Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Definitive Guide To Approaching And Attracting Women - ANYWHERE

This is definitely one of the most important
newsletters I’ve ever written, and possibly
THE MOST important on both the SPECIFICS
of approaching and attracting women, AND
on understanding the "big picture" as well.

The content could have been an entire book,
and it would be a VALUABLE book, but I’ve
decided to GIVE it to you right HERE in its

I sincerely hope it serves you well.

This “newsletter” is going to give you absolutely
vital insights on attracting women, yet it is also
going to provide you with something far, far
greater as well- true insight into what is REALLY
GOING ON NOW when it comes to women and
men in most, if not all, of the “Anglosphere” countries.  

The most important force in human psychology is SELF-ESTEEM.

More important than the desire for sex, for money,
for fun, for ANYTHING else besides possibly
OXYGEN itself, is the desire to feel SELF-WORTH.

In recent years, it is the ATTACK on men’s sense
of SELF-WORTH that has truly been the cause of
the EXPLODING GROWTH of men’s movements
including the pick up artist movement and the
‘Men Go Their Own Way’ movement.

Although ABSOLUTELY it is possible to feel self
worth WITHOUT the approval or desire of ANY
woman (which is actually PART of the whole point
behind the movement of Men Go Their Own Way)
it is obviously not the ideal situation - it is not a
NATURAL thing for a man to have to go WITHOUT

The fact is, the deep-rooted DESIRE to appeal to
the opposite sex is what has driven human evolution,
human progress, and what actually drives us ALL
in general.

Human beings have a uniquely STRONG sense of
desire for being wanted by the opposite sex, more
so than other animals.

Most animals have “mating seasons”, but for
humans, this desire lasts year-round.

But INFINITELY GREATER than the PHYSICAL desire, is the desire to be WANTED by the opposite sex.

This makes a lot of sense – if humans didn’t feel this
desire, they genders wouldn’t mate and they wouldn’t
BOND long enough to raise children. The human
species would be EXTINCT by now.

Which brings me to the pick up artist movement.

Men go to pick up artists for two reasons: 

The first reason men go to pick up artists to learn is out of the basic desire to have sex.

A lot of young men simply want to get physical with
women, and because things have become so complicated
today with women, pick up artists show men how to
go about this. 
The second reason men go to pick up artists is because they are hoping that what they learn will also help them get the love of a woman.

Many a young man mistakenly thinks that if he
gets a woman into bed with him, this means that
the woman is going to love him as well, and that
this woman is going to be LOYAL to him.

The problem though is that a woman going to bed
with you does not mean she loves you, and it does
not mean she will be faithful to you, and it basically
does not necessarily mean anything, ESPECIALLY
these days when so many women are extremely

So, she MIGHT love you, she MIGHT be loyal to you,
but there is no required connection between the fact she
slept with you and the likelihood of her being loyal,
faithful, and respectful. 

In fact, what many pick up artists are doing is just
molding men into the male version of promiscuous
women, and thus enabling a whole lot of men to
have sex.

However, like I said before, this is usually a
short-lived gain, as most men DO IN FACT want
an actual girlfriend they can trust, and ultimately
most men also want to turn that into something
of greater depth, i.e. a man wants a woman that will
be his “true companion” and the mother of his children.

Sex is not the same thing as love and loyalty, and
the irony is that MEN have been brought up by women
to think that all women want is a faithful man who will love
them, when in reality very few women are this way.

Again, this is part of the reason for groups like "Men Go Their Own Way".

I think it is important to make decisions based on KNOWLEDGE AND POWER, not on ignorance and weakness.

You may decide that picking up endless women is what you want.

You may decide that abandoning the whole women thing altogether is what you want.

But doesn’t it make sense to make that decision only after you truly HAVE MET enough women?

Doesn’t it make sense to only make that decision after
you have been very SELECTIVE about the women
you date,  and only after you HAVE the skills to attract
enough women?

I believe that there are ENOUGH good women left on the planet so that there is a quality woman for every guy who seriously wants to meet a woman who has honor, honesty, loyalty, and fidelity at the top of her value list.

Here’s the thing though- it’s gonna take some work.
She ain’t going to fall into your LAP. 

You WILL have to do TWO things:
You ARE going to have to learn the skills of how to approach and attract women ANYWHERE.

And you are ALSO going to have to be SELECTIVE
to skip past the wrong women – the women who lack
when it comes to respect and appreciation for a good

It’s not THAT hard to screen out the wrong women.

You can often tell pretty quickly by their attitudes,
their habits, their lifestyle, the way they speak.

It often takes only seconds to find out if a woman is
the WRONG woman, but it takes a little longer to
know for sure if  a woman is the RIGHT woman.     

In other words, there are immediate red flags.
For example: 

Many of her friends are guys- or even worse, her “best friends” are ALL guys.

She has a lot of idle time.

She is addicted to attention (Hint – her Facebook friends and Twitter followers).

She has no direction in her life.

She is a woman who has been corrupted by propaganda aimed at vilifying men, promoting promiscuity, and the destroying the family unit.

She thinks it’s cool for you to work your butt off while she does mostly nothing- and by nothing- I mean nothing contributing to your future life together.

So, rather than allow your emotions to get
BROUGHT DOWN and rather than allow
yourself to become EMBITTERED about
women, you must SCREEN OUT these wrong
women IMMEDIATELY when you detect them.

Don’t USE attraction techniques to get these
women into your life- just RUN AS FAST AS

Don’t try to prove you’re smarter.
Don’t try to change them.
Don’t try to win an argument.

Just LEAVE them.

As soon as you even ENTER into interacting with them, you are already letting them WIN and letting them unleash their MIND VIRUSES into your brain, where the viruses then begin to attack the DNA of your self-esteem until you are left as nothing but a ghost of your former self.

Instead, you must MEET THE RIGHT WOMAN. 

