Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Special Bond Between Man and Woman

In case anyone doubts that there has indeed been a MAJOR erosion of the degree of reverence for the special bond between man and woman, I thought I would point to an observation I have made about trends in popular romance films throughout the years.

Almost without exception, by far the most popular romance films take place many years ago, long before our current era. Think of films like The Notebook, Titanic, Braveheart, and of course the classic adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

The reason for this is because although there were many problems in the past, one thing that WAS intact was the natural dynamic between a man and a woman. A man protected a woman, loved her, and a woman respected her man, loved him.

There wasn't the modern mess of trying to force men and women to be identical in every way, and to compete AGAINST each other in so many ways, be it financially or in other ways, rather than to work TOGETHER in harmony, whether it is to serve society, raise a family, or just to enjoy peace with each other.

Notice also how so much INTENSITY of ATTRACTION and
DESIRE is apparent between the two in the scene above, all without a SHRED of nudity.

Compare that to the pathetic efforts of most films to try to increase the on-film chemistry by simply increasing the gratuitous sex.

I ain't no prude. I have no problem whatsoever with nudity when it actually enhances something. What I'm saying is that by putting so much nudity and sex out so fast in such high quantities everywhere without any thought put into it, there is a DILUTING EFFECT on the whole chemistry between men and women in general.

And the KICKER to all this, is that it's not OLD PEOPLE who are the ones who make these films popular, it's YOUNG PEOPLE, including the young people of TODAY.

This means that even in our society where things have become
so confusing between men and women, just about EVERYONE
still knows what the REAL connection between man and woman
should be like, to the degree that we are resorting to viewing so called "primitive" times that in many ways were far more ADVANCED than our own when it comes to the connection between man and woman.

Attraction between men and women is rooted in so much more than just nudity and sex, it is about something INTANGIBLE, and part of it is actually the masculine-feminine POLARITY that brings the two genders TOGETHER in the most powerful way.

Men know this. Women know this. Yet we keep on trying to
perpetuate a lie, a lie that pretends men and women best
live together when they pretend to want to be the same,
to have the same roles, the same desires, the exact same

I also must say that this is not an excuse to in any way
perceive or treat either gender as LESS or MORE than
the other.  There absolutely must be equality in terms of
rights and respect- what is MISSING today, however is
an APPRECIATION and RESPECT for the power of
sexuality and for what is BEST in order to preserve and
enhance harmony, desire, and love between men and women.

This is one of the greatest issues of our time, and it's probably
a GREAT idea to discuss this with the next woman you meet
that you are serious about getting to know.

And if you are reading this right now, and have ANY
questions about dating, relationships, or how to meet
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finding And Attracting The Right Woman: The Number One Problem And The Solution

There is a lot I can say to you about
dating, relationships, and how to meet
and attract women, but for today I am
going to focus on what I think is the
NUMERO UNO problem, and the
solution, as well.

The bottom line is that there has been
a cheapening of society’s ideals when
it comes to the whole man-woman thing.

You might be asking how does knowing this this help you MEET and attract a woman, but if you stick around to the end of this article, you'll see exactly how.  

The bond between a man and a woman has become something that society in general does not CHERISH anymore.

It’s no longer SACRED.
It’s no longer PRECIOUS.
It’s no longer REVERED.

Rather, it’s more about convenience,
novelty, and the moment rather than the
long term. 

Let me repeat the last part:
It’s about the MOMENT rather than the

I could write volumes on all the reasons for
why this has happened, but the bottom line is
various complex forces combined over about
100 years, (it's not a simple "good guys versus
bad guys" here) slowly ERODING the sense
of the sacred regarding the bond between man
and woman.

One of the reasons a solution is so hard to
put into play is because all the previous forces
and institutions that used to promote the sacred
bond between men and women have themselves
been tainted with corruption.

So it’s very, very hard to find LEADERS
in this area.  As soon as you promote the
sacred bond between men and women, you
risk being viewed as someone who is so
old-fashioned that he probably hasn’t even
heard of the wheelbarrow.

And yet, when it comes to every OTHER
part of people’s lives, for some reason
people can at least agree in PRINCIPLE
that it’s more important to think about the
LONG-TERM than the moment.

So, for example, one’s health. Most
people would agree it’s worth thinking
about the long-term and so it’s not a good
idea to ONLY eat junk food, or to never
exercise, even though it would be more
“convenient” in the SHORT TERM to
just do whatever was easier or felt more

Similarly, when it comes to one’s education
or one’s vocational training or one’s work,   
people will agree, at least in principle if
not in action, that they SHOULD make some
sacrifice, make the commitment, and not
just be thinking about the short term.

