.e. VALIDATION,
it FLOODS his circuits and he isn’t sure
what the heck is going on.

It also makes him realize that maybe EVERYONE
is on to him, that he is actually MASSIVELY LACKING
CONFIDENCE if he doesn't have his one magic thing,
in this case, his muscles.

If a guy is using his academic intelligence to
try to show off to the girl, VALIDATE his
sense of academic intelligence, tell him you
SUCKED at school and wished you could be
like him.

Remember, the reason these guys ARE jerks
in the first place, is they still haven’t learned
that it’s their INSECURITY that is screwing
them up!

Provide them a HIT of validation on the
ONE THING they use to prop themselves
up, and they simultaneously get their circuits
FRIED with overload, but they ALSO then
wonder if maybe you’re screwing with them,
and it makes them REALIZE for a sec that
maybe EVERYONE is onto their insecurity.

Of course, the best thing is to just IGNORE
AND LEAVE with the girl, but if you have
to, you do the above.

Is that kind of response to a jerk somehow
jerky itself? Not really. It’s just you

What you have read here is a glimpse into
the REAL WORLD of attracting women.

It’s NOT about being a jerk.
It’s about expanding your power in every way,
yet WITHOUT you being unfair to ANYONE.
It’s about learning the truth of how things work.

It’s about gaining insights into women.

And it’s about making your MIND SERVE
YOU, rather than YOU serving your MIND.

Becoming this kind of man is overwhelmingly
seductive to a woman, she can't HELP but
be attracted. It digs too deep into her
carnal sense of you being all MAN, all
"CAVE-MAN survival of the fittest",

Her response to this kind of man is not
LOGICAL. She doesn't THINK about it.
She just FEELS it, and she feels it
DESPERATELY with ferocious intensity.

It's VISCERAL, she will feel a NEED,
not just a "want" to be with you,
but a deeply obsessive NEED.

And if you're reading this right now,
you can clearly see that attracting
women has so MUCH to do with where
you are coming from on a deep INTERNAL
level, from the way you are THINKING
to the way you are FEELING when it
comes to all these situations, from
approaching women to escalating things
to a physical level.

All this goes very, very, VERY deep.

regarding all these essential areas for
attracting women.

Mastering this deep level of attraction
allows you to experience a whole other
UNIVERSE of unlimited CHOICE when it
comes to women.

The program is called "Warrior Within",
and I seriously suggest you get your
hands on it immediately.

It's at:

Women can tell the difference between
a guy who is just doing an "act" and
a man who is the "real thing".

This program is all about deep, real
transformation, and it will SKYROCKET
your results with women.

Again, it's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, July 12, 2012

To Attract Women Who Are The ULTRA-HOTTIES, You Have To Raise Your "Game" On Every Level. Here's How To Do It:

You know how people tell you that success
with women is just about "CONFIDENCE"?

The fact of the matter is, just hearing the words
"be confident" doesn’t help a guy when a gorgeous,
mouth-watering, smoking-hot woman is right in
front of him... 

Just telling a guy to “be confident” doesn’t help
EXPLAIN how to actually get a gorgeous woman
from being a total stranger to being in your bed
“begging you for more” and screaming your name
out in ecstasy.

And just telling a man to “be confident” doesn’t
explain how to actually make a woman want
to be the greatest girlfriend in the world to you.

That's why I created my latest program, "Attracting The Ultra-Hotties: Raising Your Game On Attraction, Humor, Screening, And Deep Connections."
Attracting Women Is About A Lot MORE Than Just Having Confidence

Plus, even if a man DOES have confidence, there
is MORE to attracting a woman than just being
CONFIDENT.  Mastering the conversation skills,
the skills of humor, of style, of HOW to physically
escalate, and of HOW to build a deep connection
all require SPECIFIC knowledge, training, and

These areas of success with women involve a lot
more than JUST “being confident”.

There is KNOW-HOW and there is IGNORANCE.