In order to do this, you MUST, you absolutely MUST learn how to do COLD APPROACHES.

Unless you are some kind of OIL SHEIK or
some kind of  TYCOON with access to thousands
of contacts who know QUALITY WOMEN, there
is simply NO WAY on the planet for you to meet
the amount of women that you need to meet in order
to find the RIGHT one.

PLUS, there is something else that is extremely
important for me to tell you, and it is this:


A lot of men think they can meet the right woman

I’m not going to say it NEVER happens.
I know a few people who HAVE met women online
that they ended up marrying, but this was years ago.

So how can I say it NEVER works?

What I am saying though is that in GENERAL, it is
NO LONGER a good strategy.

The situation has  actually gotten WORSE online
for any men who are looking for women of QUALITY.

I USED to believe online dating was a possible tool,
but because things have deteriorated SO BADLY
when it comes to women’s morals in general, AND
because so many men have become such SUCK-UPS
and so weak when it comes to women, these days
I can honestly tell you ONLINE DATING IS CURRENTLY
A DEAD END for most men who wants to meet a quality

Let me put the facts in front of you:

not even some kind of SUPERMODEL or knockout
or anything like that- just HALF-DECENTLY attractive,
with just ONE photo of herself, and not even a photo
that really shows off her looks, she will get approximately
she posts her profile up. 

So, even if the amount of men messaging her is highest
on her first day on the site since she is new, still, think
about that number:

THREE HUNDRED responses from men who ALL SAY the same basic thing, which is: “I WANT YOU”.

There is absolutely NO equivalent of this for men.

It doesn’t matter WHAT a guy looks like, HOW
much money he makes, even the most SUPERFICIAL
guy on the planet with all the superficial qualities,
and even with the most BRILLIANT profile that
also shows DEPTH.

He will not get anywhere NEAR 300 RESPONSES
from women who are ALL saying SO DESPERATELY

So, never mind what MOST men would get.

from the most SUPERFICIAL and the most
IN DEPTH perspective, would not get anywhere
REMOTELY CLOSE to the response that one
gets from the most WEAK profile, but with ONE
photograph of herself!

SUCH is the power of male sexuality, the male desire
for female beauty. 

Human beings are not evil, they can be pretty good even,
but everyone knows that human beings are creatures that
don’t seek to do MORE WORK than they NEED TO DO. 

They seek the path of LEAST resistance.

So if a woman can SIT ON HER BUTT all day and
DO NOTHING, and still get SO MANY MEN
in her PRESENCE, a woman’s INCENTIVE to

She can’t comprehend the DIFFERENCE between men because at this point in her life it seems ALL the men are the same- they are all seeming to be INTERESTED in her, and they all promise the world.

Unless she has really good parents that have INSTILLED
in her the BIG PICTURE regarding men and regarding
her life, she will NOT make wise decisions and she
will view most of the men as basically the same-
a bunch of slaves willing to do anything for her.

So if all the men are the same, she has no clue what
IS important, so she will say things like “MUST LOVE
DOGS” and other arbitrary things (one can be a great
person or one can be a mass murderer, and in both
cases one might love dogs or not love dogs, it’s totally

She CAN’T COMPREHEND what it means to be
DUMPED, or what it means to have children and be
DUMPED and have no one else interested in her.

She can’t comprehend what it means to have to WORK
the full meaning of MORALS AND VALUES when from
the age of PUBERTY every man on the planet is
has EVER  DONE for this is NOTHING.

What are the CHANCES that she will APPRECIATE
a good man while she is still in her YOUTH?

In general, this kind of woman must LOSE
her youth before she can appreciate a good man.

She must be DUMPED by men.
She must fall for the WRONG men.

She must learn hard, painful lessons.
For example, having children with a man that
then ABANDONS them all.

ONLY THEN, does she start to UNDERSTAND
that maybe there is VALUE to a man who offers

Only then does she understand that INDEED
there IS a difference between men, that indeed
there IS such a thing as CHARACTER, HONOR,
HONESTY, and that these things are VITAL to

The way I see this is the same way the COLD WAR used to work regarding NUCLEAR PARITY. 

In the cold war, there were two sides that were both motivated to avoid ‘mutually assured destruction’.

Men MUST absolutely HAVE “NUCLEAR PARITY”to women.

I mean this in the sense of CHOICE and POWER with
the opposite sex, OTHERWISE women will feel they
DO have the edge over men and that they can use this
edge to take unfair advantage of men and not treat men
with the FULL RESPECT that women themselves demand.

Without parity in power, women will feel it’s okay
to not give men FULL respect, since there will be no
repercussions because men have so few choices when
it comes to women.

I’m not even saying this happens consciously, it happens subconsciously.

You know what they say - power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In order for men to LEVEL the playing field, men MUST have the SAME amount of options as women.

In fact, because NATURE itself really has men
as the ones who are MORE polygamous than
women, it is even MORE important for MEN
to have even MORE choices amongst women
than vice-versa. 

What we have happening today goes against not
only what is the BASIC BALANCE OF POWER,
but ALSO goes against NATURE ITSELF.

It is NO WONDER men are finally reacting to this
INSANITY by reaching out to various groups, including
pick up artists,  the  ‘Men Go Their Own Way’ movement,
and other groups as well.

And like I said EARLIER, it’s not directly about SEX.        

It’s about SELF-RESPECT.

It is SO NORMAL today for women to show
DISRESPECT to the men they are dating or are
in relationships with, that many men actually
EXPECT this disrespect!

What do I mean by this disrespect?

Here are some examples: 

A woman you meet, that you start to date, will complain to you that all men are jerks, that all men are terrible, in order so that you will treat her like GOLD.

She will tell you that all men are INSENSITIVE. She will tell you that men just care about the SUPERFICIAL.