And yet, when it comes to thinking LONG-TERM
regarding something that will affect your life in
the most INTENSE way, and if done properly
and if done improperly can bring INTENSE
HEARTACHE AND PAIN, people completely
IGNORE the importance of treating a relationship

The partner you have in your life will affect you
in EVERY way, and sex is, ironically, NOT the
most important way, although obviously this can
be a powerful and pleasurable part of it. 

The fact is, your partner will affect your state of
MIND, your EMOTIONS, your HEALTH, your
FINANCES, and will have a huge impact on whether
you achieve your full potential or not as a human being.

But no, rather than think this way, people tend to
think of relationships in a very limited way.

Are there people who should not be in relationships?
Probably.  But for most people, men and women,
being with the RIGHT partner improves their lives

So, what do I mean by “sacred” when it comes
to relationships?   

I mean that the commitment is not taken lightly.

I mean that the sexual connection between the
man and woman is viewed as so precious and
important, that it is not splashed around for the
whole planet to partake of in so called “platonic

I mean that, if the man and woman plan to raise
a family, the children really DO come first, and
yet, if the children really do come first, then it’s
important for the man and woman to deeply cherish
each other as well or what good is it for the kids
if they see constant conflict. (Which is also why
there are situations where it really is better for
the kids if the parents don't stay married.)

It also means finding a way to spend enough TIME
with your partner so that the relationship isn’t just
an idea but an actual reality.

Now, if you were one of the guys asking himself what the heck this has to do with meeting women, the answer is EVERYTHING.

You see, sometimes the most obvious thing
is also the most HIDDEN.

Most men and women know there is something
very screwed up in our society today, but they
just feel things are HOPELESS, and so what
happens is that people give up, which only
society in the ways I have described. 

But if you could just approach a woman and
be REAL, you would notice that women are
MORE RECEPTIVE than you previously thought.

When I say REAL, I don’t mean to kiss up
or to go on forever about her superficial beauty.

I mean to behave in a way that shows you
are NOT AFRAID to be a man with desire
for a woman, and yet also you are a man of
RESPECT for the SACRED bond as well.

And although MANY women still aren't
courageous enough to adopt this attitude
in their ACTIONS, some women indeed
do, and these "great girls" DO exist.

But you must have conviction in your
attitudes about these things, otherwise
you will give up too soon, and also
when you DO meet a woman who
DOES share these values, you don't
want HER to think you are WEAK
on these issues.

You want to stand out CLEARLY for being the kind of man that genuinely believes that the bond between a man and a woman must be viewed as something sacred, otherwise the bond ERODES.

I really do believe in what I am saying here
regarding these things.

This is yet ANOTHER reason why I have
never been a fan of filming women that
are being approached.  I don’t like the idea
of finding a woman who is possibly a truly
speak, and “using” her just for the purpose
of a FILM, when she has NO IDEA she is
being filmed with a hidden camera.

I also believe the PHYSICAL CONTACT
between a man and woman is so powerful,
that it should not be treated as a COMMERCIAL
product, and so I would never engage in
physical make-outs with a woman who
does not even know what is going on
and that she is being filmed, etc, etc.

In fact, if someone needs to resort to THAT
level of physical contact to get a woman to
LIKE HIM, then he truly does not know a
thing about ANY human, never mind how
to truly attract a woman and how to connect
with her.

The MIND is the most powerful resource,
not the body, and the MIND should be the
first level you interact with, which is not
only RESPECTFUL, but also the very fact
you show RESPECT is one of the things
a QUALITY WOMAN is looking for in a man.

So it’s not some kind of SACRIFICE to
not cheapen yourself in the approach you
make to a woman, it’s actually the ONLY
way to go if you are trying to attract the
kind of woman that will treat the bond she
has with you as sacred as well.

Also, can you IMAGINE how powerful
the PHYSICAL connection is going to
be if you can get her MELTING for you
without you going into "make-out" mode?

Now, there are VERY few men or women
around with the fortitude to be open and honest
about all these things in a society that will brandish
them as backward for having wisdom.

And yet, this makes to women all the
more special the few men who behave
in a way that shows they DO understand
the need for a sacred bond between men
and women,
This is one more reason why you really
shouldn’t be too concerned about how
your approach is going to go when you
see a woman you’d like to meet.

You have no clue what she is really like.
The real truth is, there is NO pressure, since
until you determine what level of wisdom
SHE is on, there is no POINT in even THINKING
of dating her.

