Saturday, February 23, 2013

How You Can Be A "TEN" To A Woman

When it comes to attraction, as men, we
can BUILD attraction.  And yet, rather
than build attraction, most men DO

In the film "She's Out of My League",
this guy meets this knockout, and the
one thing he has about himself is that
he doesn't try to impress the woman by
being someone ELSE. 

So he authentically is not seeking approval.
He may be a bit insecure around the woman,
but he doesn't act like a jackass who needs
to show off to get attention.

Also, he has a bit of a sense of humor
regarding his own insecurities, which is
not as good as NOT having the insecurities,
but at least helps limit the damage of those

HOWEVER, the DISASTROUS thing he does,

So, based on this belief, he interprets EVERYTHING
as a reason why this girl will not want to be with him.

He then ACTS on his warped interpretation of
everything she does. 

So, while the girl is initially getting more
attracted to him, there is a point where his
FEARS start to screw things up with her when
he starts to take actions based on his fears,
and one of the biggest examples is when she
finds out that he SERIOUSLY HOPES she has
some MAJOR FLAW, so that this way he can feel
she will more likely want to stay with him.

This whole thing reminds me a bit of the
certain styles of so-called "advice" that focus
on harming a woman's self-esteem with
'cleverly' disguised insults and back-handed
compliments in order to get her to feel
unworthy and insecure.

The idea behind that so called "advice" is that
it will supposedly make her feel like HE is a
great catch.

It is supposed to make her appreciate him
more since supposedly she will feel she
herself is no great catch anymore. 

First of all, I find that type of behavior plain
old WRONG from an ethical point of view.

Having an intention to make an innocent
person suffer is plain old WRONG.
In ADDITION to this, is the fact that any
woman with a bit of self-esteem will
DETECT this kind of "trick" and it will
RUIN her attraction to the guy as she can
see the guy is so INSECURE that he needed
to do this.  It will also not only ruin her
attraction, but also make her pissed off
as well as no one enjoys being attacked
in the worst way, since after all, our
self-esteem is the most important part
of our sense of "feeling good". 

So, in the film, the guy is hoping that
some defect her ex mentioned to him will
be true.

Think about that for a second- why on
earth would a man who is attracted to
a woman who is treating him RIGHT, and
who is a KNOCKOUT, why would he WISH
that she actually had to have some
kind of DEFECT to her?

The insecurity says, "Well, if she has a flaw, then
maybe she will accept my flaws."

The NEEDINESS says that "I can't feel good without
her, so I must find some way to KEEP her regardless
of what's good for her or not, in fact let's start WISHING
she had some problems, some DEFECT in fact!!
YEAH, that would be perfect!"
And this is not just a movie thing, it's very common
to REAL LIFE.  When feeling insecure and needy,
it's quite HUMAN to almost wish there was SOME
flaw to the "perfectness" of the other person, the
woman who we think is "OUT OF OUR LEAGUE".

Now, think about it from the woman's point of view:
How can she love a man who SERIOUSLY WISHES SHE

Just because HE is afraid that he is not good enough for her.

The point of all this, is that INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS
can turn a guy who is slowly growing on a woman into being
a guy who went from being a 5 or 6 into being an 8, 9, or 10,
and then this INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS constantly

Each time you RESIST the urge to give into insecurities,
your GAIN a point on the attraction scale.

But in this movie, he does the opposite, and each time he
allows himself to give IN to his insecurities, he LOSES another
point on the attraction scale to the woman.

And THAT is how he ends up as a "5", when he was
at one point more of a 9 on his way to being a TEN.

That is, until near the end of the movie, when he realizes
how SCREWED UP his own thinking has been and
how he IS indeed a "10"!

And here's the OTHER major news:  EVEN THE GUYS

And the movie actually reflects this reality, as the very
guy he is jealous of, who used to date the knockout
as well!!!!  He just puts on a show in front of the rest
of the world that he is really secure, but when it came
to being with the knockout, he screwed things up
just as bad, all because he thought the woman
would ultimately dump him.