Then, 3 seconds after you make love to her, for the very FIRST TIME,  and after you have told her how beautiful and wonderful she is, she will tell you how HOT she thinks some MALE MUSICIAN is.

Another woman will date you, and tell you the same basic lie of how all men are evil and superficial.

In response, you will treat her like she is SUPER FRAGILE and you will boost her up, and be on guard to never say anything that might hurt her feelings, and THEN she will tell you how she really likes some male celebrity actor who used to be a model.

Another woman you date might tell you how she doesn’t care about the superficial, and that she is just looking for a man who will hold off on sex till marriage.

She will wax on about how she is NOT interested in any other men, and then in the SAME sentence she will make sure to MENTION IN DETAIL TO YOU how the men at her gym are “TEN OUT OF TENS”and how they ALL approach her.

She will also go on about how she is so NOT interested in them.  But she made sure to tell you that she noticed they were indeed "TEN OUT OF TENS".

Another woman will say she really wants to date a man who is tall. Then she will meet a tall man, date him, and insult him, calling him a Neanderthal.

Do you see how this has nothing to do with WHO the man is?

If the man is rich, she’ll call him greedy.

The solution is NOT to try be some kind of man they SAY they want, as regardless of who the man is that they are with, he will likely get treated badly if she is a woman raised in the propaganda of “hate all men” and “disrespect all men” so common in certain countries today.

It is this propaganda spread over many years that
is the reason many women exhibit such DISRESPECT.

And remember, a human being’s sense of SELF RESPECT is the most IMPORTANT of ALL human psychological needs.

Women are accusing men of the very things
that actually it is mostly WOMEN doing.

It’s not some biological drive that women have to try to piss off men.

What it is, is something called:

See, basically, many women have no CLUE what it means
to respect men, since so many men LET women get
away with murder.

And the reason for that is that men have been systematically brainwashed in western countries by decades of lies by feminists to think women can do no wrong, and to think men must kiss up to women to prove they are not the monsters that feminists have painted them out to be.

So each man, as an individual, thinks it must just be HIM who is getting treated this way, because OF COURSE it can’t be that MOST women are like this, since, after all, wasn’t he told since childhood about how most men are rapists and that all that women want so badly is a NICE GUY?

There are certain men who think it is WORTH it to let a woman get away with disrespect, as long as they can have SEX with these women.

I’m not one of those men.

Not only would I rather not TOUCH such a woman,
because I find a woman REPULSIVE if she exhibits
this behavior, but I actually think that letting a woman
get away with such behavior only REINFORCES the

This is where I take a very DIFFERENT path than
what is being preached in many “seduction” circles.  

The best way to DEAL with this issue is to ISOLATE these women from the rest of humanity and show that it will not be tolerated and certainly not rewarded by getting intimate and physical with them.

Again, this is about so much MORE than the
physical act of sex.

If you TOLERATE this disrespect, if you ALLOW this disrespect into your life, for ANY reason, including

for the sake of getting sex, what you are doing is allowing a TROJAN HORSE into your MIND.

And that TROJAN HORSE will UNLEASH its
DEADLY ARSENAL- an arsenal that is bent on the

And a man with no self-esteem feels no PURPOSE
in being ALIVE.

Death itself is no worse than a lack of self-esteem.


So, it is for THIS reason, that I had to learn the

I didn’t learn the pick up arts for the purpose of having
one-night stands with women.

I learned the pick up arts, because there are so FEW
women with honor and respect for men left on the planet,
that this is the ONLY way to meet enough women to find
the ones who will respect good men.

I also learned the pick up arts, because I refuse to
allow the STATUS QUO to dictate my reality.

I refuse to accept a status quo where a woman goes
online to get 300 responses in a minute, and a man
waits for three months to possibly get a DATE with
that woman.    

I refuse to REWARD women who are CORRUPT.

GOODNESS does not come easy.
It is far easier to just blanket out the negativity with

And yet, similar to a drug addiction, being addicted to stimulation and sex from corrupt women does not bring you satisfaction, it actually makes you feel more EMPTY, and thus a need for even MORE stimulation to help fill the void of THAT growing emptiness.

It is the path to the DARK SIDE.

As I  began to learn these arts, it was a very
tough struggle since when I first started, almost
NO ONE was out there teaching these skills at

The one or two guys who were teaching anything
remotely applicable to real life, were also promoting
a lifestyle of promiscuity as well as other values
which I did not want.

So I had to INNOVATE. I had to develop my OWN
methods, and I also had to ADAPT other concepts
and strategies in a way that would not only attract
women, but also increase TRUST, because in a
REAL relationship, there must be RESPECT as
well as a physical attraction.

Many of the strategies taught by “attracting women” experts relied on subtle methods of actually UNDERMINING women’s self-esteem as a way to counter-act disrespect from women.

But I knew that the only kind of woman I wanted was a woman where I didn’t HAVE to resort to this, because if a woman lacked RESPECT, she lacked ETHICS, and thus she would be DISASTROUS for a relationship no matter whether I got her in bed or not.

As I began posting on the internet the things I was
learning, I was lucky to come across someone who
shared my passion regarding attracting and finding
women with a basic sense of respect for men.

And so began the dawn of a new era in the PICK UP ARTS.

Men who are dedicated to learning these skills,
but for the purpose of goodness, not corruption,
and not for short-lived stimulation that just masks
a larger problem instead of solving it.

We are not large in number, but we are VERY dedicated. And we won’t compromise our principles.

Since we are more interested in quality than quantity,
we want to be the best we can be at these skills. 

So we actually take these skills and this art VERY seriously.

We don’t just want to “get by”, we want to be the BEST
we can be at every part of this process- the attraction
process, the connection process, the screening process,

We think the RIGHT women are worth it, and we enjoy making the process mutually rewarding.
And on that note, allow me to share with you
some of the MOST POWERFUL strategies for
how to COLD APPROACH women, absolutely
ANYWHERE you see them.