In a way, by adopting this approach, you
are “stealing the frame” that women USED
to use with men a long time ago, before
sky-high levels of female promiscuity
kicked in.

What I am referring to is a time when women
were actually really CAREFUL about who they
dated and were really looking to see the character
of the men they dated. 

Women HAD to be careful, since at that
time, women weren’t dating for fun only,
they were mostly dating for the purpose
of marriage, so they needed to know
the LONG TERM consequences of
being with a man before they got too
involved with him.

Of course, this made MEN try harder to
live up to women’s expectations, and
without playing a game, YOU can now
do the same thing with WOMEN, as
you can now be the one who has no
pressure, for YOU are the one SCREENING

This is not a game, it should be authentic,
but it does have the added impact of    
actually making you come across as more
attractive and selective.

I really have to get going now but I wanted
to leave you with the important message
above, and let me close by saying one last

I think you can tell that I’m not out to
take your money.  Time and again, I’ve
done things that make no commercial
sense, such as NOT jumping on the pickup
artist bandwagon when I could have easily
done that and made a lot of money from it.

I care about the TRUTH.
This means that what you read here is
not motivated by a desire to make SALES,
but a desire to help men and women live
together in HARMONY.

What it also means though is that since most
people are too weak to handle the truth, and
prefer to live in illusion until the illusion cracks
and they are forced to learn the hard way,
I actually only have a small but very educated,
very wise, very cool group of people that follow
my blog, programs, etc.

That means there isn’t MASS PRODUCTION
going on here, and so I must charge considerably
more than others in this field for my time when I
am giving you a personal consultation.

In exchange, though, you are getting the very
best, most accurate, most powerful advice on the
planet for improving your life when it comes to
success with the opposite sex.

I can assure you that one hour with me WILL
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Mchael Marks

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"You Say He's Just A Friend"

If you are looking for a real, long-term,
exclusive, serious relationship, you
need to find out if the woman you
are dating thinks it is okay for her to
have "guy friends" even when she is in
a relationship.

And to make a long story short, if she
DOES think it is okay for her to have
"guy friends" even when she in a relationship,
then she will be a DISASTER if you choose
her to be your girlfriend.

Does this mean that a woman in a relationship
with you cannot have any association with
any man besides you?

She may have male colleagues at work.
She may have male relatives.
She may have some rare emergency situation
that requires her to have some guy call
her or to meet some guy.

But in GENERAL, if a woman is having men
calling who are her "friends" who call her
up, who email her, who text her, it is
ultimately going to be DISASTROUS for the

Now, here is the BIG thing to understand.
A lot of women will defend this "friendship"
B.S. by saying that if someone, be it a guy
or a girl, will not accept their partner
having an opposite-sex friend, then it must
be a sign of JEALOUSY.

This statement is not only wrong, it is actually,
in some (not all) cases, quite devious and disrespectful.  

The bottom line is that human beings have
REASONS for doing things.  They don't do
things for NO REASON.  They might not always
be CONSCIOUS of the reasons, but they damn
well do have reasons.

There's a saying that "nobody does anything for free."
Well, I agree, but I also think nobody SHOULD.
It's irrational. Even if the thing that motivates
someone is simply a FEELING, that too is a thing.

So, when a guy calls a woman, he WANTS something
from her.

majority of guys are NOT looking for FRIENDSHIPS
from women, ESPECIALLY not super attractive women,
and especially not as their ORIGINAL reason for
wanting to get to know the woman.

So it MIGHT be that a guy tried to get a woman
interested in him, and it did not work out,
so he sort of remained FRIENDS with her, but
this is ONLY as a result of REALLY being interested
in her for a very PHYSICAL reason, which still has
some vestiges of that desire whether or not he
admits it in his "friendship" stage with that woman.

It's important to remember a study made on a university
campus, where basically a guy went up to a TON of women,
and propositioned them for sex, and the vast VAST
majority of the women said a clear NO.

The study also reversed the roles, and had a woman
go up to a bunch of men, and TONS of men said YES.

Now, of course, both men and women have very
strong physical desires, but men are ready
to get physical IMMEDIATELY with almost
ANY attractive woman, and sometimes she
does not even have to be attractive.

So, just on that level alone, any woman who
thinks that some guy is JUST calling her for
friendship, is actually DENYING THE PHYSICAL
REALITY that the guy would JUMP into bed
with her given the chance.

