Friday, May 22, 2015

An Important Message If You Want A Great Woman In Your Life

Today’s newsletter is of ENORMOUS importance
if you care about getting yourself the kind of woman
you really want.

If you want to know just how passionate I truly am
about this whole topic of getting a great woman in
your life, I think you might enjoy a preview to a film
I recently completed that is all about finding a
truly WORTHY woman.

You can check it out here: (By the way, Dek Webber is a pen name.)

The Promise - Trailer for The Movie from Dek Webber on Vimeo.

Today I’m going to share some important info with
you on why, if you want a woman who is going to
treat you right, you will very likely have to go OUT
of the normal circles you tend to dwell in, and you
might even have to do some traveling.

You will DEFINITELY have to screen women
intensely, and only allow in the women who
fully understand how important it is to constantly
practice the skill of APPRECIATING one's
boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband,
assuming that indeed that person is being
good to them.

Appreciation is the great EQUALIZER.
It is a skill that human beings can practice
that can overpower what would otherwise
be overwhelming forces of corruption
that exist in society today.  

Still here?
Good, because most people tune out the
second they hear there may be some
EFFORT required to solve something.

People SOONER believe a lie that appeals to
their wishful thinking than they believe a TRUTH
that may require some effort if they accept
the consequences of that truth.

I’m going to explain to you why you MUST get the
RIGHT woman and not waste your time trying to
CHANGE the vast majority of women you meet.

And I’m going to explain why the best thing you
can do for yourself is to actually be, in many ways,
the OPPOSITE of what most feminists teach men
to be.

Just allow me to start by saying that I am NOT one
BIT in favor of even a SHRED of injustice.

So OF COURSE I think that it is wrong to treat ANYONE
in a way that is not fair, and that OF COURSE includes

A woman does the same job as a man?
Of course she should be paid the same.
Voting? Of course the same rights as men.

A woman wants to become an astronaut?
Go for it.

All that stuff should be common sense.

What I am referring to in this newsletter when I
discuss feminism, is how feminists spread a
negative and FALSE perception of MOST men,
(i.e. as violent, rapists, abusers, close minded,
insecure, jealous, controlling) and how feminists
encourage women to look DOWN at how women
USED to play a massive role in preserving the
good morals in families and in society.

There's more actually-like how feminists 
attempt to denigrate the role of mothers
and of motherhood in society, and how 
feminists glorify women ONLY if they 
make career more important than family,
and how feminists encourage promiscuity
as a form of “freedom”, and how feminists
actually teach women lies regarding
what men truly value in women, and how
feminism glorifies the making of money as
the ultimate pinnacle of a woman’s development,
and how feminism encourages women to have 
a light-headed attitude toward all traditional 
values in general, and how feminism
encourages arrogance in women.

I also want to say that feminism is not the
ONLY issue causing challenges for men
when it comes to having harmony with
women, but feminism as it stands today
is definitely the biggest issue.

And also, I want to make it clear that ALL of
the issues plaguing modern dating and relationships
between men and women CAN be solved, as they
are all PERSPECTIVE issues- issues that can be
SOLVED with a greater emphasis on learning

But it takes a woman to WANT to learn this,
just as much as it takes a man, yet most men have
already had this message told to them since
birth- to treat women really well- it's just women
who have been told a very different message by
feminists, when it comes to how they should
treat men. 

In particular, today many women are taught NOT
to appreciate a man who is honest, hard-working,
ready to commit, loyal, etc.

So, with that said, there is something of EXTREME
importance that you need to know:

Just because a man gets a woman into bed
with him, does not necessarily mean that woman
VALUES him very much at all.

Unless you live in a non-feminist society, those
were the OLDEN days-when women would be
more CAREFUL when it came to the physical stuff.

Today though, because so many men have
thrown their own value out the window (as a
result of feminism) in order to get women, the
fact that a guy will sleep with a woman means
NOTHING special to a woman.

So she can sleep with almost any guy, and the
next night, she knows she can get almost any
OTHER guy to sleep with her.  Maybe not to
commit to her, but certainly to sleep with her.

Getting a girlfriend who will treat you right,
and getting physical with a woman, even if
you didn’t have to pay for it, are TWO VERY

This is one of the biggest things that the
pick up artist community COMPLETELY
IGNORES.  I should know, because for a
time I thought the pick-up artists had all
the answers.

When I started asking questions about getting
QUALITY women who would actually be GREAT
girlfriends, they had NO ANSWERS.