A COLD APPROACH means approaching women
who are total strangers, without being given any
introduction to them by anyone.


This is more of a MENTAL INNER GAME
aspect that must take place internally.

So many men think they need PERMISSION
to approach women.

Those days are long over.
Feminism has DESTROYED most concepts of
preserving modesty between men and women,
destroyed most elements of what is proper and
what is not.

Also, because of feminism, women have already
talked to THOUSANDS of men before you.

You approaching them will NOT freak them out
one BIT, unless YOU are feeling freaked out by it.

This is the irony- the women are CALM, it’s the
MEN who think it’s a big deal, and by sheer
virtue of this thought, the nervous emotions
are catchy.

So, it’s really only YOURSELF you have to
give permission to, as women already gave it
not only to you, but to 5 billion men on the

COMMITMENT to any man- THAT’S a different
story, but to just TALKING to some guy who
approached them?

It means NOTHING good or bad to them.
It’s really NOTHING.

Unless you give off vibes of nervousness.

When you are feeling nervous, a woman
doesn’t know for sure why, and so it suddenly
makes her become CONSCIOUS of the fact
that MAYBE you are trying to do something
that is not right, as if maybe you are trying to
get away with something, as if maybe you
are sketchy.

This is where PRACTICE comes in, because
PRACTICE allows you to become desensitized
to the act of approaching to the point you really
are very comfortable making the approach.

You might not know what to do AFTER you
have approached her, and I will get into that
as well in this newsletter, but for now I want
you to ERADICATE in your mind this idea
that you need to get PERMISSION to approach

You don’t need to get PERMISSION from
women to approach them - you already HAVE it. 


Most men will STARE at the woman they
are interested in for anywhere from a moment
to several MINUTES before taking action,
IF they ever take action.

Don’t do this. It telegraphs your interest
and your desire and intent to approach.

When a woman has TOO MUCH  TIME to
think about the fact you are going to approach
her, you DESTROY the NATURAL receptivity
that women have toward men, because you allow
her to start THINKING.

It's okay and even good for a woman to KNOW
you are there before you approach, but that should
just last for a moment or two.

You don't want to give a woman a lot of time, e.g.
a few minutes, to think about the fact you are there
that you are probably about to approach her.

And this is where the irony kicks in- on one hand,
women are encouraged by feminists to be promiscuous,
but on the other hand they are also told that so many
men are psychos and  rapists.

Now, the truth is, you don’t have to worry about
being labeled as psycho and a rapist just because
you approach a woman, but her fear of this might
just be enough to ruin the moment, and so she will
be too much in defensive mode to be able to let
herself enjoy the interaction with you.

Plus, if you telegraph your interest, you may appear
as if you lack confidence because she will wonder
why else are you hesitating and just looking at her
instead of taking action?

So because of this she may figure you are probably
like all the other men who kiss up to women and
who are desperate and who are under her thumb,
and a woman can’t feel respect or attraction for a
man who feels he is “beneath” her.


This is related to not telegraphing but it goes

When you see a woman you’d like to approach,
it is ESSENTIAL that you approach her IMMEDIATELY.

The reason for this is MORE than just not telegraphing
your interest- it has to do with your OWN state of mind
as well.

The LONGER you wait, the more you THINK about
the approach, and the longer you THINK about it,
the LESS NATURAL it is going to be.

It is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE in terms of both your IMMEDIATE results, and your LONG TERM growth

in these skills, to take action IMMEDIATELY than it is to SIT THERE OR STAND THERE for a while

trying to come up with an EINSTEIN level  ‘opening’ to the conversation.

This is because WORDS are only PART of the meaning
of any interaction, the rest of the meaning comes from
tonality, body language, facial expressions, context,
timing, etc.

And your tonality, body language, and facial expressions
will automatically convey DECISIVENESS if you indeed
DO take DECISIVE action by NOT standing around
thinking about it!  

In other words, our voice tonalities, facial expressions,
and body language tend to reveal the TRUTH.

So if you HONESTLY took DECISIVE ACTION, if you
will be SHOWING ALL THOSE characteristics through
all the non-verbal channels of communication!

And THAT is attractive!

Plus, of course, if she actually sees that you approached
her out of the blue without having to play it so safe by
planning it all out, that TOO is attractive.

On the other hand, if you think about it too much, you will only draw yourself DEEPER into your OWN head, into your OWN thoughts, your own anxieties, your own doubts, and you will come up with INFINITE REASONS why you should NOT approach.

Plus, if she SEES you waiting around trying to figure
it all out, you are making it painfully obvious that you
are lacking conviction in your own worth, and you are
making it obvious that you fear the approach too much.

It’s not cool, it’s not manly, it’s not attractive.

Now, you might be saying, “But Michael, I HAVE
to think about it! I have NO IDEA what to say!”

So, allow me to clear this up for you:

The development of these skills is a PROCESS.
It doesn’t happen INSTANTLY.

It improves with PRACTICE.

And if you practice by spending a long time planning
each approach, it will take you much LONGER to get
these skills down solid than if you actually approach

Plus, spending time figuring out what you are going to say ends up teaching  your mind the WRONG LESSON- you brainwash yourself to believe that you NEED to have more “special” things to say than you really DO- because in reality, the goal here is to get so good at these skills that you are able to easily start conversations that last, all in a way that is true to your own personality.

The time to spend thinking about these skills is BEFORE you go out to approach women. Learn the concepts, the strategies, the insights BEFORE you meet women, and then apply them INSTANTLY, the best that you can, when you DO see women you want to meet.

By doing this, you will get a little bit BETTER each time,
you will go from being nervous, to not being nervous, and
then go from only being able to open a conversation, to
being able to open and actually sustain the conversation
for a minute or two, and then go to being able to actually
make the conversations POWERFUL and compelling,
and if you so desire to make them funny, witty, intriguing,
or whatever else you want.