So, again, just on that level alone, the very fact
a woman will think it is OKAY to have guys who
are "friends" in her life while she is in a
relationship with another guy, is being
DISRESPECTFUL to that guy who is her boyfriend,
even if she NEVER plans to sleep with that guy

She is basically encouraging the "guy friend"
to keep on trying.

The whole "friend" thing when it comes to
women having "guy friends" is a crock of

It assumes that, unlike a situation at work,
where a woman may have a male boss or employee
or co-worker, where there is a REASON for
having an association with that person within
the limits of the workplace, there is almost
NO legitimate reason for having a "friendship"

It is one thing when a woman is single, and
just trying to meet guys. In that situation,
she may very well have guy friends because
even though she knows the guy friends may
very well be interested in her, at least
she is not disrespecting her boyfriend
since she does not HAVE a boyfriend.

But in a relationship, it is different.
Noboby does anything for no reason.
There HAS to be something they are
getting out of it, and the VAST majority
of guys are NOT trying to get FRIENDSHIP
from some attractive woman.

It is FAR, FAR easier to get a genuine friendship
with a member of the SAME sex, because you share
so many more commonalities by the very fact you
are NOT interested physically in another guy.

The ONLY things left to be interested in, are the
COMMONALITIES, including of course, the common
interest in WOMEN.

And even in the ODD chance that a woman has
some MALE FRIEND who really has so much in
common with her, it STILL is not a good enough
IN THE FRIENDSHIP once that woman is in a
serious relationship with a guy.

And the REASON for this is because if you
TRULY AND MASSIVELY VALUE a relationship, you
do not do things to COMPROMISE that relationship.

And one of the BIGGEST compromising things
a man or woman can do to a relationship is
to FOSTER intimate friendships with members
of the opposite sex that have the SERIOUS
potential of turning into something romantic.

So, this is why the LESS ACTUAL reasons
that are NOT friendship are part of the
equation, i.e. relatives, work, emergency,
the GREATER the potential for damage.

So, for example, someone who is a WORK
colleague may very well be limited to
only interacting in a way that is directly
tied to WORK.  So the interactions are all
of course the person decides to intentionally
betray that understanding and actually turn
it into a cheating situation.

But that would at least mean it was CLEAR

What makes the "friendship" stuff much
more dangerous is that it is NOT regulated
by any other force, it has nothing to do
with work, nothing to do with being a
relative, etc.  It is this airy undefined
b.s. called "we're just friends" which
really means it could be ANYTHING.

And, because MEN understand other MEN,
any man who RESPECTS another man will
NOT call that man's girlfriend up to
be "good friends" with her without
FULLY REALIZING how disrespectful that
is to the GUY.

And, any woman who RESPECTS her boyfriend
will not allow that to happen, so she will
mostly SHUT DOWN the "friendship" with that
guy who is "just a friend".

Sure, she might SEE the friend by sheer
ACCIDENT somewhere, and say hello to him,
but she will not FOSTER some kind of regular
ongoing "friendship" with that guy.

But allow me to get to the MOST IMPORTANT
part of all of this.

The real truth is, that I do believe
that most women who have this "guy friend"
thing going on while still being in a relationship
with another guy, are not TRYING to cheat.

However, every relationship will have its
ups and downs over the course of its duration,
which, hopefully, lasts a lifetime and is a
happy one.

But during those DOWNS, the relationship is
more VULNERABLE.  Just like NOTHING in life
is always PERFECT and at its BEST, so too
relationships are not always PERFECT and
at their BEST.

But just because something is not always
PERFECT does not mean that we don't value it.

We don't all just go and KILL OURSELVES
because life is not perfect, right?

No, instead, we TRY to fix situations,
we try to PREVENT problems.

We don't THROW out our TV sets because
we don't always get PERFECT reception, right?

And we don't PLAN on disaster, but we
DO buy INSURANCE, right?

And we tend to put ON seat-belts even though
we are not EXPECTING disaster, right?

In fact, ALL of the things that we DO
value, we put in an EFFORT to protect
those things against situations where
things might not go perfectly.

them, so SMART people try to PROTECT
them, long term, by NOT putting themselves
in situations that may COMPROMISE the

So even if 99 times the "platonic" interaction
is safe, is it worth it if the 100th time
she meets that "platonic" friend, something
fishy happens that DOES screw up the relationship?

Of course it is then not worth it.

And over the span of a LONG TERM relationship,
if a woman thinks it's fine for her to have
these "platonic friendships with guys" there
will then be HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of
such interactions with those guys, which
actually makes the chance of something bad
eventually happening a mathematical and
If a woman VALUES her relationship,
her marriage, her children, and having
her children raised in a cohesive family,
she will GLADLY turn down the DIAL on
the B.S. "platonic friendships" from
other guys.