So I started a private mission to try to discover
for myself just what the heck the answer was
to the problem, and even tried to figure out
WHY the problem was so prevalent- WHY
it was that just about EVERY woman I met
seemed to display the SAME attitudes that
spelled DOOMSDAY for any relationship. 

It took YEARS- this is the honest truth- YEARS
of struggle, as well as the help of a wise and noble
friend- but I did finally figure it out. 

Now, regarding the pick-up artist community,
it really is focused on how to get a guy into bed with
a woman or with some women- they never said
what kind of woman or women you would get.

So when you see some pickup artist making out
with some woman he just met a moment ago,
it can be pretty compelling viewing if you don't
know what is going on.

And if all you care about is getting physical with
a woman, regardless of whether that woman will
be faithful or care less about you, then you're
going to be thrilled.

But if you think that the women these guys are
making out with in two minutes, are the same
kinds of women that would make for quality
girlfriends, you would be making a mistake
that could haunt you for many years, especially
if you ended up getting serious with these women.

So the bottom line is YES, it CAN BE pretty easy.
IT can be PRETTY EASY with MILLIONS of women today.

And that is actually NOT a good thing.
It is a huge problem.

This issue is something that isn't the focus of
the pick-up artists.  They're about getting physical,
end of story, with SOME woman or women-
they never said these women are going to be
the kinds of women that most men want as

Getting a woman to get physical with you can
be EASY.

By the way, if you are curious about the "how to"
on getting most of these women to get physical,
it is about hitting the right balance of playful,
sexual, and dominant, with a touch of depth-
(sometimes people call this "having class")
just enough to make her feel that she is not
being promiscuous but rather actually connecting
with a man on some level deeper than ONLY
the physical - so she can avoid any
feelings of doubt or guilt about the whole thing. 

Most men tend to take the whole interaction WAY
too seriously considering these women are not
thinking seriously at all.

And most men tend to try to tell women things
that will show how well they will treat these
women, which triggers the whole relationship
thought in her head, and the last thing she wants
is to commit to some guy.

OR, there are some guys who act so over the top
in the sexual side of things, that they come across
as having no class at all- and the irony is that these
women want to FOOL THEMSELVES into thinking
that the promiscuity is not promiscuity, so it becomes
important to give the whole interaction the VENEER
of class even though it really is just all about sex.

Now don't get me wrong- ALL women appreciate
it when a guy has class, and can be dominant and
confident and sexual and playful, it's just that the
quality women ALSO are careful to screen men for
having OTHER qualities such as maturity, and
they need more than just a man showing the ILLUSION
of class and honor, and these women don't go to
bed with a hundred guys- there has to be a

But for the majority of the attractive women you
probably meet, all you need to do is focus on the
playful, sexual, and dominant, in the right balance,
with just a SMATTERING of class-enough to make
her feel she is not promiscuous- and then it is EASY
to adopt a lifestyle that would make Caligula look
like nothing, if that is what you really wanted.

It is SO easy, in fact, that the same way it is super
easy for YOU to get a woman to sleep with you,  it
is EQUALLY easy for the NEXT guy to get the SAME
woman to sleep with HIM the very next DAY-
scratch that, the next HOUR.

And for the SAME reason a woman will go to
bed so quickly with a guy, she will also do
OTHER things quickly without thinking,

And it has NOTHING to do with you not being

She simply is not interested in giving of herself
to any one man, not in any meaningful sense,
until she feels her biological clock is about to
expire- and that has nothing to do with her
authentically changing in terms of her values,
it’s more of a having no-choice situation-
and even THEN it’s pretty “iffy”.

If you think I am kidding, just do a little
Google search on the rates of STDs and
STIs- they are SKY-HIGH- so women aren’t
getting these from being exactly virgins,
to say the least.

And if you look at the rates of affairs and
cheating, and especially if you factor in that
women probably are UNDER-REPORTING
their actual statistics of having affairs,
you will see most women are no longer the
like that.

The reason why it’s so easy to get women to
be physical with you is because, (and this is
ESPECIALLY true in bars and clubs where
alcohol is flowing,  but it’s true just about
anywhere where feminism has spread)
women have been taught by feminism
that promiscuity and pure selfishness is

Most young women today in feminist-influenced
countries are obsessed with whatever feels good
in the MOMENT rather than the long-term.

Women were told by feminists for decades
that the only reason women were NOT being
promiscuous earlier was because men were
FORCING women to be that way. 

Women were told that all men were having affairs,
that all men are animals and that rape is rampant
everywhere, and that it’s time women evened the
score, etc.