This happens in real life all the time!!!

It doesn't matter if you're an A LIST ACTOR WHO
BILLIONAIRE, the bottom line is that EVERYONE
has insecurities, and if you let those insecurities
and neediness affect your ACTIONS, it will harm
the attraction a woman feels for you.

Yet the crucial thing to remember is that if you
RESIST the urge to give in to those insecurities,
you keep on RISING on the bar of attraction.

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*The RIGHT way to go about walking toward a woman
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*The proper DISTANCE you should actually be when
chatting to a woman you find attractive. It’s a lot
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*I’m going to answer all questions related to:
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speak about herself! If I just listen to her, how
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*You’ll also learn how to START the conversation
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*You’ll ALSO learn the most effective things to be
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In a party/lounge/club atmosphere, there is a certain
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talk for as long as possible and hopefully this will
lead to getting your phone number or something more”.

I’ll show you a way of handling these environments
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you as someone she would like to know beyond just
this party or club, etc.

*You’ll also learn how to make the environment of
a party, lounge, or social situation work in your favor.
So the fact there are lots of people there walking around,
the fact that she may be going for a drink and walking
away, the fact she may be looking for her friends,
ALL THESE THINGS can actually be turned around
and work in your FAVOR- I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!!!

*When it’s CRITICAL that you tell a woman that you
LIKE her, really FAST! This has absolutely nothing
to do with “kissing up”, and in fact not telling her
you like her will be seen by her as you being
massively insecure or even worse, clueless about

*How to say what’s on your mind (rather than
Just talking about “safe” topics that are boring)
in a way that gets women filling in the rest of
the conversation for you!

This way, you not only lead the conversation,
which gets the woman to become more feminine
in your presence and follow you, but it also
sets up the best sexual dynamic between the
two of you.

It ALSO allows you to do less work, because
since you started the conversation, that in
itself shows you have plenty to say, but it
also allows you to chill out and lean back
and now just listen to what she has to say—
Which of course gives you tons more things
to talk about and gives you the ability to
also give her a genuine compliment which
she will value!

I’ll show you exactly how this all works!

*You’ll learn the RIGHT amount of body contact
to have with a woman you just met, and how
to do it.

*Ever wonder if a woman is into you or not?
Do you let this stop you from taking action?
Here’s what to do in all those situations!

*How to build ACTION MOMENTUM in your
overall PLAN for getting the woman of your
dreams, so that you are taking ACTION
every day on this and not getting swept
up in all the obstacles to you achieving this

*How to use a proven principle from psychology
no matter what you do otherwise!

This principle is PROVEN, again and again, to WORK.
A top university in the United States has proven
this principle to be very effective, and I’m going
to show you how to apply it on yourself with women.

*You’ll also learn to bring yourself to a higher level
of “skill” when it comes to everything you do with
women, from first seeing her, to chatting, to getting
her laughing, to getting under the sheets, to even
getting into a relationship and keeping things going-
by adopting a subtle yet crucial distinction for yourself:

Most people say they will “try” to succeed.
That’s not good enough.

However, we also know that lying to ourselves
isn’t good either.

There is something else, a different mindset, that
is based on TRUTH, that is more empowering,
and I’ll share that with you as well.

*If a woman contacts you with voice mail, email,
or text, I’ll show the best way to RESPOND to these
particular modes of communication in a way that
puts you in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

*As the very ORIGINAL guy who knew that the
pick up artist vibes end up creeping out quality
women, I’ll show you one of the most powerful
things you can do to a woman to get her to say

I’ll show you the GENUINE way to truly “qualify”
a woman in a way that is a HUNDRED times
more effective than the trivial, “Oh you like
chewing gum? So do I! That’s awesome! ”

Qualifying a woman in a MEANINGFUL way is the
final stage before getting physical with her, and
99% of men out there are STILL doing this wrong.

This is why most of the guys who follow pick up
artist advice end up confused, because they got
the woman’s attention, but then she flaked out
later on. There’s a reason she flaked out, and
it’s called lack of meaningful qualifying.