And if she CAN'T do this, it is a message
she is saying LOUD AND CLEAR, and the
message is THIS:


And that is all you need to know about her
in order to DUMP her IMMEDIATELY.

Also, I must remind you, that the STRONGER
you become in your convictions about this,
the MORE a woman will pursue you, and you
will start to DOUBT yourself when a beautiful
woman tries to convince you why you should
be okay with all her platonic guy friends.

It won't be easy as you see her gorgeous
body, and you drink in the scent of her
perfume, and you gaze at her beautiful

Do NOT give in to the LOW-HANGING fruit
just because it is there.

CONTINUE THE SEARCH and get yourself
a GREAT woman who already UNDERSTANDS
every last word of this message.

And if you're serious about finding and
keeping the RIGHT woman, I suggest you get
start with two of my books:


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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, October 10, 2014

Navigating the High Seas of Truth vs. Lies When It Comes To Attracting Women

What you are about to read may be
the most important newsletter on
the topic of attracting women that
you will ever read, ESPECIALLY
if you happen to already be reading
a lot about this topic from various

There are all kinds of people out there,
some people are honest and some people
are not, and some people are misguided
even though they think they are being
helpful. All this applies to both men and
women, and it certainly applies to the world
of dating advice.

When I finally started to uncover the truth
about women, I also started to uncover the
truth about dating advice and I learned a
whole lot about the human race.

So, the first thing I want to let you know
about are some of the most destructive
LIES that some men believe about women
and about attraction.

It's important to know these so that you
don't get led down the wrong path and
so that you don't end up with a woman
who brings you misery, but rather you
end up with a woman who enhances
your life.

Number 1: That All Women Are Promiscuous    

Now, although promiscuity amongst women is
probably increasing these days, partially because
the IDEA of it is being FORCE-FED to women by
many of the female celebrities, that ironically
enough, THEMSELVES aren’t actually that
promiscuous at all.

So, for example, the singer Nelly Furtado,
who wrote the song “Promiscuous Girl”,
which seems to celebrate the whole idea,
isn’t actually HERSELF that way at all.

Similarly, MOST other female celebrities
just engage in the ATTENTION-GRABBING
tactics to increase their fame, but aren’t actually
INTERESTED in being promiscuous for REAL.

Whether it’s because they don’t want to get
STIs or STDs or just because they would rather
find something more meaningful, or whether
it’s just because they are too busy actually
focusing their energies on improving their
lives and careers, they JUST DON’T ACTUALLY
LIVE THOSE KIND OF LIVES for the most part.

Now, you might be asking why I think it’s
so important to know this.

The reason is because it’s easy to get a
DISTORTED perception of reality when
you are under STRESS, including the
stress of trying to attract women, or get a
girlfriend, date, etc.

And if you hang out in circles where all
the women are promiscuous, you can
begin to think ALL women EVERYWHERE
are promiscuous.

PLUS, there are a lot of so called dating experts
out there who will try to INDOCTRINATE
their students with the idea that picking up
women at nightclubs and taking them home
the same night is the BEST way to attract
women, and that ANY GUY WHO DOESN’T

The reason it’s so important for certain so called
experts to have men believe this lie is to prevent
having men from criticizing the so called EXPERT:
In other words, the “expert” doesn’t want any guy
to bring up the fact that the women he is being
taught how to attract home the same night happen

But, if you can be made to believe that ALLLLLLL
women are out having non-stop promiscuous lives,
and that supposedly all these women are secretly
LAUGHING at any guy who even THINKS that
some non-promiscuous women exist, well then,
if you can be made to believe all THAT, then
you won’t criticize the “expert” for the fact that
he is showing you only how to attract promiscuous
women, right?

It’s no COINCIDENCE that these so called experts
are trying to say that all women are promiscuous,
and it’s no COINCIDENCE that these women are
often DRUNK, and it’s no COINCIDENCE that
it’s THESE women that are their examples of
“success stories”.

In fact, the so called experts also EXPLOIT the
very ANGER that some guys might FEEL if they
DO end up believing that all women are so promiscuous-
after all, if all women are so superficial and care so
LITTLE about any REAL relationship or any REAL
concepts of loyalty, family, fidelity, and logic, then
then you might as well go ALL OUT ON BECOMING
A PICK UP ARTIST since there is nothing else
in terms of actually having something more special
with any woman.

It’s all “good for business” as the saying goes.
Many of these so called experts don’t care about
ANYONE, not the male clients, and the not the
women either. The only thing that really warms
their hearts is the sight of another program sold.

