Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To Flirt And Tease Women EFFECTIVELY!

Effectively "teasing" a woman is one of the areas
of attraction that is most misunderstood and abused.

When done right, it's a great form of verbal sexual flirting
which helps lead the way for things to get physically sexual.

The sexual nature of it does not have to be OVERT,
it does not have to be GRAPHIC, it's the flirtatious
fun/playful/challenging vibes that are sexual.

But here's the problem where most guys go wrong:
A lot of people think that the tease is about saying
something slightly derogatory or slightly diminishing
to the woman's status.

i.e. A lot of guys think that teasing a woman in a way
that strikes attraction might be a comment like:

"You could never get me"'.

Listen, if a woman is SIZZLING GORGEOUS  HOT,
then the reality is that she knows MOST LIKELY

So a comment like the one above, rather than making
the woman feel "challenged", or making the woman
think that the guy is somehow "out of her league"
would ACTUALLY just draw MORE attention
to how the guy must REALLY feel that indeed
it is HE who feels so out of HER league, that
he felt the need to SAY this ridiculous comment.

And so, this actually ends up DIMINISHING
not the woman's status, but the GUY'S status.

Instead, what IS effective is saying something
to her that isn't such a massive jump from the
truth, but is still clearly a joke.

For example, interpreting something a woman
says or does in a way that serves as a compliment
to you, or even a mutual compliment.

i.e. If a woman makes eye contact with you,
and you return it, and you say to her,
"How did you get such good taste in men?"

You're saying something COOL about yourself, that is
actually not some kind of ridiculous statement, and is not
putting HER down, but puts YOU AAAAAAND HER up!

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