*You’ll also learn how to get the very women
that seem “difficult” at first, and you’ll realize
how most guys are LOSING out on these
supposedly difficult women by abandoning ship
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women who seem “difficult” initially are often
the BEST KINDS OF WOMEN because they know
they have high worth and self esteem, and they
don’t sleep around much.

Now, there is a fine line between difficult and
being a spoiled b****. I’ll show you how to
get those “difficult” women.

*I’ll also show you how to PROPERLY give women
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Attractive women especially crave this, as every
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*You’ll also learn the art of “VIBING” with a woman,
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For now, for tomorrow, and for always, be THE MAN.

Michael Marks

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To CONNECT With Women

Have you ever managed to get a woman's number,
or perhaps even get that first date, but then
everything fizzles out, or she FLAKES?

The good news is that if an attractive woman
goes out with you, or gives you her real number,
chances are she actually IS interested or she
would not waste her TIME.

If a woman flakes out on a guy, it is usually
for ONE reason, and that is a weak connection
was built between the man and the woman.

It is essential to realize that an attractive
woman can super easily get almost any man
into bed. But she cannot easily find a man
that she feels a genuine CONNECTION with,
and I do NOT mean this in the sense of
just being a FRIEND to a woman.

So, I have an article on HOW TO CONNECT

I suggest you read it IMMEDIATELY.

It's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Five ESSENTIAL Insights For Attracting Women

There are some really important insights
I want to share with you today on attracting
women, and rather than give you a whole
long introduction, I am going to get right
to the CORE of the matter immediately:

The FIRST insight is this:

In Your Success When Approaching Women
To Attract Them

In that first INSTANT that you approach
a woman, she has no IDEA who you are,
but she can tell a LOT from the ATTITUDE
in your TONALITY.

So, right now, imagine what you would SOUND
like if your attitude was a combination of the following:

1.  I was doing well even before I met you.

2.  I prefer to make things FUN, rather
than being NEEDY.  

3.  I know you love me, even if you are not
supposed to. 

4.  Even though I am having fun, and not taking
this too seriously, I am also confident enough
to not have to be a CLOWN to get your attention. 

5.  I am pretty chilled out even as I have some
fun here.

So take those five attitudes, and imagine how you
would SOUND no matter WHAT you said.

In fact, just THINKING about these ATTITUDES
will often SPARK the right KINDS of things to be
saying to a woman.

So let us say she is pouring sugar into her coffee at

You might say something like, "You know, they say
that three cents from every coffee goes to help kids
in other countries, so you ought to get back there and
buy about a hundred coffees right now."

She might laugh, or smile and turn to you and say,
"Yeah, you're right, but how about you?"

And you might say back something like:
"Hey, with you on all that caffeine, SOMEBODY is
gonna have to be calm around here!"

And if she laughs, you can continue with this:

"Don't laugh! With all the caffeine in  your system, you'll probably build the school, dig the wells, and teach them English! See, now I am admiring you already for all the hard work you did!"

And when she responds to that, you can play a bit  more, by saying:

"Hey, you know, you really ought to thank me, it was my idea in the first place!" 

At THIS point, the energy is HIGH, and you have
DEFINITELY conveyed the right attitude, and
at that point, you can lean back and take things
to a more "getting to know you" level and
start building the CONNECTION.

The KEY here is the combination of
ATTITUDES that are behind the words
that are being delivered.

As long as your tonality is CONSISTENT with
those attitudes, the words you say will be in the
right zone, and she will INTERPRET your
attitudes first and foremost.

This is just ONE of the key principles for
NOT needing to memorize pick-up lines
and for being able to be spontaneous to the
EXACT SITUATION in front of you. 

And now, onto the next point, which is regarding
something totally different, but JUST AS IMPORTANT
when it comes to making the right decisions with

Insight Number Two:

You Cannot Tell If A Woman Is Truly Special
Unless You Have Other Super Attractive Women
Right Up In Your Face.

