Thursday, August 20, 2015

What PUA Won't Tell You, And What You MUST KNOW If You Want A Great Girlfriend

If you want to get a GREAT GIRLFRIEND, then you can thank your lucky stars, because this is one place on the net that won't give you INSANELY BAD ADVICE, and instead will actually give you CRUCIAL insights for getting a fantastic woman.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a woman who is seriously looking for a real relationship, and who is a wise woman, understands just how much is at stake emotionally in a committed and exclusive relationship.

That means she is investing A LOT of her emotions, time, and energy, and of course she is hoping it will be amazing and worth it.  

When there is a LOT at stake with another person, people need to develop a CONNECTION to that person first before proceeding, and that connection takes TIME.

This applies to ALL human relationships, and it's ALL THE MORE TRUE when it comes to the most INTIMATE relationship of them all.  

This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the low-level connection of, "Hey we both are human and have a sex drive-let's mate!" level of connection that is sufficient for many women (and men) who are promiscuous, inebriated, and/or high on pot.

This kind of deeper level connection is simply NOT WORTH THE TIME or ENERGY of those who are obsessed with promiscuity and getting physical fast. 

And to a man who has no idea about the differences between women (a distinction that most PUAs try to pretend DOES NOT EXIST--that all women are exactly the same, that all women are promiscuous, etc.) it doesn't look as flashy as a YOUTUBE video with some guy making out with a woman really quickly, or getting her into bed quickly, etc. (Even if the video is fake!)

But make no mistake about it- if you want a great girlfriend for a real relationship, CONNECTION is vital.

This is just one of the many things I teach, in person and through my programs.

Now, don't get me wrong- you ALSO have to be a cool guy, which is a topic that I address in this video right here, along with a TON of other ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL ADVICE if you want success in approaching and attracting and keeping a GREAT girlfriend:

In addition to the important video above, I want to go further into the whole concept of women TESTING men, and how these tests are all about women wanting to make sure you ARE indeed emotionally secure.  

You'll learn how to pass these tests, and why it's so important that you do, and why women will SKYROCKET their attraction for you if you pass these tests.


Finally, I want to give you yet ANOTHER video on the importance of something known as sex-transmutation, a concept coined by Napoleon Hill.

This is a VITAL concept for men to understand, and it also is EXTREMELY relevant for any guys who have been misled to believe that somehow the speed at which a woman has sex with a man is indicative of her attraction to him, or that the more women a guy gets into bed, the more "skilled" he is at attracting women.

You will learn how chasing women wildly is destructive to you achieving your full potential in ALL areas of your life- which could actually HINDER your success with ALL women, and is yet ANOTHER reason why you should focus on getting a GREAT woman instead of falling into the trap that most men fall into. 

If you want the ULTIMATE training in how to meet, attract, and keep a fantastic woman, then take my BOOTCAMP program at:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Good Women DO Exist. The Truth On Dating, Pick-Up, Attraction, And Feminism

There are a TON of things I want to share with you that truly are CRUCIAL for your success if you want to meet a great woman and KEEP a great woman attracted to you. 

Let's start with an important video, then I want to break down everything into mini-points to give even more in-depth understanding.


First of all, everything you read or see on my videos is all based on REAL life experience and the experience of thousands of clients over the years, including what I have witnessed in my clients in live bootcamps.

So for example, in a recent bootcamp, I took a client that was very successful in every other area of his life, including financially, but previous to bootcamp he just wasn’t getting the kinds of results he wanted when it came to women.

Literally, within minutes of my training, he was not only approaching women of incredible beauty, in all sorts of places like food courts, pharmacies, coffee shops, and bookstore, but really engaging these women, getting their phone numbers, and then having these same women texting him back the same day and the next day INSISTING on meeting up as soon as possible! 

And in NONE of these cases, did he try to “make out” with these women within minutes of meeting them.  

The reason I bring this up, is that if you watch YOUTUBE these days, you might think that the strength of a man’s ability to attract women is tested by how fast he can get a woman to make out with him! 

So this brings me to an important second point:


A lot of advice out there is simply based on GREED.  And so GREED is more important than TRUTH.  

If the pick-up artists tell you the TRUTH, which is that NOT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL WOMEN are promiscuous, and that a promiscuous woman is more likely to be unfaithful, then you will probably NOT WANT to get such a woman, and you will instead want to get a great girlfriend. 

But getting a great girlfriend is one of those things that is not as easy to SHOW on video; it doesn't happen in a moment. And to a "newbie", watching some guy make out with a woman he just met seconds ago seems like magic.