Then, what makes it even EASIER to pick up
women for getting physical is the fact that
most of the OTHER men these women ARE
meeting today are KISSING UP so badly just for
a chance to go out with these women,
and most of these men keep PRESSURING
these women to get into RELATIONSHIPS-
and these women DON’T WANT THAT-
not unless they can do whatever they
WANT in terms of having their cake and
eating it too, i.e. flirting around, possibly
cheating on their boyfriends, etc.

So when a guy comes along who focuses
on just the FUN stuff, on getting physical
without any commitment, and who shows
NO NEEDINESS, no desire for a relationship,
OF COURSE she wants him!

I know this sounds IRONIC.
You’ve probably been brought up to believe
that WOMEN are the ones who want serious
relationships, right?

But actually, no, the only kind of serious relationship
is the kind that is serious in terms of YOU being
responsible, faithful, and forgiving, while she gets
to flirt around with others, focuses on herself, and
does whatever she wants- and if you don’t like it,
well then you automatically are then a “controlling,
insecure, jealous, possessive, abusive man, who
doesn’t truly love her”.

But to be with a guy who makes NO demands,
who ONLY wants to have fun for the short-term
and who lets HER be the one who decides how
long it should last?

Well then, in her mind, she feels “Why not?”

With a guy who is that disposable, there is no down
side for her, at least not in her own mind.

The fact that eventually this will lead to a
situation where no decent man will want
to be with her, this never enters her mind,
again as a result of feminism- feminism
tells her that of course ALL MEN WILL

So you have women who are super EASY.
You have men who are KISSING up and
simultaneously BEGGING for relationships,
which causes PRESSURE for the women,
and this triggers RESISTANCE on the part
of women.

It’s NOT HARD AT ALL to then get a woman
to be interested in you if you CATER to her
INTEREST- which is to NOT have a relationship,
which is to focus on the superficial, the short-term,

Then, also factor in the effect of ALCOHOL,
which is widespread in most social settings,
and you then start to see more of the full picture.
But indeed MOST MEN do in fact find it to be
MESMERIZING to see how some guy can approach
a woman and get her to be PHYSICAL VERY QUICKLY
with him.

Many years ago, I was the same way.

After being in a HORRIBLE relationship, and then
dating a few women who were manipulative and
abusive, and after having all this happen to me even
though I treated these women like GOLD and gave them
every ounce of my loyalty and respect, I had a really
negative picture of women at the time- really DID
BELIEVE that all women were the same. 

So, I thought, if all women were the same, I may as
well just focus on whatever WORKS to get a woman
ATTRACTED, and I would just have to live with the fact
that my previous concepts of how things “should” be
between a man and a woman simply was a fantasy.

And that’s when I started to, mostly on my own, learn
all the PICK UP ARTIST stuff- at a time when there
was really NO mainstream pick up artist advice at all,
no book like “The Game”- NOTHING.

Most of my learning simply came from ABANDONING
the OLD version of me- the version that tried so hard
to prove to a woman that I was NOT like the negative
stereotype of men that I had been BRAINWASHED to
believe by feminism was so COMMON.

Rather than try to prove ANYTHING to any woman,
I would tease women that if they did some favor for
ME, I might give them my number- that was the
kind of attitude I displayed and lo and behold almost

It went AGAINST every single thing that feminists had
told me that women wanted.

And it WORKED.
These women wanted to get physical, they wanted
relationships, it all seemed great on the surface.

So what was the problem?
The problem was that there was a lack of true
RESPECT from these women.

I know a lot of guys don’t understand this.
They figure, who cares, as long as a hot woman
wants to get naked with you, isn’t that all that matters?

And the answer is NO, it’s not all that matters.
And the IRONY is that the more you UNDERSTAND
this, the BETTER you will do with women.

A woman can’t allow herself to be ravaged (as in
when a woman says to a man how she craves to
be "ravaged" in a positive sexual sense by him) by
a man she can’t RESPECT, and if you don’t respect
YOURSELF enough to not take an ounce of b.s.,
you not only lose yourself, you also lose the woman.

So, what happens is, because of feminism, women
are VERY confused.

They think they are supposed to be promiscuous, that
they are supposed flirt with other men even if the women
are in relationships already, and they think that they are
supposed to put their career before their family or
their children, and they think that they should ALSO
somehow STILL have the perfect boyfriend, the
perfect relationship, the perfect family life at home.

And yet, on a PRIMAL level, they can ONLY feel
attraction to a man who doesn’t tolerate disrespect.