So where does that leave me?
Don’t I want to sell some stuff too?
To be honest with you, OF COURSE.

But I also accept the REALITY that truth is
a HARD-SELL.  People don’t like truth.

This is why natural bodybuilding contests
won’t ever make any money.  People don’t
care about truth, they just want to get

So, PACK on the STEROIDS for a

I’m not even against guys who DO take
steroids if that is what they want personally,
my point is that the REGULAR TRUTH
doesn’t tend to get people’s attention, but
and that are “FAR OUT” DO GET ATTENTION.

People are desensitized to so much stimulation,
so they only respond to stimulation that is
of whether it represents truth or not.
It’s the same thing with many infomercials
for exercise equipment. Most people are too
WEAK, EMOTIONALLY, not physically,
to ACCEPT the idea that maybe they should
exercise some DISCIPLINE over their DIET,
and that they need to actually BREAK A
SWEAT while doing a workout.

So instead, there’s a new magic piece
of equipment that will replace a sensible diet
and good old-fashioned exercise, and somehow
it will the be okay to eat ten pizzas a day, guzzle
down 12 beers, etc. as long as you do the special
magical “snap your fingers” workout which only
lasts 15 seconds a day.

This concept of PROMISCUITY is indeed
HUGE. It strikes the very CORE of what
men WANT and DON’T WANT in a woman.

Men are HARD-WIRED to want a woman
that indeed is going to be faithful.

It goes right back to a PRIMAL force
in men that wants to ensure paternity
and ensure that the woman's child
is his, and not some other man's.

We EVOLVED to feel a certain way about
promiscuous women and to DENY IT
is as IGNORANT as to deny that we are
PHYSICALLY attracted to women with
certain waist-to-hip ratios, etc. 

And that introduces us to the NEXT LIE
spread by many so called experts, which is:

Number 2: That Promiscuity Has Nothing 
To Do With Fidelity and Loyalty.

Of course, these so called experts don’t
want you to think that there is ANY 
connection between promiscuity and
a woman’s faithfulness.

Again, this is so you don’t criticize their
programs, which focus on how to get 
women into bed as fast as possible rather
than anything else.

CONCLUSION: That indeed a woman's
promiscuity is a super STRONG indication
that she will be unfaithful to you. 

Again, although it is scientifically POSSIBLE
for a woman (or a man) to be, or have been,
promiscuous and ALSO be faithful NOW,
it’s just usually NOT the case.

But TRUTH often is NOT a major player in
the land of dating advice and business. What
is often the case is the APPEARANCE of
truth rather than ACTUAL TRUTH.
But ask yourself a simple question:
If a woman had so many partners before
me, what changed in HER just because she
met ME?

As important as self-esteem is, it’s important
to also realize that CHANGING ONE’S

So why on EARTH should you believe that
a woman magically changed overnight the
moment she met YOU?  Even if she loves
you, it still has nothing to do with her ability
to change this aspect of herself, and it’s usually
a reflection of other aspects of herself as well.

Here’s another LIE that ends up leading men
ASTRAY when it comes to attracting the
right women:

Number Three: Nothing Matters But Confidence
Or “Pick Up Tactics”

Hey, the truth is, I’m all FOR having

And there really are BILLIONS of women
on the planet, so it’s a LOGICAL TRUTH
that in fact no matter who you are, you can
indeed get yourself the kind of woman you

This is a very different thing, though, than
telling men that women care about NOTHING
except your confidence and your pick up tactics.

Since day one, I have never AVOIDED mentioning
the superficial.  In my very first book, called
The Dating Wizard, I make it clear that working
out is important. By the way, it also helps increase
confidence and boosts testosterone, which
allows you to also get in touch with your
aggressive/dominant side when it is necessary,
(this is a whole topic in itself, and is mostly
overdone and abused by most men) and this
is also attractive to women.

I have never advocated the immature belief
that as a guy, you should just try to go for the
also developing NONE of the superficial
aspects of yourself.

Rather, I believe, it is MOST effective and
wise to know what you actually NEED
in a woman, to get TRULY TURNED ON,
and to then focus the REST of your energy
on making sure she has the RIGHT

Sprint used to have the saying
“The Most For The Least”, and
I believe it is wise to simply make
a BINARY decision when it comes to
LOOKS in a woman, i.e. ARE YOU

Once you know the kind of or level of looks
in a woman that flips the switch internally in
you, why waste energy on any MORE?