And you will then be able to go to building stronger
CONNECTIONS that BOND the two of you very

It happens BIT BY BIT, and you IMPROVE each time.

This INDEED is a SKILL SET that CAN be learned.

I prove it in my bootcamps, EVERYWHERE- whether
we find women in bookstores, on trains, buses, outside
walking on the street, inside in malls, cafes, coffee shops,
supermarkets, college campuses, office buildings, pubs,
clubs, lounges, fairs, conventions, it doesn’t make one
bit of difference- the skills work on women EVERYWHERE.

And if you want to improve as fast as possible,
I say take action IMMEDIATELY – and even if that
action is NOT so great, it is FAR BETTER to your
speed of growth and development than it is to spend
time trying to figure it all out and taking too long to
make the actual approach.

The LESS time you take between seeing the woman
and taking action, the BETTER, regardless of how
crappy you might THINK your action was- it is
actually the way to GROW THE FASTEST- you
WILL improve, and you will also ensure that you
mastered one of the most important principles first,
the principle of taking IMMEDIATE action.


As I mentioned above, progress in this skill set
comes BIT BY BIT.

And if you make a BIG DEAL about having to
be PERFECT every time, you are going to stress
yourself out too much and you will not take
ENOUGH action, you will not get enough practice,
to GET good or GREAT at this skill.

The good news here is that you are not performing
surgery, you are not flying a plane, you are not
launching a spacecraft with astronauts on board.

Making a mistake here is PERFECTLY FINE!
Nobody gets hurt!

If you never make mistakes here, it probably means
you are not getting NEARLY enough practice, you
are probably not making NEARLY enough approaches,
you are probably playing it so safe, and planning each
approach for so long, that you will slow down your
progress immensely and possibly never get to the
level you want.

Now, this does NOT MEAN to have a RECKLESS
ATTITUDE toward approaching women.

It doesn’t mean that at all.

And this is where the FINE LINE exists between
GREAT LEARNERS and people who are looking for

People who make excuses for AVOIDING EFFORT give a
HALF-HEARTED EFFORT, then fail, and then say

Only YOU KNOW how hard you try.

You DON’T have to try so hard that you need a
HOSPITAL after your efforts.


That discomfort may include the anxiety of even starting
the approach, it may include the anxiety of struggling
to figure out what to say next, it may include the anxiety
of worrying what people think, etc, you MUST RESIST
the temptation to BACK out and to EJECT.

RESIST, for as long as you CAN, the PRESSURE to
eject out of the conversation.

Perhaps the first time, you will only last 5 seconds
before the pressure feels too much.

Now, next time, try to last 6 seconds.
Then maybe 10, then maybe 15, and
so on and so forth.


if you follow this style of learning.


What I mean by this is that when you take this
IMMEDIATE ACTION method for approaching
women, you learn to think quickly on your feet,
and part of this involves focusing on how to
CONNECT one idea you had for STARTING
the conversation to the NEXT idea you might
use to CONTINUE the conversation.

For example, you might approach a woman
at a bookstore with a comment on the book
she is reading, and THAT might be followed
up with ANOTHER comment that people who
read that type of material are usually highly
intelligent, or highly curious, or highly creative,

Rather than trying to figure out the elements
of the conversation BEFOREHAND, you allow
the MOMENT to present the opportunities to
you, and this way you can be more authentic,
more spontaneous, and you can also ENJOY
the conversation more because you are actually
ACTIVELY involved, rather than just rehearsing
some LINES you wrote in your mind.

The transitions between conversation bits are what I refer to as “connective tissue”, and this ALSO includes your comments to what SHE says to you.

You ability to find and to create this “connective
tissue’ between conversation bits improves with
practice, in both the quality of the ideas you are
using for the connections, and your ability improves
with regards to how FAST you can come up with
these connections. 


Notice above that I mentioned starting the conversation
with a comment, and then following that with yet another

You want to start the conversations in a way that feels
GOOD rather than feels awkward or boring.

Starting off a conversation with a woman by just asking
a never ending series of questions is off-putting.

It’s easy to do, but it doesn’t work.
For example:

Hi, what’s your name?         
What are you doing here?
What are you reading there?
What are you drinking?
Do you come here often?
What is that you are holding/wearing?
Do you think a, b, c, etc, etc.?
Do you know where so and so place is?

It sound like an interrogation and can creep out a woman who is a stranger out if you START with the wrong questions or with too many questions.

If you ARE going to ask a question, then MILK the potential of that question.

For example, if you ask a woman what she thinks of a certain famous film, make sure that you COMMENT on her ANSWER in a MEANINGFUL WAY.

So for example, you can try reading her reaction
to a book, a movie, or to anything else, and you can
see what you might learn about her personality, and
see if you can find something POSITIVE about her
personality that is revealed in her answer, and then
give her that authentic compliment, which is very
different than just melting over a woman’s beauty
by giving her endless compliments on it.


Now, as I explained earlier, your approach doesn’t
have to start perfectly, but it helps to avoid coming
in with too much interest or with too much teasing.

Sometimes I actually think it’s important for men
to break the rules, and just go up to a woman and
tell her they think she is beautiful, just to see how
nothing bad happens, and how it is okay to convey
your INTEREST in a woman.

So from that point of view, it can be powerful. 

At a higher level, though, it is even better to start off lower key, and neither try to compliment a woman RIGHT OFF THE BAT, and also don’t try to tease her too hard right off the bat either, as it’s better to first establish a bit of small talk first – it actually demonstrates SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE and it demonstrations SOCIAL SKILLS as well.

It indirectly tells a woman that you are clearly able to
have interactions with humans in general as a result
of your conversation skills, so it makes her feel more
relaxed about talking to you as well-  it demonstrates
a certain amount of proof that you are socially savvy.