So if you calmly put her in her place, she will actually
feel MORE attraction to you, but if you accept the
disrespect, she actually loses attraction, and then
she will give you even more disrespect, which if you
tolerate will result in her losing more and more attraction
for you till the whole thing is definitely over.

And if you lose your temper, that too is a form of showing
weakness, so all the time she disrespects you what you
have to do is calmly put her in her place.  

And even if you always are successful in handling
this insane treatment, you might keep her ATTRACTED,
but there is no way in this universe that you will still
LOVE her- how can you love a woman who you
have to constantly TRAIN to do a simple thing like

Which is why the men who really do want to feel
genuine love for a woman will end the relationship
rather than just keep it going for the physical part.

And to be blunt, MOST women, especially attractive
women, in societies where feminism’s influence
has flourished, are like this.  It’s the reason that
most of the attractive women you meet who are
young all think the only thing they should be are
actresses or models – it’s the reason so many of
them drink and smoke and party so hard- and if
they DO work hard at some other job, it’s ONLY
for the most selfish reasons you can dream up of-
these women are like this because they have been

Feminists have told them they are SUPERIOR to men.
And most men KISS up to them, TOLERATING all this.

So of course, the men who kiss up do NOT attract
these women- and the men who are smart enough to
know these women are trouble stay away from these
women.  That just leaves the pick up artist types left-
the guys who don’t care about women, but who still
want to get physical even if it is with these women.

But if you don’t KNOW ANY OF THIS, you will be
MESMERIZED at the sight of a pick up artist
walking into a club and making out with the
hottest woman in the club within 5 minutes of

And this brings me to the part where I mentioned there
was a time when I truly thought that all women were
the same.

Since I figured that LOVE was out of the question,
I became TOTALLY CONGRUENT with just being a

I had my plan in my head of exactly what I was going
to do when I walked in, what to do for various possible
situations, and like a flow chart in my mind, I knew where
I was going to lead the woman in the club, where I would
get her seated, where we would get intimate, how the
first kiss would be elicited, etc., etc.

The very FIRST TIME I went to a club with this
by how EASY it was.  I don’t want to share gory
details here because I think it’s distasteful, but
suffice to say it was EASY.

It’s NO BIG DEAL, because these women are THERE
for a guy to PICK THEM UP- that is why they are
THERE!  Showing off about this is like showing off
that you collected SNOW when it was SNOWING!

This is why it is so insane when women tell guys they
are going to clubs just to dance- and why it is even MORE
insane when a girl tells this to her boyfriend especially
if she is going without him.

Again, it’s the feminist hypocrisy again- which is to
deny the obvious while having their cake and eating
it too.  If women didn’t go to clubs to meet MEN,
then why not go to WOMEN ONLY clubs and just
DANCE there??????????????????????????????

Especially when you factor in how the women are
getting liquored up in these places at the same time.

But if you aren’t AWARE of all this, if you are
just a good guy who is trying to get a woman,
and you are confused as how to get a woman
because all you hear all day and see all day
on TV are reports on how terrible men are
and how women just want a guy who will
be super careful and cautious with them,
you will think A MIRACLE is happening
when you see how EASY it can be.

The more INNOCENT a guy is, and the more
HE is genuine and serious about commitment,
and the more HE cares about morals, the more
HE WILL BE blown away by the sight of a guy
getting a woman to be physical very quickly-
that these women indeed are not going to
be trustworthy, mature, free of STDs and STIs,
free of abusive behavior, and of free of being a slave
to short-term thinking.

Once a guy knows the FULL PICTURE, suddenly
the VALUE of these women PLUMMETS.

And THAT is why so many women try SO HARD
to never CONSCIOUSLY think about what they
are doing- this is the whole reason WHY alcohol is
REQUIRED so often to make it all WORK.

I believe women are HARD-WIRED to actually KNOW
that promiscuity is a MISTAKE for them- and it’s NOT
a big desire for most women.  But with enough
ALCOHOL to overpower the HARD-WIRING that

It’s not a coincidence that bars and clubs serve
alcohol and that bars and clubs are the typical
place where men and women who are singles
so often meet.

But it's not so much a question of meeting women
in clubs versus meeting women out of clubs, it's
more a question of what COUNTRY you are in,
or what COUNTRY she is from, since the value
system when it comes to these issues is the SAME
amongst most women raised in feminist countries.

Things were not always this way. For most of
human civilization in fact.  But feminism is trying
to go against the very BIOLOGY of human beings.

But again, MOST MEN don’t put two and two
together. They still think that the typical woman
found in feminist societies is a PRIZE.

So when they see a pick-up artist video showing
some guy making out with some woman they
think something magical is happening.

It doesn’t mean the woman will care one drop
about him the next day, or even the next hour.

And if a guy DOES get into a relationship
with almost any of these  women, he is just
allowing a TROJAN horse into his mind, a
woman who will devastate his emotions later
when the doomed relationship kicks in.

And make no mistake about it- a relationship with
a typical attractive young woman raised in a society
affected by feminist propaganda is DOOMED.

She will likely cheat. She will lie. She will also not even
be CONSCIOUS of what she is doing because she
is going to RATIONALIZE it all since our society which
has been feminist-infiltrated now makes it seems
OKAY to be dishonest to men and to treat men
like garbage and to ignore the needs of men.

In fact, if she does cheat on the guy, she will end up
BLAMING it on him, saying that he caused her to do
it because he wasn’t nice enough to her, or, ironically,
that he was too nice to her and that she just couldn’t
feel respect or attraction to him because of that.

The getting physical part is so easy today with most
women from countries where feminist propaganda
flourished and was taught to little boys and girls
from birth, to the point it has created a perspective
that is WARPED.

So on one hand, YES, women ARE attracted
to you when you act like a MAN.

Over the years, my learning has evolved,
yet at the same time the central principle
has only become even STRONGER, and I’ve
only realized even MORE how TRUE my
original words were then and are now.

What I mean is, men who are interested in
women deep down already know the truth-
women want men with GUTS.

Being too afraid to approach a woman, acting apologetic
for approaching a woman, getting all weak and
fragile and overly-sensitive,  and being so in
touch with your “feminine” side as the feminists
keep telling men to do, is NOT going to attract
a woman, and certainly not going to attract
the kind of woman you want.

Women DO absolutely feel GREAT attraction
for men who are DECISIVE, who take action,
who aren’t afraid to be sexual, who have
NOT fallen for all the feminist propaganda.

But almost no woman in a feminist country is
going to TELL you this, because feminist conditioning
demands she deny it to herself. But it is still there
in her emotions, at a very strong level of desire,
repressed below the surface.

However, the answer is NOT to attract the typical
woman raised in feminist-influenced countries.

You MUST go ONLY for women who have been
raised in countries where feminism didn’t have
a chance to CORRUPT women’s perspectives
on relationships, on men, on family, on raising
children, etc.

I URGE you to listen to me here- almost every single
man who IS affected by the current problem when it
comes to this issue will NOT follow my advice.

They won’t follow it because people want EASY
solutions.  They don’t want to do anything that
requires hard work –and the HARDEST WORK
for any person to do is actually THINKING

If something involves REAL HARD THINKING, then
people will do ANYTHING to avoid it- even if it means
LIVING IN HELL, because people feel that CHANGING
or having to THINK is the WORST HELL THERE IS.

Along the same logic, DON’T BOTHER TRYING
to EXPLAIN to a woman the destructive effects
of feminism.

IT WON’T WORK, because of the fact that it’s not
PLEASANT for her to accept.


They don’t want to THINK.

And explaining how “feminism is destroying our civilization”
is a TRIPLE WHAMMY. (Yes, I know the term is '"double
whammy", but there are THREE here.)

First of all, it requires THINKING in order to understand this.
So that is HELL for most people.

Second of all, the RESULTS of this thinking means
she is going to have to start CHANGING the way she
behaves- and CHANGE for most people feels like
HELL even if it is actually going to give them PLEASURE
in the long run.

And third of all, the particular CHANGE here is
one of the most PAINFUL KINDS of change,
it requires admitting being so WRONG ABOUT
how she has been treating good men, about how
she has been living her life- and about how her
perspectives have been attracting the very WORST
men to her.

It requires her to fully realize that she has been
the one CONTRIBUTING to her failure to meet the
right guy-  her behavior has been attracting the men
who truly DON’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT HER, because
any man that did feel an emotional investment in her
wouldn’t be able to ACCEPT her lack of interest in
anything meaningful.

So you WON’T change a woman.
And the women in feminist societies will lead
to relationships that are DISASTROUS.

OR EXAGGERATING, just take a look at an online
dating site- go to the most TYPICAL ones, you don’t
have to even go to some trashy site, just go to a typical
popular dating site.