The REST of your energy should go into
finding women that match at least that
level of looks and who also have the

There are ALL KINDS of different personality
traits out there in women, just like there are
things you can do to attract women, yet you must
also make sure to get the RIGHT WOMAN,
who values honesty, truth, kindness, wisdom,
hard work, sharing, etc. 

You must use the skills I teach you for
DETECTING a woman’s character as
quickly as possible so you don’t waste
precious time and energy on the wrong

Too many men are trying to freaking
impress other people or prove a point
to themselves when it comes to women,
and that road never ends if you take that
road, because it all stems from things that
no woman can ever solve.

So, in a way, I suggest going for the
LEAST, but the least that makes you
I suggest you ALSO do the MOST
you can to ALSO become confident,
charismatic, witty, understanding,
empathetic, inspiring, a leader, etc.

This way, you are GIVING MASSIVE
MEET, which ensures she is going to treat
you like a KING.

You definitely want a woman to feel

It’s not enough that YOU want to be
with her, she MUST BE CRAZY

Now, I have some more good news for you.

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upon this knowledge and goes IN-DEPTH to take
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how to deal with other guys hitting on the woman
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what to do every step of the way from the very
first words out of your mouth, to how to dress
in a way that says all the right subtle messages
about who you are, to how to get her thinking of
you in a PHYSICAL way and not as just a "friend',
and MUCH, MUCH more.

This program is INDISPENSABLE; it belongs in
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It includes over TEN HOURS of painstakingly
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This is not a joke, it’s a FACT.
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happened, but they also don’t know how
to invite me to the wedding without
explaining who I am, which is totally
cool by me.  I like being a secret that
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You don't have to want to get married to
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Michael Marks

Friday, October 3, 2014

Two Of My Most POWERFUL Secrets On Attracting Women

Today, I want to share with you two EXTREMELY
powerful and positive strategies for attracting
women, and the great thing is that BOTH of
these techniques are EASY to apply on just
about ANY woman you find ANYWHERE.

These are strategies that have come in really useful
for my clients, including clients in my bootcamp programs.

In my bootcamps, I teach men how to do
everything for real, in real time, in real life,
as they approach women just about
everywhere you can imagine, from bookstores
to cafes to public transit and tons of other
everyday normal places you find women
all the time.

I also am adamant about my students having
the absolute highest standards of skill.  Skill
means actually mastering the ability to approach
and attract women who are mature, intelligent,
and who have great morals, instead of women
who are drunk out of their minds or who are
promiscuous, immature, etc.

It's a whole different level of skill when you
are dealing with quality women.

Here we go:


What this means is that no matter where you
first happen to see a woman, you should try
to get her ACTIVELY involved in the act
of winning you over.

This is NOT hard to do.

For example, let’s say you see her sitting at
a table next to you at a coffee shop.

Get her to HAVE to say something positive about you.

So, you might say the following to her:

“Hey there, I’m curious about something.
If I were playing a bad guy in a movie, that
has ONE redeeming positive quality, what
is ONE THING that my face or mannerisms
seem to imply that is positive about me?

I realize this is just totally superficial, but
based just on what you see about me, just
like a casting director in a movie, what
might that ONE positive thing be?”

So now, by doing this, you’ve ALREADY
 set a TON of cool things in motion.

For one thing, you mentioned that you
were playing the BAD GUY.

This is a fantastic move, because it shows that
you aren’t all arrogant that you have to be the

It also gets rid of the “nice guy” weak vibes
and has the sexy bad boy vibes going for you.

It also does NOT engage her negative reverse
psychology, i.e. if you said you were the big
shot hero, then the first thing she would think
is “riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, you WISH you were the
big shot”.

So her mind is not going to RESIST this, since
you are saying you are the BAD GUY.

The other cool thing here is that you are only
asking for her to think of ONE positive thing,
so it’s not a big jump in her brain.

PLUS, you are allowing her to now use her
you in greater depth, instead of just hearing
the same stuff from you that she hears from
every other guy.

The human mind is trying to constantly figure
out how to HANDLE the infinite data coming
in all the time, and how to edit it, because there
is too much sensory input to handle it all.

So, for a woman, when every guy tells her the
same thing, she naturally ends up becoming
desensitized to it, and it's not her fault.

It's like hearing the same song over and over
again, a person just can't get the same emotional
response to that song if it is played a million
times a day.

So if she hears the same thing from you that
she hears from every other guy, especially if
she hears it in the same way, she is more likely
to have become desensitized to it.  She is not
likely to become mentally and emotionally
ENGAGED in whatever is being said to her. 