This is why a comment on something like the book
she is reading, the contents of your shopping cart
at the grocery store, or even a comment on how
long the line is at the coffee shop is a low key start.

From THERE, you are now in the best place to build
momentum to your conversation with her.


One of the most important elements of a
truly successful conversation is the ability to
AUTHENTICALLY connect with a woman
in terms of understanding what makes her tick.

And the KEY to this is a GENUINE sense of

The more CURIOUS  you are about things, the
BETTER. So, if she is a scientist, a stock broker,
a secretary, a teacher, or she is reading a book on
the Aztecs, a book on biology, or she mentions
she is traveling to a particular destination in the
world, or she mentions she is from a particular
part of the country or the world, or that she is
from a particular culture, ALL THESE THINGS
CONNECTION, if you are just CURIOUS.

And guess what?
Curiosity is not something you really have to
DEVELOP as much as WAKE UP.

As children, we were ALL CURIOUS.
Give  a child a skateboard, and the child may spend
HOURS trying to figure it out, even if it means falling
down again and again, just to LEARN how it works
and just to learn how to master it.

Children ask ENDLESS QUESTIONS about

It’s just that as ADULTS, through a combination of
TIME DEMANDS that limit our abilities to explore
our curiosities, and through being PUNISHED for
being curious (ever get told that something is a
“stupid” question???? THAT kind of thing makes
someone RELUCTANT to express curiosity or to
explore curiosity) we PUT our curiosity into

But it is THERE. 
You just have to RE-AWAKEN it.

And this is where questions ARE a good thing-
questions are a good thing once the conversation
has been going for a few minutes and now she WANTS
to connect with you.

And remember, a woman will ALSO contribute to
the conversation if it is going well, and she may
you questions too.

When it comes to getting great at these skills,
there are probably infinite levels of development.

At the core, these skills are about conveying
your personality and connecting with a woman’s
personality quickly, in a smooth way that easily
overcomes the hurdles presented by the fact she
is a total stranger.

Personality is a complex and evolving part of who
you are- it may include your wit, humor, elements of
sexuality, your perspectives, your experiences, your
empathy, and much more.

The more you practice, and the more you develop as
a person, the MORE options you will have at the ready
to use to reflect your personality to her, and to connect
to her, and to understand her.

And yet, women are not holding a PICK UP
ARTIST contest when you meet them. 

If you do a DECENT job in the approach, and you
get her number, and she wants to MEET you again,
that buys you yet ANOTHER opportunity to IMPROVE
upon your first interaction you had with her.

All you have to do is be good enough at least get to
the NEXT STAGE with her, and then the next stage,
and the next, etc. It will probably be a date where
you two bond more together, and then eventually
some more time where you continue to bond and
eventually get to physical intimacy.

So don’t get OVERWHELMED by all that I am
telling you here. 

At the same time, why not look at this as something
ENJOYABLE that is WORTH getting good at?

You WILL improve with practice, and with enough
practice, you indeed CAN become GREAT.          
But, just in case you are wondering, even with
just a few WEEKS of practicing every day,
you can be good enough to start meeting and
attracting more women in one WEEK than
you would have done previously in an entire

So, that’s just to give you an idea of how much
IMPACT you will make on your life, and how much
BENEFIT you will get in just a few WEEKS of

I saved the best for last.
Your TONE of voice reflects every last
NUANCE of emotional state that you are
feeling in a given moment, and it is the
FASTEST way to indicate your personality
to a woman.  

The KEY to making this work is to be reflecting
the RIGHT states of mind through your tonality.

I suggest you CONSCIOUSLY control the DELIVERY of your words through your tonality until you INSTINCTIVELY are using the right tonality.

It’s not so important that you have such a deep,
masculine voice, although if you have it, definitely
use it, but what is more important is that you state
your words with FULL CONVICTION behind them.

So often, when a man approaches a woman, the man’s voice pitch suddenly RISES, and this comes from not wanting to offend, it comes from being super careful, almost as if dealing with a child who is in a fragile emotional state, OR as if dealing with someone who is SO IMPORTANT that you don’t want to risk screwing up.

DON’T DO THIS - instead deliver each word as if you were playing the voice of some SUPERNATURAL

SUPER POWERFUL entity that could do NO WRONG, that has INFINITE POWER. 


So it’s not only about avoiding the rising pitch, it’s
also about not mumbling the words, not swallowing
the words.     

If you don’t think your words have WORTH,
you might swallow them.

If you don’t think a woman wants to HEAR what
you have to say, you might mumble your words.

Imagine each word you have to say is GENIUS.

You MUST give yourself and your words JUSTICE.
If you don’t, then how can you expect HER to in
terms of her PAYING ATTENTION to you?

And when you CONSCIOUSLY control your
voice, you ALSO simultaneously change your
STATE of mind.

Think about an empowering tune or song, like
“Eye of the Tiger”.

You CAN’T sing it if you are not in the right state.
But if you FORCE yourself to sing it, it actually
CHANGES your state.

Your state gets even STRONGER if you adopt
the right BODY language. 

If you are reading this right now, and you are serious about wanting to truly HAVE CHOICES when it comes to women in  your life, so that you have the same power of CHOICE when it comes to women as women have when it comes to men, then the FASTEST way for you to learn these skills is through a private BOOTCAMP with me.

BOOTCAMP is not a playground.
It WILL take work on your part.

And I’m not talking about the physical work,
which does include a lot of walking, I am referring
EMOTIONS that comes from learning these skills
AND from overcoming your fears.
This is about TWO things- it’s not JUST about overcoming fears, it’s ALSO about getting ALL THE SKILLS to be able to PERFORM all the aspects of the ‘pick up’ effectively.