So what the pick-up artist industry does is try to get footage of dramatic video- so they wait to find women who ARE quick to make out with guys, whether this is at a club where women are drunk, or whether it is simply women who are a little easier (so to speak), THAT is the kind of footage they capture and THAT is what they want men to see, because it grabs the attention of newbies. 

And hey, we were all newbies at one point, it's just sad to see newbies exploited.

So it’s important to the pick-up artist movement to have you believe that allllllllllll women are promiscuous and also not to be trusted, so that you believe you may as well just get straight to the making out and the physical part as fast as possible- which is something they CAN sell, since there is no shortage of promiscuous women.

"After all”, the LIE states, “all women are the same anyway”, and the lie continues with “any woman that you are NOT making out with IMMEDIATELY is either NOT attracted to you, OR you lack "game" and she is actually just looking for some OTHER guy to get physical with, some OTHER guy that has some superior "game" and superior understanding of how to get her to get physical faster”---these are the lies that are taught.

That kind of thinking and teaching is DANGEROUS.  It causes men to SABOTAGE their interactions with the very BEST kinds of women that indeed ARE trustworthy and faithful and more careful and that are NOT going to sleep with a guy that fast. 

If you push that fast for the physical with the kinds of women to whom getting physical MEANS something more than just the casual physical component, you will RUIN that woman’s interest in you.

And AGAIN, let me state that it INDEED is a MASSIVE part of the pick-up artist industry campaign to have you believe that allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll women are the same and that virtually noooooooooooooooooooooooooo good women for relationships exist.

Plus, they MOCK you for even WANTING to be with a non-promiscuous woman, calling you BORING. 

So you see, this is just ONE of the reasons I never IMITATED the pick-up artists in this way with videos of “make-outs” EVEN THOUGH IT MEANT losing out on financially from those opportunities.

I could have so easily cashed in on the novelty of this, because due to many people’s IGNORANCE, they actually THINK it is some kind of major accomplishment to make out with a woman in minutes, because they don’t realize that some women make out with HUNDREDS of guys a YEAR, and THOUSANDS of men in their lives, and that some women go through very promiscuous periods in their lives. 

And I have to REPEAT- the pick-up artists will scream and shout and try to make you feel like an IDIOT if you even SUGGEST that maybe there are quite a few normal women out there who are very much in touch with their sexual side but who don’t feel a need to lead promiscuous or unfaithful lives. 

The screaming and shouting and talking down to you for even having another opinion, never mind actual FACTS that are even STRONGER than opinions, is all part of BULLYING you into their cult, with them as the leaders.

By the way, regarding promiscuity and being unfaithful, although the two don’t HAVE to be linked, the truth is that promiscuity is usually a very GOOD indicator that a person will not be faithful even in a relationship.

It is also true that someone can have only one partner in their life and still be unfaithful, but the pick-up artists like to say that a woman’s level of promiscuity has NO BEARING on a woman’s level of faithfulness, and this is simply untrue, and it applies to both men and women. The statistics back me up on this all the way.

So to sum up, if a woman is making out with you so fast, it’s not a GOOD sign, it’s a BAD sign in terms of her relationship potential.  

I’ve known this for many years, and I’ve been congruent to it rather than sell-out for the easy attention and business it would have given me. 


It’s important to me to stick to TRUTH.  So I’m not an idiot and not about to say that it’s all EASY either when it comes to meeting and attracting and keeping the right woman. 

One of the big things to realize is that indeed third-wave feminism really HAS played a significant role in corroding the character and values of many women, and at the same time has also brainwashed quite a few MEN into believing it all.   

The reason why, is that in third-wave feminism, women are taught that men are terrible and that men should kiss up to women, and that promiscuity is great, and that women are spiritually more enlightened, kinder, and that the world would be a better place if it was just women controlling everything. 

There have been endless lies and fabrications, spread by sources that people used to TRUST. 

For example, many UNIVERSITIES have departments of what are called “Gender Studies” that really boil down to endless babble about how all men are evil, and these “Gender Studies” departments within the universities have NO SYSTEM of validating or proving their theories, no verification methods, no way to have anyone criticize them, and basically they have NO RESISTANCE to what they say, no matter HOW FALSE it is!

So for example, these organizations fed other women’s advocacy organizations over the years, and spread LIES about things such as the rates of rape on university campuses. The lies went so far as to create the perception that there is an EPIDEMIC of rape on university campuses. And everyone BELIEVED it. 

And then, when the GOVERNMENT investigated to make their OWN analysis of the situation, using ACCURATE METHODS of analysis, they found the numbers used by the women’s advocacy groups were GROSSLY EXAGGERATED.

So, for example, the women’s advocacy groups were asking women questions like THIS: 
“Have you ever had sex with a man that lied to you?”
And if the answer was “yes”, well then THAT was considered RAPE.

Meanwhile, when MEN are victims of female abuse, they are IGNORED or MARGINALIZED in our society- including when women physically attack men and when women emotionally abuse men. 

Also, male issues in general are IGNORED OR MARGINALIZED. For example, men are far higher on the numbers when it comes to suicide, homelessness, dying earlier than women, dying from diseases, and dying in wars, just to name a few issues-but these male issues are IGNORED OR MARGINALIZED. 

How about the fact that men are actually NOT represented equally in universities and that there are far more women in university than men? That TOO is IGNORED or MARGINALIZED.

And regarding income, there really is almost NO gap at all between men and women, especially when you factor in that there are certain jobs that women truly don’t WANT to do that pay a lot that are the jobs that men tend to go into, including many dangerous jobs. 

Also, there is a TINY percentage of men that are at the top of the financial earners, but this tiny percentage of men does not represent men at all. PLUS, there are also more men at the LOWEST levels of poverty and failure as well, possibly because men are more obsessed with projects and will stick with something longer rather than giving it up for more security.

Meanwhile, men are supposed to pander up to women, pay for the dates, for the dinners, and pretend that women are just interested in a man’s loyalty when in fact most women are not so angelic.

But men keep getting POUNDED with this LIE that that men are all rapists and evil, while women are these angelic creatures who only want to save the planet and who have no selfish aspects to themselves. 

So you have men who are handing over ALL THEIR POWER, emotionally and financially to women, and a woman can punch an innocent man in the face and NOTHING happens to her. 

So OF COURSE, when this goes on for YEARS AND YEARS, this leads to CORRUPTION of many, many women. 

It’s no different than the way the ECONOMIC MELTDOWN of 2008 happened, in the sense that it really didn’t happen overnight. 

For YEARS AND YEARS, the people at the top were TRUSTED even though ANYONE WHO HAD THEIR EYES OPEN COULD SEE what was going on- INSANE AMOUNTS OF MONEY were being lent out to people who couldn’t pay it back, and the reason this happened is that the people making the loans knew that NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO THEM if things didn’t work out- in fact, in many cases, they made money off the fact they KNEW that things wouldn’t work out. 

But since almost everyone figured “well, they must KNOW what they are doing, after all, they are at the TOP”, so no one really questioned it, and the few who DID, including FBI agents who tried to WARN of the coming economic disaster because they SAW what was going on, were IGNORED. 


This is very similar to how so many men are getting ABUSED today by certain women, and the evidence is everywhere, BUT still nothing is happening!!!!!!!

The brainwashing goes sooooooooooooooooooooo deep, that STILL most men won’t wake up --- so if most MEN won’t wake up, then how can we expect most WOMEN to wake up??????

And then on top of this, also, is the fact that there are TONS of men as well who are only too happy to just live vapid, promiscuous lives as well, in the current overly liberal, “if it feels good, do it” culture that we live in, such as is witnessed by the spread of the pick up artist movement, Kim Kardashian becoming gazillionaire basically due to her making a sex tape, etc. etc. 

Sooooooooo, as you can see, I’m not DOROTHY FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ, I’m not na├»ve, I don’t have some fake concept of how perfect all women are.  

I know the realities.

And I know that even IN ALL THIS MESS, there are still some AMAZING WOMEN, and it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE AT ALL to get them. 

Remember, it's not exactly WISE for a woman to live a vapid lifestyle, so in many ways a good woman is also a SMART woman, who is doing what is good for her as well, in the long-term. So it's not like a good woman is having to be a MARTYR for all this.

This should be something you consider the next time you start to feel overwhelmed with negativity about all women.

Almost every single time I meet or hear about a guy who truly thinks it’s impossible, I can usually find out EXACTLY WHAT IT IS that he can do to CHANGE his results and to help him actually meet a GOOD WOMAN who will treat him RIGHT, and not just in the short-term, but in the LONG-TERM as well. 

This brings me to point number 4:


The irony is that all the things that women’s advocacy groups are BASHING men for, are actually the things women are ATTRACTED to in men.

There IS such a thing as MASCULINE, and there IS such a thing as FEMININE.

The masculine and the feminine are not just social constructs, they are HARDWIRED into the way men and women FEEL.

Are there some exceptions to this rule? Yes, but they are NEGLIGIBLE, and yet the feminists would have you believe they are the majority.  

If you listen to the popular message, you would think women want men to EMULATE THE FEMININE characteristics. 

But the truth is, they are ATTRACTED to men that show male behavior- they want a man who will be dominant and confident.  No, they don’t want to be raped, for anyone who may possibly think that.  (Women's fantasies, however, are a separate matter.)

Women certainly don't fantasize about men acting feminine.

By the way, on this topic, I need to mention that just because politically correct is wrong, does not mean that just because someone is politically INCORRECT makes them RIGHT.

For example, the whole pick up artist movement is politically INCORRECT, but that doesn’t make them RIGHT. 

There are a lot of people out there who want to take advantage of the fact that some people are finally realizing that political correctness is wrong, but they fail to realize that just because someone is politically INCORRECT does not make that person RIGHT. 

Saying "all women just want a nice guy" is politically correct but wrong. 
Saying "all women are promiscuous" is politically incorrect and ALSO wrong.  


Time flies. There is no time to spend dating each woman you meet for weeks or months in order to find out if she is the right kind of person for you to be dating, if you are looking for a real relationship long term.

So you have to be HONEST, and yet not needy, when it comes to stating your intentions. Make it clear to women what you are looking for and what you are not looking for.

Don’t try to win over all the women- if you aren’t clear, then you may end up attracting a woman who is not really interested in the long-term responsibilities of a relationship or even a marriage and children, because she figured you were just paying lip-service to those things.

But if you make it clear who you are and what you are about, the wrong women will know not to waste your precious time, and the right women will be glad to have found you.
The trick is, though, to first become a very confident man so that the kinds of things you are looking for are not the result of insecurities, which are universally repulsive to women no matter who they are.

To learn more about this, as well as where to even be looking to find the right women, and how to go about the screening process in the most EFFICIENT ways, contact me at: 


If you’ve done your job in screening, one of the things you need to look for is a woman who is constantly seeking opportunities to RESPECT you, and you should be doing the same for HER.


In my video, I briefly explain how, for example, if a woman tells you something good that happened to her, there are 4 ways to respond- and only ONE way is the RIGHT WAY- it is called ACTIVE-CONSTRUCTIVE.

In the active-constructive model, you don’t just acknowledge it, but you become active in learning more about what happened to her, and you try to learn more about it and sincerely try to respect and validate her regarding it. 

As opposed to just giving it a fleeting moment of your attention, ignoring it, or worst of all, negating her experience. Now you know why I’m not a big fan of “SLAMMING A WOMAN’S SELF ESTEEM” which used to be a popular method that pick up artists liked to use for attracting a woman who thought she was too good for a guy. 

If a woman feels that way, she is simply an UNWISE CHOICE OF A WOMAN TO CONTINUE TO PURSUE, and the guy should move on to a different woman. He can work on improving himself, sure, but if the only way to get a woman is to slam her self-esteem, it can only be trouble in the future with her, and it sets up a toxic environment for any relationship.

Now, what I’ve written on this topic here is just scratching the surface of “active-constructive” interactions with a woman, but it’s an important first step, and to learn more on how to do this, contact me by email.

As you can see by now, I am TRULY dedicated to helping men GET great women for great relationships. I don’t pander to anyone, I serve only the TRUTH.  

There ARE good women out there, GREAT women in fact. It would be my honor to help you GET a great woman in your life. 

Every man is different, and my customized approach allows you to get the very best solutions in the fastest and most efficient way. Contact me today to find out how I can help you get this important part of life handled.  Just email me at:


Michael Marks

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Attracting Women, MGTOW, PUA, Fitness, & Achieving Your Dreams

An important video today on crucial aspects of approaching and attracting women.  Did you know that what you SAY truly is of NEGLIGIBLE importance and that what really counts is what you are implying about your self and your state of mind through your TONALITY??

A woman isn't feeling chemistry for you based on you saying something brilliant, but rather she is feeling chemistry for you based on your ability to be in a certain frame of mind, that I discuss in this video. 

Plus, crucial insights into how men are adapting to the massive way that WOMEN have changed over the past few decades, AND vital insights on how to get yourself into the best shape and maximize your energy AND how to truly go about achieving your dreams.

Watch this video NOW:


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Why It's Important To Meet Lots Of Women

Just a short message today.

Recently, I've been sending out a large
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