Saturday, September 27, 2014

What Men And Women Must Know About Each Other

We are bombarded since childhood by
messages telling us that men and women
are exactly the same, that the only biological
differences are in terms of GENITALIA
and nothing else.

Now, I am a believer in free speech, but
I also believe freedom of speech carries
a RESPONSIBILITY to try one's best to
tell the TRUTH.

And unfortunately, a lot of what we have
been told has been motivated not by truth,
but the desire by some to achieve their
own agendas.

There is a simple litmus test for truth:

Is it weak evidence, or strong?

We are told that the only differences in terms
of emotions and thinking between men and
women are the result of CULTURE, of what
we are TAUGHT.  We are taught that there
is no such thing as there truly being male
and female hardwired differences in thinking
and feeling.

This has resulted in the most horrifying reality
for both men and women ever since.  It has
resulted in men trying to distort themselves
from who they really are in nature, and it has
resulted in women trying to distort themselves
from who they really are in nature as well.

What I mean by this, is that in the effort to
promote politically-correct hogwash that sounds
nice on the surface but is actually destructive, men
have been told that they are uncivilized animals for
having strong desire for many women, and that
women are somehow “meek” or “not liberated” if
they do NOT also want to have the same amount of
partners as men.

In addition, men are expected by women to
not be so offended if their wives or girlfriends
flirt with some other guys, as long as the women
“don’t touch”, since after all, the women
flirting with some strangers were not “seriously
into those strangers” and were not “emotionally
involved” with those strangers.

And men are expected by women to somehow
view a relationship as primarily EMOTIONALLY
driven, with the physical being important, but not
THAT important. 

If only humanity truly cared enough about
REAL SCIENCE, none of this could have ever
happened. And we would not have the insane
degree of disconnect between men and women

So here’s a dose of REALITY.

The fact of the matter is that in EVERY SOCIETY
range from the most  politically-correct egalitarian
societies that have gone to the ultimate ends to
try to destroy any trace of male and female
differences, to societies where technology has
not evolved, there is a CONSTANT trend:

MEN WANT AT LEAST (it’s actually much
GREATER than this number in most societies)

In my first book, “The Dating Wizard”, which was
written over TEN YEARS AGO, I gave a way to
understand this.

If you look at the statistics of gay men and gay women,
you get a great insight into the DIFFERENCES between
men and women.

Gay men, on average, have FAR MORE partners than
straight men or any other group including gay women.

Gay women, on average, do not come anywhere
within the same UNIVERSE of the number of partners
that gay men STATISTICALLY have.

Straight men end up having far fewer FEMALE partners
than gay men have male partners not because straight
men want less partners, it’s because women are the
GATEKEEPERS and they are not interested in having
as many partners.

This is NOT culture, this is BIOLOGY.

Think about evolution. A man invests just minutes into
fathering a child. A woman must invest at least nine
months, and if the man leaves her, then she invests
possibly YEARS of her life all on her own, and
she must go through the risk of childbirth, which
has been a dangerous process historically for

That’s a MASSIVE sacrifice from a physical and
evolutionary standpoint for women.

It makes SENSE that a woman wants to be more
from the man or men she DOES decide to have
sex with.

Also, since a woman knows that any child she
bears is definitely her own, her effort is at least
not wasted, but a man had no way to know if
a child was truly his own or whether the child
was from another man.

THIS is why men evolved to not only have a
desire for more women than women evolved
to desire in terms of quantity of men, but it is
also why a man gets FAR MORE DISTURBED
at the thought of a woman PHYSICALLY

It is also why women tend to be MORE
DISTURBED by the thought of man
actually FALLING IN LOVE with some
other woman.

Don’t get me wrong. Both men and women
hate the idea of their partner falling in love
with someone else OR physically cheating
on them with someone else, but for a MAN
the thought of his wife or girlfriend
sleeping with another man is, in general,
the GREATER pain, whereas for a woman
the greater pain is the thought of her boyfriend
or husband actually falling in love with
another woman.

This is because the woman, from an evolutionary
standpoint, wasn’t losing her entire DNA for
eternity just because her man slept with another
woman. A woman’s child was definitely her own,
and any future children she had would be her
own, so there was no “loss” evolutionarily speaking
if her man happened to sleep with another woman,
UNLESS that man fell in love with that other woman
and gave his resources to help that OTHER woman
feed her child. That would then put the original woman’s
child at risk.