But when you use the strategy I suggest that
you use instead, you then ENGAGE her mind.

And the more she WORKS at thinking about you,
the more she will feel that indeed there IS something
worthy to be thinking about when it comes to you!

This automatically triggers and combines a whole
RANGE of complex forces,  helping to make her
perceive you in a sexy, cool and meaningful way.

Plus, the more she WORKS for getting your
attention, the more she WANTS to claim her
REWARD for what she worked for!

And that reward is GETTING YOU!

Now, this is just a newsletter, and I promise
you this is just the tip of the iceberg on
what you can do with this concept, and
again, this so far has all happened in just
15 seconds of talking to her!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine what you can do using ALL the
strategies and principles I teach!!!

What I love about this also is that it has NOTHING
to do with trying to put a woman down, nothing to
do with harming her self-esteem. Instead, it’s
about how to simply make her see YOU in the
absolute most powerful sexy way, and what’s
AWESOME about it all, is that it’s HER who
is coming up with the sexy picture of you,
it’s all happening in HER mind, and NOTHING
can compete with the fantasy she creates of
you for herself.

And I promise you this as well: When a woman
starts to even IMAGINE a fantasy that is so
perfect, she will then RECREATE and re-interpret
EVERYTHING else in her reality so she can

She will re-frame any “flaws” you have as positive
things, simply because she WANTS it to be true,
she WANTS you to be that what she has in her
mind so badly, that she will do the same work
in her own mind to MAKE you that fantasy.


This is another super-easy and powerful strategy.
Anytime you are at a party and there’s a lot of
women you want to meet who you don’t know,
simply go up to any group and have a super
BRIEF chat, then tell them:

“Hey it was great meeting you all, I’m just
going to say hi to some friends!”

Then proceed to do this EXACT SAME THING
on the ENTIRE place.

In a very quick time, you will have actually
‘SOCIALLY PROOFED’ yourself by mingling
with the entire crowd, which now automatically
makes every woman feel even stronger about

And indeed, these people ARE your friends, at
least now they are since you have met them all!

You can then return to ANY group of women
that you want and focus on attracting the woman
you are particularly interested in, and SHE will
be far more attracted to you before you even say
another word to her, simply because she sees
you now as being “socially proofed”.

‘Social Proof’ is a very, VERY powerful force,
it means that when OTHER people give you
“proof” that you are “worthy” then everyone
ELSE also starts to see you as ‘worthy’.

Now, you don’t HAVE to use this all the time,
but it works PERFECTLY when you are in big
social situations where the truth is you would
WANT to meet a lot of the women first before
focusing on just one.

These are just TWO super-easy and IMMENSELY
powerful strategies that you can use to attract
the women of your choice. The first strategy
is actually many strategies combined into one,
and there is much, MUCH more.

It is for this reason that I want to bring your attention
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Attraction Mastery Program.

The Attraction Mastery Program gives you TONS
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women whether you see them in coffee shops,
lounges, trains, buses, libraries, or anywhere else!

I put in YEARS into the making of this program, so
that it would be the very best of its kind, anywhere.

It’s a HUGE program, with over TEN HOURS
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And you can now get this program IMMEDIATELY
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Right now, at this very moment, are TONS of
single women around you. There has never
been more single women in history than now.

At the same time, if you don’t take the right
ACTION, nothing will happen, and you leave
the field wide open for the REAL jerks to
take over and get all the women by default,
since no good guys even showed UP to
take the right action!

The power to attract the woman of your choice
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Time in life is precious, and there is no man
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have done in order to get the kind of woman
who adds ZEST to his life.

It’s up to you though to take action. No one
will ever tell you how important this is, mostly
because they don’t know what to do. Instead
of taking the right action, they hope in vain
to impress women with cars, jewelry, and
compliments, all of which have NOTHING
to do with ATTRACTION.

They spend their entire LIVES, emotions, and
often fortunes on these useless efforts to impress
women, when if they just learned how to actually
reach a woman’s EMOTIONS and make her
actually feel ATTRACTION they could save
themselves all the hassle and actually get women
to chase THEM, the men, instead of the other
way around!

When it comes to anything else in life, you go
to an expert, right? Whether it’s a doctor,
dentist, mechanic, etc.

So when it comes to your interactions with women,
leave it to ME. For over ten years, I have been
the leader when it comes to teaching men the
skills it takes to meet and attract authentic women
who are just as attractive on the inside as they are
on the outside.
Without resorting to sensationalism or exaggerations,
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If you are a man of intelligence who can tell the
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