Take a look at how few attractive women, if ANY,
emphasize things like CHARACTER, HARD WORK, HONESTY,
FIDELITY, FAMILY, the importance of raising children

You will see a mostly BARREN LANDSCAPE when it comes
to these topics, issues, or morals.

Now, look to see how many times TRIVIAL things or
SELFISH things are emphasized in women’s profiles-
things like:

“You better know how to spoil me! Tee hee hee!”
“I love to travel and go to fine restaurants.”
“If it's not easy, it's not meant to be.”
"I'm equally happy having a beer as I am wine.”
“I’m a very independent woman.”
“You better love dogs.”

THESE are the kinds of things that are the focus
of women from countries where feminism took over.

Plus, when you ALSO factor in that alcohol is
such a pervasive part of socializing in our society,
the consumption of alcohol, whether it is
intentional or not, provides the mental lubrication
for feeling fine about getting promiscuous.

Now, there is ONE MORE super-important factor
to be aware of that contributes to the nightmare.

FEMINISM also happens to have EXPLODED around
the same time ADVERTISING truly became an
OVERWHELMING force in many countries-
including the beginning of massive advertising
on TV in the 1960s.

And what does advertising depend on?
It depends on COMPANIES NEEDING them, and SELLING

Now, how do you sell as much as possible?

By promising HAPPINESS from buying that thing.

And then, because of course happiness, beyond
things like food and shelter, is not something you
can buy, you have to keep people distracted from
this truth and disappointment when they buy the
product and don’t feel that happiness they were

What they initially feel is the happiness that comes
from allowing themselves to now feel what they
IMAGINED they would feel when getting the thing
they bought, so for a brief moment in time, the
NOVELTY of the moment works, but quickly fades
and again they go back to feeling a lack of happiness-
but advertising all around them tells them what they
need is the NEWER VERSION of that product or any
of the other millions of products and services out
there, all serving as an endless distraction from the

So the way to keep on selling things is to
not only is that impossible but it would be bad
for business if it was possible since it wouldn’t
require the customer to keep on coming back
to pay for MORE stuff or services.

So you have a culture that not only has brainwashed women
into thinking they should be with a certain kind of man, (who
of course when they do end up with the feminist man, they
end up feeling nothing for), and not only has that culture
screwed things up for so many men because the men
can’t win if they act like the feminists want, and they
are called evil if they act like men, but ALSO you have
a culture that is BLIND to where REAL happiness comes
from- from INSIDE yourself, and some of it comes from

People have been taught happiness comes from BUYING
ADVERTISED CRAPOLA- THE latest version of that crapola,
of course.

Throw all that selfish materialism into a society where women
are told by feminists to be EVEN MORE SELFISH, and to IGNORE
what men feel, and then we WONDER why so many women
are SLAVES to materialism to a degree usually much HIGHER
than men?

So, you have to realize this is not the EXCEPTION,
this is pretty much THE RULE for women raised
in countries where feminism affected the way
women and men were raised- and remember
a woman doesn’t have to be  FEMINIST to
have her morals and perspectives TAINTED
by feminism, and you CAN’T expect to CHANGE
a woman, for all the reasons I mentioned above.

You MUST go OUTSIDE the cesspool.
And even then, you STILL have to SCREEN

It's not like every single woman from a non-feminist
country is going to be the right one. 

If you have the money, TRAVEL to countries where
feminism did not take over the entire mindset of
how women should treat men. In this one newsletter,
I can’t go into details of exactly which countries I
am speaking about, but I can tell you there are
non-feminist societies in both the Western Hemisphere
and the Eastern Hemisphere.

If you don’t, then either only date women who
have RECENTLY moved to your country from a
NON-FEMINIST country, or only date women
HOUSEHOLD, which probably only accounts
for about 2% of the population in feminist countries.

The wrong woman will DESTROY you faster than
any other force on earth.

The right woman will help you be the BEST man
you can be.

She is the kind of woman that is truly in your corner,
trustworthy, and of infinite integrity.  She’s looking
out for you- and she fully APPRECIATES you, and
never takes you for granted.

And you don’t have to play INSANE games to GET
her to keep treating you right.  None of this INSANITY.

Most women are born to want to be GOOD to men.
The same way most men are born to want to be GOOD to women.

For most of humanity, this is the general rule- it is NATURE.

But feminism goes AGAINST nature.

So when you meet a woman who has not been brainwashed
by feminism, you DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING except just
BE A MAN-the kind of man that you KNOW you are, but that
you have been REPRESSING beneath YEARS AND YEARS of social

That man that is the REAL you is the man women REALLY want.

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Michael Marks