When the moment of truth arises, and that gorgeous
woman is right in front of you, just thinking "be confident"
is not enough. 

Plus, even learning just how to truly UNLEASH the
FULL extreme of one’s confidence is ALSO a
skill in itself.

The ULTIMATE level of success with women comes
when you learn how to COMBINE all these different

A Real-Life Example Of A COMBINATION Of Attractive Skills

In just a few moments, I’m going to give you a REAL LIFE example of how to COMBINE confidence, wit, humor, and social intelligence when interacting with a bona fide HOTTIE.

This comes from a real life example where SNOOP
was teasing a beautiful woman who is an
actress and a comedian. Her name is Whitney
Cummings. By the way, I have no idea if Snoop
himself wrote what he said or if he had a writer,
but there is no denying that he delivered it perfectly.

Now, keep in mind, when it comes to interacting
with women, everything is about ADJUSTING to
the SITUATION and to the WOMAN you are with.

Why You Must "Raise The Bar" With The Hotties

So, in general, when dealing with women who are
SUPER HOT, and who are CONFIDENT, you

Although it is true that for the really gorgeous women,
most men won’t even approach them,  the fact also
is that these women, over the course of their lives,
have had just about EVERY TYPE OF "PICK UP"
attempt thrown their way.

They are DESENSITIZED to most approaches.
They have seen so many pathetic attempts at
FAKING confidence, that to really convey
confidence to a woman you have to go
BEYOND what you think is confidence.

So, right now, IMAGINE what a confident and
playful statement to a woman might be.

I’m here to tell you that if you are like most guys,
what you just imagined is NOT enough.

You have to take it UP by a THOUSAND notches.

these super hot women feel in terms of their LOOKS.

If you can really imagine this, you will start to realize
that what is perceived as a PLAYFUL TEASE for these
women might NOT be fun for a less confident woman.

If you’re THE HULK, you need a little more of a
challenge than if you’re a "mere mortal" and 
these SUPER HOTTIES are like HULKS when
it comes to their CONFIDENCE.

And the TRUTH is, that just TELLING A MAN
TO BE CONFIDENT, is not enough, because
most men have no CLUE what this level of
BALLS and CONFIDENCE actually is supposed
to SOUND LIKE and how to MANIFEST that
confidence through WORDS and through tonality.

The reason why it’s so tough to even FATHOM
how much CONFIDENCE these women have
is because unless a man EXPERIENCES what
life is like for these women, it’s very difficult to
just IMAGINE it.

That’s why I’m going to give you a real example.

I’m going to give you an idea of just HOW
confident these ULTRA HOTTIES really are,
and what kind of EQUAL CONFIDENCE you
must exert in order to be on the SAME emotional
WAVELENGTH that they are on.

            Here Is The Detailed Example:

So here we go, this is a playful TEASE that
Snoop Dogg said to this gorgeous actress who
is ALSO a comedian:

“Whitney Cummings, look at your fine little skinny
ass sitting up there.  I’ve rolled blunts fatter than you!
But you’ve been passed around a little bit more.”

Now, I must explain also that the EMPHASIS
significance if you are going to make the most

      The Analysis Part I: It's SEXUAL

Before I even say one more word, let's point out
the fact that this is SEXUAL humor, used in a
brilliant way.  

If you can get a woman feeling COMFORTABLE 
about sexual things to the point she is actually
LAUGHING  about something DIRECTLY 
sexual regarding HERSELF, you are ALREADY 
well on the way to success.

Compare THAT to a guy who spends three
dates with a woman and is still trying to just
get the KISS!!!!!

So that's the first thing immediately to keep
in mind, which is using humor to break the
SEXUAL barrier ASAP.

This is a great way to ensure you stay OUT
of the "friends zone" and that you stay on her
mind in a very explicit, sexual, and enjoyable
way that she can't help but keep thinking about.

The Analysis Part II: The PAUSE
In the tease above, the emphasis was:

“Whitney Cummings.

By taking a PAUSE, he shows he is not in a RUSH
to just get the words over with.

He shows he KNOWS he has VALUE to his words.
He wants to make sure everyone is LISTENING.

Instead of saying verbally "I'm confident", he is
actually SHOWING it through his BEHAVIOR.

Plus, by taking a PAUSE after saying her name, he

in his statement.

This is what she’s wondering:
"What the HECK is he going to say about me?"

And getting her more involved takes MORE CONFIDENCE because it shows he feels that his message is going to totally WORK on her.

So just in that one move, he has shown confidence,
AND he has increased her emotional involvement
by building anticipation.
                The Analysis Part III:  

Adjusting The Tease For The Specific Woman, And COMBINING Emotions For Greater Impact

“Look at your fine little skinny ass up there”.

The bottom line is that being SLIM is something
that is more POSITIVE than negative, so this isn’t

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that your teases to a woman
are never MEAN-SPIRITED, otherwise you just come
across as a guy who is bitter and who is NOT cool
and who is not already “in demand” by women.

Yet, at the same time, he is STILL TEASING her
on being SUPER slim, as if to say she’s TOO slim,
by saying:

“I’ve rolled BLUNTS fatter than you!”

Upon hearing this, she is simultaneously SHOCKED
at the guts it takes to say this and she is also LAUGHING hysterically at the HUMOR at the SAME time.

COMBINING emotions makes for GREATER

It’s not just true with humor, but actually is true
for ALL emotions.  This is why great movies, by
the way, are very COMPLEX.  The situation the
hero is in is often a COMBINATION of emotions,
including being exciting, dangerous, humorous,
passionate, intriguing, romantic, etc.

Music does this as well, i.e. the song lyrics
“I’ll KISS you when it’s DANGEROUS”, the
love, the lust, the danger, when mixed together,
makes each of those separate emotions feel even
MORE powerful than each emotion would feel
on its own. 

Back to our example with Snoop, this is a great
example of combining shock from experiencing
this comment that takes GUTS to say, yet it is
also FUNNY as heck.

And of course, it’s obvious from her reaction that
she is this combination of IMPRESSED and she

Remember, for the most part of her LIFE, she only
meets men that BORE HER TO SLEEP.

                      The Analysis Part IV:
The Humor Has It's Own LOGIC, Plus The
Humor Creates A Powerful IMAGE In Her Mind

But Snoop isn’t finished, he’s just warming up
with that one.

He goes on to FURTHER floor her with:


This is the kind of thing that you can ONLY
get away with because it’s a COMBINATION
of being CLEARLY UNTRUE (so it’s not mean)
yet also insanely FUNNY because it’s such an easy
INSTINCT to THINK that she is that type because
of the fact she is not only super hot but also a
comedian who jokes about sex all the time.

Plus, the obvious connection to a blunt that is
“passed around” is a potential for humor that is
BEGGING to be expressed.  It also creates a
VISUAL of her being just an object like a blunt,
and the joke is that she is viewed and used in a
similar way for similar purposes of sheer pleasure,
which, in a crazy way, is STILL to some extent
an actual COMPLIMENT, because it means she

This is POWERFUL stuff all crammed into a
BRIEF couple of sentences of humor!

                    The Analysis Part V: 
The Humor Is UNPREDICTABLE, And Yet It
All Makes PERFECT SENSE In Its Own Way

Then, he goes for the close with:

“But right now, things are popping for Whitney y’all.
Everybody in HOLLYWOOD is talking about her,
and they’re all saying the same thing:

I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!”

And to this, he has delivered the KNOCKOUT,
she is almost hysterical with laughter, not in
of, but BECAUSE of the fact he is busting
on her BIG time.

Again, NOT ONLY does this take GUTS to say,
but it also takes SKILL to come up with this.

First, Snoop takes the comment in one direction,
saying all these NICE things about her, i.e. that
she’s popular, that everyone is talking about her,
and THEN he says something that we DON’T
expect. It’s the complete OPPOSITE direction
when he says that the thing they’re all saying is:

“I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!”