And allow me to add to the above, these
other women must want you badly, and only
THEN if you STILL think that one woman
is special, is she actually special.   

Until you actually have SEVERAL fantastic
women pursuing you at ONCE, you usually
cannot accurately judge how SPECIAL a
woman is.

So I get quite a few emails a day from men
all across the planet, and one of the most
popular questions revolves around the
following situation:

There is this ONE woman who they really like.
And this ONE woman is REALLY special.

So I read these emails and I read them with
a truly sincere desire to help.

So I then re-read the emails, and I look for
some sign of EVIDENCE for why these
particular women are so special.

And usually I see zero actual solid reasons.
In fact, usually I see nothing.

Now, do not get me wrong, I UNDERSTAND
that one may FEEL a particular woman is
SPECIAL, but FEELING does not mean it
actually IS the truth.

I know this because I went through it, so I am not judging anyone here. I made the worst form of this mistake and spent years in the wrong relationships. It's a big part of why I ended up in this field, it is because I needed and wanted to learn these skills so badly after realizing how TOTALLY brainwashed I was by the forces of attraction.

to women, especially women that visually
trigger all the right HARD-WIRED impulses
in the male brain.

And FEELING is much stronger than LOGIC.

So once you FEEL attraction to a woman, your
mind will RATIONALIZE all kinds of stuff,
to make you feel that your FEELING is

After all, none of us wants to feel we are being
CONTROLLED by our hormones; in fact the
very thought of it, if one is unaware of how
this works, can feel depressing.

But it is NOT depressing once you realize the
TRUTH, and the TRUTH is that we do not
HAVE to be slaves to our emotions, we can
make our emotions work FOR us. 

But the FIRST thing to do in order to gain
control over our emotions and turn our emotions
into our allies, is to accept the TRUTH:

And the TRUTH is that, most of the time that
a man is focused on trying to get ONE particular
woman who is not giving him back the same attention
that he is giving her, the truth is that if this same
woman was UNATTRACTIVE he would not feel
that she is so special.

Because, if she REALLY is SO SPECIAL,
then why the heck does she NOT appreciate
the guy right NOW???????????????????

I mean, if she is REALLY just SO SPECIAL, right?

So this brings me round to the next point:

And it is essential to actually GO OUT with these
women, and not just tell yourself that you could if
you WANTED to.

Actually GETTING many options with women that
are truly options in the real sense, and not just in
some theoretical sense, is the only way to get your
mind to STOP playing tricks on you.

I have had guys that have spent years of their lives
obsessing and truly BELIEVING that certain women
were truly special, women who were not giving them
the time of day, and THEN after taking my bootcamp,
in just 48 HOURS they had their entire FRAME
OF REALITY turned upside down.

They realized not only how NOT SPECIAL these
previous women were compared to the NEW women
they met, but also realizing how LUCKY they were
to NOT have been tied up with some woman who
actually was NOT that special at ALL.

There is a reason why I teach what I teach, and it
is because I believe it is HUGELY important in
LIBERATING men from the chains of fear, of
loneliness, and of BRAINWASHING.

When you learn how to get women, you are
FREED from the brainwashing effect that any
one woman can have on you.

Now, onto the THIRD insight:


Everything you just read in the second insight applies even MORE so, if you are dealing with a woman
who is a first love.

Any woman who is the FIRST woman that
you are truly CRAZY about, head over heels
in love with, is going to have a MASSIVE
power over your emotions.

This has NOTHING to do with her character.
She MIGHT be the nicest, most noble, most
virtuous woman on Earth, but it would be
you are being hit HARD, for the FIRST time,

There is a saying and a song and it goes like this:
"The first cut is the deepest."

It is famous because it is TRUE.

that FIRST impressions, when it comes to
emotional things, COUNT.

In fact, they count MASSIVELY.

Now, allow me to make it clear that you CAN feel love for another woman, even MORE love than for the first.

HOWEVER, you have to know HOW to get over the first, and getting OTHER women is a very powerful force, and will eventually free you from the anguish of thinking that some woman is special when in reality she is not giving you what you want.