What you will GET from the BOOTCAMP is
enough coaching and experience to be truly
INDEPENDENT so that you can then PERFECT
THE SKILLS on your own. 

Neither I, nor anyone else on earth, can PERFECT
your skills in just TWO DAYS, but what I can
do for you in just TWO DAYS is truly give you
enough skill to make you INDEPENDENT when
it comes to successfully approaching women, and
you can then continue to polish the SOLID
FOUNDATION you will get from bootcamp. 

BOOTCAMP will save you TIME, and I’m not just talking about days or weeks, it will save most men MONTHS and YEARS of their lives.

There are two reasons I will save you so much time:

The first reason is that I will DEMONSTRATE it all for you in front of your very own eyes. Seeing is

believing, and having that belief makes it a lot easier to DO all the required actions with CONVICTION and with CONFIDENCE.

The second reason is, even if you DO believe every word I say, even without the demonstrations, your execution of the various actions, the various strategies,may not be happening the way they should for maximum impact. 

Think of how a personal trainer knows exactly how
a squat should be performed, how a bench press
should be performed, how fast, how slow, how to
lower the weight, how to raise it properly, how long
to rest, etc. 

Similarly, I will MONITOR your approaches, and I can IMMEDIATELY detect where you may be going off track and I can prevent bad habits from forming, so that you do things EXACTLY right.

And I’m not a jerk in the way I teach.
I will find out the style of learning that works best for you
and that you are comfortable with

I do ask one thing though- that you only come
to bootcamp if you are PREPARED to push

Time is precious.  Only come to bootcamp if
you are ready to push beyond your comfort zone.

This experience will be exhilarating, it will change
your life, but it is not a walk in the park for everyone.

Most men, even if they HEAR about this thing
called the pick-up arts, will NOT do anything
that requires REAL WORK to actually GET results.

It’s too easy to give into all the excuses out there.
And then they will say some dude got “lucky” to
get the kind of woman that the dude is with.

Some guys ARE lucky with women, but relying
on luck is not a strategy for winners.

If you only get a woman through luck, what happens if it doesn’t work out? How will you meet another woman- the kind of woman that you WANT?

There is only one way: Through LEARNING THESE SKILLS that I can teach you in person, in a way that ensures the FASTEST learning possible.

I will show you EVERYTHING, including the nuances,
and I will CORRECT any mistakes that you are making -
I will ensure you will GAIN the ability to successfully
approach and attract women.

Bootcamp is at:

There is ANOTHER important reason to LEARN these skills: 

Almost EVERY guy I meet has this one woman
that is NOT giving him the kind of treatment he is
looking for, and the one thing in common with all
men in this situation is that their minds are playing
tricks on them- they THINK that a particular woman
is somehow WORTH it, even though when looking at
it from a logical perspective, there is NO RATIONAL
reason to be investing so much emotional energy into
a woman that is giving a man basically nothing.

This all CEASES the very INSTANT that men suddenly get POWERFUL OPTIONS with MANY OTHER WOMEN.

And that is what this is about.

We are currently living in a time where men are NOT in a natural position when it comes to women- things are UPSIDE DOWN in fact.  

Women have virtual HAREMS of men at their disposal,
willing to do ANYTHING for these women.

And most men can’t even get ONE woman they like
no matter WHO they are- and who can blame men
in a society where men are afraid of being accused
of sexual harassment for even LOOKING at a woman?

Let me give you the power of choice when it comes to women.

Bootcamp is at:

If you would like me to come to your hometown,
I may be able to do that this summer, if you cover
the cost of airfare and hotel.

Otherwise, all you have to do is contact me by email and we can discuss your bootcamp that will take place here in Toronto.

Toronto is truly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. No matter what kind of women are your preference, you’ll find them here.

Make 2015 the year that you TAKE CARE
of this important part of your LIFE once and
for all.  It will change your entire life, and you
will feel more energy and joy in EVERYTHING
you do.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Why You Must Understand The Effects Of Feminism If You Want To Succeed With Women

In a nutshell, feminists have succeeded in brainwashing men to a large degree, AND they have brainwashed many women as well.

Now don't get me wrong.  On the surface, feminism SOUNDS great. It sounds like it's just about wanting equality for women.

But in PRACTICE, feminist leaders are promoting an agenda that has little if anything to do with equality, and everything to do with SUPERIORITY. And the effects are horrifying, contributing to the erosion of family values, and weakening family stability. Feminist lies even target young infant males and females, and harm them in ruthlessly destructive ways.     

Even though most women don't identify with feminists, feminists have still spread so many lies, that most women have distorted perceptions of what is respectful behavior toward men.    

But what I want to focus on today is how they've made most men become so self-conscious, so guilt-ridden, so EMASCULATED, that they've actually turned most men into the kind of men that women find UNAPPEALING- men who behave like MICE more than MEN.

They've made men think that women really are ATTRACTED to a guy who is EXTREMELY nice to them, who will approach and talk to them in a way that NEVER borders on a man's actual romantic affections, although compliments about women's beauty might be accepted, and even that may be misinterpreted so easily as to get a man in trouble as well.

Feminist thinking has also made men think that men have committed atrocities to women, throughout history, and that men basically have ruled to their hearts' content, and that men have always had the better deal of the gender roles.

In reality, of course, it was and is still men who die by the millions in wars.

In reality, even in the most peaceful and advanced societies, men die earlier.

Men commit suicide more often.

Men's diseases are not given the same attention as women's diseases.

Male issues are IGNORED. Did you know that the way schooling is designed simply FAVORS the genetic predisposition of  young girls more than young boys?  Did you know that there are more WOMEN in universities than men? Where is all the equality for men's education?

Does anybody mention that regarding rights, MEN also did NOT have the vote until very RECENTLY in human history, and had to PAY for that right through wars that cost MILLIONS of men's lives?