Evolution weeds out traits that don’t help
you reproduce and that don’t help your
progeny survive and reproduce.

But for a man, if a woman slept with another
man only ONCE, that was ENOUGH for 
him to possibly be wasting ALL HIS ENERGY
AND RESOURCES on raising someone
ELSE’S child!

As professor of psychology David Buss has pointed out,
the number one predictor of INFIDELITY is promiscuity.

If a woman has slept with a hundred men before you,
there's a SOLID REASON to believe you won't be
the last one she sleeps with either, no matter WHAT
she tells you.  

have evolved to be REPELLED by female behavior
that implies these women might CHEAT or have
CHEATED physically, and it’s also no wonder that
women have evolved to be LESS interested in
BEING promiscuous compared to men.

Meanwhile, though, our screwed up society KEEPS
by giving FAME and WORSHIP to certain female
celebrities who do nothing but act in promiscuous
ways. Of course, this creates SHOCK which draws
more attention and more success to them.

Now, I didn’t write this to create a rant.
There is a POINT to all this.

The point is for men and women to UNDERSTAND
each other and to make the kind of compromise that
can actually SUCCEED long term and result in the
most overall happiness for everyone.
Women must realize that if a man is willing to
give a woman his full EMOTIONAL commitment,
and if he is willing to give his full PHYSICAL
commitment, these are HUGE sacrifices he is making,
just absolutely MASSIVE sacrifices.

Women must realize that when they go to the clubs
to shake their butts at every guy in the club, that
as a result of this, NO MAN is going to actually
COMMIT to such a woman because it goes against
his PROGRAMMING on the most hard-wired level.

It doesn’t MATTER if the woman hasn’t actually
SLEPT with all those guys, it’s the BEHAVIOR
itself that goes RIGHT TO THE CORE of the male

Similarly, ANY behavior that smacks of possible
promiscuity will drive any serious man away,
including light-headed attitudes that many women
have toward “hanging out with the boys” as so-called
“platonic” friends.

Men know their own nature.  They know their
own desire for infinite female partners. They know
that most men will jump at the chance to get into
bed with women, so a woman that thinks it’s so
perfectly fine to hang out with all kinds of men
is going to find herself with a lack of choices
of good candidates for any serious relationship.

Now, men need to understand women as well.
When a woman says she wants to feel respected,
adored, cared for, etc., she isn’t joking, she doesn’t
just mean the physical stuff.  In general (and of course
there are always exceptions to every rule) women
more than just sex itself. 

It really IS true that the emotional connection is
MASSIVELY important to a woman.

On an evolutionary level, women have been
programmed to care even more about the emotional

This does not mean that women don’t care about
the superficial stuff. There’s plenty of evidence
to show that they do, but that these superficial
traits are just part of a BIGGER spectrum of
things they are attracted to, including certain male
BEHAVIORS, which means men have more of a
chance to attract a woman if they truly do their
best in ALL the areas that women care about.

In other words, if a guy does NOT look like
Brad Pitt, and if he isn’t a millionaire, there’s
still PLENTY he can do to attract women.

A combination of being the BAD BOY who
still knows when to CARE; knowing how
to LISTEN; and doing your best with whatever
you were born with physically, will take you

As a man, it is also important to realize you are
NOT NUTS for finding it difficult to meet a
woman who not only understands all this, 
but is not afraid of being RIDICULED by
society for SHOWING you the respect that
a man needs and deserves.

You are being bombarded with messages from
all over telling you that you should be COOL with
the fact that a woman is behaving in ways that you find
REPULSIVE in terms of her lack of fidelity.

But there are wise and brave women out there,
and you must plod through the oceans of
brainwashed women to find those few fantastic
women who are still out there.

And for any woman reading this right now
who happens to be one of those great women
who understands that respect is a two way
street, don’t give up in your search for a great
man. They do exist.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Attract Women INSTANTLY

When you see a woman  you would like
to approach, the moment of opportunity
is often just a few seconds, so it is
CRUCIAL to learn how to attract a

What you're about to read is
pure GOLD, so make sure you're
ready to fully digest this one.

The one thing everyone wants more of
is this thing known as “feeling good”.
The other thing that is pretty
INFINITE is the human want for
sexual things.

No one gets enough of those two things,
and anyone that can GIVE IT rules the world.

They really both fall under the
basic category of "feeling good",
they both boil down to the release
of endorphins into the bloodstream.

It’s the reason the ENTERTAINMENT
industry is a billion dollar industry.

And obviously, things like COCAINE.
It's all about FEELING AWESOME.

People will do anything to feel
awesome, unfortunately some people
even resort to drugs that will

Ask someone if they remember five
things they learned in college and
they’ll usually STRUGGLE and FAIL
to give you an INSTANT answer, but
ask them the last name of a singer
name Britney, and you’ll get INSTANT

Same thing if you ask the name of
the band called The Rolling ______ .

Now, when it comes to attracting a woman,
most guys tend to approach women and
they try to IMPRESS her by listing cool
things about themselves, or by sounding
important, etc.

None of this really fires off the FEELING
GOOD chemicals in her system, none of this
fires off ENDORPHINS. 

And this is especially true when a woman
is particularly attractive and has seen it
all before.

The worst sin is feeling needy, that actual
FEELING of insecurity and neediness is
a huge problem in itself, because it
makes it impossible for you to give
off the right vibes.

Neediness and insecurity are the
the fun vibes from surrounding
human beings.  They REPEL women.

So if you are feeling needy, the first thing
I must tell you is to SMACK YOURSELF
SILLY and not BEHAVE that way at least
when you are approaching and chatting up
a woman.

If you are feeling needy, at least don’t
ACT upon that neediness. 

This is the difference between a compliment
you give to a woman that comes from your
confidence and the kind of compliment
you give to a woman that comes from
feeling like “oh my god I better give her
a compliment and let her know my entire
emotions are at risk on whether she likes
me or not”.

So, for example, a compliment given
from CONFIDENCE might take the
following form:

Let’s say you’re at a supermarket, and
there’s a striking woman checking out
the cookies section.  So you roll up
to her, and you give her this serious
look, instead of this big toothy smile
that would look  like you’re a puddle
of wuss, that is totally needy for her.

So you give her this look, fake serious,
(which will make the humor have more
impact coming up, and this is important
because you don’t want to let on that
a joke is coming or you ruin the whole
thing) and you say:

“What do you think you’re doing?” 

Say it almost accusingly, as if she’s in
TROUBLE for something.

Don’t go psycho, just say it with a bit
of a “you’re in trouble” kind of vibe
to your voice. 

Then, she’ll say something like
“What do you mean?” and she’ll be
all serious.

Then you can say, “Well, you shouldn’t
be here.  There are no attractive women
in this area.  Not for at least 40 miles,
you shouldn’t be here, it’s not allowed.”

Now, remember, you say this all with
a mock serious face, which has way
more impact, because it takes her a
sec for her to get it, she won’t see
it coming. 

Now, when she smiles, don’t start
smiling and laughing, that will ruin it.

“Yeah, it’s dangerous in fact, you
shouldn’t even be here. Seriously.”

Now, at this point, and it’s just a
beginning, you’re at least showing:




This is a huge thing, by the way,
because by having the serious
expression and tonality, you
can get away with giving a
HUGE compliment that basically
is saying she is very attractive,
without at all seeming like you’re
week in the knees for her and
all needy.

But it’s not over yet, there’s more.
This is just an OPENING here.

You must COOK this INTERACTION till it’s
really heated UP.

So for example, at this point, you
could say “Hi, I’m Joe (or whatever your name is)
and extend your hand, and she will likely
do the same and tell you her name.

Give a firm handshake and solid
eye contact as you do this.

Then, time for some more fun:

For example, now that you’re both
in front of the cookies, you can say:

“You can tell a lot about a person
from what kind of junk food they
like. In your case, you love chocolate
cookies, and chocolate is sinful,
so you’re the kind of person that
really is going to enjoy life and
the kind of people that are definitely
going to party in hell, that’s my
type for sure.”

There are subtle undertones to all this.
The idea of being naughty and having
fun and being sinful, is giving her
permission to relax, and yet it’s
all being done in such an INNOCENT
way here, after all, we’re talking

Something like this is guaranteed to
get her responding, and agreeing, and
you want to be building a YES ladder
as soon as possible, the more things
she is truly saying YES to the better.

Now, I give this example on purpose
because you don’t have to be a party
animal to do this, you don’t have to
hang out at nightclubs, you don’t
have to even go outside your normal
environment, EVERYONE needs
to go basic shopping.

You can turn up the ante even more,
so for example, as you and her are
chatting, and reaching the checkout
aisle, you can tell the clerk that
this woman has been STALKING you
the entire time, and thank God that
now finally someone is here to see it,
to save you from the harassment
of this woman.

She’s going to smile at this, plus she’s
going to love the fact you are so not
needy for her, so confident, that you
are FOR SURE not going to be like
all the other guys she has met that
were so needy for her, that had no
MASCULINITY left, they gave
all their ‘mojo’ away to her, 
while YOU have it in SPADES.

Now, remember, this is all coming from
a place of CONFIDENCE, not maliciousness,
and not insecurity, there is a fine yet supremely
important difference between these things.

There are endless things you can
playfully tease her on as well, even
at the checkout counter.  For example,
let’s say you need bags and she has
her own environmentally friendly bag.

So you can pretend you are the evil
corporate guy and she is the hippie
saving the world, and that you’re
far too evil for a girl like her, (which
is again the opposite of most guys
trying to convince her of why they
are the right guy for her, out of neediness).

Then, let’s say she ends up needing one
extra bag so she needs an actual plastic
bag and has to buy one, (which is pretty
common because often we don’t perfectly
estimate how much stuff we’re going
to have), so then you can playfully
comment that you are already having
an evil influence on her, turning her
to your evil ways.

So, during this interaction she has had with
you, she has seen that you are gutsy, you
are funny, you are not afraid to give a
compliment, you are spontaneous, you
are social, and that you understand
the magical thing called “sexual tension”
and how to create it.

Most men have no clue what this even
is, and why women want it so badly.

And you will have done this all in
a very BRIEF amount of time, which
is all the more cool.

At THIS point, you can do whatever
you want, you can chat with her some
more, you can take her number, the
point is that you have TRIGGERED
HER EMOTIONS and shown that
you are a man in the right way.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
This material runs DEEP. It's about
the most PRIMAL elements of how women
respond to men that GIVE OFF THE

The things I described above are
MANIFESTATIONS of the traits of
MEN WHO SURVIVE, and therefore
ignite ATTRACTION in her on
a primal, sexual, level.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Truth About Attracting A Woman Who Is A "Ten"

When it comes to attraction, as men, we can
BUILD attraction in women.  And yet, rather
than building attraction, we often DO THINGS
ON OUR OWN to HARM our own attractiveness.

There's a film called "She's Out of My League",
where this guy meets this knockout, and the
one thing he has about himself is that he
doesn't try to impress the woman by being
someone ELSE.  That's what he has going
for him.

Also, he has a bit of a sense of humor and he can
OWN his own lack of perfection, he can talk about
his own flaws in a way that takes out the steam
from them because once he's said it, it takes away
the power from that flaw since it's already been
expressed by him himself.   He can speak about
"the elephant in the room" which gets rid of the
POWER of that "elephant".

This is a strong quality, that if you have any flaws
that are massively evident, rather than trying to hide
them, let them be exposed by yourself, it shows
a lot more social intelligence that way, especially
if you aren't going on a rant about it, and you
seem pretty calm about it.

HOWEVER, the one DISASTROUS thing he does,

So, based on this belief, he interprets EVERYTHING
as a reason why this girl will not want to be with him.

So, while the girl is slowly getting more attracted to him
as the movie goes on, there is a point where his FEARS
start to screw things up with her, and one of the biggest
examples is when he SERIOUSLY HOPES she has
some MAJOR FLAW of her own, so that this way
he can feel she will more likely want to stay with him.

Think about that for a second- why on earth would
a man who is attracted to a woman who is treating
him RIGHT, and who is a KNOCKOUT, why
would he WISH that she actually had to have
some kind of DEFECT to her?

The insecurity says, "Well, if she has a flaw, then
maybe she will accept my flaws."

The NEEDINESS says that, "I can't feel good without
her, so I must find some way to KEEP her regardless
of what's good for her or not, in fact let's start WISHING
she had some problems, some DEFECT in fact!!
YEAH, that would be perfect!"

And this is not just a movie thing, it's very common
to REAL LIFE.  When feeling insecure and needy,
it's quite HUMAN to almost wish there was SOME
flaw to the "perfectness" of the other person, the
woman who we think is "OUT OF OUR LEAGUE".

Now, think about it from the woman's point of view:
How can she love a man who SERIOUSLY WISHES SHE

Just because HE is afraid that he is not good enough for her.

The point of all this, is that INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS
can turn a guy who is slowly growing on a woman into being
a guy who went from being a 5 or 6 into being an 8, 9, or 10,
and then this INSECURITY AND NEEDINESS constantly

Each time you RESIST the urge to give into insecurities,
you GAIN a point on the attraction scale.

But in this movie, he does the opposite, and each time he
allows himself to give IN to his insecurities, he LOSES another
point on the attraction scale to the woman.

And THAT is how he ends up as a "5", when he was
at one point more of a 9 on his way to being a TEN.

That is, until near the end of the movie, when he realizes
how SCREWED UP his own thinking has been and
how he IS indeed a "10"!

And here's the OTHER major news:  EVEN THE GUYS

And the movie actually reflects this reality, as the very
guy he is jealous of, who used to date the knockout
as well!!!!  He just puts on a show in front of the rest
of the world that he is really secure, but when it came
to being with the knockout, he screwed things up
just as bad, all because he thought the woman
would ultimately dump him.

This happens in real life all the time!!!

It doesn't matter if you're an "A LIST" ACTOR,
BILLIONAIRE, the bottom line is that EVERYONE
has insecurities, and if you let those insecurites and
neediness affect your ACTIONS, it will harm the
attraction a woman feels for you.

Yet the crucial thing to remember is that if you
RESIST the urge to give in to those insecurities,
you keep on RISING on the bar of attraction.

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stand and talk for as long as possible and hopefully this
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I’ll show you a way of handling these kinds of environments
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someone she would like to know beyond just this party
or club, etc.

*You’ll also learn how to make the environment of
a party, lounge, or social situation work in your favor.
So the fact there are lots of people there walking around,
the fact that she may be going for a drink and walking
away, the fact she may be looking for her friends,
ALL THESE THINGS can actually be turned around
and work in your FAVOR- I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!!!

*When it’s CRITICAL that you tell a woman that you LIKE
her, really FAST! This has absolutely nothing to do with
“kissing up”, and in fact not telling her you like her will
be seen by her as you being massively insecure or even
worse, clueless about sexuality.

*How to say what’s on your mind (rather than
Just talking about “safe” topics that are boring)
in a way that gets women filling in the rest of
the conversation for you!

This way, you not only lead the conversation,
which gets the woman to become more feminine
in your presence and follow you, but it also
sets up the best sexual dynamic between the
two of you.

It ALSO allows you to do less work, because
since you started the conversation, that in
itself shows you have plenty to say, but it
also allows you to chill out and lean back
and now just listen to what she has to say—
Which of course gives you tons more things
to talk about and gives you the ability to
also give her a genuine compliment which
she will value!

I’ll show you exactly how this all works!

*You’ll learn the RIGHT amount of body contact
to have with a woman you just met, and how
to do it.

*Ever wonder if a woman is into you or not?
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Here’s what to do in all those situations!

*How to build ACTION MOMENTUM in your
overall PLAN for getting the woman of your
dreams, so that you are taking ACTION
every day on this and not getting swept
up in all the obstacles to you achieving this

*How to use a proven principle from psychology
no matter what you do otherwise!

This principle is PROVEN, again and again, to WORK.
A top university in the United States has proven
this principle to be very effective, and I’m going
to show you how to apply it on yourself with women.

*You’ll also learn to bring yourself to a higher level
of “skill” when it comes to everything you do with
women, from first seeing her, to chatting, to getting
her laughing, to getting under the sheets, to even
getting into a relationship and keeping things going-
by adopting a subtle yet crucial distinction for yourself:

Most people say they will “try” to succeed.
That’s not good enough.

However, we also know that lying to ourselves
isn’t good either.

There is something else, a different mindset, that
is based on TRUTH, that is more empowering,
and I’ll share that with you as well.

*If a woman contacts you with voice mail, email,
or text, I’ll show the best way to RESPOND to these
particular modes of communication in a way that
puts you in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

*I’ll show you one of the most powerful things
you can do to a woman to get her to say to

I’ll show you the GENUINE way to truly “qualify”
a woman in a way that is a HUNDRED times
more effective than the trivial, “Oh you like
chewing gum? So do I! That’s awesome! ”

Qualifying a woman in a MEANINGFUL way is the
final stage before getting physical with her, and
99% of men out there are STILL doing this wrong.

This is why most of the guys who follow pick up
artist advice end up confused, because they got
the woman’s attention, but then she flaked out
later on. There’s a reason she flaked out, and
it’s called lack of meaningful qualifying.

*You’ll also learn how to get the very women
that seem “difficult” at first, and you’ll realize
how most guys are LOSING out on these
supposedly difficult women by abandoning ship
for easier pastures….but the thing is, these
women who seem “difficult” initially are often
the BEST KINDS OF WOMEN because they know
they have high worth and self esteem, and they
don’t sleep around much.

Now, there is a fine line between difficult and
being a spoiled b****. I’ll show you how to
get those “difficult” women.

*I’ll also show you how to PROPERLY give women
the DOMINANCE polarity they crave so badly.

Attractive women especially crave this, as every
man they meet kisses up to them so badly, these
women have never felt what it’s like to be with
a man who can truly be DOMINANT at the right

*You’ll also learn the art of “VIBING” with a woman,
which is probably the single most important overall
skill with women, and can be the easiest, yet our
brainwashing makes us FORGET this again and
again. I’ll show you the things that help for
making “vibing” with women come easily to you.

If you’d like to get this special program
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to Cool

At this time of year, a lot of guys have to
go back to school and aren't all that thrilled
about it.

In fact, for some folks school is so traumatizing
that even decades later, in September, even
though they aren't in school anymore, it still
brings back bad memories. 

I remember how tough things were back
then myself.

The only saving grace about school is that
it is a FANTASTIC opportunity for you to meet
women.  And even if you're not in school, this
can be an amazing time of year.  Some of my
clients have met incredibly beautiful female
professors (obviously intelligent as well) while
on bootcamp and on their own, using what they
have learned from my materials and coachings.

And I'm making a very special offer to make this
time of year something really COOL.

I'm calling it my 'Back to Cool' special, and here's
what it includes:


This program is a WORKHORSE. It was designed
originally as the FOLLOW-UP program to my
original DATING WIZARD book. 

upon this knowledge and goes IN-DEPTH to take
you to the NEXT LEVEL.

Whether it is how to use your voice with women,
how to deal with other guys hitting on the woman
you are with, how to approach women and exactly
what to do every step of the way from the very
first words out of your mouth, to how to dress
in a way that says all the right subtle messages
about who you are, to how to get her thinking of
you in a PHYSICAL way and not as just a "friend',
and MUCH, MUCH more.

This program is INDISPENSABLE, it belongs in
the library of every heterosexual man.

It includes over TEN HOURS of painstakingly
organized, clear, and studio-produced audio
for the most enjoyable and useful learning
experience so that you truly MASTER the
material and prepare yourself for success
with women.

This program normally sells for $300.

But if you order within the next 24 hours,
(before Wednesday), you can get this
ENTIRE program for only $97!

And, to misquote a character from Looney
Tones, that's not all, folks.

If you order within the next 24 hours,
I will ALSO include my LATEST audio
program, called INSTANT ATTRACTION.

This program contains my LATEST insights,
strategies, and techniques for making yourself
as POWERFUL as you can be when it comes
to approaching and attracting women.

So you can get BOTH programs together,
worth approximately $320, for only $97
if you order within the next 24 hours.

And, what is fantastic about both programs
is that you can be using them IMMEDIATELY
since you can download them directly to your
computer or mobile device.

Get this program now and start using
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This offer WILL EXPIRE on Wednesday,
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Michael Marks