But first, I want to make it clear just how POWERFUL a first experience actually is, REGARDLESS of who she REALLY is.

The real key is that she was the FIRST.
Not the first woman you got physical with,
but the first woman you really LOVED.

Listen, for all the BILLION Pepsi commercials,

Now, although we all know we should avoid
sugary drinks (and Coca-Cola sells plenty of
healthier alternatives including filtered water),
my point is simple:

COKE IS IT, not because of the superior ad
campaign, (which they may very well have),
but COKE IS IT because they were FIRST.

All else being equal, NO cola can create
a FEELING through an advertisement that
is going to be MORE POWERFUL in people's minds
than the feeling of SUBCONSCIOUSLY knowing
that Coke is the original real thing.  

And no matter what Pepsi does, everyone
knows Coke is IT, Coke is CLASSIC, Coke is
THE REAL THING, the original, etc.

The fact that Pepsi manages to get as much
sales as IT does, boils down to other things,
such as innovative marketing, ads, etc.

But Coke is the FIRST LOVE.
All Coke needs to be is consistent to
what it IS: It is THE FIRST.

And feeling LOVE and LUST for a woman
who is your FIRST, will carve an IMPRINT on
your MIND and your EMOTIONS that is going
to play wicked games on your mind, even if
this woman IS an actual SAINT and is TOTALLY

But if this woman happens to be NOT SO NICE,
or happens to be a selfish, twisted, warped, she-devil,
that is when the REAL NIGHTMARE happens:

What happens is that your STRONG EMOTIONS
for this woman will end up making you RATIONALIZE
every single terrible thing she does.

You will come up with excuses for why she is not
treating you well, you will allow yourself to get
abused and meanwhile you will think that this
is somehow NORMAL.

And even if this woman is a GOOD woman,
the fact is, because she is the one who is the
FIRST, what will happen is that you will
PERCEIVE her as being a lot MORE than she
actually IS.    

So you will likely feel NEEDY.
You will likely SPOIL her.
You will likely STOP being a challenge at all,
if you even ever were a challenge for her at all.

You will want so much time with her, that she
will start to feel she needs more space, and that
she wants less time together. 

And of course, all this will only make you
want her even MORE because it will make
you more NEEDY and more insecure.  

Your NEEDINESS will become a bottomless PIT
that sucks the life-force, the fun, the
challenge, the ATTRACTION completely OUT
of the equation, and it will likely destroy
the relationship.

How do I know all this? Because I learned
it all the HARD WAY.

I am trying to SPARE YOU the anguish.

So, if even a GREAT woman is going to be
a problem if you do not have LOTS of women
to go out with first, you can imagine how
horrifying an experience it will be if you
happen to fall hard for the first time and
it turns out to be a wicked woman, and
I do not mean wicked in a positive sense.

This is why even if a guy DOES meet a
great woman who he is ready to MARRY,
I would say that if he has not dated at all,
he SHOULD first date some other great
women, if for no other reason than to PREVENT
himself from becoming a NON-ATTRACTIVE
personality who worships her, who is too
needy for her, who puts her on a pedestal
she does not deserve, etc, etc, etc. 

Alright, now for the FOURTH insight:


Obviously, the BEST way to approach is

When you are not feeling fear, women
DETECT it, and also when you are not
feeling fear, you yourself are more likely
to be in that more PLAYFUL and fun
frame of mind which helps you socialize
a trillion times more effectively with
women who are total strangers.

But if you wait for the PERFECT time, or
if you wait till you think you can get
into a perfect state where you do not
feel any fear before you make your
first approach, you may very well NEVER
approach often enough to actually
GET OVER the fear.

So you do not have to have the PERFECT
approach to BENEFIT from approaching

When you approach women regularly, (not
just once or twice) the fear GOES AWAY.

Now, successfully attracting women is about
more than just NOT FEELING FEAR, but even
just getting over the fear by making enough
approaches is IN ITSELF going to help a LOT.