When it comes to a sinking ship, or a fire, it's always save the women and children first, and let the men die simply because women are more valued.

For all of history, men never complained about any of their male gender roles, they took them with pride. BUT, in return, men got some respect from women for BEING men.

Also, throughout history, men KNEW the right morals, and most men DID respect women. This is what was behind the gesture of a man tipping his hat to a woman. It was a sign of RESPECT. 

Women have been always considered so important to humanity, that it was worth men dying in the wars and keeping the women OUT of the wars so they could live.

Think of all the songs and classic stories where a man will fight for the honor of a woman.

If men thought so poorly of women, if men were bent on being CREEPS to women, why all the sacrifice and fuss to PROTECT them, to HONOR them, to DIE for them??????????????????   

It is many women only in TODAY'S feminist society who decide to disrespect themselves - the woman who gets drunk at nightclubs and behaves in endless promiscuous ways and hooks up with any random dude while in she is in a state of inebriation. 

Throughout history, if a man raped a woman or abused a woman, often many men would come AFTER that creep and beat the crap out of him.

Today, however, INNOCENT men are being made to feel like rapists just for INDICATING interest in a woman, and men are made to feel like GARBAGE when they approach FEMINIST-BRAINWASHED women EVEN IN THE MOST KIND ways, or the men are REJECTED for the very reason they are so "nice" to these women.

Most of the media (not all) just LOVES to focus on the tiny percentage of men who are creeps, and who don't reflect the majority of men at all. The media never mentions how women abuse men in every which way you can IMAGINE.  

Today, men are being treated like dirt by so many women who have been brainwashed by feminism, and STILL many men feel GUILTY and SOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY to have some woman go out with them!!!!

THIS is the reason that so few women automatically RESPECT men- whether that respect means a woman not hanging out with other men even when she is in a relationship with a man, or whether that respect means not trying EMASCULATE him with cruel humor, or whether that respect means simply appreciating his commitment to be LOYAL.  

It's just TOO EASY for women to PUSH AROUND men.
They also know the LAW is on their side, when it comes to accusations of rape, when it comes to child custody, divorce, etc.

There are STILL TODAY men who are actually willing to be SLAVES and NICE GUYS to women who have rejected them, thinking that, because of the feminist lies that these men still believe in, that they SHOULD CONTINUE TO HANG AROUND these women and continue to kiss up!!!!!!!!!!  

Men are still expected by most women to do the approaching, when it comes to dating, and men are expected to suck it up if they get rejected.

In reality, as well, women are actually NOT attracted to men who are super nice to them, who kiss up to them, and who behave in an anti-septic, non-sexual way.

Many women do indeed take advantage of the "nice guys" who have been brainwashed to think that the way to attract a woman IS to be a super nice guy.

And then when the nice guy finally wakes up and stops kissing up, many of these same women have the nerve to get ANGRY.

These same women say that these men should ENJOY kissing up for nothing in return, EVEN THOUGH THESE ARE THE SAME WOMEN that TELL MEN that women WANT A SUPER NICE GUY WHO ACTS ALL FEMININE AND NOT LIKE AN "EVIL" MASCULINE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must repeat, it's not like these women want to understand the guy, or even feel a bit of sympathy for the guy, but actually these women GET PISSED OFF AT THE VERY NICE GUYS THAT THEY SAY THEY WANT, when these nice guys WAKE UP out of the 'MATRIX' OF being BRAINWASHED by feminism. 

Also, men are put into a PSYCHOLOGICALLY WEAK POSITION by being PRESSURED to want RELATIONSHIPS with women, so men open themselves up to be all emotionally vulnerable, but THEN these same women MAKE FUN OF MEN FOR BEING THIS WAY or these men are REJECTED OUTRIGHT FOR THE VERY REASON OF EXHIBITING WHAT IS ACTUALLY HARDWIRED TO BE UNATTRACTIVE BEHAVIOR!!!

In other words, women are attracted to MEN who BEHAVE like MEN. 

This is why, for thousands of years, every culture on the planet has tried to PRESERVE distinctions in style, dress, behavior, etc, for men and for women, in order to PRESERVE the masculine and feminine polarity that is the driving force of attraction.

Don't judge women by the words they SAY, judge them by the actions they TAKE. 

And that's what I did, very carefully, for several YEARS. 
I watched to see what women actually RESPOND to.

I watched to see what actually WORKS. 

What actually works is when you SHED all the b.s. feminists have been telling men, and when you STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and YOU RECLAIM your right to BE a man, which is what women actually are attracted to in the first place!

And even WITH this, you STILL should be very SELECTIVE about which women you allow into your life.  Just because you can ATTRACT a woman, doesn't mean you should.  Be SELECTIVE.

So the next time you think women are not sexual, the next time you hear a woman tell you that all men are only interested in one thing, the next time a woman tells you that men are dirty and women are so much more proper, and the next time you think women don't enjoy it when a man behaves more DOMINANT than SUBMISSIVE, take a look at the TOP SELLING novel for women, called SHADES OF GREY.  

It is for THESE kinds of reasons that I wrote my very first book, THE DATING WIZARD.

This book is the ANTIDOTE to all that insanity, and I highly suggest you read it NOW.

In this book, you will find the RIGHT way to actually ATTRACT women.

Not to get women to become your FRIENDS.

And the very best news of all, is that EVERYTHING in this book is all about you behaving the way you were DESIGNED to behave as a MAN in the first place.

This book is not about playing GAMES or learning pick up lines, or putting on an ACT.

You are going to be behaving the way MEN are BORN to behave, and you are going to find out exactly how that translates to what that means from the moment you see a woman, to the details of the approach, all the way to building to physical intimacy, and even into a relationship if you so desire. 

Download this book IMMEDIATELY at:

And, if you want to learn how to do this in PERSON, then BOOTCAMP is for you.


Till next time,

Michael Marks