To be specific, the reason
this works so well,
is because it
MIXES five things together:

                           The Truth

He says the truth, that she is super popular.
So we find ourselves believing and our
minds ACCEPTING what he says.

         He Says What Is NOT Predictable

When he says, "I think that b*&^% gave me HERPES!"
there is no way for her to see that comment coming,
so it takes her by surprise.

Most women are totally DESENSITIZED by all the
things that most men say to them again and again
a billion times a day.

The key is to say something women are NOT expecting,
that is still PLAYFUL and not MEAN, but is also
CHALLENGING at the same time.  

The “Twist” At The End Is Not Just A Surprise,
It’s Actually The PERFECT Conclusion To The
PREVIOUS Line He Said To Her!  

The best 'twist' with humor almost always obeys the
following rule:

It's not only a "surprise", but it's a surprise which makes
PERFECT SENSE from the humor perspective.

So the humor doesn't feel forced, it feels like a perfect fit.

It's the PERFECT Conclusion To The PREVIOUS
Line That Was Said, Even Though It Was NOT
What She Expected!  

His final line, even though at first it seems to go
completely in the OPPOSITE direction to what he
said before, ends up still being PERFECTLY
CONSISTENT with what he first said before.

In other words, everyone IS talking about her,
her name IS popping up all over Hollywood,
it’s just NOT in a GOOD WAY!

      He Creates A Powerful Visual

It’s also FUNNY because theoretically
this is the kind of thing that CAN happen in
real life, but more importantly the VISUAL
of all these guys who got SCREWED by her
and are now paying for it, but who at least
are also all finding comfort in sharing
their misery with each other.

You can picture a bunch of guys at a bar all
sharing their misery about her.

It’s Never MEAN, Because It Is Perfectly
Customized For A Woman Of HER Looks
And HER Wit, And HER Confidence  

We also realize that this whole story
is actually NOT the truth, that she did not
give anyone herpes or anything, which makes
the whole thing FUNNY and not MEAN.

It’s OBVIOUS that it is a JOKE, but it’s
a joke that still takes GUTS.

Plus, most importantly, she is a woman who
is HOT and WITTY and who is likely to
ENJOY this kind of communication.

      It Takes INTELLIGENT Risks

Saying this tease STILL required an
element of RISK, it still took GUTS, and
COURAGEOUS jokes are always funnier
than jokes that take ZERO risks, jokes that
are totally purely safe and anti-septic.

Part of what MAKES a woman react so strongly
to the joke is that it TOOK courage and balls
to say it.  Just remember that it’s not ONLY
about the guts, it’s ALSO about the WIT
and everything else I explained above.

The key with humor is to take INTELLIGENT
risks and to use STRATEGY as outlined above.
By the way, this is just 1% of what you will learn
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Before going on, allow me to give ONE more example and analysis regarding HUMOR with women:

At the same event, Seth MacFarlane also demonstrated
super wit, teasing Whitney as well with the following

“She’s got the body of a crack whore, BUT
she’s got the razor sharp wit of a crack whore.”

So, again, he FIRST says something that is mostly a
compliment, as being SLIM is mostly a COMPLIMENT
in our society, especially with women, and he also
uses the PAUSE to build anticipation when he says
the word “BUT”.

So again, we have the confidence and the use of

The next thing, after his pause, is PERFECT calibration

“But she’s got the razor sharp WIT of a crack whore!”

So it’s PERFECT symmetry, it’s consistent, it’s NOT WHAT WE EXPECT, so we DON’T SEE IT COMING which is what makes it more powerful as a SURPRISE.

And yet, even though it’s a SURPRISE, we

And, because she is in fact CONFIDENT about her
looks and is sharp and witty herself, like most
hot women, there is no big dumb risk of the
comments HURTING her feelings, because
she KNOWS those things said about her are

These particular skills with attracting women
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How To Avoid "Messing Up" When It Comes To Humor

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    How To Use Humor To "Neutralize" Jerks  

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