And here is the FIFTH insight:


What I mean by this, is that too many men
waste energy on trying to make absolutely
certain that they are in the perfect state
of mind, that they are going to say the
perfect pick-up line, that they have somehow
come up with a way to absolutely avoid
all and any chance of rejection, etc.


Now, obviously, my materials will MASSIVELY
improve your results, and in fact one of the
things I teach is how to GET OVER THE ENDLESS

And one of the BIG THINGS is to do the absolute
OPPOSITE of common so-called wisdom:
Instead of trying to pump yourself UP, just
write down ALL YOUR FEARS about approaching
women, and then next to them you have to be

WORTH IT TO ME ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really DO mean it like that.
It's time to BITCH SLAP yourself if you are
being a WUSS when it comes to this part of
your life.


Who CARES how they RESPOND?
Ultimately, it is not even about what women THINK.

There is something SUPER LIBERATING about
being a MAN who not only ENJOYS women, but
who is not afraid to EXPRESS it through ACTION.

Getting a thumbs up or a thumbs down is

We live in a society that on the SURFACE somehow
PRETENDS that a man approaching a woman who
is a stranger is not normal, when in REALITY
it is this ANIMAL ATTRACTION that is the
DRIVING FORCE of the entire mainstream

And I do mean that, from movies to music to the
FACTS on how just about every man who has the
POWER to get women actually USES that power.

By the way, this does NOT mean in any way that
I am against monogamy! I truly DO think that
meeting a woman who is GENUINELY special     
can be one of the most REWARDING connections
a man can have with any woman, ever.

What I am saying is that the REALITY points
to the FACT that we all know that approaching
women is the most NORMAL thing in the world,
and is simply a sign of having a healthy interest
in women.

Look, if a woman is not available or not interested,
that is TOTALLY COOL! That is TOTALLY up
to HER, that should NOT be something you are
WORRIED about. 

Your job is to do YOUR job, that is it.
And that job is to make the best approach possible.

What happens after that is really not the main thing.
(But if it does go well, then obviously you have
the great pleasure of being with her.)

And if you like what you have just read, I assure you
it is just the tip of the ICEBERG of what you will find
in my DVD program called "Warrior Within".

This program is PACKED with pure GOLD on
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Just the sections on overcoming FEARS with women,
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And yet, this program has so much MUCH more, including the most effective ways of approaching and having conversations with women, the most effective ways of creating a powerful CONNECTION with women, how to create powerful intimacy with a woman so that she feels completely uninhibited with you and is open to going totally wild with you in bed, the most effective way to convey power as a man, plus learning how to DETECT the character of a woman, plus learning how to KEEP a woman attracted LONG term, and much, MUCH more.

This program is an absolute ESSENTIAL if you
are serious about having the power of CHOICES
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Real World Bootcamp. This is where your
skills with women will be taken to the
NEXT LEVEL as I go with you into approach
after approach after approach on real women
in all types of places, from cafes and
lounges to bookstore, public transit,
supermarkets, malls, and just about
everywhere else. 

In this program, I will not only demonstrate for you, but
I will also coach you directly as you approach women,
and I will detect any and all errors you make and immediately
erase these errors from your game- you will notice a

After that, I will then tweak, polish, and fine-tune your skills, and I will also work with you directly on a deeper level as well to skyrocket your confidence, help you eradicate anxieties, and super-charge your inner game.

The Real World Bootcamp will transform your life. 
Many of the men who have taken my program have
told me it is the single greatest decision they have
ever made.

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Let me close by saying one last thing:
NOT taking action is the EASY way out.

It is so easy to just NOT LEARN how to approach women,
and to instead just DREAM about it, or fantasize about it.

Most men will just try to fantasize about some way
they can get the women they want withOUT having to
actually DO anything to make it happen.

Human beings will always try the path of least resistance.
The easiest path. And I understand that, there is no point
making things HARDER than they have to be.

I have spent the last ten years designing programs
to make this process of getting AMAZING with women
as EASY as possible.

It will not get any EASIER than this.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks